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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 20, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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I -r tin S ...
iff I- ' r t ; 'v " r
:"i ' t-ih OJ r, V'ju..!!.!
; (;;;;;;l.Dcniocra(lc .nl all Times and nndcriall ic'irciiinsiaiiccs.
. i"'' '-'nu in 'i 'ii-.:i ,Y u
? . .it
n : : ,, TiiMmMi , iMiiiiTiBiiffyBHMiiniNawfTrTnmvTiwaiaTlfirTni
' : '- -7- ' : '
: Democraiic Enquirer.
Editor and Publisher.
. OFFfC-rI fiodge' Building ; ovtr Swetland'i
y, i .MOrC. cunitr iuuin unit xut,iifr u(foci juni
. ! olAo CourJ bna. :!'! i'i'j
" -- , 'r ' 1 ' 11 1 ' '' mt-t
t 1 Lhit'-d AV1C.J,..... "IK,.., . "
j One copy, one year, . r , .. , ' 1J5J
One copy, six moDth, ' 11 ' ' A 7ft
One topy, Ihtee raonttm, ' . 1? . 40
Five copies, one year, to ono PpsfOmcOt 1 ' 0 2ft
Tennonies. one V6ir, toone PoatOlfifl, ;i. ! 10 00
i Our terms require paymont . Jo be wade ataicTLY
JNABVAXCH , ,' 1 ' .
' ' A failure to give notice of a wish to- diloorttmne nt
Ihocloseoltlia time mbsoribed for, will be eonsid
red anew enRnKBraont'; and no paper will bedla
' toniinued untili alter alt arrearages jilmll U) paid.,1
. i Piipert are delivered through the mail free of nost
il.thln ihd imiunv. and. also, free to tubsoriberS
living in the oouaty, ilioa poafpffice i9U( of the
,r .i TMUfS OF AD rERTISINQ: .' :
' Ten lines "f tins type, -oi 4h spaca ocouplcd by
. the name, make one suaro. , v. ..,,., . .,, ' ,
. (ine uqnure, one insoition, , 1 Jiuu
- Each adilitlonnl iiiROrtionr '.'M - i - i W
: : i All transient advertising for a shorter period tliau
three months, charged at the, above ratesi "
.-.'.i8 moo. 6 moii', mog... 12 mo
K column, , A,W 100(1 15 00 . a,u0
ii column ' iOOO'2o3 30 00 . 4H0O
i column,-'' v yl6Wi ,sooo.v,,4soi . oouo
( i column, . 80 00 40 09 ' '60 00 " ' 80 0()
' Jtusitess cards, from 6 to 10 li6s,'per;annnmi,i.8 U0,
Divorce NoticcB, npt exoeediug !M linesi .(in
advanced . I - 1 ' ' 6 00
Each additional 10 lino, V : 'uli ,' s-'n "
. AltachmontKotices. (in advance,! , 2,00
Administrator's or Executor'! Notices, (In
advance,) '' ' ' i )::; i. 2.v
Notices of runaway husbands or wives, itoublo
price, and in advauce. .
. Notices of Deaths, free. Marrtaee Notices, accord
ing to the liberality of the parties. I '
'' Notices in the local coliirau,,l( cents per hn for.
each insertion. .. ,, , . ,,' '
, Notices of political meetings, free. '"!,- '' .
Editor and Publisher. Business Cards.
' CHAS. BROWN, Prtil, ' DAN. WILL; CrtSA,
0n 2)or Hrf W'iM d- Si0T Nrtlh
Sum Mam blreet,
' MoiKTiiuii, biiio! . .
j Deal io Exohangd, Gwernmopt 8coui
Lisa. Stock. Bonds. Gold and Silver, &cV
Deposits received. ' Interest paid on time
'deposits.' ' ; t v!.-.iii ..
' t'olleotions raado at all "accossiblo: points
in the United States. . !
United States Uevonuo Stampa for Bale.'
