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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 22, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
' PeihterS, like other men, sometimes offer
tome very good bargains.' Any person
triibing to purchase a splendid Piano, will
Sate from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by calling at'thls' offioel We
can furnish them at greatly reduced rates. '
Ik a country .where the natural desire of
' the people is to reach the highest point in
. a&t, it is very difficult for sucoess to beob
. tained without the most arduous labor. Pub
Mo opinion is extremely exaoting and not al
ways just; but often unjust and oruel criti
cism has produced the moat beneficial re
' tults; the greatest improvements have been
made nnder continued discouragements, and
In many successful efforts defeat seemed
certain to all except those concerned. In no
one branch of art has there' been more trials
! ttid failures and in no single instrument is
there so many different parts to. perfect iu
order to make the whole a success as the Piano-Forte
J this is alwavs attended with
great expense requiring large capital and
' patient perseyerenue.' Grotknhtkkh & Co.,
499 Broadway, N. Y. commenced manufnd
, turlng Pianos 36 years ago and is one of the
oldest houses la the oouuiry. They differed
from the rest of the makers in this respeot
they aimed to make the best ins'rument and
to sell it for the email est profit Thest Pianos
to-day cannot be excelled. Their singing
- quality is putt, full, and easily retuiued
through tne most lengthy passages. For
: power the; are Unparalleled, and are cele
brated for their great brilliancy,, exquisite
touch, and elegance of style and finisli.
August 1, 1867-4
Estbay Cow. A red and white spot
tod cow, about five yoari old, belonging
to-Sheriff- Sbockey strayed front; bis res
idence, in this town, on the bight of the
28th of June. Any person returning
the oow or giving information that will
'lead to her recover; will bo liberally re
warded. Kaos Wanted. Bring all your rags to
' this nffiee, where the highest market price
will be paid for them.
ForStriclly Vnre White
Lead at Ciiieiunati Trices,
...Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
Subscribe for the nquirkb for the
.carxpaign. Only 25 cents. Ask your
"neighbor to subscribe. - .
Ir you want to buy or sell anything, no
matter what, the beet way you can accom
plish yor object is to advertise in the En
quirer, New is the time to advertise. , Try
n. '.- ;
Subscribe fob it. The Absna contains
40 columns of spicy reading every ' week.
Lovers of "choice literature" should read it.
Sent 3 months for 60 cents.
AddreBS "The Arena," Albany, N. Y.
Drug, Hooks antf Stationery,
r .Persons wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
will do well "to call at Strong's Drug and
JJook Store, corner Humbert's Block, Mo Arthur,
"Ohio, where they will find a large stock of
.Ture Medicines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
15 tuffs, Perfumery, and Fancy Articles.
Physicians can buy as low as in any mar
'"' iket, in Southern Ohio.
,. . The attention of the publio is called to the
large stock of Cap aud Note Paper, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Knives, Ruler, &c, &o.:,: i
School Books can be bought .'' cheaper at
' Strong's than at any o'her establishment in
JKlnton count;,, . , 4 '
Cull and see. , , , May 2 6m
i ' iii
, f r. - ; v-
New N.,;fioNAii Relioious Paper
.-. A national religious newspaper, to be
called "The Advance will' be publish
' e& weekly, from the first of September
onward, nf City of Chicago.- It will
represent Congregational principles and
, polity, but will be conducted in a spirit
of courtesy and fraternity towards all
Christians. The form will bo what is
popularly termed a double sheet of eight,
pages, of the size and style of the N.' Y.
JSvangeliBt. The pecuniary basis is so
-ample capital furnished by leading busi
ness men and others, to be expended in
the establishment aod improvement of
the paper, whioh is intended to be seoond
to none in the oouotry, in its literary and
.4a! iftimia AlinfMAla Th ItnpRABa rip ita
-"'6'""" ' " - I r-. (,w ... ....
