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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 15, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
FaiNTEBS, like other men, sometimes offer
some very good bargains. Any person
wishing to purchase a splendid Tiano, Till
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by ealllng at this office. We
can furnish them at greatly reduced rates.
In a country where the natural desire of
the people is to reach the highest point in
art, it is very diftioult for sacoess to be ob
tained without the most arduous labor, rub
ric opinion is extremely exacting and not al
ways just; but often unjust and cruel criti
cism "has produced the most beneficial re
sults; the greatest improvements hare been
made under continued discouragements, and
In many successful efforts defeat seemed
certain to all exoept those concerned. In no
one branoh of or ( has there been more trials
end failures and in no Bingle instrument is
there so many different parts to perfect in
order to make the whole a success as the 'Piano-Forte;
this is always attended with
. greatexpense requiring large capital and
pniientperseverence. Grovknstkish & Co,,
499 Broadway, N. Y. commenced manufac
turing Pianos 30 years ago and is on of the
oldest houses in the country. They differed
from t ho rest of the makers in this respect
they aimed to make the best instrument aud
1o sell it for the smallest profit These Pianos
lo-day canuot be excelled. Their singing
quality is pure, full, and easily retained
through tne most lengthy passages. Fur
power they are unparalleled, and are cele
brated for their groat brilliancy, exquisite
touch, and elegance of style aud finish.
Avgusl, 1867-4
Grand Musical Entertainment Miss
Timmonds and her Mueio Class will give a mu
sical entertainment at the M. E. Church, on
Tuesday and Wednesday, August 20th and
21st. The proceeds are to go for the benefit
cf the M. E. Church. Let there be a full at
tendance. AdnJaaion 25 cents. Qen tie
manly ushers will be on hand to seat the au
dience. ,
Raoi Wanted. Brintr all vour raes to
this nfhee, where the highest market prloo
1 1 , : i r .1
win oe paiu iur vueui.
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
A Girl Wanted. Permanent
employment in a small family will be given
o a girl who understands house-keeping.
iso one need apply without a good recom
For information, apply to the editor of
this paper. '
Ir you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter what, the best, way you can aocom
plish your object is to advertise in the En
quirer. Mow is the time to advertise. Try
it. . .
SuoscRins for it. The A buna contains
40 columns of spicy reading every week
Lovers of "choice literature" should read it,
.Sent 3 months fur 60 cents.
Address "The Arena," Albany, N.Y.
Ota friend, Charley W. Buck, is
:titill Mail Agent on the Portsmouth
..Urancli of the M, & C. Pi. It., a poni
lion he lias hold for several years, just
ibectutso ho is clever and accomnioda
ting ito every hody "till along the
line between Jluinucn and rorts
mouth. Go on in thy good work,
1'UAKLKY, and never get weary of
"changing" or "distributing."
Drag, BouKs and stationery,
Persons wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
will do well to call s,t Strong's ' Drug and
BuokStore, corner Ilulbert's Block, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a large stock of
Ture Medicines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Perfumery, and Fancy Arlioles.
Physioians can buy as low as in any mar
ket, in Southern Ohio.
The attention of the public is called to the
large stock of Cap aud Note Taper, Pous,
Ink, Paper, Knives, Rulers, &c, &o.
School Books can be bought cheaper at
Strong's than at any other establishment in
Vinton county.
Call and see. May 2-6m
Gem Ferrotypes.
For the accommodation of those who
Wish a cheaper picture than the common
Photograph, , C. J, Billinohubsv is now
prepared to make Gem Ferrotypes.
Call and Bte them;
For Tiire Drugs and Med-
icnes,go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Exciilent Ice Cream at Ben. F, Bedd's.
Go and try it.
E stb ay Cow. A red and white spot
' ted cow, about five years old, belonging
to Sheriff Shockey, strayed from bis res
idenoe, in this town, on he night of the
28th of Jane. Any person returning
theoow or giving information that will
lead to ber recovery will be liberally re
warded. Scb80bibb for the Enquires for the
eacpaign. Only 25 cents. Ask your
neighbor to subscribe. .
. Musical Alarm. The sudden sound
of instrumental music burst upon our
ears on yesterday evening, and on go
ing to the door of our "sanctum," we
observed the street rrnwrlArl with
sons of all sizes and ages all rushing
to Robert Q.'b shoe shop, where For
oravjj was '"grinding out music" to
the happy crowd, composed of millers,
, merchants, printers, carpenters, and a
host of youngsters. When Robert
formed grinding, the music stopped
and the crowd dispersed.
