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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 28, 1867, Image 1

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:I.TT1? 0..'.' f.fl-
i ?i-1 : l ;i f ,,
-n 'j .'.i.-f ;-. '
'' .flu ...-.i ; '
C.l I'll ' , :
' ':'i:.r 1 '-.,.,-
HI ?" i'v ; r
"J J ' lll': i. V ;1 (, ;,M
m m
i t
Democratic at all Times and
- , "'" 1 "'IMl't"'aWMiaaiaaMriaMi
" 1 -- ... ' , ; '
under all Circumstances.
J 1 MPWr
- .ill : :: b
. 28 1867.
S&5 Jtoiwatit Cnpittt.
Editor and Publisher,
I' (! tii i " : :
OFFICE 10 Mioxt'i Building, on Main Street.
1 ' (in 1DV ASM. J. .1
Oo ton, on yr, ' ,'' l1
Un cy, fix month, .' ,
Ow)Oopt1liremonttn, r - ,.
Fit coulee, on year, to one Potompej , f
T.n.oni. onavenr. toona PostOfllOe, ' '
Our terms require payment to be made kbictiy
f , A failure to gire notice of a wish to dWcohtinne at
Vjlhe close of tlie time fubscrlbcd for, will be con(id-
red a new enRngirnent and no paper will bedis
eoailnueJ until alter all arrearage dtrnll be paid.
Jara are delirered through the mail free of post
age within the county, and-, also, free to subsoribeni'
Imng la the county, hoe poatorHce in out of the
1 ' ' : ' ,
'Ten linei ofthis type( or the space occufiicd by
(he tame, make one guarp. r . , , "
ne square, one insertion, . , .' .''"!
Each additional insertion, ' '' in-
-All transien advertising for a shorter period than
three, month, charged at the above rates.
V eoliima, ' 6 oo : 810 oo is ou v
Q column, v i i , 1000 v1 oo : 80 oo ,
. fiisoluma. , . -.1 00 30 00 45 oo
Vro!unin, 20 00 ' 4000 600
A Business cards, from 8 to 10 lines, per annnm,
0 Divorce Notice, not exceeding 20. lines, (in.
1 , -advaric .... ij
Kach additional 10 lines, .
Attachment Notices, (in advance,) :
Administrator'! or Executor'a JJotieea, (in
820 00
10 00
i 80 00
8 00
2 60
,Notice of runaway .husbands or wives, double
price, and In advance. ' ;
Notices of Deaths, free.. Marriage Notices, accord
ing to the liberality of the parties. , ,
. Notices in the local column, 10 cents per line for
each insertion. r; '
Notices of political meetings, free, .. - ,
a. W.! J. WOLTZ,
'' " Thru Door uiotht JSulberl House,
T1EPAIR1NG done to order. ; -MUSlCAL IN-
JlV BTKUMENTS oorrently rppairea. . -.
,Speutacles to suit all eyes. . .
January SI, lSW-ly , ' '. -
" ', (uHlNCOKPOtATBD,)
3IoZLx-tlixxx, Ohio,
368.-J.McDOWEr.U ' i JAS.W. DELAY,-
PHMfDsirr. v. . : i Oasmiu.
W.a OTKHV.!.' ! 1.P.D0D01, , ANDREW WOLV,
. t. AU1TU., i.. D. V. EANNRI.I, . IfttANK STUOXQ
. ' , ' ' A. A. AUSTIN.
Jvi ,('.-).. : .
k i... ; ,ft:,- mm-- ' : ' i'' -'
TTAVINrt formed ac-partnershipfor the purpose
1 1 ofCnductm. .
i'-'-iW BUSINESS,- ..;
an with ample facilities tor'tli transaction of any
bu:aess nenuning to legitimate Banking, we tender
st services to the business public generallv.
BONDS. ' Money loaned at reasonable rates on no
eptable psper.,. Revenue (stamps always ou bund
ad for sale. . Interest paid on tune deposits.
Persons wishing to remit money to Foreign CO'
tries can obtain Drafts at our Office. ' ..
February 7,lS7-3ra . ,-,( :- ...
.Attorney at TLtorav,
"ITT ILL tractica in the Courts of Vinlon. Athens,
' Wl and Jacksea Counties; also, in the United
utea Courts of the Southern District of Ohio. '
Oricx Second Starv of Davis' Building, on Main
Street. .- ,
T'HANKFULfor the liberal patronage received for
the two pastyeMs, he would bay to those desir-
ins ma proiendtunw services, iliubiiemiu mnnjro wis
i. r i ..Li. AM :j : -a M.i- UIm.1 .
