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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 02, 1867, Image 3

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Items of Local Interest.
If jou want to raise good! Tofnetoes do
not piece the plants too closeiy together.
There i no vegetable that requires more
air than the tomato.
Go to Strong & Gibboni.--For
stoves. Tiri-wnre. Pldws. Saddlery, aid allkincUof
Hardware. ro to iTiioNO A (jiBif)Ki, ou Main Street,
M lArthnr, Ohio, who'have on hand a toll Wpply oT
everything usually found In a country hard-ware
tdore, and which ha been bought at the lowest cash
price and will be Bold at corresponding figures. 15
Cbcapest and Bcsl.-O. W. Sisson
keep constantly on hand a new and fresh aupply of
pure Drugs and Medicine, Chemicals, Oll of every
kind, Varnishes, Brushes, Dye Stuffs, Toilet Articles,
Fcrlurnery, Pure Liquors of all kinds, and all other
articles usualy keptina first-class Drugstore, which
lie in aellmg lower than can be bought the State. Go
to tho New Room, -outl side M dn Street. IS
Job Fbintiko Get all your Job Printing
done at the Enquirer Printing Office, in
Mnlone'i Building, for, besides (he best print
ing, you nil also find the lowest prices.
We learn that a Polling Mill is talked of
for Cliillinothe, Four gentlemen have put
down $40,000, and one of ourpublio spirited
merchants has offered to give the ground for
it. -Chillkotht Gazelle. '
A groat many things are ''talked of " for
McArihur. Public spirit here needs revi
ving. The few'publio spirited mon appear
to be waiting for eoraetliiag to turn up, and
something will turn up someday that wit
"astonish the natives." The County Seat
question ought to "revive the spirits" of
t lie owners of property here. Za'eski is
'' waiting and watching," vrhilo McArihur is
4 sleeping and dreaming."
Tub attention of our readers is called to
i he large assortment of hard-ware at Messrs.
Strong & Gibbons', on Main Street, in this
(.own. Country merchants, manufacturers,
farmers, and all others, will find it to their
iijvantnge to give them an early call. They
have a gre.it variety of Cooking Stoves,
embracing nil the leading .improvements
and most elegant patterns, '
Go and see. .
. Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Pota.
to Plans fob. Salb. Levi Wymari, who re
aides 1 miles south from McArthurand 1J
north of McArthur Station, wishes to inform
the public that he has for sale a large quantity
of the Yellow Nanseinond Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, which he will sell
ivt $4 per bushel. ' lie intends to raisa plants
fiom DO bushels of Sweet Potatoes this sea
son. Those wifliing Sweet Potatoes orSweet
. Point o Plants, will please call' upon or ad
dress him at Dumlas, Vinton County, Ohio
lie cancjn receipt of the money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any poiut.
iive l.iui a liberal patronage.
Tub latest style of wedding invitations
ve described fib follows: Instead of a single
jmir of wedding carde, ne formerly, tho
envelope now contains ono card, with the
mimes of the mother and father of the
bride, and one wii iho0 of the parents of
the hvMegroom; then the Mr. end Mrs. card,
then the maiden card of the bride, and the
card of 'ho bridegroom; then the invitafun
on cmiio sed note paper for t lie churoh, and
finally Ilia card giving invitation to the re
The Little Corporal, though sty Id a eln
lreii'H paper, is a General within itself. It
is master of the situation, nod has the key to
every child's heart. The t rms are odly one
dollar a year 1'iqua 0 Democrat.
The price of Tho Little Corporal
.dollar a year,
f?nm;'!e copies, showing a most
list of premiums, 10 coats,
A'Mros tho Publisher, Alfred L.
Chicago, lil. '
11 one
Driics, Uoolts tinrt SfalloDerf,
Persona wishing Drugs, Medioines,i?r Dooks,
will do well to call at Strong's Drug and
ltook Store, corner Ilulhert's Block, MoArthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large slock of
Pure Medicines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Perfumery, and fancy Articles.
Physicians can buy as low as in any mar
ket, in Southern Ohio;
The attention of tho publio is oalled to the
large stock of Cap nud Note Paper, Pensi
Ink, Paper, Knives, Rulers, &o.,'to. ' ';
School Books can be bought , , cheaper at
Strong's than at any other establishment in
Vrnton county. ' '.;
Call and see. .. ' . May 2 Cm
' : I'.-.! .-
"Tni Heavenly Cueeubs."- v7e have for
sale at this office the most superb steel line
engravings of "The" Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sisline Madonna," which we
invite everybody especially the ladies to
call and see. The prioe ia low.1; ,-.
