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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 13, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
1 6 "'Riiio.The 'Enquifer
Printing'Officc ' was removed,
onHitirgdayilftStto' tha: room
-over Shetland's Grocery Store.
Mr. J. S. McDowell will'nc-
cept- ''oiw ''thaukfe ' 'for . super
' intending ,theA Removal of the
"pi-s"""' " ' V '' ! v" ' !.
'"'"'"We are how' located in: the
JieatnVlh-fpwnTncl wQ re
ready to place, the names of all
? the, voters jn $n40I county on
. ..our subscription, books. ' Send
i. ,in-.the.names: for the campaign'
only 50 cents ' for six months.
Dr. H, C. Moons, Cha'rman. j
I). 1$. SmvKt, Secretary. !
IljcKM B sfoips. ! 1 1 ) ' f 7 $ '
Eagle-O. P. Clark, ; .., ., :
Brown Thomas Magee, ... ,
J,!A-i-A. J.Swaim,- '-X C O I
Swan -Fred. Cradlebaugh, v"-. i .... . , . ?
. Jackson James MoGillivray, '
- MaaiionM)r k. WJamea," '
Clinton John Fraxee, ) ,.(. -i i. .
Tintorii-Daniel Booth, 1 !" ''' j
Richland L. A. Atwood, .
Harritonh. Arganbright,
WilktivilU -Charles Mulholland,
ir-enry. Paokhard.yrf y,; : j -3
llbt-Bed i llaiiTs-A. L; Wood
of , Webster, Qhio, grows extensively for the
' publio Nansemond Sweet Potato. Plants, Ear
!' .1t Tomato and Cabbage Plants, which will
be nicely packed In damp moss so as to carry
-' n'y dlstanoe safely, and ' delivered at any
Express office for the following prices: !
-' ' Nansemond 'Sweet Potato Plants 600 for
$2; 1,000 for'. f 3,50; 5,000 .for . 5,00,' and
10,000 for $28,000. !
- Early lomato Planls-100 for $2.
Early Cabbage Plants 100 'for ,$i;"and
late Cabbage Plants 1,000 for $2,50. 5 ;
Cash to accompany order..., ,, .
' Address, by mail, Iron Furnace, Soioto
'. County, Ohio,, 'by Express, Webster, Ohio,' 1,5
: w.
Thk Vin.lotf Cdunty Bank has completed
'' very neat and substantial Stone Vault in
the Room occupied by the 3ank the walls
'of which art two feet in thickness of solid
cat stone..; This, Bank promises ,to bs an in
tii,itinn of nermanent location in this town,
,no$witbsfandjng the British are. agitating
"the quest ion of theemoval of 'the County
' Seat from this town.' Success to the Bank I
-f L The Card of this Bank is among the "Busi
,. aess Cards' in this paper., ;'..,'.,'.'':i,'.y. , ;','. ", j
grjitviTOB,. For several months the Sur
veyor's office of, Vinton county had been va
cant. ! The Commissioners,' af tneir session
last' week, .'appointed four ., friend, 8. C.
Stcinbrook, Rail Koad v Agent 'at Raysville,
' Surveyor of the county This is an excel
:: i'ent appointment, as , Mr, Steiobrook is one
of the best of Surveyors, besides being a
sound Demoorat. Long may he prosper I ' ,
, i. I
' I you want to buy ' or sell anything, no
.matter what,1 the test, way, you can accom
"plish your object is to advertise in the .En
"mer. Now Is the time i "advertise. T7
lC 'V ' ' ' I ' :
' 'yiio'jlm Bmti8wibt-Potit
JtAiiTsThose Fisting flaiisemond Sweet
sato PJaits-tbe.begt quality raised In the
North-Bho'uid call on or a'ddress S. flulbert,
(hfri'PulJeriiJIpu,. ..MeArthuriJHe is
raising 25,000 exeellen't Plants, and is pre
pared to supply customers at very low prloes.
Go to Strong & ,Glbins. For
HtoTes,Tm:are.PIow., 9ldlry..imd alUmd.of
Hardwtro, ((0 to Srwa qiBBONS, on Mln , stroet,
MoArthur, Ohio, who have on hand foil supply Of
tery thing usually found in a country lurd-ware
store, and which has been bought at the lowest cash
prices and will b old at corresponding figures. IB
lloa;PKiiiTrrj:-:(3et alryour - Job Printing
don at thf Fnquirtr Printing Office, in
Malone. Juflding, for, besides thebest print
in. you will also find the lowest prices, i ! j
.ilijl-lii' W
$$et roTATOKa asd. Sweet .JPota
to PLiss roii Bam.-I1 Wynian, ,who ,rei
side1 U miles souta 'from' MoArthurand 1
norti 'of; MoArthur StaUori, wishes to inform
t he publio that ne has for sale a large quantity
of the Yellow Nansomood Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, whioh he will aell
at $4fefluBhel.- He Intend to raise plant
. from 60 bushol of, Sweet Polatoe thi sea
son. Those'tkhing Sweet Potatoes, or Sweet
PolataPlants, will please call upon or ad
dress him at j)undftB, Vinton,. County,. Qhio
He can, on. receipt of. the money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any point.
