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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 09, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Ilot-Beft riant8.-A. L.Wood
of Webster, Ohio, grows 'exteaeirely for the
public Nansemond Sweet Potato Pnts, Ear.
lr Tomato and Cabbage - Plants, which will
be nicely packed in damp moss so as to carry
any distance safely, aal ( delivered at any
Expwss office for the following prices: .
'Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants 600 for
$2; 1,000 for. S3. 50; 6,000 for $15,00, and
10,000 for $28,000. U
Early Tomato Plants 100 for S2.
Early Cabbage Plants 100 "for - 51, and
Late Cabbnge Plants 1,000 for $3,50. ,
Cash to accompany orders. :
Address, by" mail, Iron Furnace, 1 Scioto
County, Ohio, by Express, Webster, Ohio. 13
Cincinnati Railroad. Many important
changes hare been made in the running of
Trains, which took effoot on Monday last. "
The Mail Train West passes MArtlmr
Station (remember that the Station la only
three miles from town) about one hour earlier
than usual, and the Mail East passts about
an hour later.
The Express Trains East and West pass
between 11 and 12 o'clock at night.
EwcocitAOtao. Our fellow-townsman, J.
Malone, who has, during the past two. weeks,
traveled through parts of Vinton, Jackson,
Meigs, and Gallia Counties, says there is a
good prospect for a large crop of fruit, wheat,
&o. Every farmer was at work all feeling
encouraged, and in a fair way to make a liv-
WnR to Gbt thr Bkst Swrit Potato
Plant. Those wishing Nansemond. Sweet
Totato Plants the best quality raised in the
North should call on or address H. Hulbert,
nt the Hulbert House, MoArthur.. JDe is
raising 25,000esclltnt Plants, and Is pre
' pared to supply customers' atsery low prices.
Casiimede SnAWL Goats. -A num
ber of these beautiful and valuable ani
mala twentyvix, , we believe were
brought to thie oouofy, on Thursday last,
und distributed among the members cf
the CaBhmrrejSoat . Company, which is
organized in the county, and of whioh we
tnnk in oar last isBufc' Dr. "A- Wolf
-has two of the animaU on his farm, about
one half mile west of town.
Go t Strong;' & Glbbna. For
fltoves, Tin-ware, Plows, Saddlery, end all kinds of
Hardware, go to 8toso 4 Gibbonj, on Main Street,
1 McAithur, Ohio, whoav on hand a full supply Of
everything usmlly found in a country hard-ware
store, and which ha been bought at the lowest cash
pricea and will be sold at corresponding figures. 15
Cheapest and Best. G.'W. Sisson
ksepS constantly on'hand a new and fresh supply of
pure Drills and Medicines, Chemicals, Oils of every
kind, Varnishes, Brushes, Dye Stuff, Toilet Articles,
. 1'erlumer.v, Pure Liquors of all kinds, and all other
articles nsiialy leapt ina first-class Drugstore, which
1) (s soiling lowe'r than can be bought the State. Go
(o the New Boom; outb side SLdn Street. 15
Jon Printing Get all your Job Printing
done at the Enquirer ' Printing Offioe, in
Malone's Building, for, besides the best print
ing, you will also find the lowest prices.
V learn that ft man named Bartlett was
run over by a train and killed on the Mari
etta & Cincinnati Rail Kpad,jiear Athens,
on Tuesday morning. .
, SwFETPpjAtbESi ANbSWtET- Potl-
to Plaxb fob Salk. Levi Wyman, who re
sides'lj miles south from Mo Arthur and lj
north of MoArthur Station, wishes to inform
the pttblio that he has for sale a large quantity
of the Yellow Nansemond Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, which he will soli
at $4 per bifcheL; He intends to raise plants
from 50 bushels of Sweet Potatoes 'this sea
son. Those wiehlng Sweet Potatoes orSweet
Potato Plants, will nlease call upon or ad
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, r Ohio
He can, on reoeipt of the money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants ,by Railroad to any point
diva him' a liberal patronage'. " ' '" "
Druus, Boolii anrt Stationery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Medioines, or Books,
will do well ,td. call at Strong'a Drug and
Book Storecorner HulbBrtYBlook, MoArthur,
Ohio, where fii'ev will find a .large atock of
Pure Medicines, ' Liquors.' OilSji Palnts; Dye
Stuffs, Perfumery! andiTOoy Articles.'" ,
rhysicians oan huy.aa low u'li'tnf maj-j
Ket, in Doumru v'M" ..'; l:itiUi.
The attention of thepubllo is called to the
large stock' f 'Cap: antTtrnpefryonlf,
' Ink, Paper, ;Knivea,ulero W-f
School Books can be fought cTieaper at
f5trana' tfn at.any other establishment in
Vinton coup' J,Ai, A i?,
" ""TBI HBA.TKNIT CHKaoBsJ' Wa have ftjr
':sale at this office the most superb steel line
engravings of "tThe . venly ' Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistlne Madonna," which we
Invite everybody especially the ladies to
call ancf see. The trice i low. ' - i ;'
-!r ;;;;; -'T1;;'-7;';
A.ttTicctA -Kotiob. Those iwho prefeti
paying their subscriptions in any kind' of
country produce, or in "; wood, or; coal, are
informed (hat they Can do' so, as' we have
made arrangements to receive the same at
any tima. Send ni'ydur names,: yonr conn
frtry produce.'wobd 'and coal, and we ,wiil'
send you the Enquirer, and then you 111 be
ppy aad "can go. on your way rejoiolng I (
.; . -u' r' t .