All business dono on the most liberal terms
nd with the utmost pr6mntnc$3.' ( '"
February 2,iao7-ly ' '. iV.i
. ,,, (unincorporated,)' ;
ma T ,.IMUVPr.l,. i r! ,, JAS. W.BEUVi'
,' I'ktslDtNT. ' CASHiaa,
K. D D9IK1I, ' 1 ANUBEW WOlf,
u r iiti. n, v. banksij, raAKK itkono,
. . i .... .: .. u, ir- AVBTiy,- - 1 .1
TI AViNG formed Aoq-partnqrshipfor the ptirposo
, JX of conducting a . . , ,
'''m with ample facilltioe for' iherawsactioo Many
biisiaess pertuiniiiR to legitimate Banking, wo touder
out Bervices to tno oiisinnipii"i '"",IW A vn
it BON DM.'.- Money loaned at , roniionable rates on bo
..i.u.nn Rovumin Klamus always on Sana
and for sale. Interest paid on time deposits.,, .U, i
. Persous wishing to remitmoney to ForeignCoiln-
v.tln TVft. ot nnr Oltk'. ' 1 '.!!..
m February 7,18U7-ly : , .-.-ioiy-isA !
prosecuting attorney 'of vinton county,
Moarthur;.ohio,'( 10
WILL attend promptly to all lecal btwinaMen
trusted to hie care In Vinton and Jaoksott ooi n
J ties., Office-Ill Doddridge's, New Building, iputh-
west corner Main ana marKeisirui umo...- ..
'l-Mayo lain partnership with Porter ;DuHdwny ot
. Jackson county, who can always be found, during
vacation, at the office in Jackson, Ohio. ,
'' May30,18G7-U .i;i..i ,Vil a tlAv I
. f I
Attornoy-atj Ijai75rr
: -t v ! MoABTHUR, ,0UI0i) k -j tUica j
v-"iffItL ractioln the Courts of Tinvoni' Attii
r.W', and Jackson fJountiea ; also, m the United
States Courts ol the Southern District or Ohio.- J -1
f Orrioa-Second titory of Davis' Building, on Min
, v. attorney! and, counseujor; ,W';
or JACKBOM 0..H;, QHIO, f
SO 1'J
l SittCLMantico trt tha Coi orf ;Jik)n, Vmtob
I Vy ' sodother counties.
fliiS, ,25 & ir Brbadwayi S.
in; (it ;
"on thb. 'jbiwrtAK rTikvi J: !
r TflH B HTIVINS UOBSB IB wen niiu wmuiy innn hi
A rthe tiaveling pabllo. 'Theioeation ii especially
-'flUitable to imerohiwtl and businesa . men; t l in
close proximity to the . business part ot the eityris
' 'on the highway of southern iind wistern traveland
and Idjacent althe principal Railroad, and fleam
", boat depot. ' " 1 ' "' " i '
3 ' I'm tisviis Hwn has liberal' accommodation for
,, rivet ROO tuestBU Is well furnished,, and possesses
Vvery modern Improvement for the comfort and cn
tertainmentofiU mmates.,, The rooms are spacious
1 1 and well ventilated provided with gas and wafer
1 the attendance Is prompland rMpecUtil, and the table
n is seneroualy provided with every ideiicAcy , ef .the
season at moderate rates." .:''
GEO. K. CHASE .ft' CO, )
A a'oifrt J w. nvw.ua.7 a. iiihiaCpt,; , li, WAoirrB
S. GQETZ & Ju.y
BAHurACTORpRs or .
All kinit 'of Caiteri and-Bed Faitmingi,
ALU kinds of Machinery 'Repairinn' done, i The
Ware Maaufnctured at the foundry ia.Roldai
low can be bought in any Market. ' ,
rost uitk'f aaureaa imeas Alius, vintoa uauqiy, u.
L L ENS Villi Er.; OHIO.:, ,
AFTER an absence of tw years, offers his pro.
fotsional (Brvioea to the cltiiong of Allenaville
and surrouniliiiK country. '
pinrcn zi, ieoi-u . i.it
-.:; u.,:..n u , - . . i '
j up i
, .')? Jfi fiQWEN, rtoprietor,
, J ' .. i ... . j ... L.' j i r ; . f . . . ,
A LL kinds of plain and fancy printing done at the
4 A, , very loweijt pnoes.j .(
J; A .' monAhAn, m. d.;'
'I'HANKFULfor tlie liberal pstronage received for
L thevtwo paatyoais, he woul4 any to those desiri
nu m fiiuicnviuuui anrviiu', uiniim majr always fie.
touiul at his Office or residence, on Main Ktroel, 1111
Ipsa absent bn pnifnFsional business.-i , ,
t Fabrnnry 28,l8ii7-ly.. ,
Corner, Bhsi and Third Streets,
,, ,; .ilAMJLTON, OUIO, ;,
' Proprietor,
SITUATED In tlio husinrsa part of the City, and
nearest to tho Hxil Hoad Depot.
