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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 04, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
MiDidll'NoTIci. Fourteea Years PrVo'.
tloe io Chronic Disease, ,-By Dr. L. Paga
f South Send, .Indiana, Author of , a New
eyeiem or nieaioinr in '"the Treatment or
Chrome Disease, and a aew mode of Combi
ning Medicine. lie can be consulted al ike
following placet : ; j T 1 1
Haradsn, Wednesday, July 3d. - 1 ' 1
MeArthur.Hulbert-House, Friday and
Saturday, July 12th and 13th.
Mir Pleasant, 8unday aud Monday. Jul
Uthand 16tlt : ; . 7
Nsw Plymouth, Tuesday, July 16th.
Zaleski, Wednesday. July 17ib '. r,, , .
' . . .. . j ; ? ' '
A. Piarce, dealer io Family Grocer
lei, Njtiona, Fruits, Candies, Confec-
tioMiieii, Cakes, is prepared to fur
nish parties and pieoica with overythiog
fl hn )io .that the; in ay wish, oo the
shortest notioe. Everthire; is new and
frast; and George, is always eady to wait
upon all "
Br referring' to an advertisement of
J, G. Swetjand, Adnioietrator, it will
bo iteD that the Beyerproperty ia offered
for tale. It ia aituated about ooe mile
aoutb east from towo. Any 'person
wishing a neat and cooveniont home
would do well to parohase rhls property
l'or particulars, Ac, call upon Mr. Swat
land. IcK.Our friend, J. S. MuDowoll,
Will aaoept our thanks for the piece of
lea which he leut us on Tuesday morn
ing. He has a: largo quantity of a
aupertor article of lee, and the only Ice
for tab bere, which he will deliver to
ordors, io
the) eitixeos, upon giving hira
qaantitioi' to suit consumers.'
I0. :
Try the
6auit, Housa Wahtso A (mall bouse,
with three rooms, or rooms suitable for a
man and .wife. Best of reference given. For
particulars, call' at the Enquirer Offioe. ' ' ;
Iyou want to buy or sell anything no
Matter what, the best way you eau aocom
plisb your object It to advertise in the En
ftMrer. Now ia the time to advertise. Try
u. ; ....
" lei Casm. To rnjoy yourself there ex
cesaivety hat days aud nights, go to Ben. F.
Eedd's Ice Cream Saloon,, on Main Street,
nearly opposite, the , Kaler House, : and in
dulge io a plate of the well-made, delioious-
ly flavored, life-bettowing ice-cream, served
up in fine style,' with all the little etceteras'.
If you wish In enjoy the luxury at your own
home, leave orders and they will be prompt
ly filled. ' You can be supolied io any quun--"
ty. '- ,. , - .
C to Btroof V CJbbfnu. For
ls, Tm-ware, flows. Saddlery, and all kinds of
Hardware, (0 to Briose k Gibbons, on Main street,
MeArthuri Ohio,' who have on hand a full supply 0
everything usually found in a country hard-ware
iiWi an which has been bought at the lowest cash
prkee sad will be sold at corresponding figures. 16
Mbrbt aid Wibx. A Comical Monthly
Paper for . Boys And Girls, consisting of 8
psgei, 2. columns, beautifully illustrated by
kaaUsoma engravings a copy of whioh we
have received. Subscription price only 50
eeale a year, payable in advanee. A beau
tlful jitile Ponle sent free as a Premium to
every lu bsoriber. In the First Number of
Vol. III. is commenced a new Serial, by the
celebrated Capt. Meyne Reid. ' ft will run
through the year, and the "HEADLESS
HORSEMAN; a strange tale of Mexico."
Alee numerouf other aUractiqnf, Puzzcls,
(Prists awarded, monthly,) Correspondence,
Literature, Interesting Stores,' cortito and
otherwise Poetry, Recipes, Scraps, io
Ko ITumbug. ,
Addresa "Merry and Wise " Box 18,
6wiiT Potatoes aud Sweet Pota.
to ris Foa 8m. Levi Wymanj who re
Idea 1) miles south from Mo Arthur and 1
aorta of Mc Arthur Btation, wishes to inform
the pablis that he has for sale a large quantity
of tbe Yellow Nansemond Sweet Potatoes, the
best kind for tils climate- whioh he will sell
t f 4 pet bushel., ,0 Intends ip raise plants
from 60 bushels "of 8 weei Potatoes' this sea
een i Those wishing Sweet Potatoes or Sweet
Potato Plants, wilt please call upon or ad
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio
Be can, in rtceipt of tie money; ship either
retatotf or rianu by Railroad to any point.
'Jlvej Ilia t liberal paJronage. .! .:
Draw Book ank Stationery,-
' Persons wishing Drugs, Medioines, or Books',
-wilt d well to call at Slroag'a rug and
Seek Store, terner Bulbert's Block, Mc Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large stock of
Para Medicines, ' Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Itnffs, Perfnmery, and Fancy Articles. .
