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Democratic Enquirer
j. w. bowu, irrto k rsomxToa.
Thursday t
August 1. 1867
lias the largest circulation of any pa
ver in Vinton County. Advertisers and
others will please mane a micuj kq.
Democratic State Ticket.
."' . For Governor,
ALLEN Q. THUBMAN, of Franklin.
! ' For Lieutenant Governor,
DAHIEIi S. DHL, of Holmes. . ,.
For Treasurer,
Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford. ;. ,
'For Auditor, .
. JOHN McELWBE, of Butler. .
For Attorney Genera!,
. FRANK H. I1UBD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEf, of.Hamilton.
' For Controllei of Treasury,
WILLIAM 8HEB1DAN, of Williams.
For Board of Public Works,
AETHBE HUGHES, of Cuyahoga,
For Representative, .
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Surveyor, ' '
' . B. C. 8TE1SBROOK. '" :
For Commissioner,
A.: SOULE. ,-, I '
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
Aegroes the liigM to vote ana
hold Office ' '
. ..
be read lj ever; voter in Vinton oouotj
daring the present oampaign. as ve do.
Jieve that the most extended oiroalatioa
of sound Demooratio papers will groatlj
id i Ihe triumph of correct principles,
it the coming election, , we offer The
Democratic Unquiier from tbia time (or
for three months) until after theeleolioo,
on the following low .. f.:!!; .
t f - Tiaiie:
Single subscribers, 25 oents; clubs of
n m in. nlnha of 10. 12: with an ad
ditional oopy to eaoh getter up of club.
TOne copy, one year, in cluba of not less
than tea. fl.1 Payments to be made in
advance.' '
We offuer tbe paper at these unusually
low rates with the view of bringing it
within the teach of all daring the cam
paign, and we hope the offer will be re
sponded to generally all over the county.
A very trifling effort on the part of some
of our friends in'eaoh township or
neighborhood would seoare a large ad.
dition to our already large subscription
list, and be the means of doing a great
lust of pood. The tending campaign is a
most important one th question of
giving the negro the right to vote, noid
office, pit on juries, and marry into whita
families is to be decided and every
Democrat should exert himself to seoure
the triumphant succeBB of the Demboraoy.
Let our able Democrats throughout "the
eounty make up a fund of from one to
five dollars or more in eaoh township,
and distribute oopies of the paper to7 vo
ters who take no paper and who will read.
By so doing, tbe peoplo can be eduoated
in regard to the beal issues, and vote
Send in the names at
Editor & Pub'er.
McArthur, July 18, '67.
Niw Type. Our readers will notice
that part of this week's paper is print
ed on New Type.
A Woolks Factosj.-A person who owns
a large and valuable tract of land, through
which tlw-M i-!linnt Beilvoad
passes,' west of and adjoining the , Zsleski
Estate, in Vinton county, authoriies us to
state that a site for a Weolea Faotory will
. be given free to any party who will build
upon it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about one mils from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. E. E.; and water, coal,
wood, and every thing else necessary for
building and running an establishment of
this kind, being near at band. We think
' there is not a more convenient' location in
this county for a Woolen Factory. For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
torjof this paper. '
Democrats of Tin ton county, wo
are now prepared to go into the cam
paign with sleeves rolled up ready for
thorough work I Ahe tqu all ready ?
An Advisory Committee, composed of
me very nest men, bus been appointed
in eaoh townsliip in the county." All
.must go to work, got ready for the
battle there is no time to lose ! It is
necessary for you to rnake prepara
tions to meet at the polls, next Qcto-
. bcr, those who, are .in favor of .Negro
buttrage in lavor ot negrooa voting,
holding office, marrying into white
families, &c;
Democrats! GREAT
Saturday, August 10, 1867.
