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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 27, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
, MiDlCit NoTtct. Fourteen Years Prao
Uoe ia Chronio tnaet, j By Dr. Lj Pagan,
of South Bend,. Indiana, Author of a New
System of Medioine in the Treatment or
Chronic Disease, and a new mode of Combi
ning Mediolne. Be can be eomulted at the
following place ' ' '"'' ' i
Hamden, Wednesday, Jul 3d.
MeArthur,' Ilulbert House, Friday and
Saturday, July 12th and 13th. '-
Ml. Pleasant, Sunday and Monday, July
14th and 16th.
New Plymouth, Tuesday, July 18th.
v Zaleski Wednesday. July 17th. ' '
i Laborers are bow, wanted by Messrs.
Dodge, Usee & Co., contractors for the
building of the Hooking Valley Hail
Itoad from Athens to Columbus. , Work-
men hive already commenced work, near
'Columbus, tad the road will be comple
ted to Ltnoaiter ss soon as possible,'
Laborers can apply to or addreBs the con
tractors at No. 4, Buckeye Block, Co
lumbus, Ohio. Portions of the work
will be let by sections".""
. r7: j- r "t r - .
Wl often hear r the young ladies of
this town talk about "the prettiest lining
Tor a new bonnet." ; We think the pret
tiest lining for a new bonnet,' of the la
' test style, is a good humored face,
WaKted. Any person, in MoArthur,
baring a conveniently arranged house,
containing not less than three rooms, for
rent, will please call at this Printing of
fioe and learn who wants to rent.
fin the law card, in to-day's paper, of J.
J. McDowell, Attorney, at Law and U. S.
Claim Agent. II will practioe in Vinton
and adjoining counties, and attend promptly
to the eolleotion of all olaims against the
Oovsrnmeat He is also Deputy Collector
of Internal Revenue for Vinton county.', His
ffioe is In the Vinton County Bank. .
Small House Wanhd A small houso,
with three room, or rooms suitable for a
anan and wife. Best of reference given'. For
particulars, call at the Enquirer Office. :
Ir you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter what, the best way you can accom
plish your object is to advertise in , the En
fuirtr. ' Now is the time to advertise. Try
it. ' "'" '
Waati to Git thc Best Swiet Potato
Plants. Those wibliing Nansemond Sweet
Potato Plants the best quality raised in the
North should call on or address II. Ilulbert,
at the -Hulbert ITouee, M Arthur, 'He is
raising 25,000 excellent Plants, and is pre
pared to supply customers at very low prices
Ge to Strong & Gibbons.For
Ktoves, Tm-ware, Plows, Saddlery, and a U kinds of
Hardware, t;o to fc-raoNO A Gibsons, on Mnln street,
MoArthur, Ohio, v.ho have on band full supply o
everything usually found in a country hard-ware
tore, and which has been bought at the lowest oauh
prices and will be told at corresponding figures. 16
MsS.Br AHD Wise. A Comical Monthly
Paper for Boys and Qirls, consisting of 8
pages, 21 columns, beautifully illustrated by
handsome engravings a oopy of which we
have received . Subscription price only 60
enla a year, payable in advance. A beau
tiful little Pusile sent free as a Premium to
very subscriber. In the First Number of
Vol. III. is commenced a new Serial, By the
celebrated Capt. Mayne Eeid. ' It will run
through ' the year, and the "HEADLESS
HORSEMAN; a strange tale, of Mexico.'
Alse numerous other attractions, Puszels,
(Prizes awardel monthly,) Correspondence,
Literature.. Interesting. Stores, comio and
otherwise; Poetry, Reoipes, Scraps, &o.
No Humbug. ' , ; ! ; ) ', ) . ' ; Vj
Address "Merry and Wise' Box 18, Sla
tlon 0, New York.
