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Democratic Enquirer
Thursdar- i
July 11. 18C
To Business Men.
Businessmen and others who
wish to advertise, will consult
interests by adver-
IUV V - e
tising in
as its circulation is larger
than that of any other paper
printed in Vinton County, and
has an extensive circulation m
adjoining counties, , among an
active, enterprising and mtelli
gent population. ; .'
Democratic State Ticket.
'' ' For Governor,
ALLEN Q. THDRMAN, of Franklin.
Fer Lieutenant Goternor,
JIANIEL Sr. UHL, of Holmes.
'.: ' ; For Treasurer,
Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
For Auditor,
.'" JOHN MoELWEE, of Butler.
For Attorney General, .
, FRANK H. BURD, of Knox. :
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of.Hamiltoa.
. - ' For Controller of Treasury,
For Board of Publio Worki, ,
' ARTHUR HUGBES, of Cuyahoga.
Democratic State Ticket. COUNTY TICKET.
For Representative,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
t For Bunejor,
S. C. 6TE1NBR00K.
! ' - . ! ' For Commissioner, . '- '
a. BOOLE. -
A Wooim Factoit. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adjoining the Mleskl
Estate. In Vinton county, authorises us to
that a lite for a Woolen Factory will
be riven free to any party who will build
udou it. It i an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about one mile from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. R. R.; and water, coal,
wood, and every ihing else neoessary -'. for
Ku'iLlui and un-ninjc.an..MtabHBhinent of
this kind, being near at hand. We think
tint a, mora eenvenient location- in
this county lor Woolen Factory. For fur
ther" particulars call on or address the Edi
tor of thU paPerV ;
' Tb Democratic Executive Committee of
Vinton County 8. C. Case, D. B. Shite!,
and J. G, Swetland, Jr., have appointed
the following named gentlemen as an
Eagle John W. Wilkinson, Jacob Isnaugle,
Brown Washington Keeton.Seth T. Weed.
ElkL. J. Swaiin, Patrick MoAlister, Coon.
Stcan -Fred. Cradlebaugb, Fred Friok.
Jackson Lalan Sampson, John Rose,
ilaauon Morris Albaugh, Bolomdn Shipley.
Clinton JotA Fratee, Dr J. A. Menahan.
Vinton John Booth, Joseph MoLauehlin.
Richland L, A. At wood. Dr. H, C. Moore,
Harrison Lyle.
UarruonA, Arganbright S, C. Steiribrook,
WilkavilU-CharUs Mulholland, King Wells,
Auox-rHflory Paekhard, George K, Bel v
... Sorely Troubled. The loyal radi
cal party is sorely troubled just now
boat a "Chairman of the National Re
publican Committee," as they otll it.
The pirty has beoome so corrupt that il
is falling; out with its ablest sen. Last
year, H. J. Raymond of tba New York
Times was expelled from the ohairman
ship of the Committee, because of his
participation in the Philadelphia conven
tion. . Horace Greeley of the celebrated
New York Tribune was then put on the
- CoramtirealrrRaynnrnd'a plaoy Jieoanse
it was then thought Greeley was sound
and reliable; but now Gree!ey has beoome
a bondsman of Jeff Da via, and the loyal
radicals throughout the country are abu
sing him with more vehemence than they
ever abused Raymond. They now want
another Chairman. Two successive
chairmen, both among the ablest men of
their party, have beoome "disloyal", and
"unfaithful," according to the radioal
papers. What will they do? What had
they bettor do under the existing ciroum
stanoes? . Who will be their next chair
man? They ought to find some sound
and reliable men whom they ean trust
'during the Presidential campaign. D.
Maokley of the Jackson Standard, would
just suit if he was only known by the
radicals all over the ''New Nation," and,
.wa not so near insane. We would not
recommend hie appointment to such an
important position io his old sge, for the
'.reasons above ' named and, then, besides
those reasons, be wonld ruin the ' pros
pects of tb.e party, writing "Random
Thoughts" on tba poor African.
Democratic State Ticket. COUNTY TICKET. For Mishler's Herb Bitters
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Saturday, August 10, 1867.
