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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 23, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Democratic Enquirer Items of Local Interest.
of jyebst,.. QjOj, grows extensWely for the.
publloNaniSmoiia Sweet Potato Plantg, Ear
If H oLlo" and , Cabbage Plants; . which will
be nipe)j paokeij In damp moss so as to carry
ftjil'sianoa'vsafolj,',an4 delivered at any
XxpkMSioSoe fQV.tbe following prioeci ...
Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants 500 for
iW ''for j3,56; 800 for, $13,00, and
16,000 for $28,000.' 'I't-v' ' v.
tUaily lonlato Plants-trrlOO for $2.,' ..'t '
'Early Cabbage Flaots-a-loo ' for' $l,and
l'ate0bSbb'ge PUnts-1,000 for $1,50: '
f CaBft Jio accom jiany orders! '., ,. j , "g u j ..
t Addreiaby mail, Iron! F urn we, Scioto
County; Ohio by Express, Webster, Ohio. IB
iltj.ji !" I '!'.!; c" T, 'i :..( i .
BiM8!A$wllr' pleasure in tie
fascinating gti'rae" of. Billiards; should go to
the Room of Gkobok Blsioii, on the South
side of Mali Street, ''opposite Brown, Will &
Co's. Bank. -His Eoom.is a pleasant place and
he ja oleyerand. accommodating. ;,(,,.":
Ina. name of thq Iron Valley Furnace has
been changed to Lincoln. . ' ; .
.,,.:,.,.,; I , , ...,,;-
... .'. I ci'iu 1
Wb hope our readers will excuse the typo
graphical errors whioh appear in this paper,
and, if possible, make the proper corrections
-when they come across them. We notice
sometimes, after the whole edition has been
grjntod, that some, very annoying blunders
hare been made in placing the types together.
"'"A'Niw Jilt at JacksoSA new jail is
to be built at Jackson, 'a contract having al
ready been entered info. -"Speaking of the
buildingof a 'new Jail; the Jackton Standard
Bays: "The new jail and jailor's residence
will be built on Abe e'orner of . Main and
Portsmouth' St'ree,' in front of the old jail
The old building and the Market House will
be removed, and the : Publio Square will be
graded and set put lu' trees and shrubbery.
This wHl in time be one of theoost beauti-
ful little parks in th State,' and an iinprovc
ment'ofwkirhttH Uneoitixens ef. the, county
win rib rfriudj ! la n j 1
Wnaai to Gst tub Best Sweet Potato
jPwj-JnosJ wishing; NansSmond" Sweet
Potato Plants the best quality raised in the
North should call on or address H. Hulbert,
ttt the,-jpulheji JrJouseMe Arthur. -He is
raising 5,000 exoillen'C' Plants, and is pre
'fared -to supply customers at very low prices.
1 id ; Strong?' 4 'Gibbous. For
Tin'.vmre. Plows. Saddlery, aid all kinds of
Hardware, go to STitrtto 4 Gibbons,' on Main street,
MoAvthqr, Ohio, who;hve on hand a ftill supply ot
everything madly found' lu a country hard-ware
store, and which has been bought at the lowoat oash
prices and will be aold at corresponding figures. 14
risiau it k--.'i -: - : '
Job Pbintino. Get all your Job Printing
done at the Enquirer Printing Office, in
Melon' 'Building, fqr,;besides the best print
ing, you will also. find the lowest prices
Swe'Potatoe8 and Sweet Fota-
to Pl ansoa l e. Levi Wyman, who re
sides U mifoB'ofithfrom MeArthurand 1J
north of McArthur Station, wishes to inform
t he publio that he has for sale a large quantity
or the Yellow Nansemood Sweet Potatoes, the
best k'iiifof t'hls climate ' which, he will sell
at $4 per bushel. He intends to raise plants
from 50 bushels of Sweet Potatoes this sea
eon. tThose-wisting SwaSt Potatoes or Sweet
Potato Plants, will please 'ball upon or ad
j,diiesi:him:at Dundasjintpa -t Counfy, Ohio
Me can, on receipt of tbe money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any point,
Give him a liberal, patronage..
."Druss, Books and Stationery,
rets6n WishiflgiJrfi Medicines, qr Books,
will do" well ! t call at Strong's Drug and
tiook Store, corner Hulbert's Block, MoArthur,
Ohio, where tbVy wlll nnd a large, Btook of
Pure Medicines, ..Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Bluffs, Perfumeryi and Fancy Artlolee. ,"
Physicians ean 'buy 'tis )o s io any mar
ket, in Southern OhUM k-jh . v .
The attention' of i puVlw called to the
large stook 'ot', Cap'.'iud 1 Sole Taper, Pens,
Ink. Paper, Knives, Rulers, so., So.
SiihooT fiookF can; be, bought , cheaper at
. Ti ikUtfi tiQll " !.U't:..i.il' .
