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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 15, 1867, Image 2

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OFFICE In Doig' Building, om Swetlant
Store, corner Main and Locust Street, East
of th Court Uons.
For Terms, Ao., see 4th Pars
Tliurdarr i" August 15. 1S6T
ir., ih inmost rirnilation of any pa-
,,rr in Vinton Countv. Advertisers and
others rill please make a note of this,
Democratic State Ticket.
Election Tuesday, October 8, 1807,
For Governor,
ALLEN G. THURMAN, of Franklin.
For Lieutenant Governor,
DANIEL S. U11L, of Holmes.
For Treasurer, ' ' ;
Dr.C. ' FULTON, or CrwfoA.
For Auditor, . "
JOHN McELWEE, of Duller.
For Attorney General, .
FRANK U. HURD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme' Court,
Judge TIIOMAS M. KEY, of. Hamilton.
For Controllei of Treasury,
WILLIAM SHElflDAN, of Williams.
For Board of Public Works,
ARTHUR HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
For Representative,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Surveyor,
For Commissioner,
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
Negroes the Right to t Qie ana
. hold Office:
Thi Democratic Enquirer should
be read by every voter in Vinton county
during the prosent campaign, m w -lieve
that the most extended oiroulation
of sound Demooratio papera will greatly
aid in the triumph ot corrcot principles,
at the coming election, we offer The
Denioaalic l&nquiier from tbie time (or
ior thrco months) until ner ineeieouun,
on the following low
Single subscriber?, 25 centf; clube of
5, 51,10; olubi of 10, $2;-with an ad
ditional copy to each gotter up of oluh.
fOne copy, one year, in oluba of not less
than ten, Payments to b made in
We offoer the paper at these unusually
low rates with the view of bringing it
within the reach of all during the cam
paign, ana we hope the offer will be re
sponded to eenerall? all over the county.
A very trifling effort on the part of some
of our friends in each township or
neighborhood would secure a large ad
dition to our already large subscription
lint, and be the means of doing a great
deal of good. The pending campaign is
. ii. ii . i'
most important one me question oi
civine the negro the right to vote, bold
office, sit on juries, and marry into white
families is to he deoiaea ana every
Democrat should exert himself to secure
the triumphant s-uooeBS of the Demooraoy.
Let our able Demoorata throughout the
county make up a fund of from one to
five dollars or more in each township,
and distribute copies of the paper to vo
ters who take no paper and who will read.
By eo doing, the people can be edaoated
in regard to the real issues, and vote
understanding. Send in the names at
CAMPAIGN. J. W. BOWEN, Editor & Pub'er.
CAMPAIGN. J. W. BOWEN, Editor & Pub'er. McArthur, July 18, '67.
Wi can't publish a communication
unless the name of the author is
known to us.- Some person sent us
lust Monday a communication, signed
"Santa Anna," from Eagle Mills, we
suppose, although there is no post
mark on the envelope containing the
communication. ' We must know tho
names of those who wish their com-!
munications published. We have
Bpoken of this before.
WniLi we wero "waiting for the
train,' at Hamden, on Thursday last,
we were pleased to meet our old friend,
Martin Oraine, Esq., of Portsmouth,
who was on his way to Marietta. Mr.
Cuaine ia one of the leading lawyers
of Portsmouth, and has an extensive
prsictico. Thoso wishing any law
business 'attended to at that place
nhould not forgot Mr. Cbaine, who
always attends to all legal, matters
promptly. :
The "Lord s newspaper ovor in
tho British Province, on Big Raccoon
Crook, has ceased the publication of
the " Chronicles of Zaleski, and has
nl most ceased to exist itsolf.
Hon. C. L. Vallandlgham will
.speak iu this county soon.
nrday last una a great day for tho De
mocracy of littlo Vinton. Early in
tho teomina crowds be
gan to asaomblo from ull portions of
tho county. Though early in the
campaign ana no preparations inuuo
tO gCt Up (tOlOgailOIlS 1H l"U lunuaui,
tho number was much largor than is
usually present at meetings oi enner
party, even in tno noai oi mo ;"-Li-mi.
