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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 11, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
! MiniCAi.NoticB.--Fourteea fears Frio
tloe ta Chronio Disease, ' By; Dr. L. Pa g n
of South Bend, Indiana, Author of a New
8ysteai of Medicine in - the Treatment or
Chronio Disease, and a new mode of Combi
ning Modloiao. lie can be consulted at the
following places :
llamdon, Wednesday, July 3J.
McArthur, Hulbert House, Friday and
Saturday, Jul 12th and 13th.
ML Pleasant, Sunday and Monday, July
Mtb aad 15th:
New Plymouth, Tuesday, July ICth.
Zeleskl, Wednesday, July 17th.
f KlAtiUKD Oa the 41 h inst., by George
Craig, Esq., Mr Alfred Maloy and Miss Julia
Ana Englandboth or Vinton county.
W.F. Filton," Auditor, will accept our
hanks for th "Tenth Aunual Report of the
Commissioner of Statistics of Ohio" for 1867.
Ir you want to buy. or , sell anything, no
matter what, (he best way you can accom
plish your object is to sidverlise'in the En
juirtr. Mow ii the-time to advertise. Try
! j " : '. - i , , .
(Jo to Ben. 2. Redd's for Ice Cream I
He will furnish you with a quart or two
or soro at very low priors. Trj it I ll
il delicious I
f ! '
Removal. Our friend, John Lilli
britlge, Fashionable Tailor, has removed
his,Tai,lor Shop to hie reBjdenoe on Mill
Street, where) be Will carry on tbo busi
ness. John is a first-class' cutter and
filter, andean take an aoourafo measure
aad mike an excellent fir. All who
w"mb anything in bia lino should give
Lim a call. -
Titt County Whll. Oar friends,
A. C. Dowd and JUf, Florence, havo ta
keoa contract to' sink a shaft ten feet
In diameter -aronnd tua"County" Well
Bora" to the depth of forty feet about
twenty feet below .' the 'water in ' the
Vbore.",- -They oommenoed work on
Monday htfj '.'
.' G to StroDsr & GIIbona.--For
.-fStpV.s, Tin-ware, Flows, Saddlery, and all kinds of
naraware, go to BTaoNO uibbins, on Slain street,
MoAitbur, Ohio, who.hav. on hand a full supply o
verythiug usually found in a country hard-ware
tore, and whlob hw been bought at the lowest cash
price and will be (old at corresponding figures. 16
Sl LawJCard of D. B. Shivcl in to
day's paper, lie will attend promptly
to all legal business ' entrusted 1 to his
Thb young folks' and many of tbo old
folks of this town, and many old and
jeong folks from afar off, had a grand
time at tho Dance, at Arnold's Grove,
north of town, on the "glorious 4ih."
A splendid platform bad been errected
for daaoinp, under the superintendence
of J. 3. MoDowell; a good string band
waa in attendance; and we suppose eve
rything wont off merrily. We were not
.ii , hi
" A Cotillon Party trill come off at the
Liadsley Uouse, ia Zalesltion the 17lb
Qo to Bryant's Concert at ,the,School
House on Friday night.. .Prof. Bryant
is a Oharmine vooaliet, ajuiaster violin
ist, star Guitar performer: uorivallod
Banjo player,, and an noooinpliahod
Harpist. Admission 25:cants; ohildren
under 10 yeare 1 15 'centt. ' Tickets are
for sale toe Drug Stores. -
Swskt Potatoes and Sweet Pota
to PtAxs rda Balh. Levi Wyman,, who re
side 1$ miles south from McArthurand 1
north of McArthur Station, wishes to inform
the pablio that be nas for sale a large quantity
of the Yellow Nansemond Sweet Potatoes, the
est kind for this olimate, whioh he' will sell
at $4 per bushel. He intends to raise plants
from 60 bushels of .BweeJ; Potatoes this sea
son. Those wishing Sweet Potatoes or S weet
Potato Plants, will please ball upon or ad
dress him at Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio
He ean, on receipt of the money, ship either
Potatoes or Plants by Railroad to any point.
Oivf bin a liberal patronage.
- ' -' -
- Drbga, Bolti Bort Stationery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Meiioines, or Books,
will do well to Call at Strong's Drug and
Sock Store, eorner Hiilbert's Block, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a , large stock of
Pure Medicines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs,. Perfumery, and .Fancy Artioles".
