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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 27, 1867, Image 1

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Democratic '.at all Time aud under all Circumstances.
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democratic Enquirer
T. Wv noWEN.
TyrFlCE-l-U Dodge' t Building, wtr Suetland't
... ' r....i tluit Kntti
si j ' .
Xtort. eorntr mam nu uvn. ..-
'; : 0 M Court ifotw. ' ,
-si. .(M 8K..i !-n - -.
Ooeopy,onjw, .. .. ., ... , 76
0. copy, three youthH, offlc , g
K1vcoplc.,oueyw. wn u)ffl ,000
i ADAiii . . f , wllh to discontinue at
A tetiure to give mMJw wM con,.
Hi. clone ol the MMJ u" , tad .
re.l new eiiKWment , . mo no pP
eonilnued ,"0gh !ne mail free of post-
litingio the county. 1- ,
W.uL1 tb-typi t the .pace occup.ed by
the tame, make one , , . 1 00
Jna nqunt one inaertion, . .. 60
three monms, "nr, og7 , m0..
iToo tut 00 lift 00
12 mos
$20 00
Mcomran. , ;j0 00 200O' 30 00; ;
iieoluinn. ooa 4500. j
column.; JJS- 60o -
Bus r.8" cardn, from to 10 YineB (iU
. advance.) , ' ' ''
Each additional 10 line
Attachment Notice., ("dMinM. ,
40 00
60 00
' 200
Adminiatrotor'. or js-aowu. . - -
' O0
: SMr runaway 'bu.band. or wive., double
cTJf iSSS: fe. Marriage Notices, accord;
K:rScenUper line for
Official Directory.
Ropretientative in ConfrrMB-H.
Ku?e Seuator-J. BBAUBU BY.
Summon H" Mttf-J. 'I-h -Probate
JUdge-JOtfEPH kALtK. , , ;
Anditor-W.F. FKLTON. ' -
Keconler JONATHAN BRINE. , .' ; -Prowuiing
Treasurer DAVlrt FOttEMANt !'. .: ' ,
(Merit Of Cuurts-UEOWiB LANTZ.
thrifl JOHN J.BHUCKEY. ''' ' -"
Post Offices In Vinton County.
Name of Post Offlne. Township.
Poat Master
AUensvill? a
Hope Furnact
Duudiis ' " ;
Eagle Mills
Elk-, r ,,,,
Kew Plymouth
Heed's Mills
WilkeaVilU ''J
J5aleski,)t; ,.,
Uicblaod ,
Brow '
8. Isaminger
Mileg Radoliff
Eagle .
r. Reynolds .
Mrs E Higginbothaio
W Burtensh&w
Wm. Tavlor-,
Swap,, ;
George Fry '"
Madison . J, 0, Will. f.
Rail Roads.
N and after January 1T, traina will run u
DDrt Cincinnati :00 p.m.
6 00 A.M.
toveland WIT
' , Chilhcoihe isbf.ii
Hamden " 1 IT
t Ztleaki.. 33 "
' .r ' Athens' '
TJ0 !;.
. 10 40 "J
12 18 A.M.
12 t4
. J00 -4
38 "
n ., MAIL toT.,,l , , NlfiUEXPBESWBSI
Depart Belpre ''' ' ' tOOM,
4 80
t-f .l Atnena .1 : '.....t r,.'i ; f -.-). ,
Zaleaki . 11 l Aai?
.li.Hamden '..JO 14 ;(......, r I ,
CrTillicothe 1188 f. 1 -ISB.!!.-" "
f.lLoveland. alf Uj;j ti
Arrive Oincinnati ;35 ' , T 45 '
Connections made at Hamderr wiDi:TrM B.lh
Fortimouth Branoh., ju--h.ii
Cloa. connection mado 1 , Ciooidoati with .11
Western-Trains; and at Parkeraburg with the Balti
mor and Ohio Kail Road. ,1
i Chllltcothef 6., JamU, 1880.1. ;,t. 1,
Ranter of Tranaponaiion.
f i.