, !M()mnibii!irB'run to ond tfvm every train.
' January qi,1807-tf , s . ,,.
j -,,G. W. J..WOLTZ, '
Thru Door East bf the Hulbcrt 'House,
REPAliRINf) done to order. ' Wd-MUSICAL IN
BTKUMENTa correctly repaired. ''l
. ff"Hpoclacls lo suit all eyes. , - ,, ( ,
January 31', 18G7-ly . 1 ' ' . ,
i-;i '
Apples .,
Barly ' '
Htan 1
25 tbf
48 "
Hyo - . , . 60 lbs
kvo noit (sacks) o "
Wheat &
f. in
Sweet Polatoes M "
Corn Meal .1 '60 "
Bai-loy.flnll I Bog. ,
Turnips . ; , , 64 "
ISalt . ' 50
Corn m ear; I i;ir 70
Coal .. . 80
Clover Seed : ";02
Timothy Seed ,45 "
Hominy f oo
Oats , , .1. v ..US "
ciax f, oe
Hemp . i ' 44 "
Onion Bots 25 "
Canary . 60 '
Onions 68 "
Millet : - - BO "
Hungarian Grass DO "
Hluo Grass . , 14 "
Peaches, (dried,) . ... S3 "
( . t
60 1
,' .'W'HEATi-rrla .1837 -a i great
clealiiot iwheat was- imported
frorri Europe 1 especially ' from
Udessa. in the, JLslack'pea,' ilist
as ' we ": are ..importing - a ;,great
deal in 1807. -i In 1837 the pfice
suddenly fell, and the importers
suffered heavy 11 losses.; , There
ia danger of a lite loss rioW.-l
As in the AVest, i so in Canada,
although ' the reason'
is very
backward,'1, good 1 harvests :: are
' !i?EEDiNa" Calves
A noted
dairyman of.IIerkimer county,
New " Yorkj1' feeds1 - his -calves
milk for the first four1 weeks and
near tfie close, of stimc re
duces the quantify of milk, ad
ding 1lwh6y t -tVthey commence
fccdng oil:nical:1 Far
mprni.ng'; feed, !dip",the
from tha vat, when nth!, etirdjs
beirig- eealdedi 3 and) 'When ! the
heat 'atfchQti:;alt 90;
grqcsj , parry ' directly,-io ' the.
calves anU-Kcd.;,,r,;i'Epr ,V nigW's
mess put a pound of oil cako in
tub .for; each' calf, 1 Bcald the
cave at Piling vheai;,,''rhi3 :wjill
foim a mucilago that .will keep
sweet'dnring theday. Calves
fed in?tlii8 Yay "made-Ycrythrif-
fv rrrfiwt.K: :t'i !;,i3 A;'.i'
Well, let him go and let him stay.
' I do not mean to dft ; v ' , , . ;.
I guess he'll find that I ban lira . !
Without lim.trj try: ! v. t'. .
' Be thought 16 frighten mi with frowns,
' So terrible and black 1
He'll stay away a thousand yean ' 1 : '
' Beforij I ask him baokl' ; '
, He said thai I hd aotd wrong, '
And foolishly beside; ' "" , ';
I won't forgive him after that,' " ,
I wouldn't if I died. . , .
If. I was wrong, what right had he ' j
, To bo 19 oross iviih mf? ,
I know I'm not an angel quite',
... X don't pretend to be. :
I .1 I.'. - ,! :, .i'; , !,- tI
i He hd( another sweetheart once,
And now, when wo fallout, , ,0
He always says she wasn't so cross, 'i,
'And that she didn't pout. ).:. ' V i
It's enough to vex a saint r'h'
It's more than loan bear;1 "''j'-s
I wish that girl of bis was ,f I -
, Well, I don't ear wheri. ' ' '
;.' 1 U. . . . . y.. . ,
He thinks (hat she was pretty, too
, , , Wat beautiful as good ; . y
I wondor if she'd get him back if,',
, .j Again, now,, if she could?
