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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 18, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
. w. sowtx, iditoi ikO raopuiitoi,
Itenit of Local Interest.
Ho! Everybody!!
J. K. Will, the "old and reliable" Dry
end Fa no j Goods Merchant the oldest mer
chant in Vinton County the father of the
merchants of Vinton County has gone East
for Goods, and will return this week with
the largest and most carefully aeleoted as-
eortmeut of the most beautiful and best
"Goods that money could procure in that
market, which be will open in the New Store
Room, just fitted up for that purpose, by
Messrs. Doddridge & Sisson, on the south
-west corner of Main and Market Streets.
The -New Store Room is a model of complete
ness. Mr. Will is the oldest merchant in
Vinton euniy, and one of the oldest in
"Soutljern Ohio, and will be prepared to offer
rare inducements to all h s old customers
ttnd all who may favor him will a call, . All
of h is old customers 'will call upon him in
liia new establishment without fail.
II will be ably assisted by our live
friend, Geobqe B. Will, whose experience
ia of many years, and who always gives
everybody the worth of their money and
considerable over.
Not Received. Uodey's Lady'a Book for
May has not been received, Will the Pub
libber please send it?
Job Printing. Get oil your Job Printing
ione at the Enquirer Printing Office, in
Malone's Building, for, besides the best print
ing, you will also find the lowent prices.
Tnn. item of interest, will ha thankfully
received from our friends, at any time, from
oy pari oi hub or aajoining counties.
Rags Wanted. Bring all your rags to
this nffiee, where the highest market price
ill be paid for them.
Y .
Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Pota-
to Plans roR Sale. Levi Wymau, who re
ides U miles south from Mo Arthur and H
north of McArthur Station, wishes to inform
the public that he has for sale a large quantity
of the Yellow Nanseinond Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, which he will sell
at $4 per bushel. He intends to raise plants
from 60 bushels of Sweet Potatoes this sea
con. Those wishing Sweet Potatoes or Sweet
Potato Plants, will please call upon or ad
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio
lie can, on receipt of tie money, snip either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any point
Give Liu a liberal patronage. , ,
It you want good Photographs, Ambro
tvpes, Opalotypes, or any other kiud of pic
" tures, go to C. J, Billinghurst. , lie is better
prepared than ever for enlarging pictures to
any size.
Tftko your old, faded, - scratched, and de
faced pictures to him, and you can have the
finest of pictures; made from them. "
If you want any kind of pictures framed
large or small, he is always ready te do that
kind of work. - .y ...
If you want a fine gold ring or othor jew
elrv, call and see him. ''?.'
If you don't want anything, call and see
Lis pictures. ... .'.....,. ....... '.. .
He will always be found at his rooms du
ring business hours, in T. B. Dot is build
ing, up sti'l
Ii you want to buy or sell anything, do
matter what, the best way you-can accom
plish your object is to advertise in the En
quirer. Now is the time to advertise. Try
it. ;
"Tin Hjayinlt. Cherubs." We have for
sale at this office the most superb steel line
engravings of "The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistine Madonna," which we
invite everybody especially tha ladies to
call and see. The prioe is low. l
Particular Notice. Thos who prefer
paying their subscriptions in any kind of
country produce, or 4n , wood or coal, are
informed that they can do so, as we lave
made arrangements to 'receive the same at
any time. Send us your names, your, coun
try, produce, wood and coal, and we will'
send you the Enquirer, and then you will be
tappy and "can go on your way rejoicing I '
"::i-.;'rT 7: "";.-;.'"'f.,.
A Woolen Faotobt. A. person who owns
large and valuable tract of land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adj oinlng 'the' Zaleskl
Estate, in Vinton county, authorites us to
state that a sits for a Woolen Factory' will
lie given free to any party who will build
upon it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory abeut one mils from the Zaleski
r'epot of the M. & C. R. R.; and water, coat,
wood, and every thing ..else necessary for
I (building and running an, establishment of
this kind, being near at hand. We think
there is not a more convenient' location .in
this county for a Woolen Faotory. For fur
ther particulars ball on or address the Edi
tor of fhis paper. " , ' C 1
Ths Portsmouth IYmsays a German named
Ilenry Baker committed suioide on last Mon
day week by 'swallowing a large dost of
Bs ad thy new advertisements In to-day 'i
paper. ' , t !:'.
