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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 09, 1867, Image 1

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, ,. . . -- ' Htjaiimjff,.' ' -- -
)-' Mffir llTiPBr Sir "V 'f""' H Pi 'v'':
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Democratic Enquirer
Editor and PubllBhur,
OFFICE ln Mi"K, Building, on Main StraeU
(u wvamb.) .
s One eopy, one year, . " '''"
One copy, six month", . . .
On cop, three months JO
Klve oopies, on yenr, to otte Poll Office, 1 25
Ten copies, one year, toon post Office, in 00
Our terms require payment to be tn.ii ticilt
A failure to Rive notion of a wish to discontinue t
the close of the time subscribed for, will 1m consid
red anew enpngnment; and no paper will be die
Voniinued until after all arrearages sliall be paid.
Papers are delivered through the mall free of post
age within the county, anJ, also, free to subscribers
living in the county, hose postufllce i out of the
Ten linea nUlus type, or the space occupied by
the same, make one Njuare. , nn
oue square, one insertion, 100
Kach additional insertion,
All transient advertisiufr for a shorter period than
three months, charged at the above rates,
3 inos. 0 mos. mos. 12 mos
H column, ' 6 oo 10 00 J18 00 i JiWOO
K column. 10 00 20 00 30 00 40 00
Icolum, WOO 80 00 45 00 ' 60 00
i co'iimn, 10 00 4 0 00 . 000 fi8000
Husir.ess cards, from to 10 linos, per annnm, 1 00
Divorce Notices, not exceeding 4 lines, (in
advance,) - , 00
Kach additional 10 lines, ., 2 00
Attachment Notices, (in advance,) ' 'iOO
Administrator' nr Executor's Aotlces. fin
fl.iIvAn0 '8 00
Notices of runaway husbands or wives, double
price, and in ftdvunce. .
Notices of Deaths, free. Marriage Notices, accord'
i.ff tth lilinrnlitvnrihA narttea. 1
Notices in the local column, 1(' cents per line for
each insertion.-
Notices of political meetings, free. ,
Dustnts0 CatDo.
Three Door Ecuiof the Ilulberl Iloute,
WLo ArtHtxr, piiib-
1 11 EPAIKlNGIoiwio order. tarMOSlCAL' XK
BTKUMENTd correxitly repairedj ' '
T'Suectiicles to suit all eyes. . .
January 31, 1BU7-Iy
mmon cowm bawk,
JMLoHLYtlxvLJr, Olxlo.
jos. j. McDowell, Jas. w. delay,
w. s. sunpt, a. o. oodoi, , ' asnasw woir,
U. F. il-STU, - P. V. BAN.NBIJ, I Bi!lk STBO.NO,
HA VINO formed a co-partnership for the purpose
of conducting a
and with ample facilities for tho transaction of any
Ims.aoss pertaining to legitimate Banking, we teuder
o.ii services to the bunnens public gjnernllv.
BOND Money loaned at reasonable rates on ac
eeptnble paper Revenue titamps always on hand
aul for sale. Interest paid on time deponits. . :
1'ersous wishing to remit money to Eprsign Coun
trieB can obt in Irnfts at our Office.
February 7,lSii7-ly
I'HANKFULfor the liberal patronage received for
L lliutwo past yeais, he would say to those desir
ing his professional services, that he way always be
found at Ins Office or residence, on Main Street, un
lets absent on prnfcFsional buaiuesS. . .
February !dH, 18ii7-Jy , . .
CUAS. BROWN, rree't, DAN. WILL, Catk
One Door Wtii Dan. Will & Bro't Store, North
, Side Mam btreet, . I
,. i .
Deal in Exchange, Government Seouri
li.a riaaV. Bonds. Gold and Silver, &o. I .
Deposit! .reoeired. Interest paid on time
deposits. ; -r !
. CollBotions made at all accessible points
in tfce United States. ' . : -. t
United States Revenue Stamps for sale.
All business done on the most liberal terms
and with the utmost promptness, j .- .. ;
February M,1807-ly i . .. '
' JACKSON C. n., .OHlO,
tr ILL practise tha Courts of Jaoksonj Vmten
If ana omer eounnes.