I ess absent on profetsionai busiuess.
' ' February 28, Mti7-lj i i-AJ-.Tv; :i;
GHAS. BROWN, Preit, , : DAN.WILI,7(mA
Cm i'oV Wwd Dan. TO Br' Store, North.
, ri Deal In Exchange, Government Seoun
tits. Stock. Bonds. Gold and Silver, &o..
"DeDonIU received. - Interest paid, on time
' 4epMtta!..!''..? i?i';m j'Jv.u-.
" ' Colleotlon made : a all aoeBBibl points
in the United states, ; n ? i i-- ,.
;, United Btatee Revenue Stampe for sale.1
' All taeineea done on the meetj liberal terms
and wlk the utmost promptness.
Februarjril, 1807-1 . , "
1 '' ' ' :-)"l.' ,"' " "
3i v.ojiT.'.OTisaj, ,
Corned BiMin and Third .Streets,
Jt. P, CnURCHlLZr- ""-" Proprietor.
r.i.i it J' "
SITUATED Iri the business' part bf ihe Otyiand
nearest to the Bail Road Depot.
aerpmnibusseg run to and from every train:
Wanaryl,187-rf ,ti,'i JT:
"l''jAcksbi.c; u;f ;omo','.
W" iLiCpractlce in the Courts of Jackson, Vinlon
and other coimtiel.. ... -aansaijtt.JdfiT-tf
; ' s
: j. i H. C, MOORE,
AFTER nn absence of two years, oHers his pro
fessional services to the citizens of AUcnqYillo
and surrounding oountry.
March 21, 8tf-tt '
Whisper it softly,
When nohody's near;
Let not these accents
Fall harsh on the ear.
She is a blossom
Too tender and frail
For the keen blast
. The pittilcss gale.,
Whisper it gently,
'Twill eost thee no pain;
Gentle words rarely
Are spoken in vain;
Threats and reproaches
The stubborn may move
Noble the conquest
Aided by love. .
Whisper it kindly,
. 'Twill pay the to know
, Penitent tear drops
Down her cheeks flow.
Has she from virtue
-, , Wandered astray?
', , Guide her feet gently,
Rough is the way,.
She has no parent,
1 None of her kin;
Lead her from error,
Keep her from sin,
Does she lean on thee?
Cherish tho trust;
' God to the meroiful
Ever is Just. 1
; Into the sunshine,
Full of light,
Leaping and flashing
From morn till night.
Info the moonlight,
Whitrr than snow,
Waving so flower-like, .
When the winds blow!
' Into the starlight,
Rushing in syray,
Happy at midnight .
Happy by day! .
[From the Boston True Flag.]
Nearly homel We have folded our hands,
Have finished our work in the world:
Our boats are, drifting at will on the tide,
, yhe oars are broken, the sails are furled.
Nearly home! In, the quiet haven,
Jard by the beautiful town,
Where we catoh the sound of the harnora'
And catoh a gleam of the crown.
Noarly hornet The darkness behind us, ,
And before us the gate of day;
Over the desolate wearisome traok, '
Over the thorny and sandy war. ; ' -
0, but the path has.been rough and long,
And our hearts are faint and weak;
And a quiet rest 'neath the beautiful palms,
JJy the pleasant, river the footsteps seek.
Nearly homel In the silent' watohes, t -
In the quiet that slumber brings,!
Rings in our ears the heavenly music
And the angel harps with their goldon
.:. strings. ; , "' '
Nearly homel We see in our visions '
The jasper walls and the pearly gates,-,
We see the spires of the beautiful palace
Where lor our coming the blessed wait.
Nearly homel from a land of strangers
Nearly home to a land of praise '
To clasp the hands and hear the voices '
Of the loved and Jost of other days,
Far more than our share of earthly wars
To ours hearths and hearts have come;
But our bugles are sounding their march of
.I---., peaee, .--v.; ; .. .t ,., 't
And our, weary feet are nearly home.' "
taSTla it not strange that ' all our" black
smith's are always 'tplowing" and "atrfking"
YO XA .!!. ... -..m ......
"The first cotton re ill built, in the UnU
ted States was at Beverly, Mass.
ifiyThe mean level of the Atlar.tin and
jPaoifis oceans s now found to be the tame,
Select Story.