Tub- Little Corporal Is the most entertain-
inir nnV.I!il.inti far the vounr that we have!
ever examined. We cannot see how it pos
sibly can have . a superior, or if It could
have, how the young folks could possibly
wish for anything better. Pennsylvania
The price of The Little Corporal ' is
dollar a year.
Sample oopies, showing a most superb
list of premiums, 10 cents.
Address the Publisher, Alfred L. Sswell
Chicago, 111.
Th Lady's Friend. A Monthly Magnate of Liter
ature and Fashion, til nod by Mm. Henry Pe
terson. Published by Deacon A Peterson, 319
Wsluut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
The April number of this magaiine Is ex
cellent, and every ought to have it. The
colored Fashion Plate is beautiful. The
terms will be found in the prospectus, on the
fourth page of this paper. -
The May number has not been received.
Will the publishers please seud It?
Tin Land V Loth. 'A New Monthly Msgailne,
Devoted to L ternture and (he Fine Art.
Edited by den. I). Ii. Hill, (lute of the Southern
Army, Chaiiolte, N. C.
This magazine for April is a superior
number. In the list of excellent articles, it
contains, we notice the following: Beaure
gard on the situation at Richmond, May,
180 Sketch or Hon. Arthur P. Hayne
The last of the Crasaders Humors of the
Morgan Raid fit Indiana and Ohio Lieut.
General S, D. Lee Southern Homesteads-
Sketch ef Major General P. R. Cleburne.
The Haversack, as usual, is well filled with
good things.
On the Oth inst., at the residence of the bride's la
ther, near Jackson, by Kav. LA. Atkinson. Dir. Thoh
as L. Jones, Conductor of the Porlamouth Branch of
theM. C. Railroad, and Miss laazu Ham.
Well, Ton, you have left your bachelor friends
"out in the cold," and entered into the bliss and
warmth of matrimonial nftection. However, we
wish you and your fair bride well. . May you ciuise
together o'er the billowy waves of life in hnppy and
peaceful concord drinking deeply from the rich
fountains of pure and holy lovet .
Good Ilye, Tom; we hope your Train will never get
On the Jsth of March, by Rev. J. Brine, Mr Walter
Keddand iuisspiesab. Wyinan, both or this county
S We wish the young couple a happyvoyag;oTer
the dark sea of life.
On the 14th Inst., by the same, Mr John Bails and
Happy, happy may they be.
New York Market.
$9 0015.75
Whiskey quiet and unchanged
2 25n3
1 10TWU 11
Pork, mess
Butter, for Ohio '
Cheese, - " ' '
2223 75
3135 75
'' 911
12a 20o
' ' 15a21c
6 per cent, call
Money more ' steady at
loans. i .
Gold a shade better opening at 35, ad
vaucing to 351 and closing at 83.
Government stooks a shade higher.
Louisville Market.
Flour, superflue"1
Wheat, prime red
Corn; shelled, in bulk
$0 75
2 85
incinnati Market.
Bark, prime chetttnut oak 1 $13al4
Butter, '.' . 28a3Ic
Beans, prime white -' J C0i2 90
Coffeo, Rio ' ; 22Ja25o
Cheese, . , 16Jal8c
EE. ... . . ., . . : Ui 7
Feathers.' 6
Flour, spring wheat ' ' 25a 12 50
." . winter wheat 12 75
Apples, green ' 8 00a5 00
Ginseng, ' " ' 80a 85
Hay. ... i ,5a22
Wheat, . ; . 2 20a2 87
Corn, shelled ' 65a75o
Oats, ' 51a59o
Molasses, 6 Seal 25
Potatoes, ; . ' ' 60a65o
Special Notices.
Wonderful but True.
Madams Dihihstok, the world-renowned Astrolo
gist and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in aolair
yoyant state, delineates the very features of the per
son you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment of intense powor, known as the Payohomotrope,
Suonmtoes to produce a life-like picture of the future
UBbaud or wife of the applicant, with date of mar
riane, o ccupation, leading traits of character, Ac.
This is no imposition, as testimonials without num
ber can assert. By staring place ol birth, age, dispo
sition, color of eves and hair, and enclosing fifty
cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself,
you will receive the picture'by return mail, together
with desired information. '" ' " '
urAddress in 'confidence, Habamk uietbuds
Rbmixqtom, P. 0. Box 27, West Troy, N.Y.