Phyiiolans ean buy as low as In any mar
ket, in SMthera OtU..".!.'.'::,;'..,.-.; . '.X,
The attention of the public is called to the
large stack of "Cap and Note Paper', Pens,
Ink, Paper, Knives, Rulers, Ac, Ac.
Kcheol JJoeli ean ha bought cheaper at
Stroag'f than at any other establishment in
Tlstoieotinty.' .. T'.' Ht ,..' V.o'.'..'
' Cajlandaet.. VXS K My'a-
j'--' ; X-'-:
Huvtt CHtioBs." w"e have tot
ial at this effiee the most superb steel line
agtavlagi of "The Heavenly .Cherubs,"
frwrn Raphael'i 8istlnaMadonna(" which we
laviu tvarybody aspeoially the ladies to
alUad ee. ' Tha price ii low. ' .
wsssa saw awansssw ataasa ,
Kios TTiKTaB. Bring all f,eur ngs to
Uit emse, when the highest market price
will Wpald for them'.'
v i" '; i.a.
- Thanks. Mrs." Richmond, of this
A . Ml tiL. ii I " il .ft
tors of re Inciter Office for a bawd-l
ful hnnannt nP riMi Anini ' '
Mrs. Page, who rosides io the eouotry,
south of town, will also accept thabks
for a present of the same".
If other well-wishers are pleasantly
improsse (j with a desire to visit our sano
, 1. 1 ,... .
tumwiin sucu evidences oi triendsnin, we
shall endeavor to receive them loudly
and appropriate their gifts properly,.
That "sweet nod nest'V little 'sheer,
"The Literary Gem," ' published, in this
town, by the "Editor TuhlisberF, and
Proprietors," breathed its last on the lft
o Jane, A. D. 18C7.' The "Obituary'
Notios has boon sent us for publication.
It will be found in another part of this;
paper, and was probably written by some
of the wicked wretohes who, wo suppise,
"sat up all night, till broad day light,' at
the wake," We hope its untimely death
will not ruin the prospects of educating
the youth of the town and vicinity.
May its' lovely ashes rest io pesos !
Kksp Cool. George W. Poarco, nearly
opposite the Kaler House, serves up a plate
of heat-dispelling, ooiufort-giying loe Cream
in excellent style. There !b ho limit to the
supply. The luxury oau be enjoyed at your
own borne if you leare orders with him
Qive him a call!
IK a conntry where the natural desire of
tne people is to rench the highest point in
art, it is very difficult for success to be ob
tained without the most arduous' labor.
Public opinion is extremelv exacting and
not alwuys just, but often unjust and cruel
criticism has produced the most beneficial
results; the greatest improvements have been
made under continued discouragements, and
in many successful efforts defeat seemed
certain to all except those concerned. In
ne one branch of art has there been mars tri.
alB and failures, and in no single Instrument
is mere so many ainerent parts to. nerfeot in
order to make the" whole a sncoess as the
Piano-Forte; this is always attended with
great expense, requiring largo capital and
patient persevereuce. , Ghovestibs & Co.
499 Brcadway, N.' Y., commenced manufac
turing rianot thirty-six years ago, and is
one of the oldest houses in the country. They
differed from the rest of tho makers in this
respeol they aimed to make the best instru
ment, and to sell it for the mallett profit
These Pianos to day cannot be excelled. Their
singing quality is ;iur, full, aud easily re
taiued through the most .lengthy passages.
For power they jare unparalleled, and are
celebrated for their great brilliancy, exquis
ite touch, and elegance of style andy?t'A.
June 13, 1867-41.
Commercial. New Y or Market.
Flour, .
$11 O015 80
Whiskey quiet aud uuehanged
"heat, , tr,fci.3 23
Corn, - i 3Mi 36
Oau, , V 'Kl ': a .. . . '8:A88e
sugar, lOAfaitlfc
I'oi k, mess , ' ' 2l23 15
ucon, . 10(a 12o
onouiuers, 9(i314o
ouiter, lor UlllO mj. l"Jit2Uc
Cheese, llaHc
Louisville Market.
Flour, superfine "' ,;
Wheat, prima red
Corn, shelled, in bulk
Oats, VV'""T'
$10 GO
3 it;
1 16
Cincinnati Market.
Uiirlc, prime chestnut oak . $13 Co
Butler, , ' ; ! : 12al3c
Beans, prime white i 3 10.340
Coffee, Rio ' ' ' t 22Ja26c
Cheese, . " . ' ' . ' ' l5al6o
Eggs, . . , "... 16U7
Feathers, ' , :. 78
Flour, spring wheat , ., 12 25al5 50
" ' winter wheatj ... 1400al7 75
Apples, green 3 00i5 0
Ginseng, . r ' i : 80 t 8
Hay,-,. . : i .. 16a22
Wheat, i . u m .-,2 20a2 87
Corn.-shclled ' ' - OOaflfic
Oats, . i t, . 7oa72o
Molasses, '.- ..i ' 0Seal25
Potatoes,;'' ; ' -s-.i.-v G0a65c
Special Notices.
