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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 13, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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,,'jt'r .."."V- .'','''. - ;VY V' ''' i''ini! iu'3 jut s.iT .oH.ii ysr is:a i oi . ''i-ni roi .. .,y,. -u jjL; ' ,u ' a i l 'f j -. , a "-; ' ' "'"',, . "
l v.'.i-.iv ti jtij -....! m ..-, V,7 ' ..';. .'curvi (hA.i-u a.wii .oiit t y, !;,'; !l !..,!. '.-.: J ... . . , . , ., " i- s I. ' " -: ''4 4 '
i-f.u.-; j i. .t,,!, tu- . v ,-';!V..' ; : 5VS "llcriitocralic. at all Time .And under all Circuminiicc. t, , . ; . :.u '.;.;: i-i-j.!!
LIurJj 'I,. 3t!'t'-ili vd.'(! it, J.-Mi.Tf - ei'io'l-jai ' I jiUn:vd . UA ..,.V k.r-mf - ' . ' . ' ' . ; : . "
ri :" r M'Vit i'-- '! ',"r i - 'i'U.'v , i ' "
V'WSUli n J.' i' I 1- a.t
13, 1867,
3 flf yj Ii u-i1
Store, corn Mfi l, Lowl Strut, Lat ,
On copy, m"n'1,!! ol s:n
. :,;;.2i .:Ii..I iih' o discoritmn at
-..A. Jiilure JPV5 ""'"teriiid for, will haoopsiij-
PpB are delivered througl IV he m u
. with u tto tY. 0,u of
Jitiuk ia the county. ( ,. , .-.y
o oS pef or the .pace -ocaop.ed by
the M, make one MW. . $1 00
Vn iqiwre, onelnserlieo, .i.li'l . .. w
EAU frinelSni fa, . Sorter period .ban
!0lumu, , . v W 00 . , .( r w
fjoolumn,., WW ww: ,M00
ieoiumn, 0 ." nnnirU 8 00
. 'iSUdK from 6 to 10 line per
fcTToree NoUcee, aot exceeding W line. V
advance,)' '''' '"' "
Each additional iu nno, . ; s
Attachnient Nolicea, (m advftnce,7
0'.! 3
J 00
o Exec,utoe's (once, j.
' Notices of runaway' husli
ad br wives, double
Business Caris;
CHA3. BROWN, V', '' PAN. WllXi (?
WILL, 15KUV1 ol
rO. Dwr JFm Dan.' . m Bro'i Store, JTM
."; Sidt Main Street, j
Deal In Exohanga, Government Secun-
Interest paid on time
uepoBiii reoBivsu
CcUeo'tions made at all acccsaiblej, points
iu Um United States: ' ! 1 ' ' ; ' '
United StaWB Revenue Stamps for sale.
All business done on the most liberal terms
ad with the utmost promptness.
- KebmaryiS, 1K67-Iy , l ., '.
., . .,, (UNIKCOEPOJtflKD.J . v 1,,..,
Si r; ."!;. !''; t i. v...ANr,.si;, ? r n,
. .i 1 " I , i ' J . !
' ' ' ' - ; - - ' ' ' '''t i f
HAVING firmed co-partnership Wf the purpose
Jof conducing' a -J '
(,;.:, BUSINESS,-1 l"'t
anwlth ample facilities for tb"mn!'".'ion(0'"T
S5;,2l;"Pori..ning to leUlinate Bankjng. tender
ur serricee to Uie bi.sinwspliWionoral V,
centable paper. Revenue Ktomps always-on
. .p.
niiorsaie. i
forsilel Interest paid on tnue deposits. ,
)iwnswihin to remit money to Foreign Coun-
Persons wishing
t?,(1o of nur ( lltlca.
February 7,li7-ly " 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1
Llrtoirntiey At Iaw
:. u . .-t'i Mo'ARTH U Jew,- .UUU,:
WIl.tatlend promptly " ,e5lU, !lsiB6!II
trusted to h(a oare in Vinton and Jwkaon uouo
New BuildinJt, south
.rJ".?-TM.7.fr;l-ui.tirS:' Mr,
i.mnurincnhln with Porter: Dnllndwayot
jJru.nntfountv. whoan lwav be found, .dMOojr
Toatioil, athe)Miie inacUson,OMo.M) .-,
May',W7-, ;;,. .,. Hj ;.:.... a
I '.Mm
ja.ttox'ii.oy jw
Ii d.vri.4..-M..,,--,olt I.AiiiA'iMll , '('ill
-liriMi rractice in the Courts of Vjr' W. Athens,:
Y , aud Jackson. Counties ; jilso,,: . .H0111
Stales Courts o theSouthern IrtHtrtrt pf fJhioj
Orrio8c6narjtoryf Davis' Buildiugwon Mom1
treat!. ' : ii:u ;-!? .'.ill ,i?:f '..
