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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 06, 1867, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Democratic Enquirer
Democratic Enquirer Items of Local Interest.
Democratic Enquirer Items of Local Interest. DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE,
Ir. H, C. MM, ChttrtMi
-RSnrrWs; SeeteUtrys 'il Vi-iSXi'l
"il I
"litiiat Rxih6i4aViii .nd-ml ,t;isr,
S'.il AtVlSMHf rMMITIim V,1ldl jflif
Eagle 0. P. Clark, 5-(TjwiJ:ia ifi-iiv
.Mu-i-Themes Mftgee,' J.r: jri ,Vt:9qo,V
Elk-'k. S.&Ai,vaA vciutoU'iU rtsiljjr
,fwan -Fred. Cradleba,it,lv..f. y Vf l,.,
Vinton Dniel Booth-OA feWritWUtoa ,.
JJJfcMmaV-IiiiA.'iAlwood, 'odw a ;i tiriiV-
JUMton-A. Arganbright,!!! ...euil isdhj f
'" fi
"S'il UlM'J ' " ' 'l Ml VU-'f.'i
public Nansemond ateej jrotaio nams, tar
ly Tomato end itJttbbage' ;Pla$tl.,i.Which will
be, nicely paoked In damp taosi so asto carry
any dUtatyo . safely, and'.deliveret) ' at""
fcTpVesUmeV Vo'i?iW rbllowlhg prtcl'IJ'f
Nansenron.d Sweea Potato' PlateOO for
S2: tmtoT, $3,50 S.OOtf for' jfS.OO, and
10,000 for $23,000.-: -.) i. , , . . ,
.EaHy'.iomato rianliAlQO H&itJZ
cany, va,uKs ,f 'f, "7rJ. " : ,,i
Loto Cabbag FlantBl,00U for f -au.
tCash to accompany, pr
I'.'. .-II
Addreaibr'' malU'Iron
Furnaeo.' 'Soloto
Countyi OMo, by -Exp'reM, WtbaUr, 6blo
i , ' ' ,7Mmti'i .-ti ji.
Ice Cruh
rQur. friends, Qeorg
w;flrc: (knd'Uoij:. P; -Brtd1,
liato' Ued
it n . neat Ice Cream Saloon, ene door Eait
off Pearce'i.'Pawitj' 'fivX&b StoVe;" tljli
lie with a superior article ci w.w,
We ooUraommii(tTiV&s laloon 'viry
' i ' "'ill': t.' nc ili'H hifli itl llKM vl i
"?a7', in i..t..: I,., ,,t ;'i. I ni ;i. in I m ti-vl ih
-i'i : ' '' ' y.'i ,r'niiitt':
I'Kf'- )n '.f!;:i. '-rl"in rriV-M im.i-' I - i Tj,
Tuc attention of our readers u directed
to the'adTerjtiiement; '."yekoff '& Kaler,
manufacturers ot ifld dler-8 in all kinds
of Cabinet Furniture of superior quality,
inlbuloWn - 7"Inyi ?n, HWV-
taklngfuife kiepa pjrlor, (jualfly
of MaUresaes for sale; attend to all kinds
of Repairing, on short Notice. Their prices
It you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter w.hyb wayiy oan-pcom.
plish your'objeortsTo advertise In "ths' En-
quirtr." Ko Mbe'tlme lo adTertueJ vifjj
M ( 1 I '.i
WkiaVro tiT tui? lSssr wkf P6iaV
; i ' I 7 r.
PfcANTs Those'' wiBhing'tfansemoad Sweet
Potu PIants-rthe best quality raieed In, tba
Korth should call on or1 addrea H.; Halbert
at the Hulbert Houee, Mo Arthur, jlle is
rtffWg SjOOieollkol Plan aad jUr pre
pared''to'8up'i)iy' eualomers at ter low pfioei:
0 19 Blron & (CHibm.-yFor
tore, Tin-ware, Plown, Saddlery, and all kinds of
Hanlwer eo toaona ,eiaBos,,oa Main, -street,
McArthur, Ohio, fho hY on hand a ftill (uplr f
rythmg usiuliy wuno in a wuiurjr Mi"-"w
or, and which han been bought at the lowert jimh
prlcai and wlllfcdjajLiJitrQnrfipg flgurearpS
Jon Pbintiko Get all your Job Printing
dons at the Enquirer' Printing Offioe, in
MaloneVBuiUioe, for, be&ides the beat nrint-
IniT Vbil will 'lsA tudtbVlow4 prioei.
1') '(. w, lllll k
Swist rcTA.TOBar;AK5i;S5i;tOTA
to Plans ro SiM.LeTl Wyman, who jr.e.
e idea I 'm iia south f froni Mp A tyhur and ,
nnnh of McArihur Station, wishes toinrorm
t he bubllo tnat be has for sale a large quantity
of the Tefto ff'Sab wmW8Wft'il
best kind for Lhis oMafe moti he W ji
:ii h Kushel.' Hi Wtend'eltA Praise! laa!
j. r
from 50 bushels of. Sweet Potatoes this sea
eon; rTnosl8ftlng gwt1aUW( WBweet
Potato Plants, will pleas' jift .u'Pu?if 4:
dress him at, Dundajr; inton County,, Ohio;
He can. on receipt of j!tb.mey,'.htp either
Totatoes or Plants bj Bfoty to' Wj, pbint.
owe bi tioe"!.";';;.;::;
vt 1 i .-i.i ;;, i-Mi-i ik ?). jtt-.t
, ,,i. 5l'.nlivi.(-
Drasa, noofci aort !?tatlonerr-
Persons wishing Druga, Medicjries, or Books,
will do well calV it.XoV Dro8 n'4
Book Store, vomer aialtjerftloeln MoAethur,
Ohid, Where they WlH nd' Jtfge '((eVir
rare Medicines, Liquors, Qils.Palniipya.
Stuffs. Perfumeryi and Fancy Arliaips., , ,;.,!!
Pbysloians can buy as low as in any Imar-
ket, it SoitberVo. ' ImC'
Tha attention of the public is oalled td thai
large stock it Cap aud"V Paper,; Peniji
Vinton county.