The moctiner M-as organized
at ono o'clock, by appointing Hon. W.
IIekd Golden, of Athens, to tho chair.
Judge Thurman was introduced and
procooded to address the multitudo in
that clear, logical, ana convincing
mannor, for which ho lias beconio so
miiP.h noted arid nopular. Ho dissect-
.-w-. XX .
. T. 1 1 J. J . nnMilTV
cu tho icauicai party m u ju.iw..,
mnnnnr: oxnosod their dishonesty and
domagogueism, and ventilated the
dancorous heresies and fatso doctrine
taught by JjEN adjc aim mo ubbwi
ates long before the war and held them
responsible for sowing tho seeds of se
cession and revolution among the peo-
i)lo long boforo tho conflict began.
Hon J. H. Putnam, of tho Chilli-
miha AAmrtiser. was then, introduced
and spoko at some length, clearly vin-
ev of Ohio upon tho issues now pre
sented to the poople. The eloquent
remarks or this gentleman wore list
ened to Avith profound interest and
i ill 1. 4-K Yvtnnt intr
The crowd estimated at four thou
sandseemed a unit upon tho negro
suffrage question, and will voto unan
imously against me tjonsmuuumu
At night thoro was a largo meeting
at the Court HouBe, which was ably
addressed by Hon. "Wm. Reed Golden,
of Athens, and by lion. arch, .mayo,
np Ai7 Arthur, Tlmv mftdo manv ex-
cellent points against the wild Radi
cals who are trying to destroy our
Tit Meeting on Saturday,
Declined. William Mark, Esq.,
tho candidate for Prosecuting Attor
ney on tho ticket which a few of the
friends of ' Manhood Suffrage" put in
nomination last Monday week, has do
clined. He says he wants no office.
We aro informed that Sylvanus Bart
lett, candidate for Surveyor, on tho
same ticket, has also declined. What
is the matter ? Are these men opposed
to the Proposed Amendment to tho
Constitution giving negroes tho right
to vote and hold office? We hope so
Theso gentlemen who have declined
well know that one of the principa,
planks in the platform made by the
Radicals, (not by the poor, honest, la
boring people,) at a State Convention
hold at Columbus, a few weeks ago,
a declaration in, favor of Negro Suff
rage. Many Republicans in Vinton
county declare that they will not vote
for tho proposed amendmont, but
think they will voto tho ticket nomin
ated by tha leaders. :2tow tho party
and all the candidates on tho State
ticket, and all the candidates on the
County ticket, (if they do not dcclino,)
aro pledged in favor of Negro Suffrage.
For instance, Jons Fee, candidate for
Representative in this county, is
pledged in favor of Negro Suffrage,
and in favor of Ben Wadjs for office
We can't see how any man who is
opposed to Negro Suffrage can support
any man on tho Radical ticket and
claim to bo consistent. Supposo that
tho Amendment is defeated and tho
Radicals elect a majority to the Legis
lature Mr. Sumner, tho leading Rad
ical in tho New England States, at tho
session of Congress held last month,
proposed an amendment to tho Con
stitution of tho United States giving
Negroes the right to vote in defiance
of State law. This amendment will
undoubtedly bo submitted to the sev
eral Stato Legislatures, during the
next winter, for ratification; and, if
the Radicals have a majority in our
next Legislature, they will of course
ratify the proposed amendment of
Sumner in defiance of the will of the
people. Of course, John Fee, the
Radical candidate for Representative
in this county, if elected, would voto
in favor of the amendment proposed
by Congress, if the amendment to our
Stato Constitution is defeated, and
thus defeat the will of the people. If
the Republicans of Vinton county are
sincere in their opposition to this
amendment, they . must voto against
all the endidates on tho Radical tick
et. '-
Wo aro pleased to announce that
there are two men in Vinton county
who docline to run thb risk of defeat
in this campaign, along with the Sam
bo and Jimbo Amendment. Who will
bo a martyr? '
For Fine Perfumery,
Go to Sisson'a Drug Store. -
"Wb noticed while at Hamdon, last
week, that a number of new buildings
aro boing erected and that many are
being improved. Among those which
nro being thoroughly improved or re
built, is the Valley House, now be
longing to our friend, C. W. SrRorsE
Campaign Subscribers. We havo I
,.nnixT.l nhout 70 subscribera for thol
1 VtVI I v
campaign sinco wo issuod ourpapor
last wcok, and still they como. Our
list is not confined to this county alone.
