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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 09, 1867, Image 4

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Democratic Enquirer
SUbs.Hye , ,
48 Hve Malt (sacks)
M Wheat
- Sweet Potato
n lonrn Meal
J4 (Turnip
M " bait
70 " Clover Seed
gn ' Timothy beed
i Klax
S3 " llcnip
46 iCannry
40 "
o "
60 "
54 "
M) "
82 "
so "
4 "
Barley Mali Btg
fern in ear
Onion U
Peaches, (dried,)
TttUtoei f
so Nlll". 7
S3 ' Hungarian Grail '
0 iHlue Orast "
Cntir Taikt roa BiHB . A correspond
tnt of the County Gentleman gives :he follow
T.V. nit n.na.1. about One Quart to tWO
t.narls of water. Boil half an liour. When
i. i... ..niot l tal ilia ton and mix with
I. I1 o ocitiv,. a twKw f
Vanitian red. far other color and with a
common brush. He knowi of a mill painted
thua aeven or eieht years ago that is still
well corered with the paint.
StiBCH raox Potatois. A staroh factory
n Vermont last year used 28,000 bushels of
'potatoes for which thirty cents per bushel
were paid. A coarse variety called "Cali
fornia," which yields 300 or" 400 busbela per
cre, was used. Thus an Income of $100 per
acre was obtained from land not worth 520
per acre.
riiHT Co as early as the season will
admit. In order to ensure a good orop, itjis
necessary in this latitude to take some risk
of late frosts, and put it early in.order to
get it ripe before the early frosts of the fall.
. A S T It O L O G Y . "
The World Astonished
Madame H. A. tPERRIGO.
SHE reveals secrett no mortal ever knew. She
restores to happiness those who, from doleful
events,catastrophes,crossesin love, loss of relations
and friend!", loss ot money, have become de-
i . UI tnnuthar thn.A 10112 SCnaf-
led, gives information concerning absent friends or
" 1 . ..a.abt f alia t'ill t hO
lovers, restores lost ormnra iiiupci.j, j
business you are bert qualified to pursue and,m
what vol: will be most successful, causes speedy mar-
j in .k. .,... Ann vnn will msrrr.
give von the name, likeness and characteristics of
me person, pnonaunjmii r t
her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark
and hidden mysteries.of ihefuture. JP"
we see in the firmament-th malefic stars that over
come or predominate in the contiguration-lrom tno
. aspects nd positions of the planets and the fixed
star in the heavena at the time of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. Kail not it consult the
greatest Aslroloionearth. ltcosts you but a trifle,
and you may never ax'n have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Cousuttation free, with likeness and all de
aired information, 11. Parties living at adistancecan
consult the Madame br mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as it in person. A. lull and
explicit chart, wriltea out, with nil inquiries answer
ed and likenesa enclosed, sent by mail on receipt or
price above mentioned. The strictest secrecy will be
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highest order furnished
thoae desirin them. Write plainly the day of the
month and year in which you were boin, enclosing a
email lock of hair. . . ,nn.
Address, Maii H. A. PERR1GO.
K18J. . P. O. Drawer IfflJ, liufl.ilo, N. Y.
w n I S K E It &
"nORCED to grow upon the smoothest face
V in from three to five weeke by using Dr.
IRE, the most wonderful discovery in modern
ecience, asting upon the Beard and Hair in
an almost miraculous manner. It has been
used by the elite of Paris and t ondon with
the most flattering success. Names of all
purchasers will be registered, and if entire
atifaction Is not given in every in stance,
the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price
by mail, sealed and post-paid, $1. Desiript
lve oiroulars and testimonials mailed free.
Address BERGER, BI1UTTS & CO., Chemists,
No. 285 River Street. Troy. N. Y. ' Sole
Agents for the United States.
' 1 Tht Stale of Ohit,
Offiet of tht Secretary of State.
1, Wilmai( Hehei Smith, Becrelary of
Btate of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the following is a true copy of the
'joint resolution passed by the Geaeral As
sembly of the State ot Ohio, en the 6th day
f April. A. D. 1867, taken from the original
rolls on file in this office.
In Testimony Whereof, 1 have here
unto subscribed my name and affix
L. B.1 ed the great Seal of (be State of
Ohio, at Colubus, the 6th day of
April, A.I). 1867.
Secretary of Slate,
1 Eels the to aa Amendment of the Constitn-
tion, providing for the extension of the
elective franchise:
Rtiolvid by tht General Atumbly of the
Btatt of Ohio, (three-fifths of the members
elected to each House agreeing thereto,)
That U be and is hereby, proposed lo the
electors ef IhU State I tote at the next annual
October elcotioa, upon the approval or rejec
tion 01 ine following auienuuicuv u m buu
et.it ute for the first tectie of the fifth Arti
cle of the Constitution of this State, to-wit:
..Every male, citixen of the United Btates, of
the age of tventy-ono years, who shall have
bees a resident of the Slate one year
next preceediag the election, and of the
county, township, or vtird In which
1. . ...iilaf soi.1, iim ka mav a rjro-
videdby law, except such persons as have
borne arms in support of any insurrection or
rebellion against the government of the Uni
ted States, or have led from their plaoes of
residence to avoid being drafted into the mil
thereof, nr Lava deserted the
. .U I J ... w.,.
n;i,i.rv nr naval fsrvic of said Government
ia lime of war, and Lave not subsequently
been honorably discharged from the same,
hall have the Qualifications of an elector
aud be entitled te vote at all elections.
