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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 29, 1867, Image 2

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4. w. mm, torroa n rmorminot.
OFF I CEfo Dodge' Building, over Smiltatutt
Store, corner ilau and iorwl mreei, x,mi
7i Cunrt Home.
For t r mi' &c gc 4(h Pngt-T
vv hirarsi circulation of any pa
,r Vinton County. Advertisers and
other vill plem make a note of this-
Democratic State Ticket.
Elrttiim-Tutfday, October 0, 10U.
For Governor,,
ALLEN. 0. THURMAN, of rransun.
Fcr Lieutenant Go'crno,
jpANlEL S.CUL, f Holmes, j
For Treasurer,'
pr. C. fDLTON, of Crawford. ;'
. . For Auditor, ,
f.,.'jQHN MeELWEB, ot IMler. . r; T
For Attorney General,
. 2 'FRANK Q. HUKli ot Knoti ! ii i
U ! For Judge of Supreme Court,
' Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controller of Treasury, '
U 'FotBoard of Public Works, j '-.
' ARTUUR HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
' V ; . For Representative, '';
; '. ANPREff J. 8WAIN. "
""for Prosecuting Attorney,'
" ' ' ' For Surveyor, . , ,
" ' ' 8. C. STElNBROOK.
jor Cmmiggioner,
...... ,.,, A. SOULE.',, ,.,,,',
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
(Negroes the Right .fo Fore, and
1 ; &aM runt'-' ' '
hold Office:
Democratic Meeting in
Eagle Township.
There will be a Democratic meeting
Blagle'e Grove, in Eagle TownsLip, on
Saturday, September 7, 1867. 1 y ?
;'Ho. Arch. Maio and able speakeri
from' abroad will be present end address
4be meeting..; f:.;.-M., . - ...
.t... nnf mnn of all Denies I im
there be a grand aeetiogj Take your
dinners with you t; Take ybnr ives and
children 1 1 i .
I the list of Demooralie meetings publish
A tb Ohio Blatttmanv notice that ;Hon
Aich. Mayo, of MoArlhur,
it announced to
imoak with Hons. Gso.
H. Pcndlmo and
J mitt R. Morris. aV
Athens, on Monday,
H.ntsmtal 1 7lil.- : .' '
Wl Visited the largo and beawtiful
Peach Orchard of Wm. and John Uold,
a mile northeast from town, on last
Saturday evening.! We ihall speak the
eicolleut orohsrd in our next paper. !
- Law fall, about tbe eomnwnceent af tbo
political campaiga in thia county, aew.l
4oluaiasof a milk-and-water paper priaUd
in this county, were sold to ,m
Radicals for their use during the campaign.
hundred dollars were said
fr Ik. nriTlleca of using .tha columns t lie
about the Democrats of Vinton eouaty;
..Jik. inu to the fools who made tbe
eale was more than fire hundred dollars
Tha whole of this same paper was sold to
the Radicals about two weeks ago: nd the
w ...miuir mmler Radical rule," made its
. Uri week. ' Bill! t BoBlKIOH,
f n,inioih. an the Editors. The name of
it,, n.na h not been chanced by these
genUemen. Why? We suppose they thought
that the FOLICT of tha paper was so near
right that a change would he "more than
nonsense', , ' ,T "7 7 " '
'-H" 0s ? PHiLOsoray.-f- IIorack
Grmlev, speaking of Stanton, Bays:
To the Secretary of War we haye
been in many things opposed; we have
'denied the justice of his arbitrary arrests;
his irresponsible commissions; his mili
tary trials in cases where civil authority
was sufficient k ipunisX 'trbac or redrew
"Were any such, outrages inflicted
upon the people, of, the, colonies by
England?) oc does the. history of Ire
land pr England furnish a record as
infamous as this?
Jones and Pxk are . great friends to
the"rich' Boodholderi who lit ia their
easy chairs l and pay no) taxes; Let the
1 laborers and" tax-payera go to the polls
and vote against them 1 -:-:.: ,..'
