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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
' JOY. COG & CO.,
' : Tribune Buildings, New York City,
Brown's Iron Building, Philadelphia, Fa.,
Areauthorised to Jontratt lor advertising for this
paper. ......
Tnrtmis Ye.vbs Pbactios in CknONio Disuse
'f L Pagln, M. D., ol South Bend, Indiana, Author
of New System of Medicine in - (ha Treatment of
Chronic Il sense, and a New Mode ol combining Med'
"kin. A Student of Doctor Dellingbuagh. '
, AFMiNim-irp.T-For the special benelit of my pa'
tientg and friends who have to often solicited me (o
Tieit them, I will make a tour through Indiana and
Ohio, and all who wish to see me and get medicine
can do io by calling at the following places:
.Hamden, at the-. Jackson House, Tuesday, April
sth; McArthitr.at the Hulbert, House, Friday and
Saturday, April 10th and Uth;' Alleusville, Sunday
April 12th; London, Tuesday April 16th. :
1 have all. kinds, of medicine with me. 1 travel by
ears-call wrly.- Conaul'tatiiw free. '-- ',i
Local Items of Interest Will be thankfully
reocived-lrbav our friends, at any time, from
auyajt-f tbis.or ailjoinipg countiea.
Kidfl WuTvn. Tiring ll - jnjr to
tins dlUee, where the highest : market price
.will bo pail for .them. .
Pdaks ros Saib, Levi ljTyman,. who re-
sidcs-li mile south from Me Arthur and 1 J
north of-McArtbur Station, wishes to inform
.'i, -i i. .' - . ,
the public yiat lie has for sale a large quantity
of tho Yeilow Nanseinond Sweet Potatoes, the
'belt kind for. this climate, which he will sell
tt $4 per bushel. ' lie1 Intends to raise plants
from DO bushels of Sweet Potatoes this sea
son, ..Thoso wiehlngSweet Potatoes or Sweet
Potato Elants.-will please, call upon, or ad
dress him at DUndas, Vinton County, Ohio,
lle.'oan, oh reteipt of the money, ship either
Potatoes or plants by Railroad to any point.
Give him' a liberal patronage, , ,
.-i ;
Ir you want ( good Photographs, Ambro
types, Opalotyp'os, or any other kind of pic
tures, co to C. J, Billinghurst. lie is better
prepared than1 'ever for enlarging pictures to
;any'slze.i"' ! !'.' , ;'
lake Jour old,, faded, - sora'tched, f$& de
faced pictures to him, and you can have the
finest of pictures made from them.
If you want any kind of - pioturei framed
largo or small, ho is always ready to do (hat
kind of work. '
i . If you want a fine gold ring or other jew
elry, call and see him. '
ir you don't waul any thing, call and see
"his pioturesi ' i '.'
' ..,?JIa Will always bo found at his rooms du
' ring business hours', in T. B. Davis build
lag, up stairs. .. , .
(i- ' " J" """v"' uu) ur " . nyvninjj, no
matter what, tho best way you can accom-
,; r , . l . .11 . .
spliali your oljeot is to advertise in the En
' guirtr? Now is the time to advertise. Try
. "Thb flEATKNtr CnERDB3." W have for
sal ot this offico the most superb steel line
engravings of "The Heavenly Cherubs,"
' from Raphael's "Sistina Madonna," which we
'invito everybody especially tho ladies -to
call and see. The prioe is low. :
. Particdlae Noiioa. Those who prefer
. paying their subscriptions in any kind of
country produce, or in wood 'or coal,, are
.informed that they can do so, as we have
inaderrangemonls to receive the . same at
anytime. . Sand us your names, yeur coun
try produoevwood.., and, coal, and we will
- ssnd you tho Enquirer, and then you will he
happy an'dJcatf g0'on your way rej oicing I"
"pcij .Spice Box.' This is a new depart,
ment which we have added to our paper of
liiis week.
Fini. On last Thursday night, at about 9
o'clock, our oititens were alarmed by the cry
of "fire!" In a very short time the streets
were thronged with oen, women, and chil
dren making tbelr way toward the residence
of tho late Absolam , Burley, en Jackson
Street,' In the south part of town, where the
fire was located.""' The" 8 re '' had got"1 under
preffy'fAir'hc'adwfty before any person 'dis
covered it anchtheYoof fall in soon after the
citizens arrived and forced the door open.
