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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 29, 1867, Image 1

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v, i''-..r;,..viMl!AllTIIUB-lV.T,Ofl.::,WP 29,- mil: ,i,"i.'.;:. NUMBER' 32.iv .
, ! Li T. W . -L CJ IH . A , I..:..-. I... t-lt,.J tT. 4 V.J ,;fft T JI,.,y I-; . ' ' IIJi.Ml,. J '..jj- ' . rJ .... , ..,!'. t . ... i A . V . 4
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Democratic Enquirer
' . V. oWit)i, wlo ii rWniiosit tl I: V
OFFICE--In DodgJ $ Building ovt SwctMiI i
Store, 'e'dftifr Main and Loeutt Stretli .l'it.,
- b'lhe Court Hontel '
Tliiiiwday, August 0. 1S67
Jin, the laffim circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Advertisers and
othefs tcill please maiic a note of this. ,;
KeepinO it standing , Army in . the
Soath' to. harrass tho pcoplo and eat
out .theiif substance, never would havo
been thought of had it not been that
tho cVnVirkW.;St WHlto
men of. the ;nation would not , sustain
thert), but that the 'Negroes 'migW;V.
-a , r -. :i. -
It. is said that Salmon T. fiHst,
who,' six years ago, was not Wortli tori
thousand' doUarSyW fctaxedtta
;nfome of i flevenf hundred tlvousa.nd
jnlliirs ner rearl ; Groat Jehu 1 hasnt
hVmadc ''loyiilty" pay?-'';',
It takes forty odd millions to collect
tho reychtio .yhfc'x ' Radical. manage
inent.o: The. t)emocrats. propqao Iter ;fcut
dwn tho taxes' bno-hftlf, and rnive this
forty millions by collocting', jtli'e" reve
nue along y.t.ri Htata ana t-'ountjr taxes-
..yby. '"o v'
";GEs.i;.HA'ys,l.ho: Kadical, candidate
for Governor, is reading; bis ppecch, to
provp.; the Nigger tho equal of the
White man, throughout the Stato. ;
Thompson, the 1'ctcr Plumfull edit
or of'thii , British' .'organ', over1, in 'the
Province on ,tho Big Creek, k trtiblpd
about, the; circulation of his whiskyj
scented sheet. Perhaps tho Sunday
morning and the Thursday morning
editions of' his sheet out' 'iiiimbcr that
of the iondion .''7mei! J, Atlio' kHovs?
Wo would'.'advisQi'BoBERT tp,dif!on-
tittviotUe' Sunday' 3n6rnii.g cdition,of
his papfci'! and'tleVote tlie 'holo of the
day to his Sunday School." v.. ,. t
,0h, What a iGAMtj.j-The Eadical
pir!)88v and orators, pijl'ceivinV.jthat
there is a general stampede from their
ranks, havo ceased to 'discuse the1 po
litical issues of. the. campaign and po-,
gan (to bray Cop-pr-heads,'But?-ter-nuts,
&q.,Jn.ovder. .td .ido'tor an(rjve
back . such are disgusted with the:
Radicalllpolicy.',' .Tlii.is ,'an, j;i'ijii'l(! to
the intelligehoe of the people. .When
party ledprs re ,riye' "tp'huc dis-;
reputable 'raeansi of maintaining an
organization, it 'lis about time jt 'vas
abandoned , and. some jnewdodgo -re-i
sorted to.,,; Let :!np. man stop, to roply
to" this, Jowolitieal.billingsgatebut
let oiiur frjCBds' ' rply ppoti Jtjlie live is
sues of fho e.;npalgn.'i;;; i
' ' Avoid all personalities that ere
thrust upon you for, the, puri)o9o,..of
avoiding the, issues; ' Their abu8p;.i8
harmless. Push tin ihe glorious work
of Mtho presentation ''of facts, and Sve
must prevail.- '1 .'.. ..t:'--i-.r-- c ;
" About the Largest Circulation.
"Robert THOwrsoN,'.1 (late'.' '.Peter
Plum'full,")' ''the" Sundliy M',Sch6
Teacher( and i now tho',1! sly',!"; ;i$itor.of
the " Lord's '.rieicspaper pi'in.tdd'in the
British Province bVer'1 'oh' t'hd Big
Creole, a short distance above 1'Buna;
.'. .,'.! Oil,' ,.l hi i,: Hi I. ,1 : I.-. ,, ul, I' I
hole," perfectly -understands how to
a;)argfercirculatiph than the Jinyuir'er;"
The, truth Isr'iThe-ZaleBici Coli'pay
.tbcLPublisher ifor'iiift '9P !( ? a ' jf jfVthi
' tJtiho, and tho xPablishdri "prints- jtis ,
"iwU of the iflc.;;;;ti;
teH has a largor- eirolation4hnlth(i
..$sK mn, ioBERTf((ad(js;hiy'vU
,100 eopieB' to its i list;.! OuitQiat is, in'
up a new li'o;VPPtc?' Plu'
another Suriday. morning, edition o
life, t0o9bMof& you' gT) to Sunda
LI I STl'll.lJt!
