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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 11, 1867, Image 1

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democratic at all Times and under all Circumstances
"VOliL'Mi 1.V" ,:; : ' .. ' 31'ARTIIUR, VINM COUXIY, OHIO: THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1867.
... 5rrOi 1 . I'M u' Jl U .1 ' -J i-L!;v.ai-iri- ! '.
0 . Uv
l:...ni. tf. -:t .n.'v I,:.t !;, .:;.;, ,; ;J ;. . ,; , ; --i ! . . -i - ' A J '' .! l'l ' V) V, ' i
iwimiinn-'- 7aMiwiiiiMiiiMiiiiiiiiMi b iiiMiiwiiiMMmWiiiiii ! i iiuiii i 1
i.niiniiln.n.nn.M ' ' - A'
Democratic Enquirer
Democratic Enquirer PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY MORNING, BY J. W. BOWEN, Editor and Publisher,
OFFIC&-nIr fom Building, "ovtr'Swetland't
o. ' ' i r -....4
or we uouit ui,,.(;:i
v - "' ill ti nno PoatOmfle. . -85
TOB egpi7oneyer, loone Port Ortlce, ' TWOO
Our terms require payment to- b nida strictly
the cloie oi tne lime iumbmuw
. .:..U u krranr.iffcs shall be IMtu.
i'upen re delif ered throuRh t)i biH free of post,
nee within tl count iind.'alMv fr Do . (WhwriUore
hvina In the criunty, jfhose postoffice is out of ih,e
couuty. ..' ,'. ', ,; '
One copy, one yr, ,
One copy, fix month", ' ' "" '. i
Tenlinesnf tins type- or the. space
.1 - - I,, .r, n ennaro
1. i 1.1;.; AALinanrHnn - . U
AlfSMvirtlalnTt'W ft (?rerperiW tbftu
three months, chareua me o"
.An':-'',: w ..'How, tisoo, : 82 00
i eo umn T' ' ,J 10 00 iOOO . .30 00
? column!' " '-.
l0i?B,. ' n no . . 40 00 . ..: 60 GO
40 00
80 00
8 00
mrde. from 8 to 10 lines, per annnirt,
Divorce NotWes, not exceeding !io
i lines,, (in
1WH sddi'lional'lO lines,' ;
AttnnhmontWotioee, (in advance
Administrator.'. Qt &
linistratoOi. qr Executor r
ilnr'a NnliCPS. Iin 1, Sii;
" . V r no
fiotcef' of'Winftway husb&ndi or
wives, ,louUe
"'KiKcenti Per iiW foV
wh Irisertibnj,.' ) v'r '- I',; i .. .
TERMS OF ADVERTISING. Official Directory.
RfPfesentntive in Congress-H. B.' BUNLY.
Ht..te Heimtor-J. BRADBURY. , ,. :
"rwuUngAttorney-AKOHIBAtD MAYO
Treamirer-A.Vlrt FOREMAN.; v
ftlerk'ofOoilrtsGEORGE hAN?. , ,
CoroneVvVlLUAM .
Auur . ' J.-j.n rtin T UDTVI?
1 .wlilnf-
Itppresenlative-A.J.SWAIM. . ' "
Common P nas-Judge . PLTLl.Y.i.
,JrohTeJ..dK-JoV'H'KA'B- .. ;!
Post Offices In Vinton County.
Name of Post Office; Township. Pot Master
Hope Furnace
Dundiis 1 '
Elk ,
New Plymouth
Heed's Milld '
Vinton Btation
Olmtbn i
Eagl ,,.
Swan. ,, .
Elk ."
Clinton '
Elk .
Madison .
J. Wiloox
9. Isamingot
ilea lladoliff
Mrs E iligginbotham
W Burteiishaw ' i
Wm. Taylor
George Fry
Rail Roads.
