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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 25, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
I. W. aoWXK, WUTOB HD raoPvoa.
Thnmlur, t July 35. 1867
Democratic State Ticket.
For Governor,
AMEN 0. THURMAN, of Franklin.
Fer Lieulenait Governor,
DANIEL 8. UUL, of Holmes.
For Treasurer,
Pr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
jFor Auditor,
. JOHN McELWEE, of But'cr.
F.r Attorney General,
FRANK U. I1URD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controller of Treasury,
For Board of Publlo Works,
ARTHUR UUGBES, of Cuyahoga,
For Representative,
for Prosecuting Attorney,
For Surveyor,
For Commissioner,
The Democbatio Enquirer should
bo read by every voter in Vinton county
durioetbe present campaign. As we be
liove that the most extended circulation
of eound Democratic papers will greatly
aid in the triumph of correot principles,
at the coming election, we offor The
Dmoaatie Enquirer from this lime (or
for three months) until after theeleotion,
on the following low
Single eubsoribew, 25 cent6; olubf of
5, $1,10; olubs of 10, $2; with an ad
ditional copy to each getter up of olub.
One copy, one year, in clubs of not less
than ten, 81, Payments to be made in
We offoer the paper at those unusually
low rates with the view of bringing it
. t. st 1 T M lliii nm.
ejnlniu me reacn oi an uunug iu
paign, and we hope the offer will bo re
sponded to generally all over the county.
A very trifling effort on the part of some
of our friends in each township or
neighborhood would secure a large ad.
dition to our already large subscription
list, and be the means of doing a great
deal of good. The pendicg campaign is a
most important one the question of
. . .1.. linM
giving 100 negro mo ngu w , .
office, sit on juries, and marry into white
families is to be deoided and every
Democrat should exert himsolf to seoure
the triumphant sucoess of the Democracy.
Lot our able Demoorats throughout the
county make up a fund 'of from one to
five dollars or more in each township,
and distribute oopies of the paper to vo
ters who take no paper and who will read.
By so doing, the people can be educated
in regard to the seal issues, and vote
Send in the names at
Editor & Pub'er.
Editor & Pub'er. McArthur, July 18, '67.
Thi editor of the Zaleski (Vinton-connty)
Enquirtr says that any person disposed to
erect a woolen factory in that town, can
have a suitable site donated, for the purpose,
within one mile of the Marietta & Cincinnli
Railroad Depot, by addressing him. Cincin
nati Enquirer;
. The Cincinnati Enquirer is slightly mlsta-'
ken. The Enquirtr is published in McAr
thm instead of Zaleski. The sits for a wool
en factory will be donated as our cotempor
ary states. Please correot the mistake.
The following is the notice, which has
been published for several weeks in this
ttacer. from whioh the Cincinnati Enquirer
editor derived his information :
A Woolkh Factobi. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land, through
which the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adjoining the Zaleski
Estate, in Vinton county, authorises us to
state that a site for a Woolen Faotory will
be given free to any party who will build
upon It. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about ons mile from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. B. R.,- and water, coal,
wood, and every thing else necessary for
building and running an establishment of
this kind, being near at hand. We tnink
there is not a more convenient looation in
this county for a Woolen Faotory. For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
tor of this 5s Per.
Jmit Ekhitt of Pike eouaty has been
Bomioattd for Slate Senator in the VII Sen
atorial Diatriot, -composed of the counties of
Tike, Jaekson, Soioto and Adams. Mr. Em
mitt is well known throughout the diatriot as
an enterprising oitiien, and will be triumph
antly elected.
Wi djd not receive the paper of last week
printed in the British Province. It is said
that Peter Plumull, aliat Robert Thompson,
didn't have another fit in ('the Moon, near
the (Jas House," about the MoArtbur En
quirtr editor and the Sunday School in the
city in the British Provfnce,
The popular cstalishment of
Will & Co., Zaleski, are
rPfMvmr a complete assortment
of Goods in their line, bought
ior lias" w "
rates, and will be sold at correal
,i;nflmw. Povsnna wish-
ram dino-figures. Persons wish
ing to purchase will save money
by calling on them, as they al
ways sell at the lowest figures.
Important—Read! GREAT
Saturday, August 10, 1867.
