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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 21, 1867, Image 2

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March 4I.186T
"A union of heart, a union ol Imuda,
i A .union thnt none nmywver; ...
Alinuon of lake, a union of lnrol,
The Amkkh'AM Cmion Kurktm." ,
Democratic State Ticket.
., 'Jvt Governor,
ALLEN G. Til CRM AN, of.FrankHa.
' Tor Lieulenatt Goernor, i !.
DANIELS. UlIL, of4llolmcs. .' '.
' " ; i 1 i; '; - ' ' ! ' i
- ' For Treasurer, ' "
" Dr. C." fl'LTON, of Crawford.
r. .... '. .... . .-..- .
, For Auditor, ... -MoELJEE,
of Butler. ,
' .For Attorney General, :
' FRANK H. HURD, of Knox. ;
For Judge of Supreme Court, "
Judge TIIOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
., For Controller ofTrcaiury, . , ' ,
WILLIAM SHERIDAN, of Williams. .
For Board of Publie Works,
ARTHUR HUGHES, of Cuyahoga. ;
tfh Tallabaes'e Sentinel says
that p'cacttrees in that locality
are, blooming beautifully. r.
There, is a denciency .wtnc
city treasury of Philadelphia of i
tlircc millions ol dollars, jLiie
city is powerfully Radical.
' ThciTeinains - of Charles F.
Brown, - (known ; as Artcmas
Ward) were buried in Kensel
nrron nt. . Smith nmrrtnTK
land, being attended to the tomb
by an extremely large number
of friends. ; ' ; i:
A negro .wench in Austin,
Texas, has sued a Yankee for
breech of promise. . Pretty near
all the wenches in the country
might bring some . such suit
oo-ninet Mnnorcl T)nrtv iren-
crally. V " . .
The ChmcsciiaT(mumerous
diseases of the eyes, every fifth
man having some, ocular defect,
fifteenth losing his
sight altogether. .They attrib
lirnit .tn the excessive USC . of 1
rice and constant shaving.' :
It is said that Maximilian will
rxDosc" Nanoleon's intrigues
against the United States.
The Legislature of Mississi p
pi has appropriated $20,000 for
the dofense of Jefferson Davis.
Horace Greeley was mistaken
for a hackmari in Washington
the other day.
liere. have been heavy floods
in" Nebraska.- Many bridges
and considerable property have
been washed away.
It is reported that there are
sixty thousand starving whites
and thirty " thousand blacks in
the same destitute condition in
Georgia, and matters, in South
Carolina, are; reported, fully as
bad',; ; ;' -
Large shipments of corn are
going over the I: - "Virginia Cen
tral Railroad, destined for South
Carolina. ' " ' "
A 1 considerable portion oil
the regular militia force now
stationed in Canada, will short
ly leAve for Europe.
' There has been an immense
fall of snow inthe Rocky Moun
tains. . At flome points it is said
to be forty feet deep. ,
- There is a proposition before
the Missouri -n Legietaturc ' to
purchase the
Railroad - for
The Ohio
Missouri; Pacific
millions ef
- -j- : it Uo4-
imnlslied to the extent fof eix
months' imprisonment.
passed an act pruvuuug uuu,
The April Election.
The Democracy of each
Township in Vinton. .County,
should, by all means, hold meet
ings for the nomination of can
didates, and with the ticket
nominated meet the opposition
in solid columns at .tKo pblls pit
Monday, the 1st day of April.
The Township Committeemen,
who -were ,' -appointcil...; jnthc
several ' townships last fall,
should' call conventions fQi' the
nomination of tickets,-: and to
take the initiatory in ; whateyer
else is to be done. . . .-, V, .
, A ticket should be nominate d
in EVEKYtown6hip on or. beiove
the last Saturday in this month;
and tickets should be printed
and circulatcd in each township
early, on the morning of the elec
tion. We are prepared, at this
office,' to print tickets ., on short
notice for any township. '
Kominate your candidates and
send us the names and we will
print the tickets" at any, time."
Oufi remarks in last week's papCr, rel
ative to the disgraooful change ia . the
Post Offioe, in this town', caused some
"richt hand ."man" to advise the -.Post
Mis,res8 issue and address; the follow:
ig .'document", to thV- 'Jiditor ,'bf .this
. : ' ; -MeArtli'iir
- ,' '.AlaUBblOthKSTv'.