Fptiktr of the llovte of fitprtttnlatirt:
Jttiidtnt of the Snail
rad April 6, l?6T. (8
Apnl 1, 10T...
THE CRISIS, For 1867.
Tbc Seventh Volume and the Seventh
Year of the publication of Tub Crusts is
about to begin, and, in acoordnnoe with cus
tom, we issue our Annual Proapeotus. We
n.d not McaDltulate its history daring the
stormy years of if existence, nor remind
those who nay reau it, oi ua sorvjuco m up
half of the great principles of the Democra
cy, and wnat Its conductors conceiveu, uu
what time has shown, to be the best interests
of the country. Its merits hare oeen ac
knowledged ironi tne time u was siancu uj
thal.Teleran and distinguished journalist,
Got- Hsdabt, ana iib jiroscm suuuuoivm
simply claim for it the credit of an earnest
and undeyiating adherence to the plan and
principles or US lounaer. in an vuo puim
cal yicieeitudes of the past six years the
failure of some, the aposiacy oi outers, ui
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of Demucracv, Tub Crisis has neyer denia
ted from the straight r'n of P'inoiple, nor
b.en allured by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
J..fnot ni1 disaster.
On the score of principle we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, Honesty, ana consist
A newsDSDer we claim for it the
merit of being an txponeut of Western in
terests and ideas, a reuaoie journal oi lue
times, a valuable oompanion of the farmer,
the mechanic, the business man, and the
family circle. It is our aim to fill the large
.) wlili maLtar of real interest and rer-
maoont valni. to diaauss Questions of urin-
oiple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve, and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which goes so far to all up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements and the sensa
;nnoi rilv nf the ln.v. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving or tho course or in
Cbibis in this respeot, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. The reliable
market reports and the great amount of
statistical, agricultural, finanoial, and po-
lilinol infarnillHlin W TjubHah. IS of !ui-
corlance and value to business men, farm-
.m mAKhBn m ann nouiioianH . wniie mo
si Of au v.uuu.vi., r '
riaire of literary miscella
ny which each number contains, commends
it to the borne circle 01 an.
Th nniiiinat views of Tub Cbisis scarcely
reouire definition. It is in favor of Demo-
cratio nrinciDies tn an tneir uresuia nuu
. ... 1. 1 J.U .-J
t.nrilv nvnonnded by TlloMAS JgFFKRSON.
and the other really great men and founders
- . . , . 1. : 1. . 1.
of the uovernmeni, ana uyuu imu iu
Government was successfully conducted lor
nniti r. it. is orjnosed to the A00I1-
tion despotism which now controls the Fed
eral Uovernment, in au us suujico ouu u
j.. i,.tA. ilavin It mnv annear. It is
opposed to the entire Abolition theory of
politics, ana all tne monstrosities, uuiu-jugs,
and delusions which grow out of it. It is
opposed to the thieving jascality, the ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery that
it,o toonhina hAva devised and out in ODera-
tion to overthrow Republican Government,
inamriirat snarc.hv and absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannioal, insane, and oorrupt
legislation. And in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue to u nnuuut
fear or favor. -Tn
nrdej- a' snccessfullT conduct such a
paper as Tin Cbisis, it must have a large
muBt nave a large 1
list of subscribers ; and to secure that we
relv upon our friends and those who have
taken the paper, n e cannot compete w uu
the cheap, shoddy pub'.ications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; but we earnestly solicit
the aid or our reaaers in cxienuiug our cir
culation by their personal efforts. It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate wiu enaoie us to mrmau mem
.;iv . ..mi fnllv eniial in size. suDerior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of a
great deal more interest ana importance to
Western Democrats. Friends, shall we call
upon you in vain, lor tne smaii iavorwe
ssk, and in a cause 01 sucn magnitude ana
value? Now is the time to send in sub
scriptions for the new volume, which, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the
amount of the subscription puce.
One terms are 3.00 Der rear. $1,50 for
six months, $1.00 for four months.
One extra copy will be sent to any one
ma! tin, nn a ftlnh at nix Yearly aubacribers :
and to any one sending a club of ten for six
or four months an extra copy for the club
li m.
For a lub of ten yearly subscribers a
copy of either of the five bound volumes
('61, 'C2, '68, 64 or '05.)
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a
complete sett of the volumes of Tub Ckisi
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867.
vitmrllDITV .nknnwtiutff.fi Ihjl sinrlal
U1VI V X.1IOUU. Si -
Parlor Magazine of America, devoted to
Original Stories, Poems, Sketohes, Archi
r.A inie Pntlnves. Household Mat-
IBVIIU'Q) ...wwv. n 1 - .