Tovns f Vlntoa County I. , Remember
that every vote gien for' I!.' C. Joiis, the
' Radical candidate for 8ute Benatoi, an for
' Jona Fat, lh candidate on this Radloal tick
et for Representative, and' or the Radical
,';ticket will U construed late aa endorsamant
! ef Khm Bunraco Oa the proposed "Con
,."atltutioiil Amendment." ' vote "NO:" and
v Meniek iiia names of Josis ' fcnd Fca off
yaar ticket. - Seartch off the name of every
man on tha Radical ticket I i.-
. "A
,empt tb ni( and niteratatid to donbt
biag's aoktd, but March will find it out."
' i hig was the motto of Mr. OarretL when
aeeking to discover a Hair Raatorative which
uA moi onlj rostore erer hair to its orlg-
2 wl -tolor. but would alao prtvent It. from
falling out and serve the parpose of a splan
Jid 4resings well. Procure a bottle of
Barrett's Vegetable Hair Kestorauve, ana
m how ctiwiel his eioru fi' oeea rs
ararOed. . ' .
For Prosecuting' Attorney for Vinton
county, appme lo the very first usoo
of the ultra Abolitioa orgw of MaAr
thur in "flsojV style!", E. A. Brst
ton, who aays ho his s long stood op
vith the Demoorscy, and who hss al
t-vi received the hearty support of
every Democrat in the oouoty, has pr.
mitted nimseir to ds msae in i j
Nsgro Saflrageitesfaooeof tho lowest
nr ..rth nnrnosci that is. ne nn
suflbred himself to be, or eaused himself
to be, pat npoo tbe negro buiksro
ticket u tha PEOPLE'S candidate for
Proscoutinst Attorney, against V. J.
Shivfl, th" regularly nominated eandi-
date. ' W t ask. wbera ia tbe soame oi a
man, after havinjt received the support
and patronage of the people at large, and
especially the Democraey, to permit
himself to be used lor suon mncK pur
poser, along with BLACK euhjoots.
VYe know that Brattoo will say he has
'done bo MUCH for the party nno lor
Domoorats," and all such stuff; but we
will show before the elootioo what tbe
Democracy has done for him Saoh low.
bsstard acts are too mean to make msn-
tioo of, only for the purpose of Jotting
the Democracy know what he, it doing,
and how low he hav got even down
fosido a nigger I ; Where, will , he go
nfXt? ... ',:... .. ..
'The way of the transgressor is hard.
wTJb wages of sil is death." '
A Thief Stumping the State for
the Radicals.
yfM. II. Gibson, Treasurer of tbe
State of Ohio a few years ago, is now
on the Btump in this State for thoNe
gro Suffrage Ticket and for the Pro
posed Amendment to the Constitution.
For taking a large amount oi the peo
pie's money from the Treasury and
appropriating it to his own use, he
was arrested upon a State's warrant
as a thief, and was held in a large sum
for his appearance at Court. 1 lie was
found guilty by the Grand Jury and
indicted for the offense; and, after va
rious dolays, he was found guilty ;by a
jury of his countrymen of embcwling
the money belonging to the . people.
For this offense he ought to have been
sent to the Penitentiary like! any other
scoundrel; but he was granted, by a
Republican Judge, (a good friend,) a
new trial: and before tho' trial took
place; West,- the present Republican
Attorney. General of Ohio, entered a
oWeand gave the convicted robber of
tho Treasury liberty to make speeches
in difforent parts of the State for the
Republican party and lor Negro Suff
rage, instead of sending him within
the walls of the State' Prison to wear
a convict S dress and to oo tne, state
some service 1 ' ' - K
The Ohio Statesman says of Gibson:
'This is the same Gibson that swore
before an examining committeo of the
Legislature, that certain moneys in
the State Treasury exhibited by him
to cover his use ot the public tunas,
belonged to the State, when the mon
ey and other evidences of debt were
borrowed for the Durnose of 'deceiving
the committee and hiding his own
scoundrelism.'" Then and there, Wm.