January syiieT-tr ; ; j
.'. a.'IW
' : . McARTHUR,. .0Q rTvi1
tf TILL yraetic In the Court tofi Tlntoni Athens,
. W , and Jackson Counties i also, in tha United
States Courts ol the Southern District tif Ohio.
Orrios-Beoondbtory of DaW' tfuildldg, on Main
, Street. , . ' V , i "
. January H, 18JT-tf ), ' -J C, .1 '. .-.
OITT X0073I3Xj. . , 1
Cdrner BHstn and -Third Street,
. HAMiLXOif, ;0flW, j,;;
B. A, CB V& CBILL, : C V f Proprietor:
tjITUATED In the husinhss par't'oT'the City, and
13 nearaMlothe Ril Koa uepot
aMrOmniii.wes run to and frum every trainf (
January 31, iw:-tf , .
III jvmu vriwi, - . . - .
. ., . H. C. M00RE,
A FTER an absence of two years, oflers his pro
A. fei-aional services to the citiieus of Allensville
and surrounding country.
' March 21, lt7-ir
, J.: F. BOWEN' Proprietor)' '
3VEoLirtli.XP, OHIO.
ALL kinds of plain and fcney printing dpae at the
verr lowest prices. ' . "" '
Tis bitter to endura the wrong t
Which evil hands fend tongue) commit;
The1 bold enoroachmentl of Che ttrong, "
The ehafu of calumny and wit,
The acornful bearing of the pround,
The sneers and laugh'ter'of the crowd.
i .. .
And ,hrder still it is to bear ' r , :
The censure of tho good and Wiiie, -
Who, ignorant of what you are, " '
Or blinded by the slanderer's liei, 11 ''
Loolf coldly, on; or pass you by' ' '-' '
In silence irith ayerted eye. , , t ,
But, when, the friends in wbom you trust
Cl an A ttr aAHttArl IllrA thn liat 1
I i)l,C
j, Before nib) fortune's whirlwind shock,
Nor love remains tp cheer your fail, ; ;',
This Ts more tjrriblp than alL- ,
But, even this, and thesa ay, more, .
' 3ari be sndnred, and hepe auriwej fj;i f
The noble spirit still may soar,
Although the body fail to thrive; : " ;
Disease and want may wear the frame,. ;j
Thank Godl the soul is still the same. ;
Hold up your head, then, man of grief, . ,,
No longer to the tempest bend,'
Or soon or late must Come relief .'(!.
The coldest, darkest night will end,-:
Hope in the true heart never dies! -
Trust on the day-s'ar will yet arise. '' .
Conecious of purity and worth,' t!-'
You may with calm assurance wait
The tardy recompense of earthy '
. And e'en should justice come to late; ''
To soothe the spirits homeward flight,
Still rjeaven, at last, the wrong shall right.
Select Story.
j 1.
s 'Upon my word, I do believe nobodv
ia this honse ores whether I dive or
die!1 ' i fa or. c.-j :mu-.:-,'.T'1
David Waid -sank, back among bia
pillows with a ' weary, despairing groan,
and closed bii'eyfa. ' . ; '
'Don't speak so, desrest is thore any."
thing l oad do lor you -now ri yf!i i !r
JeBse' Ward was a blueyed, fair-hair
ed woman, with an appearance het i un
likes - that' of a iwhilo dove-f-innoceht,
pretty, ; ' and ' altogether lovable, j She
came to the bedalde with light, noiseless
feev ana an anxioas taoe.f .t; ,:,,.
Tell me, David what shall I d2:
Mr. Ward gave; a ; deep; sepulohral
Uf tou felt km least' solioitode-in the
matter. Mm.! Ward,' yon would have seen
that there is sunbeam dancing c abou
my pillow like) a red hot bar of iron and
driving me dlstrabtodr '" I--1 v . '!"; '
1 Jessie drew the onrtains closer togethe
ef,etoludiog every breath of. the., sweet
' 4Theile, How the room is like an 060.
k salamander couldn't breathe here L' H :
' 'But; my dear ! the' kir cannot oome in
if the eurtains .'are to b close! IMi l
ln't there a door to the woni ?f ? ; J L
- The5 obedient wife opened the door, i ;'
1 'Is that the' olook striking ten ? j Mrs1.