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary
Uossip (including special ueuar.uiouio uu
PashionaHnstructions on Health, Gymnas
tic Equestrian Exeroises, Skating, Musie,
Amusements, ect.; all ky the best authors,
and profusely and artistically illustrated
:iv. ,n .norarinira t full alze.. useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, jewelry, and
a succession of artistic noveieues, wua wow
useful and entertaing literature. '
No person of refinement, economical house
wife, or lady of taste, can afford to do with
out the Model Monthly.
Single copies, BU cents; rac. numoero,
specimens, 10 cents; either manea iree.
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium; two
eooiea. S5 50: three copies, $7 50; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for clubs at 3
each, with ue nrai premium w
. - No. 7a Broad war. New York.
n.mnnai'i MnnthW and Toudk Amerioa
together, 4, with the premium to each.
BE A U T Y !
Auburn. Golden, Flaxen & Silken
-TkTtnnUOED bT. the use of Prof. DE
I J M nir rTV V r
r TIREI7X' FHIhEli i.B t)UIVI.UA. une
application- warranted to curl the most
.. Jl:.ui .. atnhWa hair of either sex into
.a rlntrleli. or heavy massive cnrls. Has
Keen used bv the ' fashbnables of Parii and
i. .j.. -tit. Ida moat eratifvins results
Does no injury to the hair. . Prioe by mail,
sealed and postpaid, $1. ecriptW. Cireu
lara mailed free. Address BERGER,
8UUTT3 & CO., Chemists, No. 285 Kiver St.,
Troy, H. V, Bole Agent. I fo thj United
State. April 19, 67-1;
imiii in ii ii
world's choicest literature opens its 29th volume in
.ij- nH.n.rmi, on.t iinintArriinted
ine iuii wio ui inn. -1
populniity which has sustained M at the hend of tn
American wcemy press iui inm; iuuv..
tv. Always famous as
It will enter upon the New Year not ontv as a reposl
ir,r nt froah mill oritfiiifil masiernieceH frura the lead-
ln novelists of this country w England, and Franc,
but also as a mirnor ui nio rmsflic ib'n" " "
en time, which will be carefully revised, and adapted
to the most fastidious acquirements of modern tost
J l...ki..n. will minhlin. liHSlHcB the
biillinnt serial novelties, an unequal army of Home
and Society Stones, Hketohes, and foams, by our
have b. en secured to furnish racy, readable, and
UOWRUtll.ia nn o... ..w. i '
ts-.artsiaaKvrlf IfintllA tif
2HW rLAY 3,
and all persons, things, and events In which lh
whole country may be supposed to take special inter-
In addition, howover. to securing Volume XXIX
k ..1 t.r...tii..ifiiva nf tha hp4l.l;iinwn nfinlcin-
praneous geniiia, the proprietors of The New Y"rk
Mercury deigu making spceiul eltbrta duriu tho Kow
xear 10
from the modest rants of those possessors ol mnrk-
tei red Ironi seeking pritit through tear of editorial
rebuff orneglect.
and the proprietors promise to lie generous as wel
as just in deciding what manuscript are wortny
11ir1.1l n...n m nrnn.aul ,-uv SArrne.
The durk, iinfiitliomM caves of oo-an bear;
and full many possessor 1 of real genius may be thus
discovered ami brou(lit to the appreciation and
ward which, otherwise, mTht nevei ni tnair.
t he 4pcr will also sparkle with arlistio and so
cial piinxeueies, side-spitting gossip, piqiunte fem
inine correspondence, curious and iiileri'Stina news
all the literary talk of -the scaton, valuable fashion
ni-tiMnfl fi.ii-.' nn.l ml., lo ll,r tllfi little folks. CUI1'
densationsof the most re-nnrkablo new books, aud
. f
A nntmhofnf ohntAo npt:finnl aeriils. each of them
written expressly for the New York Jlercury, by
such contributors as Miss M. E. Brandon, Pierce
.... r., n t .. .. n.. -I..
r-aan, h imam tumore eiinms, i-ouuiu i
ton, Alexandre Dumas, Fairfax Balfour, and others
oTIhiit ninlr. will 1ia envnn in ranid SUCCeSSlOU.
of that rank, will be given in rapid successiou.
Tn vmnil .iiVihi.IIi.m nil. lurm. flrel
Cash in advance: Single copies,'!. 60 a year; three
copies, $7; six oopies, 813; nine copies, 120. The
party who semis us 8211 lor a club of nine o pies will
receive an additional copy fiee. Six months' sub-
ttsirtrtriiiii Minaivail
Subscribers should be careful to write plainly the
name or their past office, county, nna oune. ooci
men copies sent free to all applicants. Address,
Proprietors of The Few York .Mercury,
Ii'os. Ann Street audita Fulton Street, -
Sew York City.
March 7, 1667 it "
Eureka Cider Mills.
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rake
Ul'aWIOrtl 8 IxardCIl tOltl VatOr.
, ,
.Amalgam Bellt,
And many other articles in the way of Implements,
'I" . . I I l anU:norv
PUKE faOKiio AND IMPHEE SEED, selected
varieties. Send for circulars. . . ..
March28,lii ly
Tht Cheapett Magazine in tht Worldl
rpi!I3 popular and widely circulated Magazine has
X. now reached au edition unequalled in this coun
try. Each number is ornamented ly numerous fine
engravings, and is complete in itself, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest and best Maga.
tiue in .the world.
