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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 22, 1867, Image 1

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' .f... ,:..... -:, , v. i.. .-.' DEMOCRATIC AT ALL TIMES . ANJ UUDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES -r ' ''' ' ! ..... ' '
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Democratic Enquirer
! ' ! - f, W. tOWtN, MTO 1KB IHOMtlTom. i
OFFICE In Dodgii Building, ovir Swetland'$
Slort, corner Main and Lotvtt Street,' Eatt
of the Court Home.- . .. (
For Terms, to., net) 4th Page.
' JIas the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Advertisers and
others will please makea notq of this.
How the Taxes are Increased.
The Ohio Statesman, of last week,
contained a table showing the increase
of State and local Taxes, ,hy counties,
from 1855, under Democratic rule, to
1866, under Eadical rule, ft is a val
uable table for present study and for
, future reference. ,
We take a few figures from the table
showing the increase of State and Lo
l Tuxes in ; Yin ton , county, -between
the years 1855 and 1866. In 1855, in
Vinton county, the total State Tax
was 88,559 01 4, and the total amount
of all other than State tax was $21,
948 76 9 making, for all purposes,
$30,507 78 3; and, in I860, the total
11.905., 87. and the to
tal amount of all other than State tax
was $31,789 72 making, for all pur
poses, $43,695 59. What do you think
of these ngurcB, naru-wuia.is
payers of Vinton county? Only $30,
507 78 3 in 1855, and $43,695 59 in
18661 Only $13,187 80 7 more in
1866 than in 1855! Only an increase
of $13,187 80 7! Every year your
. taxes 'are increased. The local taxa
tion, including all taxes other than
en in this pmintv. shows a still
. more alarming increase than the State
taxes, mainly owfng to the improvi
dent legislation of the State. Under
' Democratic rule the whole sum lovied
Tor State taxes amounted to $8,559 01
4, against that levied under Eepubli-
can rule, of $11,905 87, being an : in
crease between 1855' and 1866 of $3,
346 85 6; while Hie, local taxation, in
cluding all taxes other, than Stato,
amounted, in 1855, to $21,948 76 9
In 1866 to $31,789 72, being an in
crease between the years 1855 and
1866 of $9,840 95 1. ' All of this the
poor, hard-working people of little
Vinton county are forced to pay .for
the great blessing of Black Republican
Radical rule 1 ' ', ; !
: - And it is no wonder that the taxes
of the people have increased.when we
consider the reckless manner in which
4a T.arrialnfnrfl And State officials
squander the public funds aRepubr
lican Legislature and all the State; of
ficials Republicans. , This fall there is
nnnt.W Legislature and a nuiiiber of
o I
State officers to elect; and this same
party is again asking the people; to
olect a few more of its men to office,
80 that they can squander thousan,ds
of dollars more? Of course,' these
candidates all declare that they will
not squander the people's imoneyj
mi 11 o1l Mra linn no f. mon until
inn votes' of the neonle. and
get into office, when , they ; yiolato the
pledges they make. ;: ' . , , . ! j
1 .' The above does not include the bur
(QUllOLf IliU bnAduuu . w www (
And, hard-working 'men ef Vinton
county, remember further, that un4er
. this same Radical legislation';.' , large
portion of the wealth of the county, is
entirely exempt from taxatiqii, ; ,ITun-
dreds of dollars in Bonds owned in
this county are not' placed upon the
.. dunhcate ana pay no Bnare, w wie
i , , -.ir.. -in ii..w ;i.:- .-.ii .
Loo it HiRKlAre'voti. 'voters of
Vinton county, in favor pf being 'ax
' cd beyond your' 'ability to pay, in 6r
'der that ' the,' ')Sfti,li8to iny
countj his gold interest by thousands?
. A'nsVer tb.is .qucstipn, hard-working
men 6f; Vinton county!- !
.1.. J'. i.i ul.l-m. ; " !Pll-'" i i, i
Sambo and Dinah.
"Wp copy1 the' following ' from the
Woodsfield Spirit of Democracy, which
is' such a nice 'picture 'that;" w can't
help publishing it so all, inajfjjead it :
' "What a soul-stirrin's: pleasure Ra4r
icals will' experience when !, they, buc-
ceea m moulding puyn? vi"" i vy
conforrii to their ideas of Political and
Social Equality with Sambo and Di-
nah;.i-. ' ' u .n n- ai. .; . ;
"With. what pleasurable .emotions
thoir philanthropic hearts; will throb,
when they can gaze from their win
dows upon their daughters walking
arm-in-arm -with the sweet-scented,
African. 'JV. i" !!:' .'.M V Yl .'n
i'With what ecstatic emotions the
white daughter will inform her gray
haired father of her engagement with
Benjamin Wade Fremont, and assure
him that he will prove a stay to his
declining years. 11 ' : ! : . ' .(.