, .projectors is indioatedin the name: their
im being lo advance the cause of evan,
gelioal religion, In its relations not only
to doctrine, worship, ecclesiastical polity,
.but also tho philosophy, scienoe, liters
" lure, politics, business, amusements,' art,
'morals, philanthropy and wbatevc else
conduoos to the glory of Godand the
good of-man by its bearing upon Chris
ttian civilization. ., No expense has been
' -spared in preparing for its editorial man
',1 agement in all departments, while an
"Tingemeols are in progress to seoure the
, : , ablest contributors and correspondents
, .at home and abroad. The city of Chip
: cago has been selected as the place of
publication, becauso of its metropolitan
josition in the section of the country es
,V specially demanding such a paper, and
thafaottbat it is nearly the' centre of
national population,' and in a very few
years will be the ecclesiastical centre of
' - the Congregational churches. Issued at
iu. :..: - i i: , m
; i , i u w miviivi uuiuiuviumi IU OKI VUI IO,
. Advance will contain the latest market
reports, and able discussion? of financial
', ,J .subjects, such as will make it a necessity
' to business men in all parts of the oounr
a4rj?. '.; The editor-in-chief Rev. Wm.
W. Pattoo, D. D., who resigns, the pasi
ci .torate of the leading church of the de-
nomination at the West for this purpose,
t ; and who baa had many years oxperieooe
. , in editorial ' labor. Tho subscription
, price Will be $2.50 in advanoe, Advem
using' rates made known on application.
Address w Thx Advancj .Company,"
t 0, Drawer 6374, Chicago, 111.
The men who' are now advocating
Ncirro Suffrage in Vinton county, gen
erally spoaking, were, In 1854-5, m
favor, of disfranchising foreigners.
Remember this, Irish and Gorman
voters, when you go to the polls next
The indications are that about one-
half of the Republicans of Vinton
county will vote against the Negro
Suffrago Amendmont. .' Many of the
most prominent men in tho Republi
can party declare that they , will vote
against it. That is right. ' " ' .
Stow's Show was hero last Monday.
During the performances in the after
noon a very severe storm visited this
vicinity the rain fell in torrents and
tho wind blew a perfect hurricane.
The canvass was blown down, and
several persons were slightly injured.
Nearly every person' got very wo'.
During' the 'evening' perfbrmaocos it
rained, ivery. hard. The show1 was
good everybody ;wcre pleased wi'h
"S ow's Varieties," but' hope ho will
leave tlio heavy storms out of the
" vario y " next time he visits this town.
Gem Ferrotypes.
For the accommodation of those who
wish a cheaper, picture than the common
Photograph, C. J. Billinouusst is now
prepared to make Gem Ferrotypes.
Call and see them.
For Ture Drills and .Ticd-r
icuet,go to Sisson's Drugstore.
Exceli-e.it Ioe'Creara at Ben. F. Redd'a.--
Go and try it. '' '
Arrangements have been made for holding
an Institute, in McArthur, during the first
week of September next. t! , ' '
The services of Professors E. T. Tappan
and W. U. Young, of the Ohio University,
have been secured to give instruction upon
all branches of Interest to the teachers. , ;
Teachers will be to no expense in attend
ing, except their boarding, as the expenses
of Institutes are provided for by law.
The Institute will-commence Monday. Sep,
tember 2d, at 10 o'olook . m., and olose the
following Friday afternoon.'. Saturday will
be devoted to examina lion of Teachers.
M. R. President.
Neoroks to Vote and Hold Office.
The disunionists o New Jersoy
held a State Convention at Trenton,
on tho 3d inst., and adoptod a plat
form . "pledging themselves to i the
eradication of the word white" from
the Stato Constitution, and calls upon
Congress to " compeL all the
States" of the Union to allow the
negro to note and hold office. There
are six resolutions about tho equality
of the negro, one of which declares
that thoy " cheerfully accept the. issue
oj negro voting and office holding", as
one of the questions to bo doeidetl in
"this campaign."
