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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 20, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Gem Ferrotypes.
For the recommendation of those who
wish ft .cheaper jdoture - than the. eommon
Vhotographj C. J, 3awOHnsT I,,,no,r
prepared, to make Gem Ferrotype!.
Call and e tBem! 1 --:' t.
' 'i't ' ;
. Mmcii Nomci. Fourteen Years Prae
' in Chronfo DUeis'eV By Dr. L. Pagan,
of South Bend, Indiana, Author of a New
jfiysteln pf," Jledioine ,in the Treatment er
Chronic Disease, and a new mode of Combi
ning Medioine. He can be consulted at the
following places; s -, - , , , .
Hamden, Wednesday, July Sd.
MoArthur,'1 Hulbert, House, Friday and
Saturday, July 121 and 13th. ' t. ,..
Mt Pleasant, Sunday and Monday, July
14th and 15th.
New Plymouth, Tuesday, July 16th.
Zaleski, Wednesday-, July 17th.
The Printers of this offioo acknowl
edge the receipt of two moat beautiful
bouqueVofriob. flowers from Iwo young
lady friends, who reside in this town.-'
They bevt. the thanks of the Printers for
tha pretty presents-. - ' i
1 lioi-IU'd Piani-A. L. Wood
of Webster, Ohio, grows extensively for the
publio Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants, Ear.
ly Tomato and Cabbage Plants, whioh will
be nkielj packed In damp moss so as to carry
any distance ' safely, and delWered -sit any
Express offioo for the following prices;
Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants 500 for
- $2 1,000 for ! $3,50;. 5,000 . fot '15,00,' and
.. 1.0,000 for $28,000.", , : ; i' " ) ''
' Early lomato Plants 100 for $2. ''
Early Cabbage Plants-lOO,; for $1, and
Late Cabbage Plants-rl.OOO for $2,50. ,' 1
;Qii8h to acoompany orders. ; . ,, ,
Address,! by mail,, Iron Furnace, Soioto
County, Ohio, by Express, Webster, Ohio. 15
THi Uashmore Shawl Goat Company
of Vioton County hold another meeting
Dr. Wolf 'a offise;"' this place, on
Monday afternoon las. Many persons
vers present, ' among whom wore Mr.
White nod Captain Search. Thomas
'Banna's jnioed ihfl Company and sub.
bribed the smount .of $1,500. T.: B.
Dsvis and Dr . A. Wolf were ohosen
Aavie 'u,i ' v
delegates to., represent this county io-'the
Caahmero Shawl Goat Convention, whioh
meets t Z mcsville, .on , Wednesday, the
2Cih inat.
.' Rust ih WHavr. We are Informed by
some of the farmers in Vinton county that
eerloru Injury has already been, done to the
Wheat 'by . rwsi i in"," different;; localities
There may be a field, here and there, as is
often the case, injured by rust; but we
hinii that the croo will , be better than it
has been for many years.
if BLACKnERBiw. The Blackberry crop in
;'Vln.'tono'oq'n;ty promises to exceod that of any
pruvious year within the recolleotion of the
nl.losl Inhabitant. Everybody can Hie
; 'good time" pioking Blaokberries.
. have a Blackberry Party I
let us
'" ' Tr vou want to buy or sell anything, no
maller what, the best way you can accom
nlish your object is to advertise in the En-
Now is the time to advertise, iry
: :. ,i l.i-.'l
Whbek TO0t,.TnK " Best Sweet Toiato
sfilsVATbosV Wishing Nanseraond; Sweet
Totato Flanta tne Desi quauiy iu
' 0rtli should call on or address H. Hulbert,
at the' Hulbert' House; MoArthur.' He, is
raisidg 25,000 excellent Plants, and Is pre.
pared to supply customers at very low prices
(In to Strona & i GlbbonsFor
8toves, Tm-warS, Plows, Saddlery, and a II kinds of
TTrtlwre. io to 810110 Gibbons, on Main : street
MoArthur, Ohio, who have on hand a full supply of
everything usually fund In a country uara-wnre
.tore, and which has been oougni m me iow. ..
prices and will be sold at corresponding llgures. IS
Job PRiNTiNa.-Gev ati your 'Job Printing
done' l'&t'kwnr TTinting Office, in
. Malone's Building, for, besides the best prinU
ing, you will also find the lowest prices. '
Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Pota
. toPtANS fo Balk. Levi Wyman, who. re-
- .;,i .a U miles south' fromIoArthn and 1J
norti of MoArthur StatioiJ, wishes to Inform
' . . ' a . . i!a
the publio that be has rorsaiea targequBiji.iij
of the Yellow Nansemond Sweet Potatoes, the
best k'inri'for tnia climate; f whioh he will sell
tt 4 per bushel. ; He intends to raise plants
from 50 bushels 0? Sweet' Potatoes this sea
ion. Thiee" wishing Swet Potatoes or Sweet
Potato' Pltfati.'wil pleas call upon or ad--.