XI 'n '.i i e ! .i'i'i ''T ' . ri-
aLttojL3tt.ey at Lcfw,
;.!,(,v'MoAETflU.:pHIOl ., . 1.
rriLL ttfend promptly to ail 'legal businea. en
YV ' trusted to his carein Vinton and Jackson coun
tia. Offica In Doddridire'a New Building, TOUth-
west corner Main and M arket atreeta up stairs. M't
Mayo la in paatuerehfp with . Portor DuHadway ol
Jackson oounty, who can. alwaya be found, during
Taction, at the offtoe in Jackson,' Ohio. .' '.
-tSi'.'.ut r. 1 is.-i.l n t 1 c.
' .l .1; '.,
;;,: iMoARTflUB j 0IQ,;, t . . ,y
"IHJILL -yraotice In the Courts of Vinton, .Athens,
TV ' and' Jackson' Counties t also,1 n the United
Slates courts of the Southern District of Ohio. 1
OrncB-JSccdna Story of Davis1 Building, on Main
arVKiietH'' O'U :
i;, j ,,!. in u.i il. I.Ji 'I ?-r
- icw 'OIJM C STEyjBXSpiV, ..:.;)
WILLpraetlc in 'the Court of fJaokion, ymton
and other oonntiei. i -.
a. ooKti. .w. !.. A. wuajuun, . b, waotk
' S. GO-ETZ & CO., r
: iHAMDEM,' OHIO,; ,
MAmjiACTUitiaj or .
stoves; castings,
5 hollow waiie,:-
'All ind 0 (htkrt and Bti Fattening,
0iBCtir-0ua.o JMTllla
AM, kinds - of Machinery Repairing done. The
Ware Manufactured at the foundry ia .old at
low can be bought in any Market.
1 ost umce aaureaa neea .-uiiib, y miuu wumjiv.
May 16, 1307-ly
vifiTon couiity mm,
" (OHtC0EPOATD,) ! ' '
jos. j. modowell. , .. JA9. w. delay,
U. . iCHDI, 1. D. DODOI, .
a.r. MIIll, D. V. BUINKLI.
A. A. AVBTlIf .
adhw wotr,
HAVING formed a co-partnership for the purpose
of conducting a
; .. . BUSINESS, . , , ,
an with ample faciliti.. for the transaction of any
bu..aeas pertaining to legitimate Banking, we tender
oui services to the business pubhe mnerallv. ,
BONDS. Money loaned at reasonable rate, on ac
ceptable paper. Revenue Stamp, always on hand
and for sale. Interest paid on time dopowts.
Persons wishing to remit money to Foreign Coun
tries can obtain Drafts at our Oince.
February 7,1 8bMy ...
31, 19, 25 & 2T Broadway, S.Y-
i" Opposite Bowling Green,,, . .
THESvwamHors.ia well and widely known to
the tiavehng public The location is especially
....i.M.m mcrninnLi and bnsiness men; it is in
ulose proximity to the businen. part of the city -is
on the nignwftT-01 BimmwuiHu r0n
Tub Stivikb HoIisb has liberal accommodation for
over 800 guests it is well l'urn,shed,,and poesoi'sea
tnjTkt JanltB .il
evefy moderu improvement rir Hie coniion ana en
....... im0nt it. inmniB. The rooms are . nacrous
aid well ventilated provided with gnu and water
the attendance is promptand respectful, and the table
is generously provided with every delicacy of the
season at moderate rates.
CH A3. BROWN, Preit, DAN. WILL, Cath
One Doer Weil Dan. Will $ Bro't Store, North
:'j Sid Mam street,' '
Deal in Exchange, Government Seouri
ties. 8tock. Bonds. Gold and Silver, &o. , .1
Deposits reooiyed.' Interest paid pa time
deposits. , ,1 ; ;
Collodions made at all aooesBlble points
ib 'the united Stotw. ' . .
' United States Revenue Stamps for sale,
' All business done on the most liberal terms
and vith the utmost promptness. . K
February 28, 1887-ly. ., , , , ...
, ,. .; , H. Ci MOORE,
A PTERan absenoeof two years; oners nia pro,
fetsional services to. the ciliten. of AUensville
surrounding country.
