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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 23, 1867, Image 1

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' : 'V"-V IT'-1 -r' 5 '!v v!?i3,3,,t .as-:.-.!1 3v. ,,L,,3 .- ,,,( 1 fr..: ! b
. :.-...:5!mIj t.uu ..0M) 0lr j ,i ,(V,;, h1. Memocralip , ai all Tunc and under all Circumstances; .v-'".-.' ?.-.! jr. . ;.!
' ' ,!.''.':., . 1 1 -; 1 .,) ' .: "
' i : ;;' ';-.(. : (io,',,' : ,:f. . i .;,!; Yi;;,, j ; ;; -r .,, I .i.iir ,:rv!- ;.-.J ;l ;.'.!.,.-. f .,t ' w J 'l ' .' t ; . . ' ! '
Democratic Enquirer
J. W. 'BOWEN, " '
Editor and Publisher, ' ''
OFFICE In iUiom'8 Uuildingi.oo JlaiDStroeU
" , ' ('! advanci.) y - t ::
One ortpy, one ytar, ' ' " ' " ' 1 f I 60
One copy, nix months, , , ; . M To
tine copy, tliree months, .' 40
Kie copies, one yer, to one Post Office, ; 626
Ten copies, one year, to one Pout Office, 10 0V
Our terms require payment to be made stsictlt
1M ADVAKCI ' '..if -i .( .
A failure to give notice of li wish to discontinue t
iheoloKeolthe tune suoscnneu tor, win ne consia
t red a new engagement; and no pnper will bediS'
conilnued until alter all arresrngea shall be paid.
Paners are delivered through the mull free of nosfc
age within the county! and, mho, free to anbcriherH
living la the county, vrhose pOstoffive Is ou( of the
ouuty. . .. ; '
Ten lines nf this type, or the space occupied by
the ame. make one snuare. - -v., u.. ; .
One square, one insertion, 81 00
Eaoh additional insertion,
All transient advertising for a shorter period than
tore months, charged at the above rates.
i column,
4 column,
i column,
3 in OH.
8 00
20 00
6 mos.
$10 00
20 00
. 3COO
40 00
9 mos.
tll 00
4ft 00
12 mos
Jio oo
40 00
CO 00
80 00
Duemess cards, from 6 to 10 lines, per annnm,
Divorce Notices, not exceeding 29 lines, (in.
advance,) - - - - ' - 1 ' 8 "0
Each additional 10 lines, 2 00
Attachment Notices, (in advance,) 2 00
Adniinistrator'a or Executor's Notices, (in
ndvancc,) 2 00
Notices qj. runaway huibaode or 'f ites, ,uu)ile
price, and in advance.
Notiwsof Deaths, free, Marriage Notices, accord
ing to the liberality of the parties. 1
Notices In the local column, K1 cents per line for
ach insertion.
Notices of political meetings, free.: .. . u ", '
Democratic Enquirer Business Taros.
Three Boor East of the Ilullert Bouse,
RKPA I RIN done to order. 8toUSlCAL. tN
BTItUMENTd correctly repaired.
r-HHH'tacles to suit all eyes. - !
Jttiiuury 31, HU7-ly - - ,
3MCo Axtl3L3Lr j Olxlo, ,
jos. j. Mcdowell, - jab. w, delay,
11. 1. ivniit, 1 R. d. nonos, -A.'tnasw wolf,
TJ A VIMj formed aco-partpersbipfof the purpose
XX conuuctiug a
ini with amnla facilities for the frnnfnction ofnnr
business permuting to legitimate Banking, we tender
cm services to the business public auneraUv. ,
BONDS. Monev loaned Rt rcasonalile rates otian
ceptable paper. Bevenue Stamps .always on kaud
ana for sale. Interest pmu on tune deposits.
. PAsons wishing to remit money to Foreign Coun
fries can obtain DraRs at our utnee.' 1 : i . .
ri'HANKFUL for the liberal patronage received for
L tno two past years, ne wouia say totnose aesir
ing hi professional services, that tie may always be
I ouna at nis wince, or residence on Jiain oireei, qn
lssatMenton prorersional busmess.,, j ,, ,
Kebruary 28, 18U7-1J , . . '
CDAS. BROWN, Preit, DAN, WILL, Cath,
WILL, brown;& CO.