Jstroug s than at any oine.r esiaoiiBamsm m
Vlnlbn county '
. Call ind see. '1 "'1'i''i:; May2-6m
"Thw IHtAwWiT CnsBuBB," We : have for
tale l'tbis Office the most superb steel line
engravings 'of ! '.'The, Heavenly Cherubs,"
frem RaphaeV,"Sistina Madonna," which w
invite everybody especially the ladies to
al)and'see.1"The price is'fow. 'j'.1;' " ';
PiifriinLik MoiioE. Those whd prefer
ayiag.ielr-.sbsc'iiptibnilia any .'kind of
country Brofluce. of in wood
or ' coal, are
do3 io,;aswe have
made arrangements to reoeive the eame at
try produoe; wood and coal, and we will
ssnd soi ihEnitirer, and then you will be
T'WH ckll the1 attention of our lady readers
to the advertisement of J.F. Woodside, Agent
for Wheieleir & Wilson's Sewing Machines.
Theie are ihe best Machines in use, and it
has been so, admitted in this cottttt,ry and in
ngla'ndljery lady-ought to haye one of
thenfM Mo lady would dfti without one after
using it a short time' in r ' ,.',. .,
Hl..!;iAmbro8e, Jof MoArthur, will attend
to all orders left with 'him, . or give any in:
, formation relative tp,,tlie machines. : ; :
r 'IdcAi items of interest will be thankfully
received, from our.friends, at any time, from
aofport of this or adjoining counties.
Yi dropped into the New Hard-ware
Store of Oio. L. Will & Co., the other mo r
isg, and, in eompany with Gbobob, we visit-
ad tha New Tin Shop Room,! in the Second
Btory of the building, We we're" shown, by
ninn. the tools, little labor-savins ma
chines, &a, Which were purchased for the
New Tin Shop the only convenient and per.
feot set of Tinner's Tools e ver brought to any
town in the county. The firm have an ex
perienced workman in their employ, and are
prepared to manufacture all kinds of Tin and
Sheet Iron Ware, as well as te do all kinds
of Job Work, such as Spouting, Roofing,
Sheet Iron and Copper Work, and all other
kinds of work belonging to the business:
Give the New Hard; Ware Store and Tin
Shop a call.io : '' . - i ;
, r , , , ,.m. ,
Nso Nivisa, Thb Nkwsbpt; or, Stbibt
Lifi lit BosToir. This is the title of a new
book just published by Henry Morgan, P.
M. P, Boston, Mass., a copy of which, we
have received. It is the moat interest
ing work we have ever seen.' It contains
the history of "Ned NevinS" in the Street,
Without a home, Arrested, at Court, in Jail,
at the Grave, and so on. Ten thousand cop
ies have already been sold, and orders given
for fifteen thousand more. They are printed
and sold at the rate of over one thonsand a
week. Prioe $1.60 per copy. Address
Rev. Henry Morgan, 9 Groton Street, Bos
ton, Mass. . ; f
Agents wishing to supply good territory,
should apply at onoe.
Stbono & Gibbous are receiving another
large and complete stook of Hardware, Cut
lery,' Glass, Nails, Wooden-ware, Harvest
Tools of every, kind, Gardeuer's Tools, ic,
to whiohthe attention of overybody is di
rected,' (especially the farmers,) as they are
determined not to be undersold by any other
House. They are manufacturing a fine as
sortment of Tin Ware, which will be sold at
the lowest living prices. They have an excel
lent lot of Stoves of each kind and of the
very latest patterns,
Call and see. - ;
Cabdixq Maohincs. In another tart of
to-day's paper will be found the advertise
ment of the proprietors of the MoArthur
Steam Mills and Carding Machines, who have
refitted their : Carding Maohines with New
Cards and are prepared to do all work in a
superior and'' satisfactory manner.' The
Grist Mills have also besu thoroughly repair-
ed; and grinding will be done at the Water
Mill rates of Toll. The proprietors are fully
determined to satisfy all who may patronize
either their Carding Maohines or Mills.
Give them a call; we are sure you be ao
commadated in every respect in their line.
at iJiLBSKt'-We call the attention of our
readers to the advertisement of Mr. 1). Mcln
tyre, in another part of this paper. The ex
cellent Dwelling and Business House; on the
corner of Oak and Second Streets, a pleas
ant part of the . village of Zleski is offered
for sale. , . ,, .
For particulars, call on or address D
Mclntyre, Zaleski, Ohio. ...'"'
Our friend, O. W. Wilson, of this town, de1
parted, on Wednesday night two weeks ago,
for Tennessee, where he will take oharge of
a Saw Mill.
Ir you want to hay or sell ' anything, no
matter what, the best way you can accom
plish your object is to advertise in the En
quint, ' Now is the time to advertise. Try
Rao Wahtbd. Bring all
this office, where the highest
will be paid for them.
your rags to
market price
New York Market.