Wonderful but True.
Madams Denikotow, the world-renowned Antrnln
and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while In a clair
voyant staie, aeuneates tne 7ery leatnres or the per
son you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment of intense power, known as the Psvchomotron.
guarantees to produce a lit'o-liko picture of the future
utbaud orwifeofthe applicant, with date of mar-
jinKv, ucuuimtiuii, iciMuing trans oi cnaraccor, o.
is no imposition, as testimonials without num
ber can assert Bv Stating place ol birth, ago disno
sition.oolor or eyes, and pair, .and unclosirtg ' fifty
cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself,
will receive the picture by return mail, together
desired information. '
axr Address in Conftdenee, Mabaxs ;6esibud
RrmiioToti, P,0. Boa 27, West Troy, N.-Y.; x2 ,
IS?" A . Youfto ,r Ladt returning . to her
country home,' after a sojourn ofa few months in the
was hardly recogised by her friends, , In place
a coarse, rustic, flushed lace, she had a soft ruby
complexion of almost marble smoothness, and in
stead ol twenty-three she really appeared but eigh
teen. Upon inquiry ai the cause ol so great achnnge,
plainly told them that She had nsed the Ciscas
a in Bam, and considered it an invaluable acquisi
tion to any Lady's toilet. By its use any Lady or
Gentleman can improve their personal apperance an
hundredfold. It Is simple in Its combination,' as
Nature herself is simple, yet unsurpassed in its efft-1
in drawing impurities from, also healing, oleans
ing and beautifying the skin and complexion. ' fly its
direct action on the cuticle it draws from It all its
impurities) kindly heolint; the same, and leaving the
surface as Nature intended it should be, clear, aoft,
smooths and beautitul. I'rtoe St, sent by mail or
express, on receipt of an order by j
w. ii, a t;un vncmists,
The only i
No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syrauuse, N
nly American Agents for tne sale otthe i
A Large 8 pp. Circular, giving information of the
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
It teaches hew the homely may become beautiful
despised respected, and the forsaken loved.
Ho young lady or gentlemen should fail to send their
Address, and receive a copy post-paid, by return mail.
Address P', 6. Drawer, SI.
April 18, 1867-OmJ , Troy J?. T, ,
i i :
Know Thy Destiny.
I ' '. . ' ' ' t - v w
Inow located hersell - at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesses such wonderful power of second
sight, as to enable her to Impart knowledge of th(
greatest imporwDue o ma miiKto or iiiJwric" ui
thersex. While in a stale of trance,' she-aelinentCF
the Tory features ot the- person you Bra to marry
andbvthaairi iW an instrument of intense power
known an the ?ychomotro(e. (iilarantoes to produce
life-like Dictum of the rutins husband or wife of the
applicant, together witk tlie duteof mari-lape, position
in lift. ....I. I. .L. .... ... 'find lfl
... hit-, trttiiiiiu nuns ill ;ii'i'. ten , ......
humbug, as thousand ol testimonials can assert
She will send wnen desired a certified certilcate,
written ffuarrantAf. that thA nintui-a ia what it pur
mirts to he. Bv enclosinc a kinall lock of hair, and
statina nlace of hirth. ann. dinnoMition and complex
ion, and fnclosimi tiftv cents Benin stamped envelope
addressed to vourseli'. vou will receive the picf.tr
ana nesireu intormntion uy reium mnn. aiici'iii'""
nication.i sacredly nonfiilenl lid. Address io court
deuce, Madams li. F. TitosaioN. P. U. Mux i23. Hud
son, N. Y. , ApriUS.lsuti-lyl
To Consumptives.
reiilornit Ia
fow weeks by a very simple remedy, after havinx euf
fored f ir several years with a severe lungnrtection.nnd
mai areau nistase f onsitmption is anxious Io make
Known to his fellow-sufferers tho ninnsof cure.
io all wlio desire it, he will send a copy ot the
iwuijhipii it- ureo 01 ciiiirKe.j wun Hie airec-
tions for preparing and using ?ht Fame, which thev
will find A sure cure forOonsumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, (kiulis, Colih. and all Throat andl.nngAf-
.,.,,..,,. , llc umj, ui.jrin ui (no narertiicr in sena
inx the Prescrintion Is to bentSt tlio iffibH. .n,l
spread information which he conceivei to heinvalu-
uis, una ne nopes every sufferer will try his rein-
i . win cos niriu nuuuiiK. ana niav nrove fl
l.ls9tiig.- Parties wiahinjrthe prescriptionj rase, by
ralnrii ...nil l II . 1.. -.1 J 1 r. '
return mall, will dense nddmxs
x, . v'"'ttmshurg, Rinjjs Co., New TotU.
