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Democratic Enquirer
1. W. 10M, lBIIOt AND rKOrlKO.'
Thursday, I Maj 30, 18G7
To Business Men.
Businessmen and others who
wish to advertise, will consult
their own interests by adver
tising in ' ' '
as its circulation is larger
than that of any other paper
printed in Vinton County, and
nas an extensive circunuu m
adiominer counties, amonjy an
active, enterprising and intelli
gent population;
Democratic State Ticket.
",' For Governor,
,. ALLEN 6. THURMAN, of Franklin.
. For Lieutenant Governor, ,
" DANIEL S. UHL,of Holmes.
For Treasurer, '
, Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
For Auditor, ,
'., JOHN McELWJJE, of Butler..
. . : . For Attorney General,
; . FRANK II. HURD, of Knox.
.'. ' For Judge of Supreme Court, '
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controllei of Treasury,
; For i Board of Publie Works,
.'' RTHVR H UGHES, of Cuyahoga. "
Democrats of Vinton
County !
We S vour attention - to the notice or
the Democratia County Convention in this
paper" : ' ii '' I -J : ' 'vl
It 'll only necessary for us to lay to yon
one and ail, in each Township, in Vinton
County choose your delegates to the Con
vention at the time set forth in the notice,
and let there be full delegation! from each
0BGA51ZEI Tou' all' understandl It is
not necessary for us to multiply w or Jsl
You must work -Vor- jeur own interests!
cmy have, organised under the name of
Grand Army of the Republio. ..Lot us meet
them upon their own ground and at their
ewa.Joorit U ; i : V. ; - .'..'.'.
A Woonii Ficroilr. A person who owns
large and-valuable tract Of land', through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adi oinlng the : Zaleski
Estate, in' Vinton bounty, authorises us to
'state that a site for a ' Woolen Factory - will
h Wn free to anV tarty who will build
upon If." tt is an exoellent place for, Wool
en Fiictdry j about one mile from the;Zalesk i
Depot of the M. & C. R. R.; and water, coal
wood, and every thing else necessary for
buildiae and running: an establishment of
-.ihia kind, bcinir near at hand. We think
there is not ft more convenient location , in
this county for Woolon Faotory, For fur
tier particulars gall on or address the; Edi
tor Of this paper. . ; o;;.si '. j . v '.'
Nearly 3,000 flnigrants have
' arrived in ; ' New. ;,! York Gty
isinte Saturday last. ; . .,u',,)
. California flour is ii6av cx,
tensively used in Boston. The
best brands sell 'for ',$19. and
$20 a barrel, while-the St.' Lou
is, Baltimore and ' home brands
range from $20 to $25. . .' '
, In . spite of the lavages; of I
war, and almost total destrucr
tion of the fences,: houses, (fee.,
the farmers of the ., Shenandoah
Valley, Virginia, will probably
have ' the finest and largest
'wheat crop ever" raised " in that
region. i , 'ny';'-.;'.
A firm in Nashua, K. II., are
said to have a capital of $150,
000 invested ; in the manufac
ture of soapstone stoves and to
have an order for 7,000 of them,
: Miss Zarnoll has been grant
ed S10.000 for r. a breech of
promise of marriage by Abra
hatfi , Stout, bv the Courts of
Ocean county; N. J. x '. V
c , Gen." (Jrant says the release
of Davis' "ia a good . thiiig.',: i
A dispatch dated at San Luis
Potosi, May -15, states that
; Querctara ha3 , fallen,' 'and that
Maximillian and. several of his
principal Generals were made
The Democratic Executive Committee of
Vinton County, do hereby call a
Delegate County Convention,
to be held at the Court House, in McArthur,
MONDAY, June 17th, 18G7,
at 1 o'olock P. M, of said day, for the purpose
ofeeleotiog candidates for ' the following
County Offioes, to be voted for ou the Ba
Tuesday of October next, lo-wit :
One Representative ; ,
One Prosecuting Attorney;
One County Surveyor; and
One CountyCommissioner.