- I toa want to bur at sell- scything, no
matter wba4,,tB best way you can siocora
plish yonr objeot f s to advertise in ''the En
quber;'- Kow is the time to advertise. Try
it. ' J '"'- '
Raos Wahtio. Bring all., your rags to
this nffiee, where the highest ' market prlee
will be paid for them. , . '
Locai. items of interest will be thankfully
reoeived from eur friends, at any time, from
any part of this or adjoining connties.
Sratjto work Is coming on in the Field
Orchard, and Garden, and in the ground;
about the rionie as well as ia the House.
The best information about the most pleasant
and profitable . method of performing this
work is. f course, to be found in that large(
reliable andJJ cheap journal, the American
Agriculturalist. We have received the April
number, and it fully carries out the Publish
ers' promise to always keep on making every
number-better than the previous one. This,
like every ether Issue thus far this year, has
eight large pages extra. This single num
ber contains between 40 and CO pleasing add
instructive engravings, one of. them a full
page, and several others very large and beau
tiful. A full three-page calender of Work to
be done will furnish many useful hints for
the Farm, Garden and Household.
A slashing article on Humbugs exposes by
name a large number of the swindlers of the
country people. '
There are, besides, more than a hundred
articles and items full of instruction to every
cultivator of a garden plot, or a farm. More
than 150 000 people now enjoy the advata
ges offered by the American Agricultural, and
everybody else, and his wife (and his chil
dren also) should have it. Its beautiful
pictures are alone worth many times its cost
which is only $1.60 a year, or four copies
$7. . v;,
Take our advice and try the Agricultural
this year, and we will guarantee satisfac
tion. '
Orange Judd & Co, 41 Park Bow, New
York City, are the publisher. ' i
New York Market.
Whiskey quiet
Corn, . ' ,
Pc-k, mess ' r
Beef, :..
Lard, . .
Butter, for Ohio
$11 0015 80
nd unchanged.
1 653 25
1 38(a)l 36
21(n)23 15
41U 60
. lU(aH2Je
' ' 9Uc
' ".' HJ12o
: Money mora , steady at 6 per oeut. call
loans. . '
Gold a shade better opening at 35, ad
vancing to 35J and closing at j!8. , , .
Government s looks a shade higher.
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine
Wheal, prime red ,
Corn, shelled, in hulk
$10' 50
... . 3 16
1 16
' 83o
Cincinnati Market.
Bark,' prime chestnut oak $13 60
Butter, 12al3c
Beans, prime white ' 1 10 3 40
Coffee, Bio . 22Ja25o
Cheese, i : 15al6c
Effiia. 16al 7
Feathers, . .;' 78
Flour, spring wheat - 12 25a 1 5 60
' winter wheat; 1400al7 76
Apples, green . . 3 00a500
Ginseng, 8085
Hay, . 15a22
Wheat, 2 202 87
Corn, shelled ! 90a05o
Oats, ' . , 70a72o
Molasses,'. .. . ; 65cal25
Potatoes, . ... . 60a65c
Special Notices.
i To Consumptives. '.
The advertiser, having ben restored to health in a
Trw weeks by a very simple remedy, atter narmg sut
frred for aaveral years with a severe lung affaction.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow-aufferera the means of cure.
To all who desire it. he will send a coot ot the
prescription used (free of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will find a sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bros-
ohitis,. Coughs, Colds, and all throat and Lung Af
feellons. The only object ot the advertiser in send
ing the Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted, and
spread information which he conceives to be invalu
able, and he hopes every sufferer wiil try his rem
edy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing.- Parties wiehingthe prescription, raxa. by
return mail, will please address ,
'. Williamsburg, Kings Co., Hew YoTk. '
IS" A Yotrjto Ladt ; returninir to her
country home, after a sojourn of a few months in the
city, was hardly recogiaed by her friends. In place
a conrsq, rustic, flushed lace, ahe had a soft ruby
complexion of almost marble smoothness, and In
stead ot twenty-three sne reaiiy-appeared but eigh
teen. Upon inquiry at the cause ol ao (treatachanxe,
she plainly told them that she had used theCiacis-
ai4if Balm, and considered it an invaluable acquis!
tion to any Lady'a toilet By its us any Lady or
Gentleman can improve their personal anperance an
hundred fold.. .It is aimplo in, lis combination, as
Nature herselt is einipieyet unsarpaaaed in Ita em.
oacv indrawins impurities from, also hcsline, cleans.
Inland beautifying the skin and complexion. 'Byiti
direct action on the cntlele It draa..irom it all its
impurities, kindly healing the same, and leaving the
suriace as xvaiuro mienaeu 11 snouia ne. Clears aoit.
amoothe and beanttlut. " 'Price 1, tent by mail or
exprsa,.on receipt 01 as oraejoy , .. : 1
nr I t'l 1D17 j. nn s,. : . ' -
,U,ff ft- . t
lu.o wtsnb rTB,w Dire, oyrncune, z
The only American Agents for tne aale of the aame.
