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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 21, 1867, Image 4

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Democratic Enquirer
Standard of Weights.
WheVeW thefollowinr artielea-are Bold
nn menial agreement as to the measure
u Iit the eoatraclnit parties,
bushel shall eooiiil, of the following weights:
6 pounds
S3 pounds
torn, ;io : y r
Clover Seed,
.1..' Mi
Timothy Seed,
rienip Seed,
Millet See J, .
. Buok-viheat,
Beans,. n tl
45 pounds
44 pounds
tO pounds
cir pounua
' 60 pounds
' 0 pounds
BO pounds
111.5 OS .fIC ;!)
Bweet Potatoes, .'
Dried Peaches, '
Pried Veacbee,
i;'" '-!""''',' ;
llarleyi .faan AM: J U
Hungarian Orass Seed, ,r,
CO pounds
' JO pounds
: 33 poundB
! 23 pounds
56 pounds
48 pounds
'34 pounds
00 pounds
DivtF pear and other fruit
trees may be shaped at will by
pinching the ' young growth.--,
The systematic practice oi tnis
is .given'ih: . Hivei-sV'Minjatiire
Fruijt XJardett; ;'o,The disagreea
ble. slxmy'i slugVwhich .appears
on pear and other tree is killed
by a'dusUng':s of .ir';'r6lacked
XsiSrhT;' following ; is
said to be an unrivalled recipe
for yast:, , . ', ,
On one morning boil two
ounces of the, best hops in four
quarts of water, halt an hour;
straiif , ahdletthe. liquor cool
taihe'offitencv'. of new 'milk:
then t)ut in a small handful ofi
salt and half a pound of brown
sugar ;v beat up one pound of
rrnod flour - with .some ot the
liquor; then mix all well togeth
er, and let it stand till next day
when , strain and bottle, and it
ri. 'A". ,' Tj , i J. A 1
is ntje-ruse. , . ii,musL Flur
red frequently while it - is ma
king,1 and kept near afire:1;.: 'Before-
nsin it. shake i the. bottle
upiweir.': t Uke.6pini:cool
place two months, and. is best
theatter part ol tne time, it
--. . ... . , ,. - .
makeI excellent t. bread. USC
the; amfe'quahtyorp ; other
;:Thfi'bea'uty, , of fthia yerst is
that it . ferments spontaneously,
not Jpquiring the: aid of other
yeast; and; if r .'care be taken to
let If ferment 'well in' the Tearfh-
en bowl in "which it is made,
ybii may tcork it' upright' when
bottled..,: This; quantity "fills
four large .Seltzer bpttlesi ,
i The good', fortune of tho 'baJ
bows .their heads down to the
earth: the bada fortune i J of the
good t turns. t their: faces' up to
heaye!;'I' ,;
RbtbactiOH, The following anecdote is
told of a distinguished lawyer of Massach
usetts, who, but a few jetrs ago, went the
'way of alLfHsh"! Ke had Jeen engaged
in a certain csi wherein be believe d the
jury had done injustice to -his client. De
claiming against the verdiot, he said,
"The whole ot them might . hjtve been brib
d for a peck of. beans!";
"What it thBtt"iisati thjudgs. "You
dishonor' ourself and the coiirt,'' as" well ai
AV!)ut1)b Jmpeachm8nt's.' " '
jj.'i iaeaao tsrespeot , for the courts your
t kttMtv Mttavi; Xor nyMlt :.'t .
"ToU will see. th propriety, Ibope, f t
lrcUg jour wtfrds,; ' ; r . ' ' ' ' '
JylS, bat refereao to your. honor, I
eannot sea thf propriety of . unsaying what
Sa lrue."J,: '3tj- .''- :1 ": ' v"-v
li'tlo ypu'nieah'jiV aggravate the offencaby
rspeating ii?. tet me tell you, lir, this is not
to be suffered, and anlesi you retract forth
with," wf shall deem it necessary to strike
you from the rolls of the court." ,m ; ' ' ;"
"Well, since the court insists upon it, I
suppose I can do ao lest than retract."
"And Itt very ample terms, too." "
"Certainly, your honor, and on tht second
thought I do it with pleasure . I am en
vinsod that I wronged tht jury in saying
they could e bought with a peck of beans,
and publicly ft trio t, the , assertion. I hopo
the jury an4oourt are latibfied.',, .
They expressed tlxemselvei in tht affirma-
ll4Vwb UrlatyeejiUt4, ?
"But, may jiupleasebo oourt and jury,
had I said half a bushel, instead of a peck, I
would have been hung befort I would have
' retracted.' : i " '
1 ' i i.i .Mi lii
A tiTTix fellpw tomt four or frt yean
old, and who had never teen negro, was
greatly perplexed ona day when one came
by where he and bis father vers. The
youngster eye4 the stranger suspiciously
' till be bad passed; and then asked bis fa-
en" r; ':
, . "Pa, ' who painted that man all black so?'
"God did, my ion' replied the father.
"'Well," said the little one, still looking
after tie negro, "I shouldn't 'a thought he'd
I held still."
FOR 1867.
