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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 11, 1867, Image 1

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Democratic at all Times and under all Circumstances.
H i hi. HHi in I ' ' . ' 1 11 ' I ' II l l I ' '"" "" " '"' ' ' ' I " ' ' - , , , ,
11- 1867.
Democratic Enquirer
Editor and Publisher,
OFFICE-11 Malone'i Building, on Main Strt
' ' ' .; (m advanci)
Oo copy, on yr, . , I 1 60
One copy, six month, W
One copy, three months, ' ' 40
Firs copies, one yenr, to one Post Offlne, 26
Ten copies, one year, to one Post Office, ' moo
Our terms require payment to be made itsictlt
A failure to give notice of wish to discontinue at
the close of the time subscribed for, will he cotiBid
red it new engagement; and no paper will bedis
ocnilsuod until alter nil arrenrnses shall he paid.
Papers ure delivered thronsh the mail free of post
Age within the county, and, also, free to subscribers
living iu the county, uose poatottice in out of the
euqtjr. .
Ten lines of this type, or the space occupied by
the same, make one FCiuare.
n sounre, one insertion, H 00
ach itdditional insertion, 60
All transient advertising for a shorter period than
three mouths, charged at the above rates.
8 mos. B mos. v mo,
12 mos
ii column,
-Z coluinn,
l columu,
t 6 00 Jf 10 00
10 OOf 20 00
lSOJf ) rV00
toft 10 00
15 oo
40 00
80 00
SO 00
45 00
GO 00
l column,
Tliiair.isa aviU. frnm n ft'. 10 lines, nnr innnm.
8 00
6 00
2 00
i 00
Civorce Notices, not exeeediug2l lines, (iu
advance,) v
Each additional 10 lines, '
Attachment Notices, (in advance,)
Administrator's .or Executor's Notices, (in
advance,) v
Notices of runaway husbands or wiTea, double
price, nnu in advance. ,
Noticed of Deaths, free. Marriage Notices, accord'
ins to the liberality of the narties.
Notices in the local col umu, 10 cents per line for
aeh insertion. t
Notices of political meetings, free.
Business (Earis
-' i Thru Doon Eatl qf the Hulbtrl Jlouic,
!VEoAirt3tnj.r, Olaio.
BTKUMESTsJ correctly repaired.
aver-Hpectacles to sail all eyes.
' January3l,1807-ly
' (unincobforatkd,)
M, ft tDNST, E. 1). DOP0S, ' ASUMW WotF,
TI A VINCr formed co-partnership for the purpose
XX of conducting a ;
ni with Amnio fhcilltins for the transaction ofnnv
bus eess pertaining to legitimato Banking, we tender
ui services to the hunccsspnhlin goncrallv.
BONDS. Money loaned at reasonable rates on w.
ceptable paper. Revenue Ktainps always on hand
end for sale. Interest paid on time deposits.
Persons wishing to remitmoney to Foreign Coun
tries can obtsin Drafts at our OtUce.
February 7rl8iiV' m
Attorney at Xaxr.
WILTj practice in the Courts of Viiuon, Athens,
and Jackson Counties ; also, in the United
Jtstes Courts ot the Southern District of Ohio.
Orrica Second Story of Davis' Building, on Main
January 24, 1807-tf
.. ."lNKFUlifor the liberal pstronnge received for
L thstwo past yeats, he would sny to those dosir
lug his (irofeHnlonal services, that no may always be
lotuid at his Office or residence, on Main Street, un-
ia absent, on profersionol business.
. J'tbrnary 28, 18ti7-ly
WrtLs BItOWN & CO.,
' ' 33AJT5,I3XLSf
On Doer Wttt Dan. Will , j- Bro't Store, North
.. . i . Side. Mam Street,
, .
. Deal ia Exchange, Government Seouri
tli. Stock, Bonds. Gold tnd Bilttfer, &o.
' Depositi reoeivtd. Interest J id on time
Colleolioni made at all. accessible points
la tbe united States. .