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio
Ui oani'oW receipt of; tho money, ship either
t Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any poinv,
' Give 4si i liberal patronage. ' " i " U
...i..,X.S X l
fa II' " '.'Hill'' ' ... ' . 1 ' f , j '
-a. Drnss. Books anrt SlaUoDerj,-ri
Persons; Wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
wil.. aot;VeU to oall at Strong' Drug and
Book Store, corner Hulbert'e Block, MoArthur,
Oh!v where they will find a large stook of
Pure Medicines, Liquorsi Oils," Paints, Dye
'v Stuffs, Perfumery, and Fancy Articles.: j
Physicians can buy as low as in any mar
Vet, in Southern OJ)io. A nt ,..!,; : ; j .
The fitjention of the publii Is called to the
fjjarge'tllpjk of C,ap"anft: Note Paper, Pens,
InPser, knives, fiiiloM, 4o., &.,';",'!., '
.! Sohol .Books .,W. be. bought ' cheaper ijkt
S trong'a, .thftn at any other establishment in
-srtnlon county.V '. " '"''
Cell and see.'
' '' ray 2-6m
Wb havereoeived copy of, "The Bat
id' Ball,"' '',' Httle semi-monthly
juurnsl, printed t Hartford, Conn. ',,
Terms' 50 cents per year, j ,
Address Bat & Ball, Box C97V Hart.
ford, Conn.
SkKP Shkabino Heatt ?isbom Wnb
Cam Beat Them? Dr. A.'Wotr, the oldest
and most extensive Wool Grower in Vinton
county, who resides in this own, Bheared bis
Sheep a few days ago- Four Fine Bucks (of
the Infantado Breed! wore sheared . in the
presence of a number of farmers and others,
who reside in the county.. ' The heaviest
fleece weighed 21 pounds; age of Buck, 4
years weight of carcass, 110 ponnds. An
other fleece weighed 20 pounds ; age of Buok
4 years; weight of carcass, 139 pounds.
Another fleece weighed 16 pounds; age, of
Buck, 8. years;;; weight' of caroass, 116
pounds. The last fleece weightd 15 pounds;
age of Buck, 3 year; weight of carcass, 200
pounds. These Bucks received no extra at
tention during the Winter. We should like
to know who oan beat that? Can any Wool
Qrower in Vinton oounty beat it? . Some of
the old-fashioned farmers will probably con
sider these figures very remarkable, but they
are oorrect, as many farmers were present
"to see for themselves.".. Let some of the
Vinton County Wool Growers send us the
figures! . ' '!' '; "'.'.'.'
Pursuant to previous uotioe the Democroy
of Elk -Township assembled at the Court
House, in MoArthur, on Saturday, June 15th,
1867, and organised by oalling 8. C. CASE,
Esq., to the Chair, and appointing Kichaed
CtAirj Secretary. ;', 1 :
On motion it was
Resolved, i That. Isaao Clark, . Jonathan
Brine, and H. H. 8walm ba nhosen as Tellers
6f the Convention. '.. ,.i
Whereupon the Convention prooeeded to
elect Eight Delegates to respresent the De
mocracy of Elk Township in the Demooratio
County Convention, to be held on the 17th
inst. .-, , ., . )
The, following named persons were chosen
as Delegates to said Convention : William
Gold, Henry Clark. H. H. Swaim, Isaao
Ullom, John L. Dillon, A. L. Hunter, Edward
Holland, and John Huhn,
i The Convention then adjourned. " '
S. C. CASE, Chair'n.
Mibbt and Wt8S. A Comical Monthly
Piper for Boys and Qirls, , consisting of 8
pages, SI columns, beautifully illustrated by
handsome engravings a copy of whioh we
have reoelved.' Subscription price only 50
cents a year, payable in advanoe. A beau
tiful little Punle sent free as a Premium to
every subscriber. In' the First Number of
Vol. III. is commenced a new Serial, by the
oelebrated Capt. Mayne Reid. . It will run
through the year, and the "HEADLESS
HOUSEMAN; a strange tale of Mexioo."