March 21, 188T-tf . " :. i r ' 'I
,,.!- f 1...-I .'.. i, ,
!; . . v .-. ui"! !")) i.i vul v...'a J,,'
f)!i6 v .. ,r. B0 WEN, .Proprietor, . , , , ,..
A' LL kinds of plain and fancy printing done at the
XA,verjioweMpno8:B( ( lrf
THANKFUL for the liberal patronage received for.
I the two past year., he wonld say to thos. desire
ing hie professional services, that pe may always be
found at his OrBoe or residence, on Main Street, un
less ab&entoa professional bnsinee.. .-.:l,t 'i .
: February 28, 1807,-1';,
s r'li'nv a er a'i'i.ii
Conner, Bttsixv and ; Third Streets.
tiviHA MILTON, ,q H JQ.v.-rj-B.P.
CBTJRCHILL,' ' '-.'rPfoprUtor:
SITUATED in the bumnfcs. part of the City, and
nearest U the Rail Road Depot.
awomnibueiie. ran to and from every train;. . ,
January 3t, 1807-itf. - , , ,, 4
;' I Three" Door Edit ojlhe llulberl' Boute,
REPAIRING done t ordax , BWMUSICAL. 1J(..
8TRUMENTS correctly repaired. ' :' ' "
aMTBpectaolee to suit al) eye. .) a :U f. s '
. January 31,lo6T-ly .... "!'.',')'i rt ' '
Appointment eN"otpe. 1
NOTICE la- hereby 'given ' thai the undersigned
haa this day been appointed by the Probate pourt
ot Vinton county, Ohio, as Administrator n the
pstate of Mary England, deceased. -
a8y31,187-3w GEORGE CRAiq.
Only word of cold good-bye u. : - V. '.
' A glanoe I oould not tell its meaning,
' ' :' And you were gnes : . !
My lips, without, one' parting-sigh-' ri ?
Echoed the. words, and ooldly turning, '; .
. I was alone. 1 , '
I kept bright looks upon my face,'
Bang songr as from my heart their coning,
., ButwasI glad?.
No; in my soul there was a place, '
Where I had kept your Image shining,
, That would bs sad.
The sky was dark, the rain foil chill, ; -But
afterward came days mora brightening,
Of gay sunshine;
And hoping all, I waited still, .'
But f ainly. . Only in my dreaming
! I found mine. . , . .
Since joy has made my heart-beats light, ' .
And other friends, around m epraiiing,
. Hare all. been true ; " - '
But careless that my way was bright,
' Unmindful of their words approving, .
. Tie Wanted you. .
Since grief hath made my pathway drear
While, all life's sunshine darkly clouding,
; Fate's frowned severe ;
And tired of others' words of cheer,
My soul has sought afar for helping,
, i And prayed yoa near,
: .!... -. '. 'f . ,
But never In my joy or pain
nave you come baok with 'love and bless-
. ing; '; v . ,
While through the years
That hurry by, I seek In Tain,' ' '
With fading faith, for your careasingi
", . j ' Ad falling tsars, "'. " '
Dates Worth Remebering.
1180, Glass windows first used for light,
1236, . Chimneys first put to houses. ,
1252, Lead pipes for carrying water,
Tallow candles for lights, i
Speotaoles Invented, by an Italian
Taper first made from linen.
Woolen cloth first made in Eng-
Artof painting in oil.' : ' ; ' '
Art of ' printing from movable
types. ' ; ' ' ;" ; ','''
1477,' Watohes first mads, in Germany.'
1540, ' Variatiows in the compass first no
tieed.i ,
;' 1543,
: - i ' , ' .. i
Tin first used, in England.' ,
Teloscope, invented, . by Torta and
'.si!: I I-,- ; i .; ; ri:ii
Jupiter's satelliets discovered, by
! 1601, Tsa first brought to Europe froa
China. . !. f.': . .- r.ii) ,;.:
'1603, . Theater ereoted In England, by
P. 1610.
Thermometer invented, by Sancto-
rius, '
: 1619,
Circulation Of blood discovered, by
'1625, 'Bricks first 1 made of any required;
eUe. r . . .,
1626, Printing In colors invented.
1629, Newspaper first established.