At a meeting of, the Demooratio State
Exooutive Committee, in conjunction
with Stste candidates, appointments were
made for meetings in nearly every coun
ty in the State, to bs addressed by lead-
' '
ing Democrats of the State.
Judge Thurman, :
(Our candidate for Governor,)
Judge Van . Tsump, ' , ' !
and others," will address the peo
ple of Vmton county, at McAr
thur, on Saturday; Aug. 10. ,
The trial of John II. Surratr, for the
murder of Lincoln commenced about
three weeks ago. .... The prosecution In
the trial olbsed on Saturday last, and the
witnesses for the defence were oommenoed
on Monday. Mr.' 3radey, Attorney for
the prisoner, confidently assumes that he
has ample store of evidence to prove the
major portion of the witnesses for the
prosecution perjured 'criminals, and to
establish an-unleniabltf a?ti'( for the de
fendant. He also announces that he has
proof that Surratt was oonoealed. ; far
away during the assassination trials, that
ha was not allowed to see a newspaper,
and, moreover, that he did not know of
the arrest of his mother until after her
execution. The original' contraot of the
oonspirators, with their signatures pre
fixed, will be produced, and naither the
names of Mrs. Surratt nor her son will
be found there.
gjr The Hamilton True Telegraph,
the organ of the Democracy of old But
ler, responds favorably to the proposition
that the Demooratio State Central Com
mittee shall issue a call fot the resssem-
blage of the Demooratio State Conven
tion. It says, truly, "new issues : have
risen wbioh must be met." These issues
are the immediate payment of the Na
tional debt in "greenbacks," and the ne
gro suffrage amendment to the Stste
Constitution, whiob has been submitted
sinoe the Democratic male Convention
adjourned on the 8th of January. The
Democracy of Ohio want to be heard
from officially on both questions. Will
not the State Central Committee give
them a 'chance?
How the Mexicans Do It. A letter
writer, ia speaking of the execution of
Maximilian, says : . .
"The .Mexioan way 'of dome these
things is to place the victim in the center
of hollow square, and then detail four
soldiers to shoot him in the' baok, as a
hrattor toecruntryrTlre-"irrst ' trolley
is seldom fatal ; but Whether it is so or
not, there is one course which is invsri
ably pursued the corporal walks up to
tho wounded or dead man, puts the muz
zle of lis piece to his left ear and blows
out his brains. In this way Mendez
was killed, and this has probably been
the fate of the Emperor. Next in order
of. trial comes Generals Castillo. Valdez,
Arrellano and Prince Salm-Salm, who
holds American papers. The programme
is to court-martial them all in batohes,
according to their rank ; but with the
petty offioers it is probable that very
short work will be made. There are, al
together, about fo ir hundred and thirty,
among them Msjor Chrisman, ' an Aus
trian, long resident in the country, who
acted as General Soott's interpreter in
1848." , ', ' ,: ' . .; "
The General and Looal Laws, passed
by the 57th General 'Assembly of the
State of Ohio, at the adjourned aeiaiijn,
begun and held ia the City of Columbus,
January 2,1867, yiv been received by
W. F. Felton, Auditor of Vinton conn-,
ly, and are ready , for distribution.
Township Clerks and others will please
call at the Auditor's office and recoive
copies ot Laws. Toe Auditor will ao
"apt our thanks for a ooppy of the Laws.
[From the Buffalo Express.]
Fearful Lightning Stroke.
Last Thursday afternoon, about fiv
o'olook, a large orowd bad assembled in
the Fair Ground of the Springfield Un
ion Agricultural Asaooiation, when a
sharp thundor storm suddonly came up.
The rain soon began to fall, and the
crowd sought refuge from its effects io
the exhibition sheds. A flash of light
ning took place aooompauied by loud
peal of thunder, and instantly an kwful
spectacle was presented. - - 1
The lightning struok one of the sheds
whioh contained men, women andhoVses.