Physicians can" buy jas low as in any mar
kit. in Southern Ohio. ' ' v . .
( This attention, of, the public is oalled to the
large Stock of Cap andt Note Paper, Pens,
Ink. Paper, Knives, Kulers, Ac, io,
, School Books ban be bought cheaper at
Strong's than at any other establishment in
Vinton county, ! . . r-i ,,
Callandsee,.' ;. " 1 ."' Maya-em
t'l '; ; ;'- :: ' '
I "lat HaAtsKLT CHaaBBe'vVe have for
sals at'lhls office the wosf siiperb steel line
agravings of " The ' Peatenly ; Cheriibs,''
frem Raphael's "Sistiae Madonna," which we
invite everybody especially the ladies to
cairendaee, The'p'rioeik lbw.J ''..i ,'
' : ' ''' '. ' ' rT ' . ) m.!. ..
, Webi to Gat tm ; Best Bwmt Potato
Fuaisi Those washing Nansemond Sweet
Potato Plants' th best quality raised In the
North should oall on or address H. Ilulbsrt,
at lb Hnlbert IIou,-McArthur. t De is
raisfni 2,600. SJcellentriants,' and Is pre
p'aft'd to supply jjusfptnery at very lpw prites.
Tl AV1NO PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN McABTHUK, nd bemg a pinotical workman or rnnnv yeant'
Superior quality of Boots, Shoes,
I keep the bant of stock and I am preparod to get op work In the bent of style. Let eierybody come
and see me, us my stock cun not be aurpaeaed for durability, neatn3, aud reanuuuUo pnots. . , US
Shop At strong & Gibbons old atand, north side Main Street. ; ,,; , t
.- i
i i
Manufacturer ol and Dealer In
Gaiters, and everything else
Special Notices.
Know Thy Destiny.
HitiAMC E. F. Thobktos, the great English As
trologist, Olarvoyant and Psychoinetrician, who has
astonished the ecientiflc clansea of tho Old World, ha?
now located herself at Hudson, N. . Madame
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of second
sight, as to enable her to' impart Jcnowledge of the
greiuest. importance to me Miifie or mnrrieu ui ei
theraex. i While in a state of trance, she delineate
the very features ot the oersou you are to marry,
and by the aid of an instrument of intense power,
known as the PsTChomotrnne. guarantees to orodui'o
a life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, together with the date of marnace, position
in life, leading traits In character, An. This is no
humbug, aa thousands of testimonials can assert
Shewill send when doired a certified certi-icnte, or
written guarruntee, that the picture la what it pur
ports to be. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, age,' disposition and complex
ion, and unclosing fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information by return mail. All commu
nications sacredly confidential, Address in confi
dence, Madams E. F. Thobntoh, P.O. Box 223, Hud
son, N. Y. April 18, Isoa-ly
Wonderful but True.
Madame Diminoton, tho world-renowned Autrolo-
gist und Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in a clair
voyant state, aeiinentes tne very leatitres ol tne per
son you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment of intense power, known as the Psvchr.motrore.
guarantees to produce a life-like picture of the future
nus baud or wife of tho applicant, with date of mar
riage, occupation, leading traits of character, &o.
This is no imposition, as testimonials without num
ber can assert. Hv stating place ol birth, age, dispo
sition, color of eves and hair, and enclosing lift v
cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself,
juu-wm receive Hie picture oy return man, togetner
with desired information. . .
OTAddress in confidence, Madame Gzbtbddk
Remington, P. 0. Box 2U7, West Troy, N, Y. ,.
tS"k .Youno Ladi returning to her
country home, after a sojourn of a few months in the
city, was hardly recogiied by her friends. In place
of a coarmr, rustic, flushed lace, she hod a soft ruby
complexion or almost marine smooi nnesa, and in
steau oi twenty. tnreeane reanv appeared one eign
teen. Upon inquiry the cause ol so greatachaoge,
sue plainly toiu tnem tnat sne iud usca tne uiocas
sun Balm, and considered it an invaluable acuuisi
tion to any Lady's toilet. By its use any Lady or
uenciemnn can improve tneir personal apperance sn
hundred fold. It is simple in iuc combination, as
v.,..... ; n: i. ... ;.. Am.