Give tfinvilb6rsl piimti.AXJf.
, , ., '..'!
DriiiTs, Dobk aBrt Stationery ,
Person! wisjiing Drugs, Medioines, or Book,
will do Wei! to caU at Strong' Drug and
Book Store, corner Hulberf Blook, MoArthur,
Ohio, whore k" they will find a large took, of
tnlfe Meiein, ; Liquor, Oils, Painta, Dye
StuBs," Perfumery, and Fanoy Articlo; i ;
Physician can buy Mlof 1 "JT
ket, W Soutliern Ohio ' : i . u,' .
The atientlon of the publio i Mlled to tb,e
faygVsc,k1or: Cap and Note Paper, PenaJ
rfv pjper, Knivee, Buler, 4o., 4o. ,u;
Behool Boofia' can U ! bought . cheaper at
Stng'; il-ati fi tny other eitablishment in
Vinton county," : : - !-. -' '' - .'l'
hn. iHa -L ' My-6m
W Mroppad into", the New loo Cream
Establishment of Pearoe & Redd, on Main
.Mreet, one door East of A. Pearce'a Family
Uroeery Store, the other evening, and took
a dish of Ice Cream. We found (hat Ben.
and George serve Up, day aid evening, al
most . everything, in the line1 of summer lux
uries In the most approved style. If you
want Ice Cream, Strawberries, &c, give them
' tall.' Their Room Is neatly furnished
and ladies and gentlemen can have a "grand
time" during these sultry eveningai: 1 , ' ) 1
1 (' Catawba Wii:. We are under many ob
ligations to Dr. J. 8. Strong' Drug Store for
a bottle of Sparkling and Still Catawba Wine
from the - celebrated Longworth House, at
Cinoinnatl. Tbia Wine la of the most deli
cious and healthful properties, and may be
had in any quantity at Strong's Drug Store.
Jn facy the best of Wines are kept there
and especially adapted to medicinal purpo
ses. ''.Get a little sick slightly indisposed
and iry; a few' bottles, more t leas. ;''No
ehange of diet required. Nice and pleasant
ti), take. ' George Holland,' the' clever aid
gentlemanly Clerk, is always at his pfopor
place ready and willing to wait upon all..
')mT 'it '. ;. ' - -. i,' ,
:,i ' .i.u u ,.r; 7rT77r;t.- a i
Wb hav received' the first number of a
new juvenile monthly, entitled Thi Youth'
Eclectic, made up of selections from the vari
ous jiivenile periodicals of the day, and fur
nished at the lowest prioe. It has been
thought that there are thousands of families
who do not feel able to take the more expen
sire juvenile publications, but who won Id
like something cheaper t for their children.
It will be the aim of the Publisher of this
journal to furnish them with pure and whole.
some reading within the reach of all. It
will contain original enigmas, puizles, ana.
grams, conundrums j &o., . tq whioh all its
readers are invited to contribute. 1 It con
tains eight pages ofimatter, and eaoh page
nearly a large as the New York Ledger, and
will be set in mall type, with a largo, cloar
face. ' - ' ' ; '!
Term as follows:
One copy, 'one year, in advance, ' , $0,75
Three oopies, . ' ! 2,00
Five " ' ' . ' ' " , .. 3,00
Ten . , .. .., , . ... , ' , 5,00
Twenty M. : " " 8,00
Price, in olubSj only 40 cents a year. One
copy' extra will be lent to the sender ef each
V1UU. .
.. Specimen sent! on receipt of 6 oenis.. , J
' Address O. F. KlmbalL Publisher, Belle
ville,'Iir. "l ' "-
Tg editor of the Republican papers seem
to bei very muob, co(rjnfouned, and co(r)n-
fusued, on the negro suffrage, qusstion.
1m a country .where the natural desire of
the people is to reach the highest point in
abt, it is very difficult for success to be ob
tained without the .most arduous labor
Public opinion' is ' extremely exacting and
not always just;, but often unjust and eruel
oritioism has produced the most beneficial
results; the greatest improvement have been
made under continued disoouragemonts, and
in many successful effort defeat seemed
certain to all except those concerned. In
no one branoh of art ha there been more tri
als and failures, aid in no single instrument
is there so many different parte to perfect in
order to make the whole a success as the
Piano-Forte this is always attended with
great expense, requiring largo capital and
patient perseverence. . Gbovistcsii & Co.,
499 Broadway, N. Y,, commenced manufac
turing Piano thirty-six years ago, and is
one of the oldest houses in the oountry. They
differed from the rest of the makers in this
respeot they aimed to make the best instru
ment, and to sell it for the tmallett profit.
These Pianoa to-day cannot be excelled. Their
singing; quality is pure, full, end easily re
tained through the most lengthy passages.
For power they are unparalleled, and are
celebrated for their great brilliancy, exquis
ite touoh, and elegance of style andniiA.