;' Enow, Thy,; Destiny.'1:
Sf adame E. V. TnonNTOS, the sreat Enclish As-
trolopst, Clarvoyant and Psychometriclan, who baa
astonished the scientific classes of the Old World, has
now located herself at Hudson. N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of second
aignc, aa to enable ner hi impart naowitNia 01 toe
greatest Importance to the single or married of ei
ther sex. While jn state of trance, ahe delineates
the verv features ot lha person- von are to marry.
and by the aid ot an instrument of intense power,
known aa the Paychomotrope, guaranteea to produce
life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
appl loan t, together wit tne aste or marnape, posui on
life, lending traits in character. Ad. This ia no
humbufl. as thousands ol testimonials con assert.
She will send when dented a certified cerurtcate,, or
written guarrantee, that the picture la what it par-
purts to ne. 11 v enclosing a smsn iook 01 nair, anq
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex
ion, and enclosing fifty cent and a stamped envelope
addressed ta yourself, yon will receive the picture
and desired information by relnrn mail. All commu
nications sacredly nonfidential, ' Addrea in conn-
dence, Madams E. F. Tmomto, P.O. rloxS23, Hud-
eon, N. T. v ; ....... April 18,ltrefl-lyj f
- A- I.r? S pp. Circular, giving lnormtion or tti
gieatMtltnpolnc' to the young of Iwth exe.
i K teechaa Iww the bonsaly mJ Ucomj teautifuf,
the denpised reapectpd, and llie rnrnRKPn lorea.
. ro young may or rnupniii phuwiu mn . .
Addre, and rewiveooiir uost-wid, hy return inuil.
; AdbMsa r. 6. Drawee fU HI.- -
April 18, 1867-timJ
: . . . Wonderful but True.
' Madam DrmxoTox. .th world-rorinwnod Aetrnlo
git and HnninambiihitieClalrvoyHnt. while in elir
vnvant stle, delinetitea the very tKntHra of the per.
eon yon are to murry, end by the id of an inntru
inent of intense power, known n the Pnychomotrnpe,
gunmnteo to produce anre-lifte pictnrpof the future
uiiMmua or nu ui nip uppncHNr. wmi uiiiv n"
rinxe, occupation leading lrnim of eharactwr, o
Thi it no imposition, us tt-Htimoninln without num.
ber mn Rssart. Hv atatinE ulace ol birth, nee. diro.
anion, color of eyes and hair, end tnclosing" tifty
cents, end stumped envelope Hddreftsed to yourafilf,
y mi will reeiv the picture by return mail, together
with desired information.
a4AddresH in confl lenon,' Madams Ohitud
ItlMlnulciN, 1'. o, Vox m. West Troy, N. Y. .. .
18 NOW receiving from New York, Boston ,
and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
I) R y noons,
consisting m part of "
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Kew Styles Delaines & Shallics,
Double-Width Ginghams
In Broken Plaids,
Large Stock of
Foreign Dress Goods
Very Low and of the Latest Styles,
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop
; Trimmings arid Buttons,
Parasols of all descriptions
- Shaker Hoods, ;
And Cheapest IVoolen Goods
and Cassimeres since the war.
' His Stock of ', '" ,
- Boots and Ladies Shoes ,, .
Ia complete, and can be sold JO per cent, cheaper
man me cneapeai. .
All kinds of
Gr hooe XT. IES
kept constantly on hand, and cheeper than eve..
Ready-Made Clothing,
Piece Goods,
Hats and Caps,
As cheap as in the ynnr 1B4.
XAILS by the pound & keg,
For less than can be bought at any other House in tue
county. ..... .
iKRememher the ytaceDoddridge't New
Building, one Door Wett of the Court lloute.
May.18Wy , ,v
Sheriff's aud Special Master
Commissioner's ale.
Stale of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
Samuel V. Dodge and ' : );
Wary Ann Dodge, Adminlstrntrator In Vinton Co.
and Administratrix of Estate of Court Coin-
Jauiea Dodge, deueased, mon Pleju.
nuinHl; . nrrlo- A I Ia
WillmmMatliews 4 JohnC. P.Brown.J crao.
IJURtiUANT to the oommnnd of an order and
. decree issued from the Court of Common Pleas
ot Vinton county, Ohio, end to inedirected asHheritf
of said county, acting at Special Muster Commis
sioner herein, I will otter at nubile sale, at the door
of the Court House, in the Town of MoArthur, in
Vinton county, Ohio, on
A. 1). 1867. '.'
at one o'clock P M. of said day, the following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Viuton,
and State of Ohio, to-wit: ,
One undivided third-part of the East half of the
South-west quarter of Section Number ' Sixteen,
Township Numbar Eleven, of Range Number Seven
teen, containing Kighty-four and one-fourth ifii'i)
aurre, tnort, orTess.
Appraised at four hundred nftv-nve 'dollars,
(J4&0.U0) and must bring two-thirds of that sum.