We havo received many from adjoin
ing counties. -TC
H. Eainos. of Londonderry,
Unas countv. sent us five more last
Tiinradnv and nromisod us more, lie
I(U1 vj j j.
the host of best Domocrats,
Thomas Weed, of Brown township,
ir.v.rht. us in a list tho other day.
- - - . I 1 V ,,1 im 1 1 1 (1 1
Democrat. He is ono of the Consta-
Vvloa that townshin.
John Morgan, of Madison township,
unnf lift ft list of subscribers. ( Thank
you, friend Morgan.
largo list for us last Saturday .
Dr. 11. U. Jlooro,oi aiiousviuo, uiw
lias our thanks for numerous favors. '
Many other persons havo aided in
rnviiiP the Enfiuirer an oxtonsive cir
culation, of whom wo shall speak
We hoard two little boys, two or
ti,...-. mnmlnim-'-aPOY lalKinff auoui
lui v v q CD I -
Petor Eater, tho Pumpkin-Eater, and
Peter Plumfull. One of tho wickod
littlo wretches askod tho othor if Po
tftr Plum full was anv relation to Petor
Eater, tho Pumpkin-Eater. Bad
boys! They should auenu xuomp
son's Sunday School ovor in tho Brit
ish Province and they will soon learn
whether tho two distinguisnoa inui
viduals, abovo named, are relatives.
Personal. Our friend, J. S. Gold,
who formerly resided in this town, but
now of Springfield, 111., has beon vis
iting bis old friends in this county lor
a few days past, lie is engaged in
the Tobacco and uigar dusiuubb m
Springfield. He left again for tho
Wnat tn tho mid-nierht train last
night. May he always prosper in his
new home I .
Soda Foosina. If you wantai delioioua
drinksomething that is highly pleasing
the taste go to Sissoj's Drug Store, where
vnn Ain be accommodated at Soda foun
tain. E. A. Hulbert, the gentlemanly clerk,
is always ready to wait apon all.
Tm best ofBoots and Bhws aremanu
factured by B. G. Forgrava, oo Main 8treet
east of the Hulbert House. Give him a call
See advertisement.
Democrats I You to whom is entrust
ed the duty of redeeming this country
lifting it from the degrading position
which it has fallen , to you as the only
true friends of liberty, republican instl-
Jutiona, nd.. .theGQYfirnjn8nJLof5ur
fathers, we call for support ia the great
oause of national redemption.
Tennessee has gone against us;
not that dishearten or weaken. Brown
low, that vilc6i of all the human race,
ohosen for her ruler ; lot that serve
a losson teaohing the aim and end
Abolitionism I
The rule of Mexioo is one which can
scarce be called Government; let that in
form yoa of the point to whioh afl mixed
governments of mixed races will surely
Democrats! if at any time yoa
one who once stood upon the platform
of White men and White Governments,
but who during the late fratracidal war,
"Just for a handful of silver has left us,"
speak to him and try and again place
him npon the Jefforsonian path of the
Ohio Democraoy. '
lfjou should see any one . who has
heretofore clung to the party inimical
Democraoy, thinking it the solo support
of this Government, but .who now eeos
the mistake into whioh he long ago had
fallen, extend to him the hind of Demr
ooratio friendship and demonstrate
a . 9 '
him plainly that the founders, supporters
and only true friends of this Govern
ment are found in tho Demooratio party
Democrats I wait not for a sooond oall
the contest is between freedom and op
pression. liberty and tyrrany, White and
Black I To work ! M Le t each give his
mite," till like Babel a new royal dome
has arisen and that towering, cloud
military tyrrany has been dispelled
the gorgeous light of Demooratio glory
Work I Let Ohio fall from the galaxy
in whioh aave Tennessee she now shines
blackest, and great will be the effect
wrought noon a Government then soon
to be "Bound together by all the ties
For Stricflv Pure While
Lead at Cincinnati Trices,
Go to Sisson'a Drug Biore. .
