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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 21, 1867, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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- -"" ' T-'
ucmocrauc niiiquircr
It tint of Lal lutfei-est.
joy. cob at co.,
Tribune Buildings, New York City,
BrowHi's IfonIBuHdiBfi'PliHs4Jrhi, Pa.t ;,
Areauthoiiied to contract lor advertising for tliii
paper. '- r
Tlll1.lll Yi8 pVxCTIOX" J ClIBoSlC lllXAaa-''
P.y L Pagin, M. t., ol South (Eendh Indiana, Author
of a New System of Medicine in the Treatment of
Chronic Disease,.aiHla Now Mode oteOrntwi tag Med
icine, A Student of Dotpr.Dingbuagh. ' ,
AfKUKTursTi. For, the special bWfit' orrnpa1
ticnts and friends who have so often solicited me' to
visit them, I will make tour through Iridlannattd
Ohio, and all who wish, bVace me endgcf medicine
van do so by sailing at the following place's!,11 '"l
llamden, at the Jackson iHouee, Tuesday; ApM
9th; McArthur, at the .ijilltpri' 'll ouse! , Fjfidaj and
Baturdsy, Aprlrflth and 11th, Alleusvillb, 'Burldo,
April l'ith; London,. Tuesday 'AprR ,l'ftj, ' ' '' ' '','.
I hate all kleda of medicine w ith 'm'al.'jj jrayei by.
can-tall erly. Coujiatioa free,, .. k.
RiAo the' advertisement of E. tJteminglou
& SoniT-Reuilneloas' Fire Armsrln 'this
' . ..... nv.-, vj'ilt,
paper ......
is .:, m 1 hy,-t
Tbi commuuloaiibn fronv'.'Ci." .will appear
in our next,
1 1 ' . i-' :'rs
Local Items of ititei est will bo thankfully
received from our friends, at any time, from
any part of tbii or adjoining counties. 1 ' " 1
Baci Wabtsb. Bring ' all '-, your rags ' to
this offiee, where the highest .mark price
ulll be paid for them. . ;,. i .', ,. ;..;..,..
Tocko Calvks 1 Wahtbdi Any,., person
having good calves from t tree' weeks to two
months old, for sale, will call at the offiee of
this paper, and learn; whe wishes to pur
chase. , , ,, - -''-,''' " '
Ir you want to buy .or sell anything, no
matter what, the best-way you ean accom
plish your object is to; advertise in the En-
quinr. . Now la, the'' time to advertise. , Try
It. 'i- j!i-,... ii ':,; ;,,
10 II I'
WhitewasiuW, Vi". tto'r.R.iiB fjrr.T-;Mix
up half a pailful of lime and : water ready
for whitewashing; make ; a 'starch of half a
pint of flour, and pour it Into the whitewash
'while hot. stir it. weJV nd, it.is ready for
. 'ii A.'ilT.iii' '
Tn' HKATiiiLT CUEBUD3." w"e have for
sale at this office the uiosl superb steel Kn'e
engratlngs of: 'J The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael'! "SidtiM Madonna," which we
inTitd.' every body-esrjeoiall the Iadiea-to
can ana aee.,, aa pnoo u iqw.. , ,
Paeticclab NoTic.--Those who prefe.
paying their subscriptions ' in any kind ' of
country, .produce, os iDjwooa or coai, aro
informed that '.hey can do so, .as. we have
made arrabgements to rebeive the' same at
any fjrj.'"''8enduif yW Bamps7'ygur coun'-
try produce, wooa. ana .coai,, sua . w mil
send you the Enquirer and then you will he
happy and "can go on your way rej oioing
- , . : . - (1.1 ( illi
Tlie prospectus of the New Tork Mercury
... m l' ' '''I'.!.-' .-I ' li ' '
WltlB iouau in Boomer ooiuuiu pi iuib pa
fer. " This is an interesting journal, con
-taming the choicest literature of the whole
world, and we, adyite our readers to send for
it tot th prtsent year; ; as wo , are sure no
iMrson would want to do without it fter
reading It one' year. ''' .(.' ';'.,'-" fi!
ge?. the terms n the prospeotus. . ,
.'ij.' . r. . . :f ..
The LittU , Corporal imeeti our i idea ; of
children's paper more completely than, any
yet published lu thia country. J'en YanN.
: T. . nfTk T.:it1..f!ni.nniuil
la en
dollar k'-y earl
Sample coppies, showing a meet superb
Hit of premiums, 10 cents.
- Aidresi the Publisher, Alfred L. Sewell,
TuBNiw IixusTBitiB Editiok o? Wkb
ssa's Dictiohabi. This seemingly dry and
certainly ponderous bopk has its peculiar
charms. Here is collected and tersely set
dowi Hm uautUy at mimMMtl
knowledge, eucbj;aB jdispensalrle to educa
ted men and women.T Here are an hundred,
BAd; fourteen thousand wprds, defined wun
clearness, fullness,, precision, and wealth of
lllusiration, that denote' the soundest sohol
MhJp'id the r,)s.t entire fiieiity'to 'labor.
ioue Uetalia. ;' Altogether' is, a ma
Tlous' specimen of'? learning,. aste, ,and
thorougli lb6r,'J We praise ' If heartily, be.
