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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 30, 1867, Image 1

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'-: !??J ft:..!
AlTfT.?' TIM.
lit i ii i ii . trill j
.i i hi . . . " - '.x. . fc-jr
iv.l; .Kt.l p ,:i i
It 5 ll l
i V v ,', V .:T'r'i --'5',,v
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Pit,-1 :; a -!...? n to v;
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, i .. . f,i .(,,; Democratic nl all Times and uader all Cfrcumsianccs.
.Vdi,UME i f -i : : - ' . ; jrAUTIlUR, VINTON COUiNTY; OHIO; THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1867.
i. i,
NUMBER, ;i9. :
.,.; ill;'. j.v'.... ;iixf. j . ' . '
f H r v
ir, :
' El I I i 1 V
V N ' 1111 I I I 1 I I i
. . I J i 't ' ; WWW
It "III V " V (I I 19 1
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..... . J
! 1 - '
it j. 'I i: i " . .
, . .(;! ;. , '-,.t .Li
DemocratiiJ Enquirer
' m-'. ... , " '
. , , ..y -sv.'BbWEN, ' 'V ,
f.'"ci3ditor and Publisher, 1 " '
In: " . i . -i, in i . ii.
O FFIC E 1 Mw Building, on Mnln Street.
V'.''iriiifg iip RTrnsnpfprrnfi. i
. .'. .i ' (IS ADVANCK.)
On copy, one year, M4t,.
One copy, nix months,
One copy, t.hree muritho, .. , ..
Kive coiiitu, (ine year, to one Pol Onii'ei .
. f. .. Unim Pllll.llllil1., I
1 Ml
j-enoopira, ujir"' v"w" . V "
1(1 1X1
tour Minns reunn j,im:uv w w ,uiv..
Ill ABVANCI . . ' L
A failure to giv notice of wieh to dineontinue at
the dote oftlie time robeoribed for, will be consid
ered new etiRanement i and no paper will be dm
. tenilnued until alter all arrearages nlmll be puid.
Papers are delivered throimh the mail tree ot post
ale within the county, and, also, free to aubscribers
liyuiR in the county, hoa ipoatofflce is out of the
liouiity. . ,
Teh lihes ff this type, 1 or Hie space ocoupied by
thi same, make one equarev; l( . , ,
Ons Hiiiiare, one insertion, ,
Ekoh additional insertion, : V .: . . ., 60
All transient advertisina for a shorter period than
lures muncns, ciiaicimt
. : jm.3 mos., 6 nios. mos.
1 column. fiW eiuoo 1500
inn.,.,.n. - 11100 20 00 30 00
12 mos
$20 00
' . 40 UO
. 60 00
lunT aooo 40 00 'COOO
llusir.ess cards, from 6 to-10 lines, per annnm,
Divorce Notices,, uot exceeding 2tf lines, (m ,
advnnce,) , ,
Each additional 10 lines ' . r. I
Attachment Notices, (in advance,)
Admtaistriitor's or Executor's Notices, (in
to 00
uvnnce,j ' ; k .. .' i , , ,r
Notioes of runaway husband or wives, double
price, and In advance. '. ' i ' -
Notioes of Deaths, free. . Marriage Notices, accord
luttothelibernlityof the parties.
Notices in the local column, 10 cents per line Tor
aoh insertion, i .' r
Notioes of political meetings, free. ;
ff. J. WOLTZ,
Three boort 'Eatt oflhi Hubert Bout, '
IVrlo Artjavir, Olaio,
STRUMENTS correctly repaired. , . ,
"Hpectacle8 to Suit all eyes. ',
. January 31, WBMy: . t, i r..... u ;-
' ' 1 (UHINC0KP0ATD,) - 1
PutsiueNT. Cashisr
II. f. AViTl., ' ' B. V. BANNKI.S, FUANK 8TU0N0
.i it. . i ... . i. A. A AIMtlM. .
