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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 18, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
I f,loWWWB ""
JulJ 19. 186T
Thursday, ; I
Democratic State Ticket.
For Governor,
ALLEN G. THUKMAN, of Franklin. '
Fcr Lieutenant Governor,
DANIEL S.UHL, of Holmes.
For Treasurer,
Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
. , For Auditor,
J01LS McELWEE, of Butler.
For Attorney General,
- FRANK H. HURD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KY, of Hamilton.
For Controller of Treasury,
For Board of Publio Works,
ARTHUB HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
For Representative,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Surveyor,
8. C. 8TE1NBR00K.
For Commissioner, .
Thi Dimocratio Enquikb should
be road by every voter in Vinton county
. during the prosent campaign. As wo be
lieve that the most extended circulation
of sound Democratic papers will greatly
aid in the triumph of correct principles,
at the coming election, we offer The
Demociatic Enquirer from tnis time (or
for three months) until after the election,
on the following low .'
i . , tebmp: :i
1 - Single subscriber. 25 cents; olubs of
5, $1,10; clubs of 10, $2; with an ad
ditional copy to each getter up of olub.
One copy, one year, in olubs of not less
than ten, $1. Payments to be made in
We offoer the paper at those unusually
low rates with the view of bringing it
within the reach of all dnring-the cam
paign, and wo hope the offer will bo to
tponded to generally all over the oounty.
A verv trifling effort on the part of some
f our friends in eaoh township or
neighborhood would secure a largo ad.
dition to our already large subscription
list, and be the means of donig a great
fonnA. The nendine campaign is a
most Important one the question of
giving the negro the right to vote, now
office, eiton juries, and marry into white
families is to bo decided and every
Democrat should exert himself to secure
tfie triumphant suooess of the Demooraoy.
Let our able Demoorats throughout the
coapty make np a fund of from one to
" five dollars or more in each township,
and distribute copies of the paper to vo
t ha takenorjanerand who will read.
By so doing, the people oan be eduoated
in regard to the bxal issues, and vote
uoderstandinely. Send in the fames at
Editor & Pub'er.
McArthur, July 18, '67.
A Wooim Faotoy. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land, through
whioh the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
raises, west of and adjoining the Zaleski
Estate, in Vinton county f authorises us to
state that a ait for a Woolen Faotory will
be given free to any party who will build
upon It. It is an ezoellent place for a Wool
en Factory, about one mllo from the ZaleBki
Depot of the M. 4 C R. R.; and water, coal,
wood, and OTery thing else necessary for
building and running an establishment of
thla kind, being near at band. We think
there is not a more convenient looation in
this county for a Woolen Faotory. For fur
ther particulars oall on or address the Edi
tor of this paper.
The Eloquent German Radical.
Thi Xenia Torchlight says: Hon.
Fred. Hassaurck's speeoh at . Columbus,
in the evening after the Convention, was
an elaborate and masterly presentation
of the issue between the Republican and
Democratic parties. Frod. . differs from
roost of our stumpers, in this that he
tpeakt good reading.
Tbe Statesman gives the following re
port or tbe speeon or Uvrterack or Has
6ACBEK. It 18 rich reading t if not very
good Hjnjjlisn. ins tlorseraok is ran
taroualy fond of "dem nickers," and do-
pises ino "jLtatob tellers 'of the old Dem
i . .
ocri'io waras every waere. juai nere is
tbe speech:
jfrmu vnt teller Vuizent : I just
peaks somedioks mit you. We makes
a poory good ticket to-day, fron de eon
veotioo, don't it 7 Unt a gootblatform
Dore is some fun de nickers in dis biat
form, I likes dem nioktrs. Yaw.
tiks dem better aa dem Dateb fellers in
der Five Wards. I vas sneak dofto dare
last j hear, bo' day makeo mo plenty
droables, ain't it 7 One feller ho drows
a pig oabblge at my het, unt under feller,
lie aofit my eye placks mit a pretzel.
B. d. .i.k., .b, i. ? S'"1-!
Yon sent more at ban
area nuiiuu
.nMr mit da var. VelL do
repels bo licks dem soldares all do vile.