cacv in drawimrimDuriuei from, also hualini', uloans.
ing and boautilying the skin and complexion. By its
direct action on the cuticle it drnxs from it all its
impurities, kindly healimrlhe same, and leavins th
surface as Nature intended it should lie, clear, soft,
smoothe and heautilul. Frtce SI, sent by mail or
express, on receiptor an order oy
' W. L, CLARK & CO., Chemists,
' No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y
' Tho only American AgentB for tne sale of the same
To Consumptives.
few weeks by a very simple remedy, after havinx suf
fered for several years with a severe lung atlection and
that dread disease consumption is anxious to miute
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all w ho decire it, he will semi a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
chitis. Coughs, Colds, and nil thront and Lung Af-
wtu nmi n sure cure loruonBiiiiiiitiijii. Asinmii. nrou-
eetions. Tne only oincct ol the advertiser m senu-
ine the Prescription is tn benefit the afflicted, and
'PpreHU' iniunuuuon wriicn lie conceive, 10 oe uivuiU'
ubl?, and he hopes every sulrerer will try his rem
edv. at' it will cost them nothing, and maV rrovo i
Messing. Parties wishing the prescription, nus, by
return man, will iiiease aiiaress
Williamsburg, Kings Co., Mew Yoik.
MayZ,18fi7 -ly ......
To Consumptives. Advertisements.
Class O.' ". !''.')
To b' Dbaw at Coyinoton, Kv,
July 31, 1867.
32,000 Numbers and 788 Pi izes.
. $50,000
. ., 7.000
': 29.000
29 prixes
63 prizes
165 prixes
220 prixes,
9 prfias
9 prixes
: 9 prizes
18 prixes '
, . 27.500
. .. . , 2.700
. ' 1.350
. 1.800
SCI prixes
i ; $230,650
788 prises, amounting to
Whole.Tickets $12; Halves $6,
' ' : Quarters J3, ' ' '
from 1 to 32,000, corresponding with those numbers
th. tickets, printed on seperate slips of paper, are
encircled with small tin tubes, and placed in one
wheel.. The prizes, of which there. ,788, varying as
above, from 60,000 to 160,00, are similarly printed
seperate slips, enoiroled, and placed in another
wheel. The wheels are then revolved, and a num
ber s drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
same time a prise ie drawn from the other wheel.
The number and pris. drawn out are opened and
exhibited to the audience, and registered by the com
missioners, the piiie being placed against the num
ber drawn. This operation is repeated until all the
prises are drawn out, .
JSWe would oall particular attention to
the above Magnifioent Single-Number Lot
tery, whioh will be drawn in public, in Co
vington, Ky., by Sworn Commissioners at 1
o'olook P. M., at the corner of 'Fourth and
Scslt Streots.-, Th. publio are r invited -to
witness the drawing. The .Kentucky State
Lotteries are no Gift Enterprises, but respon
sible Money Lotterio,that have been conduct
ed successfully for the past thirty years, and
are drawn the authority of a oharter from the
State, and bonds to a large amount are
given for the payment of. all prises. The
drawings are published in the New York
Herald and Cincinnati Commercial. " '
Cironlars of Lotteries drawing daily sent
free by application to the Managers!
Address all orders for tickets to'
July 11, 1867-8m ' y Cwhiftm, Kg. A
of $50,000 . is
of . 20.000 is
of 8.000 - is
of 7.000 is
of 6 000 are
of 1.000 are
of 400 are
of . 200 are
of . . 135 - . are
of 300 -are'
of 360 are
of loO are
of 100 are
of BO are
Av Of Sllrer Medal
DIDBrm, u,,n nrcrtni-tn- (A
t winnti i g nnin ntoiunnllvc
KJ By th, N. H. Stat. Atrrleultnnl Society, at
' ' BAHBITT'I , ' '
Vegetable Hair Restorative
, - Kntorw Qrajr Bilr lb M rTatunl Colon pra-I T
motM the iroirth of in, Haiii chuim tin tX
.not, to tfielr orWnl onnuiio action I mdl- . T
' ATlMtea pandrolf ud tiumoni prtrtnt, n ;
illr ftJllng out i ll.nupcrlorDicnlDl. JM '
' Iteontelni no injurioui IsptilltnU,
,'. i drV e mott popular ud rU- a
. ; uar. O r. ,
It R. BARRETT 4 CO., PropritorV
For aale hy Dr4'J. S. Srao.NO, Druggist,
Julyt, 18U7-ly ... . McArthur, Ohio..