On Dow Weil Dan.' Will & Bro't Store, North
, ' Sid Matn Street,' 11 '
I J Deal in Exchange, Government Secun.
tie. 8toek. Bonds. Gold and Silver, &e
Deposit! .received. . Interest paid on time
Collections made at all accessible points
io the United States. .
. United States Revenue Stamps for sale. ;
All business done on the most liberal terms
nd with the utmost promptness.
; February 2S, 1867-ly . ...
JUxtomxGy at Law
, McARtHUR, OHIO. . ; ;
"ILL fracticeln the Courts of Vinicn, Athene
T V and Jackson Counties : also, in ' the
Btataa Courts of the Southern District of Ohio.
Orrioe Second Hlory of Davie BuildingL.on Main
treat.., - , .u
January 2. 1807-tf ', " .
Oirarx" hotel,
Corner Basin and Third Streets,
M. P. CRVRCMLlI i I ijtl Proprietor.
SITUATED in" the" business part or the Cityand
nearest to the Rail Road Depot.') ". -. :
eronmibiissflt run to audfropi every Ixaint : " ,.
1 January 81, 1867-tf - - ' v"4 ;
. . . .'. ; ; ,i . i",- i'f-11
jackson a ji,(,OHio; 1 ;
IT ILLprsctice in the Courts of -Jackson, Vinton
'Yi and other nonniiee. ' J
S. (iOSTX. W. MOtLlEa. a. wfisHAtirr,
;sj gqetzj& ;go:;
1 'J. ' ' MAHOFACtnUMifMi' Ut'i
All KtnlfthiUiTtniBed Fattening), '"
O-U-Svr-OctiXG Axilla
ALL kinds of Machinery' Repairing done. The
Ware Manufactured at the foundry Is sold as
low can lie bought in any Market.
i 1'ost Office address Keed's Mills, Vinton County, O.
Mayl, ,.t., ,. .
.i. K( ';!;H,,C, MOORE, ,
AFTER art absenoe of two years, 'offers his' pro.
ftwsional services to tueoitiieu;of AUensville
and surrounding country.
; .,f., If. BOWENf, Proprktat) :i -r
ALL kinds'of.plainandfttncy printing don at.to
very lowest prices. .
BY E. C. K.
' ' I love the Spring rami
Its licjuid refrain' "' ,a'
Is music to me.
'U' sings of newtlrUi "V1",;'-' '
, T To the' well-y ered earth,
To.ocadow, hill, Valiev, and tree.
j Rejoioe.jlittle seedl . ,, '
r-; . In the time of thy need , . .
pj . It oomes to thy hearty , ,
t , , Patteri first at, the door,. ,,,
c i I , Than descends to the core,
There riohes of life to impart.
ij'i.j . : ;
' 1 1 It.qnickens, it livesl I' v.:
" i1 Now upward it strives , ; .l
;'; . ' To look in-day' face- '
: 'Wlien lol at th View,1'
' It opens anew '
, "'. The flower takes the little seed's place
;,li-...v -r. ' -i . i r , , .
. . . J loyo the Spring rain
i. i:-:hvw W 'ElV'.ty 'Vm 1: u.i .1
-. r , iv(.;.,Iting1to my brain ? j ' ,
While it patters the pane, .
. 1 1, Such singing as one hears io dreams,
j ; Nor" singethalone; i-' !,..;!...,
: u.--.: .In sweet monotone :; .-.-"il i.j.,;
. ') !.. !'n Jt brings life indeed, i .
ii j'.'.oi i' i 1 love the Spring' rain, ' .Mir.
io.;,' s.r,i .With its liquid refrain, 1 r . !
It bialckens the sdul'S earl seed!,.;
11 i.i injinimj i-jI'j;..,, uii ; ennil
'' "''"' Now upward thai shoots !' :'J'"
M'.l i,U7 II ;.ii14' I.'.ii
:J,Vi1 In daylight 'tj bloom: ?
a iviv Miu uifuuK a a All .
Jl : , It sings of thought's harvestto' comei
''i1. ii rOi ' i l-, onoi.