H. Gibson in swearing that which was
not true! made oath to a falsehood; and
this scamp is now sent out to Instruct
the people in the manner, they should
VOte. , Vlli. it' .w.'il 4;ih,:i j j
"Wonder if the Ttepublicans of Vin
ton county' intend to have hira come
down'MrC.to instruct the pepplci low
to vote? ..; - .
H J .
Tor Ayer iRIedicinci,
Call'at sisson's'Drng Store.1, f J '
Th Campaign in Ohio The Rad
icals Abandon thi Issdk. The ad
herents of Radicalism' in Ohio have
totally abandoned the issues of the
campaign, and, like a whipped boy af
ter ne has escaped from a chastising
parent,' are now engaged in making
faces and calling names. ,
Not , a single speaker has dared to
meet tho issue, and feeling that all is
lost and that thoir-stumpers are over
powered, are sending to other States
for assistance, and 'have secured the
promise of quite a . number of eminent
gentlemen (?) to come to" their rescue.
Thia is a humiliating necessity in fc
State where they boast of a handsome
majority. StateMan
The Privileged Class. The bond
holder who lont money to the Govern
ment has his bonds exempted from all
oihwj anu iucui utxauun. j. lie ouiuiur,
who did not lend money to tho Gov
ernment, but gave it his blood instead,
and who parted with his limbs in its
service, has all his property taxed.
He may have but one poor ; house and
lot, bat upon it he is taxed, while his
wealthy neighbor who rolls in luxury,
pays dos a cent .upon., nis eiuu,uuv iu
Government bonds. The neb. mans
money is therefore more highly count;
ed than the poor man's blood. The
bondholdor is the privileged class, ana
not the soldier. ', , '
- There have been two oasos of cholera
in thia eounly within tha past week
both fatal. Michael OfLeary, a native
of Ireland, died of cholera at Zaleski,
on Sunday last; and Augustus Gasman,
a native of Germany, and a resident of
this owe, died last Saturday light, of
tbe tame atsesse, .
Evert ., voter of Vinton county
should remember when he is about to
cast his billot againBt negro suffrage,
and then ; casts his ballot in favor of
. .. ' v. 1 .1 TT!
Ralical men, upon tlie itaaicai umuu
ticket, that he ia indirectly voting for
thTnegro to become his political equal.
The Constitutional Amendment now
submitted to the people for adoption
nr rMftction. contains negro suffrage in
n f ita nrniirtpst, elements ana u
nu v '
the people reject the ' amendmont, the
question of negro suffrage is so far, by
the people settled. JJut suppose me
candidates upon the TJWon ticket are
aihwi to 'the Senate and House jf
Representatives, constituting the log-
islature oi unio, anu iuo 4um
ifying the Constitutional Amendment
r iha Constitution ot the unuea
States, enfranchising the negro ir,
evcrr State and Territory in the Uni
ted States, and which amendment
must ' be ratified by . throe-fourthsof
the Legislatures of the States, in oi
der to make it a part and parcel of
the Constitution, what do you suppose
those same men upon the Union twlf
will do in the Legislature? ' Will they
wnt.A Nof; tr will thev ., ratify, the
amendment to tho Constitution, which
is now awaiting the action of the next
session of Congress? If the Legisla
tures ratify the amendment enfran
chising the negro in every State aid
Territory within the United . StatjB,
what does it matter to the voter if he
does vote No upon the , amendment)
but votes for the Union candidttes
upon their ticket, when these Btmo
men' are pledged to vote for Jthe
amendment to the State. Constituton?
Tf tW will vote for it and for en
Wam thev will of course be boimd
to ratify the Amendment to the Unrted
States Constitution, if they are elec ted,
' This, every voter may easily see
that if he votes No upon the aim nd-
tnnn t. and then votes for candidates
who are Tjledzed to vote for it, he vir
tually votes for the amendment and
for negro equality,. , . j
be read by every voter in Vinton county
during the prosent campaign. Aiwe be
lieve that the most extended circulation
of sou nd Demooratio papers will greatly
aid Jn the triumph of oorreot prihoiples,
at the coming election, we oflpr The
Democratic Enquirer from tnis tine (or
for three months) until after the election,
on the fallowing low f
terms: '
Single subscribers, 25 eeote; clulf of
5, 81,10; cluba of 10, 82;-with an ad
ditional eopy to each getter up of dub.
