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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 18, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Ir you want to excellent pair of boots,
sboes, or ga'Uera made, go to R. G. For
grave' Shop, at Strong & Gibbon's old
aland on Main StreoL lie ia a first"
oUbs workman See Lis advertisement
in this paper.
' -1 , ; .
Thi Special Term of the Vinton
County Court of Common Jrleas com-
meooed on Tuesday last.
Go and try -a dish of that dalioiooj
loo Cream at Ben, F. Redd's, opposite
Ine jvaier Douse.
Bbtant's Concert.- The oonoert of
vooal and Instrumental musio given by
Prof. Br f ant, last Friday and Saturday
r ights, attracted large crowds, and all
were well pleased (with the amusing, io
tcreUinp, and witty entertainment. The
Prof, ib hard to beat in violin imitaiious,
r banjo solos.-' "
Ir yon want to buy or 'sell , anything, no
toatterjibat, the best way you can accora
. pliah your objeot is to advertise in the fin
uirer. Now is the time to advertise. Try
Go to Strong & Gibbons.--:For
Stoves, Tin-ware, Pttw, Saddlery, and all kinds jf
Hardware, no to (Stono A tiiusiNs, on Main atrcut,
MoAl tnur, (.Hud, who have on hand a full supply 0
veryihiug usu .lly.lound tn a country hard-ware
tore, and which hast been bought at the lowest cash
price and ill be void at corresponding figures. 16
, ; ,
- At Work tffaiu C. J. Billinghurst
has ao fur rtCKTored the use of his hand as
to be again able to make all kinds of Pho
tographic picture's. Give him a call.
Draffs, Cooks and Stationery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Medioinea, or Books,
will do welt to call At Sirong's Drug and
Rook Store, oonrer Hubert's Block, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large stock of
Pure Medioines, Liquors,. Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Perfuwary, and Fancy Artioles.
Physicians can buy aa low as in any mar
1st, in Southern Ohio.'
The attention of the publio Is called to the
large stock of Cap aud Note Paper, Pens,
InkPaper; Knives, Rulers, &o., &o.
School Books;,' can be bought oheaper at
StrongVthan'atany other establishment in
Vinton county. ' "s
Call and see. . ,tMay2-6m
1 . . : . . . ' .
' ;Th IlfcA'vtiNir'CHKBOBj." Wa' have for
sale at this office the most superb steel line
engravings of "The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistine Madonna," whioh we
invite everybody especially the ladies to
; call and see. The prioe is low.',
.Gem Frtrotypes.
' For the accommodation of ' those who
wish cheaper picture than the common
Photograph, C. J. Biuinqhbhit is now
prepared to make Gem Ferrotypes.
- Call and see them
For ritfe Drus and .Tied
icucs,' ge to Sisson'a Drug Store. '
Several weeks ago we notified the
old man's pet slunk over in the Brit
ish Province that we did hot " want a
controversy with him; bat we have been
attacked nearly evpry week since by the
skunk.' or by some old he Eknnk tnat fur
nibhes the extremely fetid liquor for the
pet to evacuate, ' We think that about
enough of the liquor has been evacuated
Suoh small and disagreeable animah
ought to be more cautious, if they have
the advantage in some respeots. Three
or four weeks aero we published an arti
pie from- the) 1 Christian Review, under
the Leading of "Abortion. The pet
skunk , over ,ia the British Province
nhntflfl th artinle and Bavs; ' "A MOR
AL Plaob. We oopy the following from
J. Witless Bowen's, Demooratio Eoquir-
er, published at. Mo Arthur. Witless
mast have a good opinion of tnat place
Now, pet pole cat, we have no comments
to make upon your slang we want no
controversy but we can tell what Mad
am Rumor says of a esse of Abortion so
near-MVstubk'a '"'hole that it 'would
make a swelled head swim ! Eh? That's
what's the matterl . That's all!
