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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 29, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Pbintebs,' like other itieu, sometimes offer
some Very good ' bargofns. . Any person
wishing to purchase a splendid . Piafro, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty 'dollars by calling 'at 'this offic. iWe
can furnish them st greatly reduced rales, ,
The plan adopted by the Washington Li
brary Company for tb raising of luadi for
the Riverside ( Institute an asylum for the
gratuitous-education of Soldiers' and Sail
ors' Orphans is meeting with great ap
proval. . Subscriptions to the stock are
coming in rapidly; The handsome steel
plate engravings given ttfthose who purchase
Mock ara acknowledged by competent judges
to be fiist-olase productions- - Besides re
ceiving a handsome engraving of this char
acter, worth wore el retail than the price of
the. slock, every purchaser -will in addition
receive a present of some kind. Full guar
antee is given' thai every, share of jiiock
must be accompanied by a present besides
the engraving, - Bee advertisement.
Estbay Cow. A red and white spot
tod cow, about five years old, belonging
to Sheriff Sbockey, btrayed from his res
i'eoo,-,io this town, on the-night of the
28th of June, Any person returning
the cow or giving information that will
lead to her reotv,erJ will bo liberally re-1
warded. ' mi '' m-- '' . .t';. - ,
.Raov VVantkd. Brinij all your rags to
this nttiee, where the highest market price
will be paid fur them.' " ' ! "''" '
For Strictly . I'm re While
lje.nl nt Cinciunali Prices,
Go, to Sisson's Drug Store. ( ",'"',".''
Subscribe for f he Enquirer for the
catcpaign. Only 25 cents. Ask jour
neighbor to eubsoribe, ,',., .'. .
lr you want to buy. - or sell ,' any thing, no
matter what, the best way you can accom
plish your' object is to advertise In the" En
quirer. , flow is the ' time to ' advertise.' Thr
SiiD8CEinK fob' it. The Abena contains
-40 columns of epioy reading every week.
Lovers of "choice literature" should read it.
iljent 3 Booths forOO oents. ., ,, .
Address "The Arena," Albany", N. Y.
-r ' " "
! -.:- .. . .
Drux, Iluuk ami Stationery
I'erson8 wishing Drugs, Medicines, or Books,
twill do-well to , call at Strong's Drug and
Wookfitore, corner Hulbort's Block, McArthur,
Ohio, wfcere they will find a large stock of
(Pure Medicines, Liquors, Oils, Paints, Dye
.Stuffs, Perfumery, and Fancy Articles.
PhyeioidBS caa'buy as low as in any mar
Sket, in -fiouthera Ohio.' I , ' , , , ,
The attention of the public is called to the
IJarge stock Of Cap id Note Paper, Pens,
EnVj Paper, iK nwes, Rulers, i.o., &o. , ,,
School Rooks 'can be bought cheaper at
iStroug's than atitiy ether etsuMialiuieul in
'Vinton county.' :'' : '''"
'Call and see., . ,v MayJ-fitu
'Vton r. Covntv TttMilKas' lNaWTTI3.
Arrangements have boer. made for holding
an Institute,' in MeArlhur, during the first
week of, "September next. , , , :.. '
The -services ef Professors E. T. Tappan
.-ond'UMU. I'-eun'g, of tlie Ohio CnWersity,
liiave'been secured to give iiratriwtiea upn
all branches of interest to the teachers. .
'Teaeltere will be to uo expense in atteail-J
nng, eKoejit ffaetr bar4iflg,'aa the expenses
(pf .Inctitutes are provided for ay law.
The Institute will commence Monday. Sep
tember M, at Itt e'olack a. H.,'aAid closo the
(following Friday afternoon. Saturday will
be devoted lo"ejininatlon ef Teachers.
M. R. BARNES, President
Gem Ferrotypes.
Fr the i accoiumodation , of those who
. ' ' '"":',')' "-'
riuh a cheaper pictura i than the common
J'hotograph, ' C. J. 3ii,unoiiurbt is now
jirepared to' make Geaa Ferrotypes.'1
(Jail and see them.
Who Burnt the Wheat Stacks?
The secret editor of ' Ibe British organ,
pritted over in' their Province on the
Big Creek, undertaken to euy something
xttt:i the burning of IIobson's wheat
tstecka; but doea not say whether UE
crooked a big pipe Dcarrthcai or not.
