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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 13, 1867, Image 4

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iJemoefdtlc Enquirer
- - The j
'.Curdinu . Machines
t:ie . J !
IUiA.ll.ur SiVam .IB ills,
.1... .a ' ' ' ' I I io .'. I
I I A VINO ticen refitted wilh New f'snls. are mm1
1 1 rvailvfor work; and the pn.pnelt.i:, uiiuranlce
.iliat (lie woik uonn by ttwia will uul be.
tuj to, hh7-u,,
Jn (Ac cyuntry !
' the! Wp r 14 0 As to n i sti e d
" f 1 1I E nwili swrctH nu nmrtnl everknew. She
' rsi.-iui( haimine. those who. Irom lolfnl
'.Ve'nKciitiistrnphes.croasi'slii love, loss of relations
anu tnetvis, I'.ss oi ntoni.y, c, umo ivwiiir un-
u enc Shi bring! together those long aepsra-
rnencm or
'' ted. mn's information u'-inecniini absent
, over s, restore!) Iiwt or mwn properly, tells you the
ffies von the niniie, hLeue nn'i
the pemon. he read vour very thonshta, nd by
' tier ehimi'l eiiriinturnl iwprn ubreib Iho durk
ind hidiln niysteni of the future. ' From the stars
. we see iu the Brmiuiieiit the nmlelie stars that over
' roine or predopini'ile in the configuration from the
SKpectH nid position of the plnu'ets snd the fixed
. Mais in the heaven at the time of birth, she deduces
. the luliue destiny of nuin. Ftil nt to consult the
greatest AstroloxiidoneHrih. It costs yon but a trifle,
' imd vuunuiy ntvtraxa'n have so favorable sn onpor-
uxJsspeedy mar-
uy you win marry,
it characteristics of;
liiftiiief,ii von are ie:it onoliHed
u liat . Ail u ill ha ll.il.r ll.fM4till. eiHIIUl B
nanus and tells yon the very day you win marry,
tututv. Cotwuliatum free, with likeness and all de-
. Mied in(riiia(ioii,cl. 1 allien llvmg at a distance can
e.ifiif.U Hie Msdsiiu liy mini with equal safety and
" hntiMsetion to tlniinHlves,ii!4 it in person. A mil and
..xjhcit eharl. niitlen out, with all inquiries answer
ed and likeness emlnsed. sent hy mini on receipt of
prioc above mentioned. N 1 ne trietesi secrecy will oe
maiiititiiied, and all eorreouo;enee returned or do
attoveil. Iteltienecsof Iho hiiihest order ftimished
4lio'c dosiviiid; them. Write' plainly the day of the
month snd year in a hteh you were bom, enclosing a
kiiinllloi kof hair.
Address, Maiiaxs H. A. PERK1G0,
al8J ' y lJAo, lirswor ia BuBalo.N. Y. !
W II I S H 13 F I
IOUCED 'to giovr upoa the gmoothest face
in from tbre to five weeks by win Dr.
1RK, the most wonderful discovery iu modern
science, aitin upon the Heard eni Hair in
''an almost miraculous niauiior. ,f Ukas been
' : used by the elite of Paris and L oodon with
" the most ' ilalleridg' success.' Names of all
( pnrchaser;3 wille regis tea-ed -and if eatire
'' catisfnction is aut given id, every instance,
' the money will toe cheerfully refunded. Price
ny man, eenieu anu posi-paiu, . uesuripv
1 ive circulars "and testimonial mailed free.
Address BEEGER, SHUTTS & CO., Chemists,
No. 285 River Street, Troy. N. Y. - Sole
f Agen'i for therUnits4 States", nI j?1
1 , . X
" ' " " fkt Slalaof Okioj , -ii' , i : , V . '
Offitt ofilit SeetcUuy of State. .
' I, Wiluam' Hksbt Smith, 6ecreiary ' of
State Of the Stn'e of Ohio, do hereby certify
, that the following is a, truo copy of the
'jolut rvsolution passed by the General As
sembly of the Slate of Oliior on the Oth day
of April,' A. D. 1867, taken from the original
foils on file in this office. ' . .
" In Testimony Whereof, 1 have here
'' ' " tinto Bttbscrilied my name and alSx
JL. 6.1 ed the treat Peal of the State of
Ohio, at Colubus. the 6th day of
v'" ' April, A. l. 1807.
1 ' i 1 1 . 1 1 ( Secretary of State.
Relative toa Amendment of the Ceoslila
tion, pfovidlna; for the extension , of the
"'"eleoUv tVachie: ''.' .
' HXsdvtd ty 'lAs' General Assembly ' the
Stale' of Ohi, (thnce-filihs of the members
elected te eci nod so agreeing there to.)
That ii be and is hereby proposed to the
electors of this 'Stale U voto at the next annual
October election, upon the approval or rejec
tion OT tbe .follow lb g amendment as a sub
etiUite; for tbe first section of the fifth ArtU
elt of the Constitution of this State, to-wi
Every male cHijen of the United Slates, of
Ibe age of twenty-one yars, mho shall have
been a resident' of ' the i State one.--year
next preoeeding the 1 election, anil of the
county, - township, or (" ward r in which
he resides, ' such ' ' lime , as inay be pro
vided ty law, except such persons as have
borne arms in support o aay insurrection or
rebellion against the government of the Oni
terl States, or have fled fnora their places of
residence to avoid being draAod into the mil
itary service thereof, or have ' deserted the
military or naval service of said government
ia time of War, and have not subsequently
been honorably discharged from the same,
shall have the qualifications of an elector
and fce entitled to vote at all elections.