; Xknia. Female Coilsqs. This-is, in all
reaped, a First-class Boarding School for
Gentlemen board in private families and
may prepare for Easiness er the Junior year
in any University.
The Location, Boarding, Course of Study,
Instruction, and all the arrangements meet
the wants and reoeive the approval of good
students and wise parents.
We have good evidence that better order,
more study, and more vigorous thinking, arf
secured when ladies and gentlemen reoiu
in the same olasses. The Boarding- House it
only for Ladies and they ore under the care
of the Prinoiptress, an experienced, success
ful eduoator.
Next session will beglnr September 3d.
For Catalogue, &c, address,
Xenia College, Xenia, Ohio.
Vinton Countt Tkaciiebs' Institute:
Arrangements have been made for holding
an Institute, in McArthur, during the first
week of September next.
Tho services of Professors B. T. Tappan
and W. II. Young, of the Ohio University,
have been seoured to give Instruction upon
all branches of interest to the teachers.
Teachers will be to no expense in attend
ing, except their boarding, as the expenses
of Institutes are provided for by law.
The Institute will eommenoe Monday. Sep
tember 2d, at 10 o'clock a. m., and olose the
following Friday afternoon. Saturday will
be devoted to examination of Teaobers.
M. R. BARNES, President.
Only 25 Cents. We liave placed
the price ot the Democratic Enquirer
for the Campaign (for three oiootbs) at
25 cents, a very small sum that Is within
the limit of every man in the county. -
Our list is fast increasing ; and we hope
oar friends will sea to it that our list is
still further increased that every voter
has this paper to read during the cam
paign. Send in the names, friends I
Now is the time! Lose not a moment
The Lady's Friend for September
has teen received at this office. This issue
is brim full of the " latest fashion " engrar-
ings, and also eontains.the usual variety of
literary articles. Send for it, ladies.
A beautiful Steel Engraving will also be
sent gratis to every single ($2 60) sub
scriber, and to every person sending the
usual olubs. Specimen numbers of the mog
aiine will be sent for twenty cents, .
Price with engraving! $250 ayear; Four
copies with one engraving 6 00. One
copy of Ladv's Friend aud one of Saturday
Evening Post and one engraving $4 00.
Address Deacon & Peterson, 319 Walnut
Street, Philadelphia,
We will send the above magaiine and the
Democratic Enquirer for one year for $2 60a
Demobest's Monthly Maoazinb, for Sep
tember, has been received This is the best
magniiuo, in every respect, published in the
United States the Fashion Department of
the magaiine has always been bolter than
any other. Ladies, send for it For terms
and address, always look in our advertisug
The August Number of this magaiine was
not received at thisotBoe, Will the Publish
ers be kind enough to send it?
New National, Keligiou3 Paper
A national religious newspaper, to be
called "The Advance" will be publish
ed weekly, fiora the first of September
onward, in the City of Chicago. It wll
represent Congregational prinoiplea and
polity, but will be ooaducted in a spirit
of oourtesy and fraternity towards all
Christians. The form will be what is
popularly termed a double sheet of eight
pages, of the size and style of the N, Y.
EvangeliBt. The peouniaiy basis ia to
ample capital furnished by leading busi
ness men and others, to be ezpondod in
the establishment and improvement of
the paper, which is intended to be seoood
to none in the country, in itg literary and
religious oharaoter. ' The purpose of its
projeotors is indicated in the name: their
aim being to advanoe the cause of evan
gelioal religion, in its relations not only
to dootnne, worship, ecclesiastical polity,
but also the philosophy, soienoe, litera
tare, politics, business, amasemonts, art,
morals, philanthropy and whatever else
oonducos to the glory ot Uod and tne
good of man by its bearing upon Chris
tian civilization No expense his been
spared in preparing for its editorial man
agement in all departments, while an
rangemeots are in progress to secure the
ablest contributors and correspondents
at home and abroad. The oity of Ohi
oago hag been soleoted as the plaoe of
publication, beoauso of its metropolitan
position ia the section of the country es
pooially demanding suoh a paper, and
the faet that it is nearly the centre of
national population, and in a very few
years will be the eoolesiattioal centre of
the Congregational ohurohes. Issued at
the interior commercial metropolis, Tax
Advance will contain the latest market
reports, and able disoussione of financial
aubjeots, suoh as will make it a necessity
to business men io all parts of the counH
try Tne editor-in-chief Kev. Wm.