11 50 a year; seven copies 19 00; thirteen copies
115 00. Hincle copies 15 cents. .Address
DoBton, Mass.
r,.-A.Aj A v itarainra. A irrifiit tnre. and General
i.i.;ii,.. onri (wminrisini; Ksnortsof Battles. In
cidents, and Anecdote of thj War, never bolore
nl.l,MllAil. HV
n . . It IT tin i rT.ala nt lha Southern I
,.uwn... I
U.Il.Aa v. . -
. . . . T"l TT T-. . .
J. Iswia a D, H.Eiu.
n ... n... rtnllara a il naid tn advance.
I ESSI.. iniro .. , '
or Five Dollars, if not paid till the end of the year.
n imi'i u j. rt w u 1 1 I.
'. Charlotte, Kortb. Carolina.
March 14. 1807.
J. W. Bradley's .Celebrated Patent
Duplex 'Elliptic
. . ' j 1
,.rnaT and Fiesur. to any Lady wearing the
. T?ii...:A cil: will Via Aio.rlanAvI nflrtieillnrlv
In all crowded Assemblies, Operas, CarnaBes, Rail
road Cars, unurcn rew,rm uuMa,iui .
and House Dress, as the Shirt can be folded when
tn use to occupy a anmn ";"",
- Ui! l. nr V n Dresfl. an invaluable!
qnality in crinoline, not fbuad in anyBmgle Bpiipg
bmn. . .
ALyht'n8.eT.I SSffSSr. SSSSr&S
rjpnng bain tot a single oay
will never afterwards I
w'liinglv dispense with their use. For ehildrsiC
Misses and young Ladies they are superior to all
others. ... . . .... .,. .
They will not oena or Dreaa iiaeineningieopriiin,
but will preserve thir perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Bkirte will have been
thrown iiideai useless. The Hooim are oovered
with double and twisted tnreau, ana im umran
are not only double springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing mem.
araizfiring aown swoiis, onu,. -
Zfi . fa.nrft with .11 la
dies and is universally ronunm,'"d.?L,tia?h'0J
Mngiainesas tne mVAu vp tan.
lASlllUPISIlliia nunuir. i
Toeniovthe following eneshmable advantages is
Crinoline, vi Superior Quality. Perfect Manufac
ture, Htylish Hbaneana rinisn, riexiumiri vumwiy
ty, Comfort and Economy, enquire for J. VV. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Bkirt, and be
ure yon get the Genuine article. '
CAUIU," ilgB!i I.UIU04J1UH W
particulw to KOTICE that ikirU ofleid m DU-
11. - - . . I . I . .. L. alnn.n I J W UmjI.
rLtlA 111". IU III rHTI '- -'-,T-i
fll.rJi. H.rtnff.." anon th .Hit
IB. iyniii."'i"" ' . , . ' --
h.nd none others are genuine. Also aoticetfaat
every Hoop will admit oi a pin omng iswsea mrougn
inecemrw, .iiuw.wi. , '
braided together therein, whkm Is the Flexibility of
and strength, and a combination not to be fouad in
JOB SALEin all Rtoves wher FIRST CLASS skirU
are told, throughout the United fsUtes and elsewhere.
Macufsatured by the told Owner of the Patent,
V7 Chambers tad 71 1 tl Kdt St t K. Ii
f eirusrv 1, ltW-9m
'- '
or tax , r'.,',.:. ,
For 1867.
Jixtraordinary ' Ihducemenlt
fa Oui
' Premiumi Amounting to
01,410 OO!
To be Dittribuled in April, 1807
. Vrtm,um. .nd p..,,,-,,., o(
For List of Premiums and Fart let lars 01
Distribution, see the Weekly Enquirer
and Subscription Circulars
ITE, this yep.r, offrr prir.es to the alov amount a?
WW am imant Vl LO tnOfl Ol OUT UHir.inH WHO ITU!
exert themselves to form c.lulw If our paper coult
Vi Lakeninthe noueenoiu m hii our ixmihiuihui
r...,..,.i nith ami West, its nf.uence would be no-
tent t changing the political aspect ol nflmrs The
Brest point for which all Iriends of the Union should
labor lor is the pissemination of IVmocratic truth.
If It had had all equal neanng uiiui m rura m 1
opooncnts, weMli'iuld nver have hnd the torribU
..riais of the last five years. Tani.hr hy sad xperi .
once ofiU necessity, we trust the Democratic prest
Is in future to nave a mrr mc v,
wh. vit hnve fallen tvnon the land, owing to the
..i..,.nl o.tnutii.B of the massesl If we
would restore uie umwiu... ' , .: ,
feet National Unify and the old-f.isliioned Peace and
Preineritv. we niunt place the Democracy Kiti in
'L f. it ihin ond. nnH as the most ef-
P....; .ri m the work, we repeat, is the cirsulft-
t on o the uemocrmiu h'"- ,,'.