' Speaker, of tin IIoum of Reprttentativt.
.ANDREW 0. McliUHNEY, i . i
Tretidenl of the Senates
roused April 0, 1867. (6m
April o, iBi;i..
Legal Notice.
fi, &1RGE W. TET ER, and Asahel Beyer, who have
VA arriveas. uni v.! newton ueyer, jumes neyer,
h,ve beyerauj jianv ueyer, wflo are minors ana rest
4ienls of the county nt Vuilon,,ahd Slute of Ohio, and
inanoue neyer, wnoisa minor, ana wnosepinca or
rtwidrnee is unknunn, till take notice that JeJ O.
ediind, Administratot ot the Estate of Andrew J,
ilever, deceased, on (tie 27xli day of May, A. D. 1867,
tiled hi petuion in the PrnUite Ceurt, within and for
f lie county ol virion, and suteoiunio, uiedgirg that
t!i iiersmial estuie of said decedent is iasnmcont to
pay his debts and the chate of administering his
fc.-Uilc; tLat be died seized i fee simple of the fol
lMwingdesehteil H,al EshMe, situate iu the Township
Wl DIM, in II1V CU.tuijf ll 1114111, bO-Wltl ,
'(xiiiirnencing at the -outh-East corner of th
NorUi-Wesl Quarter of the North East Quarter of
tectum Number Hiirty-fhiir No. 34.1 Bailee dumber
twvemeen aiv ii.rtownsnip minihet Klewen Wo,
twenty Bodt; llience fjint Twenty Roda; thence
nosw iwerwy nons, tome place or Beginning, .eon
iniuisjiTwo acres and flfty fiundrodths of an acM."
That fceorge W. Beyer, Asahel Beyer, Newton
Beyer, .lamts Beyor, Eve Beyw, Mary .Jever, and
IbirluUe U-yr, . heirs at ln ofthe said Andrew J.
Beyer, decteu, hold the next estate of Inheritance
Uttteuu , , , , .
TUc prayer of said petition Is for the sale of said
premiciBii, lteo of dower Eslate, for the payment of the
debts snituhtfgesafbrrtaid., Said petition will be for
hearing on ilm -Jtt day of June, A. I. 1S67, or as loon
thersaUer as tue lame can no hfarn.
AHminiatMlorof EtUte ofAndrewi. Beyer, decsssed
l,iy W,lJ0J-5w
3Pn.oarri3CJTXJs , ,
11 01 ? I
,. f4-Fot 18C7, -., ,
Tbb Seventh! Volume end the 8eveuth
Year of the publication of I'm Ceisis is
about to begin,' and, in accordance with cus
tom, vo issue our Annual Prospectus, We
need not rccapiialate its history during the
stormy years or its existence, noc reuiina
those who have read it, of its services' in be
half of the (Trent principles of the uemocra
cy, and what its conductors conceived, and
what lime ling shown, to be the best interests
of llifi country. Its merits (have been ac
knowledged from the time ii was started by
that ve'eran and distinguished journalist,
CovMkuasv. aud its present conductors
simply claim for it the oiodit of an earnest
and uiulevmnng adherence is the plan aou
principles of its founder. In nil (ho politi
01 vicissitude of the past sis, years the
fni hi re of sume, the apiwtncy of others, and
ilie utieuarded -weakness of many, exponents
of Utiiuooracr, Tm Lams has never demo
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
bten allured by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster " "; ' " .
"' On the score of prinoiple we olaim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency. AS a newspaper we Claim lor it ins
merit of being an exponent of western in
terests and Ideas, t reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the farmer,
the mechanic, the business mail, and. the
family oirela. It is our aim to fill the large
sheet with matter of real Interest and per
manent value to disouss questions of pnu
oiplo' that are of real significance, to inform
improve, uu lusiruoi, as wen as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddl
whioh goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obsoene advertisements and the eensa
ttonW Tolly of the day. We could publish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of The
Crisis in this respeot, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. The reliable
market reports and, the great , amount of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information wo publish, is of im
portance and valie to business men, farm
ers, mechanics, and politicians ; while the
carefully selected page of literary iniscella
which each number contains, commends
to the home oircle of all.
The political views of Tut Caws scarcely
require definition. K is in Ivror of Denio
cralio principles in all tholr breadth and
purity, as expounded by ihohas jeffskson
and the other really great men. snd founders
the Government, and upon which the
Government Was successfully conducted for
seventy years. . It is opposed to the Aboli
tion despotism which now controls the Fed
eral Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatever device it may appear. It la
opposed to the entire Abolition theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, numb uks,
and delusions which grow out of it. It U,
opposed to the thieviur jascality, the ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar-)
barous policies and the lawless usurpation!
Congress, and to all the machinery thai
Jacobins have devised and put m opera
tion to overthrow Eepublioan Government,
inaugurate anarchy and absolutism, enslave
people, .and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and corrupt
legislation. And in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, wt shall continue to do it without
or favor.