'. iSwiiT Potatom And Swbbt Pota
to Plans roa Bals. Levi Wyman, who re
sides 1 miles south from MoArthur and 1J
north of MoArthur Station, wishes to inform
t hs publio that he has for sale a large quantity
cf the Yellow NansemoutSweet Potatoes, the
best kind for this climate, which he will sell
at $4 per bushel, fle intends to raise plants
from SO bushels of Sweet Potatoes this sea
son, . Those wicldng Sweet Potatoes or Sweet
Potato Plants, will plsase oall .npon ' or ad
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio
He can, on receipt of the money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any point.
Give tin a liberal' ja.trbnage. .."
t .: " 1- w't. 1 1 . ' , .; ; , , ..
DrtiK Bo ok and latloDery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
will do well to call at Strong's Drug and
Hook Store, corner Hulbert'e Block,' Ifto Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large stbok of
fare Medloines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Psrfumery, and Fasoy Articles.
Physloians can buy as low as in any mar
list, in Southern Ohio. '
The attention of the publio is called to the
large stook of Cap and Note Paper, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Knives, Rulers,"io., So. ;
; School Books can be bought cheaper at
Btreng'i than at any other establishmeni in
Vlaloa county, , ; ; (:' ; ; ' - '
;.0ell and see. ( o' ; ; ' f May 3-6nt
. "Tan HsAViHtx Chxedbb." Wc have fair
sale at this office the most superb steel line
engravings ef The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistins Madonna," which we
invite sverybody especially the ladles to
sal) and lee, The price is low.
Sxo Waktsd. Bring all your rags to
. oifiee, where the highest market prloe
New Boot and Shoe Shop.
, "K. Q. Forgreve has opened a New Bootl
and Shoe Establishment, in Strong & Gib
bona' old aland, on north side of Main Street,
where he will manufacture and deal . in
Coots, Shoes, Gaiters, Slippers, to., of the
vary best quality, and which he will sell
cheaper than any other shop in this region.
He has received the best stock of leather,
&c, ever brought to this town; and having
had considerable experience in the business,
and being oae of the best of iho best work
men, he is prepared to do work that will
defy competition. He will pay particular
attention to fine sewed and ,. pegged work
for ladies, gentlemen, Misses, Youths, and
children, lie will do repairing to order, - iu
the neatest manner, and of the best mate
rial. ' Go and see him. -
In a country where the natural desire of
the peopla is to -Tench the highest point in
art, it is very difficult for suoo6ss to be ob
tained without the most arduous labor.
Publlo opinion is ' extremely exacting and
not always just; but often unjust and cruel
criticism has produced the mos. beuefioial
results; thc greatest improvements have been
made under continued disoouragemonts, and
in many successful ettorts defeat seemed
certain to all exoept those concerned. In
no one branch of art has thete been more tri
als and failures, and in no single instrument
is there so many different parts to perfeot in
order to make the whole a success as the
Piano-Forte; this is always attended with
great expense, requiring largo capital and
patient persevereace. Quovestken & Co.
499 Broadway, N. Y,, oommeneed manufac
turing Piano thirty-six years ago, and is
one of the oldest houses in the country. They j
differed from the rest of the makers iu this
respeot they aimed to make the best instru
ment, and to sell it for the nnallett profile
These Pianos to-day cannot be excelled. Their
singing quality is pure, full, and easily re
tained through the most lengthy passages,
For power they are unparalleled, and are
celebrated for their great brilliancy, exquis
ite touch, and eleganoe of style andiiwA.
June 13, 1867-4t.
1 Rut. Whits commences a . protracted
meeting at the Christian Church, on Wednes
day evening, at early candle-lighting, and
will oontinue over Sabbath. Let him have
a good hearing, for he is a good speaker
Dbownid. A man named William Daugh
erty was drowned while bathing iu Racooon
Creek, near Zaleski Furnace, on Thursday
last. The Coroner held an inquest on the
body; and the following is the verdiot cf the
Coroner's Jury: ,
We, the undersigned, Jurors impanneled
and sworn, on the 21st day of June, 1857, in
the county of Vinton, by W. D. Higgins,'
Coronet of said oouuly, ;to inquire and
make true presentment and in what manner
and by whom, William Daugherty, whose
body was found at Raoooon Creek, near Za
leuki Furnace, on the 21st day of Juue, A.
