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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 13, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
J. W. MWCN, OITO l-Di lilU.(',
Tliureday, i June 13, I86T
To Business Men.
business men anil others who
wish to advertise, will consult
their own interests by adver
tising in;'! '
i as - v-its circulation is larger
, than, that, of; any,: otlieiv, paper
- printed in .Vinton- County, and
hnsTan cxtensrvc circulation m
adjoimngpuuti, :.amohan.
active, onttlrnrisinir'and intclli-
wnt .vwnulat ion,-: a j'-.J.i;;i
n i i
State Ticket.
" ' i For Governor, .., , r,(
'"LLtpH'lJKMAN, of frenYlla.,
Lj.iml.ca&t Gq'ernor, . ,.
r...;(v f JANlEI3i..PAMr Uolmes..-! -ao
P. C.:::Vi fUT Treasurer, -
!'( I rrr 0- t ULTON. of Crawford.
' "'v".f' ; 'For Auditor,.''' ,,''','!
',' ,' JQIlN McELWEE, of Cut1er.; ; ,
be For Attorney! General,;., i; '.;
. ... , .lFIUNK. IL.HCRP, of. KMX. y.uj
'' Forjudge of Supreme Court, l'-'.'
; Judge THOMAS M. KElf,f Hamilton.
For Controller, ofYTrettury, ; .
WltHAM jS'llEgifJi-Nof y.ilH.r
vt j ) Fori Eord,oPublie;WarU,I,n" '
cJui ABTllURJJlIGHEd.of Cuyanog i:;
.?'A VVooun FActokt. A person who owns
' a large and valuable trarb of land,' through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
' paiwcsrwest'of and. adjoining - the Zaleski
Estate, in Vinton county;' authorizes its to
state thata site foV Woolen Faotory will
' be given free to, any party', who will build
' upon it. '. It is an excellent pVace for a Wool-
en Factory'; about one mil from the Zaleski
t Depot pf the M.''& p, ft, and war4 cpal,
wood, and every thing" else neoessarv for
. buildius aud tukniuc aa , establishment of
this Undr being near .at ,faani. :j"Vo thinlf
there is net a more convenient location in
c" this county for a Woolen Factory;: For fur
ther particulars xall on or,; addresa the di
ior of this paper, u''j 3;1 8 ; ''
... FiBK. About 10 o'olocx ou Tuesday
forenoon fire was dirsovered at the reei-
"denov of Sirs.' Ji C: P.'Brown end 'Per
Jey Brown," in ' th'e'itojrth part ot the town.
fa a short time,, about, onehau, or toe
men, womco and ebildren of the" town
were at the fire. " Tho building was part-;
Jy saved tb.roligD'.'ihV.eUrmlned energy !
, 'ct a few meD.'who really 4eseryo praise
for their hard labor. ; A number of the
ladies took a very active part in extin
guishiog the fire some of them c carried
.. as mui-h water as some of the bojs. . The
j fire originated, io a idofeotive flue in the
! kitcben.- The building was : damaged to
'tbe amiunt pf" at least $900: ;IThe oom
op loe wesi sice ui tiie( umimug w uuiy j
' slightly damaged. ... Jlw hqusehold goods .
' we're all saved. We .think ,it is , atrange1
that tie building w9.JDt. entirely con-
rRnmed4.ai..the wind blew bird and every-
thing was dry, ! Our pitizens cannot be
too careful in guarding ;tboir houses
j agaiuBtthe.elomeot of lire, , and we warn
,,..them to bo.wUe.itt time." a -i ,v: v
. :. ye learQJhatf naoy of our .citizens
' are mukiog aoffi)rt to , oroize a Fire
f ,(Jompapy, ;..U!hat a glorious idea How
, ' easily the residence ofMrt;. j3rQwq could
- have been saved if lher-ha4 been a few
;i,iIooksitoIJaddei-fbut bo J there was
uothiPB of-aoy notice. !. we nope ouri
j Town .'iiou'oeij will encourago tha:orgadi
r zaiiuq of i.fi'kouCempany.jibe alive to
r the interests of;the ;Village up and at
. ! work in good jtocat j discourage nobody
rjand encourage everybody ! in the matter.