; J630, ," Bhoe-buokles first made.i ' "f
. 1635,-Wins first made of grapes In Eng
land. . , ,
1630,- Pendulum olooks invented..
, , 1641, Coffee brought to England. , 7
.,1641, Sugar cane cultivated, in the West
Indies. ,,; j. . 1 ... 1
1642, Barometer Invented, by TorrioelU,
Italy.: t.iOj:".: ; ',. r: .7. ;i
; 1640j: Air guns in vented. .1 1 !. !..,..
; 1649,'. Steam engines invented.' -a . i
.60,' Bread first oiade with yeastT": ''' '
1663, Fire Engine invented. '
v- J75oVn iSte'am Engine improved by Watt.
1 ,99; fCotton first planted in the United
States' '. s'"' ''. ''.'. :. ' c--' '-'
H85, "Stereotyping ' invented, .. in Soot-
17,, " Animal .magnetism , discovered by
Mesmer., ., . ; nr. . ., , ,
1832, Telegraph invented, by Morse.
1849, Daugerreotype m4e, by paguar-
Buabb. A little boy some-six -years old
was using bis slate and penoil on Bundy,
when his father, erho was a nnlstr, eots
ed and said ; '' -' i -o.'i..'i ' :
"My son, 1 prefer that yoa should not use
your slate on the Lord's day." 1 " 1 '
"1 am drawing meeting-houses, father,"
fts th prwppt; xerly,'- '' 1 v:.'"'i" "
The Lawyer and the Thief.
; .We have lately heard a , caDital storv
oonneotod with a promif eot lawyer, of a
neighboring village, who has distineuish-
ed himself in the dofonae of criminals, as
well, as in conoeotion with other trials
naying uequenuy, inrougn ma skill, a d-
od.tlio most hardened criminals) to escape
from justice. Some time' ago while our
&ioiw8' toftding wart; ia gn" adjoin
ing oounty, he was applied to by a sin.
zuUr oieoo of. humanity, charred with
grand larceny, to defend him. .jThe law-,
yet very, naturally inquired what orime
he was accused of. The party aoouaed
replied that somebody . had been, mean
enough to ohsrge him with stealing ooe
nunaroa ana rmy: dollars 10 bank notes,
and bad got him indiotcd, : . , ..
'Are you guilty?' asked the lawyer.
'That's none of your busicees,' replied
the accused. .'They . say that makes no
difference, with you, ' whether a man be
guilty or not, you will contrive to dig
him out some way. So don t talk any
more about guilt till you hear . what the
jury says.; , ,, ." . ,.....'..
, 'Well, what about the pav?:, said the
lawyer. , ;.!. , . .' :,
'You last hold on till the trial is over.
give. K 7 (the complainant) fits on the
crObB-examination, and that other fellow
bo bas got to baok him . np, and. you 11
bavo no trouble about the, pay.'
- The trial oommenoed. and proved tola
a somewhat pro traded, and exciting one.
ine isisinot Attorney proved that ,-the
money in 'question was composed of two
fifty dollar bills on a certaio bank, and
the remainder all , in ten dollar bills, all
of wnioh were wrapped up in a pieoe of
011-Biu. ine jury, after listening to the
counsol in tbe oaee, and receiving the
otarge of the judge, retired, and Boon
returned with a virdict of not guilty.w
i ce accusea, wno was greatly elated with
the result of the trial and the efforts' of
his counsel, invited the latter into one of
the vacant jury rooms. As soon as they
were aione, n eiappea ms oounsei on
the shoulder, and exolaimed :
, j'Free as water, ain't 1 7 What's the
uso ot trying a man for stealing when
.' 10 r T
you re arouna t iow 4 suppose vou
I. n.
'want your pay r ;
ies; cave you got anytniog to pay
wun 1 saia me lawypf.
'Xiena me yourcnue ana we ll see
The lawyer, slightly startled at snob
a proposition, rather reluctantly com
plied. , , '.'.,; .,. , .'.