For Mishler's Herb Hitters
Ge to SlssOn's Drug Store. '
Tub British over at Zaleskl are still vexed
at the Chronicles published in tbia paper.
They would be pleased if they could make
arrangements to flee from the wrath that
is surely oomlng upon, theml They have a
paper over there, .which is printed with
whisky bye tub of whisky, and whioh they
call the JTecko, .lo whioh about a column of
balderdash la contributed eaoh week by
Robert Thompson, over the signature of "P.
Plumfull," Seoretary of what he calls the
Ealeski Sportin' Club. Thompson la a mem
of the "Churoh, Superintendent of the Sunday
School tn the "city," and professes to be a
relltrlouB man and a lover of the Loan above
ant of the "Lord " of the mighty eityl Bat
he simple soul is just fool enough
to think that no on knows -that
P. Plumfull Is a only counterfeit 0 the
gems! no Robert Thompson, tha British sorl fa
bler for the -"lord's", whisky scented rag I
Thompson always says "How are you?" to
nearly everybody, and triea to be very good
and clever to their faoes; bnt he la nothing
more than a fourth-class shy-shack, and takes
delight in seeing the poor men (who 'are un
der the control of the Lord) work from morn
ing till llight at low figures and then hear
Furnace Sorlp will get any thing at the
Company's Store good enough for you Buok
'eyes and Irishl 'P. Plumfull I" What a
solemn narce for the Lord's Sabbath School
Superintendent) A Sabbath School manager
plumfull!1- Re think it is a great wonder
that some of it does. epjU out 'during the
Khnni hnnral How ia 11. Robert?' What do
vou use for ballast? not any rsiiglous
books, do you? Robert, do you read th
1... aii writ &hnnfc Tlowah of th McAf-
thur Enquirer to your soholars? And do you
Bay nolo those children? Dear children! It it
me who is Peter fluairuii; l is me man, i
is the dwarBsu little wolf in sheep's elothiuj
who gives that sinner of the MoArthur tn
qulrer suoh a oombing hevery week hin
th n.flrn I'm anna to make 'im Quit a
printin' the Chronicles I He's got to quit!
I've got 'im behind a oloud! ,
We are making arrangements to pur
chase New Type and to give the Enqib
br a nr w dress; " and we hope car pat
rons and friends will aid us in paying
for the new type by subscribing for and
paying for the Enquirer for three,
six, nine, or twelve months, or for 'the
campaign. Let each one 01 our bud
soribera get us it least one subscriber,
and in this way we can easily py for
ine new type.
nm. r.ianAa Tiflln na I The New
Type will be reooived in a short time.
Ant person wishing to purchase a
splendid Piano would save from fifty to
hundred dollars, bv oallioB on the
j r w
Editor of .this paper.
For. Avar's Medicines,
Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
We have received Peterson's LadU''
National Magacino for August.' This ia
the best magaaine for ladies, la tdrms
are $2 a year, or for three oop'tea $4,50.
Addreex, (Jbsrles J. retergoo, INo. dllb,
Chestnut Stieer, Philadelphia, Pa..
Items of Local Interest. Special Notice.
Know Thy Destiny.
'Madams E. T. Tiiobkton, the great English As
Irolojfist, Clurrnyant and Psychonietrician, who has
iietoniahed tlio n.nenti lie claxsea of the Old World, has
now located hersn-ll at Hudnon, N. Y. Madame
Thornton poseRse?such wonderful powers of second
Biht, as to enable her to impart knowledge of the
greatest Importance to the eingle or marnod of el
thersez. While In a state of trance, she delineates
the very features ot the person you are to marry,
and by the aid of an instrument of intense power,
known h the Psychomotrope, guarantees lo produce
a life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, together with the date of marriage, position
in life, leading traits In character, Ao. This is no
humhuir. as iTiouaands ol testimonials can assert.