i? costs; ,'tbcf . pwW i tlitr4 toutitry
835iO0O,OP0ia yoasjt kccp taiftin''
army in'tlo ' South Ito'.sttHtiUft,! cgrfj,.
politics.'' , Jhis lB'BUflieiont W pivythc
nii tcrc''()0;00O,OO0 6f
Government iBoida. l.fair. peqimcli
of iRhdical prctronghiaoaV; c9ny.
5v ' i'
It i gan4ral ly k nvi f h a, L II ESE p
l r- !l
TINE', the celdbrate4'Mtngog Jirer
of &"4TUl Ca.;7 Blood1 by yd then.
heoditorpf this ,pa'pe SWINDLED
whibTi ii Hi Mi for Ubur-.on W IMe.r
ieatu tlEkAtO, publlehed by Mrl KPMia-j
We 6au8ed the OWdb'tO ba levied
upoa mad j)o893, oj '.Mlh'e property;, '6f
EnMWTON,(in. January lasr, ,when that
very honest and olovorl manMiESK
tine', sc'rVed'fi very bftlltiy hotioB; oq (fly
rnotViJ'oliock "for 'oigbfyiflof ffoltk'rsj
in which bo feaid that"tbe office is pivndd
aoi oUimpd by,,hos2alosW,C;0.;y( nd
notfby 1 'EbMtBTQ. 'i'-Nothirsinie
"honest and clever .than'! ha : another
.'if'.-fft (III th n.lfiw . I ti t Il'I.'L
nnnflr whinh nnntftina eaon WBDK BUbttt a
"" ;r R7i ; ,,7:l.r v ; t.j-.j,, , Ii.
ool uni a of slang bo(. ..fhe ,edito j: ofthis
paper tind' others (,of; thm, town, we
think this 'olever -'and ! horiebt iidbd''
Would' greatly betient UliAkelr and 113 aT
fa.irs -,of 4be QoppaDy.h ia "Managiftg
Direetoi ef'ifbe wouJd.jay usibvfSS
itistofld of giving it to aomobody tp , bdi
oouraga ,the -.putlislilrig ' of " thft"ifiUby
stuff that aDDoars Id tho brea'n Tie!"owoB
and olaiais.i;, gond ;)oyer ,tba- ,E
Hera ia: ad order forth nnouDt,;wh)oh
you promised to' pay!'" ", .,1 ' th X
" izALEski, ;0.,' May 23,186
Mr.'F.'J.fliaflifriMjEa.?1-'-:!1 ' " " ik.n'i'i!.
- There i du Mr; J.,W.Bowen $83 for labor
due.for mo m Oie Herald . offige.;. Please, jay'
the eaiuo and chrgQ.to niy accdimt ; " '
,, ' W.L.'EDMfSTON'.
tTffOc'ontU.S.bliimp:!1" ' i--J ! 7 ..
AxtikAbwutun ACTH.T-t'qr tt.,e past !o
Tears tbe bolitioniats have , deluded lie
obililtry ltb innumerable . book), panpb)eta
and' traots,'lnoulealihg: their falBe, and. pef,
ni'cleus clactrinea. ' Litllei hns ever beeit done
in' ' (he " iime"Wtty ' t'oWa'rd 'counteraotinp
their influcnce,cieeptf "wliiit liao beenulone
!t)lo8elbolira6'd' ftbte.'wrlleri!,'Hles8rs.'Van
Lri'ePortonjji'tJo" NeW'tork Cit'i. 'Thp'ua
aan,d's now ree, tbat suo' punllbatJoris ril-i
itdispensiWy neoessary!, la. order1 fo''sdpJ
ply wba, ft jp'oeljsjjsd'a .a 'iJe-jit'rkri
iby are apw issuing a aeries 'o'"Htti-X'b,o-
' ' '. i-ii . . p . , nf . ";'.w,,t
litiftn Traots," embracing a eonotse. discus-sioa-of
current politioal Issues, t In suoli .a
cheap and popua form, and pt suci . mere
ly ,bdmnali,prioe.;,l'or, .large (qua;ntjefll(s
ought ito secure fori : thera a., very eifeuaiye
oirlatinM We, have teceiyed wq. of tl,e
.rao'e fix peoles df Men, lth diits
rljpresenting' ,the lypes-''oHhe aiinaslan1,
Mobgol"," Malay, "Atuericitt ' Ibdiah.i Eaquil
maux, and Negro," and "Free NtgroUid j kH
Results of lEmetncipatioji 4a' the North, and
il Wert -India Ielanda'i: irhwh: ajould,.be
carefully read by every voter "in the United
Stated J tWl
Those wishing - aniy 'of these Tracts eanl
leAvo.their orders a.t Ih'u office.
