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Democratic Enquirer
J. w.
June 2T. 1861
To Business Men.
Businesamen and others
Wifh to advertise, vtU consult
SS own interests by adver
tising in -o-rPTP
ofl t circulation is larger
. f nv other paper
printed in Vinton County, and
La an extensive circulation in
adjoining counties, among w
active, enterprising and intelli-
To Business Men. Democratic State Ticket.
For Governor,
ALLEN G.THURMAN.of Franklin.
For Lieutenant Governor,
DANIEL 8. UUL, of Holmei. .
For Treasurer,
. . pr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
. ' i i . . For Auditor,
JOHN McELWEB, of Butler
For Attorney General,
FRANK H. HERD, of Knox.
For Judge of Bupreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Co ntrollei of Treasury,
For Board of Publio Works,
ARTHUR HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
. For .Representative,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Surveyor, ' "
8. C. 6TEIS8B00K.
( . For Commissioner,
a .fiAfi
large and valuable tract pf land,, through
which the Marietta and Clocinnatl Railroad
passes, weet of and adjoining the Zaleskl
Estate, ia Vinton county, authoriiea ua to
ute thai a sit for a Woolen Faotory will
be given frea to any party who will build
p It. It is en excellent place for a Wool
en Factory 5 about one mile from the Zaleali
Depot of the M.KE. R.; and water, coal,
wood, and every 'thing elie neoessarv for
building and running an establishment of
thia kind, being near a hand We think
there la hot a more convenient location in
thi county for a Woolen Factory. For fur
ther particular! call on or address the Edi
tor of this paper.
Th Portsmouth Timet. U been, enlarged
and muoh improved. . ill ably edited by
J. W. Newman. . ' . .
The Hilliboro Gaicttt also cornea to ua en-
Urmd and otherwise improved. It is one
ti. hmtt Democratic naters in the Weet. Our
good'olJ friend, CoL Samuel Pike, is Editor
.- ., tit
Somj of oat subscribers at Eagle For
nace, in tbia county, inform us that they
do not roeeive the Democratic mwi
Rift regularly. ' We da not know who
detains or destroys the papera sent to
that Fnrnace. The package is addressed
t the Fnroaoe, by way of Hamdeo, and
ia mailed at this Post Office, fegalarly
every Thursday inorniog.' We hope our
enbsoribert. wilt inquire into the matter,
and, if possible, find out and send ns the
name of the party 'who is guilty of ' this
bite conduct, . .., . 6 4'; .-,,...,
Qodo and Loyal. To see a poor la
boring man; in Vinton oounty,' 'with a
large family to support, pay oighUea or
nibeteea dollars for , a barrel of fiour
rhioh cost but four or five dollars in
Democratic times ; his children ragged
or naked fof Want of clothing which the
extra twelve. dollarB would have purchased
before he was dragged to level with
the negro, aod then to see this same la
borer ko to the polls and vote for a "lit
tie more of the same sort," a slip of pa
Iar headed "Republican Union Tioket.''
t i a pleasing sight to plethoric bond
holders, but ft brings misery, and want,
and inferior to the home and fireside of
the laboring rain. Laboring .'men of
Vinton county,; what do you think of
your utuation Z: . .. ; , ,
'. THi Radical, who, undertook ' to take
the kjoka out of the wool of Afrioans of
American desoeot, has gone west to take
job : for' whitewashing the Rooky
-' Thi Democracy of Vinton county
aeia ueir nomiaatio? Convention on
Monday last, 'add presented th follow
' . Representative A. J Swaim; Prose
cutiog . , Attorney D, B. S'uivel ; Com
missioner A. Soule: Surveyor 8,
fl teinbrook.'- - -- -
Mr. Swaia was a Representative in the
last Legislature, and made an exoellent
member. We are glad to see that
constituents epdorse his Legislative ca
rear u one that meets their approval.
Ohio Statesmio, 22aJ.
Grand 4th of July Celebration,
Pic Nic and Dance!
