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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 06, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
j. w. , wnoa in rierairrua '.'.
. . . . -4
June 6, 1S6T
To Business Men.
Businessmen and others who
wish to advertise. -will consult
their own .interests by adver
tisiiiff in'i
as ,,'rta, "circulation.,.,, is larger
than that of any other paper
pruned in Vinton County, and
has aii extensi ve circulation in
adjoining counties, among' an
active','' enterprising and ihtelli
gent population. .!. ., r.
To Business Men. Democratic State Ticket.
,1;.' ' Fo Governor; ! '.;', i. '"
ALLKN G. THURMAN, of Franklin.'
ill ; fcr Lieutenant Governor, , . f
. .;,!-:;; For, Treaurer, ,;.
" Dr. Cf FULTP orCrawforJ.
For Auditor,
JOIUt JIcELWEB, of Butler.
for Attorney , General,
FRANK H. HURD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme Court, ,
Judge THOMAS M, KEY, of llamilton.
' Fof'Conirollct of treasury,' '
"WILLIAM SHERIDAN, of Williams.-"
' For Board"pfTublie Worlti, '. ,!
' i ARTHUR HUGBES, of Cuyahoga; I
J (Thc Democratic5 .' Enquirer
Minting Estaii'shnent ,wjll he
removed this week to , the lr
eonic Lodge Room, in .the. sec
ond'' story ' of JE; D. ' Dodge's
Building, over J. G. Shetland's
Grocery Store,on Main Street.
We shall be pleased fp'itVe all
our friends, including the ladies,
call and see, us in the 'new arid
convenient room--thc ;best in
i ii i i )Ut.""
" Brazil is prcpah'tot 'Cryfgf-j
orous renewal of the war.' Her
government has positively .re
fused the ; - proffered niediation
of the.Unitcd States. : -! :
''Russians ' rapidly 'arniing'.'-
The workmen in her giin-facto-ries
are employed day, V and
night in . converting ..... muzzle.
loaders into,? breech-lpaders.
The whole1 of the Russian army
will, it is said, be provided with
the latter weapon by the end pfl
u une, ai ine xaiesi., , , -. .
: An effort is being , made to
induce an extensive ! European
emigration to Nicaragua. '
Three small steamers from
this, country, have been seized
in the Canadian, waters upon
suspicion of their being in . the
Fenian service. "
The remains", of r Artemus
"Yyard (Charles F. Brown,) ar
' rived at jifew York City on Fri
day last, and Were forwarded to
Maine foflnteiTOent;"'
A Woouh FictoKT. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adjoining the Zalesti
Estate, in ' Vinton' coa'nty, authorises us (o
state that site for a - Woolen Factory will
be given free to any party who will build'
upon it. It is aa' eictUent place for a Wool
en Factory 'about one mils' front the Zalesit
tepot of the M. A C. R. R.; and water, eoalr
wood, and every thing else aeoessarr ' for
tililding and running asji e'stablishmehi of
i,hi kind, being near at hand,' We think
4B4ie is pot a more convenient location in
(his count 'iut a ''Woolen Factory.- For ia
ther particulars oall ou brj address tbs Edi
tor of this paper. . "") J .3.-" u"j;
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Tb Laxd W LovrThia mjgajine for
MyJs recelted.il It. is In the ftons ranks
with American periodicals. It it neatly
'printed ana! has teoeatly' 'improved ia many
Vespeite.'' Gea. Oir II'.' II ill j Editor;. Dill k
Irwin, Fublithers, Charlotte, KorthfCaroU
oa. Tersos$3 psr year. See adveriiao
jueat la another column,
Tho Democratic Executive fcpi
ibittee 6f
Vinton Count;, do hereby call a '
Delegate County ;. Convention
, i tr rni hi! t i.
to be held at the Court House, jin
on , ,
- U'S I 7."l'. no, ; f u ,
VI! .'( !'
MONDAY,1 ' June '! 17th( 1867 j
. fi. a j. i ir'
at lb'olook P. M, of laid da, for th purpw
of selecting candidate Coflj the, foUpwipg
County Offices, to be toted for on the Second
. ; , , 'r '" v.
Tuesday of October hextj- to-wit1: u-nh on
- . I',. I.IW 0t IVJill ...i ll 1
One Representative' -M 'k. :i ;
0 nIVoseciiUhg . 'Mtbfpfij
One County Surveyor;: and t,
One County Coirimis'aioner."'
The' Democracy of the several Totrhsbipr
L.'r.'cl;, ! ;ji v.. i . ;! . (.)-;,
will, therefore meet t the several placet, of
holding eleotions therein, on ij ( . (
Saturday, I Juiie 1 Stir
between the hours of 2 o'clock
i i.:U' r'l(..'t ill v!l
and 5 o'clock P. M. and elect
delegates to said Convention; 1 !