Vinton CounlyS. C. Caeib, 'D.' B.?hlve!
and J. 0, S wetland, Jr., have appointed
ijje)i ,fbU9wl.ii? ( amif gentlemen- asv n
1 ACVIBORT COMMIT ti i" ' 4 4 '
Eagle John W. Wilkinson, Jaoob Ianaugle.
Elk-JL J. 8waiin,:rauic)c McAislr, poon.
1 Smith.' ttt' '' .
5icatt,TF,re4,,Cro.dleBaugb,Fred Frick. '" ''"
Jackton Lalan Sampson, John Rose, "'',",'.:!,'
jlfdifijoti-Morris A'btugh, Solomottdlppley,
Ctno7rJqhn Fr'aee,"iOr Jjt Mobahaa."1
yifiiotv-ioha Booth, Joseph' AloLaughlia.'',;
BfctfonMA A.- AtwQod;. Dr.i Ui;,,..JIoore,
,, Harrison LyJo.';';;;''',i;;',',1!;-''''''-'''ii i', ."
frn'ion A. Arganbright, S.l'C.BteiribrooV.
WilkemlU Charles Mulholland, King Wells,
J&olr-Heriry Fackhard, Qeorge R,' BolU '"-'
I ,,,,, mmHmmmmKmmmmmmmuemmmmmm "'1(
.';Tn?,'(!ditor dmho ' 'Star 'Spangled
ZI)tn(!r,,,,-a (".newspaper published.i.ftt
PomcToyj'1 Oh.0, . haa received notioo
from Ilunor 1 ..&,.rCo,'. IIyic'siale,'N.l'lt'.;
that thoy csopy-.rightcp; tfhq., tillQ, .fhej
Star;;;;Spiigl5d -'Banner v.i .nT-e.nyeaw
si nee," and forbid " ' the !'p i tbjci'.'iijHljig fc;
In .Cbri6tt'phV6'.ffid has 'changed,
tho nam, of i' hia paper'. '.vThWoy
B.IWXfi RMtfY1 ovw J. too,
Hear him:
BmaHlxuig. coustablp-QQdffinff, monkey
maHlxmg,,coiistal)rp-dQdcin2;, monkey
show, hand-organ grinding, horh guni
flint; Utti .ttalrbaciyn-ham'wb&lcn
n'utmog,' 'biuo-bollied ii Yttnkoes .' w'oh'i
copyrigti next.' ';,'!! tho "cr5ss '6.f, Jpsp
ryrist cscffpefljihcir, sacreligiouH hands
muohr longer, it-will bo'r.'a 'wodcr',lp
us: ' .'yfepiiai.'A J-;!.-! tpr fciqajr
sooni that they, navor'tippy-rifrhted , the
moon and axpjljcwngjt; but f;cb.d'c5e
. l...!':i ,..Ii-.)
1 t 7 .).,
iih'i.n.i :l
; AiWeoa F'AOToBt.-A nereon who owns
a Urge and ,vauable ,raot of: land,' through
which th Marietta ajod.incpnati Bailjoad
p'ansos, wot ef andidjolnlng; the :f 2alski .
'Estate iw Vintom oouoty, aufkoriiea ui to
ftata liii a1 site for a i Woolen Fatory ..will
be given free t6-any pirty:; who will bui'd
upon' t. : Il fe air eteillenl place for a!WooV
ea Factor j'l ab'out'oAfl mile from, the Zaleeli
opot'onhe'Ml'i O! R.'i.t'and fate'rj ooal,
wood, and eVerr ''thing elsd iieOseftrvf for
buifijing' anff running? ia.''stbri'fl!imetii of
t).U -kind, bein m ' it )iafid. ' ! W.ihlnk
there (a not a' nibfe'convcnient' licatidtf. .n
this eounty for aWobW Faoto'rv.V For1 fur-"
.. ' ..V: i ', i 1 !
Uier particulars cii on.oj, aaaress ne cu
tor of hli pPer,f, i ,,',!'.,.'.'. -"'.'( !'"..,
FROM SUMNER'S SPEECH. The Blessings of Radical
FROM SUMNER'S SPEECH. The Blessings of Radical Rule.