Taken as the property of nid William Mathews to
aatisly a judgment against him by said Court in favor
ef Samuel V. iiodfe and Mary Aim Dodge, Adminis
trator and Administratrix of the Kstute of Ja i,es
Dodge, deoeased, . .
Tonnes of Sale Cash in hand at the time sale.
" -bherifl Vinton County, O., -Acting
as Special Master Commissioner, lu this case.
May , 18u7-5w U - ' " -
Lower r Rates!
I AH now receiving a full stock ofGoods In my line.
JL nought at lower ratea wan uia earij spring pur.
Small Wares Generally
XV n i t E
; CS O O DS !
ChilllcotheApitl 25,1867-lm J;1
'THANKFUL for the liberal patronage received for
l in two pasiyeais, ne woui say to tnose aesir
Ing his professional services, that he may alwaya he
found at bia Office or residence, on Main btreet, un
less absent on professional business.
Tabruary .8, i8U7-ly ;
':.'! (r',';r . ,,Lyr,
Thisvetcren and staling ' JourtinT of Ihs' whole
wntld's choicest llterauro opona f tn 2th volume in
the full tiil of that prosporgus and unintermpt
popularity which has snsfainH it at tlie head of the
A merican weekly press for no ily third of a centu-
Itwlllenternponthe Now Year not nniynsa rcpoii
toryofrreshnnd original ncisiflrriwsrr-rtn thelead
ing novelUts of this country, 'England, and Franee.
but also as a mirrior of ih..liH.ie lirlini-s of the old
en tinif, which will be rartfullv revised, nnd adapted
to the most fastidious acquiri'mcnta of modern fasti
and delicaf-y. tach Iiisum will contain, hesjdra the
h( itlinnt serial noveltiea, an nncpnl arrny of Home
and Sncieiy: Htonos, hketehos, and I'oa'tin, by our
beat authors and aiitlionyse, while a -.
have b, en secured to furuinh racy, readable, and
foarlesa criticism.' of
60CUL FOLLIES, , , ..',-
SEW PLAYS, . ' ".
anrtall persons, things, and events in whirh the
-T.ivicvwunbry may
' besuiiposedtotakk fnecinl inti.r.
1. oOwevee. In Mnv'nM IVL.TViviMrtiiilB.
the choicest productions of the her.fc,,n,. ii.l
noranenus genius, the proprietors of The New York
Yew'"!?' "1"kinsl'l'c,l etn.rtsUuringthe New
from the modest ranxa of those possessors ol mark
ed intellectual ab'lit.ei who have huherto been de
teired Irom seeking print through lenr of oddorial
rehurr orneglct.
' ' COLUMNS, "
and the proprietors promise to lie generous as wel
as just ih dcuiding what manuscrip's are worthv ol
"'' "'! ninny a gem of purest ray serene,
The dark, unf ithnm'd caves of ncim hear:"
arm mil many possessor! of real genius may be thus
discovered ! and brought to toe appreciation and re
ward which, otherwise, might nevoi he theirs.
1 he paper will man un.inL-ia uiih ..... ,
ciai pungencies, aide-apitting gossip, piquante fem-1
mine correspondence, curious and inton-sliiig news,
an u enicrary talk of the season, valuable fashion-
i,i..ic, m,rv ann other tules for the little folks, con-
V.," ,n".'lor 'be most re-narkabla now buos. and
A number of choice original serhls, each of them
writlen expressly for , the New York iVIercury, hy
v ?,?n,tribut01's Hs.MissM.E.ltrandon, I'uive
Mtan, will mm tiilmore isimms, Cousin .Vlay Crle
too, Alexandre T)iitrit.a PniHd n.,it...,H n.i
of that rank, wdl be given ui rapid auceessiuu.
To mail siihseribers, our term are: ;
Cash in advance: .Sin..n,u, ,w 9 t ha.
copies, 87; six copies, Std; pine copies, J:o'. The
wnusenns us f 3) lor a club or oipeci pies will
receive an additional conv fiee. Sir mnin.' &,,h.
scriptlon received.
Bubscribers should he careful to write plainly the
name ol their post office, countv, and State rtcoi
men copies tent free lo all applicants. Addreaa.
Proprietors of The Few Y,.rk Mercury,'
os. 48 Ann Street uud lia Fulton Street,
,. ,.. . Acn York City.
March 7, 18C7 4t ' '
Ecbeka Cider Mills.
i- VlCTOtt- CANE 'M ILL, "' 1
Stab Corn. Khelleh, ., .;
,TJi jHorsf. fowKif Forks,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rako
double" shovel'p lows, '
Crawford's "Garclch Cultivat6r.
Amalgam Bells,
And many other ntticidsin the way of Implements,
inoigniiii eini;uii.eof - r ,j
h-UKli rOKWt) AD IMHHEE SEED, aclectud
vane-.ies. pena ior circulars.
March 28, 17 ly
The Cheapeet Magazine in the Worldl
THIS popular and widely circulated Mngnr.lne has
now reached an edition uuequalled in this coun
try, tacn numoer is ornamented ny numerous fine
engravings, and is complete in itself, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to bo the cheapest and best Mago.
sine in .the world.
. ' TERMS.
H 50a year; evn copies 89 00; thirteen copies
$16 00. Single copies 15 cents. Address
. ...Boston, Mass.