At a meeting of fhe Demooratio State
Excoutive Committee, in conjunction
with State candidate?, appointments were
made for meetings in nearly every coun
ty in the State, to be addressed by lead
ing Demoorats of the State. ' . '
Judge Thueman,
(Our candidate for Governor,)
Judge .Vait Trump,
and others, will address the peo
ple of Yinton county, at McAr
thur, on Saturday, Aug. 10.
Ona friend, J. W. Newman, Editor of the
Portsmouth Timet, was put in nomination
for the Ohio House of Representatives by the
Demooraoy of Soioto county, at their uonven
tion last week. He would make an effioient
and raitnrui ttepreieniauve, u. w- ""i"
.. . L.n.
hii "election is sure." . The Convention
t a.
could not have seleoled a truer man
tioioate in the singing and playing only
fnr tha mnsio or for the cay. A writer
in the Examiner and Chroniole describes
fashionable city choir as follows:
"The cook-loft, ten feet behind and ten
feet above the worshipers ; then the four
teen aorta of tune-books : the the balu
tr.i. tn bide the nraieers : then the
praisors themselves, who come trippin to
their places with exnberant satisfaction
and demonstrative delight; then their
salutations and greetings, which in any
nthnv nnrt nf tha church wouldTic i con
sidered intolerably irreverent (thorefore
tne onoirion u no ruuBU""
thi obnrob. or its inhabitants a part
the worshipers ;) then the titter a
QIBOBPO WU1UU id hiuviui " ------
is inseparable from them ; then solemn
dinging, witb a background oi merry
smiles, hilarious nuagmg, ana onaracier
Utio (not to say cnorisiorisiio; wiuas ;
then a grand ,reconnoitering ; of tune
hnnVa nennmnanied bv appropriate whis
pers, during the prayer or the reading of
tbe Holy Bible; men a merary enter
tainment, or ao exchange of penoiled
notes on all the great questions that in
.atari the human mind except religion:
then the transformation of the choir-loft
into a sleeping oar, of which too choris
ter is the oonduotor. who wakes up his
passengers when it is time to go to prais
ing again." Thoso who have heretofore
failed to discover that the above is a mat-of-fact
description of what is always
and inevitably connected withe the choir
arrangement, mav profit at least bv the
following, whioh we find in an exchange,
iUllUWlUK. VVU1UU TVM -M IU -to")
nv nf thena iashionable exhibitions : "At
prominent church in Indianapolis re
and whioh shows the inevifcabele tenden?on
- i
ded the execution of a fine pieoe of mu
with clapping of hands and stamping
of feet ("American Christian Review.
It does seem from what little history
we have gathered in relation to choirs,
tnat too maon trutn auaones itseii 10 me
above, especially in MoArthur.
Here is a photograph of the fashionable
muio copied from the original :
"Waw-kaw swaw daw aw raw,
Thaw saw thaw law aw-waws :
Waw-kaw taw thaw raw-vaw-yaw braw,
Aw thaw raw-Jaw-saw aws."
Translation of the above ;
"Welcome sweet day of rest,
That saw tbe Lord arise ;
Weloome to this reviving breast
And these rejoicing eyes.".
cently, on Sabbath, the audienoe
For Iflishler's Herb Bitters
Go to Sleson's Drui; Store. .
The cerson who sent ua the oommu
nicatiou from Zaleski, last Monday the
: , t -i .1.- -: . .1 i
laiiiam v( iuo eiguBiuro iiicretu uoiug
"F. B." will please call upon us, or
send the real name. We must know
the real names of our correspondents
not hr publication, ot course. We will
publish (be eommunicition. but we
want ah interview with the author, and
also the real name. We hope this may
satisfactory to tbe author. We do not
like to violate the rules relating to the
publication of communications.
For Vine Perfumery. ;
Ge to Sisson'a Drug Store-
Senator Chandler, of "blood, let
ting notoriety, ought to be sent as Minis
ter to Mexioo. Ho fully approves of the
murder of Maximilian, is enohanted with
the doings of the, Juarists, and no doubt
will find ample opportunity there to see
his bloodthirely ideas put intq practice.
JustLmintv. We have received 25
"im ine uitiues mtu,
many 0f y011 prospectuses this
It is a fact that this paper has
i . nirtn thnri otitt
a larger unuuitinvu. j
ther pgr printed in Linton
Lwrihp.ra within the
wet, and still they come.