Hiayt on Horace. Horace May-
nard undertook to repeat at Jaekfon,
Tennessee, ono day last week, tne worn
out lie about Hii-rresiaoni j-'avis oemg
oantnred io petticoats. Colonel tam
meron. a brave Deacrat eoiaier, stopped
- .
him bv deolarine that the story was
lie and that he was a liar for. retailing
A MAN in Brooklyn, having reason
sasbcot that his wife was criminally inti
mate with a male friend, bored some
holes in the ceiling of her apartment,
and stationed himself in the room above,
armor! with a bottle of vitriol. He
conclusive evidenoe of guilt, and used
tha vitriol with such terrible effect
both eyes of the woman were destroyed,
and her visitor was burned so badly
he could not be removed from the house.
The differences between Prus-
. . i t- -i-
su ana xenmai ii uio m a ia
way of settlement.
There are reports ot contin
ued outrages by the Indians in
iAccounts of the cotton crop
continue gloomy.
Captain Moriartv, a con-
damned Fenian, has been sen
tc iced to ten years' imprison
m;nt, in England
Kentucky went Democratic
tit the election held a few days
aro Dy oyer ou,wu majuiitjr.
I i r-A nnn :
Trne State Legislature win dc
rlvidfid as follows: Senate-
Democrats, 32: Radicals,' 0:
House of Representatives
Democrats, 88j-: . waaicaw, j
rbirdPartv. 3.
IT-Commander Roe, of the Uni
ted States vessel Tacony, wno
was so enenretic in preventing
Santa Anna from carrying out
his designs at Vera Uruz re
centlv. has been ordered to
v ,
join the Asiatic Squadron for
duty as Jb leet uaptam. .
Gold closed at 140 on Tues
dav in New York.
At Louisville flour is selling
at $7 for old, , and $10.50 for
new. uorn ooc.
rf fin .
Flour at Chicago firm at $lJ
toSlO.75. ,
Flour at Cincinnati is selling
at from $7,50 to $10,25. VYhea
at from $2 to $2,15. .
Most of the gold now going
to Europe is to pay the expen
fees of persons now traveling
[From The Crisis.]
Stanton Kicked Out.
! Thi telegraph announces that Prosi
. w . . . j - :i
dent Jonnson nas exeronea an evu spir
it from the counoils of the Governmen
Edwin M. Stanton, who baa held th
office of Seoretary of War, after repeated
soabbinee. such as no high minded man
would endure, through the vacillation
his chief, has finally been oompenea
surrender the office in whioh he has oom
mittcd so manv outrages upon the Con
stitution and the rights of the people.
Sfl went out proteaUag that he yielded
Looly "to th "superior force" of Johnson
and tfrantl JNo man bas baa so muon
do towards introducing the quality
force the arbitrary dictum of the ind
vidua! instead of the natural sovereignty
of the law as Stanton, and it ia but
just that he should fool the application
in his own person. JNo more ungracious
retirement was ever effected than has
been this cjeotment of the War Secrotary
If he .SYCr oontomplated the leadership
an onen revolution to overthrow the
Government and declare a Dictatorship
the humiliation of his present position
aid the conventional obscurity which be
fills "Jack out of office," have destroy
ed his prospects.
A unsatisfied couole in Clevelan
oaarreled a few days ago, and the huB
band converteo nis propony m.u uou,
intending to separate altogether and
leave the city the next day. He depos
ited four thousand five hundrad dollars
between the cloth and lining of his vest,
vbere bis wife found it ia the night.