N and after January V 1807, , Trains rwi as
Penart Cincinnati :00.l.' 2 'tf
l.n(lnl 1017" T W"
f.1 iiHamden ,
. ' Z;doslli 1
'' Athens,.;
Arrive Marietta
IMpre .
1 as .t,i.i....-i 10 4D
3 17. " ... . .. K 11 A.
35S " b ltti..(,.
4tS.h' -t.t v 4 00 .,) 'I
7 17 - ; , : 4 34 ' .V
730 . 4 fiO . I
NKJHT tAI-"" nun.
Depart Belpre ; 00a;,
. ii. aiIiimi 8 37
W r.Uv.'.
'1180 ' ' ,! '
12 66 M ... 1
i ';.i32 ' . -
v g 56 A.M. .
- ft 20 " ..f
. 7 45 ':'!
with Trains on the
Zaleski - f"40
. Hamdert 10 18 " . ''
Cbillicothe 11 68 r.M.' . "
Jjovelaud., 313 . '
Arrive yinoinnatl 4 35 " ' ;
Connections made at Bamden
rortmouth Branch. '
(JlOSe connronon mMD n.
Cincinnati with all
Western Trains; and at Parkersburg with the Baih-
'' "' i ! . Master of Transportatloa.
t Cbillicothe, 0.,Jan.'24, 1867. "
ivVi MoARTHUR, OHIO,,,,.
IfrtLTj attend :prbmpltyM all legal business en-
W trusted to his care in Vinton and Jackson coun
ties. Cffioe la Doddridge' New Building, south
west corner Main and Market streets upstairs. Mr,
Mayo Jain partnership with Porter DuHadway ol
jMkson county, who can always -be found, (hiring
vacation, at the office in Jackson, Ohio..-. ' '' " '
r: m tf "it' )
fjOJtt oniey at Law,
liriLTj sracticiin the Courts of VinUm, .Athens,
States gourtei the Southern District oi im
OriCBSec.ond Story of Davie' Building,
If ana aiaaFSwa, rAJunueg i mm, . in m
and Jaaksen, 'Counhee f also, in the , United
Southern District oi unio;- -
on mam
' i ou-wi.!oijjI'j 4
ft'J lit it e-niNi-f
til "Wl' fl -''.!.,: ,..;7
ATTORNEY! 'ftND.'cOuNs'tLiqii 1 At', WW, ;
... ' JACKSON c;
if., OHIO,
"yiTjIji. practice, in tho Gcirrls ,of Jackson,, yipton
yy iuiiiiiiiierRiiiiiiiirsi
.January 24, lS67-tf
i 0!
I T i I
;!; HA)1PEN -OHIO,
jlWlAinaf ,o Cmtirt:Md lied taiteninji,
Siasar-OAo Mills
,, ' , .. , ,. AH
AM; kinds1 of Mach'lnory Repairing dono. The
Ware Manufkctured nt the Foundry la sold as
low con be botiplitlnany Market.
j ost umco nuiiress Kceu s mills, vimou uouniy, u.
May 10i 18ti7-lyw ov . I t J i, i. i,-,. fc
iciAytlx-u.r. OHIO.
l)bS.1J.MclK)WEI-L, T. . JA3. W. DELAY,
, J'StSlUEKT. ,
I. S. BIlNOTi . o.irouu(
II. F. AIMir. ' D. V. RANNK1.B, rufll Bivni
HAVING formed co-partnership for the purpose
ofcouductiug a " '."
mt'Vct ample 'fuoilitiel or the transaction; of arty
business pertmnina to legitimate Banking, we tender
oui services to the business public jwncnmvj . i
We BUY AND 8F.I.U EXCHAiNU, win au
BONDS., Money loaned at reasonable rates on ac-
ccp'nhlc paper, llevanuei StHmps always on aana
onr! 4V.Bnlu 1ntrcif nfllH Otl time deOOBltB.