About a hundred persons were paraded
in an instant, falliog on their faces,and
as many as fifty were rendered insensi
ble for five or ten minutes, while about
a dozen, were 'quite . seriously burned,
An old gentleman namod John Goalie o
ier, and two -or three others, are no) ex
pected to reoover. , One woman was
prostrated and deprived of her sei ses,
but cot of her powef of; looomotonj
she instinctively gathered herself up and
ran to the bus and was oonveyei to
Holmes Hotel, and deolares she hafl no
knowledge or what took piece aftej the
flaBb, until -she found herself ia a room
at the house. ' i. .-. .:". i-
The lightning- struck a post in the
centre of tho shed, against whioh Henry
Tillou, the landlord of the West - Rails
Hotel, was leaning, and to which, a borse
was attached by , achsin balter.j. The
horse was killed instantly, while Mr., Til
lou esosped by being dazed and kaosked
down. : A singular faot roontiotted in
oonneotion with the strange freak of the
eleotrio fluid is that all the person ren
dered insensible fell upon their la?o.
A vouDir lady named Miss Nellie Cas-r
sey, wno wore a wniie apu oidck enecaeo
dress, was quite seriously injured,, and
her dress was - fairly soorciiea,' cut aiu
not take . fire. : Another woman was
struck on the shoulder, tho fluid passing
down her side, raising a porieot blister
in itsoourse. A man Jrom Otto wsb
hit on the right side of the b.jad. and on
his reoovery the mark was found; tuoom
menoe at tba right eve. whioh nas swel
led like a puff-ball, and oould bi plainly
traoed down the neok, aooross tie cheBt
and off the lets arm. :,. ',, ?,,
The most fearful consternation existed
among tno people until it was duoovered
how" light the injuries were tbat ned been
inflioted, , and the exoitenent waa most
intense. A great many attributed the
stroke to the attraction of a mowing ma
chine whioh stood near the ehi
two bovs who were' sitting . on it . at the
time esoaped uninjured, nor was, the ma
chine at all damaged if struck. , .. ,.
A valuable .mare whioh was hitohed to
the pole was knocked down, and.died, on
Friday from the effects of the lightning.
The Murder of Maximilian.
, fan. '.- i,
Under this caption ,. Henry'; Wikoff
oonolndod a letter to tne JNew JtorK
Times as follows: ; ..::;)::.:"
"Maximilian has been wantonly mur
dcred: the sentiments of this humane
see have been oruolly lacerated, and an
outrage has been oommitted against the
United States that calls for puniahmejpt.
The people of this country gave all their
sympathy to, the-, so called Republican
faction, and the remonstrances of our
Government . have restored it to power,
and the only guerdon we asked was mercy
for Maximilian, whose misfortunes had
condemned his errors. His death is Cot
merely an set of inhumanity; but of in
eratitude. It is not only a crime, bat to
insult.. Let the balf-breeds. of Mexico
beware.' Indiscriminate butchery ' may
be harmless sport in their eyes, but toe
people of those States brook neither ins
anlanpA nnr ininrv from iha Great Pntrt
ers of the earth. , Will they accept il
from the refuse of mankind V . I
And io view of tho insult to this
country,, the New York Herald, which it
the outs6t faintly exoused the "takin;
off" of the unfortunate Prince, balls up
on the Government, to immediately orl
ganize one hundred thousand , troops fot
an invasion of Mexico, and ' so wipe .but
the brigands, who, but for our prolog
tion, would nave long been narmloss af
the unfortunate prisoner who fell a sacri
fice to their infuriate cruelty;, : .i , , . '
But apart from the - ruthless slaughter
of Maximilian, we have a pressing and
more immediate issue which cannot hi
overlooked.:' If it ' be true that Santa
Anna has been soother victim to the in
satiate thirst for blood of Messrs. 'tEsoo.
tedorJuaTez clshoy - iiWTaitSed
problem- whioh nothing less than full;
immediate and ampla venceahoa 1 can
solve, and however notoriously insignfit
cant the enemy with whioh: we have to
deal, wa ean not, upon tnat score, pass
over the indignity. Maxamillian fell
through the moral support and dounfeni
ance wa lent to the .' miscalled i Liberal
cause t Santa Anna was dragged from, an
. 1 -.3 ik.