Hay 2, lSr.7 -ly - . . . . . ; , .
VOf a Silver Medal
DIDArms linn n r--wn bA
uHnnLii o nnm ntaiuKAllvt
By Ui N. H. SUte Asriculliinil Sorlcfr, at
its I air, hoWen in Muhua, Sept. 20, ltw).
Vegetable Hair Restorative
Reitorn Ory Hulr tn Its Kstul Colm i pro-'
lielrOriLflnsll 0rinir artlnn i am.ll. '
, root-to tlielr original onrnnie action i
k1?'. ynnarutr ana llumom oroT-nli
llalr Silling out i is a mincrlor Prcilnj.
iiminuin. no Injurions Initr-dli-ntt," 1
u i uiv mnn popular ana ten-
oio nmria riiroulioul the T
us west, Noiui,ana
I , , oouin.
J. R. BARRETT 1 CO., Proprietors,
' ' KAHCHESTEK, N..H. ' ' '
For sale by Dr, J
July 4, lS07-ly
S. Sthono,' Druggist,
i .'i i , McA.rlhur, Ohio.
Sale; of ; Real Estate rl
COURT, v ,
In Vinton, conn,
ty I'robdie ioujt
f i
.Pfilion to sell
Joel O.Swetlund, A'iminwtrstnr of
tne r.sinte ol Andrew J. Beyer,
.''.' against '
GeorgeW. Beyer, and Anhc!
Beyer, who hav arnvesl at fnli
Rge, and Newton Beyer, lames
tlever, Kve .Beytn, and MiuV
lteyer, who me, minors, and
resldcnss of Vint on conntv, niifl
bcule of Ohio, and rhArl,,tr
. Hoyer, who is n minor, nnd I
whose pl. ee of residence is un-1
known. .
1i pursuance of an order ami decree made by tho
Prohate Court of Vinton county, Ohio. on tlioKuth
f:vy ouiiiiu, n. v. ivti, i win onr. tor sale' at public
IlllCtlon.OU !.. ; '- ' .)., . .,(
Monday, the oth day of August,
. A. D. 18(37, , ;
at 1 o'clock P. M. of said-day, on thw r remises,
in said county of Vinton, the (bllowini described
premises, situate in the eouuty e, Vinton an j Mate
of Ohio, t i-w.t: . i
"Commencing nt fh' '"outh-Eaat corner of the'
North-Weat quarter of the North East Quarter of
'" I'limoer iniiiy -iour to,,i Mango .Mumbcr
Seveuteeo No. 17,1 Township Number Eleven Hit.
..tJ vnuur i nulling iiieiiiy nous; inence rioitn
Twenty Hods: thence East lucntv 'Hods: lhm.,..
Twenty Rods, to the i.lai'e of beBii'innur. cm.
liny liiuulredtlw of an ncre."
'"'""'S inu Hurra aim iiiiv iliilidrenili.i ol an mire
Appraised at three hundred dollars, nj must
wing Iwo-tliirds of thai su n. ' 1 ,, ., ,
Terms of sale One-third (iiish inliand oil the day
of wile; one-third in six months; and the residue ih
twelvn months from the day of wile dofcirc.i pay
inunls to boar interest and to ba ae.'ui dd bv mnn..
K"ge upon the premises . sold.
Administratorof EstatSef Andrew J. Heyor, dceoasod.
July 4, isii7-5w
JOHN CUCK;il, Jr.,
; A0 All, KINDS Ot ' '1' 'it-
IMPORTER ol French, German and Italian Violin
The Trade supplied on .the mast liberal terms.
General lKfrn i47fnf for
i IBS.,
From the Factories of the most of the CtLisaiTto
1 .viakius, which. I will sell low for cash. ,
1 i -I, .. j... i
WOld Pianos taken in exchange tor new.
SXarPisnoa and Organs for sale and to rent, bv the
!rkz?&Z:& rfri
chase, if desired.
J"Agente for Cabinet Organs and Pianos
wanted in every town la Ohio, Indiana and
W 4 O Cr ;i T t n
Cincinnati, 0.
; LOC& STITCn .. "XX (-
evLirr: y.
The otiLT Maohine ao per fee led that entire
satisfaction ia guaranteed or the purchase
money refunded. V; ,
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
be sold at Tery low prioe, and a Local
appointed on the moat farorable
terms. . - . s ,
NJ?, Send for circnlar. Trareling Agenta
wanted. Salary liberal. , . . .
Finkle & Lyon S, W. Coi
The World .Astonished
Madame H. A; PERRIGO.
