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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 04, 1867, Image 1

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Democratic at all Thuey and under all Circumstances.
..r0LUME J'.' .. "
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r - ; " f TITirPT7D Oii-Ti
W t 9 t : .. T
Democratic Enquirer
Editor and Publisher.
(fFFICETn Dodge' t Building, ovir Swetlatuft
Stou, corner Main and Locuit bireei, Jwwt
' .'.'. : ej.tkt Court JJontt. '
t . (I ADVXMCB.) ' ' '
i....Aiu six month
. vnar. to one rOBlunicr,
id 00
'""rj1.. .ino ice of : wl.htodtMnntinn.t
II,. olow 0Uh , timo '",), , ,m bedj.
conimued unbl .' I1 ?h"a
hihe milfieflofpost
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pI'.L".tr;Zt7 nd. THoTfree to. ,ubrib.r.
mtwm W 1 11 1 1 II w '
living U the oountv
ho postofflce is out of b
1.. or
the arae, mK one ( , . .JlOO
l.iiiqinriOU insertion, y M
thre. month., oh ' ' It mo.
kT io oo is oo J oo
eo wnn. , .- VN 45 0O .. 6000
jOTlnmn,,.-.. .. WOa 6080 8000
t ouiuma. , oer ,onnm. 00
HimMHOWU, in..... w. (i. .
advanced h. : ... . , . 2 00
Each aaditionai iu n."". . goo
Administrator's ot M": ' 200
advance.r ..ha,u ot wi,e8, double
nOtieel 0. runawpj . ,
P.r free. Marriage Notices, accord
i:K,C"centsPer .in. for
ach insertion. . j ,.
TERMS OF ADVERTISING. Official Directory.
Repr.sentfltiTe m ConKr-H.
lU.prosiitatlve-A.J-HWAIM.. .
Common llsaa Judge-BJ-,,'HL ' '
AaditorW.K.KEUToN. .,.., ......
lieoorlr-JONATHAN Bill? ! P'- ,T0 ,
Trpasurnr rJAVIU FORbMA j. .
Post Offices In Vinton County.
Kameof Pot Office. Township. Post Master
Hope Fumaoa
l)et Mills
New Plyraoutli
Heed's Milla.;:
Swan ...
Vinton Station
WilkesrllU- S
Agatha '-;
Brown -
Eagle '
Swan "
Elk. 5 .
Brown ,
Clinton .
J. Wilcox
3. Isamlntter
Miles Radoliff
. Reynolds
MrsE Wgginbo
Wm. Taylor
George Fry
Madison -Richland
Rail Roads.
fS and after January , 1807, Trains will run as
W follows:
Depart Cincinnati :00r..
, OUUA.Ii.
7 80
.10 40 "J ;,.
W 18 A.M. .
13(4 .
"V ljoveiaaci t
' A Chillicolhe 38..
Hamden i"M7 .' .
Vr Znloski 3J8 "
".. Athens' 4 88 "
Arrite Marietta . .717''
1 1 00 "
4 8S
i 4 80 '
. Bdlpre 7 30
Depart tteipre
BUUA.. . w r...
8 37 '
Zaleskl' '" 940 "
Mamdnn , 10 18 '
Chillicoth 1168..
Lovelaud ;. 3 13
Arrive Cincinnati 4 38 '
Connections made at Hamden
n ...U U '
. i68 "
132 "
- ' S 68 A.M.
" 6S8
' 7 4.1 M .
with Trains on the
. nnntinn .)' t r. nninnati with all
Westorn Trains; and at Parkeraburg with the Baltt
-or, and Ohio BaiUead. -,v'
; ," " ' 1 Muter of Transportatioa.
ChlllJcotha, 0.'. Jan. 24, 1867.
Business Cards.