Also numerous other attractions, ,' Puzzols,
(Prizes awarded monthly,) Correspondence,
Literature, Interesting Stores, comio and
otherwise; Poetry, Reoipes, Soraps, &o.
No Humbug.
' Address ''Merry and Wise," Box 18,
tioa G, New York City. . -
Murder Will Out.
Editor Enquirer: In my own mind I have
aooused the Editor of the British Echo, prin
ted in this town, of unfairness and of an
attempt to tonoeal from the publio that there
are many places here where bad whiskey Is
sold, because be does not publish In the
'Business . Dircetory," in his . paper, the
names of the persons keeping them ; but, in
the British Eoho of last week, he publishes
under the date of " Moon near the Gas
House, Joon 6th," the history of a "dog fite,"
whioh history was probably written in the
moonlight hours by some' loafer who had
been kicked out of some of those interesting
establishments into the baok yard, and was
unable to get home, and, 'wandered into the
old British Gas House, in the " low valley,
and being unable to get further, and think
Ing be was In the first qaartsr of the moon
wrote the history of a "dog fite," and ns the
aforesaid editor had also been in the. first
quarter of some moon near some other "Gas
House," he thought the. history of "the
dog fite" was an excellent item for publica
tion in the' British Paper. ; Any person
reading the history of "the dog fite" oan see
at a glance the state . of things in Zaleski.
Regular meetings are advertised. Mors
Zaleski, June 17, 1867.
ZALESKI, O., June 15, 1867.
"' Mr. Editor: I have seen io your paper for a
few weeks past "The Chronioles of Zaleski,''
wherein you attempt to describe the tyranny
of the so-called British Lords. , 1 think you
had better pay a little more attention to
the wrongs in your, own , town. T Now I do
not think nationality makes a person better
or worse. - I love to see Jefferson's motto of
"equal and exact justice to all men " and
I may as well add, all', women, too, applied
in all cases Without regard to nationality or
anything else., It appears that the people of
your own town are just at present submit
ting to British Impudence with pretty good
grace, and it is something far , more degra
ding, disgraceful, and daring than anything
that has ever yet happened in Zaleski, ; It
seems you have a sprig of English nobility,
who , oonsiders ( hohest labo 'diSgraoeful,
as pOBt ,1 mistress, , and ;'"(' this ',, woman,
who i, thinks ', heiseJtjj worthy' of ,, being
treated with utmost respeot by the btrbarovt
Americans, has a number of daughters, all too
proud ty support themselve by some honora
ble employment Madar Rumor has been very
busy for some time past in reporting that a
certain legaUriend, a man with r' fainlly,
in a towri noP thousand miles from 'ihts
place, was Supporting this , high-born Eng
lish lady and some ' of her daughters ; but
the matter now seems to ' have nached H
olimax. This member of thw legal profession
this husband and father this fiend in hu
man shape I may well say, has sent away
his wife and children, and taken into the
dwelling but' lately1 oooupied Jby them, an
important female official and her daughters
and is providing for them as if they were
his lawful family and treating one of the
daughters in every respeot as if she was his
lawful wife; and a child has been born the
legal friend at the time of its birth, taking
liberties that husbands frequently dispense
with. I have been visiting a town not a
thousand miles from here-. I think I have
se,en three churches erected for worship of
ttiat Ood who has commanded the adulterer
and the adulteress to be stoned to death.
Where are the christians who .worship in
those cburohes? Have they made a covenant
with death and are they a league with hell,
that they permit such immorality in their
midst? Have they the strong love of right
and the detestatiou of wrong that christians
should have, or has the salt lost its savor
so .that it is no longer fit for anything but
to be oast out and irolden under foot of
men? Mat. V Chap.; XIII Verse.
It is reported that some of the neighbors
were unable to respond to a call for assist
ance on the oooasion referred te; but a kind
hearted woman was ready to listen to the
call, undoubtedly her own six sons at the
time were all with clean faces wearing
olothes clean and whole, and no doubt her
six daughters have been so iniatiated in the
principles cf virtue ana morality ana so
thoroughly instructed in the myterieg of
house keeping that, they will never despise
labor and resort to prostitution Xpr a live
lihood. Any thinking, person Woulcj sup.
pose that a respeotable woman would want
to set a better example before the publio
than to so far outrage the feelings of the
wife of the legal freind, who was herself at
the time lying very sick at a distance, as to
treat another as a neignoor in piace oi a
wife.., May that God who instituted mar
riage sustain and comfort the wife, and may
the community, ere long, take a higher mor
al stand in regard to marriage.