Amerioau veHBUI, iuu irug i unjj :. huiuu
should have proteoted him was ignomin-
iouslr sDurned beneatn tna teet ot tne
hybrid crew, who added insult to Injury
and ingratitude , uaa, n oeen ino vuesi
malefactor that ever burtheoed the face
of the enrtfa, instead of the weak and
imbecile old man that ha really was. such'
an outrage, had it gone no further, oould
not have been tolerated ; but era we bad
time to reoover from tba bewildering in
dienitv. we reoeive intelligence that , the
nnn of indicnitv has been overflowed
the aot of. his execution, i We remember
trie howl of indignation raised in Eeg
land, and whioh was, re-echoed through
out the length and breadth of her, dO'
minions, when Mason and siidell were
taken from one of bar paokeUships by
an American1 naval officer; how tba act
was disavowed by our Government, and
the abduoted men speedily restored to tho
flair from which they had bees torn.
fNoDoay aouois toav ureas uiiiain, nowi
ever slow of late years to engage ia
auanel. would have made a pretty stanch
fight upon that question ; but we have a
case of muraer io aaa to aoauouon, io
whiob may be added Ingratitude of the
baseBt stamp.. We have been the only
nation to stand by this degraded people,
and we honestly believo mat in tneeir
heart of hearts they hate o worse than
all the rest of mankind. They have not
forgiven us the thraahing we gave them
a few years bidoojwo iuuhi uy iu ibuio
but more effeotually, and
—[Cincinnati Enquirer.
' J --'
The writers of the Chronioles ;
failed to deliver unio the Printers the IX
Chapter of the Chronicles of Zaleskk
One of tho writers has been absent, an
other sick, another went. away to spend
the 4th, and the others have . not had
time to write. The IX Chapter will ap
near next week, as the writers .are now
all on band, an! aro preparing the next
! . . - ttT IIS -II
Chapter.. .. A history. ot tne ".bora- win
be written In a short time. The writers
have learned where the "Lord," ' who
rules the mighty city, was born, but have
not yet learned wnotner ne was -oruoi
tied." Be patient, readers. :
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, A Missionary to the South Sea Islands
was so unfortunate as to lose a fine bead
of .hair by siokness, and being unprovi
ded with propor restoratives returned to
England . to recruit, his bealtn. "liar.
rett's Vegetable Hair Restorative", had
not then been discovered, and on regain
ing hie health the missionary provided
himself with a wig, and returned to the
aoene of his : labors. , The natives with
natural simplicity supposed that ho bad
obtaiced some hair seed which he had
planted oh his poll and produced a lux
uriant of the capillar? Bubstance. The
miBRonary humored this idea for a while
and promised to get them some Lair seed,
but finally astonished tbem by .lifting
his wig:,T They all shouted with one ao
cord, "He has come from England with
bis head thatohed."
There are too many groy and thatched
heads at the present day, and these would
be fewer were the use of "Barrett's Veg
etable Hair Restorative" more universal
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baldness and groynes", and is a delight
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: Terrible SiaoaaLE with a Snake.
A lew days since the wife of Mr. Wm.
Kiohardson, of Wsldo Township, miss
ing her little boy, went out in the garden
to hunt him: To her horror, she saw the
little fellow (eighteen months old) litem
ally enveloped in the folds of a monster
soako. Her cries did not reach tho fath
er, who was at work in a neighboring
field, and seeing her boy black with
strangulation, she heroiolly seized the
snake in her hands and tore it loose.
No sooner was he loose, however, than
he made for the mother, ferociously, and
coiled himself about her person, attempt"
ing to strangle her, as he did the boy.
She , again feized him,- and disengaged
herself from him, and killed him with an
at; ThejiMlo child swelled ' up for eev
efal days,' but has finally recovered. The
snake was what is called the 'bluo raoer,'
which does not bite but strangle?,' and
measured ten foot. We have the state
ment from Mr. R, herself, and it may be
relied on.as Btriotly true. It is one of
the most shocking affairs we ever heard
narrated, and ' as she . relates - it, would
make your blood run cold. Marion (0)
Mirror,'Jnly 2. 'I-'"'
- rTWlVAHTaix. - - Bring all jour rags to
this office, where the 'highest market ' price
wiUhe paid for then.