The Democracy of (he several Townships
will, therefore, meet at the several places or
holding eleotiom therein, on
Saturday, June 15th,
between the hours of 2 o'clock
afiid 5 o'clock P. -MY : and elect
delegates to said Convention. ;
The rate of representation is I
: '
for every 25 votes cast for Gen.G. W,
t ...
gan, for uovernor, at tne uctooer election
i : i'.) . ., a : . ; '... ; ; ;
1665, and 1 delegate for each fraction of
votes'" (.; '
The following is the number of(Pelegates
which the sereral Townships are respect
ively entitled :
Eagle 3
Brown, . 4
Knox .
Jackson - 4
WUkesville 4
' "i
... . . . ...
The Convention 1
wm eppomv .egaa to
VV-.V-..V-, -----
notice is given, ;.' f.y
By order of the Commitiee. '
B. D. SHIVEL, Sec'y.
McArthur, May 30, 1867.
Lare quantities of corn
lately shipped South have' been.
returned as unfit for. use.
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Oq to Sisson's Drug Stow,
Robbers About.
Editoi) Fhqdibsbj vFleaso find room in
your excellent paper fot, the following ao
oountofa horrible aitempted robbery and
threatened murder that occurred one night
last week, near Zaleski : The writer of these
lines was riding through a dark piece of
woods in the vioinity of the. "mighty city,'
Zaleski, which I have read about lately in
the "First Book of Chronicles,'' and was
baited by a man who came toward ' me from
behind a tree. I stopped and looked around,
when the daring looking man demanded my
money. . i told him I . had no, money. He
then made great threats, and asked me where
worked, ; I told him I worked for the Za
leski Company, He asked if I. meant the
ZaTeski Furnace Company. 1 I told him I
worked' iW Eseei, e "Chief fig Driver;"
and he said : "Got go I I 1 khow that ue
Pig, Driver, ipjthat town ,. fiat any money."
Therefore I am happy to say that I escaped
unhurt I, think, Mr. Editor, thore is no
danger of any man being jobbed in the very
darkest night if he will cry out that ha is in
the employ of the "Chief Pig Driver." V : I
T. J. C.
j P.S. If aaything else, should oeeurin
this vioinity I will oommunicate it to you; .
Zaletki, .May 26, 1867. '
For Fine Perfumery.
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
The 'biMOCRATid. National Com.
jjirrEB. The National Democratic oom
mittce met yesterday afternoon' in this
city, at the house of its chairman, Mr.
Kelmont. Most of tbe Northern States
were reoresented. The committee, aftei
thorough disousuon, eame to tbe decided
conclusion ' that it was inexpedient to
dull a National Convention previous to
the tecular nominating Convention next
vear. Measures were set on loor, now
ever, for thorough organisation of the
Democratic patty ia .every State of the
Union. South as well as North, wclud
ir.9 a.lao the ". new-comera, Nebraska and
New York World.
' The first gold discovered In the Dnited
5t'atea ias found in Cabarrus County, North
Caiolina, in 1799. N
..Trisinr'and setting of thesnnl to mne
t. . Now it came to pass tbat volar
the reign ot the Second "Chief Rufer" of
11 the city of Zaleski, that the "Utiof
Euler" oommandod all tho "Majon,"
and "Uaptains, ' and "Uaptaina oter
tbouBanda, and "Captains" ' over hand
reds, and the stewards ovor all . the sub-
stacce and possession of the ''Lord," to
OHseuJuia tugoiuvr..
2. And when they bad assembled to
gether, they reasoned among themselves,
and the , "Lord"" stood up on hia feet,
and laid,' Hear, me.' my brethren, my oft
fleers, and my poople: Be it known to
all whom it may conoerr, iut n)ar the
reign or me rirsi vuiei ivuiur oi our
city, the building of many trading houses
was not lawful ; therefore, be it lawful
that we have many houses built of wood
and of brick.
3. And the great multitude answered,
od said: We submit to Xby will and
!aw,0 "Lord." ' ' lJ
4. Then it came to pasB that under
the raien of the Second Chief Rnler of
tho city, that the city very suddely in
creased in large trading houses. ' ;
5. And the "Lord commanded an
tho offioors. and the uiishty men, and all
the strangers from the Old .World, even
from the British soil, to coma together a
second tims. ;
G. Now when Ihey had heard many
things oonoerning the owners of the
many trading house, even the Irish and
the Buckeyes, the "Lord" grew very
wroth and said unto hia officers : The in-
habitants of our city are very wioked and
are determined to dissobey me, ' their
"Ldrd ;" and I know not what to do with
them. ' " ' " ' . ; . .