In order to successfully conduct suoh a
paper as Tub Caisia, it must have large
of subscribers: and to secure that we
pon our friends and those who have
taken the paper. We cannot- compete with
cheapshoddy publications of the East
offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; but. we earnestly solicit
aid of our readers in extending oir cir
culation by their pertonal efforts, . It will
require but little exertion from each, but
aggregate will enable us.to furnisk thea
a paper fully equal in size, superior in
print to. any Eastern publication, and of a
ereat deal more interest ana importance te
Western Democrats. Friends, shall wo call
you in Vain, for the small favor we
and la a cause of such magnitude and
value? ' Now 1 the time to teud in-sub-1
scripUons for the now volume, which, l thoi
of the year,, will be worth thiiqe the
amount of the subscription price
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1.50 for
roontlts, ai.UU for four months
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting up a olub of six yearly subscribers ;
to anv one sending a club , of ten for six
four months an extra copy for the club
time..;.-. :! v- ..-t:., t ,-,
For a club often yearly', subscribers
of either of the five bound volumes
'62. '6S, ,'64 or 'b5.
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers,, a
complete sett , of the volumes ol luc lbiii
six years, i
Address, WILLIAM 1 11 EV ITT,
Publisher and Pioprietors.
Columbus, 1867. .......
UNIVER8LLY acknowledged; the Model
Parlor Magatine of America, devoted to
Original Stories, . Poems, Sketches, Archi
tecture, and Model Cottages, Household mat
ters, Gens of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip (including apeoial departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnas
tic Equestrian ' Exeroises, Bleating, Music,
Amusements, Set; all by the best, authors,
and profusely and artistically Hluelrated
with costly engravings (full siie,) useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic novelettes, with other'
usefuFand entertaiag literature. '."'
No person Of refinement, economical house
wife, or lady of taste, can afford . to do with
out tbe Model Monthly. .;' .. ' '. '
Single copies, 30 cents; ' rack numbers, as
specimens, 10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, 93, with a valuable premium; two
copies, $5 90; three copies, 7 50; ave copies,
Si 2, and splendid premiums for elubs at $3
each, with the first premium ; to eeok sub
scriber. . r;
i Address i "; -
No. 473 Broadway, New York.
; Demorest's Monthly and Young America
together, i, with the premium to each.
i , i.. ....... ,.. . ,
Aaburn. Golden, Flaxen & Silken
, . ' . . Curi r' . -
PRODUCED by 'the- use of Prof, DE
application warranted to curl the most
straight and stubborn hair of either sex ir.to
wary ringlets, or heavy massive curls. Has
beca used by the fashionables of Paris and
London; with tbe most gratifying results.
Does no injury to the hair. Prioe, by mail,
sealed and postpaid, $1, Descriptive Circu
lars mailed free; - Address RERGER,
311UITS & CO.; Chemists, No. 285 Rher St.,
frey, N." Y,. Solo Agents for the United
States. f April 18, '6M
I - or THE
, ... '. ..i . . For 1867.' . ,
Agents! I
to , Out
, ' Premium Amaunling tej t,f
. 1 - . - . . -;
. To is Dittribuied in Afr j 1807. 1, .
For List of Premiums and Particulars of
DiBlribution, see the Weekly Enquiter
and Subscription Circulars . .
E this yar, oflhr priies to thenbove amourtt s
anincentivetothoseofour patrons who will
exert themselres to form clubs 'It pur psperoouia
be taken in the honnehold of all bur Democratic
friends, Pouth and West, lt InBuenre would beiM
..k i ih nnlit iel asne!t it atlairs. Th
lreiit point lor which all Wends of the Union shouW
hibor for is the Dissemination of lmocratic truth
If it had hod an equal hearing with tbe errors ol our
oiiDonents. we should never have had the terribl
eriiis of the last flvt years. Taught Mr sad expen.
on.... r,i f,..pltliv. we trust the Democratic press
is in future to have a larxor aphere of taflnenoe ani
circulation. '', , , 1 , . ,uJ
What evils have tollen upon the land, owlnft to th
erroneous political eduation of the masses! If w
would restore the old order of thin ence more, ej
feet National Unity and the old-fashioned Peace and
Prosperity , we must place in wmiwreij
V, A .niibirv to this end, and as the mist f-
feotive auent in the work, we repeat, is the orsula-
tion of the Democratic press. , . , ,
n, Unmiirar has some claims noon the conidera-
tioM oi Hie Democrats' that ara universally aotnowl
eded. Through proscription and perseeuton un
...,..u.i with militsrv eduita outtiim oil ourcir-
unlstlon m whole states and districts, timatened
with tulnl suppression, personal imprisonnientand
mob violence if we did not change our csurse, wo
stood by the Democrntio Hag and gave expression to
its touets Twioe burned o the ground within thir
teen months, and amid the greatest? peouilary dis
asters consequent upon it, we, have nevst lost an
issue four paper, or sroiien a promise to any o
our subscribers. In tbe fliture, as in the past, under
the sua of prosperity s well as the oloudi of adver
sity, we shull bearnUft the Democrttia dlannnr.and
be failhtol to its orjjanisation. Will not-the Denioc
raoy of the Northwwst sund by them win were true
in tne darkest hoars to their political and personal
interests, and sr'il they not , exert themselves t in
crease our oireslation! ''
As a business and family journal, the Enquirer has
no superior. Each number contains a kirKo amount
ol general nows,. latest, and moat reliable intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial anil Commer
cial News is mode a special feature of the Enquire'.