Ward, that last powder should have been
taken i binutes igo h..:l:ue". u I u. .
I wilrgel itttdWi lavw-it ibu i. too
late!" -'' .ovitu-woH'i .M
'I botte riot Mirs.wWardl ' Aope not.
Fire minute1 males all the difTorepoe; in
thfl world with i tfoiUp4alrit like mine.': j r.
''Sir's: Ward made ba tesppnse, sava ito
on"er him the little powder aud glass.-of
jsgteri1 VH 7 VJ0 i 'f" nl fit iouj..;
Phew r eiedsUtea the aggrifated iin,
valid, that' wat!f ha9 stood in the jroom.
full five minutest l.oan'i pannr-suon
flatstuffl' MMvy.A. r:o
'I will ting fof-some mors-' "
y.i ft m v;;ii ,
' No H is too - late now. f It s ot no
consequence I none in i the: world I, I
wonder why the doctor does not eome 1
I should think be might pay a little at-,
tention to punctuality when he knows
how' much 1 soffer.r Here comes your
brother Paul, tramping like an elephant.
Oh, dear, dearl bow inoonsiderate these
people in perfect neaitn oo neoome i .
Mr.' VVaid convulsively clasped, both
hands' on his temples, as .Psul Dayton
oa me into' tha room, with bright face and
cheery voice.-1' v-i j --.v f i
'Well. David, how goes it? . How are
vou feeling now?' . .. ,.f;T
v ..A. . 1 . 1 .
' 0liseiaDiy-miseraDiy, aou, mjuear
Paul, if you 'could speak' as if you were
hot hailing a ship at sea 1' ; i ' ' .
,;,Airright,' old fellow but i where is
the pain?'. 1 : ; ':.' '.--i i
' 'The'rain 1 ean't exactly tell where;
it s a general leeung ot weaKness a
universal giving way of the whole sys
tem.'7' ( 'r .;
'Yes, but where are the symptoms'
'Sjuip'.oms? I wish yon wouldn't be
so persiBtont - faul. Jessie, if. the ser
vants don't stop Blamming uoors below
stairs, I shall go ctszy and there's an
impertinent robin that will aiog olose to
to my window." Will you. direct: the
gardner to shoot that robin ?'
'Ub: certainly, said f aul,. 'we ll nave
all the birds who have the audacity to
sios on the place shot. : I'll have the sun
ourtained,' and an jojunotion put on the
wind, and the leavos warned to stop rue
tling.' 7 "!.: .;
The indignant retort tbat rose; to Mr.
Ward's lips was checked by the entrance
of the )ongexpcoi6d doctor -a wiry, en
ergetic little mar), with keen gray eyes,
and a shining Tbald head,' just fringed
around the temples with black bain '-At
a signal from her brother, Mrs. Ward
accompanied Mm: ut bf the room','' as
Dri P. n hoot came io; hn ti:iu-l
'Suppose we leave David and the doc
tor to groan it out together,' said Dayton,
merrily, 'while you aual; a breath ' jf
fresh air,Tout on the terrace; SVhyj 'Jes
sie,, you look as white as marble you
are Matching in that hot, unwholesome
room '' juit as ' a stiok of celery bleaches
in'a dark oellari' ' i
'But David needs me there.'
" 'Does he? I'm hot altogether oertain
of that.' ' " -:- ' :
'Ob, Paul I You should not speak so
of my siok hasbsod ?' ' :.
'JesBie, what is the nature or bis dis
ease f ;
'The doctor does not exactly know,
Paul.'" 1 ' : i
'.'No'--n6r you, "nor I, nor himself ei'
ther, I fancy I Jessie, he's no more sick
than I ami ' .' -:
; Paui r '' ' .
