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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 09, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
j. tr. mwir, witob soraitoa,.
ii KoARTflUR,
Ma? 9. 186T.
Democratic State Ticket.
' For Governor,
' ALLEN 0. THURMAN,of Fraiilia.
' . Fer Lieutenant Governor,
' , , DANIEL 8. LTlIL,'ofnohne..
For Treasurer,
- Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford. . ,
"- .. . For Auditor, ;
' : JOnS McELWEE, of Butler.
' . ' "'. For Attorney General, .
'," FRANK H. UUBD.bf Knot. '
For Judge of Supreme Court, ., ...
Jndje THOMAS M. KEV, of Hamilton.
' , ' " ' For Controller of Treasury, ' '
t WILLIAM SBEIUDAN, of Williams.
' ,. '. ' for Board of Public Works, , ; ! ,'
ARTHUR Hl'GHES.ofCuyahoga. .
. Dr. H.C. Mooas, Chairman.
D. B. Shitet., Secretary.
' Unix RrrsotDs. '
. -. . . .'iDTieeat aoHWTTaa, ).
tgU-0. P. Clark,
jtowM-TbomM Magee,
Elkk. 3. Swaim, - . . ... .
. Swan -Fred. Cradlebangft, , v '
" J,tciion James McGlllivray,' . ' '
Jfodiion-Dr. A. W. Jainss, ' ;
Clinton John fratee, ' ' . '
Vinton Dantel Booth, ., : , : ,
. J?ieJUamJ LA. Atwood, . . . , ( . .
. Harrison A. Arganbright, , . '
" iraJi'He-Cliarle8 Mulholland,
' Knox llenry Packhard. '
'r Mm nffimnl dispatches recei-
' Vca from the Mexican Kepubli
can General Diaz represent the
; imperialists as utterly defeated
and disorganized at all poinis.
' Maximilian is said to be a pris
0 oner.' 5 ' v, :" ;'!1". '
i .... ! - - - -r-:- '
An election waa held in Ken-
tucy, last Monday, for twelve
'.Memhers:of Congress.1 It is
! reported that all ., the members
- elected are Democrats.
three men' named Goetz, Case
and Algus, were hung at Cin
cinnati, i on the 30th of last
month, for murdering James
. Hughes, a citizen of that city,
: on the 7th of last February.
An act of the Paris Parlia
'ment has decreed that a child
yean have tvro fathers.' ; ; ' . .
c ' ; The most difficult offense to
' check iii England is that of tor
turing wives., 3 ' '..
' A man in' Blinois says "the
- wages of eight hours is death."
' It own merchants refused the
'sovereign State credit for 100
pounds of flour. V;
.. The negroes in Hayti are
1 amending their constituion.,
.They had better amend their
conduct also.. ,.: ;
Jiily prisoners are now con-
fined on the Dry -Tortugas 9
" citizens and 41 soldiers. ...
i " The Efebrews of Philadelphia
- are building' a hospital.
Jp rom present appearances
' we ar& to have an extensive In
"diah Waf. .
v; The " chain-gang., system has
" been aboUshed in Alabama;
" t Djmpcbats OnaAslZB Thi Contist
is Comino on. Let the Democracy : of
Viaton County organize at once, and be
' prepared to meet the enemy once more
in tne open field ot political triiv- It
was for the want of a thordngh'organiza
lion of. the party in the last campaign,
- that defeated a cart of its tieket. tncrethur
..with he marohes that were stolen upon
by the Abolition enemy.t it ia only
1 by a Iborough organization of the, forces
' (o be mustered that any party can well
,. succeed, b any attempt It may under
take., , u Ve it 'h;,.. :;,
The issues of the eoaiiog campaign
, ar mad up ; and upon these issues the
: people ef the Slate of. Ohio, must decide
at the next : October Election,; amonz
which, Li the question of equal political
right's of saffrago extended to the eolored
population of the State, as that enjoyed
by up. Should this question of amend
ment of onr Constitution of State, re
ceive a majority of the votes eaztt then
the question of negro suffrage will ' be
ended. He wilt than have boon forced
iiDon u to enjoy civilly religiously, and
politically, all the rights that the white
in id enjoy, simply by the work of our
own hands.