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go to Sisson's Drug Store. PLATFORM,
Of hi Dmocraej' ' b Vinton " Conniu, Ohio,
i AdofUd, in Convtnlienj Jum 17, 1867; -''.JRetoliil'
that We, the Democracy of Vln-
to Coupty, iar Convention assembled, do
fully approve, and indorse tna natrorm or
the Demoeraxio State Convention of Ohio, of
January 8,1867 ... ' ' ; .
That we regard tne - present " con
gress" as disloyal io the Constitution, and
hostile to civil liberty and the Uaion of the
States.. :,. ',. ' ;...', i . t .
id. That we disapprove the Oovernment,
of. any States by mihtarj power, and we
denounce such Governments as naconstitu
tional. t ' ';;..! '-, .ir-.tj-.i
,-i;4(A. p That political power cannot be exer
cised, in harmony by two distinct raoes; that
wa are opposed to the extension, pf the
right of suffrage .to the Negro; that 'we de
nounce and oppose the Proposed Amend
ment to the Constitution of the 8tate, and do
most heartily approve of the following views
of Stephen A. Douglas, namely: "I hold
that, this Government was made on the
whit basis, by while mea, for the benefit
whit raeri, and their posterity ' fortvtr, aad
should he administered by ' whitt mm, and
mm other', I do sot believe the 'Almighty
made the Negro oapabls of self-government,"
" gathef th, ; foliovring partioulara
irom a t Diiaaeipnia oooieiupuroi j tu n
gard to the Riverside Iastituto, the ad
vertisement of which appears in our col.
umns : v "': ' ''
' This Institute promises to be one of
the grandest and noblest institutions of
Us kind ever organized. io ordir mai
monev may be speedily , raised for the
maintenance of the Home, the Washing
ton Library Company has organized and
adopted a plan which will meet with a
hoarty approval and earnest support irom
all. This Comoanv knowing from the
nast to raise funds by appeals to the char
itable public is Blow and uncertain, work,
ottentimes resulting in imai ianum, um
adooted their nresent method for aocoin
pushing this muoh-desired result, l neir
. ' . . . ... . .. mi
plan is to issue stock at one uoiur per
share; eaoh share of . stock entitling the
holder thereof" to one finely-executed
steel engraving, whiob at retail oould not
be purohased for this rum. la addition
to this. pre'entB consisting? of several
thousand dollars in greenbacks, real es
late, horses, jewelry, silver ware, sewing
maohines. pianos, lnelodeons, and bunt
dreds of other valuable attioles amount
ine ia the aggregate to (300.000, will al
so be bestowed among: the stockholders.
Every stook. holder not only receives bis
eneraviuEr at the time of purchase, but
will also receive a present at the diBirw
f a . ' " . ....
bntion. there beintr no exceptions. The
Company are enabled to aot thus liber
ally from the fact, that making their
nurahases of engraving and of the
presents to be given away, in suon enor
mously large quantities, the oost per
single article is generally 'reduoed to
what would be the prioe were the pur
obaso of the same mads it retail.' Besides
thia all the presents, such as real estate,
etc. have been handed over to the Com.
paoy by the original owners at their
lowest market value.,. On this acoount
are the Company enabled to offer such
great inducements to these who would
interest themselves and aid in alleviating
the miseries and distress of tha hundreds
and thousands of poor and forsaken or
phans who are now daily seen in the lanes
and thorougblareB or our urge ouies.