I know she would, and there she is, .
She lives almost la sight ;
i And now its almost nine o'olook ,,
: Fsrhaps he's tbers to-night. , -I'd
almost write to him to come
But then l'rt said I won't; ' (
I do not oars so muoh, but she -1
Shan't have him if I doil'l. - " 'i "
'Besides, I know that I was wrong, '
And he was In the right; 1 '
( I gucBS I'll tell him so and then ; '
I 'wish he'd' corns tonight ' . , :
i ; -, I ' :,' ' .; .. ?l : .
, The sun is crowning happy hills,
r j, In misty purple clad ;.' .
To hearts that cannot feel my ills
t, His very shade is glad. -,
. !',Yet did his rays in ether days. : ,
Round tat a halo pour, ,, ....
i i And sadly pn the sun I gaze;
:''! Forever, trormore! ,:" ' '
- - .. i - ' ' :' :(. , '
The Wind is waving merry trees
The hornet f joyous hltfa - -'
You say it has no melodies '
I' Attuned to mournful words.' '
' 'But, niil each trees bf hers n't) less 1
It waved in days before ' . ' ' '
' And now 'twill speak of happiness '
10 me, an, never morei ,
! Mil' n .;i i.e -i'v." 'j:m V'". (',',(.
The stream goes winding ever on . (
, WithmuBlo all ita own; , ,
And sportive fly and silent swan , -.
,, Find joy in svery tonel , , , ; ;,t
But mtm'ry hears in bygone years
Her voice beside the shore, , ; . ; :
And now the ripple sounds like tears
That fall forevormoret I : f ;
Matrimonial Matters.
a t ii :i: T"
I want a wife
To cheer mi life :
cars not what she laoks in beauty, '
so! i but ifind ;,,;'(f v'V ','
:;';' That she.isklndV'1'5 '''""
And knows and preotioes ' her duty. l
I waut a, wife.
o tkt thrpngh'W life ;
Wat fcever known to be a flirt; ,
s Who'll bring to me ,;
Ii.lii A teOipO I H 0.(7; ,
Tokeep the buttons on a skirt.: ,
lift i 1 ' i-fao'ii 'f;.f.,T-' .1
1 . . ..
! If such a one :' ,r- ,
v Dwells 'tieath' the sua,, .
Andf don't mind leaving friends, behind heii
" Witti'the author of this i ' ' ' r ;.-.' H
She'll find true bliss,'.- V''1 7-
VJ . iUlUUllUg L1UI W110r U IHOJT I1UV. Uv,t ,
0 r
I i' l stand ainfd the roar ? i
wrrnf s surf-tormented shore. ' i ,,1'
'.!"jAud I hold within my haitd l
01 - Grains of the golden i and , ) . "
How few, yet how thoycroep n ,'.
oii 3 Through my fingers to the deep, '
tvWUlal wcep.while I w.eep. , ., f'!
Oh, Oodl can I. not grasp? , . , ,;
1 Ono from the pitiless wavel , . ., ...
J 'Is all that we can see or seem
But a dream within a dream? . ', '!
Matrimonial Matters. Edgar A Poe.
What SixMek Say. But
kr says the party leaders, hung
an innocent woman, knowing
ly, !but did it to .piake political
capital. ; . V
Stevens says the fundamental
principle! of their creedy is to
confiscate all the Southern lands
and give them to the Negroes,
i Wilson says the. Radical par
ty mtist io inanage that they
can' depend ' iWm the' Negoes
of the SoutK, Vhen . the , white
men of the Norfti turn acrainBt
radical measuresA , ,". '.':' ; . . !
Phillips says nothing . less
will do that a, black man . for
Vice President. - ;
Greeley says his party lead
ers are howling Pharisees. - !