This veteran and sterling' journal of the whole
world's choicest literature opens ita 20th volume in
the full tide of that prosperous "d interrupted
popularity whioli has sustained it at the head of the
Aiuericsu weekly preisfor neuljr a third of a centu
ry. Always femous as
it will enter opon the New Year not only as a Impost
torv of fresh and original miuierpiece from the lead
ini("noveli.t of this country, England, and ranee,
but aluo as a mirrior of the classio notions of the old
en time, 1'ieh will be carefully revised, and adapted
i foxtMiniia Mriiiirnnifliit, nf modem (AfltO
Kmh issue Hill contain, Desiues me
biilliant soril novelties, an unequal array of Home
and Society Stones, Bketches, and . Poems, by our
beat authors and sutliQre.sos, while a -
hare tx en secured to furnish racy, readable, and
fesrlens criticisms of
and all personsthini- and events In which the
wnoie country maj oe supposeu iu uo iv. ..v.
i'ln addition, however,' to securing Volume XXIX
tha choicest productions of the best-known contem
poraneous senilis, the proprietors of The Pew rork
Mercury dusignmsking special effortadurinKtheIew
xcar to
from the modest ranss of those possessors olmark
....idtuni BKiiitia mho hnvA hitherto been da
teired from seeking print through tear of editorial
rebuff or neglect.
and the proprietors promise to be generous as weii
as lust in deoidiua what manusorlpts are worthy of
; "Full many a gem of purest ray serene, .
, The dark, unfathom'd enves of oean bear!
and full many uossessort of raal genius may be thus
discovered and brought to tha. appreciation and re
ward whioh, otherwise, might never be theirs.
The psper will also sparkle with artistio and so
oial pungeneies, side-spittiag gossip, piquante fem
inine correspondence, curious and interesting news,
ail the literary talk of the eeason, valuable fashion
articles, fuirv and other tales for the little folka, con
densations of the most remarkable new beoks,and
A numYerof choice original serial, each of them
written expressly for the Jiew York Mercury, by
such contributors as Miss M. E. Brandon, fierce
Vmm U'llliam fjilmnr Himma. CoUSIn M8V CBTle-
to.i. Alexandre Dumas. Fairfax Balfour, and others
of that rank, will be given in rapid succossiou.
To mail subscribers, our terms are:
Cash in advance: Single copies,;2 50 a yean three
copies, S7; sixoopies, 813; nine copies, J20. The
party who sends usJ20lor a club of nine copies will
receive an additional copy fi.ee. Six months' sub
scription received. . . ., , , , '
Subscribers should be careful to write plainly the
name of their post office, county, and State. Beci
mea copies sent free to all applicants. Address,
Proprietors of The Few York Mercury,
Kos. 48 AnnStreetand 113 Fulton Street,
,Kew York City.
MarchT,18GT-4t(- '
Clubs for 1867!—Clubs for 1867!
FOR 1867!
''meni wnioa our ioreiavuore vruug, mm
.bloody sweat, from the tyrantB of 1776.
Thb Nbw Yoek Dat-Book enters upon the
threshold of 1867 tfitA larger circulation
than that of any Democratic paper publiihed in
tht world, and that circulation is steadily In
creasing and extending in every direotion.
It has never been the rgan of mere " party
Democracy ,"' but rather, the exponent of
those liberal principles of human Govern-
Standing on the foundation or tne declara
tion Of independence, mat i mea
are created equal," and therefore entitled to
equal rights, it is opposed to all forms and
degrees of special legislation that conflict
with this grand central truth of Democra
cy, and over all, and above all, does it com
bat, that monstrous treason . to American
liberty, which, thrusting the negro toman
into our political system, mutt of necetiitg
wreck the whole mighty fabric lelt us by our
fathers. God has created white men superi
or, and negroes inferior, and therefort all the
efforts of the past five years to abolith His
workyand equalise -with negroes every law
violated, every State. Constitution over
thrown, every life sacrificed, and every dol
lar expended, are necessarily just so many
steps toward national snicide ; and the sim
ple and awful problem now upon us is just
this shall we recover our reason end re
trase our steps, or mar oh on to Monerelism,
social anarchy, and the total ruin of our
country 7 '
Tun Pat-Book, therefore, demands the
restoration of the " Union as it wB "a
Union of co-equal State upon the white basis,
as the only hope, and the only means possi
ble under heaven for raving the grand ideas
of 1776. the fundamental principles of Amer
ican liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, and the earnest believers in that sacred
and elorious cause in which the men of the
Revolution offered up their. lives, will now
labor to expose the ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrel party, t'l will succeed,
and the whole white Republic of Washington
be restored again in all its original benefi
cence and grandeur.
Thb Wieklt Dat-Book Si the most COM
Its News Bummary, Family Reading, Agri
cultural Articles, .Reports, of Cattle, Grain,
and Cotton Markets, &c., &e., are not sur
passed by any paper. ! i
One oopy one year, $200
Three copies one year, . . . . s ' 6 60
Five copies one year,- and one to the
getter up or tne oiuD, ..... iu uu
Ten copies one year, and one to the
getter up or tne cmo, . . . . it uu
Additional copies 1 75
Twenty copies one year, and oae to
the getter up or. tbe eiub, ' .- : r 30 uu
Specimen copies sent free1. Bend for a
copy. Address, giving pott omce, county,
and State in full,
VAN EVRIE, HORTON & CO., No. 162 Nassau street, New York.
