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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 06, 1867, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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The -
Carding Madmes
Mr Arthur Stcaui Mill,
T I AVING been renlted
ith New Cards, are now
ready (hr work; ttnd the proprietor. gurnic
Dint Hie wuik dotte by tlHtiw.ll ot w . ' :
'"' ..!; -Ml ..!.,;. , ; ',
' iii.
in tit oouiitrj t. .1 ,: ,': '
May 23,
To Consumptives. , ,
The adverser, having Wi restored to health i
few weelti. bv WO' simple r tnedy, after having suf
fered for several yen" with a severe lung affection and
that dread dineasc Constimptinn i anxious to make
Jc-nwn to his lellowurlererthe mean of eiire.
To a'l who desire it, he will send copyoi the
rrf.option (free of charge,) with the direc
tions lor preparing and using ilit m, which they
will Unit ure cure forConeump.ioo, AaUim. Bron
chitis, Coughs Colds, and nil Throat and Wing A(
feeiion. T lie only object ol th advertiser end
incthe Preeeriplion Is to ttenelU the srHiotl, and
read information which h conceive, to bravln
M,ad he hope every sufferer will try hi rem
edy. it will eost them nothing, nd may prove a
"Mowing, Parties wishing the prescription, rail, by
return mail, will please uiras " ''''''.'
- . .. ,..-.? RKV. EDWARD.. WJLSWN, ..
Williamsburg, King Co., tyw lurk,
MnjJ,18W -ly . . ,
The World Astonished
' Madame H. A, PRURIGO.
nHF.wtHlii a-oreta n mortal ever knew. She
MUtnriitin .tannines, those who. trnm doleful
oveiitri.calitslrophos.croaseain love, lew of relations
nnd friends, loss ol nmney, Ac Bute become do
epenitent. . Hhe bring together those long separa
ted, gives information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores Inst or nolen Property, tells yon tl)o
I'tlsinesa ymi are heKt o,ilnlil to ,iireiie id in
v hi ywi mil I mt nKrewfuk 0Mie apeedy roar-
riuoaa nn.l tvlla vnll the Verv dllV VOI1 Will millTV,
piveti von ttw name, likenew and rharetenliea of
the iierwin. Khe read your rery -thoughtmand by
her atmoat iii(ernatural powera unveil the. dark
and hidden lnyrtenea of the future. , From the stars
we ee in the firmament the malefic stars that orer
come predominate in the oontiguratioii from the
aafiarta tnd imiiions of the plimeU and . the fixed
aiara in tho hwrena at tlte time of birth, ahe deduces
thetnUire deatiny of man. Full not eonault the
greateat AarotoHoneartn, II cost yon out a inn.
end yourrmy nveraginirmve3O.lavoiUeiiopr -
ired information. It. I'lirtiea livinc nt a dislaneeeen
uouiunaiipn me, wnn
fiill the Madame hy mm! with
ctinal aafety and j
irwia. .A bulacdl
aauMafction ta themaclvet), as il is pe
exnlioit i hnrt, written, out, with all i
with all inquiries answer-
d and liReues rulwl, arnt liy mail on receipt of
i.rlie Hlove mentioned. ' The
strictest Mcrecy will be
jdem-e relumed or de-'J
ilclieat order furnished
tiimntaineH, and all correepowlenue
itnivMi. UriHrentea of the hlclieat
those desiring them. Write plainly the dny of the
month and voir in w hath you were born, enclosing a
HWlUnekaflKir.: ; , h, - . . .
Adilrrjia, .,, .MtMVi H. A. PKBRICO,
afST" r. tj. 1 nrnwer IBS, ' Buffido, N;' V,
TTOIICED to grow wpon the smoothest face
' r in from three to nve weexs oy using ut.
IRE, the moat wonderful discovery in modern
science, a?ting'lipo the Beard and Hair in
ita almost miraoulous manner.. ' 'It has been
used by the elite of Park) and ' X oodon with
the moat flattering success.'" Names o? all
purchasers will be registered, and tr entire
satisfaction is not eiven in every ineiance,
the money will be Cheerfully refunded. Price
by mail, sealed and poat-pid, f 1." pesoript
ive circulars nnd testimonials mailed free.
Address DEUGER, EUDTTd k CO., Chemists,
Ho. 285 Kiver Btrcet, Troy, N. Y. " Sole
Agents for the UnuLed StateB. ' ' "
.'-TO THB -jut !.! K-uuiv
it. """" 'I ' D'1 i ", .i'i!):. .-
- .-, Th Stole Qtio, 2 , , ;I1
Offict of lAe Secrtlarv of Stole. J ,
1. WiLMAki HKStRT hitu, Secretary of
State of the.Sute of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the following is a trave copy of the
joint resolution passed by the General 'As
sembly ef the Slate of Ohio, on the Gth day
ef April, A. D. 1867, taken from the original
rolls on file in this office....! .. ", ',
r. In Testimony Whereof, 1 have here
unto subscribed my name and aflix
L. S. ed the great Seal of the State of
.. . i Okie, at Calubus, the 6th day ' of
April, A. 1). 1867.
8eoretary of State.'
Belntive loan Amendment 'of the Constitu
tion, providing for the extension 'of the
elective franchise: !ft "-i-.ck-
llcsolvtd ly 'tht General Aurmhly of the
State of Ohio, (three-nrins or tbe members
elected to eaca House agreeiag thereto,)
That it be and is hereby proposed to the
electo rs of this State to vote at the next annual
October election, npon the approval or rejec
tion of the ; following amendment as a sub
stitute for the first section of the fifth AriU
cle of the Constitution of this 8tale, to-wit:
Every mate eitixeaof the United Stales, of
the age of twenty-one years, who shall bate
been a resident of the Slate one' year
Bs.t preceeding the election, and of the
county, township, or 'ward' in' which
be resides, such time as may i be pro
vtiled by , law, except such persons at 1 have
borne ariee in support o any insurrection or
rebellion sgainBt the government of the Uni
ted States', or have led : from their places of
residenceta avoid being dratted Into the mil.
ttary service thereof, or : have deserted the
mihury or naval fervice of said government
ia time of war, and have not subsequently
been honorably discharged ' from ' the. same,
shall bnwe (he qualifications of an elector
and' be entitled to vote at alt elections.