Particular Noticb. Those who .prefer
paying their subscriptions in any'.kind of
eountry produce, or in wood or coat. jire
informed that they can do so,, til we have
' made arrangements to ' receive the .same at
ny time. Send ui your namcSj your oeun
try produce, wood and coal, and we will'
end you the Enquirer,' and, then you will be
happy and "can go on your way rejoioing J
' 1 ' s - f t
Our readers will find a immense stock
of Drugs and Medicines, an extensive supply
of rare wines, oils, leads, and palata of. eT
ory description and oolor, a large assort
ment books, all kinds paper, &o, whioh will
be gold at lower figures than the old rates,
Vt Strong's Drug Store. ' 1 ' :
; George Holland,' who is well Tersed in the
Drug business, will always be found ready,'
to wait npon these wishing medioines, per
fcrlrlions comroundeil, &o. ' '
The New Store!—The
New Goods!
W called at the New Room Store of J, K
Will, in the Doddridge Building, corner of
Main and Market Streets, a day or two ago,
where we beheld one of the finest and best
selected stocks of Eanoy and Staple Dry
Goods ever brought to tthis market every
thing is indeed, "rich, rare, and racy." Go
immediately and examine the New Goods
the low prices and beautiful Goods will astonish-you
Godet's Lady's Book for May is before
us, attractive in Us embellishments,, unap
proachable in its Patterns and Fashion
Plates, interesting end . instructive ia its
Literature and Domestio economy. ' '
The terms are as follows:
One copy, one year,
1 Two copies, one yeur,
Three copies, one year,
Four copies, one year,
f 3 00
7 50
10 00
Dive copies, one year, and an
extra copy to getter up of
14 00
. Eight copies, one year, and an
. I extra copy to getter , up of ;
club, 21 00
We will send the Democratic Enquirer and
Qodey for one year for $3,75.
Club - subscribers will to sent any, Pest,
Office where tlie subscriber may 'reside'. ' ' ""'
Godey's Lady's Book' and ; Arthur's Home
Magazine will be sent, each one y'ear on re
ceiptof$lCO. Address L. A! Godey, Corner Sixth and
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tub Lady's Friend for May is really beau
tiful. "The Recognition," a pretty and
pleasant Steel . Engraving,, leads off this
number of the "Lady's Friend." Then; we
have the usual elegant Stetf Fashion Plate,
&o. ' The rausio for this month is "Isn't it
Provoking?" .Among the literary contents
ate the continuations of "IIow A Woman
ti.j u . r. nurt -ii n n i uv
Had Her Way," "Orville College", and "No
Longer Young" all firrt-rate stories: and
00 '
'Fire in Flint," by M. C P., "Skeleton
t -ni. i . ., . r
Leaves, tr Phantom flouquets," a new Poem
by Florence Peroy, Editorials, 4o, , A Beau
tiful Steel Engraving called "One of Life's
Happy Hours,'" will be sent gratis to every
single $2,50 subscriber, and to "every per
son sending a club. Specimen numbers
containing the particulars of the premium
offers and the reduced prices to clubs, will
be sent on the receipt of 20 conis.
. Price with engraving $2,50 a year; four
copies r with one engraving $6.00. One copy
of Lady's Friend and one of Saturday Even
ing Post and one engraving, $4,00.
Address Deacon & -Peterson, 319 Walnut
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tux Old Gcann: A Monthly Magazine, devoted to
I.iteriiture, Science, and Art, and the I'oliiical I'rin
cinles of 1700 and 1'87. C. Clinuncev Burr; Edit-
or. New York: Van Evrie, Horton & Co.", Publishers,
iu ixassau eireei.
This ningtiiiue for May will bo found to be
very interesting'. Mr Simms' new story be-
.. ,
gins to Show gre-t dramatio power. Mr
Coohe treats tis to one of his best battle pio-
, r
lures, in a review bf "The Second Mauas-j
. n i w w.n .,u. . .
Hon. J. W. Wall contributes a paper:
on '-Prussia and her Capital:" Dr Van Evrio'
r ' I
one ou "The Problem of the Races,'-' whilft!
the Editor discourses of the "Decline in the
Popular Lnov ledge of Liberty.," This num
ber is rich in poetry. ' ,
Our Democratic friends ought to have this
r. 1 1 ,; 1 ,..; .
igannc. ;i . - i
The terms are as follows:
j1 One copy, one year, a J 800
Twj copies, .1 5 60
four copies, ' . !! ' , 10 00
Five copies, and one to getter-up of
the club, 1-1 00
Tm copies, and one to getter-up of
the blub,' r ' J . : . : ; 1 ; 25 00
T iveuty copies, and one to getter-up
of olub, 45 00
i rf-
If you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter what, the best way you can accom
plish your object ia to advertise in the, J?n
uirr.r Now is the time to advertise,' Try
it. ' .ii ',- ' :,'" ' II !,
Spring work is coming on in the Field,
Orchard, and Garden, and, in the grounds
about the House as well as ia the House.