Irish mothers are not proua to labor; nei
ther are ihey mean enough to live on the
fruits of their daughters' prostitution.
Be kind enough to publisb these lines in
next , .
Is ft country where the natural desire of
the rifcODle is.to reach the highest point ' in
art. it is very difficult for success to be ob-
..... j
taineu without tne most sruuuuu moor.
Publio opinion is - extremely exacting and
not always just; but often unjnst and cruel
criticisn has produced the most beneficial
results; the greatest improvements have been
made under continued discouragements, and
in many successful efforts defeat seemed
certain to all except those oonoerned.' In
ns one branch of art has there been more tri
als and failures, and in ttb single instrument
is there so many different parts to perfect in
order to make the whole a suoeess as the
Piano-Forte; this is always attended with
great expense, requiring largo capital and
patient perseverenoe. Gbovbsikks. & Co.,
499 Broadway, N. ,, oommenced manufac
luring Piano thirty-six years-ago, and is
one of the oldest houses in the country. They
differed from the rest of the makers in this
respect they aimed to make the best instru
ment, and to sell it for the tmallett profit
These Piano" to-day cannot be excelled. Their
sineini duality is pure, full, and easily re
tained through the most lentthy passages,
For power they are unparalleled, and are
celebrated for their great brillianoy, exquis
ite touch, and elegance of style andjiiMA,
June 18, 1867-4t. ,
''Tnn Hkavksit Chkbubs." We have for
sale at this office the most superb steel' line
engravings of "The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistine Madonna," which we
invite everybody especially the ladies to
call and see. The prioe is low. ,, .
Raos Wahtsd. Bring all your rags to
this nffiee, where the highest market prioe
will be paid for them.
. .h !
LocAt items of inteiest will be thankfully
, received from our friends, at any time, from
any part of this or adjoining counties.
floraca Greeley styles' the storm
abuse whioh ha has been receiving from
his party friends, oa aooonnt of bis par
tioipaiioo ia (be reloase of Duvis, a ''del
uge of mud." ;
Local Business.
Fashionable Tailoring.
A. Lillibrideo, Fashionable Tailor. MoArthur. Ohio,
i prepared to execute Dents and Boys' clothing
tne most fashionable styles. Shop three doors north
it W ill's residence, on Market street. ,
New York Market.
$11 9015
Whlskev auiet and unchanged.
Wheat, 1 653 25
Corn, 1 381
Oats, ' - ' 8388o
Sugar, 10illo
Pork, mess 21(&23
Beef,;, ..-j -.41
Baoon, ' lO12Jo
Shoulders, 9l4o
lard,.,,.. . . , . lli12o
Butur, for Ohio ' - ' 12a2Uo
Cheese, . , t Hal4o
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine"'
Wheat, prime red
Coin, shelled, in, bulk
$10 50
,3 16
1 16
Cincinnati Market.
Baric; prim chestnut oak u ; ! l: i .
; $13 50
3 10a3 40
,. 22Ja25o
. : 15Jal6o
, T8
12 25a 15 50
140017 75
3 00a50
' 80a8
, . 15a22
-3 20a2 87
, 70a72o
:,, CQ60o
eans, prime wnlt "' J
Coffee, Rio !..",... ;. , (1
Cheese, Ji
Flou, spring wneat
... winter wheatj
Apples, green
Ginseng, 1 ' ;r; '
Wheat, ,
Corn, shelled;' t
Oats, ''
Molasses," ' y. f";'
FoUtotv ;;.
Cincinnati Market. Special Notices.
' Wonderful but Tru&.
Madak Uiminotoh. the world-renowned Astrolo
gist and riomrmmtmhsUc Clairvoyant, while in aclair
vnyant state, delineates the very teatHrea of the per
son yon are to marry,' and by the aid of an in?tru
ment of iutense power, known as the Pnyihomotrope,
guarantees to produce a life-like pieturei'f the fiitnri
hiitband or wife of the applicant, with date of inur
riHKe, occupation, leading traits of character. c.