Lot us have fire i Compaoy forthwith !
nA'ire CmpoyjiUopt . thousands of
jdlljra,: kssjbitufjttil; dozen. ,hre in
: I ir THiliU i;'IIiJ Hitters
flo lo;Sisson's Drug Store,, ,. ,j j t ! '
Fire Company.
' ilic.mcmWrli .-otuie proposed
"( Fii'c Company in' McArthu
,;arc.rcqivesi.Q(A . ip.. i at. iuu
.'ticliool ' 'Ilouston -Saturday
.: 9cning ncxtf .XotthejBurpose. on
'oi'gnnizing:1 v.J thcrd bc a
i'4r( tfibc ;ircrfttmcrV'.;
'.' Vie "to -ajsapn's Drug Store.,;,! ,, . ' t.y j ( j
A. llEAvr Kau.ubb Tho papers are
foll of failurps of .nieniq business, all
oyer tie CQuntrjr , ihcso tpaurea are
. resulting from the great radius) failure to
vjork... reptiblijaa ; goyornmoot, ,The
"pooy'le let it have all the men and money
of the country,, and , behold "the end
" Upioa dissolved-'Onathird of , the Slates
gone ieo atars Out of the r flag money
all iMt apd debts to pay amounting to
three billion, dollars., Wo assets bat
few bonus sluoplasiers, a atamp act, a tax
on everything you eat, wear or ao, i
standing army acd siiJnigg'orJCongress
mon. '. ,
The Democratio Execulivij '. Cprnmitteo of
Vinton County, do hereby call a
Delegate , County Conventions
to beheld at the Court House, in McArtbur,
MOtoXtjuBetn, 1807,
at i o'clock . M, of said day, for the purpose
of selecting tandldateS fW.the" fotlewihg
.... t . ,.,:.. ' "i; "I .....
County OffioeMo fcr Pn the St,COflii
. ' f)!t . .--"h-j "
Tuesday .of .October nex, to-wit,:,
One, Reipresciitatiyc'' V:
One Prosecuting 'Attorney ; :
One County Suryeyoi;;;and ,
One "doivnty tJp'mmissionex. . . 1 1
Tho Democracy'of (WsereVal, Townshipe
will, therefore, meet at the several places of
holding cleotions therein,' oni ; ' V- '
Saitiirday June i5ti.
between1 the', hour's of 6 clock
and 5 o'qlbck;:tot ' and1 elect
dQlegatcs'id 'said Convention!,'
The ralo
of reptessnlation "is 1 delegate
eii nii east far Qen. 0. W.- )lr-
gaa, for Governor, at the October eleotion
for 1865,' and'i delegate for each fraction of
The following is the number of Delegates
to which the" severat'TownBuip's are Mspecl-
ively entitled :
I .;t .'j i:,.-
Elk ; 8 Clinton
Etch'land 8 Vinton
Harrison ,3 Bwan a
Madison ' 6 Knox ,
Eagle ;
Jackson 4
Wllkesville i
.'ike Convention will,. appoint Delegates, to
the Senatorial Convention, nnitss ; farther,
notice is given.
p-8 ' .7V,
.. By order of the Committee, tif v
McArthur, May 30, 1867.
CooRT or CoMHos.PfcaAS.T-1'hia. ourl c.?"
vened on the 4th of June, 1867.
. Hon. J. 9. Flyley, Judge; - . . ; '.
Archibald Mayo, Plroseouting Attorney; ,
;.J. J.,Shookey,' eheriif; A.L. Hunter, Dep
uty. Sheriff; viy ':o..v.5-''i:i v-4'.''
! George Laali, Clerk ; Jtfmea Malone, Dep
uty 'Clerk.'-
The ' following gentlemen : ' -composed- las
Grand Jart :
Nathan Neisman. Wm. Brar, John Brown,
- -
Jaoksot Wortman,'0 'ThoBias Gri'ves,' 8en.,
Andrew Shurt, Holden Tripp, J. II. Harper,
Samuel fagee, Earl Geer, Vy.H. II,. Hewitt,
tryinClarkj. Yt),,ii,', .: :
r1 The ,Ioliewin j; . gentlemen composed the
Petit Jury; '?(,, ... ., :i
j . Thomas Parish, David Bay,', HenrjiHuhn,
John .Krewikamp, Jha ilcGvoran, iRiph-
rd;Shelton,X:A. Atwood,.J.-G .Ciimmings,
AlvinjJinney, iy.'J.Cannojr JaueaDunkto
Elihu. 8. Fry.; !).! v-jin! n c i "
I; There are IS Criminal cases and 4 CWil
eases on the Docket.' ' , ' f-. ' ' '
!irhe followibg eases fcaveboeh 'disposed of
r ' Martha' J" Hill vs.Tsaao M HllV''' Petition
for-' alimony; Decree for Plaintiff i for $500.