W. Patton, D. D who resigns the pas
torate of the leading church of the de
nomination at the West for this purpose,
and who has had many years experience
in editorial labor. The subscription
prioo will be $2.50 in advanoe. Adver
tising rates made known on application.
Address uTm Advanci Company,"
P. O. Drawer 6374, Chioago, III.
Waterfalls ooisa out or Fas tow
Whenever "Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restor
ative" has been introduced, ' Waterfalls are
going out of fashion. This unrivalled prep
aration eausei the hair to grow to such
length that false hair is not required, .
. ; m. :
Vote against the Radicals.
1 Ins plan of the Washington Library Com
pany of Philadelphia is to off to the publioan
interestina charitable Institution by offer
ing stock in shares of $1, for which a cer
tificate is given with an engraving fully
worth the money paidl Asa still further
indtioemont to have the shares taken up rap
idly, every stockholder is promised a present
of some value in addition to his stock cer
tificate and pioture.
The funds thus seoured by the sales of
stock are deposed with George A.' 'Cooke &
Co, Bankers, No 33 8outh Third Street.
Philadelphia, to be by them applied to the
object in view! A charitable publio institu
tion thus 'receives the benefit, and not a
private individual! Read advertisement,
; Stowe'b Varieties are Coming!
ThiB is the most cxtonsivo combination
of talent and variety of performances
ever given under one pavillion 1 Will
exhibit at McArthur, on Monday next,
August 19th. Tho managers of this
show have gono to a great expense in
organizing lor tins season, and they
will give a better show than any that
has ever been at this town. Their
performances are of a now style dif
ferent from any thing ever before tho
public, first in splendor is the Uolu
en Serpent Band Chariot which has
been built at great expense, and is not
equaled by any other. " "'
The Superb Gymnast Troupe has
been engaged at great cxponso, with,a
view to give an entertainment worthy
of public patronage, and one which
will, without fail, give satisfaction.
Prominent among the brilliant gal
axy of ' Artistes connected with tho
great enterprise is tho beautiful and
talented Siernorita Lopez, and her
three talented children, aged respect
ivelv 4. 7. and 10 years, who havo ere
atedapcrtoct furore of astonishment
in all tho principal cities oisiwope
and America.
Among tho list of Star Performers
accompanying the show, is Mr. West
btow, Clown ana lankee Comedian ;
Mr. Win. Myers, in his wondorful
feats ot vaulting, &c; Tommy O'Noil,
Irish Coniodian and Banjoist ; Bab
cock Bros., in their colcbratod Broter
Act ; Prof. II. Stow, Contortionist and
India-rubber Man : Master Theodore,
the young Clown and Vocalist; Mr.
Geo. Cutler, Uhampion uannon JJaii
rerformer of America ; Vanzant Bros.
in their celebrated irtipezo act.
There aro many Gymnastic l'eriorm
era and Vaulters. Nothing immoral
connected with any of tho perform
ancos. Every man, woman, and child
should attend this show I
.;: Admission Box, 50 cents; Child-
l'en, 25 cents.
Doors open at 11 and 7 o'clock p. m.
Performance commences at 21 and 71
o'clock. Good and comfortablo scats
for all.
For raialilcr's Herb Hitters
Go Sisson's Drug Store.
On the 11th InHt., by W. ). Hif(ina, Esq., Mr.
Jaiikt Milieu and Mihh Mabqaukt J. Ansitua, both
of Hope rurnaoa.
In Hnnvlen, on tho'th of August, 1807, William,
Kin of Clinrle W. uU Wary J. epiouao, ny,ev
months and S days.
The greeneas ot the leaf m gone,
The beauty of the flower is riven;
Hie bird toother climes hiut flown,.
Anil there's tin anel more In heaven.
DIED. Advertisements.
Sheriff's and Special Master
Commissioner s Dale.
State of Ohio. Vinton County.
Aleianderfl. Dowd, PlaintiH, 1 In Court of Common
againut ( Pleas.
