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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 30, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Jlr." If, C. Moons,, Cha'rmn. "
I). II. Siiivkl. Seoretary.' '
' ''' , "V ABVisotr tfoMirtrtt,' -": ' .
j?S'-b!!pr-tcirt, '-'!-- .',,!
yromn Thomas Magee, , '" n. ',;'" ' '
Sktin,'-. 'j6v'." ;
ittjn'-Frcd; Cradlebaugh, '; 1 .-
Jtigkion James McGiUivray, ' -.n.
iuduorU-lr. A. W. James, ,i:
Clinton John Fratee, ' " " ''';
VtooMaaiel Booth,'' ( ' f "
Richland U A. AtWoooV- ' ' '" ' ' ''
jfri.on-A. : Argapbright, '' ' '.' ' ' '
Wilketville Charles .Mulholland, ! '
jZnoz Henry rockhard. ' " . ' f
' lIot-n7Ians.
of Webster, Ohio, grows extensively for the
public Nsnseuiond Sve'et Potato Plants, EtH
ly Tomato andCabbage Tlanls, whioh will
be nioely packed in damp moss so to parry
any distance ; safely.-and delivered at any
Eiptets office for, tin following prioes:
Nansemond Sweet Potatof Plants .500 for
$2; 1,00.0 "for, f 3,50,; 6,000 for '$15,00, and
10,000 for $28,000. '"',.' .'
Early loraato Plant 100 for $2.
Early Cabbage Plant 100 for $1, and
Late Cabbage Plants 1,00 for $2,50.
Cash to accompany orders.
Address, by mall, Iron Furnace, Scioto
County, Ohio, by Express, Webster, Ohio. 15
' Bes the card of Hon. Archibald Mayo, At
tirney at Law, and Proseouting Attorney of
Vinton County, in another part of to-dy'a
raoer; He has removed his office in MoAr-
thur, to Doddridge's New Building, on cor
ner Main and Market Streets. He will also
practice in the Courts of Jackson County,
having an offioe and partner at Jackson. .
' Tax guests of the Burnet House, In Cincin
nati, have been regaled for, some days upon
(he fineit new tomatoes,, brought from the
-..iiu.'Oj J ,;-U'
If you wUt loWy" or, sell iey thing', no
I , I 'ill.. I.- ' aii-' MQnV .nAm
maner waai, tuo ucot nj jyw ow"
plish your object is to advertise in the En
cuirtr. Now is the time to advertise. Try
Vbrbi iq Gxt TH8. Bast Swkkt Potato
rtANTi. Those wishing Nansemond" Sweet
Potato Plants the best quality raised in the
North should tall on or address H. Hulbei t;
at i (he ) Balbrrt 'kHouse, MoArthur. ;Ile is
ra'isin'g 25,b60 efcerfunt Plants,and is1 pre
pared to supplycuslemers at very l(jw prices,
! r.a id Stronar & Glbbonn. -For
HtoT, Tin-ware, PIowk, Saddlery, and all kinds of
Irlf;oiJ,"1"",l''00 MlU? -'reej,
MoHrthuPi Ohfot 4aLfcva.on hand ftiU supp! j of
crerythinR unuJly round in a country uani-wura
ton, and which haa bten bought at the lowent oaah
pclcei add will be sold at cornwpendiDg figures. IS
Job Pawnita'. Get all your Job Printing
1on at- the Enquirer Printirig Offioe,; in
Malone's Building, for, hosldes the best print
lag, you will also find the lowest prices.
8weet Potatoes and Sweet Pota
to Plans rn Saik. Levi Wyman, who re
aides IJ milej Titjujh' from Mo Arthur and 1J
north 'of io"Artnftr'S,.ation,' wishes to inform
t he'publio that be has for sale a large quantity
of the J'elloW .insemood Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, which he will sell
at $1 per bushel. He intends to raise plants
from 50busholsof Sweet Potatoes this sea
son. v Those wiehlng Sweet Potatoes or Sweet
PbtTto"PlanfsVwIlirplease" call "upon or ad
dress'lbiuvfct Duildas, Vinton- County, Ohio
iiian.'oii receipt 'of the m'one j, ship either
Potatoes or plants by Railroad to any point.
GivVhi a liheral patronage." ' ,! :;'
Druci Books and Stationery .
Persons wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
will do WU to call'; at Strong's Drug and
Book Store, corner Hulbert's Block, MoArthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large etock of
Pura Medicines, Liquors,, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Perfumery, and Fancy Articles.
Physicians; can buy' as low as in any ihar
ket, in Bonthem Ohio. - -' - ' ' -
he' attention ef the jtublio is called to the
large slock -of reap and JJoU Paper, Pens,
Ink, Paper,! Knives, Rulers, &o., io. ; : , ,
School Books can be bought - cheaper at
8troBg,' than at any other establishment; in
Vinton. oquntyt . ;!