Yodno Ladt returning to her
country home, after a sojourn of a few months in the
oity, was hardly recogisea by her friends. In place
of a coarse, rustic, flushed face, she had a soft ruby
complexion of almost marble smoothness, and in
stead ol twenty-three she really appeared but eigh
teen. Upon inquiry a the cause ol so great a change,
nbs nlainlvtold them that she had nsed the CiaOAS-
aim Halm, and considered it an invaluable acquisi
tion to any Lady's toilet. By its use any Lady Or
Gentleman can improve their personal anperance an
hnndwdrold. It 18 simple in us eomninauon, as
NuhirA hnrsart la siiiid e. vol unsurcasseu in ua our
mct In drawing imDiiriUey from, also healing, ol flans
ing and beautifying the skin aud complexion. By Its
direct action on the cuticle It drs from it all Its
impurities, kindly healing the same, and leaving the
surface as Nature iutended it should be, clear, soft,
smoothe and beautiful. Prtoe SI, sent by. mail or
of an order oy
express, on receipt
':' No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
The only American Agents fortne sale of the same,
Know Thy Destiny!
u.maiH if Taniimn. tha Breat Enalish As
trologist, Clarvoyant and Psyohometriclan, who has
n7ai,.H tha ,iinnUflnclBnaea of the Old World, has
nni Innafo.l kAVyttlf At . HlldlMin. N. Y. MadttmS
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of second
sight, oa to enable her to impart knowledge or the
greatest Importance to the single or married of ei
thersaz. While in a state of tranoe, she delineates
the very features ol tho person you are to marry,
nilkvlh.,iri. nn instrument Of intense POWSr,
known an the ?syohomotrope, guarantees to produce
a nie-iiae picture oi me miure uunmuu who
applicant, together with the date of marriage, positioa
in liffi lesding traits in character, . o. This is no
humbug, as thousands ol testimonials can assert.
Hhnwill aaiid shnn riiuired a certified certificate, or
written guarrantee, tliat the picture If what it pur
pnrts tolie. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, ago, disposition and comp ex
Ion, anof enclosing fifty oeut and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information by reliirn mail. Allcommii.
nications saoredly oontidential, Address i in cona
dence, Maoau B. F. ?oroi P-.B0? '
son,N.Y. . , .LApnU8,U00-J7J i
A T..r nn. Circular,
greatest importance to. the young of both sexe.
1( MHcaev uow w uvxuv.i
thedepieiropeoted,and the fcrikfn loved.
No young lady or gentlemen should fail to end their
by return mail.
AddttJJD, and receive a oojiy poat-paid,
Address P. 0. Drawer, 21 ,
April 18. 1867-emJ Troy, W. Y.
Auburn. Golden, Flaxen & Silken
TlRODUCED by the use of Prof. DE
annltna tint! WfLrmn t to curl the most
straight and stubborn" bair of either sex into
wavy ringlets, or.heavy massive ouris.
been used by the fashianables of Paris and
London, with the most gratifying results.
Does no injury to the hair. 'Price by mail,
lA SI DeHorintive Circu
lars mailed free. Address . BERGER,
SHUTTS & CO., Chemists, No. 285 River St ,
Troy, N. Y., Sole Aients ror ine unueu
States. April 18, 'C7-1J
Hair Xxteriuinator I !
For Beuioving Superfluous Ualr!
TO the ladies especially, this invaluable
depilatory recommends itself as being
an almost indispensible article to female
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the skin, but aots aireony on me ruum.
It is warrated to remove superfluous bair
from low fsreheads. or from any Cart of the
body, completely, totally and radically ex
tirpating the same, leaving me sua aoit,
smooths and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by the French, and 1b the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price 76
cents per paokago, Bent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt oi an oraer oy
. 285 River St., Troy, N. Y.
Oh, was she beautiful and fair,
' . With starry eyes, and eadinnt hair.'
Whose culms tendrils nolt, entwined
1 tnulmined the very heart aud mind.
For Curling ths Hair of either Sex into Watty
and Glosty Ringlets or Heavy llaitwe Curl.
TiY usine this arliole Ladies and Gentle
I) men 'can beautify themselves a thousand
fold. It Is the only artiole In the world
that will ourl straight hair, and at the same
time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance,
The Crister Coma not only curls the hair,
but Invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the most complete article of the kind ever
offored to the American public. The Crisper
Coma will be sent to any address, scaled
and postpaid for $1.
Address all orders to
W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemists,
No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y
TXRCED to trrow upon the smoothest face
J in from three to five weeks by using Dr.