At a meeting of the Demooratio State
Executive Committee,, in oobjuootion
with State candidates, appointments were
made for meetings in nearly every coun
tj in the State, to be addressed by lead
ing Democrats of the State. ' '
Judge Tiiukjtan,
(Our candidate for Governor,)
JudffO VA2 Trump,
and others, will address the peo
ple of Vinton county, at McAr-
thur, on baturaay, ivug : , : ,:,
G. A. R.
Horace Greeley, tho great founder
and leader of tho Republican party,
compliments (in a late' iBSUO of his
Neva York Tribune) the Grand Army
of the t Republic as follows. As- there
is a branch of this secret, treasonable
organization in McArthur, we call tho
special attention of tho Groat (rand
Commander ; to Greeley's . compli
ments, hoping ' that he may listen to
the warning of his great loader before
that "sad day" comes:
f We donounco this new secret asso
ciation as inimical to tho Constitution
and ;tho Union; r It will bo a sad day
for our party when soldiers find no
better work than to prowl over tho
battle-fields of the past, and dig up
the bodies of tho slain. , The country
wants peace, and rest, and harmony,
and justico. These men want a dis
tracted country, that offices may be
trained. They, would mako America
O-, . ill.
a JViexico, peaco wouia ue eeni io meep
with Turks and infidels, and. instead
of Union, they would "the wofulest
division mako that ever fell upon this
cursed earth." ' ' ' ' ' ';:
The 10th of August.
judge Allen G- Thubjian, the next
ftovfirnor nf . Ohio ono of . Ohio 8
purest and best men, and Judge P,
Van Trump, membor of Conerross from
the" I-ffo7ddBfHci;7W
be at McArthur, on Saturday, the 10th
day of August, and address tho ' poo
pie of Tinton county. Let every
Democrat in Vinton turn out on'that
day, and hear thes'o ablo'champions of
the white man a Government aiscuss
the issues of the day. Farmors, pre
pare to lay asido your work on that
day, and let us have a rousing meet
ing. Come from: the hills! .Come
from tho valleys 1 Come, from the
plains 1 Como ono, come all I Lot us
"Rally, rally once again I"
For ntsliler's Herb Bitters
Go to Slsson's Drug Store. . ' ,.r j
The roof of tho McArthur tearn Mills
caught firo about 9 o'clock on Tuesday
moraine; last, from the sparks or bump
ing soot from tho stack tho top of
which is ten or fifteon feet above tho
roof. Tor a few moments it looked as
though the Mill would burn down.
The flames wero soon extinguished
the damage not being very great. ,
About 11 o'clock - on Wednesday a
Hire broke out in a room in the back
part of the llulbert House, but it was
extinguujhod beforo much damage
was done. It caught from , a stove in
the room. i ' -uAv '
Wa wniilrt urmm remind tho citizens
that a Fire Company should bo Mme-i
diately organized, .
By referring tda notice in this par
per it will be seen jbhai , the member
of the Fire Company aro requested to
meet at the School House, next Satur
day evening. Let there bo a full at
tendance, so that the organization
may be completed. . ' ? , . ,
For Fine Pe r Turner T.
Go to Bieson's Drug Store. ; j
Sobscbibb ron it. The Asiita contains
40 oolumns of epioy reading every week.
Lovers of "choice literature" should read it.
Sent 3 months for 60 oents. ' ' . ,.
Address "The Arena," Albany,, . I.
Coming. Eemcmbcr that Judco A.!
G. Thurman and Judge P. Van Trump
will address the citizens of Vinton
county, at McArthur, on - the 10th
inst.' ' ' '"'i ; :h : '' "
Wb ure under many obligations to
our fn'cnd N. H. Eaines, of London
dcry, Boss county, O.', fbr a list of 14
campaign subscribers, which were re
ceived Tuesday. Let all our friends
send in the names as fast as possible.
How bei
tiful the Fashion Plates. ,
The terms are as follows: .
Onocoiy, one year,
Two copies, one year,
Three oopies, one year,
Four oopies, one year,
' Five eopies. one year, and
S a 00
5 60
10 00
ztra copy to getter up
Eight oopies. one year, and aa
extra copy to getter up ef
olub, - 3100
We will send the Dtmoeratie Iwpiirer ai
Oodey for oue year for $3,79.