Sheriff's ani Special Master
Commissioner's Sale.'
. . Stale of Ohio, Vinton County, u.
Samuel V. Dodge and . - 1
Mary Ann Dodge, Administratrator I in Vinton i;o.
and Administratrix or Estate of 1 Court Com
James Dodge, deceased. . .. I mon Pleas,
auainst I Ordar A C,
William Mathews John C. P. Brown. I cree.
TIIR8UANT to the command of an order and
r decree issued from the Court of Common Pleas
of Vinton county. Ohio, and to me directed asBhentfi
01 aaia county, acting as especial Master commis
sioner herein, l will otter at uutxio sale, at the door
of the Court House, in the Town of McArthar.in
Vintoo county, unio, on
.' a: v. iat7,'
at nna o'clock P. M- of said dav. the following de
wriDea premises, nuaw ia tue wiuniy or Vinton,
nilPtatn of Ohio. tO-Wit:
One undivided third-part of tha (East half of the
South-west quartet, or hection Mttmber Sixteen,
Xovnship Numbarvleren, of Range Number Seven
teen, containing EidWy-foux and one-fourth Wi)
acres, more or less.
Appraised at four kundred dollars, (400,00 and
must brine two-thirds of that Slim.
Token as the property of said William Mathews to
satisfy a judgment against him by said Court in favor
or Samuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Adminis
trator and Administratrix of the EsUt or James
Dodge, deceased.
Terms of Bale Cash In hand at tha time of sal.
Hheritl Vinton County, 0..
Actio as Bpeelal Master Commitiioner in this sase.
rabruar; U, ItU-bt-il
For 1867.
tion despotism wnicn now controls ine rea-
eral Government, in all its shapes and un-
delusions which erow out of it. It ii
Tii Rentli Volume and the 8eventh
ve of the Dublioatioa of Thb Caisis is
about to begin, and, in accordance with cus
tom, we issue our Annual Prospectus, we
need not recapitulate its history during the
stormy years of its existence, nor remina
those wno nave reau 14 01 no u
half of the great principles of the Demoora-
nd what its conduotors oondeivod, and
what time has shown, to be the best) interests
nf 1 he country. Its merits have been ac-
tr.n.iedoad from the time it was started by
iw veteran and distinguished " journalist,
Mcdart. and its present conduotors
simply claim for it the, credit of an earnest
and nndeviating aanerenoe 10 me umu mu
principles of its founder. In all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the pasMix years the
failure of some, theapostaoy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of Democracy, Thb Crisis has never demo
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
bten allured by temporary expedients, In
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster.- -
On the loore of prinolple we olaim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency. As a newspaper we claim for it the
merit of being an txponent of Western in
terests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the farmer,
the mechanio, the business man, ana the
family cirole. ..It is our aim to fill the large
sheet with matter of real interest and per
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve,' and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which eoes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obsoene advertisements and the sensa
tional folly of the day. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of Thb
Cbisis in this reBpeot, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. The reliable
market reports and the great amount . of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information we publish, is Of Jm
nortance and value to business men, farm.
ers, mechanics, and politicians'; while the
carefully selected paee of literary miscella
ny which each number contains, commends
it to the home cirole of all. "
The political views of Tub Crisis scarcely
require definition.' Itris in favor of Demo
cratic principles in an ineir oreaaiu ana
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jefferson,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and upon which the
Government was successfully conducted for
seventy years. It ia opposed to the Aboli-
der whatever device it may appear. It is
opposed to tbe thieving jascality, ibe ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery that
theJacobins have devised and put. in opera
tion to overthrow Republican Government,
Inaugurate anarchy and. absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and oorrupt
legislation. :And in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue to do it without
fear or favor. .
In order to successfully conduct such a
paper as Tb Crisis, it, must have a large
Hat of subscribers; and to secure that we
rely upon our friends sad those who have
taken tfce paper. We cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of .the East
by offering bogus premiums, or employing
traveling agents ; but we earnestly solicit
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their personal efforts. It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate will enable U3 to furnish them
with a paper fully equal in size, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, aDd of a
great .deal more interest and importance to
Western Democrats.. Friends, shall we call
upon you in vain, for the. Bmall favor we
ask, and in a cause of such magnitude and
value? Now is the time to send in sub
scriptions for the new volume, whioh, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the
amount of the subscription price. :
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1,50 for
six months, $1.00 for four months. . ;
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting up a club of six yearly subscribers ;
and to any one sending a club of ten for six
or fo ur months an extra copy for the club
time, ,
For a club of ten yearly subscribers a
oopy of either of the five bound volumes
f'61. '62. '63. '64 or '66.)
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a
complete sett of the volumes of Tub Cbisi
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867.
