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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 04, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
Democratic Enquirer J. W. BOWEN, EDITOR, AND PROPRIETOR.
v., .
To Business Men.
"RnsinRssmcn and Uhors tiM
their oTvW-fttrfcsts b)
tisincr in
THIS 1?A.1?IEj!R,
as its circulation is larger
4han that of any other paper
printed in Vinton County, ana
has an extensive circulation in
adjoining counties, among an
active, enterprising iuiu uiwm
gent population
Democratic State Ticket.
Pot Governor,
ALIEN G.THBRMAN, of Franklin.
: ' Fet Lieutenant Governor,
DANIEL S. UHL, of Holmes. '
For Treasurer,
Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
I . . For Auditor,
, JOHN MqELWEB, of Butler. .
For Attorney General,
, FRANK H. HVBD, of Knox. ;
For Judge of Supreme Court,
; judge TH0MA.S M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controller of Treasury,
For Board of Public Works,' '. ' i
; ARTHUR HUGHES, of Cujahoga.
For Rtpreientnt'tTe,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Eurteyor, - ,
: fe.' C. 8TE1NBROOK. .
for Commissioner,
:i " A. SOULE. '
A Woolm Factokt.A pereon who owns
a Urge and valuable, tract o land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
jwsets, vest of and; adjoining the Zaleski
Estate, io Vinton, county, authorises us to
itate that a sit,rfcr a Woolen Factory will
bo ciren fr i jy who will bnd
tipon it. It is an excellent place for a wool-
in factory; about one mile from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C, B. B.; and, water, coal,
eroed, and every thing else necessarr for
tmildimt nd rmrnh -etbliemf4 of
this kind, being near at band. We , think
ihert Is not a more convenient looation. in
taia eoanty fox a Woolen Faotory. For fur
ther particulars eaJli on or address the Edi
tor of thU paPer. .
Equal Taxation.
mo giving vigorous expression to their
views in regard to the untaxed securities
of the Uovernment. "Equality or Tax
alio a" is tbo demand in whicb laboring
taea are everywhere uniting. It is baid
enough in all ooneotenoe, to pay the full
Dtinoipal ot a Dona toat ooet the bolder
ai forty cents on the dollar,. nd it is
not to be oirpposed tbat tne people will
any longer permit that species of prop
rty to be exempt from taxation. The
expense of the Government should bo
borne by alt kimls ot property alike.
t,et there be no privileged classes, or
bonded aristocracy. Let 7-29s share the
expenses of the Government along with
the sixteen thousand artioles of consump
tion from whioh Radical legislation de
rives revenae. 8tay-athomo capitalists
bavo more right to exemption tbao
their neighbors, Maimed and crippled
soldiers have no speoial legislation in
thai behalf, and while they periled life
and limb for theoounlry the bondhold.
ers risked nothing but their money. The
soldier, finds no Jaws that . relieve him
from paying taxes beoaaaeof his tnutila
tioo ; why should money-lending "loy
alty" enjoy privileges that are denied to
the patriotism that fights, and bleeds,
and. dies'? , These are questions that the
hard times are forcing the people to coo
eider. The, untaxed millions of shoddy
and mule-meat speculators are daily dri
ving hundreds into the Democratic rajks,
and the ory of the ; growing hoBts is
Equal Taxation . and no EicloYm
Abobtjdn. Recent . developments
enow toat tae yroourement of abortion
nap Became a. seguiar u aae. , it is an
noonced that there are more than thirty
bouses in Now York city alone, where
this is. the aole business transacted.
When tha integrity : of single persons is
overcome, the temptation to avoid the
shame attached to tbe birth of illegiti
mate children by abortion-is very great.
cut wnen we learn tbat the larger pro
feottioa of. the patronage of such insti
tuttona is by married people who have
no iaduoement to this species of murdrr
but tbe desire-to avoid the care oi ohil.
dren, tha cr'nne shews a degree of de
pravity tvever surpassed. Christian Re
riew. h .
me small town i McArthor. is not
daoh behind aoy other town of its size,
in (hat kind of crime. Talk about the
anaisot Bodom 1 . . Look at MoArlhur for
cne ffloauint
The weather is warm.