Tlis is the veal issue in Ohio, as It
is in Xew Jersey. All wlio bolieve
tho Negro, the, better man, that he
sliouH hold blUco, sit on juries and in
all things political bo tho equal if not
the superior: of tho white, will, vote
the ,Negrp Suffrago ticket. . ,. ; ' '
' Distressed. Tho Cincinnati Enqui
rer, in speaking of Hays, the candidate
for Governor on the Negro Suffrage
ticket, says: , . , . , j
' "Gen. Hays is distressed, and makes
it a ground of accusation against many
prominent Democrats that they did
not favor tho lato war, but strove to
arrest it. Ho thinks this was an un-
()ardonablo crime. Well, ho has had
lis war. ' Ho has had half a million
of lives lost. He has had a million of
men wounded and mutilated. He has
had tho besom of destruction carried
all over the South., He has put upon
the people a four thousand t million
national debt, lie lias involved thorn
in taxation of the most crushing charac
ter. He haB , made a million or so of
widows and orphans. His . war has
provoked a general debauchery of'the
public morals. 1 Now will he tell us
what we have gained by it? What is
the recompense ot the people, ' Jlave
they got any thing more than a negro
empire in the South, negro equality in
the North, and Eadical offlco holders
in'power? ' ; 1 ; ' ' ;
Genkral Dodoe. telegraphs to the
Council Bluffs Nonpareil,, fi-om Fort
baunderB. that it will be impossible to
make peace with the Indians till they
are whipped, as they so iar have been
entirely successful .hv their, raida on
stage and railroad parties. Many of
them are the same Indians treated
with last year at Fort' Laramie, but
now faithless. :, , ... , ,
. It ia said that the President, when
tho pspere relatine to the oonspiracy be
tween . Butler , god Aahlev to . implioate
him, in the aeiaasicatioQ of Lmooln were
laid before blm, doolined tor order'an in
vestigatiott for the purpose of eliding
other evidenoe rumored to exist, and de
termined to rid himself of the whole
subject at once by forthwith committing
it to the publio ia the shape in which it
appeared.-- . .
Voib the Dcmoeratio ticket.
. . . , , . ; t
IP you do not believe in Negro Suff
rage , do , not vote ,for the men on the
ticket who aro in Atvor1 of it; j
Some of tho Radicals say:
v '.'The colored troops fought bravely.1
; ;Whldo you thiol of that, Soldiers of.
T iuiuu vouuiyi do luiiii. n unc
soldiers deserve the praise. ' j
New York, Auguat; 19. The cor
ner stonp of tbo German Roman Cath
olic Church on Pitt stroet was laid
yesterday , by Archbishop McClosky,
wttii an imposing coremony. '
I here were .three cases ot cholera
to-day, one fatal. ' '
Dan iNoble, a weir known, sporting
man, was arrested at Elmira, charged
with having received about $120,000
worth of bonds Btolen, Irom the Royal
Insurance Company last December.
Mrs. Ueniamin Wood, died on Satur
day of disease of tho heart.
' ' Three Germans' named Fritz Yound,
Wm. Etfield and. Wm, Weimer lost
their lives in a wash tub in a distillery
tO-d'ay. :: i .r i-v!- ,! i-in j
Iho boiler ot the steamer i'alisade,
Jadenod with excursionists, exploded
on Sunday morning whilOj at the
wharf." No lives lost. M
. At a duel botweon two men at Wp-
hawken, N. J., who had quarrellod
about a woman said to bo tho daugh
ter of a millionair, throe sliots, were
fired at twenty paces but resulted, in
nothing serious., ,., , V!..t, , , r !
Gin. ' Dusjamih P. 1!iitlkh said In me.
eighteen months ago, thjt all the Radical
puny wianea was to nave unpariiin sun
rage." He said thai we might declare that
no one rhould vote unless be was a graduate
of the South Carolina College. All that the
Radicals then thought of was equality be
tween the raees ; but now they are determined
to have the negro vote, in order to radicalise
For liIiler's Herb Hitters
, yUO Slseon s Drug Store, ,, j; ., ,
Evert Democrat in Vinton county should
subscribe for the Democratic Enquirtr.
On the 25th of .Idly, bv Geofjie Crni?, Eaq , J"MX
ibiMN and xiARRiKT ihfland twin oi v inion couiuy
On the 18th of August, by the same, Jam u Bis
THoi.r, of Logan, and Jsmima Wathus, Of VinUiii
uuiiiuy. t
On (he lf,th of August, At the residence, of Plicriff
hockey, in McArthur, by 8. C. Caao, Kq., Willuk
K Siiaup and Ann McKibwin both of Vinton county.