- Should thh? right ever be granted .to
the colored man, it will be done by the
power of the wbile man; and as there is
no controversy about the provisions of
this Constitutional Amendment, as to
who it means, what it means, or what is
to be brought about by its operations, it
becomes the imperative duty of all per.
sons opposed to its'passage, to unite firm
ly together upon this queatioo, and be
armed with the like mind and spirit of
tba tine patriots of the revolution, and by
their action at the polls, deolare this to be
a White Man'? Government I
The theory advanced, called 4lLi0ic
of Events," at the termination of the
late war, has banded us four millions of
negroes whioh, to-day, are dcolarod to be
the equals of the white raoo in every
particular, except their right of suffrage,
and that they will soon have that.
Let every citizen, in disposing of this
question of negro suffrage, as provided
for in the Constitutional Amendment,
remember that he is dealing with a being,
possessing the form eomwhat, and strength
of a read, but the intellect only of a
child. Remember he has been turned
loose in the manhood of bis physical
sttength, in the maturity of his physical
passions, butln the infancy of his unin
etruoted reason'; and now for us to en
franchise him, would be to raise up i
oreaturo resembling the splended fiction
of romance ; the hero of which can skctoh
a human form, with all the corporial ca
pabilities of a man. and with tne sinews
of a giant ; but being unable to impart
to the works of our hands a perception
of right and wrong, we will fiad when
too late that we have only created a
more than mortal power oi doing mis
chief, and, we will recoil from the moot
iter of our own creation. ' ;
Then we say organize, and organize at
once I . Set the ball in motion, and con
tinue it until the Ides of next October
shall declare Ohio to be redeemed from
the blaok spirit of political ' superstition
and ignoranoe. , True it is, that there are
many persons who now declare that theyj
will not vote for the Constitutional
Amendment. We pay, Amen I and
hope you will maintain your integrity.
Againj it is equally' true, that only a lew
personB have the impudenco sufficient to
openly declare and avow that they will
yo'e for the . Amendment. This is your
right, gentlemen, and we hope you will
have the manly courage, to Bay and do.
dare next full, that you have only reduced
yourself to the level of tho negro.
Let every Demoorat be awake, bo ac.
live, be vigilant, and alive! and
our ' oouoty ticket be put in the field
early in the campaign, and succes will
crown our effort in the election. Let the
township organizations be heard from
every week ; and thus prevent the ims
portation of fraudulent votes into the
county, as was the ease at" the election
last October. ' - 1 -
A Woolen Factoey. A person who owns
large and valuable tract of land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adjoining the Zaleski
Estate, in Vinton county, authorizes us to
state that a site for a Woolen Factory: will
be given free to any party who will build
upon it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about one mile from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. R. R.; and water, coal,
wood, and every thing else necessary for
building and running an establishment of
this kind, being near at hand. We think
there is not a more convenient location in
this county for a Woolen Factory. ' For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
tor of this paper. ....
Stkasqs, but Tauc Some ot the specula
tors who- have .lately returned to different lo
calities in the North from the "Sunny South,"
have just discovered the fact that ih'eg are as
good as the negre. : ' Great Heavens I . Democ
racy has taught your for eighty years that
you were s UltU better than the negro, and
yet'yeu never believed it ' Thousands de not
believe it now. We advise you all t emigrate
the South, and demonstrate tne same fact
freln the old problem, that v : . . , :,(
' "Exffine krpi a dear school, ... : ,
Butroou will learain no.othei."
Phi learn that Southern negroes are not to be
trusted not to be depended open, end that
after dark, small artloles of property often
stiok to their fingers! Strang kind of at
treotion this, indeedl , . - "f
Well, there is room for few more students
down in the "Sunny South" and who will
gof Come, gentlemenl take a coarse of lec
tures; and our word for it, yon will be sat
isfied..' ? ,.