cause we beliete U de8ejcyjj)!' ,.the " iearties't
Wo bxsit Facto.t; A person whe owns
a large aQtl valuable tract of land,', tbfodgh
which the, Marietta and CiQcinnatL Railroad
passes, vest of and adjoining i the Zaleski
Estate, ia Vlhtpa-eottnty, authorises us to
atsie (hat ft site for.a'polen, Factory ' will
be ,:iven free!lo ,1ny prly ' wiVwjll build
poa it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about one, mile from the Zaleski
Depot otjbe & C. &. fci anjl water, coal,
wood, and every thing" ; else .necessary-, for
cuiiamg ana lunnmj 'en estas wnmeni or
this klndbelnt n?ar' at hand.f fat think
there'it'iiro toore eoBvenien's' looaiiSni'in
this county Of Woolen Jaoty. 7 For fur
ther particulars call on or address foe di
,THrcard t;p!ifriendrB:, C, Jlopre, Phy
aiciaa and jrgepi1io.nBia.jy'a
paper. The Dr. lias removed from this town
to Allensvlllo, ''whBre 'he ! reside! before'h'e
war elected Auditor of 'Vinton County; - fie
thf surrounding cpu'flrj, and U 'oip eX
Utlt, of the best physicians ill: the. igtata, "a ':.r
.H2iC:lfi Oi0 . Jis:i'tA.-v' 1
'!" 1 iuJ "!'
ZAiistrsrY. ??, pi 16 ; lat8,,"Jtljt on
' Sunday, the - 24th. " .-of 'rfwet octave" of &L
Patrick, a Grand lectuse will be delivered
in Sialeskl; rrAtnViri HeJ!lf..Curtey;
Presjdflrit of St. "Vincent's College, Wheeling,
Virflinta,:in(;.bebalf pt,,the Church, now in
course of completion. To -all who nave not
liear'dhim. as well as those who havS, wi)l
be afforded, a i more .than ' ordinary treat(
(Protestantjj.as well as Catholics,) as he Is
considered one'ef the best preacjicra' in the
state;"1 K';.:.i'.,?lT;";,,,,
Tickets wilt be' issued, and an be procur
ed at ZaleBki,!.iyacksorif Athepsj' McAitbur,
Devlin and 'aarhjlen at'eachof' the Furna
Jti through the Mission, as well as in Chili
iicothe, Marietta and Portsmouth ';, j,' : ' , .',
'.i' 'The .Bish'op.of, the .' Diocese, Right Re v. S.
II. Rosecrana wi.U be present;. on the occar
sion. .ii:.:'w.;.:..'j-i.';'.
' "l :
, I i-
oifTloDEt's Ladi':8 Boo'k for, jipril ,has.bcen
epsived.Pyery, Jady hou'eke'epyr shqu'ld
bscome a ubMrityc ' ' ' y '
).;(The terms Sreja follows: -.. I . I Vji
'1 j One copy, one yeari r,v i, - $ ,3 0
i'A j Two copies, on yeary 5 HO
Four copies, one year,, , 10 00 ' :'
Fiveeopies, one year, amlan .
.,' ektta copy to getter- up' of '
: .-..ciuVw ."., ; ,- 14
' Eight copies, one year, and 'an.',,:... .
! . eitra copy to feettei 'up ef:
!' ciub,J -,R -' 2i oo f
' We wil.) send .the Democratic Enquirer and
Qodey hi cue year for $3,75.
v-iClub ' subscribers! will, to sent, anjf jPcst
Qftioe where the subscriber may reside
', 'Gedey's Lady's Book arid, 'Arthur'a Home
Magazine will be sent,' each' one year, on re
ceipt of ?4 50. " .; ii . r.-.i i . ii- .
Address Li A.. Godey, Corner Sixth, and
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
Contexts oV Boxbu. The following table
will be found valuable to, many of our read.
erar ': ,.-.':.'- !. ' '
A box, Hwenty-ifour inches by sixteen Inches
square,, and twenty-eight inches deep, will
-contain a barrel. 'V .
' A box twenty-six , by ' fifteen . and a half
nches square, and eight . inches deep, will
contain a bush'eL ;;' !.!".'
A box twelve inches by eleven and a half
inches Square, and nine inches deep,- will
contain a, half bushel. :.HfVC,t-:'.) !' '""
j A fioi'eight by 'tea', inches jiqunre, and
eight inches deep, will contain a peck." 1 '
i A box eight by eighty inebes .equftre, and
four and eue-cighth inches deep, will contain
a gallon. , ' i ''.( ' .'ii :,,: .; ;
' A box seven by eight , inches- square, and
foqr and bile-eighth inches deep, will con
tairTa half callon
I A box four by four inches square,, and four
and one-fourth Inches deep, will contain a
piUli. :' i ',:
, T.'v..'.! ' :. . '' . . I
' 1 CovBT or , Common ', PpbasI Tho' Spring
'Term' of the Court of Common Picas for Vin
ton County commenced in MoArthur on
Monday, Mar oh 18th, . '. ,,. , , .,'
Hon; John P. Ply ley, Judge.
George' Lanlz, Clerk; James Malone, Depu
ty Clerk." ,' '..'.'.
; Xrchibald Mao, Prosecuting Attorney. ' A
John J. Shookey, Sheriff. - f......
The following, gentlemen composed the
Grand Jury: ' n" : ;. '.
. . . . . UAUD Jt'ROBS: . .
ITontv II.M l.iitnu. I.'nrmnnn.