Butty soon yon joust sent town may be
dirty toussnt nigger soldiers. Vat dem
niokers do? More as twsnty.fivo tou-
pint he sdav in" deo forts and pick up
little dings, unt vip do Shonnies, just
like dooner unt blitsen, unt put down do
..Koii;nn nnt dk Richmond. Aint't
u 9 Ye- n pollv. I tbs dink I tbeak
Kinntv Mine soot fronts, all dese Gop
perbeads dey git do common Dutoh, but
re Kit do belter tellers : ve gi u ..-
T I . tit Aim
list la COOL 1JOB i 111 iuiuv
fronts, eood night, msjbe I gooms paok
agin andsbeaks somedioks mit you.
How many "Habuaurkks" (Horse-
raoks) are thers in Vinton effuntyf
None from the "German States," are pro
sume, but i large number from "Native
born" citizens will endorse and vote the
"Negro Suffrage Constitutional Amend
ment" along With Hassaurek, no matter
what nay be the oonssquenoe.
The Germans of Vinton county are
not so reduced in point of moral intel
lect, as to consent to let themselves down
to a level with the negro, by toting for
the Constitutional Amendment.,
The Eloquent German Radical. GREAT
Saturday, August 10, 1867.
At a meeting of the Democratic State
Executive Committee, in' conjunction
with State candidate, appointments were
made for meetings in nearly every ooun
ty in the State, to bo addressed by lead
iog Democrats of the State.
Judge ThurmanV .
(Oar candidate for Governor,)
Judge "Van Trump, ,
. .
and others, will address the peo
ple of Yinton county, at Mc Ar
thur, on Saturday, Aug. 10.
ZALESKI, O., 13, —Eve.
kditor Democratic Enquirer :
Dbaboib: Fermit me to manors-
auatt that yon pnhliah my... faw. lineg
that I may write in relation to tbe trans
action of some of the affairs of our oity,
as I am certain that the "Lord's editor
could not find epaoe unoccupied in the
Royal paper, sufficient for my artiolo, be-
cause it does not savor oi (no "Augusu
Ariktocracv" sufficient for their appetite.
First, permit me to say tnat .l am a bud
aoriber and a .reader of the Eoho. and
-. . - - .
once highly valued the reading matter
that it contained. I aa also a reader ot
vour Daner occasionally, and, more par
tioularly, since you have been publishing
the Chronicles of our oity. At first I
Thought it somewhat rude and rather
base in you to attack our little city in the
manner in which you did : but have all
the while watched with careful observe
tion, the oontents of your history ss writ-
ton in .the Chromoles, and 1 am eon
strained to say, that e more oorreot and
truthful history of any King, Lord, or
country was never written, although it is
written in rather a ssored style, or mam
ner of writing a history;
From tbe beginning to the close of the
last ohapter, it has been one solid oom
psot of trntb, setting forth many of the
mpunaut lotions ox puuio i mo uycia
tors of the place.
-if p r ii.
The truthfulness of tbe history is what
haunts the "Lord" and his Angelio hire
lings, because if they oould only find
falsebooda in the history, they would
prosecute yon for slandering tnem.
It is a happy thought for some of our
citizens that you have confined yourself
to a truthful statement of all tbe matters
written in your history for nothiog is
more debasing and disgraoeful than to
make a statement that is positively false.
The truthfulness of the Chronicles has
called out some of our citizens into pub-
lie exhibition in the way of contributing
to the Royal Paper of the "Lord's"
household of faitb -not to controvert any
of yotr history, but to indulge in low,
vile, slanderous notion, representing
themselves as being muob better tsbn they
are. .
I will notioe some of the more noted
ones, among which is one P. PlumJull.
He seems to natter the idea that be
unknown, and says that his friends have
mistaken him for the "Sabbath School
Suporintendeoi." Thie is all 'Buzzard."
Hejwrites quite lengthy artioles for the
"Eoho" of bis own fiotion, with not :
woid of truth in his atatoments, and
about himself and his "Lord." and the
drowning man.
.This isal'Buzz-FCZ."