: ' v-3 Ir nr?' new birth:'.,' ; j
) Jiol V lve tn 9Png rain,
. . Tl. I! M !
N tr. Y.i!(!WSiqtWi reirainTo, jt.irl
i-j f Sings ever,o"Godloveth tho 4arthJ"J
..A ,
f.) .
1 Weather dropping;' c
Pavement s'opping,
rroaalntra shocllfnir.'UI
On a rainy day, '
- fitreet-lamps -flarfngp-,7
riJRewdlei sweaiSngj'i 'za'I
Fieroely deolarlng . ul
r - That the devil's to pay.
'T '
3 !
I'orrpntSimergiBg ,.:iyj
1 Btreet-,ars urging, Lu.t ,;;! '-.-;
I'jdit' - (yor; the; muddy way, o.;j i
Beayera dripping," , nv aotvH'.': I
tte)"d f:i- Dandies' tripping,.- near orti
d-; Sir Curses tlpping,ui'q-!i'3 etfi '?',i
I'J f.'iii jlWherei th mud bears way.'
Irctf 'TUmbwlUi aapririie..-ba :.! Ue
0t -f'l'CammBtaa ivntiMr?1i:b 7:1:11' !
""fr oi
"': 1 'Mid (lie klndy fry.'
8 Policemen cunniBg Jti i J
51 Vilely -punning,' ;;
iivuivu iuuuiu,
fi ,'! Seeking shelter where they mtf.
'I In:
, I;
gtfiving ttt I, ' hv;
By this ditty ; ' .
To paint our "oity,"
; On ft rainy day.
Select Story.
In one of the meanest houses of the
tnoanest quarters' of London, a miser sat
ponog over a neap ol gold and gems,
ibe only furniture in the room was ao
old rickety chair, a small deal table and
an iron pot. The miner tat in his chair.
his trcapure was spread on the tablo.and
be was gloating over It ., by a Jarthincr
rusniignt, the only luxury ho ever iq
dulied in. ' i; h .
' IhiB treasure wbb vast in anioont. much
ui uuuBiniiug 01 aiamonas, wnica now,
many io nurabor, md some of laree size,
ir. . . , n . . . w
gucteroa Detore tno miser eager eyes,
ion room wnion tne misor oocupiod
was one or several in an old rickety build
.'?, . . .
og wnion oontainoa a number ol ten
ants, some of them as poor in 'foot as h
was in appearance. , Now it' happened
that about a week before ' the night we
spoak of, a burglar had taken up hie
quarters in an adjoining room, 'which, wai
oniy separated lrom the miser b by
board partition, and in 'one plaoe iri ihi
partition there was a small orack. Com
ing intTthis room late one night " the
man of crime perceived a faint glimmer
oi ligni, and applying' bis eye to th
crevice, discovered the miser in the aot
act of counting over his treasure. ' He
watchod him eagerly till he put it away,
but oould not see whero ho hid' it. . The
next day, after the man had cone, ho en
bred his room with a skeleton key - and
trade a search for his treasure, but did
hot succeed in finding it, so carefully
was-it concealed. ' iMow bent on possess
tog jt, he returned to his own room and
i 1 , 1 - ...
out away a noara, largo enougn to v prs
mil Dim to orawtthrougb, and earetully
put 11 Dacx to us place, determined 'tba
the next time the old miser should ooun
his treasure he weuld be with him.
-'While, therefore, on tbe present night,
Ibe miser was engaged with his treasurei
the' burglar Wry softly removed -the out
board and orept forward as stealthily as
a cat, till he stopped just behind the
man he had come to murder and rob.
'Ah I' 'groaned the miser at length
beginning to arouse from tho faecination
whioh a sight of his treasure1 had thrown
over him, 'this really does my'eoul good
but it is too 1 expensive to be looking at
it Dy tnia costly light. 1 must say good
night to yon, my' lovely gold and glorious
diamonds, and you must go'baofc'iplo
my box,' where, as 1 can, 1 will add good
noooBt oompanions, 1 will asare you.'-
11 At this moment, as if his ' soul had
suddenly taken an' impression : from the
evil' Influence hoveriBg over him, he
started, shuddered, and threw hi . eyes
quiokly around.!' It was his last look.