It was impossible to sard the ' building' bat
the household goods were aearly .all saved.
It is supposed that the house was set on fire
by some person who was looking for money,
as a light was noticed in the house en hour
or two before the fire' vas discovered." ' Mre.
Burley.havWg altendedhe ibnrying of her
husband only the day 'previous, - was at the
Louse of a neighbor.' This, is a severe loss.
A WoOLKjf FlCTottY'. A' tier una' hn nwn
a largeiainci1 Valuable tract of laid, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
Vtfes?-wit' Vf"and ad'j oiriing 1 thetZalesti
Estate, In Vinton "county, authorizes us to
lt f: ftii-: Woojen- Faotory . will
hf gUtn free to apy jiarty who wilt Wld
upon it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory ; about one mil from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. R.-E.; aad water, coal,
wood, ancj every thing : ejse necessary for
building .Bnd running , an establishment of
this kind, being near at band, i We .think
there is not a; wore, convenient location ' in
this cVfiJity, for a Woolen Faotory. For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
tor of this paper. ... , , :1 , t
Jnt Jaokson Standard lavs an Irishman
. jvas ki)led la the Orange Furnacs coal'Unkf
. last week, by jtlie MUng of : a, large teas tT
lalo,-'iv " : '-7
Editor Enquieee: You
Tvillplease ann9unce the name
of George Lantz and Jehiel
A. Felton, as suitable candi
dates for School Directors.
Election, - Monday) - April 8th,
Escaped asd Captured. Marion Jaekson,
confined In the county jail and awaiting sen
tence for stealing' L. A.. Atwood's horses,
escaped from the jail last Sunday night. He
wrote and left the following lines upon an
envelope: .
"It is midnight. . I will go. It is dark.
Excuse-lad writing. Good bye toall."
He was not missed until his breakfast
time came the next (Monday) morning,
Sheriff Shookey Immediately had us print
hand-bills giving a description of Jackson,
offering a reward of $50 for bis arrest, &c
About noon the Sheriff, accompanied by
John Lowry, started to look for the runaway
pet." Ho was captured about sun-set on
Flat Run, in Vinton Township, and brought
baok and placed .again in jail before 10
o'olock Monday night being absent about 24
hnnra. -. Soma f tV rigl.fc.eua AVulUlvulSlS
were highly pleased because a' horse thief
had escaped from jail, and said that Sheriff
Shockejr had "let Lint out for money." It is
strange that these "law-and-order" Abs. re
joice when a A escapes from justice. The
Sheriff wishes us to say to those who were
telling on the streets on Monday that he let
Jackson out for money that he will pay five
dollars a head to those who will now repeat
the malicious lie. When persons rejoice be
cause a thief escapes from justice, it may be
safe to say that there is something" wrong
about them. Take extraordinary care of
your horses, oattle, hogs, sheep, and especial
ly your chiskens, when these' fellows come
about Who rejoice because thieves escape.
They are dangerous; they need watohing.
' After a careful examination, we ean
cheerfully say of the Little Corporal, that it
deserves all the praise that has been lavish
ed upon it by the press every here.-t Phila
delphia Epucopal Recorder. .......
The price of The Little Corporal Is on
dollar a year,
Sample coppies, showing a' most Superb
list of premiums, 10 cents. . , '
. Address the. Publisher, Alfred L. Bewell
Chicago, 111.
Mind, Mattxb, Monet, Baedtt. Webster's
Quarto Dictonary, as now published, has cost
more intellectual labor; more money In its
"getting up," and eontains more matter,
and a larger number of beautiful engra
rings, than any single volume ever before
published for popular use in this or any
other country. Bell & Dalby, the new pub
lishers of Bob n'e libraries, are the London
publishers of this magnificent volume,
Vie oall the attention of our readers
to the business card of our good friend
J. Lillibridge, in this paper. John is
odo of tho very best of Fashionable
Tailors, and should have a good patron
age, uive mm a call.
. Wa would oall the attention of the publio
to "Andrew s Qas Generator or Double Cyl
inder Qas Generator No Chimney Lamp"
a new and useful invention, for the burning
of Carbon or Petroleum oils, which is for
sale by J. O. Swelland, on Main Street, in
this town. It ie a well known fact that the
breakage, annoyance, uncertainly, and ex
pense in keeping up' the ordinary Glass
Chimney Lamp, has been a great drawbaok
in introducing into common use the carbon
or Petroleum oils, and thousands, after using
them,disoar them altogether, and return to
the "Tallow Candle.";
,; The Generator obviates all these difficul
ties, besides saving 33 per cent, of oil over
the ordinary lamp. '
It cannot get out of order nor can it ex
plode. , It will not "blow oot," always safe
and convenient,and the cheapest and best gas
light in use, and will certainly be used la
every residence throughout the country.