WHl'iKfVrtM.at, il'i'HeajaininNew1anlfii 'J'ilf ,
Simeon Moron, f-.
Jacob H: Titonch, " '
UL. Thorp, j
Hen innnn Seepliard,
Will am Lyons, 1
UllflfLIII VdnilM.fi...l.
JitrhcB A ' Gunning, )
James Mi Gilliviity,
Ueorxe Crow,
Mdei Soott,-.
Orville Uuuuiug,
WilliaiO t. AnJerson,
The following ' gentlemen, composed the
PeVU Jury: " V '"" ' " rJ '
' WT1T jUKOBK' ' ' '
John Drake, ... . , , 0, W. Hlwvood,,
Ora'nr. ' " . ' Himeoii K Peaver,
John Herrold, . , ., ' James McConiiiuk, Sr.,
John Wyinnn, Jr.,. " Vn M. Green, ,'
Anthony U. Heard, ., Lewis Brown, ' ..
rVilliaiO H. AlUaon,' 1'reilerick Henderson. :
' The Grand Jury remained In session until
Tuesday, having examined 25 witness, and
found 5 indictments, - i t
! The following is the report; at .tho Grand'
Jury upon examining (he County JaiJ: ; ;
rthe Honorable the1 Judge' ef the Cour t of
CommoB Pleas, In and J"or the County of
V.'.lAn HH1 idol, nf flhin'
The Jurors of the Grand Jury or the State
of Ohio, now in attendance on his,Term of
tflf Court of Common Pleas, respectfully sub
mit that they have visited the Jail of the
Countvjaua tnt iney nave launa everything
In good condition; the prisoners well cared
for; the jail cleanly and. every possible pro
vision made for tho care -of the prisoners
therein; r,:? ;.;;;:;;:;,; ?.;;;;';!:::;:;'.:::"l
' No business of importance has been t rns-
aoted up to the hour of going, te presS.' ,';1
Th vou'r( RaOninas been thoroughly ren
ovated; and, indeed, '.'hers. is something in
expressibly pleasing" in ! the, renoy a,tjqn; -r
almost everything has been 'changed ''from
old to. newj"',,, inoluding' a; new 1 darpet ond
new ohairs. The Sheriff and his good wife
deserve praise for doing' thafiLtpart towards
making the roonr look it neafly, - ,J ' v.:.
. . . ' 3 " .'! . .' IMU
Tni TaCB Fiao : A Jouhnai ro EvbkV
Uont.'-i-Tke True Flag .continues ,ita career
utider tte most favorable, ; (uspices, , Ao
knwledged to be the pioneer' newspaper of
its class, , having : originated the syBteia of
JVb, Continued Storut, It ha outlived a host of
Imitators, and still distanoes all competition.
Its circulation exoeeds by several thousand
thai of anjfweeltlj paper;, ;''IT Epgland j
Vt Ilftot 'iinited to any class or district; but
cheers the homes and gladdens the firesides'
of every Slate' fa the .tjnionlt Is nft, 'll.
tlnguished merely for its Unequalled Take
and 8Mehe$tlut,.fifFr , numer ajij, VntoN
utiniug ana uaeiy i-yprieioij. Mecaotei, JJo.
Witt Bay fagtBcrpi 6 Wit, and curious
information of every description. - j,,,,
:t)ur Corps of Centrlbutois bomprises ; the
liveliest story-tellers, and numbers many of
the best authors, , of the day in every da-.
partment or literature, -
h is
flOt'i? tiO'fttf'we
that. w Khali adhere to our old. well-tried
'a rrteofoiluig teiJlousBOveletUS, and
of giving eaojj gpek throughout lue year a
cocdensed and spicy eompendium of reading
forth people, vtv--.,
k erme-$2.5'Oi-a year$!,25 1 fbf: fiix
Months, mvariaoiy in aavance.
,,. SinlejCopies 6 nts. Sold by all the
news and periodical dealers.'
Moulton 4 Lincoln,'. Publishers, No. GO
Urooifield Street, Boston, Mass,
General Agents-The .American News
Company, 119 and 121 Nassau Street, New
tork City. z Z! Dl'i
'I; you want good Photographs, Ambro
typos, Opslotypes, or any other kind of pic
tured eo to C. J. BiUinghurst. ne is better
prtpared than ever for enlargiug'plctures to
any site. ; ;iV.?.-; i.-x
; lake your old, faded, soratchea, and de
faced pictures to Mm, and you can have the
finest of piotures made from them. . ,;
If you want any kind if piotures frautod
large or small, he is always ready to do that
kind of work.
If you want a fine gold ring or other jew
elry, Call and see him. , '
If you don't waut anything, call and see
bjs pictures. i .-1 ':
1 He Will always be found at his rooms du
ring business hours, in T. B. Davis build
ing, up stairs. -
' At a ' Regular. Communication of Delta
Lodge No. 207 F. & A. M , hell at their Hall
lit McArthur, on the. ltith day of March, A.D.
18G.7, A, Lv 6807, the following preamble and
resolutions were unanimously adopted:. ., .
i .'Wberbas,' It has pleased our Supreme
Grand Master to remove our beloved Brother,
Jabkd 8., Stbo-nq from ' his labors on earth
to everlasting refreshment in the spirit
world ? therefore,
: . Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with
the family and relatives of our deceased
Brother in the loss whloh they have sustain.
ed of an affectionate husband, father, and
friend. ,
Rttolvtd, Thot by the d a'h t of Bro.