How is it, Bob?.,- futptt-your, Sunday,
go-lo'-tuoetin' and go;to SundaysSohool
fade and. itcll as ahoutj :tbo BritiBh hoy
that smoked the big pipe near Bobson's
wheat stacks I Como, Thompson 1 ."
r Burglars About. The dwellings
of many of the citizens !of this town
wore visited bno evening last week by
Jntrglars.' "Many sinall articles ' were
fitolon, At, on 'house ' three f or four
fine shirts were taken. "" i !'
1 Store Broken Open. Tite : Zaleskt
Furnace Co.'b Store, at i McArthiir Sta
tion, was' broken ppen on! Wednesday
night of last week,' and "about $40t)
worth of Dry Goods anct . Crroceries
were stolen. - -.- ... . .-.i.
for MiJilers Herb Hitlers
( .,Clo Sisspn p Drug Store. ;,
n.i n , ( j I,. "'n , '' I , .
, Rexotkh. R1. 0. Foboba! Fashionable
Boot and Shoe Maker, has removed h,ia Shop
to the Davis Building, 2d door east of the
Hulbert House. He is now In an ezoellent
room;' and he is prepared.. to, do excellent
work in his line in a style that, will please
every man, woman, and child who give him
aca-lj.,, Go and see him. " See his advertise
. ment in this paper. See that nice sign be
baa "hung out." , -..:
Tf7rVTmBfVf - fr i-i c-g riTg
y beautiful the Fashion Plates,
1 he terms art as follows:
j'1' One eopy, one year,, -i
! Two copies, one year, . . :
Three eoplea, one year,
: Fonr copies, one year,-
: ' Five oopies, one year, and
' . extra copy to getter, up
; 3 Oft
5 CO
' 7 60
. J0O&
of .
ight copies, one year, and an
: Htra oopy to goiter up of '
erlnb, 21 00
I We will send the Democratic Enquirer awf
tfoaVy for one year for $3,78. .!! .'. 1 1
Club subscribers will to sent soy Pest
Oftice Where the subscriber may reside'. ' '
' Oodey's Lady's Book and Arthur's' Rome
Magazine will be sent, each oneyear, on re
ceipt of $4 60. I (.,. . i ')
Address L. A. Godey, Coraer i9iith and
Chestnut Streots, Philadelphia, Pa.
Thi Olo Ouabd the only Dwaoeratlo
nugatiAe published in the United Slates
for September is filled with the roundest of
reading.. All who desire t understand the
Ideas of Liberty, ought to have this nagasine.
The terms are as follows:
One copy, one year, 1 ' , , " , ' $ 800 '
Two copies, . 8 60
Four copies, r. T . JO 00
Five copies, and one to getter-trp of -
theclrtb, " 1 i ; 14 00
Ten copies, and one to gerter-up of '
(i the olub, '' , ., , '. ,,.,2j OQ '
i Twenty copies, and one to getter-np "
of cluK .. ; -45 00
Van Kvrie, Hortoa & Co," Pnblishers, No.
162 New York.' ' ', "' . : .. : .'
For rui'c l)nu and .lled-
icucjj go to Sisson'e Drug Store. ''
1 Excellent Ioe Cream at Ben. F. Radd's.
Oo and try it. TO Li;:. C! H :.5 -Z.f!,- '
from the transitive verb abolUh, which
Webster defines as fellows; ''Abolish
1. To make void; to annul: to abi
brogate; applied chiefly and appropri
ately to establibb laws, contract?, rites,
customs ' and iostitations. 2. To de
stroy." Now let as see what oar Abo
litionists have abolished, destroyed, an
onlled and made void: . V, ,..''', '.
Tbey have abolished negro slavery.
They have abolished wbite med's lib
erty. k : , , ' ;
' They have abolished the Union.
They have abolished the Constitution
' They have abolitbed trisl by jury.
1 They have abolished the laws and the
They bavb abolished ton States,
They have abolished a , Republican
form ot government.
1 They have abolished the peace and
fraternity of the country. ' i ;
, They have abolished all respect for
written Conttitution
They have abolished the sacredoess of
the church.
They' have abolished the freedom of
They have abolished the freedom of
the presp.
They have abolished tho freedom of
opinion. ' -
They have abolished freedom of re
ligion. . ' " ' ; . . ,
They have abolished all that the late
war was ostensibly waged for v. i ' '
They have abolished all that our lores
fathers fought for. 1
They have abolished gold aud silver.
They have abolished equal rights to
all. - ' :' ': - .'.; ;
They have abolished equal taxation.