, The accused immodiatcly oommenoed
ripping and .cutting away at the .waist
band of his pantaloons, and Boon , pro
d viced the roll ot bill?, for the stealing of
wuiuu us uau jusi uctn uiea, wrapped
up iu . muuuuai piuuo of oii-siiK ass
oribed by the witnepses for the prosccu
tion, and throwing it down on the table
before the astoniabed lawyer, exclaimed :
A nere, use your pay out n of, that;
guess. theie is enough to pay you tolerar
Dly well.' .., ... . ,. . ...... ,.. M
: 'Why,.; you, villain t i.yo,itol8 . that
money after an,' said too lawyer, ,
yoa .expeot I can tako any of,
money?' . . ., . ;" . ,,'
i.'istoie tnat money 1 , vvny, wnat .are
you. talking about? , Pidn't them twelve
mon up stairs there just say I didn't
steal it? What's the use of your trying
10 , raise a question 01 ooosoienoe, alter
twelve respectable nlen have given- their
opinion.; upon tho; subject?; Take your
pay out of that and ask' no auestions.
Don't be modest in taking: I got it easy
enough, and you've worked hard enough
tor ;,ti -.i'i i.'i i ' 1 ' ,
1 Our informant did not state now much
the lawyer took, but we presume the ohap
dldn t have much ebange lelt after our
friend had (atisfied his 'consgienoe' in the
premise., ni -.. i,:.,a b. ,,. ,
To PuauT a SiNicti hot j weather
it ia almoBt impossible to prevent sinks
from beoomine foul, unless some chemi
cal ' preparation ia asedt;.0n pound, of
oopperss,! dissolved m four ( gallons , of
water, ponred over a smk.tnree or tour,
times, will completely destroy tbe ofien
sive odor. ,Aa :a:di8infeoting agent, to
scatter around premises aUacted witt) any
nflpleaiant odor, notuiae la better tfian a
mixture ot lour parts ury groqna pias
ter of Paris to' .one para ,ot nne obir
coal bv weight. vAH v Borta of glass ves-
scls and other teoBila may be eaeotaally
purified from offensive smells by rinsing
them : with 1 charcoal powder., after, the
grosser impurities have been scoured , off
wito Band, ana aoap,,, .. i?
i m.fi ijiif .,. '!.i.'J; r.
'Ma. said a little trirl to. her mother.
'do the men want to get married as had as
the women i do Vi ttfshaw f j (What Lm
yoa talking about?. .Why, ma, tla wo.
men who oome bote are always - talking
tbout getting mwried-riha mu don't.'
; ' , 1 jtm t ' ......
Moif'air brings friends, the want ef it Iren.
xhb LiOHD'u A'BATEft. Did yoa ever
trunk, tnort tnougb. it ie, how muoh
there is in it f Ob, it Is beautiful r
Iike a diamond ia the crown of queen,
it unites a thousand sparkling gems in
one,' :.f u. . .r
It teaches all of us, every one of us.
to look1 to God
te our parent "Our
It tesohes us to raises our thoughts
and desires above tho , earth-' Who art
in heaven,'.. ... , :-...,;..,. ".. ..
It telle as that we most reverence our
heavenly Father 'Hallowed be thy
It breathes the saint's reward 'Tby
kingdom oome '
And a iubmiesive,' obejient spirit
'Thy will be done on earth as it is in
heaven,' "
And a dependent, trusting snirit
'Give ns this day our daily bread.'
auo lorgiving spirit forgive us
our trespasses as we forgive those . who
trespass against as.,.,
And- a oautious. SOirit 'Deliver ns
fromeviL,' ; . ,1 - ...
And last of all. an adoring snirit
'For thine is the kingdom, and the apw-
er ana giory, iorever. Amen, ,
Vklocitx The speed of our ocean
steamers in croesioa; the -'Atlantio rarelv
exceeds H miles per boar the speed of
river susmers is irom 11 to 224
miles per hour ; of a raoe-horee from 20
to 30 ; of a bird 60 to 60,; 20. and of a
burrioane eU miles 1 ot sound 804: of
mechanical force in air 750 j of the earth
-.. J . . t. . . rt nnn n . .
aruuuu mi tun oo,UUU 01 llgnl, aB
demonstrated by Fouoault's apparatus
600.000,000 miles, and vet this incon.
ceivable speed is little more than half the
velocity or statio eleotrioity which latter
Wheaton baa shown to be 1,040,000,000
miles an hour.- If the earth were a can
non'ball shot at the sqn from its treaent
distance, and with the velocity it now
travels, and . if simultaneous, with the
explosion a telegram was sent to the so
lar inhabitants, the eleotrioity wonld pass
iue intervening space ot o,uuu,0UU miles
and the message be received in five min
utes the eartb; wonld be seen coming
toward them after the lapse of eight min
utes; the inhabitants would have nearly
two years to prepare for the shock, whiob
would be received over ten years before
tney beard the explosion.