He writes smoothly, easy, gracefully
and lengthy, letting his mind grasp
all the worldf thought, often deeoeod.
mg to tbo lowest depths of lioentious
ness, and false reasoning in cruer
make his poiojp-then fanoies thst he
some great one, and pluoks off the wings
of the angel of thought, and soars
Milton's Paradise LoBt ! Holds converse
with the more intelligent of that vast
world! Then hies away to his "Lord"
and makes known his great adventures
and hair-breadth esoapes, from the dan.
ecrs that surrounded him on all hands
'.' ;p.a 2 ;,T ib"!:i
.11 "KnM7II.LlK.U41.
- .. -------- - . , .
jj (DO nr uj vi - ' ---
v. tha fnohion. he disrobes bimseli
of all ."nature's fair guise F Seleots for
tbat day's spparel, the sacred oloth, and
draws on his false religious long face,
and with all the dignity of an Engluh
ni m.n diadninin? to walk upon na
ture's fair-faoed earth, be finds himself
a( the eaored desk, in tbe piaco mas
meant for prayer and supplication to the
most high God I The children have be
oome so accustomed to the plaoe,.that it
An ma ft father's blessing to meet there,
and hear him eing and prsy, and then to
listen to his words of Godly admonition,
that th seem loth to stay away lit
tin draamino- for a moment, that they are
listening to the noted and veritable "P.
PltjutdlIi," correspondent oi we a
lnafci Knha" Ha also ioins In the
nraver meetine of the dav. and other pub
lio worship." Has beoomo quite prpnoient
in his manner of address, and etcas to
enoourage the good opinion ot au more
honest brethren, who have neretotore
suspected nothiog but an honest, tipright,
religious and godiy man, ana wno wouiu
have suspeoted sny body else but the su
perintendant of the Sabbath fiohoolj as
beina P. Plumfull. He is a "BloWbb."
Tbe only thing tbat prompts me to say
anything in relation to the inatter, is,
that I oonsider it a shame tpon the
churoh and Sabbath Sohool of our Town,
and a dlseraoa noon the profukeion of
religion, that one" of our bright Rights in
the oburoh should sued fortb snob dark
ness as is contained in P. Plumfull'scon
iribntinns to the paper, and giving i
graphio and glowing history of the dogi
ngnt, and espeoiauy nii last uummumuu
tion, showing his esse of your honor,
all heoause you have seen proper to men
tion him in your history. i
He would have shown much more of 4
christian spirit, and exhibited more of thi
true religion of Our Great Redeemer, ti
have let it passed unnoticed let it hare
been ever so false, cut bore tbe great
mistery iB solved. The truth was oct
and he had to manufacture somethm
soandalous in order to meet the truth
In so doing, he has shown to tbe wor
that he is nothing but a whitened sepu!
eber I A Wolf in Sheeps clothing, an
seeking whom to devour in order to
please his "Lord !" the only Lord thst
he has any revetenoe for, that is genuine
and true. . Tfaeaotiona of justsuoh men,
are keeping thoussnds of good men out
of the oburoh. and away from good soon
ety 1' The eooiely of the meek, the low
ly. tbe bum Die, ana ooniruein epiru.
They are looking into tue cnurcn lor a
light, and find for example a man an
swering in every particular the above
description. They find the Bozzird
Spirit ready to gulp down every thing
of a foul nature. Xbey nod tbe puzz-
fo ooIttf him and malringia look
as neat, tidy, as tbe generality of birds.'
They find him Bumzillikum that is,
be is aoute, adroit, and good at deception.
. ... . . ...it
Persons unaoquainted witu mm, wouiu
take him for one of
tbe ssinte . ot me
moBt highi
That be is a perfect Blower, every
nerson aoauainted with him, knows it
it to be a faot. and knows that P. Plum
full, who signs himself as Seorotary of
- . .1 fa m
the Sporting Ulub, near me j aioon, at
the Uss House, is tbe sensame superin
tendent cf our Sabbath Sohool, and whom
I cannot describe in any other , manner,
or crive him a more appropriate name
than the Buzzard Buzz-fuz-Bomzilli
kum-Blowke of the oity of Zaleski.