"What a jolly ' time the White wife
of the black Negro will have in caress
ing and running her dainty ; lingers
through the "knotted and combined,
locks"" of her, dusky lord: Ugh!
' "The Negro-lovers in power advo
cate a doctrine 'Which is fast tending
to the above. The 1 picture is not
over-drawn, and an attentive perusal
by Radicals is invited." .. :
Then and
procession .in
Now. In a Lincoln
Woodsfield, - Monroe
county; Ohio, in 1860, was a wagon
load of Niggers, tinder the protecting
wing of a fow Abolitionists of that
county. After "swinging 'round 'the
circle" once, the faithful were obliged
to turn them out, on account of ' nine
tenths of the procession swearing they
would not' ride with Niggers-they
were white men, and Niggers should
not disgrace their procession. , !i
, In this year of our. Lord, 1867, says
the Spirit of - Democracy, these eanie
men are called on tb vote to grant
those , very Niggers, turned ; out of
their procession in 1860, the right of
suffrage. The White men who refused
to allow Niggers to ride with them
aro required .by. their party leaders to
vote to allow said Niggers to walk up,
side by side with them; to the ballot
box, What Bay you,' Radicals, will
you vote to enfranchise the Nigger? ,
Anti-Abolition Tbact. For the past 80
years the AbolliionisU have deluged the
country with innumerable bools, pamphlets
and tracts, Inouleating their false, and per
nicieus doctrines. Little has ever been done
in the lame way towards counteracting
kheir influence, except what has been done
by those bold and able writers, Messrs. Van
Errie, Horton & Co., New York Citj. Thou,
sands now feeMhat such publications are
indisperisibly neoessary.: In order to sap
ply what it is beliered is ' wide-felt want,
they are bow issuing a series of "Anti-Abo-:;
lition Trade," embraoing a concise isoos
sion of current political 1 issues, in euoh a
obeap and popular form, and at iuoh mere
ly! nominal prioe for large quanties, as
ought to aeonre for .them a tery extensive
circulation. ' We bare received two of the
Tracts, "The Six Species of Men,, with cuts
representing-' the iyps Of the- Cauasian,
Mongol,' Malay,' American' Indian, 'Esqui
maux, and Negro," and "Free Negroism j or,
Result of Emancipation in the forth, and
tlie West India Islands," which should be
carefully read by every voter Id, the, United
States. ; , . ;i'f".'ii !
'Those wishing ' any of these Traol can
leave their orders at this office.: V ' . i b;:
"":)' - ,
Tni Deniooraiio Executive Committee of
Vintoii County-. C. .' Case, D. , B. Sh!v!
and J. O, Swetland, Jr.f have appointed
the : following . named ' gentlemen . as 1 an
. I, ; ADTI80KT committer: . I
i?a--John W. Wilkinson, Jacob Iinangle,
Brown, Washington Keeton, 8eth T. Weed.;
Elhk. 3. Swaim, Patriok MoAlister, Coon.
i i Bmitb.'1 ' J ,,:' ' .- -i 1 1 1 .,,
Swan rFred. CradlebaugU, Fred Frlck. j !
7acton Lalan Sampson; John Hose, - : Jr
Jfaditoth Morris Albaugb, Solomon Sh'pley,!
Clinton John FraieeJ Dr J. A. Monahan.;
Vinton John. Booth, Joseph McLaughlin. I y
J2icWanf L. A.' Atwood, Dr. H. C. Moore,
:"';Hariaon'lyle,:;" ',' '.':"'" ;
BsrrUtfn-r-A' Arganbright, 8, C. Steinbreok.
WUkttvitte -Charles Mulholland, King Wells;
aTnoi Henrjr, Packhard, George R, Jkill.. .