' stiircracrnia ; .
EoBEKA CiDia Mills, ", j . .
',, VlCloa UANZ WILL, .
, " '.'..-;fllAB COBS ShELLIB, i ..ii.'!
Warners Sulky Revoving Rake,
Crawford's Garden, Cultivator,
;, ' Amalgam Bells, t
And many other artleleain the way of Implements,
rarieties. Bend for circulars. . ; . ,
Marcn7;i857 Iw '- ' - ' '
Andrew J. Beyer's Estate, -
VTOTICB is hereby given that the undersigned was
V on the 2nd day of March, A. 1. WW, duly an
minted and qualified as Administrator on the Estate
of Andrew I. Beyer, late of Vinton County, Ohio, de
ceased' JOEL 6. HWETLAND.
-ra i,rh aiven that a Detitilion has been filed in
1. the Court of Common Pleas, within and for the
County of Vinton, and Btateof Ohio, the object and
prayer ol which petition is to obtain an ordar of said
Court racating tne rouowing aueya in tne west part
r tha Villane of McArthnr, to-wlt:
Tbe Alley lying immediately west of Lots Numbers
162, 171. l8i and 207j also, the Alley lying
South of and adjoining to Lota Numbers 131, 132,
133, 134, and 136; also, Alleys running North aad
South between In-Lota Numbers 20S and 209; and
Lots Number 2)0 ana zn. which said petition will
be for bearing at tb Marco Term (1SS7) of said Court,
For 1867.
to Our
Fremiums Anauntiny (J
01,443 001 .
JVi Distributed in "April, 186T I
For List of Premiums and I'articuiart or
Distribution, Bee the rreeaiy jsnquirer '
anil Subscription Ciroulars
fir E, this year, offer prises to the above amoont as
n i ni'rntive to thove of our patrons
who will
iLomnnlvefl to form clubs If our
paper could
i.. . .L.n in tha household of all our
frienda, South and West, ita Influence wetild be po
tent ir changing the political aspect ol affairs The,
creat point tor which all friends of the Union should
labor tor is the Uisseminaiion or uemocrauo.iruw.
If it had had an equal hearing with the errors ol our
opponents, ve should never have had the terribla
crisis 01 tne last nveypHrs. ihukh. ..j ..jjcu..
enec of its necessity, we irum ma uoiuun.. f1"'
i in future to have a larger spnere oi iiiuubuut ut
circulation. , . , ,
What evils have mnen upon me innn, owinx io uw
erroneous political eduation of the masses! If we
would restore the old order of things once more, et
fnct National Unitv and the old-fnnnioned Peace and
Presperity , we must place the Democracy again in
power. AS auximry w tins biiu, nnu wn mum di
rective aeent in the work, we repeat, ia the circula
tion ef the Democratic press .
Tha 1,'nn.iirnr has snmeclftims unoD the considera
tion of the Demooracy that are universally acknowl
edged. Through proscription ana persncmiun un
exampled, with military edicts outting on our cir
culation in whole States and districts, threatened
with toti! suppression, personal imprisonment ana
mob violence if wo did not change our course, we
stood, by the Democratic na;ana gave expression wi
its tenets. Twice burned to the ground within thir
teen months, and amid t he greatest pecuniary dis
asters consequent upon it we have never lost aa
issue or our paper, or oroaen pruimno j
our subscribers. In the future, as in the past, under
the sun of prosperity as well as the clouds of adver
sity, we shall bear aloft the nemocrnuo nanner, anu
be faithful to its organisation. Will not the Democ
racy nf thn Northwest stand bv them who were true
in the darkest hours to their politioal and personal
interests, and will they not exert themsa!Ts to in
crease our circulation? ,
As a business and tamiiy journal, tne inquirer n
no superior. Each number contains a largo amount
ot general news, latest, aud most reliable Intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial ami Commer
ml News is made a special feature of the Enquire-.
An unusually large space being devoted to full and
reliable report of the ruling prices of this and other
markets. , ' , ' . ...,
The Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to subscri
bers at the following reduced 'rates; i ':'
Siiiglecopy, one year. . : t 00
" .. " six months, . ..r, . ,i ; 1 ,
Ten copies, one year, ' 1 10 00
With an additional copy to the getter up1 of theelub.
Money to be sent nt our sisk by express, prepaid,
or in registered letters by mail. For sums over ten
dollars by mail, dralla or pist office money orders
should be procured. Address ,:' "
Cincinnati, Ohio.', '
Specimen oopies and subscription circulars con
tuiuimt list of prizes and all necessary luformatiou,
sent ou application. . ,
easily, without doctor
or medicines. Bent,
post paid, ou reoeipt of
10 cents.
1130 iroadway, N. Y.
for the RUPTURED.
Sent post paid on re
ceipt of 10 cents.
Address'- -,,
Dr. E. B. FOOTE,
. ; 1130 Broadway, N.Y.
In sealed1 Entelope oa
i recipt of 10 cents. -5
; Address Dr.. E. . B.
FOOTE, Author of
. Modical Common '
1130 Broadway, N.YY'
February 28, 1867.