The rate of reprtseatatlon UX. delegate
f: ' it' I,.', j '.' ,! ir: i . (
for every 5 votes pst. for Gn. G, -Yff Mor
gan.' for Governor, af"ihe! bototsr 'election
for 19S5, nd. 1 delegstafor Sich fraction of
iVotM U- nrni-'t .!'!'
. . r I . . f i
;The follow, ins is the number f Delegates
.. .t :','it:T ?.. C. i.l-il. : -I il I i.';i.i..:j H.'
to which the aevtral7Towhships are reepeot-
,-Sf(i-;.'i;ir!: . ' i: fm !.-" I i.r
MllIHUSUlJ.;l. 4,( Jir.
';as:ilErk,fJ ' 8
Vinton' 'i jort t
4 j Richland 6
4 I Harrison 3
Itaiadison' 6
8wanji'.i fi f .3
Kuos .
' The Convention will' appoint Delegates to
''wi! -'.i ' ' - ! .'.V
Ike Senatorial Convention bttlesi farther
nolieS is given.i !! ih".. h '& '.'v:ii-'
' By order of tiVcbimniUtee '''1' "
McArthur, May 30, 1867.
The campaign is fast oommg od and
as yet there ia bat. little- preparation foi
the conteit. Negro suffrage with all ot
its coDtemptabla bleasiogs, Ur fast.usbor
iog into view; and jet Democrats,, and
man; of the opposition party ar ready
to use their utmost powes to prevent the
passage , of the .PoDstufioqar Ameod
menr,.i9 .as to enfrsDohise the" Begro,--.
Bat we are ljiflg still ani doing noth
ing, while our enemiea are doiDg all ht
ia within thir,powarf using, both 'tb
power ot the order of "the Union teague"
and tbe "Grand tmy ; of, the epublio,
by meeting eonstaotlj and '.'tegotuI io
the most secluded spots thit earth can
afford for the purpose of .carrying, into
effect their.deaperate designs, and, yet the
Democracy are doing oomparatiyely noth
ing. We say, aod will ; continue, to say,
tothose opposed. to .negro, sonrsge:
ABi8Ean4 let yoj lamp spine bright
sjid long against this', dampable amend
ment I Xet every citizen opposed .to tbe
ameodcueol meet constantly wjih, ,' those
who are in favor of opposing it,'apd, thus
give Btreogtb and power.,' - Wo say again
to yon;, Arisf ,14... tbe power r.,'pf ' jour,
might, and assert y our right? ! '
Let not the momant paas ;,when( yon
could hiva dons ' eood : and when von
will, in atter days repent of, the opporrj
tunuiba auuiuou yua, aau luev are nn
' 'l, ' ...... . ., . .!('.
Again, we say :' ltALl.1 J. . ".Kelly once
again II" "Bally around' the, 'flag
boya! ,, ay,v"wo Will . rally,., ooce
train I" '. '"' . ' ' " :'t,'.
Jf f'i J-., n-.n
JemocratB, your republican govern
ment ia gooe urilea joo worf: ',-jytORk
DAT Xxd miout I sand, victory will 'Jet
ilet.ua. work
... v.
..fi i-n'J7 9.1 i .firaoy
in;,".', r'll 1li'f .It)
''There ib' now' exhibiting at -Roibtfi'ti
small village IS EngTabd, K ork tnoel of
Lincoln oathsdral, midelb'7 Lieoold
shire pl6w'man',',v;hich Cobtaidtf thtf Cxlritt
Qrdluary number of' i;ROd,000 floras', An 4
occupied ten add :a half yeafs'4ri build
jug. u .11 .v i'ui. y iiaa 'nr,-i h st n&r!w
-. '' l'iov fd H'jVi'Mt.- tcaioieo
"F c$tttfi 'ftenitei'fe
not ddretai't jWeetioai (d M6hTo " ijifityi
then-A'labama'caonot "'wolj be admitted
to reprekaaUtioo 'lri Coflgtesli. Tri5i
une. , . .i ,mmm, . r
'. It tterefote follows to'it ifj i Preidsnt
of thftn Uaited lautcs., 'cannot .',adress .a
meeting in Indianapolis safely, then In''
diana cannot be adnamitted to rflprewn
tation io CVngress. Dayton Einjpirt,
Chief Buler and His mighty nan bad
amonc themselves, that there mist be a
Printing Preys' ablUhed' id 4h: iUf to
print the la'wi'and Ordfltf 1 rjfl tbel city;
and t6 advocate' the Removal ef the- Beit
of Jastioe ti tie city; that fcoite ofjthem
we're sordly troubled "sbont where tflkeep
the'Press'. lnut
! 2 : But'ULejf nf unto ' thef jird,"
Where shall we lay our Press whenit is
sent tblheollyf' MU Wl
i ; a'Ahd It came M""pW,' after 1 riuoh
ntSneeassafv time' had'j; been' spenr th'a
the ,wL6Td"!Ca'ed rh"(Ui mighty -netf
4 And when theV bad JssetoDlftd aicT
- af ' f 1 t. -I '
reasoned ambhg lhemWes, the) ' "lirl '
stood up high on bis tVct'and lsuld,,I, -fce
Chief Kulcr,' your ,Iord,V'cotomhid tie
Frrtflng' i'reBa'to ba placed wine ni(
eat part of Ws building rher'e.btlr offii
are located.'1 ,u: i 'a""'' 1,ul!