Call and see. I). I
May i'&a
Th Heatjinlt Ciscds' W. hare for
sale at tuiVulJIi&M juJ.M).el'Hne
engravings of "The Heavenly Cbernbs,','
invite everybodj-eapaoially ,Uie. jaate--t0J
call and lea. - The Fca te low
Hill Hilt H'iCr ,t(ll Vl'nil' 11 )!: t'llf i
VRin ..ViKtiD.-Brinir all your ra(s M
this offiee,' where the highest market,' I pWflt
wUlbopaid.forthem.;";,..; ;!
,.AV .'' V ' i!jr!iH .".
If t. " TTrJ .
LocAt1 items of interestwill b think fully
received, froth our,(riends-i any (, from
any PMt of tbia or 'Adjpinipg wtaaUSa.;"'
m "i
THa CKwticts." 'W are sorry that we
iiegieeTai'io; place at (b& '.'end Bf',the;CHapfer
of "The' Chronicles" in';lastt rweek' PP
the wordsV ATo ''be':continued fVay ! fit
v'ur, lfii'P,il Havi .Inquired; if jie'.tronioles
wsre aHpnblished. We'wetald" say to onr
m4eri'hai;'irf . jiaiiwd to publish "The
Chronicles of Zaleskl"' n long' aa"thre' Is
.anv K!-'.orv of that jtace.
Ink, Paper, Knives, Kulewf etfc,iaevu'y.l'I wb
ScfiMBbbis1 can W'Wraght 'cheaper ak
v.i;: . ".i- ?i'"'-i.t!-i. H ti.'
istronir's lna,n at.any oi'ner.rjnDiMnuiB.au
Going ! Going !
j It is attno8t weleaa for ni
i n.-.',ni."i. . -i. ".ji. -Jil ii"i ) f:
N'ew'iiirtre Store. -
Witt & 9
, -tunl'ldl fll..115'
. !'rl(-l l.ilrt ,i''1(y 1 lltil cm xf ((itf (' t)T w ,vi(lT
lAeV'fiWMtWj':i !' '1Jivlll'ttii.iK tiltfil'il' V'.itil j."
B ttkma .HVuiw-WaiTiataed thenoelleot
i '!
Milliard Utllr.i$t-"fiiiVihm 'fW'
pBflK.s'StiiiH,'atilbe old stand of Umax
ijaaTt, opposite the Kaler Pvf n Jthlf
town, the other eTenlngadwrplea.
bd p o.,1.ie'Siwrrte8jj, p4tlncluding
UertiierWla repmentln 1;
rsost wery hind' t or t'ibaelneet-rtnjojing
hfjnielti,iK nly.,. Tbrf..r.i ,, ..
Phetasl) lotproTsd CuahUoa,. Ah fiutet and
most elastio uae,; tojheer, withal ,ths kp'
purtewances peruinlcg tdaIret-olasa DU
.faihisonabla rewreatioAl JpJ.j-8Mirt'i
Halaj qfllptn pieasani place, iQftip
spend il Utajr tnemant. .JT (J.iTfVi'.l
j Geobqs really kpi;(a( first-class Saloon,
and iien ooim'aVqdte atf, 'Vio'jriaU'Klp'.'esV
tabliahment, with the boat brands of Cigars,
the flaost Ale and Bees, Core .Oysters, and
aany other.. nUs.talngsV.) Qo'a'j. see,',,,.,..
J FVr, JTiii'i Mcu$ imcJ Xedi
Icfelc;' & SiMtoV Drugstore,;,';,';';
j 'BwbOES.-CA eonttaotor the. building itf
a bridge across Big .Raccoon Creek, oil the
MoAtohur and, lilkestiH "r6ad,iiS let
ast 6autrday,itoi Qeorge Huldrea, of Knox
TowsaWp' ifpr'the'jiUm, ';'f!f;;.M?i e
bridge is to be 100 feet between ihe plera,
and eelf-aupportitig. , The piers tq , be .22
t.Wsjft.Seifertjrldw!''! 8 feet ; thick
at baae, tapering te 8 feet at top.1 Tbia will
be 'ene of the fiueat bridges lq the county,
whea completed,' anc will be eorered. '
1 The bridge at. Gerge Speed's ie jiow be
ing built an4 (tillVoO'b'e oom jetted, by our
filendrf-O'Wnil C. B. Pllcher'.'"'Tbe ma
onry is completed.
, LiAViTT'l "ttiv joDanAL.i-tha'Siay num.
bert ,.thi. , neatly prin.te.d, and,, aluable,
monthly joural, :deToted especially to the
dissemination of informaiion relating to the
produotioa of fuel fron Pi ! ad gsherklli
to all that periains to tne economioarproano
tion and use of fuel of air kinds, has been
rewired,", If is,, only". 50 ' centa,'' ' year, 'itd
Miner and arerV farmer" oueht ht it. It
gives a true and general history: of Peat, Its
use , 0. , , . , , , -, i,i..: nl-rt vnii .
' Send 50 cents to teavitt ft Haaoewell, 49
Coogcess Strett, Boston,. Mass. and get 'it
for a'year.'n "' , ' i n-i ri
v flonar for June is received. , How beautl-
A. I '!I.'J tlil'' ' ' ,! '
1U1.-IUB ,OUVU lIP. ,; ,; -j,- v.
The terme are as fojlPwsi:'' '
One copy, one year,, v, , ,,; ;
H'wo eopiea, one year,
Thru iwinlM nn ar""' I
,'jf ti" i ' I .ir
3 00,,
6 60 '
1 Rf
Four copies, one year,3 . i .10 0.0 ( ,u
i Ftveoopies, one year, and" aa' ,"
"" eina copy td getter' up of '''
-.in. '!,.. i:if? i ii... ..!. iJ.Aii.'
,: .,.,....11 .!...: l00i.;:.
.'m Eight oopLes. one year, and
fXtra copy'to gettOT IHjr 'of ' '
Tfe will senj the bcmocTattc Enquirer and
Oodey for one year for $3,76. -
Offioe where
e the subsaribei may reside.
Goley's Lady's Book and 'Arthur's Home
Magazine will be senr, eaoh one year, on re-
CeiptiOl $4 aOi ii im. ,,. imij i- in. j'.n-.' ,i 1
Address- L; A. : Godey, i Corner ' r3lith and
Cheslat Street Philadelphia, Pa.,',',;,,:,";,';,.