Mr J W Bowea oi :
'' . r , i Sir :- iU .
.As you are the only, person, who1 h as tho
effrontery to assume tho responsibly of being
the Editor of the '"So called" "DemooatIa
Enquirer" I have to rjust you to publish
the following denial by myself of your libel
ous article in your , last issue in referenpe
to my appointment to the Post office in Ihi s
place. There viq not a name on my petition that
vat not vgned bynh individual' tepresented
Neither were thore any, except anoh as are
entitled to be styled Gentlemen, r.' As to tho
dissatisfied femalct of whom yoii speak,! kno
nothing and care less. With tlie sentiments
and feelings of Ladies, persons conned ed with
your paper are not supposed to be familiar.
By giving this denial of, your groudlcss
chargcof "forgery" a plaoe in' yourmext
issue . I shall be coutented to await the
judgment.of the people whom I per an d
ibe Department 01 nasningiou o w
Manner of my discharging the duties, of my
offioe, and in the mean time, wll mind my
own business
With all the respect you deserve
I am ' ' ''...: ;'
.. '.' I Eliza Iliggiubothani i , , i:
P, M. . ..,.....
. .",'", (1 Mo'I Arthur
We hcrohy certify that the'Abovo. is a
corrcot copy, just as it came td uh--ver
latimel literatm, et spellaUni, e'.'prmc
matim of tho original "document" re
ceived from the McArthur Pcst.Office.rn
Look at it onoe morc.'BOod reader. It
iB, ea we are informed: fn the hand-ivri
ting of this modern' Madam'Vhers61.F.
Who do you suppose composed it an
advisod her to copy an-d, send it to as with
a "request to publish?": ' Can it' be pos
sible that a "legal friend' ia "the,' only
person who baa the 'efFrootcry 'to assume
Mho responsibility of! advising .the Mod
era Madam to issue' such a paper for the
inspection of an outraged community 7
In our remarks, last week, we only spose
of tho dissatisfaction amoBg the citizens
ef the town and surrounding oountry
particularly among the - females. .. We
loarn thai the names, of several-, of oar
citizens were on the petition and that
they did not write "them thero. ' .By teV
ferring to the above "document, it will
be seen that this very polite Madam' bays:
"Neither were there any, except puohaB
are entitled to be styled Q ENtLEMEiC'ff-? .
By emphasizing. toe word gentlemen," we
suppose Bhe wants, it diBtinotly under'
stood that none signed tne petition, ex
cept those "entitled to be styled',' bpot
inq "GentlcmepV." Is the 'Madam ' cor
rect? We don't knw ; who'does'inow?
'As to the dissatisfied Jemales, I know
nothing and care lese," says this dflBtro.y
er of the peace and" happiness f many
of the females of ourommjimty.'1' What
do joa think; iofhis,,lades'?.;,;'Knb'w6
nothing and cares leas I '-, i.A;;boautiful
expression to eome-irom ine pea v
Modern McAtthar Lddg, recently to
ported from -the , English '. eoil," arid, ' a
christian professoi; of the . ogIish Jrroj,
testent Churcb; Beautiful, Ahl .iieaa
tifal! indeed. - ' i ' -v i
We see ladies1, fa Mo Arthur whbfle char-.