The Radical Programme.
' When the Republican party in Ohio
carry out their full programme, negro
voting earriee with it other rights, social
and political. . We shall have:
Negro boys and girls to sit beside white
ohiidreo in the publio schools, ae-isDOw
e case in Cleveland. " 'V".
eg rocs to occupy the tame boxoe
urVtaos and daughters ifTn laces of
Nroos to do made elroitfiBMo of.
NnmVlo jiccapvseats in thdjury
with fl4iWsn,VDdljy bito mew
Iheii livefVA
tNegroca to be chosen ocmbcrflw Con
Negroes to be allowed to be elected to
to seats in CouroiU of oitirs and towns,
as is now thecals in Oberlin.
Negroes to be made eligible to the of
Gee cf Justice of the Peace.
Negroes to be chosen for school Direo
tors, where they may contest the right of
admicbion of colored children. Ex
change paper. '
The Democratic party, and the Deraoi
cratio alone, is responsible fr the war.
Uirolevilie Union.
. This is a stale slandor, and long since
ceased to " have any effect with sensible
men. The man who stys tha Democratio
parly is responsible for the war is either
an ignorant fool or a deliberato Ial&ifie,
and he who believes v. is a poor, cisora
bio dupe, The Democratic party is clear
of all responsibility for the late bloody
and unnecessary oivil war. That gigan
tie crusade for Puritan ideas and New
England fanaticism, was forced upon tbe
conn try by the Clack Republican party,
and every life sacrificed, every drop ot
blood shed, every dollar squandered,
every aot of rapine, cruelly sod oppres
sion perpetrated, is chsreeable ' to that
reckless and destructive party. Its track
is marked with blood, plunder and deso
lation. . We have to-day a dismembered
Government, a prostrato Constitution, i
bankrupt people, and a toiutsry despo
tism, witn negro equality. - Ihose are
some of the fruits of Mongrel rule. Tho
Radicals bave falsified every principle
and pledge announced by thorn, from tho
beginning of tbe war to its close, and
perverted the power and energies of tbe
Government : to evil ends. Disunion,
Debauobery and Debt are the jcgacics
they have loft to the nation. Yet in tbe
very face of these irreeistablo facts, these
men bave the effrontery to cot themselves
op as loyal Union men, With as muoh
consistency tbe Prinoo of Evil might
claim to be an angel of mercy. ' They
are the real disunionistp, and must be to
regarded by every intelligent, patriotio
man throughout tbe length and breadth
—[Circleville Democrat.
Thk Royal Aroh Masons of this iovn
and vioinity have recently' organizod a
Chapter - under a Dispensation from
George Hex, GTHTP., of the 'StatbTThe
following are the omcers appointed;
S. Saylor, II. P ; A Pearoe, K -f Geo.
Lantt, S.; 0. T. GunniDg; Cspt. of tbe I
tl iSLnurow r. unuuif r. o , . ii.' cot
ton, R. A. Cspt.; S.C.Ca.e, G. M. 3d
Vail: H. Leaob, G-M. 2d Vail; 0. Say.
lorrG; First Vail; ' E. L. ' Hawlr,
As reason why . no man should
vote, tor a contiuuance of Radioul rale
longer in this country, we give the fol
lowing:' ' ' '.'.;.. " . :. ; -J'. ""' .
'It has created a multitude of now of
ficers and sent hither swarms of officers
to harr&es our people and eat out their
substance. v , . ..
'It has kept among us, in time of
peace, standing armies, without tbe con
sent of our Legislature.
'It has affected to render the military
independent of and superior to the oivil
power. ' . ' : . ., . .
: 'For quartering largo bodies of armed
troops among us. , ' . . ;
'For protecting them, by mook dial,
from punishmont, for any murders that
they may commit, on the inhabitants of
these State?. ., . ......
'For depriving us, in many cases, of
the benefit of trial by jury.
' 'For imposing taxos on us without our
eonsent. " . : ; .