Wlttilfend promptly to all legal businesa en
trusted to his care in Vinton and Jaekaon ooun.
ties. Office la Doddridge's New Building, aouth
voit corner Main and Market atreela upstairs. Mr.
u... i.i. aith Purtar DuHadwayol
Jackioaaounty, who can always be found, diiring
raoauon, wie .
hi ii
t'. r'AHIElV.S.T DANA, , ,
1)0 09 MoARTHUB,'OHIO-i r .',Z'"
irrLVrntice'lh''thV Codrta of VlnU)nr Athens,
Vf and Jackson Counties s also, in the. United
totes Courts ot the Southern District of Ohio. -Orriiarecon4
Story of Davit' BiuldJng, on Main
' - jonx c. STEVExsoiy, v -:
WILBraetlee in the Oourti of ; Jackson, Vinton
and other aountiea. ,, , .
;jnuaryt4,lb4,7-f " ,
H. WitOHTtl
. S. GOETZ & CO.,
All Kindt qf- Oaitert and Bed Fattening;
ttSttsfxi-Oa.no 'Mills
ALL kinds of Machinery Kepairtoi done. The
Ware Manufactured at the Foundry is sold as
low can he boiiffht in anv Market
rout Office address Heed's Mills, Vinton County, U
May 10, lm-ij
vimtoh county BAK,
MoArtliur, OHlo.
ma J MMinftp.ll. JA9. W. DELAY,
raSSlOSKT, - 1AOB4M.
H. 8. BUNOT, a. ... ihjoui, '
r. AUSTI.1, D. T. . ruai iuiv(
HAVING formed a co-partnership for the purpose
nf conducting a
in lfh mrl fanllltiaa for the transaction of sny
business nertaining to legitimate Banking, we tender
oui services to the business public jranerallv.
BONDS. Money loaned at reasonable rates on an:
cepiable paper. Revenue I
Revenue Utamps always on hand
and for bhIh. Interest Daid on time deposits.
Persons wishinz to remit money to
Foreign Coun.
tries can obtain Drafts at our Umce.
February 7,1867-ly
31, 23, 25 & t wroaaway,
Oppetite Bowling Green,
THE Sir.vr.NS Hovsr is well and widely known to
the traveling public The location is especially
aniinhiA tn mArclianta and businosi men; it la in
oiose prox rn ty io ..- H -
. . .-it-- 1 . tUe ...... in
Oil Cite nignVVBy OI BUmilBIU auu wcfiniii unici aiu
and adjscentU all the principal ltailroad and eieam -
Tus hTtveiis House has liberal accommodation for'
over 300 guests it is well furnished, and pososses
eve'ymoderu improvement for the comfort and en-
tertuiAment of its inmates.
The rooms are spacious
i ,.ii ..(;ia.o.i.,rnvwlAH with miH and water
r'.tii.... p..
anA mall U0lit.llatA.l nfftVII
the attPiidunce is promptsnd respectful, and the table
is aenornus ly provided with every dehua.7 ol the
eaaou At riK)dt rnte rates. .
Viy 93, 136U-6fflj
UHA.UKUwr,Tei, vm. .
. . ... . . . n 1 it ,it 1 r r . l
WITT. IVROWN" ft Ci )..
1 -, rt
On Door Wett Dan. Will & Bro tStore,Aorth60iTcey
Sidt Mam Street,
'i ' ' . . '
TAO A GENERAL isuaiw-ooj
. . . -.-a iTt- i n
) Deal in Exohange,, Government Saoun-
tiaa, Stock, Bonds, Uold ana Buyer, so. ...
Deposits reoeiveu. inwroai pa.u ou
I .. . . .11 ...i. . i.i.
Uolleoliorts maae ai an aooesaiuio jpuiuib
the United states.
United States Ilevenue Stamps for aale.
All ouameas aone on iuo uiuei. nuc.a.
and with the utmost promptness.
February 2S, 1887-ly
i ....
i rTPn.n ni on a a nf two VeAra. oflera his pro-
A fetsional services to thecitisens of Allensville
aud surrounding country. . ......
March 21, 1867-tf . . ; " , ; .
! J. W. BO WEN, Proprietor,
A LL klnds of plain and fancy printing done at the
XA. very lowest prices.