Lalan .Sampson, John Hose,
applauilfficAJaniL. A. Atwood, Dr. H. C. Moore,
A horrible accident occurred ia our tow
on Wednesday evening, the 17th irlst. .
heen lei bv the Town Coun
liuuna" '---o - ,
oil (of hioh we mentionad in this paper two
weeks agoj to ems a wtm iwi.in ucj,
ih rlace bored for an Artesian Well, one
1 Tha well on Wednesday evening.
year agv. i -- -- , yi
being sunk about fourteen feet deep m solid
rock by means or oiasung ponuer,
the men then proposed putting in large
blast in the main hole which had beet drill
ed for the Artesian well. The idea.was a
new one, but it pleased everybody, Money
... onrt ih tiawilitr nurahaset. and
wid m . r ' r .
all the necesary arrangements beingmade,
about nine pounds or powaer was ugiiny
tamped In the hole with clay and sand. A
i 1:111 r mA TnatlA rnnnrl Wftl then
driven into the hole and large braoe from
thenoe wore seourely set. All handa then
repaired to tha top to await the result.
n it,. ;.ni,rn nf the nowder. a number
nf rnnii were thrown out of the well-rthe.
(, larireRt beini 352 Dound
.7m. hiirh the Court House. The
well beine full of smoke from the burnt
powder prevented the crowd from seeing
tha result of the experiment, several men
niiul in mn down. Jacob Clements. 0. W
Gillman and A. F. Drake went down to the
bottom of the well ; but as soon hi Uey
M&nhaii the bottom. Drake was heard say
"Take us out quiokl" and at the same tipe
looklna un with a wild taie. Dr. D. V. Rin-
ni.ii. Ti.ino .t ttiA well, and obserrlni tb
wild anoearance of Drake, suspioioned lliat
something was wrong. Gillman says that be
experienced a shortness or oreatn on react-
Int. Ihnhnttnm. and reaolved to CO Out, bit
tilil w!t. nnlil the other two should to
out; and he oaaght hold of the rope and was
drawn out or the wen msensiDie, etui not
ing a death grip upon the rope, and was car
ried into the street as dead to all appear
anoe. Clements and Drake were seen ft!
tnnn ia thmr fiftllffht hold of the roDe at lb
time animus oauzht it. Dr Rannells then
v-llsu if ww , . z r
This eudden and unexpected result prodmed
... , i i m : i : ju
a SHOCK upon tne orowu o oiuz,bud nuu
h.t than nooBinlilBd ! the wildest exoitomtnt
Iprevauea, auu xvxy o.dwu
a different mode of getting theur out. There
ii. i .Atillti Aaa A almnal m in in
prevailed ; and every person seemed to hve
they lay apparently dead almost within
down in , laree ouanties upon the two mea
as they lay, insensible to all around them.
Harmon Lowrey, Having me rope iioa
Int. down, but was usable
to accomplish anything, and was drawn up
insensible. At tins moment ine exouepent
became alarming in the extreme, 1 and
no In do was entertained for tbe resoue of
the men, who, but a , few moments before
were standing: DV our side, ana wno seem
ed to be slumbering in the sleep of death.
Capt. William J. Kanneus men looped tne
rope around bis boay ana went aown w
bring them up. Clements, who was lying
on his baoS wICTj htS mouth' wide'open, and
inhaling all the impurities of the air in the
well, was drawn up first. Drake was found
with lii henA flrnnninff UTioa his brsait
thua'tirevenlinir him from inhaling as creat
quantities of the poison as Clements. No
signs of life Jcould be seen in either of
them for ceneiderable time. After about
an hour and a half Drake became lomo
what sensible, but remained .flighty during
all the night, uemoms was carried Jiome
and remained porfectly Insensible for ibout
inirtn.aiT hnura- andhesavs that he knew
nothing like himself until Friday evening.
He bas no recoueotion oi auyuuug co n
narnintr the blast. Iboir narrow eucane
from death may serve as a warning t a others ;
. . . i- -it . -:u i-t.l. il.
and meir rescue ib h aibriuui.vm l luo
good judgment of Dr Rannells, in ordtr.ng
water tn be thrown down upon them thus
carrying down with it a body of pure air.
The Demooratio Executive Committee of
Vinton County S. C. Case, D. B. Snivel
and J. G, Swetland, Jr., have appointed
the following named gentlemen ts ah
invrannv fvilf UTTT1TB 1
Eagle John W. Wilkinson, Jacob Isnaugle.