Strong this community has lost an excellent
citizen, the Masonio fraternity a tr ue masou
and the world an bonest man.
Resolved, That, in token of fraternal re
gard for our deceased brother, this Lodge
be clothed in mourning for the ptrlod of
thirty "days.
. Retained, That the thanks of this Lodge
are due to the brethren of Orphan's Friend
Lodge No. 275 of Wilkesville, for their atten
dance' In very, inclement weather, ana their
as8i8tsinoe in burying the body of our deceased
Brother with. Masonio honors..
Retolaed, That the above be published in
Ibe newspapers of this .bounty, and that the
Secretary furnish an official copy to the
family of the deceased, and also, transmit a
C. P. WARD, Sec'y.
Attendance on Democratic
l The organizatioc of Democratio Clubs
is important and essential to Democratic
success; but when the organizatisn
perfoctod, aa effott .. should be made to
make the meetings interesting and in
structira. Not only every Democrat in
each Township; Ward or City should be
enlisted; but there should bean effort
made to induce Republicans t0 attend the
olub meetings. . They can Ibus ascertain
the aims and purposes ot these organiza
tions , and tbey will at tbo same " time
have an opportunity farnisbed them of
determining whether it is not for their
interest to vote the Democratio .ticket, at
the ensuing ppriog and, 1'aU elections.
An orgunizstioa that embraces simply
Democrats will not bo successful to tbe
desired extent. 1 Aooession must be Be-
cared from tho Republicans. ' :
Chicago Market.
Corn, '- r"i
Oaie,i ,. , .
Mess Pork, .
Hogs, dressed,
$0 75(,18 50
.. 1 052 37
, .4445o.
' ' " 80 CO
,.;',. 1
New York Market.
. I ..Y,
58 4012 BO
Whiskey nislot and unchanged.
wheat, ; , , .";;.:,:.",;,;";;: ', "; 2 2c3
uorn, -i . ... ;, ... ... ... ,, . i wm.1 m
Oats, 'y ';'';' ...i. 6067o
ssugar,. ,, ,,., . ;, . . ,., , '.' iujloge
Pork, moss: i .-',, '"r'-".'.'.J, . 222J 60
Beef, :r " "- ' ' i 3135 75
Bacon,"' ""' ' ' !" 4 '7 ' - 10iJ12o
Shoulders, : ' ,v , . Wa,llc
Lard. "'..''' . . lUGb.ma
iiutter, wr.yiiio. (' , . . ; ja2Ue
vneese, , , , ; loazie
afonev mora ateadv nt 6 tier nent. enll
, .
loans. ....c . . i... , ' . j
Gold a shade better orenini at 35. ad
yahoing to '36 J and dosing at .84.' '
i uoTernment stooks a suade higher. '
" Wstes
Inabritljed Dictionary.
Thoroughly ReviuiJiand, ifuch Enlarged.
Over 3,000 Fine .Engravings.
lO.OOO.WORDStnd MEANINGS not found
,,, in other dictionaries. '
' NECESSITY to every intelligent family.
l,suiaeni, teaoner, ana professional man.
What library is complete' without the best
English Dictionary? ;,.'.','.,.!
( "Superior, in most reapers, to any other
English pictionary known to me."-ibn:
"In its general accuracy. C6thblelenegg.ft.nd
practical utility, the work is one whioh none
who can read or vritf IrtncefomtiTd a ffnrd in iKt-
ptnse wtth.." Atlantic Monthly.'' ' ' ....;
"' Viewed as a vhole,: we are confident that
no other living language has aldiotionary
Which so fully and faithfully sets forth its
present condition as this last edition of
Webster does that of our written and spoken
Dngllsh tongue," iuirpef' Magazine. ' ' '
In one VOLbf 1.840 Royal Quarto Patrea.
Published by C. ft G. MERRIAM. Springfield,
JUSHWV -I... ...... ... ,
I Sold by all Booksellers.' :
JtowhTiWHlW ' T?'.''r ''
'.jj ..iJ-Ux'.-.j
Sold by tbe trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
. -
' 200 fifib u'rnuhed the V. 8. Government. ':
Army Revolver,
Navy Revolver,
Kelt Kevolver,
Folice, Revolver,
New Pocket Revolver;
":44-l'' in. Crribr,
.... ai-100 in. Calibre,
Navy Size Culture,
' N:ivy SUeChlibre,
ai-ltwi inCslibro,
1'ocKei Kevolver, ,
(Iliiler' nt.ai-liJO in. Culibre,
Hepeatinsf Hintol, ; (Kiliot o. ii A il Certr'e,
Veat Pocket 1-wtol. No. !, 8", Si aud 41 Crfrtridije,
film ("nne, Ro; ti andSS ' 'i ,
Ureeon Lomhng Rifle, (Ucal'H) o.nnl 38 ,
Uevolnog Killo, ( . , , . M and 11-Iuoiu C'ulibre,
; . ' IUon, New York, '
Moore Nichols,
Wm, lieeil 4 Hon,
,lo. c. (irnliii Co..
;a-q'kh t s.": ' ' '.'
"'"" " ;Kew York
" llonton
j , Philadelphia
, lialtiinore
New Orleans
. - St. Louia
San Fransiscy-
Poultney 4 Trimble,
Hnrv Knlsom A Co..