Go to Mr. Swelland's and see it, The in-
venlion consists in the employment of two
perforated Tin Cylinders, one inside the
other, and connected together, by arms ex
tended from the inner to the outer Cylinder,
and placed upon an 'ordinary Lamp Burner,
in each a manner that by the . air admitted
through the perferated Cylinder, and by the
draft occasioned by the same, the smoke and
surplus oarbon are consumed, and a bril
liant colorless gas light is obtained.'; " '
Notice. At a meeting of the Executive
Committeecf the Vinton County Teaohers'
Association, 'held Maroh 30, 1887, it was
Ritolcei, That the time of holding the In
stitute be pestponed until; suoh time as the
Assosciation may designate at their next
regular meeting, to be held April 15, 1887.
at which all members are requested to at-
tena. .... ,: , , , ,. : ...
-Our exchanges are full of aooounts of
petitions of negroes to Congress. Rat it
is all r BariiumUrri. : Tho negroes are
nothing but tho puppets, moved baok
wards and forwards, by the Mongrels.
All the petitioning is set going by whits
negroes; who ar; of all negroes, the most
despicable strid the most vioiong. '
Local Busihess.
KariM THia column . at on dollar
tftTPER TEAR. . . .
Fashionable Tailoring.
J. Lillibridge, Faahionable Tailor, MeArthnr. Ohio,
1 prepared to eiwiit ftenta and- Bora' clothing in
lhenj(wt 6hlonbIetfle.' Shni three 'doors Boris
of' Wpl'rfidonce, on Market street,
Death of a Child in Hamden.
- den. .; r -x '
Editor Enquirer: ,0a' thoA15ih of,
March, a child was found deaa at mei
house of Mr. James St.Clafr, io this vil
lagethe circumstttDcei connected with
ite death being as follows : borne time
in the winter, a woman came to Mr. St.
Clair's and procured boardiog; after
staying there about two months she
eave birth to a child. When the child
was three weeks of age, the mother put it
to sleep apparently well about two or
three o'clock in the afternoon of the day
ahnvn stated and abont two or three
hours afterward she went to the bed to
see it and found it was dead. The wo
man gives her name as Mugaret Myers.
SusDioion run that she was the cause oi
its death ; and on the following day a
jury of sir mea were summoned by
Constable Dill, by order of the Justioe
of the Peaoe, as the Coronir oould not
be bad. An inquest was held over the
bodv : Drs. Gorulen and Monahan were
called to examine the body, and opened
the bead and breast and found tho brain
and all the vital organs of the breast to
assume a healthy appearance. Ine ver
diet rendered by the Jurors was: Cause
of death not koown. To the honor of
Mr. St. Clair, he had the child "decently
berried ; and tbe mother was relieved from
censure by the verdict ui the J ury.
J. A. M.
At hie residence, in Mc Arthur, on Tuesday morn-
Int;, the Mthult., Awolah Kum-ir, aged 71 years, 3
moDtiis, ana it unys.
The deceased was born In Pennsylvania, and oame
to Ulilo many years ago and settled in Ferry county,
whore he resided for thirtyyears. . About siztoea
years ago he came to Vinton county, where he re
sided until his death.
He leaves a hrge oircle of triends and relatives to
mourn their loss; but they sorrow not .as those who
hate no hope; he has gone to his reward. '
New York Market.
Flour, f3 901575
Whiskey quiet ana unchanged.
Wheat, 2 253
Corn, 1 101 UJ
Mat. 60670
Sugar, ,. . . I0j105c
Pork, mess Ti(ayis 75
Beef, : 3I35 75
Bacon, . . ,'. .' ' ' 10J12o
Shoulders, 9He
Lard, H123c
Butter, for Ohio -Cheese,
. . 5a21c
Money more steady at 6 per cent, call
Gold a shade better opening at 35, ad
vancing to 35 and closing at 83.
Government stooki a shads higher.