Persons wishine to remit money to Foreign Coud..
triesoan obtain Prafts nt our Otlica. . ' I;
February 7,1807-,.,.,, r,. i , ... f-.
.: steVen ' ; HOUSE, !, "
93, ,25 & jProadway, N-
, , Oppotile-fowling Qreen " ;
i i. ON XBK EDttOrEAN PLAN., .
it .'
mHTE Stevbns Houkk is well and widely known to
I the traveling pnblio; The lociUioh is especially
miitnble to merchants and business mnnj. it is in
.close proximity to tie business part ol the city -is
on tne nignway or eouinuru uu i.m
mid aiiiacenlte ail me pnucipui iunrauiiu
The htevens House has liberal acoommodntion for
,.B ami n.iutait iawnll furu.sheil. and possesses
every modern imiiroveirtont tor ttw-oomrori ana en
i.......n..i nfiiH inmntes. The rooms are spacious
u nil -i.Ulatn,l provided with una and water
the attendance is prompt iuiureeproiiiii,"u "
season at mocftrnte rates. ' ' '
onnnrnlls V OTOVlOeil Willi overy ueiiuoi'v vi Hia
' ' UKU. Jk. JUUA9i VV . .
May 93,1800-6n4 Proprietor.
CH A3. BROWN, Pretl,' DAN. WILL, Cash
Oiie Door Wat Dan. Will ft Sro't Start, North
Sidt Mam bireet,
T0 A GENEKAli ilAJNKIJXU nuouniiooi
I J Deal in Exchange. Uownmeni eoun
! Rtnnlt. Bonda. Gold and Silver, &o.
Tnnnila received, intercut uuiu uu iiuic
.lartAaifa. ' ' ' '
... Uolieotions maue, an access. uio uu.i
.... . ' . . ..I - .11.1. n.lnl.
in the United States. ., .
iTnite.l Stat ea Revenue Stamps for eaie.
All busiuess'done on tlie most liberal terms
and with the utmost promptness.
February 28, 1867-1 y
H. C, MOORE, . .),:-..:
-c-rco nn nt lirn vofvra. odors )liS pro.
A fensional services to the citineos of Alleiisfille
and surrounding country.
March 21, 1867-tf i .;..;.
,YA'h K'MoDOWEIaIs.1 T
'' '. -AHD-- ';;
N j . C. 8. Claim Affent, ;
I ' k oART II U It i OHIO.
WVAj practice in Vinton and adjoining counties.
Also, Dsputy Colleotor of InternaJ Revenue
.-OrricE In the Vinton County Bank.
Juue27,1867-6m ,l( :
' J. A MONAHAN, M. D (
'pHANKFUlifor the liberal patronage received for
L the two past years, he would say to those desir
Itiu his professional services, that he may always be
found at hia Otfioe or residence, on Main Utreet, un
less absent on profef sional business.
February 28, 1867-ly
ii.ii f lit n ' j C i i ,
Corner jB.H8ln anA ' Tkird Streets,'
ti. p) CRURCUILL, . -'in. Proprietor.
SITUATED in the bosiness part of the City, and
nearest to the Rail Road Depot.
swrorunibiispes run to ana irom every irain;
, January 31, 1807-tf ' ; . . v. i i i ' I
G. W. M. WOLTZ,-
Thrtt Doort East of tie Hulbtrt flouti, , ?
i ii i
REPAIRING done to order. 3rMU8ICAL IN
STRUMENXa correctly repaired. .
iwrBpectacles to suit all eyes.
January31r187-ly .j.i. '! V .1,
"Appointment Notice, h
NOTICE is hereby 'given that the undersigned
has this day been appointed by the Probate Court
ol Vinton nountv, Ohio, as Administrator on the
Estate of Mary England, deceased. '. , '.
lny 31, 1807-Sw GEORGE CRAIG,1
Bland as, the morning breath of Dune
The south-west hreeies play ;
'And, through III baje,, the winter nootj
II Seems warni, as summer's day. .-i
The snow-plumed angel of the North ,;
: Has dropped his icy spear; : (
Again the mossy car In looks forth, ; '
" '" Again tho streams gash blear. . ' ' :.
the fox his hill-side cell forsakes1, 1
" . The muskrat leaves his noot:,':'! "!