VVeedsays a portion '61 the
leaders are crazy fanatics the
balance thieves. ; -' ;
All the above named men jlre
prominent Republicans, '"." l '
, Progress op Freedom. A
dispatch dated Indianapolis,
Mav 23, 1807ysaysr:; ;
: A negro teacher named Sam
uel Albert was arrested to-day
P ! l ' i v
ivi raping one oi; nis scnoiafs,
a girl named Kate Andersen,
14 years old, whom enticed to
remain after school, and acconi
pueneu nis neuisn lusts. .. T
; Facta ros Consideration. Bv the
f-.t. Tltl T a non " it
ist finance iieporc, on past a)a. TU
bt found a statement of tbe expendit'
ares from tho beginning of tho Govern
aunt to J ane di)t IBtili. , ; 1 1;
, 1 he following are the agc-renateB ot
eton Administration;
Washington's, 8yoars.S
13,890,698 64
Adams' 4 "
21,318,370 09
" 38,480,632 17
144.C04.944 86
Jefferson's, . 8 "
Madison's, 8
Monroe's, 8
, ,
104 803 308 55
J. Q. Adam's, 4
Jackson's, .....'. 8 .
' 60,501,813 ill
, 145,702,677 30
120,729,801 15
,82,464,791 49
147,342,863 84
161,539,433 74
212,066,228 94
van Buren s, . 4
Harrison & Tyler's 4
Polk's, 6
Taylor &FillmorYa 4
Titroe's, 4
Buchanan's, 4
Lincoln's, . 4
Johnson's, 2
263,861,197 76
2,046,620,440 48
1.600,594,469 20
Ha vi Adamdomid Nona or thsib rEiNci-
PLKS, Tho declaration has gone forth that
"the Copperheads have abandoned Bono of
their principles," and it is expected that
everybody is to become excited to a'degree
of copious perspiration. !' '
They don't got exoitcd, however-
wy should they? , ,, :t
"Tie Copperheads have abandoned none
of their; principles." ."i ','.,(
, That are those principles? 1 , -'
Those principles demand that the Const!
tuttcn shall be maintained inviolate. I -.I
Ths principles proclaim the indeslructl-
bilityof the Union. ' ' ' ' " ' -)
' Thist principles maintain 8tate tights
to the extent that the eitisena of the reepecU
ive States have the right , to regulate, con
trol and direct their own internal affairs.'
Those principles Insist that 'this Govern
meaf was founded by ' whito men, with the
understanding that white men alone should
administer it, and that it would mark woful
degeneracy were the raoe to cheapen the
high oflioeof Government by, calling an br
ferior race in to share tho dutios of . Gov
ernment. ;
i v ..";,.' :i.-' :;;!;
rt, as cardinal, that
( Those priaciplct assert.
the Government should i he
wiui tne moat ngm economy. ;;
Those principles are uncompromising in
insisting that taxation I shall bo equal and
moderate.1 ';m':- "-"-l' ' "' j
Those principles !ery i but : "Away 1 with
the swarm of taxgathoters that needlessly
eoasume the snbstanU of - the people.
Away: with i Military,-; Arbitrary and Con
solidated Governments.' , .. ..... i
Yet, like the Gospol proclaimed from the
Mount more, than eighteen hundred "years
ago, the principles of the Democratic party
are the same to day at vhen first promul-
ged and pllustratsd by Thomas Jefferson
through his AdmlniBtratlon or theuovern
mcnt. .' Now, as then, the Democratic party
will administer the Government for the
glory of the country and v the happiness of
Ohio Statesman.
Mm up you mind to vote sgsint thoss in
favor of high tsxDt. ' . '' '
Miscellaneous. Bees.
Tueeb are threo .olasso of beet in
every, oolony, Dtmoly; the drone or male,
the queen or mother of the colony, and
the working or hobeyroakinir branoh'bf
the family. All owrupy their separate
divisions of- the hiva, the qaeod., havio"
her coll distinct and isolated., !fha work
ing bee is the smallest .of the three ' di
visions, but nature has msdo amends by
imparting to them a restless' activity and
industry whioh more than BUDoIias the
deSoieooy at to size. In a strong, heal
thy oolony they . number from thirty to
forty thousand, while a few hundreds
comprise the force of, Don.producors.