THANKFUL for the liberal patronage reoefved for
' . l
the two pastyears, he would say to those desir-
found at his Offloe or residence, on Main Street, un
u p.y.a.uu- "-... - - - J -
L!.. ...fA..l...t ...iAA Um ma mb . aliaava I
absent on profersional business.
reoruary , looi-jj ... i
Corner Basin and , Third Streets,
P. CnURCHILL, . Proprietor.
DITUATED in the bnsinkss part of the City, and
nearesttotne nan noaa u ipoi.
W-Omnibusses run to ana trom every traini
January 31, 1867-tf
' Thret Door Eott of iht Hulberl Houtt, '
8TRUMENTH oorrectly repaired.
nrflpeotaelAs to suit all eyes.
January 31, 1867-ly
. .
; Appointment Kotice,
NOTICE Is hereby given that the nndersigned
has this day been appointed by the Probate Court
Vinton county, Ohio, aa Administrator on the
Estate nf Mary England, deceased. '
My 31, 1S07-3W . . GEORGE CRAIG. .
finished, when. ohaDoioi? to Be
It will not ba deomod vanity at my
leased of a fall abate of the ordinary
personal .ooarms' oi youio. wiinin a.
I l . . . . & i m. MTt.
little of the Chrsterfieldian BtandardToi'
height .fire feet ten, with looka blaok
and eioasy as the raven'e wioe falaal
me OriVeQ BDOW 18 DOt WnltCT DOW.) With
f nnm ,l.Rkt iA:B 'f,u ,
- b-"""B " ma
red tide of youth aod health, tod poa-
seaBiag what is generally considered eaf
n? . .... t- .
r3,,r; :!:nrr.ry 'b.
thought that mj ezperieooe in matters
of the heart ought to have proved to ex.
oeption to the rale that 'the course of
(rue love never did run smoothe. Bu
alas! not go. It was my fortune to be
. . i ... , .
vvuid avtjudiuiou w.tuajvuu lllll UUS
sflAHflil nf an man v nhrmB mantal mnr,
al and personal, oharma super-eruiDeni
in each, that it was impossible for me to
avoid foiling, as I did, desperately id love
with ber.
As far as elancog of the eve, tremors
of the voice and ocoasional innuendoes
might go, I doubt not that I eucoeeded
full well in imparting to her a knowledco
nf llifl atata nf mv lioori. on,) T mill
preeume upou your patience so mubh as
to detail the eottasy of joy with which I
first discovered, or fanoied that I disoov
ored, through similar media, a reciprocity
of feeling oo the part of the young la
dy. : Lot it suffioe to nay that this was
the cape, acd that the time came when it
was inoumbeot on me to make a distinct
avowal of my love. Thip, after long aod
perplexing mental debate, I resolved to
An b iBtlfir . , j .ftRr ri.inunma fnr,0
" - J y "viug mwimw vi j
epietlcs 00 88 many sheets OfgHdod Satin
paper, I finally BUOOeeded in formini a
ettfip ,mnn(ino. hnnt ki linos nnn.
le le amoun tlOg to BDOUt bll lines, COD-
iniliini? aa I thonphtthfl flonrlanaerl nnlnt.
. . . 1 .
nmniiM nt nsnro Ihinrv Hint
esseoce ot every tbinsr
oouia or
Of this
QUfl-ht tO be Said OB ihOBUbject.
' , y .
preoious morceau I retain now
but Blight
reoollection. lbat it abounded with
. - . . ' .
g0ing , undying , evorlaating and un
precedented affection, I have not the least
v " " vuivifiiuaiviji, 1 11 at? .tune
Upeoimen of epistolary excellence was
Bome of the experialloea 0f prfe
"sor 10 the paths of love, 1 read that
nothing was more unwise or dangerous
a . f r . . rr- r w 1 i
man masing an oner 01 one s nana aoa
heart means of pen and paper,
Vyuh the oredality of a simple mind
, . ftnno an imni-t ,,- ln
rlnntrmii and FriahtnnAH al iho raarfii
. .-..
precipice wmou x naa bo narrowly avoid.
ed. 1 in mediatelv destroved inv letter
and resolvdd to declare myselt io pen
sod, with my own lips and voice, and to
near witn my own ears the reply whioh
was to seal my own destiny.