A Beautiful Premium Engraving, and Re
dueed Prices to Clubs ' ' ;
THE LADY'S FRIEND announces' tor 187 the
following noveletes: A New Blry by Mrs. Henry
U7,i .niiiniiri 'Raul" T.vnna The Cliannines.'
,nn L wnm. h.A hAr'Var.. h Eliiabetb Pres-
cott, autnor oi -ioiu ujrmo oua. v
voune, by Amanaa b.iwbh
Trust," etc. 'Dora Castel, by Frank Lee Keuediot.
It will giva a splendid double pane liuely oolored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel in evesy number,
n i,outifnll executed fancy steel en-
Braving, and a large assortment of wood cuts, illust
rating fashions, rancy woru, eic., in wverv iiuuiuoi,
n ..m a i, ir nii' nt Musio. worth the cost
of the uiaeazine itself; in every number. It will give
a copy of the Beautiful Premium Hteel engraving
On of Life's Hnnnv Hours' 28 by 30 inches, to er-
rv single 2,60 subscriber, and to every persona
it offers as premiums Whteler A Wilson's Bewint
Mso.hmes.'ailver Plated Tea Bets, Spoons, Pitcbars,
Gold and Silver Watches, Guns, Rifles, Melodious,
Clothes Wringers, Appieton's uyclopeaiaa, e.
1 copy, (and theengraying,)' , I 80
" I codes', (and onegratisV' ,'
copies, (and one gratis) ' 12 w : "
)oopie (and one gratis) . . r ..,, 2flC : ,
One cony each of the Lady's Friend and the Satur
j. pVViin P,tffirS4 00. '' ' 1
unj n . .- ,. , . . . i ,
The getter up oiaeiuowui always reuoiraawp ui
the1 Premium Engraving. Members of a club wish,
inoiha Enravinc must remit one' dollar extra.-
n ... .. -f n.illn. tin nli, ha n. nr.mmm
iir should enclose lb cents lor sumple Magsnne,
UiitkWa ov f jci amuHi
319 YYalnutttHreet, Philadelphia, Pa.
or pB ,
"',;'n: '':Forwt.J:'iU-'-
AS in the past, through snnshine and storm, Tha
Ohio Statesman wili continue Inflexibly Demo
naalterablv devoted to an, advocac) of la
msiatenaoce of tlia Constitution, in spirit and in let
toand to the preservation of the Union Aside
fro'n this, The Statesman will bestow particular at
tentionto x ,;-' "t u.
Newt, Jjtgitlativ6 'and Congrcmonal
Rtporlt, Choke, jnttrvctivt .'oniv;
... Pleasing ,;. Literature, '"i'r
And will Rive faithful market report from tha 'lead
ing Commercial Centers lotthe country.
On the 13th of December, The Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half addi
tional eoliimnajof leading matter weekly. vriTh fol
lowing are the s i ',' .
n , TERMS CASH , 1& A V ' AH y.
Daily Statesman, per yeai, t , ,., ,
, v six months, ,
Tri-Weakly Statesman, per year, '
ii . six months, ',1 . .
One copy, six months, for , . , '
One copy, one year, for
Five copies, one year, for "
Ten copies, one year, tor' r , - ,. ,
Twenty copies, one year, for
Fifty copiti, on year, for ""
4 JO
I 100
17 0
ii oe
Columbus, Ohio,
N and after Jaouary . t, UW, Traiw wiU run aa
J fcllowa:
Depart Cincinnati
.r.Mr.u,- . ia aa u
, Chillicothe It 08 r..
4 06 i
e 2s a.m.
5 14 , ,
10 48 '
1 47
. Athena
Arrive Marietta
- Belpre
Depart Belpra
' ZaleslU
; " j Haindcn '
' Chillicothe
: Loveland
I as
sua -
nle "
S i n. 7 io r..
0 08 .
10 10 't r
low ;, ,
10 48
13 28 jr.. .
S42 "
, 120.,
Arrive Clneiniaitl
( 00 ' it
nnnnAi.iinns madftat tfamdsn
with Trains on tha
Portsmouth Branch. -'U
Close connections made at Cincinnati with . all
Western Trains; and at Parkersburg with the Baltl
more and Ohio Kail Hoad.
Master of Transportation.
Chillicothe, 0., Jan, M, 180T..
W. Bradley's tieletrdted Putoint
Duplex Elliptic;;
' (oa ooB sfbiho) . , : i
OKIBT . - r
ouMroKT and ritAscBi to any Lady wearing the
Duplex Elliptio Skirt wilt be experienced particularly
;n.ii mA.A ivuamhUao. rinflrnn., Carriafres. Kuil-
road Cars Chur h Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and House Dress, aa the Skirt can be folded when
in use to occupy a small place aa easily and con
veniently as a Silk or Musiin. lire's, an Invaluable
quality in orinoiine, not found in an Single Spring
Skirt. ; ' .
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, onlfor'J"2
great convenience of wearing thel'nplex Elliptic Hte
Spring Skirt for a single day will aover afterwards
willingly difpense with their use. For Children,
Mixses and toung Ladies they are superior to all
others. .. i i , .