"WILLUM CltA WFOKO, whose place of reiidnneo
i ia unknown to the petitioner, Jnmes Crawford,
will tike notice that the wild James Crawford of the
county ot Jackson, in the State of Ohio, die, on the
2(lth day of January. A. V. lsnn, file h't petition in
the court of common jileas within and tat the
cniuuyoi vuiioi, in aam ciaw, hhhiiisk rue eaiu
William Crawford, and one Qeorim Hartley; defend
ants, aettinK forth that the said William Crawford
(rave a mnrmane to tne saia teore Hartley on tne
Weat half of the North-eaat Quarter and the Knst
half of the North-west Quarter of Heotion. Number
Thirty-four (No. 34,) Township Number Ten (No.
in,) of Ranice Number Nineteen, (No. Ill,) containing
One Hundred and Sixty OliU) acres of land more or
less, and aitutte in Vinton county, Ohio, to secure the
payment of S7P.OO, according to a, certain nota ' re
ferred to in said mortgage, and that since the giving
ol said mortgage and bciore the tiling of said petition
the sid(!oi'KO Hartley, for a valuable comudemtion,
nsaiiznoii said niDitL'iice to the said Jnmes Crawford,
and pravlaij Ihntsuid William Crawford may puy the
hum sum naiueii in nam note wiui uuuresi tuoreun
from the S!7th day of December, 18iiJ, or, that aaid
premises mnv be sold to nay the same;' and the
aaid William Crawford ia notified that lie is required
to appearand answer aaiil petition on or uetor tne
tnim bftiurijiiy uiier ine mx any m iciooer uexi.
By W. K. Hartinos, his Att'y. I
1 AllJjtlStViS, 18B7-6W, i, . ,!-(', I j
Sheriff's and ': Special Master
Commissioner s bale. , ' -
Stale of Ohio, Vinton Connty.' ' ' j .
Alexander C. Dowd, 1'lainliU, 1 lu Court or Common
against I'leas.
James Lantn. Defendant, On an Order of Snle,
HUUSITANT to the command of an ordor of sale in
I the above cause to me directed from the com t of
common I'leas of Vinton county, and to me directed
as Hherifl of aaid county, acting as Special Master
Commissioner Uerein, 1 till oner at public Rale,
at the door of the Court lie use, in theTown of McAr
thur, in the county of Vinton, on !
MONDAY, tho ltith day of September,
. A. JD. 1867.
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. of said day, the tol
lowinir lands and tenements, to wn:
All that nartofln Lot in the Village of McArthur,
Numbered BaventT-seveh (T7.) heretofore ownod by
Conrad Uuiitta, and by hun sold and transferred to
Chnatopner winKioman, anu ty tne said wuiKie-
and by the said bodge and Trimmer sold to James
man moIi! to Siirauel V. Douiteand namuel Trimmer.
, Taken by an order and decrue of said conn a the
nrooertv of James Lanti to satisfy a decree ol said
court in favor of Alexander 0. Dowd. i
Appraised ft ae7en hundred dollars and must
bring two-third of that sum. .. 'i ,
Terms oi sate cusn in nnnn on tne nay oi saie.
l.is JOHN J. 8H0CKEY, 1
,. Sheriff Vinton County, O.,!
Acting aspeeial Master Commissioner.
D. 8. Italia Attorney for Pl't.., , . , ,. .. '
"August IS, 18ti7-5w-ll ' - j ,
Divorce Notice.
TyiLLIAM LOVVERY, whoso place of resldenoe is
unknown, is herdhy notified 'that MaivAnn
Lowreyl did, on the 12ih day .of August, A. 1). IH67,
tile her petition in the Office of the Clork of the Court
ef Common Fleas, within and for thecOunty of Vin
ton, ana state of, unio, charging tne said wiiuam
Lowery with having been wiDtully. absent from the
said Marv Ann Lowerr for more than three Tears
prior tntreto, and for thatloause prayingfor a divorce
from the said William Lowerv; for the care, custody,
and control ,ot three minor cliildreii, and for such
other and further reliefas the nature of the ease
and equity may require: which petition will, be for
hauriiifr nt.thA nmC tnrm nf uniH iollH;i " ' - '
By Mayo a DuHadway, her Att ya.
Stale of Ohio,' Vinton County: ', ' , ' "
Shades Reynolds 1 In court of oommonploas,
Mathias Hainsworth. I Vendinrdor of sale.