..11 wdMf. !.-,! My2-6m
."Thii (HATKtT Chkrubs." We have for
ala at this office the n.ost :euperb steel lipf
ngraVings of " The Heavenly (.'Cberubs,''
from Raphael' 8Istine Madonna," which we
iarite Teryuody-r-espeoially the., lady 8 to
al)nd ee,The rrioeia low. . f t-
V ' " I . f .. . . 4 1
. Raos vYAKTan. Bring all your rags to
will k paid for thero.. . . , -
Flook has been ruling at the modest figure
; $20 per barrel, for several days
ton County! Where laborers reoeiva $1,25
to $1,60 pe day, this suggests stinted pieces
to the children! Many a poor laboring man
has to eat oorn-bread ' and be advised by
his Republioan neighbor to continue to vote
(hv Bepublioan 1 tloket and for the Republi
can Amendment to the Constitution giving
Negroeia the right to vote, hold office, io.
the wat disjointed the; times, , and starva
tion prices are the- results of the great
'liassacrel" But" the pangs of hunger are
!Oorc 1 fhan compensated by the thrills of
itory whicl I ' wt all feel ia the success of
the 'W'r'fori the' Union,''
' . ' Iht,i' what's thej mailer' :
tacit hems of interebt will be thankfully
received from our friends, at h.ny time, from
any part of this or adjoining counties.
For riire jprusrs and 3icd
lcup,go to Si83on' Drugstore.
Commercial. New York Market.
Fliur'1 ' 1 ' ' U 9D15 BO
Whiskey quiet and. uucbaDgcu..
i floras 25
nneai, t ,
. l 31. 3(5
;-.a I
J" 8;s(2J?ae
Pork, mess A- - 'J! n
Beef,' i i ; ' '..10 ..
Bacon, ' ' ' ''
Shoulders, ' ' "' '
tlfll 50
. lt)(.12Jc,
., 11 J12
Butter, for Ohio '' 1
Cheese, ,
Commercial. New York Market. Louisville Market.
Flour, euperfiae '-' ' '
Wheat, prime red . . ,
Corn, stalled, iu bulk,,
0ats f-vi :,., :-;:-i;
$10 50
3 lt5
-M 16
Cincinnati Market.
Bark, prime chestnut oak , - $13 60
Butwr, , .'..'. 2lSo
Beans, prime white .- 3 10 3 40
Coffee, llio . ' 22Ja26o
Cheese, ! ' ..' : 15Jal6o
Eggs, : i -..:', .
Feathers, : ' - W
Flour, spring wheal ' I225al5 60
. winter wheat , , ' , 1400al7 75
Apples, green -3 O0a50 '
Ginseng, 808
Hay, v. . . ,' ' 15a22
Wheat, ! 2 20a2 87.
Com, shelled - : O0a95o
Oats, . '; 70a"2o
Molasses, :" ' ' 6 5caI25
Potatoes, - ' .1 00a05o
Special Notices.
,,. Wonderful but Ttuet
Madam UMtOToii, the world-renowned Astrolo
g: t and rioinnai.-bulutic Clairvoyant, while m a nlnir
vovant state, delineates the very Jeatnres of the per
boii you are to marr, and by tho aid of an instru
ment of intense power, known a the Pychomotrope
uarantees to produuo a lilo-liko puoareof the future
liutbaud orwlfoofthe applicant, wim naie 01 mar
riage, occupation; leading -traita'of o)iaractr, 4o.
Thia ia no imponition, na testimoniala without num
ber can aasert. Bv stntinu ple ol birth, ae, dispo
sition, color of eyes and hair, and enclosing fittj Jr
cBi.i a iind atnninscl envelone addreased tq yourMelf,
'you will receive the picture by return utail, together
witn oeeireu uuoniiunon.
BUTAddreas in confidence, Mabams GiB7nipt
Rmwotom, P. O. Boif m, West Troy, N. Y.
, To Consumptives.
i .. l.t. nDi.iia,l 4n tiAnltVi in a
TMweokH bva very nimple remeily, after having ut-
i j I .itli a ootmra luno uflMfLlnn.ftnil
thAt .Ircnd diseafle 0onsm)tion-H8 auxwus to muke
known to hi8fetlow-aul!'rerthe meaiiaof cum.
To allwhodsire it, he will neurt a copy ol the
firPtCnpilUtl UWU WOB w, w.in.Qu,, v. , ;r
ions for preparing and uing the aame, which they
will find a sure cure forumHiimpuon, Astnina, uroii
ohltia, OouBhi, Colds, and all Throat and Luug At
feeliona.'i The onlv object ol the advertiser m Bend
tug the Prescription l to benefit tho .afflicted, and
spread information wh he oonoeivea to be invalu
ably and, he hopes avery sufferer wiil try his rem
edy, a it will cost them nothing, and may prpre a
blMting. Parties wishing the profonjition, rut, by
return "g&XvtiM", ,
. ., WilliambburS. Kiuga (,"9., ewYoTk,
' May2.W7.-Jy . :. .. ... . -i
1A Yoojio, .Lady returning to ' her
country home, after a sojourn of a few month iu the
city, was hardly recogiacu by tier mends. Jn place
of a coarse, rUHtic, Hushed nice, ane.nnu usun runy
oortiplexioh of almost marble smoothness, und in
8tel ot tweuty-threahe reall-appear.t but. eigh
teen. Upon.iHquiry atlie.oau.ol so greatauluiufio,
she plainly told them "that ah had naed the CiacAs
sun Balm, and considered it an invuluahle acquisi
tion to any lady's toilet. By. it use. any. l;ndy or
Uentlemancnn improve their personal apperance an
hundredfold, Itissimplo in its comhiuatioUj as
Nature herself i simple, yet uuurp.'iBd in it e(9
cacyin drawing iinpnriuei from, also healing, clouu.