The Worldi Astonished
Madame PI. A, PERRIQO.
SHE reveals secrets no mortal evor knew. ' ghe
restoreeto happiness; those Who, from doleful
events, catastrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations
and friends, loss of money,' Ac, have become de
spondent. She brings together those long eennra
ted, uvea information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores lost or hiolen property, tells you thb
business you are, best tpuUifletJ 16 puraue ind in
what you will be most successful, Cannes speedy mar
ri aires and tells yon the vert day you will mnrrv.
Sives you the name,' likeness and characteristics ofl
tne person, mho reads yonr very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils the darK
and hidden my stenes,of the future. From the stars
we see in the Armament the maleflr? stars that nrnr
come or predominate In the Configuration from the
aspects anu positions or the planete and the fixed
stars in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. fail not Ij consult tho
greatest Astroloxistonenrth, It costs yon but a trifle,
and you may nver nnu' u have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Cousiiltntion free, with likeness and all de
sired information, SI. i-arties living at adistancocan
uuiinnji mo mmiHinu oy man witn etiuni eaiety anu
satisfaction to themselves, as 11 in person. A full and
explicit chart, written out. with ail mniiiriea answer
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mail' on receipt of
price aoove mentioned, inn strictest secrecy will ue
maintained, and nil correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highest order furnished
those desiring therii. Write plainly the day of the
month end year in whioh yeu were bora, roufosing a
smuii louK ui uuir. ...
Address, - Moai H. A.- PKUR1QO,
al8J V. 0. 1 'rawer 293, Buffalo, N. T,
' ' ' ' ; ' ,!
AT THE . '' ;
World'ts Fair, London,
WHERE all Sewing Machines of any note,
both European and American,, wore in
competitive. ,i.. . . ..
. ' ' t
tTht ytarly talet oj Whetler $
Wilson are equal to tin talet of all-
other Sewing Machine Combined, y,'
"Weusethe Whoelor a Wilson, and! pro
nounce it without a rival. ScisnTirioAataicAH.
There is no machine eo ' simple and easily
managed, or that can perform such a variety
ol work without basting or preparation. , .. .
. ,. ,F0ft : THREE YEARS. .
gfiTAll orders will reoelve. prompt
attontion,if loft with .
; , H.P. AMBROSE, ' j,
.. . ; ; . -. .MoArthur, Ohio.,
J. F. Woodside," Ageni,'
. Chiliicothe, Ohio. '
I .A : . j
Strong, Simple and Praotioal.
IT is a Sqoiszimo Macbihb; warranted not
to injure clothing geared to givw sii
strokes of the plungers for' one turn, of the
handle, and 150 . turns of whioh will, wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
according to the size of Machine used.
Six Tlwri'eKperienoe proves, thai Kospabsil
to be the .only Washing Maobjnp made whiqh
ttandt ihtttu.of. Tmn and tv Jt is unap
proachable for " ' " j j -
AGENTS WANTED.rTSani for free De
scriptive Circulars to . - . ,
, ;,f , ,' 04JCLEY '& KEATING, -v ' ;. j
.184 Water Street, New York City. -
'Jua6tl867-fn' n - I
K r.;:'j I' m
" A Large 6 pp; Circular, giving Intormation of the'
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
H teaetie. IWw the homely may Ucouo bau.tiful
4he despised respected, and th. forsaken loved.
No young lady or gentlemen should fail to send thcrr
Address, aud receive aoopy post-puid, by return mail.
Address V. U. drawer, 21,
April 18, 1807-6mJ Troy N. Y.
Attornoy nt Law,
WItfj attehd firornptly tk all Veftal buaiucss .n
trusted to his care, in Vinton and adjoining
counties, iiinee in tne vourt Mouse.
July 11, 1 8(,7-l y
. .Sheriff's Sale.
Statt of Ohio, Vinton County.