ine queen ia an object ot nnceasing osre
and solicitude.. If this head of tho
bouse- bold meets with a mishap, tho
family ia at onoe thrown into confusion,
Labor.iB suspended and the workers may
be seen coursing wildly about in searoh
of Jhe lost pnij;. .Tlitkind' of breaking
np continues until a new qaeen Is de
veloped, when order it restored in tha
disorganized household. . Aooording to
the -authority of writers on beo, culture
and management, alertilo queen, during
the greator portion of the hooey season
deposits about three thousand oggs per
day, and if the has been fertilized, the
produot of these will be working bees.
it win io teeu tnat tbe threo divisions,
constituting a perfect colony,, vary in
lize, form and colbr. '
The queen hat an elongated body, with:
snort wings ana a usraer nne.man either
me arone or mo worker. Tbe Italian ia
however, lighter oolored than either the
drone or worker, muoh of her body be
ing a golden yellow;; ,,, Tbe queon is said
to live from three to four yean. The
Messrs. King, in their work on the hon
ey bee, speaking of the drones, tay that
mey are more Dnisy, tnougii some-what
snorter than the queen, end unlike her.
their wings are long enough to oover the
en tiro abdomen. I hey are olumsy 'and
nneouth in appearance, and when fl7iog
luajr uu uiniiuguisUL-u VJ (UOir Doisccrous
hum. They are destitute of the took for
carrying honey or groves on their thighs
for pollen, benoe they are unfitted, for
the labors of. the hive. Their functions
seom simply fertilizing the queens, or. in
other words, Ho propagate or rot,' -for
when toeir tunotions are . porformed, the
workers ; drive them forth to porish.
These laat aro prodigies of industry and
have boon cited, for long ages, as exam
ples worthy of being imitated by man. '
JO? My pretty' little dears, you are no
more fit for matrimony than a pullet is
to look alter alamiiy ot tonrteen ohiok
ens. Tne truth is, my dear girls, yon
want, generally speaking, more - liberty
and less' fashionable . restraint ; more
kitchen and less parlor'; mors exeroise
and less sofa; more' making paddings
and lesB piano : more frailness and loss
mock modesty. 1 1 like a buxom, brieht-
eyed, rosy-bheeked, hounoing lusa,1 who
can darn stockings, make her own frooks,
mend trousers, command a regiment of
pots, and shoot a Wild, duok as well as
the Paohess of Harlbro' or the quoen of
Spain, and be a lady with all in the drawing-room.
- But as for your pining, mo-
fung, sorewed-np, wasp-waist'ed, putty
aeod. musio-murdering, novol-devouring
daughters of fashion and idleness, ' with
your eonaumption-eoled shoes' and silk
stocktng, you won't do for:' wives 'b4
Mrs. Ellis' Lectures.
AWoin xe .Htssards Hat anybody ever
written upon the1 respoSibility ' which rests
with a husband with regard to the education
of his wife? Of coqrse , we know what,, you
will say about her bein g supposed to have
"finished her jeducatiin'' 'before marriage,
and all that; and yet you and we know that
she begins as a now : education with him as
if she' had never seen the alphabet, His
views, his feelings, his ideas, aro thoy noth
ing to; her,1 if she loves him? Yoftre after,
whon they "knew her as o girl," combs to
talk with her as a matron." do they not find
her husband reflected in every sentence, ci
ther for good or evil? Of course ' the more
strongly a woman lovia, th more complete
ii her own Identity absorbed in her hus
bands,; Thit Is a' piont vrhlch is tod much
neglected by married men,' , A good husband
almost certain to have a good fife; and if
shoba ''not so, good as he onld wish" , at
(he commenoemen, of ,theit married . life, he
can toon educate her up to the proper mark-
And on the other hand, he, can to, educate
her down as to resdor hi house a purgatory,
and, perhaps, bring upon himself and his
family the greatest agony and keenest pangs
of disgrace .which
can feel. : r, ,
a husband or children
Tna best way' to do good to ourseivos is ic
do H te other. ' " ' 11 ! 'k Hs ;..,; i-
''-"I -, i-.-.o'l,
IIUMBoaaiNa A MuLK.---"VVe are ' In
formed that at ooe of our ooal mines on
tho line of the Alabama and Tennessee)
Ilivor Hailroad, fifty miles from this city
mora or loss, whore the water is drawn
oat of the mine by mulepower,- one of
the mules tefuses to . work unless he ia
ridden. To save 'a hand, thoy have
mounted an artificial monkey upon him
and he works perfectly tatifified.