, The blue, bird in the' meadow brakes.1 !
Is sinking with 'the brook.'1
. . "Lear up. 0 Mother Naluret" cry ' c ", '
aiiu, urecaa, nun oireaiuici ir.ee:
' i. .,
"Our winter voices prophesy . .
VI summer days to User
t "w -. . i') i,
Se, in those winters of the soul, ,
By bittir blasts and drear,
O'erswept from memory's fioien pole,
Will sunny days appear, r i.j t.. cr.:
1 Reviving Hope And Faith, they show!
' The soul its living powers, ' ; '
And hew beneath the winter's scow ' '
Lie germs of Bummer flowersl ' ' ' -
, ;'.; t(,v ! i.ii
. The Night lei Mother of lh Day,1 -,
' ' The Winter of the Bpring, . ', ,iS'
And ever, upon old Dopay . "! h':
,; Thegreeuesl mosses cling. ' t
. Behind the oloud the starlight lurks',
, , Through showrrs the sanbeams fall ;
: For God, wh loveth ail his works, ;
a Ui left His hope with all. ,. ,. .
A Swarm of Bees
B patient, B prayerful, B humble, B mild,
B wise as Solomon, B meek as a child;
B studious, B tboufihful, B loving, B kind
B sure ybu make matter subservient ta mind.
B oautious, B prudent, B trustful, B true,..i
B courteous to all men, B friendly with few,
B temperate in argument, pjeasure and wine,
B careful of conduct, of money,' of time, 1
B cheerful. B grateful, B hopeful, B firm,
B peaceful, benevolent, willlnfi to '.earn;
B courteous, B gentle, B liberal, B just, '
B aspiring, B humble, because thou art dast.
B patient, oircumspeol, sound in the faith ;
B aotive, devoted, B faithful till death. ' ;
B honest, 11 holy,, transparent and pure, ;
Bdependonf.B Christ-like, ud you'll B secure.
Having. Miscellaneous.
In the tribe of Negdek1, there was'a
horee, whoso fame was spread far and
near, and a Bedouin of another tribe, by
name of Daher, desired extremely to pos
sess it. Having offered in vain for it
his camel and his whole wealth, he hit at
leugiu upuu tua .louowiog r ooyioe, py
which he hoped to gain the objecVofhia
Ho resolved to stain his face with (hi
juiee ot an nem,, to oiotne . rumseit in
racf. to tie his Iocs and neok together, so
as to appear like a Jams beggar., , xhus
equipped, ho went to wait for Naber. tKe
owner of tho horse, who! ha knew; was to
pass tbat way. ,, When, he saw INaber ap
proaohing that fray, he cried out. in a
weak yoice:.,., ,...J
"I am a poor stranger; for three day
I have been unable 'to move from this
spot to seek food. I am dying; help me,
and heaven will reward you'--rr- i
,,Tbe liedouin, kiodlVjQffersd to take
him up on his horse and carry him home;
but the rogue repliod: .
"I cannot raiser l'have no strength
left." ' . .;
r-Naber' touohed with billy, diemouated,
led his horse to the spot, and with great
difficulty set the seeming beggar pn his
back. But no sooner did Daher feel
himself in the saddle, that he galloped
oil; falling out as he did so; 1 ". ;, ;'
"It is I, Daher, I have got the horse.
sun x Bui uui niiu iff.. ",,:,.:' v
Naber called after him to stop and lis
ten. Certain of not. being pursued, he
turned, and baited short distanoa from
,"Xou have,. taken my . horse,, said, the
latter. Sinoe heaven has willed ilViI
wish You ' joy of it ' but I do conjure
you never to tell any one how 'yoa ob
tainftit.v::::,;-';., ;,'
I'Anrl evriv hftt?" sain Ttarinr 11 ' '''
"Beoause," said the noble Aran, "an-.
