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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 08, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enqu i rer
Items of Local Interest.
Pbiktkrs, like other meu, sometimes offer
Bome very good bargaing. Any person
wishing to purchase a splendid Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by oalllng at this office. We
can furnish them at greatly reduced rates.
In a country where the .natural desire of
the people is to reaoli tbe Highest point in
art, it is very difficult for success to beob
tained without tbe most arduous labor. Fub
lio opinion is extremely exacting and not al
ways just; but often unjust and cniel criti
cism has produced the most beneficial re
sults; tbe greatest improvements have been
made under continued discouragements, and
In many successful efforts defeat seemed
certain to all exoepl those concerned. In no
one branch of art has there been more trials
and failures and in no single instrument is
there so many different parts to perfeot iu
order to luake the whole a success as the Pi
- ftco-Fovte; this is always nttended wilh
great expensew-r; quiring large onpital and
pAtient perseverence. GaovKNSTKBu & Co,,
499 Broadway, N. Y. commenced manufac
turing Pianos 30 years ago and is one of the
oldest houses in the country. They differed
from the rest of the makers in this respeot
they aimed to make the best ins'rument and
to sell it for the smallest profit Thes Pianos
to-day aantint he nrr.lled. .. Their singing
quality is pure, full, and easily returned
through tne most lengthy passages. Fur
power they are unparalleled, and are cele
brated for their great brilliancy, exquisite
touch, and elesanoo of style mi finish.
August, 1867-4J
Grand Mubiual Ksteetainmmt Miss
Tiumonds and her Music Class will give a mu
sical entertainment at the M. E. Church, on
Tuesday and Wednesday, August SOtb and
2 lit The proceeds are to go fur tbe benefit
cf the M. E. Church. Let there be a full at
tendance. Admission 25 cents. Gentle
manly ushete will be on hand to seat the au
dience. . '.
IUa Wastbd. Bring all you rags to
this nffiee, where the highest marYet price
V ill be paid for them. -
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Sisson'a Drug Store.
A Girl Wanted. Permanent
employment in a small family will be given
to a girl who understands house-keeping.
No one need apply without a good recom
mod t ion.
b'or information, apply to the editor of
this paper.
Ir you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter what, the best way you oan accom
plish your object is to advertise in tbe En
quirer. Now is the time to advertise. Try
We have not received the "Lord's"
paper printed in the British Province
for throe weeks. Last Thursday
hight a friend gave us a copy of the
"sweet-scented rag, of. July 25, which
was printed on Sunday morning, July
28, about the time Thompson, its od
itor, and "Sekretary of tho Zolaski
Hportin' Club" opened Sunday School
in the city of his "Lord." Eobort
Thompson, in this issue, comes out
and owns up that ho is the "real gen
uine" "Peter Plumfull, Sekretary of
the ZelaskvSportin'Club, at the JMoon,
near the Gas House," and that he is
the Superintendent of the Sunday
Sfihool, but don't say any thing about
the fellow who carelessly smoked a
pipe so near John Eobson's wheat
stacks, a few years ago, that they
caught fire from the pipo and were
burnt up! Try it again, Eobort, you
ara not "Plumfull" yet! -.
Drugs, Books and Stationery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Medioines, or Books,
will do well to call at Strong's Drug and
book Store, corner II ulbert's Blook, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large stock of
Ture Medioines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Bluffs, Perfumery, and Fanoy Articles.
Physicians can buy as low as in any mar
ket, In Southern Ohio.
The attention of the public is oalled to the
large stock of Cap and Note Paper, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Knives, Rulers, &o., &o.
Sohool Books can be bought oheaperat
Strong's than at any other establishment in
Vinton oounty.
Cell and see. May 2-6m
Gem Ferrotypes.
For the accommodation of those who
wish a cheaper picture than the common
Photograph, C. J. Biilinqhubst is now
prepared to make Gem Ferrotypes,
Call and see thorn!
For rtue Drugs and .Tied
icnes, go to Sisson'a Drug Store.
Exciuist Ice Cream at Ben. F. Redd's.
Go and try it.
Estkat. Cow. A red and white spot
tod cow, about five years old, belonging
to Sheriff Shockey, strayed from his res
idence, in this town, on tbe eight of the
28th of Jane,' Any person roturning
the cow or giving information that will
lead to her recovery will be liberally re,
Subscribe for the Enquireb for the
eaucpaign. Only 25 cents. ' Ask your
neighbor to subscribe.. .
Aiikkd tbe meetinf next Saturday.