' ED. A; PARBOT'ry- ,tr.!,
fyuaktr of the Houuof JLepretenlativu,
VtMIUfcW 0. McliUKftEY,
r . t
rntidaU If Ot Senate.
Tawed April 6, 1867.
i ..',.
: A MONTHLY-.! i 'Z 'il
reitcd to filtfatiire, AsrtciUtnrc, and fSenenl
inwHliivnc.e, anrf ajomivlains; Kenort" of Jtettlew, ln
4-Hicnb,aud anouious , of the U' ar,, .never heiure
MdJuUI. .,IUr .. - .
Osmbsal D. H.. 'diu, (Ute of the Southern
. -il. vd t - f. Army.) , ,
reeirjelem,: ,,.,.. , J. fxwilt f). H. fliu,'.
Vmat. Three Poftarsa year, it , paid In adraitoe,
mi rive iiujiiir.i, jr ampniniMi nte ettct of ttiv-ycar,,
. . ' .- I ..... .1 n Ibn-iu . n ti .1 ii ,
J. r. JHWIN A. I). H. HII, I,.
' ' Charlotte, Noith Uarolinr:
March It, 180T,
For 1867.
' ' Tm RTenlh Volume and the Seventh
Vtf of the publication of iTet Ctnim is
tbout to begin, end, in ceori)nc with oua
tnm. we issue our Annual Prospeetue. We
need not recapitulate its history during the
aiorniT .Tears or existence, nor remma
those who lave read It, Of iu kerv ioe ii bfr
hlf of the ttrcot principles of the Dmoor-
... and what 118 conductors conceived, and
what time has shown, to be the best Interests
of the eountry. Ita "Dents bate been ao
knowledged from the time it was etarted by
that yeleran and distlnEulshed journalist,
Got Midait. and , ita present conductors
simply claim for it the credit of as earnest
and undeviating adherence to the plan and
principles of lis founder. In all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the past el years the
failure ef some, the apoetaoy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of DcmocraoT. Thb Caisis has never denia.
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
htea allured by temporary expedients, in
timldated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster.
On the score of principle we claim for it
the merit ef fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency. .A newspaper we claim for it the
merit of being an exponent of Western in
terests fend ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the fanner,
the mechanic, the business man, and the
family circle. It is our aim to fin the large
sheet with matter of real interest and per
manent value to dlsouss questions of prin
.dole that are of real liznifioanoe, lx inform
improve, and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end we- disoard the idlo twaddle
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene adverlisemente And' the sensa
tional folly of the day. We could ' publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of Tm
Caisis in this respect, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. The reliable
market reports and the great amount of
statistical, agricultural, finanolol, and po
litical information we publish, is of im
portance and value to business men, farm
ers, mechanics, and politicians; while the
carefully Selected page of literary miscella
ny which each number contains, commends;
it to the home circle of all. I
, .The political views of Tub Caisis scarcely
require definition. It is in favor of Demo
cratic principles in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jtrraasoii,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and upon which the
;(j0T.nB,Ci,( Bg successfully eondacted for
nr,nacd to the Aholi-
seventy yearn
lion dttpolism which now controls the. red
.nl nn.nn,Ml In a.11 Ita ahanea und nn-
. j'i-. i, knnA.. It I.
n .. ..
opposed to the entire Abolition theory, of
politics, 'and all th monstrosities, humbugs,
.J...... ,,!i. , A i, i, t.l
opposed to the thieving jascality, the ty
rannical ' assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and (he lawless usurpations
of Congress, .and .to all the maohinery that
the Joeobins bave devised and put in opera
tion to overthrow Republican Uovernmont,
inaugurate anarchy and. absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
tixes, and: tyrannical, insane, aqd eorrupt
legislation.' And In advocating 'the correct
principles and opposing the evils, we have
nomed,, we snail continue to ao it wttaout
fear r fitter. . ..rr,.-.,
In order to" successfully conduct such a
paper as Tbi Caisis, it most have a large
list of subscribers : and to secure that we
rely , upon bur friend and those who have
taken the paper. We cannot compote with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or 1 employing
traveling agents ; but we earnestly solicit
the aid of our readers in extending oar cir
culation by their pettonal efforts. It will
require but little exertion from" each, but
tbe aggregate will enable us to rurntsn then
with a paper fully equal in siie, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and ef a
great deal more Interest and importance to
Western Democrats, friends, shall we call
upon you in vain, for the small favor we
aek, and in aeanse of snob, magnitude and
value? Now is the lime to send in sub
scriptions for the now volume, which, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice tbe
amount of the subscription price. MM
Our terms are $3.00 per year, f 1,50 Tor
six months, $1.00 for four months.
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting up a club of six yearly subscribers ;
and to any one sending a olub of ten for six
four months an extra copy for the club
time. . r.,,, , ; m ': , 1 t.. .. , ..
For a club ,of ten, yearly subscribers
copy of either of the five bound volumes
('61, '62, '63, '64 or '66.) V. ,V' 1 .
.for a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a
complete sett of the volumes ot iuS taisi
for six years. i." . '.. ' ...,' ' r,
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867
, .',!,' MAGAZINE.,, -.,f..
UNIVEBSLLY . acknowledged , the Model
Parlor Magaxine of America, devoted to
Original Stories,. . Poems, Sketches, Archi
tecture, and Model Cottages, Houseooia Mat
ters, Qemsof Hiought, Personal and Literary
Gossip (ino'uding ipeoial departoaenls on
Fashions,) lnstruotioa . on, , ueaitn, uytanas
tio Eoaestrian Exewises, Skating. . Music,
Amusements, set; all by. the best authors,!
profusely and artistically illnetrated
with eosilr eneravinzs (fuUei.e. useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
saeceiiion of artlstio noveleties, with other
jsefu) and entertaing literature. , r ,. ...
No person of refinement, economical house
wife, or 'ady of taste, can afford to do with
out the Model Monthly.; . -t.,
Jingle copies, 80 cents,' rack numbers, ai
specimens, 10 cents", eitner mauea (xm.