Olub subaQibers will to sent any Fd
Office where toil subscriber may reside.
Godev's Lady's Book and Arthur's Hoii
Magaaine will be sent, eaoh ens; ear, on
eftlnt of 24 CO. . . . 1 ' ', : i i .
Address L. A. Godey, Corner Sixth ai
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Fa.
Tm Old Gurb tlie ; only , DsmQorai
magaaine published in the United 8tates4
for June it filled with theoun Jeat of reacj
in?. All who deaire to understand tl
Ideas of Liberty, ought to have this magainj
The terms are as follows: i , ,
One oopy, one year, : c .( 800
TwoeoDies.' .-. ry 5 60,
Four oopies,
10 00
Five conies, and one to tetter-up of
, 1 tbe club, 14 00
Ten copies, and one to getter-up of ;.
' the olub, ' . 25 00
Twenty copies, and one to getter-up
of olub. ., .. 45
. Van Evrie, Hortou & Co, Publishers;
1(2 New York.
Godit for August is reoeied,
Mb. Editob:: I - notico with' omo
surprise an article in the Zaleski Zcho,
of Juno 27, wherein you are cha-ged
with beinc; the author of my coranu-
nication published in your papV of
Juno 20. Zaleski wishes to havetho
County Seat' removed here, andmy
obiect. in tnv communication.'wii to
call the attention of the public tothe
quantity ot bad whisky drank uro,
it. B. Eobson, tho first Agent or Jin-
aercr for the Zaleski Co., sold lots vith
the restriction' that whisky shouldnot
be sold on the lot by tlve purchase
the lot : and the idea has gone abvmd
that Zaleski is a temperate place. Che
Zaleski Echo is tho organ of the pw
ers that be in Zaleski, and I submt
the publio whether it is right for tlose
who control its columns to publiih
" Business Directory " of the busiiess
ot the town, and mako tho most ihey
can ot all the business corned on here,
and omit the liquor selling altogether,
Undor tho heading of " Grocers tnd
Bakers, " tho ' papor publishes
names of three business houses. Tor
aught I know thoso who keep them
may bo bakers by trado,;but they Are
not at' the present time engagecj
baking bread, nor do I think they have
been at any time since the Echo has
been published. Under thd headine:
of "Licmors. &c." there are also tmb-
lished the names of four moro business
hpusos. I .'do not : wish to excite
-parrel and havo the editor of a pub
lic print abused dii ihj account, but
ask the powors that be in Zaleski
have published in thoir organ tho
names of all those who sell whisky
here under its proper name, or else
omit tho " Business Dircctorv " alto
gether. Let tho English who want
tho Americans to vote to remove
County ' Seat here, so thev may
their lots and grow rich, tell tho truth.
Some men would vote for Zaloski soon
er for having whisky sold here. .
Zaleski, July 24, 1867.
Personal. Dr. A. Wolf, of this
town, who has been absent for sov
eral weeks in New York City, Albany,
and other places in New York, arrived
home lour or five days ago. , 1
' n ill ill !
' Children,1 ero this generation will
have passed away, will see tho blood
thirsty murderers now in power, in
United States, bunted and snot down
like does. Just what they are impos-
inar upon Southern .WhitoB , will
visited upon them. ' ' ' , - 1,1
Thb Demooratio Exeoutivo Committee
Vinton County S. C. Case, D. B. Bhivei
and J. G, 8 we Hand, Jr., have appointed
the following named ' gentlemen as
5 -i ADVisoar coHMiTT-B : ; i u
Eagli John W. Wilkinson, Jacob Imaugle,
i?roiw Washington Keeton, Seth T. Weed.,
Elkk. J. Swaim, Patrick MoAlieter, Coon.
. Smith. . ' . '.
Swin -Fred. Cradlehaugh, Fred Frick.