One eopy, one year, in clubs of not less
than ten. $1J Payments to be macb in
advance, -.f ' . '' -f -'j
We offer the paper at these nnoBtally
low rates with' the View of bringing it
whhin the reach of all during tbe am
' . , .1 -fJl fll V
piigB, and we nope me oner wm ue re
sponded to generally all overth oouity.
Avery trifling effort on the part of sane
of our friends in each township -or
neighborhood would seoure a large id.
ditioo to our already large suscripton
list, and be the means or doing! a great
deal of eood. The pending eambaiga k
most important one the' question, of
giving the negro the rignt to into, nio
omee, su on jurws, auu iun nws
families is ,to" be decided ahd every
Democrat should exert himself to seowe
the triumphantsucoesi of the DsWoraty.
Let our able Democrats throughout tie
coanty make up a' fund of fro n one to
five dftllera or more' In each townsbii,
and distrlbnto copies of the paper to vi
tera who take no paper and whojwill read.
By so doing, the people Can hi educate!
in regard to the BEAI. issue?, and tote
uodorstandiDgly. ' Sen & in tVe nsmes all
Editor & Pub'er.
Editor & Pub'er. McArthur, July 18, '67.
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A Few Plain Questions for
' Is Buffraire a natural right?
; If so, to whom does it naturally bo-
long?"1 ' "'"'
1 , Is there any difference between pb
uucai ana bociui equuiuy i
Are you in favor of equality?
1 If so, are you as good as a negro?
Arid if you are, how long do you
expect to remain sor "i .
. Did you Dot always claim heretofc -e
that you were .better than a negro? -Now,
if by progression he hasbeco ie
your equal, Dy the same process v 11
ho not be your superior by this time
next year?; '::! ' in-u A-
1 Is the real difference between a ri-
gro and a white man traceable to nit-
urai vi nruuuiai vauacai
" Do you love Sambo? ;t ; :, ; ;T
"Do you love Dinah? 1 '. v
' Or is alt this show of affoction mem-
ly for partisan purposes? i
Attutiov. All soldiers and soldiew'
widows and mothers, having their elaipa
against the United States in the hands of
Bratton, "the People's candidate,", and lot
having received tbe prsper attention or fee
ureenbaoks, can be furnished some inrormk
tion upon the subject by calling at this offiia,
Mr. Editor: Permit me to ask
through . the medium of your Demo
cratic Enquirer, if II. C. Jones, the Re
publican candidate for the State Sea
ate, holds the same; principles as his
father did once upon a time when he
introduced David Christy to ft. man as
being engaged in colonizing negroes
and doing many kind things in behalf
of the negroes?. The consequence of
this Introduction was, the man was
dragged through lawsuit after lawsuit,
till nig farm was finally sold at Sher
iff's Sale; his family broken up; and
his soes went into, the army one
died by a rebel bullet, and the other
died the horrible death of starvation.
The wife, because she; could not ' con
scientiously ' sign a deed of the farm,
and unter a separate examination say
she wai contented to - be cheated and
remain satisfied with a fraudulent bar
gain, vas slandered until life was a
burden, was deprived of necessary
food, nd was' kept in a state of star
vation till tho Penitentiary would
have been a welcome asylum, and then
"ragged into Court to hear untruths
told and a divorce granted for faults
not her own. i-.Now, in her old ago,
almost blind, with her health destroy
ed by the treatment she has received,
aod grief-stricken at tho destruction
of her family, she is deprived ot her
right.of dower in her husband's estate;
and .her , own property, since tho
granting of the divorce, is made liable
for her late husoana s aeDts to ine
amount of six thousand dollars, while
the husband, by, the decision, ot . the
Court,, is freed from tho liabilities to
payitho debts. , If the Bondholders,
and the Negroes, after they obtaio the
right of suffrage, are to abuso women
the way this woman has been abused,
it would be far better for parents to
imitate the Chinese and . slay their fe
male children as soon as they are born.