Proton Washington Keeton, Seth T. Weed.
JSlk A. J. Bwaim, Patrick ucAiister.toon.
i?Wi .-Frpri Pi-allnhfitiepn Frftd TV:fik I
"'I' .-v.b,
Ma ait on Morris Albaugh, Solomon Shipley.
vumon jonn rraiee, vr J. a. i'jouhu.u.
Vinton John Booth, Joseph MoLaugblln.
rmwn auua duuiu. uuseuu luuijauK
Harrison Lyle.
Wilkrr,,;!! Churl Miilhnlla.nri Kinw If Pill 9
Eim Henry Packhard, George R, Bell.
Thx Pabbaqx of the Despotism
RlT.r. Nntliinrr Tinttnr illnstrtttfla the
blindness and intensity of party strife
in this country than the paaaige of the
fnilitarv drtnotim hill m-tfaa Oangregs-
ional Bump over the President's veto.
It is such an unanswerable document,
and eives such crrave and weichtv teasons
against the monstrous measure, that there
could not probably be iound a disinter
ested,' reasonable and unprejudiced man
in tha world, who is in favor of a re
publican form of government, that would
not favor its rejection, after reading suoh
an evemption of us oontenis as tne rres
ident crave. But reason and common
sense are thrown away upon suoh a body
nf eras and infatuated partisans as DOW
rule the Congress at Washington, who,
... i j i-
neatea ny passion ana gaugrenea vj
nreiudioe. are osDablo of committing anv
wrrng tht their party interests may seem
. 1TT1 t -
to require, wnen party reeling over
rides suoh a messago. there is a poor
prospect for the perpetuity of republican
Private advices from Ohio assure us
that thepolitioal skies are bright. Phil
adelphia Post, i; ' ,
Ob. ves I . Our political skies are
brieht. That is the Demooratio skies.
As for tbe Radical skies, they are about
as bright as blue blazes of a dark night,
lantern, from the dark end of a blsok hole
in the ground, surrounded with a family
of black Radical oats. "Ohio States
1 And it oaiuo to pass, in the history
of the city, as it was written, that inas
much as the Historian was "abusing"
the "Lord," that some of his friends
sondeth unto the "Lord" one of the
newspapers containing some of the His
tory, as written about turn.
2 And when it had arrived at the
city, and at the office of bira whose busi-
noes it is to take onarge ot tne same, u
seemed a matter of duty to send the
paper along with the other portion, of
the "Lord's" mail matter. ,
3 And the officer, whose surname is
Will, being an old man. and having
from his earliest day, learuod to oonfer a
favor when in bis power so to do. tnougnt
it no harm to thus send unto the ''Lord"
all of his mail matter.
4 And it never entered into his mind
to think that the same would offend the
5 And the "Lord," when he reoeiv
eth the paper wbioh a kind friend send
eth unto Him, and it being the same that
contained the "Ohronioles," he taketh
the same and eeatoth himself in the
great armihajr, and began reading the
History as written.
6 And it soon ecemeth unto the
"Lord" that tbe Historian still continues
to tell the truth in all that be says con
cerning the city, the "Chief Pig Driver,"
"Peter Plumfull," and the "Lord."
7 And it now began to be very plain
unto those standing near by, that the
"Lord" was becoming sore . vexed, and
was full of wroth, .
8 And the "Lord" sccmeth spell
bound, and oould not so much as take
bis eyes from the same, but continuoth
9 And tbe more lie read ot tbe same,
the more He became convinced of tbe
truthfulness of the History.and still His
mind becometh more and more attraotod
10 And He still growing more wroth
and wondering who it is, that hath gained
suoh perfect knowledge of the doing of
the mighty oily, and then dare to stand
up in the light of this intelligent age,
and write the same in the plain, simple,
and soripture-trutb-liko manner, the
thought booamo too great for bis capao
ity. . ..
11 And the "Lord" before He had
ended reading the same beoorceth full of
wroth, and he eonoewiog that he was so
thoroughly oaptured thereby, and Drougni
in subieotioa thereto. He resolves to
make one desperate effort to relieve him
self from the Iron grasp of the History.
12 So when he bad tally pursuaded
himself bow he oould best relieve himself
from this sudden delusion, he raiseth up
straight on bis feet, and with all the
power and dignity at bis, command, ne
threw the History from himself against
the wall, with suoh foroe in his anger,
that the truthfulness of tbe History
causeth it to rebound back unto the
"Lord's" feet, where it ley crouched at
tbe feet of sovereign power.