, United States Revenue Stamps for sale.
"All business done on the mest.liberal terms
and with the utmost promptness. '
February 2 J, 1807-ly r v
Cprapr J3asin and Third Streets.
Jf. P. CEURCntLL, ". - Proprietor.
rjITUATED In the business part of the City, and
aj nearest to tne Kail itoaa Depot.
, VOmnlbusseR run to and from every train:
January 31, 1807-tf ;
' JACKTON .0. H.',.;OHIO,
WjijLpractlcetn the Courts of Jaoksen, Vinton
sad other eonntjee. ''
MiervM,lT- : i
- ' :
AFTER an absence of two years, offers his pro-fei-sional
services to the citiaeu of Allensville
and surrounding country.
Mftrcr, ii, loo i -u
[From the New York Mercury.]
I love lo tread the dewy glade
In springtime's lorely hour,
Or seek at noon the cooling shade,
To pluolc some simple flower.
I love to wander bj the brook
And gather lillies there,
Whose fragrance takes me home again.
Its holy joys to share.
It brings to mind the happy days
Of childhood's bright career
The hopes, the fears, of gay young hearts
Now scattered far and near.
I feel that I am then again
Among the scenes of old,
With faces smiling on me still
That long ago were oold.
The old school-yard and village green
Comes to my view so plain,
Where I have played when sohool was out
Till time to go again.
The tery air seemed filled once more
With voices soft and sweet,
And breathlessly I sit and wait
Te hear their merry feet.
And each familiar face and form
Most vividly I see,
I start to give the fond embrace
AlasI 'tis memory.
E'en when this dream ef earthly bliss '
Is broken thus away,
A something like a fairy spell
Seems still to hold its sway.
Tbou art as a flower,
So pure, so fair, so doar;
And jet a thought of sorrow
To my soul prcsseth near.
Me-seems Hay in blessing
Mine hand upon thy brow,
Traying, God keep thee ever
Ture, dear, and fair as now.
Phtsic, for the most part, is nothing but
tho substitute for exererciseand temperance
Lay your designs with wisdom, carry them
out with resolution, and whatever may be
the result you will have discharged your
Bi doing good with his money, a man as
it were stamps the image of God upon it, and
It nausea current as the merchandize of
Ad vies, like snow, the softer it falls, the
longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it
sinks into the mud.
Do not wait for a change ef outward oir
eumstanoes, but take your circumstances as
they are and make the best of them.
Flcasuri Is a rose, near which there ever
grows a thorn of evil. It is wisdom's work
so oarefully to pluck the rose as to avoid the
thorn, and let its rioh perfumes exhale to
heaven in gratitude and adoration of Him
who gave the rose to blow.
Contbntmkht is the great sweetener of
life in every state.
EriBY spark of ft good thought should be
blown into a flame, and produce a suitable
praotioe iu our lives and conversatson.
Passxoi dies soon, killing itself with its
own food. Esteem lives and strengthens by
its own power.
Evert day is a life, and our whole life is
but day repeated. ,
Books, like friends, should be few and well
ohoson. Liketfriends, too, We should return
to them again and again for, like trne
friends, they will never fail us, never cease
to instruot, never cloy. ' "
' I never knew t man remarkable for hero
io bravery whose very aspeot was not light
ed op by gentleness and humanity. Lord
Ertkme. M
Tvi happiness is terser; plant.
General Jackson and the
Among the many charge? bion!ht bj
tho opponents of General Jaokson
against him, to prove that he was not fit
for the Presidency, was that he was illii
erarc, and this was the honest belief of
a great many everywhere.
Darin); bis administration a vessel ar
rived at Norfolk from the West Indies,
and on its deck were several sea turtles.