Will the Bondholders and Negroes
control the country? Is II. C.Jones
to be one of the agents for the Bond
holders and Negroes, if he is elected?
The Laboring Men vs. Radical
, ; The White plow-holders, who follow
the plow , all day in tho broiling sun,
dressed in old clothes; are appealed to
to vote the Bondholding, Negro Suff
rage ticket, in order that Bondholders
may draw gold interest, wear nne
clothes, and rest in their soft-cushion
ed chairs." ' ' ." ;-r."-
' The men who work in the tobacco
field, corn field, wheat field, oats field,
parley field, rye field, bean patch, and
potato patch, are appealed to to vote
the Uondholding, Negro buttrage tick
et, in order that the wives of Bond
holders may continue to flaunt their
silks and laces in the faces ot their
wives, who wear calico and gingham,
: The men who toil in work, shops
from dawn till dewy pvo," fearlessly
exposing their bodies,, naked to the
waist, to tho fiery heat of rod-hot. fur
naces, are appealed to , to vote the
Bondholding, Negro Suffrage ticket,
in order that Bondholding speculators
may continue to gather fortunes from
their labor. ,,, , . ,. ;
. The laboring men throughout the
state are appealed to to continue in
power a party corrupt as hell itself.
A party, that has created a Military
Despotism over the ruins of tho best
Government 'twas ever man's fortune
to live under and be governed by.
j The Democracy firmly believe that
tbe people are last realizing their des
potic, tax-ridden condition, and will
rise in their might, and hurl the ruling
Revolutionists irora power. ,i; .,
Gen. Lee. this Radical candidate for
Lieutenant Governor, ie evidently small
potatoes and - few 1 in the hill. - His
speeohei are the otitpouriags of a dema
gogue. v He exhibits a lamentable de
fioiencv of brains, and like all weak
sniaded men who are gifted with a diar
rboea of words, ha simply gabbles: Un
able to reason, ha vituperates. Having
no argument to offer, he substitutes slang.
His pet phrases are "cdpperbead " ureb
el," w traitor." If he does the Radicals
any service by his harraogues, we are
willing to be braaded as a false prophet.
lie is a good apemoen of a data of men
who make vast pretentions without pos
sessing; a psrtiole of real merit.. Be is
in fine, very diminutive potato whittUd
UOWn. , ( t; yi!.: i ;:-;';;!,, j ;,;
UK) y.' i i .,'., ,;:f
! ' Ari ' Thet' Repddi ators ? The
Preble county Republican Convention
for the nomination ' of County - and
Legislative officers, adopted the follow
ing resolution in favor of paying tho
national debt in greenbacks: ' ii; !
' "That we are in- favor of paying
the national debt in legal-tender notes,
to be issued by Congress in sufficient
amounts to enablo the jieople to pay
the assessments of the Government as
now levied and speedily liquidate tho
debt, believing that 1 such a policy
would stimulate labor, encourage in
dustry, and develop the resources of
the country. ' xiuuv. ,!.. '!,
A Republican, correspondent of the
Cincinnati Commercial, writing from
Etoc. under' date of the 12th inst.,
SflSI :"'" -.t v-i.-t n",
i "That resolution is approved by at
least two-thirds of our people, and it
is no use shutting our eyes to the fact,
and what is more, they are terribly in
earnest about it." m ! ! ' ', , H
.Will the Journal inform us if these
Republicans rite rcpudiatofs? . This
sheet gives'all who favor this plan of
paying oft the puDlicaeDt tniswue.
Statesman: :''"' t:v1. x; j
Evcbt Psmocrat in Vinton couaty should
subscribe for the Democratic Enquirer.