7. And all the officers answered and
said : Yea, yea, many of the' inhabitants
are very wicked and unlawful. .
8. And it then camo to' pass that
tho city very suddenly increased in BiiAIX
trading houses, which the "Lord" and
his mighty men vulgarly called (in their
wroth) "doggeiies," because the owners'
thereof became very wicked before the
eight of the "Lord," and sold large
cuantitiea of 'dog-leg"1 . tobacco, and
many" barrel! of "rot gut" wines by
small maasuro.' (which the 'LOKD' and
HJs officer"
purchase between the
f Country
rnnnd about, even acoordioe to the laws
and orden of. the Second , Chief Ru!ery
.......,...- i
and ' contrary to the laws or tne rim
Chief Ruler, of alUhe city!
9. For the First Ruler of the city
would not permit low dronkenhoufes
within the bounds of the city ; and so in
the days of the First Ruler Zaleski
was a very sober and sensible city. : '
10. ; But it came to pass that after the
Second Ruler of the city 'permitted the
people thereof to give away their money
to prooure tne means ot taking iwiy
their senses and sobriety, that Zaleski
became inflated witlila sense of her own
greatness, and said, witniu nerseit : "l
am greater than cities around about me."
11.: And the "Lord'. and nil ! of his
Captains and. Maj.trs, again; assembled
together and reasoned imoDg tnemeeivei
and said: uWhat; do ; we here?".. ''Let
na remove, now, the 'Seat of Justice
from McArthur to our own mighty city;
for our city is located upon the Bailroad,
ind that is sufficient reason why wo
should have the 'Seat of Justice" in our
midst. . We will visit all the keepers of
the ereat and small trading booses in the
city and country round about, and. ask
4 Ara! thAiw in i vaswiAirirtfv
lllglu BOOlBl ai ajviu lu iwmvu'if.
the 'Seat cf Justice' to oar city, and if
the keepers will all help, us we will grow
rich by the sale of our city lots, when we
have succeeded is Retting thft.i'Seat of
Justioe' removed to this, out city, and I,
their 'Lord,' will then jbrgive them in
all their wickedness." ; . ,' I
12 . And the S'Lord" arose and said
afoud to all And' Lntheir "Lord"; will
foreive them in all their wiokndnesi
thereof if they even obey their 'Lord'
and aid in; the. removal of the 'Seat of
Justice.' " ; ' ; . -. I : , ..i'.';i V.
,13. v And wheu.tbey: had determined
to have: tbe "Boat ot justice among
them they aought out a '.Legislator.', to
reside within the limits of their , city,
who was a mm whom the Chief liuler
approved, inasmuoh aa he bas long since
now sports in his bat the well-kootrn
"drunkard's brick." ' ' ; :
14.. And this "Legislator, who, sad
to relate, was Oooe a professed ' follower
of Christ snd a preaoher of the Gospel,
hki made himselt notorious oy njcleot
ing to pay over nvto the' poor destitute
widow ind returned soldiers the Govern
ment Claims which he has colleoted for
them, in acc'ordatice with the law of the
land. , . , ., ' , .;.
,15. 1 And it camo to pasa that for the
furtheranoe of the schemo cf removing
tho "Seat of Justice" to' tha city, rei
nowned for allkindi of tuding houses,
nd to faoiliUte the Balo of lots in the
raid city, the Chief Ruler of the . city
purchased an old rnnting rress and
moved it even unto His own mighty city
, 16., Ndw.said Tress' was, altogother
worthy to advocata the interests' of a
whiskv-loving people, aa two of (he form'
er editors who Juve had -it in oharge,
have fallen victims to King Alcohol.
'17.- Now it must not be supposedl
tbat the Chief Kuler of the city of Za
lotki ia a visitor ot low drinking estab
lishments, unless, indeed, he might call
there to see if he could get a few votes
in favor of his oouoty seat proieot or
against the good cause of education.
18. Bai as infaliabiltty doos not be
long to mortals, it ia possible tbat the
Chief Ruler ot the city might so far de
part from strict temperance and principles
as to keep something that will stimulate at
His own house, and thus range himself
on tbe side of intemperance immorality.