IRE. Ihe most wonderful discovery in modern
science, astin upon the Beard and Hair in
an almost miraculous manner. It has been
used by the elite of Paris and London with
the most flattering success. Names of all
purchasers will be registered, and if entire
satisfaction Is not given in every instance,
the money will be cheerfully refunded. Prioe
by mail, sealed and post-paid, $1. Descript
ive circulars and testimonials mailed free.
Address BERGER, SHUTTS & CO., Chemists,
No. 285 River Street, Troy, N. Y. Sole
Agen's for the United States.
Thore cometh glad tiding of joy to all,
To younR and toold, to great and to small;
The beauty which once was so precious and rare,
Is tree for all, and all my be fair. - .
By the uo of
. ; .;E K ilMEL,
tjor lmnrovinsand beautifying the complexion.
rt n'hn m-Ht vnlimble and perfect lirenaration In
use, for giving the skin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that
isoniylounu.lll youin. ; uquicaiy mrnoves ion,
Freckles, fnnplea, uiotcnes, nioin raicnes, onirow
n.ii Kriintinn.n. and all ImDurities of the skin, kind
ly healing the same, leaving the skin white and clear
as an oiaoasier. it une umiiuuv w ucwunc vj
closest scrutiny, and being a vegetame preparation
is perfectly narmiess ii is uie oiy nr.ium uuu uj
the French, and is considered by. the Parisian as in
dispensable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of SO.OOC
hottles were sold during the last year, a sufficient
inirrantee of its efficacy. Price only 76 cents. Bent
by mail, post-paid, on receipt of an ordc, by
April 18,186T-lyj Kiver Street, Troy, N. Y. .
The World-bftstonished
Madame II. A, PERRIGO.
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever Knew, one
restores to happiness those who, Irora doleful
events, catastrophes, crosses in love, loss or relations
and friends, loss of money,' c, have become do-
i . cu. V.. ... lhna Inner HAnara-
ted, gives information conoerning absent friends or
lovers, restores ios or bwwh uniifvi.j, w j
i ; i.n.t r. i . ,1 1 i .1 l .1 in nnrnuA and in
OUBWVnS Ul WO irew -uwi.i.w f
what you will be most successful, oauses speedy mar
i . i u.. n. ear. dav vrtn ; will marry.
tincB null wiw ju .no y I j i
gives you the name, likeness and characteristics of
tlie person. Bhe rends yonr very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark
we see in the firmament the maleflo stars that over
Mm. .NjAMimtn In a rtn ft mi i Hl PHim the
Will. Ui piCUUIIlllM.U . .1 W..V VMU.'g-. - "
aspects and positions of the plauets and the fixed
S.niO 111 allV UOAIMID t . hi.i. u...... .. .
. I. .. . . t.' ; 1 nA, lA.iMnmll. tlu
1 ... I ....... . . U Ti nn.l. Kilt. A trtHA.
and you may never again have so favorable an oppor-
iuniiy- v;ousuiuiuuu tree, nuu iimuow "
sired information, ft Parties liviugat a distancecan
Ann.ulf ,V,A A nAmna K.i mail wil.h Annnl Safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as If in person. A full and
explicit onart, wnciea out, wun ii iniiuris unnoi
ed and likeneus enclosed, sent by mail on reoeipt of
prioe above mentioned. The strictest sorecv will be
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de-
ii r .u.. i.;KAa nnl., fliraianarf
. i 1 . ii.. '1iru:. .nI.i... Iv tVia au rT rhlk
tUUHtf UUDiriUg .llvlU rt yiwn.uj -j
month snd year in which you were born, enclosing a
small lock of hair. t ."' - ;',
Address, v MiPia H. A. PERRIGO,
al8J P. 0. Drawer 293, Bufialo, N. Y.
Corner Bftsin and Third Btreetsi,
II A MILT ON, ,0 11 1 0,
M. P. CIlURCJirLL, ' Proprietor.
SITUATED in the business pari oi the City, and
nearest to the Rail Road Depot. -
lmnion"t'i run, ly niiu uvm wij uwu.
January 8llJt . '
Reparator Capilla.
Throw sway your fUhe friises, your switches, your
Destruutivo of comfort, and not worth a fig;
Come aged, come youthful, come uly and lair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hail.