13 And in tbe meantime a still small
voice came up from tbe same, saying:
"Truth is mighty and wiif'1 prevail.
Though truth be trodden down as I now
am yet shall it rise again."
14 And when the "Lord"- beareth
this, He oommandolh one of His' young
lads, even bis mail lad, to take the same
back unto tbe man of kindness, ,in tne
mail department, and inform him that he
did not wish to bo so insulted by having
the "Uhronioles" sent unto him, nor to
have his peaceful and quiet repose desi
turbed by reading the same.
-15 For it doth seem utto me the
"Lord," that when my eyes have oaught
tight of the History that I am not eon-
tent until 1 read the same.
16 And further, my young lad, I
command; you to inform him,' whose
surname is .Will, and who hath charge
of the "Post Offioe," that for so doing I
shall report him to the department at the
oity of Washington, afar off, and will
visit my wratb upon mm and bis cmw
dren, and upon his children's ohildren,
even unto the third and fourth genera
tion. - ; ' '
to be continued,
Military Despotism ; Bill. The
Washington correspondent ef the New
York Express, in alluding to the. latest
military despotism bill, says :
"The President is bound band and
foot. He can do nothing, and when the
news of the passage or the proposed
measure over the veto gets to Sheridan
and Sickles, you may look out fojr im
portant orders from those two Gears."
Judieial effioers will be vacated by com
mand, of Major-general Sheridan and
Major-general Siokles, and-I would Bug
gest to the negro lawyern around Boston
that if they have any ambition to wear
the ermine, they had better repair forth
with either to District No. 2 or District
No. 5. There will be fine opportunity
in that seotion for the display of their
legal acquirements, under the protection
of suoh eminent lawgivers aa tha two
Major-generals aforesaid." r ' '
For StricflF Fure White
Lead at ' incinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson's Prtfg Store.
Let's Have a New Divide.
Ben Wade, is in for a re-division ofi
V I ' XT - -I, M 1 1, n
property, in iub ivauasa tysuu, u iuo
10th, he said ;
"The shadow of another struggle was
ovor us. That Congress which has done
so muoh for the slavo, oannot quietly re
gard tbe terrible distinction which exists
l. i -n 1. a wion tint latiAi-H ni1 him
that does not: PROPERTY IS NOW
Wendell Phillips, too, pipes that agra
rian song, He, in urging Confiscation
South, says:
Confiscation is mere, naked justice to
the former slave. Who brought the land
Sntn iMiliiuntinn 1 Whose sweat and toil
are mixed with it forever ? Who elearod
those forests ? Who made those roads?
Whoso hand reared those houses?
Whose wages are invested in those ware
houses and towns ? Of oourse the ne
gro's. Wiry should he not have a share
nf liii inheritance ?"
Ab. and as an addendum the NeW
York Express suggests :
"Whn built Beacon street. Boston ?
The Irish laborer 1 Who built the Bos
ton warves, and ships, and the granite
stores there? The Irish laborer I
Whose sweat and toil are mixed with
them all? The Irish laborer's 1 Why
should they not have their share of the
inheritance ?"
Taxes and Mone interest The
average rate of taxes in Ohio is two per
cent, on the ssaessed valuo of property
listed. The lawful interest of money
being six per onnt; one third of tbe in
oome is taxes. It is the same with rente.
One-third of the rent is oonsumed in
paying taxes. The people who wish to
shirk the payment of taxes call in their
debts and put their money in Govern
meet bonds, and the taxes thev shirk are
borne by other people. Mr. Sham Loyal
has one hundred and fifty dollars in Gov
ernment bonds, and saves three thousand
dollars a year in taxes, whioh his neigh,
bors have to pay for him. This is tbe
case with our State and county taxes.
But to enable the United States to let
the bondholder go free oftax, the people
have to bear a tax on everything they
wear, every thing they drink, and every
thing they eat, and every thing they do.
They must pay twenty millions a year to
tho Chase-bonds for the trouble of giv
ing us three hundred millions of shinr
plaster money. They must pay one hun
dred and twenty millions a year to keep
an army, black and white, at the South,
to give the peoplo republican governi
moor. The bonds must bo taxed must
be taxed, and taxed, and taxed at the full
rate of one third of tho interest, as the
people of Ohio are taxed. And we must
have a Legislature that will represent
the people, and not aot as mere toadies
to a whisky Congress. Urbana Union.