The above are substantial . causes why
tbe radical party should be driven from
power and place in this oountry, and no
man of sense will attempt to deny their
truth. . . ., V
Milwaukee has a dog factory,' tbe
proprietor of which ' pays liberal prices
for first class canines. The animals are
skinned, the hide being used to make
gloves and the hair to stuff mattresses. -
The carcases are , then put into a hages
kettle and boiled, the grease being sold
for various purposes, and the bones , sre
used for knife-handles, and. flesh for ma
nuhngthe soil. The proprietor ' makes
1 30 on every dog.' ; '
Pbesidinx'b Salary Tbe Salary of
the President of the United States is
$25,000 a year. Say 100,000 for four
years. Out ot this sum Mr. Lincoln
saved $80,000 which he patriotically put
into Government Bonds clear of tax.
1 E. G. Forgrave, the New
Boot and Shoe Maker, who has
permanently - located in this
town, of whom we spoke last
winter, is doing an excellent
business, aud is fully ' prepared
to fill all orders on short notice;
He is a first-class workman;
and gets up work in the very
best of style. .-. ' , .
Go and see hmu.
1 And inanmnnh as
hath become known as a favorite Sabbath
Sohool teacher, and said to be a wfbr
sbiper in tho congregation of tha righ
teous, and the right hand .msn of the
"Lord," it reraaineth for the Hialorian to
say Bomownat moro of the letter written
unto tho ' Lord" by the unpaid "Labor
2 And the "Lord croweth wroth at
the sight of tho letter and showotb it
unto some of his "angels," and in so do
ing tho Historian caught sight of it, and
heard the contents thereof, and having
some knowledge of this olaim and of its
correctness, and knowing it to bo unpaid
it seeroeth a shame that this laborer
should thus be prevented from receiving
his just and hard earned wages.
3 And many of the citizens of the
city knoweth these thing?, and knowetb
of the correctness of the History of all
things written thereofbat vengeance re
mainoth in tho bosom of tha "Lord" and
in store for all such as speak against Him
ordooth anything contrary to His will.
4- 'For the "Lord" hath become migh
ty in power and act, and will not so muoh
as look upon an . Irishman or Buckeye
with the least degree of alldwanco.
5 And it came to pass in tbe reign
of tbe "Lord" of tho city, that inasmuch
as the first "Chief Ruler" had made
many and valuable improvements in tho
city, and among which was' the Furnace
Buildings of tho city, built upon a large
and stupendous plan, had made a failure,
and the thing refusing to work : to. the
full satisfaction of tho Ruler, that he
abandoned it d3 a 'worthless piece of
property. : V' '
6 Whereupon the."Lord' of the city
and many others with him, argue within
tbemselver, that they will lease of this
property, this mighty Furnace building.
7 And persdventure, it wo work our
cards well, we may make a fortune of this
worthless piece of property, Unto our.
selve. "
8 Aod when they had thus reasoned
tbey all with one accord agreed within
thcmsolves, and said, "ThU is good! this
is onr chance " " . '
' 9 ; 'V'e bad better now,' (&s we' are
about to undertake a very large business,
ipdoncj .that will,rcquit0 a vast amount
of money toTe expended,', and a much
greater amount of Get in order to oairy
the same on successfully make unto our
selves all the necessary improveuienta for
carrying on our busiucEB, and havo the
Bame within our own power,' , . , '
10 We will thorefor furnish all of
our goods, our wears, and everything in
tbe way of carrying on our tunincs?, and
we will hold out all the inducements that
are possible in order to get our sul jeoli
to buy of us.
11 And upon oor goods wc will maks
a large profit, as well as upon their la
bor. ' ..! ..''; ' ; .
12 And it being in the great flourish
ing era of Greenback) and they being
very numerous, insomuch bo thai no muii
oould nnmber them, the people , take
them' and go into another oily afar off to
trade. .: :, .1 .
13 And the "Lord" seeing this in tho
hearts of. his subjects, and He perceiving
tbat they were yet indtpendent : of hiit
power, he resolves to bring about such
measures as will compel them to trade at
their own furnishing store, for it gnevoth
Him muoh on aocount of their going afai
off to trade. . v , ;.