Isaac ?bry; Guardian of John 1
Edward Muggins and tmn
cis William Iluggins, Pl'H,
t.ornine Wilson, widow of Alt-
In Court of Common
Order of Sale.
drew Huggins, deceaed,
William iluggins, josepn
. Crow Huggins, John Noble
Huggins, Nancy Jan. Ilug
gins, Mary Alice Hugging,
end Margaret Elisabeth
: Wnwlni. Tlaiutifts. f
--tlR-ii;NT to theenmfnand of a order of sale in
f theabove cense to me direct! Jrom the con it of
common I'leas of Vinton couniy, and tome directed
asHhwiS of said couniy, I .ill offer at publio sale.
at th. door of the Court lie use, in the l owu ul jucAr
thur, in the county of Vinton, on
Monday, tho 12th day of August, A. D
at the hourof 1 o'clock "Pi M. of said day.the tol
Inuin. I.niln and tenements, to-wii:
The Sou'.h-East Quarter of the South-Eaet
Ouarter. and the South Half of the North-
East Quarter of the South-Eaet Quarter of
Seotien Number Kourteen, riange it umber
BeveBteeE.aynd Townsip, Niwnber- Eleven,
sitiiaicd in the Ceun'ty of Yiuton ' and State
of Ohio, and containing Sixty acres.
The nmae to be sold free from all incumbrances.
Appraised at twelve hundred dollars and must
oring two-imrus ui mat num.
Terms of sale cash in hand on the day of sale.
eberifl Viqt.n wOunty.Q.
Arch. Mayo, Attorney for Pl'ft
Jul) U,18U7-6w-lS
Carding Machines
, IN - THE
Mc Arthur Steam mills,
HAVING been, refitted with New Cards, .re sow
ready for work; and (he proprietors guaruutoe
that the work done by thorn will not be
o. I , - V ;u ) " ' i' i j :')' t 'instA a ; i ti-j i 1
'iW'-fa-'jutnij otiiWol l '.'ip-i j a i.( ..m 1
In the country I
. Mojr 23, j867.-3m , ... t;i, ,y t,
.c,..! r.-t i LOCR-STlTCa, ,'
Bmmf ittacljinc
The onlt Machine so perfected that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or ths purchase
money refunded.
Where we have no" Agent a sample Machine
will be sold at very low prioo, aad a Local
Agent appointed on ' the most favorable
terms, . . . ,,
N.B, Send for oiVcuiar. Traveling Agents
wanted. -Salary, liheral.
FinLIc & lyon S; III. Co;
. , 687 Uroadway, New York.
June 27, 1867-6m
jonrv c ii u i: tn, Jr.,
uiALbA in rr -
I T ''. ' '.' f f 1 I '
. lj. Ui'j
IMPORTER of French, German and Italian Vi.olin
strings. -' " ' ' ' ' 'i
The Trade supplied on the most liberal torms.
14 ' ' " ' General Wettern Agent for J -
...M4S0H" &,.HAiyKLIl!f,,S,,
, . MELODEON, . , . . . ,
. . '.ii.i . ;-.
. i t
From the Factories of the most of tha Cilisutxd
Maksbs, which I will sell low for cash.
. ue,' ,. yii..iiw.wiiwin ... .in ,wjyi,f ,
V01d Pianos taken in exchange tor new.
VPianos and Organs for sal. and to rent, by the
3i -; Jlonik, Quarter or Tear,
amount paid for rent being applied to pur
chase, if desired. .. . ; . , ...
g-Agents for Cabinet Organs and Pianos
wanted in every tewn in Ohio, Indiana and
Kentucky... , . . ,- ' .".
Address, '
o,iJun27186Mi i. j , .Cincinnati, O. '
$100 - from $30. x
BY aettng as onr Agents for the sale of SP JjR N'
Sioroscoues and Slerocopiu Views of all the points of
interest m the World. Prise and Stationery Packet,
Silver Hunting Case Watohes. Also, fine collection
flmperial Card Pictures, Colored Prints, Ao.
4TJ30 will purchase a miscellaneous- ftock of
above goods that wilt sell for $100. We oiler most
extraordiuary inducements and a chance for. those
who wlsb to establish themselves in a good paying
business. Forcatalogues and lull particulars send to,
HASK1N3 & CO;,
Jnnel3, 18G7-6m ' ' SSBeekman St., New York.