i '5 Theb kll th'e ttilghtymBOteD 'tlie
officers who were serving'tibder the reign
of the Seoopd Chief Ruler, thon aiid;
So aoii Ute.' Aud it wao even so. ''
' 6' And'then'the Old Pritteldg' Presa
wa'brought forth 'abd placed, id the
baildioe.. ev'en that which is partly occu
pied by the ,,,ltbrdr" rt ;, -S"'" ;'
7 The 'Lord", had ektrfeme diffio'uity
in eflurinA- n'Jekrned matf to take obsreo
of the Old Printing Press1, as lt'was dad
girons for an j titan toi toiitoh'or tb 'handle
tue maouinc, Dccanseii was ids aesirovor
m.i.. : .. . . u-.-l.ffl-i'.Jhn
Christian name) wai -WilliamJ1 arid1 whase
surname Edmi-rto,' who wad Vcoun-I
sailor in the laws of the land, "atid' i
preacher 'Of the' ord oP:the'jAlmigb'tj
God, and a collector of claims against
the nation. r,a" !.'n' '. 'i1'" -"7''
9 And thta"?edrn(i mail' wa'i: duly
Installed by th"L6rd" tb'pt'eBidb .-'over
the publications' of thi ' presto CVe'ri 'tba
Zaleski HtfaW;& th'eVeitv'of Zaleehii
10' Then 'Hbe 'ui,ititi"- bkU:a lths
man ye shall call ;Kdito( nd Pi'upttotorj
of the bajier,!'e!ven' the.. HjrdU which he j
will iBBue Id tba inHabitantr or tnw 'ony
and to th'e iilhsbitaits1 round abotft ; the
city, and, to the heathen afar, bffaud I
even the enemies of the J'Lord vafar;6ff
in MoArthttr" where1' they. BTe'orcly
vexed at our mighty ' eilyi,and! td ; th?!
friends of our city who1, dwell! afar 'off
across the wateii in the Old Wotld.,A'
11 And when tbis man who wasa
mpus in su luiugs, nou cinjuuuieu -vuis
j -11 .t.;. rtt.j, irAj'jiLj
mighty , xintHigt'Jr'rtss fbr ihe space ' of
about one year, or tbereabttut', 1 he "well
nigh came to i naught in the eyes ' 'of his
"Lord;" in cotiseqaenoe of having-'aWal-lowed
too much "dog'leg''' tobaoedJUud
"rot-gut iu'e af )the'4: soii!l:'' dribklng
houses, in the city of ' the 'lord,"'' called
by the "Juord," doggeries.
; 1 12 For wben hia .Lord'' . ,aw, how
that William had made mauv Iar?a dents
againsi 'Him "for the ''Lord', was dwiilerl
dismiss w lljiam from the Press: . .
i :13, And when . the "Lara-'W t?:
mused William. lie then1 said unto fcioA
sen; j.iow, inasmuooas w 1111am aas Deen
improviuspt ao recKiesi, ana soaierea,
all of hia i'llfipg'apd has'., sot eve'n j'yet
paid his servant fpr 'tnr tuv itjtheie'i
fore eeme;th'oo4 uip'.me "also'j tb'al J,
now pr,e'venlt his' BetTants 'from 'getting
their wages '''-' ( t'i,-' B-t-' hP
let the people know that lam the owner
thereof; and 'that' l ; am the rd' 'and
that his Berv'anfa'hfcyft to Jeal(W tjiet;
15 And It came to 'iiasa 'th'at''Whon
Ha had tua.reasqnei) 1 with .himself, that
he o6e'nty:dec(ared anilt atbifed,' that He;
woufdso cdnduor' Hia'mighty Press (hat
neither Be nor William should or jjoiUd
bo 'compelled to'pay tte ira'gesd'ue' ,Uo
16 And so It seeme-'th tnto tbe oeV
iU thai (he toLord'' Will Wjalthn,! unL
decdindp?ofe'Pa"f' '
r .Ti;i vaicf oa 010.. w .ttjiii
iTilT- ,i-.Ad:it,aaid:to pasy that sotoa
o the tie acere. ahi teoiyouajgladfrrof
tba citji (of.. thoal wOw-. befere. writ
ton,) were Bentn64j .pyoiM'.t'Ljoid'f.