'!" ' '' 1 '- '' 1 1 ! ' ''"' -' " :'"''
-Votbbs of Vinton countyl Which
'ar$ ouymfavorTdfi ih;e P&l'-Jh'dldor
or the (BonoVhoider. ? 'horqnner en
riches the country by honest toil, yhile
thij latter beggars it by fraud. and" cor-r,uptiqn.''-'.lBeaj;
' this in !oiiiQd. ',.:Toie
against the bondholder J ) Yti5 against
$very (ma 04 thp . Bpndlioldeli; tick
et!; Vote ,N6'';:; on .the' proposed
amendmont tp the. Constitution p I
, i Voters of .Vintoii county ! Before
you go to the polls on Tu,e8day, Octo
ber 8th,' get a ticket headed; ', ;
And eliding' ."' '' 1 ?- '' .
, .Constitutional Amendment giving
Negroes thq, r ight( jtQ vote and holq
Yrvs( ii ' i J .
:-' . "NO!" ..
And vote it.
, LabohinO' men r.ot. Vinton 'county!
Every drop of perspiration from your
brow is an offering to pay the interest
on the' wealthy Radical's Bond." Poor
laboring man, how long will you en
dure this? j Go an,d, (Vote , against it
next October) K. A i,!; ' .:. r
Thk Boldier in Vinton , county .wno
lost his leg im the; war is required to
take Greenbacks '' for ; his Pension Cer
tificate; And the Eadical Bondholder,
who remained at home surrounded by
all the luxuries that inoney could pro
cure, receives gold for his coupons.
J ust think of that, soldier I :
"Is It demanding ; any thing more
than justice that , the Eadical Bond-
holder should receive his interest in
1 Is the 'Bondholder as much better
than the soldier as, the difference be
tween gold and greenbacks? "
Important Correspondence.
Johnson Kicks Stanton Out of the Cabinet.
Here is the correspondence between
President Johnson. and-Secretary'of
War Stanton: ' i., . 4: ii .
"Executive Mansiow,
" ,! " ' 1 '' 'Aueast 12. 1867.
Sib By virtue of the power and
authority vested in: h6 as President,
by the Constitution and laws of the
United States, you are hereby sus
pended from office as Secretary., of
ar, ana will cease to exercise any
and all functions pertaining to the
same.' You will at once transfer to
General TJj S. Grant, who has this day
been authorized and empowered to
act 1 as1 Secretary of War ad interim,
all records cooks, papers and other
public property now in your custody
ana .'" ; :
Very respectfully yours,
To the Hon. Edwin M
Washington, D. C.
August 12, 1867.
i Sm-Your note of this 'date has
been ' received, informing hie that by
virtue' of the power and authority
vested in you as 'President, by the
Constitution and laws of the United
States, I am suspended from office as
Secretary of ,War,r and 'will coase to
exercise any and all functions pertain
ing to' the same, and also; directing me
at once to transfer to. General U..p.
Grant, who has this day bden author
ized and empowered to act as Secre
tary of War, ad intiriinY all records,
books,' papers, and other property now
in my custody and charge;" -Under
a sense of public duty I am compelled
to deny your right under! the Consti
tution and: laws ot the United' States,
without the advice and consent of the
Senate, and without: legal 'cause, to
suspend me from'office as Secretary of
War, or the exercise of any land , all
functions' pertaining' to thei same, or
without' such advice ana consent to
conmel me to transfer to nv nerson
the records, books, papers; una other
public property in toy "custody as Sec
retary of War. v-!.v.; Iu .?'. :
-I ' Batinasmuch as i the General 'com
manding the armies of tha United
States' has been appointed Secretary
of,' War 'bid t'nferent, and ' has n,otified
me that he' nas accented the atDoint-
mont,!I, havei no , alternative but to
submit, under protess, to superior force.
Secretary of
To the President.
i 3 r.:i':t; jrr.
Mr dear Harbor, said tar IrishmM
to" lis friand1, "why did JOU betfoy the
eeoretltaldJouT" " J
"Ii w D8fMyro(-oOll It? 8ore,
When I found" 1 wasn't' able' to keep it
myelf, oiddll do well to tellittb ''abnt'
datsatr , . v ..
"Why; at oe anop, nTTo-ourse. 7
Wbat na 'Wost or auoa an article
'I don't know, ' nigga, I don't know,
do shop.keptt waen't dir." ;
. I. i J lit itIW ; .i v, .. j. miot ,tV. tit-4 '.l I
;ij !':!'
r0vn . Acknowledomknts. During
ourBnort canvass with Judge Thur-
man, we were the recipient of the
meet generqus i hospitality from the
large hearted Democracy .of the vari
ous, counties visited, but we wish in a
narticular ucerree to exnress onr trv&t.
ltne to Mri Ja's. Eramitt and Lady of
Wacrm-iM. O. Moore- and Jas.