January.St, W67-f,.i L in' n iM,i:i.f'i !""'.-. ,
i.tu. 1.', JOUJU & STEVEXSQIV','.', '
7 " Jackson c. h.', Ohio,! ;,.;;, v(
WILL prantlce'-in the ttoiirte ' brkJsfcfotf,'VVnW
and other oontiee. m ,k -' "-"!
JaarjJI,H(!l-f . i :--',C ..iiif ;'ii .fct-M A j
Cjfipoirts , Bowling Green,
''"'Clf Tni iUBOmtf'fcLAN;
T" BBlhwiw'BwM 6 -l' ! srfdelf ' ,j
the ttavehr p'ublio. -rThe loeation. is especially
BiiiUble W meruhanta andi busiresa .,mo; jt Is in
close proximity to the. business part of the city-is
tan the hlghwav- of eoutlrn ad western rayl-wipd
ailjacent W all the prlucipifl Railroad nd tteam-
boal t, . f , ii i ,,i i r r . .
fctir 5W0 tuestaf-iHirwell furnished, -anj possessM
veT moaoru improvement for the comfort and en
rjinmeui of its inmalea.j The rooms are Spacious
MdweluStllaUd-provldtS'wmi fas 'nn water-
rr..a I
Istenerously provided-with every, delicacy., of
aeaaon at moutrntft rates. ......... .
X7 23,1865111:
s.q pTi,
wa. ttvaiLia.
rr, u. WAEOBTsa
L'. I.'.
f HAMPfHi'AtHip,";
All Kindt oj .(kuttrt and. Bed Faiimingt, ,
Abl, kinds of Machinery Repairing done. The
w.rMannGicUired at th Foundry is aoldai
low can he bought inany Marker. n . il J..-J. .
I'oat Olnce aimresa neeq a mma, miuu w. v
Myl6,138T-ly'.; ' 1 ', ' ' ' J"u
In I I j.ii . ill' ' ' ,
pit VsioiAN 'axtA si)'itdii'0N;
FTER an ahaenoe of two years,
oftars hi pro'
ftsional services to .the alliens of AllensvilU
and surrounding country ,r .i'U'
,'".1 V-
March Zl,lH-tr ,
iti r i i (:' 1 0i(J '''l.'.il
a i t. LlnHa r rlnin and fancv nrinlina done at the
A very lowest price.. ' ' 1 . i -
ii , I . ii.il,
!fi J.i A M0NAHAN, Mi' D.,
I'HAUKFULfor the liberal patronag rfleoived for
the two pant years, he would say to those desir
ini hi profeasional services, that ne inay always be
. ... . . . 1 - U . . . . . UlrAoJ ..ill.
loiind at nis wince or runnifuuo v
tn absent on proiepsionai uunuioin
ii I OITT XEOTKCj. ' j
Oorrier Basln'.'knd ; Thivd Streets.!.
B.P. CUURiiniit, '' ' 'a Proprietor,
CITUaVeD lii ihe bnini!iM part t)f the City, and
O nearest to the Bail Koaa pepo. ' ", r r'
MrOmnibiiKKes run to and from every train.
January 31, 18tf-tf "'i'-'"'"' U:-,
iwioA.jptiiijpojaio; f
REPAIRINO done to order. ',rMUBrbAIi'(,IN'
HTRUMSNTK eorreotly repaired,; ,
-fipetacle to suit all eyes, , . . ;
- ii
' . i n tit
I !
Heana '
rv y w nam av.si.s
Whetit' -i.i l.i
Uweet Potatoes
Oorrr Meal
Oi i
AO '
Barloy Malj t.pg
Turnips . ..