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine
Wheat, prim red
Corn, shelled, in bulk
f 9 73
2 85
Incinnati Market.
Bark, prime chestnut oak
Beans, prim whit
Coffoo, Bio
Eggs, -Feathers,
Flour, spring whsal
winter wheal
Apples, gresn
Wheat. ...
1 60 .2 90
S 25a 12 CO
12 75
S 005 00
80a 85
3 20a2 87
Corn, shelled
. 60a65o
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Ohio, Vmion County,
Allison Cox, Administrator oi
William cox, aeo u, rwumi,
On Attachment.
Tbe Vinton County Oil, MininR
na minuet vuiunuj, w.-1
TT virtue of and by an order to rrt directed from
K . . . . . .. An Pi... rJ ViiAn flnnniv.
lihio, I will offer for sale at public aution, at the late
... - ur n: rn AnniA An InA MapiJtttai
A CincinnRti Rail Road, about 1 mile Eaatof Moon-
vine in iBwuv-Juuvys
at the hour of 11 o'clock A. M. of said day, the follow
ing property, to-wits
On Portable Saw-Mill and
Fixtures belonging to said mill.
.v rrirL Vll r-nt Oil.
Mining and Lumber Comyany on an order oT attach
mant in fuTnrof Alliaon Cox. Adminlstrotbr ( Wil
liam Oox, deceased. ; ' . .
yfrms OI as unBam cu ui "WM,
in ninety days; and one-third ia Six monlha from the
ar of ale deferred payments to be secured by per-
: . .U....I mnrf... nnn. Hill DruD-
rtr. , .
fcberit) Viatod County, 0.,
April t, laoi -w ,
n. t. rerBona visum; iiinmny ""r"'"'7p
aid property can eau upon r wi w -"i
Snvdtr. Moonville. M. A C. K. K.. Vinton county.
3 '
Sold by tbe trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 furnithtd the V, S. Government,
Army Revolver,
Navy Revolver,
Belt Revolver,
4-10(i In. Calribre,
. , 36-100 in. Calibre,
Kavyfiite Calibre,
' , . sNavy Slu Calibre,
SI .100 ia Calibre,
roiioe Kevolver.
New Pocket Revolver,
fooKet Revolver,
Repeating Pitol, .
Vest Pocket fietol,
RIder,a nt. 81-100 in. Calibre,
Elliot pt.)No. 22 A 22 Cnrtr'fje,
No. 22. 30, 32 and 41 Cartridge,
Gun Cane, No. 22 and 32 "
Breech Loading Rifle, (Beat's) No. 32 and 38 "
BsvolTing Hide, , 38 and 44-100 in Calibre.
. nuirt York,
r i h'c i a t
' ' Boston
Moore Nichols," ,
Wm. Reed A Son, -Jo.
C. GrubbA Co.,
Poultney A Trimble, . ,
Henry Folio rn A Co.,
Johnson, Bpencer A Cou
L. M. Rumkey A Co., '
Afbert K. Crane, , ,:.
1 ' New Orleans
' ' ' " ' Chica((o
' Bt. Louia
'' Ban FraoiiKo
-! ' i
March M,18S7-ly '- -
I . ... w... .. .
Extraordinary Inducement to Out
. . i
Vrtmiumi Amounting tt
To b pittrilmttJ in April, 1807
For List of Premiums and Particulars of
Ciitribvtion, see the Weekly Enquirer
snd Subscription Ciroulars
tlTE, th's year, orR-rpr;ei to the ahere amount as
TV anisceniiretotnoso or our nnlrons who will
exert thenuelves to form clubs If our paper could
be taken in the hoiifehold of all our Democratic
friends, South and West, its Influence would be po
tent in chnrginn the political aspect ol nihil rs The
fjreat point lor which all Iriendu of Ihe Union should
nhor lor it the Dissemination of Democratic truth.
If it had hud an equal hearing with the errors ot our
opponents, we should never hnre hnd the terrible
orisis of tse last five years. Tauzht by snd exueri.
enco of its necessity, we trust the Democratic press
lain future to have a larger sphere of influence sue
What evils have fallen upon the land, owing to' the
erroneoui political eduation of the nmsnesl If vre
would restore the old order of tilings once more, el
foot National Unity and the old-fliioned Peace and
riTSpority, w tnnat plntt tha Demnnrncy .gain In
power. As auxilary to this end, and as the mcst ef
fective agent in the worlt, we repeat, is the circula
tion of the Democratic press. i.