I.,.. ..in.n alma nnAII Ihfl Pntl rlAM
tion of the Democracy that are univcrsully aoknowl
oHd Throuah proscription and persecution tin
i rmMary edicts ciittme oil oureir
'JW1 Xl" States and district?, threatenet
culatlon in whole States nnd districts, threatened
withtotil suppression, personal imprisonment and
mob violence if we did not change our course, we
stood by the Democratic rlig and gavo expression to
.. . f .n n V.n nrnttH U'ltlltn l.hlr.
its tenets, tsic. uuiu B,
! .l.- 1 Dn1l t l-A rrrantaat lieC.liniarV dls
teCQ IHOlllllB, n" ' -
asters consequent upon it, we have ,liever lost an
issue of our paper, or broken a promise to any o
our subscribers. In the future, as in the past. Iinder
the sun of prosperit y as well as the clouds of adver
sity we shall bear aloft the Democratic Hanner, and
be fi.ithtul to its organization. Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest stand by them who were true
in tnedarliest hours to their political and persona!
..in I. .. . avav Ihamaa'rca tfi in.
lniereS, and will mej
crease our circulation?
I a. . v..iainonfi nnd fat
interests, ana win wiry uw. hwiv.i .
rease our viivuiubivui t .
Aa a business and family Journal, the Enqulrernaa
no superior. Kach number coutaius a large amount
ol general news, latest, and most reliable intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial and Commer
cial News ia made a special feature of the Enquire-.
An unusually large apace beinp dovoted to fu.l and
reliahle reports of the ruling prices of this and other
"'TheWeekly Enquirer will be mailed to subscri
bers nt the following reduced rates.
binglecopy, one year. ?"
" " six mouths, ' ( ,
Ten copies, one year,' "
With an additionalcopy to the getter up of the club.
.in.-.u tr. I.A iioni ui. nnr uisk hv exnrcss. prepaid.
or in registered letters by mail. For sums over ten
,t.,ii,.r hv mail, dralts or nost olRco money orders
should be iirooured. Address
- ' Cincinnati, Ohio.
r. t .,! nK..f.iiilin ..irf.nluril Ann.
npeCIIIICO CUpiWO Duui-v....w.. - -
taininglistof priisua and all necessary iiitorniauou,
sent on application. .-
.'-. - . or TtlE '
-.t, For 1867. , . - . ...
AS in the past, throngh ,snnshine and storm, i ne
Ohio Statesman will continue inflexibly Demo
a. -l.. Ji..l.l ... nn nilimnunl nt t h
cruilo-unaiteramy .uo'w' " j -
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit and m let-
ter. ana w toe iuctcmhv- - -
froln this, The Slstctniau will bestow purticulnr at ;
tentiouw - i
Newt, Legislative und Congressional
Reports, CAoice, instructive ana
Pleminq Literature. ,'
And will give faithful market reports from the lead-
II1C lonilllwlvini vchiwo , , ,
r.o ,i,. i:nh of lux'eniber. The Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a halt 'adtlj.
iinnal enlumns l f leading matter weekly. - 1 he fol
lowing are the
Daily Statesman, per yeni ,
ii il uiv ninntliH.
9 00
4 60
2 25
Tri-Weckly Statesman, per year,
One copy, six months, for
$ l no i
tine copy, one year, tor
Viv.nnni.1. nn vpat. for
2 00
a (SI
17 50
32 00
75 W
Tenncopies, one year, lor
l we ty copies, one ywr, lor
Fiftrcopies.one year, for ,
U1MAA t.Ollt-linai',
Columbus, Ohio
Sold by tne trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 furnished tht
U. S. Government
Army Revolver,
Navy Kevolver,
ji inn ;M rs.I.Hir
. - I I,. VIN.x'li
Oi lllrt ; f'nlll.vA '
n.yy itcvoiveri
.IU- 111. UUII.'IV,
NavyRiie Calihro,
Hlt Kovnlvor.
IS ,r ; '
jsavy bize.i(uiure,
.IV.lfld in Calilirt.
New Pocket Kevolver,
rocupi Kevo ver.
T);.tor' nf m.KIO in. Calihre.
. .
Kepenting Pistol, . (Elliot pt,)iio. 22 4 22 Cartr ge,
Vest Focket 1-istol, No. 22, 30, 32 add i I Cartridge,
Gun Cane, Jio. 22 and 3 - - " .
Breech Loading Kifle, (Beal's) o. 32 and 38 "
Revolving Itifle, ,r iio and 41-luoin Calibre,
; Jlion, New York,
Mew York
fiew Orleans
fit. Louis
. . Ban Fransisco
Moore k Nichols,' . -
Win. Heed A Hon.
Jos. C. Grubbft Co.,
Foultnev Trimble,
ftni.r Pnlwim h fin .
Johnson, Spencer 4Co
1 IK. G1. fVariA
m. iiumsey a vo.,
March 21, 1807-ly.
Mfil ' 1867.
The practical Farmers' own paper. The cheapest
OeSt AKTlCUlLUm. IIU tfinuiviii.i jw-'
.: Tn...,Hi.J wi.l. .iimupnii, nirrAVinils OI
. n, "',. Hnllar a vear. Attents want
ed in every village, town, county and Btate, to form
clubs, to whom fcrtmnit PaimiKS are oflered. For
k.n . ... i nf.hinii umii w.imtfunsa eonv.
ii u, iwni.uini. v, ....... , dwhu .v. i I -
Now is the time to eubscribe.'-- Bend on your name
and the name of your friends. Address,
ni,t,!i.lti .nH I'rnnltetnr.