They have abolished economy and
honesty in , the, administration of the
0 .'! 1
They hava abolished low price, oheap
living, gouu (tiuee, ana tu poucrai pron
pority. - -. I
If. ' . ... J ' .!1J ilk '..Ll 1
Thoy have nbolinhed the cotton crop,
and millions of old resulting frost oar
exports. .-. .. , ( ',' ; , "t :
They have abolished a million of lives.
They have abolished from, three to six
thousand millions of treasure. ' v ' '
" Tbiy have' abolished bar Southern
marked, r Vv"' '".',"..''' c"'
.yTboy, hay ; abolished our commerce
upon the seas, i : , n-) .,'
They have abolialted oar independenee
of Eastern ,, manufacturers and iron
mongers.'', ;'.'""",,
: They have abolished representation as
oorrollary of taxation. ' '
They hava abolished the United States
Seriate. '""' ,; ' -w '
They have abolished the United Slates
House of Representatives.1 - f .' .
Thcv have abolished the United States.
WithsuoUa reeord and such achiev
menti only to boast of, what more ap
propriate name could they -bear Chan that
ot "bouttouistsr" ;
I'l c
1)1! il
[From the Ohio Statesman]
[From the Ohio Statesman] Welcome to All Such.
! Thouyands of Republicans who up to
th.6' present 1 chmpaign have beea act
ing (witK, the .Eadicals; have, ignored
all past political differences and, are
nowi acting witu us in Becunnff ho de
feat of the monstrosities Of the Eadi-
cal party.';' Honest in their principles
and convictions, they have been hon
orable opponents and engagod in do
ing that .which, ; in their i opinions,
would' best promote the welfare and
hannineflfl of ihe Deotile. ' But so soon
as they discovered tho practical effects
of Radicalism ' they nobly severed all
ties of affiliation with that party and
are;now aiding ns in our glorious con-
tost with a political foe that exhibits a
desperation as wicked as it is unbe
coming. -We say welcome to all such
true patriots tdbn? ranks. " Our motto
is'simplyI;VOur Country,ran4 no pije
can hesitate that desires the prosperi
ty and happiness of the people. ( The
cry of (Jopperliead will not deter Bucn
from the performance of their duty; ,
! "Our subscription list' has enrolled
upon it many names ot which' we feel
proud, and we assure all such patrons
that itwiltbe our constant aim to
serve our country welt and to be faith
ful to the- end. r ; Let the good work go
on. Cheet ncr' liows comes up from
everv locality. ; The consummation of
our efforts will be a Natioa'a redemp
tion, , Again, we bid the conservative
thouwands that are funittnfftrieir aes
tiweawith ours, a hearty, welcome to
our councils. Yesterday we received
a most eratifvinir letter from one of
thisl class; which concluded thus: 'Ig-
norinff all past political. differences,
will, by the blessing of God, aid you
in rescuing the country irom ine
hands of those who! will 'inevitably
lead us to final ruin." God bless all
such, and prosper them. ' ,
Aatf-Aaoimoa Ta act. For te last 80
years the bolitionista have deluged the
country with innumerable bootS,lpainpbtets
and tracts, Ipculeatiog their false and per
niciei doctrines. Little has ever been done
in the same way towards bounleraoting
their influence, except what has been done
by those bold and able wrilersj Messrs. Tan
Evrle, Horton & Co., New York Citj.i Thou
sands now feel that such publications are
indispensibly necessary, la order 'to tup
ply what- it is believed is a wide-felt want,
they are bow issuing a series of "Anil-Abo
lition Treats," embracing a eonoise discus
sion of current political issues, in sueh a
oheap and popular form, and at such a mere
ly nominal prioe for large quanues, ai
ought to seen re for them a very extensive
circulation, we nave receives twe or tue
Tracts, "The Six Species of Men, with outs
representing the typs of the Caucasian,
Mongol, Malay, American Indian, Esqui
maux, and Negro,'' and "Free Negraisin ; or,
Results of Emancipation in the North, and
the West India Islands," which shtuld be
carefully read by every voter in the United
States. (
: Those
Ishlng any f these Tracts can
leave their orders at this office.
The llemocraiio Executive Oouimittee of
Vinton County 8. C. Case, D. B. Shlvel
and J. G, 8wetland. Jr.- have . appointed
the following named gentlemen a an
Eagle John W. Wilalnson, Jacob Iinaugle,
Brown Washington Keeton, Beth T. Weed.
mX. I. Bwaim, Patrick McAllaUr, Coon.
Swan -Fred. Cradlebaugh, Fred Friok.
JuckeonL&hn Sampson, John Rose, ' ' (v
Modiion Morris Albaugh, Solomon dh'pley.