.'"Johh Iyons'v8i;Elha,'A';Ly6'ns'. ' Petition
for Divorce'; Petition "dismissed ac Plaintiff'i
., .'4y,ED Wott,v.. lofj.f ?.9L-,Judg.
mentfor.J208.88.,,,, .j. ;.(!f-.r .
. T..J. Purco Co. is. A, Gibbons,, udg
ment by default': for $ 109,85.,",' ,J "' ,ifViY
rSamueI.Xeo vs. Samuel a JUomj ;, Japes
Bobbinsr and, James a Johnson, Trustees
This suit was brought ,for damages against
the Trustees of thia (Elk) .Township, for. re
fusing the vote of sir Lee, at the election
last fall, 'upon the'grounds desertion fVer
diet for FlaiOdff for!J35' 7'-T'- 11
'' State vs.' J enas Markr. Grand Larceny.
Verdict not guilty. "" : 4 ,
State vs.! Levi Nappcr. Assault '.and
Battery. ' VerJiot gditty. 'Court 'kssos
sed a fine of $50 and costs, 30. days' imi
prlsonment 5 days of 'this timo in the
dungeod on bread ' and water, and that
he stand oommittod until fine 'arid costs
are raid.' l ':
'. Btate vs. James O'Donkld.-1 Reoogniz-
ance. '.No indictment found. "
" Stale' vs." Effhert' Bowen.4" rPflmol.
iahed the British Podnd,'at Zaleski, and
drove out his cattle which ' the British
had confined.l , Recognizance,
u Nnin,
U 111 L1L1 B II I III11I1U.
' Stafe vs. MoDonald Brewer. Rccog
nizance. No indictment found.
State vs. Wm. Palmer, Bsooguizanoe,
No indietment found.- ' '' '
McArthur, May 30, 1867. [ Continued next week.]
If .(.' 1,1. 1 I.J L .
hert. whose surname is Bowen, of whom
we . have before written,) - after having
bn bonnd bv the "Lord's" bonrt, in
the mighty ! oity, and having brought
forth ' acceptable and responsible mea as
his Buret v. ior his appearanoe bsfore (he
coqrt of the land, that ho was laithfol to
his Drouiises. ...
2 And on the first dav of the text
term ot the court, held after the eon
mission of the many crimes, by. the sis
nets in the city of tbe-"IiOr(l,"7wbef
be was . accused, there was ' asslAbled a
miffhtv multitude of the people from; tb
twelve part of the entire ! land and ' re
gion round about the country, aad the
citv of MoArtbnr, afar off, and whe com
pose the council aud a part of the coart,
and whose chief business it is to hear 111
f tha aoAnstttions. et whatsoever kiod
auainat the eitfaens of the land. f
, 3. i And wheu'.inj eousation may he
creseotod befor'' the? oouooiL that is
grevioaa, and ofensive,' i either to tha law
or the citizens, it is wada the duty sf the
council by ths laws of the land, to bring
au indiotment before,. the J Jge of the
conrt. f ; i-u.:.i r ' 1 1. ,. , v.
: 4 ' And- it is made the du(V ,of the
court to hear the accusations agsiffet evi
orv such persoo. and to hear tha sfgu
moots of the counsel for the public t
laree.' - -ti ,f 1
, 5 And it ifl jnada the 4uty of i.tfio
oouasel for. the publio at large, by .toe
laws of the land, to bring all. the aoou
sations of every kind, and against every
citizen of the land, and. to proseoute the
tame aeainst every oSendsr or the law,
6 And when this is) all .fully done,!
and all the accusations are brought be
fore the court, aod inasmuch aa there are:
gathered together an Immense multitude
of the people of the entire land, it re
mained no .longer a .matter ,of saoresy.