Perhaps his proper and christian name
may be more appropriate when I shall
write again. Bat I hope that 1 may
never be under the painful necessity
witing again upon this subject, and also
bane bv this little hint, he will beget
within himself a spioit of prayer and
leave this transitory delusion to the world
where it belongs.
I am, respectfully, yours &e.
MoKinnet's Patiot Gbob MaohinxI
Mr. A, MoEinney is now at the Hul
bert House, in this town, with one
these valuable maohinss. It is used for
pulling low stumps and stool grubs, and
is also applied to standing grubs or small
saplings and will pull them without cut
ting down, ranging in site from an inoh
to six inches in diameter, with one team.
Then xnaohinei apply Jo a yery impor.
tant branoh of labor, and most effectually
prepare the grouad for the plow, ahd
some, instanoos the ground will be in
condition for planting, or tor sowing
grain, without plowing, as the maohine
takes all the roots on each Grub out
the ground, leaving it in good oondition,
whioh is very important to termers at
present day. The machines are tar en
f erior to anything before introduced, be
ng light, handy, strong and durable, and
may be prottabiy used oy me tarmer
his own use, and by the jobber in do
ing work for others. Call upon
McEinney and examine the maohine,
and eee the large grubs whioh it has put
led. Township rights for sale low, .
Tk Democratic Exeoutivo Committee
Vision County 8. C. Case. D. B. Shiva!
and J. Q, Swatland, Jr., have appointed
tho following names gentlemen as
dvisot commutes: !
fly's John W. Wilkinson, Jacob Isnangle,
Brown Washington Eeeton, Seth T. Weed.
Elk A. J. Swaim, Patrick lioAlister, Coon.
8van -Fred. Cradlebaugh, Fred Frloi,
Jackion Laian Sampson. John Rose,
Maaiton Morris Albaugh, Solomon Shipley.
Clinton John Frasee, Dr J. A. Menahan.
Booth. Joseph MoLangblia.
Richland L. A. Atwood. Dr. H. C. Moore,
Harrison Lyle.
HtrritonA. Arganbright, S, C. Bteinbrook.
HimiDS a. ArniDnio. a. m. Dtainnroox.
Wil WZ-Chries MSlholUnd. Kini Wells,
Knvc Henry rookhard, ueerge B, Bell.
T And it oama to nana in tha ear v
tlin 'f!hiAf Pnler"
r .v. ;iit that inmnnh thAv huft 1
built a Gas' House, the better to. supply
the oity. and the "Chief Buler" Having
nntn himu r tin ntnnara ann ann.
.ffi..- Ko datartninail In div an
exhibition of their Gas works.
9. And a tha nffijan took ereat de-
light in making themselves noted among
the people upon special occasions by em
tcrtaininK the laborers with full and
complete descriptions of the manner in
th Intra In tha old
oountry, and giving instruction how they
mutt be done in the city and on the es.
tite of the Zileski oompaoy, until tbe
laborers peroeived that the offioers knew
less than the laborers.
o n.t .t ti.. li. MinAn(
unto their instructions snd gave heed
nnto their commands, and did them rev
:n.nmnnh that triAnffinnra Raid one
..aiYi.. wa. "Tha TlnnbAVA Rn-rn arfl
rt An inairnnHnnft " .
A IVa aill (hAVetAVA alrill f. n A Q A RAVI
. . ... .1
' M l D Dall fUVIVtVIW Wtlll easvuv awj v
in tna .Lmnniarv nrinoialfls of our art
f r :
J K .
ft And inasmnoh as tbev are igno
t and hn nnt how to do manv Of
iwmi " ------ r
the things pertaining unto onr business,
we will severally have to give them in-
......S-a v.rimia tnnarlmapta nl
... '
And DVInUS dOinC end Doing lino
t.ham mtr nftradvantnre cam their
... e -- o
affootion. and they will beoomo wining
students in our sonooi. .
a i. Tk rniiti nnmn
for the harvesting of their bountiful crop
tJ ...
auu nusu w mw m -
r ..: v..iai1 anrl manw erflrfl ttia ins
struotions offered in relation to the man-
, in .hinh tn tako tha nroner care of
the ripened grain.
a And sim wnose surname is inomp-1
..v . mi
son being the farming agent, and having
tbe full controll of the farming depart-
ment. and be being reoognized as the
-vi .a f n.t d.nartmAnt daterm-
ined that he would make an exhibition of
tbe power of his production of Gas.