Johnson, Spencer A Co,,'
h. M.IliiiriHey 4 Co.,
AHwrt K, Crane, .
Maroll, 1807-ly
II. C. MOORE, ;, j
AFTER an nbsonco Of two yenrB, otlr lui pro
ftttsionnl uerviceii to tlieviliieiu of Alleumillo
and surrounding country. , , ,
. March SSI, W07-U' ' ''' ' '
A T-i
AVINCl purchased and completely renovated
. IN MoARTHUR, ' ,
fformerlv occupied bv E. P. Bothwell. would re-
Biwi'tfully announce to (lie public that heiutends to'
keep constantly on baud, a complete nseort.nent of
uitablc( lor tills market, nt ' j. ; ' ' -' V'
gollon up in n style of worfcmanshipnot to bo excel
u.(l hv nnv ulinnln itliiH flMtchiul i. ,
All kinds of work in- hisline- will be eatly and
promptly none on very w,wrn, r , . t
'l;.':",,;'r;,TuKniiaa? v:.
Olnll kintU d jne to order on abort uotico. .-, : !.
.A full supply of " ' ! "'' '' i
kopt constantly on hand j and i . ,
10 per cent, will be dcductccl
on all orders for ensh down.
March 7, lS07-tt
on 10
.'Wl867. ''" ;-'-.
a S in the past,
thronuh sunshine and etorm. Trie
Oh o statesman win continue inncxibiy unmo-
oraiie -unalterably devoted to an ailvocacv of the
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit and in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union, Aside
fro.n this, The btntesmnu will bestow particular at
tofttionW ; t i i. ' r.: ... ,i . 0, tl;
Ntwi, Legislative arid Congressional
,., lieporis, , iYiotce, jimrucuve ana
. ( ': Phasing Literature, .'i;' .
And will (five fai Ihfiil market reports from th lead
iiiR Commercial Centers of the country.
On the lllth of beuemT, The Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half addi
tional eolumna o f leading matter weekly. X'he fol
lowing are the . , : : -j,,
Dally Statesman, per yeai, , . ,
: six months, . . , .
Tri-AVeekly Statesman, per year,
. . ' Bix months, '
One copy, six months, for
One copy, one year, for . , : . j ,
Five copies, one year, for . ....
Ten dopies, one year, tor ' ; ' . ,
Twenty copies, one year, (or i f ..''. .;: . !.
Fifty copies, one year, for ' , i.
s too
i 60
4 AO
S 100
, too
17 SO
it 00
Columbus, Ohio
" . ,(.'
Beautiful . Premium Engravihg, and He
!,.4aced Prices to Clubs. , ?
TH'El.ADT'3'FUIEND announces lor 1887 tho
following noveletes:' A New Story by Mrs. ilenry
Wood, author ot 'East Lynne. 'The Channings,'
How a Woman had her' Wav,' by Elisabeth Pres-
cott,- author of 'Told,,, by the fJun.V 'Jo Loncer
Young, by Amanda JIj. Douglas, .author of ,'In,
Trust,' etc. 'Dora Castel,' by Frank Iee Keuedict.
It will give 'a splendid double -page- finely, colored
Fashion JMatB engraved an- steel m evesy Bumber.
It will give a Deautiiuiiy executea fancy steel en
Kranne, and a large assortment or wood cjirs, uiustt
fnsliions. fancv work. etc.
In avery. number,
It wi!
I give a popular piece or M usic,
, wertn the cost
ier. It will live
of the magazine itself. In every number. It will give
a copy of tho Beautiful Premium Steel Engraving
une or kiie-s nappy noara no ny ao incites, to ev-
ry single 2,60 subscriber, and to every person a
clllt). ,: - " -i
It offers as premiums WhcelorS Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Hllver Plated Tea Sets, Bpoons, Pitchers,
tioldandBilver Watrtics-'Uims, Kiftos,--MeliiotB,
Clothes Wringers, Alfpieton's Cyclopedias, c. '
, ; TERMS.-. ;,
1 copy, (and the engraving J , . J 1 50
."' 4 copies, .' H',j i-'f , ) ' ) '! 0C '
5 copies, (and one gratisl " " B 00
8 copies, (and one gratis) . 13 00
!ifl copies (nnd one gratis) - ' '" 48 00
Oner copy each of the Lady's Friend sad tho Satur
day Evening Post for 4 00. 'J ' .'... ,
The getter up of a club lull always receive a copy of
the Premium Engraving. Members of a club wish'
ing tho Engraving must remit' one dollar extra.
ta.Teose desirous of getting up clubs or premium
lists should enclose lo cents lor sample Mi
containing tne particulars. Aaurcss
319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Fa,
Corner 33asin. ami ' Third Streefi,
:.',;, HAM I LI Q N, 0 310 , 1 '
B. P. CHURCHILL. : : l' " PfSprtetor.
SITUATED in the busiwse part of tho City, and
nearest to tho Bail Koait Depot.
MOmnibusses run to and from every train;
, Jannsry SI, N67-tf i.-; ..--i ' ' , . n i ' ' t
; JACKSON C. H.j OniO, N ' ':- 'r.
if ILL practice' in the Courts of Jackson, Vmton
W and other eountiet. .. ' ,
3Wuary24,lB0T-tf '
fS and after Jumiary 8, 1807, Trains will run aa
w Killows: "
OlAli-JAHl , , UlUUlLAI-nU'-bUl
Dejrt Cincinnnti .TMr.u. IS .".