Corn ' i "
.? SO "t
Corn intarn j. ii!'0ii',70 )
Coal ., j,.,.. W
Timolbv Beed . 46 1
Klft"' i " " t"l
Oats-.,!,,-.! Mtu&f
Heinb , jrir,,fi 4
Onion Sets . . 2o '
Onlon tiOhbflt M 'I
Potatoes , . 60 "
Canary. ' '60
Hungarian!Giass, M.:'
UliieOrass H"
. . . ' " .-.'li.Vll'.l
Millet J" i e'H
V"-' C'!ii'L'-HV;S
VBif 'if iillU .". ui.'li!n Uti..i I. it I' ' "'111
iir o To ATOESa--As i sooii tls a
I f
cluster of flb wei is' yisibW,;'ttt4
stem is ! popped Mbl: .16.,' ',w'4
chisjter, so that the, flower terT
minate thestem. The. efieci is
thiitthfi'paj) is imm(ateljyr1itir
below i the . i cluBter, q which wQri
push strbniHy. and ; produce an-l
6t.hf!ri'li'ister' 'bf fldWer ea'ch'.
Whfetf'thes'e' fca're,!!0visn)ler't
and this is done five times suci
plaiits bec'ome itout v dwarf I
hiikliPR: 'riof aboVe ' 18 'inches
lauing oyer, .buqb HVi5:
are stretched horizontally jaiong
the" Ws; . Bb'-'as'to keepj-the
this, all tho- laUral,,that(:i4j
no dowers, and-aAer. the filh!
td'wplnair lateralswhatBocv-!
erf afi hircd ,;aTKi IfdiTtfty:
the ripe sap; MoMPl
fruib whlch acquires .albeauty,
size and- "eieellence f uhattaina1
tlj,t -.kW ,4t,, tfnfV
jjjjjmij y. w uaiivn ui. iuu- vv-
Unwritten Music.
jdtti !!:. v 'm a -i
Tlie soft, eiwhantinf1 vlriin bsST flow l' f ' .
M Wit dance'l'an J'sobi'.'knd' wln y V "'M i 1
. JL ' 1 A i. J lVI' 1. . .1 :1
Ann gorgeous lamps mng oui incir gior
.' There wtt and bea'ul hint); ' ,'.!
In prineelj' hall thy may forget " " , .i
'' That' pain or wot ban bt;': ' .' '' '
And. dream thfg life anajr tut yet
oucn nave no onarma lor me.
! 7 V ';.M "i.likl " 'J.'i laJ.
Obi givt, to me the simple nqtes, ; v
,,From guileless hearts that isej i i
The, language . of he: soul that Spats ;
Just heard froq Paradise. ' o.1"
Oh) let'ue hear taoh thrilling itraln,
.' The ruhh of tuneful wlflgs;!)!' 'ho ;
?Ti burely irorth at lift)' of pain - ; ' eo
To M the blfsi H brlriisJ ' :'" " ' i-i
HSVt V.U ttr 3.1 'ill Jl- i.l SU).)J3lH
iVebli; Bpring!' witn'VoIce'of oii,r;;",
bsold. itill forrn bi defttji; :1' 4
And breathe o'er all thy blooming throng '
Come, goldeij-fruited Sumoiejr-limtf
W ith (jlrboping leaves' at booo ' i ri'
While streamlets Dabble like a rhyme
, Beneath the e Vies i Q June., g.,, ;
::! T.!.''; ! ".I:!,'" ,h 'i,, ,
Come, like a sigh witftin the hush ,j , j
i Of woe, ohl Autumn ttlV i f ; r,
Tinge all the woods with hectie flush, .
And ehroud each pensive bill; ,: :
Hang all tfiy dfsyery with drtams '.'
5.'0? vale and mountain blue ; i j J wf:i' ,
And whisper hope to lonely streams, ! -
Where faded beauty grew., i j
Sweep all thy htart of wajljlng slorm,
Thou Winter, nold and bleak; t. .,.
Shout hoarsely in the tempest's form,
O'er surges moan and shriek; .
Like Purges roar thrbugh forests brown; '
Siray all the growing pines;
And let the monarch oak g down,' i i I
7 Round wbiph the ivy twines.. .' n'i
:.i: v; .) )v ;;;ii (t , -rfv
Great orchestra of wlnda and waves, .J;
-:Ve seasons,' as ye glidbi '! :: ": ("
four mlehty anthems re hot' elates'
to i rant, ojj wealth, or pride. ' '
Unwritteu music Heart and soul : '' 1
'"May eluimyefor theirbwnj ' v. ' ''
For them your strains In grandeur roll f
.' 'They leeljour thrill olonfc.'- ' ' 1 ' ;)
Unwritten music! Thou hast teari
Ay, "sometimes let them flow!