And preparatory io starting upon
tbia aohemo. ho bemtr a fanov msn. he
took nnto himself a nno iiiORiisn oigar,
n1 onina T.nnifnP tnstflhaa and started
.-r . . .j V . L-....kl
loMne nrpiiK Tiin -ini v...
old farmer upon tneir estate. . -
Tfl lr.ii aHa snraeo nif thA tYl ttfi V
iu iauu ei va iiiiiviiiiBi
labors or the old gentleman upon mei
a w .
farm his attention being oalled to the
manner in whion tbe old larmsr bad
stacked his ripened wheat, he resolves to
survey them very closely, all the while
smoking his fine Unglisb oigar.
11 And after he bad made a full tur-
vsv ot them, and observing me nios ana
beautiful manner in whioh the old man
had put away his ripened grain, he took
bis leave.
12 And when the old man went to
searob for his ripened grain, he beheld
with sorrow and lamentation, me sad raoi
that his entire crop of ripened wheat was
. . . . ... . m
burnt up from tho presence or this man,
who hss Bince beoome plump dlL
13 And neither he nor the "Lord"
whom he serves, has as yet paid the old
man for his grain. '
14 Suoh Phenomena in raising ttae,
at the 1 Moon, near the Gas House by
P. Plumfull, the notable Seoretary of
the Sporting Club, resulted in the entire
loss of the old man's ripened wheat, for
whioh be has never been remunerated.
15 And theta ended the first expert
ment of P. Plumfull. the right hand
man of the ''Lord" of the city of Zales
ki, in the oounty of Vinton,
For Fine Perfumery,
Qe to Sisson's Drug Store.
Baos Wartcd. Bring all your rags to
this offiee, where the highest market price
will be paid for tnem.
Of the DeiMtracy tf Vinton Connty, Ohio,
- mm . n . T. . 1
Aaopua. in uonvmwm. oun si, ioui.
Retohtd. That we, tha Demooraoy of Vin
ton County, in Convention assembled, do
fullr annrove and indorse the riatrorm or
the Demooratio State Convention of Ohio,
Jannarv 8. 1867.
rj nik.i . mmttmmttmi. h o.n, in nn.
I. ... .
tfress" as dieloTilo the ConButution. and
r 4 i - a- - J: i i:t.&-i. ..J ek TT f
(tv.i j;..,.. it,. flA.nn,nl
That WO disapprove tho Government
Of any States ny muiury power, ana we
denounce suoh Governments as unoonatitu
ilh. That poliUoal power cannot be oxer
eised in harmony by two distinot raoes; that
wo ars opposed to tbo extension or tne
right of suffrage to the Negro; tbat wo de
nounoe and oppose tho Proposed Amend'
m.nt in tha ronatttiillon of tha 8 lite, and
. , . ? , . i . ,
most neeruiy approve oi me luiiumog views
of Stephen A. Douglas, namely : "I hold
that this Government was made on the
whit basis, by while mer, for tho benefit
white men, and their posterity forever, aad
should be administered by while men, tni
none othert ; I do not believe tho Almighty
made the Negro capable of eelr-government."
Gxnxbal Hatis is a stockholder in
New England woolen mill, - that pays
ttim fwAtn Afl Ia fifl n.. Aant War annnm
" , . . r .
and in flying free trade against western
interest, and high protection in favor
that Of New England, he hSS an eye ein
, . . . pfv.,
kIO WtO IllO UvvlatUieiAT aUwVivgaii tji fvvuaUQs.p
i ? .. -..
ford B, UayeB, tbe IN egro euarsge osn.
idiasie lor uovornor oi uum.
Calling on the Negroes to
Save Them.