D. 1867, came to his death. After having
had the evidgnoe and examined the body, we
do find that the deceased came' to his death
by aooidentally drowning in Uacooon Creek,
near Zaleski Furnace, where ' the' body was
found. i . .
Gosit for July is received,
ful the Fashion Plates.
The terms are as follows:
One oopy, one year,
Two copies, one year,
Three copies, one year,
Four copies, one year,
Five copies, one year, and
IIuw beauti-
t 3 00
5 r.o
' 7 60
10 00
extra copy to getter up
14 00
Eight oopies. one year, and an
extra copy lo getter up of
olub,' 21 00
We will send the Democratic Enquirer and
Qodey for oue year for $3,75.
Club subscribers will to sent any Pest
Oflioe where the subscriber may reside.
Godey's Lady's Book and . Arthur's Home
Magazine' will be sent, eaoh one year, on re
ceipt of $4 60. . " 1
Address L. A.' Godey, Corner Sixth and
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. .
Tits Old - Goabd the only Dimocratlo
magatine published in the United States
for June is filled with the soundest of read
ing. All who desire to understand the
ideas of Liberty, ought to have this magazine.
The terms arc as follows:
One copy, one year,' ; V, ;,$ $00. ,
Two copies, 5 80
Four copies, ' '. J ' 10 00
Five oopies, and one to getter-up of
the club, 1 , 14 00'
Tea oopies, and one to getter-up of
the olub, ,, , , .25 00 ,
Twenty copies, and one to getter-up i
of club, ' ' 4J 00
Tan vrie, Horton & Co , Publishers, No.
162 Nassau Street, New York. .
New Yor Market.
$11 eois so
Whiskeyquiet and unohanged.
Wheat, , ...
1 653 25
Corn, "! .i .
Oats, .. .;
Sugar, I
Pork, mess .', J- -
Beef, Bacon.
1 381 36
: 8388o
; ' 2123
414l 60
Shoulders. . ..
Lard, - t' ..I ;
1 11A10
i . 12a20o
'' Hal4o
llutter, for Ohio
. 4 .
j i t
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine
Wheat) prints red-
Corn, shelled, la bulk,.
Oats, ' ;' :-' ' i
$10 50
: 3 io
. 1 16
" 83o
Cincinnati Market.
Bark, prime chestnut oak
Butter,".'. ' os o-t -n -Beans,
prime white ou i v
Coffee, Rio vh .a-.-, -i
Chssss, :(, d,v 'i i '. v .
Eggs, c: -Feathers,
. ' . . .
Flour, spring wheat .
M r winter wbee'i! j
Apples, gree .,:.; .''
Ginseng,' v ?... ri
$13 60
. .:. 12a!3o
k'3 10a3 40
' 78
12 26a 1 5 50
: 3 0050 .
,t?80a8 ,
8 20a2 87
Wheat, - i
Corn, shelled
Molasses, ,'
Special Notices.
Wonderful but True.
Madims l!xisoToif, the world-renowned Arolo
gist and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in clair
voyant state, delineates the Tory features or the pT
(on you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
nienf of intense Dower, known as the Psvohnmotrope
guarantees to produce a lire-like piiKureiif the future
mn-oauu or witeoiine applicant, vmn o oi imr
ringe, occupation, leading tralta of character. Ac,
This is no imposition, as testimonfnla without num
ber ran assert. Hv atatinir dI.icb ol birth, age. dispo
sition, color of eyes and hair, and enclosing lift
enntn. and stamned anvplnne aridre.Hed- to Yourself.
yon will receive the picture by return mall, together
with desired information.
BWAddress io confidence, Madams Qibtiude
Bkmhtotox, P. 0. Box 8i)7, West Troy, N, V.