19, Under ordinary cirounistanceB,
however, the Grog Shop would bo shun,
ned by Him, and the people who oongre
irated there would be pormitted to ap
proaoh bim only through a servant.
20. Now the Lord of Ileaveu and
Earth is humble. He permits all to
come to him and listens even to the cry
of the most degraded'!
21. But the, "British lords" are
proud, and keep poor working people at
a distance, thinking it degrading to la
bor, notwithstanding God' said' to all of
Adam s race: "in tne sweat oi tnyiaoe
shalt thou eat Bread all tho days of tby
' 22. Whether he is best in the sight
of Heaven, who. aocording to soriptural
i.jaootion labors with his hand, or he
who refuses to labor auJ dnspisce tm
who does and would bo a profitable ques
tion fot the great ones of the Earth to
deoido. -
For Mishler's Herb Bitters
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Mb. BowEN : This seven-hilled city
with its tyrant, Nero, one Popinjay Dt
Boots, is the liveliest, jolliest place iu the
State. "Laugh and grow fat," is our
motto. Of course, we drop the tear ot
pity, now and then, when insult is added
to ioiurv. as ia the case of the "Chief
Pig Driver." As this really harmless
person was one day walking down Second
Street, be wis suddenly well nigh; itun
ned with cries of "Pig I Pig I Pig I"
though there were no swiue to be seen.
W pitied him, and when ' he called on
tho parent of the reckless perpetrator
and demanded satisfaction, we pitied bim
still more. ' ' ' , ;' A
"The Chroniolos" are well received;
here by all of the unshackled. That
minion woo, in last week's issuo of the
Echo, signed hlmsolf "Zjleski," is very
wroth with the Chronicles because tbey
tell the truth, lie don't like them, lie
says that when they, are simmered down
they're ju9t what tbey wero beforo the
simmer, ''hair-brained and insippid."
Perhsps he don't know that desperate
diseases require desporate remedies, No
matter, the author of "Tbe Chronicles"
knows it,' ind he is treating his subject
in a masterly manner, and to tbe entire
satisfaction of all right sidod Zilesklans.
Of course!,' tbe "Managing Director of
the'Zaleski V6." don't relicUilnyri munh,
or ho wouldn't Lave taken tbb trouble to
tear up and stamp, and spit : on the Srst
copy tbat came to his " notice. TA fact
"Zaleski", must have been in' "bin
cupa" when he wondered" why "The
Chronicles" were not sent to tbe Echo
for publication. Oh I the intellectual
idiot. I've thought ho had ' dined on
dirt long enough to know its effects.
W,by, the . Echo at Zaleski is a sveet
scented sheet, down whose columns must
run no matter Offensive to tbe nobtrils ot
that "Lord'' ' whose coat-of-arms is a
home-sick pig, lie snuffeth a ' foul
j,reeze ,fttr oflf, as some uameless.
j,oys are forced to admit. The vMcktd
but entercriswg voune lads made ar-
rangements to give bim tho benefit of an
egg overtore, out on mat. evening ne
failed ; to make bis debut. - Poor man I
he has my pity., n i : .,-. i :
Tho bondman of tho Echo has. been
told that he might .0007 "The Chronicles,"
ashisoolumns were rather needy, and
that by bo doing ha might possibly, frus
trate the Enquirer's subscription list.
Wonder if the "Managing Director of the
Zaleski Co." will send "The Chronielea"
to his matters over the wave ?
: The question is not "have ws a Bour
bon among us?" but is there "a bloat'
ed aristocracy" in our midst ? From the
iniquitous revelings, in our boarding
boase halls, of that miniature court of
St. James, we are inolioed to think that
the shores of the old world are drawing
near to ua. 1 -v ' .
' Our beloved Amerioa has always been
the ''home of the friendless, the land of
the brave " Hore the self exiled, honest
laborer finds liberty and peace and plen
ty. ' Here, too, the refugees from genteel
poverty have set tbeir traps, glad to chest
"unto" ' themselves . an honest penury.
and, thinking respectability no kin - to
deoency.-- .. v-i n ..-(.