Thk Columbus correspocdept
Cincinnati Gazette, in giving the pro
oeedings of the Negro Suffrage State
nnmmittee. in nominating a candidate
for Licutenani Governor, in place of
S.mnfil flnllnwiT. who refused to be
"martrred aavf:
"A communication was preseniea irom
A. 3. Anderson. Chairman of tbe ixeo
utive Committee of the Ohio Lqual
Rights League, proposing co-operation
with tbe Committee in securing tbe ser
vices of Fred Dooslass, PetefH. Clark,
John M. Laouston. and other colored
orators, lor me purpose ui oiumpiug im
. . . .1 . C . 1. n
BtatO tbe coming campaign, wuu par.io-
ular relerence to the Constitutional
The preposition.wss acocpted, and the
Exeoutive Committee directed - to sot as
buouiu uo uociudu huiidivih "v
This A. J. Anderson, Vbsirman oi me
Executive uommiKeo oi me vmo ai
Rights League, we judge from the tact
that tbo League is e League of dakies, is
a negro, and the orators they propose to
bring toto Ohio, to teach tbe peopio now
to vote, are of the Necra persuasionH
The acceptance of the proposition-the
Union between the Bliflls and Blaok
uoorgi-s mmtei a muiau uu vi i.,
half white and half blaok.
We conjratutate tbe party ol whiqh
iha uhio Btate journal is me uuuirai
organ, ot tbe met mat as negro uoupe
fought best in the war, tbe Ngro orators
will be able to civo Borne talent to the
iBtULHD eltorU 01 tDO PPPODeurfl OI IU
Demooralio Dartv.
niL. . 1 ! ..P L. MAttAiHSftr IiLA
A ID UU11UV UI UO JUUVnunii. i a o
J f J
Ohio Statesman.
ia.rwi...-.T 6--
toay is Sgain in eession, anu .
I. a 1 T.!.l.t il,. I-
to worn, asusuai, jeK..iig .u
terest of the negro The negro is th
OniV lOPIO UUW iuk wuuJUi"uo vuu ...ou
(ion and legislation of that Radical body,
"u"'u """" . , , ... ...
United States. . Wo baa nopea mat me
,1,. nr,.nr. piim.
uuuuirj vv-r- .---...-w.
aeoma mat we are uu'jutu .uumu
i ........ r-v ..
it. We tbink tbat nose uemoorauo
I L Mt.. n.nl tn WaahinntAn tn Bin
mouiUBrn wuu bki v i. .u.u6w w
this unconstitutional gang in getting tos
geiuer a summer boshou, bhs s;.
wisdom or patriotism, and it is to be re-
i ..atiiAd that that i amnnrii n nnr l v ih thi
" v. r
resented in Congress by suoh weak men
as there are there at present. It is to bo
hoped that at the next eleotion the party
will Bive mis matter me proper attention
and send men to Congress who are ado-
quale to me i ouu.u uS wu
Kenton Democrat.
I Kriorht aa tha inn fl AVAI all CBZeTS
einae, - .
I And. like tbe sun tney Shine on an an ie:
I - f.al ansa f l,.t onronl nnai Pnid Af
i a uasb kiiudiui hboo. iua. an vumvuu w w
I- 13 X
Might hide her faults, if belles bad faults
to bide.
If to her share some, female errors fall,
Look to her glorious hair, and you'll
I forget them all."
She probablv uses "Barrett's Vegeta-
bio Hair Kestorative." wbion ib an in:ai
Sable remedy for premature grey hairs,
baldness, and most of tie ills the scalp is
heir to. A most eleeant toilet artiole
that none should be without.
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Grand Thing. What a glorious
achievement it would be for the toiling,
sweating, tax ridden people, of Ohio to
Uave the gifted and patriotioThurman
Ulootod Governor at tbo next tleotion.
Tt would give the State hooor at home
Una abroad, and save the people millions
1 0I taxation.