aoters are beyond suspicion, and whose
very countenance ; ; 'f peak. . volnmes (1 of
history, and the awful forebodings that
entertain that onoe happy and Jopd breast
nf a UnAar bfi.rkfld Wlfp. WhO Once enter
hasltiinod eood opinions of all ladies and
Buspeotcd all men honest, and who
ih "sad and hmentable tac
they have bolieved end nopcu ia vaiu
Alas 1 they exolaim-the seducer-the
... I L.I.....1 .nil o n n ) t n ii mil
once happy home. . .. v..-r-
A.in ihi offioial Madam these on-
dorsins eontiemen's .GUN-tl'u Uoly
Mouih.pirce-siys: "With ' the -seatt
ments and feelings of Ladies, persons
oonnesied with your paper are not sup
posed to be fumiliar," Now, this puzzles
the devil :-anJ we think it would puz'zlo
any one except some of tho "entitled to
bo styled 'gentlemctf' oh Ihii 'Mammoth
Madm's petition. Porhaps some of thote
"oentlemen" have been IJNUIAlliU
and understand. If they cTtn explain
this sentence", we odnfess that liey .havq
advanced ono degree tanner 'iua w
have ooIcbs she means that we havo no
rrtfilinwsof resard for 'her, "and have" some
teoliogs of respect for the outraged ladies
nf tha town and euuotry. If this is, what
Khfl means, she euasses well; for cif.eyer
wa told tne truth, lor spoko : a word, for
which we expect to be judged in the fu-,
ture we ssy that we have no "cwn
and YeeZitios'r for suohiioharaotera nei
ther do we wish, to eultivate them at this
late day in life.! . ''EFFROTEftv; 1 1; lays
she ; and we "the ooly person who darlf
assume the responsibility , of. being. -the
editor of tho BO-caUod. Democratic UoV
quirer." e Why,- great God! there areaq
hundred ladicsj in: McAfithur-and ( the
immediate! vioinityj ha ;wou'.d;jform an
association elect their ojtieors, buy a press
and. hire an editor, w,ho' would havp the
boldceas to vindioate tha.bonor of a pure
i j. .. its. r u i .
.woman, hffrontibx i i wui,
priceless'' jewel of iminaoulate pur)ty,i is
this. ,Whv. vou have not only the. ef-
frohterf of woman, but i the. boldness of
the' .Devil ; your character, stained; from
the very moment of yourilncdieg in .the
oountry, and have oootinued .from bad
to wdiseeier since, and vetyau have the
boldnes to rush to print and vindicate
the "Honor and Purity" of woman. Ms
shame, where is itl We have not had'
the boldness to importune aUdy, and
resident of MoAtthur, to abandott.Ber
own. house1 in .tho- towM, and -take a
Country residence", for om aoeomaioda
tion and- o&pveoienoe,' and , sbouI4 not
have fallen into an angry passion bad we
bcea rofasod, after, having dado so.: ; ,;; -,
t We. ask' tho honest,'1 intelligent '. and
welt meaning Jodie of MoArthur,..wht
they -think i of auoh examples , as, thU
thing, has just been dolivered of 1 what
do you think of such words as "know
nothing and oaro loss" what lor .how
niuOh dif-satisfaotion prevails among you
on her aoeottnt? 'Wa- htoio what you
think, and how you will act rwhc'n the
"harvest b ripe''- V. " "":-''i'4 ' '
: Not wishing to annoy tout readers any
longer with our comments on the
Madam's "denial" dooumeut, f we : will
close' for the present, by respectfully re.
,questing the "r. M. to got ner uidib
and carefully read ' tuo verses, uoiow
teferred to, as there' is,, tinderthe cirs
oumstances, danger of her falling from
graoe and tho favor of God: Levitious-r-19th
Chapter, 29th verse; 21st Chapter,
9th verse." Deuteronomy 22d Chapter,
21st and 22d verses ;' 23d Chapter, 18th
yorse.- Proverbs 23d Chaptor. 27th
verse. Ezekiel-6th Chapter, 9th,' 10th,
and llrh verses; IGth-Cbapter, 23d, 24th,
27tb, 30tb, and 31st verses. ' v-''"''-
-i , ;;. . " - i i. '
. f ..: .
; CoNQRESSiThe iOtbC.ongress ,' takes'i
hold of . business : rather. : nibliogly,;,'
nearly three weeks have passed: and with
the exception of the passage' of Ashley's
ence to the Judiciary Committee, . noth
ing worthy of note has been done. . ., :
, There are various and conflicting re
ports ol adjournment: by. some, that an
eajly.Bdjournuiout is certain; others that
the session will continue until the Presi
dent ' carries out' the provisions : of the
Military Bill, and thon1 they 'can safely
home and leave things' to take pare
(hemsolvcp ;, yodif .he .fails, to ... parry out
the bill, then comes lmpeacojacnt. - vv
will wait and see." 1,--J'"j j" -
bijit'o? !ini PREsibENT. The Con'
siuufion jWi ue uuiibia oiaiea . yiviivvo
that .tho Ji Jfresidett itnaiu;; gnaran
tee to each cSate arepublioan focm tof
government. ' The Military ecOHetriitj-
tion Bill reduces ten States to absblut
I . .. ... l. ...Sir. r..t.JlC ...... i. :i V.