She will send when desired a certified certi 1 cjte, nr
written guarrantee, that the picture Is what it pur
purts to be. By encloaing a small lack of hair, and
stating place of birth, age, disposition anoVomplex
ion.and enclosing fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the pictuae
and desired information by return man. am commu
nications sacredly nonfidentiali Address in confi
dence, Madahi E. F. TaoBMTON, P. 0. Box 223, Hud
son, N. Y. ! April 18, 1806-lyJ
Wonderful but True.
Madams Diminqtow, the world-renowned Aatrolo
gist and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while iu a clair
voyant state, delineates the very features of the per
son you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment, of intense powa, known aa the Psychomotrope,
guarantees to produce a life-like picture of the future
hut baud or wife of the applicant, with, date of mar
riage, occupation, leading trails of oliaractar, o.
This is no imposition, ag testimonials without num
ber can assert. By stating place ol birth, age, dispo
sition, color of eyes and hair, and enclosing fifty
cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself,
you will receive the picture by return mail, together
with desired information.
VAddress in confidence, Madame Gsrtbuds
RiMmoToif, P. 0. Box KI7, West Troy, N. Y.
Tocso Last returning to her
country home, after a soiourn of a few months in the
city, was hardly recngized by her friends. In place
of a coarse, rustic, flushed lace, she had a soft ruby
oomplezion of almost marble smoothness, and in
stead ot twenty-three she really appeared but eigh
teen. Upon inquiry a the cause ol so greatachange,
she plainly.told them that Bhe had used the Cibcas
smn Balm, and considered it an invaluable acquisi
tion to any Lady's toilet.-By its use any Lady or
uenueman can improve meir personal nupemuce an
hundred Ibid. It IB simple in its combination, as
Nature herself is simple, yet unsurpassed in its effi
cacy in drawing impurities from, also he:iling, cleans
ing and beauti tying the skin and compl exion. By its
direct action on the cuticle it dras from' it all Its
impurities, kindly healing the same, and leaving the
surface as Nature intended it should be, clear, soft,
eaioothe and beautiful. Prtce SI, sent by mail or
express, on receiptor an order by
W. L, CLARK t CO., Chemists, '
No. S West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
The only American Agents for tne sale of the same.
To Consumptives.
The advertiser, having. been restored to health in a
few weeks bv a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered for several years with a severe lung aflecti on.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a oopyot the
firescription used (free of charge,) with the direc
ions for preparing and using the same, which they
will find a sureoure forConsumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Couglik, Colds, and all Throat and Lung Af
reetions. The only object of the advertiser in send
ing the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
spread information which he conceives to be invalu
able, and he hopes every sufferer wiil try his rem
edy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the prescription, riucx, by
return mail, will please address
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New YoTk.
May 2, 1867 -ly
A Large 6 nn. Circular, giving Information of the
greatest importance to the young of both sexes.
n teacnes new ine nomeiy may oecome oeauunu
the despised respeoted, and the forsaken loved.
No young ladv or eentlemen should fail to send their
Address, and receive a oopy post-paid, by return mail.
Anaresa r. v. Drawer, m,
April 18, 186T-BmJ Troy N. Y.
MARRIED LIFE. Information and advice of -I-tal
imnortanoe to the married of both sexes, in
a sealed envelope, can be obtained free of charge by
addressing the undersigned.
uespecuuuy, james n. BU ILCK.
July 18, 18ii7-3m . 823 Broadway, N. Y...
SEND your address, with stamp, for sample an
catalogue ot Articles for Young and Old, Married
and Single. All should have them. Address
74 A. BRIDGES, Bleecher Street, Now York City,
July 18, 1867 -8m
Attachment Notice.
Orson Hemphill) Before B. fa. Kelch, J. P., of Clin.
' aiainst V ton Township. Vinton county.
Jacob H. Price. I Ohio.
ON tne ta nay or juiy, a. v. vsvi, saia justice inur
ed an order of attachment la the above action
tbr the sum of twenty-four dollars
Jiuy is, iBt)i-aw uivouii acinrmuu.