, Kches.ter, New York.
,4 easily,' without doctor'
or medicines. Bent,
'IY. pbst'ald, on receipt of
10 cents.
1130 Broadway, N.T. ' '
v o rr r ; it icomforta blb, ;
'.for the. RUPTURED.
''Sent post paid on re
eoipt of 10. ; centi.-
Address ' .''''
1 1 MlilsBsA
A Beautiful Premium Engraving, and Re
duced Prices to Clubs
rpHK LAPT'B FRIEND -announces tor 1887 the
1 following uoveletes: A New Klory by Mrs. Henry
Wood, author of. 'East I.ynne.'-.Th Channings,'
How a. Woman had her Way,'., by . Elisabeth Fres
eolt, author of 'Told by the Sun.' Mo Longer
Voung,' by Amanda M. Douglas, i author of fin
Trust,' eto. 'Dora CasUd,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
It will give a splendid double page" finely colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel tn evesy number.
It will give a beautifully executed' famy steel en
graving, and alargeassortmentof wood cuts, ill ust
rntmg fashions, fancy work, eto., In every iiimilier.
It will give a impulnr niece of Music, worth the cost
of the iniigazinc itself, in every number. 'It will give
acoprof the Ueautiful Preiniiini Bteel Ki.grnving
One of Lite's Happy Hours' 2(1 by SO inches, to ev
rv single i2,60subscribcr,-, and to every persona
It oilers' as Tjrprh'iumi Wheeler Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Silver. Plated Tea, Bets, Miioons, Pitchers,
Gold and Silver Watches, Huns, Kifles, Melodions,
Clothes Wringors, Appieton'e Cyclopedias, c. -.
.,; . 'ITEMS.,
1 copy, (and tho engraving,) I J 60
4copies, - -.i
5 copies, (nnd one gratis) - , S tw
' 8 copies, (and ond gratis) " '" Vt W , '
tiO copies (and one gratis) , , ,. 23 '
One copy each of the Lady 'a Friend and the Batur
iliiv Kvniufl Post for SI OOt (-'(..-... ... ,
T ha getter tin of a club will always receive a copy of
the Premium Engraving. Members or a ciud wisn
ingthe Engraving must remit one dollar extra.
nVl'eose desirous of gelling lip clubs or premium
lists should enclose if cents lor sample Magu.tue,
contiuning the particlunrs. Address
DEACON & PET Eft30N, ' '
' -319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.-
Kepar.ilor Capilla,
Throw away your fclte ffiazes, your, switches, jour
.wig ' . , '
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a rig; -Onne
aged, oome youthful, come ugly and fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hau. 1
FOB restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatev
er cause it may have fallen out) ard forcing a
.rnni h nf hair unon the fcce. it has no cnnnl. 1 1 will
force the beard to grow npou the smoothest face In
from live to eight weeks, or hair upon heads In Ironi
turn tn throe. A few craclitioners havo asserted that
there is not Ing that will force or hasten the growth
of the hair orbenrd Their assertions are false, as
thousands ol living witnesses (from their own expe
rience) can bear witness. Hut many will say, how are
we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious? It
cerlainlyis difficult, as nine-tenths ol the different
f reparations auverwsea lor in imir nun uemuuis
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
Iran lame amounts in their purchase. To such we
wouUsay, try the Beparator Cappilh; It will cost
you nothing unless it fully comes to our representa
tions. If your Druggist does not keep it, seed us one
dollar and we will forward it, postpaid, together w'lh
a re reipt for the money, which will be returned you
on application, providing entire .satisfaction is not
given. Address,
W. L. CLARK & CO., Ckemiit,
: No. '8 West Fayette 8 treet,
al8yl '' Syracuse, New York.
Thomas llenrh, Administrator 1 -of
Estate of Dr. Julio Coats, I Pe'ltlon to Sell
deceased, J- Bcal Estate,
against I
Arthur Coats and others. I :
In Vinton. Countu Probate Court. Stale of Ohio
To Arthur Coats and Samuel C. Case, who resid in
tKeStateofOhio, and to the unknown ho.rs of Dr.
John Coats, deceased: . '
YOU are hereby notified that Thomas Beeeh, Ad
ministrator of the Estate of Dr. John Cents, de
ceased, on the 23d day of April, A. 1. 18"". Hied his
petition in the Probate Court, within and for the
county of Vi"ton, and State of Ohio, alleging that
the personal estate of decedent is Insufficient to pey
his debts and the obnrgos of Administering his Es
tste; that he nieu scmeu in ree simple ot ine iouow
ing described Kcal Estate, situate'm said county, to
The North-west Quarter of the South-west Quarter
of Kange Kumbor seventeen 17,J Townslrip Number
Ten 10, Section Kumber Two 12,J i-onlaimng forty-
one ik'ies more or loss.