other man might be really ill, and men
would fear to help him. 1 You would be
the cause of. many refusing to perform
an not of charity, for fear oi being dup.
ed at Ihavebeen." . .,. . ' ut .., ,
Siruok with shame at these words
Dabcr was. Bilent, for'a momep therj
sprugiog from lha liorsa, returned it iO
liio HWDqr.emprsoing Him., Xiaber made
him.'Beoompan y him to', bis ,t,ent ,wheie
tlej epont faw dsjs together, and bo
Cime4 fctett friaadt for life " "...
au'ti ;.:
3 ). . ii.
. CJnscientious. A revolationary
so'ldibi was running for Congras, and
hii Ofipoaenl was yo'unR mio whalisd
euBtom ot old Revolutionary to tell tua
natdsinps no baa endured. . .1 :. ),
Saifl ne: 'v ;i a L ?..,: ' :. j,:
1 "Fellow oitizone: I have fought and
bled fit my county. I have .helped to
whip Uia British, and the Indians. ul
have ilept oo the 'field of battle with no
olhor overing than the canopy .of bosv.
eo. ' I have waTd over the froien gronod
kill 'wy; footstep' 'was 'marked with
Job! about this titna 'one of the abver
eigna who had beoome greatly interested
in his lala of 'BuffeuDC, ' walked up in
front or the Speaker, wiped the tears
from ht ejej with the extremoty of his
ooat tal, and interrupted him with: t iU
"Via you say you naa tout tne utmau
and Intens?" j .'. ' v 'UMf;
"Yesl eif:"' :i .".d 'ia-i i v.Jii
bDid yoi say you had ' blopt on ihe
sold ground while sorviog yonr oouolry,
wlthontW kiver?" tf-.. .i ' ! !
without1 kiver?"
"I did.'" 1 ' '-V- ' ! '""
' "Did yon say your feet It iveroed the
frozen fjrjonnd !yoa 'walked over,' with
your blolod? V- w -f--'
iyes'' replied tho speaker, exulting
j! ;Kt.i- ... ?l!'-:4 API ,,. .'" C.l.n'
"Well, then',' eaid ' the ' tearfal eover
eig'n, giving a sigh of painful, emotion',
"I guess I'll vote for Vtother fellow; fo
I'll be blamed if you ain't done enough
for7ont country"'
. UflKAP Enodgh. A native of the
Green Isle of Erin called at a chemist's
shop with a prescription, tho prepara
tion of whioh be. watohed with consider
able' curiosity, i ; ui ;! i; ' ,: .i .
M Whafa that, any way?'! finally asked
the oustomer. :; - f rH, : v. c i i -
"This," said the obliging apothecary,
"is a tincture comicitnga raoruiosa, and
liniment ot eaponis, " canthirides and
opii." - - a y' .
A look of. bewilderment changed to
one of grave concern" as the Isribman
made the inquiry, ; . . ,
) "And what is the price ?" .
j "Sixpence," was the reply. : -
i "Be jaber9," said Pat, muoh relieved,
"I thought two Buch -- names . as that
would Cost me at laste five shilliogs." .
'! -" ... . ... ' . 'i:-
Cincinnati and Covingto'h BaiDai
Main span,l,057 feet. ' , ' " '
! Length ot bridge, 2,252 feet. ";;' ''''
Hight of towers, 230 feet,' and 86-52
feet base. ' ' ,' ''"' ' ' ,. :." " '"
Width of bridge, 36 feet '. , ' , ' '
Number of small wires in the two ca-
Mes, 10,360. -. ', ' '
, Weight of, the , two cabled I'.Obbbb
-. Lumber, 50rf,000 feet. ' : ' '
.Strength 16,300 tons. " ' "; ' .