'Indeed, I do not think he is. ' He haB
juat worked himself into the idea that he
is a miserable invalid it's a elear oase
of hypochondria I And I - think it is
noreasonable and absurd for him to make
himself and every ono around him slaves
lo a mistaken fancy I ( ; ' '
Jessie sighed, ip voluntarily bould it
be poaeible that 'her brother was right?
'You are wearing' yourself out in 1 at
tendance on bis innumerable whims
you have neither1 color" nor vivacity left.
My Utile' aiater, when I look at you now,
and remember. what a joy6us, red-cheek
ed, laughing fairy yoS were six months
'ago,! am tempted to- ' ; !i' " "''
'To do' what ?'. asked. Jesaie, smiling.
';,tTo null vour breoious husband out of
his bed, and sbaka the ailments out of
him at once I, J Now,-'don't' look'1 sober,
and try to pun aown tne corners oi your
tnoatb, JesBio ) " Do laugh, just Tot Once,
pr I shal fahdy some, evil-minded brownie
Otelf, has taken my siste away; and left
in her place a fitting mate for poor, dear
Davidi".' ty!-.T,iJ,l:r,.';r:'
f He drawled qu, (be three last words in
stob ; eerlo comio,, imitation ,.of.,David
Ward's, , doleful i.aooe.nts, !(tbatv Jessie
laughed ia'ipite)jO$ herrelf.', V
, 'Well, Doctor; flajd . Paul, Day top, fif
teen mjautct or soafterf arda, as the dia
ciple of Galea pame .briskhr down stairs,
lohalitlfr'a dees breath of the fragrant
summer atmospheri cs if it was a relief
from tbePioOn,eofaircoIItbe Bios; room,
'has mv brother-in:law : found out vet.
j.ust rWi'alneBk tie's, .t, .
iSOM-audi be never ,,wut aua . wnars
moie nq pnf else, eyer will Bald, the Jit
tle;mao, bortly.r'rteg your .pirdoo,
Mrs. Ward for speaking ,to,v,erj .'expli
citly, but 1 cau!Cwake .him believe he
would be as Bell as ny one, ifriio.would
only diimiss,tbe ideaof al) fais aqhfis.and
paioB;tII'.dott't really iknpwi what to do
with Mttuvl'in afraid n'i a'jOOBfirmed
ease of .bypoobQadria.' - - i "
think, iIjSpQl .suggest a;erjre,,,asid
Paupaytqndemurely'fif jtl wOuld
.If . A. . 1- J?-.... .
r. m.. v..j k.j;.i,'ii' -
MUBSvl AVI i.uD. ny pV, P. VtVUiVHVV. i
i:l should treat bim.homoeopall
said Paul, with great gravity. 'That is
to say, doctor, I should overwhelm him
with his own pains and twinges I should
load Lim with sympathy and deluge him
with compar-sion.' ' : '" '
.rProcead, to state the particulars the
plan teems feasible,' said tho' dootor,
briefly. ' . : -
And Paul prooeeded to state the par
'ticu(ars.;Tri ? ; -v'
a. 'i Si: tit. j'i.'- '..-..
A unuiti, tur. mara ermea nimsoii,
mentally, tne: next morning, witn weap
ons of resistance, egainBt the cheerful
and encouraging woids of his medical
attendant, i
'That man, will never will realize bow
ill I am, nnt I it's too late,' groaned Mr.
Ward, dismally, as the doctor was shown
in, and he began the skirmish with a
long account1 of his sufferings during the
last twentyffour hours. Dr. rinnock
listened with great concern.
'My deatl air,' he began, as David
paused to tako breath, 'you're a very sick
man tnere can be no doubt or that
I consider ypu the most : dangerous case
oa my list. ;. . :.,
'Do you, really, Dootor ?' demanded
David, with his eyes very wide open. .
.'Most undoubtedly. How I can have
Deen so misrca, an along, as to too bb
tore of your disease, I really cannot oom
prehend. Suffice it to say, now that I
am fully aware ef your danger, I 'shall
proceed to administer most prompt and
powertul remedies,
.'You don't say so. Doctor 1'
, .'Do you see tlieee white powders, tir?
these gray pillar 1 only give them jn
the most desperate cases. Alternate tbem
every half hear. Wood , morning, sir ;
jL.mus) go home and study out your case.'