. 499 Broadwjy, New, Yoray ,
499 Broadway, New York.' "
499 Broadway,-Nw York.
a UK nnrlvnlled for DtraAiiurr. Fowta and Even-
A. n ess of Tom. They are fast becoming the fa-
vnrl tn over all others, with Musicians. Amateurs
and all lovers of Good Husicl A bey are Warranted
m every respect, Pnd tbr Circular, .
- ... . . QROVEBTEEN & CO.,-
July 18 498 Broad way, K ew Tork
The Celebrated New England Remedy for
For Jaundice, Fever and Ague, General De
bility, and all Dieeatet atiting from a
Diiordered Stomach, Liter or Bovele.
Tti are used and recommended by leading phr-
diciang of the country, and all who try tbero pro
nounce them invaluable.
They are Bol(Tby niedicinedealeregennraiiy. rn
Ona Dollar per botUe J. H. HABBiaaCO.,
Proprletori for the Southern and Western States.
For sale by
G. W. Sisson, Druggist, MoArthur, Ohio;
R. S. Wilcox, Hamden, Ohio, and
Dr. J. A. Monaban, Druggist, Hamden, 0.
FOR TUB com or
Consumption, Bronchitis,
Buoh as Coughs, NegUoted Colds, Pala ia
the Chest, DU all diseases of the Lungs.
fSTClergrmen jhould use the Bilism for
their Throats. ., ' ;
7T1HI9 Balsam is inl reduced to the suffering public
X aner '"... KulV " "i.r "u:.i;T.
have been ruiiyresivu. i iirutniiuin iroui mnuii .
prepared Is referred to by the leadingjmedioal jour
nals as being equal to any prescription that can be
made Up, lor bucii mseaowa, u .no hidwhi iuvm..
The Balsam is, consequently, recommended by phy
sicians who have become aequainted with its great
success. .
As an Ezpeotorant it has no Eqeal I
We copy the following inteiestiag letter fron Dr,
Harris to the Middlebury, Vt Register, Nov. 2V68:
Ma. EnitoBi-Itisonly to subserve the Intensts or
humanity that I requost a ahort Bpace in your ralua
ble paper to Inform the publio what Aliens Lung
Balsam is sure to do. Two years ago I was attacked
with a severe cold; it settled in my throat, which so
affected the organs ofspeech that I oould notipeak
aloud for nearly six weeks. I got through the yinter
coughing nights almost incessantly, with celdnignt
sweats, with Increased irritatoin, which extended in
to the Bronchial tubes and which kept me couihing
all summer. I was at Shorebam on a profesaonal
visit the past October, when the "good Samaritan"
came along introducing Allen's Lung Balsam into
New England. I procured a bottle and took it ac
cording to direot'ons, and found immediate relief, I
have now taken two bottles, which has entirely eured.
me. For the past two years, or during :the t'me ot
my affliction, I was in a state of constipation, which
the Balsam has almost efiectnally regulated. No
family should be without this valuable medicine. I
see by the Western papers that the physitians of
Cincinnati (where the medioine is manufactured) are
introducing It into their praotioe, and I have no donbt
it will soon become a classical remedial agent for the
cure of all diseases of the throat, Bronchial tubes, and
the lungs. NATU'L HARRIS, M. D., Dentist, '
Middlebury, Vt., Nov. U, 1868;
The proprietors ot this valuable Balsam tike pleas
ure in calling to It the attention of all medicine deal
ers, desiring that they procure a supply of it, and
recommend It to their afflicted patrons ant friends.
It will stand the test lor merits, as has the ctlebrated
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
which has been Introdueed to all parts of thelnhnb
ited world, and is every where appreciated andsought
after. The Balsam is for sate by most of the leading
Druggists, and can always be had from them, in any
auantity desired, by the country dealers.