The Waverly ' Democrat comes to this
office occasionally say once in about six
or eight weeks. We received a number
ee Uenday night the first for 'over six
week. What is the matter. Brother
Our follow-to nsman, Gbo. L. Witt, Agent
of Harnden Express, fa this town, visits the
oity Ibis week for the purpose of purchasing a
general stock of IUkd-wakf, Woo.WAa,
Stovis. CoSDioa, Ac, &. Ho will use the
Room formerly occupied by T. B. Davis, as a
Dry Goods Store. '
His stook will be bought from the Manu
facturers and Agents fot caih, and we (can
J : i f Mi'.) f j' ' ;
confindentialiy assure our' readers ' that
i ,' .
Goods will be sold cheaper by him than
Goods in thai line have heretofore been sld
in this market, ' j
He will also carry on the Manufacture of
TIN-WARE, whioh will be sold at Wholesale
"V .
and Retail.
Another Arrival.
The firm of Dan. Will & Baos. is again
represented in the wholesale Dry Goods
market, and their numerous customers may,
in a day or two, look out for a general stook
of NEW Q0OD3 In that line., .
It is madness to sav a word in faver of
this increasing popular Hotse; everybody
knows them and knows thgt it is emphatical
ly the best House . in town; and sella mote
Goods, and sells cheaper than any . other
establishment in the county. :'
Persons' desiring to purchaia will always
find, at their Store, Goods of the but ttylei
and bat quality, and at priees that dufy com
petition. Call on lliem and save money,
' .'
The County Skat Question. Th
County Seat question seems to agitato
the public mind somewhat yet, especially
soma of the property .owners of MoAr-
thur who decline to make valuable im
provemeots on their premises until the
question of the "Removal of the County
Seat" is settled. This is ill wrong, r. We
would say to all persons owning' prop
erty in. this (own, .improve youV'property.
Make it just what you may wish it t3 be,
and not, for even a moment, entertain
the idea of the County Seat being-removed
from "where it is and where it
ought to bo," to Zuliski Why? you
will ask. Wc think we can tell you:
Zileski, or more properly speaking, the
Zaloski Company, purchased the old
Printing Ficts and office of this town and
and removed it to their city, (on , Big
Raccoon between two Big Hills,) called
Zaleski; and tbty expeot to remove the
County Scat to that ciy on the merits of
that old Printing Press. But let it be
remembered that the wicked old Press
has killed two Editors, ''bent" n third,
"burnt out" and "broken up" a fourth,
and the natives of that ctVy are sorely
troubled about the welfare of the nhfor
tunate fifth the present Editor as evi
denced 'by the non-appearance- of the
paper called The Zaleski Echo. It is
really a wicked Pressa destroyer of the
ponce, happiness, and even the precious
lifo of man,' Something ought to be
done nth it immediately we .hardly
kaow what. We suppose it might he
''impeached" or "arrested for murder,"
The paper used to Echo weekly, but late'
it Echo-s rathar more weakly. What
the matter with it now?; Is it intoxL
cated? Wehink that we will not much
miss our guess, if all Zaleski becomes
intoxicated ' on acoount of the , present
fine prospects of the "removal of the
County Seat" and "blow op" on a gen
eral "bust," : ;.'.
We will close by saying again to the
citizens of McArthur : Go td work and
improve your property J let not that old
Printing . Press disturb your .slumbers
any longer 1 the wicked machine annoys
; citizens of the .. betweeo-tbe-hills
wn, more than it does the citizens of this
townl i - v
We did not reoeite thePortamoutUR;
pqblipsD last week. We do not want yoa
mark, the Enquirer off your exenange
list. Friend Drake. We' mast , see it
each week, even- if it does favor African
Soffrage end support "the Government"
sena aiong me , liepuoiican,'. jtnoDd
Wi F, FEtTON, ' Auditor of'' 'Vinton
County," will acpep our thanks for "Ex-
eoative Dooamentay-tJrart Hfor.l866;
and for the Premium and Regulations
for the 18th Annual Fair of the Ohio
State Board of Agriculture' to be'' held
Dayton, on the 23d,' tti, 25th', -426th,
and 27th days of. September,1857.'V-;
Rttn J: K. WiU'a adverUsemenl ia to
day's paper.