Glorious News.
J. A. Feltojt, of this town,
left for the city yesterday mor
ning, where he will purchase
a large and most complete
assortment of Dry and K ancy
Goods, &c, at greatly reduced
fijrurcs so that he can sell them
at lower figures than any other
House in Vinton comity. He
will return to-day or to-morrow
with tho JN ew Stock, and all
those wishing the cheapest and
best goods should give him an
early call.
The paper "owned and controlled"
by the British over in their Province
ha been issued irregularly for the
past few weeks. We loam that the
issue for tho 25th of July was
printed on Sunday morning, the 28th
of July, instead of being issued on the
previous Thursday. Where was Rob
ert Thompson, the Sabbath School
Superintendent, while the "Sunday
morning edition "Ipf his news(?)paper
was being printed? Was ho superin
tending affairs in the printing office?
or was ho superintending in his Sun
day School? As Robert is one of the
secret editors of tho "bloated" sheot,
we hope ho will answer. Attend to
thy scribbling, Robert, the "Lord" is
with you 1 Attend to all the Semi-occasional
editions of tho "Lord's"
"noospaper" especially the "Sunday
morning edition 1" Avoid getting so
"plumfull," that you can not devote a
column or two to the McArthur En
quirer! Go it, "Peter Plumfull," alias
Robert Thompson I
Ross County; The noble Democra
cy of Ross county nominated a good
ticket last Saturday composed of the
best mon in the county, as follows:
Representatives, L. J. Neil and J. J.
Finley; Commissioner, Anton Alber
ti; Treasurer, S. A. Langdon; Record
er, Henry Whisson. This ticket will
be elected by a large majority. The
Democracy of Old Ross are alive, and
they work withoutccasing.
Contagious. The Lebanon Star, a
Negro Suffrage paper, copies from the
Columbus Journal, another and even
the leading Negro Suffrage paper, an
article charging that financial ruin is
the only hope of the Democratic par
ty. The Ohio Statesman does not sup
pose that any editor in Ohio is so silly
as to reproduce such a charge. A
majority of tho people of tho United
States areDemocrats the party in op
position never having carried a major
lty of the voters for its Ticket. The
idea thata party is anxious for financial
ruin, which would injure its members
more than it j OHsibly could itsopponents
is worthy of tho Journal, but uot of a
sheet, whose editor, like that of the
Lebanon Star, d ims to have common
The Jit. Vernon Banner reiterates its
former statement that General Hayes,
the lladioal candidate for Governor of
Ohio, is a large stockholder in a New
England Woolen Mill, tbe denial of the
Columbus Journal and other Radical pa
pers, that would deny any thing that
would be in the least damaging to any
of their candidates or their party, let it
be ever so truthful, to tbe contrary not
withstanding. - ' '
On the 01h of July,' 1887. at the residence of the
bride's father, by Rev. J. Carson, Mr. J. Bioisi, of
Missouri) and Miss Flos Isamixosb, of Xundas,
Vinton county.
Special Notices.
Know Thy Destiny.
Madams R. F. Thornton, the great English As-
trologist, Clnrvoyant and Psychometrician, who has
astonished the scientific classes of the Oid World, has
now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. madame!
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of second
sight, as to enable her to impart knowledge of the
greatest importance to the single or married of ei
ther sex. While in a state of trance, Bhe delineates
the very features ot.the person yon are to marry,
and by the aid ot an instrument of intense power,
known as the Psvchomolrope, guarantees to produce
a life-like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, togetner whh tne aaieoi marnape, position
in life, leading traits in character, ko. This is no
humbug, as thousands ot testimonials can assert.
She will send when desired a certified certilcate, or
wriUen guarrantee, that the picture is what it pur
purtstobe. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex
inn. and Hnclosina fifty cents and a stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture
and desired information ny return man. ah commu
nications sacredly confidential, Address in confi
dence, madam E. F. Thokmton, P. O. Box 223, Hud
son, N.Y. April 18, W6-ly
Know Thy Destiny. Advertisements.
Road Notice.
TyOTICK is hereby thnt a' petition will be present
4' ed to the Commissioners of Vinton county, Ohio.
at their next session, to be held on the first Mondav
of September, A. D. 1S67, praying for the vacation of
acounty roaa leaaiag irom hjiu nr uwi mo east
end of the Bridge in Swan Township, in said county,
inroutha stream eommonlv known s Honev Pork
of Raccoen Creek, and terminating on the lands of
John Chidister, Esq., in saia owan townsnip, where
said Road intersects a Road known as the Shuler
Road, anl which said Koad nereDjaongnt tons it.
nataH. u patahlishaJ bv the Commissioners of said
Vinton oounty, at their March session in the year
1852, by the name of the Pool Road, for the reason
that tne same has oecome useless to me puuuo. ,
August 8, 1807-tds .