Jackson-Ltn Sampson, John Eose, '
itaditon Morris Albaugh, Solomon Shipley,
Jnhn Fraiee. Dr J. A: Monahan.
rmtoTj-vona- DiwtujjOTvpa juoiaugann.
Richland L. A. Atwood, Dr.. IL C. Moore,
Harrison Lyle. . ' " -'
Barrwo A.'Areanbriffht, S, C. Stelnbrook,
WUkctviUtCbarlet Mulholland, King Wells.
Knox Honry Paokhard, George K, UeU
For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to 8iB8on's Drug Store. ' ' ' " -nr.
You can get an excellent dish:;
Ice Cream at Eodd's' Saloonpor you
can get it by the quart or gallon,; or
any quantity. Go at any time and
waited upon. . ' i.
Mant of the inhabitants of this vfl-
lage-r-particularly the ladies, both old
and young are highly pleased be
cause the Post Office is to do re-established
the Office having been
"blank" since the removal of Horace
Eedd. ... J. N. McLaughlin has been re
appointed, and will,; in a few days,
open a rost Office, "as is a Tost um-
ce. ;A, great snare ot tne re-estaD-
lishing of the; Post Office may bo at
tributed to the industrious and enter
prising ladies of , the town..'. Eeally,
they doaorve, praise. We are in
fair way to have our Post Office Box,
upon wnich. we. paid a year's rent
advance last ; January, . restored to
having been doprived of it for sev.
eral weeks I "Glory!" "Hallelujah!"
And it came to pass
m nttera relative to the causo of educa
tion, in the Mighty City of the " Lord,"
that tho "Lord" had said in the coun
sel of His wisdom: ," In all this I will
array Myself against them in all tho
power of My might."
,2 And whomsoever of My subjects
shall bring to pass in this matter, they
shall bo brought to naugnt ; ana every
porson that taketh part in this matter
agains. iun -jjuiu, dui h.tv
mark set upon him as a judgment here
after. " .
3 And upon all such as are actively
engag-u iu ui ui-i,, "... z-. j
Wrath upon them, and will surely vis
' Tit their own destruction upon , them,
even unto the third and -fourth gener
ation. .
4. And the fame of their destruction
almll ha published throuchout all tho
land, and even beyond tho waters oi
the mighty deep in tho iandoi our
5 And notwithstanding tho wratu
rf the "Lord" and all of His threat-
oninrra aa breathed out asrainst tho
O . .1 !l..V!i.J.
cause, and against ine lnnuuiiauiu
the city, even tho lnsn ana ine liucK-
eyes, yet william, wuoso suruamo
Baughjian. still pursueth his course
in tho grand and glorious causo ui
free education or tno innauiwini
tfco city. :
(i And it came to pass ma. me pay
nlfl boffan tho moro to praiso tho
course of William in thus advocating
tho causo of education, and ol building
now and accommodating bchoo.
7 And William, after that ho had
conferred with the "Lord" by. proxy
for ho dareth not so much as ap
proach unto tho presence of the 'Lord
?h-ffiiir of beinir stricken down and
still failing to effect a compromise
relation to the ground whereupon
build the House; -
8 And crowing i somewhat wrathy
with tho "Lord'r in His manner
dealing, for tho "Lord'.' seemeth some
what slow to effoct a compromise, arid
treatoth William and his icllow-labor
era with ereat indifference and con
9 And the inhabitants also growing
Tory impatient, and -urging"" William
and his follow-laborors .to seize upon
tho land of the " "Lord," by virtue
the laws of tho land, and to occupy
the same for tho purposo of building
their School House and then educa
tins thoir children.
10 And when tho inhabitants had
all with ono accord, agreed upon this
matter, they urgo upon tho officers
the laws ot the land tno necessity
thus doing, and of appropriating
reserved ground ot tno "jjora.
11 And tho officers all conceiving
that it was no longer any uso of wait
ing upon tho "Lord" for the purposo
tcr, determined to bring an action
the Court at McArthur, atar on.