She substituted an old almsnao, ana
Beit day they took diflerent trains,
tioioe to Toledo in blissful ignorauoe
?. . - r'.-s- : T j :
tis loss, she to nar menus iu uuuu,
with tha money, , . ,
' ' tit i ill. T '
From the Wayne Cqunty Democrat.
It Bondholder's in Convitiok. The
teoent Republican Convention at Colum
bus was a strange, yet significant affair!
It was composed of
The Bondholders,
The Bankers,
The Speculators-
The Army Contractors,
' The Army Generals,
The Provost Marshals, "
The Draft Commissioners,
The Revenue Assessors. '
The Mail Agents, .
The Revenue .Collectors,
The Whiskey Inspectors, . .
' The State Office-seeker?.
Pimps and hangers-on, '. ,
'And Members of Coegress!
This mollv crew of Jaoobin Conspira-
torr sgiinst the Bights and Liberties
. , i. , i llJ I U . Pnnnnnlmn
lue jreopie uouvrunou iui vuhtuukvu.
The people were not there!
The Farrtere we not represented
the voice xf the Wool Growers was
heeded the Mechacio was not ropros
tented the White Laborer had not
friend there these . Nabobs cared
none bat themselves, and the Nigger vo
ters the Harvest of the Warl
"Well Named. Tho New York
Herald (EadicafJ in an able editorial
doclares that the "'National debt is'
National swindle.". "Wo boliove ,
from the very beginning to tho end.
it was a swindle upon tue poopie anu
upon the government. Let it, hence
forth be called the "National swindle."
: : - A- '
' We issue a few hours later
than usual this week on account
of the bad luck wc hart m ma
king an Inking Roller. -
iuler and all of His Chief Offioers gave
feast unto themselves and a few of
the citizens of the great city.
2 And when the day of the tens!
well nigh approachotb, the "Lord s
'Chief fig Driver," (as he has been
justly styleu,j oetog par-exoeiient in
he eves of the "Lord." sayeth unto
himself, that upon the day of the toast.
he would not drink wine as do the
others, bat that ho would send onto tbo
city afar off and bring unto the city of his
"Lord," spirits much stronger than that
olthe wine.
3 J! or be saith, "1 am no wine
bibber; neither am I to be made drunk
4 And when the day ofjhe foast had
fully oome, and all had made themselves
ready tor the feasL there assembled to
eethet all the offioers:
& And when they had surrounded
toe table, already spread to overflowing
with the purest of wines and fine bread;
b lben appoareth the "Uhiof l i
Driver" and sproadotb before the miirh
ty Uosts of the Lord all his fine spirits,
and sayeth unto them; Come ye. an
sup with me, for I have purohasad of
the purest spirits, and tbey are eveB
stronger than the wiop, even a fine
drink in the happy land of Amerioa.
7 lben came they near unto him.
and sapped with bim.
8 And when they Lad ttBted thereof,
they wonderetb within themselros what
kind Of spirits this man hath brought
for the least, and why he hath not sup?
ped of the wine.
9 Then the multitudo began to ques
tion him concerning the strange drink.
10 And they say nnto him, "What
kind of spirits be this that hast been
brought in unto the feast?"
u Ana ne saitn unto them, ibis
the finest of drink, and is known in tl
city affar off from whence I brought
by the name of Rum.
12 And not being satisfied, thov in
quireth further, and said: What kind
13, And he answereth and saith unto
them, This is a fine article of Cay Rum.
14 And whed thev hoard ibis, there
arose a great shout in the midst of
fount tVtv lhTi nariooik ihn Rivltnu
is an article made use of by tho Barbkrs
.w. v r-v'-v...... ...-
in dressing toe hair.
15 And whon the "Chief Pi(? I)ri-'
vor" saw that the multitude, even the
wine bibbers, were laughing to soorn
him, and he perceiving that he was sold,
he was filled with wrath and was sorely
grieved, besides as plumfull of Bat
Rum as Old Mi&tor Peter Plumfull was
plumfull of Wine.