Largest Book Agency in the
. West. -
M'Kenzie's 10,000 Receipts,
M AtlrVHB -
ra-nnnTtan sAnt T now nfTer to the public an en
I .1... .3itinn nl M.f KENIIS'S GbSAT FaM
Raciirr Beoa, contauiing the disooveries of over
quarter of a century. The stereotype plates and
urnnn miidi farn mi iitjw ruiu a.i v -1
articles on Agriculture, horticulture and Rural and
n.M..i!. Vi,Ar.nm.. ,r. imrth to the Farmer and
Gardener several times its cost. The recipe
I ,- : nAi.llnn nnnrAnfinllArv
nnnmnr. unnuT u.i uibniiu., " v
nnnkins. nreaervinff. nickline. conreotionery ana
I frh,.HAn.rtmAntainnei ii moro complete and
I . . i L .iun....h. MihlftihoH nn thiol
TBluauie limn nujvuiv w" v r r .
and other animals, are treated of at great length and
oomnl,t. dirMtlons aiven tor treatment. The de-
ii hi aif 'I'riA rtiaailulM m Ens nursoi uaaauv uvao.
artments of Medicine, Brewin
off and Distillation,
Perfumery, Bleaching, Tanning,
. Faintine. Varnish
es, cements, Ac, are all that oould be aere
u... .aunt rfiaiinnt nh nuts are carefully ex
amlned and treated of. It is unquestionably
best book of the kind ever puojisnea.eiwieno ;u
country or Europe, rnco, nanaaomoi
cloth, ,uo; sheep, l,ov.
Sold only by Subicrtpaon.
Men and women, or enaraow ana a... ,
. i a .uiu. .l
I as
. knM DwnAiahiA F.mnlovment will
beauaranteed. For circulars and full particulars
..... . , mnitmt ,n .n.n).
VUU VJ.I J ........ . . ,
BYiraumn es of the GOLDEN i"Jn Fa, enci
twostampsand they will be sent with circular.
Address M. V. B. COWEN, LaFayette. Indiana
A Belter Pen Than GtlMCi ren.
XVT ARRANTED to be equal to the gold pen;
W ease and beauty ol writing, nilly. flexible,
mnA mnrAHiiratiia thn an atad Den ever manafaO'
tured. Will not oorode,
i. jrhAV are enaoreea dt aoiue
of the best business men
in tbe country, men
know wnat , good p.,, t,. Traveling aente wai
to introduce the golden fen throughout,
agents wanted
dies' use. They are put up to neat slide boxes.'eaoh
box containing I pens. .Price 25 cent per
I flat nti. nnat.n jh. tnanv addresa on recetot of once.
i r- :r? j-
ZTiToosvW '
' Jme t, iT.om
$300,000 Preseniii to Subscribers.
One Cash Present of $40,000.
One Cash Present of $20,000.
One Cash Present of $10,000.
One Cash Present ot $5,000.
Two Cash Presents of $2,500 each.
Etad full Schedule qf Pretend Belov.
Each certificate ofitock is accompanied with
Worth Mors at Retail than the Cost of
And also insures to the ftcrldef a
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Washington Library Company
la chartered by the State of Pennsylvania, and Of
ganizedin aid of the
Riverside Institute '
For Soldier? and Sailor? Orphan
Incorporated by the State of N. J.
April 8, 1867.
Situate at RiveTside, Burlington oounty, New"
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold''
lers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Trustee? consists of the following
well-known citizens ol Pennsylvania and New Jersey;
lion. William Mann, ,
Dintriot Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner C. 8. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
4Ton. James M. Scoyel, New Jersey. "
Hon. ft7. W. Ware, New Jersey,
iienry Uunnan, Esq.,
Agent Adiimu' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J . . Coe, Erq ,
Of Joy, Coe 4 Co., Philadelphia.
TasAscnr Di pa?.t u est, Washington, D. C, April
18, 18B7. Offli e orlntornal Revenue: Having receiv
ed safinfactory evidence that tlie proceeds ol the en
terprise uonduHcd by the Washington Library Com-
is liercby grunted to said company lo conduct, euoh-
speciul lax or oilier uuiy.
In order that the benevolent object set forth m thir
circular may De succesimiy accompnmiru, luto
. nnuhMnut on at urices much below tlieir
r, vaWe. certificates of stock in the Washingtoo
i.ii.mrv nomDauv wil be issued, stampea wilB tn
R(1(1 Ol'tho co-mpany .nd siguea by tiio secretary
r Knn. ntViArfl or. 0fnnina.l
Any person sending us One Dollar, or pay
ing the same to our local Agents, will re'oelva
immediately a fine Steel Plat Engraving, at
ohoioe from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, insuring One Present in
our published schedule.