eottrt"j 0r bt jconfiflidoin thiee'Ja of.lhe
tbe Hit ok WM):thttr,afar.ffoT f fl. it bT,
18 And it aoiha-ppcMf) that 4 dnet nf
tA )oug WdVtjrAa n bw tobnng)an
aoctptaW an4.rsponsible aibcfutid
ia hia'aUad, andjiiio i they Qc4fledH j
the Jail it tbe 'Court, Hmn, ai ja oitj
oiWBAriiujry,i ccnao ojfijiinitp
'.t,i'kSi 'i linm 'tbHw' 'RaH'
i oiesw'o'in e'tnaejl vcrf 'agaihst, 'th ey M M
teriwnod that tfey would i'tfof&ir
iaa,wnawurfiiauo ia, . oauanmaD, ana
'whose, ttftet? o Wflnli fllfiSi
' 20 And It so happoned that William,
together l'h'thb' office of ltteJ Lbrd ' -ia
the 'mighty brick Wilding on thef 'lA
oear 1 the' oornfiold'ia'ths ; far' eastern
01 tne lives pi mnn in uaya guuo' uy
And '.it'i camet'' to riaMbaffnie
''Lbra"1 ' fonnd ''edrncd mtiriJ-Nvhose
aerfao.te or ,W iliam: also: 'Jfct wdold
try to foqduci thb ame'Tor th'ef Tjre'aen't
Editor, whose," s'urnauie 1 supposed, '1)5
tuu niikviv uvawwB.- ww v. tnuiii
inasmuch qi he was maq of Lipd heart,
and full of oympathv for his lad. that he
cfoo'aloflg with him to the wl.
21 " :-ABdVnbea William vhad tullj
ateJ.;'.nutv,u poiiDsaiof,,. a.'foel
Ibins wuioh'.thiB youo : lad of theclif
of Zlo8ki haj" donet u.Ja (uej'Lorc,
thsu it f - Mfieih' uoto (uidi that j ust u h3
aol ben dons to lhVA.iyV"j'V'.y'
v 22 - And therefore ho demadiod IB
exsuiioiog court, lj.jl'ore the Judge of
23 And it came to pass, io the proi
gfesrorUiJ'eXiwiniag' eonnrtbat it bi
came necessary, from the evidence in the
iwuaa, tbitlbe Jta;;Ui eboqld be.poe,
as there was no causa of hia detention.
2i - And when William hadeucoeeded
in releasing this ybuog iad,"he i'a'ef" hiui
self to workv tc ' release ibe other .young
Ui whb was. iWli thidiogebri Tunderl
the heavy charge of old mother Grand
LerWByf whiorBDe.ceimflr-,ioveoted
by the Chief Pig Driver of the "Lord."
, 1 25 And therpp v.hej Remanded an
czsmtoing court w Denau oi.mis young
ad whose eurcame ia WoLabs. --
,126 And ifcMtne'lo'plsttthat it was
peoessary that tba court, in the city of
MoArtbur afar dff, hMs thaLord and
his" 'Chief Pig ; il)rivflr!!n.Ao ; tteodn?a
before tbe oourt( in order JOi,. determine
the Kullt of.; the.' young Ud, cf the mighty
city ofletkl.-,
,! 27 'And when tbe "Lord" and His
''Chief Pig Drivwlfcardth; cewe
thereof they, were soraij; atraia , ana grew
Wroth and were even sorely vexed, and
rent , their .plues and tore , thei,r ( bajrt
which is parted 10 the middle of their re-
neotiva heads, and even cursed the city
,pf MoArthurV afar off.' ' ,,u'v' "'
28 And alter many days waiting tor
the "Lord" and Its' "Chief 'Pig ' Drtvir.
tbey at length appearrd befot'd'th Court
of Probate; in' MoArthtir; and utood'np
with trembling and ; fear; for tLete waa
gathered together an innumerable host
of the citizens . of tbe) fcity of MiArtbur,
and the region) round about if, foe i they
wore anxious U .seo ithe :Lord,'f the.
Chief Rolar of the mighty flityi of Za
Jesli, and his "Chief Pig Driver," of
whom they had heard great, ifame
I 29 . And Ub, tbem came, the, man , 0
lost1pnfidenc,..,wiib,.his flxt bim.
whose surname js dmjston, and made a
mighty and even eloquent appeal to the
Court of Probato in behalf of his "Lord"
and Cblef llulor, and'agalnBt the young
30 Abd whdn thd" Coi' of Probate
bad fully beard all '-of the arguments, it
0 decided that tue young taa.waai mo-
ally dMatoed acd : thereupon fe was set
t liberty, and returned to the city of the
'Lord. ".,)H' t;i -ml (ft ,li -Ji "II'!