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. Khe
restores to happinesa thorn who. Ir,,m ,lnuo,i
events, catimtrophea, crosses in love, loss of relations
and friends, loss ol money, Ac, have become de
sponOns, Hhe brings together tlione long acpnra-
concerning aosent friend.t or
lovers, roslores lost or stolen property, tells you the
business von era lieni n,ii,n...i ' "1 , ,T
-i.. I"' 1 muihmu 911(1 in
7"" .7 " uucenMui, eauaos speedy mar
riages and tells you tho very day you will rnsrrv.
gives you tne name, likeness and characteristic of
her almost supernatural powers unveils the darl
ami niatien my stenes.ot the future. From Hie stars
we see in the hrnmmont-lha maiefln utru ti,.,
come or predominate in tho coniiguiation-fiom the
rM..,,,,,,,, OI lne pinuptH and the fixed
slara in the i heavens nt the time of hirth, she deduces
the tuture destiny of man. Fail not o consult the
greatest Aslrologist onearth. It costs you but a trifle,
aud you may never aga- n have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Consultation free, with li Kt?ntHR firwi All ria.
siren information, ai. I-arlics living at adistsncocan
consult the Madame hv ml iti, ,..,i ,. .
satislaction to themselves, as j in porsoo. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer-
ea ana imsness eucloscd, sent by mail on receipt of
Dries at6VInwnt fin.4.1 Tk...J.n..
maintained, and all cori-Annnrin rir.,n.i ... j
atroyed. References of the highest order furnished
those desinna them. Writ i,i ,,,,i n,n ,.f n,
month and year in which you were bom, enclosing a
small lock of hair.
Address, Madams 11. A. PlT.Rt3lr.ri
t8J 1'. O. Drawer 2SH, BuffJo, N. Y.
World's Fair; lontliDii,
WHERE all Sewing Machines ot any note,
both huropenn and Amoriuan, were in
BSTTVie yearly tola of Wheeler '
Wilson are equal to the inlet of all
other Sewing Machinci Combined.
"Weuseth'oWbeeler 4 Wilson. "and. pro.
nounce It without a rivaf. S'uti ne AukbicXk.
There is no machine so mm pie and nsrtV'
manaired. or thai can nerform n..h . ,..,r,..,
ol work without'bastiiig or piDarution. , ,f
BTAll orTfrs will receive" prompt
attention, if left with
",! '' ' - 1 H. P. AMBROSE;' '
Mc.trthur, Ohio. .
J. F.AVoodside, Agent,,;
I . thiliicolhe. Ohio. 1
I Wy3, 18ii7-3m-. .. .. . ,
,LZx . ' . ; . ' I
t m i &H Iff. 4 r. w.!W
UK!.,..;. Is, ' XtU ... -
2 . ) '6U. : Mw$W$fi i: i. . .
fa. Jluw ; .
v , fl
Bf" ' W
ihl 5
Strong, Simple and iPractical.
IT is ii SQtiEEKtNrt MAcniNBj warranted riot
i to injuie clothing; geared tn give six
strokea.pt .lie plungers for. one turn of the
linhdle, and 150 turns of which will wash
thoroughly th bulk of six to. twelve shirts,
according to the siza of MaoFiine used.
Six Xiari' experience protes the Nosfaumi,
to be the only Washing Machine nude which
ttandt the test of lime, and Use. It is unan.
proaehabla for - a '- ;-' - i v
4 GENTS WAXTED'XStiil tat free De
scriptive Circulars to
ifl , . OAKLEY & KEATING,. ! ; :
I 184 AVater Street, New York City.
I ;..' .'1 :.-. e:!l i
: foreign DressGoods
, 7 , . ,- ... .t . .f. -i,. F
S NOW receiving from New York, Boston ,
and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
, DRY i G O I) S
consisting in part of
! rLadiea' Dress Goods,
Kew Styles Delaines & Shallies,
Donble-Width UTngharas:
1 ' In Broken Plaid
Largo Stook of . 1 ,t!:J-. - -. t,
I Very Low and of the Latest St;les,
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop .1. .::, t, .
; ,Trimmings and Buttons,
Parasols 'of all "descriptions,"
iX! " Shaker Hobds, v" : ;ii
And Cheapest "Woolen Goods
and .Cassimeres since the war.
. . i .
His Stock of
Boots and Ladies Shoes " j
complete, and can be sold 20 per cent, cheaper
than the cheapest. - ' '"
All kinds of
GHO O H XL I 313 Q
kept constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Ready-Made Clothing,
. ieceGobds,., , . .
'V ' " Hats and Caps,
As cheap as in the year 1859.
NAILSrrbythe pound & keg,
For less thai can be bought at any other House in the
county. ' " - - - ' '
lSrJ2nt(ner th place Doddridge's New
Building, on Door Wtt cf tht Court Moust.
I ) it':X . 1 ' '"
Carding' Machines
: . in t:ie:
Mc Arthur' Steam Mill,
HAM.NObeen refilled with New Cards, are now
ready for work; and the proprietors guarantor
wif wum uoii oy uieill will BOfc ue ...
In the conntry't- ' '
May 23, 18U7-3I1I
j. j. McDowell,
Attorney at Law,
V. 8. Claim Affcnt,
Mo A UTH Ul, O H I O .