The following Darratlvo is by Wash
ington Irving, but it is not ineluded io
his OQlIccted works,- and ruuBt be new to
most of our readers:
Tho world abounds with ghost btoriop,
but it is exceedingly difficult to get them
at first hand ; that is to say, from per
sons who have actually soen tho ghosts ;
this may be the reason why they have
fallen into discredit with the dubious.
I onco heard a story of the kind from
one who oame within an ace of being an
eye witness, and believed io it most hon
estly. He was a worthy captain of the
sea ; a native either of Nantuokot or
Martha's Vineyard I forget whioh; at
any rate, a place noted tor its breed of
hardy mariners. I met with him in the
anoient city of Seville, having anchored
with his brig in the Guadalquiver, in the
course of a wandering voyage. i(
Our conversation, ono day, turned up
on the wonders and adventures of the
sea; whon he informed me that, among
his multifarious cruisings, he hud once
made a voyage on board of a hauntod
ship. It was a vessel that had been met
with driftic half dismantlod, and with
flagging sails, about the sea near the Qulf
of Florida, between the mainland and
the Bahama Banks. Those who board
her found her without a living soul on
board; tie hatchways wero broken open;
the cargo had been rifled ; the decks fore
and aft were covered with blood; the
shrouds and rigging were smeared with
the samo, as if soma wretched beings had
loen massacred as they olune to them.
It is evident that the ship had been plun
dered by pirates, and to all appearanoe
the crew had been murdered and thrown
overboard. ' .
The ship was talon possession of by
the finders, and brought to BoBton, in
New England ; bat the sailors who navi
gated her to port declared they would not
make sucn another voyage tor all the
wealth of Peru. Tbey had been har-
assed the whole way by the ghosts of the
murdored crew, who at night would come
out ot the companionway and the lore
castle, run up the shrouds, station them
selves upon the yards and at the mast
heads, and appear to perform all the du-
lios ot the Bhip.
As no harm had rosultod from this
ghostly seamanship, the story was treated
lightly, anc the vessel was fitted out for
another voyage, but whon ready for sea
no sailors eould bo got to embark in her
one lay tor some timo in uoston harbor.
regarded by the superstioious seamen as
a fated ship; and thoro she might have
rotted, had not the worthy captain who
related to me the story, undertaken to
oommand her. lie succeeded in getting
Borne naray (ars, wno 6tooa lees in awe
of ghosts, to aooompanv him, and his
brothorxin law sailed with him as chiof
When they got fairly to sea, the hob
goblin crew began to play their pranks.
At night there would be tho duoe to pay
in the bold; such racketing and . rum
maging, as if the cargo was being over
hauled ; bales tumbled about, and boxes
broken open, and sometimes it seemed as
if all the, ballast was shifted from side to
side. All this, was heard with dismay by
tho sailors, and even the captain's broth
er in-law, who , appears to bars been a
very sagaoions man, was exceedingly
troubled at it. As to the oaptain him
f, he honestly oonfessed to me that he
never Baw nor Heard any thing: bat then
he Blopt soundly, and when once asleep
was hard to be awakened.
Notwithstanding all these ghostly va
garies, the ship arrived at the destined
end of her voyage, whioh was one of
the South Amerioan rivers under the
line. ; The oaptain proposed to go in his
boat to a town some distanoe up the riv
er, leaving his ship in - charge of Lis
brother-in-law. J. he latter said he would
anohor her opposite to an island in the
river, 1 where he oould go on shore at
night, and yet be on hand to keep guard
on her : but nothing should tempt him to
sleep on board. The brew all swore the
same. The captain oould not reasonably
object to snob, an arrangement : so ' the
ship was anohored opposite to the island,
ana the. captain departed on his expedis
tion.'. ,l ' ; ' ;
For a time all went well : the brother-
n-law and his sagacious comrades reau.