" i Loviliiiul tl ' ' S t "
"' Cbilllrmhe 18 W .. :U6
1 47 em..
2!0 u ' ' ' 7 ul
3 t3 " 8M
tit, : ;i 1 him ,
eoo - it oo
, . Ziileski
' "i . Alheps
Arrive Marietta i
.,' Belpre
Depart Ilelpre
7 16 r.m. .
10 10 "
. 1 1 os '
liOl.M. .
4 a
with Trains on the
8 0S "
10 10 '
10 4.'i ' ;
3 4i
Arrive Cincinnati
S 00
Connections nia(e at HumiUn
Portm otitn nmnrn.
Close connections trade at Clneinnnti with all
Western Train; end nt Parkersburg with theBalu
mvre and Ohio Uuil Koad. - -
, ..
(ilii.Ais i sarin.
Msster of Transportation. .
Chillicothe, 0., Jan. 24, 1H07. . . ,., ..".'
W. liraaiey'a Celebrated Ptttent
Duplex Elliptic
.(or boubib srRi.sa)
nonvoat andJi'ntAsrus to any Lady wearing the
Duplex Elliptic Skirt will lie expenenoeu parncninriT
in nil crowded Axsenihlles. Oneras. Carrisgea, Hail-
road Cars, Chun h I'ews, Arm Chair, for Promenade
and House Dress, as the Bliirt can 1 folded whea
in use to occmiy small place as easily , ana con
venient v as a mis; or musiib wress. an invmimuio
finality in criuouue, hot lound. in any Single Spring
A l.adv hnvinn enioved the nlensnre. comfort and
grnateonvenienue of wearing the Implex Elliptic Steel
8iiring Skirt. for. a ainala day will never aSerwards
willingly dispense with Jheir use. ror v-niraren,
Misses and Yuuug l4ijiea they aro superior lo all
others. , , .. ... ... . '
They will not bend or break like the Single 8prinv
but will preserve their perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Ukirta will havo been
with double and twiHted thread, and the bottom rods
Liirown qineaa imeinHA. i iia - noons are vovurvu
are not only dontiie springs, but iwioe (or uouuie)
covered, preventing them from wearing out when
dragging down stoops, staira, Ac. '
' The Duplex Zhiptien a great favorite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Miigsxines aa the BTANUABD BK1KT OF TUK
' To enjoy the following enestiraabte advantages In
Crinoline, viai Superior Quality, Perfect . Manufac
ture, Btylish Shape and Finish, Flexilsllty, Durabili
ty, Comfort and Economy, enquire for J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Doubio Spring Skirt, and be
sure vou get the Genuine article.
CACTION. To guard against IMPOSITION he
particular to '0'';E that skirta oflered aa "DU
PLEX" have the rod ink stamp, via "J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
hand none others are genuine. Also notice-that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being pid throagh
the centre, thus revealina the two (or doublet springs
braided together therein, which is the Flemhdity of!
and strength aud a combination not to be found in
,anv other Skirt...' ' ;'
FOB SALE in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throughout the United States nnd elsewhere.
. Mttiiiifiintiired by the Sold Owners of the Pateat,
07 Chambers and TJ 4 81 BeadeSta., K. t:
i February 14, 18U7-i)m ' '
ShcrilPs Sate.
; u ; 1 , r ' State of Ohio, J7no Count),
i Dowd, TlaiDtiff, ; l In Viotdn" Cortnty Court
ansa Dowd, riaiDtiff, . 1 In Viotdn' Connty Court
-i V .vs., - :. . 1. .y ., Corhmen .-Pleas.' ;
Ervin E. Dowd, Pefendnnt.J Onler of Sale No. S.'
PUItsUANT to the command of an order of sale in
the above cause to me directed from the Court
ol Common Pleas of Vinton County, Ohio, I wil .offer
at public sale, nt the door of tho Court Houte, in the
a...7.. . : ......
IVllU Ul 1,1 1, I . 1 1 II I , ill PWIU CUIIIIV,, III!
".'TUESDAY, MARCH 19Ttf,18C7,
at the hour ol lo'clock P.M. of said day,ths fol
lowlnirdescribed oreiniaea. to.wlt: . .r
llcgitiniiig.for the some eleven chains and! twenty
links West of the North-east corner of Section Num
ber Thirty-two (32,) in Township Number Ten (10.)
ui nange iiumooroixteen (in,) unio company s vat-
vuuse; iiienoe aouiu iurcy-one cuauis anu iwem
Ave links: thence West tln'rtv-twd chains and nine
links; thence North lorty-one chains and twenty-five
links) thence Kiwt thirty-two chains and seventy
III1K3 to tne
nks to the place of beginning, oontainmg one hund-
id and thiriy-five fist acre? more or less.
Taken as the pronertvof Ervin E. Dowd to satisfy
an order and decree of suid Court in favor ol Claris
Annraisei at Iwenlv-six hundred dollars' and mull
onng two-t turns 01 mat sum.1 ' 1 ,
Ttraisofsale-Cash in hand. , ,
- .. - . 40HN J. SIIOCKF.Y. .
Sherifl Vinton County, 0'.
E. A. Bralton, Att'y for Pl'ft. : . ' '
Febrnury 14, IS'17 8w '.
SherilPsand Special Master
Couiinissioncir's Sale. 7-'
" ' i-; State of Ohid, Vinton County.'