June 13, 1867-lt. ."'.' .
,U ' - t'l i i -A.Z " !
"Th Rxavkmt Chbeubs." Wo have for
sale at this office the most superb steel line
engraving of "The Heavenly Cherub,"
from Raphael' "Slstine Madonna," whioh we
Invite everybody especially the ladies to
call and lee. The price is low. '. '
' Raos Wanted. Brintf all your rags ' to
this office, where the highest market prloe
will be paid for fttw ." ; :;
Local items of interest wilt be thankfully
received from our friends, at any time, from
any part or tbia or adjoining counties.
New York Market.
Flour,'" $1190iS80
Whiskey quiet and unchanged.
Wheat. .. u - : 166YnU25
Oat, , -'.'V .. 8388o
ar.' ' '"'.'. ! 10(ailc
Pork, mesa " 2123 15
Beef, .yrMil & tt T T 50
Bhoulder, i J J1 1 oUo
Butter, lor Ohio ,k , ,12a20o
Cheese-" Sdi 'JJl AU14o
Louisville Market.
FlouK nperfine 1 ' iu !' ','
Wheat, prim red' ';' ':'
Corn,' shelled, in bulk ' '
Oat, "";.' f
j.iij yi' .''.'"i. .. .'.V I."' "i .
" :i-"'fI0 60
! 3 16
i rUt'lW l.i 83o
Cincinnati Market.
Bark, prime chestnut oak ,
. 7 u.i 1
1C v
feeana, prime while ;,ll:it ,, ,,u;uiS I0j3 40
Coffee. Ria , , , ., 22Ja25o
cheese, KA J-;,;
Egg-, ......j,,. .a-4 b loll
Feather,,. K ,, .,(UVjr! .,nh:i-tA
Flour, spring wheat ,(i-oaioo
t...iw " unn.11 TS
Wheat. ' ' V. 2 20a2 87
Corn helled Ukir ' vj " 0095o
Onto, r.. ''.., w ....,.i i-,.V 707J
Molasses, iff ' -V,. 5e126
Potatoes, J 605So
Special Notices.
' ' " Wonderful but True-
M An ah it DiMiNaTAW. Ihn wnrlil. renowned Antrolo-
gistsnd omnambuliticrlirvoyant. while inaclair
vnvunl stuie, rtclinesteii the very ltNi8 of Ihe per
son yon are to nmrry, snd by Hi ate! of an instru
mpn oi intniu nnwer. known uii the Fuvoliomo trope.
luirantmts lo prodim a life-like piotiifu i.l' the future
nurUHiid or wileoitnd apiiiicitnt, witn uaw ui mm
rie,oceupntion, leading traits of cliaraoUr. o.
This is no imponitioo, as teslimouials without num
ber ran mert. Hr staling plxee ol bi rtli. die po
sition.color of eyes and luir, and oncloning tiftjr
cents, and stamped en?lop addressed to yourself,
yon will rer-eivethe picture by return miul, togftuer
with desired information! .. . ,
iTAdiirwiH is confidence, Mads Gibjsuds
Rhikotox, K 0. Box W, Woat Troy, N. Y. r.
VSS'K Yyvna Lapt retnrning to her
country homn, sfcr a sojourn of a few months in the
city, was hardly r;ngid by her friends. In place
of a ooar.u, rustic, flushed lace, slie had a soft ruby
oomplesion of almost marhle tmootliness, ana in
stead nl twenty-three she rvallv appeared but eigh
teen. Upon inquiry the cause at so p eat a change,
ske plainly told them that she hsd used the Ciscas
si in Bald, and considered it an invsluable acquisi
tion to any lady's loilet. By its una any J.sdy or
Gentleman ena improve their personal amierancs nn
hundred fold.' It is simple . in its comlnnation, ns
Nature herselt is simple, yet unsurpassed in its efli
cacr in drawini immiriucr from, also healing, cloais-
Ing and beautifying the skin and complexion. By ,ts
direct setiou on the outicln il drms from It all its
impurities, kindly healinglhe name, and leaving ti e
surface as Nature intended it should ho, clear, sod,
smoothe and beautiful. Prtce SI, sent by mail or.
express, on receipt ol an order nv
!.- .. W. L, CLARK CO., Chemists,.
. ' 77 No. 3 West Karaite Street, Syracuse, N- T
The only American Agents for tne sule of the same.
' . ICnow-jThy Destiny. " ;
MAnAmK. V. Thobstox. 'the crest Eullish Aj
Irologist, Clnrvoyunt and Psychoinetrician, Ik lias
astonished thesdentilio classes of the Oi'i World, ha.
now located herselt at Hudson, Nj Vi hdamo
Thornton possesses such wonderful po-ersof seco..d
sight, as to enable her to import knowK'dge of the
greatest importance to the single or married of ei
ther sex. While in a state of tian.w, she oclineates
the very features ot the person you are to marry,
and bv the aid of an instrument of intense power.
known as the Psyohomotrope, guarantees to produce
a life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, together with the date of marrlaire.position
in life, leading traits in character, Aft. This IS no
liumbiia, as thoustttids ol testimonials can assert.