military government, .ard, trequir,es,theJ
President to. carry ;j it , in to , effect. ; j Csn
the President, without a: viola'tiod of his
plain duty', eieViltathe;-' ttilitary;:;lni
Certainly, not, t Therefore, he f. has .but
ono course (o pursuev; and that,, is to at
onoe test theiconstitntibnality of ithe law
by refusing' to carry H oni -Until th
pr'e'me Court' ciecides thai the' law is con
stitutional. It yongresa attempts jo im
peach him let him call on , the : 'military
for'proteotionl'ahd'iwe are sure he will
hive prbtcction-fhe "Grand Army of
the Jlepublio", to the. contrary notwith
standing IV
sit around and, do v nothing nod ' let, the
fanatic Bt'cfeily p'tPpare M destroys the
' ,. AnnTiT two weeks isr Savs-.the Ohio
Patriot ;Ephraiai, Hollpway'.of.UenUr
towjiphip, onjth down'an i 'old,,. dead, tree,
abjoufc three . fee( jn diqmater, and .out
rolled fix, coons, four; old; and, two ialf-
gruwn ones,. which' .became an, etsy prey,
being Htunned, j the fall, -.That wonld
baye been gloriqns hajiyip, whop
tho present Republican, jariy wtSrblpped
the coon, instead of the negifl, as they
do at the present day.
MR. iiiDiioa; as wnung lor ao
thatidoontv press seems to be all tberage for
Younz Amenoans in this part o: tne
World,- I propose- dropping ,yoora few
Hnej giving you the irawii-y intelligence
that 1 am well and hope this may ,nna
you "iogbyin the same, plessin."; (Items
worthy of mention are, very "sci(de".in
this part ot tne vioeyara,ana were ii uo
for ' tho eroitcmcnt about Ilailroads,
Plankroads, TurflpikesI &o., we would bo
"dead docks" indeed;
I see YoTrag -America" has advanced
th idea of buildine a nlank-road lrom
MtfArthat Station pa .the ., MarW? ?,n(1 !
Uinoinnati lvawroaa, 10 iuoivriuuroiuw,
u flistaiinfl of about throe miles, aod of
course it will, Sooner " or later oe oi ;
provided there are any persons of energy
willing X lake ,h old; of Hhe oiattcr" and
push it along as it should be." If would
cost some money .1 o put, the thi.og . in
running order, but there - are certainly
men enough along the Jline and J M?
Athur who are'doeplv interested' in tho
wor!fa?d are willing o ntake liberal ad
vancement 'of "ttfl heedful.'' 0 yes I
Now suppose you' were to visit all those
concerned" with a" subscription paper
and ask them to subscribe tnoqes. for ,.tho
above mentioned purpo9e,vhow inuoh,, do
vou suppose oould be raised in JioAr-
thur? ' You MIGHT ;roSSlBITftise' fifty
.dollars but that su'nis a very .large es'l'
mate. I tell you :that tbi ? ppwwow;
mh'nal k Rilroad J Plankroad, or. any pth..
er mScbnt I toad from MeArtho Statioh.
to, Me Arthur is. all .SHDF.F.J'.Tboy laok
the energy to do anything thati would be
abenefit -di Ithe towo or . surrounding
oountry.;They have not got the ,!lstam
ipa" and go ahead, .that the .inhabitants
of ihe ooun'ty jeat jSHOULR jhavo, . and
therefore do not deserve the county seat
or the patronagOt Ot the ,.; people.