.Inmett I.nn In. Defendant. : On an Order of Sale
TVJUSITANT to the command of an order of aale in
J the above cause tome directed from thecouitof
common Pleaa of Vinton county, and to me directed
as Bherift of said county, actitiu a Special Mauler
CommwBioner herein, I mill offer at public sale,
at the door or the Court House, in the town otaicAr
tlnir. in the nnnntv nf Vintan. on
MONDAY, the 16th clay of Septombor,
A. D. 18(57,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, the lol
Inwinir landa and tenementa. to-wit:
All that part of In Lot in the Village of ;MeArthur,
Numbered Heventy-aeven (77,) heretofore owned by
Conrad Smith, and by linn told and transferred to
Christopher Winkleman, nnd by the said Winkle
man hold to Samuel V. Dodaeand Samuel Trimmer,
nnd by the said Dodge and Trimmer ' sold to Jamei
. Tuken by an order and decree of said conrt as the
property of Jnmea Lanta to satisfy a decree ot said
court in favor of Alexander O. Dowd.
Appraised at seven hundred dollars and must
bring two-thirds of that sum. -Terms
of sale cash in hand on the day ot sale.
Bherifl Vinton County, 0.,
' Aotlng as Special Master Commissioner.
D. 8. Dana, Attorney for Pl'tt.
August 16, 1SU7-OW-U
Sheriff's Sale.1-
State of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
George Salts, Plaintiff,
In court of common
Vendi Order of Sale
with Ft. Fa. clause
Richard Craig and . 1 .1 '
Henrv Rn uolds. DePui. i
I3U1UUANT to the command
of a Vendi Order ot
I Bale with Fi. Fa. elausa in the above cause from
the courtof common pleas of Vinton county, and to
me directed as Sherifl of said county, I will otler at
public sale, at the door of the Court House, in the
Town of HuArthur, in said oountv, on . .
MONDAY, the 26th day of 'August,
.,! A.D. 18G7,
at the hour of 1 o'clock t.u. of said day, the follow
ing goods and chattels, to-wit:
One Silver Watch, (No. 44332;) One Writing Desk
and contents; Tn Volumes Abridgement of the De
bates of Congress; Fo jr Curwin'a Revised Statutes;
T wo Volumes Sherwood's Blackstoue's Comments.
rim, iwo volumes Debates Ohio Convention; One
Haywood's United States Oasette; On Swan's Revis
ed Statutes of Ohio; and One Ink Stand,
Taken aa tha nrnnerhr nf Pikrri PnU fn aatiafv
a judgment of said oourt In iavor of George Salt,
iermsol sale cash in hand,.
Sheriff Vinton Co., 0.
E. A. Bratton, Att'y for PI'S.
AUgUSI 10, 1S07-W
Divorce Notice.
LOWERV, whose place of residence is
V unknown, ia hernbr notihefl that tf.i. Ann
Lowrey, did, on the 12ih day of August, A. 1). 1SU7,
tile her petition in the Offle ot the Clerk of the Court
of Common Pleas, within and for th county of Vin
ton, and State of Ohio, charging tne said William
Lowery with having Men willfully absent from the
said Mary Ann Lowery for mor than three yean
f trior tnereto, and for that cause praying for a divorce
rom tha said William Lowery; for the care, nustody,
and control ol three minor children, and for such
other and further relief as the nature of the case
and equity may require; whioh petition will be lor
hearing at the next term of said court.
By Mayo DuIIadway, her Att'ys.
August 19, 1807-Sw
Administrator's Notice.
TOTICE It hereby given that Lewis A
Adminiatraior of the Mutate of Tli'
inmiui Cos,
lute of Vinton county, Ohio, riacsnsed, has filed his
accounts for Inspection and final settlement in the
Probate, Court or Vluton county, Ohm, which will be
.Ua.U.J ft-'--! . I. , ... .
iur nttacjuv ou buu oiuwj vi f hihiiit, n. j'. iqvi.
; August 15, 1867.S.W - , -, l'robate Judge.
SfeCRETS FOR THE MILLION.- mont valuable
and wonderful publication. A work of 40ti pugus
and iJO oolored encraviDcH. Iir. rlunler'a Vade Me-
cum, flu original mid populAr trcutise on 11 an and
Woman, their I'll ysolnity, Functions, apd trouble ot
vorykinci, witn never lining rcmiwie lor tneir
gpoedy cure.