Thou hast the' hope's; of liuricd years,""
he'Wved'bfWaKo t '''''"
thou iaaUli'e'h'ands'that we hav'e'jraspej;
The lips that' we have pressed ' ;
Thou bast the forms' that' we have clasped, :
h'i. r. j '"rrz-i-Zi-V'W" ''- '- i"
hiiii ii 1 1 iu wpii tin iiiir iiit'u.aL. ,
a "i'lft ii jt- - -f ! 7n( .;!;i It O'j ! t-.i '
Thou Uvjng antheml j I'ree tynd wild,
. ...
. Vntamea ny moriai artif .k3i, ;j
Frqtn. thef.jlJarth'1 longing, .willful, ehil
t jjday. learnjlife'i noblbr part Mlq u;!
Then 'let me hear each thrilling strain, -
tiTnoruenerituneiui wings;;::, vm-j t
Tis eurely worth a life bf pain '' !fi
;) TO'febl th bliss il brinitf..'' i
r 51 A stjRficiliM for stammdiuig
- r 'i'THeepholusiThistle the this
tle sifted sifted a siller full '6f
unsifted tMstles'afld if Theoph
sifted a sitter ' full Jof unsifted
thistles wlierelhe'sirtetfull of
sifted thistles Theopholus ThiS'
trellfe 'thistle sifter Billed. "
i'.'fl J , till '.. lt-(l WMI
fvn- 1
III II, I i.i mill, I, ..i,l In-ill, li, if."'
stirii Indian.. fpassingBupi ;thc
stfecits' 6f Natchez. a;) few;dajfs
position, of; white.man negrc
ailU lllUltUl.'! 0, VTJLVUtg 1 Oinputt.
"UirltP to said'f i : :"'!
man, p!, W?jpv cfi.HWg, : utJi.
nigger; ) now cum-) uigger den
dogj den inittn,' and white')' mar
-..TwOK1y9Wng.'-la4ie holding
cohTcrse bver. f tbe: virtuea of a
'nWdrcsk:' " '-'" fl'-' v.. Pui
fcti .t.-i Tith
.tatt CiSHi! h 5U5,', m'. , 1
. Tf? YfiR! AS if V( . lifmt
.v. j -
I. 'Xjcctizm in Chicago, nain,
etK Hansholfengeterncevanana
fanaiiaiianelfwolfeeri'' Stein, fell
down stairs a fcW" 'day since
nd broke, his name , hi) three
placed; v.::': t-'..a , iiiuvot': i..ta-j'
"Ui.l.'.M 'r'' i
Ow Wend looked at the. injured mem.
k.. ' .hiiih wall of MOj 11 : Sattem. and
TlT? is said that Dr.' Emmons
being, once asked what hc coii,-
!(idered aproot a gi'cat mind, re
plied that it was the power to
ldibk at the boint pf ;a cambric
nifiT1t'. It"' lh?riiif:sf'v''it,!'tliAiit.
' Twt) Httla girl laNJioksoo County,
Dear Marphjuboro, Mvasdari, lately lost
thoir livoa frott the bite- snake. One
of itiia i1hilBBt her hani into heu'i
nestl rinSer the hdosff thtrfl they lived,
and iuddenly drew, it bt. ukjiogr the Leo
was there tod had bitten hot.' The oth
er" girl tried the : experiment V with 'the
same result." ' Preset. tl y thoir hands com
menoed inellingand beosme painful, and
they iiformSd their mothet of what had
had happened. On investigating ' the
matter, the mother found i largo rattle
shake coiled up in the neat, and no doubt
remained that the- voaomou. ' replila had
bitten the ohildroni Modieel aid was at
onoe cilled,) bat it cam too late to save
the lives of the children, and they both
Ldied it) less than twenty-four hoars. 11
' Cos viesatioH wiTU'A CoepoK. The Buffa
tb iffyrtM rty':'; tvJJo-i V
-A ver funny incident ooourreJ af one Of
the express ehleewW this oity'yeeenUy. 'j A
mes8engot ' had ',' brought ' among! ' his other
froight a tox containing a' corpse, ' sent for
itterment. This messenger' manifested
decided antipathy for. corpses, 'and express.
el his reluctance to taking them in charge.