The best information about the most pleasant
and profitable method of performing this
work is, of course, to be found in that large,
reliable and cheap journal, the American
Ajriculluraliet. ' We have received the April
number, and it fully carries out the Publish
crs' promise to always keep on making every
number better than the previous one. This,
like every ether issue thus far this year, has
eight large pages extra. This single num
ber contains between 40 and 50 pleasing and
instructive engravings, one. of them a full
page, and several others very large and beau
tiful, A full three-page calender of Work to
be done will furnish many 'useful hints for
the Farm. Garden and Household. ' '
1 . . . - ,11.: 1 1
A slashing article on Humbugs exposes by
name si large number of the swindlers of the
country people. .;'
There are, besides.' metre' 'than a hundred
articles and, items full of instruction to every
cultivator of a garden plot, or a farm. More
man iou uuu people now enjoy the aavata-
ges offered by the American Agriculturut, and
everybody else, and his wife (and his chil
dren also) should, have it. Its beautiful
piotures are alone worth many timea its coat
whioh is only f 1.60 a year, or four copies
$7. .)is-v ?; . .t
Take our advice and try the Agrieulturitt
this year, and we will guarantee eaUsao-
Orange Judd & Co., 41 Park Bow, New
York City, are the publishers. .
1 1 , '.j V I 1
Rags Wakiud. Brini all , jour raes to
this nffiee, where the .highest,; market prioe
will be paid for themi ! :5h i-;
'1 -"I M.v !.!.
Local items af interest will be thankfully
rsoeived from eur friends, at any time, from
any part of this or adjoining counties.
Scbsckibi for he, Ehqdiiis, ' -.
New York Market.
Flour, ' " .' :, SO 00016 25
WhUkev niilet and unchanzed.
Wnear, -165(3
Corn, . ' : ;; l'?0133i
Oats, - i fc?l75e
Sugar. . - 101f)--'
Pork, mess 2l(al2 87
Beef. 31fVi5 75
Bacon, , " ." 101Q12C
Shoulders. ' UUIU
Lard, ; 114C)1-IC
Butter, for Ohio 12a2Uc
Cheese. lOaillo
" Money more steady at' 6 per cent, oall
loans. . . .
Gold a shade better opening;' at 35j ad
vancing to 35 J and closing at 83.
,Uove,rnnieut stocks a shade higher.
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine . 75
Wheat, prime red . 2 85
Corn, shelled, in bulk 75o
Oats, .:' i ' . 01c
Cincinnati Maket.
prime choslnut oak fl.laH
Butter, ; 'J831c
Beans, prime white ' " . 2COj'2 00
Coffee, Bio - : ' ' '22 Ja'25c
Cheese, ....... lcjal8o
Eggs,- - , , 16a 7
Feathers, 6
Flour, spring wheat 0 25al2 50
11 winter wheat 12 7&
Apples, green 3 00a5 00
Ginseng, , . 80 85
Hay, 15a22
Wheat, 2 20a2 87
Corn, shelled . 65a75c
Oats, ) 61a59o
Molasses, 05cal 25
Potatoes, UOaOfic
Special Notices.
he will send when doirH a certiiicd rtint, r
written guarrantce, that the picture is tvhtlitpur-
lllirt8 nv imhIomiik a small lock of hair, and
!""tin J)ll,ce, "f.'1,,rl',f a "l"n and complex -
ion, and' enelosintf filty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive lh picture
and desired information by return mail. Allcommu
sas. ,m.lltions M,.rediy contideiund, Address in court-
,lo,U!t? WiDAM K- F.Thuuntdn, P.O. Kox-jm llud-
fo.i, N. . (April IS, IdbC-lyJ
BSTA You.io , Lady returning to her
country hrtine, after a sojourn of a few months in the
citv, WS;8 hardly recogined by her fnends. In place
or a eonrse, rustic, nusneci mce, ne nad a sou runy
complexion of almost marhlo smoolliness, and in-
stead ot twenty-threeBhe really appeared but eigh-
Teen, ifnoii ii uiry Ri ui uniisu oi iu Ki'm inuiKH,
ke ,,,llniy t0d th3em ti)at she tud itsed the Ciacis-
si in Halm, and considered it an invaluable acquisi
tion to any Lady's toilet. Hy ita -usa any l.adyor
Uentleman can improve thoir personal apperance an
hundredfold. Itissimplu in iia comtiinntion, ns
Nature hereelt is simple. yet unsurpassed in its clll
cacy in drawinz impurities from, also healing, cleans
ing and beautifying the skin and complexion. Hy its
direct action on the cuticle it dravts from it all its
impurities, kindly healinglhe same, and leaving the
surface Hs Nature iiltcndcd h should be, olear, suit,
SKXxithe and bcautiliil. l'rtco St, sent by mail or
express, on recelptof as onler by
W. L. CUKK A CO., Chemists,
No. 3 West Fayette Street, Synu:use, N. Y.