A Fortunb Teller. A Kentucky
editor -recently visited a fortune teller,
and thus gives tbe result. It . is highly
satisfactory: 'Thou. hast served three
years in the penitentiary for a horse
thou didat not stoal. Thou wilt be gov
ernor of the, Slate, and, afterwards, do
ohne a scat in tbe Senate of tbe United
States, : A wealthy young lady, with blue
nair, auourn eyes, ana very beautiful, is
now about to graduate from the ' House
ot. correction, . wbom thou wilt marry as
soon ss thy present wife diest, whiob will
oeatine lovrtn' iun oj tbo next full
moon. Thou wilt beoome possessed of
this lady's wealth," and elope with tbe
wife of a ooal boat engineer. Thou wilt
go to New Orleaoa and start a faro bank,
which will bring thee in great ' liohes.w
After ac absence of nineteen years, tboa
wilt return to thy repining wife, lay thy
princely fortune at her feet, be forgiven,
and after: raising a family of, nineteen
ohildroo, die bappy at the age of ninety,,
nine.' ' r '" ' ' -. .v!-.;
,' QtTABRELiNO.-If 1 anything in tbe
world will make' a man feel badly, except
pinching, his fiogeraiu the oraokof a
door, it is unquestionably a quarrel No
man ever faila to' think less of himself
after it than before, 1 It degrades him in
the yel, of others, and.., what is'worse
blunts his sensibilities on tho one hand.
ana .increases me power or, passionate
irritability on the other, "t The truth is,
tho more Deaseablv and: auietlv we ttt
a ; . t . .
ob,. the , better , tor our noigbbors, in
nine oases out of. ten the oourse is. if a
man nhnata vnn AAaflft tn rlaal with nim
..... .J -- ---- -- ,
If he : is abusive, quit bis company if
be alanders you, take care to live so (bat
nobody will believe, him. No matter
who be is, or how he misuses you, the
wisest way is to 1st bin) alone ; for. tbere
is nothing bsttar thsn this oool, ' oalm,
quiet way of dealing with the wrongs we
meet .with, -' . , .; -,cv;,:': (.. :-sXi .,
'GeORQl.' asked a minister ' of one of
his parishioners' little, boys, whets is your
sister Minnie f7 ... j. .. iv.m; .1 r:;.;i
'Gone to heaven, sir '. ... , i r ;. ,.
'What!, ia she dead f.,,. .
;.'Qh, no, sir ( she weal to buy I box of
Why, you said sbe .had gone . to, bsay
en'-..! :;:;( r , r ,
1 'Well, yoa Baid last Sunday that matoh-
es were made in heaven, so thought she
went were , r
Covms la New'
alout tin minutes, .
York are divorced in
Ins tiial al Corlr,' for murder., 1 114
prinoipal witness swore strongly agaiosv
the prisoner.: He particularly swore that
a hat, found pe.ai the plaQe of murJer,
belonged to the prisoner, whose name
was James, ' : a
Uj virtue oC yoq oath, are yoa flurd
that this is the same hat V ' ' ' f' ' '
Yes.v" m .... ;;;':'.:-!
'Did yoa examine it carefully before
you swore in your , information, that it
waa the prisoner's ?;., , ,-P',.Wfc
'I did.-
'Now let me see.' said O'ConnelL as U
took up tho ka and began- to examine
11 careiuny in tbe ioaide. lie tboa
spelled aloud the man,e of James slow-
ly, thus, J a m e s.
'Now, do voa mesa to, say this, word
was in the hat when yoa found it ?'