Abraharh Wilbur, I'lalniin",! In Vinton County Court
" vs. - .Common Pleas. Order
Felix Grimea & Catharine and Decree. , Order
. l.rimts, Defendants. j'.Bo.l.
nUUSUANT to the command Of art Order and E-
i .erce issued , from the , Vourt- of Common
Pleas of yiuton County, Ohio, and to me directed
as bheiifl of said county, acting a.4 Special Master
Commissioner herein, I will otter at pulilm snle, at
the Dour or the Court House, in the Town of McAr
Uiur, ui said County, cm ... '...,.
' ' A. V. lovf, ,, ,-l ...
at 1 o'clock P. Matof said day, the following descri
Sixty-six Wl) Feet ofTIhe Booth end of Irr-i.ot' Nura-
oer seventy-seven in me Town or McArthu r.
- Taken as the nronertv ot said Felix (iriinna ami
Catharine Grimes to satisfy an; order and decree of
said court, in tavor or Anralinm Wilbur.' -Annrnised
at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars! fSlM.t
and must, bring two thirds of that sum. r. ,
. ir...n a, lj-. I ...aU : , i ,i
' ai uio wi euiu Visil in lliaiil .
Sherift. Vinton County, Ohio, and ' i';.
ii " Acting as Special Master Commissioner herein, .
. : H. B. A. Mayo, Atty'a for Pitt ,. ,
February 21, 1807-5t-U "m5 - ' ;;
. Thi Vhtapetl iVagazint in thi Worldl ;
11I1IS popular and widely circulated Magaaina ha a
. now reached an edition unequalled in this coun
try. Each number is brnnmented by numerous Bne
engrnvicurs, and is complete in itself, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, and Illustra
ted articles, written expressly fonts columns, it ia
conceded by all to be the' cheapest and best Magoi
tine iri .the world. " 't - ' -,
Ui i t ,: , TERMS.. ( - j,,!
1 110 a year, seven copies 1900; thirteen aopies
f IS 00. Single copies 16 cents, Address , . - i
v; i . . . Boston. Mass,' ..
Edward D. Dodge, Adiu'r do bonis non. Petitioner,
VS. ' ' i ...... . I
Samuel V. Dodge, lames Hurst, Clarlaa Burst, f
ana x.awara v. uouge, ueienunnts; ci-i, - J
In Vinton County ltobaU Court, State of Ohio.
fllHE defendants will take notice that Edward n
J. Dodge, Administrator de bonis non of the Estate of
jnmes uonge, oeceasea, on tne ntn aay ot March, A.
D-.l87, tied his petition hi said Court, -alleging that
pay bis debts, and the charges ofc ndministerins his
estate; that he died seued of- the Tel lowing KealEs-
uiie, siiuaiu w oaiu uuuuiy aua state, 10-wit: lu-L.ot
Number Fifty-twa (No. 62,) and South half of In-Ixt
Number Thirty-three (No. 83,) aa nnmberedand (tea
fgnatedon the Recorded pint of tho Town ol McAr
thur, in said county and Slate. Tho prayer of said
petition is for a sale ol said premises, for the pay
ment of the debts and charges aforesnid. .
Said petition will be for hearing on the 10th day of
Aprilt A. D. ItoT, or as seen thereafter
as can i
oeooinineu. Cil.'WAHJl D. lniUOE,
Adm'r de bohisrionbf Estate of Jnmoa Dodge, dco'd
Joseph J.Mcl)owoll, Att'y. . ' , ' 0 ...
March Hian7-4ff ; . ,y !;; .'; .-; -;
ir THE; LAND WE;L0VB, i;;
Devoted to Literature. Atrriculture. nn.l 1.1,11 Aval
Intelligence, and cDmnrisimi Kunnru nf ntnn. tn.
cidantst and Anecdotes of tho , War, never bclore
puuiuueu ,uy ... ......... . ' :
Gembbai. D. H. Hill, (Laft of the Southern
.-.....-.w .Army.) ''':., ;'v
J. IawisAD. H. Hm.
-TaaMf. -Three Dollars a year, if paid in advance.
.. ' ".'' .w y. " - it I--; "
':ofthb - , ....
Hartfbrd Live Stock Xusurftneo
' ' Co.' '' : h';
.'', " ' . 1 ' 1 u
Of Connotlof , "J n'
' 1 3
ON the 1st day of November, US, made
to the Auditor of Ohio,, pursuant to the
Sutute of that 8tate. ' J' ,n
... : I. CAPITAt. v-'- ".: ,.
The amount ef its Capita) Stock
,, paidop.is. . .$WO,00OW
.-,., , ii. assits. ':,J!
Cash on hand, and in the hands,
of Aeents, . .
fn.sti ei
41,457 60
The Bonds and Stock owned by
the Company
Debts due the Company secur
ed by Mortgage, .
Debts otherwise secured,,
Debts for Premums, . - '
All ether Becurites, .
8,B00 0I
'"J,t3 T''"1
' Jit 00
Total Assets of ConspT. 9193,298 It
vv' vtarr.r.A1KMrft, ' e
The greatest amount insured in
any one risk, 1 ; . . ! ' 4 ' ; ' fa.Ooc 00
. ! t , ; . r ' .., .