IS ever did to Alexander. Wallace or a
Napoleon feel the Inspiring effeots of a
beroio resolution more powerfully than I
felt tbe influence of tbie. I bad resolved,
1 would exeoute I 1 walked the. streets
with a proud consciousness of the hero.
ism of my resolution; and in the bight
ot priae tairly toared lest, in tbe words
of the poet, I should strike the stars with
my loity bead. , JLSat seaBiblo of the. im
p.- nt
peneotion oi cuman powers, ana con
toioas that mine, in particular, were lia
ble to fail on ao delioate an emereenoy. I
resolved at least to write and commit to
memory my intended declaratory epeeob
This undignified and foolish thing I did,
instead ot trusting to the warm outpour
ot an ingenuous newt. ... wman in
some way at least would have managed
to make itself understood and felt. I
. : . . J . - . ..ii n a
cuuiuiuieu i njeuiury a com jormuia 01
nrrla tn fin dnllrnrnrt aa fi . antinnlknn
w , " " v W a W WI
,.tl - . 1.:. .-...U f 24 ! IB-!.".
4QU11.03 ..is rpxeuu, ui rruiuu in is nuuiuieuf
for tbe purposes of this article to reool
led the following sentence j (Mise Ad
ams, wm you allow me to otter you my
nana and Heart r
ine leariui nour arrived. Xbe even
ing for my wonted visit approached,' and
found myself seated by the side) of my
adored, id tbe summer evening twilight
The ' last rays of the setting sun had
gradually disappeared from the rosy
olouds that lingered about the west.' The
full moon rode high in heaven, and one
one tbe glorious stars bcoame visa;
'In Buch a nieht
Stood Dido with a willow in her hand,
upen tb wild sea banks, and waved, her
To eome again to Carthage.'
lbe open, window bv which we. sat
looked out upon a garden stored with a
profusion Of rich and rare flowers, from
wnion inere-exnaied and rose around us
dalloious fragrance, forming a fit ataios
pbore for such a scene. Tbe time, the
socne,( the scenery, evory thiog was art.
propriate; and she, the beautiful,' the
almost unearthly, seemed by intuition to
understand my jhoughts and intention!,
as with head' bent down she gazed earn
eaily (and with a slight -blush upou the
fair checks around whioh , her . auburn
ourli were playing) upon a mo6g rose
which she was 'eneaeed in Dullinar to
pieoes. ; I was employed in the equally
serious occupation of opeoing and shut,
tiog a small fancy snuff box which I held
in mv tianit. ... .'
' Al-af whore now was the Alcxandriari
Or Napaloon courage that had inspired
me? I felt my valor oozing out of the
palm of my hands. But at length, auai.
mooiog, . like a man upon tbe eoaffold
woo wianes to die witu at least seeming
tortitude, or to use a more torcible illus
tration, gathering together aod concen
trating, as it were, all the energies of my
mind, atter the manner of one ebouUo
submit to that most inhuman of til earth'
ly tortutes, lbe extraction ol a tooth ; I
say, with such energy as this, I raided my
eyes to loose or Isabella, aod in tbe lan
guage of my prepared opeech aaid, 'Misa
Adams I , y . , . ,. .
Tbe uncertainty and startling empha
sis with which this rather formal com
mencement was delivered, , seriously
frightened both parties. Tbe rose drop
ped from her fingers, the box from mine;
and I was only able to follow up this
impressive exordium with some common
place remark about tbe beauty ot tbe
evening, af;er whioh we relapsed into our
former silence.
Gathering, however, energy from do
feat, I made, after a slight pause, a second
Miu Adamtf said I, ic a low, ' solemn,
sepulchral voice, WK gov. will vou. will
you allow me to offer you to offer you
a pinciioj tnuffl ,
'With pleasure, sir,' replied a soft
aweet voice, wnicn, in oontraat with my
own, sounded like a strain of soft muaio
lollwiog up the rumblings, of an earth
quake, I felt my eyes starting from my
Dead, i telt tbat tbe veins on my. fore
head- were ewolon like the streams of
spntg. I felt the red blood mantling
overiaee, brow and neck. I beard tbe
loud beating of my heart; in an agony
of both bodily and mental pain, to whioh
the rack, the wheel, and the gibbet were
paradise, 1 rusbed from the room, hur
ried io my home, entered my own cham
ber; looked, doubly, trebly looked my
door, lest any one should - observe my
shame, and vented my spleen in idle im
precations upon my own stupidity.