: BS?A Youvo Ladt reluming to her
coiintrr home, after asoiourn of a few months In the
city, was hardly recogifedby her frienda. In placed
of a course, rustic. Hushed lace, she nad a soil ruoy
complexion of almost marble smoothness, ana in
stead ot twenty-three she teally appeared but eigiv
teen. Upon inquiry a the cause ol so greatachange,
she plainly told them that she had used the Ciboas
ai in Bum. and considered it an invaluable acquisi-
tion to any Lady's toilet. By its use any Lady or
Gentleman can improve their personal apperance an
hundredfold, ltiesimplo in its combination, aa
Nature herelf is simple, rat unsurpassed in Its em
cacy In drawing impurities' from, also healing, cleans
direct action on the cuticle it drans from it all i
ing anu oeautuvinif tne BKin ana complexion. r iw
impurities, kindly healing the same, and leaving the
surface aa Nature intended it should he. clear, soft,
smoothe and beautiful. Prtue SI, sent by mail or
express, on receipt oi aa oraer uy
. w. ii, llakh. a uu., unemisis,
.. No. 3 West Favette Street. Syracuse, N. Y,
The only American Agents for tne sale of the same.
7 . -Know Thy Destiny.
MiDim E. F. Thornton, the great English A e
trolocmt. Clarvovant and Psychomotrician, who has
astonished the scienti So classes of thnOid World, has
now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton nonsenses such wonderful powers of second
sight, as to enable her to impart knowledge of the
greuiesc importance 10 me gingie or rnarnvu w u
theraei. While in a state of trance, Bhe delineates
the very features ot the person you are to marry,
and by the aid of an instrument -of intense power,
known aa the Psychomotrope. guarantees to produce
a life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, together with the date of marriage, position
in life, leading traits in character, in. i bis is no
humbug, aa thousands ol testimonials can assert.
Bhe will send when desired a certified certilcate, or
written guarrantee, that the picture is what it pur
purta to be. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, age, disposition andcomplei
ion, and enclosing fifty conts and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information by return mail. All commu
nications aaoredly confidential, Addreas in confi
dence, Madams K. F.Tbouiton, P.O. Box 223, Hud
son, K. Y. April 18, 1800-1 yj
A Large S pp. Circular, giving Information of the
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
H teaches how the homely may become beautiful,
the despised respected, and the forsaken loved.
Ho young lady or gentlemen should fail to send their
Address, and receive aoopy post-paid, by return mail.
Address f. u. Drawer, zi,
April 18, 18GT-6mj
, Troy N. Y.
s To Consumptives. .; ' .
The advertiser, having been restored to health in a
few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered for several years with a severe lung nffection.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his leiiow-sunererstne means ot ourn.
To nil who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription usod (free of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will nna a sure cure loruinsumption, Asmma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung Al
feetious. The only ohjeot ol the advertiser id send
ing the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
spread information which he conceives to be invalu
able, and he hopes every sufferer will try his rem
edy, at It will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the proscription, runs, by
return mail, will please address
Williamsburg, Kings Co., Sew York.
May 2, 1867 -ly
j. j. McDowell,
Attorney art Xjo,-w,
AND- .
17. 8. Claim Agenf ,
WllAt practice in Vinton and adjoining counties.
Also, Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue.
Orrics In the Vinton County Bank.
' Juue -7, 18G7.m ' ' '
DIALS 1.1 .
IMPORTER of French, German and Italian Violin
The Trade supplied on the most liberal terms.
General Wettern Agent for
From the Factories of the most of the Cslibeaiid
MAas, which I will sell low for cash.
"Old Pianos taken in exchange for new, , , ,
BVPianos and Organs for sale and to rent, bj the
Month, Quarter or Year,
amount paid for rent being applied to pur
chase, if desired. .
Hay-Agents for Cabinet Organs and Pianos
wanted in every town in Ohio, Indiana and
Address, ''. C "..! . ". :'. .'.
June 27, 1867-t Cincinnati, O.
The 0MLT Machine so perfected that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed cr the purchase
money refunded. ' "k '
Where we have no Agent i Sample Machine
will be sold at very low price, and a Local
Agent appointed on the mosb favorable
terms. " 1 -.).:,.