TJ A VING formed a co-partnership for the purpose
LI nfcmailiuilinff A ,
BUSlKlscsa, -
i a. 1 i. ..lllitA. aw IVia trnnaonlinn tit IlfV
business pertaining to legitimate Banking, we tender
. . a. a!.- u..n.nnUi milJin nannrul V.
vUi services iw uu'1lire": i, v iwn
s - rsi i . i J ..AadnniiVilA ratna nn AH
ctntnbi pnper. Uevenue Htampa always on hand
r... , nn lima .innnult..
tfli lor sale., juiereni " " v,..
Person wishing to remitmoney to loreignCoun
tries eim obtain Drafts at our Office. , ,.,., i
- February 7,iao7-ly, . ;i;
fl-HANKFULfor the liberal patronage received for
L the two past yeais, he would say to those desir
ing bis professional services, thatne may always be
found at nis uuiee or resilience, u inuiu hi,ot,i
less absent on profersionul business. :"
February 28, 1807-ly , . , ,
CH AS. BROWN, Preit, DAN. WILL, Cos A.
0n$ Boor Wat Ban. Will J- Bro'i Store, North
' : Side Jamn Street, .
XJ Deal irvExohango, Goyernment Beouri
tiB,fitock, Bonds, Gold and SiWer, &o.' ''
Deposit, .received Interest paid ,tin time
Colleotions made at all accessible points
in the United States,.,;.
United States Revenue Stamps for sale.
All business done on the most liberal terms
und.witli the utmost promptness.,'! '.; , ,
jFebruary2,X86TTly .
Attornoy txi Xia."cir
! n ; , ,1 ,:-,', . ..
"WllVU yractioe In the Courts of Won, Athens,
fV and Jackson Counties ; also, in the 'United
itates Cdurts'Of the Soathern District of Ohio, i -
Jo mas Second btory of Davit,', Building, on Main
January 24, l807'-tf , , .' . , ;', .
Oprner Basin and., Third Streets,
SITUATED In the business part of the City, and
rarest to the Rail Road Bejt. -. !
, MOmnibussea run to and from every train;
January 31, 1867-tf " , ;-
. JACKSON C. H.; 0H.I0, i
WILL practice in the Court of JacksonrVmrn
.and other oountisi. - ,.,,.t
Janury4,leT-tl- .. ... ..,
All-Kinds of aatknjtnd Med , Fattening. .
A LI, kinds of Machinery Repairing done . The
Ware Manufactured at the Koundry is sold as
low can he bought in any Market..
I'ost Ollicp address Reed's Mills, Vinton County, O.
.May id. law-iy- '..-
- ? H. C, MOORE, t
AFl'EBan absence of two years, oflers his pro
fp1onal services to the citizens of AUenaville
ami surrounding country.
March 1807,-tf
" j! W. BOWEKoprUtor'.
HtXo.T'tlxXLVi OHio.
, v . ."' .,' 'I'M!','...: ; i .
ALL kinds of plninandfny printing done at the
very lowest prices. r , ' .
21, 33, 25 & St Droadway, K. Y-
Opposite Bowling Green,
Tilt? Stevbns IIovise is well and widely known to
the tiBvehng publlo. . The location is especially
suitable to merchants and business men; ft is in
close proximity to the business part olthenty is
on the highway of southern and western travel and
and adjacent te all the principal Railroad and steam
bout depots ' '
Tus Btkvixs House has liberal accommodation for
over 300 guests it is well furnished, and possesses
evcy modern Improvement for the comfort and en
tertainment of its inmates. .The rooms are spacious
and well ventilated provided with (M and water
the attendance is promptand respectful, and the ta le
is generously provided with every delicacy of the
seasonal mbu rate rates'. '
GPO . u-. oiiAOi, Do., ,
May 23, 1866-6m ' Trojtrietort.
Buckwheat .