This is no imposition, aa testimonials without num
ber can assert. By statini pl.tce ol birth, sue, dispo
sition, oolor of yea and luir, and enclosing tiftj
cents, and sianisea envelope a(Mrecd to voiiraell.
you will receie the picture by return mailtogether
with desired information.
wrAddress ij ooiifidenee, Madams Gmtbvd:
Kkmixoton, r. u, jioa mi, wo.si troy, . l .
gQPA Tfor&o Laot . returning to her
country home, efter a soiourn or a few months In the
city, was hardly recogiied by hor friends. In place
of a coarse, rusto, flushed lace, she had a soft rub)
complexion of almost marble smoothness, and in-
stcact ot twenty inreesne many appeared uui eifjn
teen. Upon inqiiry a the cause oi so great a change,
she plainly told them that she had used the Cibcas
i an Balm, and considered it an inyalimblo acnuisi-
tion to any Lady's toilet. By its nee any Lady or;
Gentleman can improve tneir personal amjerance as
hundredfold. It is simple In its combination, (
Nature herself is simple, yet unsurpassed in its effi
cacy in drawing impurities from, also healing, cleans.
ma and beautifying the skin and complexion. My its
direct action on thauticla It draaa from it all its
impurities, kindly lieulmattie same, and leaving the
surface as Nature Intended it should he, clear, soft,
smooth and beautiful. Frtce (1, sent by mull or
express, on receipt of an order by
. . W. L. CMRK CO.. Chemists,
. No. 3 West Fayefce Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
Thf only American Ag-uts for tne sale of the same.
, J Know Thy Destiny.
Madams E. K Thosto, the great EnRlish As-
trolo)i;ist, ClarvDyant and Psychometrician, who has
astonished thesoiontitioolassea of the Old World, hat
now located (ersell at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesses such, wonderful powers of sor,d
sight; aa to emble hnr t impart knowledge of the
greatesi immriancew ne single, or marncj ui ei
ther sex. Wlile In a state of trance, she delineates
the very featires ot the person you are to marry,
andbytheaicof an instrument of Intensa power,
known aa thevsvehomotrope, guarantees to produce
a life-like pifture of the fuuite husband or wife of the
applicant, totetherwitk the date of marrlflKC posiuon
in Hie, letntn; iraiis in cnanwier, . i "i u
hnmbn 2. as thousands ot testimonials can assert.
She will sendwhen desired a eeHifiod eertincate, or
written guarlantee, that the picture ia what it pur-
ptirts to be. By enclosing a smairiooK 01 nuir, ami
stating placd of birth, age, disposilian and complex
ion, and enclosiuti fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed yourself, you will receive the pict ire
and ilestredlnformation oy return man. . Aiicommu
nicationi lAcredly nonfldentinl, Address in conn
dence, .Vahmi E. F. TnuaMon, P. 0. Box 223. Hud
son, . r. lApm irjo-iyj
A .arm dmv Circular, rnvlnn rnlormation of the
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
It teaches bow the homely may become beautiful,
tVin HanitiA4 radnectftfl. anil the fOTSakel lOVed.
No younglady or gentlemen should fail to send their
Address, aid receive a copy post-paid, byreturo mail.
Aditresa t. u. urawer, zi,
April II, 1807-GmJ
Troy N. T.
To Consumptives. ;
TKa wtvArtispe. havinff bean restored to health in a
few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered for several years wiui a sever lung anecuon.ana
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow sutterers tne means 01 cure.
To all who desire it, ne will sena a copy 01 me
nraacrmt on used (free of charge,) wltn the aireo
ons for Drenanni and usinz tht same, which they
will find a sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung Al-
feelions. The only object ot the advertiser in send.
in the Prescription is to benefit the afliioted, and
spread information which he conceives to be invari
ants, and he hones every sufferer will try his rem
edy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing, fames wishing me prescription, rasa, uy
return mail, will please address
i Ktv. r;uwAKu a. wiusyn,
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York.
Twenty Melodic Exercises.
1 ' h roEM or -
ft'.-, SOPaRO VOICES,'.; .
v . i
Studiet , to acqutriiai
tht Art of Ringing.
Trese exercises were oomposed to be used sl-
muKaneomly with his systam,"The Art of bulging,'
or with any other method for the cultivation of the
roice, and will tnlte pines 01 uhiooni s ooi.rsuui.is,
being moiemelouiotis ano neiwr aoapveu iurici-ii-inn
Vm nf these exorcises art specially beautiful
as well as useful, a mingling of dolee at utile, which
secures the interest as welt aa the improvement ol
he itsdent. The various styles developed in thece
exercises render them invaluable m an eaueatiormi
nmnt nf view, aa tkev tend to enlarge the intelli
gence and the appreciation, and at the eamo time
Sir, thA ta!.t of the nuoil. They must be studied
carefully with reference to the innumerable marks of
expression and ornamentation. Upon the minute
accuracy with which these are accomplished de
peids the actual sterling; advancement of the puilj
in evasion or alumni in these respects . t.me and
etwrt uttetly wasted, while, on the other hand, 1
xlrae and natient investigation, and open to tne stu
dent the means and resources by which great artists
produce their most brilliant aadi profound effoctt.