what may have been done, in tha dark,
or now light and knowledge hath come
unto the people of those things that have
been done. "' . , , j,,
7. And on the1 sell-same day that all
the citizens of the land was gathered to
gether, Egbert slso appeared, and did not
depart from 'then co without leave of the
court, acoording to the regulations of his
bond. -r- ' --
8 And on the same day, and at the
same time, and at the same plaoe, came
FranoiB, the "Lord ' of tneciiy or iafes
ki, whose surname is Uezeltlne, and with
him, ala came Essex, the "Lord's"
"Chief Pig Priuor,'.' whose. surname b
Laytoc, and with thera ;.tney brougnt
many aoousations against Egbert,,; whom,
they had foresworn themselves againat,
and to his ruin,, determining that, him
tney would oring to naneui, masuiuou se
ha had taken tba name of the "Lord" of
the city of Zaloski in vsin,'and had done
dispite unto his will, and because the
entire land had rejoiced' for that Egbert
bad dared to beard ths tingluh Lion in
his den. and to muzzle an. English Bull,
while attempting to enforce English Tyr
anny in this our fre aod happy land - of
America. ' ; ! '
9 -And when they .had fully made
thoirappearanoe before the court of the
lane, they went before the omoer ot, tne
eourt, and holding op the fight hand of
their body, and looking at the ,pSicer,
they swore unto the livisg God of all the
universe, that tbey will tell tne train, tne
whole truth, and nothing but. the truth,
in all the matters j whereof they bad ao-
oused Egbert. I't. J io-n iS f.d
10 And when they bad tbus .sworn,
they reoieveda paper of recommendation
te tie oounoil, betors 1 whom ' they I were
to appearand declare the many tuipgt
that Egbert had done, notwithstanding
tbor eaob: had told him not t; do ne.;ci
i lruAnd after thftr when the.' tone lot
the council to hear ihemy had fully ome,
they worai; admitted into the, eoanou
chamber.- bd tba, council being, filled
with awe, upon account 'of. the prbetnoe
of tbe "Lord paid great . respeokunto
tha "Lnrd " for that His fame hadsptead
thrauehout all tba regiona. round aoaut
the city of the "Lord;'-'i and throughout
the entire length and : broad th i of , tbe
whole Iand and even untojlhfrhni
Ilifl hathrr. .;j,ui,-t rci
,12 And when the "Lord" and ' Lis
Chief pig Driver had fully sUtedajlthtt
thev knew; And auoh more aa pest ney
oould.: they .wen ' dismissod' from, the
council-ohambariof tho court 1 ot ; ine
IWelve parts of
MoArtbnr, afar
,-. 13 c And afti
1uu ""-
14 :- h .
iff. L,.,rfi
ni I,... r u
they .were dismisae
from the council many wore the erg'
ments and deliberation!' of tho. eounc
in relation to the matters, and thmgi
whereof Egbert ) waa charged and ar
oused. .'. "
; ,' if.Ani Ucame'to pass.'in their cde
liberations upon the, charges' 'prefetrej
szaicst Egbert, that it seemeth good tttf
to the better welfare of citizens 'of
land, that they find no bill of indiotment,
15 For it so seemeth unto them , ; that
there was but little cause of complaint
igaisBt Egbert, for all that he had done,
save it had been very offensive unto
"Lord," and nnto his Chief Pig Driver,
inasmuch aa (he entire land wis, aod still
u. uxiDRine name ot tne"uora '
Ttir even tha Buckeyes sod Irish.
16 And the council so 'viewed these
accusations igaiqst Egbert, and reaseced
among tbemsclves, and wben it wait filly
determined that tbeta Was no eaose tor
arresting Egbert, bat that he had a . right
to do ell that was done," then they agreed
and said: We will find no bill of in-
dictmeut against him.
17 And when the "Chief Ruler" and
Ilia Chiof Pig Driver heard the news
thereof, how that the conned had ' dire
garded all that they had said, the; then
became sorely vexed, and. would cave
enrsed the council, had it not been that
they remembered the commandment, now
that it eaitu: tarse not at all; Dut your
voa be vea, and vour nay, be nay. (i
tt . t - i l.ij i . :
Ioauu iuey lain ye i jci.i..,i
eemeth that the citizens of the entire
anil ind all the region round about our
ludsment, tbev eoesaau erixht.
ior inasmucn as tneir lame caa
out through all the land, how that
had persecuted, and are mil perse
cdting all mob. as did not recognize them
'Chief Holers" . and Lords over all
the lands of. the mighty city, their name
was now taken ia vain,, ..and even ,, bias-
pnemy against then was committed oy
rcanv ot ine lnnamtants or ine ianou
,29 'For the fame of .the. "lord", nd
of his Chief Pis Driver, and of their
nighty acta towards the children of men,
hadbeoome known and read of al) en,
eves unto the uttermost parts of the
earth. " ' " ''
21 And the "Lord" swear in his
wrath that whosoever lifteth up his hands
against his will, or doeth aughl against
bis rules and ooey not nis commands,
lim will the "Loao" cut off.