Beans i
Barley Mall t Bag
Corn in ear
Coal ,
Hominy 1
Oats - '.,
Onion Sets
Peaches, (dried,) -Potatoes
25 lbs
Mi "
60 "
80 "
00 "
M "
33 "
60 "
8(1 lbs
60 "
80 "
02 "
46 '
66 "
60 '
60 "
60 '
14 "
Kve nun. (ssoks
W heat
Sweet Potatoes
iCorn Meal '
Suit : :
Clover Seed
Timothy Seed
Hemp ,
iHillet :..
Ilungnrian Orass
Moonlight Sleigh Riding
Over the Sierra Neadas.
A moooligbt dleigh ride over the Si
erra .Nevada mountaiDS 13 a ride wnion
QODe caa ever forget; Oa the, afternoon
of War oh 15, we took sleigh drawn by
six nohle looking Lorsea as can be found
any whore, and started. There were thir
teen passengers, with' their baggage, and
one and a half tods of silver on board.
At twelve, o'clock, midnight, we stopped
for dinner at a station olose by that beau:
tiful lake called the 'Bigler.' The pro
prietor of the station told tab that he had
taken away zu teet ot now. . and still
there' remained nearly,' if hot quite, 20
feet more in front of his honse. steps
were out in the snow to allow passengers
aoross to his plaoe in order that' they
might get their dinnor and he their dol
lars; Only 30 tninutds .were .allowed,
and with a change, of torses we wore off
onoe more ' to the summit, wbiob, we
reached about two o olook Ufljtae morn
ng. On the summit We noticed sparks
of fire eominer, as it :were, put of the
snow. ' The driver told ns that twenty
feet under the snow there was a large
boaiding house for the Chinese laborers,
who are at work on the great raoifiorail
road, A hole was out to connect with
the chimney for the smoke to pass out,
and a tunnel extended 20 rods in length
for an entrance to : the house, t Suoh is
ife on the Sierra' Nevada mountains in
mid winter, with the snow: to the depth of
an average of J0 teet : or. more on the
level.' No teams are allowed to oroBS the
mountains in the day time, format be
horses and all might be swamped, as the
maoh harder and safer during the night
than through, the day. ,,. v.Ju' ti Ci!,
Early Tomatoes and Cucumbers.
cumber . : ,
A correspondent of the Farm and
Fireside sava ge gets tomatoes and ou
oumbers two or three weeks earlier than
tf)flI ire nasally foiand in Northern mar
kets by adopting1 ; fhe following plan :
put tomato yraoti'ce ja towrspe two dozi
en-or bo fair-eized turnips to thin Hhellp,
G1J them with rich garden mould plant a
few seeds in each, place them in a box of
earth, covering qu'ue up to the, top, place
the box in a warm room. After the
plants are up, water when required, give
light atid out-of-door air on all pleasant,
warm days. Select the strongest plant
in each shell to grow pulling out , the
others. Picon back too vigorous shoots,
urge stou stocky growth by frequont
slight foedings of-topi nt wiit,,-uuio-timcs
woak toap sudn, and when the frost
soason is fairly past, set turnip shells,
tomato plants and all in the out door
soil where tbey are to grow, and they will
go right on growing, without any hesita
tion or standing still, as they do coming
from a hot-bod. Cuoumbers we persuade
forward in the same manner, planting
them in black turf, instead of, turnip
shells, and almost always we have toma
toes and cuoumbers well-set on the vices
before setting them in eut-door position.
Cuoumbers, white, orisp, cool, tender,
almost seedless, free from all unpleasant,
earthly taste, and as delicate and delicious
as ououmbers can be may be induced by
simply placing the small fruit within a
seotion of drain tile, fbwer pot, or old
bottle with the neck knooked off cover,
ing them from the sunlight, and growing
them to table size in the dark.
. A Wrinkle About the Agb of
Horses. -A short timi ago we . met a
gentleman from Illinois, who gave us a
piece of information to ascertaining the
age of a horse, after he or the has pasted
the ninth year, which was hew to us and
will be we are sure, to most of our rea
ders. It is this; after the horse is nine
years old, a wrinkle, oo'enes on the eyelid
at the upper corner of the lowor lid, and
every year thereafter he has one well do
fined wrinkle for each year over nine.' -If
for instance a horse has three ' wrink
les, he is twelve; if four be is thirteen.