Clinton John Frasee, Lr J. A. Monahan.,
Finon John Booth, Joseph McLaughlin.'
Richland I. A. Atwood. Dr. II. C. Moore,
'', liarrison Lyle. ' i ' t i --,jw
Ihrritonh. Arganbright. S, C. 8teinbrook.
ll'imHe-Cl.arles Mulholland, King Wells.
Knox Henry Fackhard, George it, Bell.
A Woolks FacToa. A person who owns
a large and valuable traot of land, through
wTiich the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
pfti"S'i, west of and adjoining the Zaleski
Ustate, in Vinton county, authorizes us to
Mate that a site for a Woolen Faotory will
be given free to ahy party : whv will build
upon it. It is an excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about one mile from the Zaleshi
Dopot of the M. & G It. R.; and water, coal,
wood, and every thing else necessary for
buildine and running an establishment of
this kind, being hear at' hand. ' We think
there is not a more convenient location , in
this county for a Woolen Factory.' For fur
ther particulars call on or Address the Edi
tor of this paper. ,
innt., ofchnlera, Ai'oosvus tiusniiAN, aged about 32
years. , l'
' The deceised was antiveorermany,ana late a
resident of Cincinnati, from whence he removed to
Mrilrthnr:' lie hull dmii in the cmrit" ol Mr'. T. B.
lmvi in Uie profession of Vine Dresner. He was a
man rtnrtnniia in manners and amiable in charaettr,
and his Ions Is deeply felt by nit who knew him, Hel
leaves a wnbping wife and four minor children to
mourn their lose.
Sheriff. Sale.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
B. B. Miles, Plaintiff,!' 1 1 In court Common
against t
On Vtmdi ExoSution,
3. A. Gibbons, Defendant, J
IJORSUANT to the command of a Vendl Gxeen
tion in tbe above eause issued Irom thAcourt of
common plena of the county of Vinton, and to me
mreciea as cnennoi samcouniy, i win uimr puono
sale, at the door of the Court House, i the Town of
McArthur, in said county, on
MONDAY, the 30th day of September,
A. i). 1od7,
at the hour of 1 o'clock r. of said day, the one un
divided eqsl half of the; (bllowlng lands and tone
nients, to-wit: . . a
I'nrt of the Norta-west Quarter ot Section isumaer
Thirty six (.10,) Township Eleven (11, Ranee Sixteen
f til!
oeginning ono noa soucn oi me i ADumni
e (. H , near tlie South-east corner of ,the Vil
M KAur -Plvmnittk .. Vlnlrkrt CAUntv. Oh!n.
Himnl New ? vmniith.- V inlon countv. ttnio-
thenceSouthEI(?ht(8) ilodsi thence East Seven (7)
Hods; tnence -nortneasc rieven n hoqs: iienue
Ten (101 Rods, to the nlnce of bettinmns, oontwuine
one-hall acre more or less; also, including a certain,
Mill belonging and attached to said desoniK'i prem
ises. ,,, i , .
Taken as the property of J. A. Oihbons to satisly
a hidornent of said court In favor of B. R. Milea. -
Apposed at four hundred dollars and must bring
two-thirds ef that avnu i ' j 9 ;i
Terms ofsalecash in hand. - .
1 ; Mil - . v,". - JOHN J.SHOCKEY, .
. -,. v. gheriff Vinton Connty. Ohio.
W. MaK,Alt'yfcrPlt'ft -,(,,. ,, -August
29, 1867-5W - . . J . I
(PttosEcuTtrjG monuEYW , VintoiJ county,)
WILL attend promptly to all legal bualness en
trusted to his eareia Vinton and Jacfcsoa coun
ties. Office la lloddridge's Ne Buildinn, Sooth
weit corner Main and Marketstreeta upstairs. Mr.
Mayo Is in partnership with Porter Uuflsdway ot
Jaoksoo county, who can always be foun4, during
vacation, at the office in Jackson, Ohio. .,.; .
; Bay30,l7-t( ' I
v B. SIHTEL, " ,;'
JL'ttoxTtx&'y . ctt TLEmv,
" , ' ,l .MoARTHDR,' OHIO. " ';
liriLL attend promptlv to all legal kiiiinesa en
I f itrtuited to his care, in Vintoa and adjoining
oouniies. uracn in roe vouniiouse.
July )t, 1867-ly '
nrARRlEDHFE Information and ndvicoofvi
Ivi. tal importance to the married of both sexes, in
a seated envelope, can be obtained fiee of charge by
qoresQioK inv unuraiinpi.