Yearly, $3, . with valuable prenuum; two
copies, 5 50; three copies, $7 50; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for clubs at $3
each, with the pmt premium :W eacn sud
scxiber. .-- i :, ,. r.'i.l fov.-'i -i..-. U:
Address t- : i ( t- .- ,..,;)
" i No. 473 Dreadwayr New York,
Demore8t's Monthly ejuf.. Y.onng , America
together, $4, with the preminm to eaod.
-''-' '' v"'- " ' ' f
Auburn. Golden, Flaxen & Silken
"DIIODUCED by the use of Prof. DE
iDDlication warraated to curl tbe most
ttraig(tind sturjhorqr hatrtrf either sex into
wavy ringlets,' or heavy massive1 cirrbj; 'Has
been ntred by" the- fahia4blf of latitand
London, with the moat gratifying resulis.
Does no injury io the hair. '- Pries by mail,
sealed and postpaid, $1. ; Descriptive circu
lar mailed free: , 'Address ..HEROES.
SHUTT3 & CO., Chetniels, No. 285 River St.,
Troy, N. Y;, Sole ' Agents for the United
States. ArrfjU8t-.7lv
l-ft- Rnfnur? ... f
i A M now receiving a full of Ooodi in my line,
1 buugill .low" rnj :.t;r.r';"? r
Stationery, ?;
! ) f i t . j . I
Hosiery, ...
. Hiittoris, .
: .If
: : i , i u .v . It
: ;. t,' ..iwli'j
Small Wares
i'i i - X
I '
M y.iyi ;
i if. n jl
WALL Iikr3j3H
J. .
.t,-'l'j-....!oj i I
. a c SWIFT.
'to t !;;-'wi. 1 I ' "
Chilllcothe, Apill 26,1567-1m
Ut.l UAd
iii3ixKra-T,oiara' .
.hMeil,. ,
Sold by the trade Generally
'A :Lberjtl discount to Dealers, ;
1 209,000 fwnkhtd tht , V. SGovenmcnti.'
Army Kevolver,
Navv Revolver,
Itelt Kevolver,
Police Kevolver.
44-ton in. Calrihre,
... 30.100 in. Calibre,
,. Navy Site Calibre,
i . Ji.ivy ,SIe Calibre,
. i ... 41-toO in Calibre,
New Pocket Kevolver,
Pneket RAVolvnr.
(ni.ler'a pt. 3MOO in. Cali're,
Renoatins Pistol, . (Kllmt pt.) No. 23 k KtCHrtr'ge,
(Kllmt pt.) Mo. n
Veal Pocket fiatol, No. W, 30, 32 and il Cartridge,
Gun Cane, . No. 22 and 82 .....
Breech Loading Bide, (Meal's) No. 32 ami 31 " -t
KovolTing Kifle, ; i .-, ... r , .36nnd-I(iOin Calibre.
; ;" '
:" !" r. ,',:; juon, jyiw.'hrfc,,
''" pBircirAt'
A :';'' '
Moore A Nioholu,
tt'm. KeediHon, - -
Jri. C. UnibtiA Co,
Ivililtney 4rnmbleJ',
Henry Folsom A Co., , .
Johnxon, Speni-er Co i
Kew Vnrk
' .' Ualtimarc
Mew Orleam
. . ,81. Loun
Pan Fransisco
. )- - ..,
i . !...( '..
Ii. M. ItuniHey A Co.,
Allwrt K. Crane,
March 21,18(7-ly
,' for' 1667
L'xlraordinary ' ' Indttcanchts
... ., . '.t ' ;. Agcntt! .i -ku a
It - a .
., Premium Amounting la'.-', '. i -:,
, b , JDiitributed in , . AprU ' 1867 ' ',
For List of Premiums ani Particulars of
Distribution, see the Weekly Enquirer , '
1 .... . and Subscription Circulars m! .
XST F, this yesr, ofler prises to the aliov amount a
ff snmcennve willow u, uu, pimnn who w,ii
exert themaelvea to form "Hut's "If one Mperoould
he taken in the household of aironf Tiemocrntic
friends. South and West; its mflmnee would be po
tent ll changing the political aapent ol nflairs ' th
great point for which all Irtend of the Union should
labor lor is the Dissemination of Democratic truth.
If it had lad an equal hearing with th error ol ur
opponents, re snouia never navo nm ins irrrnns
crisik of tbi last five year. Taught tijr- ad tfxpert.
run, nfi s necMaitv. we trust the Democratic prea
is in ftitire te have a larger sphere of Inflmaee.ani,
cireulaticin. , , . ;! , , . -w, ,;;t'Ll.:,. J
What erila have fallen upon the landr, Owing 10 the?
erroneous political "utloivr rooiiassesii,!! we
would restore the old order of things once more, ef
fect National Unirv an,t th Old-fashioned Peace and
Prosperity . we must niace
thai Demoemcv inrain in
Ntr. Am aimlHfv to
this end, no (-inemost ei-
tiv agent to tbe work, we repeat, la thcireuia-
i f the Uehiocrafio tires J A fJMJG l ': t
Th Rnnxlrar has some claims nnon. the eonilders-
tion of theDemoeracythatiana JunwarsaHyiackrlowl-!
edged, ,'fhrcugh proscription and persecution un
exampled, wHh military edict cutting ofj ourcir
vulatloi in whole (tnte and dintnet threatened
withtottl suppression, personal Imprisonment and
mob violenee if wo did . Jiot ehang -our . aoitrse, w
stood by the Democratic Mag knd gave expression to
it tenet. Twic burned to. th gioiiad within thir
teen months, and amid ,t he greates't pecuniary dis
asters consequent upon it, we 'have neve, lost an
Issue of our paper, or tiroken a promise Jo .any o
onrsubserinem. . In-the titiir. a IS til past, under
the sun of prosperity a wel as tne eipuds or so ver
sify. w ehall bear aloft the Demooraae Banner, and
ha fniihi.,1 to ita organization. Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest, Und hy thorn, rho were true
in ine darkest hoors to their political and personal
interests, and will thev noV exert themeelvtato In.
crease our eireeiatiowf ..o'.Miiji. ni:' ii
As a business and family journal, ins inquirer naa
0ilperiorl Each oiweBOMaia targearnooni
of general new, latest, and most reliable intelli
gence nnd reading matter. Financial and Commer
cial Newa is made a special feature of the Enfl,uirr.