An hour's walk across my chamber
served, however, to oalm my spirits; and
wuu.a composure mat seemed realty bu
peroaturaJ. compared witn mv recent
violent ag tition, 1 sat down and wrote
in t . . m. ..
-izAB Isabella : rake pity on . an
unhappy youth, who is too deeply in love
with you to utter two oonsecutive words
in your preseooe. I am miserable till
hear from you.'
This note was immediately dispatched,
and in half an hour I was the happiest
maa in tbe universe. My Isabella proved
a pattern of eicelleoae. . I was never of
fended with her but oooe, and thon she
dispelled my wrath by asking me, in a
mock serious tone of voice 'Will you
will you allow me to offer you a pinch
ot snunr
Thi Length oi Dats. At Berlin
and London the longest dy has 16
hours ; at Stookhome and . Upsal, 16
nours; aliiamburgn, Uantno and Stet
(in, 17, and tbe shortest 7. : At St. Pe.
tenburg and Tobolsk the longest baa 19.
ana ine enortes:. o nours. At oorneo. in
Finland, the longest day has 21, and
tbe shortest Zh. ' . At Wanderbus, in Nor
way, the days last from the 21st of Alay
to the 22d of July, without interruption:
and at Spitsbergen tho longest day is S
montns. :.....:..: ., ; ,
Asi or Masonry, We find an item
taken from a Glasgow paper, stating that
at. John Lodge JNe. 3, of that oity, has
recently celebrated the, 809th anniversary
of its existence, it baving beep created
by a charter from King Maloolua in 1057.
We should like to see the muster roll of
that . lodge, beginning more than eight
centuries ago, and running ; along with
tbo ages to tbe present time. What king
and kingdoms have risen aod fallen sinoe
the gavel was first sounded in the East,
How : the world has changed, aod what
progress haa been made tia toience . and
art. ,, Jfiigbt hundred years in the . life
time of a lodge , ,,, , ... , . , ,
I hays seen woman vprofessiog to
ove Christ more than the, world clad in
silk drees oosting 875 ; making no and
trimmings of same, 840 bonnet (or apolr
ogy for. one,). 535 welvet mantle, S150 ;
diamond ring, $500 ;. watch- chain, ; pin
and, other trimmings, $300;, total (UOO
all hung upon IraiL dying woman. ; I
have seen her, at a meeting in behalf of
homeleiA wanderers in New York, wine
ejos upon an expensive embroidered
handkerchief at theetory of tbeir suflor
toga, and when tbe contributionsbox
came round take from a well-filled port-
. .. ...
monie, oi costly workmanship, ; twenty
five conts to aid tbe Society formed to
promote their welfare. " Ah, thought I,
dollars tor ribbons and ponpies for Christ
Wouldn't Own Up.
Joe Stetson wa a wild rollickint
iciiow, wno spent most ot nia time in
drinking . and spreeing, while his wife
Polly was left at bome to do the chorts.
Upon a certain occasion Joe left home, to
be back, as be said, that night, Night
came, but Joe did uot. -lbe next, day
paaacd, but about sunset Joe came up in
lbs worst condition imaginable bis
clotbos dirty and torn, one ,eye in deep
monrning, and his face presenting more
the appearance of a piece of raw meat
than anything else.' , Polly met him at
the door, and noticing his appearance,.
exclaimed .
'Wny, Joe, what id the world is the
Tolly,' said Joe,, 'do you know long
Jim Andrews? Well, him and me had a
fight.' . : : ,;:.'
'Who.whippod, Joe ?' asked Polly
'Polly, we bad tbe hardest fight you
ever did see. I hit him aud he bit me,
and then we olioohed. Polly, ain't sap.
per most ready ? I ain't bad nothing to
eat since yesterday morning .