The Enquirer has some claims upon the considera
tion of the Democracy that are universally acknowl
edged. Through proscription and persecution un
exampled, with military edicts cutting off our cir
culation in whole States and district, threatened
witlilotil suppression, personal imprisonment and
mob violence if wo did not change our course, we
stood by the Demooratio flag and gave expression to
it tenets. Twice burned to the ground within thir
teen months, and amid t he greatest pecuniary dis
asters consequent upon it, we have never lost an
issue of our paper, or broken a promise to anv o
our subscribers. In the future, aa in the past, under
tuv miii ui pro. peruy a wen as mo ciouus oi adver
sity, we shall bear aloft the Democratic Danner, mid
be faithful to ite organisation. Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest stand by them who were true
in the darkest hours to their political and personal
interests, and will they not exert themselus to in
crease our circulation
As a business and family journal , the Enquirer lifts
no superior. ach number contains a large amount
ol general news, latest, and most reliable intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial and Commer
cial news la mad especial feature of the Enquire-.
An unusually large snnce beinc devotiul to full and
reliable reports of the ruling pricoa of this and other
The Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to SuWri
bers nt the following reduced rates:
Single copy, one year. i J too
" " ix months, 1 25
Ten copies, one year. 20 no
With n additional copy to the getter op of the club.
niuuoy tu ueaeni nieurnigK oy express, prepaid,
or in registered letters bv mail. For sums over ton
dollars by mail, drafts or post office money orders
iiuuiu ue jjrucureu. Autires
. i Cincinnati, Onto
Specimen copies snd subscription oiruulors con.
taininglistof prites and all necessary Information,
easily, without doctor
or medioinss. Sent,
post paid, on receipt of
10 osnts.
1130 Broadway, N. Y.
for tbe RUPTURED,
Sent post paid on re
eeipt of 10 cents.ir
Dr. E. B. FOOTE,
. 1130 Broadway, N.Y.
in sealed Envelope on
reoipt of 10 cents.
Address Dr. E. B.
FOOTE, Author of
Medical C omm on
1130 Broadway, N.Y.
February 29,1867.
A Beautiful Premiust Engraving, and Re
duced Prices to Clubs
rTIHE I.ADT'9 FRIEND announces tor HfiT the
X following noveietest a new nwirj uy .virs. enry
Wood, author ot 'East Lynue.' 'The Channing,'
How a Woman had her Way,' by Elaabolb Prca
cott, author of 'Told by the tjnn.' 'Jo Longer
Young,' by Amanda M. Donglas, author of 'In
Trust,' etc. 'Dora Castel,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
It will givs a splendid double page finely colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel in evesy number.
It will give a beautifully executed fancy steel en
graving, and a large assortment of wood cuts, illust
rating fashions, fancy work, etc., in every nuniljer,
It will give a popular piece of Music worth the cost
of the magazine itself, io every number. It will give
a copy of the Beautiful Premium Btecl Er. graving
'One of Life's Happy Hours' 2S by 30 inches, to ev
ry single 2,W subscriber, and to every person
It offers as premiums Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Bllver Plated Tea Sets, Hpoons, Pitchers,
Goldnd Silver Watchea, Wuns, Rifles, Melodions,
Clothes Wringers, Appieton'a Cyclopedias. Ao.
1 Copy, (and the engraving,) . . t 2 60
4 copies, . 6 00
i copies, (and one gratis) 8 no
5 copies, (and one gratia) . ' . 12 no
IO copies (and one gratis) 28 "C
Ono copy each of the Lady 'e Friend and the Satur
rtan F.vnnins Post for 84 W.
The getter up ofaclubwdl always receive a copy of
. . . .-. : r . : i e - ,.i..u
mi rrumictiB fiuntTiug. iuiwirara v. utuu mail
ing the Engraving must remit one dollar extra.
Btat-Teose desirous of getting up clubs or premium
lists should enclose 16 cents for sample Magaxine,
containing the particluars. Address
. 319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, fa.
or tiib
For 1867." ".'.'