The only American Agents for tue sale of the same.
J-' ;vr ,
Know -Thy ,DesUny
Madame R. F. Thobston,- the Rreat Knglish As-
Irnlnt.ii4t. C. nrvnviiiit mid Psvchntiietricin i. who haB
astonisnert tliescicn 111c classes 01 ineu.a tvo iu, nns
now. locate I herselt at ilndson N. . '"'iaiiie
. ........... ,,..j..-v.... o.. .... .. ......
sight, nt to enable her to Inipnrt knowledge of the
greatest Imporrnnce 10 1110 si igie or n 111 1 ie.i 01 ei-
hersex. WI.iIb in 0 1 state of f iance, she nel rateH,
.no .oi. miiuin f " . . .......
nnd by the aid of an ii.slruineiH ol intense power,
Known as me .syciio n.Hio c, Ku.inuuces .0. r e
picture til'the future liii-bahd et wife of jhej
applicant, together witti the date of marriage, position
in life, lending traits in tdiarm-ter, to!. This lsnol
hliliiblli;, us iliotisuuils ul tostiiiiiuiiiils can nsserl
Wonderful but True.
M.iiAr. Duiinoton. the world-renowned As'trMn-
gist mid Somnanibiilnlic (Mairvoyant, while in nclair-
vnyimt stale, delineates the very leatares of the pcr-
son you nre to marry, and by tiro aid of an titsti'u-
nieut of intense power, known as the Psychoinoirope,
guarantees to produce n life-like pictiuenf tho future
miMjaua or wue 01 me nppucHiit, ttitn oaie 01 uiui
riage, occupation, leading trails of chnraotw.-, o.
Tins ia no imposition, ns testimonials without num
ber can assert. Hv stating place ol birth, age, dispo
sition, oolor of eyes and hair, and enclosing fifty
cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself,
you will receive the picture by return mail, together
Willi desired information.
r Address, in confidence, Madamr GaiauE
Remikqton, P. (J: Box ii". West Troy, H, Y.
A Large 8 pp. Circular, giving information of the
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
H teaches how the homely may become beautiful,
the despised respected, and the forsaken loved.
Noyoungludypr'fc'ent.leinen should I'aiHosend their
Addresa, and receive a cony post-paid, by return mail.
Address I'.'.O. Drawer, 21,
April 18, J807-emJ ., , , . . Troy, N. y.
Lovycr Rates !
1AM now receivings full stock of Goods in my line,
bought ut lower latea than the early Spring pur
JtatiOiiGry; ' -' -'p'
Hosiery'-' r.?.
"' Braids '
f,. 'Buttons, ,
, . , Handkerchiefs,
V:r';:l :., . .Wallets,
il ,1 ;
I I'l.
SMall Wakes Generally !
.'il -,;'!
Cbilllcothe, Apiil 4j,180T-1i
Separator t'apilla.
Throw 'away your" false frizzes, yonr switches, your
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fig!
Cum a;ed, com you! Mill, come ugly and fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hail."
TJOR restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatrv
iCTHuHii may nave imien out) mid forcing a
urowth of hair upon the fw-e, it has no equal. It will
rorce Hie oear.i to grow upon (lie smoothest fane ii
from five to eight weeks, or hair upon heads in Iron:
two to thr.e. A few practitioners hate asserted thai
there is not inn that will force or hasten thegiuwtl
of the hair or beard Their assertions aro false, ns
thousands ol living witnesses (from tliotr own e.xne
riencc)cnn bear witness. Hut ninny will sav, how arc
we to di-tingilili the avnume from the sin'irion-? I-
f'criiiinly in ditriciilt, a iiinc tciillis ot tlvj ditt-rcn:
I'reparations ailrprtiwd lor th h iir and beard an
entirely worthless, and you may have already thruwr
away large amounts in their purchase. To such we
would say, try the lii'paratur Cippilh; I; will cosl
you nothing unless it fully enmcHiooiu- represenln
tions. If your Urucaist dues not keep it, ccDd mh om
dollar and we will forward it, iioxtf aid, toother :tli
a receipt for the money, which will on r .turne.1 you
on applicntlou, providing eutirn isatbfaction ia not
Kiven. Address,
W. L. CLAIIK & CO., Chemists,
No. 8 West Fayet te Street,
al8yl ', Syracuse, New York.
The World - Astonished
, Madame LI. A, I'EURIGO.