The practice of tr. Hunter ha 'ong boon and Mill
is, unbounded, but at tho earliest solicitation ot nu
merous persons, he has been induced It) extend his
medical usefulness through the medium OI his "Vaile
One copy, securely enveloped, will bo forwarded
free of postage to any part of the United States for
Ml cents in P. 0. stamps. Address, post paid, lr.
Huntar, No. 3 Division street, 'uw York.
August 13, 1807 -y
0mrncj iHacIjtuc.
The only Machine so perfected that'enlire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purchase
money refunded.
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
will be sold at. very low prioe, and a Local
Agent appointed on the most favorable
N.B, Send for eiroular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal.
tinkle & Lyon S. !TI. Co.
;' ' .... . CB7 Broadway, New-York.
June 27, 18i37-Gm
tS NOW recoiving from New York, Boston,
X and Philadelphia, ft complete assortment of
consisting in part of
Ladies' Dress Goods, .
New Styles Delaines & Shallics,
Double-Width Umghams
In Broken Haids,
Large Stook of
Fprcign Dress Goods ; .
Very Low and of the Latest Styles
Amber, Jet and Crystal Drop
; Trimmings and Buttons,
Parasols of all descriptions,
,; Shaker Hoods, '' ;
And Cheapest "Woolen Goods
; and Cassimeres since the war.
His Stook of
Boots and Ladies Shoes
Is complete, and can be sold 20 per cent, cheaper
man tne cueapesb.
All kinds of -- : r
kept constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Ready-Made Clothing,
i , Piece Goods, ,
Hats and Caps,
. ' As cheap as in the year 1859.
N"AILS by the pound & kefir,
For less than can 1 bought at uiiy other House in the
tatrRememher the place Doddridge's New
UutUmg, one Door Wett of the Court lloutt,
may t, 18ti7-ly
Class P, August 15th,
Class Q, August 31st,
. ; 18G7. . , ,
. 1 priie
' 1 pri9
1 prize
1 prine
i prizes
. of
; : of
.. 7.000
. 1.000
9 prises of $300
0 Drizea of
1C4 prizes of
8 prizes of
220 prizes of
18 driios of
261 prizes of
29 prizes
63 trizes
Frizes amounting to $280,650,
32,000 Numbers and 783 Piizes.
WTiolc Tickets $12; Halves f6;
Quarters 3.
from 1 to 88,000, corresponding with those numbers
on the tickets, printed on seperate slips of paper, are
encircled with small tin tubes, and placed in one
wnoet. a n prizes, oi w men mere 788, varying aa
ahovo, from 60,000 to SM,(X, are similarly printed
on seperate slim, enoircled. and Placed in anotlmr
wheel. The wheels are then revolved, and a num
ber is drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
siime time prie is drawn from the other wheel.
The number and prise drawn out are opened and
exhibited to the audience, and registered by the com
missioners, the pi 121) being placed against the num
ber drawn. This operation 1 repeated uutilall the
pnies are drawn out, .. i ,-.; .
. The above Maeninoent Single-Number Lot
tery, whioh. will be drawn in pnblio, in Co
vington, Ky.,by Sworn Commissioners, at
o'olook P. M, at the corner of Fourth and
Seott Streots. ' ' The " Kentucky 8taU
Lotteries are no Gift Enterprises, but respon
sible Money Lotteries.that have been conduct
ed successfully for the past 30 years, and are
drawn under the authority of a oharter from
the State, and bonds to a large amount are
eiven for the payment or all prizes. The
drawings are published in the New York
herald and Unoinnati UommerciaL
The above scheme will be drawn the mid
dle and last of each month during 1867 and
1868. v
Circulars of Lotteries drawing daily sent
free by application to the Managers.
Address ail orders for tickets to
July 11, 1867-8m Covington, JTy.
ONO Contributor ia the AMERICAN
' WIT 25 oenta year.
'' ' 81 Nassau Sr., N. I. "
WHERE the Laugh Comes io. The
. AMERICAN WIT 25 cts. a year.
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
'' hit. 25 ots. year.