They will no bend or break like the Single Spring,
Oiit will preserve their perfect and graceful shape
k....n. jin... Mkiria urill have been
thrownasideas useless. Th Hoops are covered
with double and twisted thread, and the ootiom wmm
are not only double springs, but twice (or doume)
oovered, preventing tbem from wearing out wnen
dragging down stuops, stairs, Ac. -
The Duplex Eliiptlois a great favorite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Mngasincsas the STANDARD BK1HT OF THE
viHUloMinl.l,' ll'nBl.li
To enjoy tha following ettestimarue. aavanwgo. u
Crinoline, vis: Superior Quality, Perfect Maniuac-
ture, Stylish Shape and Finish, Mexioiuiv, wumu.i.
iu i 'rrrfYri and hVnnnmv onnllirfl ffiT J. W. DtAX'
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirt, and ba.
sure you get tne uenuine article.,, - - .-j-. : ;
CAUTION.-To guard against' IMPOSITION ba
particular to NOTICE that akirtsr offered as "DU
PLEX" have the red ink stamp, via; "J. W. Bnid
ley's Duplex Elliptio Steel Springs," - Upon the waist
band anne others are aenuine. . Also notice that
overy Hoop will admit of u pin being passed through
lli.ii.nlni th.i. tonnlln. lliji tun fir dollhlAt SDrinSS
braided together therein, which is the Flexibility of
and strength, and a combination not to be found in
anv other Skirl. i , ,
' FOR SALE in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throughout the United States and elsewhere.
fljunuuatuion by tbe noia owners oi tne i-atem,
S7 Chamber and79 81 Reaue8t.N. T!
February 14, ltW7-3ra '
Sheriff's Sale. '
- '' Slate of Ohio, Vinton County:
Claris Dowd, Plaiutiff, ) !n Viuton Connyr Court
vs. r common fleas.
Ervin K. Dowd, Defendant.J Order of Sale No. 5. '
PURBl'ANT to the command of an order of sale in
tha above cause to me directed from the Court
ol Common Pleas of Vinton Comity, Ohio, I will gfftr
at public sale, nt the doorof the Court House, in th
Town 01 MCArmnr, .in saia county, on u . a - .
. TUESDAY, MARCH lVTrf, 1867, ... , ;
at the hour ot 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, th fol
lowing described premises, to-wit: - . .;
Beginning for the same eleven chains and twenty
links West of the North-cast oorner of Section Num.
ber Thirtv-two (320 in Township1 Number Ten (10,)
or liange ivumoer bixteen (is, unio uomimny s rur.
chase: thence South fo"(v-one chains and twenty
five links; thence West thirty-two chuinsand oiaety
links; thence North forty one chains and twenty-tlva
links; thence East thirty-two chains and seventy
links to the place or beginning, containing one nunu
red and thirty-five flSM acres more or less. ' ' 1
Taken as the property of Erviu' E. Dowd to satisfy
an order aud decree of said Court i a favor ol Clarisa
Appraise! at twenty-six hundred dollars and must
oring two-inirus oi inai sum. ' '
Terms of sale Cash in hand. , , ,
i Sheriff Vinlon County, O;
E. A. Bratton, Att'y for PI'S.
February 14, 1807 Oir ;;. t.'.
Sheriff' and Special master
Commissioner's Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Abraham Wilbur, l laintiff, 1 In Vinton County Court
vs. i uommoo fieas, uruer
Felix Grimes k Catharine and. Decree. Order
Grimes, Defendants. J No. 1.
nUKSUANT to the command of an Order and Ee
X cree issued from the Court of ' Common
Pleas of Vinton County, Ohio, and to me directed
as Bherifl of said county, atting as Special Master
Commissioner herein, I will offer at public sale, at
the Dour of the Court Umie,in the Town of JlcAr
thur, insaid County, oh'
!';... m :,, ,A. D..18b7, v ; .
at 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, the following descrl
bed promises, to-wit: " " ' ' ' ." '
Bixty-six 1)6 Kect off the South end of In-lMNum
ber Beventy-seven (77,1 in the Town of McArthur.
Taken as the property oi said Felix Grimes and
CatharineGrimea ., to satisfy an. order and decree of
laid court, in ntvor or Abraham witonr. : t. ' 1
Appraised at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollar f ISO,
ana mustering ivru biiirup ui iiiat.ouiii. ,
lenusui owe vhsh in nuiia.-
! 'i ' Bherift Vinton County, Ohio, sad ,. .
Acting as Special Muster Commissioner herein,
H. B. k A. Mayo, Atty's for Ho. " 1 '' t " '
February :i, 167-61-11 . - If. Hliv 1 s
I )' ' ! i r- t-r-r-T
-a Tht Cheapest Magaiint in tht. Wort
rldi ':
rillUS popular and widely circulated Msgaxin Jim
I now reached an edition unequalled in this coutf
try.' Hachourhber is brnamentod ibyaumerona fine
engravings, and is complete In itcelf, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches 'poems, and illustra
ted articles, written exoresslv or its eolumns. It is
conceded by all to be ih cheapest aud ber. Mag:
Buein.uio worta. ti 'i '.'!", htv lni Mip I -:!iiT
, . X1SHM9. , - ,,. -
II 50 SVeaf!' seven Co ties MOO:' (tiirleett 'ttitrt
$li 00, ' Slngl copies 16 cent.. Address ,
l'UUJilCa TALBOT, , , .