An unusually large spexw oewnri vow' -reliable
report of the ruling price of (hi and other
market. : .-. -v; i.!, . '.' v .-r .
The Week v Enauirer will D mailed w nuwn.
bers at the following reduced rates: , . ..
WnglecoOT,oneyeajr. '
..-n .hixs5onth,rr.r. O
Ten copies, one year, . , , ., iw .
With an utditlnnnl coovio the ffcttrjr tm of the club!
Monev to be sent at'ooriajskt by iexprSr prenaidJ
nr in rmrislereit letters bv mail. ' For Stmi over tetf
dollar by mail, dtaiUof Post. offiemoney ordersj
t . I Cincinnati. Ohio.
- Specimen copies aftc
subscription circular con-
taming wa rn pnie
sentonapphcatlon. '
all jWMsary jpfornialion,
;jaj j:i -,.(... -lO.iJ.j i
:ji j.iJ.iiHj -.y . ti'.ilJ
K vf A'
VP'' Vrv
easily, without doctor
rorr edloinSa Sent, --y-
l'fbil'pai6V'ttice!pt'1)f' v
iu cents.
IX - irrMTt m a ts tw
i'J.1. wiiVA44flAiO y ,vtf
J7 i
-UUMtim ,(
FOItlM AB'tQya
i.B ,v.:i i.r,,forothe,..RUPTUREJ,:T fi,.
, -:.-;v'"i-ivi-Sejt post paiion re-i ; i. ,.
' V-! 4';v'': cipt. of l '.cents,
i .i.i'- lAddress', ..''- . '""':?', ;"'"
' 'a.:J)(.4.-.. ll30Broftdway,N,:Y;ij!
, '.r; latest; fashions demand,
W' ,(0E bptJBl, SPSlltO)
Ml lr:(
rpHE WONDERFUL" FtiEXlflllilTY and gft-at
1 com'oai Mid!n.RAei aa to any l-adn wearing (be
luiplei Blhptie Skirt wiJI be experienced tKnnululr
in all crowded Assemblica, Operas, Carriaxeal Bail-
road Cars, Churvh I'ews, Ann Chairs, for Promenade
aad Houae llress, as th Skirl can be folded when
in use toocouny a. afhnll 'plsee.M (osily and eon
tiniently as a Kilk or Mimlin Dreaa, an iliTalimWe
quality 10 crinoline, not fouud In, any Single Hpring
Bkirt. '" ' '; " : :'w;n ,
A Lsdyhavlng enjoyed the pleasure, ' nemfort and
tne lmgiex r.inp
Spring Skirt for" a aingle da will never afterwards
willingly dlpen with their" ni " Far oliildren.i
Misses and young Ijuthra they' are aaaenor u oil
others. '-.IT?:... ..i! to -"I--1.. Hi.-..,'
They rill not bend or break like theflrigl Hpriot;,
but Will ptaaerve their perfect 'ahd 'graeeftil ehaue
when three or fbnr ordinary Bkirts will hv .been
thrown ldea.i' tiaeless..' The 'Hoopa are oovoreU
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are hot only double spring, hot itwice (or double)
covered, preventing tlioin from1 wearing out when
dragging down Moops, stair; " '
The Duplex Elliptic is h greet favorite with alt ka
diesand ia universally recommended by the Fiuthion
Mogaiir.es as. the S'fAMJABU SKIRT .OF Jl'HK
KASfllONARLE WOULD. " 1 ' "1 ' -
To enjoy tho following- eneehmaHe -advantage in
Crinoline, vis: Superior Qimlltyi PerM-t Mmjiifaci
Bire,Stvliah Shape and Finish, Flexibility, DurabiU !
ty, t'omfbrt and Eoonomr, endinre ror J. w.urM
ley's Duplex Klliptie,or bouliie-Hprlwg8klrt and be
ur vox ff,u the .nine nrtiole..' ' '' " ' . '
To ouaro
aoamst IMr08rT10. be
nertfcitlnr to Niri lllK 1
articular to NtrTKil
hat skirts uttored aa "Dt
PLKX" have the redink stamp, 'vie ' 'J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springa," npOn th waist
hand none others are genuine; - Alao notin thai
everv Uoon will admit of anin belnr Ised tkrouuh
the centre, thita revealing the two (or double) snrN
braided together therein, whierf s the Flexibility ol
and strength, and a combination not I be found in
any other Hkirt.- ' '. ". 4 ....-.;,.,,
FOKSAliKin an HtoreswnereriitriT eKiri',
are sold, throughout the United States and elaewhw;
Manufnatured by the Sold Owners of lhPlenl,
, 87 Chambers and 79 fcl ReaueSM,, N. Y.r
May IS, ln7-3ro " '"' "
' Kcpafattor .Papilla;
Throw awayjour fclte frise,:your switohet, your
. Wig- '..I'""..- ' I i . .1...
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fig; -: -Com
aged, come youthful, come ugly and fitir,
And retoioein your own ImuriBttt hail. i m ,.
, :, SEPARATOR :' CAPtLLA.;,1 V, .