Add the number of wrinkles" to nine and
you will always get it. So says the gen
tleman ; and he is confidant it will never
fail. As a good many peuplo 1ito ti
es over nine, it is easily tried, " If true,
the horse dentist must give up bia trade.
The exports of wool last year from
California exoeeded 4,600,000 pounds,
and the Jooal consumption ' 2,700.000.
This year the manufactories, , it is esti
mated, will consume nearly four millions
of pounds, giving an increase of almost
fatty per cent.
Early Tomatoes and Cucumbers. Poetry.
'Twas a bitter word, and it fell like, lead
' .On the sensitive ohords of the heart; .
And the power thus gained o er the shrinking
For Hi, will never part. : :
Tears may pass by, yet the buriod word
Comes baok to life again, ' ' . '
To orush some other tender plant, , '
And reproduoe the pain.
Singular Story. An : inquebt was
recently held on the body of an eacem
trio woman, named Mary Guost, aged
sixty-five, of San street, Kiast lane, Lon
don.' '-The deoeased bad followed a milk
man in all his rounds for the last twenty
fiva years, he having promised her mar
riegej but broken, his vow. She was at
last : round dead in ner room. : Alter
death, the officer Cook i made : a rigid
search of her room, . but although she
was possessed of about 700 some years
since, only a few shillings were discov
ered on this oocasion. Somo stays .she
had long worn oould not be found ; but
there was an immense quantity of. cloth.,
ing found, amongst whioh, in addition
to many dresses, wore no less than forty
nice: flannel petticoats, besides eleven
which she wore, as also pieces of drug
get, aDd fifteen pieces of flannol bound
round her. head.' .She made a will with
ont naming any amount in . favor of Mr.
Uarden. - i-' l .;,.;! .v. a 'tt.ioj-t
The quickest passage -ever made , to
Liverpool by sailing Teosels - from New
York, were made by the fbllowenp ships:
The Adelaide, Commanded by - Captain
Cutting, made the passage out in 13
days ;aadl2 hours; ths ship' Dread
naught's (Capt. Samuels) quiokeet time
was 13 days ani 18 hours, and now the
ship Thornton, of the blaok star Line of
Liverpool, packets,' oommaaded by Capt.
Wells, has made a trip to Liverpool, in
the short space of 13 days and 10 houri.
ThiB last feet caps the climax, as being
the shortest passage to Liverpool on re-
Miscellaneous. Singular Fight Between an
Eagle and a Fox.
A Strathmore correspondent of the
Xorihern Ensign reoords a singular en
oouiter between an eagle and a fox oo a
hill called BeDalekie. The eagle' was
devouring the caroass of a mountain hare,
when a for sprang from a bosh of heath
er'., and seized upon jth'e' intruder (whioh
hai come. to .rk WtU of ,prej), the
-rfligV A well contested struggle ensued,
in which the bird made a desperate effort
to defend itself with its daws, and sao
ceedod in extricating itself from its en
emy's grasp, but beore it had time to es
cape, reynatd had seized it again by the
breast, and seemed more determined than
ever, ine eagle made another attempt
to overpower its antagonist by striking
him with its wines, but that would not
oompel him to quit his hold. At length
the eagle attempted to take, wing, ' but
reynard vas not to be cheated in this
manner. At last the eagle succeeded in
raisins the fox from terra ir ma. and in a
few minutes he was suspended by bis
own jaws oetweon Heaven and. earth,
He was now placed in an unfavorable po
sition for fishtios: but his oourase did
not seem to forsake" him, as he firmly
kept his hold, and seemed to make ' sev
eral attempts to bring the eagle down
but alas I be soon fouod the stronsr wins
of the eagle were oapablo of raising him
above the clouds, There was now' no
way of esoape unless the bird would
alight somewhere. The eacle made
straight ascent, and succeeded in rising
to a considerable bight in the air. The
two combatants were still struggling, and
in a few minutes a ' disengagement ap
peared to have taken place.,; Reynard,
irom noma cause or omer, was opliged to
quit his grasp, and he was now descend
ing much quicker than he went up. In
a few seoonds hewas dashed to the
ground, where he lay struggling in . the
agonies of death. The eagle mode., its
escape in a southern .direction.' It nr
feared weak from exhaustion and lose of
'i l . ... . it : ...