Among the clerks in',, the offiee at the time
was one who is wU known in the eity, and
whe is possessed of, , unusual powers of ven
triloquism. He approaohed the box . In
wlioh thebody was, placed, and knocking
on the eever, said s :c!,' it In .uM -jusf ,
.,'Hillo therel"; io :'LoJ' ,
'"HillolV was the reepoaae, apparaently
frtm the inside, v, ; i ?.',,:- ! . '..i i
"What are you doing In there?1 1 '
i "Why, rm deadl": ' : h' .'"
i What's youaame?"'' ,,r';f::fi; ;
' "Jethro Pendergrass." V ' V '' ' :
' "How long hare you been dead?" ' ' 11 ;
; '"Fbut'jaj..",- l" v':-i V1-;
"What did you die of?" " ' !,'
"Delirium tremens.' . , .. .
A roar of laughter, which they were una'
ble longer to control here: buret .from the
parties present , who. understood . the : joke,
and the messenger, whose . haix, .la laid; to
have, assumed the, altitude, of. quills on thb
fretful poroupine during the seeming ool
loqny , between the Jiving and the dead, real
ised the full extent of. the jell;? .Muttering
stmething . tbonl ihb'.improprietyJDf such
demoustralions, he made" a spe'ody tjit from
th place1.
I'plabb!1 la oi.i'l btsa ,vimUt!t'
:j. Hit li:
I, i ' i a .av4i ..'lii , i : y V k . i j ;
iJ Jostt! BlIAINfJo ( 08.! LlIfOIhFlKS. I
wt&t to bet three'! doQar no wo , ever
mate hod .'himself ein.j tho i.deViL but
what he got beat. .'.tj'S:..; h.y, .n
n.Aim hiJif ybu.strike iloThe taan
ho;' uadeatskcsi tew junip three htln
dred ind bad leventy-fivb) feet ahead.
will' certainly rbake a good try.v;s e; j
n:I never xbu a man nno was aiwat bdz-
ioua tew repsot of . his sins bbfereJie had
obmmitled them, wno; aiaa t r. want J tno
harpest kind'ot watching,' ;d:.h uJi ;
' I never i oet any atampa an. m v man
who is alwayt tolling what he would, hav
ikl ii he had...bten there, j I hire: :noi
lieed that this kind never got there. ) io
t VUh Jna't snheai t me tew be ennw
thing mora than -tiptop good sense j and
a.1. r.taL. ila' 4 S-a ill ? tmAvA 1 AWaT jVAfw'tV
the faith there ib io this wdrld now won
keeb a inbn frbni falling to the bottom o
a well if he lets go ut the curb to spit on
his hands. .r-:!;r.i uii
ti When I get td not having any ! good
Metj ii dob seem td me that I , ksn bate
tnorb of it than eny aan 1 ever 1 knew,
bbd tot! half try i I luppose I it seems
jriet bo to you, my frieid, don't it. : !
- , , .1 . t - ....! . naai ' tWml
A aan i tains, uy nujr iou aiun, imi
Is so apt to deoend rem father i.td bori
tttturnisheii as thb girt ".-ota exagger
A man ihoy have a pirfak right to be
horri eiogte, but I doubt' whether he has
I tight to continue on aOV ': '
tarn ,:,"-.irr.
tsf A ftiond of oura visiting neigh-
Ut found him i disabled ioid a having a
'his foot. Hobbling out of
the stable, lha buneter bxplbined how it
ii ;....' i't in...-.. wn.i !). o1
iappenoa; , . ., -x ... r ...,. 4r,, ...r
'I wea btattiting hetb, sfcid he, 'and the
torse brought bis foot right down os
W which was of Woj it
I i a.M iiietl' ,,'STolL ihh horse
lauu a, v.j -j r-4 -
Essay on Cats.
I havk staddyed oatsolnBsiy for yearn
and have found thorn aliked tew a wild
state. They baint got affockshun nor
tirtae of enny kind; tha - will aeratob
their best friends, and won't ketoh mice,
unless tbey are hungry. It hat bin bald
that iha ate cod to make up . into sat
sages, but this is a great mistake. I hav
been tola by ' a sassage. maker the don t
kompare with dogs. There is. ono thing
artio, tha are very anxious to live.