hi;? and beautifying the ekm and complexion. liy ila
direct action on the cuticio It draws from It all its
impurities, kindly hnalinf?the SHinc, and leaving the
nrf,u' kh Nature Intended it should M. cli-ar. solt,
saioothe and beautitul. Prteo HI, sent by mail or
ejtpre8, on receiptor aa order ny " "
W. L. CtAKK 4 CO., Chemists,
..-.:, Ko.3 West Fayette Street, byrnoiise, H.: Y
The only American Agvnta for tuo sale of the raiue
t,, .;. , .:i
' KiioW Thy Destiny.
Madamv R. V. TnoaNTON, the Rreat English A
trologist, Clarvoyant and Paychometrician, who has
utonished the scientific ulassca of the Old World, ha
now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesseesuch wonderful powers of second
tight, as to enable her to impart knowledge of the
greatest Importance to- the single or married of ei
ther aer. While in a state of trance, she delineates
the very features of the person you are to marry,
and by the aid of an instrument of intense power,
Known aa tne syonomoirope, Kuanrawei vo proauue
a life-like uicture of the future
ire 01 me luiure n
usband or wife of the
anplKMt, together with the dateofmarrlage.posil
in life, letding traita in character, .As. ' This IB
humbug, as thousands ol testimonials ean assert.
Shewill send when tfwired a certified certnoate, or
writton guarrantee, that the picture la what it pur
Diirta to be. Bv enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex ;
Inn. and t-n.-lnslnir fifiv cents and a stamoed envelone
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information by return mail. All commu
utions sacredly confidimlifUY , -Address in conli
ice, Madams K. F. TuoajiTof, P.p. Box 223. Hud
1, N. Y. . ' " ' ' April IS, 18ti6-lyJ
A Large S pp. Circular, giving iutnrmation of the
greatest importance to tho young of both sexes.
It teaches bow thehomelj nwj become beautiful,
th dRaniaed renDeoted. and the forsaken loved.
No young lady or gentlemen should fail to send their
Address, ana receive a copy voscpaia, Dy return nittii
Address V. O. Drawer, Jfl, 1 ... v
April 18, 1867-6mJ Troy N. Y.
Arciiibald mayo; 0
,LttoJtnoy txt Law,
WILli attend promptly to all legal business en
trusted to his care in Vinton and Jackson coun
Offli.ln Doddridee'a New. Building, south'
.... J ' -M(
...A..u..rt anA MdrlcAtatrntAw.un stairs. : Mr.
Mayo 18 in. partnership with jPerter -DuHadway ol
Jackson county, who vin always' be found, jduriug
vacation, at the omo in acaiwm vmui
. May30,180T-tl , . ... , , .. , x
"" The Cheapetl' Magcu'm in (ti ' World!
rilHlS popular and widely circulated magatine has
X now reacnea u tjuiMMw ... ....
Mr is brnamented bv numerous fine
iitrravinris, and is complete in itsolf, embracing m
great varTety'of tales, ketcltes; ipoems, ana illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its Columns. It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest and best Mega.
. .. ' TERMS. ' 1 "
'tlMavcar; aeven copies J!100; Iblrteen copies.
116 00. (Single copios is cents. : Address ,.
,tl:l ) ,u-!mh'.) Boslon, Mass.
i in
1. L"
",; AT THE ";' '"
grid's Fair, IiOiicon,
"IJrilEKB all Pcwing Miwihiiies of any note,
Yl LolhlJiTopwiuand Anicrivan, wern in
contpetitiou. -i : : : ' :;'
tSTTM '. y tm ly , tule of ; . WhH
n Wilton arttqwl to the mUt 0 aZ,..,
iru 'o(Aer Sewing Maehmet Combined,, ,.,
: ' ' - :
: "We iiae the Whwlor k Wilson, and rf-,
louute it without a rival, dciBMirio AJiraicAK.
There Is no mnchtno no simple and easily
mnnnied, or thm uan pf fform uoh a vnriety
o! work without butiuy op iiruparutiou. .
'.';, , ,JO& THREE TEARS.,, ;.
j 86?"An oriiers will reodivc , prompt
attention, if left with .
... . II. P. AMBROSE.
' ; : b ;:. ',. ' ; MoArthur, Ohio.
J. F. "Woodside, Agent,
i '' - Chiliiuolhe, Ohio, j
' May 23; Hti57-Sm .1 -1 1.. ' , -:
Legal Notice.
EOItOfc W, BKYER.'ahd Asnhel Berr, who hare
T arnredatfUII ago, Hewton lleycr, James neyer,
Eva Beyer and Mary Bcver, who are minora ami resi
dents 'ofthe county ofVuiton, aud Shite of Ohio, and
Charlotte Beyer, who is a minor, and hne pi ice of
ro9ianiie is unknown, will-lake notice that Jel O.
fcwetlund,, -Administrator of the Estate ofAnvlrewJ.