oiooo, oat, notwitnstanaiDg,, mansgea to
fln nn.tl -. i ... m.M U . 1 . . t
"j uuwi as ihi in naa uusuureu in llie
autanee. J :. ,, : ..,.,. y
Whole Fields of Grain Distroyd
by Pigeons.
The farmers of manv of the western
oouoties are muoh troubled with pigeons;
in iact, tnese nords nave beoome a per
feet scourge Vast . flocks have made
their. appearanoe, the air in manv places
being literally darkened, and, having mi
graieu a long distance Irom the South,
(hey are very voraoious. Thee flooks
alight upon the fields of new sown grain;
ana, roiling over and over liko the waves
or the sea, piok up every kernel of grain
in sight. ' It is impossible to drive thorn
away; they are Unmindful of the firing
ot guns, tnrowing of stones, Bhouting of
men, or barking of dogs; and it is an
easy task to kill any number of them
with a pole. 1 One. farmer, residing two
miles east of Independence, had sown
three sores of wheat, and was preparing
to harrow it in, when the pigeons made
tneir appearanoe and gobbled up every
kernel before he could net it covered.
oome ueias oootaining forty acres, were
c ...
aosoiuteiy covered witn pigeons, and, al
though the sportsmen waged an inces
sant warfare against them, and killed
great numbers of them, their places were
soon Guppuea witn others. Huhtinir
pigeons nas lost the charm of noveltv
-..." . ' o
ana me main question is now to save
i .
grain. With the present high price of
seed wheat, and i's soaroity, this beoomes
a question ot serious J consideration-.
great number ot fields will have to be
sown a seoond time, and we' hear olaome
farmers who are doine it a third lime.
From a'l. aooouota the main depredations
ot tne leatnered scourge appeared to be
oonuneu to tne region of country , bor
derins the Wapsipinioori. as bnt oomcar,
atively little damage is Reported along the
[Dubuque Herald, May 2.
A Pubjubed . Villain A ' TRTppr.i
Cbime. On Saturday ,Iast our quiet
town was maue tne seat of. a tripple case
of crime, - perjury, soduotioo and " rape,
upon the person of a , girl only 14 years
of old ("small of her ae-e. end tliat ton
by her. own .brother-in-law, j The cir-
uuuioiauuoB are aaiouows;
Some two or three veari aon nhe (inn
De Bussey married a daughter of one
TT.n.n Tln.nll l!f " ' 1 . ' " . '.
aj. jrooji, uYiugj near tuts ouy. A
few months aeo his wife was taken sink
with the consumption, and shortly before
hei death she' was. removed 'to, her fath
er's house, where she passed her few re-
lunuiiug a, mm WUVIO, mlBV, U O DUB"
sev has remained ever since: eninvino-tliA
full confidence of the family, and his
oruiai aesigns were not discovered until
last Satnrdav. when he! bv maklnV hath
to a 'false certificate,' obtained Tioe'nse
from the Probate Judce. rtrooaerlAii in
Mayor Leo's offioeand was married to
his siater-inslaw, a girl onlyH years old,
ind very small of. her age, without the
knowlodge or content of either lather ot
mother. 1
Tbe.child being interrogated as to the
cause of her conduct, disclosed ihe faot
that the fiend had employed drus, and
even violenos to coosumate his hellish de
s:gnB ; and afterwards used threats of ex
posure, thus intimidated and induced her
to marry him. ' The child 'is to be . re-,
garded as an objeot of pity rather than
contempt. But language fails to des
cribe the utter contempt and scorn, with
wnion au ngnc minded persons must re
gard such a brutal, fiendish and hellish a
villain, t ..