Devoted to. Literature, 'Agriculture, and General
Intelligence, and comprising Reports of Patties, In
cidents, and Anecdotes of thu War, never before
published. By .. .
General D.' H. Hiu, (Lute of the Southern
' " Army.) '
J. IawntA D. E. HiLt.
T. Three Dollars year, it paid In advance,
or Five Dollars, if not paid till the end of the year. 1
- i - ... Charlotte, North Carolina. '
Marchl.180T. .... ..
J.W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
Duplex Elliptic;
i : . J - (OR tkOOBM miXO), . -1
' '' ' JS HZ. X m '
coMroar and.riaAscaa to. any Lady weariUB the
Duplex Elhptlo Skirt will be experienced particularly
In all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriages, Rail
road Cars, Church Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and Houee Dress, as the Skirt can be folded when
m use to occunv a small nlnce aa easily and con
veniently as a Silk or Muslin- Dress, an Invaluable
Simlity m crinoline, not fouud in any Single Spring
Irirt. - 1.. ...., , , . .
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort nnd
great convenience of wearing the Duglez Elliptic Steel
Spring Skirt for a single day will never anerwaras
willingly dispense with their use.,. For children,
Misses ind Young Ladies they axe. superior to all
othera.. '
The will hot fiend nr hrenk like thaHihcne Snrinp.
bnl will preserve their perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Ski rta will have been
thrownastdeaa useles. - me noons aro covereu
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only double springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing them from .wearing out when
araggingaown swops, eiairs, c.
The Dunlex Eliinlio ia a areat fayorite with all la
dies and ia universally recommended by the Fashion
Msirarineaas the STANDARD bKIUT . OB! THK
To enlov tho followniB enestiraaoie advantage in
Crinoline, via: Superior Quality, Perfect Manufae-
ture. Stylish Shape and Finish, Flexibility, Durabili
Comfort and Economy, enauire for J.W. Brad
a uupiex Ainpua, or uouuiv opruiK oairi, U1114 o
sure vnu get ine uonuine snicio.
CAtlTION. To auard anainst IMPOSITION be
particular to O'0E that ekirla offered as "DU
PLEX" have the red Ink stamp, Tit , "J.W. Hrad
lev's DhDtex Elllntio Steol SnriuKS," upon the waist
band none others ate genuine, Also notice that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being passed through
theoentre, thus revealing the two (ur double) springs
braided toiether therein, which la the Flexibility nt
atrenith, and a aombination not to be found In
other Skirl. ... . .
FOR SALE in all 6torea where FIRST CLASS aklrta
soldi throughout the United States and alsewhve.
Mamifaatured hy the Sold Owners of the Patent;
97 Chambers and T 6 81 ReerieSfr., N. TJ
Tebniaryl UM-Jm
!j: ' : rj'i ' ;:i '" "
nulli nml VVmI. In InflilMwu n miM iu a..
or tn
For mi.
' ,y Prmiumt Amounting to' '
' J55i,4,4,a ooi
i ' To U Dutnluttd in April, 1807,
For Lit of Premium and Pnrticulnr '
distribulion. s;e " the Weekly Kni(ulrer
and Suhseriptlon Ciroularef
t TfE. 'hi Tar, otS" pne to the aWe nmnnf tt
en Incentive tn.iho-e ofour patrons who wil
rxart themselves to fnrin c'uhs
It .
iur rnnercoiilf
taken in the hoiiMiot'l
of all onr fiemneratii'
IpHti. ehtmuinff the uoliticrtl ai-nret ol n'hir, I'l..
Rroat no'nt tor winch all Irienils o iiic I. n un shonli!
InNirior i the riisseminntion of riemocrntic truth
If if had hud nn eo,nsl hearinc with the erroraolour
opponent". V BHlinuld never have had the tcrrtblt
i ritis of the last five years. Tauijlit by end experl
nice oi'its iie.ssity, we trust the Democratic preg
ia m fotuie to have iv larger sphere of influence ant
circulation. . .
V liat evil have fallen upon the land, owing lo the
erroneous pojit'oal ednst'on of the nUMsesI If e
would restore the old order of thiiitfs once more, ef
fect National lltily and the old-f-innl Peace aud
rreperity, we must place the C'lnocrncy cii, in
power. Aw auxilary to this end, and as ihemcst ef
fective agent ,n 'ne work, we repeat, ia tho cirvula
tion of the Dertiocratic press.
The Knquirer has some claims npon the ennsldem
tioii of tl Democracy that are universally a"knowl
edfteil 'I'hroueh proscription and persecution un
exampled, with military edict cutting oil our cir
culation in whole Mates and districts, tliretncil
Willi totil supiiressioii, poisonal iniiria'jnment and
unto violence if wo did not change our course, we
stood by the Deinncratic flag and gave, expression to
itateaeta. Twice burned to the ground within tliir-
lt'1'11 fllUIIIIIM, UIMI H'lllH i n h'chuji. pCIlllliliy U1S-
li'-iers cniisr((Mcii iimjii u, we nave iievee lowt an
Issue of our paper, or broken a promise to any o
our subscribers- In the future, na in the past, nnilcr
the sun of prosperity n well as the clouds of adver
sity, we shall hearnfoft the Donioemtin Banner, and
he faitMnl to Its orsnnisatinn. Will not the Demoo
racyof the Northwest aland hy them who were true
in thedarkeet honra to their political ' and personal
interest-., and will they not, exert themselves tola
crease our circulation? ' ...;; -
As n business and finally journal, t!io Knquirorlm
no superior. Jiaeli number eontumr a larcainonnl
ol gepcral news, latest, and most reliable, intelli
gence ami rettillng matter. Kinnncisl and Cornnier
ci'il Ncwais made a special feature of t he Enquire-.