Respectfully. JAMES B: BUTLER,
Juljr8, 188J-3ra '- - S23Proaaway,M. T...
' I;
O and wonderful publication. A wo
and 30 colored engravinge. Dr. HU
.inn. ah orii?infll nod Donotitr treallHH
Woinun, ineir rnvgoiogy. fiinouoiM, rrt irmibleH ui
every kind, with never tuli'ig remedies ftr theii
speedy euro. i .
i Thff practice of Dr. Hunter hut larf been lod etili
is, unboimded, but at I lie ourlient koIujKhIiH) ot nil
niiTOin persons, lie linn been induesii to rilend hir
ndical uaefblaeia througt) tbe inelMMioiili "ad
Meomn." . - , ' ''
Oo eopy, securely envtopd, 'will Ue- ,rrdnd
free nt poaiage to any (art of th UmteU Ha for
.OOceniam I'. O. UniH. . Addrewi, pout pmd, Dr.
liuntnr, Ko. 3 Division etrcel, ew York.
August 13, 181,7 y
Setting ittacljinc.
' The Mil Machine so perfected that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purchase
Doner refunded. i .-.! ,;
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
will be sold at very low prioe, and a Local
Agent appointed on the most favorable
terms. .'
N.B. Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted, 'Salarv, liheraL ' 'if
' l inLIc &, Iaoii JT1. Co.
; 687 Broadway, New York.
; June2T, 1867-6m .-, u, , !
Class P, August lSth,
Class Q, August 31st,
1 prue
I prise
1 1 prise
f 1 prise
1 1 nriiea
" 1,000
0 prizes of $300
0 prizes of 2S0
164priteaof 200
8 prizes of 150
220 prizes of 129
i9 prises; of
18 drizes of 10(
261 prises of 50
63 trues oi
Prizes amounting to $230,650,
I.- " '
82,000 Numbers and 788 Pi izes
Wjiple pickets 12;? Halves
.1 Quarters $3.
frmi) 1 to 33,000, corresponding with those numbers
on the ticket, printed on seperate slips of pa par, are
encircled with small tin tubes, and placed in one
whtwl. Thnries. of which there 788, varying as
above, from 1 50,000 to 160,00, ara similarly printed
on aepernte slips, enairclcd, and placed in Knottier
wheff. The wheels are then revolved, and a num
Iwr ia drawn from the wheel of numbers, and at the
oniia time a Driie U drawn from the other wheel.
The number and pr1e drawn out are opened and
exhibited to tlie suuie.iee, and retfiaierflu n; me ooni
nilxHlrrtiew: the Diine lini placed ainn thenum
her drown. This operation Is. repeuud until all the
Kttdnu nrArtr&wn out. ; ''
, , , ; , ,
' The above Magnificent glngle-Rumber Lot
tery,, which Will be drawn in public, in Co
vington, Ky., by Sworn Commissioners, at 1
o'clock P, M., at the corner of Fourth and
Scott Streots. The Kentucky State
Lotteries are no Gift Enterprises, but respon
eible Money Lotteries, that have been conduct
ed successfully for the past 90 ysars, and are
drawn under the authority of a oharter from
the State, and bonds to a large amount are
siren for the navment of all prises. The
drawings are published in the New York
Herald and Cincinnati Commercial. !)
! The above scheme will be drawn the mid
dle and last of each month during 1807 and
Circulars o lotteries ' drawing daily sent
free by application to the Managers, ' .
Address nil orders for ticket to .
nter'i Wcile-
nn ninnHiid
Jhly 11, l8G7-8mJ Covington, Kg.
LONG Contributor in the AMERICAN
WIT 25 oents a vear.
81 Nassau 8t NVY.
WHERE the Lough Comes in. Tbe
AMERICAN WIT 25 ots. a year.
i T
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
rTHIS AMERICAN WI'j; . is a happy
f ,lit....25 ota. fear.
81 Nassau St., N. Y.
j Augnsi 1, 18G7-3m
Toi.itlaxxr, OHIO,
HAVING been licensed to dispose of property by
public auction, he will promptly attend all aua
tions in Vinton county when solicited.
Office Snivel's Law Office, in the Court House.
August 1,1867-tf
State of Ohio, Vinton County:
Shades k Reynolds 1 In court of common pleas,
against I ,
Uoililu Uinnr(h. 1 Viuifii ordor of sale.'
IJURSUANTtothe command of a vend! order of.