WIIjI. practice in Vinton and adjoining counties.
Also, Deputy Colloutur of Inturnal Uevouue.
Orrice in tho Vinton Countv Uunk. '
$100 from $30;
BY actingas our Agents for the sale of H P I K NT-
ileroseoptsand Sierocooiu Views of nil thi iSiVf..Jr
interest in the World. Prise and Stationery Wkets,
Silver Huntina Case Wnlche. Also, fine eolleotion
u. iiii'iihi ,,ru rioiures, uoiorea I'nnta, 4o.
-$:w will purchase a miscellaneous stook
above goons that, will aell for lix). We otter moat
extraordinary inducements Hilda clianoe tor tlmva
who wish to esiablish liem!v inn good n.ivme
hllMlnn.. b',v..i.,ul. ....... ...u 11 J.
w. biimvgurn vtut iin puruuuiars send
, I , J4ASKINS & CO-
June 13, 1807 -Cm 36 Beekman at'., New York.
.ManufsnHiied by the Sold Owners ol lhe Patent, ,
'' i WOhamtarsandTO M ReadeSto.illT!'
Xfiuw Iff 14.17 trM .,'T. ... . .: I.:
J . If. Brail ley' Cetlebraied Pa ton
Duplex Elliptic:
(or Boms spbisq) A 5
riilE (VONDRRFUL ' FI.EXlGUlTT and great
. , .?"M'"1T ,ml n-Msraa to any Lady wenrnnt the
'"I " aiiipiii! BKirtwiil oe experienced particular!
In all crowded Assemblies, Operas, Uarriaces. Jtnil
rond Curs, Churtli Pews.Arm chairs, for Promenade
and Housb Dress, as' the Skirt can be folded When
m iisb in mxiipy a smau niaeo as easily and eon
voniontly as a bilk or MimIhi lirr-aa. n inrainni.i.
2JJj7 m crill01lne not fouud in .any' Single Spring
A 1 Jidy liavine ciiinvorl the nlmsnre. . nnmforl .,it
Krentronvenieni;e of weiinng the Duijlex Elliptic 8teel
Spring Bkirt for a sinRle day will never afterwards
ininBiy aispenae wun their us.' For children,
J1IIK90S and lOUUS Lailib. Il, .rtt a,,.u,.i... , .11
They will.'not bend or break like theHincle Sprinff,
oui win preserve their perfect and graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Skirts will have, been
thrown stdi'as tiseles. The Hoops are covered
wim oouuie ana rwmted tlireml, nnd the bottom rods
urn not only double springs, but twice (or double)
covered, preventing tbem from wearing Cut when
ni;Ri"K uown aroopa, glairs, s. .
.The Dlinlev-riiinH.,. . mHn,f.i.ril..lli..liill.
dies and la univBreidly recommended bv the Fashion
Mngaiiines ns ha bTASOARb SKI8T OK THR
AHHh)N'AHI.E WORLD. ' . . , ,
To enjoy the following enostiraalire advantages iti
.,iu,.,,r, via. oupenor yiiuiuv. reneei iiuanulac
rum, htylislr Hhnpe and Finish. Flexibility, Durabilt
ty, tomtort and Kuiinomy, enqnire. for J. W. Brad
ley Duplex hlliplki, or Double Spring Skirt, and be
sure vou gnt the Oeiluine'artinld.
t'Al; riO.. To guani. against iMPOSlTION be
,, in, , touib mat skins one red as "DU
I'LKX" hnveth red mk stnmpi fl ."J. W.Brad
oy'.s Duple.i Klliptio Steel Springs,1 upon the walsl
iianrloiineotheiB are genuine. Also notice that
every noop will admit ot a pin being passed through
theuentre, thus revealinz the two lordoubir) snnnas
orni.iod together therotn, whinn is the Flexibility I
""""! " uvmuioanon not to pe lounu in
anv other iskin. ...
FOR MA LK In all Stores where FIRST CLASS skirts
are noin, tnrougnout the United States and elsewhere,
$2 FEB niOT5TII hs Ya Rotiup,
or 900 Psr Cent. Pkoi-it ow Cowbissiom
Wo gu.irnntjr the nfcry sntnr of commission Wao;
five iniilist'rious agent nt their own homes, to inlro
nncio nn eriieie ol indispensable utility in every
uuusvuuu. ruriuu puiiit-uinra can on or, auuress
, ; .tf. W.jACKsoWft Co.,
- 1 ' : U South St., Baltimore, Md.
Mayatl,'l8S7-liii' '
'- .' ' I I-: , 1 . i
UKIVEPSLLY acknowledged; the Model
Parlor Magazine of America, devoted to
Original titories,- Poems, Sketohes. Archi
tecture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip -(including special departments on
Fashions,) Instructions, on Health, Gymnas
tic Equestrian Exercises, Skating, Music,
Amusements, ect.; all by. the . best authors.
and profusely :and artistically illustrated
with costly engravings (lull size,; useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic noveleti.es, with other
useful and entertaing literature.