Cost, $1,750,000,000, J.-':;
, .Diameter of eaoh cable, 12J inches.? .
,! National w Bane, Failubs. The
following is a list of the National Banks
that have failed ; and, ire now . in ': the
hands of Reoeivers, with , the amount of
circulating notes issued to eaoh: i.i
ji The IfiratiHalional iiank ot : Attics,
NewiTork $46,000. .-,! n fn.iA
Tho. .Merchants' National . Bank of
Waehinf?on, D.C., $180,000.. . l,
The Venango i JNatiooal iiank or
Franklin, Penn.,$85,009..g ' . , -
The -Tennessee n National! Bank of
Memphis, $90,000. iim? yt:,,, , o,i;
TheDirst National Bank ol Newten,
Miss, $130,000. . .v- : , 'i
The Dint JNational AJank . ot oalem.
Alabama $85,000. .u i -i i.,.; ,
...'Til First National Uank ot jNew
OrloansLa., $180,00. ; . ; ? 4t ,o , ,
: Drill fob Bin'glk Mki, Fall in
love! ;i'i.t.ui';.v(.M,.. ;,((
Attention pay to her. 'R i; ,;
Quick Mafehand ask her mamma.
:: File Right with her lo obnrch,
Halk-and reflect upon your duties
and do them; ; ' l' ' V';"
About fact from all the bad habits
of your 6lngle .life, and lire for her. ' '
; Aiva'noe Arms to your young wife
when out walking.'' ' '' .;.".
' Close Up-.-to allgoodeeds.'; J
Form Squares and protect home.' ''
' Break1 Off from Fate lours and go to
your own' qoarters, ; ( ' ' niJ
4 V'l'ii,; H feti:. r.iti 1 C?:!;.
.-. PiTPJBJiiNT Drops. One pound of
loaf sugar. powdered fine; -the, whites of
two eggs, beaten . iu; .jwp ; c;qpa oi jna
oil of peppermiut. i repcu paper ana
dry in moflejate oven; i , h : . ;
Scene at the Atlantic Telegraph
Office. Fond 'Wifo (To Telegraph
operator) 0, six! ' I want to send a
kiss to my husband io Liverpool. IIow
can I do it?
Obliging Operator Easiest thing in
the world, ma'ma: You've got to give
it to me, with ten dollars, and I'll trans
mi. it'right'awajV1 " ' "J' ' ' Ji-
Fond Wire If that's the onse, the di
rectors ought to put much younger and
handsomer men in your position. ' ,
(Operator's indignation is great.)
How to Make Coffee. Prof. 0. A.
Socly gives the, following as the, most
economical way to make coffee of good
, , He uses two French strainers, the. up
per one containing the grounds of the
previous day and the ,lowery one flresh
eoffeo. 'The hot water in filtering
through .the.: upper , one .extracts the
strength, and in filtering through the
lower one it extracts the aroma from the
fresh coffee. The grounds in tho upper
strainer are then thrown way, ': having
no remaining, virtue; .and the strainr is
made ready tor the next morning;
Josn Billings sayiiJi: 1' , .b.'b
( VRiza arly. work, hard aod late, live on
what you can't sell, give- nothing awa,
and if you don't' die ritoh and 'gi to
the devil, you may sue me for. dima-
' -:.' 1 " j. . ,"'"t' :''!' y 1 1
I 'no f : A7V .11 rt nnnnil nr anrra
half a pound buttery two pounds of flour;
one glass of t rote - water; currants and
yeast. ':.; i:r t"' .