Another Arrival. [From the La Crosse Democrat]
Catechism for Radicals?
TJrr) vnn ever mdnrn thti ilnntrina of
equal taxation r
' 7 ------ ' -
Then why make United States Bonds
exempt from taxation and take one huo
dred and eighty millions of dollars per
year from the working men of the
country to give to bondholders as interest
on the bonds they swindled the govern
neat out of 7,
Did yon ever shout free speech, free
press and free Kansas 7 . .
, Then why did yoa mob so maoy Dem
ooratio Drlntin? offices while 'Lincoln
Pid you believe in what Lincoln said
as President?
Then wbv do rou endorse ' men who
are: nok willing' the' Southern States
should, be again in the Union withitbeir
former rights unimpaired. -Did
you help oarry on the war to re
store the Union?, . .
Then why now seek to divide it ?
Did yon believe in abolishing the aris-
toorloy of slavery f m .,
Then why build up- one of bonds, on
which the holders pay no taxes? .
Do yoa believe in Military power and
centralized despotism. , ...
If not. why not let the . Southern
States live in the peaoe ttey ak for and
your President promised them t
Did you help oarry on the war to hen
efit the negro? , .
Then why not advise him to stay
where the climate agrees with him ;
where he has friends, and why send a !
pi on of political beggars in among: the
negroes to cheat them out or thair earn
ings and to keep them poor? ' , .
Do you now wish to beneilt the.ne
Then why make the poor, ignorant.
novertvstrioken. unfortunate pay five
oents a pound tax on the cotton, he rais
es, to support the Bond Holders of New
England, who grow nob at toe expense
of the poor people ttey profess to love ?
: Do you believe in the power and groat
ness of the North? .': .
'Then why oontinue a war upon a bro
ken, unarmed, poverty-stricken people?
Do you expeot the war deDl to oe
paid ?
Then why not let the prodooers of the
land who are the only ones who pay in
the end, live in quiet and help us make
tbeoountry great (
. Are you an honest man ? :
Then why endorse and , vote for the
thieves, oowards, swindlers, union splits
ten and spenutbnft speculators so popu
lar with the radical party ? ;
' Are yoa in favor of proteotiog , la
bor? .. ; .
i Then why not tax capital in United
States Bonds and securities, and exempt
the hard ' earned inoomes ot, farmers,
mechanioi and
miners, men,
laboring people? .
'Would you protect labor in the
North ? . , ! :.. ,, ' . ..
Then why urge negroes to eome here,
to oome in oootsot with the white labor
of the North, now too poorly paid and
too severely worked, f . ".
'. Did sou help carry on the war tore-
store the Union, and if the war was a
success why is. not the Union restored as
when the war began r , ;., ' ...
' Will yoa please answer the above ?
From the Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Lesson for Our Friends.
The following facts, contained in a
letter to the Enquirer, from a Wilkes-
ville, Vinton County, 0., subscriber
Bhows now a little energy and exertion
ill disseminate Democratic truth,. and
the happy results that have flowed horn
it The circulation of our paper and
increased Dernooratio votes go together
If the Democrats . in every town would
go to work as they have in this locality
in Vinton County, we should certainly
carry Ohio this fall by a large mnjority.i
Will titey not need the Iessoo and lollow
the example? Our friend writes: ."
"iMissES, Faban St, McLean; As
the subscription of our little club . of five
expired on April 17, and as we do cot
want to part with our old and tried
friend, we send for the Weekly Enquirer
again. The getter-up of this little olub
was aboat the first to take the' Eoquirer
ia this township about .twelve years
ago,; At present there must be seventy
five oopios taken in the township.'' This
time I tried what ,1 could do to enlarge
our olub, and by a little exertion I doub
led it. .. Let others , try to do the same,
and.. we will soon have a change for the
better. V Last fall we were beaten thirteen
votes, and those votes ' lost bur county
tioket in little Vinton. This spring we
elected ' the whole Demoeratio tiokot by
twenty-eight majority. ' We will do bet
ter this fall, as t great man; Republicans
are not prepared to vote for the negro.