While in conversation with the heart
broken parents W9 were' informed that
they had Inst three children by death,
but that effliotion was easily borne com
pared with the present. A warrant was
prooured for the soape-gallows, but he
succeeded in the officer
This number is' frequently,
used in the writings of the Bi-
On the . 7th day God ended
his work.
' In the 7th month Koah's ark
touched the ground. ,
In 7; days a dove was sent
OUt. ' ' i ' "3-
; Abraham pleaded 7 times for
Sodom. '
Jacob served 7 years for Ra
chel" :v :..'.:: vT ;,. 1 .;
And yet other 7 more. .
Jacob mourned 7 days ' for
Joseph; v.; ., . i ;' -r- '
Jacob waa Dursued a 7 days'
journey, byXaban. ' ! ' - ;
: A plenty of 7 1 years, and a
famine of 7 years, were foretold
in Pharaoh's dream, by 7 ' fat
and 7 lean beasts, and 7 ears
full and 7 ears of blasted corn.
On the 7th day of the seventh
month the children . of Israel
fasted 7 days; and ' remained 7
days in tents. ......
. Every seventh year the land
rested. " ' " ' "v" . ' ' -i! 1
Every; seventh year all the
bondmen, were set free. ".'." ,,
, Every seventh year the law
was read to the people.
In the destruetton of Je'rico.
7 priests bore 7 trumpets -7 days;
on seventh day they surround
ed the walls 7 times; and at the
end of the ' seventh, round the
walls fell.. . , ' v' . "...
Solomon was 7 years building
the temple. "
In the tabernacle Wero 7
!., The golden candlestick had
7 branches. ;,; i . . .
'i Kaaman washed !7 times in
Jordan. ' 1 ' ' :
' Job's friends sat1 with him 7
days and 7 hisrhts. arid offered 7
bullocks. : and .7 rams, ' as ... an
A A .
Our Saviour Bwoke RGve.n
times from the cross, on which
ne nunc: seven nours. and alter
his reserrection appeared seven
times.. : v'." V:n - .
In the Lord's prayer are seven
petitions, contaminj? seven
.... ....-.
times seven words. 1 v i; :'
In the Revelations we read
of seven churches, . seven pan
dlesticks, seven stars, seven
trumpets, seven Tjlaoiip.s. rp.vati
thunders, seven vials, fcp.vp.n
angels, -and. J a seven headed
monster. .: . .;,
- One of the officers of the Bank . of
Eaeland said, a short time ainee. that (in
all its dealing with the United States the
Bank had never lost A dollar by an
American.'. t. The largest 'pieoe of paper,'
ever discounted by the Bank was a bill
for 800,000, . , , f-Viii uv; ,,,':
, ' '- '1 7i ; .; i :..T -...;!
;1'rAM afraid.' iaid a' lad in her Tina.
band,"! am; going to have1 a stiff neck,'
-not at au impronaDie, my doar," replied
her spouse, 'I have seen strong symp-
oms rjiji ever sines wo were aimed,'
Absence of Mind.
V. We have heard of numerous instances ,
oi mental abstraction, most frequently
oonneo'ed with men of great devotion to
some particular literary, ' soieDtifio or ;
theologioal investigation which monopo ;
lizes the mental powers. ! We r could,
point out many individuals; who fill the
pulpit with ability, and display in thoir :
discourse vast powers of intellect, who,
in the sooial party, carry on some mental
exercise which disconnects them from
passing events. In ' Massachusetts is a
clergyman of this class,, who. iabiaab
tent intervals, is likely to appropriate to
himself not only whatever bandkerobiefd
may ohacoe to come in his way,. but table
napkins also are frequently found in bis
pookets when returning from social tea.
parties at his parishioners. This was so
much a habit, that his wife would search,
his pockets on her return for the purr
pose of restoring the articles speedily to
the rightful owners. , One day his . wife
found in his side pocket a whole silk
apron, string and all. He could give no.
aocount bow it came there it -was" a
mysterious affair. A lady of the parish
however, settled the matter satisfactorily.