PURSUANT to the command of a vendi order of
sale in the above cause issued from the court of
common pleas of said Vinton county, and to me di
rected as Sherift of said oountv. I will ofterat public
$aleatha floqr oftheWurt House, Mb" tho Town of
McArthur, in said county of Vinton, I will oner lor
sale at public auetioa on A
Wednesday, the 25th day of Sopetmbor,
: .:: .:.,; :a. d. isu7, rv:-. ;y '
t the hour of 1 c'oclock r. u. of said day, the follow
inn lands and tenements, to-wii:
In -Lot Nnmber Thirty (No. 3U,) in' the Town of
mcArtnur, Vinton oounty, unm.
Taken as the property of Mathias Hainsworth to
satisfy a judgment of said conrt in favor of Shades a
Reynolds. '
Appraised at three hundred dollars aod must
bnnglwo-thirds of thatsum. vm -. -
Terms ot aale-cash in hand. ' . i ,
,1.., JOHM J. SH0CKEY, I
-' ' - ' - 1 Shori ff Vinton county, Ohto.
F. Shades, in person. :
August 22, lWT-ot '
UN. A mot TfttimWci
A work of 400 pftpeel
r. Ilnnter'B Vfuio M't-1
trcfltise on Mun ruid
O " ironderlul publication,
and 30 colored ehin-nvins!!. Dr.
cnm. mi orjcintil mul uouulnr
Womnn, their I'hysolony, KunctionN, nri trmililpn ol
every kind, with never tilling remodiea for then
sppedy cure. !
Cho practice of Dr. Hunter tits long lcn nd still
ISvUuoourklrd, but at thPBrliest suluU(tinq M mi-
mernna perannH, he has boon iriTiu'eiio axtenri lux
medical unrulneaa thruuiili liie medium ut'hia "Vtidc
Mecuin." . . l ' : ' ' '
One copy, securely enrcioperl, will be forwarded
free of poalaxe to any ytt of the United Stale lor
oocentain 1'. tl. stamps).. . Address, post paid, Dr.
Hunter, No. 3 Diviaion Direct, New York.
August 13, lt7 y .
Saving IHacIjiuCe
The only' Machine so perfeoled thattentire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purchase
monev refunded . !
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
will he sold at very low price, aad a Local
Agent appointed on the most favorable
terms. j
N.B, Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal. .
I'inkle & Lyon S. 1TI. Co.
' V-' ' i 587 Broadway; :New Yolk.
June ?7, 18G7-Cm , . . ,.. , ,-s
J. k. wilj;,
18 NOW receiving from New York, Boston,
and Philadelphia, a complete assortment of
consisting in parfof j
Ladies' Dress Goods,
New Styles Delaines & Shallics,
Double-"Widtk Gingrhams ! .
-v.. . , . Jq Broken Plaids.
Large Stock of . ,.i . 'L..: .v j
Foreign Dress Goods j
Very Low and of the Latest Styles
mber. Jet and Crystal. Lrop , , , i ;
Parasols of all descriptions,
, Shaker Hoods, . '
And Cheapest; AVpolcn Goods
" and Cassimeres since the war.
His Stock of ..1 j 1 1 .,
. Bools and Ladiqs- Shoes ' i
Is completo, and can bo sold 20 per cent, cheaper
man inw ciieHpcMt.
Alt kimls of ! ' "1 ' '
kept constantly on hand, and cheaper than ever.
Ready-Made Clothing,
Piece Goods,
Hats and Caps,
As chnn'p as in the year 1850. ;
NAHiS-bv.tha Dound keo-
Fopjesi tjian pan be bought it t any other Houao In the
t&'Rememher the place Doddridge1 1 New
uuitdmg, one ifoor nett 0 the Court ilouee
may w, loiu-jy
To BB DBAW,lf ACpVINQTON, Kx..,' '
- Class P, August 15th, ;
Class Q, August 31st, !
1 prize
1 prize
1 prize
i priw .