Wishing yoa,' gentlemen, everyj euooess
ia so boldly ; battling 'for our rights ; as
freemen, I remain, yours truly, - .
D. L."
" A fE&sox.wHafcas taken the7 troahle
fo gather statistics on - lamp explosions,
says that during the last two years, ' the
number of "people burned to ' death from
kerosene lamp explosions has been nearly
200, these- disasters having 'destroyed
roper t valued at 16,000,000.' .
'' A" dispatch-1 froei Nashville ;iys :
Manj:; icitiiens from Newton 1 county,
Georgia forty miles from Atlanta, are
almost on the point of starvation, lit:'
.n i .. .,( . . ! '
Importance or A VoTE.7-The New
Haven Register eays thst MrV Logan, the
Demoeratio candidate in1 the Sixteenth
Senatorial District of Cohneoticut,' i de
feated by four votes.' end this elves the
Senate to the Republioani by 6ne tna-
CAisaltha New Btors of J. K. Will, h
Doddridge's New Bu-ilding.
Sowing the Seeds of Discord
and Bitterness.
Foa months there has been a continr
ual ding dong in tho Republican jour
nals that there could "not b perfect
peace, nor 'enduring 'Reconstruction,'
on til the Blaoks South were mode voters.
Humanity; justioe, the theory that Gov-.
ernment in this country rests upon tne
oonseol of the governed, and that there
should be no taxation without represen
tation, they said imperatively made the
demand. By implication, this coupled
with it the asertion that ' the- Blaoks
were suffering from the effects of legisla
tion and government that they were anx
ious to chauea for their betterment, and
that it was beyond- their reaoh to do so
until they held in their hands tho right
to use the ballot. It now appears, aooor-
didg to Republican authority, that, after
all, the lilscks co not compreneua, tneir
duty, politically, unaer mem, to tu new
condition of. affairs; and that it is neoea.
sary for Senator Wilson and othec expo,
nents of Radicalism of the 'prdhitritory
Tariff type to enlighten' them; and. for
that purpose they are now roaming over
the South, sowing the: seeds of discord
and bitterness between the Whiles and
Are we to Have a Financial
' The Chioago Tribune, dne-of the best
informed journals on. fioanoial matters
in the West, says: ,,
The attempt of those who have em
barked in all . manner of speculative en
terprises to realize their investments and
hold the same in cash, is but a prudent
measure to avert the crushiog effects of
the storm, should one come. There is an
unhealthy condition of things proceeding
from all this. The annual stale between
landholders and tenants har an cxtraor
dinary intensity in all parts of the couo
try this season. ' Capital trembles as it
looks into the future. - .Labor is demand
ing an inorease of wages in ha face of
the impending pacio and , prostration.
Never was there a lime when men of
laree means should so hesitate and weigh
well the probabilities of the future before
embarking in new enterprises, and never
was there a time when those who live
upon their earnings, be they great or
small, snouia so reirencu ineir expenui
tures in' every possible means to be able
better to meet the - impending difficulty
It may be that the oouotry will esospe a
season of ' financial - : distiibution
and disaster,' but it -may not
escape it. Those who are hesitating to
embark with their capital in roil estate
and improvements, may ' well consider
whether they are likely to 'obtain any
compensating return upon that invest
ment during a season oi financial disss
ter, and a consequent return to totual
The Reign of Terror in
The Reign of Terror in 1863.
While at Dayton lately we paid avis
it to. Mr. C. h, Vallandigham, who re
sides now where he did when ho was r
rested by Burnside, for the crimo of
making a Democratic speech jo JHG3
His front uoorsttll retaios the marks and
defacement made upon it by the baiter
ing rem employed to force an entrance
into his house. Not finding an entrance
easy in this direction, they turned to a
side door, against whioh they were" more
successful, and tnrough. whose broken
pannels they finally crowded and then
and there etlectea ice seizure - ana kid
naming or the inmate, ibe ciroam
btanbes of that arrest were as extraordi
nary as they were cruel, and calculated
and designed to excite the- deepest alarm
and terror. Id" the dead hour, of the
night, not les,s .than one hundred and
fifty sdldfers se out upon the heroic en
terprise of capturing a private add un
armed gentleman, who was asleep in his
!rti-i,'.irt via
all directions, and made their approaches
as cautiously av.'.if tbey were about to
assail a hostile battery, instead of taking
prisoner a quiet and peaceful . citizen.