I do not i wish, to be understood as. in
cluding all the citizens of MpArthur in
tho above statement, for there, aro excep.
lions to all rules. ! If the busiftess por-
t'mn Hf MnArthnr can nr avail . UDOC tue
.III II V. - f t , ,
neonle to leave thoit toqney.thero tq be
carried to Cincinnati and other places out
of the eountiv. and take, tor . it .thoir
"chips and whitatones" at .,two prioos, it
is, all righe VBBpposo,it)Uii unroriunaioiy,
' cannot look at it in .that lighK,.,Wby
don't they do . sonaethijjg.tp.eutitle t(iotn
n tha Vnonnnt ufid nutrnnaiO of , the. D60-
plo vof the couoity; and then .tlij.jmattpr
would be ia different. shape..' ..... ,,
.'"A.young maa from tho,'equt)try',', tor
an' old one either.: oanpot go to MoAr
thur and: flake on? anough.o he '-dis!-tilled'
'essence of 'eoslapy". to ;,make him
talk about his rich relations, without be
ing politely invited to leave the corpora-.,
tion limits or 'threatened with,, a. night's
lodging In ' Jeff, : Shoo.kcy's ..fashionable
boarding' house. : ' Beautiful ?tate. ;pf; ef -
fairs,' indeed t'-J vil' ."i ;."..; i ,-, ,;;
. ; The oitizeBs-of Zaleskiaro; yery.acx'
ious to have the county seat removed, to
deserve it than iheJIoArlhuritos, 'BtiUviI,
A nae think St advisable to locate it there,
as the most of our lawyer?, jurymen aiidj
criminals how-asdaya are Americans, and
as the ' English i charge i pretty round
prices for their TEA,.they Mianr proba-
Dly geB it '-spiiiea inio ivacouon, iiruea,
which might icadsa another .irevqlutloo,
aqd consequently .there, would be another
draft, to which I , am .decidedly ; opposed.
, 'Now -suppose. the,; people were to ge
the idea into their .heads that Hamden or..
DundaS would.be a; very good, situation
for-tho eounty buildings,,and suppose the
question were. 'to; be settled, by ballot, can
any one for a minute;, doubt the result
being against Jjloarthur f. :. i; tains not,
for if the mattoiiiie) ever, put to a,,tesi,
juBf 60 euro will WcArthur lose. - Xiet
ibore'bo ao -awaknioz ,oi ;tuo f: people p(
MoArthur,to a Betss of, their duty, and
let them show by their; actions and not
by their words that, they deserve, the
honors ot which they are'po3sessea, an 4
TEEN. 'and not till then, will the peo
ple of this i oounty place any confjde.noe
in inem. rv::". v 1 i-ip
Mud, e'ternal;mttd, roigns supreme in
this, -'nebk-e'': woods'- and , from present
sppeaa'4ees: I judge. winter, id ino..t qulto
o'otA-' Weill-: if an isinful mortal was
tired'of any thing ! an safeljf , pay l amyj
tirdd Of 'this -'CONFOUNDED, D18(GIREEA-
pMlwbult here is no use ifl .muHiplying
words about; tho matter for.ifwill be jua.(
0, any how, tn7wnhes to the gontrary not-
withsundibg.'''!'ii'-.u i- ; -. ....?-..:
1 Je-hu:rhovi.I wishihe would' . t.;,i
. J'JConie. gentle 6priagr ;th?nal, , mildness.
Wh'llB"mus'3''wait Vround, 'tailed in fa:
,i!,fJtihoWeff iil.'.l i'-'.xJ ::;! n( ! ,
tOf shadowing roses,'iev pns.laineprde..
'; rsoeadi"; '' i.,.-... .
But. I don't .,exceot .. ner ',al0o" with
her roses. nlil jeboij.t ' thp(fiirst't Pf Jane,'
fotnj the pr'ese,n't.wrifi,ng ... J. '"
wnup niQft ,jrain,,snow anu moot are lin
ing at an alarming 'fate.' " ,,( 3 "( ;'u " ''
; i ,Qpp word vinai'L't' before1 close.
poin I i" opm m.it'teeCj l;rl each;' Township,
w'hpsV.dotyJlt, shall to organiza's; 'elub
kbho'ql DistrSot: Lei LlVi work
ino. men" be, appointed who have' the time
tojparjind Jet nO;tlmo le tost Tn THOfi
oughlj oftaAfeltjd' the 11 'Democratic
party,, in jVaotsr' fionnty. ' Let us not
fore-et the 'lesson 'fauBht' ns last fall bv
TREACHER1 1 Isoma "1faVe'":80ld'' out
ana leittna party, peiipr men uuvo mvu
thair 'rilaoes. ' 'Let 'bB :oitflliiriZHv and
woitK in order fllat,".alt,hel neT feTeotion1,
we will not assist in elec iling the0 Radicals
voting: mixed tie,kp:(,
VCj!j 11)
1 1 , U Iu'' .' 1.