Public Notice.
ALL persons are hereby
prosecMted according to law if found trespassing
ing upon my premises, one mile west of Zaleski sod
adioinine the Kaleski Estate, in Vinton countv, Ohio.
V - , vi,nt.in m f ntP V
August i lew. mci.ni duum,
An Old Sog Set to a New Tune
186710 .
As spring approaches
Ants and koxchei
row thtir holes tome out,
And Mice and Rats
In spits of eats, '
OaUy skip afouL .
' 1 years established in N. Y City."
"Only inlalliWe remedies known."
"Free from poisons."
"Not dungurons 10 the human family."
. "Uats come out ol their holes to die,"
"Costar's" Rat, Roach, &o., Extorm's
Is a paste lined lor Rats, mice. Roaches,
block and Kud Ants, ic, to.
"Costar's" Bed-Bug Exterminator
Is a liquid omasa used to destroy, and
alsa as a preventive for Bed Bugs, Ac.
"Costar's" Electric Powder for Insects
Is for moths, misquitoes, Fleas, Bed-dugs, .
Insects on Plants, Fowls, Anneals, Ac.
tj- I t Bawiae t I t of all worthless Imitations.
OTSee that "Cof tar's" name is on each box, bot
tle, and Husk, before you buy
jtayAddress uisatir uusiaii,
484 Broadway, New fork.
EgySold in MoArthur, by J. 8. Strong,
and all druggist and.dealers everywhere.
For Cuts, Burns, Bruieee, Wounds, Boils,
Cancers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Blee
ding, Blind and Painful Piles; Scrofulous,
Putrid and Ill-conditioned Sores; Uloerf,
Swellings, Eruptions, Cutaneous Affeotions,
Ringworm. Itott, Corns. Bunions, Chilblains,
&e.; Chapped Hands, Lips, &c; Bites of
Spiders, insects, Animals, So.
I-Boxes 25 cts., 50 cts., and 81 sizes.
UStiold by all druggists everywhere.
SttSTAadby Hinrt H.Costae, Depot 481
Broadway, New tork, .
i-And by J. S. Strong, MoArthur, 0,
CORN 8 0 L V fi N T,
For Corns, Bunions, Wnrts, As.
ar Boxes 2b cts., N' cts., and $1 sites.
viV-Hold bv all DinirfristH Bvervwhere.
IHtyAn'd by Henry K. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, new lorn
And by J. S. Strong MoArthur, 0.
Used to soften and beautify tho Bkin, remove freok
les, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac
Ladies are now using it in preference to all others
KSTBottles $1.
iWSold bv all iruririBts ewrywhere.
IQf-And by ' Henry R. Costar, Depot 184
Broadway, New I ork,
-And by J. S. 8lrong, McArthur, 0.
COUGH R E n E 0 Y ,
For Coughe. Colds, -Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenia, Asthma,
Consumption, Bronchial Affeotions ana ail
diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
tSTBottles 25 eta, 50 cts, and fl sues.
HaTSold by all druggists eveywhere.
ttaTAnd by Henry R. Costar. Depot 484
Broadway, New York. ' .
And by J. a. Strong, MoArthur, U.
t- .M.Ana mr TTa1aA all ftm 1 1 V Aft AfM ? IrlHl.
rur imiTvuo ituuoivK iiob-.i,iiu, .v.. ,
KWlwIUUt U0HJ1B1 UlllillHlJVDO, wun., -
rhe, colics, chilli, letens and general derangement
i . i r; ...... Man
91 file ii(jmuiD
mnyoieB to cui, ov uis, ei bibub.
f-Sold by all druggists everywhere. . y
And by Henry B. Costar, Depot 484 Broad
way, New York; .-.A . . x t
And by J. S 8trong, MoArthur, 0.
August 1. lMT-am ... . , - . , . ;
W Irani' '
T"l AVINf! PBBMANRNTI.V i nriTpn ll m..i b-i
experience, 1 feel satu in saying that 1 can satisfy the pub ic, ou the shortest notice, with a
buperior quality of Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, and everything else
in my line.