An iinnauallv Isrue auacu bein? devoted to full and
reliable reports of the ruling prices f this and other
mantel. " . " . . , .' r: .', . . ,
The Weekly Enquirer will be. maJcu to subaori
hers at the following reduced rates: ., .
Bingleoopr, On year,
six months, '
Ten conieli, one year,
S too
With anadditlonalcopy to the getter up of the club.
Honey to a seat at our aiaK oy sipress, prepuiu.
or in registfired letters by mail. Vol sums over ten
dollars by irmil, drafts or post office money orders
bhouldjM procured. Address j
i'ABAN & McLBAN, ; ..
' i ,i.i .' . Cincinnati, Ohio.,
Specimen copies and subscription circulars con
taining ihioi priiesanu.au nevessuiy luiviuiauvii.
sent on application. , . tT '
Sold by the trade Generally
A Liberal disoount to Dealers, .
200,000 urBfti th U. 3. Government '
Army Revolver, , ' 1 44-100 In. Calribre,
fiavy Revolver, 88-100 in. Calibre,
Belt Kevolver, -, - - Navy Bise Calibre,
Police Revolver.
New Pocket KevolyerJ
rocaes Hevoiver,
Repeating- Pistol.
Vest Pocket Pistol". " No. 22, 30, M-and t Cortridge,
Gun Cane,. No. W and 32 . ' ,
Revolving Biile, - 30 and 44-100in Calbre.
'" Nuvy Slae Calibre,
. r 31-100 In Calibre,
fRider'a 'bt.M-100 in. Caiibre.
(Elliot pt.) No. KS aicarlr'go,
E. REMINGTON & B0N8, ? '
' ; . ,. Won, New York,
Moore A Nichols,
Win, Reed Jk Son.
Jok. C. tirubii Co., ;
Poiiltney A Trimble,
Henry Folsoin A Co.,
Johnson, Spencer 4 Co,,
M. Rumsey A Co., .
AHiert E. Crane, i
March 21,tbti7-ly . ... ..i
Jicw Orleaw
Bt. Loins
Ban Fransisco
T nnrn., l?orno f
,r ; : JLrfUYVCI . lidlLa r.
1AM now roreivinga full stoejref Goods in my line
.bought at lower rales than tho early Spring pur
.ationQry, '
' ii
.I i
'' f JButtoiis,;.;.' .; ;
u:-i.M 'Ilandkerchieife,
Small " "Wares Generally!
'; -
G OO D S a
Ctiiltlcothe, Apil'3S)18o7-lm
!,,.,- .: j?or sale?.,:"...;!t
A VERY neat end comfortable Dwelling ioiue
tX, wim ap eaceueiHr. .s
' ' GRQt'CRY , RO051
attached, situate nn the comer of Oak and 6ic
streets. Zaloski. Ohio, is for sole at reasonable Ran
Dwelling is conveniently arranged; situate in
pleasant pan or ins' towni plenty ol water near
Sand. Jor Uinner uiiormauon cnu on or addraes
. is i -1 m .H,nim u
' - A. 1 I xv in,
May 23, 1867-tf .
'Appointment1 ITotic'e' lJ
kOTICK is hereby given that the undersigned!
has this day boea appointed by the Probate Gourd
Vinton county, Ohio, as AdmlnUttator oa thtl
nsiaw oi .nary r,ngiana, aeceasei.
May 31, Ml lit
J . Y . iJradley a Oelobrated Putent
ex Elliptic
(oa DOUBLS speinq)
onaiuii iu n,xsmii to any umv wearing me
Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced particularly
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carnages,, Kail
road Cars, Churcb Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and nonse uresB, a th Skirt oan be folded when
in use to occupy a small oliuie as easily and eon.
veniently as a Silk or Mimliii Dress, an invaluable
quality iu crinoline, not fouud In .any tiingleSpriug
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and
great convenience of wearing the Duglex Elliptie Steel
Spring Skirt for a single da will never afterwards
willingly dispense with their use. For children.
Misses and Young Ladies they are superior to all
v,iivis, ' . I ' , i I
They will not bend or break like' theSuigle Spring,
but will preserve their perfect, and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Skirls will have been
thrown aside as useless. The Hoops are covered
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only doable springs, but twice (Or double)
covered; preventing them from wearing out when
orsmingown stoops, stairs, o. .-'!,
The Dunlex llilicia a sreat Ihvorite with all la
dies an J is universally recommended bv tt.e Fashiou
Maxasinesas the IsTANUAItD BKIKT 0F..TI1K
To en oy the fo low inir enestimable' advantages in
crinoline, vis; ' Superior Qnnhty, l'erleet Muuulnc
ture. Stylish Shape nud Finish, Flexibility, IHimhi!!
tv, Comfort and Economy, enquire for J. W. , Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirt, and b
tore von get the Genuine article. i '
CAUTIOJi.-To guard against IMPOSITION be
particular to NOTICE that skirts oflered as DU,
PLF.X" have the red ink stamp,, viz.- '.). W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptio Steel Springs," . npou the wnist
bandnone others are genuine. Also notice that
every Hoop will admit of pin beinir passed throiigk
the centre, thus revealing the two (or double) springs
braided together therein, which is the Flexibility ot
and strength, and a combination not to be found in
anv other Skirl. ' i-,. ,. 'i -. .
FOB SALE in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throughout the United States and elsewhere.