81 NatsattSt.,N. Y.v
August 1, 1807-3m
V. -TB , .
. Of a Silver Medal
Cf Et th. N. II. RUte Aintcultuna SocMr, U
f . 1U lllr, boldeu La Ksiua, 8pt. itl, lUUX
Vegetable Hair Restorative
Bottom Gry Flair to Its Nttiml Color p ro
motet tli arrow th of the llalri cltMiirci the
OTO- -
i ronta to tholr original orcanio action i eradi- .
k eatet iJnnilruif and llumorai prevuuta
llalr foiling out t it a auperior In'inf .
eouiamt do injurious inirrrnirm.
ana ti ui rnui( pnnuiar ana rcn- a. a
aoic artirift tnroucntiui ino
ut,WeKt, NorUi, and
i. H. BARRETT & CO., Proprietors,
For sale hy Dr, J. S. Strong, Druggist,
Julyl,U07-ly MoArthur.Ohio,,
The World Astonished
Madame H. A, PEIHtlGO.
SIIE reveals aeorets no mortal ever knew. She
restores to happiness those who, trom doleful
events, cat natrophex, orosnes in love, loss of relations
and friends, loss ot money, e., have heroine de
spondent Hhe brings together those long separa
ted, givos Information concerning absent friends or
lovers, restores Inst or stolen property, tells you the
hnsina you are best qualified to pursue and in
what you will be most successful, causes speedy mar
riages and tells you the very day you will marry,
gives you the name, likcnoss ancf characteristics of
the person. She reaihj ybnr very thoughts, and by
her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark
and hidden niystenes.of the future. From the slurs
we see in the firmament the mnlefio stars that over
come or predominate in the configuration from the
aspects nnd positions of the planets and the fixed
stars in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduoes
the future destiny of man. Fail not ti consult the
greatest Astrologistonearth, It costs yon but a trifle,
and you may never again have so favorable an oppor
tunity. Cousultation free, with likeness and all de
sired Information, SI. Parties living at a distanceoan
oonsHlt the Madame by mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as il in person. A full and
exolicit chart, written out. with nil inquiries answer
ed aud likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of
price above mentioned. 1 tie strictest secrecy win oe
maintained, and all correspondence returned or de
stroyed. References of the highest;order furnished
those desirina them. Write plainly tlw-day nf tlm
month and ysr in which yon wc:o bum, enclosing a
small lock of hair. ...
Address, Mad.vms.H. A. TERUKJO, -
al8 K u. Drawer 2W, BulKdo, K. V.
, , ! . SC ,,;v .
' AT THE , "' '
World's) Fair, Loudon,
W HERE all Rowing Machines ol any nole,
txith European and American, weru in
V&TThe yearly talet of Wheeler
. Wilson are equal to the talet of all
other Sewmg Machines Combined.
"We use the Wheeler A Wilson, and pro
nounce it without a rival. tioisyTirio Ameuiuan.
There is no mnchino so simple and panily
inananed, or that can perform such a variety
ol work without basting or preparation.
IgyA 11 orders will reoeivo prompt
attention, if left with --
. ' " MoArthur, Ohio.
J. F.AVoodsidk, Agent,
Chihicothe, Ohio.
May 23, 1887 -3m ,
W A S nl'N'G'
Strong, Simple and Practical.
IT it a Squkkhhq Machini; warranted no
to injure elotning .. geared ' U give six
strokes of the plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 turns of whioh will wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
according to the site of Machine used.:
Six Years' experience proves the NoxrAar.iL
to be the. only Washing Machine made which
ttandt tht test of Tim und Use. It Is unap.
proacbable for ,:. 1;ir ,a.i , i '.
: A GENTS WANTED.- Send for free De
scriptive Circular to - - -' '
' 184 Water Street, New York City.
Junes, lS07-9in
F U R N I T U U 11! !
J-AMKS H. WIlfKOrr. " ' JOflKW V. KALEB.
ARE still in town inaiitifauturing; and dealing In
nllkindaoj -
Cabinet Furniture,
'Oa MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolf's Offiec,
The Funiiliuftn made out ol the best touonrd .
material, and by (he most experienced Kockuieo
BUREAUS Every Style.
BED8TGADS M Kinds. ...
TABLES Every Patters,
CHAIRS Paney and Common.
8ASa, COOitS, llLINDd, io,
always oa hand or furnished on short notice. '
f if nil L-imla in ITiii-tiititrA f'lta i A,,. attAA '
on nliort uotice,
a HuptTiup tiinuty vi iuairessef oi fin pitos al
ways kept on hand. , . .
Wearealwhys la ren'iiness to ATTliNI)
FUN KHALS Town and Country, at the ,,
hiwent rates. .