Like a tiger springing tipoo hi prey the
iuuuoi viutuuciA win uj iub nroat who
both hands, and strangled him so- quick
mat n never uttered a ory. " ' .: : ":
As soon as he was satisfied that big
victim was dead, - the robber lifted -the
body and laid it upon the straw ' in the
attitude of natural repose, seized his HI-
acquired 'treasure and thrust it into dif
ferent pockets, blew out the light, and
crept-in to his own apdartment and oare
fully replaced the board. ' Then he drew
long breath, and sat down to 'consider
his'eituation afad - altered "oiroumatancbB,
He was' bow, by ' one bold, wicked deed.
tho-poooosHtitcf a fortune, an amount so
vast that he fairly trembled to think Of
it. ''What, was he to do next? Hovr to
Keep and tarn it to account r we was a
man of crime, - a oonviot, who had only
recently returned from transportation,
Hable to be arrested any ' momenV- -His
beBt plan'he thought would be to get out
the oountry as soon as possible; and
it would be dangerous for" him to re
mainn Where he ; was even till -morning.
the1 first thing for him to do was to leave
bis quarters at once, and get on: board
the1-first1 vessel going- dirootly out to
. .
Day was just breaking as the murderer
roaobed the bank of the lhames, in the
quarter. rof the Shipping,' abjeotly skulk
ing along, actually attracting observation
his effortg'to avoid it. when he was
terribly efartled at tearing a Bharp voioe
sing out;4-" " t txr .
flaljp, FiippeV Jimmy. -beli ctid vou
Flipper Jimmy, as he Was I familiarly
called by.' his associates, looked quiokly
around, "and beheld of ' sll others,- the
very man who had arrested him prior to
transportation. :- Had he stopped and
spoken to the officer, all. would have been
well r for thoj latter: ohly.i intended a
friendly hail, and to let him know that
was still about and ready to arrest him
gIo if neoessary. Bat the murderer,
with tug guilty oonscienoe and vast treas
urer , was too much frightened to act
:. vi. i.e..--i. s , L .
with wooing or even with reason' and he
nouuaea away
' '0 ho!" cried the officer, 'that is it eh?'
and bounded after him, , . . , ... ,
mi a . a a
.inero were very, tew people astir in
quarter, and the two had a dear run
along the quay. Finding the officer
'Igaud upon him and: determined not to
ne captured, the convict plunged bead
VfeuiuBUQio me wuicr wiio a view, io
w. 10
passing under a vessel, and either con-
the other
nHalincr Viimfloir nr Aannnind ad
side. This attempt however, proved fa-
tal, for his head oame in oontaot with the
snarp corner ot a nan suniten anchor,
and was an it orjen at once. The officer
called to hia assistance a roogh lookina
man tnVin Viorl ociHontlo I'liof. arrival
from a night's sleep among some lumber,
abd thetwo eoon"had the body sof the'
ill. " I
4tT..- i. e"- .1 ,t-.
fiere b work lur vua uurouur, bam lue
officer, as much thinking aloud as ad-
dressing the man who had assisted him.
'I know this fellow for an old burglar,
and orobablv'he has soma of his thieving
ahnnt ).; . . ,
i With this he thrust his hand into one
of the dead' man's pockets,' and to his utj
ter amazement, drew it forth full of gold
and diamonds.1 This was so much more
than he had expectod to; see that for
nearly a minute be remained as it fasoi
nated with the sight, starling at the
s, turning- them " over, looking
through ttem "and really wondering if
they could be genuine, totally oblivious
the while the presence of the stranger
Meantime tbo latter was not idle. Ibe
moment his eyes rested upon tbe treaa
are, the expression of hi? dark ugly fea
tures changed to' that of an avaricious
e - - i i ,. ' t;
nana, ana no resoiyea Bt once to do nira-i
IP !,- 'lrif.n!n,.'.!oH
around, : .and ' perceiving no one on the
quay, and only hdre and there one astir
on different vessels in" the vicinity,'; he
.l.i.J Arl. VU nlnnA hi,. . rinA I
in the skull of the offioer with a single
uiuw. . , , ,,
The act was seen from a nea vessel,
IUU 11HVIJ Vliuiuiuck laioou . uui imu
seoond man of .crime bant fiercalv over
. - ' - -
thAdA(l hnrlin, and annftHfidedin
w -"v . i f . ,r -----w I
tha rr.n-f f h inm bi
7,n;nn w.n. nno ..,..