3 12 And the "Lord" having great
contempt for the Court at McArthur,
afar off, for that it hath ruled against
Him in many other matters heretofore
brought before it, oven jitho matters
connected with the establishing of
Pound in tho mighty city, in all
which it cost tho , "Lord" no sma
amount of money, some Iron Furnace
Scrip perhaps, and somewhat
shame. '
To be conutinuod. t '
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
A Point Well Made.
Farmers Moore and Murphy met
and Mooro inquired of Marphy
as to health, crops, &c. '
To which Murphy replied that
was well, except the dogs had nearly
t ue;
BBiruvuu ins nno nocKrorHneep.
" Why," says Moore, " do not your
neighbors rid themselves of the worth
less curs?" .:. ',' ' '
" " But you know how that is, neigh
bor Moore ; there are always some un
principled, selfish ' people in every
neighborhood, who have' no regard
for the public good, or the injury they
do to" others, provided they can indulge
their whims. '
- "Well, Murphy, suchi people deserve
to be treated like sheep-killing dogs."
At this point the conversation turn
ed upon political affairs, and Murphy
" Well, Moore, what do you think
Congress, the .Negro bunrage proposi
tion, Banks, Bonds, Taxes, and Eadical
policy generally?" ..; :J-..-i .;;.tl !.
' "Murphy, we have had many hitch
es at this eubjoct and I have always
flattered myself that I got the better
of you ;' but I must::onfes8 I . am
good deal annoyed at: the tura affairs
hare taken. . - Congress has acted bad
ly; these Banks are pets,: supported
at an expense 6f twenty millions
year by the .people, without the least
profit to us ; Bond-holders are reaping
the profits of our farms, Taxes are
oppressive, and as , for ETogro
Suffrage Tm utterly opposed tQ
and will vote against it.
" Glad to learn it, Moore ; you bogin
to see matters in the right light, and I)
am truly glad to know that you are
going to aid tm in bringing matters to
' No. Murphy, you need not put me
down a Democrat; I shall vote ttgainst
tho amendment, but will vote our tick
et" ' v.
"But, Moore, if you are opposed to
Eadical measures, you will certainly
nnt votn fur men who favor theni?"
T rnnfflHs I disanprove of tho liad-
? lmt I will vote for tho
ticket, and hope for a change. I am
tint, roin 0 to vote with the Democrats.
"Now, Mooro, you are opposed to
sheep killing." 7
"Of course I am, and think all
Wn Trillinsr doers ought to bo dis-
patchod at onco, and moreover that
no good citizen will keep dogs of a
doubttui cnaracwr tiuuui uuu.
' Very well. Now you acknowledge
1A T?flfl linala have been . killing sheep
and aro still after the flock,' and yet
vnn rnfuso to help us drive them off
Decauso iney i-u-y-.
Afnnrftwftlked off mumbling to him
self " well it looks that way ; but as 1
helped hiss tno aogs on i uaw w
,i,.i thftm off. .All that bothers me
is my sheep aro in tho' flock. It it
dncrH and their shoep I could
stand it. But our dog ana our uiieeu
makes me i-u cjng,
Th bridge acroes Big Raccoon, about
rtit frnm Zaleski. on the road leading
from that place to McArthur, is so dsqij
broken that it is fiaraiy saie tor yo
to walk across it.
ii..... Koniriu'teA while in the ar.ny, William bns
ton P'bam, aged 19 years, S moulha and daya.
ThA dMnMil III a Uieuiuer ui im jv
eraphioal Fraternity ; and, during the war,
was a member of Capt. Rein's Company ,14ih
W. Va. Infantry; In whicn company na u
l!t,l in Julv. 1862. He was a faithful and
gallant soldir, serving in three of the most
hotly contestea ngiue oi wau-jniis",
the Bhenanaoan vauey, unmoij . m.
of Wlnohester, juiy ztn, .iout,
Hill, September Tia, l8C4;ano ueaarreen
flfltnher 19th. 1861. After the battle of Ce
dar Creek, owing to great and long oontlnu
ed exposure, he was taken sick and sent
the aespltaiat uraiwn, n. va, wuuro uv
durinir the Winter of 1864, and in
the Spring of 1865 was transferred to me
Hospital at FarlsersDurg. nemaining mer
but a short time, and being anxious to re
turn to his regiment, be was eeni 10 oir
John's Run and piaoed in the Drum eare
his regiment, where he remained uutu mus
tered out, July 3, 1865. .