W Viol's Aar jooanai,. . ,
1 in Two Volumes,
Prie. each, in Boards, Retail, ' , , f 2 00
ao in uioin, dcu, , . , yi
A ample oopy set by Mail, post-paid, 01
reofipt or nnoiesate rrioe, t.uu.
listed by WM. . uajuii a du
No. 543 Broidwar, New York.,
PntJiatiin and Dealers in Music, and Manuu
faptnrers of Flutes, Jfttes, 1 lageoiets, so.
6jnd br catalogue of prices. -
June2), 1867-6m , , f . ', , . . V. ,
Sheriff's Sale.j ;,
Stale of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
Naff, &
Slocomb, Plaiutina, 1 In Court of Com
1 roon Pleas.
Dodgd and
Order of sale. :
RoSertE. Phillips, uerennams: i
P the ibove cause issued from the court of com.
e command of an order of sale In
i , ------ ...,. . Ohio . ,r,A
medirettedas Sherift of said county, I will offer fcr
f. .rT.,hii .,Uon. at the door of the Court
Hrisa, ft the Tow a of Mc Arthur, in the oounty of
Viiloo,()n illi'h Mfij'i'f '
, , D, 1867, -
at tie hour of t o'clook t. . of eai day, the follow
Inglands and tenementi, to wit: '
, . 'nenty feet off of, the West Side of In
tJ Nnmhar 8ixtv-Seven (Io; 67,) ia the
Tosn of MoArthur, County and Slate afoie-
saa. ' . L ,
Ihken the property or samuei -v. urag
Isf an order and decree of sam otur 10 amis
NaT. Eaitan Blocomb. ' ' '
liwised at sixteen hundred dollars and must
kroa two-thirds of that sum. . , :
B . a -1 ....i, u h.nJ Aii tha dar of sale.
.. . . Sheriff Vinton County, K
t. C. Jer.es, Attorney lor Plainufl.
I $100 from $30.
Vl m iL...l..fOllT .-
TiTactiiiffWi onrAgenw lor io wiouinri,r..
Hurosoooes ana wrouumo v i,ii ui
t . .v.. vt-.a ana dmu onerv iieicets.
RKr Hnntina- Case Watchea, Also, fine colleotion
rl..,i.i rrd Piotni'es.;olored Prints, 4to.
La-cio will uurchaae a miscellaneous stock of
..or,nds that will sell for 1100. We effermost
SS Beekman st.,;Newprork.
; j . just
Separator Capilla.
Throw away your falte friuesr your switches, your
' '- ' ' ' '',(
Destructive of comfort, and not worth flg; " ' '
Comeacd, come youthful, ccme ngly una fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hali. .j, ?
I70B restoring hair upon bald heads (from wliatey
er cause it may Imve fallen out) ami forum s
frontbofhair UKn the fitce, Ith ir no eonal. It will
Inrce the Iwanl to grow upon tin smoothest face In
from five to eight weeks, or hail upon bends in Irom
two to three. A few prnetitione-a liain aerted that
there is nut ing tluitwill force r hasten the growth
of the hair or be ird Their assertions are .false, a
thoun,a of living witneses ((mm Iheir iwn expe
rieuce) can bear witness. Hut n.any will soy. how are
we to riHtuigniih tlw genuine fMin the spurious? Jt
certainly is difficult, b nine-tenths ol the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and heard are
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
awtiy Inr.j'o amoiuts in their purchase. , To soch we
would say, try the ltepiWator Cnppilh; it wJl cod
you nothing unless it fully comes k our representa
tions. If your flritggist does not Ur.-.p it. seod ua one
dollar ami we will lurward it, postpaid, together w lh
a re 'einl for the money, which will lie returned jou
on applicatinr, providing entire satisfaction it lot
j(ivun. Address,
W. L. CLAUK & CO., VUemult, ., ;
No. 3 West FnyetieSlreet,
al8yl : Syracuse, Ne w York,
'" ' ... &
.. . , , AT THE ' , ' '' 1 '
World's Fair,' London,
WHEUE all Sewing Machines ot any note,
both European aud American, were in
competition. . '
Tlits yearbj tale of Wheeler $
tl';o are equal to 'the tale 'of all...
. other Semng Machines Cmbined.
"We rise the Wheeler 4 Wilson, and pro.
nonuce it without a rival. Scls-nnc An taicis.