N.B. Send for oiroular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal, .
Finkle & Lyon S, III. Co.
; . 687 Broadway; Nsw York.
June27, 1867-6m , ... .... , . .
;.'.! ; : '
, Appointment Notice.
XT0TICB Is hereby RWen that the underelprMd
XI has this day been appointed by the Probate Court
vintcn county, Ohio, ae Administrator en the
Estate of Mary Englwid. deceased.
The. World Astonished
Madame H. A, PEIUUGO.
CHE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. Bhe
Kj restores 10 nappine's (Hose who, from doleful
events, oatastroplies, crosses in love, lonaof relations
and friends, loss of money, Ac., have become de
spondent. Bhe brings together those long separa
ted, gives information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores lost or Stolen property tells you the
business yon are best quslifind lo pipsue ind in
what you will be most successful, causes aneedy mar
riages and tells you the very day you will murry.
gives you the name, likeness and characteristics of
the person, bhe reads your very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils ihe dark
and hidden mysteriea.of the future. From ihestars
we nee iu the firmament themaleflo stars that over
come or predominate In the configiiratiou-fioin the
aspeota and positions f the planets and the fixed
stars Inthe heavens at the lime of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. Kail not ti consult Ihe
greatest Aatrologlstonearth, It costs you but a trifle,
and you may never again have so favorable an oppor
tunity. CousultaMon free, with likeness and all de
sired information, SI. Parties living at a distance can
consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, m il in person. A lull and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
price above mentioned. The strictest secrecy will he
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highesforder furnished
those desirina them. Write rHainlv thHnv oftii
month and year in which' you were bom, enclosing a
small lock of hair.
Address, Mapams H. A. PERRIOO,
al8J P. O. Jlrawor 29:t, Bultlilo, N. V.
World's Fair, London.
WHERE all Hewing Machines ot any note,
both European and American, were in
t&The yearly talct of Wheeler
Wilton art equal to the $alet of all
other Sewing Machine! Combined.
"We use the Wheeler A Wilson, and pro
nounce it without a rival. Scianiric Axuucax.
There Is no machine so simple and easily
managed, or that can perform such a variety
ot work without basting or preparation.
JSP-AU orders will reoeivo prompt
attention, If left with
' ,. MoArthur, Ohio.'
J. F.Woodside, Agent,
ChiUicothe, Ohio.
May 23, 1807 -3m
Strong, Simple and Praotlcal.
IT is a SquKKZiNrt Machinb; warranted not
to injure clothing; geared te give six
strokes of the plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 turns of which will wnsh
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
according to the size of Machine used.
Six Yean' experience proves the Nonfabfil
to be the only Washing Machine made which
ttandt the test of lime and Uie. It is unap.
proachable for
AGENTS WANTED.-&tni for free De
sorlptive Circulars to
184 Water Street, New York City. ,
Junes, 1867 -9th "
TS NOW reoelving from New York, Boston,
JL and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
.. censieting in part of , .-,'
- Ijadies' Dress Goods,
New Styles Delaines & Shallies,
Double-Width Ginghams
.' .' in Broken Plaids,
Large Stock of -
Foreign Dress Goods ;
Very Low and of the Latest Styles,
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop "
Trimmings and Buttons, u
Parasols of all descriptions,
Shaker Hoods,
And Cheapest "Woolen Goods
and CasBimeres since the war.
HisStookof ( ..t
Boots and Ladies Shoes
Is complete, and can be sold SO per eent. cheaper
than the cheapest,
All kinds of t ' - ' ' i '
kept constantly on hand, and nhesper than ever.
Keady-Made Gothing,
Piece Goods,
,4 , .- v-IIats and Caps,
As oheap as in the year 1B69.
NAILS by the pound & keg,
For less than can be bought at any other House in the
tSefnemher the pket Doddridge'! New
uit ding, on Door Weit of the Court Jdouxe,
May.186T-ly ., , ,, , ,
. . The.-
Car din g Machines
ITIcArtHwr Steam .Til lis
nAVINO been refitted with Kw Cards, are now
ready Air work; and the proprietors guarantee
lliat Ihe woilt done by litem will nut be (
In the ceuntry !