She will send when doired a cor ti lied certi I cute, or
written guarrantee, that tne picture is what it pur
purls to be. By enclosing a small lock of hair, ami
statins Dlaoe of urtli, age, disposition aod complex -
ion.und nclosinu fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the piot ire
and desired information ny return man. Aiicommu
nications sii'redly confidential. Address in confi
dence, Madams B. F. Tnoasiox, P.O. Box 223, Hud
son, H. Y. I , ' , April 18, 1806-lyJ
A Large 6 pp. Circular, giving information of the
sreatest imtioriance to the vouaif of both sexes.
It teaches how the homely may become beautiful,
the riesoiiied rejected, and Die forsaken loved.
No young lady or gentlemen should fail to send their
Address, aud receive acopy post-pam, ny return man,
i Auortss r. u. urawer, si
.TroyN. i.
April 18, 1807-UinJ : :
To Consumptives.
The advertiser, having been restored to health in a
few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered for several vears with a severe lung nttectiou.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow-sutfercrs t)i9 means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will tend a copy of the
proscription nsed. (froe of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will find n sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colils, and all Throat and Lung Af
fections. . The only object ot tne auvertiser m sena
ingthe Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
sureau inionniuioii niiicn ne itwhuuiyi- ij im uivmu1
abls. and he hones everv siitTerer will Irvhiarem
edv, a It will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the prescription, mix, by
return mail, will please auurees ? .
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York.
May2,187 -ly ' ' ' '
VICE. Pleasant and honorable em
ployment without risk; dtsirahle for all la
dies, nlervvmen. teachers, students, farmers.
merchants, mechanics, soldiers, everybody.
Please oall on. or address, C. W. JACKSON
& CO., C8 Beaver Strett, N. T.
. 21 p.
SometMng IVewJunfler the Sunt
The Union Pocket Timekeeper.
Price Fifty Cents.
mHE most novel and useful Invention of the age.
X Warranted to mark solar time with greater ac
curacy than the most expensive gold or silver re
peater, while its estreme cheapness places It In the
reach ot all. Sent to any address post-paid bv mail,
for Firrr csnts. Orders will be filled promptly. Ad
dress 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 '
. Box '441 Hudson, N. X.j
'. June 13, 180T-3m ' ' " ' " n
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
2O0Gold Hunt'K Case Lever Wr tchea 10O to jn6eoh
aotoiaiuni'gua8ei.eiwnB iitu
JMinnl.l DlalOil.B.CaBa. - ' AO to ltlO '
600 Solid silver Case Lever Watchsa ' 34 to 75 M
600 Botid silyer case ijepene waicnee . -o m
6O0G'ld Composite Hunt'g Case watches 20 te 60 -
. i.i.i i... i, ,1 will Itm inM (nr
All IIIO ISIT O UCItUlU no..-a ..... -w.. ...
,n . u iir n , . .l..t .l , ha fnllowinv . n an:.
9 1 encii, ti nn,. n i
tninoaren ueiwriuiiigosuii w--n -
prepared and placed in sealed envelopes, and thel
r iV ,i, i . .....j ii,. ot.tHh ,1 n.l 1. fn, tin.
iiuiubi sill wiw.'".i yv ... - - - -' -r
on payment of the $12. This is not a lottery, but a
are no blanks, every one must get a watch at hair the
i , , Manwwill oat a snlondld
Gold Watoh for the triflina sum of$W. "Certificates
sent h m.it to Anv ni dress for 60 cento each. Five
i .. . J . ... - ....i.ilu. ar.tin
will oe sent iora; ntmen lor muij-j w-.
Agents wantodi send for circular. Address,
21-m 8.6 Bookman St,, New York.
P I R N I T U R E! !
, , -I-. , 'u' .'i a it i v. ' .
JAMH.WHCK;0fr." " " " JOSgPHT.KAtM.
ARE still in town manufacturing and dealing in
all kinds of " .' : ' :.
Cabinet Furniture,'
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolfe Offieo,
. , MoARTnUK,' OHIO. .
irk. vMlt,,Aia maAA nut a! tha heat aeiiaonAd
material, and by the most experienced workmen.
BtJREAU8-Eery Style.' ' ' ' ! "-?:!,;'r': '
I ... .TABLES Every Pattern..
CHAIRS Fancy and Common.
SASH, COOKS, , BLINDS, i 4o, ..;
I ways on hand o- furnished on short notice.
Of alt kinds, in Furniture, Chairs, Ac, attended lo
on short notice. ' 1 ...;..-" ,
A aunerior otialilv ot Mattresses of all sixes al
ways aepi on nana.
it. .v-.l. .1.
I ii
W arealwuvs in readiness to ATTKNT)
FtjNEKALS'n Town and Country, at the
lowest rates.
A Fall Frio for a : Fair Article)
is Qua Mottol .