31 And thus ended the, arrest, trial
nd imprisonment of ithese.twoung
ads. iiw., ,1 ,, .... i 1 , . .
33 And the "Lord" and tbe 'Cbi-f
ig Driver',',:, Jfvejed . untotheif own
city wiih curaes in tnettt mouins, ana
wonderine why it was thev could no get
justio al'the 'citv bf'Mc Arthur, like tbey
iu mo u ui im im
To the Editor of tht Democratic Enquirer:
! ii'sfptlftlif a 10Ui?6l)ioenf fap;erpinles)
somewhere in your.Ufw' called the Re-oord,
at tho closing of an article, under the head
ing, 'Ratting,?f Ibat'the editor w editress ,
I knoa not which, admits of a negative
proposition.' He ok"sha says: "3ear iu mind
that 'idnesl! ien 'ter 'any party cannot be
bought' or sold wby,!lhe: Democratic clique1."
This ii raaide' a negative'. 'of which there mas
be a' posit te: tliererore;,- 'accoraing- to taeiru
r ('il-'. 1 t'l.t ii- 1 ''"'. i . ' -i . . s i. t , .
Un reMoiHngViy , ;re Wheneat aM'can
be'bobt, nof by 'tie '4,bem6oraiib ,cli'qa'e,"
tUqueiffo? prooof which' t , refer to, the
iha 'TJn!nn Delerate Contention.'
in the Tbtmbi ky, P"!! $09,r ?f; frr
party. And the faUe, nd bejlous exouM of
the.ditpr whsn.Ahejf ,:say ; ,j''Beliv!ng'tha,'t
tha1intere8ts pf,. the)ipi r?uir M )"
just what U;ging b i poial, world,
we have- tioughli proper ! to ;givt piie ;W
thaeallrof .betfi parties ; i Cut eolutaas;'
vlrtualljl iaiitfg that'thspw propose rfuaaing
both campaigusthis fall, as that' saiieipapet
:L . . .t . I . k ...f . ij.i.J 1 ' I. IL.
did last rail. "' bum ' nvn5 f w.uw
Democracy are jusT iiWlhe'Wordr ef.SaUny
when her'aaf4V;"AIl!ihe'se iVaaHae'' aa'd 'If
thou'"wTlt" Va'lf down'1 in'wotship mV I
will give them all untiP thee'."'1 Many ether
samples of bis Vbai'BemooracyY' I"o6tld
bring in proof of their treachery-rieuoh .:i iu
poiitrollingtha: Echo,! (whio,U4 pjlufpijhere,)
sMptndUng ila!naiMk,er ip-payingr;Ub
soHberVlfitirjg' filthy ,slana (tor U eoluiains;
against thi Dtnioemia BqUiw aad, Its' ediL-;
or,: and then elipping' then! frort tbei Who
sn9 comtnentfog epon nd publishlng;itJie
in' tie cord; whcri'St'la welt Itiowfaci o
every cilUeh ' of ' tHie,"piaee,',c taat'Hwaii"
Bratton has n8Ver 'rWletiJ,,neith he
write, am kftisAe:nfor. puHUan .upon any
ubieet. ! Bat ha" waa sar,fcioHgh, lM(.fly
e sen onii tHBenur:.!iiemcyt an,, oi
h'irty fcit4f s.letihavi,ieenDdamning
itt'ever Hribeli'' N4 W, ibVioU .tnan.V ; qp
old wotnan",',t"nisi thcj! 're.'.ealjed ,by;
.We'll, 'propostte M tHe aasae lhidg. The
Demdbracj' wish'to''k'tiow thJrfacmad saany
i'dfwU,ett; among
rhich is'one.inat
E-'Ai'Britted'wilt ba a.;
entative eaue-'usaieski
I. -in vUa I M . .
irnole. oontnosini! the Damocracv of Vinton
Cauoly.going t ! submit .to any aueli'ft!okery!
fc:We cPaiaioefM , 1m4 ufafend. ra
Saisjiomacwlstte parfscMon. j-jUvurjRepref
Mtitattie Haljsiby. letting j i tyowjoi n4
coU, and' abusing Domooms vhaia kf has
Jldf. Aii beaans r orsoota. ::Umj" ej cjiot
eupjfort his rotten carcass, becan cry out
e Pemqracv Vni'iil'l ot tnel".1Zalesu force','
Ln'd lthVreW .be elected.', "JjiV.' I 4, lira ih.
against them when there la no longer any.