AmoDg them was a giant of a reptile
which attracted the attention of every
body vrho went aboard. ' The captain had
them ail taken on the wharf exposed for
sale Among those who admired the
hugo follow above mentioned were several
leaders of the 'unterrified,' four or five
of whom made up a purse, bought the
monster, and by the next Washington
boat sent it up as a present to Old liiok
ory. lie waa much gratified at such a pres
ent, and the inmates and visitors of the
White IIouso enjoyed a rare troat in tho
way of Hurtle soup' of the most magnifi
cent description.
- The general wrote a very polite note
acknowledging the receipt of the pres
ent, which was duly received by Dr, A.,
who had sent it in tbe name of himself
and his other Democratio friends.
Shortly after tbo receipt of the Gen
eral's answer, Dr. A. was hobbling along
Main street, and just when nearly in
front pf Mr. B.'s book store, he was
hailed by five anta-Jacksoniaaa as fol
lows : . .
'Well, Doctor, have you heard from the
General about your turtle ?'
'Yee,' answered Dr. A., 'and have his
reply iu my pocket.'
'Let's see it!' lei's see iti'. they , all
cried in a breath.
'Here it is,' Dr. A. replied.
He produced tho note and . they read:
'Gentlemen : I thank yon for the very
fino tortoise you so kindly sent me,' &o
'There,' said one of the gentlemen, 'we
had always heard that your great man
tould. not write English, and now we
know it. Who ever hoard of a turtle
being called a tortnipa ?'
'Will you take a bet on it?' said A:
'That we will,' answered they, 'and we
will decide tho point by goioginto friend
So in they went, and both parties
agreed to ' abide by the definition of a
certain dictionary ihen the standard o)
tho language. One of them turned over
its leaves till he reached the word turtle.
The definition was. a bird of tbe dove
kind,' and in the next line, 'this word is
sometimes used to designato the tortoise
found on the shores of the West Indies
It is a corruption used by sailors and U
literate people'
'Are you satisfied, gentlemen ?' cx
claimed Dr. A. ; 'I know you are not
sailois, so, by your own authority, you
are illiterate. Be pleased to pay your
bets, and novor after this say that Uen
cral Jackson can't write English.'
They did as requested, giving each an
order for six bottles of Medeira; and, aB
they went out of B. t. a bystander ob
served that there was in the ear of eaoh a
very large flea.
The following is related by F. W
Thomas, in his 'Sketches Qf Character:
A vaoanoy occurred during his admin
istration in the bureau of one of the au
ditors, and General Jaokson wrote a very
strong letter ef recommendation to the
auditor in behalf of a young man from
Tennessee, with whose fitness and char
acter the General was well acquainted,
LWith the letter in his hand the applicant
oalled upon the auditor, who replied that
ho held tbe highest respect lor tne f rest
dent's reoommentatioo, but that Mr.
Burns came so variously and strongly
recommended ha should be compelled to
fill the vacancy with his name. The ap
plicant quietly took up his letter and
withdrew; and with Western frankness,
and somewhat ohagrined, repaired to the
White House and returned the General
his letter. ' ' : '
'What's the matter?' asked the old
chief.' " -..
'He says he cannot givi) it to me. Gen
Why not?' vras the gentle inquiry.
'He says he has ' the highest repeot for
your recommendation. But Mr. Burns
is so strongly and variously reoommen
ded that he felt compelled to give it to
him.V " " ' :''
Mr, Burns is his relative, sin Com
pelted to give it to him 1' And so say
ing, he pulled the bell sharply. 'To have
the highest respeet for my recommends
tion, is to follow it. ' ','"'
'Tell,' said he to the messenger, tll
the auditor I wish to see him. ' Keep
vour seat, sir,' (o tho Tennessesaa.
In a few minutes the auditor mado bis
appearaojo. Tbe General, whose placid
ity had apparently returned to him, asked
wby he lad not giVen tho situation to the
young gentleman whom he bad recom
mended,!. : i .
'Wb Mr. President, Mr. Burns is so
stronglj leeommended.
'I jtiiotf Mr. Burns,,, sir ; he is your
relative, Sir and I also know this goa
tleman ; and I should like to know whose
rnoommondation is stronger than that of
tho PreBidenlof tna United Stotes ?' .