arly abandoned the ship at nightfall, and
slept on shore;' the ghosts - then took
oommand, and the ship remained as qui-
tiT . at anchor as though she bad , been
manned by living bodies instead of hob
goblin spirits. ' One night, however, the
captain's brothor-inHlaw was awakened
by a tremendous storm. He hastened to
the shore. ' The sea was - lashed up in
foaming surges ; the rain came down J in
torrents tho' lightning c flash ed--the
thunder bellowed. It was one of thoso
sudljen tempests only known in the trop
ica, i The captain's brothenin law cast a
rueftl look at the poor tossing and labor
ing ship. , He saw numbers of uncouth
being busy about her, who wero only to
be dejcxlbod by tho flashes of lightning,
or bypil .fires that glided about the rig
ging f$ beard occasionally tho piping of
the boatswain's whistle, or the bellowing
of a , hoarse voice through a speaking
trumpet, Tho ghosts were evidently
trying to save the ship ; but a tropical
storm is sometimes an over.matoh for a
ghost, a boblin or Satan himself. In a
word, the ship parted her cables, drove
tefjrt the wind, stranded on the rockB
and there she laid her bones.
VVheij the captain returned from his
expedition up the river, he found his late
gallant essel a mere hulk, and recoived
this woiderful aocount of hor fate from
his sagacious brother-in-law. Whether
the wrck oontinued to be haunted or
not he pould not inform me; and I fon
got to ask whether the owners reoovered
any thing of the underwriters, who raro
ly insure against aocidents from ghosts.
Such is one of the nearest chanoes I
have ever had of getting to the fountain
head of a ghost story. I have often
luco rogreueu mat me captain was so
sound a sleeper, and that I did not see his
A Row in a Methodist
On Tuesday evening a eoene of
somewhat unusual oharaoter occurred in
the .Methodist Episcopal Church. Alia
liuauj, irennsyivania. An evening
u t r . ' :
meeting was in progress there, and id
aiieouanco were two women, occunvimr
, , i r j r
mo same pew. una of them suddenly
reoognized m the other a person with
whom she had aocused her - husband of
having improper. intimaoy, She deter
mined to have a distinot understanding
about the matter there and then, and
commenced her accusations against the
other in an audible whisper. . The re
Bpooses were equally vehement, and at
last the conversation became so vigorous
as to diBturb the service and attract the
attention of all present Shortly all
attempts to subdue their voices ceased
and the wordy war waged unrestrained.
At length the opponents took a Dosition
in the aisle, and commenced a vigorous
hand-to-hand fight, Boratohing, pulling
hair, and olapper chawing generally.
At last they were separated, and put out
or tne church. Kochetter (N. Y.)
M. Paul Hedonin, of Rouen, a mem
ber of many learned sooieties, has in
vented an apparatus to whioh he has giv
en the name of "Electro-Bathometer '
which can determine with exaotness the
depths which have hitherto remained un
known, some experiments have croba-
bly already taken place near Paris.
She depth of the Seine, and that of the
isois tie .Boulogne, are not indeed lm
measurable by the old method, but M.
Hedonin wishes Io prove that he can as
certain accurately with hip apparatus and
depth whatever, i The shook of the
sounding lead against the bottom deters
mins a magnetic current which indioates
at the euriaoe, with eleotrio promptitude,
the preoiio instant of contact. If this
invention is successful we can easily see
how useful it may become in laying sub
marine cables, Ac., &o.
TRUKi The Baltimore Sun awows the
opinion' that the republican party has
borrowed the political maxims of Ma
hammed. . He and his suaceesors went
with the sword in one hand and the
Koran in the other ; extermination or
conversion wore the ohoioe in ' thoir con
quests. So with the Congressional ma
jority, unlimited military rule or accept
ance ot their ideas of political organiza
tion. And ' yet the Ropablioan leaders
olaim to be more civilized and more chriss
tian than were the Mohammedans. If
their praotioos agree, wherein . the defer
ence? : (i: - - ... .. : ;,
Tobacco Chewing Extraordinary.
We are told of a business man of, Ur
bane who , reoently quit using tobacco,
because he found it too expensive a lux-
ana 1 J . 1 1 at.
ury. The . last wees: ne "inauigea ' it
oost him five dollars and a half! 'Anoth
er man in business here Btopped ohewing
a year ago, because he oouldn tget along
with less than a pound and three- quara
(crs C82.80 worth) a week. What fllavos
—Urbana Union.