22 And inasmuch as Egbert had now
come off more than conqueror, and had
done despite unto his will, and bad even
sit his counsel at naughf, and would not
so much as take off bis bat in the pres
once of the "Lord," it eausetb the "Lord'
ta prow more wroth, and be was more
vexed:. . .. , . ( .,. ,., t
23 And he swear again in his mighty
anger aod wrath,' that neither ' day nor
oJhr, snoaia there do resi given unio
his foul nntil he had ' brought Egbert to
24 And inasmuch as Egbert is not a
.,5nt ftf the "Lord." neither a disci
r,u nr fnllowflr of the "Lord," it behob
. 1 . .. ... .f ttT
veth the "Lorf"' t entioe Egbert by
vain words of deceit, and thus bring him
into the fowler's snare.') j . 1 .'
25 And when the ' Lord" hath fully
caught him, be will make him fully feel
the power of the 'Lord.',' v ; : '
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Sisson'S Drug Store ' "
The Bondholder's Soliloquy.
,'"1) fluy.;.-1' I
1 Bdt this ia moel ;"1 '' 1 ' ;
Here I am a rioh, prosperous, loyal
man, with nothing to do but enjoy my
self. E5od! .what, a blessing the war
waa to ms. It killed off ray poor rela
tions and leit me in luok., I am. worth
4-let me see how much . lvam worth io
! ,..;!
There are of 5:20'a,
Taereareof 6;40's..
$ 25,000
And tb
And thj
And ths 7:30's ,
S 100,000
( Now pro hundred thousand dollars is
nothing; yet it is quite a little plum
When the war began i wasn t worm a
oopbor, unless it was in debts. ..Now I
am veil off. , cut i. was cunning ouss i
Didrt I make ' war' speeches' and " de-
nootca letnooran, ana moo "copper-
head),',' and go it strong for the Union ?
Yoi bet ' Ha-ha-ba l - uat tno tools
art not all dead.1 Borne of them are
thit is they werO killed.'1 Ahd didn't I
gei the poor people to enlist' aod fight to
peserve tne union i uioB ue union,
if I only get oflioe and bonder That's
wnat makes; tbe cream elevate itself, i '
And then, didn't I , eo it j Btrone for
bunties, aid go it strong on -patriotism
aid play it big ou loyalty ? -Guess not
(1 no !j i Gueas petriolisin'dQn't: pay I
ILook at these little tollers witn ng
ears on the faoe aod the coupons on the
eniof them t, .pw MO ,yoof mf rofferk
Mft v"w. j . ' .- .. . I : ;
;It takes a smart man to keep out 'of
ww himself lad enlist othera toi go.
Tlo bounttos as what fatobed ) 'm poor
Upls You sea, theyentjtq fisfbt, h,f
ftqm all the- towns,, elites ana Bounties
To war they Went to get the bounties 7 ' '
;);Eome-werwauiei 't'r . ; j)-jn tx
, . AUU 0VO1V wvio fuuuuvv . . ,1 . ; , ;
111 l And some; were drowned?;) Ii.ifi?
And Borne, when "this , cruel war was
f ver, came oaox i i naa a iarm. isoia
t and put my money' iu bonds. Bonds
beat farms ten to nothing r . And ispeo
ulated in !tl things ."j.. And sold,, stuff to
the aoldiers,.( And 1 got . their bounty
rfimonev oa suana. . uu i uueu.wwu
"U. .! n,.J a t,1 lillU' h.nl ' hv
..lunar. ,
Ithat.'.nd I put myoash in bonds? :-:
Bonds are just old rosewoooi witn gut
hdce., Let me see, I have now one hunn
Bred ' thousand dollars ' in . Government
Bonds.'-'. How I love my government?