-- sale inthe above came uuiued rroni uie.coui-t oj
common pU-aa of said Vinton county, and lo me di
rentaH Khilf of aaiit coiintV. I will orter at WlWic
sale at the door of the Court llouse, in the Town of
McArthur, in said conaty of. Vinton, on
Wednesday, the 25th day of Sepctmber,
i w. A.D."1867, ,
atthehonrof 1 c'oelock r. at; ofsaidday, the follow-
iito Iftnds and fnnementfl. to-wit:
in-Lot Mumber Thirty (No. 30,) ia the Town of
McArthur, Vintoa county, Ohio,, . " m v
Taken lis the property of Msthias Hninsworthto
satiety judgment of said court in fevor of Shades A
Paynr?iallled at three hundred and BftV dollars and
mustbnnglwo-thirdsofthatsiim. .'. -.:' , ,i j
lermisaie-vsiiin iiii- iw ;
, 'JOHN J. S30CKEY, ' - "f
' ',u;"'- ' ' ehariff.Tintoaeoutity,Ohle).
F. Shades, in person. " ... , -,,4 -v (,:
August IB, lW-a i , x ; '. .;. ":!
Divorce Notice.
rtriLUAM LOWERY, whose place of residence is
v v unknown, is heresy notirled that Mary Ann
Lowrey, did, on the 12ih day of Augnst, A. D. 1867,
He her petition in the Office ot the Clerk of the Joint
tt Common Pleas, within and for the coun ty of m
(on, and State of Ohio, chaining toe said William
Uwery with having been willfully absnt from the
,oi u.. in. i inr more than three years
Mior tnereto, and for that cause praying for a divorce
i o....;j u,-iiiism l.AWArv: for the care, nnstody,
.A nnn,pnj a, threw, m nor oniiureu, iiui rv, buv.
iimim"." -V;;i- J ....7 k
other and further relief as the nature Of the case
and equity may require; which petition will be lor
hearing at the next term of said court.
t if ill in A a nnia v v w
flv Mayo DnHsdway, her Att'ya.
August 15, 1867-ew
, " JACKSON C. H.j OHIO, 1 -
tflLt practice in the Courts of IJsckson, Vinton
f I ana omer counuvs.
.January a, ii-w ,uCi, - ..
lil! .'
' . .,',iK'' . . -
. ' ' - ,
5 Sltl, ,'1..... "
. , nm ' - -
! . ft . T .... "X
i H -L 5? jiU I
i iplSl '. I'
1 I of 5i5 II -1
, ' ?, !.B?h' - !
- . , . .
rmT cnraidiu .Jh,
VOf . Silver Mini si
M By tk N. H. SUte ATrloltarl SotWt. t
U fur, huUeu In Nuhu, Sept. W, lA
.1,1 .
Tegclafele Hair Restorative ,
Beitorvi Gry ffilr to tU TTsiturml Color, pro- ' "
j motM ti vrowtti of ttte Hair t chnj(tf tho
t rotito to their origin ad orgtinic 'tion i ends- .
Lcatd DandfufT nd titinrort t prerenu
Hair rVllitijf out t U ft iupf rior Prewing.
liennwinii no injunoui infrairnia,
kuu is uie miisu pnpuw mna tku- m
move snirie inmugnoui ino &
a. SAta, TV rwi, it onu, auiu
Laat, WMt, North, and
- DOUU.t
',.im R. BARRETT 4 CO., Prorilorv '
For sale by Dr, J.
B. ftvuoKO, Druggist, "
" McArthur, Ohio.
July4,H6T-ly .
'. - ,'... nit. !i. ' : . '
;., ' 'At the, "r
World's Falr Lou don,
WHERE all Sewing Maehinn ol any note,
both Euro pens and American, were in
competition. . , - . ... .
VSTTkt yatlyt talet of iVktekr
WUioti are equal to the lalti of all
i ' 1 efAcr Sewing Machines Combined.
'We use the Wheeler a Wilson, and pro
nounceitwithoutarlval. SoiRTirioAMRaicAK.
:' There is no machine so simple and easily
managed, or that, can perforin such a variety
ot work Without basting or preparation. ; :
A11 orders will reoeive prompt
attention, if left with
'-.... i v, , MoArthur, Ohio.-
L P. "Woodside, Agent,";;
r Chiliioothe, Ohio.
May 23, 187-3iri . , , ,
' ' ' '-i '. f '.' ! V l
W A $111 IV G
StrongSimple and Practical.