I. i i . i. 1 1
rniEND9HiB.-Friendsbip is sweel
altraetion of the heart towards the mofit
we esteem,, or the perfections we admire,;
and produoes a mutual inclination be
tween two or' more persons, to promote
eaoh Other's interest,' knowledge, virtue
and' happines. 1 J ' ' ' "
..'J -iii I-.-. ... -f. mt. , i, i.i.fly,
, One Egg Cake. Two cups of sugar,
one pint of flour, one egg,1 and tump of
butter as large as an egg, one cop of
milk, one teaspobnfut
of oream of tartar. -'
ot soda, and two
"Mr German friend,., how long have
you beea married?',' , .,
"Vel, dis is a, ting vot I seldom don't
liko to talk apont, but ven I does,' it
seems so long as never vas." . ., ! V
High Priced Beef. Tbe editor of
the Soioto Gazette complains, that in the
anotent and honorable city of Uhilhcothe,
"the monopolists have now; put up the
orioo of beef to twenty cents per lb."
- In Wilmington w are compelled
nav twectv-five oents ner lb:! and have!
to stir early at tbat. Clinton Republi
af . ' . r .-.ri
can. .out .0 I " . '..j .
ViWby,. that's notjung, for so. .loyal a
county as Clinton, vhoie quaker farmers
grow rioh by beef-raising and fatten up-
npon 5-zO bonds by voting the Abolition
tioket. ! Ain't that right, Bro. Fisher,
and loyal, too, to "compel" you to pay
25 cents per pound for beef, in order to
enablo atockuraisera ani.butoher to help
pay the taxes ot the. bondholders, who
pay1 none? v Then; why do you grumble
at high priced beef,' high-priced: coffee,
sugar, ootton or high-priced anything
else, sinoe you vote for and support the
policy and party whioh have torced these
high prices upon the people ? n .
t. Taxes ANo'MoNEr Isteresi. The
average rate of takes in Ohio is two per
cent, on the assessed value of property
listed. The lawful, interest jot money
being bJi,, per oenf,', !one-thir4 of the in
oome is taxes, , It is ihe name with rents.
Ono third of , the rent, is consumed in
paying , taxes. J,, The peopld who wish to
shirk the payrja6nt of taxes, call in their
debts and put their' money in ; Govern
ment bonds; and. the , taxes they shirk
are , borne by other people'. 'I.Mr. Sham
Loyal haa one hundred' and fifty thou
sand dollars 'ot1 government bonds, and
he saves three thousand dollars a year in
taxes whioh his tieighuors have to' 'pay
for him., This is the case with' our State
and oounty taxes.' ' ' :
But to enable the United , States to let
the bondholder go free of tax, the peo
ple have, to bear a (ax on everything they
wear, everything they eat, fcnd everything
they do. , They must pay twenty mill
ions a year to the Chase banks .for the
trouble of giving. us three hundred mil'
lions of ahinplaste money,, They must
pay one hundred and twenty millions a
year to keep an army blaok and white, at
the south lo give the people republican
Go'vornment.x The bonds must bo taxed
-rmust be, taxed, and taxed., and taxed at
the full rate of. pne-trurd ot the; interest
as tha people of Ohio are taxed,' And
we must have a legislature that will rep
resent tha people the people, and not
aot aa mere toadies to a whisky v'opgrojs
Uibana Union,, i ... , ;. ,
A Good Joke.
Many; years kgb when church organi
first came io uci, a worthy oldolergymao
was' pastor of a church where ; (hey had
just purchased an organ.,,. Nut far from
ihe chur,ch was a large town pasture",
where' k "great many cattle1 erased,' land
among tnem a . largo bul. , One holSab
bath jo the aumuier, Mr, Ball came up
near the church grazing, and just as the
Rev. Mr. Bi was in the tliiJqt of his sor
moo, 'boo-woo-woo' went tho bull.
The parson paused, ; looked np at the
singingteeats and 'with a, grave face
a'd-- t.-l
'I would thank the, musicians not to
tune their instruments during ' service;
it annoys me very much 1
The people stared, and the "minister
went on.; ' i.. -,; lft. - 7
'Boo-woo-woo,'. went tho bull again, as
he drew a little nearer the churoh.