Beyer, deceased, on ihe zim auy 01 iu, n. '",
filed his petition in the Probate Court, within and for
the county or Vinton, uud btate of Ohio, allwlg'ng that
the personal ostul of said decadent .la iuauilleent to
ray his debts and the charge of administering htS
Estate! that he died seined in fee simple of the foK
lwlna dnscrlbed Real Estate, litimte in the Towuahip
of Elk,:nthet'uuty of Vhitoa, to-wit:.
' Uommonciug t n . ioum-nast corner , ,i
Sntt.vto-tt On,.r hf 'Iria 1 North Eat Omirter of
toctioh'Mimhet! Thirty-four fNo.fll, Hange Ntunhev
beventeen So.. 17,1 Township Number Lloven No.
1 1, 1 .theiice tunning wei twenty ivbos, ui .w...
TwcntV Kodit "thence- East .Twenty Rods; thenco
Hon th Twenty Rods, to tne place of bgiuning,.QOil
laiuiiiEXwo acres aud fifty hundredths of au acre.
T hat Ueprgo V, Bejcrv Asaliel ' Beyer, Newton
Ucyer, tames Boyef, Eve Beyei; Mary I)eyer, and
Charlotte lieyei", as heirs at.luw of the mud Andrew
Uuyer, (iBceasen,:iii)iu hi pexv esmio iVtr"":') . "
('htTprayerof said petition is for' tlie 1 sale of said
iliike.k,free of dower Estate, fbr the payment of tho
litiji and charges aforesaid. , baid,natitnm vt ba for
hearing on ihs'-mh day of June, A. 1). 18U7, or asaoon
lliurunlr ti ttk I 1ia ani.tA pnn lip hAftrrl. 1
- .... ! JOEL G.'8WKTLAND,
Administrator of Estata of Andrew J. Beyer, deceased,
Jluy M' 1S67ST " - i . ' "' ' '' ' '1'
nlinis.trator'a '.'SialG of Real
Estate,";,il.r., .', -'".V-
Thomas Bfach, AdminietratorT11'- .' ":
' of Estato of in) Johu Coats, I 1 it -. .f..it '
..deceased,-'-,! r.i , ..
, i against ' I 'i i '
Arthur Coata and othorsr1' J ' 7 ' '
In yinton County Probate Court, Stale of OhioJ
IN p'nrslii of-art brdr' granwd by t he Prolla'e
Courl of Viut4iU;ouaiy. Oiiip.,1, will ofV for atla,
at Public Auction, on. t .. ; , h j , i '
Tuesday, : the: 2d day of July,
AA). imi, --
a't'l oviock -P. M.' of said clav, at the door of tha
f.olnt House, in Ihe Town of MoArthur, in said oomi'
wv the fwllowing desnritsMi,-irmis, situule iuthe
cfonuly of Vinton and State of Ohio, tq-wit:
ThoKorlh-wost Quairer of tho South-west Quarter
of Range Knmber tjevontenn 17, Towivahlp Number
Ten lo.j Kection Number Two j.,J: ooiiiaiuiug foity;
vue.aci'es niore r less,,:, . ,. . . ., .
A ppraiMjirl at ' ". J: ' -'"
Terms of salerneitliird casi' in hands one-third
in six months, and residue in twelyoy months lrom
iliedayof ale-defrred payment tOjliear Interest
and to .be secured' by iuuituaxn ; upon" the premisos
gold. ' .' ' TliOMA BKACH, '
Adhiiiiistmtnr of Eatate of JJiv John Cout, decqased,
LMy(.l67 tua ,.,,., ',, f, ; ;. -,. . :' .;
J. K. W'FLL,
8 NOW receiving frotn.New.Tork, Boston'',
boid Philadelphia, a oompletf aseorttnwnt ol
,', ' -' consisting in part of ' '
tadies' jDresa Gfoos.-' 'a', '
Kow Styles BeUlhes Iiallies,
DoublenWidth Ginghams '
i.-.t'l ; ; -u urokea naids,
Large atooK or .'. ' i ,vi-!;ulz'i
- Foreign Dress Goods
'Uri.Vtt Low aii'o.rih? Latost Styles,
Amber, Jet aud Crystjt Drop." 17
trimmings and .Buttons '. j
IPdrasols .Of all descriptions,'
vut-.u : i -iShater Iloods,. Vk),? ''.'
jnd Cheapest1 W"poien Goods'
. and, Cassjmcres since the war,
j TJis; Block of .;'' V v'l..-.i.
.-. Boots and Ladies Shoes
Is complete',' and can be - sold 20 per .cent, cheaper
tlian the cheapest,, . . .,
-AH.kIndof- .-'( '
kept constantly on hand, and cheaper than over. . .
Rc$y:Made .Clothing, " .
o i '..i-i'-'iPiece Goods, ,' '
..ij i. ,;-,4-., Asaheapas to the year 1839, ; ,.
l!fAILS hy the pound &. Iceg,
For less than can be bought at any other House In the
county. ,'!.:,.(.: : ; -7, ' ' ij. .
DtiTReintmber . the place Doddridge' t Jftv
Building, on Door Wett of, ,A Court JIovu.
May,W18t.7-ly,.. ... ,., ', :i . , ' '. . ' . ..;
easily, -irithout dnotor
or medioines. Sent,
rr. ; ;. - postfaid,ba reoeipt of.fi! i
10 cents.'