-ROAD. Notice.
Edward V. iioage, sam rat ooms non, reiiivper,
vs. ' ' " ' 1 - -" ' '
Samuel V. Dodge, lames Hurst, Clarisa E. Hurst,
and Edward D. Dodo. Defendant.
In Vinton County Probate Court, State of Ohio.
rriHE defendants will take notice that Edward D.
JL Dodge, Administrator de boras non of th Estate of
James Dodtie, deceased, on the 11th day of March. A.
D. 1807, tiled his petition in said Court; alleging thai
th personal estate ol said decedent is inaurfioiept to
pay his debts, and the charges of administering his
estate; that he died seiled of th following Real Es
tate, sitnate in aaid county and Htate, to-wit: In-Lot
Number Fifty-two (Ko. 62,) and South lialf of Iri-Irt
Number Thirty-three (No. 33,) a numbered and dear,
ignated on the Recorded Plat of the Town ot McAr
thur, In said county and State.' Thsprayor ot faiaV
petition is lor a sale oi saiq premises, ior nio.pay
menl of the debts and charges-aforesaid.'.1" "
Btld petition will ba for hearing onto J8th day of
April, A. D. 1807, or as soon thereafter as leave can
be obtained. i , , EPWABD D. DtI)oE, !
Adm'r de bonis non of Estate of James Dodge, deo'd.
Joseph J. McDowell; Att'y. ' '" .''-J
i March 14. lT-w y t ..t v''i-w,- ;.. ; .; r.i;
' 'v '' ' f A 'MONTBL;Y.0';;' ' M-
1 Devoted to lilterathre'i ' AgViooHnfe; :tirtd General
Intelhuence, aad comprising Kapovts of flatties, In
cidents, and Anecdotes of the War, never beloro
publishtd. By- ' .' '' iii-iii; a!,i.i
QiKEBAt p.- H. Hut, (Late of the Southern
:., ' A""J-) ..vV.j.. ....
Proprietors, . j J'. Iswisi D; II. Hits,
) juiiiiil l"iiTi-ir r
Tsaas. Three Dollars a year, l paid In advance,
or Fir Dollars, If not paid till the end of the year,
' Charlotte, North. Carolina.
liircalA, 180T.
") . .I-'CDMIAlIjr. lii nul
' "i )?,,v,:i. I'.T :.i,'i:i i
orint .
Hartford Lite, tock Insurano
:' ' ""' -'.ni :;: Co. ' . .'.' " .
I : ' ' Of Conneotioutr i ;
ONlhelat day of Noemoer, :boo, inaae
tq ihe Auditor of Ohlo; pnreuant to tie
itut of that Stale.' , ' " '; " ' ' ; ' ' : ' ;; " '
, . , I. CAPITAL. '; '" i
The amount of Us Capital Slock ' ,; 7 "
paid up, ia - ' . " ,' ' ibo,woto
Cash on hand,' and In the handi
m ill . ;
f 32,342
The Bonds and Btoci'ovrned b'L
Ui iikcuvoi l
ibe Company ' .V " '"'.'
tiebia due the Comrjsnr." secur
ed by Mortgage, :-r- 36,600 00 -
bebtj otherwUe aeouredni'., vrl.P"-00" 2'r
Ueble for P.remume, , , , j 3,'86 of ,
All other Seourllee, . .' "21100'
, Total Aiset of Company; f 155,298 8
:no;-.- III. UADIWAWUS. ., ;
None. , ., ,
The greatest amount insured in -anjr
one ipkr,,i .,,.,,.?, v H0oAl
j moil -.-i'i .-r-MT ,,;.. (10ll (,,.,,,
E, N, Kellogg, President, and MT. C. Coed
rich, Secretary of the Hartford lire '8loofc:
Insurance Company, beinfe eeVerall iworn,
depose and say, that tbe foregoing ia a full,' i
true and oorreot stetementef the affaire of
said Insurance 'Company,, and that they are
the abpyfl described Ofliceri thereof,
E. N,KELL0G0, President.'1 " T
; "' ' ' ' W. C 00ODRICH, 8ecrtar.v
Subscribed and sworn before me, tail 9tl
day of November, 1866,
Com'rfor tht Stalt if Ohio.
r?.. r..l!i'ii1 1 . V '' :
-.-r .u,.ik i ,.
-.. ' OriiciiOf tui, Additob or Ptaii, l
,,,'! . Columbus, 0.. Not. 10. 18G6.. f
: It' ie hereby certified, that the foregoing;
is a correct copy of the Statement of the.'i
Condition of the Hartford- Live Stock In
surance Company of Connecticut, made to
and filed in this Office, for the year l8G7.-
- Slat i "' Witness my bind and seal eCBr
i' r-i'.ieiaily. ,,,- - m,,,,;,,,
:i . "'".-i Auditor"of State.'"