14 And when He had fully pursusded
himself, how that this matter may beully
brought about, He oalleth all of his pat
tons unto Him, and sayethi unto them,
ye men of the Zaloski Furnace Co., hear
ye me, what I this day say unto you. '
15 It now. behooveth us, inasmuoh as
our'subjoots are unwilling to trado with
us, and are independent of our power,
and when we have paid them their wages
-behold , they go' forth1 - unto the
city afar off- and do their trading with
other men.1 v.)'..!.;- i i.;-; cs
16 - It therefore seemelh. boBt for our
business, that inasmuoh as we are making
our own Iron, and eaonot make our own
Greenbacks, we had better make a sub'
stitute for them, as substitution is just
now oeooming very popular in the entire
land, in tbe way of procuring a substii
tute when compelled to go into the army
of this Republic. 1 ' '- V ;;
17 And when He had thus spoke tin
to them, they reasoned one with soother,
and said: This persdventure may be
good for our business1 Inasmuch as par
subjocts will not trade with us, although
the means resorted to, is not muoh better
than swindling ; but even ! that has be
come fashionable these times.
' 18 1 And when they had fully reason
ed among themselves, and well considered
the importance of making a substitute,
they raise a great shout and say : Aha I
Aha 1 1 this will get them 1 they can
not avoid our working now I We bave
got them I -"' ' !
19 We will therefore mike a substi
tute for U. 8. Greenbacks, like unto the
following: -';
Pay tha Bmnc Fiftr Cnlt, tn Goodn, at Current
Rt. . .:; " .. . i.
lileski, Vinton Co., 0. January 1, Uit,
Conntmsfcnsd Fiahch J. Eciiltmi,
ToFJB ' President ZiImJu Furnace Co.
All of which wo make of different
20 And in thib have made our Lord,
as is usual, the President; and wo are
determined that lis shall be recognized
as our LORD, and that all of our sub
jeota shall so regard Him. '
21 And since the begfnningof this
substitute, we have had out subjeots un
der complete control; aad they have be
come so destitute as to be unable to re
move from us, and are compelled to abide
with up; and to buy of oar goods, and at
our prices.
22 . . And io this we are determined to
continue; for it is vory profitable unto
u? in every particular.
23 Yet, poradventure; our subjects
may think this mode of business soma
what tyrannical, but it scemeth unto us
that it is not; but that it is "English
Rule, adopted bv "Jjoelisbmeo ' we
are well satisfied, and adoptod even in
the little county of Vinton. ' ,
TriE TyRANNr up Radicalism.
When Grant parolled Lee's army and
told them to go home and obey the laws,
the Union was practically restored, and
tbe bolls rung the joy through the land.
, Not an armed enemy has been since
seen or beard of the laws were obeyed
and rhe people resumed their fidelity to
tho Union, and said they wanted no more
war. : j
But all at once came tbe tyrants aod
stamped out liberty and tbe tea States,
took away civil government, and put in
lis pltco tbe rule or the sword, over a
prostrate repentant people. And they
quietly submitted to all that. .But will
the men of the North submit to this sec
ond disruption of the union, this crash
ing of States, this iron rule of the radi-
oal tyrants r , ' - "
' ' II' M
; Orphan's or Soldiers and Sailors.
Io today's paper will be .found the
anBounoement of tho Riverside Institute
of Burlington county, N. J., for Soldiers'
aod Sailors' Orrhaos. This liberal and
splendid cntorprit-e commends itself to
an intelligent and humane public. From
the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph wo
glean the following facte in . relation to
tho institution. It is fouuded for. tho
purpose of gratuitously educating tho
bods of deceased .Soldiors and Seamen of
the United Stales, and was incorporated
on tbe 8th of April last. In order to
raiso funds for the maintenance of the
Institution, the WaBhington Library
Company, chartered by. the State of
Pennsylvania, organized itself and per
fected a plan whioh has received the en
dorsement of thohighest legal authority
of this State and New Jersy. Their
plan of action is to bcII certificates of
membership at $1 eaoh. Five series of
fine steel-plate engravings have been is
sued, one cf which will be given to every
subscriber, in audition to a present whioh
is also insured, (tbero being no exoop.
lions,) and whioh will ba afrdcd on the
25th day of September nexf, at the
Aoadamy of Musio or at the Institute.