SITE reveals', secrets no mortal evnr'knew. She
restores to happiness those who, from doleful
events, catastrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations
and friends, loss ot inom.y, c, hare become lie
spaiu'ent. Phe brines together those lona scusrH-
led, gives information concerning alisent friends or
lovers, restores losi or nolen nronertv, tells yon tl
business you are best qualified to pumiie amljiu
ttiuuyou win ne most succossiui, causes speedy mar
rinccs and tells you tho verv diiv von will mnrrv.
gives you the name, likeness and characteristics of
inf jjurnuu. rim if iicih vonr very tnoiijiitts, unii uy
her almost su,iertiatural powers unveils; he dark
and hidden mystcnesjof the future. From the r.tnrs
we see in the tirmafnent the malefic stars that over
come or predominate in the configuration from tho
aspects and positions of the planets and tho fixed
stars in the heavens at tho time of hirlh, she deduces
the. future destiny of man. Fail not tt consult the
greatest As trolo;(ist;onearth. It costs you but a trifle,
and you may never apa'n hnveso.liivorablean oppor
tunity. Consultation free, with likeness and all de
sired information, St. 1 arties livni"nt a distnncecan
consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and:
satisiaction to tliemselves, as II in pornon. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer-
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
prico above mentioned. The strictest toorouv will be
maintained, and all corresnondence returned or de
stroyed. Keforences of the hixhest'order furnished
those desiring them. Write plainly the day "f the
month and year in which you were born, enclosing a
small lock of hair.
Address, Madame II. A. PERRIOO,
al8J P. O. Drawer m, Uutlalo, N. Y.
Thomas Heach, Administrator!
of Estate of l)r. John Coati, I Pe'ilion to Hell
deceased, . I Ileal EaUto.
against I
Arthur Coats nnd other". J
In Vinton County Probate Court, State af Ohio
To Arthur Costs and Parallel C. Case, who resldo in
f-.eSlateotUhio, nnd to the unknown lie.rs ol ilr.
John Coats, deconsed:
YOU are hereby notified that Thomas Beech, Ad
mmistrator of the Kstate of Dr. John Coats, do-
ceased.on the '.Wd day of April, A. D. 1807, tiled his
petition in lhe!Prub'de Court, tvithiu and for the
county of Vi"too, and 'Ktnie of Ohio, alleging that
inu iiersuiiiii eMtue oi ueceuent is inxuinciciii to rmy
iiis uenis anu tne cnarges oi Administering nis l.s
into; that he died seiacd In fee simple of tho follow-
1 Un..l L-U...n a.,.nr ... ...
...j.. . ' .
Tho Nor,.wt QlmrU.r of (he South-west Qur.rtor
of ,Bn)9 NunilM!r seventeen 17, Township NMimber
l eniio.i section wumuer Two Vi, coulauung forty
more or ,eHs. 1 " b 3
,,.,mt Anhir CoRtf ,, .,he unlinown h(,irs t
wl0 ll0,d tia next KHtB',0 of inheritance therein,
l"f pravw of poi'i petition ialor.the sale ol said prom
, ' . ct , 8u'f.h charges anll ,ejn() Hleoa
. t,jd ,)Ctitj0 ,vji hg for on the 2.HU dav of
. "
, A. V. wbi, or as soon tnerentter ns can tie
of Dr. .John CVats,,deceased.
April 2.1, HC7-U
here cmtielh jilad tidings of Joy to nil, '
To yoiinu nnd to old, to reat and to small;
The bcfluty;which om-o was so precious aud rare,
Is Iree for all, and all my bo fair.
Hy tlie u.e of -
lm proving and beautifying the complexion.
The most valuable and perfect preparation in
use, for flivin" the skin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that
ia only found 111 youth. It quickly removes Tan,
Freckles, Pimples, Hlotches, Moth Patches, Sallow-nei-s.
Eruptions, ami all Impurities of the skin, kind
ly heahnit the same, leaving the skin white andciear
as an nlaliaster. Its use cannot be detected by the
closest scrutiny, and being n vegetable preparation
is perfectly harmless It. 19 the only nrticlo used by
the French, and is considered by the Parisian as in
dispensable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of :i0,00t'
bottles were sold during tlie last year, a sufficient
gurraiitce of 119 efficacy, l'rico only "Acen'.a. Sent
uy wan, posi-pam, on rec-iin. m n-i uiui-,
BKltOER, bliUTTS CO., Chemists.'
pril 18,1807-lyj 2S4 KiverStrett, Troy, N. Y.
Hair Exterminator ! !
For Removing Superfluous Hair!
TO the ladies eepeoially, this invaluable
depilatory -recommends itself as being
ad almost indispensioie arucie 10 lemaie
beauty, is easily applied, doos not burn or
injure the skin, but aots directly on the roots.