J. N. HARRIS ft CO., Sole Proprietors
Cincinnati, Ohio, '
For sale bv
G. W. Sisson, Druggist, MoArthnr, OhioJ
Dr. J. A. Monahan, Druggist, iiamaen, .
R. B.Tfiloox, Hamden.
Fever , ana Ague and CbllU
Best Remedy to Cure
s . , . r ,-
. Direction for iU Uee.
m a iru 3 srnnnfnla' of the Pain Killer in
X about half a pint of hot water, well sweet-
.nfi with mn nasea. aa me buuck. is ooniinir
on, bathing freely the chest, baok and .bow
els, with the medioine ai ine same nme.
Repeat the dose in twenty minutes, if the
fiiU rfnBA dnAM i.nt sfori the chill. Should it
produoe vomiting, (and it probably will.) if
the stomacn is very ioui, laae a nine rain
Killer, in cold, water, sweetened with sugar,
aft aanh anaarh. Perseverenoe in the above
treatment has oured many severe and obsti
nate oases of tbia disease. . '
X Throat-
A Favorite Medioine with all classes,
Is Davis' Pain Eiller.
IF yon have Painter's Cholio,
Us the Pain Killer.
0 Medicine la aa popular
. ... . TT . 1
s 109 1 am jviuer.
T7-EEP the Pain Killer always at
1. hand,
IF you have a Cough or Cold,
Us the Pain Killer.
LOOK and sot gel caught without a bottle
of Pain Killer in the bouse.
T ET everybody use th Pain Killer for
Jt Sprains and Bruises. .
EVERY sailor should carry a bottl of Pain
Killer with him.
REMEMBER, tha Pain Killer is for , both
Internal and External.
The Pain Killer is sold by all the Drag
gist and Dealers in Family Medioines.
J. N. HARRIS & CO., Cinoinnati, Ohio,
Agents for the Western States. ;. ' ;
For aala hv
Q. W. Sisson, Druggist, MoArthur,
Dr. J. A. Monahan, Druggist, Hamden,
R, 8. Wilcox, Hamden.
"For the Cure of '
Canker, SaltRehnm, Ereysipslas, Scrofulous
Diseases, (Jntaneous, ana every una oi
disease arising from an impure
. alata of the Blood.
The most effective Blood Purifier of the Nine
taanth Centurr I
lOTThia Syrup, with the Cerate, we will
warrant to euro any hard oase oi uiu
Sorea no matter how long standing,
0-Sold by Druggists Generally.-
For sale by " '
O. W, Sission,-Druggist, MoArthur j -Dr.
J. A Monahan, Hamden,
B. B. TVileox, Hamden. ' )
July 18, 1867-8na
HAVING PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN McARTHUR, and being a practical workman of many years'
experience. I feel safe in SAvincr that I ran .atiMfv hn nohlin. nn iIim HhnrtASt notice, with a
Superior quality of Boots, Shoes, Gaiterg, and everything tlse
in nv line: '
I kep the beat of stock and I am prepared to get up work In the best of style. Let everybody come
and see me, as my stock can not be surpassed for durability, neatness, and reasonable prices. 25
cnop At strong & UibDonsold stand,
.,111 lltl - J
Manufacturer ol and Dealer In
norm side ftiaio euree.
ARK still in town manufacturing and dealing in
alliiudsof ' '
Cabinet Furniture,
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolfs Offieo,
The Furniture is made cut ot the best seasoned
material, and by the most experienced workmen.
BUREAUS Every Style.
BEDSTEADS All Kinds. .
TABLES Every Pattern.
CHAIRS Fancy and Common
always on hand or furnished on Short notice.
Of all kinds, in Furniture, Chairs, 4c. attended to
on short notice.
A sunerior quality or Mattresses of all sizes al.
ways kept on hand.