"'I ,'icVt
DnE. B.rOOTE,-..',-j.;r..,,r
.1130 Broadway, N.Y. ; :J K
; .;. (.. A- .COMFORTABLE ,'
., TBUtSSES.. ,t'.U M '.
i . '. .FORP , AND CURE, M
.... Vfor IIhi .HUPTURED.
.;)',)V;i. post paid,on re-
: ).'.' d 'eoipe. i of W. cents. ,
; -i ; Address '.-..'. ,. '
,'-.') ,, - ilJ,B,B.IWili,
'to l v130Broailway,ll.
Carding Machines
IN THE . .
1 RIcArlhur Steam I?J
HAVING Ixcn rettltod with New CarJs, are now
reniiy fur work; anl tlie proprioiura unnuiloo
(hut the wuf k done Ly thorn will not he
' In the vuuutry !
: Mbv 1(318117-3111 , r
. .'ilii'j . ,., 1
Tor Sale !
A, VERY neat and conifortuUlu Dwelling House
with an excellent - .. it u ..jy. f
attached, situate on the corner of Oak and PeconJ
Btrcets. Ziilfiski, OK10, in for Mile hi reanoimhle fljture.
Tho 1'welliiii? in conveniuutly " arrange I; minute In a
nlcnaunt part nf the town; plenty of wat.r near at
liaucl. For lurlhur iu'oruiatioii c;iil on or adilreaa
1. MclNTYRK,
May 23, 18C7-tf ' , U.. i ' ' Zaleski, Oh:o.
The World Astonished
.Madame H. A, PERRIGO.
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. 8he
rstores to happiness those who, troin tlolefnl
eveutsealaiiU'ophus.crusijcs in love, loss of relations
and frieuds, loss of inonxy, 4c., have become de-
spani'eut.- ohe brings together those Ion" separa
ted, gives information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores Ipat or stolen property, tells you the
business you are boat qualified lo pursue -ind in
what you will be most successful, eauses speedy mar
riages and tells vou the wry day you will marry,
give you the name, likeness and characteristics of
tne person, nne reads- your very inoimius, ana in
tier almost supornaturul powers unveils tne dark
and hidden mvstenes.of the future. From the t,trs
we see iu the 'firmament thia malefic stars that over
come or predominate iu the contlguiation fi'oin the
aspects and positions of ttre planots and the fixed
stars in the heavens aUlie time of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. Kail nut to consult the
greatest Astiologist ouearth. ltetnts you but a trifle,
aud you may never aga n navoso.iavoiauie an oppor
tunity. Consultation free, with likeness and all de-
aired information, $1. Parties living ut a distsnceean
consult Jho Madame by mail with equal safety und
satisfaction to themselves, us il in person.- A hill and
exohcit chart, written out. with all'iilquiries answer.
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
urice above mentioned: The strictest secrecy wilt be
maintained, and all correspondence returned or do.
stroyed. References of the highest order furnished
those desiring them. Write plainly the day of the
month and yoar iu which you were boin, enclosing a
sinan iocuoi nair. ... i. :;t i
Address, ; , - Madam H. A. PERniOO,
a!8J 1 ' V. O. Drawer 291, Buffalo, N. Y
.'.''' AND , ' ''':' , ' "1
170RCED to grow uton the smoothest race
'in from three to five'weeks "byusiiiK Dr.
IRE, the most "woridorrur discovery in modern
science, acting upon the Beard and Hair iu
an almost mraoulous qiatineisv -lit has- beet)
used by the blite of Paris and' L ondon with
the most flatteririg ' success. Names of all
purchasers will bo rcgrajered, and if entire
satisfaction Is not' given inv.every instance,
the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price
by mail, sealed and post-paid, $1. Desaript
ive circulars and te.stimouials fuailud. free,
AddreBs BERGER, SI1UTTS & CO., Oheuilsts,
No. 285 Bitet .SireaV.Troy,.N,. Y. Sole
Agents for the ynitod. States. v
t ),'. iut .! ,! ""i f fi'r .:r.: : i
u,,i,'., j:,T0 ;TI1E
The State of Ohio, : . ' ' : ,'
Oile of the SeereUiry of State, j ' ' ' .',
. 1, Willi au Hknhy tJuiTU, ' Secretary of
Stale of the Slate of Ohio,: do hereby certify
that the . following- la a, trub copy , of the
joint resolution passed by tho General As
aerubly of the State ol Ohio, on the btn day
of April, A. D. 1867, taken from the original
rolls on file in this office.,:-.,-. . t;: ;
In Testimony - Whereof, 1- have here
! unto subscribed my name and affix
f L. S. ' ed the great Seal f the State of
Ohio, at Colubus, the 6th . day of
April, A. 1). 1867.' ' "
'.',,. ; , . Secretary of.State. .
:' : '.'A RESOLUTION ;:;,:v:
Relative to an Amendment of the Constitu
. tion, providing for the, extension of the
elective franchise: . ,-.