It is warrated to remove, superfluous hair
from low foreheads, or from any part of the
body-, completely, totally and radioally ex
tirpiating the same, leaving the skin soft,
smooths and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price lb
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt of an ordor by
285 River St., Troy, N. T. ,
Oh, was she beautiful and fair, '
With starry eyes, and eadiant hair,
Whose cuhng tendrib soft, entwined
iinchained tfis very heart and mind.
Tor Curling the Hair of either Sex into Wavy
and Glossy Ringlets or Heavy Maetive Curlt.
BY using this article Ladies and Qentle
menoan beautify themselves a thousand
fold. It is the only article in the world
that will ourl straight hair, and at the same
time give it a beautiful, glossy appears noe.
The Crisper Coma not only ourls the hair,
hut invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the most complete article of the kind ever
offered to the American publio. The Crisper
Coma w ill be sent to any address, sealed
and postpaid for $1.
Address all orders to
W. L.CLARK & CO., Chemists,
Ko. 3 West Fayette Street, Byraouse, N. T.
1 sealed Envelope on
recipt of 10 cents.
Address Dr. K. B.
FOOTE, Author of
Medieal Common
Sense. : '
Tebruary !,18M,
, or tat .
Fur mi.
to Ou
Tfrnium Amaunting to'
91,445 OO !
be Dutrihuted in April, 18G7
For List of Premiums and Particulars ot
Distribution, see the Weekly F.nquirer
and Subscription Circulars
E. this vonr, ofTW prize- to the nhove nmoimt as
an incentive lolhose of our iiatrons who will
excrtllicmsoivcs to lorm ciiiih 11 our rnjicrconlo
be taken in the household of nil onr lii'inncrntir
friends, Smith an'l West. Us inflnVnce wrnld be po
tent i- changing the politics) nspect ot nrbiirs The
areat point nr which all Iriends of the Union shoulj
Islwir lor is tho Disscmiimtion of Democratic truth.
If it had bad nil enual hearing with the errors ot our
opponents, ve should never have Imd the tcrribls
crisis of theliwt five yours. Taught by sad experi.
encc ol'its necessity, we trust the Democrntio press
in fntiirn to- have a larger --phcre of influence anc.
Wlmt evi s hr'e fallen upon tho land, owing to the
erroneous political edimiion of the masse.-! If we
would restore the old order of things once more, el
fect National I'nitv and the nld-f!ishioncd Peace nnd
Prespority , tve must pla-e the Democracy ngnin in
power. As nuxilnry to this end, anil as the mcnt ef-
leciive agent in tlie worn, we repeat, 13 u;e cirvulu
tion of the Deinocrnlic press.
The Enonirer has someelaims upon the considera
tion of tlie 'Democracy Hint aro universally acknowl
edged. Through proscription nnd persecution un
exampled, with military edicts cutting oft our cir
culation m whole Males and districts, tlm-nlcned
with totil suppression
nersnmil imprisonment and
mob violence if wo did not change our course, w
stood by the Democratic flag and gave expression to
its tenets. Twice burned to the ground within thir
teen months, and a'nid t he greatest pecuniary dis
asters consequent Uum it, we have never lost an
issue of our paper, or broken a promise to any o
our subscribers, in the Ihtnre, as in the past, tinder
the sun of prosperity as well as the clouds of adver
sity, tve. shall bear aloft the Dtimooralie Manner, and
be faithful to it organization. Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest stand by them who were true
in the darkest hours to their political and personal
inlerests, and will they not exert theinsclvts to in
: crease our circulation?
As a business nnd family Joumnl, the Enquirer has
no superior, bach number contains a large amount
of general news, latest, and most reliable intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial and Commer
ced News is made a special feature of the Enquire.
An unusually large space Leinn' devoted to fu'.l and
reliable reports of the ruliugpric.es of this and other
The Weekly Enquirer will ho mailed to mibseri
bers at (he following reduced rates.
Single copy, om-year, 8 U 00
" " six months, 1 2.1
Ten copies, one year, 20 no
With an additionalcoiiy to the getter up of the club.
Money to he sent nt our aisk by express, prepaid,
or in registered letters by mail. For sums over ten
dollars by mail, dralls or post office money orders
should- be procured. Address
. ., FAHAN & McLEAN.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ppecimen copies and subscription circulars con
taining list of prizes and all accessary information,
sent on application.
. For ml.
1 S in the past,
thromh snnshine and storm. The
Ohio Statesman will continue inflexibly Demo-
crane iinalteratuy uevoteu 10 an auvocacj 01 me
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit ana in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union. Aside
fro.n this, The Statesman will bestow particular ut
teiitioa to
News, Legislative and Congressional
Reports, Choke, Instructive and
Plecesing Literature.'