CoUBTTOr IlABTWBBj !".'.'! ; ;'!!. ifJf.T
K. N. Sellogg, President, and W, C. flotd-:
rich, Secretary of the Hartford Live Sleek
Insnranoe Company, being -sevetally sworm,
depose aqd say, that the foregoing is fall.r
true and correct statement of, the affairs of.
said Insurance Company, end that they arc
the above described Officers thereof. ..
. 1 E. N. KELLOGG, President. '
W.C GOODRICH, Secretary. V-J
Subscribed and sworn beore me, this Hb,';
day of November, I860, " '
SitAt.,.: , .. WM.' HAMERSLET,.
"' : ' Com'r forth State of Okiti
Fivb elSrAMr.
vi !'i;;5
1 ' 1 ' CoKmbut, a, Not. 19, 1866. .' )
It is hereby certified, , that the foregobj
is a. correct oopy of the Statement of the
ConditioB of the Hartford Live Bteek Ia j
suraaoe Coapaay of - Coanecticut, ifcte
and Hied la tbie Offioe, for tbe year 13CT.
ISinj Witness mj aand MS ml em
:' .;'"': cially, . . ..; - . ,f
,, , , r JAS. H. GODMAN, ' . '
.' ' J, '' '' ' " NAodilor of State;"',
) ' .' IyJA8. WiUUKSjCh'fiQler
' I ' - - r , . 1 ' I ,
(To Expire on the JlBt day of' Jauaary, itM.)i i ' 1
' Omen or tub Avditob or Sta'ti,
.',..: Columbus. 0.. Nov 19,
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at. Hart-r
ford; in the .State. of Connecticut, has filed
in this office t sworn statement of its eon
ditlon, as required by' the act KTollegulteIn-')'
sarance Companies not incorporated by the
State of Ohio,"- passed 'April 8, 1850, aaft;
amended February 9, 1864, and the act VTbt
regulate Foreign ; Insurance Cpmpanies,"
passed April' 5, 18GC; and, "Wbereas.aid
Company has furnished : tho . undersigned
eatisfaotory evidence that it is possessed, of.
, , ... . j , ...
I reauired bv said' acts: and. Whereat, aai 4
an actual Ccpital of at least okb bubdbbd
Compafty has filed in the offioe a written
.UB.l UUUV. I,. VU1IV1BI.II m,mkt
by tie President and Secretary thereof, aa-,
thoriiiog any agent or agents of saidComi1
pany ia this State to acknowledge servloeef
process, for and jn behalf of said Company f
according to the terms of said act of April
8, 1856. ' - .t;, ;:. ' . ir t
Now, TnxBiroBB,, in pursuance of the set,
aforesaid, I: JAMES n. GODMAN, Auditor
of State for Ohio.' do hereby certify ibat!
is authorized to transact the business of
Live Stock Insurance in ; this State- until
the thirty-first day of January, in the year
one thousand eight hundred and sixty-'
eight. ' J
'"'-- " :n.t '. i j : "j
Is Wukiss . WHisor;J I; hait
hereunto subscribed v .my
r name and caused the seal of
." my officii' l h auTied He
1 . day and year kbove i written.
4 r
i n .; ,. ;.- t Auditor of State.'
if io . .. By,Ui. VVh-ijabs,
..... a.f Clerk;
' k-. i; 4j.'i a )-ic ,r
' J it.; DOTTEX, A tent, .
I nln-i-.'.-v MtArthur, Om. ...
January SI, 18C7-Sw (
UNIVKRSLLYi acknowledged the. Model
Farlor Maganne of America, devoted ts.
Original Stories, . Poems, Sketches, Arch!-
lecture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat
ters, Gems of Thought. Personal and Literaref
Gossip, (including special) departments on
Fashions.) Instructions,. on Health. Gvmnai-
tio Equestrian Exercises, Skating, Mmio,
AmUBeme'ntS, ect4 ' all by Ihe best Inthori.
and profusely, and (.artistically.: iilastrateil
with costly engravings (full sisej useful and
reliable Patterns Embroideries, Jewelry, and
succession oi arus,io noveieues, wan otasr
useful and entoflaing literature. ;;;(
No person of refinement, econenileal houses
wife, or lady of taste, ean afford to it, withe
out the Model Monthly. , y - ' . ' ',
, Single copies, 80 cents; Vac! BUmbert.' as'
ipeoimens, 10 eents; either .mailed free.'
Yearly, $8, with & valuable premium; two
copies, $5 60, three copies, f 7 5V Ive copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for olubs at 3
each, with the first tremjara: to each Sub
scriber. 1 - ; .;. : ; i luluclt
...Address'':? s.ii ' -,; s' lait
f- . : No. i7 8 Broadway, New York i
' Demoresl's Monthly and Younc Amerloa1
together, f 4, with the premium toeaoh. -'.)
'.m. - - -' - lt-,-l-r-'JSrriiJVM-'if'in --irnsi r ')
Vol. Xvi, for 1867.
S 1) HARRIS, Enrns. , I c:-.., ,
Agricultural -ani' fymiilg r ''.Tajrt
- - - -i. ." -. -. .;.
Pnotci to Rural end iUeuteholdy AJairi.
V Tikis. Bingls W'py, Oaly $2,00 ft year,
An extra oopy. one year fr every . club of
Ten, and an extra copy six months fo; a
olub of six. Specimens and Prospectuses
tent free to persons desiring to jtsf 'up olubs
i Cvknd, Ohio
"VI 4 If 1 1

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