Orrn Financial Future. The New
York Times, in discussing our financial
condition, has but one panacea for our
troubles. That is the faithful and hon
est collection of the tax on whisky
This is a superficial view of the question,
and does not at all go to the root of the
matter. No doctoring will avail to re
lieve the people as long as we are bun
doncd with the national debt. We must
pay off the debt at onoe, and stop all that
vast interest which ronders oppressive
taxation necessary. It can be paid im
mediately, in tha legsl-tonder ourrency
of the country, in which all other debts
are paid. Tbis measure and this alone
will give financial ease and repose to tha
country. Tbe Times proposition merely
looks to paying the interest on the bonds.
Ours would pay the priooipal, and so get
rid of any interest at all. Our plan is
in the interest of the masses ; that of the
Times in the interest of tbe bondholders.
t. tt... inn. n h 1 Rfh nf .Tul v. 1 SOT. nf Consumn-
tion. Mrs. Mait Haxxswobth, aged 48 years.
"Gone, gone from earth's wearisome trials and wo:
Tl.n.nnt.nl I. nv.f flt lAnffthf
We selfishly sought to detain her below,
tsut tne ingeis exceuea us in sbrwiibii. .
Largest Book Agency in the
roa "
M'Kenzie's . 10,000 Receipts
- IBT AMi THS V --"
nrHROUGH agents I now offer to tho public an en-
i ure new euiwu :
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quarter or a century. i no h i""
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Domestio Economy, are worth to the Farmer and
Gardener several times ite cost. The recipe for
cooking, preserving, pickling, confectionery and
carving, should be in Ihe possession ot every house
wife. This departmentalone is more complete and
valuable than any other work ever published on this
subject. The diseases of the home, cattle, hogs,
animal a OfA iri.cA of At crfiftt length ana
complete directions given for. treatment. The de-
r n,r Hn.ni, nnrl Distillation.
Perfumery, Bleaching, Tantiing, Fainting, Varnish
es, cements, Ac, are all that could be desire
More than seventy distinct subjeeta are carefully ex
amined and treated of. It is unquestionably the
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De gurHWJeu. ruruuuuicwo .. y
send at once to agents.
For samples of the GOLDEN PER w, enclose
two stamps and they will be sent with circulars.
Addresa M. V. B. COWEN, LaFayette. Indiana.
A Better Pen Than Gilloltt Pen.
"VtrARRANTEDtobeequal to the gold pen lor
y ease and beauty oi writing, niuy as nexioie
nH mnre durable than anv steel lien evermanufao
tured. Will not oorode. Theyare endorsed by some
of the best business men in the country, men who
know what a good pen is. Traveling agents wanted
to introduce Ihe GOLDEN PEN throughout the
West, and also other saleable artio'es. two sties.
No. 1 for general use; No. 2, extra fine points, lor la
dies' use. They are put up in neat slide boxes, 'each
box containing 12 pens. Price lb cents per box.
Bent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of price.
Money refunded if they do not give satisfaction. Ad
dressM. V. B. COWEN, LaFayette, Indiana,
June XI, lMT-ata)
TII33 - .
$300,000 Presents to Subscribers.
One Cash Present of $40,000.
One Cash Present of $20,000.
One Cash Present of $10,000.
One Cash Present of $5,000.
Two Cash Presents of $2,500 each,
Read full Schedule o Pretentt Below.
Each certificate of dock is accompanied with a
Worth Mors at Retail than tie Cost of
, And also insures to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Washington Library Company
Is chartered by the State of Pennsylvania, an Or
Knited In aid ofthe
Riverside Institute
For Soldiert' and Sailort' Orphanu
Incorporated by the State of N. J.
April 8, 1867.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, New
Jersey, Is founded fer the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold
iers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Trustee! consists of the following
well-known citiiens of Pennsylvania and New Jersey:
Hon. William Mann,
Diatriot Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. 3. Mint, and Recorder .
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. James M. Scovel, New Jersey.