We are a free and virtuous people.
we Know no prostitution 01 mind . or
morals.' We are an honorable and pure
community, taken as a body, and though
we are always ready to extend a wiljing
hand j to the needy, yet,- we never can
tolerate baseness and impurity
William Baughman's able and pointed
letter which appearod in the Eoho of last
week; has hushed up the "Managing Di
reotor, most wotuily. Ibo "Jb oreman of
the Maehine Shops'.' ia a sore subjeot
with the "Lord," Ha finds that he has
gotlhe wrong man in tha right plaoo. ; 1
As long as mess refugees are iorced.to
sat Btiekeye bread and butter, wa won
der that they will call the lion pet names
and try to let up a den for him against
1 .'
For Ayer's Medicines.
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''''The population of the; United Stales
is now 34,500,000. that of Great Britain
haa 30,000,000.
Manhood Suffrage.
Mr. Editor : In view of ths pros
posed Constitutional Amendment, I cont
eider it the" imperative duty of every
Democrat in Ohio, to set forth as best be
may, tbe evils consequent upon the adop
tion of tha said Amendment.
A.8 a sample of negro intelligence, ind
naaro resDeol for the founders of the
govercmeot, now a mixed government of
mixed races, once "ine greaiesi govern
ment of all this Earth," I refer you to
Fred. Douglass, the ''Black man with a
white heart" avowed ohampion of rad
icalism.' In a speooh in a western city,
loan audience, ninety-nine of a hundred
of which were white, he said :
"Talk not of your Washington and
Jefferson, they are strangers to liberty;
with one hand they point to liberty,
while with the other they will reach tteir
long bony Gogets into the coffin of the
; White men of Ohio, mark those words !
Washington and Jefferson Btrangors to
liberty t Fred; Douglass, impeaohing
men, about whom, his colored brain is
incapable of thinking a just ' thought,
because they treated black Blaves bettor
than he . teaohes that white freemen
should be treated! if, Washington and
Jefferson wore strangers to liberty, re
publican governments and republican
institutions are failures; tbe United
Bintea deserve not a place on history's
page, and the army tbat made crimson tho
snow at Valley Forge, that fought at
Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, ' and
Yorktown against English tyranny aod
atChippawa and New Orleans againat
iD2 lsn enoroaonmencs. was a rioioua
rabble fighting without aim.
If Washington and Jefferson were
stranceiB to libortv. Jackson alo knew
nausrut of liberty, the ebild of radioal
abolitionism ; and tbeir soldiers, whose
deed ; were once themes of household
praise, were an undisciplined mob fight
ing, tbey knew not for what, because the
idea of liberty never once would force
itself upon followers of leaders to whom
it was a stranger.. i',' ZZ ' :! . '.
; If Washington and. Jefferson were
strangers to liberty liberty was unknown
to the world, and as liberty it now, lib
erty is a radical invention, a posthumous
ohitd of rebellion, whose putative father,
raised a wail of ir order, devastation,
desolation, fire, poverty, starvation, hor
ror and blood, in. States whose sunny
clime his dastard foot dared polute.
Born of euob parents, liberty lives,
and where? In five military districts,
that oooe were once ten sovereign states,
onoo self governed, now . ruled by five
8houlder-stiapped: demagogues, whose
word is law, and whose dolight is tyrun
py such as Poland or Ireland never
knew. Russian eerfs before emancipa
tion were free when compared to men
who once wero freemon knowing naught
of liberty, now slaves to a mighty despo
tism, well knowing tbat fairy goddess,
r hum -t- . :
she of liberty,
' Wo do not intend to oause tfao poople
io believe Washington was not a stranger
to liberty wo want dimply to show lib
erty as it exists in tbe opinion (if jsdioal
rulorf, and abolition rumpitcs of the
present day, as taught by Fred. Dpuglais
their redoubted leader and ' mOuilpicoo.
"Time was, but time shall be no muro." . .
"Libei-ty is, but never was before."
Such , is the teachings of the present
day, whence then cometh liberty ? If
liberty is now and never was before, lib
erty cometh from secession, war, Davis,
Lee, Wilks Booth, Libby, Andersonville,
Belle Lie: such being the case, Ander
sonville should be oooBecrated. Wilkes
Booth and Mrs Suratt alive, and Jen.