In conversation with her guests after tea
on some subject in whioh he felt muoh
interest, he mistook' het apron, at .fiba
supposed, for bis baadxerohiel, and began
to tuok it away in, bis pooket. lvnowing
his abBtraotodnt'B8,; rather than break the
thread of the discourse, she untied the
apron ttring and let it go, a little amused,
at Boeing the whole after two or three
efforts, snugly stowed. , aws j in ,. his-
pooke.r , ,,,, , ,: .v;
Statistical Items.
. ; bnaiNa 1866 there were ' 25,567,9(32;
gallons of spirits, distilled in Great BrU'
tain, of whioh ' 7,6G0,342 ' were distilled
in England 11,998,119 in Scotland, and
5,808,561 in Ireland,1 This is a deorease
of 1,182,722' in" the number of gallons
distilled, a compared; with the return of
1865.--: British distillers pay a doty . of
ten shillings a gallon to the Exchequer,
which is about $3.25 - in Amorioan cur
rency. ' la America the tax is : two dol
lars a gallon. Of tho amount .distilled,
22,316,390 gallons were consumed during
theyoar -i : :.::..;,.:, ( ., , ...,,.
The national dobt of Turkey now
funded and inscribed, amounts to 73,
400,850., ,OC this amount t,8X&,180
has not been issued, and deducting that
sum, together with 2,440,400, which
has been paid off by the action 'ef the
sinking funds, it seems that there remains
a sum now due of 69,110,270. ' Tbe
obarge of this debt at the present time is
3,760,233 for interest and 1,137,104
for amortization. What proportion of
the nominal capital of ihe debt actually
reaohed the Ottoman tieasury will proba
bly never be known. .''- K.U U '
From a Treasury return just printed,
it appears, that in 1866 the total amount
of the English national debt was 802,
842,949, of which 773,343.299 was
funded, 8;187,70Tj unfunded 21,342,
020 ,the estimated, value ot terminable)
annuities. In the Same year the terrri
inable annuities' created were . 102,183,
those,, expired, 70,794, the value of
those ied'uced 589,642. ! Obligations
were canceled to the amount of 2,554,h
800, and tha funded debt paid off to
2.455,063. '
I v
( Hire Ls the testimont of one of the
polioe offioers at the trial of the Bow
doinham, Main, bank robbers, bow ia
progress: 'Live ia Bowdoioham ; was at
the depot between 10 and -11 o'clock on
the ) night of tho robbery ; 'saw a man
about the depot ; followed him and put
my hand ob his shoulder, and ' told him
that I lad got him ; he grabbed mo : by
the throat, but J etcapedt' f y
A house in Logan, Ohio, a few diys
ago stole a boy four years old andoarrioil
him seven' miles into ' tho- oountryV A
oountryman found him crying . bitterly
and unable to give any aocount of him
self The owner of the horse was at de
lighted as the father1 of the little urchin
at the safe retufn of the . oddly -matched
vagrants, , . t , , .
r iCLL ,i,uui oi , me .wnitea , otates
j AAA' n . t T, . Ol-l-
troops sent into Texas to preserve order
after the surrender of Geo. Lee, receivod
their dischargee and : concluded to ro
main. The Galvetlon Jtiewt has ' never
known one of them to have) been pro
scribed, of molested for his poUtioal .eeu
timents or for, having served in ' tho Un
ion army,
'l::i.'0') iu;v;0
'A t.ATiy" 'tit fnqliinn sio'n'n 'into a
shop, not: ong since, aBked the keeper if
be had any , 'matrimonial baskets, she
being too polite to say cradles. ' ' '
'ul I ''ii.i i .1 neii ' ' ,-,.;, i'
, tSST, Mb8. . Partington wants to
know why we call oof business houses
'firms,' when thsy ire continually wiiBhr
iDg. ... ,, : j

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