The presents to bo awarded consist cf
640,000, $10,000, $5,000, and two of
82,500, all in greenbacks, together with
real estate, bor?es, pianos, melodioot,
sewing machines, gold watchee, camel's
hair, laoo and L'aehmero blmwls, dress
paiteros, silver ware, and an endless va
riety of other goods of great value
Fvery purchaser will, in addition to tho
engraving which he receives, also receive
some one of the prosents announced fur
distribution. All moneys received will
bo at once paid over to Genres A. Cooke
li Co., banker", No. 33 South Third
street, who bave been induotd to act as
receivers, from the simple foot that it has
beta! fully shown to their satisfaction tbat
the whole not proceeds are to ba devoted
to the Riverside Institute, aod tbe hun
dreds of orphans who aro now knocking
at its doors for admission, and who are
denied this blessing on the account of
the want of fuuds. This reason has also
Induced the Commissioner of Internal
Revenue to exempt tbo off iir from all tax
of any kind whatever. The object is a
noble one, and the present plan was only
adopted ' after mature deliberation and
consultation with the highest legal iau.
thority.' In no other way oan the Corns
pany raise so large a sum as will be re
quired. And when a fair equivalent for
the same is offered, it is to be hoped that
this Institution will soon be in working
order. : ;'' . " - '
Mr. J. R. Barrett, the well-known
Cbemistof Manchester, N.' H.yhas con
ferred a priceless benefit upon society by
the. invention of a liquid vegetable com
pound for toilet use, which has the effect
of restoring grey hair to its original color,
preventing its falling out, . eradicating
dandruff, and keeping the scalp in a
healthy condition. .Those, who have not
been, threatened with- premature grey
hair and baldness, oan hardly appreciate
tha advantages of suoh a discovery ; yet
we all know now unsignuy ana, distress
ing such misfortunes are, and are equally
liable to them. No one should be with
out 'Barrett's Vegetable Hair Rb tors
live.' An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure, , ; ,;r .
For Minhler's Herb Bitters
Ge to Blsaon's Drug Store.
Local Business.
Fashionable Tailoring.
J. Llllihridire' FhionWTailor. MoArthur. Ohio.
is prepared to executa (tenta and Boy' clorhing in
ine moat lannionanie myi. annpinrea noon norm
of VYiU'i reidtinci on Market ikeet.
A Pcif. The following puitlo is sub
mitted for the considoratienof the curious:
- '! :. OUO .-
. ' ' itvoua ''
i fAPK .
. YV
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
llot-IIid Planls. A. t. Wobti
of Webster. Ohio, grows extensively for the
publio NausemonJ Sweet Potato Plants, Ear
ly Tomato and Cabbage Plants, whic'h will
be nicely packed in damp inoss so aa to currj
adt dlsUnce ( lafuly, and delivered at any
Eipos9 office1 for the following prices:
Nanaemond Sweot Potato Plants 50Cf for
$2; 1,000 for $3,50 6,000 for $15,00, and
10,000 for 28,000. ,
! Early lomato riants 100 for Sl,
I Early Cabbage Plants 100 ' for $1, and
Late Cabbage Plant- 1,000 for $2,50.
Cash to accompany orders.
Address, by mail, Iron Furnace, Seiote
County, Ohio, by Expreas, Webster, Ohio. IS
For Fine Perfumery,
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
FoRGBAa"TMaj"iFLanTeru Pnorn,a
hibited at Prattsville, on Friday night last,
and at Vinton Furnace on Saturday night.
We learn that tbe numerous searchers for
amusement at those two plaoes found abund
ance of food to satisfy the appetite at the
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Wfliafe to Oct tbs Best Swmct Totato
Piahts. Those wishing Nansemond Sweet
Potato Plants the best quality raised in the
North should call on or address H. Ilulbert,
at the Ilulbert House, MoArthur. He is
raising 25,000 excellent Plants, and is pre
pared to supply customers at very low prioea.
For Fare Drugs and Medicnes,
go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Of tin Democracy ' of Vinton Connti, Ohio,
Adopted, in Convention, June 17, 1867:
, Rooked, That wo, the Democraoy of Vin
ton County, in Convention assembled, do
fully approve and indorse the Platform of
the Dcmooraiin State Convention of Ohio, of
January 8, 18C7.