Hon. ff. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Uurman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TatAsrBT PuPAiiTJirNT, Washington, D. C, April
18, lt)ti7. Office ol Intornnl Revenue: Having reced
ed satisfactory evidence thnt the proceeds .of the en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitaSle uses, permission
ib hereby grantod to said company to conduct siiuh
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether froia
special tux or other duty. . A. KOL1.1NS,
The Washington Library
In order that the benevolent objeot set forth In thla
circular may be successfully accomplished, have is
sued a series of Fine Steel-plate Engravings, which,
are put on subscription at prices much below thoir
retail value. Certificates of Stock in the Washington
Library company will be issued, stamped with th
nenl of the company, and signed by the secretary.
None others are genuine.
Any person Bending us Ont Dollar, or pay
ing the same toourlooal Agents, will receive
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
choice from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, Insuring One Present in
our published schedule.
One Dollar Engravingt,
No 1 "My Childl My Child!" No i
"They're Saved!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six ;
or, the Early Days of the Revolution."
Any person paying Two Dollart will re
ceive either of the Steel Plates, at choice, and
Two Certificates of Stook, thus beooming en
titled Two Presents.
Two Dollar Enravingi.
No. I "Washington's Courtship." Wo. 2-" Wash
Ington's Last Interview with his Mother."
Three Dollar Engravmgt.
Anv person paying Three liollara will receive the
beautiful steel Plate of "Home From the War," and
Three certificates of stock, beooming entitled tt
Three Presents.
Four Dollar Engravmgt.
Any person paying Four Dollars shall receive the
large and beautiful steel Plate of "The Perils ot Our-
Forefathers," and Four certificates ol
Uiok, eulU
thna them tn Knlir Present.
Five Dollar Engraving't,
Any person who pays Five Dollars shall receive
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Mainage
of Pocahontas," and Five certificates of stock, eu ti
tling them to Five I'rooerjc.
The engravings and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, oi seat
by mail, post puid, or express, as may be ordered.
Will award Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
- To the Shareholders,
Oo WedueBday, Scptembor itftb, 18C7.
At Philadelphia, Ta.,
Or at the Institute, Rivertide, iV. J.
1 Cash Pressnt
1 Cash Present
1 Cash Present
1 Cash Present
2 Cash Presents of $2,600
I Handsome Country Residence;
Stable, Grounds, &c, Herman
town, Philadelphia
1 Double Residence, three -story
briok, Camden N. J.
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds,
Ground, with business establish
ed, No 1314 Washington Avenue
1 Country Residence, Riverside,
N. J. with Ground, Fruits, &o.
6,' 000)
1 Three-storv cottage, lot, ta.
26 Valuable building lots, Riverside, 300
I Elegant Turnout Family carriage,span of
horses, Harness, Ao., complete,
10 Valuable Building Lots, Riverside, 3O0
1 Beautiful silver-gray horse, Ui hands
. high' aired by tne celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, -'Caliph;' ' also, a light
Road Wagon, weight He pounds, with set
of superior single harness, Ac, making a
first-class establishment. .
20 Pianos, $600 each
6 Rosewood sewing machines, (200 each
lOFamilv sewinir machines. (100 each
9. 009
60 Fine gold watches, two hundred dollars cacti 10,000
iuo uu I'aintings, ny leaaiog arwsva nggre
gate value
a Camel's Hair Bhawli, oae thousand dol
lars each
Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dol
lars each
3 Handsome Lace shawls, $21" each
10 Cashmere shawls, fifty dollars each
SO silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollais
60 city building lots, 1 175 each
The remainder wilt oonsist of silverwarey
Musical Boxes, Opera Classes, Pooket
Bibles, anddifTerent articles ot orna
- ment and use, amounting to
Total, 1300,000
All tho properties given clear of Incumbrance.
How to Oltain Share and Engravmgt.
Bend orders to ns by mail, enclosing from oae to
twenty dollars, either by Post Office orders or in
registered ' letter, at our risk. Larger .amount
should be sent by draft or express.
10 shares with engravings . $ 9 69
25 shares with engravings 23 60
60 shares with engravings 46 60
76 shares with engravings 69 00
100 shares with engravings ' 80 00
Local Agents wanted throughout tut Uni
ted States.
Tbe Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A, COOKE & CO ,
whose well know integrity and business ex
periense will be a effioient guarantee that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated,
Address all letters and orders to ' :,
QUO. A. COOKE & CO., Bankers,
83 South Third 8 tree t,
1 Philadelphia, Pa.
Reoeivers for the Washington Library Co.
' July 4, 1867-6m ' .

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