: We are always in readiness to ATTEND
FUNERALS in Town and Country, at the
lowest rates, , . ,. .. .,, ,
A Fair Prioe for a Fair Ar tiolo
ia Our Motto!
Purchasers are requested to call and examine our
Large tSock of Furniture
before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident
thai we can furnish better and oheaper articles than
any otner estauisnment in tnis vicinity. 1
H XUliUrtf & AALJcitt.
To Dbawiv at Covihotos, Ky."'
"'. July 31, 1867.
32,000 Numbers, and 788 Pi izes.
1 prise
l Jiriie
1 prise
1 prize
2 prises
29 prizes
: 63 prizes
155 prises
220 prizes
9 pritaa
' 9 prizes
9' prizes
18 prizes
261 prizes
Of $50,000 is .$50,000
Of 20.000 is 20.000
Of 8.000 Is 8.000
of 7.000 'is ' 7 000
of 6 000 are 6.000
of 1.000 are . 29.000
of 400 are 25.200
of ...200 are ' 81.000
of ' 125 are 27.600
of 300 are 2J00
of 250 are ' 2.250
of. 150 are '. 1.350
of 100 .are . 1.800
of 60 are.. 13 050
amounting to $230,650
Whqle Tickets $12; Halves $6;
Quarters $3,
from 1 to 32,000, corresponding with those numbers
on the tickets, printed on separate slips of paper, are
encircled with small. tin tubes, and placed in ooe
wheel. Theorises, of which there 788, varying as
above, from 160,000 to $50,00, are similarly printed
on seperate slips, enoircled, and placed in another
wheel. The wheels are then revolved, and a num
ber is drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
same time a prise is drawn from the other wheel.
The number and prise drawn out are opened and
exhibited to the audience, and registered by the com
missioners, the piize being placed against the num
ber drawn. This operation is repeated until all the
pnzes are drawn out.
tQFWe would call particular attention to
tha above Magnificent Single-Number Lot
tery, trhloh will be drawn in public, in Co
vington, Ky., by Sworn Commissioners, at
o'oloolc P. Mi at th corner of Fourth and
Soett Streets. The' publio are invited to
witness the drawing. The Kentucky State
Lotteries are no Gift Enterprises, but respon
sible Money Lottcrles.thathave been conduct
ed successfully for the past thirty years, and
are drawn the authority of a charter from the
State, and bonds to a large amount ar
given tor me payment ei au prizes, ine
drawings are published in the New York
Herald and Uinolnnau tommeroiaL
Ciroulara of Lotteries drawing daily sent
free by application to the Managers.
Address all orders ror iicaeu to
July 11, 1867-8m Covington, Ey.
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
100 Gold Hunt'g Case Lever Witches 1100 to $178 each
200 Gold Hunt'g Case Lepene Watches 76 to 160 "
SOOGold Plated Silver Cases outo mo
600 Sol id silver Case Lever Watchss 38 to 78 "
600 Solid silver Case Lepene Watches 28 to 78
600Q'ld Composite Hunt'gCase watches 20to 80 "
All the above splendid watches -will be sold for
$12 each, We have adopted the following plan:
Certificates describing eaoh watch and its value, are
prepared and placed in sealed envelopes, ana the
bolder will be enutied to the Watch it calls for, up
on payment of the $12. This Is not a- lottery, but
hona fide sale. Procure a certificate, aad as there
are no blanks, everyone must get a watch at half the
usual nriceat least, and manv will eet Ta splendid
Gold Watch for the triflina sum of $12. Certificates
sent by mail to any address for 60 cente eaoh. Five
will be sont for $2-, fifteen for $8; th trty-five for $10.
Agents wanted; send for circular. Address,
2l-6m 86 Beekman St., New York,
f 250 PER BlOIilTa thi Ycai Round,
oa 900 Par Cirt. Paorrr on Commission.