Manurxatureil by the fold Owners orthe Patent,
ntl t 1 wrt a of r.... oi r wi
: i Iteparator Capilla,
Throw awayjyour fUHe friizcs, your switchos, your
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fig; ,
Come aged, come youthful, come ugly and fair,
And rc)oice in your own luxuriant halt.
"1J0R restoring hair upon bald heads (from whntev.
V er cause it mav have fallen out) and forulns i
growth of hair upon the face, it has so equal. It will
force the beard to grow upon the smoothest face In
from Ave to eiaht weeks, or hair odou heads iu Irom
two to three. A few practitioners nave asserted that
there is not. ing tnat win roroe or Hasten itiegrowin
of the hair or board. Their assnrtlons are false, as
thousands ol livinit wituesses (from their own exne
rience) can bear wituess.' But many will say, how are
we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious? It
certainly is difficult, as nine-tenths ot the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and beard are
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away largd amounts in their purchase. To such we
would say, try the Reparator Cappilh; it will cosl
you nothing unless H fully oomea to our represents.
tions. II four imiggist does not Keep it, aeea us
dollar and we will forward it. postpaid, together
a receipt for tha money, which will be returned vou
on application, providing eutir satisfaction is not
giveu. Auaross,
W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemitts,
: No. 3 West Fayette Street. ' '
al8yl i , - Syraouse, New York. !
There Cometh glad tidings of joy to all, ' 1 ;
To young and toold, to great and to small; '
The beauty which onco was so precious and rare,
Is Iroe for all, and all my be fair. " ,; '
By the use of . ".
ENAMEL,, - ;
"t?01t'lm proving hnd beatitlfyintf the fiomprnxrhh.
1? The most valuable and perfect nromtration in
use, for living thoskm a beautiful peftfl-like tint, that
is oniy found in yoiUh.wtit quickly removes Tan,
rrecKies, riuimes. uiotcnes. iioui raicnes, enuow
nef-8. Eruptions, and all Imuuritiea of the skin, kind
ly healing the same, leaving the skin white and clear
as an alabaster. Its use cannot be detected by the
closest scrutiny, ana being vegetorie preparation
is perlectly harmless It is the only article used by
the French, and is considered by the Parisian a, in
dispensable to a nertect toilet. Upwards ofTiO.Ont'
bottles were sold during the lost year, a sufficient
eurrsntee of its efficacy. Price only 75 cents. 6eut
by mail, post-paid, on receipt of an oroo', by , ,
- BEIlUER, bllUTT'S t CO., Chemists, '
April 18,1867-lyj 285 Kiver Street, Troy, . Y.
Hair Eilcrminalor ! !
Foi nemovlng; Superfluous Ilalil
TO the ladies especially, this invaluable
depilatory recommends itself as being
an . almost, indispensible article to female
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the skin, but acts directly on tne roots.
Ipiswarrated to remove superfluous hair
fiom low foreheads, or from any paTt of the
body, completely, totally and radically ex
tlrpiating the same, leaving the skin soft,
smooths and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence, f rice vu
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt of an order by
' . . 285 Biter: St., Troy, N. Y,
Oh, was she beautinil and fair, '
With starry eyes, and eadtant hair.
" Whose culing tendrils aolt, entwined
' Enchained the very. heajt and mind. -V
,.V.IC,BISP.EB,,C.QMA , ;i
For Curling ihi Hair of either h & in to Wavy
ami GUstsy RingUlt or Heavy Massive OurU.
Bt using this article ladies and Gentle!
men can beautify themsel ves a thousand
fold. It is the only article in the world
that will curl straight hair, and at the same
time give it a beautiful,, glossy appearanoe.
Tbe Crisper Coma sot only curls tbe hair,
but Invigor ates, . beautifies and cleanses it;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the most complete article of the kind ever
offered to the American; public. , The Crisper
Coma: w ill hi sent to any address, 1 Sealed
and postpaid for $1. j
: Address all orders to." t i" ;T'. f.
W. I. CLARK k CO., Chemists,
No. 3 Weal Fayette 8troet, Syracuse, N. Y.
Administrator's, , fSalc ; . of; Real
, BY pBDEa.ori 'rRorura.coTjHT,
I'hnTnaa Tlntaoh. IrirVtinitilrAtrtr
of Estateof Dr. John Coats, I ' J'ZfH
, deceased, -, ,,, , t . ,
I against' '
Arthur Coats and others.
In Vinton -Counta Probate Court. State of Ohio.
IN. pursuance of an ordiMT granted by na probate'
Court of Vinton county, Ohio, 1 willofler for sale,
at Public Auction, on
Tuesdays the ;2d day oJt July,
. a.D. 1867-:::;--'
At 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, at the door of "the
Court Honse, la the Town of McArthur, in said Boun
ty, the following -described premises, situate1 in the
eottnty of Vinton and Htat of Ohio, to-wU: : ,,.
i The Horth-west Quarter of Die South-west Quarter
f Range Number Boventeen (17,1 Township Numher
Tenl(i, .8ocUpn Number l'woi 12,1 eontaining forty,
ne acres more er fosi. ' - ' '' -- I V.
Appraised at 1720.1''"" . , -I
Terms of salo-One-thrrd casb fit hand', one-third
to six months, and residue, in twelve months from
the day of sale-'dcferred payments to bear interest
and to be secured bymortgwe. upon the 'Promises
soM.i-.lvr,,. v - ' TH0MA8 EACH, ..