! ; l ,'inp'J!" . u i ,i i ',fl "' ). i 'ii , " ,ifin','; K-
-Tni Olo GctaeD' the' only Democratlo
magatine publiahed .ini the United States
ifor June ia fltled with the soundest of read
ing. Iopena w-itiii .'Bil'njfrei ifiimm'i New
Storyi--All Jwho desire to understand the
Ideas of Liberty, ought to have this nagaxlne.
! Th.'tejaiirt aa fonowaiMKA ll iVl
One copy, one year,;
I 800
! Iwejopies,
! Four eopiea,
r;rr tr wi ri'.
1 10, 00
Pite loopMj and, one y galler-trp it"
l-i'"f'i .a! ,'ll,:-'ll'A k,!!'! -UV i
Ten copies, and oe te getter-tip or
; a.eniy conies, ana one to gtier-up . , ,
i'x" Of Club,' r-ri-K-. .(!. .-Ir rl M 46 00
! Van. ETrl)), Norton." & Co., Publishers," So.
J2 Hassan Street, New York.
Going ! Going ! Commercial.
New York Market.
.-I :a .t'i' Rvl'l 5073115 80
Whisker oaiet and trkchaaged. M
... , j
Wheat. k !'!-' t'i'i 'l5(3i3 25
Corn, -""138I 36
Oats, t 'A ,', fnKjf 'j oc ! I 8388a
Bngar, .. . t:' t10Ue
Pork, mesa - - ai23
Beef, v !.J T 'i H "IP. 0 Ji M1 50
Baoon, 1012jo
BhoulderSL ?- 9He
Ud,' ! T 1.. T . .ml2
Butter, for Ohio. ' T i n v V l2a20o
Cheese, - - ' Hlo
in, . I. r . ?'
Louisville Market.
I "li n ! I'l' ' "1 ,11
il V;
Flour, anpernnen k- "iii,'n.ir .,'
Wheat;' priawred"1 i"imiii.nf;
Horn, shelled, in bulk
wif.-.-iB je
'.l 16
Louisville Market. Cincinnati Market.
ButUr, ii-vv'..-w ,.h...i..j 'I'io-',"1.
Beenu, pJm white ' w kr t.-iwA 10,i3 40
CoffeevRlo '- '"a3a70c:
. ' . Tl -lBl7alfc..
Cheese, if, V(.t A ( ?.fM-fiW.llf:f""!
:ilPlliT. Twrt
Featherfl, . . . ; .ni'.nom i
Flonr, spring wheat" '
winter ,waeatJ,;io ;j i
Apples, green
Qineeng, v ' '
. i-.r.i. u. I6a22
- "i.-"'j-,m'O'20ft287
A Whl.i.U ?0a72c
6 5cal25
Wheat, v.
Corn, shelled
Oats,. ,'i-iian:--
Molasses, "I'l'mi'tCj
1 lniiii.j;dii ttjarbit.h ihe PnttftiiOfHcf;.
haKev. J.llrlnf, bumuel Mjljeupjl anj Mrtna r.
tiJmtro; Utt tf Tint on; cirai, Onto i ' i ui . I
t)n thrf8iiillT.i f enltIeBoY?4iWtWW ti'.
in. Mo Arthur. Vv lidf. 'l rrfrnoni..-f1.,HiHir firp-
uly Bherirt'at V inUin cguoli Mftd Reboc Wrren.
ijWhatdidyou dpiiatjor. fJtput.'W we wish
you and Tourlfvin onn
Special Notices.
-.111 -.fc,!!.! 1'
' 'Madahi limmoToii, the vrnrld-renoirned Alrolo
glirt mid ttomtwrnhiilulicClMirvoyant. while la aclnirr
Vovunl ilalc, UeliuwUss (h vrry lettnrea of (he per
sna jroH UM to, miirrri, nd bj the id o(n iiwtru
ment of intcM powor. Jimwo as the Payuhomotroiie,
Kuaronw lo pcodiwe alife-liko piKuruufHlie futuru
hut bund orwireofthe Applicant, wild dnleofnr
ri.oofphiin,' ledin .lrHiU of clmriioUr. its,
Tlmu no UopwitionuM tminionlal. withoi(t lum
ber n MTti i? aUunK pl'icol biith.te. dlvpo
itioo,o(ilur of yaind hair, ni.euclaiing lift
epnUt Mid (Umoeil Dveluu addreHned to yoiirMli,,
)Dwill nreite tlie pktura br return mail, UigM))er
rum gvni.rai iuivihiwv,: .i t, )' -n.i - , h
'HTAddress iu conflHunoe. ,' Mauaii Giataupa
Buauerm, J.-Oi Hos.WTt ".eat Tro, Ji.,1,
f ,li'l I'l
.1, I , ' ill I I ' I, II llil ,.
! :'86yA Youw ' Ladi1;, returning ' to . her
ooumryihori. oltor a aqloum. of a few months In tlw
cily,ahrdlyeoni9d by. her. friends. In place
of m. simra. rustle, nuthad luce, ahe had ofl ruby
complexion of nlmoal nuirljle . amooilmeas, and in-
atad el tweuty-tnraeaho alv appeared but sigh
teen. Upon inquiry thocuum ol SO great a change,
an plainly Mia iaem iimt an niu uau v.uvir
si BaLH, and qonaidered it an Invaluable acquisi
tion In any LUy'a toilaU. .By Jt$ , .uae any Lady or
Oentlrman aa nnproru their, peraonal ai'perance an
hundred fold. It is sim)lj . In ,Ua combination,, as
Nature heraell.in M.nplB, yet unaurpiuaed 1.0 ita offl
aoy ii drawing impurities from, also healing, cImhh'
ins! and bnuittfying the akiBami cooiplexiou., By iu
dirKetautioivoit thoiutiolB it draoa ,l'r,om il all ita
impurltiea, kindly healingthe same, and leaving the
aurhce a Mauire iatended it ahoulti be, clear, soft,
antootheand benutilul, : 1'rtoe $1, eiit1by,lnai).or
exuraa,a reeeiutof a ordei by, ,' ; ' ,, ,.
,W-U CliARii COi, Cheeitata,
7 fin, 3 West Fajette Street, Syracuse, S. Y.