AS ia the past, through ennshioe end storm, The
jt. Ohio biaieamanwiu coniiuue innejioiy xeinu
oraiio -unalterably devoted to an advocacy of the
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit and in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union. Aside
from this, The Statesuua will bestow particular at
tention to -
Newt, Legitlalivt and Congrtmonal
Rtjort, Choice Inttruetivs and ;
Pkeuing Literature,
And will give faithful market reports from the lsad-
ins CnrnmAmlal Centers of the country. :
Un the 13th of December, The Weekly statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half add!
tional columns f leading matter weekly. ,The fol
lowing are tl)
Daily Statesman, per year, ,
six months,
Tri-Wkly Statesman, per year,
t ' tux months,
Oneeopy, six months, tor i
One copy, one year, for
Five copies, one year, for
Tenncoples, one year, tar
Twe ty copies, o ne year, est ; .
Fiftrcopi' 068 rear, for
I 100
' 17 40
: ' ; ,, , Cslfljatrui, Ohio, ;
Incinnati Market. PROSPECTUS
For 1867.
Tu Seventh Volume and the Seventh
Year of the publication of Tut Crisis is
about to begin, and, in accordance with cus
tom, we issue our Annunl Prospectus. We
need not rCpitulate ita history during the
stormy years' pf it existence, nor remind
those who have rt$ l. ot ita services in be
half of lUe great principle of the Democra
cy, and what its oonduoto."' conceived, and
what time has shown, to be tbW bestiintoresls
of the country. Its merits have besn a
knowledged from the time it was stariv."! bJ
that veteran and distinguished jouruall&.'
Gov Midabt. and its preseut conductors!
simply claim for it the credit of an earnest
and undeviating adherence to the plan and
principles of its founder. In all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the past six years the
failure of some, the apostnoy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of Democracy, Tub Crisis has never demo
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
been allured by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster;
On the score of principle we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency. As a newspaper we claim tor It the
merit of being an exponent of Western in
terests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of .the farmer,
the mechanic, the business man, and the
family circle. Il is our aim to Oil tno large
sheet with matter of real interest and per
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve, and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements and the sensa
tional folly of the day. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of Ins
Crisis in this respect, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. 1 Tho reliable
market reports and (he great amount of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information we publish, is of ira
porlance and value to business men, farm
ers, mechanics, and politicians ; while the
carefully selected page of literary miscslla
cy whioh eaoh number contains, commende
it to the home circle of nil.
The political views of Tub Cuisis scarcely
require definition. It is in favor of Demo
cratic princip'es in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jeffehsom,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and upon which the
Government was successfully conducted for
seventy years. It. is opposed to the Aboli.
tiou despotism whioh now controls the Fed
eral Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatever devioe it may appear. It is
opposed to the entire : Abolition theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, humbugs,
and delusions which crow out of it. It is
opposed to the thieving jascality, the ty
runoical assumptions, tho stupid and bar
barous polioies and the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery that
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera'
tiou to overthrow Republican Government
inaugurate anarchy and absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
tuxes, and tyrannical, insane, .and corrupt
legislation. , And in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, we Bhall continue to do it without
fear or favor.
In order -to. successfully conduct such
paper as Tub Cmsisy it nwi 1.t a large
list of subscribers ; and to secure that we
rely upon our friends and those who have
taken tee paper, n e cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by .offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; but we earnestly solioit
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their personal efforts. It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate will enable us Ui furnish then
with a paper fully equal in size, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of a
great deal more interest and importance to
Western Democrats.. Friends, shall we oall
upon you in vain, for the small favor we
ask, and in a causo ot such magnitude and
value? Now is the lime to send in sub
scriptions for the new volume, which, at tbs
end of the year, will be worth thrice tht
amount of the subscription pi ice.
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1,50 Tor
six months, $1.00 for four months.
' One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting np a elub of six yearly subscribers
and to any one sending a club of ten for eix
or fo ur months an extra copy for the club
time. .
For a club of ten yearly eubsoribers
oopy of cither of the five bound volumes
('61, '63, '63, '64 or '65.)
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers,
complete sett of the volumes ol Tub Cam
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867.
UNIVERSLLY acknowledged tht . Model
Parlor Magazine of America, devoted
Original Stories, Poems, .Sketches, Archi
tecture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat'
lers, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip (including special departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnas
tic Equestrian Exeroisea, Skating, Music,
Amusements, ect.: all by the best, authors,
and profusely and' artistically illustrated
with costly engravings (full sue.) userui i.na
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic novelettes, with other
useful and entertains literature.
No person of refinement, economical honse
wife, or lady of taste, can afford to do with
out the Model Monthly. .