'Did you see it there V - v
'i did,-,, - -..
And it is the same hat?1 , . , . . ...
'ltis.f: 1
'Now. my lords,1 aald Q'ConnbH. hold-
ing up the hat to the benoh 'there is an
end to this pase there is no name what
ever insQrihed in the hat.' ' ' . .
The result sag an instant acquittal,
'HH.i.' ' 1 .
MOT Two yonne ladies, when: in Near.
York a short tiaesinoe, had -occasion to
pass the prison on ,. Black weli'a Island
and of course could not heln notiaLniK
the prisoners in their horrible gingham,
like check dresses. Said one, 'What do
they keep nhoBe 'yjoor ' fellows in that
dreadfur uniform for ?V ' Said tbe other;
I really don't know, unless it's in keen
them 1 in thick,' Which is averv rood
joke-fotagirI,.' '.- :r.uJ
' tST" A eat fish weighing '45 pounds
was paaght in tbe Soioto, near this plaee
on last Monday. ' t waa brought to town
an.d sold in quantities to suit purcbaMrAi
f(Waverl7 Democrat. ... ,
'The Cleveland Jldrald ssys rf.. Captain
D. Brown, of Aaburn,. New Yorkj passu
ed through the city yesterday with a bog
weighing fourteen hundred pounds. ,,. It
waa captured in Australia, i and is ea
route to Norwalk, Qhiot, . .
Lesion Cakb, One.-eup-of butter,
two oups of sugar; beaten to a froth. One
or two lomons, four eggs, one cup of milk,
four oupa of flour, one teaspoon of soda,
'' :- ' .. ..:T
' LadieB, when being courted, ought
not to objeot to the - moderate use of to
baooo. They should reoolleot that where
there U a ffJme there must be Bmoke.
-'' 15, California now exports ten tlam
sattel tons of eopper per annum, which is
five times; as large as the produce of
tbe whole United States only tea years
sgo. ;, 1 " ''.'-"
; - '"; ,U-;;'T ' - J.rfi
' It is well endugb thst man should
bo killed by love,' Man, born of woman,
should di f woman v:Ur,T .
; Obanqi Pusiab.1?. B,emova the rinds
thick pells and seeds from .four oranges.
Add sugar and wine to the pulp till it i
agreeable. Vlaoe a layer 0 sponge esko
broken small on tho bottom of a deep
glasa dish,; Pout over a part of the or
ange, wins, eto, Then another layer of
oake, and the remainder ' of lib fruit,
just before it ia- served, pour'bver - tbo
whole, Wo, soft custard, made by ' aliiv
ring the beaten yolks and a littlo of the
white of three eggs in to., a pint of boiling
milk, with .three tablcspoonfulls o.f whito
''; gMow Cream. No a west dish is more
agreeable or easily made,' for small balls,
or parties, than the following snow cream
If the .; receipt is closely followed, ' any
family may.' enjoy it at triiing expense,
and it la' teally Worthy tbe table 'of aU
epicure. Tnt in a stewpsn four . ounces
of ground rice, two' Ounces' of sugar, :'
few drops of tbe essence Of almbnds, ''or '
any other essence you choose, with' tw6
ounces of fresh butter: add a ; quart of
milk, boil from fifteen to twenty minutes,
till it forms a smoothe mbstance, though
not' too thiok J then boar into a 'mould
previously buttered, and serve when eold
and well sot. If the mould be dipped 1
warm water, the cream will tarn out. like
a jelly. - If no mould, put either in cups
or a pie-disb, '.- The riae .had bette L'be,
done I little too much than, under, tv,
you take
SOgST" .,'
you if my noj6 ' 'Va'4 beeri
t a 1
ao, 1 (tiana
-' "I ---- - - , - - -T-J J ,
intenaea iojr a aunt-uoie, irouid nave neen
turned the other aide up.1!.. . -y. rr wuA
L.H ' 11 l.l'j -jl.lNl.t
- 4 iab dropped
dead . ia, London while
Ightlpg a eompantoa.
little boys, ci I :
; Dreadful .Ttarniog to
It takes .twe hundred and fifty bushels ef
potatoes to make a ton of starch.

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