" Retolved ' by the General Ateembly of the
State, of Oliio, (three-fifths of the members
sleeted to each House agreeing thereto,)
That it be and is hereby : proposed - to the
electors of this State to vote at the next annual
October election, upon the approval or rejec
tion of the following amendment as a sub
stitute for the first' section of the fifth" Artf
ole of the" Constitution of this State, to-wit:
Every male 1 citiien of the United Stales, of
the age of twenty-one years, who shall have
been a resident of the State one year
next preoeeding the eleotion,- and of the
county, township, or ward ' 1 In' ' which
he resides, - such time as, .may be pro
vided by law, except such persons at have
borne arms in support of any insurreotion or
rebellion against the government of the Uni
ted States, or have fled from their places of
residence to avoid being drafted into the mil
itary ser vice thereof, or have deserted the
military or naval service of said government
ia time of war, and have not subsequently
been honorably discharged from the same,
shall have the qualifications' of an eleotor
and be entitled to vote at all eleotions. .
Speaker of the Home of Representatives.
. T! '-! V! Pretident of ihe Senate.
Passed April 6, 186TJ ' .' , (6m
April , lset. .! . :,uif. ,';i
i . A MONTHLY. i
Devoted to Literature, Agriculture, and General
intoilmaiMa. and comnrislnK Reports of Ilatlles, In
cidents, and Anecdotes- of the'. War, never before
published. By., . ....
Q-sMBAL II. II. Ilii-i.,' (Late of the Southern
.I ) Army.) .. '..
J. IawisiD. H. Hiu
Tram. Three Dollars a year, tf paid in advance,
or five Collars, tl nut uiinl tilt tne auif or tne year,
j. r. inwiN i). h. uiu.,
,. , . , Charlotte,5'otih Carolina,
March 1U1817. ' '
" I u .'I .-V . . t .
J. Y. Ba'adley'm Celebrated tent
Duplex ' Elliptic -
' (oa potuiE sraivo) .!', ..
1 cnuvmiT and rLctsrst to any iJtdy wearing tin
OiipleX f.HiptioHUirtwiil !) experienced purticulnrl)
ill all crowded Aoaembliewj llperas, Carriaiei, Ril-
roud Curs, Chim h Pews.Arai Chairs, for I'romenadi
and House linjs, m the tikiil can lie folded whei
in use to ucoiinv a sm:ill rdace aa easily and con
leniently us a silk or MikI.k Jress. an invaluabh
quality in crinoline, net fuuud ia any Hingle .bpriii
SKilt. ' ..... ..
A I.adv hnvina enioved tlie oleasure, comfort am
trent I niiveiueiice of wearing the Duglux Elliptio Nteel
Spring Skirt for a 8in.U) da I- ,will never aflcrwHrdV
Killmglv disiieiiM Willi, tileir . use.
For - utiildi(in
M'sses and lOungLadws vthry aa
auperior to uU
ethrs. ii -. -ii .
'I bev will not bend or. brenk line tlioMincie nring
Imt will prsserve their "perfect and graceful lia
jihen Hire or four fitdinmy ijkiria will have len
lliri.n.jide uwless.. ;:TUo Hoops are covered
null double and twisted thread, and the bottom rod,
i,re not on' v double nirmcs, but twice (or double)
envered, prevHiiting tbent from aenring out when
dragging down stoops, stairs, Ac.
: 'I'iia Ininlei ::iiiiiti i a ureat favorite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Mnsaiines as the KfANlMRL SKIRT OK THE
To enjoy the following enestimahle advantages in
rnnolino, vis Kunerior Omdity, t'erlecl ilauuluj-
turn. Stvtish Mhaneaud Finish. FUxibilltv, Kuiubili
tv. Comfiiri and Eoonomv. enuuiro for J. W. Urad
ley's liuplox Elliptic, or llouhie Spring Skirt, aud U
sure voti aet the tjenuine article.
CAUTION. To maid auainsl IMPOSITION t.e
pnrtieiiliir to NOTICE that skirts titlnrflil aa "DU
l'I.EX" have the red ink stamo. viiK ' J. W. Hiaid
ley's Uiiplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
hand none olhuis are gKiiiiiue. Also notice that
every Hoop will admit of a pin being passed through
the centre, thus revealing the two (vr double) springs
braided together therein, whic.li is the Flexibility of
and strength, and a combination not to bo found iu
anv other Skirt.
FOK SALE in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
artt sold, throughout the United States and elsewhvre.
Alauufsatuted by the Auld Owners of the Patent,
97 fhambere aud 78 k SI Reau Sta , K. Y:
May 18, 18t7-aiu . . .
Keparator Capilla,
1 ' 1 . K '
Throw away.jour lithe Iriizes, your snitches, vour
ig - -
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fin; -Come
aied, come youthful, come ugly and fiiir,
And rejoice In your own liuunaut hah.