2. prizes.
of $50,000
0 prizes of $300
of 20.000
9 prizes or xbi
1C4 prizes of 200
,-.8. prizes of 150
220 prizes of 12.1
18 drizes of 100
. .7.000
29 prizes
63 nrizea
261 prizes of 60
Prizes amounting to $230,600
32,00Q Numbers and 788 Pi izes.
mole Tickets12; Halves $G;
i . V , , mo ' . r t '.
from 1 to . '12,000, corresponding with those numbers
on tne nonet.1, priuieu uu BrimiBw, biib ,11 jiiii, nie
encircled with small tin tubes, and placed in one
wheel. Th" prises, of which there 788, varying as
above, from 150,000 to Ji'iO.OO, are -similarly printed
on seperate slips, encircled, and placed in another
wheel. The wheels are then revolved, and a num
ber is drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
same time a nrize ia drawn ' from the other w heel.
The number and pme-.drnwn oat, are- opeued and
exhibited to the audience, and registered by the com
missioners, the ptiao being placed against the nnm
ber drawn. This operation is repeated until all the
prizes are drawn out.
The above Magnificent Single-Number Lot
tery, whioh will be drawn in publio, in ; Co
vington, Ky., by Sworn Commissioners, at 1
o'olock P. M., at the oorner of Fourth and
Scott Streets. The Kentucky State
Lotteries are no Gift Enterprises, but respon,
sible Money Lotteries, that have been conduol
ed successfully foe tho past 3ft years, and are
drawn under the authority or a enarter irom
the State, and bonds to a large amount are
given for the payment of all prizes. The
drawings are published in the New York
Herald and Cincinnati Commercial. ft ,-.
She above) soherae will' b drawn the mid
dle and last of eaoh month during 18G7 and
1808." ;-i.r fi: ! ) ?
Oiroulars of Lotteries drawing daily sent
free by application to the Managers.' ' '
Address all oniers ior nce to . .,
i . MURRAY, EDDY & CO., :
July 11, l867-8m .. -f Covington, Ay. ,
T ONGCoDtribQto"in the AMERICAN
J WIT 25 oeats a year. : '
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
WHER'E tho Lsugh Comes in. The
AMERICAN WIT 25 ots. a year.
11 ' '81 Na's8auSt,,N.Y.
hit. '25 ots. a year; : - '
t gl gt)N "
August 1, 1807-3m -t , We
Attorney at Law,
' ; ""McARTflORi.ouip;;,' !
': i r- j - : - - i, 1 '''. I
j il- a. '.II k-An
tnwtfid tfi-hmcar, in Vinn and atljoiiiing
iconnties: offic-la (be Court House.
S WSJ I , . VA
v nil m cuui u- -
By th N. II. Stato Arrtcnltnral KiH-lrtr, at
7y ; , fU fair, liujdan ia Miuliua, Sipt. 3, JaUL , ,
Vegetable Hair RcstorallTC
Heiiom Uray Hair to Its Nntiinl Color t m
a root to ttielr oridnal nnrtnic action t ermll- .
motet the trmwth nf tha Hair (hanirfa tha
ft tt
l eaten DandnifT nd Ilumnrat prevoiita
Hair falling out i la a aiiperlor OrrMini,
iicnnutint no tiijurtnutt litgreuicnu, , 4
anu in me moat jxipmar aim mil- a
uie anirro mroucnoui me h'-
fcmi, newt, worm, anq A y
it R. BARRETT & CO., Proprietors, :
For Bftle hy 6r,:J. S. STaosa, Drup; pist,
July.4, 19117-ly ; McArthur, Ohio.
AT THE ' ".
: . '...'!, 1 . , ' : ', '
World's Fair, London,
WIIKRE all HeaiiiK Miiehiiios ol any nolo,
, IkiIIi Kuropeuu atitl American, were iu
comjicution. .
The" yearly inlrt' of I Wheeler J
- Wikon are equal to tin talet of all
., ' other Sewing Machine Combined.
"We use Die Wheeler & wflxon, aivl pro
nounco it without a rivul.tluarTii'iuAMKiiiuAN.
Thore iano n)acliine so Mtiiplo bikI canity
manaverl; or that cnu porCirm Hiicli.n variety
ol work w ithout basting or pieparatlon. ' ,
' ' ' 'j . i. ri , .
BSTAU orders will" reoelve prompt
attention, if left with
; ? - II. P: AMBROSE,
McArthur, Ohio.
v J. P. TVood'sitSe, Agent, .
Chiliicothe, Ohio.
,May it, imM . ' ; ' . ; ; c j
W A 8 II I IV a
. M
fl:" ' aoMr-'A'i';,' W
Strong, Simple tnd . Practical.