2d. That we regard tbe precht ''Con
gress" as disloyal to the Constitution, and
hostile to civil liberty and the Union of the
oil. That we disapprove the Government
of any States by militarj power, and we
denounce such Governments as unconstitu
tional. 4th. That political power oannotbe exer
cised in harmony by two distinct races: Unit
we are opposed to the extension of 'the
right of suffrage to the Ktgro; thnt we de
nounce aod oppose tho Proposed . Amend
ment to tbo Constitution of the State, and do
most heartily approve of the following views
of Btcphon A. JJouglas, namely : ' "i hold
that this Government was made on Ike
white basis, by while men, for the benefit ot
white men, and their posterity forever, aad
should be administered by white men, and
none others ; I do not believo the Almighty
made the Nogro cnpablo of solf-govcrnment."
.n)mj.i ii Hum in in. pin i wv.Mmm
iMiimnn . i ..iiiiiin m i ii.n. iiri-n.iii 1
Dide 1 1 1 At the hour of dissolution
of Chronic Impccuoiosity, 27ic Literary
uem, aged Z months, minus 4 weeks.
The deceased leaves a small multitude
of sorrowing subscribers to mourn; but
their loss, (50 cents caoh is its orer
lasting gain. . ; , ,: , ,
The following phrabes are suggested
for its epitaph:
"Sick Trttntitt Gloria Monday. "
"Mundu$ mil Dcifypy."
" rer6 bum tot Soppy Enti." , ; , i
"Jlequii Kitten in jl'jceet." ...
Largest Book Agency in
:.,Ve6t. r ... ...
A 0,E M:.T 8; .W ANTED
-. , ..--roa , . , ' .
M'Kenzie's 10,000 Receipts,
IH At! TBI '""
tl'H BOUGH agenti I now offer to tha public an en-
X tire new edition of MicKknxir s Gkbat Fimilt
Kiccm Book, eonta:ninfl tho illHeoveriM of om
quarter of a conturj. tho stereotype plntes und
articles on Agricultiirn,. horticulture and Rural and
Domoiitie Economy, ara worth to Iho Farmer and
Gardener aevernl times its coat. The recipe lor
oookine. nrerorvini, nicklinu. eonfeotioner nrf
curving, should be in I lie possession oi every house-
wire. inis aeptirimentRione is mora complete and
valuable than any oilier work ever published on this
subject. The diseases of tha horse, cattln. hitna.
and othor animals, are treated of at great length and
complete directions given lor treatment. The da-
nrimems -o nieaicina, Hrewing and uistillatioo,
'erfumery, Bleaching, Tanning, Faintinir. Varnish
es, cements, Ac, are all that could be desired
More than seventv distinct siiliieuta ara fitraAillv ex
amined and-treated of. It is unquestionably the
best Look of the kind ever published , either io this
country or Europe. Price, handsomely bound in
cloth, f 4,00; sheep, 11,50.
h Sold only by Subtcription. .
Men and women, of character and ability, wanted
as canvassers, to whom Profitable Employment will
be guaranteed. For circular -nd full particulars
send at onca to agents
For samples ofthe GOLDEN PEN rttx, enclosa
two stamps and they will be aant with circulars.: .
Address M. V- B. COWEN, LaFayctte. Indiana. '
A Belter Pen Than QilloU't Pin.
VtfARRANTEDtobeequal to the gold pen' far
Vf ease and beauty ol writing, fully a flexible,
and more durable than any steel pan ever manufac
tured. Will not eoroda. They are endorsed by some
of tha best business men in the country, man who
know what a good pen is. Traveling spent wanted
to introduce the GOLDEN PEN throughout the
Went, and also other laleable articles. Two sine.
No. 1 for general use; No. 2, extra fine points, (or la
dies' use. They are put up in neat slide boxes, eaoh
box containing 12 pens. Price 34 cents per box.
Bent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of price.
Money refunded if they do not give satisfaction. (Ad
dress M. V. B. COWEi', LaFayette, lndin.
JuB 17, 18r-6m
Washington ushart oo.
, 9300,000 Pmento to Eabfcrtt-ert.
One Cash Prevent of 140,000.
One Cash, Present cf 920,000.