An unusually large spaca xf. devoted lo full and
reliable reporis of the rulingprices of this and other
markets. - ' .... .; .. - i
'I he Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to subscri
bers, nt the Pillowing reduced rates;
' (jinglociipy, on,-year, . , 109
"' " six mouths, .(;.. 126.
Ten oopiest one year, S UO
Witn ainidditionalcopy to the getter lip of thelut.
Money to be sent at our aisle by express, prepaid,
or in registered letters bv mull. For sums over ten
dollars by mail, drnlLs or post otilue money orders
should be procured. Address
, .. FARAN & McLKAX. ' ' J
Cincinnati, Ohio
Specimen copies end subscription circulars con
talninglistof prise and all necessary luloimauou,
sen on application.
;. ,': PROS PECTUS' ..
' or TnE
o n 1 o $t a t is S .11 A "X
"' 'For 1807.'' ':' I '
AS in the past, throngh' snnshln and storm, Tne
Ohio Statesman wiii continue iifiexibly Demo
craiio unalterably devoted to an advocacj of the
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit and in let
ter. and to the preservation of the Union. Aside
fro.n this, The Statesman will bestow particular at
tentiou to., , ,. , : .. t .A .
JVfjjjf,' Legislatiee ' and Congressional
" Reports, Choice, '" Instntctivt and '
.1 ... ,. Pleating .Literature.' ''
And will give faithful market reports from the lead
ipg Commercial Centers of the country. '
On the l.ltli of December. The WAeklv Ptatosman
will be so enlarged aa to giro two and a half addi
tional eolumnat ( iding matter weekly.. The fol
lowing are the i '. ' ' " ,
Daily Statesman, per yoai, '. 8 9 On
. six inomns, -.- "
T ri-Weekly Statcsiiwn, jier year, .' ft"
; .- M " six months, li 'J4
One copy, six months, for
One copy, one year, for J ' ' - ' : -.
Fivecopiep, one year, for ; ' ' '' .. ,
Tennenpiesj one year, lor 1 ' '. .
Twe ty vop.et, one year, for ,
Kiftycopies, one year, for ' '
1 (10
ii (.0
9 00
Columbus, Ohio.-
Sold bj the trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,'
200,000 fttrnithtd the U. S. Government.
Army Revolver, 7 , ' 44-1(10 in. Calribre,
Navy Revolver, ' '- ' wf-lol) in. 'Calibre,
Pelt Revolver, ';"'" ..' -;. . I: Kavy Sire Calibre,
Polico Revolver, Kavy Slzo Calibre,
New Pocket Revolver.; . - - SI -100 in Ca'ibre.
Pocket Revolver, ' (Rider's pt. 31-100 in. Calibre,
Repeating Pistol,' 1 1(Ellipt pt.) No. 22 'ii Cartr'ge,
Vest Pocket Puttol, Ko.2'2,SO, 32and 41 Cartridge,
liun lane, . no. ma ana as
Breeoh Loading Rifle, (deal's); No. 32nnd 3S "
Hfvolviug Rifle, ; - .-. 1 aud H-Iu6in Calibre.
Moore A Nichols,', ,
Wm. Reed A Son, , '
Jos. 0. C4rubh4 Co.i- -'i-j .
Poultney 4 Trimble,, ,
Henry Eolsom Co., ,
Johnson, Spencer 4 Co,,' , '
L. M.Ilumsev 4 Co., ..- ' '.:
Albert E. Crah, , f ;,.
,:Maroh2,l,l!ki7-ly .-. ,
A Q I X t i.
" New York
" ' " " 1 - ' Boston
1 Philadelphia
New Orleans
' . St. Lonis
Ean Eransisco
ti '
4--; , ;,.;"!;,''f;;'","i,pn':
1.1 e.i i.r 1
1S6T. ,1 f -.'.... tsct."' 1SGT
The practical Farmer' own' paper! The cheapest
nnd best Atrricultural and Horticultural ifturnal In
Aiuerica. Uliiatroted with numerous engravings of
j-nriii iuiKiin;s, Aiiiiimis, .impiemems, i runs, r low
ers, 4c. Only ouly one dollar a year. Agents want
ed in every villaae. toy.n. countr and State, to form
clubs.'tfl whom M-LKXDin Paamvat are oflereoV. For
lull particulars of which, send lor a specimen copy.
Now is the time to subscribe. Kend oh vonr name
and the name' of your frlond.O Address, " .1! j .