: ' Withinl the;; latl.qloionjycars, tho
taxos, up tw paid; by, theL,pcopp othis
St4t8: for State, nnd other numoscs. has
incroased, SEYEN -3ULIJQN .NINE
JlUJNWKJ'ii),? AND r JUK'l'JiJii
;AJN i) liOiiTii-J'U VK 'Wi Jjoing
on., each and every yoar.oa.inereaso pf
LARS . ! , AND, , 1 1 E I G. Jlj T Y - E I
: - Tax-payprs, this i hasr i all .been
brought about by Abolition rulo." JIpw.
long , will you, coptmup p cast ypu, pal
loW fou bucIx thioyes and robborsf ;,.
1..... 1. . .1 .t 1. ! ',,.'.
. .
ii: .ii I hi- " nl ., Vil'fi;
: Required to Vioiate Their Paths
There is -hn 'old adage that says' I' no
man cart' soi-vo two maatorsi. and do
justice ' to both,H"Whlph .is pointedly
act3." ; Por by ib tho Southern -people
ard required to violate" their oathsl of
amnesty, which ' good ifaith-jthcy
nave taifen ana nvoa Mp to: r-...
"I 'del solPnifily. 'fiwimr or affirm. i in
thd prcsrined of Almighty. God, that I
will '"henceforth' MthfhUyrdefcritithe
Const iMion 'of the' Uh ittil -State md
the: Unioii of the'Statesihmunder, and
that I will, in Jiko" mannor fiblde bi
and fiiitliftilly' 'support nil lavs'ia.nd
proclamAtlons' which ham bcon- made
during the rebellion with, referenc'to
the eniancipation 01 BlavcSi'' Sd - heir
"! ' No' ' mart-' . hav ipg takbn' "tho- above
oath,' chh liVo up to' thp' roquirctnehts
of tho"tRecbnsWuclioi1 nets,'" and hot
VioTato his'ohth. 01' cortmifc pcHniy.-i-
Anu yet tnis is wnat is roqijirca of tlip
SOnth'erh' 'peonlo iin!'6rder "t'd 'hiako
them loyal J ' WkM require - men' to
tako an oath that they will " honco
forthufitithfully .deftnd.;the.;Constitu
tionqf .' th&dUaitedA States, -and uthe
Union. Of.ithe.jStatos ythorundorr',: Mid
then compel 41tom to obov lawawhich
art ul'direot-fviolationi of very nrin-
diple of that Constitutipni and destroy
and tramido'un'dertthQ fhet.of.amlitarv
dcspot9,ton,Stutes0f tho Ujuionj,, Radr
jeai icmiorg,ot ,uongrp,wa HnoWndp
4( daily ;. butiit-'is! mjiqb, ,to; bo vor
qfuired .ot bonest mw-e-'Jl&ncoe.k . Govt
i,.T .If. '. . . i .
'l.ll il
ff If
" TiltlToLtTicAi, BrttATioii.Withih
ifiti pa'sf 'six ' cfays'' WO haVo cOnvdrsed
With' ''gofltreiheti from Jail artl Of thtj
utaiio, uuij in oimwcr lu ouri inquiries
th6 inSstiranc,o')i'i8;,glyoh "ihflt? -in .the
great political contest, all is wPltA'
ino good worK-o. redeeming Ohio
trom JXegro JSuttrage ona.Kffdic.al railo'
g0PS't)ravc4y orilf'ii'j I -miu;,; .,l,ht'
i f-In every County and township there
ro good: nion and. truet of tho ,Ropuh,
iicun (.par jyy bick r. ms ; ino . .iegi'Oi ano,
still more . so, if ' possible,' of the high
;toxatiphj who., have, cast thoir 1944 vote
for a; paifty rvvhosbfigroati end Seoms to'
boita. up with .- tho, Negro and down,
with tlift.JfVhito.lj 'il.ScfP, ... ,nioiii;
1: ITho sign -of i promiso i were tieyor
bottorj'i iTho grdat.woi'k. jobbing ,wq)1
dohef and; if ithcontimtos.riaai i.brihad
commenced) thiotohajodtynfor JJThur-
man imd ngainstiiNegrO Suffrage; will
be overwhelmingly largohHro'i '..)H
tDAh! General;nJaok8onifirI,th$if groat
eohtesti'of'i 18441 said ,to a .fi-iondi
aayi tdtbicb ah&ovory,dMnwaV)jPtit
your own shoulder to the wheol-r'pray
toGdd fow'8uccessand( push,-. ,0P -"thi
fi!i tit urn vi.i-11,. ; 1 iff 1 ,, ,,-r
ii jHB-bbautyrofibeingt ai RaHictilif
that you firmly boliovb the!Niggcr tn
bo1' a il-l-t-t-M "bdttcn -than' af.'Whit
man. 'iui'ir'vvi ynA-.lt,
) fli:fi '!,, ,t,,. tv,r.