11 -By iiki ffiiUAMs.'Ch'CClerkJ-
(To Expire on th Mat day of January, 1861.)
Qrrict or tbi Aoditob or Statb, , y ,
', iiisuaAacK DKPABimiiTj " ' ' ' t
' '' CotOMBOSi O., NoV 19, 1867. j-T i
INSUBANQE qOMPANY,,.,locatecl(at ;iart-
ford, in the State of Connecticut,' has filod
in this offioe a sworn ,'' statement of its eon
dition, as required by the aot "ToJRegulate In
Buranoe Compnnies not incorporated by the
State of Ohio," , passed April, 8, 1850, and
amended February 9, 1864, and the act "To
regulate ' Foreign 'Tnsarande ' Companies," '
passed April 5, 180(1; rand, Whereas, said w
Company has furnished; the . undersigned ..
satisfactory evidence that it is possessed of
an actual Capital of at least one hundbid
amd rinf thousand DOLLAts, ' invested1 S
required by , said acts; and,; Whereas, said
Company has filed in, the offiae a written
instrument under ita corporate, eeal, sigued
by. the President and Secretory thereof, au
thorizing any agent 'or agents of said Com
pany In this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in behalf ot said Company
according tq the terms of said act of April '
s, 1850. ,.Mi r , ;
Now, TaiBEroaa, in pursuance 6f tbe act
aforeoald, I JAMES H.' GODMAN,-' Auditor' "
of State for Ohior do .hereby Certify that
ANCE COMPANY of, Hartford, Connecticut,
is authorized to' " transact' the' business-of
Lire Stock Insurance in this State until
the thirty-first day of January, in theyear
one thousand ' eight hundred,' and sixty--,
eight.' ' -I'.'i -.,:..;;; i; t, j , : ,
; Szai. Ia Withkss Wiiiaiior, I'fiave
. 'mi. hereunto ! eubsoribed-; 9nj
nam and caused the. eral. of,,
,i . , my office to be affixed the-
' day and year aboV written.
JA8. H. GODMANj" lo )::
-."w.-i .a I wi!-. Auditor of 4ta.tfv.
By Jas. WiULius, , ...
. Ch'rCleri'
!7 m Arthur. 0Av
' !Jhuary'lt, 1S67-J"1 "" "i M
th ,ha ii .:''!-n.,-,j (Iii:iis-i
'5 't1' " ''i,U:l fci hi l nis:(j
-;:,,! . j "liIAOAZINIi:;' i
BNlVERSLtY "oinowyg'eJ 'Wi'dW
Pirlor Mkgaiine of 'America,1 fletdteVi.'t-'
Original Stories, i Poetas,, Sketches, . Arekfo
teclnre, and Jlodd fJotUijca, Honsebold,lat1j
ters, Gems.of Theugjit,, personal and Lilerarj
Gossip (inoluding special ' depkftmerjts' on'1
Fashions,) IUWfuctioii! on Health-, GymnaJi
tio Equestrian : Exercises, Skatlagy, Mutie
AmuBetoents, eof.; . all bj, , . bent authorn
and profusely, snd artistically ( il)uetraled
with costly engravings (full siie,) useful arirl
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, andj
a succession of. artistic noveletiu, with other
useful and entertaing literature.
: No perioa of refirjtiuipt, eoDooi(oal bonse
wlfe, orlaiy of taste, can afford, to do with
out the JJbdel Monthly. J' ." ,, 3 -' ' "
1 srngle'obpVetf,1 80 cents) 'back roraber,"aeT
speolmens,' JlO cents;.eitBer ioalJecV free-i
Yearly, $3 fwlt-n waiuaU premium;, fwe(
oopies, J5 50; three copies,. $ 7 60; ve copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for club at f 1
each, with the '' first premium' -' to" ea'th" lubJ
soiiberv; -ml :r)-'i.' ( to-!lMf ac si il .1. mnjn
, ;d4e-:t r:,-o ct:Pf ni '. :vi-.-,-.iT at
,i.io5 jfo.; 478 Broadway, NeVtorii1
; i fcenloresPa Monthly and Young ' AmtvrtftC
together, $1, with the premium la.fAoiuiU.'u f
Vol. Xvi, for 1867.
i t '.- .u i"J neUmntt nit
S D HARRIS, Editob. .,.,..,,;.,
A W rARKERifPifiiiia '
' THxfGR8AinVli"Slir ,
Agricultural1 'tini "! : 'Family' Paper,
fwt-1 :.! wni ii'voiii -i r:l .ui iii .-ti.t
Pivoted t.flurai i ft,'uWfinf',,rh
b.Timit-Single; oopy, oly 42,0Q yeat-rir
An extra copy rote year for-, etery, cttxbi o
Ten, and an' extra copy six months for a,
olub of six: ' Bpecimens 1 and, Prospeotnfei
sent "free to ereone desiribg i get up olub tf
Cleveland, Ohio.

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