Adminislrstor of Estate of DiY John Coats, decessed,
Majr3f,Hi5Wd. f.. ;i ,y -
i " FOR 18I3T.'"
ii 8"5li.,'t J. ' ' " -i j'- i',
j Thl veterin aivl .suirlfng journal, ol.tyie whole
world's choicest litemtuira opens its 2'Jth volume in
the till! tidh et -that', prosperous ) and luiiMerrupted
popularity whVh has sustained it at the head of the
American ee.iy press for ue lily A third ol Acchtuj
rv,.. Always furtioutas i .- -Mt , .-. Miiui,
1, '!..' i ROMANCE, '1 ''' '
itwlrienteruponhe''NeWTi(irn'ot' onifisa Teposl',
Itory of freehand otiginitl masterpieces from tlis U-dd-ing
novellls of thia country, England, aiid Vranca,
btit also ns-n'mlrrlon of Uieehssiu Hclious of Ihe.old
en time, which will be carefully revised, and adapted
to the most fasti dlons acquirements :of itiodeni taste
and delicacy. Kauii.iMii will contain, besides the
bsilliant serial novsltiesyan unenusl, array efjdome
and society slones, sketches,' and Poems, by our
besl authors od snthoressesi while 8) i,-- :ixl j
have bten secured to furnish racy, readable, and
tearless ertief em sot i I .: 'M-i a u in.n ;
oc.nars. ;,i7 ..,;,
7.:u I fTii .k "NOTABLB BOOKS,' k,,""i
vH -ji. t'J t m ii;-, ja ,poPULARiABTI8T3,
and all persons, thinir.s, and , events ;in .which ithe
w noio country may be supposed to nine special inter,
est.' In,:;. ii,-, in i I I -1 1 - , 1 1 r y i ji v-'i ) im'
, In addiUon, however, to securing Vpliime XXIX
the choicest productions of the best-knoWncohtemr
ponineous geuiu?, the proprietors of The (lew York
Sloroury design making special etforts' during the Kew
Year loi.iii: , 1 (. ; I-. !!)! i'cil' , '
from the modest mints of those possessors ol mark-edarU-liectual
abdilies who have) hitherto been.de
tetred irom seeking print , through lvr of editorial
retmff omeglecr. '" " ' V ''- '".
and the proprietors promise. In bt generous as wel
as just in aemuing what manuscripts are wormy ui
puuliufltioa.. 1,1,1 M i-lni li o'T ji'tuvi't toe i
"Full niany a gem of purest raf serene,, i I
'" ' The dark, uiifathoui'd cntes of ocan bear1!"
and full many ufiasnsHori of raal genius mav tie thll
disabvered and brought tb'lhe iippreciation and r'
wnni wniouiiuinerwisefim'Kiu never Dti.nwirs. -The
paper will also sparkle with artistic and so
end nuneeneios, side-spitting gossip, planaiite fern
inine correspopdonce, curious and luUtrrsling nows,
an ine literary latK oi rue season, vaiuauie msiiioir
articles, fairs ml nt her tales Ihr the little folks, con
densations of the most remarkable new books, and
,''' ,',-.,,' ,,,it r-rv i il.j.-i t.it
A number of choice or ainal serlMs. eachnflhom
writton einresMiy for the New York Mercury, by
suoh contributors as Miss M, E. Brandon,. Pierre
Eiran. William Ollmore Klmms. Cousin May Carle
ton, Alexandre Duiuas. Fairfax Balfour; 'and others
oi mat rank, will be given in rapiu succession.
" i f i: - i t . . ' ; . : ' ' - -, ' ' '
To mail surtsArtlMni. one tarma arad & -,
Cash in advance: Single conies.'fU 60 a year;, three
copies, 7 sixeopies, 113: 1 nine- copies, 820. - The
party wno sends us saJloracluboi mneccpioa win
receive an additional copy fiee. Six mouths' sub
scnptlon received. v iol ,i . .
Subscribers should be careful to write plainly the
name oi tnoir piistotllce, county, ' and stnto. beui
meu coiiies sent free to nil applicants, i 1 Address
... IT! 1,11,17, f L 11,11 in,VtV . .
AUiiLini,i.u a ir i n i i, i , ., , .
Proprietors of The Fe.w York Mercury,,
Nos. 48 Aunslreetand 113 Fulton street,
' Uew York City.
" ""' ' MANfeFlELDj OHIO
Eubeka Cider Mills,
victoh lane mill, i
! i , ,,,'5 SfAlt 'CoRH' 8HELIER ' '
' ' ! ' -; fl0R8B' Power7 Forks,
'' BUNN'S ES Q 0 IM AUXi REF Ftrd ER ATO R,' ' ; 1
Warner's Sulky Revolving Rake
! ' DOUBLE SflQVEL ?JL0WS, 1 ,:.
Crawford's Gar4
' - ' Amalgam'Selfy V
. .. I l. . ., 1 u ,
And many other articles in th yay pf Implements,
Tonl nnd Miudiinerv. .
varieties. Hendforciroulara,,, .u,!;,.: : re
.March M,wc7-ty...,: .. , .. ,
- '''! 5':. A MONTULY. ' '; '' "
Devoted to "Literature, ' Agriculture!' 'and General
intelligence, and . comprising lleuorts-or Miiiues, in
cidents, and Anecdotes pt' ibd War, never before
published. Uy . v , .t ,. ,,i, .!,v. (
Gbneeal I). H. Him, (Late of the Southern
Proprietors, . J, JawiN&D. H. Hiu
Tsi Three Dollars a vear. If raid irt advance.
or f ive uoiiare, 11 not psm tin the end or tne yean
.,.; !i l . r IKWiW U U. HAlili,-'-
' l!hurltm Vnrll, tur.Jina.