The copper mines of Tennessee have
yielded sinoe the war more than 1,000,
000,uuu pounds ot ingot copper. , want
of railroad facilities to get the oopper to
market prevents a' much larger amount
from being' producod. , i t
Tn.E Stupid itt . ov oun Financial
Policy. The United States Government
under Republican . party policy pays
$18,000,000 to the National Banks por
year in the share oi interest for issuing
$300,000,000 of currency that it eould
issue itself for nothing. This eighteen
million thus wantonly .thrown away.
wouiu more man nave cam ine wnoie
army expenses of the government under
tha administration of President Bochr
anao. it is a larger sum than the
annual exponses of the early years of
Jaokson's administration. Nor is this
all the senseless folly that our Govern
ment is committing. It has two classes
of debts one, the - greenbacks . which
circulate among the people and cost the
(iovernmest no interest. Another is the
'bonds,' which are exempt from Siate and
local taxation, and which oost the Gov
ernment Bix and seven per cent, interest
every year. Under these oircumstanoos
it is exerting itself to ctnool the green
back debt, by withdrawing it' from
circulation, instead of paying the bond
debt, and so etopping an exorbitant drain
of interest. A person ia private life
who would thus act would be considered
a fit subject for a lunatio asylum. Yet
this is the matured and condensed
wisdom of the Republicans in finance.
Cincinnati Enquirer, '
SMi i
Chime Amonci Females. The police
returns show daily an increase of
drunkenness and crime among women
which caunot be , wondered at when we
see our sidewalks filled with Buch crowds
of courtesans as daily appesr between
the hours of eleven o'clock in the
morning and two o'olock P. M. It is a
painful faot, but nevertheless true, that
the proportionate of orime oommitted by
females is very little below that commit
ted by the sterner sex How to remedy
this growing evil is a matter well worthy
tho consideration of philanthropio men
and women who are ever ready to aid in
ameliorating the condition of humanity.
It may somewhat shock the nerves of the
moral portion, of our community when
we state that there have been, within the
last month, upward of 200 females
arraigned before the court for crimes and
misdemeanors, one third of which were
for vagrancy. This is a melanoholy taot,
but no more strange that true. Lvmn-
nali Enquire, . t, .
Don't Tattlk. Children, don't talk about
each other. Don't call one of your school
mates ugly, another stingy, another cross,
behind their backs. ' It Is mean. Even if
they are ugly, Btingy or cross, it does you no
good, to repeat it. It makes you love to tell
of faults it makes you uncharitable your
soul grows smaller your heart looses its
generous blood, when you tattle about your
friends. Tell all the good you know about
them, and carry the sins in your own heart,
or else tell thorn to God and ask him to par
don them. That will be Christ like. ' If any
body says to you, "0, that Mary Wills did
such a naTfghty thing!" 1 call to mind some
virtue that Mary possesses, and hold it up
to her praise. For your own sake, learn to
make this a habit.
Deibd Apple Jelly. One quart of apples
put In four quarts of water; and allowed to
stand all night: boil till the goodness is out
of the apples: Strain to a quart of juice', add
a pint of sugar, and boll till it comes' to a
A Good Plum ; Pudding. One 'quart of
milk, ' eleven soft crackers pounded fine
seven eggs, one pound 'of raisons,'' a wine
glass of wine, the earns of brandy, one lemon
peel grated, half a cup of shred suet, mace,
sugar, oinnamon and salt as desirable. Bake
in a large bread-pan.' It will keep nice a
month. . '? ' ' " 'l
A man who oame home drunk .on a cold
night had vomited In a basket containing
goslings, which his wife had plaeed before
the' fire, upon seeing which he exclaimed,
'My Odd, wife,' where did I swallow them
things?"' ";' ; :';: ' - : !
1 : . . . i i "
' Sous of our ' exohange . papers say that
Mary Harris, the female sharp-shooter "has
been committed to the ' insane asylum In
Washington." We know of no insane asy
lum in Washington except the capitoL 1 1
How to Kaat- hi Hurt Wibk. Get in
to the sun, that is, Chrtst. Under the beams
of thia blessed Sun of righteousness, there
are warmth and comfort. Walk to the fire,
that is, to the word of God. ' '-la not my
word like fire?'' How many warming and
comforting passages are there' "' Keep ia
motion aud 'action,1' stirring up ourselves
and the gift of God that'ls In us by Christian
converse and and , communion. ;' How" can
—Philip Henry.
Thi lalo Artemas ones saidt '-".the: ballot
girls dance' on one leg and then -on HotheJ,
and between1 the two they make a ' good lin
ing."; : ';'"i.K;':7' j
A Cold Sleigh Ride.
Tub Pottsville Journal, of last week,
published an aooount of a sleighing
party of ladies and gentlemen from-St.