. No iinrson of refinement. ennnomiAA.1 hoiiaa!
wife, or lady of -table, can afford to do with
out the- Model. Monthly. , .
' Single copies, 30 ceBts; r-ack numbers, as
specimens, ,10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, Sj3. . wit,h, a valuable premium; two
copies, $o GO; three copies, $7 60; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for ol libs at $3
each, with the first premium to each sub
sotiber. r - - ;,.-
' Address . ' , '
. i .n, .-, .No. 473 Broadway, New York.
TJemorest's Monthly and Young America"
together, 1, with the premium to each.
Unabridged ..' Dictionary.
Thoroughly Mevited and Much Enlarged.
Over 3,000 Fine. -Engravings.
10,000 WORDS i nd MEANINGS not found
in other Dictionaries.
A : NECESSITY to every intelligent family.
Xl' student, teacher, and professional nlaa.
hat library ia complete without the best
English Dictionary T ' ' 1
"Superior, in most respeots, (o anv other
English Dictionary known to m."Hun.
beorge f, marsh, March, 1866. 1 K - '
"In its general accuracy, comnletencss.and
practical utility, the work is one whioh Done
who can read or virile henceforward afford to dis.
pense wiLh."Allantic Monthly. 1
"Viewed as a whole, we are oonfident that
other 4iving language has a dictionary
which so fully and faithfully sets forth its
present condition as this last edition-of
Webster doca that of out written and snoken
EngllBh tonguo."--i7arpr,' Magazine.
In one vol. or 1,840 Koyal Quarto Pagvs:
Published by C. & Q, MEEfilAM. Ppringfield,
i Mass' , ' ,
I . Sold by all Booksellers.
rch7187-ew ' ., , i
! HOME tt AKUftCT!ini:3 1
jAt ti. wHcsor v iotin T. Eii.'i
4 'EE still in foi manufauturtDg' and dealing ia
ii. all kinds of . .'.,, .,
Cabinet tVrhhurc,
On MAIN STREET, epposjte Dr; Wolf's Offlea,
-The Furhiliireis made out nt the liest SMsoh4
muterial, and by the uiu.t experienced irorkmaa.
DURE A OS EVefy Sfylfr. , ' '
TABLES- EVery Patt'erriV t
CHAIRS' Fandy and- Cdifiaosj.
8 ASH, C0ORS, BUNDS,- ii,
always od hand'oy furnlsb'eM on short1 Botioa.
Of all kin. is, in Furniture, Chkirt, o., attended
bn short notice.' ,., . . . ., ,
i siiberior tiualltv el Mattresses of an sIim ml.
Ways ki'pt on hand. '
TT ii 3. o xr 't , JxL H (f .
W are nlwuva in reulineaa to AT'l'VaTI
FtJNF,ItAL In Town ami country, at the
lowest raws. .,. . , . i- t , ,
A fail' Psio tor a Iali AVKvilsj
; j's Onr Motto!' '
Puicfiase'rV are requested to 'Call 'and examine ur -
I " ' ' ' arge tSdck of Fufflittlrt ; -;
before riunshasihg' elsewhere, as' we1 ftel: confident
that we uanfitrmsn better and eheaper articles thaa 1 '
any other establishment in this vloiultr. . , ,
.WYCKOFF 4 itALEtf.'
Someiblng Kevr under the JStiW
The Uiiioh Poc&bt Timekeeper.
1 ; t , Pi-itf-. Fifty cant , .
rpHE most novel and useful' invention of the ag. '
.1 Warranted to mark solar time with sweater ac
curacy than the moit expensive gold or silwr re
peater, while Its extreme cheapness' places it In tn
reach ol all. Sent to anv address" DOst'-naiil b mail. '
for Firn cr.srs. Orders will be fllfed promptly, id.
Hot 111 Hudson, N. Y.
JuMi3iftT.Sm .... -..:
$13 Gold and Silver Watohes $12
2OTOold Hunt'g Case J.cver WrtchosJlOO to'llTSeach
2(H) Gold Hunt'g Case J-epene VTatchea ' 7Sto llio "
aoOGftld Hated Silver Oaacs . , Mtd 100
tiOO Sol id silver Case Ievcr1 Watchss' , 34 to 75
000 Sond silver Case Lrpene Watches isto 75
0 O'ld Composite Hunt'g Case watches 20 tt 50
All the above splendid watches will be sold for
til each; We have adopted the following plan:
Certificates describing each wateh and its value, are
KiQuicutiu'ijjiiH.'nu in aeaien envelopes, ana tha
older will be entified.to ih Watch it calls for. nn.
ou payment of the 1 12. This is not a lottery, bufa
bona tide! ssle. l'rocur a certificate, and as there
are no blanks.' eVervoha nnl ret awatdh athkirik.
usual price at least, and many wi 1,1 get? splendid
Gold Watch for the trifling sum of$r:. Cerhacatea
sent bjr rlisll t'd any address for 60 cents each. Kit
wirlb rent forS; flfleen for $6; thirty-five (WHO.
som waiiMiaj aena lor circular. aaress,
i . , ,aLESl'lE, MAXSON 4 CO.,
l'6m , 36 Ueekman 8t, New" fork. ;
Kct Edition, Re vld'&Cnlarfetl.
i titi' BuinB8 Form Book. , i.-,',.