You ma torn. one inside out, and hang
him up by the tain, ind ax soon sz vou
are out of sight he will manage to turn a
back aumerset and cum around awl rite
in a few days. '1. is Very hard work to
louie a eat If one gets parried oph in a
bag by mistake a great ways into the
country,- it would sta lost only a short
time, bat soon appear tew make the fam
ily happy with its presence. Old maids
are very tond or cats, for the reason. I
suppose, that oats don't marry if they
nave ever so gooa a cha ooe. v There , u
one thing about cats t don't like, if you
step on their tales', by ackoidant, tha git'
mad rite oph, and make a grate fuss
about it. There iz another thing about'
them' which makes them a good invest
ment for poor folks. A pair of cats will
yield eaob year'. i without any outlay,
something like eight hundred per , cent.
Il is a very singular faot that caU don't
like a miM-pond. : I never knu bne to
got drowned by accident. Tha lav
croam, but it seoms to bo agulu their re
ligion tew tuch soap., Cats, and, dogs
nav never been able tew agree on the
mane question ; they both Beem tew want
the auirmatiff side tew onst I think if
I could hav my wsy, ' there Wouldn't be
enny more cats born, unless tha could
show a certificate ov moral karakter.
Tbere one thing more about catts which
seems tew me tew be all affeotashuo, and
that is making such a Confounded ' noise
under a foliar window; o'night's,' and
then calt it, musik, '. If I was. to have
my choice between a oat and strioed
snake, I wuld prefur the snake, beoause I
coum Re. na uv ttie snake by letting it
go. There ain't no eartin way to kill a
eat. If you make one into easeaees. and
you think you are awl rite, jiat ez iikeli
es doi ii win earn tu and take on a whole
lot of good sassages with it.
' - Those are mi views about oats, rather
hastily hov together, and ef I ain't sed
enuff agiin themlt is only bekase I lak
[ Josh Billings.
An AMusiNQi Ton8il! Incident.
Doubtlosb the tunnel on the Eastern
Bailroad, j ust east of the depot in Salem,
nas. been tne Been ot numerous amusing
incidents, but we doubt if anything of a
more Iudiorous charaoter has evor taken
place in it than the following : It seemB
that a few days si ooe, a lady and her sis
tor, and a grown up. son cf the latter,
took the cars at Boston for the east, the
sisters occupying a seat together and the
young man the one behind, with another
person. . Upon entering the tunnel, tne
aant, tb have a little fun, rose up care
fully, reached over to the soat the young
man had been ooonpjinir, Beized some
one by the collar, shook him soundly,
and' then resumed her Beat. 1 Thb sister,
surprised at J'her Vigorous movements,
asked what she had been dOing,);and was
informed by the other that she had buen
trying to frighten her nephew.; Her
feelings can be imagined when the mothi
er made her acquainted, with the faot that
the youpg maa Ion tho train at (Salem,
and that she had boon 'shaking up - the
wrone nagaaBcrar.' . When . tha train
emerged from the tunnel, the person who
oaa oeen mistaseu lorene sou was oo
served adjusting his neck.tie and collar.
and remarked that he did not know what
the matter was with the ladies in front
of him. but thought one of them '' must
be insane, for she had given him a severe
shaking, tome off his neoktie, erfratched
hisuaoe, bnd disarranged his hair, and
he was at a loss to give any- other arj.
count for thb sudden attack -that had
been mado udoo him; - ' . ' vi i
.. ,. : - ., ...
'Ji J.. j r " " ti" - ' -
Annecdoik or A Doo.llarry Hill a
noted sporting man in ;Ntw York, .has
one of the finest dogs in . the oonntry, a
pure Mount ct. liornard as, tall as- it
Shetland pony. , The name of tho animal
is Tag. and. when he, was on. board, of the
Dyer, homeward bound from the guano
islands, the vessol was run down by the
Bteam8hip 8ddthymptoq, j Two of . the
ship's boys were washed overboard, and
the noble animal sprang into the fuming
billows after them,.-) lis nooeedad ia
saving one, and then swam after the othi
br, who waa about to sink for . the .third
and , lasj tire.The; ogfeized.' him','
though unfortunately a, .paif' oiVgthe
wrecked vessel , dashed" him ?m his
mouth. Harry bought Tag. and the boy
he was eo fortunate to save is now in hie
bmpioy.v , ' :'ss',-,
As Jowa paper ia printed in red ink,,
Cleveland Plain Dealer says: 'We have
no intention of making fun ,, of serious
matters in tolling the following good sto
ry -we merely relate a fact :
4Thero is a rale at Oberlin College
that no student shall board at any house
where prayers are not regularly made
eaou day. - A certain ' man fitted np
boardtng-houso and filled it with board
ers, but forgot, until the eleventh hour,
the prayer proviso. iNot being pray
ing man himself, he looked around for
one who was.- At length he found one
meak young man from Trumbull coun
ty, who agreed to pay lor his board ia
praying. Dor awhile all went on smooth- .
ly, but the boarding master furnished
his table so poorly that the boarders be
gan to grumble and to leave and the
other morning the prayer boarder ac ,
tually 'struck,'.,, .Something like the fol
lowing dialogue occurred at the table :
Landlord-4 Will you pray, Mr. Mildr
Mild 'No, sir, I.will not.' " '
Landlord-'Why not, Mr. Mild ?'