IT is a Sqdieziko Machikb; warranted no
to injure olothbg geared te give ait
strokes of the plungers for one turn of- the
handle, and 150 turns of whieh will wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to , twelve ahirts,
according lo the sice or Machine used., . , ;
Sit Year? experience proves the' NoNPAar.it
to be tbe only Washing Machine made whioh
ttandt the tett iff Tine end Ute. li ia unap
proachable for t i.i;', l-
AGENTS WANTEDtoai for free Ds-
serlptive Circulars' to si i-m'!' r'
"1184 Water Street, New York City. X
'Junes, 1867-Ora ,i;i.lf. :,;',? .('I I aijr.n
) -C-:2
WILLIAM CRAWFORD, whoso place of residence
is unknown to the petitioner, Jnmcs Crawford,
will take notice that the said James Crawford of the
county of Jackson, in the State of Ohio, die, on the
26th day of January, A. V- 1S0R, file his petition in
the court of common pleas within and for the
county of Vintoa, in said fttate, agninst the said
William Crawford, and one George-Hartley, defend
ants, setting forth that the said William Crawford
ave a mortgage to tne eaia beorge namey on me
West half of the North-east Quarter and the East
half of the North-west Quarter of Section Number
Thirty-four (. ,) Tuwnsinp number Ten (do.
10,1 of Rim re Number Nineteen, (No: UM contaimmr
One Hundred and Sixty (16W) acres of land more or
less, ana situate m v inron eonnty, unio, lo secure tne
payment oijTr-.t"), accorauig to a certain note re
'erred to in said mortal ee, and that since the r, ving
of said mortgage and before the flllng of said potitiou
the said George Hartley, for a raiualie consideration,
assigned said mortgage to the said James Crawford,
and praying that said William-Crawford may pay (he
said sum named in said note with Interest thereon
(Tom the 27th day of December, lfli.il, or that said
premises may be sold to pay the same; and the
said William Crawford ianotiAV-d that he ia required
to appear and answer said petition on or before the
tnira Haiuraay ancr ino aa any m i-ioner imct
i By W. K. Hisriww, his Att'y. . . s . , ., ,-, ,
; August 22, 18ii7-w , . . , ' '
Administrator's Notice.
Administrator of Iht Estate ef Thomas Cox
late otf Vinton county, Ohio, deceased, has filed his
aoconnts for inspecunn and final settlement in the
Probate Court ot Vtiton eonnty, Ohiot which will be
for hearing on the B'h day ol bepwrnner, A. u. 1867,
' . JObiiJ'H KALER, ,
August 15, 1867-3 , Piobate Judge.
T ATI "I CD rTrr'Trv . . .
-i 1 . 1 I ( ' i ,
IAMKS H. WlldCnrr. - Jo;HM T. KtLt.R
A RP, still in town maiiul':ictiuing and dealing tn
'ntl-kithtH of . -v: ,. .,), , f
On M AI1T STREET, opposite Dr. TWs Offiee,
The Furnllliiets minffl mil of the' htvt neniM,l -
Siateril, aud by the moct uifncnccclnuikunn.
BUR RAUS Every StytS. k d V; 1 2 A3
TABI.Kij Kyery Pattern: ' M",
.1 ) r i ,CIIAlRS-rrPttucf oud.Cpipmon..,
J3A3I, COOKS. JtUND3,T& - 7 '
always ea hand a furaished on short notice. t
nepairlng ' ';
Of all kimls, in Furniture, Chairs. u.. atleoilAd to .
on short notice. ? j i-irrr
h superior nnnli'ry llultrcn.ioa of all aivti etl.
ways kept on band.
Wenrenlwuvs In rca-iincss to atti.imi.
VUNKKALa In Town and tvuiitry.auJie
lowest rates.. . . ..... f
A Fair Price for a 'Pair Artiplo
1b Unr Alottol '
FUicluviera are reqiiBste,! ,toc.il and examine onr f
Large tSook pf Fnr'nltMre 1
before ' pnrnh.nrihK nlsewlicro. as we teol cnnfl.ionl '
that we canfhrnieh better and cheaper articles (imu
any other establishment in this vicinity.
, j.T w tufturr, kale?.
IVeW Hdlliotl, Revised Enlarged.
and Dusrini Form R00U4 ''
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter of
Law, and Onsjness Negotiations for eve
ry Slate lathe Unidtt, ' -. , ,.