r. - - ' - I
him. ; lie then started and ran, -and
. T '- - I
atronrrn if man ennm AlnHerl h n nnr. I
?" "f? '"u"v, r--
VHe' manaeed to .'eet about fifteen miles
SfromLondon'thesame day. 'and fearful
himself of; losing his vast treasure, he
went- into a wood andburied. it at the
foot of a tree; intending to.let it' .'remain
thore until' all his' plans would'be per-
facted for a visit to America. ". Ha was
seen digging there by a farmer,' watching
for game in some bUsbes near, and who,
after ho bad gone, Went ; there and found
himself overwheimned with astonish.
ment. '- v i .
n AuA. uju.k ",
uij nio unuiuuuq n " i -
mere Dy tne roooer : ana oeneving meBe
, . '.j ,t..t.. ir.j .. hv
nave oeen Bioien, ana wiai ua nan u
trht trt tlinm as thn thief, the .farmer J
n - , i
. 1 ii i -.1. t: j : . ii I
tuuaz mom uuuiu wim niui
the. way
-- - '7
T"l SfVif K
ioaou, -ui gv.uoiv& a uiaiu.i ,u ,uu i
disclose tha whole story.
Raiiin iinfianirlaij Iia' rvffatlftllir tlArtftma I
WUlUg HUUUUIVVV lUlAUWl., wvnuiw I
very 'mysterious, and resolved to tell his
family nothing. "He locked the diamonds
a chest in his bedroom, and then load- .
. .. i L . . .
his gun with two bttlloU and sot it be-
ansa mi oada ; - ,, a i
drflamarl that . robber was at work at his
chest. He awoke": ia a' Btate of , great
. ,'vou.u, y.r ; ...uum .
BUOaUllUtr liUUA HICIJ , uu uouiui;, I OT.
-"':. I 'it. ' UU '..111 . -U I
nn innnnRnn ihr rnuuur hliii ki wurat i
:.;He was apprehended for murder, and
when his explanation was given, it was
Mb, treasure, jumped up, seized
pack., She lived only two hours. She
got up to got. Bome ;' medicinefor a
obild, and was bending over the till
bis chest wncn.tne iatai.snot was
considered, too improbable for belief.-
Beoood murderer, arrested j on his return
forthem.n ') .jjiOiJ ,v;. :.;.).., !!
In time the whole facts came out; the
farmer was bleared;-' but the ; murderer
tune. ; Forth -want of heitathe
fortune went to the BritiBhorown. ol -j
Thus ends the sad tale of a boggarly
miser's fortuaevwbich, directly and iu-lalon?.
directly, oaused. tha doath of five persons,
. y 1 - II! !.)!
besides aeep sorrow to many uymg mat-
yiduajs, : and , was. finally lost like a drop
water, in the . blue-eyed ooein of the
British. Government,, , . :i . ; I
Select Story. THE MISER' S TREASURE Miscellaneous.
. Unwise Men. Tho follow
ing arc a few of the characters
coming under this significant
The jealous man who'poisoivi
his own bankquet,and tjien eats
it. -
"hn m am. wl,n ttn
I 'I'ho miaor who cfo.nn
-vp f " ,V'f T V,"f i,; t, :L "
. vv""1 uwi mo iicuo luujr
The mean man who sets his
own fi h
i , V
ulL" "uus.
The Vile slandnrpr
lies, and gives his ' enemies a
oh fnS'W
v l' " ' JUlHi Ci 11U1 ,
envious man, who
i l
cncsv more consequence to
dignity than . to common SdlSC.
T11P. timn'n' m.n rv, A.n
" "v "'
ma . cbuiiiauon 01 sensiDle Ob-
servers in proportion as : he
rises n h s mvn ,
The dishonest man who cheats
his own soul more fatally than
ue uoes ma leiiow-men.
"AND TOU have been married,
Patrick three times, haven't
v .
1 eS, lnClaue, Sir.
"And what do you say of it (
Which wife did you like best?"
.""Well, Beck O'Brine, that I
. ' '
- - I x:a . a: - .