Selma Times.
S9" Nioe-tenths of the diseasea which
happen to, the hoofs and ankles of the
horse, aro oooasioned by standing on the
dry, plank floors of the stable. Many
persons seom to think, from the way they
keop their horses, that .- the foot of the
horse was never made for. moisture, and
that if possible, it would be bencfioial if
thoy bad cowhide boots to put on every
time they' went out. Nature designed
the foot for moist ground-Mho earth of
the woods and valleys' ; at the same time
that a covering was eiven to proteot it
Ohio Farmers.
" , 1 L. . 1
On one point, P. T. Barnum.the creat
showmsn, is one of the most sensible of
men. Hear him ; I never . patronize a
business man that don't advertise for tho
reason that invariably get cheated.
The popurious principle that prevents a
man from keeping hia business before the
peoplo will prevent hioi from soiling
cheap. f
A colored witness was examined in a
Washington city oourt to prove the iden
tity of a white man the other day. ;
Piotrict Attorney 'Did yon sea , the
man v . .
. A , , 4 W U1UJ V A
'was be a white man?'
'Don't know, sir If ".. !
. District Attorney Do yoi
you saw the man and can't tell
tell mo.
he was white or black? ; 1 '
V Xes, sir, I see him, but dares to many
white fellows oallin' tbomselves 'niggers'
round hero J oan't tell one from t'odorl'
Witness dismissed explanation satis4
Ak honest Dutohman, m traioine; rjn
his son in the way he should go frequenU
exercised him in Bible lessons. On
ono of tbeso oooaBions be asked him :
-Who vas dat would not ehleopmU Bot
iver'srife?' ., .. ., . ,
'Shop opb..' ...
'Pat's ooot poy. Vol val vasde reason
wouldn't ehleop mit Lor."
'Don't know ebpose he vasn't shloet
'- ' ' Mr.-'- :: ,. : .
Geavetard Robbsrt. A few nights.
since, tho family burying grounds, on
the .promises of Mr: Andrew Stuart,
about four miles from this plaoo, wero
entered by an unknown party, and the
marble slab over the grave of Mrs, Aga
tha Stewart was broken half in two, and
oncrtilf taken away, The marble mon
ument over the grave of a little daughter
Colonel Jamoa W. DaviB was also dot
faded, the party or parties taking there
from the marble representation of a lamb,
which bad been placed npon the monu
ment. This is a speoies of theft, and of
moral dopravity, heretofore unknown to
and we are at a loss to understand the
object of the party who committed , the
Greenbrier (Va.) Independent.
The OwjiaT JiiohtnihQ; Conductor
Arago, the celebrated French astrbnon
wrote tlie following : , .
The temple of the Jews, at Joruealoro.
existod for a period of noarly a thousand
years ; for the templo of Solomon existed,
nearly four hundred years, and the toe
ond tomple about 'six hundred ' years.
This templo was, by its situation,,, more
particularly exposed to the frequent and,
violent thundorstorma in Palestine.
Nevertheless, neither tho Bible nor Jo
sephus mentions that It wasf ever Btraok
lightning.- Tho cause of this is vory
simple By a fortuitous ciroumetanco,
temple of JeruBalom was providoct
with, a lightning eonduotor, wbioh came
very pear that : discovered by Franklin,
used by us. ' The roof of the temple,
similar to those found in Italy, was oovV
ored with thioLly gilt wood. , LaBtly, be
neath the foreoourt of the temple, there
wereeistornB into which flowed the va
coining from the roof by moans of
metal pipes. ' Here we find each. a mul
titude oilightning conductors, that Litoh
eoburg was right ,, when he maintained
the mechanism of the like construct
tions io pur days is far from presenting
so well adapted to produce
Hebrew Observer.
; '''' 1 ' li"VB" '. ..." i v i . t
Ho. pfoof of temperance to see a man
with his hat off at midnight explaining to an
old lamp post the principles of his party.
'''' ! - -
,- ,,,, , -
StjjcaiBi for the iJmetra'it jETjijitfrvr-,' .
i" r A IC-'; ti! Iti.iW!

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