FOR restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatev
er cause it may have fallen out) and fon'lng a
growth of hair upon the face, it lias no enunl. It will
force the beard to grow upon the smoothest face in
from five to eight weeks, or hair upon heads in Iroin
two to thru). A few practitioners have asserted that
there is not ing that will force or hasten the growth
of the hair or beard Their assortions are false, as
thousands ol living wituexses (from their own expe
rience) can bear witness. Hut many will nay, how are
we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious? It
cfrlninlyia difficult, a nine-tenths ol the different
Preparations advertised for the hnirand beard are
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away large amounts In their purcha-e. To such we
would any, try the Reparntor Cappilli; is will cost
you nothing unless it fully comes to our representa
tions. If your Druggist does not keep it, read us one
dollar anil we will forward it, postpaid, together w ill
a receipt for the money, which will be returned you
on application, providing entir .satinfuutiou is not
given. Address,
W. L. CLARK 4 CO., Chemiitt,
No. 3 West Fayette Street,
al8yl Syracuse, New York.
, or TUB
For ml.
Extraordinary Inducement)
io Our
Premium! Amounting t'
1 $1,440 00!
To It Ditlribulid in April, 1867
For List of Premiums and ; Particulars of
Distribution, see tbe Weekly Enquirer
and Subscription Circulars
WE, this year, offer prizes to the shove amount as
anince'nlive tolhoxe of our patrons who will
exert themselves to form clubs If our paper eoula.
be taken in the household of all our uc-mocratic
frienls, Houth and West, Its influence would be po
tent n changing the political aspect of attairs. The
f;real point tor which all friends of the Union should
aboilor is the Dissemination of Democratic truth.
If it .ad had an equal hearing with the errors of our
opponents, we should never have had the terrible
crisis of the last five years. Taught by sad' experi.
encoofits necessity, we trust the Democratic prose
in in future to have a larger sphere of influence and
What evils have fallen upon the land, owing to the
erroneous political situation of the nmssesl If we
wouU restore the old order of things once more, ef
fect ?utional Unity and tho old-fxuliioned Peace atid
Presperity , we must place tho Democracy again in
powr. As niixilary to this end, and as the most ef
fectire agent in the work, we repeat, is the circula
tion of the Democratic press.
Tte Enquirer has some claims upon the consldera
tlonof the Democracy that are universally acknowl
edgnd. Through proscription and persecution un
exampled, with nplitary edicts cutting of) ourcir
eiilfilon in whole Statos and" districts, threatened
withtottl suppression, personal imprisonment and
mob violence if wo did not chunge our course, wo
stood by the Democratic ft:tg and gave expression to
its tenets Twice burned to the ground within thir-ter-t
months, and amid t he greatest pecuniary dis
asters consequent upon it, we have never lost aa
issus of our paper, or broken a promise to any o
oursubsi'iibers. In the future, as in the past, under
the sun of prosperity as well as the clouds ot aaver
sitv.we shall bear aloft the Demooratio Banner, and
be'ftithlul to its ora.misation Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest stand by them who were true
in tte darkest Hours to their political ana personal
interests, and will they not exert themselves to in
nnr Aircultition? 4
As a business and family journal, the Enquirorhas
oovupenor. Jfiach number contains a large amount
of general news, latest, and most reliable intoiii
sreniA and reading matter. Financial and Commor-
uia( Nawb h made a anecial feature of the Enquire".
An unusually large space tein devoted to full aud
reliable reports of tbe ruling prices of this and othor
Tin Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to subscri
bers at the following reduced rales:
Singlucopy, one year, I i 00
" eix months, ins .
Tn cones, one vear. "10 00
With an additional copy to tho getter up of the club.
Money to lie sent at our aisk by' expros.f, prepaid,
nr in rrrriHrf,red letters hv mail. For sums OVcr ten
dollars by tiail, drafts or post office mousy orders
should Do itrouureu. Address
Cincinnati, Ohio.
(Specimen copies and subscription circulars con
taining list of prizes and all necessary information,
gold by the trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 furnitUd the ' U. S. Government,
Army Revolver, -"' m. Calrlbre,
Navy Revolver, 86-100 in. Calibre,
Belt Revolver, Kavy Size Calibre,
Police Revolver. Navy Size Calibre,
New Pocket Revolver, 81-100 in Calibre,
Pocket Rovolver, (Rider's pt. 31-100 in. Calibre,
Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) No. 22 4 22 Cartr'ge,
Vest Pocket pistol, No. 22, 3(, 32 and 41 Cartridge,
Gun Cane, No. 22 and 32
Breech Loading Rifle, (Beai's) No. 32and 38
Revolving Rifle, : 3ti and U-IOOin Calibre.