May 21, 18-Jmi
excelsior; excelsior
Hair Extermiuator ! !
For Removing Superfluous HalrJ
TO the ladies especially, this in valuable
depilatory recommends itself as being
an almost indispensible article t female
beauty, Is easily applied, does not burn or
injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots.
It is warrated to remove superfluous hair
from low foreheads, or from anv cart of the
body, completely, totally and radically ex
tirpiating the same, leaving the skin soft,
smoothe and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effectual depilatory in existence. Price 75
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dreas, on receipt of an order by
285 River St., Troy, N. Y.
J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Puteut
Duplex Elliptic
' ' - -
cimronf and rmAauBS to auv Lady weariug the
Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced particularly
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriage, rail
road Curs, Church Pews, Arm ebairs, for Promenade
and House Ureas, as the Skirt can be folded when
in use to occupy a small place as easily and con
veniently a a bilk or Mu.lin Dross, an invaluable
quality in crinoline, not fouud in any Single Spring
bkirt. - i
A Lady having enjoyed the pi easirre, enmfbrt and
Krvatconvenienceof wearing the lluglox Elliptic Steel
Spring Hkirt fbr a single da will never afterwards
willingly dispense with their use. For children,
Mixses and Voung Ladiee they aro superior to all
others. . . ' ' ;
They will'nol bend or break like the Single Spring,
but will preserve their perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary ekirts will have been
thrown aside aa useless. The Hoops are covered
with double and twisted thread, and the bit turn rods
are not only double springs, but twice for duuble)
covered, preventing them from wearing out when
dragging down stoops, stairs, Ac
Tne Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with alt la
dles and Is universally recommended hv the Fanhion
Magazines as the 8TANDARD SlilUT OF THK
Toenjoythe following eneshraabta advantages in
Crinoline, via: Buperior Quality, Ifcrfacl Manufao
wre, Stylish Shape and Finish, Flexibility, Dnrabill
ty, Comfort and Economy, enquin for J. W. Brad
ley's Ihiplox Elliptic, or Double Spring Skirt, and be
sure you get the Genuine article.
CAIITION.-To guard agiimet niPOSITION be
particular to MOT1CE that skirls oflereoV as "DU
PLEX" have the red ink stamp, vl "J. W. Brad
ley's Duplex Eliiptio Stoel Springs' upon the waist
band none othuis are genuine. Also- notice that
every Hoop will admit ofa pin being- passed through
the centre, thus revealing tno two (or double) springs
braided together therein, whion is Ui Flexibility ot
and strength, aud a combination not to be found is
any other Skirt.
FOR BALK in all Stores where FIRST CLASS sklrU
aru sold, throughout the United Slates and elsewhere.
Uanufnatured by the Sold Owners of the Patent,
97 Chambers and 7 81 Reade Sta , N.T:
May IU 1M7-3IU ,
FORCED to grow upon the smoothest face
in from three to five weeks by using Dr.
IRE, the most wonderful disoovery in modern
science, noting upon the Beard and Hair in
an almoBt miraculous manner. It has been
used by the elite of Paris and L sndon with
the most flattering success. Names cf all
purchasers will be registered, and if entire
satisfaction Is not given la every instance,
the money will be cheerfully refunded Price
by mail, sealed and post-paid, $1. Descript
ive oiroulars and testimonials mailed free
Address BERGER, SI1UTTS & CO., Chemists,
No. 285 River Street, Troy, a. X. Hole
Agents for the United States. ,
TO THB ,;. ;
.CONS T LTTJ T 1 0 N i
' . The State of Ohio. - ' ..
Office of the Secretary of State. J
1. William Hemey SitiTn, Secretary of
State of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the followine is a true copy of thc
ioint resolution passed by the General As
sembly of the State ol vhio, on me otn uay
of April. A. D. 1867, taken from the original
rolls on file in this office.