I Tlie only American AgenU for tne'aalo of the mns.
j Kd6Vt.Thyt Destiny. I J
! MAOAita F; TeSo' the great English-As-trologist,
Olarroyant and Paychometrician, who has
astonished tha noientiflo alaaeea of the O.d World, has
now locate!' herMll ..at, Hndwwi Mm Y. ' Madame
Thornton poaaeaaeasuuh wonderful povrars of aecor.d
aight, as to ertabKS her, .to .impart .coOrlndge of the
xrentest importance trt the sihld or married of ei
ther aex. Whil in w etate of .trance, she oelinealM
the rery features ,t the. person you, are, t marry t'
ana or in ata oil-, an- inairumant 01 inwi.au nwwur.
known aa the !ayuhomptrape, guarantee to produce
a lllft-like picture ol the fuuiru husband oi wile of the
applicant, together witU Ihe data of rnarrlage.pesition
la me, leaning traits in ennrocmr, wv, .. mia ui uu
humbugi as ihouaanda ol testimonials can assert
8hewi!laend when dsired a eertiliod oertuoaUi, nr
i..i Bv.i
piirtito be.. i by eriooong a
statins Dlaue of -birth, suie. d
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex.
Ion, and vni-losinu fillr cente and a scajueU envelope
addressed to yourself you will rat-eiva ,the pioure
and deatred tniorinatioi. ny return man. - Aucominu
nicatians sacredly confidnttl.i Add rend iu coi.li
dense, Miiui JF,'i'oiiw,d,.0. Box 223. Uud
aoa, V. T..-.-: ,ii 'i i" i ! -m : i (April w wiiMyl,
' ' ; -' '' ' ' ' ' " ' -
. pree to everybody,
A t.artra S pp. Circular, giving inlqrmation of. the
greuiesi uriporcam-e to nie young or no in aexea.
It teaches how the hoir.nly may Uconae beautiful,
the desoised resnectod. and the forsaken loved.
No young lady or Ktntlemtn should fail to send their
Aaaresa, ana receivo a onpy post-paid, oy return man,
Anaress vm. Aimwer,
April 18,.lW3T-6rnJ
r ;r a ,1 ,i ;-i i r: i.L:jL
i'l rar.t .- ,' ,(,( 1- -, .- hill ,h--..M.'.l I.I..I1 -II. i I
..i ... l.ii -I' 1 1 il'.'l 'ul I - ' 'i- I .'m, 's 'i:' 1 ':. ii ! - "i
Vt ..! .1- -I t.-.TTTVii ! ' i I':
4amm a. WHCKorr. ,.,,! ossfh v.kaisb.
1 SB stiU in town rnanufactiuing, and, .dealing in
jO. an ginaa oi ,;. -:i ,j, t.. , :,r.i .i
.' ." ;, 'i, i l. V, :,;''. ,-; ,. ,1-IPH- !. j li-,,.
Cabinet Furniture,
Qn MAJS piREETeOppoaite
The Furnituriri made'oift feMhe eat seasened
matenitl, and by the moat experienced workmen.
,.,BEDSTEAD3-Allind.,A,L9 .J
'"' ' TABLES-lEvery Pan:'VS ''!
s'-JawUvti HAIR3-i-Faticy-and 'Cottmioil1
?8A8aP' COOUSi.'BLmD3,t, &owpt J
always ok' Hkni d furnished bn "short tiotioe.'
.: .."i.!.. Ii.n; ..-i..i,i ,sii,.i,jin ('.,rij i-r , iifn;
Of all kinds, -In furniture; Chairs, 4c, attended to
on short notleei" ' 13 "'' w-f
-.1 ...nti'iT fc(in 7f.'Jo ,vlr,i',r ;i:ior Jvio i
!a"4upert6r'tjulity ol -Mallrewee oe sit Siaei Al
ways kept oa-hand, iiia .il'i.-'ii'1! .11,1 ('I 'n-jil ul
: ' ' -i-.'i "xt-mt-.u't i;i v i'i.i.-i!: -H, ,(,'ii j-i
XT xx dortaj.lnc.
We are always, tm tVadineas te iATTEN P
FU NJBK Atsfc !Pi;'lwa ," fVeuntry, at the
lowest rates. ,, ij T,v -'
A Fair Price for a Fair Article
, Ja Oaw Motto! -
! Purchasers are requested, to. call and examine our
! foLklfare
before purchasing elsewhere, as mi feel confident
that we can furnish . better and cheaper articles than
any other establishment in this vicinity. ";rt":.'
. . -,n .WICKOFF, & KALER.
ilT'O 1 it
rl X,:;U l..;r.
'IlDiO Inn
l i
-'ii."ri 7(1
t n . i o i .v
i il .'Ft
iiOf" S.'I ie I I'.'
111 JiliJ
la-ivi.) die,'
1 l:.ji.."!
1..in 1
KtWintV! flinirtln nnrl Pmntiriftl-
TT ! m. RonnziHtl MACBtMB! warranted not
1 Jto'UiJIiraV elothingf,. "geated te givje yix,
atrosas ot.uie piungerf jor.ono, turrt-joi me
handle; ant) ISO Hurns pf Arnioh wllP wash
thoroughly the bulk of six lie twelve ' shirts(
accord in (r to the" else of Machine used.
5a fsars', experience proves the Nonpabml
ia hi the nniv wftaninir nniuiniiifl mtas wnian
linnA iU Uii ft: fins adul VlM.1. is Unat) .
proaeBable for r . . T :,.n .. ' . . .
,'-''.l,A.. t ilMliiehr s4i?n Leeiielwiitnihs, fi V I
oKttu ruHctt anu trrtbiivcncoo.
AaKN& WAH'tEri.L fiitiA for free De-
184 water; BtjKta Kw. orK city.