ohaooe for him to heap up hia riches by eel
ling tbem a second lima. Again, he or she
saye, fTbew jipe felhm will beUld hlgh'
t wosVvr h b Ider Wc wnf-Jt ujt ' ft
J )f it, . remen. mi .UaJi If "tlal; ied,'y:
the By? iiaWf w:tj,a4 1. -oii,lj ih;Sji4
bars have the Oiiel lmpudeoee1 tu-vej 'defy
Democrats of any sucoess while Bratton la at
the front with a tub af, milk and at the rear
with a pall of water, and the Republicans
eVtIif -eMMa tti rlng ttt anal . tor j?4 tiat
they can see no reason for the Democratic
Rquirer't service, just as Bratton seems to
. J make mention ; of .thfe faeU ir -the
purpose of letting the people know whom to
trAl.TTtust Wn who have never yet sold
you, nor your interest; and trust not those
who HAVE BOLD you and tht Democratic
mrt' ''1K''"M
Mor foa'-' ' hth-icw ,v
[TO BE CONTINUED] COMMUNICATED. AN OBSERVER. Zaleski, June 3, '67. For Aver's Medicines.
[TO BE CONTINUED] COMMUNICATED. AN OBSERVER. Zaleski, June 3, '67. For Aver's Medicines. Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
MytayiABj riASFAijj, Ar- rfen
affair it fore anil, jealdmy U4
Qulminateoy ft Sumeld. It., in a mystert
3 'us diisppesjtUct. XltbttikiCsl 4II
nown, cigar manufacturrr in. that -town
a singing nmter.wbo led the oooir 10 the
Voagregtpej.i i3ojb,ywi.e aytjt was
the principal singer. ,Ih iwp. were vejry
intlmite and there ws)( considerable, gov
aipvjn eonaequenee, though ;it ..fai:. not
Known that their intimacy feacbed'on
lawful limits. Ujear the chorister
was employed bv the Baptist Church, hia
fnenu remhibihg Id bet lormer vjositici,
polite and atlentlv td the ladies m Kbis
Haw nhnir anrt nnn tnnA an PTtrinr.
diuary ' feeling' of jealousy io tbe oigai
manufacturer a wife. She aaot him
large number of anonymoua letters in
feigned 1aa;hreatoaioi Birt;Jtb 111
iorts.ol things, if be didn't cease his aU
ledtlU 'tl tU Bap'tlsK girls'. TtJ ma'ttaV
eaohfd Si crwisiqo Friday, pf, ast,weelr,
when the chorister fixed upon her the
Butnorinip of tne 'jotters and in turo
nnA a nnhlin Tnoi and dnmiind
ed satis
taclidof Db'tha.me afcerricfoa,
While her hosbaod wambsei(,the ladt
wrote a letter, telline bim be would ner-
er see ber again, ,and suddenly , departed.
Che was traced half a mile lto sJ swamp,
od on Bondavtne"wnoic lowit wss-out
m i I . a . a- t il a f at' ' 1 " i ' H V
searoh oi her. v Every possible means
was used 'ii ascertald her fate; but wholly
without' result, nor baa she been beircj
I'rom since. VThe affair, as may be imse
Iced, has created a profound sensation id
Sutheld. 1 The lady was ! good looking,
acoompllsbed, about ill yBirs,old,40d the
mother of one child. -u :'-t" ,mtvi
l-.iPor- sFaH 'Perfunaery'i"
Go to Sisson 's Drug Store.
Charges E'SteWaot1.1 ; Ch
the Anglo A snerican Telegtaph'Comba
ny,' published; a letter in the London
inariaaa ewraoi, ,.. ' .- . ...
; On toei ipsf! it Vas-repprtc'l fti)L
burg grou6de4 ciI.'tha!l.rbe'r ef Heart's
Content, Newfoundland, .about miles
ndrtowest of, tbe qortberri point;1 and
iuu ysras .east 01 tne ibc-d osbble
about sixteen fathoms of Water. No
danger with the presont wind, On tbe
8th jostant it waa reported that the ice
burg hatj i -disappeared J-tu01a paitb
done, for signals through tost cable be
came iraporfepr, and the .imperfeotions
utb 1101 ceaaeu. xne oaoie or tooa,
however, is unimpaired, and there ia no
reason td'ddubtf that the injury to tba ca
ble of 1866 will bt) .'repaired without dei
lay or any consiaeraDis expense.,,, I peed
only add that the iapaoity of the cable
of 1865 i wxeeedV 7-'jfb KrecjtilremiiBtii I
easiness, great ( as! 11 . is between this
ooontry aoi Amertos. .-s 1 H .;:.,,';;
Our J'aospicM.l-.Fiom eTery aeetioii
of tbs COUOtrv wV have lha moarirratifv.
ing report In regard , ko tbe 'prdipects1
maklQit nra)! DemoVrlttio' Waliiif ibaf 'iicJiiiP
irigTall, In sjrj'' ioWnihiJif 'rind ichodl
istridt the D(fmocrioy Irekt work. wbiU
ppear msneartened ana
dblili6lhl-.W r''rforb:U.
dk neniseives on tue siae or wmk onn-
oiples, a iW'ConStitutiob.'and'for tbkife
man1 L A:rA X.