: With Leeal Forms, nod foil insluoiisns for
proceeding, without, Itgal assistance, in suits
ana DUBiness transacuons 01 . ever uescrip
tion. i.t lV'r-.Yi T 5 j,-.Tt-'nf.i-ir(-r
Together With the different.. Stale Laws
concerning the Collection of Debts, Propertv
Exempt frra Eiecut'.on, tein Laws', tiusaryj
Lioense to Sell Goods, Qualification of; Vo
ters, Limitation, of Actions,. . ." ' "" ;! '
Also, tbe General, Bankrupt Law.'-with'
forms and full Instructions lo enable Bank-'
rupls and creditors to take full benefit of the
Aot without legal assistance. ' '"' 1 '"" '
Also, Pension Laws, wi'h full inslruotiong
and forms to enable the Discharged Soldier
or Bailor lo prooure Back Pay, Piiusions;
Bounties, and all War Claims. : ' '
Also. Patent Laws, with full Instructions
lo intentors, " . ' '
Also. : Excise Laws, Stamn Duties.' Post
Office and Cus'om . House Begnlalions, the
whole action of the Uoverntr ent in relation -
to reconstruction and ' Freedmen; Constitu-
tion or the II nil od States, with amendments;
State. Seals, with descriptions. &o. "' !!; ' 1
Over 260 pages new matter have been
added, to meet the requirements of the times.
,The utility of such a work no one'' will
now question. The, sale, of hundreds of
thousands of copiet of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, have settled
that point,'. The professional' nan, 'the far
mer,, the mechanic, the manufacturer, the
soldierj the sailor, ' eaoh requires a conven
ient, comprehensive aad reliable work, - ''t i
It will save them money, save them troub
le, save them time, save them litigation and
lawyers- fees, I and give them information
that nobody can afford to he without. 12mo,
050 pages., ' .
Price, handsomiy bound,
Bent, post-paid, on receipt of price.,
A cood, reliable Agent wanted in everv
town in tlta United States. Also, a respon-,
sible i man at all prominent point, as General
Agent. AIbo, a tew wide-awake men, to
travel in establishing Agencies.
, , J. B. HAWLiSY & Civ
164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Any tierson wishing a copy
of the above Book, will call oil
'., . 'iTiT i Agent for Vinton CounlyV ' r
TAE AMEBIC AN, WIT is always fi
for any one to read. 25 cents a year.
- ' 81 Nassau Street, N. Y.
- r ... a,
iSKand recoiva T1IK AMERICAN;
A WIT. 25 oents a wean. .-- y ' - f
iip 81 Nassau Street, N.tY;;
GEN, GRANT is the Grant ot Ursula.
, THE AMERICAN WIT is 25 centa
I year.'''" - ; :""-" ' ' '' ' V
PHUNNEEt , The Aoneodotcsi in tho,
AMERICAN WIT. . , .; , r
81 Nassau St..N..X,
E0ME Amuflcments in the Amjebica
WlT.i'- 25 .cents a year. u ' L'l,.,': v ;,,;!.
; RICHARDSON & COLWN3,' ' ! ': ';
'y::,?r .81'Nas8a St., N.'.N..i
EREEDMAN'S Bureania the AMER-!"
ICAN WIT. 25 ds. a year. ( ii .
.' - w ,,81 Nassau 8t.,N. Y.
WIT. 25 cts. year. 1 i f .
. ..--..,:. 1 81 Nassau St., N.X,-,;;
$12 Gold and Silver Watelei $12f
400 Gold Hunt's; Case Lever WVtohosSlOOto Jl75ech
iOOUoldHuntxuanetx'ue WatelMia 1 1to im , ,
atWOoM Plated tfUvw Caaea . 1.- 60 to 100 .,:..,
(100 BoJid silver tJaee Wer Watchsa ta IS "
ttoofioiiil mlierCane Lepene WHtvnea ta jf- " ' .
600 G'ld Composite Uunt'g Cane watctxisO to Ml " '
: All the ahove splendid lratchr will be sold for
tli each. We have adopted Hie; fbllowinn plan:
lrtiacaies aencrmngi) atcn aad ia value,. ara,
nreparea ann pincou in sphichi fnvtlopcn, an- vn ,
holder will be eptitiml to, the Watch it, cull far, up
on payment of tlie 1'2. TWs in not loiU'r y. but a
bona nrie sale. I'rociirc a ofrtitlcnle, aA i there
are no blanks, every one roust gct a vrnl'-h at nail th
usual price at least, and many will geta Splnndiij
Gold Watch (or the tnllina sum cftJi. Crtiii't
eent Sy mall to any address for Mi cents each. Five , ,
willbeaent lor H, flftecn for t.fthirty-6voliirflO.-r '
Agents wanted; nd for circular. Address,
GIUiESPlE, MAX80. & CO.,
2l-6ni r 85 Beeknian St., New York. (

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