It is the best the government ever shown
no. it These bonds average eight percent
nterest in gold. Eight per cent on one
handred thousand dollars is jnst eight
thousand. And I get it in gold worth
thirty-five 'o forty per cent: premium.
this makes in greenoaoKs mo snnjf uiue
spm of eleven thousand dollars round
remnert.'vi'...,.. . i. ., , f.
And the beauty of it 'u, I ' don't have
ole eent of taxes to pay.
lift it tike T u .r-tf. ." i
fThis is the beet government the world
er saw, Rich men hold bonds poor
men pay them. Tne tax gainerer uuu
.1 . j i
bother me. It don't cost me one tea
cent to let ne see?
To, pay Stat expenses 1 'f
'To f.f 'govoWeot expeases l. . , ;
To pay county taxes : c'':jC!?;;
i To pay city Uxcal-U , ft! v
To payviltfUxeafyLr-
To pay town taxes! v v
To pay school taxes I f
To pay road taxes 1
To pay poor taxes I
To pay for building churches, school
houses, bridges, railroads, improvements,
or even interest I
I am one of the rapporlers of this
Government I Good things I . If it had
not been for such foul-mouthed stay-at-
home guards the war would never Lave
bean ended. And tne soldiers Doun-
ties I E sod, that is the best joke of the
season, ;iu , '.m: ;, ,. i, '"r-,v...
You see we raised them by taxation of
course. And we taxod the property
the real estate of the towni ' !And we is
sued toy n, bonds, -oily, bond?, country
bonus, state bondn,' aod every Other kind
of bowdst Aad we aeldrsu? doe oh
to get the money to pat bounties, h
us fellows bought them at a disooant.
And ,we gkve the "vfiluntoers pow ,o
ko to war; i And while they Were gone
we had good time. . And .we sold our
farms cheap to tne wives Ot the soldiers.
And we got our money all back.
And, better still p, the - soldiers ; same
back from the war, and are now working
to pay the taxes to pay intorost on my
bonds." r."t . ;,',' i'J -:V'";",;7.
Jtn't it meet . '.!-. i. .'
The d d fools went to the war, and
now oome back to work like dogs to pay
the interest on the bonds we gold to give
themjinbney. ..They are paying .them
selves for boing'shot at,' Bully ;for us
bondholders! 11 ' ' ' A L
Apd nowthay work to pay the interest,
When they get. used to it we'll make 'em
pay tbe principal, too. ' What a good
Government this is I , ir,.,,p,
The war didn't cost me one cent. 1
didn't spill a drop of bipod ; but keyrbist
bow 1 did bawl out against the Uemo
crats ! ! i ' ' J. --;.. f.
And now I sit in, my parlor: I smoke
my cigars; I enjoy myself and have no
tes , to "pay., Look' 'M that' poor euss
aoross the creek. He am t worth a thou'
sand dollars, yet be poor dog, is iu debt,
and paya half his earnings in taxes. He
pays all the taxes, and;, then, his wife sells
butter, eggs, woolen yam, .milk, yegeta
bles . and such little things, she .wants to
set the money to put in bank to pay the
interest on my hundred thousand dollars
is it falls due every three months. V ,
You Bee thia is financial.. science. !-!
Poor men support tbe Government, pay
all the takes make us richer j.do all the'
fighting. We bond holders,, office hold
ers and suoh patriots do the figuring, get
the offices, (he money and have a good
time of it. . " ' - .'?. I
Now I eat fine food, while that poor
cuss over the way eats coarse. ' And I
wear broadcloth, ho wears patches . And
my wife flaunts bef silk and swings her
balmoral skirts under the nose of that
oor jfoanV wife fori Jim, itfqbi 'taxless,
pnd holder, ipd helia a poor iebsF, Who
supports iho uovernmeni ana me, too.
Work away,' yo poor fools. Toil yoar
fioger tO lhe bopeaod die poor-.nte.n for
my sake.. The war,, was a, god' send to
thieves, Bwindlers, cowards, stey-aUbobae
patriots, abolition agitators, and in fact,
all of our crowd of Union voters. Damn
the Union, if we can only hold our bonds
and olSces,' and keep the people io pov.
ertyT '' - ' ; " - y .)
Guess (bis wasn t a rich man s war
gness not.. , And 1 guess you folks darsn
go for equal taxation or repudiation-
tor it is to us who
O C—.