TJIOR restoring hair Upon hald heads (from whatev-
X 'er canse It may nve muen out) ana mn-ing
frrowlhof hair'tinon the fnce, it ha no eniiaU It will
orce the beard to grow njmn the emoothenl face in
from nve to eignt weeite, or nmr upon neaas in nrow
two to three A few oraetitionera veasert that
there is not ing that will force, or hasten the growth
hair Avhennl ..Their aeaeitinna are false. al
thousands of living witnesses (troni tnetrown expe
rieneejeanbearwitoe.': Btit mnywillany, how arn
wV to distinguish the genuine from the epurioiiar It
eerlainlvls difflenlt, as' nlne-tenth 01 the dlnereiil
rennnttiona advertised lor the hair and heard are
entirplv worthless, nnd voii'tnav hv already thrown
away large amounts In 'their purchase. To audi w
would say, try th Reparator Capptlli; It will cost
you nothing naleaa it Mly cornea to our represent
tioBS.: If your lrnggiat doe not keep it, send us one
dollar and we will forward it, postpaid, together w'th
a ra.ut for ihn monev.whioli will be returned you
on application, providing entire satisfaction is not
civeii. ' Addreea, i ." '-' ! "'-
, . ' W. L: CLARK ft' CO., ChrnUtt,' ;
Au'-":Z ;.' West Fayette treeV ' ' -
al8yl ii . .i ifiyracust, New rbrav.
.' . ... ! .i- '. , . .1 I v .1.1
Thr Anmafh'fftail I ItimflA of iov lO nil.
To young and fiiold, to great an'd.to small;"
i ne neamy wnicn once was ao precious hu.
a tire;"
la free I
FOR lmprrlrfmid bntlf(lg the ctiaploxioti.
The most vnlunble and perfect preparation in
use,forgiringtheHinabnuUi'iil penrl-like tint, that
is only found youth.) i It aiticlily rinove': Tan,
KreckM Pimple, Blolcpes, Motli Patekes Hallowf,
nei-a.t BniptMiHi, aJ all Riipiwitie nf trrwskm.kinds
ly liealing the same, leaving the skin white and eiear
as an alabaster. Its use uuuiiot be detected by the
elosest scrutiny, and being a vegetable, preparation.
ia pevMctly Jiamlsa M is theopiy article used, ny
the French; and mcnniuiinrcd by the iltrisiah in
dispensable to a perleot toilet. Upwards of 30,001'
boltlm were sold during the last year,1 imflkiieAt
gurrnntee of its efficacy. Price only IS cent. But
by mai, post-paid, on receipt of aa order, by
BEW'ER, bHWTTS A CO., Chemistsi
, JHHrllKfciiTtlli "i iBS Jfiver,Htjic;tTi'y,;ti. f .
!u ( , CHASOTAR'e3
' Tf T
i....:i: j !.- ,.... :-.;t -.;! ' 1..I;: .'.:;
lfeila riiprmlnnlAr f ?
. ...... -.T,.- j r--iH
TO the Udies- especially, this invaluable
depilatory recommends itself !bv teing
an. Imos.indispensible, article; to lemitl
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
Injure thesWiB,. but jtoisouoeuy en. tne roots.
It ia warrated' td .i;e'move puperfluous hair
from low foreheads,' or from any, par of tbe
body,1 completely, totally and Tadioalty ex
tirpiating 4h same.Vjcavtpgv the skin soft,
ssiooUie and natural,..; This, is. the only arti
cle need by the French, and is the only, real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price 76
cents' pet package, eiit.p6iit-paiiI,.'o idy ad".
dress, in receipt of an order by-v.i'!. n v
, . i? , UEKGER,' 8HVTTS h t0 '1 ' I '
. . , . . , 285 RiverSU, Troy, Tl.t."
" 'i'Oh'rwM sKeVa'uUmltoid Wir,'1'' " -'''j
With starry Oyes, and eadlant hair, ; ' ,; '
, Wboseeufing tendrils nolt, entwined '' 1" 'J
' 'Isncliained the very heart and mind.
For Curlind the" HOr V tithef' Set into Wavy
and Ulotiy KmgleU or Heavy mauive Curl,
T)Y using this artiole Ladies and Gentle-
JJ men can beaullfy themselves a thousand
fold, It ie the .only aHlole intheworl
that will curl straight hair,; and at the same
ttene give it A 'beautiful . glossy appearance'.
The Criacer Coma not onlv nrla the hair
irat invigorates, eauti,nes and cleanses Ifft
r - . '
a nigniy ana acugntiuny permmea, ana ty,
the most complete article of lie "kind ever.
offered to the American public tThe Crimper,
Coma mil be sent to any address, sealed
and postpaid for $1.- v ' . j . .
Aaaress all orders to , , V f ; .
W. L. CLARK &CdJ Chemists.
No. 3 Westrayetle Street, Syracuse, N. Y..J
BLTItlViaR, DAV & CO.,
'i ifin-ii jHWivracTCaazi.-wU.i'i a a Tl
COOK'S evaporator
.i VicTOrt CXNx Mill. ) oi ji,ti!iTO05
hc ,ti Mivgfiv Gem' Entity a
..Hi a i ''f. H J -fAai.-nLa.L.,ra."L-'
Warner's Sulif yJ&ev,olylW Raittfel
,1 .niiiujiij ii n Plt'-Jl TiJjlt,
Crawfor'j d6;)5tiV,
i .iifwrairifii
And many other articles In the way of Implpmenia,
Tiola and Machinery. . J" J,,n ' , f
PUKE JJORfiO . AND IMPlrjEE SEErtLsflecfed
I Receive an addilionai copy fiee. Six months' eub
rli ncrlurtrtii ifecelved. t .,: S.i, jwl .. ouu ti
TUE NEW -lOftlt
0 r'Tr6H;f86T;
This Veteraft' "atKvllnrf ' joordal J rf lh' wtiofcj
wsrld's choicest iKemtur open lie iWth volume In
the full tiiln of that .nrnaneroiu and uninterrupted
popularity whVh 1mm ltiaiHd it at th head ef the;
American weeaiy ptesslor netiiy a mini ui aonu.u
ry. Always fatuous as ., -
it vrtlT enter tipo'n IbVrlew tearldbniy ks Teposr
torv of fresh and oneinal masterpieces from the lead-
iag-novellas f this eootf.o Knglaad, nd France
)4it also as amirriorof the claaeio fictions of th old-1
e time, which will be earerully revised, and anapieti
to tlie mostfastldiou acquirement of niodenvnvta
and delicacy. Lach irsue will contain, tais'Klek the
biijliaut serial noveltlea.Tirrrtinequal array of Home
and eooiety torist !ketellf -anl; IVWuifciJ yu
best authors and authorexse, while , ...