' SilTd the ' Democratic Unlou i-.Com-
mlssioner r Bops, c ti ' Thorn ! : to.w pabl p,
bUlv killed a hoer whioh .Weiofhed 631
pounds net and rendered 34V. pAundpfl
eldori lard, This was a Denoortie hog.
was raised ' In tDemooratiO9.Th0rn4,anil
hadn't a black bair on mm.
Mr. Editor : Wany or yonr reaoen
have doubtless noticed with indignation,
the diabolical legislation of the Romp
Congress,; have sighed a sigh of regret
at be .heinous, black hearted, crlues of
its' BiitlotS, iu Irneys, its Stevdns, and
its Bhendans.j Such as ' these .aie now
havlog Iheir jest does meted out to them,
at the hands of justly enraRod people;
"they are receiving how whaf Lincoln'-re
ceived long ago. They are following the
mln ti nlaved bv the "Late Lamented,"
and i through the politeness of another
J. W. Booth, another of the - lSadcrs of
a hnlWinnisir.. thieves, murderors. assas-
.i'A.l end suborners of perjury, should
bo pormiuea to icuu um nj
unknown." -Anoiper wew jerroy irgiD
lature would vote, the day of Tils birth I
lncra li,ilidT and the mass ol aooiuiun
ikQ wnnld enroll his name by the side of
that of Washington. "Firbt in war, first
in peace, "and 'first In the hearts of his
.Annl.nmBn ' ' .
Think of it fellow oilizeha J 'and then
rnflant unon the dmbolism' of itunip pol
itfna the nneertaint'v of . tn'an'. abd ' the
cartaintv of the eternal dissolution of the
-United ' States, if not
mrnnnhnd from ths aooffod at TJOBltion ' Of
snnrnfnl Lumanitv it now - occupies, by
ihi haDda of a ereat" a united free,
and determined peoplev who will pledge
'Thi. lie'jth(rfr ,fotttt6eVand tfreir
eaored honor,". to. .jpaintai.n inviolate' the
Old Constithtidri. and if-not an oil. Jin-
iione that savors so: greatly, or, pernor
oratioal principles as to be indistinguish
obiefrom tho.UBion .that ; fosterijd )he
undutiful son'whb fcurdotfid' it iDJfive
years of terrible war and-two of terrible
peace...-. ' " ' '' ' r!
Tbink of itV : ,ipoola Tajr ;' the sida of
Washingtdnr Bailor by ; the side of Lih.
ooln, and Old John Brown (whose soul
keeps martfhing on) by the side of .But
ler; if they .w.ouid Keep irom mo gruu
(which they willnot)- "The - father of
his country," we would '. raise our1 voioe
oiily to exolaira: Worthy . trio ! Most
adorable trinity ssti iAbelitjonism ., A,
barroom joker I A public thief I- and a
marauding land pirate f :.?: i y
1 This ia no vain presumption; that the
radical party will attempt the elevation of
yico, stealing,. aooauuuprj piju KY?. v""
tion, it follows in the wake of abolition
rule as truly a? uigbj .follows fa, and js
mralv as neriurv follaws'stealiDR. or Ab
olition monov buvs , Abolition votes, of
whioh faots the!latter ntwp, have"been.es
tablished by, the late war beyond sT Ht
Vonable 'doubt.,' And for'' exahipleS" of
which we need not. look beyond tour own
neighborhood for practical illustrations.
We need noV look abroad." We hav it
practioally applied every day and of late
more gnevousiyinan nereioioro, uumiu
ourverv eve9;"'0h shades of Jefferson!
of Jacksonl'of " Washington I uWbat
think you of tbtf dfgcneraoy ot a pepple
for the benefit of whom, you eaoh, p98sed
a brisht and particularly useful . life ?