-..RECEii't RsboLlRebeli)Gpperhpa(;
Copperhead, Copperhead, is the favoi
lto arintmcnt'Trt tho-Radieatec -
ilnnns v,iflniv I'ci.fi' in j,-cirr t: I jht'.I
.I'Vn-yit'l i,;.v y'l oi!) r.'l tflllMffy
That, the, approximate , estimate of
ing' Voan'is;' "''-:.:. (!..::'; fij .-..t
.7 "Will, tariff1 V-n-'? L'.i v'$ia-86
fvlthout tariff-! ..(U ! i,..,, 23 ;9S
I d;s MEMBER, ! That 1 tho;
nil, h pstimato of - dressing , t fuiwoi-'s
TvItVt'rti. lanirKf fr lti '
'. ' AVilv t-SrHP - ' "
- 10 Oi
tW E'hi'ted' States were' ta'xed?'$52:i'-
,9(7.369,' during the yeaf ISIiG.'for.tho1
silpportr' or tno ltauical party ancj is
mensuroslt '. ., ,
llEMEBERThat RadicaUsni '1m
p'osetl .4 .tax, on sixteen thousand article's
of consumption! ' 1 ",.tn r-,:
, JMM JSMiJEl, ThatRadicals'expoct
tho "iiboririg i men of r the: .eouatry ; Jo
yotdtti wphold thorn Jn theif; oppress--
ivo ana ainponstiuitionai leaiwlation 1
; ' REMEMBER,. Ti'nt eyery vote 'cast
for liidi6ala is a" bloiV,' 'dirocfr,' at Ro'-
publican 'IM'incrplea and lhstitutions,
irid? h favor of monarchy and rvolu.:
T.ifin f . 1, 1. 1 ...'I ..a. . .
, liME3IBER.j That pyery voto cast
for bacVicals is a blow,'' dirPctj at the
tor l;ad,ical8 is a bow, dirdct, at the
the lorfdholdcr s 5t6r(?sts ! -
, R1MEMBER, That the Democracy
aro pjipo'scd td all the corrupt schemes
and ifts' of thd'rovoliitioiiista,'1 ?rid fa.
vor uu.uHercsis oi uiq lauorinijciuss-.
ici I
T',t ..ii ro '
..i iiout tariii , - -
Remember, Gum it up.
Radical Woll, no I guess I wont,
bambo Youadont know nomn
Whenjyou git to de sweet
quitgjettfnV J I srJBeytru'Xui'
ob it you
fi RadW-r-o, . ( Sambp, , , J'm going
agauiBl f.tho, Aroona4nent;,.,but wiij
aiSamboLoo.k-ear .(lojypuj likj.
h Rtta3at-YPU j blaqk rascal, .you. of
tbyed nii piece of; dog tbe other' .day,'
anayoi kiiow., won . t cat;aog. r ,
. fifttnliOnttidii't, ; I.,. gu,b you ,B0U)ten
filse? ... " V '. '
aidicnl Well, yps, you gtivo"nicfa
pi04ft 0 ilOlOgirft) .,.m)h. . r,,,,,; ,;,,
I Simlio-wAVas dat trood? f. .. . ,
.! jadicaT-l j, Hiat,,waH, veVy
a i fjam.bori-iDar. ,now, I khowed' you
likfed dog. I make"dat Bofogn put ob
rJtH coma I ai" . 1 " " w
ii IadicaJ-tYQl, ihpu, I rokprliko
QOf . , ! r. .; , . , ; I (,,,(.- ,,, ,, . . ; ,J
. am.bo Don ,wby.-,do dpbildont you
but o? d.'Dat,.. tipket ; ani '. dp Bologrui,
am- dat mendmentj am ,dp dog, aid
w!iy' ida. debU Ypu.ipTayin'.off' on us
iigeraj;causo,,dcK6 big vhite fel
Icjst iaroi lookin'! at. ' ypuL. .Yon' don
1MWW JUiui, (. A. j.yu,,miu. (4 yy
w'llt, make, him ,un in Bologna eb'cry
' l'
-rTho,Baiical'!party ("have'a' con'stan.l
4nrpgor,ijiittigiiiK. , vuuhuiuuuii
wn at li,n1t;ovnd antl noW,,'thft'Oi,iof
t,iodir ,o powers of ffi'd; pEjitjctitiVe
.luat, be, purtaijccl.'.'ajid th'qsb bf'ptin
hffl-i.('flw civil' ;c(ii'6' 8ul-,
pprcedpd;, jjhp-, wr(l.t ,6f hatch cbrpus
pducatpd,; military; 'jM'atricta "crealea
What "docs' all -this nieari?
,JffJiSjtjib.'ork of preserving th"c
Union? "or 'is'-'fji'j.mcifo partisan folly,
tcndingto anarcjiy and isu!n?'"The
tenujCfficf WM, W V;1, sta
tion of the folly.of.ths.J.iacy policy.