' Purchasers are requested to call and txamine our
, Irg tSdok ef Furniture '' ".' :'.
before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident
that we can furnish better and cheaper articles than
any other establishment in this Tteinity. .
$100 from $30.
BY acting as on r Agenta for the sale of S P T , K N
fcieroncopes and Sterocopio Views ol all the pointi u
I iter est in The World . Pri se and 8 tati onery 1 'aclt ot,
lver Ilunlinz Case Watches. Also, fine collection
odmperial Card Pictures. Colored Prints, Ac.
srfiWwill purchase a miscellanemn stock ol
alove gonos that will sell for tiUO, We nSermos
ejtraordiuai-y inducements and a chance for those
wo wish to establish themselves in a good (paying
business. For catalogues and hill particulars send to
i (ASK1N8 & CO:.
funelS, 18ii7-Hm 3d Beekman St., New Yorli.
xrOTICB Is herebv given thai the Commis
(doners of Vinton county, Ohio, will inecim -u,
bridge across Midille .Fork Creak, between
Vinton Station and Vinton Furnace, on
Friday.the 5th day of July, ,1807,
in the forenoon, to sell to the lowest responsible
bidder, the tiiildincof abriiln across said creak-
to be built with two tone abutments, and of heavy
timlier.. Otls?r ipecifijations made knowd on the day
of sale. i -
By Order af the Commissioners.
..... W. F. FELTON. '
June 13. 18t7-4w ,,. ,.. Auditor Vinton County.
$2M rEK 1UOWTII rat Yiax Rouwd,
or U0O Tsp Cknt. Paom on CohhishioM.
We guaranty the above salary or commission to ac
tive industrious sgents at their own homes, to intro
duce nu article or indispensable i utility in eyery
nquseuota. mriuu ranicumrs-cau on or, andress,
W u. W.JACIcsoifcCo, "
' ' ' ' '"i 11 South St., Baltimore, Md.
(ray23,18tiTlm ';
. . V . . .- . .
l-l ... . .. -i.-.y , , i '. ' i .
""' "! AWARDED Tip..:,',. ', '!-'
World's Fair, London,
WHKRE aII Hewing Machines ot any note,
both European and American, , were in
competition. .1 .
IS?" 7A yearly talei of Wheeler $
, ( W ilton are equal to the ialeof all ,
. other Sewing Machine Combined. ...
"We use the Wheeler Wilson, rind pro
nounce it without a rival. actcvnric AstmcAM.
There is no msctr'ne so simple and easily
managed, or that csn perform such a variety
at work without basiing or preparation.
r All orders will robniro prompt
attention if left whn.'. - ' - ,.
; iwt-n H. P. AMBROSE.
. . , , , i , MoArthur, Ohio.
-,.'1 . ; . : Jj -
J ; F. Woodside, Agent, .
... Cbiliioothe, Ohio.
May23, 1807-3m
Strong, Simple and Practical.
TT is a SqucnziNa Macuihi; warranted not
I to injure olo thine: seared to rWo fix
strokes of the plungers for one turn of (he
handle, end 150 turns of whioh will wash
thoroughly tne built or six to twelve shirts,
according, to the size of Maohine need. '
Six Yean' experience proes the NoNPAara
to be the only Washing Machine made which
ttand the tut ef Time and Ute. It is unap
proachable for '.
AGENTS WANTED.-Boni for free De
wrlpliye Circulars to ' 1 ' : "
184 Water Street, New York City, i
Jane 6,1807 -9m " J , ' , j
T8NOW receiving from New fork, Boston,
X and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
DRY,; C O p,D S ,
j consisting in part of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Xetv Styles Delaines & Shallies,
Double-Width Uinghams
. In Broken Plaids,
ge Stock or ; ' V "
Foreign, Dress Goods
t-iXVery iow and of the Latest Styles,
Arxbcr, Jet and Crystal Drop
i Trimmings and Buttons,
parasols of .all descriptions;
:. Shaker Hoods,
Am Cheapest Woolen. Goods
flirt . 1 ! . il
ana ijassimeres since me war.
. lu8toolf.pi , t -, A j .; , jf . !
. ii BobW and Ladies Shoes il
Is ctmplete, and can be sold !p per cent, cheaper
thai tie cneapesc.
Al lindaof" -' 1
kept constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Heady-Made Clothing, ; j -
. , riece trooas, . ...
- vDIata and Caps,
As cheap as in the year 1869. " '
IT AILS by the pound & keg,
Rr leas than can be bought at any other House in the
tRemember th place Doddridge' yea
Juilding, on Door Wtt of iA Court Uouu.
May,j8(i7-iy ,i .