have'rxeU siieuredila luroisliJ msyt atdableKA(t,
lu'l,crticiamj of
KtlrriA'lrOIXIRit isiaa sui sUnca o .xty.a
j -a,lqjrKvfiIiAl8jtI!v 'dM oilJ ,u
"i.lft .,Mi,u.,P..-..,; , POPULAR .ABTI.sra,
and all persons, things, and eveht In wnieH fh
w li(e country wwy te siippdsed (bkike ipeptat i ulft-
''"n'llddltfon. However,-'to";seenig'. oliirh XX IX
the ohweeal prronutlori of the bent-known coiitem
ponineiniH Ueuiiia. the nronrietora of The BewVerk
M ereury design nkkuig speoial efforts Uuring thl J'bw
vtVEtbrvm' talent'9
front 111 ntodeM jitna otJthoM posseeaora ot ntvk-
ed,intek:tnl, abilities wha have hitlterto been, de
terred Imm seeking print through 'ter of editorial
"ImttscftrBitf 0,to1sth)b 'Sew
' i YoRitfKrirmttv 'in v9iiT-'Wli.r.:RH'
.i i'OU .f ii ; i iVtl-.o( 'llett
'and the rmnrielora nromise to be generous as wel
as Mist tn aeciurbg What
are worthy ot
publicatlop.io ,,!,,,,. ...,-,( fi, (,,((
"Full-nianv a earn olntireal ray seren.
. I i.ll'rKHtflrknintMthoni'iteaTes.ul, ocean ber;''i.
and full many nossessor of real genius may lie thus
discovered' and bruiiilrl to the apitreufculoe.ont W-
uard whiuh.thnswa.A,aht nvi be- theirs.
I'lie paper pill
II iuo sparklswith artisti And
cial pungeneies; kide-auittrlif gosaipr prcintei-
mine eorresnondeiHuu Furious and interr-stinu news,
all the literury lark of the eAMon,' valuiilde "ftishkn-.
articles, fmrvsnd otherlali tnebltle folks, con
daueitioriN Of the-most romnrkabla new. boolt. and
j i .o ,isi-j y.iuiutuu &''- eaoii: .o.bt-ia
A (iiituherofchpio nriginal ffritla, each o( them
written, expressly for the' New York Meretiry, liy
sueh leontribiltor. a Ills Ml Kj Brandon,) 'Plena.
Egart, William Gilinpre Bjmm. Cousin May Carlo
to,i; Alexandre Iumas, fmrfax 'Hnlfoun and oihera
OI tout rau(, will b girei) la!l(1 sUcceMsiuj.
Vft mail i,A,oiHl.a.a'.,Mi lAMnAW-aM 1 'i 1; '
Cash-in advances, fnulo is, f 2 OA a year; three
Copies, 17; sjxoopiea
ts, 113; nine copies, w. Th
i nsrtv wrn send uh ?!H) lor d uliwi'oi nine mi Die will
Hulwcriter. ehuuldi bDtmrefu). tomrito nlainly the
name of uieir iwsiomce, nounty, HiiuarHie, oecr
niH cp) DSIrce-to Hll .appliciuilsi 'jAdiireH,. !
( AVU'Un r.uii K .wrii nKi(
Proprietors of The Few fork MvrCilryj Jr
-.,Kr4(i Apn st.rtft anj iUijltoitratrpet,,, .,
Kf Vork lijf;
A Beantifuf: ' Prerd(iiki; EhgraVingxnd Re-
s u i xi dueed J'rtees to'C'lub cr r ,
ol H'.'Wil'i-i fi.": hi . ' rrinl 10 faua.u v
a tHK LADY'S FRIEND amfbunc? lor
tbiiokilig WoTelcB); Nxnt'tftory 5V M
Wood.autbor ot ,'FM J.ynne ';Jho, .CI
Bow a Wonmn Imd her War,' by 'Elisitla
ir m (lhe
Mrs. Uetiry
Bow a woman hud her Wiiv,' by 'Elisitlwlh Pres-
tort,1 autiior ,nf.irl
ld!4yl tlist4HilJ ;iol Longer
toung,; tiy, Amanda ,n. X)Ugias, antnor oi. "in
Tnist,' rtc". 'Dora Caslel;"- b.V Frank Itbe HMtedicf.
It will tiv a. siiivndi.lniluuWatwijo, linjely . colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel in evesy number'.
tit will give s beautinill vututeniK d .fancy iieolr en
graving, and a large assoitinent of wood cuts, illust
rutinn rashions, fancy work, etc., in every -limnher,
Il will uiva a couoUr io gl Music wwih the coal
of I ha uiagaiine itselfrin every mimliei'.'.Jt will give
a copy ef the' Beautiful I'remttim Weef Kt.graviagJ-1
'One of Life's Happy Hours' ) by 3U inches, to, ev.
ry single 12,60 subecrjber, . and to every person
club. ' '
- It offers set premium- Wheeler 4 friladn's Sowing
miu!liincs, Silver Plated Tea , Sets, Spoona, Pitchers,.
Uold and Silver Watches, ;GilniV Kifcs, ' Melodloiu,
Clothes Wringen, A)wgtotitlyladj4p.Jii.
', 1 copy"i (and the engraving.). ,n0 'l;V'-f t&D
toepieH, -in-.' ado , jj .i! i S OD
Sqonie, (and one.gratisV' . 8.W
One copy each of the Lnily'-'s Frlehd arid 111 tur
day Evening Post for S4W. 5 ' " '-'''' ' ''
' lb getter n ofautuh will nlMTiys recekendtrpy of
ins rremium, ungrnvwg , jieiows of a emit wish
ing the Engraving must remit oue ' Uoliar , extra
eose desirous oi getting up clubs or premium
lists should aBclm U. ceots lor (ample 'Magazine,
vuiiwiiuiii 4,H'iiH.4a,.. AV'irvvs--..
to i'Jdav;u s ret ttvouw,,
SlV. Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
iMllH.t Jiilul'vi.-.i-. ' O.d I . - f i,lf' 7
I i r..:i I ... r., :.H I..