To be Continued.
Thk Farce of an Election in Ten
nessee. Tho Negroos of Tennossco,
under tho head of Brownlow, went
through the farco of an election
tho 1st inst. In Knoxville, over four
hundred Negro votes wero polled in
single precinct, all, of course, jfor
Brownlow. Tho polls were guarded
by Negro pblicomen. . :
Ot course, in a btalo whore JNcgroos
rulo and white men aro deniod tho
right to voto,, Radicalism carries ev
ery thing before it.
IIon.C.L.Vallnadioiiam will speak
at Logan, on Wednesday; October 2.
Largest Book Agency in 1 the
I ''' roa ' ' ' -
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cifrving, should twin lhe possenHlon ol evory house
wife. This department alone is more complete
valtuble than any other work ever publinhed on
subject. The diseases of the horse, cattle, hogs,
and other animals, are (rented of at great length
complete directions given lor treatment. : The de-
Krlments of Medicine, Browing and Distillation,
irfimery, Bleaching, Tanning, Painting,. Varnish
es, cements, Ac, are all that could be desired
Moro than seventy distlnot sutijects are oarcftilly ex
amined and treated of. It is unquestionably
best book of the kind ever published , either in this
country or Europe. Price, handsomely bound
cloti, fl.OO; sheep, 84,50.
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V ease and beauty ol willing, fully ns flexible,
and more durable than anv steel Deo ever manufae-
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ie best business men
Id ine country, men
Irnnt vht a ffnod nell IS. '
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Allress M. V. B.COWEN, IisFnyetto, Indiana.
.Inge 27 ie.T-tlm
. ,. ' ' PHILADELPHIA, v
1300,000 Presents io Subscribers.
One Cash Present of 840,000.
' One CaBh Present of $20,000.
One Cash Present of 10,000.
One CaBh Present of $5,000.
Two Cash Presents of ?2,500 each.
Rtad full Schedule of Prcni Below.
Each certificate oritock is accompanied with a
Worth More at Retail than tne tost or
Certificate, -
And lso inaures to t!ie holder
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Washington Library Company
Is chartered by tha Btat of Pennsylvania, ;nd Or-
Riverside Institute
For Soldiers' and Sailor' Orphan; .'
Incorporated by the State of N. J.
April 8, 1867. -
the riverside"ins'titute,
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, New .
Jemy, Is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating tne sons or deceased sold
iers and Seamen of the United States. .
The Board of Trimten cmwisla of thn following '
well-knnwD uitiiunx ol I'enusylvimiu and Row Jeruey:
Hon. William aiaon,
District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. James M. ScotbI, New Jersey. ;
Hon. (V. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Gorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tmasvby Pf.paktmrnt, Washington, P. C, April
18, 18117. Office of Internal Revenue: lluving meir
eil mitiafaotory evidence that the proceeds ol (lie en
lorprise conducted ly the WushinKton Library Com' '
pnny will be devoted to charitable lit en. permisrion
is hereby granted to said company to conduct such
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether from
snecial lax or other duty. E. A. ROLLINS.
, . , fVUJUIlBBIUUUr. '
- f :....:..'
The Washington Library
In order that tho benevolent obiect set forth In this
circular may be successfully ai-comnhshert, have Js.
sued a series of Fine Steel-plate LnKravinjjis, which
nro put on subscription nt prices much Wow their
Library company will be issued, stamped, with tha
seal of ti e company, and signed by the secretary.
rNnnnnllierRare uonnino.l
Any person gending us One Dollar, or pay
I i 1. at, ma InAii.liiA.I A fan4o will ...at.
lug mo nuii v " . .6v..m, i.ni
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
choice from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, insuring One Present in
our published schedule.
Oni Dollar Engraving
. No 1 "My Child! My Childl" No 2
"They're Saved!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six;
or, the Early bays of the Revolution."
Any person paylug Two Dollar will re
ceive either of the Steel Plates, nt choice, and
Two Certificates of Stock, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
Two hollar Engraving.