; Secbetart McCuLLOcn has published
i letter in which he announoes the fail-.
are of bis plan to bring us baok to specie
payments. The i pressure brought to
bear against him has induced hiot . to
abandon tbe system of contracting the
enrrency wp.iou.we thinka yeyy wise
move. The great trouble ib that we have
not ourreBcy 'enough,'; 'Too much money
u looked up in gov.ernmonA ponqa. ,)Xw
nuob.pf ,the business. of thp country-
done on credit.,. 11 ad we more'ourrenoy
lib nrmlit hnniiiARs nnnld dease'.1 ahd'to
dd tha business of this 'dotintry1 tpon'Ja
eath basis, we have not Dna-tentb ejaougb
ourrenoy.. ;.r.l3eprvy faovuiionouio
onij manage io ooptraci ana cait iu gov
eminent bonds, buBineas Wduld at 'ones
revive, bettor' prices for merchandise and
every other commodity, would ensue, rev
eoue would inoreasa, and. general,, prpq-i
I!..- .:,. I I
Qo to Sisson'i
)rue Store. . .
J A' ! convict in tho ) aoksonv ' jUidh,,
nrinnn 'has i been sixteen , days . without
food or drink. , He became ' possessed ot
a knife, a snort lima emoe, ann ioiuo
hi oel . " Jt ' was aetermmea io
starve him into submiBeion,4nd honoe his
ixteenay arii,nenoe, Ana yes,(ne
save no signs of submission He , was
finally compelled to leave hit coll by
fiimokidbut;,;,': !Butl
UU.'t "fl "i ' lin-i , if fl CM
vArrAiRa in. ..Tflnntee have, , plumed
a wore gloomy Mpeot .than jeyer, The
indication js reign of tenor' to be in
augurated 'br' 'Browhlow.' ' .General
Thomas has been' 'consulted fwpow .tbe
matter; and in acootdance ..with, the re
quest of tba oppressed people, of the
Rtata. it is sxbeoted that ha will be in-
vested with power to curb the tyranny
Brownlow and preserve tne peace.-, a una
it will be ieei that the tendency of Rad
ical tula where ever it exists, ia toward
royolution and narobj'. ""J ' 1
fl' I, A
South will w.Wa.tha
negro Congressmen to me F0"' -,n
gKas'J Bennett says that w the who o
advantaga the country gets fr om the nf
S J ifdio.ll.ni,' Md -k. f J
paying dearl.for radical rule. Only think:
ci U a debt of three thousand millions,
d a half million lives lost, tor the glory
of heiDjlJMSo ia Congress, to
make laws for white men,
" Tut Newark" Free Amerioau saysj
We are glad to learn that a company has
been organized and chartered to construot
a railroad along aloog the line of the old
Hooking Valley road, from Newark to
Straitsville, and that there is every ptosv
pectthata euffioient amount or BtooK
will be takea to enable, its. manbgeri to
push it to an early completion.
Tn Tlamnftrfttn do not SOem 10 rtlSB
muck pf ehottt bver Keatuok f;":jVW
ton Journal. ' ' ' v ' '
Well, you can't expect that - we can
makemuoh of a ooise yctJ You know,
neighbor, that you, have had us ,"dcad'
so long, thae, although a lively corpse,
we are yet weak io tho lungs. But we
are coming to, neighbor coming to
we're atrong enonghtcTwalk through
Oonnefotiout, .Maryland and Kentucky,
and when we've traveled through Ohio,
as we intend to this fall, we shall be bo
far reanimated as to make the "welkin
ring" rith loud huzzas, and oauso yon lo
think that we are the liveliest corpse of a
dead party that ever you beheld, if we do
not prove the "resurrection and the life"
of" the dying K,epablio.-Dajton Em-
pire. ; . -.'.;
For.rnre Drugfs and Jicd
icnes. go to Sisson's Drug St6ra.
Russia,' Itally, and even, Turkey,
Btrange to say, surpass England in their
exhibitions of cutlery at tbe Exposition,
tgu llorsee Greeley has written, a
sharp letter to the Uoion League iri re
ply to their call tor a special meeting to
consider the question of his ' having he
come bondsman for Jeff Davis. He
sraigns tbetn as narrow minded block
beads who would like to, be useful td a
great and good cause but don't know
how, and dares them to a square sfand, up
fight. ' ' :
YwHBwJf,-,-Fredr5qk j ty 'Hjfjfn.es, of
Eagle Township, who was annouced as a
candidate for County Commissioner, author
ises us to withdraw his name. '. ""' ' ' .' .