$11 9015 60
Whiskey quiet and unchanged.
Corn, 1 ' ' :
Sugar, ; '
Pork, mess :UI
shoulder's, t:;;;.,...'";'.
Lard, ' '
Butter, for OU.'i.'UA C A ? 7.
Cheese,:'! Ui!'-.; ii-m '.:,!'- ":
1 653 25
1 381 36
3123 15
11 CO
12a 20c
. VillaHo
Louisville Market.
Flour,' superfine .. i . ,' $10 BO
Wheat, prime red .. t..U:, ,: 3 16
Corn, shelled, in bulk n - (,... . 1 16
OatS, . - ; I !.,:: -it I ;.830
Cincinnati Market.
Bark, prime chestnut oak
Butter, " .' ' - ."
Beans, prime white
Coffeet Bio : '
Cheese, -' ;
Feathers, . '
Flour, spring wheat :
- winter wheatj i r
Apples, green . ;.
Ginseng, : ;
Hay, ;. :
Corn, shelled
Oats, : vT':
Molasses,' ..' i
Potatoes, '
f 13 60
; . 1 103 40
' , 15 JalGc
. loalT
12 25al5 60
1400al7 75
' J 00a5 00
80a 85
- 16a22
2 20a2 87
.-. ' : 90a95c
.. 70a72o
6 5cal25
:. C0a65c
Special Notices.
Wonderful but True.
MiOAMt DtHiitaTON, tha world-renowned Astrolo
Klst and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in a clair
voyant state,' delineates the very leatarea of the per
son yon are to . marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment of intend power, known as the Psyohomotrope,
iniaranteea to produoe a life-like picture of the future
Fiusbaud or wiie of the applicant, with date of mar
riage, occupation, leading trait of character, Ao.
Thia is no imposition, as testimonials without num
ber can assert. Bv'tatinn plaeeol birth'.BKe, dispo
sition, color of eyes and hair,' and enclosing fifty
cents, and atamped envelope addressed to yourself,
you will receive the picture by return mail, together
with desired information. .
' SWAddreas in confidence; Mioiirs Gibtsvss
psiiiiioTpii, P. Q. Bo 7, Wost Troy, K. If. ?
, To Consumptives.
The advertiser, havhi(? bean restrtr4 to health In a
few weeka bv a very aimple remeuy; aiwr
fered for aaveral yeara with a severe Jung alleclion.ancj
that dread diseajie Consumption is nunoiis to mnHo
I . V. . - rAKa..ii(rnrai.a tk mMMA Ol CUfA.
To all who desire it, ho will send a copyol the
proscription used (free of charge,) with the ni re
lions for preparing and using tile asme, wnlon they
will (Ind a sure cure forConsumntion, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Ung Af
feellons. The only object ol the advemr in send
in the Prescription la to benefit the atHicted, uiid
spread inforiimtion which he conceives to be invulu
alls, and he hopes every sufferer will try his rem
edy, as It will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the presonptiou, ru. by
return wi.FD A. WIL30N, ' ' "
. Williamsburg, Kiugs Co., i'evr York,
r May8,lWIT -ly
tffS'k Yniivo LAr returning to her
country home, after a sojourn of a few niontha Id the
city, was hardly recnRised by her friends. In piiwe
of a ooarse, rustic, flushed iace, she hml rod ruby
complexion of almost marble smoothness, and m-j
Hicaa Ol iweniy-inree oho ci., - o--
ten. Upon inquiry a the cmise ol so great a chango.
she plainly told tltem that she had used the Oins-
ai 4H Halm, ana consiuereu n u Hinnnw. , y
tion to any Lady's toileu y us use any wujur
Gentleman can improve their personal appertince an
hundredfold, ltissimplo in its combination, as
Nature herself is simple, yet ansurpassed m its em
eacy In drawing lmpuritiec from, also healing, cleans-
inir and Deautnying ine skid nuu cumuid-uu. -direct
action on the cuticle itdrani from it all Its
imnurlties, kindly henlinlhe same, and leaving tne
surlhce as Nature iutended it shouia ne, ciear,
emoothe and beautiful. Prtoe l, sent by mail or
express, on recoint of aa order by '
W. L. CLARK CO.. Chemists.
No. 3 West Kayette Street, Hyrauuse, a. i.
The only Amoricaa Agents for tno sale of the same.
: Know Thy Destiny.