Th Cltoptit Magatimt.U ih .WoHdlni.:
j nn fun .... ,Jif'S.1 ! in eit sf-.; !.'.
tim popular and widely circulated magaiine has
now reached an edition uneiiualled i tliis cinm-
tfj cEacb'aumhar.ia'briianieatad bv nnmernUi In
cngraviogs, and is complete in itseUV nibracing a
great variety or taleii, sketches, poems', andlllustra'
,ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It I
conoeded byili W.ba 'tke-cieariest nd ba'.Mgn.
anein the world.,, , , ,
--ult.'ii IjsjiuU ff ERHS.,i'4,u '"'I sui.ijii'
Wii year, ..sc,vfn eople. 0h Ihirteen.oopre'
tu w. cingie copies io cents. . aauress
jAi fcr"ib,iH oi Miisfj HostobMasstit
0C3 $ ' FOB.iior euo ,n
u ()
ier- last. ,"1
i Tfce' Practical Farmers' own naiter.ft'Thaehrrgt
and beat AuniiUuirtLL and Jlortiiuiltural iournalin
Artej-ic. ' Iilnstrated' Vith numerous ngravingf
Ftrnt BtiildinK. Anhnala. Implements. Fruits. Flow
ers, Ao. Unly lyDnedbllataVyean Ageart want
ed ia every village, to n, county and IJtat, tofprra
lbs,' to whom bptsioin fiKwivmy are oflered.' Fpr
mi. inuumnnn, -or wtncii,-i,euTi tor. specimen wpj,
Now is Hm time to subscribe. Send on vonr naiiie
anu th name t your frieod. Address, ., .,
i .i.. .r-.ji.ci.otTi p,UiahrtiWr,riiiitnr!l
reoipt of liv-cents.
''3 il '' ..Address Dr. E. B. . im-,r
" I .O-rfTJUdsAPftwr iP-v..iv
li f v-oD Medical Common .y-t
f,:. l.ybC Pnie. ' n;-
v.).;! 110U Broadway, ft. 1 .
f(et)ruarf, JW, 1967,
it.t..,,.: : .
. ,eJ
A i
A a-iiv
at,; S1
Llitlli .
For 1867. id0 fl ,v.iii'
I i
8 in the past, thrangh) snnshtneand slorm, The
Ohio 8ba.nes!rviii qi
Mriw.nnfWxibly Demo-
tiraiin nn leraoiv aevoieu to an
ed to an advocacy of the
...miiLanam. nf the ConstttuTIbn. in spirit and in let
nd in
ter; and to the preservation of trniilknn Aside j
from this, The Statesman will btw.gnrtM;nar tt),
Untiqn to jr,i
41- i'tllk,in iff n'
J(ew$t Legislative, and Vongrrnxqwal
An wurgiv fclthful myket .rojinito-om leSf
in-Cnanmern al Centers of th cotihtfv. ""i " " 1
Tm the.lVh of December, The Weekly RtatSMaiij
Win he so euiaigca an to give imiinrn!T aiwiti
ttonhifcollimasuf leadins matter weekly. -uTbeW-.lowiurethe
,.;'?IERM8-CA8H IN ADVANOl!..'''"'
DaiivStateamas, per yeai, . H W
, " six months, . tlflWi
Trt-WeeUyWateaman, per yivy. r fu
AT Trnnii. sixiuonins, " . - -
r- -v ' x fsvT.v ut aitfflatwiiuiw
OnScOpy.iifx month, fbr eJi t' t4
Ort fcoey, one ytar, for '.amiHOO.
FiVeodpiea, on fear, for fl tWi
TwiarAnlaa AnAVMt. Inr ll Rl
Twe ty copies, one year, for ifiaw'
riffytopioi, on year, for lr ir(.., IftrtO,
il-.IlV. '
ColuBibu1,,Qliifll K
luabi JJsrt! Dictionary.., .
NEW.4UU8TMT?.?, W1"101!
1 1 JThormgMy Jtniied and Much InlarjeJ.
10,000 WORDS jt.nd , MEANING "l found"
' in Pthar IJiotionaries. ;; ,jr .,.
A ECE8S1TX t every uiBMtgeni iamiiy.
student, teacher, anA prtfesslosalm".
'5i.i In : iinmnlatav wilhont lh belt
nu . ,
English Dlotionary? ,.'i;l.1 U-iWlA
("Superior, in most resppolB, W. any olheru.
English Dictionary known. its mt.')W&M.
7or P. Marth, ilarik, 1866. , i n i- nr.,.
I "In its general acearaey. oOmpktenoss.and..',
prsotical utility, the work is. oris whiob aoni ,?.
toAo ea read or write henceforward offotd to Oh
pent wth."Atlaniie Monthly)! In,l-.WI
j "Viewed as whole, We are confident that a
ho other living language har a diotionary.1.
Whiohso fully.! nnd -faithfully -sU rortn hsi
present condition as this laet edition, of .
Webster doe ihtef eue-writUut and spokea
DBglliK'f olgtie.'irA'y'vry Voa: rj
I In poe.vol. of 1,840 1
Published bv.p.'&G.M
. -i u.i ,t mi 4 .'' V,
f fiVi oyai vturio rgr.
. wtUKlAM. cpnn jn eiu, -Wasa.'tt
l.rii Ihwhi I'M ii-1
fl, iioiiSold by allBook39ller.j;1. c;ilui;r s.
crm 8, aua ,, special master.,
.i tfUtUfif Qhio,- Yinton County, u.
V. 'Dodge and " 1 ' "1
flnnlnel '
in. ibu m intn niuiMimnr I in v nin.m .
I 4.ln.in.,.Ati.iv nf Pat.ita nf I nnrt Com.
' James Dodge, deceased,
i rt.ul,i fffuu.4pff. i m h i mnn I'leus.
! ,11, l flfttJRSt "i". i.e. ..I.f
I Ortte 'k. De
William Malhewa A JohnC. P.flrowrt. ere.