Newman, Esq.; of Portsmouth, Messrs.
crown, Uungan, Monahan, ana Chap
man, Of Jackson, Mr; O. T. Gunnin?
and Lady, and Mrs. Murdock of
McArthur Station,, and Hon.) A. J.
Swaim and Lady, and Messrs., Lantz,
Mayo, Dana, and others of McArthur.
Nothing ' was' left unaccomplished
which could hav'e; contributed to our
comfort and enjoyment. Chillicothe
Advertiser.., r l ...- ' ..
A Wooikk Factory. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land,: through
wthoh the Marietta, and; Cincinnati Railroad
paises, west of and adjoining he Zaleski
Estate, in Yintdn county, authorises us to
ittte.tbat a site for a Woolen Faotory ' will
begiyen free to any party who will build
upoa It. It is an excellent place for a Wool
et Factory; about one milt from the Zaleski
Eepot of the M. & C, R. B.; and watej, coal,
food, and every- thing else neeessarr i for
tuitding and running an establishment of
Ibis kind, being near at hand. We think
there is not a more convenient location in
this county for a Woolen Factory. ' For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
tor of thia jaPer. i ' , ' .
1 1 Barrett's ' Veqetable i Hair Ee-STORATiVE.--rWe
speak . from experi
ence, having given a practical trial to
this renowned Hair Eestorative, when
we; say, that any body in want of a
fine head of hair should at once pro
cure a bOttle. It will excite the scalp
to new and healthy action, cleanse it
from falling off, cure those eruptive
qiseases , wmcn..oiten appear, on the
heaiknd, in . most cases produce a
fine growth of new hair. As a dress
ing, nO better Preparation oan be ob
tained, for imparting a rich and glossy
appearance to the hair. In fact, no
other Hair Restorative has ever received
or deserved a more universal demand
than Rarrett's. We cordially : recom
mend it to our readers. It is for sale
at the stores of all respectable drug
gists. Try one bottle, it will demon
strate its merits in a very short i time.
Pittsburg Commercial.
A profound thinker and brilliant
orator, twenty years ago, said that it
would yet be written oyer the graves
of our institutions : : ,.;';;,
"Here lies a nation who, in order to
give. i freedom to three . millions of
slaves, lost tho freedom of thirty
millions." ! , :
( How nearly is the prophecy fulfilled.
Ten States are reduced from, free and
independent sovereignties to military
vassalage; with: threats from Con
gressional king-makers that unless
their desires in regard to the negroes
be adopted by tho. popular will, laws
will be enacted reducing the remain
ing independent States to, mere de
pendencies of the national will as ex
pressed by a perpetual Congress. :
' Stanton feays ne yields to superior
power. Jttany a poor leuow; on Stan
ton's order, was torn from his family,
without warrant, by military' guards,
ana lncarceraiea m jepuoiican .Das-tiles.-
' and 'the 'only ' consolation thev
had was- that they yielded to superior
pyncr. outuiuu is ucgmuiiiy iu tiuu
oiit what that means. 1 1 ; '
mlrn 'i ii. i. f. -. -
A Military Governor, under the re-
oonslruotlon abt'oin '. j !
Suppree newspapers; " ,
. jStleoe leotiirers', "." ... ;
Jlemove mayors of cities, governors of
States, boards of commissioner 'ect.4, -
tan exoiuaa wnue aiaermen saq ap-
point black in thoir places
Can enaot stay lows and
postpone (he
oavment of debts:.
; Can prohibit the distillatiou of corn
and the mJ pf.liqaor; - - ' ..
. run down oily stocks nod repu-,
diato eitj ourrenoyj , . i ;t
. Can speDd 1300,000 for registering
black votes end call for 600,000 more;
.; Can abolish local taxes and regulate
the circulation t papers; ... -
Can settle the rate of wages and the
ptioea of commodities; . jj '
Can disobey: the President end insult
the Cabinet., ,' ..t',v .vm n ii.n.'i
Thev can do ell this ' and far, more.
What hey can't do; do one has ventated
ta sav. . r
' Yet an ex'tfV session of Congress ; ie
mlled to cive ; 'further cower to these
) military cbieftainwj to mka then bo sb
.fcuUUil'.vii Ui ii SI
solute that for even the President to
question the limits of their authority,
Will be ground for impeachment. '. !