Tho Tenncsseesn got. the office : and
it is netdless o say that tho auditor came
near losing ab.
Hi H
TnE Dctciman'8 Parentai. Disci.
PLINE,-Herais a gtory with a very per
sonal application :
'Shoo, mine Shon,' said a worthy Ger
man father to his heir of ten years, whom
he overheard sing profane language.
'onov; mine
Shon 1 Come here and I
vill tell you
von little stories. Now,
mine bhon, shall it pe a drue story, or a
makes-pelieve ?'
'0, a true story, of course,' answered
John. .
'Ferry veil, dn. Dero was once a
goot nice old shenileman (ehocst like I)
andt had von littlo coy (bhoost like you.)
Andt von day he beard him ehweariug
like a young fillin, ashe vaa. So he
went to der winkie (corner) and took
down cowhide (fihoost as I am doing
now), and he took der little plackguard
by do ooJIar (dis vay, jou Bee), and vol
loped him (shoost so.) And den, mind
Shon, he puilen his ears (dis vy and
sma:k his faco (dat vay) and tell bim to
ko nitout his supper, shoost as you will
do dis clening.
.Technical words. In reading we
frequently come across technics with with
we ire unacquainted, tbe understanding
of wbich is necessary to give us a oor
rect idea of the subject. To obviate this
difficulty we give a definition of some of
the most oommon : -A
firkin of butter, 56 pounds.
A sack of ooal, 22-1 pound?.
A truss of straw, 3G pounds.
A stave ot hemp, 32 pounds.
A sack of flour, 280 pounds. .
A piggot of steel, 120 pounds.
A quintal, 100 pounds.
A truss of hay, 56 pounds.
A basb, 80 bushels.
A kilderkin, 18 gallons
A barrel, 36 gallons
A hogshead, 54 gallons
A puncheon, 81 gallons
English prices-current often speaks of
the price ot wheat per quarter. To re
duce this to barrels, multiply the price
by 7 and divide by 12, and it will give
tbe price, at the same rate by the barrel
Iuuj, if wheat is quoted at 5G shillings
a quarter, multiply 56 by 7, and divide
by 12, and it gives the price, 32 shillings
8 penoe a barrel.
Few theological definitions could bear
tho palm from that of the priest who,
having preaohed a sermon on miracle,
was asked by one of his congregation,
walking homeward, to explain a littlo
more luoidly what a miracle meant.
"It is a merccle you want to under
stand," said the priest. "Walk on there
forninstme, and I'll think how I can
explain it to you."
Tbe man walked on, and the priest
came behind him and gave him a tremen
dous kick.
'Ugh I' roared tho sufferer; 'why did
you do that V
. 'Did you feel it V said the priest. .
'To be sure I did,' replied the unhap,
py disoiple. '
'Well, then, remember this : It would
have been a meriele if you had not.'
Young Girl's Love. What has wo
man to give more precious to man than
the love of a young confiding and uu
suspeoting heart 1 Full of . life im
pressed with a consiousness of her own
purity and devotion who pours forth
all the treasures of her thought at mans
feet; she fancies she hears the joyous
tones of infant voises. in the distant hor
izon of her life, sweep paBt liko tbe tones
of a distant bell ; she plaoes her joys in
them the happiness they must afford
her ' In fanoy she rises them to brilliant
positions! she makes them all . like ber
self, good and pure ; she gives them her
thoughts; she inspires.; them with her
own; elevated sentements, and the hus
band of her ehoice with undying love and
tenderness.' -' i. -j
iTlTwT T Hnan'f ttitlt fi fin tall All IBUmAn
we had this morning ?' asked one person
of another as they eame out of churoh.