Davis basking in the free sunshine of
liberty, the Southend the acts, of the
South brought about this Snd she groans
beneath the iron heel of military despo
tism oroed upon her bf those to whom
sue gave uoeriy, iuu rjiiiv ui mc .iunu
muit be the Bpirit of a hyena, vindic
tive, malicious, bloodtbirstyj teating tbe
generous hand that gave it food, ' '
. In olden times, to. save a man from
death was to niake.him your mortal ene
my the knights of tbe Round Table' are
qo more, the bolmet, visor, and breast
plate of Milan steel now hang io Ihe
halls of the antiquary, tho' spirit of, the
age of ohivalry was gone,' and wise men
said lorever, but it seems to bavB sprung
anew within the bosom of the North that
is crashing despotically and tyranoloally,
the very people who saved Us 'lift and I gave
it liberty, !,' .j . . .' fl: .. : W ...J.'.',,
Unt he'savs t .4lWithZi one hand they
point to liberty, and with the other they
will ' t eaon ineir .long uuuy uuor miv
the coffin 'of tho ilave.:' . When vvash
ingtorl arid Jefferson lived, European
powers were tyrannous; asiano , powers
were worse; Central . and South Amerioa
rrnnd under the despotic rule of Spiin
and i OrtUgai: uoeauica uu ,uii; ncio
hnmea for oannioausm
Tha -United State was tbe most free
government upon the Earth, jet. liberty
19 . . . V r W.nKin.tAN- . MVD
mto not tnere. ior m wuiuimu.
father was si stranger to liberty:). 1 n i-j
-1 T tha time ot wasmncion me uurn
ing homes of on6e proud Polandj raised
a lurid ' light' on the Eastern .horizon,
R.a;. Adnata Btalkod in gore, Ujsy
..u.. m,AA 1 in blood UDon tbe banks
of the Vistula and Jfreedonthmkfti as
Koscinsoo fall.' ' '': - uc I'V.r,
" There was found, studied and learned,
the lesson now priouoea y ruiBi iuv
era. -- -
-'ThWWt the liberty to whioh-Wash
ineton and Jenersoo poiwuiu, ouuu uu
ertv we see in. the South,
and in the
North;. 5 1
.'t-'tha davs of Washington J "White
'- .iil Amerioa' 'and Uueht whito
men-' Negroes : attended ' to their, own
business, and raeauieu no who wib hi-
'ft,;,, nf tho Nation Now black, men
rule Amerios, aod bladk men advise ia
uffiirs of . nation..
Then each State had a separate, free,
and independent state government, be
neath, the Constitution, Now ted States
are bound down by military rulers, be
npatb a Military Reconstruction Bill, then
prevailed good wil aod peace and hiji
pjneas, throughout tha Union. "Bound
together by all the tiel of brotherhood."
Now prevails, hata, dissension, strife and
sectarianism, the Last hateth the Wet,
the North, the. South. . . O ,
Then white men voted and were atran
gers to liberty. Now in many plaoei
negroes, vote, and teach the white mau
true liberty.
Citizens ot Ohio; you bave: a-choice .
to make between two extremes. Choose
ye from them whioh you will serve u
The one is liberty black voter,'dei
sension, discord, tyrrany and oppression;
the other, ''Strangers to liberty," peace,,
harmonjr, good will, affeotion and ths
Union of 1776.. : l .. !'i L!)
The one,, amend the Constitution, the
other, leave the Constitution alone.
Again we say, choose ye from (bat '
whioh is presented you: Abolition .Stato
oifioers, Constitutional Amendmbnf, and
negro vo'ers, or, Democratic Officers, tha
That Nasty Word "White." Tha ;
Missouri Legislature has oonoluded that
"white" bas come to besnch-an odious
and disgraoeful word, it ought to be ex.
punged from so pure and reputable an
instrument as onr new Constitution.
Accordingly that body has proposed an
amendment, to be ratified by the people,
doolaring tbat in. tbe bright .lexicon of
truth, which Radicalism reserves for glo
rious manhood suffrage, there's do such
woid as white. Of course the true in
fant and meaning of this is to give tba.
elective franchise to those babes of freer
dom, the nigrocs. , '. , .'