II iu a vounir ruauof great' promise
kind of heart and genial of disposition. His
loss will long be mourned by those wno
knew him but to love him., But we have
everv assurance that our loss is his Eternal
cently, all
coming that
Largest Book Agency . in tho
West. . ...
AGENT 8 T T A 2f T E D
"' " roa '' ' '
H'Kenzic's 10,000 Receipts,
f IH ROUGH agenta I now otfcr to the public nncn.
1 tiro new edition ol MacKni' OmkaiFamii.1
Reciipt Hook, containing the discoveries of over
minrt.Br of a century. I'he stereotype plates
.n.1, I, L. irH 11 III' W HUU HIUIIU IW" v..v"v.
articles on Agriculture, horticulture and Rural
Domestic Economy, are worth to the farmer
Gardener several tunes its coat. The recipes
cooking, preserving, pickling, confectionery
carving, should be iu Ihe possession of every house
wifo. This department alone is more complete
valuable than any other work ever published on
subject. The diseases of the horse, cattle, hogs,
and other animals, are treated of at great length
nnmnl.lii iliraerlnnd iriven lor treatment, lhede-
.rii,.niu Muriwiiwi. Hrnwina and Distillation,
Perfumery, Bleaching, Tanning, Painting, Varnish
es, cements, Ac, aro all that could be desired.
m h.n anvantv distinct auhiectsare oirefully
amined and treated of. It is unquestionably
hunt honk of the kind ever published , either in
country or Europe. Price, handsomely bouad
cloth, tM.OOj sheep, 84,50. :
Sold only by Subicription.
Men and women, of character and ability, wanted
inuihnm PruAtjthla Emnlovmeiit
be guaranteed.' Foroiroulars and full particulars
send at once to agents. '
for Bumnlna of the GOLDEN PEN rar.fi, enclose
two stamps and they will be sent with circulars..
Address M. V. b. COWEN, LaFayette, Indiana,
A Better Pen Than GilloU't Pen,
XirARRANTEDtoboequal to the gold pen
Vy esse and beauty ot writing, fully as flexible,
and morn durable than any steel pen ever manufoo
tured. Will not corode. T boy are endorsed by
of the best business men in the country, men
know what a good pen is. Traveling agents wanted
to introduce the GOLDEN PEN throughout
West, and also other saleable artlc'es. Two
No. 1 fbr general use; No. Ii, extra fine points, lorla
dies' use. They are put up in neat slide boxes.'each
box containing Vi pens, rnce so cents per
Bent, post-paid, to any ttduress on receipt oi price
Money refunded if they do not give satisfaction.
dress M. V. B. cow tiM, lAlfayette, inaiana.
Sheriff's Sale.,
.; State of Dhio, Vinton County.
Christopher Winkleman, Plaintiff, 1 Ia court of com
nirnlnk . - PleAfl. .
William A Pearceand ' 1 f
On an Order
Hamusl V. Dodge, Derennants. J
nURBUANT to theoommand ol an order and
-L . cree in the ahove cause to me directed from
court of oommon Pleas ol Vinton county, Ohio,
to me directed as Hheriftof said county, I will
at public sale, at the door of the com t house, in
town of McArthur, in the aforesaid county or Vinton,
on ,-..'., .i ,.