In Testimony Whereof, I have here
unto subscribed my name ana amx
L. 8.1 ed the great Seal of the State of
Ohio, at Colubus, the 6th day ' of
.. , April, A. D, 1867.' ' ' '
Socretary of State. ,
Relative to an Amendment of the Constita
' tion, providing for the extension of the
eleotive franchise: .
. Reioktd by f the General Ateembly cf the
Stat of Ohio, (three-fifths of the members
elected to each House agreeing thereto,)
That it ha and la herebv nrooosed to the
cleotors of this State to vote at the next annual
October election, npon the approval or rejec
tion of the following amendment as a sub
stitute for the first section of the fifth Arti.
ele of the Constitution of this Stale, to-wit:
Every male oitisen of the United States, of
the age of twenty-one years, wbo snati nave
been a resident of the State one ' year
next proceeding the election, and cf the
oounty, township; or ward in which
he resides, euoh time as may be pro
vided by law, except such persons a have"
borne arms in support of any insurrection or
rebellion against the government of the Uni
ted States, or have fled from their places of
resideneeto avoid being drafted intc me mil
itary servioe thereof, or have deserted the
military cr naval tervioe of said government
in time of war, and hare Sot subsequently
been honorably discharged from the same,
shall have the qualifications er an eleotct
nd be entitled to vote at all elections
Speokir ef the Houee of Btpretentalhti,
i Tteiidmt of tht Smlt.
Passed April o, 1867. . . (6m
i Apnii.usT. , , ; ' . ,
vamss n. WHCKorr.
ABE still in Iowa manufacturing and dealmjin
ailkinda ot
Cabinet Furniture,
On MAI5 STREET, opposite Dr. Wolf's Offiec,
The Furnilure i mnd nut ot the be-t seMoned
material, auU by tlu uiunt experienced worknea,
BUREAPS Etery Style.
TABLES Erery Pattern.
CHAIRS Fancy aud Common.
always on hand or furnished o shert notice.
Of all kinds, in Furniture, Chairs, Ac, attended la
ou short notice. '
K suirarior quality ot Muttrejse of all aises al
ways kept ou hand.
We arcafWhya in reiwineaa. to ATTEND
FUNKHALS in Twn and Country, at the
ioweatrasik ..
A Fair Prico for a Fair Artlol
ia Onr Mottol
Purchasers are rtmittatcd t call aod exanibie our
Lerge tSock of Furniture
before purchasing alseWnere, as we feel' oonfMenl
that we can furnish better and oheaper artiolea thaj
any other itslnhlislunent in this vicinity. .
Somettrln? New under the Sunt '
The Union Pocket Timekeeper.
Price Fifty Cent.
rpHTT most novel and ueeflil invention, of the age
JL Warranted to mark solar time with greater ac
curacy thaa the moat expensive gold or silver re
peater, while It extreme cheapness place it lo the
reach ot all. Sent to any addrcaa post-paid, by mail,
for Fim ccmts. Urders will be filled promptly. Ad
Box 411 Hudson, N. T. '
June IB, M0J-3m ....
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
500 Gold Hunt'g Case Tjcver Wr tches 1100 to 917ft each.
iK) Gold Hunt'g Case Lenene Watches 75 to l.'.O
300Goldl'lated8ilver Cases . f 60 to I'M) .
600 Sol id sil ver Case Lever Watches 1 35 to 7 "
600 Solid silver Case Lenene Watches 26 to It
MOG'ldCornpoaiteHiint'gCasewatahes20to M
All the above splendid watches will be sold for
112 eachs We have adopted the following elan:1
Certibcatoa describing antih watoh and its value, are
Kropared and planed in. sealed envelopes, and tha
olderwill be entitled to the Watch it calls for, up
on payment of the $12. Thisisnota lottery, but a
bona nde sale. Procure a certificate, and as there
are no blanks, every one must get a watch at half the
usual price at loast, and many, will get'a splendid
Gold Watoh for the trifling sum ofgfo. Certificate
sent by mall to any address for 60 cents each, Kiv
will be Hem. for 12;. fifteen for 56; Ui.iity-five for f 10,
Agents wanted: send for circulas. Address,
21-6m 86 BeekmanSt.fNew Yor; :.