' prosecutin6 :toenM ft
Edittr-- DctH.l-Enqiiiter: ipieaj.'hnnounce
the name of David B. Siiivkl, as a candi
date for the office of Prosecuting "A ttorney
subject lo tbe dtcision of the Democratio
County Convention, to be held on .the 17th.
' Many Democrats.
, .'. . i;; ItEPRESENTATIVE. . , .. ,
i, Mr. Bowen: You will please announce tlio
name of Hon. A. J. Swaix as a suitable can
didate for re-election to the House of Repre
sentatives, etilijcct to the deoiaion. of, the
Democrat. o County Convention,- which will ,
be held on she 1 7th Inst.-.., -.- ...
or.tf.i iff .'.,: Mamt ToTKas.
1 Editor Democratic - Enquirer: I'leaae an
nounce the name of Hon. AacinnAto Mat,
as a suitable candidate for Keprsentative k
the Legislature, subjeot to the decision of ihe
Demooratio Couuty Convention, on the jlTt'u
ofJuhe. p " w -'Man Dkmocrats.-
Kevv Edition, Revlged & Enlarged;
,: VVJ-J-LaXjEt''
A"Ca Baslnesn' Form Book,
A COMPLETE (JUIDE, in All Mauer of
Law, and Business Negotiations for eve
ry State in the Union. '. . ...
With Legal Forms, and full instuctienf for
proeeedlng, without legal assistance,, in suits
and business tranaactiona of every descrip
tion.:'... ., -t ..... ,
i Together with . tbe different State, la.wa
concerning the ColleoUon of Debts, Property
Exempt from Exeoutlon, Lein Laws, Cusary,
License to Sell Goods, Qualification of. Vo
ters, Limitation of Actions, &o. ; ',,(i - a.
Also, tbe Qenerar Bankrupt Law with
forms and full instructions to enable Bank
rupts and creditors to take full benefit of the
Aot without legal assistance.
Also, Pension Laws, Wi'.h full instruction
and forme to enable tbe Dieohargod cSoldior
or. Sailor, to procure ,TJack Pay, Pensions,
Bounties, and all WarClaims. JJjJLii
Also, Patent' Laws, with full, ifestruotlons
to inventors, :.; '.,. rtt-
'-AIbo, Excise ' Laws. Stamp Duties, Post
Office and Custom House regulations, the
whole aotibn of the Government in relation
to reoonstruotion and reedmon; tonstltu-
lion or the United States, with amendments;
State Seals, with descriptions, &o.:' 1 '
Over 30; pages - new , natter . Have been
added, to meet the requirement of the limes,
r ' )Ih utility of such a work,' no -opf f Ijl
now question.) (( The sale , of .hundreds of
thousands of copies Of the former editions,,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
that point.- The professional '.man, ' the far
mer, the meohanio, the manufacturer, the
soldier, tbe sailor, each requires a oonven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work.-
It will save them money, save them troub
le, save thenr time, 'save them, litigation and
lawyers' foes, rand give them information,
that nobody can afford to be without," u12mo,
050 pages.' " l-' '- i'Mi-.TUi.
..Price, bandsomly bound, J2. , , ,
Seat, post-paid, on reoeiptof priie, it
A good, reliable Agent wanted" in every
town In the United States. Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent points, aajSeneral
Agent. Also,, a few., yule-awake "men, to
travel In" establlshlug Agenoles.'- . ' '-
J, R.' IIAWLBY .4 CO., .
: 1G4 Vine Street, Ciuoianati, Ohio.
,, r UMmfmt . , , i-iur
" Local Business.;!; ,!.
K3TIN, Tai8, COLUHlN,',!AT:,0Nt,'i)pLl!Al
JSTPBB TEAS,' i '- 'V", ,v.;,;..
j,. " ' '
;i ' Fashionable Tailoring-;;' '
' J. Lilllbridge, Fashionable Tailor, TitoA rthar, Ohie,"
ia prepared io execute fient? au4 Boys' clothinr ia
the most fiwlilonable etylea; Shop three dooiwnorib '
of W ill's residence, oa Market street, i ,, -:'

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