Singlo copies, 30 cents; hack numbers, as
specimens, 10 cents;. either mailed free.
Yearly, $3, with' a valuable premium; two
copies, o 00;, three copies, $7 50; five copios,
12, and Splendid premiums for clubs at $3
eaoh, with the . first premium to each sub
sciiber. .. ' ' -
Address " '':' ':;
;, . No. 473 Broadway, New York.
Demorsst's Monthly and Young Amerioa
together, K, with the premium to each;
Edward D. Dodge, Adm'r de bonis noti, reKtioner, )
- vs. J . :,, . '. I
Samuel V. Dodge, lames Hnr.it, Clarisa E, Hurst, ,
and Kdward D. Dodge, Defendants. , . , . J
In Vinton Csvnty Probate Court, !1att tf 'Ohio.
rpiIB dcfcniJants will take notic: that Edward
X Oiige. Administrator do bonis nan ofthe Eslnteof
inmeeliodie, deceased, on the Uthdavot March,
I. B67, filed his petition in snirl Court, allogiug
the personal estate 61 said deoeitent is insuftioient
pay his debts, and the chnjrgea of adlninisterine
estate; that he diedene,d of tho allowing Ron! Es
tate, sijtuate m said eonnly SBd ttte, te-wib ln-Lot
Number Fifty-two (No. and South half of In-lioj
Number Thirty-three (No, 33,) as pinnbered hnd dos
lgnntedon the Recorded Mat of the Town ol McAr
ihur, in said county and State. The prayer of
petition is for a salo ol said promises, (ur the pay
ment ofthe debts And charges aforesaid. -
6 aid petition will be for hvacingon the ICth davV
aprn. Ai I'. mbv, ones soon. Niercwies as. lenvejiau
eobline., , t'lWAKIt P. DOIXjK,.
Adm'r de bonision'-of tstaloof jmes frbo'go, do"-l
Joseph J. Jlcl'imell, att'v. ' i
March 14, 18e7r-4w Vii:.' -.i V. f
r i fOft 16fi7i.
Thin vetra and aterlinij Joosnal of the whet
world's choicest literature opens its Jh Tcliime iaj
the full tide of that prosperous and uninterrupted
popularity which has sustained. It at the head of th
American weekly prtau fpr ueuly a third of a centu
ry. Always fatuous a
it will epterupOn the Kew Year not owy aaa reposi
tory of fre'hand ojikmihI mainerpieoea leojn the lead
ing novelUts of this country, England, and France,
lui also as a nvrrior of the classic fiction of the old
en lime, whod will I carefully revised, and adapted
to the most nmtidioui acquirements of modern twite
and d.'licacy. Enub issue will contain, besides the
brilliant serial novelties, n unequal array of Home
and Society Slones, hkntolios, and Poems, bj out
best aullinM and authoresses, while a '
have Ik 0 secure ! to furnish rcj. readable, aa4
v-arless ijntlcmwu or
and tit pornons, thiniri, and event ia wiinjn the
whole country may be supposed to take pecial inters
In addition, htirover. to securing Volume XXIX
Lhe choicest ptioductioua of the lst-knowncontri-
porsneoiisi ajenms, n.e propriewirn oi ii.
Mercury design making sp;'.al etlbrts during toe w
Year to : ! ,.
from the modest ranas of those possessors ol merW
od intellectual abilities who have hitherto been de
teired from seeking print tnrougn ier w eaiwnas
rebuff orneglect.
.......... .....n.-r WT1 fl UVM
,VtiitX MJli-iUrUlilSK 4J ltt
aai) the pmpriefora promise to be generous S wel,
ns just iu deciding what manuscripts are wusuij '
publication.' ' ' ' I i
ji uu many a gem of purest ray sorene,
The dark, unfuthoin'd oaves of ooan bear:"' ,
and full many possessor' of real genius may be thus
discovered Ana brought to, the uppreoiation ani ra
ward which, otherwise, m'ght never be theiM.
Ihe paper will also spark la with artiitia tint so
cial pungnneies, side-spittiag gossip, pituiante fem
inine correspondenoa, curious and inUv.wting newt,
all Ihe literary talk of the season, valuable fashion.
articles, mirv and other tales lor tne utile loini, oon.
deusntions of the most ro-narkable new busks, and
A nuniborof choice original serUIs, each of them
written espressly lor the Now York Mercury, by
such contributors as Miss M. B. Brandon,- Piera
Kin, William (iilmore Himm.ri, Cousin May Carle
toil, Alexandre Humus, Fain'. Balfour, and others
of that I.utk, will be given in raiid SH'JOOaaiou..