' W ASH I N O:
1 ' ft V'- ' "i- If M
.. ' , lit: .y.' .-.MAVHtm- jj :)
Xi 1 "sv. a HI
. Bradlej'! CelWaf J Patent
' ' (on nouDii ar-aiws) ' i
cuaroar and riiMtn to any I July wearinv the
Duplex Elliptic Bkirt wilt be ejtperienced partwulsrly
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriages, Ksil
rond Cars, Chnrv h Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and House lirest, as the eikirt eao ba folded when
ill use looceiiova small Dlsce as easily and con
veniently as (jilk or Miwlin Press, an invsluable
quality in crtionne, not fouud in any bingle ripnng
kirt. .. . ''.'. ; . . . ... : .
A Lady having enioved the nlen'iire- eomfort tnd
greiiti onveniwiceof ivennngtUe Duglex Elliptic Stel
ipring Skirt fir a single ln will never aftorwsrds
willingly dispense with their use. For children,
wiHsesand lonigLaiit they are fuenpi to all
They will not bend or break like the Single 8pring,
tint will nrsserve their nerfect and cmceful shape
wnen three orrnnr ordinary BKirts win nave heen
thrown aside ni nseless. The Hiki arn covered
witlidoulile ami twisted thread, and the lsitnm rods
are not only dnuble springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing them from wearing out when
dragging down stoops, stairs,.
Tne UiiDlex IMiiiuio is a ureal favorite with all la
dies and is universally recommended by the Fashion
Magasineeas the STANDARD ohlltT Or THE
To eiiioy the followina enestimable advantage in
Crinoline, vIe Superior Quality, Perfect Mauufnc-
turn, .Stylish 8bnisaud Finish, Flexibility, DuratsH
ty, Conifort and Economy, enquire Hir J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirl, and be
sure you get the Genuine article.
CaO'ITON. To guard against IMPOSITION I
particular to MOT1CB that akirts olktred as "DU
PLEX" have the red ink Stamp. vIk "J. W. Brad-
lev's Dunlex F.llintic Steel Snrinirs." upon the waist
bund iioneotheis ere- genuine. . Atts notict that
everv Hoon will admit ofanin being passed through
the centre, thus revealing the two (or double) springs
braided together therein, whicn is the Flexibility el
and atreiieth, and aeombinulion not to be found in
anv nr.li.ir Kkii-t. . - . i . . ., , . ,
FOB SALE in nil Stores whore FIRST CUSS skirl
are sold, throughout the United Stiif es and elsewhre.
Hunuraatured ny tne r-ohl owners ni me l'ateni,
0T Chambers and IV 81 Reoue tu , N,
May 1, HW7-3U1 , , . , . , ,.
Kcparaloi Capilla. ,
Throw awsyjyouf lUlso friucs, yopr switches',' your
wig i
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fim .
Come aged, come youthful, come ugly and fair, ,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hait.
TTOIt restoring liair upon hold beads (from winter-
r er Cause it may have fallen out) and forcing a
growth of hair Upon the face, it has no equal. It will
iorce the beard to grow linos, the smoothest face in
from live to tight weeks, or hair upon heads in Irom
two to three. A few practitioners have asserted that
there is not fng that will force or hasten the growth
of the hair or beard Their assertions are false, as
thousands ot living witnesses (from their own expe
rience) can boar witness. .But many wilrnay, how aro
we to distinguish the genuine from the spurioun? It
orrlainlyis difficult, as nine-tenths ol the ditlerent
rreoarationa advertiaed lor tlie hair anil uearu are
(entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away large amounts in their purchase. To such wo
would say, try the Keparntor Cappillii'tt will cost
vou nolhinn unlets it I'ii II v comes to our representa
tions. Ifyour Druggist does not keep it, seod intone
dollar and we will forward it, postpaid, together w'lh
a re nipt for the money, which will be returned you
on anplicatlou, providing entire .satisfaction is pot
gives. Auuress, .. i
W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemitle, ' '
" ' "' ' No. 8 West Fayette Street, ' :
aloylj' ';; Byraouse, New York.
' Thero aometh glad tidings of joy to all, -'l
o young and to old, to great and to small;
The beauty which once was so precious and rare,
' Is (roe for all, and all my be fair. - ', ;
By the uc of .'..;,, ;"! .,;', ..,.
T9 Imnrovini and beantifvinBthe complexion.
1;. The most valuable and perfect preparation in
une,forivin;theHkinabeautifiil pearl-like tint, that
is only found in yomn. . ,:i qniciuy n-uiv im
Kreckles, Funplos, Blotches, mom rarcnei", oanow.
iia.. F.runtiana. and all ImDoritiea of the skin, kind
ly lieahnv the same, leaving the skin white and oiear
as an alabayter. Ite use cannot be detected by the
closest scrutiny, and being a vegeiapie prrparauon
Is perfectly harmless It is the only article used by
the French, and is considered by the Parisian as in
dispensable to a perfect toilet, : Upwards of SO.oiie
bottles were sold during the last yeas-, a sufficient
gurrantee of its efficacy. Price only 76 cents. 6em
by mail, post-paid, on receipt or aa oroo', ny , ,
BKRGER, bllUTTS A CO., Chemists,
ApriH8,18t)7-lyj 2H5 Kirer 8treet, Troy, JJ.T.