Think you they ever will again, attain the
eminence they occupied, during your
eventful lives? Could we ba answored
mere IS, a puanoe jyr, ugaiu aiioiug uj
rflaistinsr evorv encroachment of a so
called Congress. " Spurning every unjust
abolition mandate" as "you wOttld spurn
a' stranger our from off your threshdld,"
be true to the Constitution 'and I remem
ber that ihi'Ereat'prinoiple successfully
maintained ' by' the- revolution; of 1776
was, that, "Representation an A .taxation
aro lnseparaoie; ana ma umo win uu
noar at hand when this agin, - will be
"The L'rcatest covernmeat on , all . this
R. T. P.
Either Congross or the newspapers of
the day do not understand the condition
of the country financially or in a business
point of vi3W. The cewspnpers say there
as stagnation, in business everywhere,
and that this grows out ofj the taox,. in a
groat part that tho tixes are so extensive
as to paralyze everyiawg. - itiou yet ius
39th Congress' to all appearances Iegisl
(ed on the 'presumption that ibuaipese
never was more prosperous,: nor, .napney
easier. Appropriations were made with
an ' extravikanee nod,; reolossoess .truly
astonishiotr. It was notithe, design of
'tho people;' eert8inlyr.to,,,enoourage any
such prodigalitv when they voted a roa
jority to tho Republican party last fall.
If the resurrection . ot business to lite
and sctivitv is dependent upon an essen
tia decrease n taxation! it is1 "not likely
to occur so long as the Republican party
shall be perpetualod In pewer f l)er-
whelmiog majorities.
R. T. P. A Bugle Blast.
Extract lrom the Aildres? orllie ntiouar remo-
1 crolia-'AcsocaaUon..:' iiwu 111')
WnhOttbt ba -det elisfc iitthe :duty
we owe to our country and to posterity
if we fail to exejrl ell 'the energies we pos-
B6BB lu BD tuout IU lesion 1110 loiuiumvua-
ry : measures . -.tuati are :
daily., developing
through the. press and in
Congress., Sincerely believing that t
wide spread ddtermihation exist to swal
low up the executive and judicial branch-,
es of ther'Government and' the' Logisla.
ture, end thusjesdthe,. way (o the.over
turnins of all our most Valued'' republi
can institutions, we are' not at liberty" to
renialn' passive' aod carelesS'i while, this
reVdlhtron Is in progress." " Tha onstitUf
tional Government, whioh hfci come down
in no from nnr. fathers, mnat ha trana-
mitted,unimp8ired to buVposleJit'y.''" We
nave no riguii iu bibuu ujr uu ooo it uvur-
thrown. We "must 'use thfe rnian'snefles
sarv for Its preservation ,:ani perpetuity
We (ruBt that peaeeful moana re a,l that
will ever be necessary for, , 'this : purpose,
but if the time shal ever oome when
theBoKairbe "fojahd' fneffeoinaf, 'we "shall
not DP the legitimate) Offspring " of those
from whom we olaim to be desesndents,
if. wo do not presorve the republican, lib-
erty me ba,v,e inheritp4vwbsteMr ,n?ayte
'the hazard of the saorifiod w&icti is neces
sary for its preservation.'
Massachusetts Yesterday.
[From the Rochester Union.]
A few years g slavery was
in Massachusetts,- Md, Ue newspapen
were filled with disgnstlng auveniieuiBm-.
roUUpg to negroes. The following spec
imens, gathered from oi wwmUu..;.
papers, are furnished bj Mr. Moore. Lf
brarian of the Now York Historical So
ciety, and recently pnblished by kim.
Ooe of tbent otters lor saie;
and a young negro that has had the)
small-pox."-" fc.-i - ci yr r
Another trader offers :
u men, just arrived.
Another has:. : :
boys, who have been in', the country
for some time; also,-' just iJarrivd,
choice parcel pf negro boys and girls.
Another: - - -
!t trr'trr it- 'M-cm?n , AT 1 V . Unrfi
! in the oouotry, and Vr'ed a farmer
fit for, any. service. . , t
Another: . r "' i r -
A ' abont.19 years old, and a child six
months of age, to le-told . together nr '
apart,, H'-'.,!.'.'-')-,U'- "-: :
1 ' More marvelous is another of the fol
lowing tenor :
ifrr, , ted, pf . a good breed, may bo owned
by any person inclined to take it.'