, Thia what tha dog-day Congress is to
do. Ii it not Badness? . , . . , -
[From the New York
O, loyalty, how good thou art! .., ( t ,
May none of us from the depart, - . '.
Thou art the purest, brightest geni ' ' '
That ever cheer'd beuighted meql ''' i ;
If we have not thy cheering aid, ,i . ;
In sir and sorrow we muat wado,.
In vain we struggle pn our wy, . , !
With treubles sore, from day to day f
But If we have thee in our breast, ' '
r rom sorrow, ton and woe we rest, :
And in obntenty we are at oase, . ,'
And say and do w hate' re wepleasel
', ' ' i
When hosts of Copperheads arise, ' 1
W fling thy banners t'ward Ihd skies, ' !
And fight the traitors hand to Hand,
And drive them, bleeding, from the land!
With "loyalty" we fear no foe, '
But onward to the field we go, ' - :. ' ; 1
And When the shooks of battle come. ' 1
It helps fight, and helps us runl '
it v:i'''' : 1 " ' '
It helps us on in every way
To eurse, to bless, to sing and pray; "
And then it often doth. reveal -. r
The safest method how to steall '
..-. -.I -..:,.' . :'
It helps old rbaJ.' and Sumner too, 7
In everything they eay or do, ' -'.-:
And arms Bronnlow and Oeo'ral "Skunk,"
And every other "Peter Funkl" .
An "Eyh jo tub FcTURK.-Since
there is a, chance of a Black man be
ing ... elected, V ice president : of , the
unitea plates, Jt1 red. Douglas has stop
ped , lecturing ' and , advocating ( the
abolishment of that , otfice, - He sees
a chance for Fred. Douglass to be Pres-
iuent inrougn.tne office or Vice-presi
dent.., ,-f.r.-, --4i ',tt-tt' .--
UNLi 25 CBNrs.Ve shave placed
the price ol the Democratic IEnqciber
for the Campsign (for' three ionthg)' at
cents, a very small sum that is within
the limit of every man in the' coanty.
Onr list is fast increasing ; and we hope
oar friends will seo to it that our list is
still further inoreased that every voter
his this paper to read during the cam
paigo. ' Send in the names, friends t
Now is the timel ' Lose not a moment
LOYAKLTY, Business Cards.
HAVING been licensed to dinpose of property by
public auction, he will promptly attend all aua
lions in Vinton oounty wheu solicited.
umce anivert uw utnee, In the Court Bouse.
August 1, 1867-tf .
T'HANKFUL for the liberal patronage received for
the two paatyears, he would say to those desir
ing hi professional services, that ne may always be
tound at his Office or residence, on Main Street, un
less absent on professional business.
: February 28, 18iS7-ly ; ; .....
..,,,1,1 -
JOHN CI1URC11, Jr., -
, r ','.' iuinii'''r'' i-.:-'..
'i. ;.'!" - Asn Att. HMDs or ; ! v' ' :t
IMPORTER Ol French, German and Italian Violin
strings. .
The Trad supplied on the most liberal terms,
, i , General Weitern Agent for ,
K' !"-;:'"V;i ;;'t" ':;'1'':"i.
. i.if.s ' ' : '''
' ! ALSO A LARGS STOC'K OF ! ! ! ,
From the Factoiies ofthe most of the Ceiebiaiib
aakibb, wnicn i win sell low for cash. ,
"Old Planes taken 'in exclhsage onew. ' S!l
Pianos and Organs for sale and to rem, by the
., - , Month, Quarter or ., l'tar, ;
amount paid for rent being applied to pur
chase, if desired. V" ' ' ' ' ! ' "i,-';
: "Agent for Cabinet Organs and Pianoe
wanted in evtrv town la Ohio, ladiana aaU
Kentoeky.-.:.;; ; . . ......
Address, ' ., .' 'jj '
' ' . : JOHH. ClllJRCH.Ja., i
' 1 Cincinnati O.