Bond-holders. THE
,1 J, And itcsmetopass,in the build
ing np ot the mighty city of the " Lord"
and inasmuoh as the Chief Rulers
and all of tbe officers nac made an ex
periment in various waya as to how they
mieht improve the ciiy and make it be
come interesting with the people, for in
that they had tried UA8 and Uassino
until It bad failed, they now resort to
Steam Navigation of the great Raccoon
River upon tbe bead waters ot wnion
tbe mighty city is buiil. -
2 And in the seventh and eignin
months of tbe ninth year of tho reign
of the second Rnlor of the great city it
oame to pass-thai certain eoierDriMOK
meo of the country, contrive a scheme
whereby this mighty river msy be made
navigable for sloam vessels;. .,
3 And inasmuch as tbe enterprise was
one ot promising prospect, 'nam me
owners thereof it bchooveth the "Lord!'
and all of his chief ffioers and pertain
others of tbe ennntv. that they make a
great show in , thia matter. ,
4 tseoinpe, when tne lame oi sncn
mighty enterpnte and soou promising
prospect is onered unto tne cointry, if
ia aupposed that very many of the peo
ple will bi pleased, with the projeot-ifs
peoially all thoce whom it may probably
beneBt by rson thereof.' ' ' ' ' ")i
6 For itseemeth unto many persona,
thst this mighty projeot, or experiment
may be one of profit. , : , ; Ui .:
6 For io that, it will afford an. outlet
of the mighty city unto the great waters
of the earth and may peradventure be a
matter of interest' unto even owner of
stock in this enterprise. n, - , -:
7 For all things that shine are not
gO' , ,
: 8 Rut' there remaineth a' matter of
greater interest unto somo of the eiiiiens
of the land why this michty project is
beine now earned into effect. ., ,
9 . For in that the f Public building of
the county, even the noble nans ot jus
tioe, hath been talked of being removed
from the oitvof MdArtbur unto the city
of the "Lord," and. to be established
there, it therefore becouteth a matter of
interest with many of the poople of . the
land to understand all the matters, per
tainioer to this mighty enterprise.
10 For at fi'st thooght it seemeth a
matter of plain faot unio those eonoern
ed in the mighty enterprise thst it is only
a matter of interest unto those imoiedi
atelv onnceraed "
'' 11 But it seemrth that this is a matter
or more interest wiih many of the eitii
sens than the mere profit of thus organ
Using a compnny for the purpose of navr
igatiirg the Rsooiwn River. ,, "
.: 12 For inasmuch as this will mako the
eitv of the "Lord" a centre point of
business in tbe land and even in the tit
tie oountv of Vinton, the name us
iustlv be allied the metropolitan city of
our land, and upon this the removal r.T
the county seat may somewht be justly
advocated to be of general iaterest with
the people. ' "'
13 And 19 it will happen with the
poople. that strange dalusiona will lead
them aBtray, lor that the chief object of
this Grand Scheme and enterprise is to
remove our county seat from, McArthnr
to the city of tbe "Lord "to be ruled
by the f Lord."! , , s,':.A
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A Better Tin Than GUhlti'renJ'H '
TTrABRANTEDtobeequal to tho gold pea lor
Yf earn and beauty of writing, luilr aa fleiible,
and more durable than any iteel pen ever masufao
tured. Will not corode. They are endorsed by aome
of the beat buaineva men
In the country, men who
know what good
I pen ie. Traveima a coma wanted
to introduce the GOLDEN 1'KN throug
GOLDEN 1'KN throughout the
Weet, and alao other anleable arne'en.. two aiaea.
No. 1 6r general uae; o. 2, extra fineointu, lor la-.
4iea' nse. They are put up in neat slide boxea,'each
box containing IS pena. . Prico ti cenla per box.
Sent, pojt paid, toany addraaa on receipt ol price.
Honey refunded, ifthey do not give aauslvction.
Adre) M. V. B.COWEW, LaVafette, Indiana. . 1
,liiiia 37 18S7.6ra
8300,000 Presents to Subscribers,
j One Cash f resenUf $10,000..
I Ooo Caeh Present or 820,000. '
. One Cash Present of $10,000.
j One Cash Present of $5,000.
Two Cash Presents' of $2,500 each.