1)UK.4lMN' ioi'tho eoramaii.t of, an order anl.;
decree issued from the Court of Common Plena
of Vinton county, Ohid,'Vnd t'6'inetfirected asSherl
ol. taid : county,, antbig; as i8)wcil Master Commis
sioner herein, I will oiler nt public sale, at (he doar
of th CMirl UoMe,' in trie, town , df MArtlii,i
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Jwi .r.lii'J.'ilAi-'D. 1867," ' i..a: s.l
nt'onee'cloekP M-c naid day, the Mlowing de-.
kcnlied preiniae, situiito in the County of Vinton,
artdfltattfof Ohio, n-witi"ii : h . u. -a n i n
Uoq untiivided lriir.l p.irt of the Kaat lialr of the
SoutH-wcst nnartev ef Section Nnmbev Stxteenin
ToBli Numbiir F.leyen,:of Range,Numher Seven: .
leen, containing Eighty-four and one-fourth siy
ores, moreor less, i.ima -s. ; ."t.i j, i'.ii v .
: Appraised at our hundred fifty five, .dollars,
nm.Otf) and fntist bring'two-thirdAfltRMsiiin. u "
Taken as the properly of said William Muthew In ,
ialisly indgment against him by said Court in favor
of Samuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Aiminia
trutor and Administratrix of 'the Estate ol Janes
Dodge,' OaeeanetU4.' lo a, sxt'F
i Teruies tf SnleCash io hand at the time sal. ,
-"r,T " T--''?JOMM J. HHOfiKBYj'" "'' "
Kbi; I.'r V! - fjBlwnft VintaCftunty, O., .,
, Acting as Special Master Commissioner In this case.
, -Ny-V I8CTW.tt .t In ,-j-.il :i mil I ); ,(!(.,. ,
. atTi-tTfl 4-- y,-: 'i.' : ' --..I t-b;,rmH -
h-t -i-iiiT .ijei.il X-Jt
0:1 'r.Hlit! i!.! 'it M!'l b.i Uit ' I'r-f V
: "'"-a 'l&r 1 ORTdfiS,;,':'' '
j-r.i. nil ii r, i ol k, .i.i-.,,lM .1.'
HAVING, purchased andjCQ.mplelely eno-falel
iji i i: j4):
IH olcAKTU y Itj
l. ;M -
ftrmerly oirifipied -bylT).'' P. FoUiwell.y wmdnV re
spcctfnlly nmiRiiuue to.tjie puldic, that helnteiyja to
keep constantly on liiind, ' a complete assortment of
suitable for this market,!.
!fJ 1? E X i t "'R'E D U Ct IV ' T R I C ES ,
jl rl.-Ji.lj, , ) I' ... ,. , i ,.-1,,...7 ,..,..,,,!
Jtntten up in style of workmanship not to be xcel-
ld by any ahopin tlHsBeoion.v , ( .
; AJl . kind of work in hi line will be neatly and
promptly done on very low terms.
! ' ' " -' '' '" -IV ,t"-.. 1 '! i .-f : .
IT 'tj ."'-II "."! WtW.aaaMm.4Jw. n.'!..,
m uta, alias - '
01 all kinds done to order on short notice.
'2i;n'i -'.'A il mo o.nui'l n,.,I,
.U , .01.11 "I I.. Jl'i-i
: A full supply of -'
I A'rc'o'O'a? ip xjsr O''-;
kptontantly oq hnndii and -j,.;; - ;. hyl T
lO'pcP c'cht.' MilV be dcdnctetl
on all ordera for cash down. ' ' ' L
! .JlsrchT, lil-.i(.vi;,.1, -j.;! h'.-i'. ii ,e,.HOrON.., i
Representative, in Congress H. 8. BUNU
Htale Senator j. BRADHURT. ' l t,l(!l.,i
JTohftle jn.tge . JOBBFH' XALEtt. ,
Auditor W. F. FELTOJi.
Recorder-JONATHATf BRIKEr 1 c h'"' 1
Proacuting AttorneyA RCH I BA.LD.MAtO, A i , (
Treaaurer-DAVID FOREMAN. ' '
i i ...
Clerk of Courts GEORGE LAiiTJ.
r.io.-n io ,t 'i.fwiLi,iAM'iARic',:'i.- wni.,-t
Commissioner JxjIJULAb PU'l'N'AM,Ja,, , ...
" T (MOKK18 ALBAUtm, (,,J
ri)t omcicH In Vlatun Vuutytie. ,
t'ame of Post dfflnel' Township.''
Post Mnsler
Allenavllle -1
' uva iiB.ii'vij'i
8. tsamlnuer:
Bops Fnrnace
Iirowst v.
Clinton '
WilcsRarlclifr ' '
r; KeVnOldi"
Elk '"-a '
Brown, ill
jjjk-.J.li0 v
'."t'mA ,-.-".n I '.ii
W Burteksbaw,.,
Wro. Taylor
New Plymouth
wan . , .
inton Elation
Qeorgs Fry ''
J.fl.iWiU.. ila)
Rail Roads.
fK , will ma a
Jpart Clmmrmiii Y:.h oil. o -UtokMi tU i
lxiveland 8 M mii aoo ,
Chilhoothe J8 0S r.al. Tt 'iOS '' "1W
! Hamden 1 47 " . IMi.M.
, . Zaleski iiS'f' , . Toi-
' . Atheps .',. " . 8M
AttlVei Warlettt.1 J.i4&.l"J!tH If I0 48' M a 'i.l
Depart Belprd ros i'A.n'" " ' - T I5r.it1. U11"
j Athena 1 08, i' 10 10 "
! " , Zaleski 10 1Q," 11 OS"
flT Jj'Ua-J4Ht lit S 11 It " 1.-, I n aa i.i.il'.l
Arrive Ln"n ii,, ' ml-j-. M,s 1"
, Connectioos made at flamden with Trai on uta
ortrnonlh Braaelii':j i i td ot ' .-..-.io-t ,. .
rrouiff.at i;uMinnil with an
Western Trains) and at Parkereburg with the Balk-ta0rnioBitJtoad-
,1.11.- "
1,1 i
. , . . OKLAND 8M lTHf,
."'( oi ' Master frfTranrtnortoAr. .
! ChUliCythejO.Jaw.M, Lv
Icill )o r,

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