Publisher and Proprietor; . ,0
necnesor,,new ,orir
.'. : A' TACLES. OLD '"- '"'
' EYES'' MADE '' NEW, ,ti-:,:
easily, without doctor
-r or medioines.- Sent.
post paid, on receipt of
10 cents. il fi ii H
''U.i & iji3o Broadway KjXf iwJ:
''1 1.'. r-nt'.
! ', ' FORF "'AND 1 CORK:
it,i 1..
'line i
' Sent postpaid on hni''J ws
. ecipt ef ,10 : ents.'T
' Address ,1 "."-I'll ..',
Dr. E. B. FWTF,
, lj30Broadwsy,N.Y..'
17 00
'2 li I
' !
il'JleautLrr'f '.'Prem'iriiiii.TEnfritlBg, tti Ra-,
dueej 1'rjces to Cluba
VI?. LADY'S- rr.lE.N'U annoA'nVa tor lm
following nove
let,: A Mew liiory bv Mrs. Uenrr
Wood, auila.r ol 'lia-t Lvnne "The f'juiinmijrs."
.'Ilow a Woman hid her Way,' hy KliMlfelh' Pres
ett,' nurMr'rV tfojd by -the. Sun.; -'Jo Longer,
Voiintr;' by Amanu W. Douv author of "lal
I' in',' etct 'lara Ost,d,' by amok Keuediet.
It will civjr a plea b 1 d'Mible !' tlnely tolored
e'HMliion 'Uiui-iinvf d an siel nx Meay imiulmr.
It will it v a beautifully e'keviiiej fjui. y sleel en
;ravinf and a b-rtie usnrtriiwntvf wood cuts, illust-i-i-.tin:;
i.iHhiiifii, laocy work, et,-., in very number,
Ii will giva-a popnUr.pieee fit !W nsic, worth Ihe cost
of the inHKhsine itvelf. in evi-ry iiiiiulier. It will glva
1 copv of die Heautiiul Premium fleel F.r.graviug '
Mine ot Life's Happy Hours' M by iO inches, to er-i
r puiffie 32,51) subscriber, and Ut every nersooA '
club. . . . M-
ln.fTers as prcm'nnis WhrelerA Wilson's Kewmj :
MHi'lnnes, Silver Plated Tea Hrts, Snoons, Pitchers, '
(iold and silver Waiches, (Jims, Itifles, . Melodious, '
Cloihes Wringers, Ai'pieltin Cycloptidiaa, c.
1 copy. ImuI theeuitraviiiK.l
t W
00 ? ,i
8 ( ' '
' et.pies, . . . .
tiropies, fund pne grati")
rallies, (and one yraiis) "72 ( 11 '
'.'Ucotue raud one uratil is of
One copy ewh of ihe Ladv'a Friend and 'the Satur-'
dav Evening I'ost for f 4 nfl. '
The getter n p 'of at MtnVWitt fttwa rweeirwaeopy nf
the Premium Engraving, Memlwrs of a club wish
iugthe Engraving intiM remit one do! ar extra.
wauTemee deHiroui pf getting up clubs or premiuin.
Iim shuiild euclose lo cente (or sample Mugaaiue,
containing the particluars. Addreya
" , 33 Walnui Street, Philadelphia, P.r
s . I!cpara(or CnpUIa.',' '
Thrw away yoar false ftitzes, your switches, your-
Destructive of comfort, nnd not worth a ffg! ' '
i;ome aired, come youthful, eome ugly and fiiir, 1
And rejoicein your own luxuriant hau. ' : ' '"
IOIJ restoring hair npoh haH head's (from wlmtrv
. er cause It mny have lullen out) and foreinji .
growth of hair upon tho face, it has no equal. It will
(orce the beard to grow upon the smoothest face in'
from live toight weeks, or hair Upon heads in Irom
twotothrw. A few practitioner hafcn asserted that
there la not ing that will force or hasten the growth
of the hair or be nd Their assertions are false, an
thousands ot living wilnesses (fioip their own oxpe
(ieiieo) can hear witness. J)ut many will say, how am
e to distinguish the genuine from the spurious! It
certainly is difficult, as nine-tenths ol the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and heard are
entirely worthless, audyoumay have already thrown
away laige aniounls in their purehao. To such w
would say, try the Heparrttor CAppilli; l( will ost
you notliing unless it fully immes to our repreaenla
tions. If your Druggist does not keep it, seod lis on
dollar and we will lorwardit, postpaid, together wih
a re enit for the money, which, will be rtiirnej yon
on appli'iatlou, providing eiitire-'aatisfaotion ia not
given. Address,
- L., CLARK & ' CO., Chemists, ' ' '
. Nov3,.WejtFayetteStrecf,.
algylj " Byraeuse, New VorlcV
Thomas Hcnch, Administrator! '
of Estate of Dr. John Coat r'i:nh ,'td' Pell'
deceased, . t Beul Estate,
' ' against ' 1 ' " - ' '
Arthur Couts nnd others, ' I 1 , .
In Vinton County 1'robate Court', S(ate of Ohio.
To Arthur Coat and Samuel C. Cae, who reside in
theStatoof Ohio, and to the. .unknown heira of Dr.