Wa ouarantv the above salary or commission to
rim Industrious scents at their own homes, to intro
due. an article of Indispensable utility in every
nousenoiQ. roriuu pnrMuujars van on or, aaaxess
&. W.Jaoksoh&Co.,
41 South St., Baltimore, Md.
MyM,Hv7'lm . . i
a,w Of a Uver Medal
aTT Br the M. H. SUte Asrlenltnnl Bndety. at
w t iu, aoiuea in auuu, expi. au, m
Vegetable Hair Bestorattre
Bettor Qrtj TleJr to fta Natural Color t
motet the growth of tti Hair I change, the)
I onaj
touiotnt)lr original organlo team i eratu-
citet Dandruff and Humom i prtrtuU
i UturhlHtigouti La ft sruprior DreMlng,
tt eon tln no Injurious iorredtenta, 1
awiu ta asifj must pttpuiaw suiu rcAtr A
uh arucia uirougrioyi im ,
Mat, ne. noru ana w
it R. BARRETT & CO., Proprietor,
For sale by Dr, J. S. Stbosq, Druggist,
Julyt.H07-ly' . MoArthur, Ohio.
The World Astonished
Madame H. A, PERRIGO.
C HE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew.
O restores to happiness those who,
from doleful
events, catastrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations
and friends, loss ol money, Ac, have become de
spemfent. Bhe brings together those long separa
ted, gives information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores lost or stolen property, tells you the
business you are best qualified to pursue and in
what you will be most successful, causes speedy mar
riages and tells you the very day you will marry,
gives you the name, likeness and characteristics of
he person.
Bhe reads yonr very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark
and hidden my stenesof the future. From the stars
we see in the firmament the malefio stars that over
oome or predominate in the configuration from the
aspects and posiiions of the - planets and the fixed
stars in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. Fail not to consult the
greatest Astrologistonearth. It costs you but a trifle,
and you may never again have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Cousultauon free, with likeness and all de-
aired Information, St. turtles living at a distance can
conswlt the Madame by mail with
equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as 11 in nei
rson. a mil ana
exolmit chart, written out. with all inauiries answer
ed and li keneus enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
price above mentioned. The strictest secrecy will be
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highest order furnished
those desiring them. Write plainly the day of the
month and year in which you were born, enclosing a
small lock of hair. '
Address, ; . Madam H. A. PERRIGO,
18J . P. O. Drawer 293, BufSUo, N. t.
' . i
Warld'a Fair, London,
WHERE all Hewing Machines ot any note,
both European and American, were in
ErA pearly talet of Wheeler j
. Wilton are equal to the talti of all
oilier Semng Machinet Combined.
"We use the Wheeler . ft Wilson, and pro.
Bounce it without a rival. Sctayiuio Axsbicah.
There is nn machine so' simple and easily
managed, or that can perform such a variety
ol work without basting or preparation.
S3? All orders will reoeive prompt
attention, if left with
, H. P. AMBROSE. -
, MoArthur, Ohio.
J. F. "Woodside, Agent,
' ' . ' Chillicothe, Ohio.
May 13, 1807-3m .
Strong, Simple ant Practical.
TT is a Squkeiino Machins; warranted
1 to injure clothing; geared te give
atrokes of the plungers for one turn of
handle, and ISO turns of whioh will wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
aocording to th sfst of Machine used.
Six Year' experience proves the NoNPAnt,
tobs the only .Washing Machine made wbioh
itandt the tttt of lime and Ute. It ia UUP
proaohable for
A GENTS WANTED. Send for free
scrlptive Ciroulars to
. 184 Water Street, New York City,
Ju&e,,!SS7'0m ,
Carding: Machines
-IN T3E . ' '
ITIcArlliur Sfcaia Its EIIsts
HAVING been w fitted with New Cards, are now
ready for work; and the proprietors guarantee
Ibat the work done ly them will not be
In the country I
May 23,807-358, '
".ion. CE3U!CI-, Jr.,
bgALia in
A Nil Alt KINO or
IMPORTER oi French, German and Italian Violia
The Trada supplied on the most liberal terms,
; General Western Agtntfor
CABINET oauArvs,
3?TJl IsT O S ,
From the Factories of the most of tha Csmbbatu
Mabbbs, which 1 will tell low for cash.