Rtad full Schedule 0 TretmU Mow:
Each certificate of itock it accompanied with a
Worth More at Retail than the Cost of
And also Injures to tbe holiler 1
Present in tbe Great Distribution. .--
The Washington library Company j
li obartered by the Ptule f fennylrania,
gflnized in aid of the
' "'""rttvex'uidai i'Innttuirf.xy.y:
' . For, Soldieri' and Sailori Orphant.
'MnoorpoVaied by ths fetali'of HiJi''A
; April 8, 1807.
Situate at Riveraide, Burlington county, New .
Jersey, If founded foe tbe purpose of grata";
itouely eduoaling the song of deceased Sold-'"
lers and Seamen of tbe United Stales. i ;
The Boawl of Triipteea eoiifisla of the folloning
well-known cltinenM of PennylrHiim and New .lorsoy:
lion. William Mann,
Digtriot Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall, - ' " '
Ex-Chief,Coiner. U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of l)eeds Philadelphia, Pa. ''.
Hon. Janies M. Scovel, New Jersey.
Hon. Hi. W. Ware.'New Jersey.. it;i n i i
Henry tiu'rninn," Esq'-V"'""
Agent' Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa. ,
J. E. Coe, . Eq , ,
l v, Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TniimmV PrrAnTwsnT, Waahinglon, D. C, April ,
IS, 18117. Office of lilt-rtu.l Revenue; Having rn niv
eel aatinftictory evidenfe lll.it the procectln or the en-1
lerprlae condneted by tbe Wimhingloo Library Com
pany will be (If vol eil to eliaritaMe lines. p.riiiinainn
ia nereuj grniuuu it. nun, vi""pni.j iu cumiuui. auun
enterprise exempt irnin uu ensrge, nattier limn
apeciul tux ur other duty. , . A. KOl.J.INM,
j vuiiwiiiflsiuiior, 1
Tbe Wnelilneton Library '
la order that the benevolent object sol fir In in Ihia
einuilar may be successfully accomplished, have ia.
sued a iwrien oi rine rieei-piate engravings, wiuvli
are put on auhsunptioo at prices much below their
reUUI VaillV, wiimriim, 'iinu-.iuiii. n iipiiiniiiu
l.ihrarv comnanv will he iasued. slumped with Ilia
srail of the company, and signed by tlie accrulary.
ftODO UIIlwrB 1W mriiinncj ' .'. . -
Any person sending us One Dollar, or pay
ing the same to our looal Agents, will receive '
immediately a fine Si eel Plate Engraving, at
choioe from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Slock, insuring One, Present iu-1
our published schedule. 1 "'' '
On Dollar Engravingt "
No 1 "My'Childl Jly Cbildl" No 2
"They're 8aved!'i No 3 "Old Seventy-six;
or, tbo Early liays of th"e, Revolution "
Any person paying Two Dollar! will re
ceive eitherof the Steel Plates,' at choice, and
Two Ortificatif of Stock, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents. ,
i '.Tivo hollar Eniravingi; ''" '.v i
No. I-7"Wuliington'a ConrUhip." No. 27,,'Waah
IngtonV fyist Interview with his Mollier." '
Thrte Dollar Engravingt. , , . ,
Any person pn.vmg Three Dollar! will receive the
beautifiil steel Vlnui of "Home From the Wur," and
Three certitientes of Block, becoming entitled lo
Three Presents.
' Four Dollitr Engravingt, . ' '
Any person pitying Kolir Dollars shall reccivo the
Inrge and l-iit t ill i sieel Pinto of "The Purils ol Our
Forefathers," and Four oertilleaU-i ol stock, onti;
Uing tliem lo Four I'rtwnK ,
Fivt Dollar Engraving).'
Any person who pays Five llnllara shall receiva
tho Isrge and anlendiil steel Plato of "The .Muiringtt
id PiK'iihnntiis," mill Kivo rerlificuti-H of stuck, enlr
tlingthem to Five 1'rowi. y.
Tlie engrnviiigs mid vertiHi'ntea will lie dolivnred
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, m scut
by iu;ul, rio.it paid, or expresn, as inuy bu ordered.
Will award Three lluudred Thousand Dollars
To the' ShareholderH.'