Minim V. V TunsmrnN. tlia. creot Enillish As-
trolojjint, Clarvoyant and Psychometriohiii, who has
astonished the scientific classes of the Old World, has
now located hersell at Hudson, IN. I. aiwiauw
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of aecoiid
sixht, as to enable her to impart knowledge of tno
(jreatest importance to the single or married of ei-
thersex. While in a state oi irance, mm iiinr"
the very features ot the person you are to marry,
and by the aid o( an instrument of intense power,
known as the ?sychomotroue, guarantees to psoduce
a lll'e-like picture of the future husband or wife ot the
applicant, together with the daieof marriage, position
in life, leading traits in oharacter, Ac. 'I his is no
humbug, as thousands ot testimonials can assert.
She will send when desired a certified certncate.or
written guarrantee, that the picture is what it pur
ports to oe. fly enclosing a small iock ui un, "
stating place of birth, age, disposition and comp el -ion,
and enclosing fifty cents and a stamped eiivolooe
addressed to yourself, you will receive the pict ure
and desired information by return mail. All commu
nications sacredly connueniial, Auuress in cuhu
dence, Madams JS. F. Tmobmom, P. O. Box'J23, Hud
son, N.I. April 18, 18Ufl-lyJ ,
A Turns a nn. Circular, ffivinit information of the
greatest mi portance to the young of both sexes.
tt leacnea new me noineiy may nwume unumiu.,
the uespiseu respeciea, ana ine lornnni-n iuwu.
No voiinir ludv or irentlomen should fail to send their
Address, aud receive acony post-paid, by return mail.
Address I". J. uraweri
April 18, 1867-6mj
Troy N. T.
Carding Machines
' UlS THE- , .'' ,!,;
JIc Arthur Steam M ill ,
HAVING been refitted with New Cards, are now
ready for work; and the proprietors guarauteo
that the work done by them win not oe
"" ' Inthe country t
May 21, 1867-3m
For Sale !
1 VERY neat and comfortablo Bwelling llouso
A. with an excellent-
attached, situateon the comer of Oak and Second
streets, Zaleski, Ohio, is for sale at reasonable fiures.
Th DwAiitniria conveniently arranged; situate in
and. For lurther totorniationcail on oraddreas
May 23, 1867-tf . ' .' . . . , Zaleski,' Ohio
easant Dart ol me -wiwn, plenty vi i
ai. t3. 25 &, 2V Uroadivay, S. Y
5 Oppotite Bowling Green, :
THE Stivims Uoiisx is well and widely known
the tjavehng publio. The location ia especially
suitable to merchants and business men; it is
close proximity to the busineas part ot the city -is
on the highway of southern and western travel anu
and adjacent te all the principal Koilruad and steam-
hnat. ilAnnift ' . '
Ths Stkvihs House has liberal accommodation
over 300 guests it ia well furnished, and possosBet
every modern improvement for the comfort and en
tertainment of its inmates-. The rooms are spacious
and well ventilated provided with gas and water
the attendance is prompt and respectful, And the table
is aenerouslv provided with every delicacy of
season at moderate rates. . '
, May 23, l866-6m j : ; v proprietor:
Reparator Capilla.
Throw 'awaylyour felse frizzes,! your snitches, your
. wig-- " .' ' ' .'
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a ng;
Come aged, ooroe youthful, come ugly and fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hail.
FOR restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatev
er cause it mav have fallen out) and forcing
growth of hair upon the face, it hat no equal. It will
force the heard to grow upon the smoothest face
Irom nve to eignt weens, or nair upon imu in iruui
two to three, A few practitionera-.have asserted that
there is not: ing that will force or hasten tnegrowtn
of the hair or beard. Their assertions are false,
thousands ol living witnesses (from tneir own qxpe
rience) can bear witneasi But many will say, how are
we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious?
certainly is difficult, as nine-tenths of the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and beard are
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away large amounts In their purchase. To mh we
would say, try the Reparator Cappilll; li will cost
rou notning unless u iiniy comes wvui ictcnnu.
ions. If your Druggist does not keep it, aend tui one
lollar and we will forward it, postpaid, together win
a reoeipt for the money, whioh will be returned you
on application, providing entire (satisfaction Is not
giyen. Address, . '
Vf. It. UL&ltA & lA7nu(i
--So. 3 West Fayette Street .
Byraouse,Hew xori..
There cometh glad tidings of Joy to all,
To young and to old, to groat and to small;
The beautytwhich once was ao precious ajid,rare,
Is Iree for all, and all my b fair. .., .:.
By the use of ;
... enamel, .':
FOR Improving and beautifying the compt ixion.
. . The most valuable and perfect preparation
use, for giving the skin a beaiftiral pearl-like tint, that
ia only fcund In youth. It quickly removes Tan,
Freckles, Pimples, Blotchea, Moth Patches, Sallow
nn. m Enmiuuii. and all linciiiri ties of the skiD. kind
ly healing tlie same, leaving the skin white and clear
as an alabaster. Its use cannot be detected by the
closest scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation
is perfectly Harmless It laine oniy arwuie uwu
the French, and is considered by the Parisian as in
hia tns TMtrfMt' toilet.' Upwards of.w.WO
hnttlea were Sold durinn the last year, a sufficient
inirrantee of its efficacy. Price only 74 cents. Sent
bv mail, post-paid, on receipt of an oroer, by
' BERGBR, bHUTTS k CO., Chemists,
April 18,1867-ly J 8a KiTer Street, Tror, T.