; i': ne-.'-; ' '''' : -' n ::-
: '-''' HAHmOTVaGBS 0
All KMm of Catiew mi $td Fattening!,
ALIj kinds . of MaoWnery Rtputina dpne. Tha
Wane MaDiifrctiuo4 at thu Koundry ii Sold M
low cn b boiiflht ionny Market, i
1'ont Office uddreiis Heed ' ifills, Vinton County. 0,
F.May 16, li7-ly .!;.; f , .;,,
jos. J. Mcdowell. ,. : , j . jas. w. pelat,
. icNDVt : a, . aoiMi, 1 1 pa woir.
p. . BAHKr.Ui,
HAVING formed a eo.partuersbip for (be purpose
of conducting a . , , j r .
and with ample hoilltisa for the tnrtipanlion of any
business pertaining to legitimate Banking, we tender
oui services to the bimceua public generally.
BONDS. Monev loaned at reasonfthlA taIar nn n.
ceptabla paper. Kevenue Stamps always on hand
ana lor salt, jntprest paid on tune denoeits.
- Feraoas wishing ia im nwney t. JiWsiKniCoUQ
tries can obtain Drafts at our Ultico.
31, 93,' 35 & 2Y Ilroadway, HI. Y.
i . . Oppotite Bowling Green,-' 'rJ'' '
THE Stevens Uovstis .well i and widely lcnown tr
the tiavelins: Dublio. The locat'on is esDnciallv
suitable to,, mercbanta jtnd business men;. It ii in
close proximity to the business part ot the city is
on we nignway oi souinern ana' wrarcef n trnrei anu
and adjacent te all the principal Railroad and steam
boat del
,:tu i. l
over KM guests it la Well furnished, ' and 1 tidsBenses
every modern improvement for the comfort and en
tertainment of its inmates. ' The reoms are spacious
and well ventilated provided with gae and water
the attendance is prompt unci respectful, and the table
is generously provided with every delicacy of the
season at moderate rotes,
v i . . QEO.K. CHASE Jt CO,
jUay 23, 1866-6m) Pfopryttpu.
CHAS. tROWN, PrM't. ' BAN. WttL"Caift.
WriiL, BROWlf &t CO.,
,' 33 Axrau3xu''.
One Door' Wet Dan. Will ire'i 'Sm. r(A
' " !, ,: Sid Mam Stree t
Deal .in xchanfe, Government Seourii
ties, Stock, Bonds, Gold and Silver, &o."
; Deposita 'reoeived. Interest paid' on time
deposits. ... -. a ! ( r.-
. Uolleotlons made at all accessible poinli
in the United States. ' ": 1
; United Sutes Revenue Stampa far sale.
All business done on the most libera) terms
and with the utmost promptness. '
February 28, 1867-ly : , . ' , ; r ; . .." '
S,,H. C. MOORE, si i
AFTER an absence of two years, oflera his pro
fessional services to the oitiiens ,of Allcusvilla
and surrounding couatry. ;- , - mi'ii ,J
March Si, 186T-tf , .,
. . OAK1EL S. , DAW A, t
jxxt or lacy ,-t la w,
IfTIIiL yraotice in the Courts' of Vinson, A'thene,
W and Jackson Counties; also, in the United
8tates Courts of the Southern District ef Oh.'iojr
. Orrics Second Story of Davis' Building, on Main
Street. ' "
j January 24, 1867-tf ; .. '... ' .. t ,j,
' J. J. McDOWEJCsIs,
;,i:;;;17.-.' Claim ' ifeAl";'' ;
M oART ll IJ K, OH IO .
WILL p ractieei in Vinton and adjoiningooiinties.
. Alsj, Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue.
Orrtca In the Vinton County Bank,,, i , i
June, 'a, i867-6m
' . , "ii.
'- B- suiTEL,' 1
;. ;, . McARUUR, OHIO.' ,
WILL attend proipptlj to, ! all legal business en
trusted to, h,i a oaret ia Vinton and adjoining
counties. Office In the CoutHouse.
Uuly lt,lVjr i.. i , !.
i, , 1 1 1
1 JACKSON C. H., OHIO,'!, i .
lJTlLLpwictiee in lhCoit pi iaclfson, Vmto
W and other eounties. , .r
January 21, l7-tf ,' "';
VtT- fnoy git XafXXV,
i.,. MeAHTHUR, OUIO, t 7 ;
WILL stlend promptly ta all legal bminessen.
trusted to his csrein Vinton and .Inckson conn,
ties. Office a Doddridge's New BiiiWinx, south
west coiner Main and Markets'trels upslsirs.- Mr.
Mayo Is iu partnership with . Porter buHadway ot
Jackson county, who fan always V timd, dmiuji
Tscation, at the nflc in Jaclscxv'ilo. . , , -Hay3?,18tit-tl
., .' "' '

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