I lcAn thA hflnt nf stwlr Mid T MM nrAn,Mi4lA . .-L. In . 1. . V... . l ... -1 . . u . j
and see me, as jny stock cannot be surpassed for durability, neatness, and reasonable pnues. io
uup-ai oiruug a, uiuuods oiu etana,
KJU:.....: m. aga.. f.
Manufacturer ot and Dealer in
uiid i. 1.. i i .
norto eiae Main ntreet.
jamis h. wncKorr.
VRD still In town manufacturing and dealing In
all kinds of
Cabinet Furniture,
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolf's Offieo,
The Furniture is mails out of the beat seasoned
material, and by the most experienced workmen.
BUREAUS Every Style.
TABLES Every Pattern.
CHAIRS Fancy and Common.
always en hand or furnished on short notloe.
Of all kin J', in Furniture, Chairs. 4c. attended to
on short notice. .
A mitsArinl mutt it. V nf Mfltfraaaai nf tall aia 1
ways kept on hand.
U aa. cSL e xr t a lac i an sr
We are alwws in readiness to A T'PTi'.M r
PUNKHALS In Town and Country, at the
luwwt niis,
A alr Price for a Fair Artiole
is Our Motto!
Purchasers are requested to call and examine our
' Large tSock of Furniture
before purchasing elsewhere, as we teel confident
that we can furnish better and cheaper articles than
an otner estaoiisnment in this vicinity.
. To be Draws at Covinoton, Kt.,
Oass P, August 15th, .
Class Q, August 31st,
1867. '
1 prize
1 prize
1 prize
1 prize
2 prizes
29 prizes
63 prizes
of $50,000
9 prises of $300
ft - urn
or zo.ouo
9 prizes VI OV
164 prizes of 200
8 prises of 150
7 000
220 prizes or 125
18 drixea of 100
261 prizes of SO
Prizes amounting to $230,050.
32,000 Numbers and 788 Piizes.
Whole Tickets? 12 ; Halves $6;
from 1 to 1)2,000, corresponding with those numbers
on the tickets, primed on separate slips of paper, are
encircled with small tin tubes, and placed in one
wheel. The prises, of which there 71JB, varying as
above, from (60,000 to IM.OO, are similarly printed
on senerate slips, enairoled, and placed insnother
wheel. Tbe wheels are then revolved, and a num
ber is drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
same time a prise is drawn from the other wheel.
The number aud prise drawn out are opened and
exiuniieu to tne auaience, ana registered ny tne com
missioners, the piise beina plsoed against the num.
ber drawn. This operation is repeated until all the
prises are arawn out.
The above Magnificent Slncle-Number'Lot-
tery, which will Be drawn in public, in Co
vington, Kt., by Sworn Commissioners; at 1
o'clock P. M., at the corner of Fourth and
Scott Streots. The Kentucky State
Lotteries are no Gift Enlernrizes. but resnon.
sible Money Lotteries.that have been conduct
ed successfully for the past 30 years, and are
drawn under the authority or a charter from
the State, and bonds to t large amount are
given ror tne payment or all prizes. The
drawings ara published in the flew York
Herald and Uincinnati Commercial.
The above scheme will be drawn the mid
dle and last of eaoh month during 1867 and
1868. ; .. .
Cireulars of Lotteries draw inn daily sent
tree ny application to the Managers. '
aauresi ail orders ror ticucia to
July 11, 1867-3m . .. Covington, Ky.
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
200 Gold Hunt'g Case Lever Wrtches $100 to 1175 each
2(10 Gold Hunt's Case Lenene Watches TSto 160
Gold Plated Silver Cases . . 50 to 100 "
600 Solid silver Case Lever watchss .35 to 76 "
800 Hoild silver Case Lenene Watches 26 to 76 "
6000'ld Composite Hunt'g Case watches 20 to 0
aii me auoTe spienaia waicnes win oe soia lor
til each. We have adopted the following plan:
Certificates describing eaoh watch and its value, are
K re pared and placed in sealed envelopes, and the
older will be entitled to the Watch it calls for, up
on payment of the $12. This Is not a lottery, but a
Dona nae saie. procure a eertinoate, ana as mere
are no blanks, every one must get a watch at half the
usual price at least, and many will get;a splendid
Gold Ivatoh for the trifling sum ofS12. Certificates
sent oy man to any address lor ou cents eacn, r ive
will be sent for ti; fifteen for $5; thirty-five for $10.
Agents waDwa, senator circular. Address, .
21-6m 86 Beekman St., New York.
To Consumptives.