TUESDAY, tho 3rd day of September,
A. V. 18G7,
at the hour of 1 o'clock r. m. of said day, the follow
ing lands and tenements one equal undivided1
OI tne ioiiowing aesuruueu preiniiBs uj-wu;
. Commeuoinjr at the South-west corner
that part of Out-Lot Number Twenty-five
(25. Hn the Town of Wilkesville, in said
oounty of. Vinton, owned on the 14th day
May, A. D. 1809, ny wiiiiam v. uiine,
running South-east paralell with the Street
in said l'own Fifteen (15) Bods; and thence
South-east Eleven (11) Rods on a straight
angle with said Street; thenoa Fifteen (16)
Bods South-west on a paralell, with said
2nd Street; thenoe North-west to tho place
oi beginning containing one acre more
lees together with the Flouring . and Saw
Mills and Till other appurtenanoes -on said
land: '. ,,
Taken aa the nroportv of William A.. Pearce
satisfy a judgment and decree of the atoresaid oourt
in lavor of Christopher Winkleman. ...
Appraised at one thousand six hundred and thirty.
three dollars and thirty-three cent and must bring
swo-vniras oi w sum. . ";,
'forms of sale cash in hand at the time of sale.
, : ,i .: . JOHN J. BHOCKEY, ,
bherfl. Vmton cou nty, 0,
D.b. Tana, Att'y fcr Pl'fl.
August l,130-5w
, ;
half I
$300,000 Presents to Subscribers.
One'Caah Present of 840,000.
v J Ooe Cash Present of $20,000.
Ono Cash Present of $10,000.
j One Cash Present of 85,000.
C Two Cash Presents of $2,500 eaoh.
Read full Schedule of Fretentt Belov.
Each certiBcateof itock II accompanied with
Worth Mors at Eetail than tho tost oi
And aluo iuauna to the holder
Present in the Oroat Distribution.
The Washington Library Company!
Is chartered by Uie State of PennjlTnia,ii Oi
fiaaiceu m aiu oi uia
' Riverside Institute r
i for JSoldicrt' and Sailort' Orphani,
Incorporated by the 8laU of N. J. .'
April 8, 1867.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington oounty, New
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating ine sons or aeoeasea oiu
terg and Seamen of the United States. " . ".
. The Board of Tritsve connists or Die rollnnmff
well-knowu uUlzenn oi IVonaylvuuia aud Hew Jersey;
Hou. William Mann, --, . ,
District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon- Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deed, Philadelphia, Pa.
lion. Jnmes M. Scovel, New Jereey.
Hon, ff. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry tiurman, Diq,,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J. U. Coe, Esq ,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TaiAsimr Dfpaxtbent, Washington, D. O., April
18, lnti7. Otrite ol Intemnl fleveuuo: llaviug reei
ednntitifiictory eviduiK.0 that the procmls oil he en
terprise conducted hy the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitable uvea, permission
1a hereby granted to said company (o couduut auuh
enterprise exempt from ail vhutge, whether from
speuiui tux or other duty. . A. KOLL1NS,
The Waablngfou Library
In order that the benevolent objeot set forth' m this
.ovular muv be Huceessfullyacuomphshtd, have ia.
tilled a seres of Fine Steel-plate Engravings, which
ure nut on subscription at prices much below their
. T, ...... rA.,iri,.n,Aa ,.ftil.I.L tt.u 11- t
reiUll VU1III3. IWIUUVHIDD VI III. nwiiiuivu
I.ihrarv comuany will be insueil, slam lied with thu
jaeal ol'ttecompuny, and signed by the aearetaxy.
Joueoiiieniure geuuiuv.j . aj .
Any person sending us Oni Dollar, or pry
ing the same to ourlooal Agents, will receive
immediately a fine Steel Plats Engraving, at
ehoioe from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stook, insuring One Present ia
our published schedule.
' wis votiar tmgravmgi
'No 1 "My Child! My Child!" Uo 2
"They're Saved!" No a "Old Seventy-six;
or, the Early Hays of the Revolution." t
Auy person paying Two Dollar will re
ceive either of the Steel Plates, at ohoice, and
Two Certificates of Stook, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
Two Dollar Engraving.
No.I "Washington's Courtship." No. -"Waah.