Finished was the reply, 'yes it was fin
'ished at last, although I began to think
it never would be' ' ' '
jyAn envious man repines at his
neighbor's life as u.uch is ' if bt supported
, Beautiful Experiments. Fill a
wide'mothjd jar with water and covsr it
over with a pieoe of 'foundation,' (the
ladies will understand tbip,) oover that
with a layer of peas, pressing it down so
that tbe peas will lay in the water. They
will then swell and sprout, the roots
growing down in the water, thoir fibres
presenting .beautiful ..appcaranxa .Set
this in vriudovfi oaj viaoo will pro-w up
which can be oonducted to the sill. The
whole is very handsome.
If an acorn be suspended by a piece
of tbrbad to within half an inch of some
water contained in a hyacinth glass, and
so permitted to remain without being dis
turbed, it will in a few months bnrst and
throw a root down into the water, and
shoot upward its taperiug stem, with
beautiful littlo green loaves. A young
oak tree growing this way, on a mantle
shelf of a room, ia a very interesting ob-
jaot. : . .
'Youno man, do you know what rela
tion you sustain in this world ?' asked a
minister of a young member ef the
churoh. 'Yes, sir, said the hopeful con-.
vert, 'two cousins and a grandmother,
but I don't intend to sustain them much
" H. A ill
TniNas Woetu Knowing. A bit of
glue dissolved in skim milk and water
will restore old orapo. Half a cranberry
bound on a corn will soon kill it. An
inkstand was turned over on a white table-clotb,
a servant threw over it a mix
ture of salt aud popper plentifully, and
all traces of it disappeared. ; Picture
framos and glasses are presorved from
flies by painting them with a brush
dipped in a mixture made mado by boil
ing three onions in a pint of water. Bed
bugs are kept away by washing tho crev
ices with strong salt water, put on with a
brush. Soft soap should bo kept iu a
dty place ia a cellar, and not be used
until three months old.
PtJjcH elves tho following eustitules for
profane swearing, adapted to various sorts
and conditions of men:
Lawyer Tax my bill. . '
Doctor- Dash ray draughts,
Boldior Snap my stock.
Parson Starch my surplice;
Bricklayer I'll be plastered.
Bricklayer's Laborer Chop my kod.
Carpenter Saw me.
number and Qlauer Soluer ray pipes.
Smash my panes.
' Taintor I'm daubed. . "
Brewer I'm mashed.
Engineer Burst my boiler.
Stoker Souse my coko.
Costermoner Rotmy taturs.
Dramatic Author Steal my French Die
tionarj .
Actor I'll be hissed.
Tailor Cut me out.
Linendraper Soil my Bilks. Sell me su
gar.' .' ;
Baker Knead my dough. Eohorc'a my
muffins. ' ' '-'
Auctioneer Knock me down.
'B. J, L.' (Loomis) the Columbus con
respondent of the Cincinnati Commeri
cial, represents the Ohio Legislature as
working very hard, at tbia present. We
are unable to appreciate its labors. The
Ohio Legislature has 'left uoduu the
things it ought to have done ; it has done
the things it ought not to have done ;
In Columbia county, S. C, gentlemen
are serving out corn by tho peck, to the
more destitute to save from starvation.
Letters from the South say 'we were ap
proaching a general famine, such as had
never been known In this country.'
It we oould only, get the llepublican
masses to read and think impartially,
something might yet be saved of our free
In the early history of this country
the British idea that "a national debt
was a national blessing" was scouted and
repudiated. Now, however, the - idea
seems to prevail that debt is a blessing.
Our national debt is. even -the basis of
our banking sys'em the more the debt
tbe greater the bleesinsr. The friends of
this British tory doctrine have united tbe
Government and the moneyed capitalists.
So we go. , , ;
There is a dispute as to tbe meaning
of certain parts ot the "Sherman Res
oonstruotioo Amendment." But it is
not worth while to dispute about it, or
even to enquire what its meaning is, for
the South will find any and every meas
ure offered by this Congress is made ot
gutto, ptrcha, to be stretched, and pulled,
and twiBted to , suit the malice of the
seoundrols who passed them.