On Cash Preitot of $10,000
One Cash Present of $5,000.
Two Cash PretehtB of 12,500 Ht)).
RtadfuU ScheduU of frtmit Bttou.
Each certiScate of stock 1 accornp'a&iad with
Worth Mora at Ketail tbaa tbe Cost t
And aiio insure td tha hbndr' a
Present la the Great Dislributlot.
Tbe Washington Library Compaa
Is chartered by the Ftsle of Petitisylvariia, and
ganised in aid of tba
-Riverside Inntltttt , . , k
For Soldier' , and Sdilori' Orfkanii
' ' ' lnooVporlej by tk S(t of II. J.- ( "
April 8, 1867. - "
Bitual at RiveraiJ, Darltriton sonnty.Ns
Jersey, Is founded for tb purpo of grata
itoatly tdnoalinf tbe ions of Jeoeaied Sold
ier and Seamen of the United 9tat.
Tha Board of Trustees eonststa of ths fcllawififf
well-known citiiens of Pennsylvania aad Kw Jcrsay: -lion.
William Mann,
District Attorney, Pbiladelpaia, Fa.
Con. Lewi R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. 3. Mini, and Bioord
of Deeds, rhiladelpbla, Pa.
lion. James M. Boovel, Now Jtraew.
Hon. ?V. W. Waro, New Jsmy.
Henry Oormn, Esq.,
Agent Adams' zprss, Pbiladslphia, Fa.
J. . Coe, Eq - i
Of Joy, Coe a Co., Failadelpbla.
TaiAsvav DiriiTxisv, Washington, D. C, Apri)
18, 187. OfTice of Internal Revenue: Having recaiv- ,
ed satisfactory evidence that tha proceeds of thasa
lerprise conducted by the Washington I jbrary Com
pany will b devoted to charitable use, permission
is hereby grunted to said company to conduct auuh
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether (ran
special taiurotusr duly. , A. ROLL1NH, ..
Commisaioaer. .
. The ITaahlBf toa Llbrsar
In order that the benevolent object set hrth Id this
circular may ba successfully accomplished, bava is
sned a scries of ine Bteel-plate Kngravrngs, which) , '
are put on subscription at prices much below their
retHil value. Certificate of Stockin the Washington
Library company will ba issued, .lamped with lb '
aval ot tie company, and signed by tbe Mcralary.
None oilier are genuine. 1
Any person sending us Oni Dollar, or pay. ;
ing lbs same to our local Agent, will rtaelva '
immediately a (lot Sieel Plate Engraving, at
eboioe from the following list, and One Car- ,
tiuoftteof Stook, insuring Una Preatat la
our published schedule.
(Ml Dollar Enyravingt i
No 1 "My Child! My Child!" No
"They're Sated!" No 3 "Old 8enty-si;
or, the Early Days of tbs Revolution." , ,
Any person paying Two Dollar! will re ,'
ceive either of the Steal Plates, at choice, eai
Two Certificate of Stock, thus becoming
titled Two Presents. . ' ' ' '
Two Dollar Engraving t.
No. I-"Washinglon's Courtship." No. -"Waa.
ington's Ist Interview with hi Mother."
Three Dollar Engraviryi.
Anv iwrron paying Three Dollars will waive tha .
hrautiliil steal Plate of "Hime From tha War," aad -Three
certiflcata of dock, becoming sutitlsd .
Three Presents. . '
Four Dollar Xngrttinyi. '
Any pers on pAting Four Dollars shall recaiv t'r.a
large ami beautiful meet Plata of "The Peril ot Our
Forefathers," and Four certificates I slock, eala- -tling
thurti to Four ('resents.
i'ft's Dollar Kngraringt. '" ' ' ' " ' '
Any peron who ( ays Fivo Dollar, thai) retain)
the inrije and splendid Heel Plate of "The Marriage
ol Pocahontas," and Fire certificate pf Mock, enti
tling them to Five Preser.is.
i'I Iip engravings and certificate will be delivered
in eiii'h aiibcriber at our l.ocal Asencia. ot mat
by in nil, pojt paid! or expreaa, as way ba order4 . ; , ,
Wilt award Three Hundrid Thousand Collar ;
To thai Shureholdarsr.