"ictlllCU U1B lllbb Ullie, WUH U
good woman too good for me,
60 she got sick and died, and the
Lord took lipr , Then T o-nt
. ' . O .
warned, to JJridaret llannejran.
Was a bad woman; and she
uivn. aiiu uicu iuirauu uic I
devil took her, , Then fool that
M uoi JLCUl luailltu AJ ltlill-
Unf IT Cl
tl IX-X tU J.KL.V " 1,1 l,V. L II n VV 1 I
, 9 J ' ' 7" ,
nrAtiflfl . nnn tfMivr r rn ln I
"u,ov uaKX YClJ wau ou.uau
that neither tho Lord nor the
-1 m i 1 i -r- I
aevu WOUKl nave ner, SO 1 nave
f- l-nr,-n Urr. i,nnlf " '! I
' .
A lHOBLEM. Deposit a cent
in a , bank, two cents the next
week, IOUr the third, eight the
fnnrfVi a-nA .t i TY -Prxtm an-,
Lrrto, ' , -nn i
"vj,"". huciu jun mu
eome out. nis 18 a Prettv
problem for . a ' few moments'
curious fi"urin- for of course
5rti ' .
n0mn m the country can pur-
BUt tuo process inaicatea ior a
year. The : tenth week , would
ii n t f i rt .1 1 , , i 1
p'"" Vi T . " V""VI'"
(f t O'jn aq . ii. iuji.i.1.
iw aivw, Lllu- tu"uel-u iur
AT- A i!Al- A--.. IPO
uio luiLium iur
wtiuuu .7 w .
fujuou , uic luiimui iui
924,1G9,19328; the .fiftieth for
?5,781,22T,517,838; the fifty-
, . r i
...v.v.,v. .v. y.jiivjv i
XT . - .
- HALLO, tnerel hOW do
sell Wood ?
' iYia nvAXn '
. ii T fllw UUltUlVI
(TfnmXUn. ,n
f,w vut
L til 1- J 7
Since you Cllt U
!Nbt longer than it is now
; ;-jjooji nere, piu ienow, you
u;.l,4. li,rA
An Abandoned Ship Drifting
An Abandoned Ship Drifting for Twenty Mouths.
1867.' It appeared that Captain Cadieras
00aiinBnding the sohooner Emilia, , en-
The riare de ia ioire hlg reoeived
oommUnioation of a very . singular faot
: , ifittar fpnm nantain T,a nnni,0 Aat
w -r HVva; HHvi i
D..1A nl,.y1 . n . T ft.t la.
r urm vauuuu, varacaB, o anuary in,
g ed in tho coa8ti trtd had f a
al i n I.
:, I
mMtod) with th9 iotUsrg 'mp on' the
stern, and freiohted with rlaal nlanlra
On one of these there was an inscriotion
in Erench to the effect that the Bhip had
been met at sea on Mav 4th. 18651 bv
Captain Samson, of the Mars, of -Bon
deaux. who. after a vain attemot to tow it
had abandoned the task as hone.
Iobs. It follows that the vessel aiust
I -. a. .j. .
navo navigated usolt without any crew
during the twenty months between May,
1865. and January. 1767. to drift ashore
at last on the eoait of Curamichate. i
Talking and Writing.
? thbkan9 of P followers wbo piok
cTlo.ao hebones of diseased celebrities.
To talk well and to writo well, are
quite distinct accomplishments, although
they are sometimes found united to a
high degree in the same individual. Of
ten, however, it is quite otherwise. Poor
Goldsmith occurs as a familiar example.
Tbe observations he let fall io company
with his literary colleagues were so noto
riously flat and pointless as to provoke
the remark that he 'wrote like an anref
and talked like poor Poll,' Other great
talkers, famous wits, have written so lit
tie that tboir reputa'twa, reefs on lonmolt
and anecdotes recorded by others. But
even when a great talker is also a great
writer, it is really through his own 'Be
mains' that we appreciate his eanversa
tional abilities. We owe that privilege
Johnsons reputatioa in this resnecL
.... A Ti II ii a . fa
uwes mare io uosweu man it aid to him-
I i mi
!eir' An8 unreported talker shares the
;ateof.llie ' age'' ; after his departure
fr.om.t? scene, his fame remains a matter
? . tradition, wnica people be.
lieve in because their fathers have told
them so but th9 Pr00' of which is for
ever Bilencetr.