A l'Vir- Prioe for h Fair Article
in Our Motto!
ruichasers aro requested tocdl and examine cur
. targe. ISook oi Furniture
before piirphasinn rJsewhere, na we feel confident
that wn can furnish lietter and cheaper nrtMos tlino
ny othor estnblishment in thid vicinity.
IVcATEdllion, Revised & Enlarged. .
tvnd Iiusitnessi Form 13oolti
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law, and Business Negotiations far eve
ry State in the Union,
With Legal Forms, and fnll instucllona for
proceeding, without legal assistance, in suits
and business transactions of every desorlp-
Together with the different Stale Laws
concerning the Collection of Debts, Property '
Exempt from Eieoutlon, Lei a Laws, Uusary,
Lioense to Sell Goods, Qualification, of Vo
ters, Limitation of Aotions, &o.
Also, the General Bankrupt Law, with
forms and full instructions to enable Bank
rupts and creditors to take full benefit of the
Aet without legal assistance. ;
Also, Pension Laws, With full instructions
and forms to enable tht Discharged Soldier
or Sailor to prooure Back Pay, Pensions,
Bounties, and all War Claims.
Also, Patent Laws, with full Instructions
to inventors.
Also, Ezolse Laws, Stamp Duties,' Post
Office and Cm I cm House Regulations, the
whole aolion of the Government in relation
to reoontruotion and Freed men,- Constitu
tion or thV United Stales, with amendments;
Slate 'Seals, with descriptions, &C' ' '
Over zSO pages new ' matter have been
added, to meet the requirements of the times.
The utility of such a work no one will
now question.- , The sale of hundreds of
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
that point. , The professional man, the far
moV, the mechanio, the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, eaoh requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work.
It will save them money, save them troub
le, save them time, save them litigation and
lawyers' fees,, and giro litem information
that nobody oan afford to be without, 12mo,
650 pages, '
Prioe, handsotnly bound, ?3. . ' '
Sent, post-pali, on receipt of price.
A good, reliable Agent wanted in every :
town in tho United States. . Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent points, as General
Agent. Also, a few wide-awake men, to
travel in establishing Agencies.
, J. R. HAWLEY & CO.,
164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. -
Anv person wishing a conv
of the above Book, will call on
J. YY. JJowEtf,
' V. Agent for Vinton Counly.
AE AMERICAN WIT is always fit
- for any ono to road. 25 ceata ayear.
81 Nassau Street, N. Y.
SK and reoeive T1IE AMERICAN
WIT. 25 oonts ayear.
81 Nassau Stieet, N. Y;J
KN. GRANT is the Grant of Or sots.
THE AMERICAN WIT is 25 cents
a yoar. ?':'..'
- ' - 81 Nassau St., N. V '
UUNNEEI The Aanoodotes in tire
. 81 Nassau St., N.Y,
OME Amusements ia the Americas
Wit. 25 oents a year.
81 Nassau St., N. N.
FREEDMAN'S Bureau in the AMER
ICAN WIT. 25 cts. a yoar.
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
1 WIT. 25 cts. year.
81 Nassau St., N. . .
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
200 Gold Hunt'g Cue !ver Wrtahca 1100 to S175ech,
tOfloldHuntVCnseLnenericlH! 7Sto ISO " .
anOGnldPlatedflilverCases 60 to 100
00 Sot id sil ver Case Lever Watchna 35 to 75
600 8mid filvr Case Lrncne Watches lto 75, M
5UO'ldCoinK8itHuiit'gCsowtchoillUto 60 ' .
All the above aplendid watches will he ind for
$12 each. We have adopted the following plun:
Certiicatea Sescribing each wiitch and us value, are
rjrMtred and nlacnd in imIaH Mtn lniM. an.! Hia
holder will be entitled to the Wuhih t aalU for, un
n pavment of the (12. Thiaianolaj louery, but a
bona fide sal, i'rocure eiTiiliimte, and as thare ,
are no blanks, everyone must get a watch at half the
Hold Watch for the trifling sum of U.."ortiUi-ftlo
.nt S malt in iiv mlHrnaa fi.r tjt Mtit. arh. Kiwa
will he nnnt for $i; Arteen for So; th irtj-flve Tor tlu.
Agents wanted; send for circular. Addrcs",
21-6ui 30 Bcekman St., New York.

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