Clair," having ? ceea attaoked on . the
mountain, as they were going from that
place to Mahony City, and robbed. The
Journal bald i If may' seem- inoredihle,
but it is positiuely stated that the rob.
bers stripped the oooupants of the sleigh
of their clothing, having , nothing but
the underolothing of the women and tha
Buffalo robes that were in the sleigh.
The robbers compelled them to turn back
and return to St, Clair. We have since
learned that the oooupants of the sleigh
were a party of married men with women
other than their wives, who were out for
a good time "on the sly," thinking their
spouses kn6w nothiog about it; and that
tho "highwaymen ' were the wivos of the
aforesaid gentlemen, who,- having got
wind or the delinquency of their liege
lords, had disguised themselves and laid
in wait for the party, determined by this
means to avenge themselves and puuisn
the offenders, Tamaqua W. (P A.)
Journal. - ' '
Value of Time.
One fine Bummtr morning, ' when
Franklin was busy preparing his news
paper for . press, a lounger stepped , into
tho store and spent an hour or more, in
looking over the books, &c, and finally
taking one in his hand, asked the shop
boy its price. - 11 ' 1,;
'One dollar,' was the answer.
'One dollar I' said tho lounger ; 'can't
you take less than that V ''''
'No, indeed one dollar is the price I'
Another hour nearly paBsed, when the
lounger said : . ' '''
.'Is Mr. Franklin at home?' . ,
'Yea, he is in the printing. offioe.' '
'1 want 1 to see him',' said the lounger.
The shop boy , then immediately , in
formed - Mr. Franklin that a . gentleman
was waiting to see him. Franklin was
soon behind the oounter, when the loun
ger with book in hand, adddressed him
thus: '' ; ;: ; ; -. ;:
'Mr. Franklin what is the lowest you
can take tor this book ?'
'One dollar and a quarter,' was ths
quice answer, ; , ,
t 'Ono dollar and a' quarter f Why,
your young man asked me only dollar.'
, 'True,' said Franklin, 'and I . oould
have better afforded to take a dollar then
than to have been taken out of the of
fice.' The lounger seemed surprised,',, and
wishing o end the parley of his own ma
king, said ( ......
1 "Come, Mr. Franklin, tell me what is
ln..tl nnn n.n -k. 1,01
.uu ivuttD jruu Mmu bav tuc t i I , i
: 'One dollar and a half.?'.' . '
'One dollar and a half!1 Why you of
fered it yourself for a dollar and a quarter-'
. . '
'Yes answered Franklin, 'and 1 hid
better have taken that price then than, a
dollar and a half now.'
The lounger paid down his money and
went about his business (if he had any,)
and Franklin returned into the ' printing
office, 0 Vl ' ' ' " r. ;
A pew days since, a newly married
couple visited Madison, Wis.,' stopping
at one of the, first-class hotels, the bride
groom, in a. manner showing his powly
acquired importance in' life, called for a
room the best the house afforded.)', ;flo
didn't want any common fare, but 'the
best they had, and he had the money to
foot the bill. , The' landlord very pleaa-
nt1y Inqalraj if. h was not from the
country, and just married r 'les ihe
was from the country and just married,
and wanted the best room in the house,
and he didn't care a darn for the ''ex
pense. . 'Then:' says the landlord,, Jyou
want the bridal chamber'?' 'Why,' yes.'
Bays the countryman, not exactly oom-"
preh6nd'ng the., matter, 'I guess ,, so at
any rate send ,it up, if I on't want it
my wife will.' ' We suppose it was ' bod t
' , The Black: Band Oee. It is n'owl
we suppose,' settled beyond doub .that
the black band ore recently discovered
in Sohuylkill county, Pennsylvania', is in
all respects equal to the verv best des
criptions of Scotch pig iron, and can be
produced at prices so low as for ever to
frohihit competition' from Great Briuia.
t is found to exist in almost exhaustlaas
abundance and under circumstances1 re
markably favorable for its easy transpor
tation to market. , We respeotfully sug
gest to our British readers who may be
interested ia the manufacture of iron, or
may be desirous for the opportunity of
safe, and' advantsgoous investment of
their money, the expediency ,-pf making
inquiry as to the, value of this ore. Tho
most careful investigation' will show the
certainty of very large returns for tho
manufacture of pig iron from if, New
York Iron Age,.' - f i;f ,7-..f ;;;'i

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