.. Iltir Exterminator! !
For Removing Superfluous llalr!
TO tlie ladies' espeolally; this lntaluable
depilatory' recommends itself as being
an almost indispensible article to femald
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the ekln, but acts directly on the roots.
It iswarrated t remove superfluous hair
from low fereheads, or from tiny part or the
body, completely, totally and radically- it-
urpiaung tne same, uaving m
smoothe and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existonce. Price T5
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt of an order by !,t ' 11 ;' 1
BERGER, 8HDTT8 & CO., " .
. , . . 286 Rirer St., Troy, N. Y;
. 1 ' ' ' :' it. i.- i . i - , . ' " !r
cKisrEit coma:
Oh. was she beautiful and fair,
with urrv vaa. ana eaaiani nwr. .
W hose CHling tendrils soft, entwined
Enchained the Tory heart and mind.
' ' C R I S P R COM A',: " "
For Curling the Hair of either ' Sex into Wavy
i and Gkny Ringlet or Heavy Matuve vurlt.
BT using this article Ladies and Gentle
men can beautify themselves a thousand
fold. It is the only artiolo in the world
that will ourl straight bair, and at the same
time eive it a beautiful, glossy appearance,
The. Crisper Coma not only ourls the hair,
but invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the most complete artiolo of the kind ever
offered to tha American publio. ine tnspcr
Coma will be sent to any address,', sealed
and postpaid for$l. ' "..y.
Address all orders to , , , , i ,,, t ,
W. L, CLARK k CO., Chemiets, ."
' No. 3 West Fayette Street, 8yracQse, N. T,
Administrator's Sale of ' Real
Estate, va,;:t
Thomas Beach, Administrator
of Estate ol Dr. John
deceased, ,
amlnst "-
Arthur Coats and others
In Tmlon County rrobate
hurt, Siatfi of Ohio'.
N pursuance or en ardor crante ny the Frobare
Court of Vinton county. Ohio, 1 will sfler for sle,
at Public Auction, on
Tuesday, r the ;2d day1 of July,
-, ?AD. im, ttn:-,:-,,,
at! o'clock P. M- of said dav, al the doer oMhe
ronrt House, in the Town oi Mcannur,in sa.d conn
tv. Hie &llowinK describeH premises, situate in the
coitity of Vintou and HtaUol Ohio, to-wit.:;: ;.m";
Toe orth-wet quarter ot tne oouin-west (Quarter
of Rsnge Number Seventeen 17( Township Numker
Ten(10,j 8ection Nnmber Two ti, containing furiy
oneaores moraer.laaa..' ' .!.: to. i.t,v"i".i),-
Apraisodat7ai. ,,-,.(
Terms of sale One-third Cash tit btnrh one-third
in six months, and residue rn twelve months frsm
e day of tale deterred payments to near Interest
and to be scoured by mottcsca npon the rremiset
snld. . THOMAS PEACU, .
Adminlslr.itor of Estate of Or, John Coats, deceased.
MayX,W67td j i;
, i ' "! J t " ' J
t lit ,:uii. Th'-yJ
Carding Machines
-iir; tub
lilflc Arthur Steam ITS ills,
HAVING been refitted with New Cards, are now
ready for work; and the proprietors guarantee
that the work done I y thrn'Will not be
In tiia country I.
May 13s.l807'3m
The. , World ABtoDished
' ; Madame II. A, PERRIGO:
SUE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. Fhe
restores to happiness thoee who, Irom doleful
evnts,onlalrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations
and friends, lose At mony, 4c, have become do
spent'ent. She brinjrs toRctlicr thoKe long sennra
td, givce inform atiou concerning atisent friends or
lovorn,retores Ion or Kolcn property, fells you the
business you are be?t qualified lo pursue indiin
what you will be most suci c!.nful, causes speedy mar
riages and tells you the very day you will, marry,
gives you the name, likeness and charactitics of
the person, bhe reads your very thoughts, and br
hornlinnst supernatural powers unveils the dark
and hidden my sUnes,of the future. From theaters
we see in Ihe firmament Ihe malefic stars tlia over
come or predominate in Ihe configuration from the
aspects nd positions of the planets and the fixed
atara in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduces
the liiturodesliny of man. Fail not lo consult the
greatest Astroloist onearth. II costs you but a trifle,
and you may list er again have so favoralile an oppor
tunity. Consultation free, with likeness and all de.
sired i nformation, SI. Inrtiea living at a distance cn
consult the Madame hy mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, a il in person. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer
ed and likeness encosedrscnt by mail on receiptor
price above nifntionod. The strictest secrecy will lie
main tinned, and aU, correspondence p'ttirned or de
Hlroyed. References of the highest order furnished
tlioso desiring them. Write plainly tile day of the
month and year in which you were born, enclosing a
small lock of hair.
Address, , Mad H. A. PERRinC-,
(481 P. O. Drawer 283, Buffalo, N. T.
i' II ii AN-D
i - .
"TORCED to gro upon the smoothest face
P in from three lo five weeks by using vx.