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
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The commander of the United States
steamer Taconey has forwarded to our
Government a copy of bis communica
tion, addressed to Juarez, interceding for
the body of Maximilian, to be delivered
to the Captain of an Austrian corvette,
but which request was not granted. An
American secretory or oiato nrsipienaoa
for his life, and then an Amerioan officer'
atk.8 for his lifeless body, and both arei
refused. V
LargestBook- Agency
Ton ,
M'KenzieV10,000 Eeceipts,
TJIROUOH agents I now ofrer to tlie public an en
tire new edition ot MicKiNSH'e Grsat Vkuu.x
Racuri Boox, contamine the iliseovones of over
quarter of a century. Ilie stereotype plntes and
wood cuts are all new and alone coat $4,000. The
articles on Agriculture, horticulture nnd Rural and
linmmtin Fxor.omv. aro worth to the Farmer and
Gardener several times its cost. The recipes lor
cooking, preserving, pickling, confectionery ana
carvinn, should be in Hie possession ol every house
wife. This department alone ia more complete and
valuable than any other work ever published on thia
subject. The diseases of the horse, cattle, hogs,
mid other animals, are treated of at groat lengih and
complete directions given lor treatment. The de
partments of Mecicme, Brewing and Distillation,
Perfumery, Bleaching, Tanning, Pnintlng, Varnish
es, cements, 4c, are all that could be desired
Mnn than acTKntT itlalinnt suliiects nre circfully ex
amined and treated of. It is unquestionably the
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body, completely, totally and radically ex
tirpiating the same, 'leafing the skin soft,
month, and natural. This is the only arti
cle used by. the Frenoh,' and is the only rear
effectual depilatory in existence. Price 75
cents per package, sent post-paid, to any ad
dress, on reoeipt of an order by o - ;
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J. A MONAHAN," M- D ., '
THANKFUL for the liberal patronage received for
the two past years, he would say to those desir.
ing hi professional services, that ne tnay always be
found ai ms umce or rwomwuuo, vu nn(H g,icwt mi
less absent on professional business.
February 2", 186T-ly ""'
$300,000 Presents to Subscriber?.
One Cash Present of $40,000.
One Cash Present of $20,000.
One Cash Present of $10,000.
One Cash Present of $5,000. .
Two Cash Presents of $2,500 each,
JUattull Schtduh of FttitnU Btlov.
Eeh certificaUof itok n accompanied with
Worth Mors at Retail than the Cost of
And also intura to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Washington Library Com pa ft jr
li chartered by tho Stole W PenjidylTania,' aad Of.
ganiieu in tia 01 m .,:' f
Rlvride Institute
For Solditri' and Suilort' Orfkanu. . t
Incorporated by the State of N. J.
- April. 8, 1867. '!
Situate at Riverside, Darlington county, New
Jersey, it founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating ine tons or deceased ona
lers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Truat4 conaliti of the following
well-known clti tent of PennsylrMua and Kw Jemjr :
Uon. William Mann, .
District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R, Broomall, ... '
Ex-Chief Coiner U. 8. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
lion. James M. Scovel, New Jersey. .,
Hon. IT. W. Ware, New Jersey. V ,
Henry tiorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tiict DtrAiTMiMT, Washington, t. C, April
18, 186T. Office of Intvrnal Btuu: Ha?ine rtcmi
ed mlisfactory evidence that the proceed of the en
terpriae conducted by the Waahingtoa Library Com -pany
will be devoted to charitable tuea. permiaaion
ia hereby granted to aaid company to conduct auuh
entrprie exempt from all charge, whether ftooa-
apeciai tax vr otuer uuij. a. a. hui,i,i.ib,
The , Washington Library
In order that the benevolent object aet forth in tbi
circular may be auoceBinillyaccompIiahed, hare
aued aeriea of Fine Bteel-plate EngraTina, whioh
are put on subscription at prices much below their
. ..... riH.An.a nf CtAi.lr In hm We.KUnln.
I.ibrarT company will be issued, stamped with the
Heal of the company, and signed
lione olhera are genuine.j
Any person sending us On Dollar, or pay
ing the same to our local Agents, will reoeiv
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
ohoioe from the following list, and One Cr
tificate of Stook, insuring One Present la
our published sobedule. .
On Dollar Engraving. , ,
No 1 "My Child! My Cbildl" Ko J
"They're Savedl" . No "Old Beventy-six;
or, the Early Days of the Revolution."
Any person paying Two 'Dollar will re
j TwQ Certifictteg of 8tock) thui becoming en.
ceive either or toe oieei riaiee, at suvibv, u
titlea lw0 preMnts.