Won, New York.
Moore Nichols,
Wm. Reed & Son,
New York
' Rnsfon
. Baltimore
New Orleans
' Chicago
fit. Louis
Can Fransisco
Jos. C. Orubb Co.,
Poultney 4 Trimble,
Henry Folsom A Co.,
Johnson, Spencer A Co
L. M. Rumsey A Co.,
Albert B. Crane,
March 21, 18ti7-lJ .
186. - 1861'. 186T
The practical Farmers' own pnper. The cheapest
and best Agricultural and Horticultural journal in
America. Illustrated -with numerous engravings of
Farm Buildings, Animals, Implements, Fruits, Flow
ers, Ac. Only only one dollar a year. Agents want
ed in every village, toan, county and Btate, to form
lubs, to whom brtxMDiD Par.Mii.ns are otlered. For
full particulars of which, Bend lor a specimen copy.
Sow la the titm to subscribe. 8end on your nafhe
and the name of your friends. Address, .
Publisher and Proprietor,
'".' 1 ' Rechcster, Kew York,
.easily, without dootor
.. or medicines.. Sent,
, post paid, oa receipt of
.10 cents.
,1130 Broadway, N. Y.
for the RUPTURED.
.-Scat post paid on re
ceipt of 10 oents.
" Address
. Dr.E. B; FOOTB,
W ILL practice In tho COOrU of Jackson, Ymton
and other eountiee,
January ,!-.
FOR 1867.
Thii vetoran and strllns loumnl nf tlie whnli
woi Id's choicest literaiure opens its 2tKh volume ii
i he lull uiie or t!mt prosperous and uninterrupted
popularity w hich has sustained it at the head of tin
American weekly press for neuly a third of a centu
ry. Always famous as
Itwi : iter UfKin the New Year hot only .ma reposi
toryt. : shaml original masierpieces from the loud
iiik nove uls or this conntrv. Efiu ami. and Kmiice.
but also as a mirrior of the classic fictions of the old-
en tune, which will lie carefully revised, ami adapteo
to the most fasti diouo acquirements of modern tnat
and delicacy. Each insue will contain, besides the
brilliant serial novelties, an unequal army of Home
and Socioty atones, sketches, and l'oxms, by our
best authors aud suthoretKea, while a
have b. en secured to fuiuifb racy, rtiudable, and
fearlcHs criticisms of
and all persona, things, and events in which the
wnoie country may be supposed to take special inter
est. In addition, however, to securing Volume XXIX
the choicest productions of the bent-known contein
poraneouh genius, the nronrietora of The New York
Mercury design making special ettbnsduriDgiheKsw
t cur iu
from the modest ranns of those possessors of mark-
iiiieiieciuni amines wno nuve iniuerio -oren ue
teired from seeking print through tear of editorial
reoun ornegiect.
and the proprietors promise to be generous as well
a nisi m atciuing what manuscripts ar wurtnyo
'Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
The duck. iintiithomM cuvea of ocan bear:'1
and full many possessor of real genius may be thus
disoovered and brought to the appreciation and ra-
wnru wnicn, otnerwiae, m'gnt nevoi oe tneirs.
I'he paper will also anarkla with arlistio and SO
cial pungeneies, side-spitting gossip, piquanto fem
inine correspondence, curious and interesting ni-ws,
an ine literary talk or the season, valuable lushiou
articles, tiury and other tales for the little folks, con
densHtion of the most remarkable new books, and
A number of choice original semis, each of them
written expressly for the New York Mercury, by
such contributors as Miss M. K. Brandon, I'trru
Kgan, William fiilmore Binnns, Cousin May (Jnrle
tou, Alexandre luimss, Fairfax Balfour, andoiliers
of that rank, will be given in rapid succession.
To mail subscribers, our terms ar;
Cash in advance: bingle cojiies,'S2 60 a year; thro
copies, 87; six copies, J13;- nine copies, iio. The
puny wnosenus us ggu lor aciuooi umeccpies win
receivo an additiouul copy fieo. Six months' sub
scription received.
bubscribers should be careful to write plainly the
namo of their post office, county, and State, eeoi
men cojiies sent free to all applicants. Address
Proprietors of Th Few York Mercury,
Nos. 48 Ann btrcct and HA Fulton street,
New York City.