What would be.tha condition of the
retaries should diffirtt$ui extent that
would cndialtconsujtation and cpjop-:
irationfti iachiOne wovid nse.KiSjpfli-'
rial powor to counteract the operation
of his rivals, , tf . Stanton had succeed
ed in holding , tho, Seer, ptarypbipi ih, de
fancd of ,: Jobnsqnand-thp two oials
lorlvnonrliirl to t.hnir olli'inJ Tiftweiis tO
...V. IVOVI..4 7 ' - ,r - I
wnofi .each othei; and ,promptQ,ioir
3lfish purposos;th,o f:v oyerpmcnt
vduld be (Virtually .atan ,fnr i, u
i'Thero -mupllj b'ai.'Unanimity:, )A,.hd
Cabinet; Or, the powor.ot, the j'Oypr.n
qcne ib pjfuuyuin v.i .i:ii;t't in tv
rjilhofie ppiono auicafuuaa pro ituuut
re practical undor our forin qfGov-
trnment, ftaiHindop religipp JfOuld be
antt JfOfjiary vominitnuurs upponueu
ito.ba invested with' absplutp bpwofs'.' 1
' What docs all .'this idmrtf',hiJ 0
Ohio Statesman.
! The NpoRO'AHMBMENT.'-Tbeivote
W which the NgWSuffrage Amcndf
tinTitfTwas nassedvbyUheijStato; Senate
ind House V last Spi ipg . was, nt jthb
Senate-- -
Hnlhe'Houso.-J f'io'l di Ai;t
id) yi noiinjJia I9t.fq ( kvF.,a twttrl i
r.vcT(M ei4fti!i fi . ,ji-.d(..Mv,i,
...np SilSJ t4 8ili9 t'J J)l?fi itl M'jU B'J1
M In the 'face of tliat vo'o, s'u.bmitting
it to' t'!ie;ty)id1Jadfc(ils haVe the
hiu-o1 fjiV-ed 'iifipn(Kiin?e to dedure'to the
lieoVile tbal' thov iiV"iio,t vitliY.ir 'Co'
sfo dtM or'TIoiTit(li of 'thii'Uiiion
giVoii oV0r,:cxl-liisiV6ly, to'the Nierav
Ji Grdui: the 'iffiggY the fight! oftlio
.elective'1 franeliWo" and 'then' rwfjrict
that riffht !' 'Loaif "y'fVur-1 'friend $ o).
larv'-vVatph ybiir bp.iJtiinil)' and sfcul
l from hiin is BaiflcSl-'f'iiisiBtenin'i-i.!
No Uodsrins;',' Ri-drf, but' teH'th 'pofrnlo!
yoii afo in'taV'orAf gantiiig the
gor.all .tho privileges, political and
suuia inu.f Toil ViU'V- '-V'"''' J Vm
' L . ' 'J 1 i' J '-
[From the Portsmouth Times.
[From the Portsmouth Times. THE SONG OF SAMBO.
' ;;'! .' i-j-iii-.ic-u 1 1 .il i VV
ur a ovtitva crnpafi kuo gjcrrcTa to vr-,
: ' "Cito all ye darkies friim' de Souf, ; f
:-j-t Ve niggertvhefthamgainin,,,,,,..,
f ! ! Cum all vintq dia luby Slate, 7 '
i Our happy land obCUnip. ''"'. t "
f Cim up frum bry eottoa flsld,,.: ...
, ,i ,.' Ap ebry syampan bye,
UntVde darkies' bVesed Stale, 'w
''"'' e glorious ele' Ohio. Ji v., .,,..,. ,,,,
; :,'t;';V'ni,;'i ,
' , . An yet dey alao .wanta to vote,
, A " " nil. . Utjf 1UUB nuun.HiDi
1 'An dewde'IHehlook at-demkii'i lii-.i.
, . We am fanense fU such, ui en, , ,;t
( An hain't we more rite to vote ' "'" ''
" Dan' all'de buery Uotohmen? I ' u-
fll.-i to n i.'irn I n h.vi 'i.. ....
Pe Suddern nihgers heah (an vote, '
De whfte folks do' his bidding,' "r '
,i Golly) would tot din bresi di heart, ,
)0(r Of deah ele Faddah Giddlngs?
Bit if de white mbvee frum de four? 1 "--;
v."Anr Wants to vole. dedebill : .ilit'.o
;; ,11c hfidn't ought to, cause his grate
, ilrandfaddah wai a rebel, ''' '' :'
" ') '(U '..'HiJ-)..' hit,: :,:!-,
n ;:"Pe whites dat fought a)) frew.de wab,
, Deserted when 'twas oberj :
1 Will eber we let Sioh men vole?'. '"" !
( vjiot long, as we.am aobahr,, ..