IT is a Squeezing Machine; warranted no
to injure olothing geared te give six
strokes of the plungorsfor- one turn it the
handle, and 150 turns of whioh will) wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
according to the, size of Machiue used.' :
Six Tears' experience proves the NonpabkiIi
,to be the- only Washing Machine made which
itandt the test of Time and Use. It islunap-
nrnnnhnhln for . .i
: AGENTS WAN TED.-Send tot free De
scriptive Circulars to, '
UAliLJiY & -
18t Water Street, New York City ; . ,
Junes, 18U7 -Urn
Sheriff's Sale.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton 'County, ts.
George Hnltn, I'laintiil,
Iu court of common
ng.tinsi .
Richard Uraigand - "
Henry Ktunoldn. Deft.
1)tlRSUAf)Tt9 theeommani
Snle with f-'i. KkcIaiih in
Vendi (Irtler of Sale
with Ki. plhiiee
of Vendi Order ot
thenhovn oaue from
Hie conrtof common nleim of VinUin county, nod to
lie directed as Miontl of said county, I will oiler at
public sain, at the door of lha Court House, iu the
Town of McArthur, inuid countv, on ,
MONDAY,' the 20th day. ot August,
A. D. 18(J7,
at tho hourof 1 o'clock v. m. o( euid day, tho fullow-
Uig goodn and chattels, to-wit:
i UneBilvor Wattthi (No.. :!;) line Writinil Desk
and fj-ioieots; Tn Vuluines Alinilgement of the Dn
lilo8 of Congress; Four Cirrwm's Revised Htmntepi
Two Volumes Bherwod's HIvks'Up's Coinmenta
ries; Xivo Volumes Debates, (,)hio Convention; One
lluywood'a United States liiuteMe; One Swim's licvis
ed Miitntea ot Oliio; and One luk Htund. . ,
Taken as the property of UiiJ.ard Cmi toftitisfy
a judgment of said court in favor of (ioorge fiilw. ,
iuruia oiatuo cash in iihiui.
, . JOHN i. SHOCK ftv, t
'. ' Hhenll Vinton Co., t).
K. A. Bralton, Att'y for Pl'tt . . . , " ,
August 16, Mill . , -.... ,
tj ,
M ';
a ;'
M ' .. .- ' . .
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Lewis A. Atwood,
J-' Ailmihistrator or the Eslnte of Thomas Cox,
lato of Vinton county, Ohio, deceased, linn tiled his
acnoHntH for in peciitm and llnal aettlmie.nl in tho
I'robate Cotir'. of Vleton county, Ohio, which will bo
tor hearing 0,1 the MH day ol sjvininr,A, J '.
" ' JybJSPH KALER, ,
August 15, 1807-3W 1. . ..'.': Prvbaie Judge.
f If a N I TURE! !
james h. vfnrKorv.
A' RS still In town' manufacturing and dusting in
all kinds of ...
Cabinet 'Furii Hiiro,
0h MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolf 'a.Offico,
. The Furniture is made ont of tlie best seasoned
nuitcru.1, iiid by thu most cxeiicuccd woilfiaea.
BUREAUS Every Slyla.
BEDSTEAU.s' AH KinoTa. '
- TAi;W:sKvrj jiiera ; ...
CHAIKS Kauoy and Common.
lay on hand or furnished on bhort notice.
H.oiDa.irlia.g; '
' Of nil (iiiila, in Kutnitur, Ctuiirs, 4U., atteaded o
on short notico.
' J
k superior quality oi MaUreascs of all size al
ways kept ou bund,
, ' ' ' r! '!'(""!
Wonroalwuya in rea,iinet to .AT'l 'l'.N I)
l'UJN MUAIoti ' Tewu-amt Country, at lha
lowest rates. - ' J
A Kair l'rico for a Fair Article
j,U Our Motto! , (
rutcfiascrs are requested to call and examin our
Large tSock of Furniture . "
Is-fore "fiiuvhasing elsewhere, as we feel confident
that n can furnish hotter tmO ifheHpor articles than
any otlior estalilinhmeiit in this vicinity.
New Edition, neviNcd & Enlarged.
ami UuNirioxsi Form Jloolc,
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law, and JliiHineei negotiations for eve
ry Stnto initio Union.