What shall wb do to be Loyal.
We shall be obliged to any llepublican
who will te. I us what we shall do- to be
"Loyal." : To be true to the . Constitu
tion is not loyal, ' To abide by the de
cisions of the Supremo Court is not loy
al. To support the President of tho
United Statos, is not loyal. ' To seek a
a restoration of the Union is not loyali .
fft.l 1. U tu ill lul 9 A "Wk.l Is It,'
indeod I Marion Democrat.
The. Abolitionists who have led their
party into the war, and tolled them along
from one excess into another in tbe des
truction of property, and to the ruin of
all moral and social ties, are beginning to
be alarmed at the signs of the times ;
and are now bickering among themselves
about what is to be done to save their
party. They are united in their cruelty
to the Southern whites and io their
loyalty to negros ; but they have no
leader amocg them capable of mastering
the financial situation.
Plated Oct. Wilson, ot Massachu
setts, in the Senate the other day, re
buked the small-beer demagogues of his
party, who talk of the "red-handed rob-
bels. and the "Andcrsonville starva
tion," and "cruelties to negroes," and
such like stuff. He told them that was
well enough during the war, but now
those phrases were piayca out, ana no
body used them but demagogues of tho
lowest oharactcr end caliber,
A Love Stout. When Marshal Bai
tine left the city of Mexico with the
French army, his nephew, Lieutenant
Bazaine, was about to be married to a
beautiful Mexican eignonta. In the
hurry of their departure, however, it was
not found convenient to celebrate tha
nuptials. It was, therefore, arranged,
that -the young lady should follow her
lover to Orizaba, and that the wedding
should take plaoo there. Meanwhile the
Liberals closed in upon the retiring
Frenoh troops and occupied the whole
country, stopping the mails and travel.
This was a sad state of things, but noth
ing iB impossible to a truo lover. Armed
with a passport, which stated the objeot
of his retrograde journey,- the young
Lieutenant started out alone for the City
of Mexico, passed' through the Liboral
army and numerous bands of banditti,
which chivalrously opened right and left
to let him pass, and bore off his bride
safely to Franco.
How Absurd.
An exchange says : Our forefathers
ot the revolution were certainly great
asses when they incorporated into the
Declaration of Independence the follow
ing silly objections to the conduct of the
King of Great Britain :
1 Keeping in the colonies in the time
of peace standing armios. .
2 Rendering the military indipendent
of and superior to the ciuil power. .
3 Imposing taxes without allowing
4 The depriving the colonists of tha
benefit of trial by jury. ';.
5. For suspending the Colonial Legis
latures. 6 In insitiog insurrection likely to to
suit io an undistinguished destruction of
all ages, sexes and conditions.
7 Abdicating Government by declar
ing us out of protection of the mother
oouutry, .
8 Quartering large bodies of armed
troops on the colonists. " ' . r
9 Sending into tho colonies swarms of
officers to collect taxes and oppress the
colonists. - . ,;: ; . " ; -
10 Refusing to pass proper laws for
large districts of people unless they
would relinquish the right of represen
tation. '
11 Obstructing and interfering with
the judioiary, thus denying justice. .
12 Interfering with legislative bodies,
and dissolving them for opposing with
manly firmnoss invasions of the rights of
the people.
. 13 Protecting military oifioers by mook
trials, for offenses which they have com,
mitted against the coloni3ts.
'i , s
this season tbe eggs of the appletree
caterpillar which may be found encir
oling the ends of tho small twigs of the
tree can be aanoh more easily and com
pletely destroyed than they can at any
other time of tho year. They can be
readily Been, and by choosing a Warm
day for the oporatioo, with a light ladder
upon which to ascend the tree, and a
small basket in whioh to put tha twig
containing tbe nets tbe work ean be
performed most satisfactorily. Bolides,
burning the nests is much better than
crushing or enduing the full grown in
sects.'! ' "' "
"Men may live i a erowdt but they
must die alone. ., ;., ; .

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