, Jlitt niggerg dat enlisted, when
' De whites had dun the woi-kln,- '- ''
" IDeie heroes Only, ought, to vote,, , ,,),.,
An not do whiles dafsshirkin. '
' . ! ' " '"; " '
0, vfoa't'we darkles sQ be gay, ,,
; Aomity juilepenpent,,r: .-,
, , )Vhen we hab passed de nigger law,
' ' What' in de obbat ehumcst ?. :
pen woq't de whites be mat nough, ,
Ad get into a fury, , ,
'" "When alldanlggofB votes and sets H.'
,1 ..v Vpoh de potty, jury?;., .),f:y;!i r
'ill V '-.tt;, ,-.(., . ,,,,:.' .. - . . . ..
,u Do whites doy, say we atn't perfntne,
: ,' Dey do ngt like to scent ns,' ;,,": '
I ,l Tlaii flav 'Ann, b!4 it aniaaM.lttl I'' Hi
!'4''"!Def niggers represent us.,' rl -r v.,- f
.". We won't krer den tow, much' dey cuss.
y,-,v Dar.npseaelevatin,,., ,r4t(K, ., '
, ,,: A" long as Sambo takes his seat, ; '
'; . An does de legislatin.' " .- ' '"-
1 i.'i-i.t: fM.;itf,o-, .,
'ben icnrn ah darkies '('rum d Son, i..
Frura every awamp and byt,i;.,v ; ( )
' ;; Unto de darkies' preaae4.J3ue,l
,:J l .De glorious ole Ohio; J,
,i For heah de saints and 'publicans,'
On-us dey all am dodii,' -,"i"t'
Dey'U neber rest until de day ' 'ili. T
r 'i f pe darkies', does be vqti,T . ,":
Business Cards.
'l-HANKFUli for the liberal pattnn(? recswed for
X thu two nat vnai s. he would tuiv tn thnAn ,lp,r.
irK hiofesion(il sertioee, (hat he maj alwByg
.uiuuu nt fun iniun fir rniannitQ on.- jnuin otreei. par
loss absent on prnfcFSional biislnesa. 1 ' J jii
Kebruary a8,,18i)7-ly f Jv,',i-fM.1fi) vl:;' t,-.i
, r , i)AMa'w:if' !.:!,'. ..f.i:!.
l.i-f Dtafl a(.a HfP ,.
TMTORTEft of I'rencbi. German aad Itslium Violin
X strings. . , ' " J' "!
?'be Trade &nppli4 on theraost liberal terms.
ill' r.-.:) liMti dm; uiikS
"itt Ol vsn.-TSli.-f.l I'ut !;' t.(Jy;
I II! r-.lllif BiiM?bOJJEON,ii!(j f,, (, ()(,,;
-t.lt IX tit JttIO THB CKlSIiUT ( Vj
1. ..)lll7f
1 T?f f!i
f 1 1 vr 1 1 !' i AMp ,A iABOB .TOCff Olf , i
From (he Fuctoiiof ofthfl most 6T. tne Crt.rBttATtt
I M Ul.t W l ... .
- 1 nsivBM tTiiiuu ttmi sou luwiur ciwi;iu!4i
.. W-dld Pianos tnkou In exchmire 'ornoiir.
sW Pianos and Organa for sale and to rent, fey the
amount paid for rent being applied to pur
chase, if desired. , j,
D3rKnu ror caoinei urgans antf fianoi
wanted in ever town In Vkio, Indiana and
KentnokysJ 0 l.Jnil ,'t:l aui-
. i" --"i .ii,., , , , i , i n j i ,.
j . 'u,ne2,
19 '' - ! fV.RvW. n.
i . June ai.
Cincinnal! f!(
o .laa-w iv 185 .-. t"C .,'..
' . , .i-.b'i ,,., ?;.-(.; o.'i.'
i rt
aocn. .iiiHit v wsiauurr, Jt. wixorfTu
'j s!',Oirr2'.;',t5Mo.';il 7
MABfAC1VaEf or. i ,
J J!-.j. r...4;i..ti' n 'j wr .
.... v v"Kr.au -i!ef o(imt
Ml CH I R ER Y. F Q R F H R N 4 f f c .
ALI-kindj of Machinery RepairiflK ilon. Th
Ware Manufieturwl t5 the i.'0UB3, j Sold m
! l."-n'f- " I.H.'.,!ffl.u .,'i
" : 'i i 1 1 ' i 'iii,,.-
, Jl-'. l.f'nMTtMuknlsUb..i t
' " 'Sl -lu ,
1 1 I KHUD.B1IT. ' Caihiii
M. . BUT, . il tOMu.VJ : '. trtaVo";
' . . .. . T. BASNKT. rutnitn.