IOM restoring huir upon bald hwids (from whati-v-.
er cause It may have fallcir out) and forcing a
urnwt.n nl nair luld tin liu'u I haa,ir..ni,.j ll .
lun-e nio iwiuu vu eruw unoti the sniootnesL nu-.p in
Irom five to eight weeks, or hair upon heads in Iron.
twotothrec. A tew practitioners have asserted that 1
t.'iereianouing that will force or hasten the growthi
of the hair or beard , Their assertions are falae, as
thousands of living witnesses (from their own expe-
lililinulrt.ltldiu, willluj. . l'.llt mnnuil'lll u.l II ImtB bci
we to uistiinmiab tlx ueuuine from the suurioiis?
ocrlainly is dithcult, as nine-leulhsol the dilterent
I'repnralions advertised lor the hair and beard we
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away large amounts in their purchase. To such we
would any, try tho Kenartttor Cappiih; it will oust,
you nothing unless it fully comes to ouc io.ieenta-
dollar and we will forward if, postpaid, together
ii yuur iriiKL'i uihim init hm:u u, rcuu us uim
a re -el
pt tor the money
lit fur the money, which will be returned you
on appl
lik-mioLy providing enure satisfuulion ia uot
Address, ' ... . ,.
W. I..' CLARK & CO., ChemUte,
, . No.. 3 West Fayefjte Street,
al8yl ' '." . ' ; . Syracuse, New York.
There cometh glad tidinps of oy to all, i
To young and Uiold, to great and to small:
The hfuuty which once was so precioun nud rare,
la hoe for all, und all my bo lair. .
Dy the ue of '.
W 11 1 T 13 ; L I t U I I
fii'BMMEL-, -a
1?OK Improving and beautifying the complexion.
The most valuable and Perfect preparation ii
use, for giving the skin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that
is oniy found in youth. : 11 quickly removes lio:
Freckles, Pininles. lilotches. Moth Patches, Hallow.
uofs. KriiDiion.-i. anil all Impurities of the skin, kind-
ly healing the same, leaving tho akin white and oiear
as un alaoiister.i Ju use cannot oe ueiectea by llio
closestscmliny, and being a vegetable preparation
is unrtectiy naruuesa it iw tne only article used uy
the FrwiK'li, and is considered by the Parisian as in-
dinpensaluc to a Perfect toilet. Upwards ,of 30,(KH!
bottlw: were sold during the last year, a sufncienl
ui rantec of Us emciicy. Price only 76 cents, bent
y mail, poKt-pnid, on receipt of an order, by ,
,ii BKIWKIt bllUTI'S A CO., Chemists, ,.;
April 18,Ut)7-lyi i 2i lUver Street, Troy, N. y.
Hair Exterminator ! !
For Removing; Superfluous Hair!
rtOlho' ladies - especially, this ' invaluable
X depilatory reoommends itself -as being
an - almost indiapensibie article to lematc
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the skin, but nets directly on the roots..
It is warrated :to remove, superfluous hair
from low ferebeads, or from any part of the
body, completely, totally , and radically ex
tirpiafing the tame,., having the skin soft,
smooths and' natural. iThis is the only arti
cle .used by Ihe French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price 75
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad-
.1 . : . Ar i- u.. -
ureas, ui4 leucipt ui iftu oruur uy . . , ...
UEKliliU, & CO.,
, -. ! 285. River St.,.Tr6y, N. t.'
Oh, was she bcHiitrfht and fair,
With starry eyes, and eadiant hsur, ;
Whose culing tcndnls aol, entwined
tuchained the very heart and mind.- I -
For Curling the Hair of either ' Sex into Wavy
and Qlotig Rmglett or ieary Mattive Cutlt. i-
BY using this arliole ' Ladies and Gentle
men can beautify themselves a thousand
fold.'1 It is the onlV article In the world
that will ourl straight hair, and at the same
time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance.
The Crisper Coma not only curls the hair,
but Invigorates, beautifies and "elearises tt;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the1 most. complete article of " the kind ever
offered to the' American public The Crisper
Coma w ill be sent to ' any address, ' sealed
and postpaid for $ I. ' - v.,.-.,
Address all orders to ' i- 1 ":fi '''" ' ii'
W. L. CLARK & CO.; ChemiBts, '
No. 3 WeBt Fayette Street, SyraouseiN. Y.
, :! ;v' '' - ' '' manspie-Id-'ohio
Cider Mills; i
Victor Cani Mill, J .
Siar Corn Shelleb,
.: ' ! i Hoebb Power Forks,
yatner8 Sulky Revolving Rake
- Sl bolJBLB SHOVlIL-l'LOffS,"-
Crawford s Garden Oultivator,
Amalgam" Beltt,' ' - ' "
A il :MACH1NE3,-;:., r;.-..
And many other articles in the way of Implement.,
T"ols and Machinery.
rUKK SORtiO A5I lMrHErSEEP, solected
varieties. bniforcwi;uiar.'
Man-nM. 1867 lv - - " .W.
w'th110" oespoiism vrnicrr now couuois lae reu
Tinr ciusis,
lor 1807J I t '. '
Tin Seventh Voluma and the Seventh
foar of ihe publication of Thc Calais is
ibout -to Begin, and, rn accordance with cus
tom, we isue our Annual Prospeotns. Wo
oeid uot recaplfulttte its history during the j
stormy years of ill existence, nor remind
)mse who have read it, of its services ia be- '
naif of the great principles of the Demoira- ,
ay, and w tat its couduclyl conceived,' and 'J
what time has shown, to ha Ihe best iuU rests ,
of Ihe country. 'Its merits hate been acv r
kBowtedged frenn 'the time ,it was slarttd by
that veteran aud distinguished journalist,
Gov JIsuaiit. and lis present conductors .