Tbe reader may, by this time, exclaim '
"Enough ! enough I" bnt here is ono
sample more, to complete tbe assort
ment :;.,-... . . . .','.'.' ', ""
. ary likely" negro woman,' 17 years
old : she can be warranted to bo strong.
healthy, and good natured ; has no ioi
tion of freedom has been always used'
to a farmer's kitohen and dairy, and is
not known to lave anv failinc bnt beintr
with child, whioh is the only cause of
her being spld. ' ' . .
The New Haren Register ssys : "It
seems that in those very pious days of
Massachusetts, it was cheaper to bay ne
groes there, ready grown? than to pay for
feeding and olothing their infants, while
too young to work. Their good men
were1 too stingy to pay for taking care of
helpless children, and so sold the moth
era into lvfirv to pet rid of them .The '
... . - o"
were hot then ap to the modem, Mssss-'
ohusetts.way of getting rid of children,
by which,, as their statistics show, the
present, nattye population, though four
times as large as the foreign residents of
that State, have, aooually, a less number
of children born ; alive, than have . the
small foreign population.
;Why the Discrimination f Mary
land, Delaware,. Kentooky and ; Maeia
chusetts, as well as tbe ten nonrepresen
ted Southern States, have refused to rat-
ity the Constitntioaal Amendment. It
is pretended that in consideration of the
ten non-represented Southern States re
mmujj .u la.iiy tvit ui.nuuuicui loin .
:j c : . s
oviuen;e tuut ooucoaiuu yet auiuea ia ,
those people as rampant as ever. Mary
laud, Delaware, Kentucky and Maia-
l 11 ' a s m . i .
cnusetis, rrusi bo similarly amiotoa men.
How comes it thai they are not subjee-,
A i.m . nr iL. M:i:.-.M T '''
elrnnltAn lata tnn Wkv litis ,1!in!m!tia.
tion?'' " ' r . - ' I
txr m .m'" "i "tl . i . .
ago, when the Radioala in Congress were
discussing the Impeachment - business ia
caucus, Judge Spalding took occasion to
denounce tbe whole movement as a piece
of tbe most perfect folly aod insisted that -the,,
two months investigation . that had,
been made by the Jddioiary 'committee
had proved nothing. That's wholesomo
lalk,r and it squares exactly with the
truth. All along the Democratic press
have told their . readers the same thing,'
while the Republican press have cried :
"Wait and see." They have hoped that
something might "tarn up" that , would ,
furnish them a pretext ' to drive out of
the Presidency a man they were wont to
exhibit round a few years ago as the IXV
amplar of immaculate imd guiloss patri
otism, j i .V. , ... . ' v.7. i
Cheering Signs.
VVe have' never known a time, to ear- -ly
in a campaign, when the Democracy ,
of. Ohio were so thoroughly aroused
at present. From every quarter w re-'
eaive intelligence of the organization of
Democratio Clubs by the earnest,' Van-''
tiring, and. invinoiblo friends of an un
divided oountry. They see the efforts,
that are being pat forth by the party in
power1 to transform our Government into
a moneyed aristocracy, and they are de'
tormined to organize their strength and
rely upon the virtue, intelligence and
patriotism .of the people for snocess.
And this is not the only cheering evf- .
denoe that greets ns. From all quarters
comes up a demand for Dsmoeratie pa-.
Eers. Ia localities where our papers
ave been literally prororibed out of cis
eolation, orders are being forwarded for
respectable clubs, and even those Repnb
lioans who came within the grasp nf the
assessors nd . collectors, are beginning to
get tired of reading papers that only
advise them to vole' the mpney n out of
their pockets and into the pockets of et
empled capitalists. This is a most, en
oouraglqg slgn for nothing will do ss
so much good as a general olroalatioa of
good Dem oo ratio papers..,. This -: is, well
understood by the Radicals', who have
sought in every possible way to prevent
the people from reading anything but
their own literature Ohio Btatesmtn,
Subscribe for the wowtf(w,Air:ff.,. . .,

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