1 "Perry eority ' V.Wt WMi.
for .seven hundred Democratic majority'.
[ Democratic Union.
GtN'tSA 1 Jackson
ored'bOrae'1 died in "tTibksdo ;BTadiedn
April, 1867, at lbe adneed; iee6f obe
buodred and tbirteen JBsrs, Dice tnonth
u iwpiTD uaii. , una wap Biavo in rne
JsbkiOD1 ramnym early ' Hfe Btil'
For Mishier Herb Bitters
So to Sisson's Drug Store.
.iliWOT'i. 'in.' 1 , 1 timi ii bns iiR&Ni.l
. QoAROTisia (.fit the i,bridg!i,tivrf,the
,Umo river at JUomawille baa been epmr.
lmenced.The--e4oiie-work- to- he- done
comUta of; to?butrt!ints,'( iea9h eighty
1 De
rf"iyce;ii '', n.. 1 .1 111 1 1 ,m
K.OU ntH
Th P.ortsipouth Republican',, speak
ihir of the. net rolling mill about biiti
sUrted tteVA, io whlob, "Rutslabj Tran,'
ia Id be 'abftt4c4ui6l,iays : J.Tkeiin.'
naoes for making tbo Kussian 190, pre
boxed up, nod i aiga of Jno admittance"
meatalhe williJocojibow.fjpjii tb ar
ticle in market, without answering he
questions of enrioat people,
retbjg&, ;nd.tbjrteeo,.tler,f each from
120to MO feet.la baighf. f tie engineer
nroaises thst tbe bridge' ihill 'be te'adv
National Banks.
Wt. wroje a series of artiolea when
the Nation's! las Is w'w about going into-
.opera? :n (throughout tho country,
f;jo 'sr'a'.i'n'g;that the. majority of tbeai
WQukievcntually tartif out to be cf tbe
"wildjt" odpf, ticbss Lad fleeced the
'pfopf.un .'ertha'ffthte.laws of New York,
Inwaus, SjJCTi-, ,.iii: Bits'otner otates in
othor day's. Uar lovll city cotempora.
ties nsverNdxaaatadrbut simply acqui
esoed in, the bank sot, probably as one of
tbe financial measures of the Government
hich it might'-be oitllai dibloyap -'to op.
pose. Ihe new xorx umt, on me con
trary, was one of the most rampant ad
vooatas of the law, aa embodying one of
greatest: wants .of the country even in .
time of peace. Now, bear what il says
of the "pets,? and his, takep. im opnpte
tion received by one oui.aity ilibnsl
banks that its returns are fraudulent, and
thitiivihliiidred thoad dollajs.-of.ita
capital must be paid up within a mooib.
w, iH'girl thJ :ji9blio We ,dtfa)fl tp tba;
obrreotneas of our views at the begin
'of the system :
j 'Thi Selmk Bank failure arid robbery
indicate the necessity of watching keont
ly we baM 'almost said suspiUously the
working of the. National, bank syitrjrr0
xae concern, seems to nve oeen a .irand
fjrora tha "start. ''it ne'yer.bad toriotfi3t
capital ; its circulation was osod to pay
fpt the bonds upoo which it was obtained:
and rtbo bonds deposited to secure Gnv-"i'
erouieqt .,dcposi'tii',wer.a'; horrotred. .' Tbo 1
stock was ptiocipally held by tbe";Preiii-.-;
'a:L.'"'t -.i !.i.i- . .
usot, wuo ia uusrguu wun, .oaytpg-carried, ;
off ; nearly (very Jollar that could be
reaohed; tnoiuding a treasury lepoallj'.Ojf
$75000',,Tha ?oyernment may save it- '
self, or at any rate reduce i's loss, with !
the bond's deposited; batvfof the'deposi.
tors, wto were tempted, bjr tbe; osBumed
gtii'-ranteea of the National ByatemTnot '
one t cent 1 is available, 0 course tbo '
fraud implies prrjury. on tbe p-rt of the
President and Direotora; but even this
scarcely explains ".the' possibility ' of so
flsgraat, an evssiom of official turveillunce
as that which' eV.'';b. aye ', described. ; The j
New Orleana Hmet more than hints that
the Selma bankjn common '( wi'h . other
National banks id the South, granted a
consideration to the; Government agon to
for the loan p jibo .pablio depositi1; but 1
the nffinial renort: ta tAnral Rrn
! m.keV no mention 01 ' an circutnttsnCo
mat aamitu or toii construction. - -1 no
n .omeerp."