As we look, back upon ttbat audacious
proceeding it loses none of its interest ;
but its monstrosity, whala , Viewed .by the
light of history, causes it to assume, if
possible, a aaraer aspect., .ne minoer
pf the arrest was rduph mora, outrageous
than the famous seiture of the loaders of
the Freaoh Republic by Lonjf Napqjeon,'
when ne made bis famous :coup d elat in
1851, the enormity: of whWh has; always
exposed iM -author ? to Reprobation,
There are many reasons: to Relieve , that
when Mr. Vallandigham was eoiaed it was
the intention of the cowards and tnalig
nanto.who prompted jij to put him to
death, after the fashion of the "reign of
terror" in Franco jn 1793;, , Compelled
somewhat by the .force of, publjo'opinion
abandon- this, project directly they still
sought to do it.indlrec()y. ; Ue.was Bent
South, not through the . fegulsr and ao
customed line Of communioation at.City
Point, but through Tennessee., where no
exertion had been spared to so excite the
Ohio soldiers against him that' be ( would
be murdered before he was: through the
Federal liaes, iTht this ;was the., hope
of the getters np prompters o? t,his
kiddapping is certain., a sz.U i'l;V !
. The time will come when the ennrmity
of thia seizure ,'iaad puniahmepot a
promiment oilizen of Ohio; by aq jllegal
and unauthorized tribunal, for, nq other
offense thadi , merely discussing,, before
his fellow-citizens, the polioy of the Ad
ministration,: will ba viewod in ,,it. full
proportions, and it ;; wiU be ieeu , what a
dangeroo precedent was then established
to imperil personal liberty nd to strike
the roots of all .publiq socurity.". It is
not to the credit of oar people that, they
allowed party: prejudice - and .animosity
them front suitably
Adtiitiss in the Enyuiaia,
" Come to Orie1. At-oshocton'-oer
Wednesday evening, U the Dolano elec
tion investigation. Smiley Harhaugb,
chairman of , the .Republican Central
Committee ot : that county, ras unexpec
tedly required, to take the witness stand
by the friends of Oea-ral Morgan. In
answer to an 'ioterogstory, the fact was
estublished that said Harbaugh's own eon
was one of lhe4 skeduddlers, and that at
the last October e'ection. thin son voted
for Columbus Delano. This was a home
thrust! Besides being chairman of the
Republican Central Committee of this
county, Ilarbaush is the man to whom
Delano sent iani duncbcd dollars to
be used as a corruption land in Coshoc
Newark Advertiser.
A Good Ode A Galveston "pontic
man, lately stopping at the : Nicholson
House, Bastrop, was. in a room' recently
oooupied by the Agent of the Freedmen's
Bureau.-.' Ooe evening,. Tom, a Freed
man, entered the room to make a fire, and
after doing so. sat down,? crossed his Jegs
and made himself at home, smoking and
spitting in the Gre-placf. The Galvesi
Ionian asked him what he meant by cuoh
familiarity'; Tom looked up in evident
surprise, and immediately arose, hat in
hand, and in his politest manner, said ;
'Beg .pardoo, Massal didn'( i-now you
was a thought was de
R.wa Bifeuopa m a PoorCocntbt
The oppressive oharaoter of the Estab
likhed Cburoh in Ireland is well shown
by a list recently published in England
of the Bishops that have died in the
former island since 1822, and of the as
sets left by each, in hard cash, exclusive
of real property the deceased may havo
purohaBed, and independent -of any set
tlements that each rray have made' on
members of his family, The list begins
with the Bishop of Cash el, who contrived
to put byS-100,000. Three others died
with loose cash excoeding $350,000 each;
another with $300,000, another with
5273,000, and oonv' The average of tho
whole was 200.000, and the aperegato
was 4,300,000 I And yet the English
ChurCh comprises less than one-eighth
the poople of Ireland a' country that
has been growing poorer and poorer since
1S22. and
off its life-blood
through every emigrant ship. No won
der. It is as difficult to see thoChriBti"
anity as' the political policy of such an
overgrown and rapacious system of eo-
Boston Journal.