John Conle. deceased:
OC are hereby notiflfd (hut Thomas Peoeh, Ad
X mmistrator of the Estate of Dr. John Coats, de
ceased, on the 23d day of April, A. D. 18W, filed hi.i
(M-titionin tho Probuto Court, within and' for the
county of Vinton, aud Stute of Ohio, alleging that
the personal estate of decedeut is Insufficient to pay
Ins debts and the charges ol Administering- his Ea
tute; that he died seized in fee simple ot tfle follow
ing described Ken! Estate, aituate.in .said cotinty, to-
i he North-west Quarter of the South-west Quarter
of Kange N'uintjer seventeen 17, Township Number
J en (lii.J Section Siimber'fwo 2,J containing forty
one acres inorn or less.
. That Arthur Coats and the unknrinl heirs ntjaws
who hold the next Estata of Inheritance therein,
the prayer of said petition is for tho sale ol said prem
ises, subject to such charges and loins thereon. '
Said petition will be for liearmunn the 2th HaV nf
May, A., i). HkiT, or as soon thereafter as can be
neaid. . , THOMAS BEACH, Adro'r '
- of Dr. Jolin Qoats, deceased.
April 25, ;W-4t .. ..
Tbereoometh glad tidings of joy to nil,' "; ' l'
To young and to old, to great and to small; ' f1.
Th beamy winch once was so prc&ioua aud.rare,'
Is Iroe for'all, aud all my be fair. . , . , ., ,"
Bj the we ot '
; c u astk l l aR' S ;;; '
S3 1 TK 1. 1Q11D
FOR improving and beautifying the complexion'.
The most valnabla and perieet preiiaration in'
use, for givingthe skin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that
is omv found in votith. !t quickly removes Tan.
Freckles, l'unples, lilon-nes, Motti i-iwenes', sallow -3
ne-s. Ei iipiioiis, anil all Imparities of the akin, kind
7SW,ly hsliiiK the same, leaving the skin white and ciear
as an auioasiflr. - lis us canno oe usiecM-a oj-tim
closest scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation
ia periec.ily harmless It is the Only article used by
tho French, and Is considered by the Parisian as i
dispensabie toa perttct toilet. Upwards of 30,00i
buttles were sold during the last year, a sufficient
Currantee of its efficacy. Price only 76 cents. Ben
v mail, post -paid, on receipt of an orue', by -
' BKlluElt, &UUTTH 4 CO., Chemists,
April 18,Wii7-ly ,, ,28;,KiverStrett,Troy, N. Y.
Exterminator lit
For Removms
5upcrfluou KCiir!
0 the ladiea especially,"
mis luvaiaiaoia
depilatory recommends itself as being
an almost mdiapenstble article to femaU
beauty, .is easily applied, does' not burn or
injure th akin, but aots directly on the roots!
It is war-rated to remove superfluous hair
from low foreheads, or from any part' of the
body, completely, totally - and radically ex
tirpating the same,' Having the skin soft,
smooths and natural. This 1 the only arti
cle used by the French, and -is the only real
effeotual depilatory in existence, '. Trice 75
oehts per package, ant post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt of an order by ,
: 1 ,: 285 River St., Troy, N. t. '
j. -. , M
. Oh, was ahe beautiftil and rnir. ; ' "72
1' Wiih starry eyes, and endiant nair. "9 1 1
Whoseouling tendinis solt, entwined )"if
knuhoined the very heart and mind. ' JW"J 4T
For Cxirling thtllair. bf eithsm Sex info Wavy
and Olestg Uinglett or -Heavy Mauive Curb.
BY using this article 'Ladies' -and Oefatle
men can beautify themselres a thousand
told. It la the' 6nlj article 1 the world
that will curl' straight htir, and at the earn
time eive it a beautiful.'- elossv apf)eranc.
The fJrisf.er' Coma ' not only' onrla - tho. hair,
but Invigorates,1 beautifies . aad ttleatisea 11.-
le Eighty and delightfully' perfutned; and it
the most complete article of the" kind ever
offered to the. Arnerieau pubfic. The Crisper
Coma will bo enr"to : auy- address,' seated1
to nitriftidf for'f'i; r. - ' i'',' : . ... i,h
' Address all ordt' IS ! ' ! - a aJ
''.! ; 1 w t. ci ivv.i, rh -eC-i.i.. .
JNd".r3 West Fayette Street, Straeuse.-N. V.
U - m Hi'i.ii-Viq r. mii , 1,, ,i i, 1 r r
nw i;,l ll'em 7I1A .!., 1-1 !,.-,.. It .. .
i j c
ini ml) 1 CONFIDENTIAL INn m
) t.i it .fOKMATlUN i XO
it a.tj 0:
.Sent, ,
0 .-i a 1
6)) vi ..n,lfll : KiiiIiiii titi , ,
v -i i. l;
"" W'lTtopV Of 10 ;dQt.-.5 -,. , ,
';H"'''ilddrw 1 lhtt.. .. Ba-; -B.' , '. .
mit FOOTER ''Author ''.ef 11 1,:
'iJt ': s Mi d 1 ta 1 0 0 m m 0 nr-,-,
'"": Sense. e :, vvj,!-. ,.,
. :'i'U0 Broadway, N.Tt 1
Vebnary St, IttT;-; y ks'.i ' s, . .
-t if- .' '
1. 1
'J ) ..
': J

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