Simply claim for il the credit of an earnest -and
undeviating adherence to the plan and
principles of its founder;' in all Uie politl- .
ul vioissiludes of the past six years the ;
failure nf BCrme, the apoetacy of others, and
ihe uuguarded weakness of many, exponents
of Democracv, Tub Crisis has never denla- '
lei from the straight path of principle, nor ,
b.en nllurtd by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by -defeat
and disaster.
Ou the BCore of prinetpl we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, houestr, and consist
eney. As a newspaper wo claim for it the '
merit of being an txponent of Western In- -te
rests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion ot the farmer,
the mechanic, the business man, and the
family circle. It is our aim to fill the large
sheet with matter of real interest and per
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve, and instruct, as welt as amuse
and to this end we discard the i'dle twaddle,
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements and the-sensational
folly of the day. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of. the course of Tne
Crisis in this refpecf, and to this oourse' we
propose to rigidly t adhere. The reliable
market reports and Ihe great amount of
sLatistfcnl, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information we publish, is of im
portance and value to business vnen, farm
ers, mechanics, aud politicians: while the
naretnnv se ecieii naira oi literary lnisceiin-
n wl,icU each number contains, commends
.. ,, , , , '
11 " the home Circle Of alt. , .
The political views oi inn t nisia ecarcoiy
require definition. It is in favor of Demo
cratic principles In all, their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jcmasos,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and noon whioh the
Government was successfully conducted for
Bevav years. It is Opposed 10" the Aboli
, . , . l ti. i
Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatever device it may appear. It is
opposed to the entire Abolition . theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, humbugs-,
and delusions which grow out of It. It ii
opposed to the- thieving aaacality, the ty
rannical ' assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and the In w less usurpations
ot Congress, and lo all the machinery hat
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera
tion to overthrow Republioan Government,
inaugurate anarchy and absolutism, enstava
Ihe people, - ana)' oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, aud corrupt
legislation. And iar advocating the correot
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue to do it without
fear or favor. : !i i'T (. : ' j; '
In order to successfully, conduct inch a
paper aa The Cftista, it must have, a large
list of subscribers ; an4 to secure that w
rely upon our friend and these who hare
taken the paper. .- We cannot compete wifj
the oheap, shoddy publications of the JUast,
by-offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; but we earnestly solicit,
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their . pereonol efforts. : It. will,
require but littla (Hertion- from each, but,
the aggregate will enable as to furnish iheuv
with a paper fully tqunl irr-site, superior iu
print to any Kastern publtoatiou, and of a
great deal more interest and. Importance to
Western Democrats. Friends,- shall' ,we call,
upon you in vain, for the Biuall favor wo,
ask, and in cause ol sticlt magnilude and
value la Now ia the time to seud ia sub-,
scriptions for the new volume, whioh, at the
end ef. the year, will be worth i, thrice tha-,
amount of the eubscripttoa pie i . -, :
- Our terms iare S3-.00 per year, $1,(50 ror.
six months, $1.00 for four monthB, ( -, . , : r
. One extra copy will be- sent to any one.
eottine up a club of tit yearly subscribers ;
and to any one sending a clul of ten for, six,
or four months an extra copy for the club
time. ..'' i'" -,- vi.'V i . : ( , .
For a- club of ten yearly subscribers a
copy Of either of the Ave bound volumes
('61, '62, 'eiJ'e or 'uu.;; j ,'.
Por a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a
complete sett of the volumes of Tub Cfeisi
for six years. ,
Address,;" yflLLIAM TREVITT,
: ' -'-' rablislier m4 Proprietore,
Colutobus, 1867. ' : !
UNIVERSLLY acknowledged the Model
Parlor Magatine of America, devoted to
Original Slories, Poems, Sketches, Arofrr
teoture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip (including speoial departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnas
tio Equestrian Exercises, Skating, Music,
Amusements-, ect.v all by th best authors,
and profusely and artistically illustrated
with costly engravings (full site, useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries; jewelry, and
a succession of artistic noveletits, wjtl other
useful and entertaing literature. ' ' i
No person of refinement, economical house
wife, or lady of taste, can- afford to do with
out the Model Monthly.
Single copies, 30 seats; hack numbers, as
specimens, 10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium; two
copies, $5 50; three copies, 1 50; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for elubs at $3
each, with the first premium to each tub
sciiber. ...
Address ''' ' "NHsr; i ;
' No. 478 Broadway, New Yorlj;
Dcmoreat'e Monthly and Young America;
together, $ 4, with the ptemiuni to each.
Auburn. Golden, flaxen & Silken
PRODUCED by 'he1 nee of Prof. DE
appliofttict J Wamiied jo jcurl .'the most
straight ana siuonorn mir ei eHnersBi loco
wavy ringlets, or heavy massive curls. Has
been used by the' 'fashionables of Paris and
London-, with the moat gratifying results.
Doea no- injury to tho hair. Price by mail,
sealed anfd postpaid, $1. " Dtsoriptive Circu
lars mailed - free. Address BERGER,
SIirjTIS & CO., Chemists, lo. 285 River St.,
Troy, N.,.Y., Sole Ag'ints tot the United
states.:.;. 4ptU 18, '6My

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