. -T.'i ; 'V ' - ' ' ' ; f
J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
Duplex Elliptic
com tort nrid;pi.rininE to any Laity wearing tlu
Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced particularly
in all crowded Assemblies, 0)run, Carriages, itnil
road (Jars, Chun h Pews, Arm Chairs, tor Promenndi'
and House Dress, as the Skirt can he folded when
in use to occuny a small place as easily and con
veniontlyas a Silk or Mualiu Dress, aii Invalualilt
qnality in crinoline, not found iu.auy BingleBprinn
. A Lsdv having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and
great convenience of wearing the Duglex Elliptic steel
Spring Skirt for a single da will never afterward!'
willingly dispense with their use. For ohildron.
Missed aud Young Ladies they are superior to all
They will not bend or break like the Single Spring,
but will prsserve their jicrfcct and graceful shape
wnen I time or lour ordinary SKiris win nave twen
thrown asideas useless. The Hoom are covered
with double and twited thread, and the bottom roils
are not only doulilo springs, but twice (or douljlej
covered, preventing them from wearing .out when
dragging down stoops, stairs, Ha
I lie uuplex Elliptic is a
great favorite with all la-
dies and is universally recommeudi-d by tt.e Fashion
Mngasinesas the STANDARD
To enjoy the following enestimnble advantages In
Crinoline, viK Superior -Quality, l'erlect Mauufac
tore, Stylish Shape mid FinishFlexibility, Durubili
ty, Comfort and Kcouomy, enquire for J. W. Hrnd
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirt, and be
sure yon get the Uenuiue article. ...
CAUTIO.V.-To guard against IMPOSITION be
Particular to NOTICE that skirts offered as "Dll
LEX" have the red ink stamp, viti "J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
band none others are genuine. Also notice that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being passed through
the centre, thus revealing the two ('jr double) springs
briuded together therein, wiiicn is the Flexibility of
and strength, and a combination not to be found in
any other Skirl.
FOR BALK in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throughout the United States and clsewhvre.
ilauulsatureit by the Sold owners ottnefatent.
' 97 Chambers and 7tt ft 81 KeadpJU., N. Y.
May 19, 1807-3m
J. K. .WILL,
S NOW receiving from New York. Boston,
and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
1 B Y G O O DS ,
consisting in part of
Ladies Dress Goods, .
New Styles Delaines & Shallies,
Double-Width Ginghams
In Broken Plaids
Large Stock of .
Foreiffn Dress Goods
Very Low and of the Latest Styles,
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop
Trimmings and Buttons,
Parasols of all descriptions,
Shaker Hoods, ' .'
And Cheapest "Woolen Goods
and Cassimeres since the war.
His Stock of .
Boots and Ladies Shoes
Is complete, and can bo sold 20 per cent, cheaper
than the cheapest.
All kinds of "
kopt constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Ready-Made Clothing",
Ticce Goods, -
. ' 1 ' ' Hats and Caps,
As cheap as in the year 1859.
NAILS by the pound & keg,
For less than can be bought at any other House in
tgrRememher the flact Doddridge' i New
Building, one Door Wett of the Court Jioute.
May 9, 1807-ly
Hair Exterminator ! !
For Removing Superfluous Hair!
rPO the ladies especially,' tnis Invaluable
X depilatory recommends itself as , beiDg
an almost indispensible artiole to female
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn
injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots.
It is warratcd to remove superfluous hair
from low foreheads, !or from any part of
body, completely, totally and radioally ex
tirpiating the same, having the skin soft,
jmoothe and natural. This is the only arti
cle uBed by the French, and is the only real
effeotual depilatory in existence. Price
cents per paokago, sent post-paid,- to any ad
dress, on reoeipt or an order oy
- 285 Hirer St., Troy, N. Y.
Oh, was Bhe beautiful and fair,
With starry eyes, and eadiant hair.
Whose culing tendrils solt, entwined
Enchained the very heart and mind.
For Curling the Ilair of either Sex into Wavy
and Glossy RmgleU or Heavy Maeuve Vuru.
BY using this artiole Ladies and Gentle
menjcan beautify themselves a thousand
fold, it is tne oniy article in me worm
that will eurl straight hair, and at the same
time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance.
The Crisper Coma not only curls the balr,
but Invigorates, beautifies and cleanses
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and
the most compete artiole or the kind ever
offered to the American publio. The Crisper
Coma will be sent to any address, sealed
and postpaid for $ I.