And will give faithful market report from the lead
ing Commercial Centers of the uotuvrv.
tin the liith of JX'ccuiber, The Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give ' two nnd a half addi
tional columns c f loadini! matter weekly. The fol
lowing arc the
Daily Statesman, per yeai,
" " " six months,
9 on
4 Ml
4 SO
2 -if
I 1 no
9 00
17 M
as t'O
7.1 00
Tri-Weckly Statesman, per year,
One conv. six months, for
One copy, one year, for
Fiveeonies, one year, for
Tenncopics, one year, tor
J we ty conies, one yoar, lor
Fifty copies, one year, tor
LAIA1AJM & f.SHr.l,VIA.,
Columbus, Ohio
Sold by the trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 furnished the If. S. Government.
Army Revolver, .
Navy Revolver,
Belt Revolver,
Police Revolver
44-lOd in. Calribre,
30-100 in. Calibre,
Navy Sine Calibre,
Navy Size Calibre,
31 . ion in Calibre,
New Pocket Revolver,
I'ocket Revolver,
(Rider's pt. 31 -100 in. Calibre,
Repeating Pistol, (Klhot pt.) Ko. 22 & 22 Cartr'go,
Vest Pocket Ustol, No. 22. lift, 32and 41 Cartridge,
Hun Cane, Ko. 'ii and 32 . " .
flreech Loading Rifle, (.Heal s) o. ;.2nni :ia "
Utvol viiii; Ritle, 30 aud 44-luuiu Calibre.
Ilion, A'fio York.
A O I N I 8.
Now York
New Orleans
, Chicago
' Pt. Louis
San Franaisco
MOore t Nichols,
Win. Reed ft Son,
,Ios, O. Grubh A Co.,
Poultney & Trimble,
Henry Folsom 4 Co.,
Johnson, Spencor 4Co .,
Ij. M. Humsey & Co.,
Alliert V. Crane,
March 21, 1867-ly
The nrnctical Farmers' own paper. The cheapest
and best Agricultural nnd Horticultural journal in
America. Illustrated with numerous engravings of
Farm Buildings, Animals. Implements, Fruits, r low
ers. Ao. Onlv onlv one dollar a vear. Aaonts want
ed in every village, town, county and State, to form
clubs, to whom SruiNDio Pbcsiich are ollered. For
lull particulars orwnicn, semr lora specimen copy.
Now is the time to subscribe. Bend on your name
and the name of your friends. Address,
munsneranu rropneior,
Rochester, New .York,
easily, without doctor
or , medicines'. ; Bent,
post paid, on receipt of
; 10 eenta.
Dr. E.B. FO0TE,
- ,1130 Broadway, N. Y.
for the RUPTURED.
Sent post paid on re
ecipt of 10.: eents.
Address ...
Dr. E. B. FOOTE,
' 1130Bxoadwsr,N.Y.
JtT.' . -If
FOR 1807;
This veteran and" aterling Jonmaf nt the whol
woild's choicest literature opens Its jaih volume in
the full tide of that urosnennm and Uninlerrunted
popularity which has sustained It nt the head of that
American weekly press for newly a third ofa centu
ry. Always iiuuous as
v complete library of fireside
' romancb; '
it will enter upn tho New Year not rtniv ns A reposf
lory of iresh and original masieriiieces from the lead
ing novelUts of this country, Rngland, and France,
bill also as a mirrior of the classic fictions of the old
en time, which will be cure flillv revised, and adapted
rothe most fastidious in-.niurements of modern test
mid ih lu ai y. hacli Wsoe, h lit contain, bfwides tlm
liiiiini scr ni no'cnies. nn uneiiwi army or Homo
;inil hni-iely blorics, hltetclics, and l'ovius, hy our
best authors and utliore-ri, while a
Ihitc b en (leourcd to furnifli racy, readable, an4'
fcirli'mi ertici-m- of
.new plays,
. notable books',
popular abttsts,
I all persons, things. md events in- which Ihn
whole ciaiiitry nmy be suppoaed to uike sjiecial inter
est. In addition, however, to securing Volume TLX IVi
thcboicest productions of the best-known contem-
porniieous ifenius, the proprietors or T lie New York
Merc urv desiL'n lnakiinfiiecial efturtadiirinirthHNiiw
Year to
from Hie modest rattan of those possessors of mark
ed intellectual abilities who have hitherto lieen de -tftred
from seeking print through tear of editorial
and the proprietors promise t tie generous as wel
as jiu.1 in decaliuj what manuscripts are worthy ol
"j" uu many a gem of pmest ray serene,
Tho dark. linfiithmnM eaves of ocean heftri'
nnd full many possessor- of real geniu may bo thus
discovered and brought to lae appreciation and r
aard which, otherwise, nvght nevei be theira.