' David stared rather uneasily at the
gray pills and white powders that the
deotor bad left upon his table.
"Jessie,' he said to his wife, 'do dj
5 on think the dootor really considers me
angerous.l? ill
, Tut afraid so,' sighed Mrs. Ward.
'Do try and be pnnotual about the modi-
bines,' David, and' perhaps you may over'
come tne penis tbat tbreaten you.
David fell back among his pillows like
log, bis lower jaw unoonsoiously drop
id, and his eyes assumed a fishy, un
comfortable glare As the hop-vine feels
when the sturdy pole on wbioh it has
leaned is suddenly pulled from its cling
log tendrils, so felt .David, with the
brace of his wife's resolute hopefulness
withdrawn. ,
'Jessie I'
'What is it, my poor dear husband?'
'Do you think I am looking vera bad
ly?'. ;
'Very you are so deadly pale, and
tnere is such a shadow under vour eves.
nd ' ' " '
'But I am not sure but that I am feel
ing a good deal better this morning.'
'Ob, that is quite impossible,' . said
Mrs, nard solemnly. 'You can't be
better. Hare is a gray pill, my love
remember your life depends on your med
icines.' i . .
'I thought I would like a fresh egg
for breakfast, if :'
'Ob, my dear, bow can you talk so unr
feelingly of fresh eggs when your gray
pill is not taken.'
tfotner tbe gray pill r . said David,
with a good deal of energy for a sick
man. ; 'i suppose ; and bow bring me
up soice breaklast.'-
All thst morning be lay cogitating on
the altered "manners and looks of his
nurses and the dootor. ' k ,
, ' doo't believe I oanoe bo very ill,
after all,' be said, suddenly.
.'Take a white powder, dear,' said Jes
sie, with sorrowful alacrity; 4U is already
three scoends past the regular time.' .
And David swallowed his powder and
(lis disgust together.
Paul Dayton arrived, bright and early,
the' next morning. Somewhat to Jessie's
surprise,0 he took off his boots in the
hall, and crept tip stairs with ostentatious
quietness... L j t ,
1 'What are you ' creeping along like a
big pussy oat for ?' demanded Mr, Ward,
with some asperity. : i v '
'Isn't it time for another white pow
der?' whispered tFaul, consulting bis
watpa ; .t (.;. ... ,.. :
'r 'Duca take -; tbe white powders 1' ejacu
lated pavid, aggravated, beyond all endu
ranoe. .
j.-.'M'deaV: David, - you doa't consider
the : importance' of punctuality in your
highly n perilous .condition, , Dear me,
dearniel your pulse is leaping along
like a steam-engine P,
i'My-.puJse, ; is weft enougb I' ungra
oipnsly retorted Day id, jerking his wrist
away from Paul's' clasp. ' " "
'David said Paul; seatfng himself be
side the bed 'there's 861 disguising the
fact that you are yery ill, indeed I . For
the.eaka of youfiwife formysake-f-take
the'wbite ijiowderX. " ." r:
Mr.;War'd resolutely tobk-'tlie ; paper
containing the snowy grain and ;tossed
thim out of tb j window, . , j , '
Paul gave a deep groan.
'Inolined to be delerious and violent-
symptoms very bad indeed !'
No more delirious than you are!
roared David, quite forgetting the sub
daed accents of ad invalid. .
- 'I am delighted to bear it,' said Paul,
'lor 1 , want a little serious conversation
wiib you on a very grave topic In case
of the worst happening and we have
every reason, considering your long
sickness and the delicaoy of .your consti
tution to apprehend the worst- ,
David listened breathless. ' '
'In case, I say, . of a sudden relapse
and melancholy consequenoes, it would
be a sad pleasure to us to havo your last
wishes. Where, my dear brother-inslaw,
would you prefer to be buried ?'
. 'Buried I' shrieked David Ward.