The people or MoArthur nave resoma
oelebraled the "glorious 4th." The business
houses will probably be closed on that day.
There will be a Pio Nio and Dance at Ar-
nold's drove, about half a mile nortn
town. A large platform will be erected
danoing ; the best of inusio will be in attend
ance: refreshments of all kinds can be had
on the grounds. .. . '': ;
Let everybody attend the Celebration,
Pio Nio, and the Danoe, and oarry well-filled
baskets of eatables to the grounds. '
The Declaration of Independence will
read, and appropriate speeches will be
livered. 1 ' - ' .'"' : "'
It wH probably be one of the grandest
grand affairs. "
Great Reduction in
Ilsve just received, at their old stand, a
large Stock of Goods in their line, bought
for cash, at': , -.! .'
and. they are BELLING LOWER thau
any time since 1860.
Persons wishing to purohase, can SAVE
10 PER CENT, by calling on them.,
' Call and examine before purchasing.
They charge nothing for showing goods, and
MONEY I '.' - -
For Tui'e Drugs and Jlcd
icnea, go to Sisaon's Drug Store.
Of th Democracy of ',' Vinton . Conniy, Ohio,
Adopted, m vonveniton, June 1 1, iau:
' Sttolvtd, That we, the Democracy of Vin
ton County, in Convention assembled, do
fully approve- and Indorse the Platform of
the Democratic State Convention of Ohio, of
Januarys, 1861.
H. That we regard the preeent "Con
tress" as disloyal to the Constitution, and
hostile to civil liberty and the Union of the
..;. ....?..'..( '
.. 84.. .That we disapprtve the Government
of any Slates by military power, and we
denounce suoh Governments as unconstitu
tional. ', " "' ',
ith. That political power cannot be exer-
oited in harmony by two distinct races; that
we are 1 opposed to the extension of. the
right of suffrage to the. Negro: that we de
nounce and oppose the Proposed Amend,
ment to the Constitution of the 8 tale, and do
most heartily approve of the; following views
of Stephen A. Douglas, namely: "I hold
that this Uovernment was made on the
white basis, by white mea, for the benefit of
tchite men, and their posterity forever, and
should be administered by while men, and
none others ; I do not believe the Almighty
made the Negro capable or self-government."
For Fine Perfumery,
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
tai The' Mongrel papers are begin
nint; to tremble at the falling off of the
revenue to such a degree that the govern
ment is absolutely threatened with bank
rupoy. There is a vast amount of silver
and other valuables in the North j whiob
were stolen from ' the southern people,
and which are now ia the possession of
individual thieves among us, If this
property oannot be restored to its right
ful owners, let the government take pos
session of it, and use it to pay off our
debt. - There is hardly an Abolition of
ficer in the whole North who has not in
his possession a greater or less amount
of these stolen valuables. Let them all
be made to disgorge for the benefit -oh
N, Y
Day Book.
Fair Changx. Every man who eon-
siaeres nim&eu no neiter man a negro
t, a .1
has the opportunity offered to vote at the
next election to place negroes oo equality
a . 1 0 Tar - iJ . .
witnnimsew. we wouia suggest how
ever, that all onr eoloredly inclined
neighbors on the thing a little before
band by aasoolating on an equality with
County Farmer.
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Sieion's Drug Store.
And it came to - ntss. in the reign
of the First Chief Ruler of the city of
7,.lli and in the beginning of the
hui dintf or tne Cirv. mas me xvuicr
. Yl
embled together all tue omoers aoa iue
scribes. i . . . .-;t.
2 And when they had assembled
themselves together', they reasoned among
thomsolves. aodjaid: "Inwrnuon as we
have ordained and predetermined that we
will build a ereat and mighty oity on ana
between these Hills, and that the fame
thereof, ahall go throughout all the land
nf the citv and region round about it,
nd that the city shall become noted for
.u ta mitrhtv imorovements. that we
ail " - o . .
rino about in the city:
3 It therefore bebooveth us to build
. m?u- hnniA in the midst of the city
for the purpose of 'manufacturing Gat
for the benefit bf the inLjbitants of the
city. ' V ' ' '"' ,
' 4 And when they had thus reasoned
among themselves, they all agreed ted
said within themselves: "It must needs
be so." Aod it was even so.