'Marchif iser,r;' ' ,;
A Eeautifal premium Engraving, and Re-
' tiueed rnces to Clubs t '
THE LADT'8 FRIEND, announces, for 1807, the
following noveletes: A New Htorv by Mrs. Henry
Wood, suthor ot 'East Lynne.' "The": Choiuiings,'
How a Woman had her Way,' by Ehsabelh Pres-
cott, author of Told by 'the Bun;! 'Jo Longer
Young,' by Amanda M. Douglas, author of 'In,
Trust,' etc, 'Dora Castel, by Frank Lee Benedict-'
will give a splendid double page finely colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel in evesy number. :
It will give a beautifully executed fancy steel ' en-
graving, and a large assortment of woodcuts, illust
rating tasnions, tancy work, etc., in every number,
will give a popular piece of .Muhjo, worth the cost
ofthe inngasine itself, in every number. It will give
copy of the Mestitimf rremium Steel Kngraving '
One of Life's Uannv Hours'r-iiO ,by 30 inches, to ev-
single 2,50 subscriber, and to every, person a
club. - i;" 1 "' ' : ',-
It offers as premiums" Wheeler Wilson's Sowing
machines. Bilver Plated Tea Bets. Hnoons, Pitchers.
Gold and dilvcr Watolies... tuns. Bines.-. Melodious,
Clothes Wringers, Appieton's Cyclopedias, Ac.
- 1 oopy.'id)heengrlihi1) ? t ; 260
4 copies, 6 00
5 copies, (and one gratis) . 8 00
One copy each of the Lady Friend, anil the Satur
dy" Evening Post for S4 (W. r ' " ' 1 T '
The getter up of a olub will always receive a copy of
the Premium Engraving. Members of a elub .wish;
ing the Engraving must remit one dollar extra,-.
aTeose desrroni of getting ftp clubn or premiutft
lists should enclose la cents lor sample Magaaine,
oontainiug the particlnars. Address ,
'' , .' ; 310 Walnut 8 treot, Philadelphia, fa. ,.
' i G E T THE BEST. ' ;
;;i!.;;rv Webster's
ln,ibrid?cil Dictionary!!
Thoroughly Revittd an Much Enlarged.
Over 3;000 'Fini"EngraYings.
10,000 W0RD3 1 nd MEANlNOa.npt found
,. In other Dictionaries. ' t .,!-,,
-UBCESSITY toevery ifttaUigent famy,
XX student, teacher, and professional max.,
What library is complete without the best
English DlctwaarjIT':;;;- '
"Superior, la' ' most reBpects, to any other
English Dictionary, inovn to wo." Hon,
Giorje;P. Marth, Match, 1866.'" J ua1'l.' -t
"Id, Its general accuracy, completeneis and
jpractiflftl utility, the worlia' ota which neni
uth4 tanrtad or writ henceforward affotd 'to div'
penit with." Atlantic Monthly. . '
"Viewed as a whole, we are confident that
nd Athei living language has a dictionary
which sOrlully and faithfrtUspti ftrth "its
nreseril, eindilioii as this last edition of
Webster dies that of our written" and sppfie'a
r.M1lak l,H.iio"rnfllM'i Hfttrnriam;j '-'-; 'I
iMj,i.o.. .whmii. - . v . ,
: In on nl of 1,810 Royal Quarto Pages.
jPublished py C. 4 G. MERRIAM. Bpringflflia,'
5 014 k. .11 Itnr,Von1li,r. !
Sold by ell Booksellers.
; March T, 1887 6w
ttiVlKS parehased.iuidteaBiplsWi -rwiiovaHd
11, the ' . , t t. T
formerly occupied by E. P.Both"'".) f J' V f
speclfully nnneiince to the public that'helutsnas to
keep constantly onhsnd,. a complete assor.nnt at
. ill .: I!;,f(0 iui' U! O Vf
cABfr.ET' 'FvJitniTunEf
suitable for'tnlVma'rlt'ctlal '1,i l'
6 ft e'A't i r ft LVo c e d ; 1 p r i g i s ,
t - , ii -if '' i' i n- " ,
gotten up In a style of workmanship not to be exeel
led by auy shop in this section. , .
VAI1 kindBefwofkiB his line will be aeatly.an4
promptly done on very low terms. ..
.i., h. nil , t 'f"l ; ' '( i Vili'
.. . Turnlns -
bi all Kinds done to order on short uotlce. 'i'--;
, I .' , ' 1 If,,'.: ft
.1 1
'.':; '1 I'
A full supply of ' o ' H
Kept constantly on hand and i ; ;. -..:
10 per ceniCiWill .Jjc,;;dcducted
on all orders for cash down. i '! ii , ' 1
March 7, 1807-tl ...,' .,;tllP. 00KT05.