Address all orders to
W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemists,
So. 3 West Fayette Street, Syraouse, N. Y.
. ; MaNUTACtubs ;. ' .
Eubkka CiDEa Mills,
Victor Cans Mill,
Siab Corn Shelleb, " "
; v . Hobsk Power Forks,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rake
Crawford's. Garden, Cultivator,
. , Amalgam Belli,
And many other articles In the way of Implements,
Tni. mnA Machinery.
arietios. Send for circulars,
MarcH28, 1807-ly . .
Advertisements. PROSPECTUS
For 1867.
Tns Seventh Volume and the 8eventh
Fear of the publication of Ths Crisis Is
about to begin, and, in accordance with cus
tom, we issue our Annual Prospeotus. ' We
need not recapitulate its history during the
9lormy years of its existence, nor remind
those who have read it, of its services in be
half of the great principles of ths Democra
cy, and wHat its conductors conceived, and
what time has shown, to be the best Interests
of (he country. Its merits have been ac
knowledged from the time it was started by
that veteran and distinguished journalist,
Gov. Medabt. and its present conductors
simply olaim for it the credit of an earnest
and undeviatiDg adherence to the plan and
prinoiples of its, founder, in all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the past sir years the
failure of some, the apoetacy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
Of Demooraoy, The Cams has never deuia.
ted from the straight path of prinoiple, nor
bten allured by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster.
On the score of principle we claim for it
the merit of .fidelity, honesty, and consist.
ency. As a newspaper we claim lor it, me
merit of being an exponent of Western in
terests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the farmer,
the mechanic, the business mm, and the
family oirole. It is our aim to fill the large
sheet with mttter of real interest and per-!
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve, and instruct, as wen as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements and the sensa
tional folly of the day. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of Ths
Cbibts in this respect, and to this oourse we
propose - to-rigidly - adhere. The reliable
market reports and , tbo great amount of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information we publish, is or im
portance and value to business .nen, farm
ers, mechanics,. and politicians; while the
carefully selected page of literary miscella
ny which each number. contains, commends
it to the home oircle of all. - x 1
The political views of Tns Crisis scarcely
require definition. It is in .favor of Demo
cratic principles in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by TuoHAg Jkffcsson,
and the other really great rneu and founders
of the Government, and noon which the
Government was successfully conducted for
seventy years. It is opposed to the Aboli
tion desDouBm which now controls the Fed'
eral Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatever device it may appear. It is
0Dr08ed to the entire' Abolition theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, humbugs,
and delusions whioh grew out or it. it is1
opposed to the thieving jascality, the ty
rannical assumptions, the Btupid and bar
barous policies and the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery that
tne jacouiua uave ueviaeu uu jjui iu upeia-
tion to overthrow Kepubliaan Government,
inaugurate anarchy ana aoaoiutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and corrupt
legislation. 'And in advocating the correot
nrinoiples and opposing the evue we nave
named, we shall continue to do it without
fear or favor. . '.' ' i
In order to successfully conduot Such
paper as Tub Crisis, it must have a large
list of subscribers ; and to secure that we
rely upon our friends and those who have
taken tee paper. We cannot compete witn
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; out. we eurneHujr houou
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their personal efforts. : It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate will enable Us to furnish them
with a paper fully equal in size, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of
great deal more interest and Importance to
Western Democrats.- Friends, shall we call
upon you in vain, for the small favor we
ask, and in a cause ot such magnitude and
value ? Now Is the time to send in sub
scriptions for the new volume, Which, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the
amount of the eubsoriptioa price.
Our terms are $3.00 per year, 51,50 Tor
six months, $1.00 for four months.'
One extra copy will be sent to any one
gotting up a club of six ;arly subscribers
and to auv on sendlnz a club of ten for six
or four months an extra copy for the olub
time.-' ' ' " I " '
For a olub of ten yearly (subscribers
copy of either of the tve bound volumes
('61, '62, '63, '64 or 'OO.T '-. ' ;!f .
For a Olub of thirty yearly subscribers,
complete sett of the volumes of Tus Ckisi
for six years-v. ' ol 1 .!.;'
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867.
TTNIVERSLLY . acknowledeed the Model
U Parlor Magaiine of America, devoted
Original Stories, . l'oems,, bketones, Aroni
teoture. and Model Cottages, Household Mat
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and LUary
Gossip (including special departments
Fashions. 1 Instructions . on Healtlu Qymnas
tic Eouestrian Exeroises, Skating, Music,
Amusements, ect- all by the best authors,
and profusely and artistically illustrated
with costly engravings (full sixSj) useful
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry,
a succession of arUstio novelettes, with other
useful and entertaing literature. ,
No person of refinement, economical house
wife, or lady of taste, can 'afford, to .do, with,
out the Model Monthly, , , , .