Oa Wednesday, September 26tb, 1867,'.
At rblladelptijii, jftt
Or al tin Inilitult, Rmrtvit, X, ,...)I:'V
ficiiKDi'LK or rsistNia
; 1 Cash Presjbl ' " " .$40,0C9
1 Cash Present r? ! . f 30,000"
1 Cash Present ( .? ' J j J' ,10,000
; 1 Cash Present ,000
' 2 Cash Presents of f 2,600 . 6,OW
I JJindsoaid Country fieiideno, -, , r .
Stable, OroundB, AcnOrinin-'i'' vi'
town, Philadelphia -i.r 'il.OOO t
I Doublo: Residence, - tbmatery, ". ..."
brick, Caaden N. Jt'. rjoo
1 Coal Depot, Offices, ' 8bedi, ., . i
, ' Ground, with business establish- : .
ed, Ho UU Washington Ayena ' i
Pbiadelphia , i 15,000
1 Country Resldenoe, Riverside, 1 -N.J.'
with Ground, Fruits, Ac. 10.00
1 Three-storr cottage, lot, Ac.-, '. ' "11 iOO ,
20 Valuable building lota, Biverside, )0O ' A
each, . ' ; ' .
1 Elfgant Turnout Family carrige,pn f 11 .
, horse, Farnass, Ao., complete, a qoo
10 Valuable Building Lot, RiVeralda, HOC"1 ..
each . . " ' A .
1 beauunil sllvar gray horse, 16, hand ,
hieh sired by the celebrated imported .
. Arabian Horse. n.MpJis' ' also . gh T "
Poad Wagon, weight 1 pounds, with sal 4
... t. aintflf harness. Ac. niakinv -
w Buimiwi --'17: , - r-a-f
first-class establishment, , , ., . a,00e '
20 Pianos, MO each .. ,' ;. . . ; ' , lo,oo ' .
!WMelodians,S22ileaih m . ., ,.soo
Rosewood sewiiiiro!hine,a each Ifioo ''
10 Family sewing machines, 1100 each i,ooo.
60 Fine gold watohes, two hundred dollars each 10,000 ,
100 Oil Paintings, by leading arUsts-aggr
; gate value - - - r lajaaW
Camel' alr.ehawl. one thousand del
larsaaoh "if v.. .1. iestv.
i I Camel' hair thawls, three thousand dol-, !-,
' lar each ' " , ' ' Hm'
3 Handsome Lace shawls, lo each 7 SO
1 Cashmere shawl., fifty dellars each ,vWt ...
20 silk dreas pattern, soreoty-DYe dollais
each1 t '' i -,..? '. U i i ") 'l.aVB
60 city building lots, 1TI ach ' ' I TM
The remainder will oonsist olulverwara .
Musical Boxes, Opntfllasses, Pocket''
' Bibles, and different artiales ol onut, -ment
and use, amounting to tlfitf "
'--Total, '. iS00,OW7r
All the propartiel giro" af or incumbrance, ..'
Hon to Obtain Share tnd graviffi. ' -. . '
ba nrdera to us by mall, aocloatug front ac a '.'
twenty dollars, either by Poss Ofltce order or rn '
registered letter, at our nak.o Urgr etnounat
Ihoiild be ent by draft or express. - . .u
10 ahares with ngrings fa so
25 shares with engravings, s.i j r , ,:33 6ft
60 shares witaengraTings ... , 9
76 shares with engratings c - A g oava.
100 shares with, engrafinga ; -, . go OO
Looal Agtnts wanteo. vnrougooui tbi
ted Stalee. ''
The Assooianon nate appoiatea as JUoat.
vers, Messrs. GBOHGB A. COOKE ft CO
whose well know integrity and business ax- '
perienoe will be a effioisnt gnarant thai
the money entrusted to than) will b pronipt.
ly applied to the purpose Stated. '
Address a letters and orders to '"'! ;,;''iTt
GEO. A. COOKE & CO., Dankere, v
83 South Third Street,
, , - , ' i Philadelphia, ra.
Rsctivera for the Wtshiogtea Library Co.
July 4,-1867-6 ''''

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