The, parson paused again " acd, addres
sed the choir ' " ' ' '-1"' '
'I really wish the singers would not
tune thcirihstrumenta while I am freach-
The congregation. rttterea, for they
knew wbat the real cause of this distur
bance was,.:;.;,.-, c v,'.;,i.;k
The parson went, on again, and he had
just about started good,, when 'boowoo-
woo cameirom wr. liuir. '
The minister pauaed Oaeo more and e.z
claimed ' 5 .
'I have twice requested the musicians
in the gallery poi to tune their iostru
mants during the sermon. - I cow parr
ticularly request Mr. L. that he will not
tune, hia double base' organ while l am
: . This was too much. L, got 'np, J'too
much agitated at the idea of ' rfocakine
out in churoh, trod stammered out ' -
r'f :'It is-isn't me, Parson B. ; ft-it is thai
lasoauy town bun.' ,,, - i
Popping the Question.
rto!B"Out him. " Summoning all his courage,
he said
t Ma. Smithson (ar improtiment on
the cerebrated name.oSmitliXwishca.t'
take Miss Brown Jy Japother, .improve
ment) to the, opera, , lie.' had Been , on
terms of intimacy , with, tha ; family for
about, five years, but 'never Bpoke, of
love;' on the oontrary. hehadfreauentlv
deolarod his intontion of leading a bach
elor's life. Onoe ho cat his hand to the
bell-handle, and was admitted.. ) . .
'0, James.. exclaimed. ..Miss Ja.no,
'where have you kept yourself, so long?,'
This took Smithson a little aback, for
he-had spent the preoeding evening with
the family, JBefore; he , could answer,
however, Jane's brothers and sisters
(eight or ton in number) bad gathered
'I have come io ask vou-r '
'Not here, Jameti ; not now oh I'.
stammered SmithBon, 'if
you're notengaged-r
iO Ul water quiok I' .
'What's that?' Inquired ier:
i father ;
'who Btys eneacred ?'' -
'I didn't mean said Smithson. 'in oon
elusion;; hi tev) , .. .
j'Of oourse; not'oonhnued Mr.Browni
ly ; 'you've always been our favorite, 1
. Then advanoiog and taking poor Smith
son's hand, he said '.'"'' 1 4
U'ako her she a a good girl, and loves
yoa to .'distraction. , Miy you ever ba
liftnn, IB Ilia nn la Innn
., Thereupon, father and mother and
children crowded about Smithson, and
wished him joy, and company coming
in at the momont, the affair was told to
them os a profound Beoiet. So Smithson
got a wife without popping the question,
and almost before he knew, it himaelf. .
But we cannot holp thinking he wis
hurried into matrimony. ' ; '.vi !-.v
tr Verdict of a hegro inqueet In In
diananolis. Indiana. .'Wo. i tha rindarf
signed, born' a Kurnet'a Jury of . disgust
to Bit pn tne body ob de mggor. Sambo,
now dead and gone before us, have been
aittio' on the said nigger aforesaid', did
on the night ob da fusteenth, pb Februa
ry, coma to : doath by falling, from : do
bridge ober de riber in . the said riber.
whar wo find he was subsequently,' and.
afterward washed on the riber side,' what
we 'sposo he was froze to deaf.' ,J
fQT The tallest poliaeman in England:
died of consumption two weeks , ego.
ue;siouu six leut ibu iuouhb io nis siook-
Turn . Oct ini QuACKS.The' ' ten,
States were killed by 'the " radical'5 Con-.
gressmen; and the people must bold them,
responsible; The Jaw exouaeth dq man,
for his ignorance.. , Free. institutiqDs. u.u-.
dor . tho sovereign will, are not martial
law under the Bword.' . The radicals knew
nor difference, hence the deHthef the.
Stales at their hands; r Down -with ,tH
quacks, - ,--

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