1. . AV'trrir.' .' nl
r ' I I
iirduX;c?;r4:rhip'ifar,,hB putp-
! 1 business, ;
fiwUh ample fcoiltties.fot the transaction of mr
muhihj; VD ingiwmate Bankrue, wetandnr
Persona wishing to, temitaioflr to FoieiraCoun.
tp G&UJ!)tw Prafta a ow Office;
ST3tfN3'( HOUSE:
11, 1 25 & T Ilr ad way, M y
rrtHB Snvwi Bov s. well, tad widely known tv
1 the Iwehng publio; The location is eepeoialrt
suitab to mea'haflts. and bnaioesa, ntcni It ia in
close primity ro the- basinet pm otthiti JS'
on the highway of southern and western travel-W
and adjacent te all the principal Railroad and steam
bpat'deppte. ; , ,, i' '. ,
T,,,.A',STE", Hrra h hWraf 'ieeoi'medatlbXfor '
over Spoguesls-it Uwell (Urn,,hed, and 3in
every modern ImproTement for the 'comfort and enJ
tertainment of i uimales, The lopmsawspacious
and well ventilatol-pfavVded with S ah3 wataS!
the attendance ia prpmptand respectful, and the table
is oenerously provided , with every delicacy of tha
seaapn at mpderate rates. x'- ' 1 v
Mfty 23,18Co-en, :,. ...froprietoTfU
' ' ' ' ' '"' 1 ... if ,
CHAS; BROWN, freit . DAN.'wiLI C.
wiit, BRowN;&;ca.i
Ot DowWt.'t W Wilt t SroSlnirtrvtk
, . I . Suit Main fllrtti ' ' ' i
'MoARTIJ UK, OlflO. n
..:J.;ii ,;...;; .ii,,;,. ,.f;
Deal in Exehanee. ! Government Becari.
i ...
ties, Stock, Bonds", Gold and Si'tof, fc.;,, ,
Depesfts teoeived. - Interest naid. on lima
deposits. si-v ,(, a.i !:i) :
. Collootlons made at all aeeeasibla points
in the United States. ' ..!! w ,.'.
. United State? Revenue Stamps for sale.
'- All business done on the most liberal, terms
I and wltb the utmost prpmptners.- ,! 9v t t ua
f eoruarj , isef-iy , n ai s.;o,,T y..
2L.VZlBl? YtLL Ei 0 Bid U
AFTER as absepoe of two oara, oilers ' hii pro-
fenionaj services to the oitiieni of AllenivUU
and surroundieseonotrjr. "' 1 'v.vA uih Jtn
Haroh 2l,18f-tf! i.', n ssnnKi Jl:,i, ,.,:.
jfLttoxmey, ctt Xsciw
Wllil. fractie In (be Spuria of yinlon, ,'Atben.
and Jackson Counties', also, in the1 United
States Courts ot thfc Bo.uthera District of Ohiof . I
' Ormii Second btory oi' Pa'i' Building, on Mai a
3, Ji MoDOWELL, , .
Attorney .t Lftw,
'i;','kft'fclimtAfiJiit,; jr..,;-;.
.y;' o X' R H tJ M ;') QHIO Jivi
WILL practice in Vinton and adjoining eountles.
Also, Deputy Oollector of Internal Keyaau. '
urnci in (no vinton uountymiMf. , -
June27,isa7'em., , ' -"i""''it
sj'v JOJI.T C, 8TETFXS03tY.,T
! -Je.I JACKl?0i CH.rf OHIO,
W(LLprotlc in the Cporbj, pf BJackaon, Vtik
and other counties. - , Hi icm
Jauoarya, 1867-: in ..f
WILL attend promptly to all leval bnsineaa ea.
trusted to his care in Vinton and Jackson eoaa.
ties. Offlce-i-Tn iJOddrldire's Maw lliuldma. aoiith-
weatoofoar Mainand Market itreete upstairs.. Mr.
Mavo.lBfn. parujersmp witti t'orter , UuHadwsy of
Jackson eounty, who easj always ba found, dunna;
raooiioti, at the office in Jackson, Ohio, ,, ( ., I 0
1 1-t,,-
Att'pjrtipy;, ja.t 'Xtaw,
vii.i.McARTflftV OHIO.,, ;
t tnLl.'aJ'.dnd Brtmnlly fa all leital binsj.
fV' trusted to hia r,. i Vinton aaA adjwiwna;
oounttca.i t office Iq IIi.qiiH Uuue.
:r.,jiujUtiso:-iy,. j lt,iW
.''"w-.'i-'.Tjiiifl vi,;,:j.
t-.t fi'...
iril "
1 m
u E.'l

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