With Legal Forms, and full insluctiona for
proce'eding, without legal assistance, in suits '
and business transactions of every descrip
tion. ' . ''!.'' i
Together wild the JitTcrent IStftic jLawg
onnccrniug the Collect ion of Debts, Property
Exempt from Execution, Lein Laws, Uusary,
I.ioeosu to Se H Qoods, Qualilicatwo of Vo
ters, Limitation of Actions, &o. ,.: ,i
Also,, the tleneral bankrupt Law, i 'with
forms and full instructions to enable jiank
rupta and creditors to lake full beuutU of tie
Act without legal assistance. .,-...
Also, Pension Laws, With full instructions
and forms to enable the Discharged Boldicr
or , Sailor to procure Back , Pay, Pensions,
Dounties, and all War Claims, ...
; Also, Patent Laws," with full instructions
to inTentors, . - , . , ,
Also, Exoise Laws. Stamp, Duties, . Post
Offloe and Custom House Regulation s, "the
whole action of the tiovernrrent In relation
to reconstruction and Frccdmcn; Constitu
tion of the United btates, with amendments;
Stale Seals, with descriptions, &c.
. Oyer 250 pages new iuattor hate been
added, to meet the requirements of the times.
The utility of such a work no one will
now question. Tho sale of hundreds of
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for It, have settled
that point. , The professional ..man,, the far
mer, the tnechanio, the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, each requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work.
It will save them money, snva them troub
le, save them time, save them litigation and
lawyers' fees, and' give them information,
that nobody can afford to be without, 12nio,
0$0 pages. T '.T V. :.-
, Price, hantlsomly bound, $2. , ,
" Sent, post-paid, ori receipt of price.
" A good, reliable Agent wanfed In every
town in the United States. Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent points, as (Jeneral
Agent. Also, a few wide-awake men, to .
travel In establishing Agencies.
J. H. II AW LEV & CO.,
' 161 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
i ''. '! V . i '" .
Any person -wisliing a copy
of tho above Book, will call on
J. W. BoVen,
.t r ... .. Agent for Vinton County.
rTAE AMERICAN WIT is always fit
for nny ono to rcai). 5 oaotg a year.
: , 81 Nassau Street, N. Y.
SK and receive THE AMERICAN
& WIT. 25 cents a year.
' I -1 - 81 Nassau Sheet; N. V,
; "; ; ii-
GEN. QUANT is the Grant of Grant.
TlIE AMERICAN WIT is 25 cents
a year.
ptlUNNEEI The Aonccdotes in tho
' stnassantbt;', jn, x.
OME Amusements ia Ihe A.MtiliCAN
Wit. 25 cents a year.
' ' ' 81 Nassau St., N. N.
fiREEDMAN'S Uuroau in the AMEI1
1 ICAN WIT. 25 ots. a year.
,81 Nassau St., N. Y.
1 WIT. '25 ots. year. I 'r':'.
81 Nassau St , N, Y.
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
200 Gold Hunt'K Caw I.evcr WrlcliostlOfl to t7fteach
2n0()lilHiiiit KfTaseLepene viauines tiho ir
;Wijoltll'l ol ed Silver Cases W to 100 "
WKl Solirt silver f:o Lever Wntchsa tlAto '
iMHt Hoiirl silver Caw Ipeue Watehea 26 p 76
WOG'ld Composite Huiit'gCsaewatohesiiOlo W)
Alltheahovo sntemliii lUhea will be void for
!jl2 each, We have adppted Ui following plain
Certilieatea (lesenhinnese.n waven anu us value, nre
firoparetl and pliteeil in sealed envilopos, uni lh
loliterwill t entitled to the Wsteh itcalb for, tip.
on payment o( the This is not a lottery, hula
bona thin sale. I'roeiire a orrlilivate, and as thera
are no hlanks, every ono must get awat'-h at hall tha
usual prion at leikNl, iLid many will Ret splendid
(iolil Watch forthe iritliiiK sum ofSli Certificate!
seiit SymsIt to any address lor 50 eents each. Kive
will hi aunt f"f S-i ll'teen for f.V, thirtyftvoforflD.
Acenlb wanted; sond for circular. Addions,
2l-6m 3) Decltman St., He Yotk.

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