Irjgtou's Lust Interview with his Mother."
Thrtt Dollar Engraving.
Anv person paying Three Dollars will receive the
lieau'tlfiil steel Vlale of "Home From the War," and
Three csrutlcutes of stock, bcooiuing entitled la
Three Presontn.
fuur Dollar Engravings,
Any person paying Four Dollnra shall receive the
large and beautiftil steel Plate of "The Perils ot Our
Forefathers," and Four certificates ol stock, euti.
tling theia to Four Preseuts. -
'' Fist Dollar Engraving).
Any person who pays Five Hollars shall Tocelva
the largo and splendid steel Plate of "The Mairiagu
of Pocahontas," and Five certincutus of stock, nu
lling them to Five Preset!?.
The engrnvings mid certificates will be dohvererl
to each subscriber nt our Local Agencies, oi tent
by mull, post paid, or express, as may be ordered.
W ill award Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
To ' the Kharerioldersi
Oa Wednesday, September 25tb, 1807,
At Philadelphia, Pa ,
Or at the Inililule, Rivtriidt, N. J. .
1 Cash Presant ' ftd,0C()
1 Cash Present . - - 20,000
1 Cash Present ' ' " 10.00O;
1 Cash Present B,00O
2 Cash Presents of $2,600 . " B,0U
1 Handsome uountry
Besidenoe; j '. ;.,
staoie, urounds.
&c, Herman
town, Philadelphia
1 Double Reaidenoe, throe-story
briok, Camden N. J.
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds,
Ground, with business establish
ed, No 1314 Washington Avenue
1 Country Besidenoe, Riverside,
N. J. with Oround, Fruits, &o.
1 Three-story cottage, lot, o..
25 Valuable building lots, K.voraido, $300
1 Elegant Turnout family caniage,apan of
horses, HnrneKs, 4o., complete, .
10 Valuable Building Lots, Kiveraide, (300
1 lleautiful silver-gray horse, W, hands
high' sired by the celebrated imported .
Arabian Horse, 'Caliph;" also, u light
Poad Wagon, weight 14S pounds, with tel..
oi superior single narness, jto., mauing a
flrnt-olass establishment.
JO Piunos, S4U0 each ' . , . .
SO Melodiana, 1220 eaoh
o Kosewood sewing machines, J200 each "
10 Family sewing machines, SHH) each
CO Fine gold watches, two hnndred dollars each 10,000
100 Oil Paintings, by leading artiste aggre
gate vaiue
3 Camel's Hair shawls, one thousand dol
larseach . , : -
2 Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dob
" lars each
3 Handsome Lace shawls, 1 2S" each
10 Cashmere shawls, fifty dollars each
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-live dollait
60 city building lots', f ITS each
The remainder will consist of silverware,
Musical Boxes, Optra Olosses, Pocket
BiLleB, and different articles o( orna
. meat and use, amounting to
Total, . ' . " ' " '( ' " 7 ' 1300,000
, All tho proporties given clear of incumbrance.
' LTow to Obtain Sharet and Engravingt.
Sendoriers to us by mail, enclosing from sea fa
twenty dollars, either by Post Office orders or ins,,
registered letter, at our risk. Larger .amount
Biiuuiu ue sou vy unui ur express. .
iu snares wita engravings "i
.25 shares with engravings "
60 shares with engravings
75 shares with engravings' ' ) r.
100 shares with engravings' I J i'l
$ 9 6
23 CO
" 43 80
; 3 0
to 00
Local Agents wanted throughout the Uni
ted States. 'I ' ,.
The Association have acpoi'nted as Eeoei-
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKE & CO;,
whoso well know integrity and business ex
perience will be efficient guarantee that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated, , -
Address ail letters and olden to ,
GEO. Ai COOKE 4 CO, Bankers, . :
V. : ...' 83 South Third Street,
, ...I... t Philadelphia. Pa.,
Beoeivers for the Waehingtoa Libiary Co..
juiy , io(-oin

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