,l-i.-.-i.. ',....,
,' ini ,,M 1 " .1 . '
' ' ", irnloii : ' . mi' J -. ;;
,J) The Cheapest Jlofltrini in the. fforldl
Mints popular and widely clrenl'a'ted Vnagaslne has
1 .now rtwuhedan edition pnequalietl hi this coun
try. Eoch number is ornamented by numerous fine
engravings, aud is complete hi 'itself, embracing a
great variety of tales, sketches, poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. II is
conceded by all to be the .cheapest and best llagai
sine in .the world. . '
" ! ,'."'- TERMS. 1 '.:"":'' v.:
1 Ma year;.' seven, fppiea S CO;, thirteen espies
$16 00. Single copies 16 cents. Address
,i Uoston, Mass.
r- vl .ll'l'l ."! 'I'-" -' ' '
1 ,:;;; .:,! ;H, ;F0B,.,r) k. , .,'.
1S6T 1S6T. 186T-
The practical Farmers' own paper. Theoheapesl
and best iWriuuliural and llortieultnral journal in
America. Illustrated with numerous engravings ol
Farm Buildings,' Animals, Implements, Fruits, Flow
ers, Ac. Only only one dollar s, year. Agents want
ed in every village, tovn, county and male, to form
aliibs, to whom hrLKiiD ParMimsare ottered. For
lull particulars of which, send loraBpeCimen copy.
Nbw is the time to subscribe. Bend on yetir natik
and the namo of your frienls. Address, '
- " Publisher and Propiietor, 1 !
, 1, i i. Kochester, New York
on 10 ST AXE SWA Ft
ibr' 1867. ": '"
AS hi the past,, throngh snnshlneand storm, The
UUioblutcsmanwili continue inflexibly Demo
cratic -unalterably devoted to an advocacy of the
maintenance of tiie Constitution, in spirit anuria let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union. Aside
fro.n this, The btult'siiian will bestow particular atv
' ' '' -I -:!S i , ' O
JVeios, Legislative, and , Mgrtsnonal
JltportSy Choice, , Initrueiive and
pleaxing . Literature.
And will sive faithful market reports from the lead
ing Commercial Centers of the eoiinloy. .
On the Kith pf December, The Weekly Statssmaq
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half addi
tional columns o f leading matter weekly. , Tbebl.
lowing are the
' TEHM8 UA8H lli AUVAWCJS. ' '
Dally Statesman, per yeni , I 00
" " six months, W
Tri-Weekly Statesman, per year, v 4 1
'tr'ti.,,, j, six monins, . ill
One eopv,' six months, for . ' ' 1 1 oe
One copy, one year, for i.rt;,;. , ,..
Fivecopies, one year, for fteo
Tcuneopios, one year, lor ! et'J -i v,--.'. 17 so
Twe ty copies, one year, for it no
rutycopies, one year, inr 75 00
,.,-t j, .,., ',. Cpliim,i8, Ohiei
'ici al - irie'ctdrjrj.
Representative m Coheipess H. B. SUNbY. . :
State SeuaUirJ. BBAllDUKY, ,
Representative A. J. SWAIM. '" l: ' i '
Common Plsas Judge P. I'LTLET.
Probate Judite JOSEPH KALER.
Auditor W.. EELTON.
Recorder-JONATHAN BRINR'. 51
Frosciiting Attorney ARCHIBALD MATO,
Treasurer DA VI1J FOREMAN.
Clerk of Courts GEOROE LA.NT2. ' - '' ' '
8hentt-JOHN J.ailOCKEY. i, .. ,...( ..di . ,
8urveyon , ,
Coroner-VVILLIAM 0. HKIOINfJ. ' : '
CommlBioner-J DOUflljAb I'UT NA M, J ,
Imorkis ALBAUGH.
Post Office In Vinton CoHOfr.
ffame of fnst Office.' Township. Post Master
Allensville '
Eagle Mills
Mil;' ' "-,
New Plymouth
Reed's Mills. .
$W&Q.i e
Vinton Station
Zaleskl i
Agalhav ":i
Swao .'
E)k ;
1 ,t ', ,' ,r ',. . . -. .
S. Isamihsir
Miles Radoliff
I. Reynolds .,
Mrs fligfinbothit4
ii .'. - r-f ,..',, i'j nf
W, Burtsiiihaw
Wm.., Taylor
Qeorge Fr ' V f
-":.ii:c,' v'i.t
J.Q. mU 'iint,
rH and after January , 1H7, Trains willruaae
U fellows!
DeAai't CincUmatt 7:W k o.lll J8 . i ,.
, Chillicothe nobr.H,"'1 ."''ot) 'tt"t','r
t" ; Hamden u , 147,'fj fl..-.) n, sMua., :.
I i3 "
a 28'!'i H r
j i'.
8M !:inl
Jos I"-'1" .f i-. 101O-,'-!-,
18-10 '.' v...f JIM "
, llOA..ay: .
Arrive Cincinnati ,800 l3 ' J t ! aMOS'lT
, ConnectionswadeatHamdM- wilaTrajai ea Ike
Portsmouth Branch. ' '-,.;
Close connections, mad at Citomnati with . I!
Western. Trains; and at Parkersburi with iht ielsV
more an4 Ohio Kail Hoad. ' 1 !-.,. -ui
Mem ., , , OKLAND 8MITH, "
.' ' MssierofTroeperfaiem,
ChllUcoth,0.,Jan.24,lilvT. . , ,
' V' " Athene- w
Arrive Mariottev,!
Depart Bolpro.,
Athens u-
IT lO Ail ir v
Chillicothe 12 28r.ii,".
wi n Lovcland ; , 3

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