The advertiser, having bean restored to health in a
few weeks bv very simple remedy, after having suf
fered for several years with a severe tung atfection.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure. - -
To all who desire it, he will send a copyol the
prescription used (free of ohnrge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will And a sure cure forConsumnuon. Asthma. Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and all throat and Lung AC-
real nna. The oniv onieot oi ne advertiser in send-
in the Prescription is to ixsnent the afflicted, and
j i . : . v:k w i . - 1.- : i ..
spreaa imuimiuuu vmuu iiwvuoviwn i imiuu
able, and he hones everr sufferer will trv his rem
edViasitwill cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the prescription, vara, by
1VIHIU II1W11, Will I'll-WW i"ionn -
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York.
. MTJ,187-ly ...!;
Vmi fT
M Of m Silver Medal
af was awabdid to
Cf By th N. H. Stat Atcnltural Society, t
ut t ut, haklui in Nutiu, 8eU ), iliA
Vegetable Ualr EcstoratlTO
Ititore Omy TTalr to iti Natnrl Color i pro A
motci the sroirth of th lievir i chugct th
' k008 10 the' ooal orvanio aoUoo i tradi- .
cmte uananirr ana uutnoni prerena
Hair fttllingrtrut-i lataprioT Dresainf. Jf
a ouutaini no iruunoui lnRrvuienit, a
and if the moat popular and rail- jv
XJk able artirli throughout thi) aCt
k tw uv imunuui 11IKITUICUIS,
It R. BARRETT & CO., Proprittora,
For sale by Dr. J. S. Strong, Druggist,
July4,Uil7-ly MoArthur, Ohio.
The World Astonished
Madame H. A, PERIUGO.
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She
restores to happiness those who, from doleful
events, catastrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations
aud friends, loss ot money, 4o., hare become de
spondent. She brings together those long separa
ted, gives information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores lost or nolen property, tells you the
business you are best qualified to pursue and in
what you will be most successful, cansea speedy mar
riages and tells you the very day you will marry,
gives you the name, likeness and characteristics of
the person. Bhe reads yonr very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark
and hidden my stenes.of the future. From the stars
we see in the firmament the malefic stars that over
come or predominate in the configuration from the
aspects and positions of the planets and the fixed
stars in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduces
the future destiny of man. Fail not to consult the
greatest Astrologist onearth, It costs you but a trifle,
and you may naver again have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Cousultation free, with likeness and all de
sired information, ft. parlies living at a distance can
consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as il in person. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
price above mentioned. The strictest secrecy will be
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highest'order furnished
those desiring them. Write plainly the day nf the
month and year in which yuu were burn, enclosing a
small lockof hair.
Address, ManAsm H. A. PERRIGO,
al8J p, 0. Drawer 293, Buffalo, N. T.
World's Fair, London,
WHERE all Sewing Machines ot any note,
both European and American, were in
tt"Th yearly sales of Wheeler $
Wilton are equal to the sales of all
other Sewing Machines Combined.
"We use the Wheeler A Wilson, and pro
nounce it without a rival. feciamric Ahibicah.
There is no machine so simple and easily
managed, or Mint can perforin such a variety
ot work without basting or preparation.
tTAll orders will receive prompt
attention, if left with
MoArthur, Ohio.
J. F. "Woodside, Agent,
ChiUicotlie, Ohio.
May 23, 18cT-3m
Strong, Simple and Practical.
TT is a 8quiemno MacBihb; warranted no
I to injure clothing sreared te rie sii
strokes of the plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 tarns of which will wash
thoroughly the bulk or six to twelve shirts,
according to the siz? of Machine used.
Six Years' experience proves the Nonp.,kil
to be the only Washing Machine madci whioh
stands the test of 1 ims and Use. K launap.
AGENTS WANTED.boni for free De
scriptive Circulars to
184 Wier Btteet,Nr York City.
Jue, lt7 tm -
0uuing jfttacljjne'.
The omi Marline so'perfectcd that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purchase
money refunded.
here we have no Agent a sample Machine
will he sold at fry low price, and a Local
Agent appointed en the most favorable
terms. '
N.B. Pend for circular. Traveling Agent
wanted. Pnlarv, liberal.
I Inkle & Lyon 8, M, Co.
687 Broadway, New York.
Juae2T, 18C7-6m
New Edition Rv lxt-I & Enlarged.
anu tiuslness 1'onn liook,
1 COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law. and Business Netrotiaf inn fni
ry State iu tbe Uniao.