The paper will hiso sparkle with artistic and so.,
cial puiigcneies, side-spitting gossip, piquante fem
inine corresnondence. enrious arul HiUrestiiw naw.
all the literary talk of the season, valuable fashion-
arncii s, nurv ana other tales tor the little folks, con
densations of the most ro-narkable new 'books, unJ
A ntimlier rtf ohn;oAV,,iiri.inl ai.vljla .Anhntlh.ni
written expressly for the New York Mercury, by
SIICll COIIIxihlltor n Aliua M V.. PihinHnn. Plan. a
Lgan, William (iilmore Himms, Ooiwin May Curle
tou, Alexandre Unmas, Fairfax Ilallour, aud others
ol that rank, will be given in rapid succession
To mail subscribers, our terms are:
Cash in advance: Sinule eonies.'H'J 6 a vear: thren
copies, S7; six copies, I13-, nine copies, $20. Th
Ijuiij wiiosenus us tai lor a ciiioot nine ct pies will
receive nn additional copy fieo. Six months' sub
scription received.
subscriiiers should becarefu to write ulainlv tho
name of their post office, countv, and State. Sen-
men cone sent tree to all applicants. Address,
t;aui.utt r.i.u s whidii,
Proprietors of The Few York Mercury,
Noa, 4 Aim Street and 113 Fulton Street,
New York City.
March 7, 18C7 4t
BLYmiEB, DAY & CO., !
Ecbeka Cider Mills, .
Victor Cans Mill,
Stau Corn Sheller,
IUorse Power Forks,
Warner's Sulky Re voving Rake
Crawford's Garden Cultivator,
' Amalgam Belli, . .
And many other nrticlesin the way of Implements,
Tools and Machinery.
I'll HE HoRliO AND 1MP11EE SEED, selected
varieties. Send for circulars.
March 28,1807 ly
The Cheapest Slagazinein the IVorld! ' ,
ri'IIIS popular and widely circulated Magazine has
JL now niached an edition uneipialled in this coun
try. Each number is brnameuted by numerous linn
eiiEravini'S, and is complete in itself, emhranimr a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest and best SIag;
itineiu .the world.
81 W a year; seven eopics $0 00; thirteen espies
JliOU. Mimic copies 1.1 cents. Address
, Boston, JlaM.. '
Tievotod to Literature, Acricultnre, and General
Inteiluience, and comprising Reports of Hattles, In.
cidents, and Anecdotes of the War, never before
published. By ...
General 1). II. Hill, (Lata of the Southern
- . Army.)
J. Iwi A D. H. Bill.
TraMs. Three Dollars A year, il paid in advance.
or Kive Dollars, if not paid till the end of the year.
j. r. lttvt in s v-11. iiiiii., -Charlotte,
North Carolina.
MarohH. 1867.
. V. Bradley's lUelebrated Patent
Duplex Elliptic
cnMroRT and!ri,itast'BCto any Itdy weariim th
Dunlex Ellintio Skirt will be extierlenced particularly
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriages, Rail
road Cars, Church Pews, Arm Chaira, for I'romonade
and House Dress, aa the Shirt can be folded when
in nso to occupy a small place as easily nnd con
veniently as a Silk or Muslin Press, an Invaluable
miality in eriuoiine, not fouud ia any (Single Spring
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comrort and
(treat convenience of wearing, the Dualex Ellintio 8teel
Spring Skirt tor a single da will never afterwards
willingly dispense with their' use. For children,
Missoa and kouug Ladies the; are superior to all
Thev will not bend Or break like the Single Spring..
but will nrssorve their perfect and eraceful han
when three or four ordinary Skirta will have been
thrown aside aa useless. The ttoopa aro coveren
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom roda
are not only doable springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing them from wearing out when
arngging aown stoops, stairs, vc.
The Implex Elliptic ia a great favorite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Magazines as the STANDARD bklKT OF 'ill K
To emov the followina eneatimahle edvantaina In
CTinolino, via: Superior Quality, Perl el Manufac
ture, ntyiisn napeaiid Mnian, r iexin.iiv, immuni
ty, Comfort and Economy, enquire for J. W. brad
ley's Duplex Elhptio, or Double Spring 8kirt, and be
aure you get the Genuine article.
CAUTION. To guard against IMPOSITION U
particular to NOTICE that skirts offered aa "DU
PLEX" have the red ink stump, via: "J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springe," uPOD lne
band ooneothei s are genuine. Also notiue that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being passed through
the centre, llvns revealing ilietwo(ordouhle) apringa
braided together therein, which ia the Flexibility ot
and strength, and a combination not to be (bud in .
anv other Skirl.
FOR SALE in all Ptorss where FI RST CLASS akirta
are sold, throughout the United Stales and elaewhtre.
Manufsatnted hy thevdd Owners of the Patent,
I 7 ch.imbers and 79 II Rede5t ,N. T,
TcbwaiyM, lW-jm,

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