June 6,1807 -9m "
iv.v jiA.TTvrriM nvr n-ffi
H'fOtirjE :l l'iere6V"glveri',that',the' libderalgrKd
ill has this day been appointed by the Probate Court
ot 'Vihton county; uhio, as Admirnstratur ou tic
EsUte of Msry England, deceased. ' ' '
May 31, 1817-8 . . (JEl'riGB CSA.W,
..-. ,i i
M ... Ill MUM t f. B L
OT 'i W- ' i a it
'ltin-M'i'r.i il 'f. ii mm 'ia. r' M mi'
ejj t Mita--B . ;,,m-
B' fcr. .1-, 1 :i , . Vl 'Hi'
w '.'3
, ,.fir!Hi
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in ii
",l .!..,!l ..,t .,
VI Will
Ih :.i;i'
i ii i mm
W VI ill
. AWARDED 1l4 '
TsTorld' Fair, London,
.'.i'Uil.ii J.-iJXl.ltl
WHERR all Pewing Machines ot any note,
. botKEurouean and American, were in
I " ' -mm
Tfc ytarly talei tf TFhttUr ,
Wilton art tqual to Hie taltt of all
other Sewing Alaclh.it Combined.
"We use the Wheeler k Wilson, and pro
,nounceit without a rival. Scixmii ic Americas.
I 1,i.(.HA '.Af-r T.i '(( ! j i
There is no machine so simple and easily'
managed, or that can perform such a variety
ol work without banting or preparation.
tSfAU oMirSL'wlllffrtoeive; -prompt
attention, if left with
St EC m; M
J. F.WoQpspis, Agent,
' i ' im.:i i .hi,.
VUlltlVWlUV) VallVl
May 2S, 18ti7-3m
rf. ii
v :i r I
Legal Notice.
! . t . I'
pi EftllGE W. BEYER, and Aiahel lleyer, who have
I arrtteiiiti Sil! , 'Newton e
r.? ismnn Hevrr.
Eve Beverand SfarvBever'. who nfe minors nnd resi
dent of the eounrr of Vinton, end HtMteaf Oliio, niirt
Charlotte. Beyer, whoiaa tmuor,nd hipl'ce of
reaidence is unknown, will take notice that J"el d
fiwetland. Administrator of tbe Estate - of An'lrew J
lleyer, docewed, on the27th day-of May, Ai.ry.4sn7,
K. " I t"".",." "'"r.''.''"wA"V5l, y"V:um'.
piicunijw vii.ion,aiiuCUHenuiiiu, sueocajK irun
thai Mrsnna Aatui nf ai.l ileeeH.,,1 i. in.nfR,taiu
pajfhia W)M rttl the-ctferge f'(n..Biste.it1g
Of Elk, in the county ol Vinton, to-wit:
"Com Manning a the -louthiEsst comer of the
nonn-weat Quarter of the onh East Quarter
oecnon nomDer'rinrty-Tonr iPto.34,1 nance um
Bevehteed No. t7,l Township Number Eleven
.i, running eat j wemy ileus; inenne ninin
UintnglvTicandflay SMtheMoontl
tyer, .1 ainea Beyer, Kve Beyoi, Mary R?yti
""H" " ' j iiiuii ..ej.,
Charlotte Beyer, as heir at law ofthaeald Andrew
Beyer, doceoged, hold the next estate ot inhentanoe'pfipg
tlierein.' ''.".".,..' .,;:.! it,. .1 ,.',.'!
The prayer'of said petition is for the sale of
premises, tree of dower Kstate, fcr the pajment of
Jebts and eharges aforeaaid.i ,hnid netitton will be for
aoanngon ine.inn oaj oi June, A. v. ituji, or as soon
reremcor u me same can De nearn.
niiiuiiE.bimi 71 uu43t)i AOUrvW. DVlor, uu-wiu
May ),1S67-W . j , ,,,
Sle ' of lieal
fThemaa Beach, Administrator 1 , ,i ... .,.
or Estate of Dr. John Coats, t
-deeeasedt - ' - -
Arthur Coats nhd otlQn
:n Kmfoa County Probate. Court, State of Ohio
i pursuance ot an order granted by the Pi
Court of Vinton counlvi Ohio. 1 will orlu-Jhi
nt Pubiid Auction, nn' - . J.J . . I i JI 7. hi
Tuesday, the7 2d 'day of July,
f. 'A..lJs-',iqU7-Ji1-1;:v.V-
at! o'clock P. M. of said dav, at the door of the
Court House, in the Town of MoArthur. in said conn.
,ty, the f .Mowing described premises, situate la the
vuiiubj oi viiibuu ananuite in unio, so-wiu
i ne norm-west Quarter or ie Boutn-tvest Quarter
of Range Number Seventeen ly Township Number
ie..iu.j aocaon jtunipe jgo- lf,JCPiMUiing turty
.one acres more or less.
Appraised at $720. k ,-. i -, , ...
Terms of eale-Oaeithird bash 'm'htind: one-lhird
in six months, and residue in -twelve months from
ihettoytif sale-dcfeared, iavmonh-0 hear intnrest
and to.be accured.by mortgnae upon the prcn)ie
BOIO. - . I THUSIA9 KAt;,- -
AdrninislratorrJfEetileoriir, John Coate, deceased.
.u .... ir i.iv ,
pinjrwt iroi m, .....
!l( :,! ..' ,'fi, ' II'-. i -.!;(. ,
ift tr tij -,f -r - f :
i.V.i A I ..-..'. i - .-Mi-a,,.-rH,
- ' -,! ,,,!, 1 -M ,- ,-M , J,V, . -,r
S NOW recelvtsg from New York( Boston,
and Philadelphia, a complete aasprtment,
i u it r, v a
' '1 '
.,., ,i i -coasisling id part of ,
f -l.;nr:, .).
jNTew Styles Delaines tfc'Shallies,
i In Brokan EUids'
tires 8toclt of '! i,w 'i ' -it n it ' ti ii '.
;, :. r. -.!-. ..;.! !'.-' .'. -1.., . .. :)
z ,;;pre;gn;!,;ress,.)Liq
j';; !','.;f.'!''ywy .tow and. of the Latest Stvie;,
Asnber; let and-. Crystal, Drop' '.V'",V'i.'.''.V,
ViTrirnming-s knd Buttons' V 'i
!;ara$plif ;bf all eVcriptions,
hd'CKeapest'Wodleii' Goods
and Cassimeres since tne war.
" tt" - ; ;. nv .i ,m., , -ii (( n,
In Aomnlt. and can ba
sold 20 per., cent, cheaper
thn then nftniiB.--' -
ail LiaJa 9 " 1 J "
AU jaiuun wi
kept constantly en hand, ani rheaper than eve.