5 And after they had thus determined
to build a Gas House in tbeir midst,
there arose some dispute among the Ru
ler and the Soribes.
6 And the officers of the First Ruler
had somewhat to say in the matter as to
House should
where the mighty be,
for the purpose of manufacturing Gas
for the city, because forsooth it may re
quire a great and vast amount of the ar
tide in order tn build our city.
7 And after many dissentions among
themselves in their deliberations as to the
dace of building the House, they agreed
amooe themselves, that the place thereof
should be looatea near oy iue moon,
low down in the Yalley of Ill-tame, that
lieth in the South-eastern part of the
oity. ' - "
8 And when they had thus agreed
among themselves, they all with one ao
oord proclaimed aloud unto the inhabN
tants of the city, that they had fixed the
plaoe in the oity where they would build
the mighty Gas House of the oity : and
when the people heard the news thereof,
they raised a great ahoutand said ;
"Groat and mighty is the wisdom and
knowledge of our Rulers."
9 And it oame to ' pass, that in the
beginning of the building of the city,
that the Ruler buill a mighty aod great
house ia tbd low valley in the oity for
the "purpose of manufacturing Uas tor
the oity.
10 And tho length of the building
was about twenty cubits, and the width
thereof was about twelve cubits; and the
hight of the building about eight cubits,
and the building ia made of bard rock
from the qusrry, and partly hewed.
11 And when the building was com
pleted, there was great wonder and rur
prise camo over the inhabitants of the
citv. on acoouot of the rougoess of the
buildiog, and the peculiar Bhape of the
whole building.
12 And every inhabitant of the land
and the region round about the oity when
they visit the city, inquireth what mean
eth this? ' and the Chief Ruler and
scribes say unto them that this is a build
ing of the oity, and we have in our pru.
denee builded it low down in the Valley
of IlNfame, and near unto the "J Moon,"
the better to enable us to give light unto
the oity. ' ": v : ' ' ' --
13 And in onr wisdom we intend that
this building and all the neoessary appa
ratus thereto, shall become the most val
uable building ot tne city, lor toe reason
that Gat is an indispensable article in our
city.-' " ' - -
' 14 And the Gas house remaineth low
down in the Valley bf Ill-fame near uni
to the u Moon," and hath been doing
much ia the way of making gas.
15 For in this the First Chief Ruler,
and all 1 of his ' officers, and even the
"Lord" and his Chief Pig Driver and all
of His officers, and all the hirelings' of
the "Lord," are well versed in the trade
of making gas. - ;
16 And some of them have excelled
and become noted men in in the profession,
insomuch that they have become
contributors in the way of literary at.
tain men te, to the "ever memorable paper
of th "Lord, called tne -jsono.
17 - And this arliole of our manutao
ture that- is made in our city, bath the
properties ' of making all1 men to see
whithersoever they , goetb, even in the
night season and within the limits of the
ctv. ' -: '''-;
18 And in tear, someot tne work-
men ahould accelerate and advance be
yond the rest of the workmen ia ' tbia
proiesiion IB very eTiucut icoui iup isot
that the inhabitants of the oity of this
crofession are all very industrious, and
(.that all do not possess tbe.same number
of WeniaV'' "V'... 5 -V .
19 sot there seemetn to be one
among the number of the workmen
. . Tf it. (II If It
tlllS use uouoe. near iuo j iuuuu, p
on aoeount of his ptofioienoy In the art
hath been chosen as an officer of . the
olnb, which he has been pleased to eal!
the "SnorucBUiuD, or tne city,
20 And onto him hath the "Lord"
granted permission to eall the city 'Hadet,'
in the original tongue, Tautaurui and
br some anoient historians toe place
"A Valley of ZKinom," and in the
more degonerate dnys of religious teach
ings it is called "Hill."
explored tbis vabt oouotry, remaineth for
bim to make known in bis next report to
the ''Echo," but from his presont report
n the lart issuo of tbe ' Lord's" paper
he seemeth to have visitod near, the cen
tral cart of the country, or else the son
must have wandered into the outskirts
of that domain..