On Wednesday, September 25th, .18C7,
:: At Plilladelpliia, Pa-,
( Or at the Institute, lliveriide, N, J.
1 Cash Present , $40,offt
, 1 .Cash Present ! 1 ' ''" 20,009
' t'Caah Present . i. in ; , -i 10,000
, ) Cash Present . 5,000
2 Cash Presents of $2,500 ' ' '' ' '6,000
' 1 llandsoaie Country Residence ' '
. Stable, Grounds, &c, Uerman-. , - ,.,
. town, Philadelphia '18,000
' 1' Double Residence, ' three-story .-Uht
briok, Canden N. J. ...... 15,000
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds, '
'' Ground, with business establish-"
; ' ed, No 1314 Washington Aveuue ...
: Phiadelphia 15,000
1 Country Residence, Riverside, ' ' i
N.J. with Ground, Fruita, &0. . 10,000
1 Three-storv cottage, lot, Ac - 6,000
25 Valuable building lota, Jt.verni.le, S.V.0 ' .
, each, , 8,1,00
1 Llegnnt Turnout Aimlly 'nr'riago,spn of "
. horaea, llanie-a, ie., comiileto, 5,000
10 Valuable! Building Lois,' Uitcrsldc, f 30C ' '
. each ' , ,3,000
1 Beautiful ailver grny horse, lf. hands"
rj high' sired by tlie relebmled imported , '.
Arabian Horse, ''I'iliMh;" also, a liglrt "
Poad Wagon, weight 140 K.uuda, with se .. , .j
of superior single lisriH'ss,J:u.i making a '
i flraMana eaubliahmviit, . j , i , , ;f.,000
20 Pianos, 1600 eiu h id.oott
itOMelodiana, 2i9lea3h :l '' . .".'' r-lif,a9
. 6 Roaewood sewing machines, 20teach, '; ;, J.Oiio
10 Family sewlnnmachinefc SlOo each " ' 1,000
BO Fine gold watches, two hundred dollars each J0,0liO
0O Oil Paintings, by leading artists -aggro ,j
gate value ' '' 10,000
3 Camel's Hulr ahawla, one thousand Hoi-.
. larseach... . . , 3,000
3 Camel' hair shawls, three thousand dol
lars each '. '... t : , :.i ,s,fmo
3 Handsome Laee ahawla, IMO each 7S0
lOOaahmereahawli,, Hfty dnllaro each " f.'!600
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollais
each .... ... ,-i.t fj ' 'l.SOO
0 city building lota, 17 each 8,7(0
- The remainder will consist ol silverware, ''
Musical Boxes, Opt ratilasses, Pocket
" Bihlas, and different articles ol orna
; nieutaod use.amounliug to ( , ; sj,ooo
Total,. : ,c .' v'i. r. i. ' 3O0,0t0
All tho properties given olear of incumbrance.
i .-".I .i;;i-.-.-..-ii, 'iii. I-;: .': ',
Mow to Obtain Share mid Engravingi. ,j
Send orders to us by mail, envloaini from ot e to
twenty dollara, either by PoetOmce orders or in i
registered letter, at our risk. Larger amounts.
snoiliu oe sent oy arnn or express. ,';,,)
10 chares with engravings , .
S0 5o
25 shares with engravings "
SO shares with engravings
76 shares with engravings
1 23 50
, .,46 90
9 00
' 80 0O
100 shares With engravings '
! Local Agents wanted, thronghout tha Vni-
ted State. . i. . ... , ,.
The Association have appointed at Recei
vers, Messrs, GEORGE A. COO KB e (CO.,
Whose well know integrity and business ex
perience will be a sffioient guarantee ' that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied lo the purpose stated , ,. .,
AJA ,1 I .11 I I i ''I ' .fl''
AMUien. nil inimiBimu inuuro wj i
i. GEO. A. COOKE & CO., Bankers,..,,
:,, , 83 South Third Street, ,
J 1 ' - Phtlsdelphia, Pa. '
Reoeivera for the Washington Library Co,
July 4, l07-6m .

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