Seady-Iade .Cflothmgi;?;;
.'M i '", ",riece woods, : ;
i. Kjiati and Caps'
.o ; i .it 'in "i 'i ' 1
n i ,, Ascneapas mine rear im. ...,.
N"AlLS-by the ound &;,keg,
Tor less than can be bought at any other Ilouse in the
, tj&fKemember the plaee-VoMrulge't flew
iuilding, on Doer, JVpt of ,IM Court tloute.
'May . 18tl7-)j-' '' ' ' ,
- - i r la - .1 a a- - .
SIY... 'it' I ,. , .
u-.t.iof) i,,i.,.uiiy
.f-'iin "I
D W ELIiING ill 0 U SE
p" .?$WiMle,V'' "T
VERY ne;'iii trorhiortaore, Btteltng Route
A. with an excellent) ..''.J.'ijiT
attached, sitnateOtr vh'e eorteir ' OaR'and fieeoad
....... 7.i..lil. I ihia.is for sale, at reasonable figures.
TlioUwellinglaoonvenleetly nrranped; attuato in
Dlaaaant part of tho town; plenty, of water near
Lod. For rurtti6r.torii)toniHv oa-
May tSi 1887-tf '! iTrrr.-.L. '. ! laleaki Oh':o,
and(. ,,i.ii -hnriv written, mt; -inth nil uwiiiiies nwer.
J.I 'ud likenesti enclosed, feni'ly nmil on receipt of
above mentioned. ' The strictest iecrouv will be
.-....i-.n nil .nMAiniUmw, .veliirail Me A
!d f
UL'J wivr
t -1 ' I
varxunn "machines
j ';; ' u:JiH'i ,i.i-a-; lu;
i ; r iv t'iV' "' -i w
Jtm-bf. WSijii!4.-in inn f,
I i in- Tit ,iittut:r-i i3 s--,r .(---
Jlc.VrUmr Stfm JiUI,
f.'Vn-i(l Oil! lo i. j' ;
!r.r:i i.H It..
t T AVWi Iwtiiefilleif ,whh
ew rds,are n":
I I. re.ulv &r uorkland Ilia t.rnnrietor'i l'uhi
tlutt the Wuik dohe by tfiiirh'trin not I1 '"' '
I'"" ' '- : ;.. ) :' ti 1l,:l!i'l liil
1 .1-;n.'j I )i!-,i tiiiili.ib Inn ni.iv:i J?,
lui.jiii iii a iiinrtiieti'euatiirin .irf.-i.--!'.
.. . . .... .
Oil I li 1v
V I (il
I ' if v!l of 0 ji;-
,'" (il-1 llrt .il .1 lift,',) t ! 1:i '
.!& 5nriirrilriMvr.'iiJ:
1 Ths'sli've rtlar. Vli driLt (ii. a Wslorerl ll.1ielth'lrii
fi M n Viirv librltn taNiihl' after tavtng au
ltl fnvsereraj eara wNkatinivena l'"' altwtiion -an'tj
mat iirenp di.i iwiinipunri l ohj:i"iis n unys"
known to hiRtfilnw-snffcrprstWiiienniiW t :-
To iillwho'desh-e ft- he 1H Ked a cniijiel in
(tiee- f vinviif ) -Willi the mrei-
tiM for preparint and using tin-
pnme, which they
will find a snrecure forCiinnimiittrtni AsrhiiiM Bron-
ch.tisi 'Uoiiirlie,iCiiiM, hnd ail Throat nan i.tnig ai-
fflAHnmi. .Thaanlv nliiAMt III llie;,TidMrtisi'r Ul send
ing tile Prcsaription, is ,)o beYiMl; the iilllic.ted, end
snrpad infiirrnntion whli h lie eoiio?rvos To m invnlu-
abls, and 'he 'hopes every sufleivr vrtH tiy his rea.-
WHI f.em:niiiuigranniay. prove h
iiK'4sing. I'amee wiampg tne preacriptton, ram, uj
return uiall, will pleaienddreas' ' -1 '
Mid ,IIKEV EKWArlB'A'. VMitUS, ? 9l
i...,i .if ti jivilliamahurg, KingsiCo.ftwi,YiiTkn ,
.Wiaw Tl-,-,t.,i l :-t ': , .Mrr-i -
'j.i.1 'A ft Aili.V.li fjt ajsiJt.f.,11
' ... A' m A ' ' I..VIU.1
v .'s'i:i-ii; 1 ji .r iv;,
T he"'Wrld ,A s t oni ih ed
) ..AT TUB WDKVU KfeVfl-'Va ,
I1 Mirfai:rife"H'."'Ari)KimIO(;'l 'ittr,
-ir. l :i i-.i f.a ; ;.i ;3;n u vil'nw
tiHF, reveals Seireti. n4 linrtr1al'''flr knew-iilflie'
O restores In htippineer 'those wlio, Ipiyn doleful
She brines -together. hnroMnuit wrurai-1
1 1 ted, gives Inforinafldn conewning, nbKM,fieit,la
i ."ftdl ff'ffJfyJteiU
h?.. i,,n ha'iriw aoJ'iBiul. enuaeajoeeihr
riaaes and tells vea.lbe-.very , .1
I !, . the nam likHne-iS nn
, 'veJ oil the name. I Kenesp nn
"'U' 't .., rn,it,ir,Xi,.
e see in Lhe nruiiujient the-nmlefl,
tiu9 that over
jiine 6r pie'ddriiihiite in the configuration-
from the
:.Mi romv rit-ver ga a hve levumlile an cnipi
ustiiiiMstion t tninsve(i8 n in peron.i- n
,trriywt- iteferencee-vf the hfjheet -order .liiruielied,
tnosa desirina (hem. Write, plainly (lie day of tne
n)0ntll nnd Vearin whfeh Jnuwero uotai'enciokin'i;'!!.
im,n locleofbwr. !. !iiii.-?.i! "?! ii iti-)i(l
AiWieslj, -.i, i WApAMR, u.; ft
.Ul ; . P.