' That Arthur Coats and thennknoBn heirs nt laws
who hold the next Estate- of Inheritance therein,
the prayer of said petition isior.the sale ol said prom
ivau. .ii'tiiAi in siuih charfrna And loins thereon.
fcaid petition will b for hearing on the 2Mb day of
May, A. V. ItHii, or as soon inereaner aa cau
heard. .. ;.: THOMAH bEACH, Adm'r
of 1 it, John Coats, deceased.
April 25, lSC7-4t , .
There comet h glad tidings of 'joy to all, . .
To young and toold, to great and to small; '
The beauty which once was so precious aud.rare,
Is froe for all, and all my be fair.
Bf the ure of , "V
WI1 I T18 XI iViU
E X A iLE L , .' ;..
170R improving and beautifying the oomplexion.
' i lie most vitiuaoi? aim -nvtfc , i,-...., ..... ...
t... ,; H.auifin a Vuiniitihil tiearbli ke tint, that
is o'niy found m youth. !t quickly removes Tan,
Freckles, Pimples, Blotches, Moth I'alches, eaiiow
net's. iruuuu.ist aim mi niiwnw r
ly lieiilmg iliestmie, leaving the akin white andcieftr
as an niaoasicr. iu u rauuui j v
closest scrutinv, and being a vegetable preparation
ia perfectly lmrnilcss . It is the only article used by
the French, and isounsidered by tho Parisian as in-
i...n M-i,. l..,lof ITnii'arda of 30.000
uisueiinuMic iu n ,iti,.-v v,-...-. : .
.r. . .. ., .i..:-... i. I..I aiifriiinnt
oottios wre BOIU UUllllg UK nm.
ourrantoo-of its efficacy. Prica only r 76 cents. Bent
bj mail, post-pain, uu m-riii m n.. viuv-, "J
, BEKUEll, bIIUTT3 & CO., Chemists,-'
Arril 18,1607 -lyj 28!? Kiver Street, Troy, a, ,
Hair vElrniinatpr ! I
For Removing Superfluous ilali
rnn h "ll'rl'Ua eanec'iailv. this invaluable
I i.iiafni-v rennmmends itself as beinz
an almost indispensible articls to "female
beauty, is easily appnea, aoes noi uurn ur
injure the skin, out acts mrecuy ou tus
It is warrated lo remove superfluous bair
from low foreheads, or front any part of the
body, completely, totally and radioally ex
tirpiating the same, having the skin loft,
smooths and natural. This is the only ftrti
.i. muni hv th French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Trice 75
cents per package, sent post-paidf tO; any ad
dress, on receipt or an order oy
VI ' ilKKUKK. BUUl'iStlWs
285 River BU, Troy, N. Y.
Oh, was ehe beautiful and fair, ' '
, With starry eyea, and eadiaut hair, .., . , ,
Whose eulingteudi ill aolt, entwiped , .. ,
" fcnehruned the very heart and mind. .
'"li'.i.cBiBP'Js'Bl.'cd.'M A.:r.
For 'Curling ths Hair o either Sex into Wavy
and (Jlotey lungieu or neavy juatmi w
BY using this article Ladies ana uentie
menicaa beautify themselves a thousand
fold. It is the onlT'M'iole in the world
that will curl straight hair, and at the same
tints give it eeauurul, glossy appearance.
The Crisper Coma not only ourls the hair,
i..ii..i..,.iai luiaiitifiaa and cleanses it:
is highly lid delightfully- perfumed, and it
. . 1 1 - n t Ik V i n ,1 ....
tne IO081 eomptoiq rui. v.v.
offered to the American public. The Crisper
rvima. will be sent to any address, sealed
andpoetpfcid for 5l.v. , '. ; ,.!,,;v.'
Addres an oraera mi, ,. . ., - ,..i..,
' "W. Li CLARK ft CO., Chemists,
No; $ West Fayette StreetyBjrracuse, N. Y.'
V'.iii l"
., v,
I'll -lUK'i I 'll-i
.' il
-.i-: ..v - V) FORMATION TO.. . .; ,',- ., '
XXdZ n: sealed;;1 Eoreioiiiypn ,;,;:i:;v,'':
,'..,: reclpt of 10 aenlSx ' . .... '.
'"'" 11 ' .'Address 41 hi. 'B.-B.'.-.l-v."
..'''V'.tOO.XE,', ': Authtrr '.'of "
r.i: .Medical Common !.'
' ''Bepse." '" ""'' t
'' " "''' ii30Bro4wy,K.T. y "
February !8,MtfT.
yVeteierlsZ 77
tlnabrld-cd Dictionary.
new Illustrated edition, ;
i Thoroughly Reviled and Much Enlarged. :
Over' 3,000 - Fine ; EnraTbgs.
10,000 tVORDo t nd MEANINGS not founil
i . ": in other Dictionaries. ; '' '
J' KEOESSITY to every intelligent family.
j student, teacher, and professional man.
What library is, complete without , the , best
English Dictionary?
"Superior", 'in most respeots, to any other
English Dictionary known to me." lion.
Ueorgt r. Olaret, March, 1866. . r
, ."In its general accuracy, completeness, and
prsoMcal utility, the work is one which none
mho can read or write henceforward afford to die -
pente with." Atlantic Monthly, .