$350 PER MOSTU thb Yba Roomd,
oa 900 Pap Cint. : Psorvr 'on Commission.
W. guaranty the above salary or commission to ac
tive Industrious agents at their own homes, to intro
dQC. an article of- indispenaabl. utility in .very
household. For full particulars call on or, addicts
fl. W. Jackson 4 Co.,
11 South St., Baltimore, Md.
May 23, 1887 1m
Covn t3tisin and - Thirit Streets,
B. r. CUURCDILL, . . - Proprietor.
rjITfTAf BB in the bdsinss part ol fhe City, and
(5 nearest to the Rail Koad Tepot '. "
vOmnihusscs run to and. from eyery train; ;
Januarj ai4 iaT-tf , t ' - ji I
RE still In town manufacturing an i dealing ia
an itinus oi .,. ., . . .
Cabinet Furniture,
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dri Wolf's Offiee,
1 1 McARTUUR, OniO.
The Fnrnltuie is made nut of the best reasoned
material, and by the ntost experienced workmea.
BUREAUS Every Style. , .
BEDSTEADS All Kinds. " '
. , TABLES Every Pattern,
CHAIRS Fancy and Common
always ob band or furaiahed oa short notice
Of all kinds, in Furniture, Chairs, Ac, attended to
ou short nouce,.. i. i , .
A riweriar quality ol ttresse of all Sisos al
ways kept oa hand.
W. are always in readiness to ATTEND
FUNI':itA,rMS in '?on any! Country, M the
A Fair rioe for a Fair Arti'ol
is Our Motto!
Purchasers are retpieated to call ar-d examine onr
. ; Large tSook, of Furniture
liefere rUirhaMng eUeWhere. as we feel confident
that we canfumish better and cheaper 'articles than
any omer eaiauiisumcnt in tnis vicinity.
i , i . ; : . . . . ; w YCKOFF A KALER.
Something; Neu uuder the Sua!
The Union Pocket Timekeeper,
- Prioe Fifty Cents.
rpiIE most novel Snd useful invention of the age.
X Warranted to mark solar time with greateraj
euraoj than the most- expenaive gold or silver re
peater, while its extreme cheapness places It In the
reach ol all. bent to any address post-paid by mail,
for Firyi CUNTS. Orders will be filled promptly. Ad
dress .
- rs , Box 1 HadBon, N.,y;
JnnelS,18cr 3tn u 1 J : .
$12Qoidand Silver Watches $12
200ld ftunt'g rase f.evor Wr tches 1100 to l7each
2000oldlIunt'gCaseLeneneTthos 75to 160 't
HOOGold PlatedSilverCasee 'BUto 100
COO Solid silver Case I.evr Watches 35 to 75
600 Solid silver Case Lepene Watchee' : 26to T8
MH)O'ldComD0aitH'intVCaewati!hes20t. Kn u
All the above splendid watches will be sold for
813 each,. We have adopted the following plan:
Certiliw.tes.describingti.ch watclv aad its value, are
prepared and placed in sealed en vt topes, aou the
uviiuoi nju ix eiitiunii io urn wiwin it eaua iorkvp
0n payrpont of the t2. Ttusisnota la'.tery but a
bona Ado sal.. Pro.nre ft nertiBcatA. and m ih.
or.. blanks, ery one must get a. watch at half the
usual price at least, and many will gut la splendid
Gold Watch for the trithnx sura oflW. Certificates
sent by mall to any address for. St cents each. Five
win assent iors; niteen tor g a; th Irty-tive ror J10.
Agents wanted; send for circular. Address,
21-6m v v . 80. Beeitman St., New Tork.,
JsVST , rt'ULISllEll,
IVew Cailloa, Revised VEofart;e4,
..i-.- . .nI'M'Tsfa'-'.,
nl Uusineun Form I3ook,
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Mattes, of
Law, and Biisinosa Negotiations for eve-,
ry State in the Union,. . (,;.
With Legal Forms, and full instuctions fbr
proceeding, without legal assistance, in suits
and business transactions of . every descrip
tion, ' . w ,.
Together with the different State Laws
concerning the Collection of Debts, Property
Exempt from Kxeoutton, Lein Laws, Uusary,
Lioense to Sell Goods, Qualification of Vo
ters, Limitation of Aotions, &o.