V - COKPBETB S'BiDE in all Mattel- of
XX Law, and Business Negotiatiods for va.., ;
ry State intba Union.. , . . j i -, ,'
With Legal Forms; and full instuctiens for . ;
proceed! Bg, Without legal aUistance. in auita .
and business' traasaotious of every desorip- .
tronV'-'' ' i .'.,';-.,,... .
TowtTiflr with the different 8tate Law '
conoern.ing the Collection of Debts, Property ,
Azempt; rroar ,xecui'.onr iein- liawa, Uusary, , ;
License to' Sell Goods, Quallfioalioa of Vo- ',;
tarsr,- Limitation of Actions, &o. , fTli,. ,, ,,'
Also, the General Bankrupt Law, 'with' ,
forms and full instructions to- enable Bank- '
roots wad creditors to take full benefit r
Aotwithouf legal assiatMiot.
Also, t'ODBion Laws, with full instructions
and forms to enable the Discharged Boldier
bailor to procure Back Fav, Peasions:.
Bounties, and all War Claims.
Also, Patent Laws, with full instructions
inventortv V ; . r rr . . ,
Also, Eioise Laws., Stamp Duties. Post
Office and usom House .' Regulations, the
whole action of the Govefnirent in relation 1
o reconstruction and- Freedmen," Constitu :
tion of the United States, with amendments;. -State
Seals, with descriptions, io. ' '" "
Over 260 paffes new natter have befn"
added, to meet! the requirement of the timet.- '
Tbe utility of such a Work no one "will' '
now question. The sale of hdndrtda ot ' 1
thousands of copies of the former edition,'
and the constant demand for it, have settled 4
that point.- The professional man, the far ' '
mer, the mechanic, the manufactuvel'. tha'"'
soldier, the sailor, each requires a con Van" 1
lent, comprehensive and reliable work."- -'-!,
It willsava them monoy, save them tronk' -le,
save them time, save them litigation and'
lawyers' fees, and give them information '
that nobody can afford to be without, 12mo, '
650 pages.. : -
rnoe, haodsomljr bound, 53. " ' ' - ''
Sent, post-paid, ort receipt of prioe'. r " '
A good, reliable Agent wanted hi efhrv" w
town in the United Slates. Also, at resnon-' '
sible man at all prominent points, as General' 1 '
Agent. Also,- a few wide-awake nfcn, to'
travel in establishing Agencies. ' -
J. R. HAWLEr & CO.,
164 tine Street; Cincinnati, Ohio;
Any person wishing ai cot) -
the above Book will call oaf
. ' ', X; J. Wi' BoWtXt? t a v 'i
X - ' "' A8,nt for County. X' ''''t
.. . Sheriff's Sale.- ' ' " '"'
State of Ohio; Vinton Countv. n. ';., :,
EaRan Slocomb, Plaiutift, 1 In Court at Com '
asainsC 1 tnnti pi. ,
Samuol V. Dodge and; ' f Order of sal, -v -ii
Kotieri in. rniiuns, ocfentlants: J
PURSUANT to (he eommandofan order of sale in
the above cause issued from tha court of com.
Pleas of Vinton countv, Ohio; and in
directed aa Sheriff-of said oounor, I will oner for
at publie wictioav at the door of tho Cour
Honse,in tha Town of McArthur, in the county of
Vinton, o . I, . .. . .
' - ,D. 1867,. . ..... '.,;:.',;' ".
the ftonrot 1 A'dock r. w. efaaid day.'ihe fcUoir-. . a
lands and tenements, to wife
Twenty feet off of tha West Bid' of l '
Number Siity-Seven ( (Nof. 61,) in tba
Town of MoArthur, County and Elate fore'
said. ,. , ' ,. - - -. ... ...
Taken as therrnreYtrofBamiMrf V.
an order and decree of said court in
todge to cat.
4 in .
- , . , . VMU WVH. ,M Hill, tFl
hagan Hlocomb. . ';.-" ; . -
Appraised at sixteen hundred' dollars and must '
bring two-thirds ot Uiat suim
Terms of sale canh. In hand on tbe day of sale
..'' Shevilt Vinton County, 0.
W. !. frBes.'AtteroovfcrPiaintiftv - , "
4uMlS,187-iH , . .' :

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