Jhcre iann macliiue bo simple and easily
managed, or thut can perfunn such a variety
ol work without basting or preparation.
! IS?"A11 orders will roaeive prompt
attention, if left with -
. . H. P, AMBROSE,': (
. j MoArthur, Ohio.
J. F.Woodside, Agent,
. I , : , Chlliicothe, Ohio.
Way 23, 1807-3m ' , ; ,,
Strong. Simple and Practical.
TT is a Squeezisq Macuiss; warranted
toiuiure olotbine: geared to give
strokes of the plungers for one turn of
handle, and 150 turns or whicn win waBn
thoroughly the bulk ot six to twelve shirts,
according: to the size of. Mnohine used.
Sii Ytart' experience proves the Nosparfil
. ... . S . 1 I. '
to be tne oniy nasning biscuiub muu
ttandt tM lest of lmt ana use. it is unap
proaohaSle for , . ' : . ,
' AGENTS WANTED.-; 8cnd for free
scrlptive Circulars to ' " ''
- 184 Water 8treet, New York City..
Junes, 1807 -9m .':.:
' . o '
1SS7. ' ISCr.
TS NOW reeeivinu from New York, Boston,
J. and Philadelphia, a ooraplete assortment
D R Y O O O 8 ,
'i,; ' consisting in part of
,! ' , Ladies' .Dress Goods, '
New Styles Delaines & Sballies,
Double-Width Uinghams ;
. j f , In Broken Plaids,
Large Stock of 1 " 1
' ' ' Foreign Dress Goods
Very Low and of the Latest Styles,
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop : -
"h Trimmings and Buttons, ..
.Parasols of all descriptions,
Shaker Hoods, '
And Cheapest "Woolen Goods
( and Cassiiperes since the
, His Stock of , - , .,'
Boots and Ladies Shoes
Is complete, and can be. sold 20 per cent, cheaper
than the cheapest, ;
All kinds of ,
Cr H O O ES JEL 1 33 S3
kent constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Ready-Made Ctothmg, ; '
Jficce Uoods, j
'.; : .Hatsad Caps,
As cheap as in the year 1859. . r ... ,
KAILS by the pountj & keg,
For less than ean be bought at any other House iu
County. " ' ' '
PSTSemmaer tne ptactuoaartaje t
nuildino, one Door Wttt of the Court Uovst.
$2 50 PER MOITII m TAis Eouro,
on 900 PEf Ckst. Paorrr w Cowwissios.
We guaranty the ahove salary or contmissimito(i.
t;Tariiiatrin'.iaaimnts at their nwrr homes, tcintfo-
duct an ertocU) of icdispensable nlihty m
household. For full particulars can on or. aaweMt
., 7. ... , . 0. W.jACK80!ft Co.,
11 South St., Baltimore, Mii
May is, 1867 1m ' '
J liilll
. The ; ; ' i - :'
Carding Machines
t "-IX THE- ' 1 ': '
IflcArlhur Steam irjllln, '
HAVING ten refltted with few rards.arenow
ready (nr world and the proprietora guarantee
that the work don by thorn will not IW . .
In the eountry I . .,
Way 21, 1867-.1m ,
cmsi'Li: to. II A.
Oh, was she beaiitintl and fair, 11
With starry eye, aud eodumi hair,
' Whose culing tendnla milt, entwined
' hiwhained the very heart and mind.
For Curling the Hair of either . Sex into Wary
and Gktty Ringktt or Heavy llauive Ourlt.
BY using this article Ladies and Gentle
men can beautify themselves a thousand
fold. It is the only artiole in the world
that will eurl straight hair, and at the saruo
time gWe it a beautiful, glossy appearance.
The Crisper Coma not'ouly curls the hair,
but Invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it;
is highly and delightfully perfumed, and it
the most complete article of the kind ever
offered to the American public. The Crisper
Coma will be sent to any address, sealed
and postpaid for $1. ,
Address all orders to
W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemists,
Ko. I West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. T.
. Ila!r Exfcrmlnalor ! I
For ilein'ovin? BuperlJuens Halrt
rpO the ladies especially, this invalaable
X depilatory recommends itself as being
an almost indispensible article to femaU
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots.
It is warrated to remove superfluous hair
from, low foreheads, or from any part of the ,
body, completely, totally and radically es
tirpiating the same, leaving the skin soft,
smooths and natural, lais is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price, li
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on receipt of an order by 1
1 285 KUer St., .Troy, N. T.
There eometh glad tidings or joy to all.