Also, the General Bankrupt law, with
forms and full instructions to enable Bank
rupts and creditors to take full benefit of the
Aot without leeal a&sistanoo.
'Also, Pension Laws, with full instructions
and forms to enable the Discharged 8oldier
or Bailor to procure iiaot fay, Pensions,
counties, ana au war maims.
Also, Patent Laws, with full, instructions
to inventors, ' i '' ' -
Also, Excise Laws,-Stamp Duties, Post
umceand tus'om iiouse Kegulations, the
whole action or tne tiovernvenc in relotion
to reoonfrtruotlon and Freedmcn Constitu
tion of the United States, with amendments;
State Seals, with descriptions, Ao.
Over 1160 pages new matter have been
added, to meet the requirements of the times.
Toe mility. of such a work no one will
now question. The sale of hundreds of
thousands of copies of the former . editions,
aad the constant demand for it, have settled
that point. . The professional man, the far
mer, the' mechanic, the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, eaoh requires a.; conven
ient, comprehensive aad reliable work.
It will save them money, save them troub
le, save them time, save tbtm litigation and
lawyers' fees, and give them Information
that nobody can afford to be without, 12mo,
650 pages, '. ,..;
Prioe, handsomly bound, S3.
Sent, post-paid, en receipt of price;
A good, reliable Agent wanted In every
town in the United States. Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agent. Also, 'a few wide-awake men, to
travel in establishing Agencies. . , ,
J. R. HAW LEY ft CO., '. i
164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Anv toerson' wishinsr a rnnv
of the abov6 Boole,: will call on
J . Y , Bowex,
Agent for Vinton County.
Sheriff's Sale, . '
- ' ' ' State of Ohio, Wnfon County, tt.
Neff, Eagan a Slocomb, Plaintiffs, 1 In Court of Com-
against I mon Pleas. ,
Samuel V. Dodge and J Order of sale.
KobertE. Phillips, Defendants: (
PURbll AIST to the command of an order of sale in
the above cause issued from tha court of com
mon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to
me directed aa Sheriff of said county, I will offer Sir
sale at publio auction, at th. door of the Court
Bouse, in the Town of McArthur, in the county of
Vinton, oa
P. 1867, " -
at tha hcur of io'oiock r. m. of said 'day, the follow
ing lands aad tenements, to wit; . .
Twenty feet oil of the Wear Side of In
Lot Number- Sixty-Seven (No. 67,) in the
Town of McArthur, County and Slate afore
said. . . .. . , ; ;
Taken as the trotert of Snmuel V. Tin.! OA f A Mai.
Isfy an order and decree ,f said court lu favor of
KefT, Kaiian a Hlocomb. i . :
A ppraiaed at sixteen hundred dollars and must
nring iwo-imra oi mil sum. .
Terms of sale ojah in hand on thedsy olsala.'
''' ' BtieriB Vinton Counhr, O.
H. C. Jones, AtUiney lor PJatntuV ,
. OunW,l9T40 ( '' . ,. ... - , ., ,j
jrJAVtKG pnrcbased wd compl.tely r.aevat.d
,, , IN MoiRTHUR, r
formerly oocupied by E. p. Bothwell ) wniild r.
spectfully announce to th publio tbst h. inlmds t
keep coostantly on hand, a cotnplet. assort ji.nt f
caouiet FunniTunE;
suitable for this market, at
gotten upfn a Style of wnrkrmuishpatteb.xMi
led by any shop in this sectiou.
All kinds of Work in bis lin. will neatly a&4
promptly don. on very low terma.
Ot al kinds ((on. to order oa ehort notico, ' '
A full supply of ,
keptoonstantly oahand; aud ,
10 per cent, will . be deducted
on U orders SjToaahdown, , ,
March 7, 1807-rt '7 , . P. BORTOlf.
'''-' '
. Tie Cteapeil Vayazine m th Vorldl
TIII9 popular and widely circulated uagaaina has
now reached an edition unequalled In thia roun-'
try. Each number is ornamented by numerous fln
engravinus, and ia complete in Itself; embracing a
great variety of tales, sketchea. poems, and illustra
ted articles, written exuresslv for it. column, it i.
conceded by all to be the cheapest and boa; liana;
tine in. the world. V "
. 1 SO a year ; seven copies S00; thlrtMQ aapie.