"Viewed as a whole, .we are confident tues
no other living language has a dictionary,
which so fully and faithfully sets forth its
present condition as this last edition of
Webster does that of our written and spokesi
Dngllsh tongue xiarper't Magazine. .
in one vol of 1,840 Koyal Quarto Pages. ,
Published by C. &G. MEUIilAtil. Springfield,
. . m , jviass,
1 "'''"' 'Soldby allBookBellcri.
March 7, 1867-6W. , ' p . .
A Larce S nn. Circular, sivinif inlnrmation of tho
greatest importance to the young of both sexes. '
It leaciiun. tww uienuu.eiv uiav un.,iiia uviubiiuj,
the despised respected, midtlie forsnlten loved.
No yoaiiK lady or fcentlenieu should fail to send their
Addross, and receive a cony post-paid, by return mail.
Aiuress i . u. drawer, yi,
Apnl 18, 1807-tlmJ
Troy, K. W
Know Thy Destiny. "
MxnAHK R. F. TiionsTos, the great Eoglifh As
trolosist, C'larvoyant and Psyt hometrician, who has
astonished the scientific classes of the Old World, has
now located herself" at Hudson. N. Y. Madame
Tlinrnton possesses such wonderful powers of second
signt, as tn enauie ner to impart Knowledge oi mo
greatest ImporNtnue to the single or married of ci
thersez. While in a state of trance, she delineates
the very features ot the person you are to marry,
and by the aid o( an instrument of iutenso yon or,
known aa the ?sychorrictrope, guarantee to produce
a life-like picture of the futuru husband or wife of the
applicant, together with the dateuf marrliige, position
in life, leading traits in character, in. 1'his is no
humbug, as thousands ot testimonials can assert.
She will send when desired n certified certi icnte. nr
written guarrantee, tlrtt the picture Is whnlitpur
purts to be. Bv enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex
ion, and pm-losina fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information by return mail. All commu
nications sacredly confidential, Address in confi
dence, Madams IS. F. 'l'nousioit, P.O. Box 223. Hud
son, N. Y. . . April IS, 13U0-lyi
-A T
HAVING purchased and completely renovated
the ,
- - f '.r;'LN MoARTHUU, - . ?
v: " V. : i :. ,v ; , : i
formerly occupied by K. P. Bothwell,) would ra
Sectfiilly announce to the public that he Intends tn
keep constantly oo.kand, a complete Msortjisut ef
suitable for this market, at
ffotten up In a style of workmanship not to be excel
ed by any shop in this secnou.
All kind's of work in his line will b nsolly and
promptly done on very low terms.
Of all kinds done to order on short notice.
A full supply ef :
keptcoDtttautlY on hRndi and
' 4
10 per cent. - will be deducted
on all orders for cash down.
March 7, 18ii7-tt
Official Directory.
Reprecentative in Congress H. b. 11UNDY.
Btate 8enator-J. BUADUURY.
Representative A. . I. SW AIM.
Common Pleas JudseM1. PiiYI.ET.;
Probate J ndao JOSEPH KALER.
Auditoi-W. F. FELTON.
tlccorde'r JONATHAN BRINE..
Proscutin Attorney ARCHIBALD MAYO,
Treasurer DA VI 0 FOREMAN.
Clerk of Conrts GEOHOE LANTZ.
Surveyor . '
...., f W1LUAM CLARK,
Commissioner j DOIKJLAS rUTNAM, Js.,
' ''I'M iaiUHKliS ALBAUUH. .
Post Offices in Vinton County.
Name of Post Offlca. Township.
Tost Master
S. Isaminger
Miles Radoliff -I.
Hope Farnaci
Dundas .
Eagle Mills ,
.. . tf
New Pfymotith
Reed's Mills
Swan . '
Brown ; -
Eagle r,
Swan .
Elk ;"'.
Brown "
W Burtskshaw
Clinton .
VYm. Taylor
Vinton Station
WilkesTllle ,
Agatha ' 1 ' -.:
George Fry ;
J. G. Will
Post Offices in Vinton County. Railroad Roads.
N and after January , f, 1SG7, Traint will rua it
Depart Cincinnati. 77:J"r.. ,.
... Loveland J'S1 " "'
. t.. . IDAS . ,
miituM"- - -
11 3b A.M.
. aos "
21 k.U.
T 01 i
iOM ' '
'''' ,'hllliithB ISM dV;
i n Hamden . , ' '
ialcski' V JM
Athens BC'S3.
Arrive Marietta M5 "
neipre w
11 SO
V 0 A.sl.
i 1010 ; ;
, 11 OS"
, ., . . 1 so k.u.
" 4 31 '
Ainniie - - v
Hamden10 1045
' t Chillieothe W2Sr.
i TT.l.nd J 4'3
ir'rlve 'Cincinnati" 6 00 ;
n-.IJn. n.il at IT.mrl.it . with Trti&l B lha
Portsmouth Branch. . "..'"ii i'"
: Close Conneotiptvt rndat .r.lncinnstl with all
Tfstern Train.; an t at Ptrkersburg with the Bam
mere and'OhiulUil Head.- ' ' ' -
1 T- " "i Muier cf Tricsrortstitw.

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