Three Dollar Engravmyt.
Any nerson paying Three 1'ollars will recpivo the
beautiful steel Plate of "Home From the War," anil
Vliro rrtittcatcs Of stock, becoming entitled to
Three Presents.
Four Dollar Engravings.
Any person paying Konr Dollars shall receive the
larao and beautiful stool Plato of "The l'erils ol Our
. .forefathers," and Konr eertiflentes ol stock, enti
tling tuciu to pour I'rcsents.
Five Dollar Engraving.
Any person who pays Five hollars shall receive
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Mainaga
of Pociihontas,'' and Five certificates of stock, euti-
,1...... i L.... n-..un.
.IlllK ,11.11, ... . l.P . lcur.
The engravings and certificates will be dohvored
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, oi sent
Ly mail, post paid, or express, as may bo ordered.
Will award Three Hundred f lionsand Dollars
To the Kharelioldei'Hi
On Wednesday, September 25ih, 18C7,
At Plilladelphla, In.,
Or at the Institute, Riverside, N. J.
1 Cash Pressut
'. 1 Cosh Present
f 20,000
1 Cask Present
1 Cash Present
2 Cash' Presents of 2,500
1 Handaoaie Country Keaidonon,-1
Stable, Grounds, &c, Oormau-
town, Philadelphia . . ,
.1 Double Itcsidenoe, three-story -
brick, Candeu N. J,
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds,
Ground, with business establish
ed, No 1314 Washington Avenue
Phiadulphia ,
1 Country Residence, RiversiJo,
' N. J. with Ground, Fruits, &o, .
1 Three-story cottage, lot, Ac.
'ii Valuable building lots, Riverside, I30O
1 Elegant Turnout Family carringo,span of
horses, Harness, &o., vomplcto,
10 Valuable Building Lots, Riverside, f,1U0
1 Beautiful silver-gray horse, 15 hands
high' sired by the celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, "Caliphi" also, alil
- Himil WsKim. iluht-u pounds, with set
of superior single harness, Ao., making a
hrst-clnsB establishment,
20 Pianos, 8600 each . -
1!0 Melodians, '2aica-:h
6 Rosewood sewing machines, S200 enoh.
10 Familv sewinif machines, Sluo each
'.j.i ,.,
' 8,000
Ml Fine gold watclius, two hundred dollars each lu,wo
iuu uii I'ainiings, by leaning nnisis agr -gate
3 Camel's Hair shawls, one thousaud dol
lars each
2 Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dol
lars each . '
3 Handsome Iince shawls, S25" each
10 Cashmere shawln, fifty dollars each
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollaia
60 city building Iota, J175 each . r-.-v ,
The remainder will consist ol silverware,
Musical Boxes, Opcru Classes, Pockot
Bibles, and different articles ol orua-
ment and use, amounting to
' l,500i
All tho properties given clear of incumbrance.
How to Obtain Share and Engraving,
. Bend orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore to,
twenty dollars, either by I'ostOlllce orders or in a
registered letter, at our risk. larger .amounts
should be sent by draft or express,,
10 shares with engravings - ' $0 50
25 shares with engravings ' . , 23 54
60 shares with engravings ' ; " 4i 50t
75 shares with engravings ' ' C9 OH
100 shares with engravings : -:t;. 80 0U
Tjtnal Aivnnte wontsil ihl-All trhnnL lhe tlni
. VVW. II W. . W ------C- "
tedStates. s ' , :-.
'The Association have appointed as Itecew
vers, Messrs. GEORQB A, COOKE & CO 4
whose well know integrity and business ex
perience will be a efficient guarantee that
the money entrusted to tbent will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated. ,...,!,-. ; ",
i Address all letters and orders tq
. GEO. A. COOKE & CO., Bankera, 11
" ' 83 South Third Slrett, . ',
- Philadelphia, l'a.
Receivers for the Washington Lilimry Co,
July 4, 18G7-Cm

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