To young; and to old, to great and to small', " .
1 The beauty which onee wss so precious and rare,,
la tree for ail, and all my bo fair.. ,
ny the me of
FOR Improving and beaiituyin the complexion-'.
The most valuable' and perfect preparation in
use, for giving the skin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that
is ouiy found in youth. It quickly removes tan.
Freckles, Pimples, rlloiches, Motn mtcnes, tsauow
nets. Eruptious, and all Impurities of tha skin, kind
Iv heahnz the same, leaving the skin white and ciear
as an alabaster. . Its use cannot be detected by the
olosest scrutiny, and being a vejretnkle preparation
is perfectly Harmless it is me oniy arucieusea ov
the French, and is considered by the Parisian as in
dispenaabie to a prie toilet- Upwnrds f 30,0W
bottles were sold during the last year, a sufUoienl
tirmntee or its einuacy. rnca oniy vooenva. w u
ly mail, post-paid, on receipt of aa orde', by
BURGER, bHUTTS CO., Chemists,
ApriU8,1867-ly 28 Kiver Street, 'froy, N. T.
I V. Bradley's Oelebrated Patoai
Duplex Elliptic
and great
Duplex Elhptie Bkirtwill be experienced particularly'
in all crowded Assemblies. Operas, Carriages, Rail
road Cars, Church Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade
and House Dress, as the Skirt can be folded when
in use to occupy a small place as easily and con
veniently as e Silk or Muslin Dress, ati invaluable
quality in crinoline, not fouud in.anybingle Spring
fckirt. '
A Lady hating; enjoyed the pleastrre, eomfort and
aTenteonvenience of wenniiK the Duglex Elliptio Steel
Spring Skirt tor a single day will never afterwards
willingly dispense with their use. Kor . children.
Misses and Young Ladies they are superior to all
others, .i ;
They will not bend or break like the Single Spring,
but will prsaerve their perfect and graceful ehap
when three or four ordinary Skirts will have been
thrown aaldeas useless. Tha Hoops are covered
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only donble springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing them from wearing out when
dragging down stoops, stairs, &c.
dieaand is universally recommended by the Fashion
Tne Duplex Elliptic is a great lavome un an in-
Msgnftines as . the STANDAKil BKtltt u itiii.
To enjoy the following inestimable advantages in
Crinolma.viB SuperioF Quality, Perfect Manufac-
turn, stylish Shape aim rimsn
Flexibility, DurabiU,
ty, uomiort ana ta
y, enquire ror J. w. Jorau
Doiinie Spring Skirt, and be
I Duplex Elliptic, or
sure you get the (jenuine article.
CAUTION. To guard against
nartienlar to NOTICE
that skirts ottered an "DU-
PLEX" have the red ink stamp, via
"J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
band none others are genuine. Also notice thai
every Hoop will admit ofapin being pnssad, through
the centre, thus revealing the two hr doi.. springs
braided together therein, which is the Hexibiiity or
aad Strength, and a combination not to be found in.
anv other Skirt. . .
FOR SALK in all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throughout the United States and eleewhera.
Alanufaatured by the Aold Owners of the Patent
" ' 97 Chambers and 19 k 81 Reads Sts Jl. Ti ,
May 16, 187-3m
"VTOT1CE if hereby Riven that the Commis.
-t-' aioners.of Vinton county, Ohio, will meet at the
bridge across Middle Fnrk Creek, between
Vinton Station and Vinton Furnace, on
Friday , the 5th day of J uly , 1867,.
in the forenoon, to sen to tne lowest responsible,
bidder, the building of abridge somes said creek
to be built with two stone abutments, and of heavy
timber. Other apecinsalions made known on the day
of sal o. .
By Order of the Commissioners. .
June 13. 1 867-1 w Auditor Vintcf County.
' I
5i;":;',BE vj Y:i'.'-
Auburn. Golden, Flaxen &. Slfken
' ; I'urlN
PRODUCED Jby the nse of Prot DE
application warranted to cnrl th moBt
straignt and etnbbora hair of either sex into
wavy ringlets, or heavy massive curls. Uas
bees used by tbe fashionable ol PurU and
London, with the most gratifjrtag rtsnlta.
Does no toiurjf to the hair, u 1'rioe by mail,
sealed andpoetpaid, $t PeeoriptW Circu
lar mailed , free. Address BEHGER,
8HUnS k CO, Chemists, No. iSH Bier St.,
Troy, K. Y.f Sole Agents for the United
States.' , . ArririV67-ly

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