22 For be it remembered, tbis officer
ays bo saw the son of ''Lucifer," and Be
hath found Dim a "man, and even a
man of learning and of noble -attainments,
for that he will reprove the peo
of their wickedness and perversenesB
in this world ; for be saltb that the ar
liole on a PoBtOIidtress fell with power
on the ladies of that plaoe, and even
censed them to blush.
" 23 And no doubt it ereareth this of
ficer and all of his brethren and Bisters
that there should have been suoh a state
ment written about a Post-Mistress, afar
off, though she be nigh unto them, and
all suoh of that class.
. 24 But it doth seem a pleasure unto
a vast majority of the people of this
present world, aod espioially allvirtuout
ladies, that such statement was made, but
unto all the inhabitants of (hat region
where this officer saw tha "son of Luci
fer" it no doubt had the effaot of offend-
25 For they have been chosen nnto
everlasting shame, and degradation, that
assemble with the offiocr low down in the
Valley of Ill-tame at the Gas House "near
the J Moon.'
2U And suoh meeting of the assem
bty down In the low valley, "near tho J
Moon " nad the effect of producing
muoh pleasure" and comfort I to the par
tioipants on fupb occasions, of thou
meeting near the " Sioon."
27 For when' those nofclemen of the
Aim h.tfc naamhlfld thflmsuivfiJ together
at the nlaoe aDDointod unto them, they
would teem verv solemn on the occasion
and have even borrowed tbe robes of tho
"Heavenly Angela" for tbe purpose of
making ao acceptable appearance beforo
tbeir presiding officer whom they have
chosen to rule over them. . r
28 Aod such hath been the devotions
and tbe tolemn sayings on suoh occasions,
as described by the secretary of the asr
sembly, who hath seen "Luciffia" and
bath beoome so thoroughly poosossed of,
and pregnant with his spirit, that the
secretary hath expanded and become en
larged, and is even now "PLUMFUL."
29 And when these saintly persons
and the scribes of tha oity hath assembled
together, they beoome very generous of
kind heart and are big with philanthropy,
aod inasmuch as they are indebted to
one of their laborers of the "Lord's"
Printing Press, in the Bum of about
eighty-five dollars, they have agreed
among themselves, and have so. said, that
tbey will take this laborer into -the as
sembly as a brother, aod we will enter in
bis account the oharges of his initiation
the sum of eighty five dollars, that being
the amount of oar indebtedness to him.
30 And when they had thus reasoned
among themelves," they said : "It is
well." .
31 We will therefore order a ballot
in order to make our oharges binding
upon him, and then he may use his pleas
ure after that whethor be will ride our
Goat or not. : . '
32 And inasmvoh as the Editors and
publifners of the "Literary Gbm : are
young mea of limited means,, aod we
have pity upon them, for in this they
have been unfortunate, being born naked
and poor into the world, and hath oever
received the kind attention or Dretnren,
we will therefore throw around them our
arms of protection aod blessing; there,
fore we will ballot for them." '
33 And when we have counted the
ballots and learned the result of our bal
loting we declared them duly eleoted and
entitled to be initiated into our Club it
they all wish to be. ' - 1
34 And the reason that we have not
made any charge againBt the Editors and
Publishers of the Gem, is, that we were
not indebted to them int he least ana
hope that we never will be.