Wilh Izal Form?, and full InafnMTana rm
Drooetdins. withoitt lecal asaiatanns In mnita
and business transactions of every desorip-
Toeether with the different Hio T..
concerning the Collection of Debts, Property
Exempt from Execution, Loin Laws, Uuaarv.
rt .....a-u ... 1 J 9
Liiceusu m ob ii uooub, vuaiiucaiiaa Of V 0
tera, Limitation of Actions, 4a,
Also, tbe General Bankmnt T..ar .;.
forms and full iBStructions to enable Bank
rupts ana creditors to lake full benefli of tbe
Avvniiuimi icgui aspiaiance.
Also, Pension Laws, wl'.h full Inslruotlone
and forms to enable the Discharged Soldier
or Katlor.to procure Back Pay, Pe&Blons.
uvuuucs, anil u nir viaims.
Also. Patent Laws, with full tnaimnti,..
to inventors,
Also. Exoise Laws. Rtnmn riniln. v..i
Umce and Custom HmmA Rniii!-. il.
- - ------ -vjmnHvuo, IUO
whole aotion of the Oovernirent in relation
to reconstruction and Frecdmen; Constitu
tion Of the United States, wilh im.u..i..
- -- H.vuuwiaw
State Seals, with descriptions, &o.
Over 250 pages new matter have been
added; to meet the requirements of tbe times.
Tbe utility of such a work na ana will
now question. Tbe sale of hundreds of
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
that point. Tbe professional man, the far
mer, the mechanic, the mopufaoturer, the
soldier, the sailor, each requires a oonven
It will save tbem money, save them troub
le, save them time, save them litigation and
lawyers' fees, and give them information
that nobody can afford to be without, 12mo,
650 pages.
Price, handsomly' bound, $2.
Sent, post-paid, on receipt of prioe.
A eood. reliable Airent wanln.l In a.
town in the United States. Also, a respon-
.w.v a i,uiujuou, iuiuia, as ueuerai
Agent. Also, a few wide-awake men, to
travel in establishing Agencies.
J. n. UAWlilSX 5 JU
164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. .
Any person wishing a p,otv
of the abovo Book, will call on
.Agent for Vinton County, -
Someiblner New under fbe Sun!
The Union Pocket Timekeeper.
Price Fifty Cents.
11HE most novel and useful invention of the af;.
. Warranted to mark solar time with ((renter ac
curacy than the most expensive gold or silver re
peater, while its estreme cheapness places it In the
reach ot all. Bent to any ariiireaa post-paid bv mail,
for Ftrvr cams. Orders will be tilled promptly. Ad
Box 441 Hudson, N. Y.
(JbG VICE. Pleasant and honorable ' em
ployment without risk; desirable for all la
dies clergymen, teachers students farmera
merchants m echanics soldiers everybody.
Please call on, or address, C. W. JACKSON
& CO., 58 Beaver Street, R. T. 21 p.
TAB AMERICAN WIT is always fit
for any one to read. 25 ceotgayear.
81 Nassau Street, N. Y.
SK and reoeive THE AMERICAN
L vi List zo oents a year.
Q1 M.onni, Straof M V .
It' M IJ I? fJ ia f ho llra.nl At' llvmnta
jlja.w m avvAxi a. in euw j t nu wa vj a e m w
THE AMERICAN WIT is 25 cents
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
T ONO Contributor in the AMERICAN
WIT 25 oents a year.
81 Naasau St., N. Y.
PHUNNEEt The Aonoodotea in the,
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
OME Amusements in the American
wit. zd cents a year. -
81 Nassau St., N. N.
FREEDMAN'S Bareiu ia tho AMER
ICAN WIT. 25 cts: .year.
81 Nassau St., N.Y.
- WIT. 25 otB. year.
81 Nassau St., N. Y. .
HERE tho Lsneh Comes in. The
a as j'o r, a aj wit vf, Aa a
81 JN8BSJU Ot., Si. X.
kit. 25 otti. a year. ;
i 8 Nabsau St N. Y.
August , UG7-3rq
A Lsrjje S pp. Circular, Riving information of the
greatosl imporbtn' to the young of both srxoa.
It teaches how the hnnr.ety mv bccouio boaut'fut,
thedsspisetlrcspoolBft, and theforsakm Vv'l.
NoyoiinRlsdynr kenllfinsn should fail (oMind their
AddiPSS, ami receive a cnjnv post-pnid, hj return mail.
ainr?j r. j. mawei, ji
April IS, 1WS7 m

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