7W Dollar Ent rating.
No. I "Washington's Courtship." K. S-"Wsh-Inaton's
Last Interview with his Mother."
27tr Dollar Engravmg.
Anv person paying Three Hollars will receive 4h
beautiful steel Plate of "Homo From the War," and
Three certificates of stock, becoming entitled to
Three Present.
Four Dollar Engrwingt. '
Any person paying Four Dollars shall receive the
large and beautiful steel Plate of "The Perils ol Our
Forefathers," and Four certificates ot stoek, eali
tling tbcra to Four Presents.
Fit Dollar Engraving.
Any person who pays Five Dollars ahatt receive
the largo and splendid steel Plate of "The Mairiag
of Pocahontas," and Five certificates of stock, enti
tling them to Fivo Presor.i.
The engravings and certificates mil be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, ol seal
bj' oiuil, post paid, or express, M may be ordered.
Will award Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
To tho Sbai-ejioldere. '
On Wednesday, September 25 lb, 1807,
At Philadelphia, Pa ,
Or at Ih Imlitute, Rridt, if. J.
1 Cash Present.
1 Cash Present
1 Cash Present i , ' ;
1 Cash Present - i '
Cash Presents of f 2,600
1 Handsone Country Residence,-
Stable, Grounds, :.&o., German
town, Philadelphia
1 Double Residence, three-story
briok, Camden N. J.O; "
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds,
Ground, with business establish-,
d, No 1314 Washington Aysum
Phiadelphia - i
1 Country Residence, Riverside,
N. J. with Ground, Fruits, Ac.
1 Three-story cottage, lot, ka.
25 Valuable building lots, E.verslde, SSO
1 Elegant Turnout Family carriage.span o(
horses, Harne-s, Ao., complete,
10 Valuable Building Lota, Riverside, WOO
1 Beautiful silver-gray horse, lftX hands
high' aired by the celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, 'Call?hi also, a NghJ
Poad Wagon, weight MS pounds, w th set
of superior single harneas, to., making
first-clue establishment, ,
V) Melodiana, flhueash
20 Pianos. Saweacn
mr nn aawinamanhiDes. S100 each
S Rosewood sewing macninm
1200 eaoh
60 Fine gold watchea, two huudred dollsre eaoh 10.00O
100 uil fainiings, oj iswums) ---r-a'--
gate value ' ' ' ' '
S Camel's Hair sbawla,on thousand del.
S Camel's hair shawls, three thousaad del-
Handsome Lace ahawls, f 25 each J I- j
Cashmere shawl., fifty dollars eaoh
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollais
WcTyhbulldingloU;fm '' 'Jji
The remainaer wm '"" '""7
. . Mnaical Boxes, Oprlasee. Pojxel-.j. r.
Bibles, and different erticlee of Orne
,1 , ment-and uae, amotwting te ; ;-;. . :yj7 ,SI,S
TcJi;:h'j whvx'aw.k
'' All tho properties givertelear of tnenrobranee. y r
LTov to OUain Share and Engraving. '
Send orders to ua by mail, enclosing from ect
twVnty dollars, either by Post Office orders er in
registered letter, at our. risk. Larger .esoaatf
should be sent by draft or expresei , . . .
10 shares with engrarlngs I 50
25 shares with engraiings , .t" 23 BO
60 shares With engravings : ' BO
, 7S shares with engrating jxoi '8!'
100 shares with angtaTlnga ', ' 8000
Looai Agents wanttd throughout lbs Uni
ted BUtes. " -t i- v:-.-v ,' 'Mfr
The AaBOoiation hare 'appoiBted as ReeeU
ws, Messrs. GEQRQB A. COOKB A CO;i
whose well know integrity and busineaa ea
perienoe will be a efficient guarantee that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated ,.
Address all letters and orders to .
GEO. A. COOK K ft CO.. Bankers, ;
. u 83 Bouth Third Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Receiters for the Washington Library Co ."
' juiy 4, w7-6m ; ; ' ; .

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