'But tell me who whipped, Joe?' con
tinued Polly.
roily,' replied Joe, u tell you you
cover did see snob a bghtas mo aad him
had. When he clinohed me, I jerked
loose from him, and then gin bim three
or four of the most suuToientest licks you
ever beard df, Polly, ain't supper ready?
I m nearly starved ' : t .
'Joe, do tell me; who whipped?', con
tinned Polly. .
'Polly,' said Joe, 'you don't know
nothla' 'bout fightiaV I tell you we
fought like tigers; we rolled and -turn
hied first him on top: then me on top-
then the boys would pat . me on the
shoulder, and holler, 'O, my I Stetson.1
We gouged and bit, and toro up the dirt
iff beta Bunnell s grocery, yard, worse
nor two wild bulls. Polly,' ain't, Slipper
ready? ; I'm monstrous hungry
'Joe Stetson,'; exclaimed Polly,, io a
tone bristling with anger, 'will you tell
me wbo whipped t .
'Polly, said Joo, drawing a long sigh,
A HOLLERED r ' . . , , .
The New "Citizens."
The rpeoial correspondent' of the
Philadelphia Inquirer at Thibodeaux,
parish of La Fourche, Louisiana, de
scribes the process of making colored
'citizens' in that locality under the radi-
oal despotism. Being 'loyal,' in the 'God
and morality' sense, of course he noth
ing extenuates, nor sets down in malaos.
we quote:
, 'To-day I was at the Registrar's office.
where I learned that over eleven hundred
names had been recorded. While I was
there, a squad of colored men were called
in, and the usual document reod to them.
One of the number was oalld to the desk.
'What is your name, sir?'
'Sicily Johnson.'
How do you spell your first name ?'
'Don't know, massa.'.
'liow old are you?'
'I 'speots I'se forty years, massa.'
'How do you know that?' '
'Bekaae de man on de step says
spoots I'se forty, and I speks so too.'
(Ue was certainly over sixty.) .
'Uan you read or write (' , ... ,
jno, massa. , , ,
'Where do you live?' '
'Down here on the biu' (bayou.)
The caadidate for citizenship was di
rected to bold up his right hand, when
the oath was administered, in response to
wbioh be ooastancy repeated, .Yes, mas-
, 'yes, massa.' Toe Uerk then said :
'Can you repeat to me anything I have
ust said to you?'
'No, massa,'
Do you know what X dtd ttj to you.?'
'No, massa.' ;: ' " '
The' applicant for registration then
made his mark, reoeived his certificate
and departed a 'citizen,' r 7
The Cattle Plaque. A supplement
to the London Gazette of Tuesday, con
tains an order in Coanoilrdated the 27th
inst,v making additional regulations to
oome into force after the 13th ' of June
nextvin respect to cattle brought, to the
metropolis. n It orders as follows i "
1. Cattle brought by sea irom any
place out of the United Kingdom. exoept
the Channal Islands and the Isle, of
Man,, and landed at any place in England,
ihajl . not be moved from the landing
plaoe for-twelve hours but shall ' remain
for such perioiin 1 some lair, ; or other
proper plaoe adjoinin such landing
place, to bo provided for their 'reoeption
for the purpose of being inspected, and
oo cattle cball be landed from any ves
sel anttf such lair, or other proper place,
shall have beta provided. 2. ' If, upon
inspeetioo, any cattle so landed shall be
IbttreY in such a state that it would be
unsafe (hat, they should be moved from
tbe port, they shall, with all oooventent
apeed, be slaughtered where landed, or at
the nearest slaughter bouse. 3. Weo,
by . any oidcr of the Council cattle
brought. by tea frora.ao; placaout c the--
United Kingdom, except the Channel
Islands, and the Isle of Man,, are per
mitted to be moved to the Metropolitan
Cattle Markot, to suoh oattle shall bo
moved to suoh market exoept by railway.
and all cattle brought thitbev by railway
shall be discharged from the trucks in
which they have been conveyed within
1,000- yards of the said Metropolitan
Cattle Market at Islington and. shall be
driven immediately upon being so dis
charged', to such market,, or tbe lairs be
longing thereto, er to such other lairs as
may be liaensed by tbe Privy Counoilfor
the reception of such cattle.