To m.iil siiKfloribow, our terms aw
Cash in advance: Hini'locouies.'SS 60 a yean three
copies, 47; slxoopieo, SI3; nine copies, $20. The
party wno Heous us tf) lor a ciuooi nius cipias win
receive an additional cop; fiee. ' Six months' sub
scription reeeived.
Subscribers should, be careful to Write plainly the
namo of their post office, county, and State, tiec
copies sent free to all Address,
Proprietors of The Few York Mercury, '
h'os-. 48 AunbtreeUuU IU Fultonatreet,
- New York Oty
Maroh 7, 1807 tt ,
;:.!- -! . -v .
j . MisxrcTcxs .
Victor Cans Mill,
.... Sxab Cork Sukllxb,
, i.BoBSi PqwEtt.yoKi,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Raka
Craw ford's' Gar-don Cnitly&tQf,
Amalgam Belli, v , )
... ...MA.UHiJSES, . , . . ,
And many other articles in the way of Implements,
Tools and Macliinory. ...
varieties. Bend for circulars. ,
Mofoh 28, 1867 ly . ,
Club's for 18G7 !Clubs for 1867 !
' FOR 1807! 1
Tbb New York Dat-Book enters npon the
threshold of 18i7 tuitA a larntr circulation
tha n that of. any Democratic paper published in
tht Korld, and that circulation is steadily in
creasing and extending in every direction.
It has never been the organ of mere party
Democracy," but rather tho exponent of
those liberal principles or human uovern
ment which our forefathers wrung, with
bloody sweat, from the tyrants of 176,
Standing on tbe foundation of the DeclarA
tioa of Independence, that " all (irAife) men
are created equal,", and. therefore entitled to
equal rights, it is opposed to all forms and
degrees or special legislation mat conuiei
with this grand central trcth of Democra
cy, and over all, and above all, docs it com
bat that monstrous treason to American
liberty, which, thrusting the negro element
into our political system, must of ntctnily
wreck the whole mighty fabric left us by our
fathers.. God has created white men superl.
or, and negroes inferior, and therefore all th
efforts of the past five years to abolith His
work, and equalize with negroes every law
violated,- every State Constitution over
thrown, Ivery life sacrificed, and' every dol
lar expended, Are neceiiarilu just so- many
steps toward national suicide ; and the sim
ple and awful problem now upon aa is just
this shall we recover our reason, and re
trase our steps, or march on to Mongrelisa,
social anarchy, and the total ruin .of our
country? ; ' . " ' " - ' ' '
Tn Dai-Book, ' therefor, f demands the
restoration of the "Union .as it was"--
Union of to-equal States tiponlM tchite talis,
as the only hope, and tho only . means pessi
ble under heaven for raving the grand. ideas
of 1778, the fundamental principles of Amer
ican liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, and the earnest believers in that sacrei
aad glorious cause in which the men of the
Revolution offered p their' lives, will now
labor to expose the ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrel parly, it will succeed,
and the whole white Republic of Washington
be restored again in all Us original benefi
cence and grand.ovtf, :
The WKErvj DAT-Boort is the most COM.
plete weekly paper published.
Itewe Summary, Family -Beading, Agri
cultural Articles, Reports, of Oattle, Grain,
and Cotton Markets, o., S8.,,are.not eur.
passed by any paper. . i
r . -7 TEMlS--CAati IN ADVASCB, .
One copy one yean , , . . f 3 80
Three copies one ycir, ; ;'. -. :
Five copies one rear, and tine to the
getter p of the club, . '. .r
Ten copies one year, and one' to the
. getter up of drib; ; ( ; . , , J j
5 (0
io oa
17 0
1 75
laaniouai oui'ics,
Twenty eopies ens year, and eae tffjji -.
thegotier up of theeluu, ,;, 30 03
' Specimen copies Vent free." Sond'fora
copy. ''Addrrts, giving poit'of1ic'j;eottutyf
and glate in itll,.;.f - jf-,V
.in,' .
- ' y AN' EVfvlE, jf-IORTOV & CO.,
'- - Kff'.'MJ'NMMu fctreoi, VtM tOrk.

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