Tk every branch of business, the ben
efits of advertising are immense - There
ia risk, but it in small nT li ,nl.
bilitioa are largely in favor of success
when you lett be Known, that you have
something tor salo, thereby going stead-
i iin tn isnrlr rA In,, Kn anmalhiin k.,1..-
I than in ait atill 'mnifintr fn nrrinlViinra
to turn up.'
Th9 benefits of advertising are known
we see con-
by eome, and
I fitanr firnnta nr if. . . . -
Th mm m.n. a .n f .11 k V-
who neglects them, not only robs himself
of f"' d vantage, but leaves the field
open and the game free to his wiser felt
I Inm . ' .
t'-.r. '.'' j. v.:i....;
suits to generous policy, and inauoport
" uui icuuuuouuuuuu vt Buua a eouraa
" wis?. c .? nthoritj
tnan the words of bolomon. who eavst
Lirri . .1... ii .1. i "
u. iu.kBBwW .Ub yet increase
.Ik .J Al k. r . 1 1 T 1 . il
B'u ,uu luerB LM n" WlinnOKWta mOM
li a. v.. a. ?a 1.1 a.
ium ia mo., nut li enoein io) ooverty,
Tim8 money: give your business
nnhiimtv ni1 ma itinnli mew rilrAnrlniA. k
r V T r 7 :
&finrmnlich an. in turn ifaaa am MAHrJ
- - J wuuii
otherwise require weeks and months of
time, with lahor and ftimm.a in
tion. ,. ,
U a man hai ' good property for Bale.
4 ume 19 D' 0DJ90t t( bim itis idle
t0 8Pea,; of the oost of advertising as an-
objection as well might he object to any
otner expenBe attendant upon the care of
bis property, or the prosecution of his
o9jn88B for the small amount ordina
,ily reoirod ff juwioue advertising ia
" ao,hinS when compared with the ad-
vantage attendant upon a quick sale and
and a tair pncet secured among a number
or customers.
' AnarlvArtii
Uinni nrl tn thu nnint AnnAinn U u
unot, ano to me point, opnveying ! m as
few words aa POSsiWe. tho dosoriDtioa
. . . -
and cromitent advantages or tbe tron
t arc
as advertisement, in
throe, five, ten, or
An advertisement should be oloar. dis
ana promiboni aavi
.rt,c,for.a. S.,h
a A a- i 1 a. 1
Lwpnii Eimnn nnura n nr. iizvin ih rnon inn
H. Leavitt.
Small Feet.
T0;C8 0f m, sweetness,
A correspondent in San Francisco-
furnishes the subjoiood information : :
I had tha pleaaura of iatfoduotioQ the
other evening to a Peruvian lady of the
'upper crust and was.' particularly ilruok
with the gmillness of her feet and
hands. The lady is a deep brunette, has
'killing eye,' teeth as white as pearl, a
voice of rare sweetness, ind what will bo
decidedly interesting to my male reader,
mistresB of a fortune of half a million.
She visits San Francisoo for tbe purpose
observing our manners and customs,
and, perhaps to pass a few months in one-
o( our female seminaries.
She informs me that the ladies of Lima
little toe ot
..a r. .v:. . n , .v.
aiq uvtou i vi uoiaT rfuiau iqdk iu BCviO I
. . a - . .
ceing teat tne miants of the female box
as a rule, amputation of tho
4 -.V . T : It -
. . . .
w - - - j ft r via waw vwaaaj
. .
tooa on oaoa toot 11 a state of, things pe
a . a . 1. era . 1
formed me that famous Peruvian sur
geon is coming up to San F;anciseo,
where he expeota to reap a rioh harvest.
He warrants to very young ladiev'the tin
iest and moBt graceful foot by means , of
the above aauied amputation, and eont
finement to the house of only one week.
custom of this kind prevailed pretty
generally in Paris some year ago, kept
up by th very reprehensible complai-,
sance of a surgeon who had aoquiret
some reputation,touchiog this fiillj mu
tilation. : .

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