Not Bad. About forty year seo.
there lived in .Western ; Pennsylvania
two farmers, named Wood aod Osborne,
respectively. They, wore near neighbors,
but inveterate enemies;, and it Is said
tbej lived almost in sight of each, other
tor louneeo years without speaking to
eaoh other. Wood one day - went out;,
with a mattock, to dig up half a dozen
stumps that had never yet beeu removed,
from his meadow ;- but finding it pretty
hard work, and moreover, not being very
fond of work, he gave it up and returned-
to the house. On the way, ii ooourred:
to him that, by a ounning devioe, ho
might induce his unfriendly neighbor to
uproot the little annoyances, Acting on
a bright idea that occurred te bim, ho-.
entered his house,, got his writing mate
rials, and, In a disguised hand, wrote : t
'Mb. Wood: I am an old man, fast
approaching my end, and I ban - not go
to my grave without revealing to you
sector. When I was av young man,, I
helped to rob your grandfather of a large
amount of money. I and my partner in.
crime buried five thousand dollars of it
under tho roots of a tree in tho meadow
that now belongs to you. No doubt these .
trees have been out down by this time,,
but the stumps may still, remain. He
was soon after hanged for a murder ho
committed, and I was rent to prison for,
highwsy robbery. I was hut lately rev,
leasedrand.I wish to do all I can to at)
tone for misdeeds. Isond this loiter by
a person who says he knows where you-,,
live,.and he will throw it into your house.,
Mr, Wood sealed this little lit of fiov
tion, addressed it to himself,, and. when. ,.
night oame, crept stealthily to Qaborn's-
door, opened it a little way, tossed it io),,
snd ran away as if Satan was after , him.
On reaching home ho retired to rest, and
reposed sweetly till morning. When ho
rose he cast a glanoo toward his meadow,,
and, to his satisfaction, discovered (hat :.
every stump in his meadow had been dug.t
up during tbe night; and pulled outi(by ,;
the roots. After breakfast be went cool- :t
ly to work and rolled them together- in
pile, in order to burn them.: And imag. j;
ine Osborne's bitterness of heart, as he
passed by on his way to the village that-'?
morning, saw Wood thus engaged, audi,
knew he bad been duped by him.; ; ..
FeatoeksOf a Perfect Animal.-
A riflrfeot hrcerlino. or ifledin? ' animat.
should have a fine expression, of. ooun-.
tonanoe mild, serene and cxpressivo. .
It Bhould be fine in tho, bone, with clean' '
muzzle, and a tail like a rat's. It Bhould!
be short on the legs, and not ewo-neoked.
It should have a short well' put on head",;;
with a prominent eye, " It Bhould have a
skin not too thick nor too thin., covered '
with fine, silky hair, to the touch like it'3.
ladies glove. It should be .straight-
bsoked, well ribbed up and well ribbed1
home : the hook bones should not be too
wide apart.'- A wido hooked animal, es
pecially a cow alter calving, always has a-
vaoanoy between' the hook and the tail..'-
aod a want of the most valuable part or
the oaroase. A level 1 line should' run
from the hook to the tail.. The outline'
ought to be suoh that if a tape is stretch i V
ed from the foreahonlder to thn thioh yn
and from the shoulder along the back to-"
the extremity there,, the line should Ja "
close, with bo vaeanoies ;. audi tlio line' '
should fall without a void frouv tho-bookr J
to the tail.' - From the shoulder blade to.
tho head should be well filled up- as-we a
ssy, good iuall neck vein. .i Scarcely any v4
one animal will possess alt these marks ;:' -
indeed, to look for the bait cr them in a -'
good commercial animal would be vain:.
The marks are set down not in good orf :
derr but jus, as they oocurred to one . ,
who had gained his knowledge ftom tbe' "
study of the living specimens,. and not '"
from books. Tbiok legs, thick tails,. and'
deep necks with thick skin and bristly -
hair, always point to sluggish feeders.

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