"0!d Pianos tnken in exchrnge ornew.
SW Pianos and Orgaus for sale aud to rent, by th.
Month, Quarter or Year,
amount paid for rent being applied to pur
chase, if desired.
I"! gents for Cabinet Organa and Pianos
wanted in every town in Ohitf, Indiana an
. Cincinnati, 0.
IJeir Edition, Revised &Enlarged.
nil lousiness Form Cook,
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law, and Business Negotiations for eve
ry State in the Union.
. With Legal Forms, and full Instuctians for
proceeding, without legal assistance, in suits
and business transactions of very descrip
tion; ''
Together with the different State laws
concerning th Collection of Debts, Property
Exempt from Execution, Lein Laws, Uusary,
Lioense to Sell GoodB, Qualification of Vo
ters, Limitation of Aotions, &o. '
Also, tba General Bankrupt Law, with
forma and full instructions to enable Bank
rupt and oreditors to take full kesreflt of tha
Aot without legal assistance.
Also, Pension Laws, wf.b full instructions
and forms to enable th Discharged Soldier
or Sailor to procure Back Pay, Pensions.
Bounties, and all War Claims.
Also, Patent Laws, with full instruction
lo inventors.
Also, Exoise Laws, Stamp Duties. Post
Offloesnd Custom House Regulations, tha
whole action of the Government in relation
to reconstruction and Freedmen; Constitu
tion of the United States, with amendments;
State Seals, with descriptions, &o.
Over 250 pages new . matter have been
added, to meet the requirements of the timea.
Th utility of such a work no one will
now question. The sale of' hundreds of
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
thai point. The professional man, the far
mey, the mechanic, the manufacturer, tha
soldier, the sailor, eaoh requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work.
It will save them money, save tnem trouo-.
le, save them time, save them litigation and
lawyers' fees, and give them information
that nobody can anora to be wunoai, l.'mo,
650 pages.
Prioe, bandsomiy bound, ja.
Sent, post-paii, on receipt of price.
A good, reliable Agent wanted in every
town in the United States. Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agent. Also, a few wide-awake men, to,
travel in establishing Agenoies. -
J. R. HAWLEY ft CO.,
164 Vine Street, Cinoinnati, Ohio.
Any person wishing1 a copy
of the above Book, r ill call on
J. W, Bowejt,
" Agent for Vinton County, "
Hair Exterminator ! I
For Removing1 Superfluous Hair!
TO the ladies especially, this invaluable
depilatory recommends itself as being
an almost indispensiDie aruoie to lemaia
beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or
Injure the skin, but aots directly on the roots.
It is warrated to remove superfluous hair
from low foreheads, or from any part of the
body, completely, totally and radically ex
tirpiating the aame, having the akin soft,
smooths and natural. Thia is the only arti
cle used by the French, and is the only real
effeotual depilatory in existence. Prioe 75
cents per paokage, sent post-paid to any n4-
arena, on receipv uj nn urutsr uy
285 River St., Troy, N. Y,
$10Q from $30.
1J Y acting as our Agents for the sale of S J
pes ani "strocoiMo views m an ine points ot
Interest in the World. Pne andHtationery Packets,
Silver Hunting Case Watches. Also, fioo collection
oflmperinl Card nct'irea, Colored rnnis, ao.
Mr:w will piirormoe a misoelianeMiis flock r.f
above noods that will sell for SluO. Un oiler most
extraordiuary iudiieementt and a chance for those
who wish to establish themselves in a aood paying
baalness, Fprcatalcenes and full particulars send to
June 13, 1867 -Oro : K 30 Beeknun t , Kew York,

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