35 And unto bim we nave made tue
charge against, we are indebted to; but
none of .thorn bave we yet instruotea in
tha iflorcsv nf oar order nor will wo
until our secretary is more than "PLfJM-
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Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
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Tbk Public Djcbt The statement
for the month of Mat shows that the
debt bearing ooin interest has increased
161,440,500 ; the debt bearing currency
interest bss decreased V4i,dZ4,:uD ; tne
matured debt not presented for payment
haa deoreaied $2,219,520 and the dobt
bearing no interest has inoreased S363,
286. ,-, . -l .... . i :. ;t
The amount of coin m tbe Treisnry
haa decreased to the extont of $15,492,'
026 48; the currenoy balance has in'
creased., $38,827,606 74 while the
amount of debt less cash in the Treasury
sbowes a deorease of $5,170,1D8. 26. .
Tbe total amount of Currency now
afloat is $730,196,000. The total oon
traoti'on in May was $6,300,524 ' f
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Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
. Bctlbrisk. We learn from the
Mansfield Banner that some - disciple
Ben. ' Butler, broke into the Sabbath
School room of the English Lutheran
Chnrob, and stole some fifteen or twenty
dollars, it being toe contributions of
scholars for the last three orfoarweoks,
Thibtt years agb,v remarks the New
York Tribune, when Druglas left his
Green Mountain home for Illinois, his
eat rival. Linooln. was keeping a post-
offioe. fresh from the glories of the' Black
Hawk war. y Andrew Johnson was way
or of a little town in :Tennessee. -Jef
ferson Davis, a lieutenant ot dragoons,
was chasing- the .Indians, Seward - fas
grieving over his defeat as Governor.
Kreokenndire was s'udviog tne orations
of Cicero against Cataline, at the Ken
tuokv Uollege. L'base was enuoavunug
to gain a law praotioe in Cincinnati.
Sumner was cutting stone. Grant was
school-boy In his teens, and Farragut was
vktnhiDiF the honor ot bis nag on tne
torrid coat of .Brazil. .
A Monster Cherrt Tbee. Some
tlmd since we published nn account of
very large oherry tree growing in thii
otato.. . a ineoa iuroiiiuB . r
statement of the dimensions of one grow
log on the farm of John Anefaohs, in
. " . v . nit.
Reading; township, X erry ooumy, vuu,
which makes tbe first appear a mere
switoh.' : It ia bf the Blaok Heart vari
ety. It ia 80 set in height, and 4 feet 1
inch through;' Thcr largest limb; is 42
feel io length. The . oeed of this treo
was btougbt;frpm, Berks county, Pa., in
the vear 1817 We'inolioe to the opin
ion that it is the largest ohcry tree
Ohio Statesman.
Ya'-UE 6t a Paper Dollar. The
quotavitmS of gold as given in the money
.;ni nP thn djilv naners. oonvey uo
fixed idea to tbe oommon mind. ' The in
formation needed is : What is a paper
niUrwnrth? The following will ans
wer the question:
When gold is quoted at 110, a paper
dollar is Worth 91 cents, nearly.
When gold is quoted at 115, a paper
dollar is worth 87 Cents. , ,
' When gold is quoted at 120, paper
dollar is worth 83i cents.
When gold is quoted at IdO, a paper
dollar is worth 77 cents, nearly.
When gold is quoted at 135, a paper
.InMar is worth 74 cents.
' Wbefl gold i quoted at 144, a paper
dollar is wftn ua cents.
When cold b at 10U, a paper
The value of the psjtfr dollar may al-
ways be round Dy uivioidk
(1.00) with cyphers annexed, by the fig-
, 1. i llti MnAtoliart
ures wnicu epruBcut m juvvv
Grand Thino What a gloriouc
achievement it would be for the toiling,
sweating, tax-ridden people of Ohio to
have tbe gifted and patnotio ihubman
elected governor at the next eleotion. It
would give tne state nonor at uome ana
.hrnad and save the people millions of
Holmes County Farmer.
A Fire.