'Buried I I've no idea of boing buried
a by where just yet. Get me my clothes
quick, and clear out of the room. I'm
going to drees myself and come down
stairs l! . , ;
, 'But my dear David,, just conbider
your weakness.'
'Weakness ke hanged 1 I tell you I
won't lie hero and be imposed upon any
longer. Buried, indeed I
I'm as well
as you are ; and J m going to prove
But Dr. Pinnook '
' 'I'll see Dr. Pinnock in Jerloo before I
take any mora of his white powders and
gray pills Get out of the room, I tell
you I' , 1
And when Dr. Pinnock arrived, with
bis face properly elongated, the very first
person be nut was1 his patient," smoking
a cigar on tbe piazza, with his leet upon
a garden chair, while Jessie eat at his
side hemming ruffles with the most eon-
tented little face in tbe world.
'Cured, eh?'-said the
ally. .- - ': 1
doctor ' laebnio-
'Cured,' said David Ward, with equal
brevity. : And be .added, .'Doctor, I'm
afraid you'll think I've been an unmiti
gated fcol all these weeks I' ' . i
,'lf you only won't be angry, Doctor'
coaxed Jessie; 'David knows our plot
Ft told Mm. -'j i ..
"That's the way the women keep a
secret,' said the dootor, with a groan.
'And what do you think of our treat
ment, Ward?' . -
'Novel, but successful I' was the ans
wer. 'Thee'a one thing Mrs. Ward couldn't
have told you, because sho didn't know
it,' said tbe doctor, with a Bly twinkle to
his gray eyes. 'The white powders were
flower the gray pills were wholesome
bran mixed up with water 1
David laughed he couldn't help it;
and a oured invalid can afford to laugh I
And although Dr. - Pinnock remained
the family physician for many years,
those were tbe last doses he ever found
occasion to administer to David Ward.
3ackbitinq. Some one has written:
The longer I live, the more I feel the
importance of adhering to the following
rules, which I have laid down for myself
in relation to suoh matters : 1. To bear
as little as possible what is to the preju
dice of others. 2. To believe nothing
of the kind until I am absolutely forced
to. 3. Never to drink in the spirit of
one who circulates an ill report. 4, Al
ways to moderate as far as I can the unr
. . . , . i . . .
kindness wniou is expresaeu luwaru
others. 5. Always to believe if the other
sido were heard very different actions
would be given of the matter.'
Moral Coubaqb Sydney Smith, in
his work on moral philosophy, speaks in
this wise of what men lose for want of a
little moral oourage, or independence of
mind. 'A great deal of talent is lost in
the world for want of a little oourage.
Every day sends to their graves a num
ber of obsoure men, who have only - re
mained In obscurity because their timidity
haB prevented them from making a first
effort ; and who, if they could have been
induced to begin, would in all probability
havo gone great lengths in the career of
fame. The fact is, that to do any thing
in this world worth doing, ' we must not
stand back shivering and thinking of the
cold and danger but jump in and scram
ble through as well as we can. ii will
not do to be perpetually osculating risks
and adjusting nioe ohanoes ; if did very
well before the flood, when a man could
Consult bis ' friends upon an intended
publication for a hundred, and fifty years,
and then live to see its success afterwards;
bnt at present a man waits and doubts,
and consults his brother r and. bis partio.
nlar' friends till cue . fine i day he' finds
tbat be is sixty ysara.ot; age thathe has
lost so, much time ia "consulting his first
cousins and nartieular . friends, that ' be
haa-no more time; to loiiow tMir aattce.
Kisrino Josh Billings says there is
one cold, blue,' lean kiss, that always
makes him shiver to see. Two persona
(ov the femai persuasben) who bay wit
ness! a grate menny more younger and
more pulpy daze, meat in sum publio
plaoe, and not having saw each other for
twenty-four hours, tha kiss Jmmegiatly .
then tka fork aboni tha uraatlinr anr) rda
young man that preaebed yesterday, and
... .i l:... : j .i"
iudu mojr ion iiuwefciaii j, ana idea tna
blush and laf at what thev sit to einh
other, and kiss again immegiatly. This
cma ov Kissing alwas pot me in mina ov
tew old flints tricing to strike fire.