Would-'be GBEAxty. Bbkefittcd.-
Since 855 the Democratic party has oot
had .the Govororr of this State, and al
rabst uninierrutjtedlv sine fhat fime'tlo
Republicans hive bad nmplo majorities
in the Legislature to,.do as. tbey please,
a'nH since iSCO they have had the Piresi-deDoy-n4
'Congres.'77Now 'woare"' fold
that ' the Blackt . in our midst would ho
greatly benefited" by beiog msde votor.
How would tbey be "benefited''- if they
were made voters- and -should vote i tho
Republican ticket? "Let us have a satis
factory ansver (6 fhisC '. " T "' '.?.(
Kw Edition, Rcvl.scd Kalarged.
An il Business Form Book,"
A.CO!t:ta.ETEGUIDE in all Mutter of
Law, and Business Negotiations for'eve
ry State in ibe, Union..
With Legal forms,' anil fall instnetiona for
proceed! ng, without leg!l assistance, in suits
and busiuess transactions of every descrip
tion. -
' Together with the different' Sta;e Laws
concerning (lie Colleo'.ion of Debts, Troperty
Exempt from K.xeciit!.on, Leia Laws, Uusary,
Ltoense t Sell Gocls,' Qualification of Vo
ters, Limitation of Action, &c. ' ' '
Also, the General Bankrupt Law, ' with
forms and full iastructions io enable Onnk
rupftf ftrid.'cr$d1tprs;to take full benefi of the
Ao without, "legal .assista'nee. t. ""I.',,
AlsoPpnsiou Laws,. wi'.h full instructions
and fornis t'o'enable tha' DIsohnrgcd' Soldier,
or iSailor , to proenre- Baok Tay,' Peusions,
Bounties, and all. War Claims. ,
- - Also, Patent Laws, with full instructions
to inventors, " '" ' '.i -
Also, Bxoise Laws. -Stftriip Duties, -Post
Office and Cus'om House Regulations, tho
whole action of the Government in relation
to" reconstruction and, Freertmen; Cpnstitu
tionpf the -U.nited Staci, with anieajmentp;
BlaU SealswitVdesWtptipns,So. j
Over. 250,. pages .pew. matter' have Veen
addedyto meet the rf(uireaientii of .the tiroes.
The utility, of such a w,ork no one will
now' question.'' ! The ,eo.le' ; of ' hundreds -of
thousands of copies Of the former editions,
and (ba Constant 'demand or -its ha-v settled
that point. The profes'siohaT inari,' the far
mer, the . mechanic, "the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, esich reqUiVes t ,'coavsn-
tent, comprehenslte ftad reliable, work. , j '
. U'wiTlsave theca faionejV sate them troub
le, sure them time, 'sae.Ui9m iitieation and
lawyers' Jees, and give them informaUan
that liobody eaa afford to be without.; :12rao,
650 pages. ,yn ;i- i,n'j id ui
Ptloe, haOflsomTy Dound $2;i: : J.viio'j
' Sent, poet-pal j,-on receipt of. price; I .
A good, reliable ' Agent"' wanted, in every
town in the United States." 'Also, a respon
sible man At all promineurpoiuU, as General
Agenl. "AlsoP a'fow ' wide-awake men, to
travel itt esfablishjng Agtludies, -. - t :
J.-BHALEY C"0. '
1C4 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Local Business."
taCA!l BAW THEfft Aitl)S:iSSE4tED
ISTin Ttiiti- Column - at joue dollar
" J FftsriinnflKlA Tnilnririlyl '
w. uuiiuriujso, ritstiiunnom tailor, iViCArdtU't
the moHt tuJilOimUe styles. Shop three door north
of WiU'ri(,Un8,ou Murk SKjmtO
. , JACKSO?! C, IL. OfllO,
WILLpractico in the Courts of Jsekion, Vi'nlon
and othr eounfeM,

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