16 00. single copies 15 cents. ' Addrera
I . . . ,' ' Boston, Mas. .
Auburn. Golden, riaxeu A. Sllkei,
1 ' CurlM. .
PRODUCED by the use of Prof. DB
application warranted to ourl the most
straight and stubborn hair of either sex into
wavy ringlets, or heavy massive curia. Una
been used by the fashionables of Paris and
London, with the most gratifying results.
Does no injury to the hair, Prioe by mail,
sealed and postpaid, (1. Descriptive Circu
lars mailed free. Address BERGER,
SUUIT8 A CO., Chemists, No. 28S River St.,
Troy, N. Y., Sole Agents for the United
States, . , Apri 18, 6T-ly
' :'it Itfparator Capilla.
Throw away your bit friszca, your svltchaa, your
wig -
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a flg
Come aired, come youthful, eome ugly and fair, -And
rejoicein your own luxuriant hni. , i- ; '
restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatav
; er cause it may have fallen out) and forcing a
growth of hair upon the face, it has no equal. It will
force tho beard to grow upon the smoothest face tit
from five to eight, weeks, or hair upon heads In from
two to three. A few practitioner bayaasaerted that
there is not) Ing that will force or hasten the growth,
of the hair or beard. . Their assertions are false, a.
thousands ol living witnesses (from their owo expe
rience) can bear witness. But many will say, how at.
we to distinguish th. genuine from the spurious? It
certainly ia difficult, as nine-tenlhs ol the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and beard ar.
entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown
away large amounts in their purchase. To. such w.
would say, try the Boparator Cappilli; U will cost
you nothing unless it fully comes to our representa
tions. If your Druggist does not keep it, seod us on.
dollar ana we will forward it, postpaid, together w'th
a receipt for the money, which will be ru turned you
on application, providing entire satisfaction ia not
giyou. Address,
W. L. CLARK ft CO., ChemUUt
No. a West Fayette Street,
al8yl Syracuse, NeW York,
; Webster's
Unabridged Dictionary.
Thoroughly Revitcd and Mueh Enlarged.,
Over 3,000 Fine . Engravings..
10,000 WORDS i nd MEANINGS not found
in other Dictionaries. 1
A NECESSITY to every intelligent family,
student, teaoher, and professional man.
rv hat UDrary is complete witnout tne best
English Dictionary? .
"Superior, in most respects, to any other.
English Dictionary known to mfIfon,
George P. itanh, Jb'orcA, I860.
"In its general acouracy, completeness, and
praotioal utility, the work is one whioh nons
uAo can read or write henceforward afford to die-
pente vith." Atlantic Monthly,
"Vicweu as a wnoie, we are oontjcicnt inai
no other living language has a dictionary
which so fully and. faithfully sets forta
presewi condition aa this last edition of.
Webster does that of our written and spoken,
English tongue." JJarper't Magazine.
in one vol of 1,840 Royal Quarto Paget,
Published by C. AG. MERRIAM, Springfield,,
' 8old.by all Booksellors.
March 7,1867-Sw . i V ;
UNIVERSLLY acknowledged: tha Modelt
Parlor Maganne of America, devoted to,
Original Stories, Poems, Sketches, ArohU.
teoture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat.
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip -(including special departments on.
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymoas-.
tic Equestrian Exercises, Skating, Music,
Amusements, eot.t all by the beat authors.
and profusely aad artistically illustrated,
with costly engravings (full size,! useful and;
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, andj
a suooessioa of artlstio noveletUs, with other
jsoiul and enlertaing literature,. .
No person ef refinement, economical bciue
wife, or lady of taste, can. afford, to do with
out the Model Monthly.
Single copies, 80 cents; rack Biunhere, aa
specimens, k10 cents; either mailed free,.-1-.
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium two
copies, BO; three copies, $7 SO; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for ciuba as $3.
eaob, with the first premium , to eaob, sub
sc liber, i . ; ,'i i I i.i. i
No. 473 Broadway, New York.
Dsmorest's Monthly and Young America
together, 1 4, with the premium tq eaoh. " '

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