Editor Enqcibeb: As. promised
to send you the nows of tbe oity of Za
eski. aa it oocurs, l win give you anotner
item. 1 was traveling tnrougu me migu
ty city a few nights ago, when I beard the
ory of fire. The people of the great oity
were all in an uproar, and the streets were
crowded, and the oity was illuminated by
the great fire. The hie -appeared to be
n the Ureat Mansion uouae oi me
"Lord." The excited people ran with
water buckets, wash pans, o., all making
their ' way to the great fire ; and 'when
they assembled at the plaoe of the fire,
what do you suppose oaubed all the troub-
8? Why, the "Lord" ot tne mignty
city was sitting m toe mansion uouse,
with his long nose out or tne winnow,
and His ooso was so badly inflamed with
anger on aooount of the acquittal of Eg.
bert Bowee, who demolished toe Urumn
Pound, and the tbree oore and ten young
lads who threw a few Buokeye aod Irish
pigb out of the Pound, that it .illumina
ted the city; and when tbe people ar
rived, thoy threw the contents of tbeir
bucket and wabb pans in me "jjora a
faoe, supposing the great red nose was
the fire. And the "Lord"., fell on the
floor as if he had fain ted,'and cried out
in a loud voioe for the "Cbiff Pig; Dri
ver," and the "Chief Pig Driver" ran to
the "Lord'' and finding him. prostrated
on the floor, cried out : "Here am I,
Lord I What is Thy request?" The
"Lord" said : - "Disperse ye : this - rebel
trom round about my mansion, even these
Irish and Buckeye', that I, thy "Lord"
may not be sb annoyed 'and vexed - by
their, hateful presenqe.,.. I Bee they will
not obey my orders and My Great Com
mands: the? have all gone astray and
sinned against M,e, aqd now I command
you; My "Cbief Pig .Drhef to order
them all awav from the oity, for our
Pound our once mighty Pig Pen has
brought much trouble andjiorrow opon
ns, especially' 80' far is the removal of the
Coupty Seat is ooncethed Egbert Bow
en is set at liberty, and all the wioked
Irish and Buokeye lads, who tnrew , out
the Pigs I bad ordered stolen from the
poor Irish and Buokeyee.;, Now, My
"Chief Pig; Driver," oall1 our Court and
our Uouoselior and e it tney can neip
ua ah'y,as the'Cotirf at McAribur-'bas
run up a large bill bf costs on us. The
"Chief Pig Driver' did ad the' "Lord"
had . commanded. And the Court and
the "Chief Pig Driver" appeared bofore
the "Lord" with ' the greet Squire'a
docket of the oitv. And tbe dooket was
read, at the leanest of the "Lord." It
was found therein whore the Court and
the Counsellor of tbe '.'Lord" had done
wrong in sending soma, of the young lads
to jail." The "Lord" commandod i tbe
"Chief Pig Driver" to cast Daniel (the
Court) intorthe hottest doggery of the
oitv and there to remain until further no-
tioe ; and commanded the Counsellor
leave the yellow mansion.' The ooms
mandsof the"Lord' were executed.
Great fear fell as all when we discovered
that tha "Lord" was wratbv. - '
T. J. C.
Zaleski, O., June 18, 1867.
quarx mills have been shipped to Monta-
i . . mi . nnl twelve
na tnis season. - au '
n, firtBn mills In the territory prior to
the opening" of, navigation this spring.
M-U.. K.n from forty 10 UiiT
A colobxd womacj one hundred and
eleven years or agtf, aiea
oounty, Vs.a day or two ago. She bad
been a Blave all ner uie, up m
cipation proclamation, and then her fo
mer master wouiu not oaei uer u,
continued to provide for her to the uay
of her death. . At her decease he caused
ao elegant coffin to be provided, and he
and his family followed her remains to
their last rosting-plsoe. This gentleman
was her seventh owner.
Book Agency in the
a a
2f T
f '.'if;
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quarter of a cantury. fh stereotype plates and
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Domextla Economy, are worth to the' Farmer and
Gardener several tune its cost. The recipet lor
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curving, should Dein ine possession 01 every nouse-
wife. This department aione is more cunipiow sou
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cloth, $4,00; sheep, $4,(01
iSpW only by ' Subscription. '
Men and women, of character and ability, wanted
ascanvaHsere, to whom Profitable Employment wiU
be guaranteed. For circulars and full particular
send at once to agents .