Mild 'It don't pay, sir. I can't pray
on auoh victuals as these; And unless
you bind yourself io writing to set "a
batter table than you have ior the ; last
three weeks, nary another prayer do you
get out ot me. , i .,u, ,:, ,.it i . -,
And that's the way the matter stood
at the latest advices ,. , , , i
Spict. -There was a knot of sea cap
tains in a store at Honolulu, the keeper
of which had just bought a barrel of
black pepper. Old captain, of Balem,
came in, and booing the pepper, took up
a handful of it.' - ,
1 'What do ' you buy such stuff as that
for?' said he to the storekeeper, 'it' half
'Peasl' replied the i torekoepor: 'there
isn't a pea in it.' 1 ' ' 1
Taking op handful as he spoke, he
appealed to the - company. 'They all
looked at it, and plongod their hands in
to thb barrel, and bit a kernel or so, and
then gave it as their . universal opinion
that there wasn't pea in it.
, 'I tell you there is,' said the "old bap
tain,' again scooping op a handful J 'and
I'll bet a dollar on it.' ; r iu r,i:.;
The old Boston argument alt over tho
world, r They took hiro up. . . . .'
'Well,' said he, 'spell that pointing to
the word 'P-e-p-p-e-r, painted on the
side of the barrel 'if it isn't half p's,
then I'm no judgeLwatsall.', :
, The bet was paid. ... , ;, , ,
' ' Be&buqs Salt Thesi. A ' lady
writes the Texas Christian Advocate that
salt is a bare thing oa bedbugs. .Wash
the articles and plaoes infested with bugs
with salt and water, and fill cracks and
crevices where tho vermin hide they
will give no morj trouble,' They cannot
abide where Bait is. ' ' - -
i 8oms 8naix. The mupoatina (Iowa)
Courier ia responeible for. the' following
eerpentile yarn : .' '--'.i.
: 0d" Pine. Creek,' pl 'W' Montpelier
township, is an immense ledge of rocks.
A Mr, McGowatf, who lives near, ' says
that on Sunday as he was ' walking i by
this rooky cliff with his little boy,' tho
latter oalled hie attoution to a pig, which
Was squealing near by, and that on going
to see what cau-ed the -uproar, he' found
a fine young shoat, belonging to b ceigh
bor. in the coils, of an itnmence -black,
enakb, Mr. McQowan thinks this mons
ter was at least eleven feet long; and was
as big around in the middle a his thigh
While Mr. M. was1 going for an at tha
snake had Crushed the hog and left, I
It was but few days ago that another
gentleman taw in this vicinity regular
pyramid ofserpants at least two feet high,
in whiah estimates that there must have
been over a hundred big and little. ; It
must be a nicejtlaoe, that Pine Creek.
A sTORE-KEErea and ' his clerk, ia
Scranton, Peun.; recently shut up a liu
tin boy, only eight years old, iu the oal
vault of the store, over night, on pre
tence that he had stolen a ball. - The
child waa. attacked by rats; in tho nighf.
and in his terror forced .his way through
the ooalrhole out upon the side-walk,
where be was fouod by bis toother about
day, light, she having been hunting for
huu all night. The child's father com
promised, the outrage with the , store
keeper for $500' instead "of leaving him
to the due course ot the law which bo
had outraged. "' '
A man and woman living iu the towo
of Sore), Canada aat,' soma time ago
confederated together to kill the husband
ef the latter, preliminary to theitewu
. , , mi . 1 a r .
carnage, inny suoceeaea la aeoom
piisbing tha murder,1 were ' found out,
convicted, , ind, sentenced to be hung.
Tbb behtonco Was- tarried but the other
day as to the'ffiacaad the woraaalooked .'
on From her cell window, and saw him
hanged,' knowing that the would soca
come to a like fate,' -' ,;' '(';
. ; : a- vk rs v:.- .Iff

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