A Essay onto Rwfvh Th
length ov their antiquity has never been
iuuy aiBoovereo; tney existed a long
time before the food, and Lev existm! a
long time since. - :?.
' Hogs are good quiet boarder ; they
alwus eat what is set before them u.l
don't ask any foolish questions.
Sum are full in the faoe like a town
clock, and sum are as long and lean as a
eow kiteher with a Bteal-piuted nosa on-
io lueui. . : n ... t
Tha are a short lived anSnaT and km.
erally die as soon as tha get fat.
The hog kan be lurnt a great many
cunning things, sseb as histing tbe front
a rt C . l a . a .
gate oa .rom tne ninges, tipping over tba
swill barrels and finding a hoal in the
fens to get into a oornfielJ tint thar
ain't enny length to their memory : it ia
awful hard work for them to find ' the
same boal to get out at, espesbully if you
are at all ankshue they should,.
'Hogs are- very eontrary, and seldom
drive well the same" way yu are going
they driva'moBt the 'other way; jTThia
has never bin folly explained, but speaks
John Billings.
Familj CouHTEsits. The lawa-r -of
Politeness Should - be obsprrart tint Anl
between intimate friends, but between
members of the same familt- ant iu.
households are tbe most naa
happy where tba oourtesies of good so
ciety sre observed. - Thore need not and
ought not to be formality ; but little at
tentions between .brothers and Bisters,
making mutual esteem. nrevAnt that
lessness and hardness which is most apt
iu creep into tne iamuy, and wbioh grow
out of intimacv. It is rood
and consideration for each other's feeU
ings tbat prevent familiarity engender,
ing contempt.
Beef Fobtt Years Old' A Wii
from Stockholm says : 'At the Ust meet
ing or tne idun ooeiety, there was served
at supper a eurious sort ef beef that bail
been preserved for forty years. In 1827,
Captain Parr7 had placed at School Point
at Spitzbe rgen, a depot for meat, i Tha
nesn was in tin boxes, buried beneath a
quantitv of stones. Tha hi
bad displaced iome of the stones and
aeatroyea several or tbe boxes, but , a few
still remained intact, and wera Virnnctit
Sweeden by the Sweedish scientific ex
position ; it was one ot these boxes that
Prof. Thore. of Lund, had eiven to tha
Idun Society, who found the meat ' per-
., - ,1 . m -'mi .
iecuy eaiaoie ana or good flavor.: ; i
Track-latino on tbe Union Pacific
Railroad was rooommenced on Monday
week, and will be proseouted vigorously.
Ties are on the ground for one hundred
miles of road, and forty miles of iron is
now in Omaba. Grading will be 'done
at the rate of two miles per day. The
quartermaster at Omaba has notified the
superintendent of the road that he shall
want transportation for - 30,000,000
pounds of Government atoros during tha
coming season. ,
Debt. Mr. Greeley snuffs repudiation
in the breeze. The Illinois House of
Representative baa voted seventy to sev
en in favor of having greenbacks , ub
stituted for National bank notes ; and a
writer for a leading - Badioal journal in
iu Cbioago, after saying that the whole
funded debt (except a small part) may
be paid, at the option of tba Government,
in or before the year 1873, proposes to.
pay tbe same 'by a free use of the print,
fog press,' 'Here,' says Greeley, in ex
citing tones, 'here is starknaked repudi.
ation openly advocated. ' . '
' ' t ' - 4 1. , .
Reptjtatios. If a man were bnly
to deal in the world for a day, and should
never 'have' occasion to converse.' moia
with-mankind,:, never more need their
good opinion or good word, it were than
no great matter (sepaking as to" tba con
cernment of this world,) if a man spent
bis reputstian all at onoe, and vectored
it all at one throw , but If he be i? con
tiqua in tba world and would have the
advantage of cop venation while be is id
it, let him make -use of trath and sincer
ity in ill bis words and actions for
nothing but this will hold out to tbe and.

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