For samples ol the GOLDEN PEN ran, enclose
two stamps and they will be sent with circulars.
Address M. V. B. CUWEN, UFtyette, Indiana.
A Better Pen Than Oillott'i I'm. :
-llTARIUNTEDtobecqual to the gold pen for
ft ease and beauty ol writing, fully as flexible,
and more durable thun any steel pen ever manufac
tured. Will not conxle. 'J'hey arc endorsed by sems
of the beat business men in the country, men wh
know what a good pen is. Traveling agents wanted
to introduce the UOLDEN PEN throughout th
West, and also other salenbl artie'es. Two sites.
Ko. 1 for general use; No. 2, extra fine points, for la
dies' use. They are put up in neut slide boxes, ieaclt
box containing IS pens. Price 26 cents per box.
Sent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of pnee.
Money refunded if they do not give satisfaction. Ad
dress M. V. B. CO WEN, UFayutte, Indiana.
Jur ST, H7-6m v;
On the iSd instant the Kaler House, in McAr'.f.ar,
by William Mark, Esq., Mr. JohnWierkey and Misr
Pheb Ann Broeee, both ol Vinton Furnace, Vuitoa
county. . , .
Hot-Bed riants.-A. L. Wood-
of Webster, Ohio, grows extensive! for the
publio NansemonJ Sweet Potato Tlants, Ear.
ly Tomato and Cabbage Plants, which will,
be nioely packed In damp moss so as to earrj"
any distance safelj, and delivered at any
Express offioe for the following prices:
Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants COO for
$2; .1,000 for $30,-' 6,000 for $15,00, an
10,000 for $28,000.
Early lomato Plants 100 for $2.
Earl; Cabbage Plants 100 for f 1, ani
Ute Cabbage Plants 1,000 for $2,60.
Cash to acoompany ordera.
Address, by mail, Iron Furnaoe, Eolot
Count;, Ohio, by Express, Webster, Ohio. IS
Ws have received a copy of "The Bae
and Ball' a neat little' semi-month!
journal, printed at Hartford, Conu.
Terms' 60 oents per year - -v ,
Address Bat & BU, J3ox CG7, Bart,
ford, Conn."' 7 u k-
, AsjoNrsBise. We are oredibl informed
that the eonslable is still on hand and read
to enter into bonds for a faithful perform
anoe 'of duty," with good and responsible
sureties. " ' ' ' ' t( i
For the benefit of the persons whoso
often go to aleep in tne ohuroh in thU
town, we will give them in excellent
remedy to prevent a like ooourreno'e:
The patient must lift one foot about seven
inohes above the floor, and hold it there
in suspense, twenty-three minutes, with
out support to the limb, and then let it
rest on the floor ; but if the attack comes
on again, while it it on the floor, repeat
the remedy.
Foa ventilation, during . this awful
hot weather, open - your windows at the
top andr bottom. , The fresh ere rushes ia
one way, while "the foul airioapeis - .tit
other- way. That's all we have ta
say abouV ventilation while it is ao awful,
Latest ttyle of advertising Painting
names on inside of ihe County Soalesi
A FARMER residine: near Kipley. . in
Brown oounty, Ohio, has sold Ms present.
orop of wheat to a miller at that place
for $2 40iper bushel, the wheat, to be do
hvered wpa after barvest. .. ... r
" ' - ' ' - -a
NowuirS in' ' this town u
pleasanter place than SleigVa" Billiard
Hall, on the South side of Main Street;
Untor his direotion, ithai beoomtone of
the institutions of the Iowa a place
where everybody 'goes ' to? enjoy i them
selves ; where friends go to meet friends;
where all can assemble aad be happy,
and boo tbe delightful game played, , ;

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