The bill originated in the House, and
was amended in tbe Senate to confer the
voting privilege upon oitiieoe of the
United States who have resided in tha
State six months, which amendment was
promptly agreed to by the House ou SaU
urday. Mr. MoMurtry, a Radioal, de
dared that iho measure would place the
Conservative party in power, and moved
to amend the title of the bill to express
that idea, but he was ruled out of order.
This dyspeptio weakness of etomacu. on'
the part of Mr.' MeMurtry, in'respeot to
the digestibility of tho nigger, is tiot.we
opine, peculiar to that legislator, and we
shall therefore look for considerable com
motion to . diacumboberate the castrio
juioes in the bowels of tbe Radioal party
on tne question, j To prodnoa, a proper
supply of pepsin, we are inclined to
prescribe liberal doea of Drake's bitters.
[St. Louis Republican.
Arizona advices say a war of exter
mination has been oemmenoed against
the Indians in that territory.
$250 PER MOTII ms Vrab fUovnTrt
oa aoo Pkp Ckxt. rorn om ' Com mission.
We gunrimty tl)0 ftbovo saliiry or ooinmisKiontoao.
tive industrious Hgi hln their own hoincH, to iutro
duce' Hii iirticle of indlspensablo 111 ility in ererr
liuuaeliolil. Kur full partiuiilnrs cull on or, (vldre.n
"1 . 0. W.Jackson & Co.,
11 South St., Baltimore, Ml
Mny'A 18ii7-lm : -
just ;riJni,isuEi.
" "" : " ' " -!- 1 ''si
New Editlou, Revised & Enlarged.
"' -T7vJrf7Tr.T.yi "J '-
And , 13uin.ftHH Eorm Doolc,
A COMPLETE GUIDE iu all 'Mailer of
Law, and Business Negotiations for eve
ry State in tbe Union; - J .. . ;
. Willi Legal Forms, and full Instuctisnij fr
proceeding, without legal assistanoo, i.a. suits
and business transactions of every descrip
tion".' '
Together with the different. State Lawi
concerning tbe Collection Of Debts, Property
Exempt rrota Execution, Lain La wa, tiusary
License to 8feU Gocis, Qualification Of 'Vo
ters, Limitation of Actions, &o. . -, ; .
.'Also, Hie Ueneral Bankrupt Law, with
forma and full instructions, to enable Bank
rupts and creditors to take full benefit of the
Aotwithout legal assistance." 1 n .
Also, Pension Laws, wr.h full instructions
and forms to enable tbe Discharged Soldier
or bailor to procure ' Baok Pay, Pensions,'
Beuniies, and Ul War Claims, t ; T
V Also, Patent Laws, v with full .instruollona
to inventors:-- , .
Also, 'Exoise " Laws, Btamp Duties, Post
Office and Cus'om. House Aegulations, the
whole aotion of the. government in relation
to reconstruction and rreedmen; Constitu
tion or thai United States, with 'amendments;
State Seals, with deacriptiona, &o.
Over 260, pages new matter, hare been
added, to meet the requirement of the time.
Tbe utility, of such a work no one will
now question. Tile sale Of hundreds of
thousands of copies of ths former1 editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled'
that point. The professional man, - the far
mer, the mechanic, the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, eaoh requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work. '
It will save them money, save them troub
le, sate them lime, save them litigation and
lawyers' fees, . aod .give, then information
that nobody can. afford to be without, Vim,
650 pages.-- " V 0r.ZXOJ"i'.ji
1'rioe, baudsoroly bound,, . .
Seat, post-paid, on receipt of prioe.
; A good, reliable' Agent wanted io've
town in the United States. Also, a rspdn-.:
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agent. Also, a few wide-awake men, to'
travel in establishing Agencies. ' '
J. R. HAWLEIfcOT.--11
""' 164 Vine Street, Cincintatt, Ohio.
Local Business.
iWPEB TEAR. " 1 '
. . '..1 i ! u .."X) iji ii.;iu m
- FashianabU TaUonpg.
,1 LillibriHge, FlnnnhleTiiilor, McArthur, Ohio,
is pruprei to xeiit Oeatn tmi Boys' clothing? m
thmont hlrtouHest)-liHi.- Shop three doors nrtb
at Will'" rwidcuee, oi Mirkes effwfc. ,:vi.

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