P..p, l.rwer Mil. Bug.lo) 8.1;.':
-iiis.tr .W, aU-A , l aJe,S f,-l
wf as at aw avV'Mr wrt W 1
li:aimi)-i,.iv'.'0 iitai.Mit-j!,),- T'j-'.lhii'n o; ml
jveiV.ii i" 'i.'ul'f,- 'rAlil T'itwf-.ps Irtda.isii
';.'!j hi.
ti;-(o i.'in .i.'-'.f f
r.!-T.'Q rat , A lT,iL"'ii(J .i
JSL ! U .:0-i i. , 41 ViVi'j;
IQR,CjD;togtow urori,bjs jjmoptlies face
' in from three to'nva weeks by eifitf l)r.
. " M a tw Linnrira ' niValf 1 i
B5 VI "f -ni.'-o.-l.v l '.,' j-.li.t-.i'-
SKVlOKK'JSi tUlfsi.AUBAlJC.Vtv, VA.riLiJUii-
il.JiieeiiinH nn.4n tns it the otnnetn :anu, tne rued
suirs inthe heavens ut the Hln of huthrSlie oeduvea
ler.thetituredesiUivpf,m.tn.- J.'an.noa rt consult, tlie""
"j'.reatest AatroioKistohearth. itc'osWyotiiiiit a triiie-)of
, (; ojajtondeifiil discovery in morrern
fosteetainceI ,Jtrr upon the Beuid and tfaif in
''''n almost miranulous maimer." .' It lias been
nsed. by ihe elite of Parjs and . I bndon with
the moat':', flattering success..'! Karnes of alt
purchasers, will e registered",,, tind 'iiXenUre
aalisfactwp .18, no,t given, in every instance,
the money, w.ll, be ohterfully tefupdcn.'jl'rico
by mail, sealed and post-paidi $J. Dessript
iv eiroulars nnd ,' testiinbniala mailed free.
Addre'ss BERfiEa; pliyns & C0:kf)heail3ts,
Ageo,.sor jie.ijnHcu,
nts-for the.Vnttod States. ,
',-1 "litrvtri-'; u Ht.i jiTal.;i &1u.-t l.ril' '.wi
U .' tn.f-t ' i '!');: , .";.7i,.,'ii''ni a y., Vi
? roq.s'e ftwfS i::M;t;
-j'Jih ci I' jj-i ' eaiil r.di t-f yir.-l j l
u ,d-iii,7 TO ,-TIlEi 0iij , ii-ioiii?
I i!'o ' ' I ,v ,7 ot!i Jitl-
i Tk sw'W'Wv, "'A i:'V:i ''!!1,,,i' r-;
I. TVilliam Hknbt Sit'h,-Scnrttarr of
State'of, the State tf OhlrJ.'do hereby certify
that tW Toliowing' 1s 'a'rrn copy of the
joint rosolution passed by( the General 'As-:
aembl of the Slate of, Ohio, 'on the1 6th May
of Ajjirit, A. 'D'.' 1867, taken' front' the'origiBai
rolls jon file In this office., ',',''' ;',-" '"
V ' In Testimony ' WheTeqf, 1 have4 hore
iM "iintd sdbscribed rh'y Bairie and affix-i
L. 8.1 , ed the great, Seal, of thtf 1 State 'ol
i Ohlo'at Colnbnii,' the Cth' day ef
1 Ur-'":,'ApfitA(."D.18(5Yt'-f
:. a. Secretary of State.
Relative to aaSmMiliieut' tif tie Conntltu
lion; providing' for the extension.! dP the!
'' elective franchise:- ! n.i'r. I'i ioJ .-'l i.
."Reidhtd ' by tne General Auembly of ne
State 6 Onii; (three-nftha bf (he members
elected to.eaeb'1 House nsreamg dhoreto,)
That'it be and lis hereby proposed Itci the
elector of this Bute" to vote at the aex t annuel
October election, upon the approval or
tion of the rfollowing'aniendnientiati a aub'
stitute for the first eotioh of the fifth, ArtiK
cle ef'lhe Constitution, of:"thlsfitat;to,wltt
Every 'rhald bitlaoa of the 'United tite8,;6f
lfie age' df twenty-otte years, who snail have
henri a reaidehf'of '(ihanBtateifiohaH eeari.
l.erf nreefl(lln- tho'' elcCtloDl luand oft the
- . '...li
ofiun(v,'-'!'tffwrjehlp;' (W ,' ward i Jn-.l which'
he resides, such time af may i'le prdt-
vtded by law,' except eueh aersoaa at1 have
borne arms in eupportor any insurrection or
rebellion eealtfsl the mvernnent of the Cui.
ted States; or 'have fled.' froa their places of
residence to avoid being drafted Into the mil.
itary aervloe1-, thereof, on have ileserttod the
military or naval rervioe of said government
la time of war, and have not subsequently
been honoribly discharged from I (hot same,
ehaU baTe the A4alifloMioae eC an elector
and. be 'entitled to Vote fit all oleetionav - i
.UoiHoi i F.O. A; VABKOT'rr .t"iir)k I
- - Speaker of the House of Repruentaticu. J
, I i i-iaJwityiL Senate
faased AnrilO. 1867. fGm
pTtll,'fitVj: I'l (H'5filo;.H Ilil'l I
I'l ,vn i-.9iif r-'!i v.! 'inVjanitr
a i ....
r.Df ' hua tl
IV hf:lV'-,
Stl.tO PER MOJBTU?nj iliWi, a,
oa U00H-.Pgr tCsii!PoF,t!P .?( CoitawoK.
We gnnraety th aoova. aamry : ; rJ!l'T''Ll.l1.
tiveindiisttiousag-'iiw at Uieirowh mW, atnrtri.
iK u SrtVSf rV.disr.e.sai.W'mi.ty m erbxy
honjchold. r-or-mtt-arat.iUrs,r. oivor.ddte,.,.
. : vMii i : .o.1ftW.,44ej!'e!iCoM n , w
, n iit -uSBth.S.iBltimorevad.iV
' M1?l3C7a1:, i
i.$tw5wilr marry,
id fliaraeterialif of.
Ty' thcnghis. nnd irt-iit
.imrtile the -dark)
.fljwa noa i
orport.riCe an(i .wue.l0 buiineeS men, Carai-i .
m.anfei; and MliticianS i while the
ir.antcarefnllv aelenlrd na'aa'af literary iriiacelU;. .
i.nw I Tl as exnounaea, Mi AltOilAS,, JkTKW0ut. .