Single copies, 80 cents; hack numbers,
specimens, ,10 cents; either mailed free.T
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium
copies, $5 50; three copies, $7 50; five oopies,
$12, and splendid premiums ior oiuos at
each, with the. vrsi premium to - eaoa sud
soiiber. . ' '- '1
Address . ,
. . No. 478 Broadway, New York.
DemoreBt's Monthly and Young America
together, $4, with the premium to each.
Aubarn. Golden, Flaxen & Silken
. ., ,. uuris, ..
PRODUCED by the use of Prof,
application : warranted to ourl the
straight and stubborn hair of either sex
wavy ringlets, or heavy massif e curls. .
been need by the fashionables of Paris
London, with the most gratifying results.
Does no injury to the hair. Prioe by
sealed and postpaid, 1. Descriptive Circu
lars mailed free. - Address BERGER,
SHCTTS & CO., Chemists, No. 285 River
Troy, N. Y., Sole Agcats for the United
States. April 18, 'CM;
Thisvatoraiv and sterling Journal of the wbnlr
wotld's vhoireKt litemtiira opens it VOth vAuiim In,
the full tide of that pronperoiui and uninterrupted
FOR 18G74
popularity which has sotainet It M the bead ot tlo.
Xmeriisan weekly press lor nenly a third of aceutu
ry. A Iwaya famous as
; i-.... ROMANCfV ' ' '-,
it will entrMinontlie New Year not oaiv aea reposi
tory of fresh and nriuinal nuuierpieoes from the lead
ing novelist of this country. Eiutland, and France,
but also as a mirrior of the elnssiu fictions of the old
en time, wliK-h will be carefully revised, an t adapted
to the most fastidious acquirement of modern tasfH
and delicaoy. Kach issue will contain, beside thn
brilliant serial novelties, an uneqiml array of Horns '
and Society Stories, (sketches, and Poems, by eur !
best authors Hnd suthorexHex, while a ' '
have U en secured to, fumiah racy, loadable, and '
fearless crtieinnv of , j , '
: JfW PLAYS, ' ,
and nil persons, thinp, and events In which, (he i
whole uountry may be supposed to lake special inter-
est. . j
In addition, however. k aeeiirlna ViJumaYTir
the choicest pruductions of tho bost-known irontom-
iMiraneoiis iipnins, the proprietors of The New York
Mercury design making special eHortsdurimrtheJioiv
Y ear to j i . , i
from the modest ranniof those possessors of mark,
ed intellectual abilities who hava hitnerio been U.
teired from seeking print through lear of editorial
refcutT orneglect.
and the proprietors promise to ho generous as wel
no ,ub in uocimux wuat
I manuscripts are worthy vl.
Full many a gem of purest rav serene,
The dark, unruthmii'il fjivA rr m.ui u.,n
and full many possessor of roal nonius may tie thus
discovered and brought to the appreuiation andro-;
ward which, olherwiae, might nevei be theirs.
Hie paper will also aparkle with artistio and s..
cial puugeneies, aide-apittiiiK gossip, piqiiante fem
inine onrreapoodence, curious and mteritiiii newa,
all the literary talk of tlie season, valuatile fashion-,
articles, fairv ami other talea for tha little folky, cud.
delations of the most remarkable flew books, aud .
VI.KUANT II. I I?.j'Pt?lTiivc,
.... . ......... . , f , -
A number of choice oriirlual seritls.'each of them '
written expressly for the .Wew York Morcury, by ,
such contributors as Miss M. E. Brandon. Pien-a '
Eiom, Wiiluun Gilmore Biinma, Conain Mav Carle-)
tou, Alexandre liiuuas, Fairfax Balfour, andothore-'
of that tauk, will be gtveq in raiud succession. , , ,
To mail subscribers, our terms aret ', , !
Cuah in advance: Sinale eonitw. ii AO a Tear: Uin
copies, $7; sis copies, ia; nine copies, ISO. The;
party who aenns ua 3J lor a club of nine cc pica will
receive an additional copy fiee.; Uiz moiUha' ob-;
ecriptlon received.
Duosunners should bccaretUl to write plainly the
name of their nest office, county, and State. Bed
men copies sent free to all pplieani. Address.
Proprietors of The Few York Mercury,
Jios. it Auoslrtotund UJ Fulton eireet. .
MehT. 1867-41 'I ... r:kW
A Beautiful Fremlun - Engraving, and Re
duced Prices to Clubs - .'-f.
rivifc i.Aiiyu l'KlD announce lor 18CT the
X loiiowinx noveletee; A Kew Btory bv Mia. Uenry
Wood, aiiihur ot -Eaat I.yona' . '! he' Channinm.'