Ken Edition, Beved &Enfars;ed;
' "Ci Buslne nn Form -Boofei
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law, and Business Negotiations for eve
ry State in the Union. - . v
With Legal Forme, and rail Instuotiens for.
procetdi ng, without legal assistance, is suite '
and business transactions of every desarip .
tion. '
Together with the different Slate law
concerning the CblreoUi of Debts, Property
Exempt from Execution, Lew Laws, Uusary,.
License to 8ell Goods, Qualinoatlocof Vo
ters, Limitation of Aolions, &o. i . . . , .
. Also, the General Bankrupt Law. with.
forms and full instructions to- enable Bank- ,
rupls and creditors to take full benefit cf the
Act without legal assistance. . .'
Also, Pension Laws, with full roslrttottons :
and forms to enable the Discharged Soldier
or Sailor to procure Back Pay, Pefc&ions,
Bounties, and all War Claims. . i...s
Also, Talent Laws, ' with full instruotlont
lo inventors,, ..!!
Also, Excise Laws, Stamp Duties, Post
Office and Custom House ' Regulations, the
whole action of the Government in relation '
to reconstmction and Freerhnen; Constita
tion of the Untied States, with amendments1
State Seals, with descriptions, 4. -.
Over 250 pages new matter' have been
added, to meet tne requirement or tee times.
The utility ef such a work ao oae will
now question. The sale of ' hundreds o'
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
that point. The professional man, the far
mery the mechanic, the manufacturer, t he
soldier, the sailor,' each requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work. .
It will save them money, save them troub
le, save them time, cave them litigation end' ,
lawyers fees, and give them information '
that nobody can afford to be withoo.1,'. .Umoj
650 pages. ' ', '
Price, aandsomly bound, J 2. . , ". t .
Sent post-paid, oa reoeiptof price-. . . '.
A good, reliable Agent wanted i every
town ia the United States Also, a resnon-'"
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agent. Also, e few wide-awake men to.
i i - , , . 1
travel iu esiuoiisniag rtgwnoiea.
J. R. HAWLEY 4, CO.,
. viue street LiuunaauK VAtOV .
Any person wishing a copy '
of the above Book, Trill call on
'; 'f Agent for Vinton County.
T "WIT" -W-
Sheriff's Sale. v: '4
State of Ohio-, Vinton (kuntu, er.
foff, Eagan A Sloeomh, Plaintlfft,! In Court of Com
' aeainst I men Pleas.
Samuel V. Dodge anil fOrdas ofsele.
Robert E. Phillips, Defendants: f . : . .. .
PURSUANT to-the eonimand of an order of sale in
the above cause Issued from the court of com
mon fleas er Vintoo eoUnty, Ohlo( and to
me directed as SheriO of said county. 1 H Oder for
sale at public aootlon, at the door of the Court
House, in tne tow a ol ucArtbur. in uie oounty tl ,
Vintea,o i , i . . , , i f , j , , , ,
t iar,7 ,
at the hour of t o'clock r. n. ot rsii day, the .follow-
mf, lands and tenement, to wik
Taenty feet off of the West Side of fa
Lot Number Sixty-Seven- (No-. &?, in the
Town of He Arthur,, Couaty end Slate afore
said. . -
Taken as the rrOTertv TSarmtel V. Vt4tt tHt-
isfy an order and decree cf said court in tavor of
KefT, Eapan 4 Sloeom b. , ,
Aperaieed at nzteert hundred-dollars and must'
bring two-thirds of that sum. .
lerms ai sale caan in- man m vnesay oiaaiet ;
bherul Vinton County, O. '
B: 0. Jonen, Attorney for Piamud, ,
Junel8,18CMu ..v.. , , ,. , ,

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