1 j n.i 'a.I,.i. illr il: ni, aul. f,u.r,H.
J?."" ' T'l"; " "wMeh".!,- '
,the Cavern neat, and tipon 'which" the
rejkcAidusemenlfc-ect.; , all to ,th t-haai, authors
lusefuj and ientertUg ritoratdre ; ,n " .yy1
i Na Lerson of refinement, .eoouomical, house-
For 18C7
llie Seventh
anJ . i . t n r . r
jldsi Ve i't Ml ts.n ua! Pra j$-i)ja.' t W " J
jiua not recapitulate its niatory uinng the
lorroy years of it fxistepce, nor remind
ikuse who have read H, of its Herviues in he
half of fte great prinnipje of the Democn,
cv, and widYii do'nddctorv Uticiiledlh'ri'l
What lime lias, shown, to be the best interests
ifof .Ihe. coiuttrj.,.,Jtstierit liaVe be(ri rirJ I
of .Ihe. eq.iuti
Iged from tha-linie it. wa started, b (.
veteran and Ulinguisbed journalist,
Kevand1 'lis present 'icoailucten
imply claim for it Ihe eiedit of an earnest
and undeviating adlierence to Ihe plan nnd
principles of its foiiuder. Jn all tils' politi
cal vicieaitudea of the pad six yeatb the
failure of some, the apostacy of others, and
the unguarde WtaKntll of B,ly, exponents
of Democraev Tua Jaisi has never denia
v4 front tLe Ftrafght path of 'principle,, nor .i
bien '.'allured by "emporftry ,rxpedlent1'lTi-'
timiiTHted y ihreats, nor,, tiiaLearlped'; Vyr,f
defeat 'and disaster.- 'i1 h ni w r i, -. i
; On the score of prjcciple ; w claim far it ''
the Tjurit of fidelity, honesty, sod coniiot-;;(
lenriy .1' As hewapapor we-clalro for it Ihe-
itierii otv.. leiug hi aiponenf of; Wea'iern d-; !
fereste, and ideas, a reliuhle journal '-of the' '!
tires', valuable companion ot the fanner,
tha ,mech,anlc,"tlie ,b.qs1neB ' nan," an4; the;
family circle. It is our aim te nlUJie .farge'.,
aheet wfth maltfcr 'of real ietre;t and per
manent vrflue to disouaa1 usiions pf priu
ciple that are of real significance, lo inform
improve, and, justrustaswell as arouse
land lo this end we Uiacara theldie twaddle
which goes so far to fill np the daily papers,
the ebaoerte kdvflrUsetneu'w; edV'c UI
tionaj folly. o( .theiday..V'e coiOd.pulJiah
hundreds of lett'ei-s front tbe'best men of the
ooiintry 'afiproving of 'the1 bourse ) of -Td
Ciisis itv tliia'rcipeet, and te this course .we
propose to rigidly -adhere. The reliable
mar),ei- reports' Slid -thT treat- amot
araouai !oi.
and' pi'
litioai informaiion we publish,, is
of imV.
h wmi
BJ. trliicb aeh number contains, commtuda
, ., , , , viv- i i f
to ,lhe home circle. of alu . . '. ; . .
The polrtioal views of Tug Calais scarcely !
rcrjpire definilion. ! li is in favor of Deaaa-i.
oravus ', principle? ' t p a.11 .' tliclr fcreuflt ririrT '
eeeenty '.': 1 Is-Opweed totho Abelt-
whioh 'aow c?nti'ols the IW;:
eral Government, iu all it shapes uad .ua-, ,
der whatever flevlce it rony appear. ,1 It
opposed ,'ta','ihe eHrf 'AboHtroq thory ;;'o.f
politics, and ttll (be moiatroailiea, Iinnih ig,
and, delusions Which grew out of it H is .
opposed ;ia ite 'lhie'Ving .'aasoality ; ;'ihi tyW;;
rauniual insaumptioas, tk, stupid , and. Wr-
barons policies and the lawless asarpationa
ot Congress, )tnd to! all'tbe uinchincry that
the Jacobins have devised and put la opera-1
tiou to oyrbjro RepubliemnGoyemntena;
loaugural.O aiiircoy and) arjeotiHisrif; enslave
I lie people, and oppress these with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, aad) corrupt
legislation. And in advocating theperrect
pVinoifjlee' jaoJj hppoeiDs. tbojeve wefuater-
named. wt snail continue to ao n wnnoat
fear t aror.
rv W.ni, n,M ,- ,( j ,1 .-IT) .1;
in Anlar .in sncceSBfuTir conduct! Such
papeppa Tbk ;,Bfifis,i H Aaiust.ihava4rge'.
list Vf (gulscribers iad , to. secure that kra ,
rely. apcp-'Ouri friehdeaad,' hose who lutve i
taken the paper. ,)Ve,, cannot . compete ,witl.
the cheap,, shoddy, puBlioatlona of the East
by offering, jbigus premiums or,' emptpying ;
traveUng agente;. but we'.enruastly solicit'
the aid of our readers, in extending ' otircir-
calation by ,helt pmonai efforts. ," ft" wilt,
require but lUtlexertion from eacbf out' (
the aggregate will enable us, to. lurnieh tuenv
with, a paper fully! e)iiaj in a'ue, superior jit,y
jfarjni to any . Eastdrp piibliBfttiorir; and ef'fc
great deal more" interest And; importance to
Western Dercocrals. Friends, shall we call
Upon- you in vara, for-the small fs vote wo
iskiaml.la a sauiorht saell towgnittjde, and)
valued Now is the time to seud in aub
scriptions for the new volume, waioh, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the
suiounrof ht tbsuiiptroB price, , , v , .
Otnrerms-aA S.0U jir Vear.ifci rol
six roonths, $1.00 for four months. , ,
i One extra oopy will "be" sent tA-aayone
getiing up a club of six yearly subscribers '
and t aav oat sending a olr of'Wn Tot six
or fo hr' moil ths' an 'extra' dopy for the Cllib'i '
t! lJ v'l''5' ' "'' sn'Wf-if.'i odi is.it
club of teri yearly I fubacribet; r
, ... - '''" : . .i i i
oopy OT eitner oune nve oounu, tuiuuict
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