. Oni Dollar Engravingt, ,
No 1 "My Child! My -Childl" No J
"They're Bavedl" No 3 "Old fieTenty-six ;
or, the Early Days of the Revolution."
Any person paying Two Dollart will re
ceive either of the Steel Plates, at choice, and
Two Certificates of Stock, thus beooming en
titled Two Presents.
Two Dollar Pnfravingt.
No. I-'-WashinRton's Courtuhlp." No. -"Washington's
Last Interview with his Mother."
Three Dollar Enjravmgt.
Anv person paying; Three Dollars will reoeive th
beautiful steel Plate of "Home From the War," and
Three certiticatea of stock, becoming entitled to
; Three Presents.
Four Dollar Enaravmot.
e of
ifn, n,,riar. shall receive th
miti . beautiful steel Plate or "The rms ot our
rureisMlifii , aim runr tnu- w. -i
Forefathers," and Four pertifloates
tling them lo f our presents.
Five Dollar Engravmge. :
Any person who pays Five Dollars shall recslv
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Marriage
of Pocahontas,'' and Five certificates of stock, enti
tling them to Five Preser.!. -
The engravings and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our 'Local Agencies, oi sent
by mail, post paid, or express, as may be ordered.
Will award Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
To the - Shareholders
On Wednesday, September 25tb, 1867,
At fUllUUCII'Uia, a ,
Or at the Intlitute, Rivtreide, N. J.
1 Cash Prestnt
1 Cash Present
1 Cash Present
1 Caeh Present
1 Cash Presenta of $3,600
I Qandsosio Country Aesidenoe,
Stable, Grounds, Ac, German
town, Philadelphia
1 Double Besidenoe, three-story
brick, Camden N. J .
1 Coal Depot, Offioes, Sheds,
Ground, with business establish
ed, No 1314 Washington Avenue
1 Country Residenpe, Riverside,
N. J. with Ground, Fruits, &o.
15,000 '
1 Three-story cottage, lot, Ac.
26 Valuable building lots, R.verside, 1300
each, -
1 Elegant Turnout family carrlage,span of
horses, Harness, fto., complete,
10 Valuable Building Lots, Riverside, SS00
1 Beautiful silver-gray horse, 15 hands
high sired by the celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, 'Caliphi' ' also, a light
Road Wagon, weight U pounds, with set
of superior single harness, lo., making a
nrst-ciass esiauiismuou,,
SO Pianoe, S00 each
S Rosewood sewing machines, iwo each
1nc-.il. .il.nmu,hlnML S 1110 A&Oh
60 Fine gold watches, two hundred dollars each 10,000 '
100 Oil I'aintings, by leading artista-aggr
Kate value iw
S Camel's Hair tbawli, one thousand doi-
&rA 6 AO la
S Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dol
lars each " . . .
S Handsome Lace shawls, M1 each
10 Cashmere shawls, fifty dollars each
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollais
each ,
W city building lots, $175 each
The remainder will consist ol sIlTsrware,
Musical Boxes, Opera Glasses, Pocket
vtiki... anrf different articles ol orna
0,000 5,
ment and use, amounting to . , SS.OOOl
All tho properties given clear of incumbrance.
How to Obtain Bharet and Engravinge. '
o..j ..r. tn ii hi mail, enclosing from oc
twenty dollars, either by Postomce orders or in a
registered letter, at our risk. Larger .amounta
anoma oesem oj unu.u.
10 shares with engravings . 5 9 BO
25 shares with engravings 23 60
60 shares with engravings . 46 60
76 shares with engrarings , . 69 00
100 shares with engravings ! ? 80 00
Looal Agents wanted throughout the UnU
ted States. " ' ' , ' , - ,
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKB k CO.,
whoso well know integrity and business ex
perience will be a sffioient guarantee ibut
the mono entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to tho purpose stated. '
Address all letter and orders to -GEO.
A. COOKE ft CO., Bankers,
88 South Third Street, '
.tbiladelphia, 1.
Receivers for tha Washington Library Co. .
, July 4,, 1867-em - ' ' 1
S.T69 3

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