IRE. the most wonderful discovery in modern
science, aoling upon me uearm u
an almost miraculous manner. Is has been
need, by the elite of Paris and 1 ondon with
tlie most flattering success. Names o. all
purchasers will be registered, and. if entire
eaiiafaoUon Is not given in every instance,
the money will be cheerfully refunded. 1 rice
by mail, sealed and post-paid, $1. Descript
ive oironlars and testimonials mailed free.
Address BERGER, SttUTTS & CO., Chemists,
Wo. 286' River . Street, Troy, Ni X, Bo'8
Agents for the United fi tales. , . ... t ..
- '
ft i m r. to mi i. ! i ) n 'i
. 'The StakoflDhio, '
Offtc ofth Secretary of Slate. J
1, WitHAM IIinrt 8niTn, ScoreUry or
Btate of the' State of Ohio, do hereby certify
..... .l- niiA.:rt i iviia ntinv of the
inav vue iuniu - ---- --i - - --
joint resolution passed by the General As-
. . .... ... a rtu:- am llift Alh dav
semoiy oi me oiaie y uwvi " vuv "v- ,j
Of April, A. II. looi, ibki-u iruut w..tt.
rolls on filciin this offioe. .
; In Testimony Whereof,! have here
, unto subscribed; my name and aflix-
fL. 8.1 ed the great Seal of the tjtate oi
ti UUIO, a vuiuuuo, mv
r: April, A. l. 1861. ...i
' Secretary of State..
Relative to an. Amendment of the Constitu
tion, providing for the.extcnaion of the
! eleetive franchise:.;! . . .
ihn General AsttmUv of the
Sim nf Ohio, "three-fifths of the members
elected to eaoh House agreeing thereto,)
That it be and is hereby . proposed to the
electors of this State to vote at the net annual
the annroval or rejec
tion of the '.following amendment as a sub
stitute for th first , aeotion of the fifth Arti-.
ole of the Constitution of this State, to-wit:
Every male t citizen of , the United btates, ot
tha age of twenty-one years, wbo snau navo
been a i resident of the Stato one year
next nreceedlng the oleetion, , ana of the
oountyjj tewnBbip, i,ori. ward in whioh'
he ) resides, suck ,,wme as may uo pro
vided by i law, except such persons asi have
k. in annnnrt at anv insurrection or
rebellion against the government of the Unk
ted States, or have fled from their places of,
residence to avoid being drafted into the mil.
have deserted the.
military or naval service of said government
in tine t)f war, and have not .subsequently
tuu... hmaovaMv Hi cnharirerl from the- same.
shall have the qualifications of an . eleotor:
and be. entitled to vote atatl elections.;
t,. ED. A. PARROTT, .....r...i8
Speaker of the Home of Rcpriientalivet, , ;
. .. ,. , , Pretidtnt of the Senate.
Pawed April 0, 186T. '..; (Cm
; ADni,M67.j , K
! ; . .'. ; ,i' I- .V'-' ' '
Legal Notice.
pnrtfiF W. RF.YEK. and Asnhal Hover, who hav
X arrived at full age, Newton Beyer, .lames Beyer.t
EveBeyerand Mary Bwyer, who arc minors and rest-,
dents of the county ot-Vinton, and State of Ohio, and
Charlotte Beyor, who i a minor, and whn pliK-g ofi
residence is unknown, will take notice that Jixl O. r
Swetland, Administrator. ol the Estate of Andrew J. .
Beyer, deceased, on the 27th day of May, A. D. 1S67,
riled bis petition in th rrobate Court, withm and for ,
the county of Vinton, and State ef Ohio, alledcinR that ;
the personal estate ot eaut decedent is Inmifhcent to
pay hit debts and the charge ef administering his 1
Estate; that he died seized in fee simple of the fol- '
lawing described Real Estate, situate in th. Township '
of Elk, in the county ol Vinton, to-wit:
' " Commencing at the '-outh-Est corner of the
North-West Quarter of Ihe North East Quarter of
Section Number Thirty-four INo.M,) Kange Number
Seventeen So. 17, Township Numlier Meven No. '
llj thence running Wist Tweaty Reds; thence Nmth ;
Twenty. Kod; thonca East Twenty Rods; thence ';
taiuiDg Two acres and fifty hundredths of an aore."'
That fieorge W. Beyer, Asaliel Beyer, Newton,
Bfljer, James Beyer. Eve Beyer, Mary Beyer, and
Charlotte Beyer, as heirs at law of the said Andrew J.
Buyer, deceased, hold to next eslata ol uiherilsnta .
therein. ' ,
i The prayer of said petition ia for the saIof said
premises, Iree of dower Eftate, for the payment of the.
debts and charges aforesaid'. Ssid petition will be fnr
hearing nn thertth day ol tune, A. P. 1887, or as soon ,
thereafter as the same can be heard.
AdministrstorofEstate of Andrew J. Bsyor, deceaned. ,
. Mot ao. lbT-6w

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