March 7, 186744 .
Eubeka Cider Mills, -Victor
Cane Mill,
Stab Corn Khelleb.
- Hor8e Power Forks,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rake
Crawford's Garden Cultivator,
' . Amalgam Belli, ' .
And many other articles in the vay of Implements,
Tools and Machinery.
varieties, r-end for circulars.
March 28, 18ti7 ly .
The Cheapest Magazine in the World!
11HI9 popular and widely circnlated,Magasine hk
now reached an edition unequalled in this country.-
Each numlier is ornamented by numerous fine
engravings, and is complete in itself, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, aud illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest aud best Maga.
xine in .the world.
1 80 a year; seven copies JDOO; thirteen coniea
$16 00. bingle copios 15 cents. Address
Boston, Mas.
,,. A MONTHLY, v : -
Pevotcri to Literature, Agriculture, and Gencntl
Intelligence, and comprising Reports of Wattles, In
cidents, and Anecdotes of the War, never belore
published. By
Qenebal D. H. Hill, (Late of the Southern
- J. IawrsA D. H. Hill.
TVrhs. Three Pollars a year, II . paid In advance,
or f ive uouars, u nor pam tin me end or tne year.
' Charlotte, .North Carolina.
March 14, 1807. ...
J. V. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
Duplex ' Elliptic
, (0B DOtlBLS PB10) - '-.;i
cohfobt aiid'ri.EAn as to any Lady wearing tho
Duplex blnptictikirtwill be experienced particularly
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriages, Rail
road Cars, Church Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and House Ureas, as tlie bkirt can be folded when
in use to occupy a small place aa easily and con
veniently as a Bilk or Musiin Dress, an invaluable
finality in crinoline, not found in any bingle Spring
Skirt. ' ' -
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and
great convenience of wearing the I mplex Elliptic Steel
Spring Skirt for a single rfty will never afterwards
willingly dispensa with their Use. For Children,
Misses and Young Ladies they are superior to all
others. . ' !
They will not bend or break like the Single Spring,
hut will preserve their perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Skirts will have been
thrown aside as Useless, The Hoops are covered
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only doable springs, but twic (or double)
covered, preventing them frorn wearing out when
dracpnj down stoops, stairs, e.
The Duplex Elliptic is a great Nvoiite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Magniinesfts the STANDARD 8KIRT OF THK
To enjoy the following ehestiraablo advantages in
Crinoline, vie: Superior Quality, Perfect Mauufaa-'
turei Stylish Shape aud Finish, Flexibility, Durahili
ty, Comfort and Economy, enquire for J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirt, and be
sure you get the Oenuine article, .
CAUTION. To guard against IMPOSITION be
particular to NOTICE thai, skirts offered as "DU
PLEX" have the red ink Btamp. via: "J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
band none others are genuine. Also notice that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being passed through
tne centre, tnua revealing the two (or double) springs
braided together therein, whicn ia the Flexihilitv oi
and strength, and a combination not to be found in
anv other Skirl.
FOR SALE in all Stores where FITtST CLASS skirts
are bom. inroughout the united States and elsewhere.
M anuraatured bv the Sold Owners of the Patent. '
' WV.rtTS munit'v t oipcv
' ' " Chambers and 79 A 81 Reads Sts.,K. ft
..febinaryle, W7-8m
A Beautiful Premium Engraving and Reduced
Prices to Clubs!
'pHBLAIY'8 FHIF.ND aunouncet lor lf.T (be ,
L following novetvHs: A New Story by Mrs. Jlc-nry
tVood, Biuhor ol 'Kant Lynne.' 'The Clwuiaings,'
How a Woman had her Way,' by Elisabeth Pres
Mitt, author of 'Told by the Snn. '.io Longer
Young,' by Auisnda BI. Iiouglas, author of,TIn
Trust,' etc. 'Uors Ciu-lol,' by Frank Lee Kuvliet.
It will giva a splendid double page finely colored
rasnion riate eugravoa an steei in ciwj uumuer.