F" S ' f ! I i
-,'S .S v
(f '
1 Tue negroes in New Orleans are rath.
Ml 1 VL.1
er demonstrative... At ovm, alarm of firo
t u .'ti '.:w It. a ' r. J j
tuyv rupu luruuu mo Birceis armea witu
lUdjnjuWsUl . iUVi.f !'?
i "roseCutinPTSr.'
1 'iV,oVv,owV7 nease'k'nn'ciu'nc
the name of David B. iSiiivel, aa a candi
date for the offioe of Prosecuting Attorney,
snbjent (o-the -dreisioir-of- lh Demonmfin
jCouny jPoaventten) to be held o )h.,17ih. r
; n 1 1 a ? t a jJaii rjiitocnAM, y
Jftowear Yon will pleaVnnflnnoVthe
name of FaaDsatcKpf. UAjps, as a suita.
ble candidoU for the office of County Com-,
mmsioner, subject lo th, decision of the
Democratic County Convention, to, be heid
on'lhe 17th insl. .Fas ig a gentleman and
a good business 'man. and worthy of-our
ktndesl.regard. , r.''v, -a-; ,
Eaoib Jo.wkship DimocracV.
Mew Edition, tl evised & Enlarged.
;' And -Bast new iFnrm iBook. i . 1
A COKPI.ETE QtJIDE in kit Mailer, ,cf
XI. Law, and Business Negotiations for eve.
rf 8tata in the Union. 1 .. .
With Legal Ptfrms, aniffnll Instuetlens for
proceeding, without legal assistance, in suit.
ana easiness transactions of every descrip
tion'' -JWt ,tAHs.tt;r,a A .u
, -Tcnetber (with the different 1 State Lavra
concerning the Cllecioa,qf Deblif, . Property
Mempurom xeout:on. lein iawf,, tjusary,
Lioense to 8e 1 Goods, Qualification of Vo
ters; Limitation of Actions, Ac ' i 'in
Also, tbe General Bankrupt' La w.i With,
forms and full iastructiona to enable.Baok
rupts.and creditors to. take full beneht'of the
Aot without legal assistauoe.
" Also Pension Laws, With full Insirudtions
and fbun to enable , Ua; J)iaohargd ScJdiee
or ' tJalror vio prooare ' Baok Pay, iPeiisiotia,
uountie,Midil.n at Claims. ,
1 Also, Patent Law, 'wilh folF Insthictiona
U-,inveators..,,.,, ,; ., . ri,
! Also. xoise laws.. BUmn Duties. Post'
jOfflce and Cusbm House Regulations, tbe
wuoie aBiopiori ine yoverhfrstf t( iti rotatiou
o reconstruction and. reedmen.Constitu.-
tion of jtba Dniied States, with amendments;
BUtS Bealsy With'dese'riptioiis. &e.1' h "1 J
" . . Pfi"l new. matter nave been
added. Id meet the reonirementkof id timsa.'
; " The "titilitj1: if such a wbrk no one Will
now, question. The sale of hundreds' of '
tlfousaudsf of copies of thrirorme"'edltina,
nd the constant demand for It, have Settled-'
that point! '. Th professional ' man,' the for
mer, the1 mechanic, 'the manufacturer,' the
Soldier, thesatlorj- ieach requires ' eoaVen"1
ient, comprehensive and reliable work. '' ' 1
: It will svr4m moneys,a.ve (ham troub
le, save them time, save tbem litigation and
lawyate faosV n4;. give, rthanaMnforaaiiou, ,
that nobody . can afford tibevfithout, 12mo.
650 '
pages. .
iTr.handSomljr bound, 82,''' ' r',i r-1"
8ent, iiosl-paii, ion receipt of, price1. ", . ..f ' .
," A gtwei, reliable Agent watted in every
town In the United Btatef. ...Also, a respon-'
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agenf-Also,. aJewl-vtide-a,wbe mea. to
UravelTn establishing Xgenoies. - '-
,..t,o cJ. h-tjj n. H A W LB Y A i CO., 1 v o ' "
, I6 Vine 8tt, einaiqeati, Ohio.
Local Business.
. ! "I l' . ,MI l
businiss mij in vinto! couurr
IWidhabld Tailoring.
J. A.illiHri(tge, Ftuhionable Tailor, MoArthurOhio.
m prepared to ejecuia (inui anil Hovulnihinv.M.
e mast fa,
ma mosi wrnioDHDie iryies. snop lHro oW norlS
of Will's rudenc, on'Mnrkct rcei.

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