Ilow a Woman hadhor Wav.' bv Etiutbeih Pr-
cott, autlior of 'Told by the tiua'. .to Igniter1
loung," by Amanda M. Ilouglaa,: antlu.r of -In
Jrusi.ieto. 'iiora Uatel,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
It will give a splendid double page nnely uoloratt
Faahion Hate engraved an steel in evecy number.
. It will give a beautifully executed fancy steel ea-
Uraviug, uuuniiueawwriraenioi wooa euie, iiiuat'
vmg, uuuniiueawwriraenioi wooa euie, iiiuat
inu fashions, fancy work, etc., in every number,
ill give a popular piece of M uaic, worth the cost
he uiiiKssine itself, in everv number. It will ii
It wi
of the
a oopv of the Beautiful I'remium Bteel Er.gravuur-
'One of Life's Happy Hours' as by JU inches, to ev
ry single toU subacribor, and to every person
club. ...
It offers as premiums Wheeler a Wilson's Seitmn
Machines, Hllver Plated Tea bets. Spoons, Pitcher.
Gold and Silver Watehea, tiuns, Kities, Meludious
Clothes Wringers, Appietoo'a Cyclopedias, &c.
1 copy, (and theengravinfi,) 1 - I tM '
4 copies, ' "' '"' , SOW ' :
5 copies, (and one gratis) 1 ' t)i '
Ono copy each of the Lady 'n Friend and tho titur
day Evening Postfor SI 00.
The getter up of aclub will always receive a copy of
tne rremmiu t-ngraviug. Members of a club wish
ing the Engraving must remit ene dollar extra.
na-ieoae desirous of gelUng lip clubn or preiiHum
lists should enclose 1 cents tor sumnto Mmnainu.
containiugtlie parttoluiu-s. Address -
uisauujJi & rtTEUaUN,
319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
The Cheapest Magazine in the Worldl
niH13 papular and widely circulated Magarine fits
X' uow reached an edition unequalled in thia coun
try. Each numlier ia brnamented by numerous fine
engravings, and ia complete In itself, inbmoin( a
great variety of talea, sketclies, poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to bo the cheapeaf and; bes". Jlaga.
sine in .the world. ,-l .j;..
TERMS.:-.-i.,r ..-..-I
1 St 60 a year: seven conies IS OfH thirteen eeniea
(15 00. Single copies IA cects. Address ...
LLlUll', lUUiltB 1 ALUtj r,
',.,.,,... Boston, Mass.
Uil3 , ajiebican ;, Farmer; , :
.' .:. ..t fob . ,''
1S67. 1867. i , 186T.
Tho practical Farmers' own paper. The cheapest
and bust Agricultural and Horticultural journal in
America. Illustrated with numerous engravHim of
Farm Buildings, Animaln, Implements, Fruits, flow
ers, Ac. Only only one dollar a year. Amenta want
ed in every village, ton n, county and State, to form
0 1 ubs, to whom Hplrndid Panam as are ottered. For
lull tiartcu are of which, aend toraanecimen cepr.
Now is the time to subscribe. Send on your naiii
and the name of j our friends. Address,
yubiiwier aim rropneior,
Rvcbestcr, Kew Vork.
. .1 r
. i THE MARRIED! 8ent
in sealed Envelope on ;
' ' reoipt of 10 cents. .
' Address : Dr. E. B.
FOOTS, Author ; of
Medioal Common
Sense. ; .'. " . ',
1130 Broadway, N.T.
. Pebnury 21, 1MT. .
AS in the past, throngh snnshlm
Ohio States man wili continue
snnshlne and storm, Tha
Inflexibly Demo-
araiio unalteraoiy aevoicu vu an auiuwi oi
maiuteoanceof the gonsliiuuon,in spirit anu in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union, Aside,
from this, The Statesman will bestow particular at.
tentiouta . i. . t ..
JVctos, ' LegUlativa:' and Cortrcsnomol
litporti, CAotce, jntiructive an
'.. Fleming Litcraturt, ,
anif Hill irive faithful market reports from the lead
ing Commercial Centers of the country.
On the 13th of leoemuer, The Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half addi.
tionaleolumnsof teadinq matter Weekly. ..'ihotoi'
lowing are th.' - i lr' ' ' ,
I IBliJia UA&n A AiiU.V
Daily Statesman, per yent , .' ,. ....
" . six months, " ' ,k '
Tri-'Vyeekly Statesman, per yetr, '.' ril
I'M. " ' sis month '.
w nrytrv V 1 Tiv.lll I V
I loo
' 450
' 4 80
Cm eopy, six months, for . .. .;.,. ,
One oopy, one year, for , , . " ' J on
Ftveeoptes, one year, tor ..i...i....i in .ten
Tenncopies, one vesi, tor : ' ''. : ' Hso
Two ty copies, ooe year, for i, .; ;(i vi (
Fiftjcopies, one vr, for ' To t)0
t ' ;,. , ., . Columbus, Olio.

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