It will give a beautifully eiwutea inncy. sieei en
graving, aud a large assortment of wood eiils, llliiat--Htir-K
fashions, fanny work, ele., in every number,
It will give a popular pus of Music, worth the cost
of Ihe uitguzuie itself, in every number. It will give
. copy of tlie Beautiful Premium Steel Er.gravtng--'One
of Life's Happy Hours' 26 by 30 inches, to ev
ry single S2,W) subscriber, and to every persona
It offers a premiums Whc ehr A Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Silver Plated Tea fcw-tn, Hnoons, Pitcheri,
linld and Silver Watches, (inns, Kities, Melodious,
Clothes W ringers, Appietim's cyclopedias. c.
- jr.r
1 copy, (and tlieonraviiig,)i
4 copies,
t i'9
6 00
s no
Ii no
5 copies, (and one grnnsi
S copies, (and one gnttis)
20 cooies fnud one tfi'iitisl
28 "C
One copy each of the HuHy's Friend an4 tha Satur
duv Evening Post for H U0.
The getter up of aolub will always receive a copy ef
the Premium Engraving. Members of a club wash
ing the Engraving must remit one doliar extra.-
t9,Teose desirous of getting up clubs or premium
lints should enclose 1& cents lor sample Magazine,
containing the particulars. Address
310 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
or tub
Hartford Live Stock Insurance
Of Connecticut,
AN the 1st day of November, 18C0, mads
) to tbe Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to tha
Statute of that State.
The amount ef its Capital Stock
paid up, is . .$150,000 00
Cash on hand, and in the hands
of Agents. . . . $22,343 66
The Bonds and Stock d owned hy
lb Company . . . 43,457 EO
Debts due the Company, secur
ed by lUortgago, . . . 36,500 00
Debts otherwise secured, . 50,000 00
Debts for Premums, , . 2,785 67'
All other Security, . . . 211 00
Total Assets of Company, $155,206 S3
The greatest amount insured in
any one lit)', . ... $2,000 00
Statu or Connecticut, l
E. N. Kellogg, President, and W. C. Good
rich, Secretary of the Hartford Live Slock
Insurance Company, being severally sworn,
depose and say, that the foregoing is a full,
true and correct statement of the affairs of
said Insurance Company, and (hat they are
tbe above described Officers thereof.
' E. N. KELLOGG, President.
W, C. tJOODRICH, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn before ma, this 9th
day ofNovember, I860, '.
-- - . Com' rfor the Slat of Ohio. r
Fitk CintStabp.
0rnc or tub Auditor or Stat, l
. i Columbus, O., Not. 19, 1866. J . f
It is hereby certified, that the foregoing
is a correct copy of the Statement of the
Condition of the Hartford Live Stock In
surance Company of Connecticut, made to
and filed in this Office, for the year 1867.
-SiAL Witness my hand and seal out
Cattily "
Auditor of Slate.
By Jas. Willums, Ch'f Clerk;
(To Expire on the 31st day of January, 1808.)
Orrtci or tqk Auditor or Statb,
CotuMBCs, O., Nov 19, 1867.
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at Hart
ford, in the State of Connecticut, has filed
in this office a sworn statement of its con
dition, as required by the act "Tojltegulate In
surance Companies not incorporated by tha
State of Ohio," passed April 8, 1856, and
amended February 9, 1864, and the aot "To,
regulate Foreign Insurance Companies,"
passed April 5, I860,- anJ, Whereas, said
Company has furnished the undersigned
satisfactory evidence that it is possessed of
an actual Capital of at least one hundred
and rim thousand DOLLARS, invested as
required by said acts; and, Whereas, said
Company has filed in the offioe a written
instrument under its corporate seal, signed
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorixing any agent or agents of said Com
pany in this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in behalf of said Company
according to the terms of said act of April
Now, Therefore, in pursuance of the act
aforesaid, I JAMES II. GODMAN, Auditor
of Stale for ' Ohio, do hereby certify (hat
ANCE COMPANY of Uartford, Connecticut.
is authorised to transaot the business' ef
Live Slock Insurance in this State until
the thirty -first day of January, in the rear
one thousand eight hundred and sixty,
Seal. In Witness WuESEor, I hate
hereunto! subscribed my
nam and caused the seal of
toy offioe to be affixed the
'.':-:. day and year above written.
Auditor of State.
: . .' , , By Jat. Williams,
: - . Ch'f Clerk.
J. W. ttOWESr, eeal,
1 , MtArlhur, Ohio,
January tl( 1807-w ,!-...., . ,
in sealed Envelope on
teoipt of 10 cents.-
" ' Address 'Pr.' E. B.
- " FOOT E, Author . of
Medical Common
1130 Broadway, N.Y.
February M.IWT.

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