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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 29, 1867, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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! W. A-
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1 'Si
i.l 1 .1 . ' II H-
n' AVINU purchased" and completely renovate,"
formerlvooenf;.f M SStt
apeetriillv anuoun-'e to It- J-''1'"0 ' 'l ",f
keep constantly on huud, a complex assort-m ui or
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uitable for Ihb) market, nt,
'I ,! ;- ' 1
;otten up it) A style f foKmuBWIIV.r
led by any sliopin tlii section,
ill kimlimf mirkin his li"f
on? snopin mi- -"" .... vonUvnnd
n L-..lufu.ikin nis lino i" "v. '
promptly doit .n wJto
, ; j . .'.ill -.1 i ! -
Of nil kinds iloo loorder on short noti!4.(
Afull supply of "' 1,'V,' ' ',', '
10 per cent! will bo deducted
n all orders for cash down. ' wotiton
March 7, 1WT-M .- . . H0,HTf
Tht Chtopttt Migain?.p i!uAYldl
rand widely circulated magMine h
j .Ailion.unMuaileil intlui eoua-r
1 nW -mmhed a dili - nnuallftl in tlui eot.a
A ii .a hrnnmtnteii. ti Bumeroua fine
trf . Each number is ornament-
engravitigi., and Is comply in ItwlV embracinga
firr..iiM'riitan MnreasJv for its corumnJ. ' it Is
i arncien. wnncu - - . .
aceded by all to be the Cheapest and . bast Mags,
e in. .th world.! ' 'i'1'
main lla
" r: terms.
lHOyear; aeven copies ouj, uiineea cuFio.
15 00. single ropiisl&cer.t. Address . ,
!., i;, . .'. J i DoBton, Ma88. "
TTlilVERSLLY acknowledged th Model
I) Prlor Msgciaine of America, duToted to
Original Stories, Poems, Bketohea, ' Archi
tacture, and Model Cottages, HonBthold MaU
tera, flema of Thought, Personal and Literary
Gossip . (including apcciol departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gytanas
tio Equeitrian Exercises, Skating, Musio,
Amusements. ecU all ty the best authors
and profusely aDd artistically 'JllastraJed
With cosily engravings (full slie useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic noreleties, with bther
useful and entertaing literature." V."' '
No verson of refinemint, eoonomlcal hotwe
Wife, or lady (aste, oan-affprd -to do with
out the Model Monthly.' ' . " ',
gingla copies, 30 cents; ack pumbers, as
speoimens, . 10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, $3, ' with., a yaluable premium; two
copies, $6 50; three copies, $7 .50; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for clubs at $3
aoh, with., the , first .premium to , each sub
MFitor, . '.': C t: . r
A -1 I -
'., , W. JENNINGS DEMORESTV; " , ! 1 ,;
No. 473 Brondwaj, New York.
Demorest'i Monthly and Young Amerioa
together, 4, with the premium to eaon.
Sold by the trade Generally
A' Literal discount to Dealers,'
200,000 fumuhed (hi U.S. Gotternnunl.
Army Rovolver,
Navy Havolver, i ( . !
Bell Kevolver.,'
Pohce Hevilver ((
New Pocket Revolver,
44-100 in. calribre,
SiiilW in. calibre,
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i Jiavy 3le calibre,
31. Illll in f.alil.M '
(Jlider's fct. 31-100 in. calibre,
Repeating Pistol, .(Elliot pt.).No. 22 Jt 22crtr'ge,
Vest Pocket pistol, ' No. 23, 30, an and 41 oartridira,
uun lane, no. tl ana ii
Breech. Loadins Rifle. (Bell's 1 No. Kami 38
Revolving Bine, 3ti and 44-100 in calibre.
,-:, '.l. .-'iaAu;:m
. V .rtiicu.i. Adiiia,
Moore Nichols, . . New York
Wm Heed Hum-' 'pi " .... Boston
Joe. C. Gruhb A Co:, '" ' PHIladelphia
Poultney Trimble ) j- yt.-.'vt i.'-' Baltimore
Henry Folsoro Co. ' . IW, .. ". New Orleans
Johnson, Speneett Co,,' ' ' ',l'.Ii ioAicaao
I. M.Bumsey ; ,. ... . ,.' I. St Louis
Albert E. Crane, San Franaisco
March 21, 1867-ly , ; . r ; ,,,,
SEND your address, with stamp, for sample and
catalogue ol Articles for Young and Old, Married
and Single. All should haVe them.-1 Addreaa
A.BKIDGE8,74Bleecber areet, New York City,
.lnlvlir lam.im 1
" To Consumptives.' ;''
The advertiser, having bean restored to hnHh tn a
few weeks bra vry gimple,remedr, after baring suf
fered for several years with a severe lung aflection.and
that dread disease Consumption is anxious to maka
known te hi lellew-eutlerera ihe meaniuoi cure.
To all who di-sir it, he will send a oopy or tba
presenption used (free Of charge,) with the dlrec,
iions for preparing and using th saiao, which they
will find t sore cure Jr Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coturhs, Colds, and all Thvoae and Lung Af
feetions. , The only objeot pt the advertiser in send
ing the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
spread information which lis coneetves to be invalid
abls, and he hopes every 'sufferer wilt try his rem
edy, as itwill cost them nothing, andtiay prnve a
blessing., parties wishing the prciiptiou, rajji, by
return mail, will please addivst ' ' '- - J ' -
. 1 ,'- ' KEV. KbWARB A. WJIJ30N, ' .
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New Yotk.
.XsrMwr -it
- - , .... l ... n ; ;. . i Til ii i i n
' State o'OAfo,' Vinton '!omtyi ' -'Ii. J J'Jlit . '
Shades Beyuolds 1 (a court of common pleas.
agmnsc - I
Msthins Hainsworth.J Vendiordor of sale.
lwitBlA(TtoUi comnod.-of-a veodl ordwef
saie in i ne anovo cause isnueq rrom the court Of
eommop plras f said Vinton ooiintv, and to' me di
rected as Sheriff of said count v, I otter at pablie
salent the door of the Court House, in tho Townof
cAnnr, in said eouniy or Vinton, I will oner for
sal at publio auction, on .. . , - .
Wednesday, the 25th day of Scpotmte'K
A. D. 1807, - .
at the hoar ofl coclock . . of said day, th6 follow
ing lands and tenements, tv-wit: '.' -i '
In-Iot Numlier Thirty (No. 30,) In the Townof
McArtharVinton county, Ohio. .
Taken as tne proierty Mntluns HainsWOrthto
satiny a judgment of said conrt ib favor of Shades &
Beynolds. , '" ' , ' ',
Appraisud at three ' nnndred "dollar and must
bring two-thirds of thataom. '. ;
Terms ot sale cash lu hand." '
'.' " . " Shorifl Vinton county, Ohio.
F. fihades.'lh persOni' : "l ' a.
'August iU, lM7-at ' -
pjbivus:-.'. AW fAU IJE'? .
. Tlild DISEASE 13
'- ' - V
DR. 8. O- RICaillD-OS'S
The Celebrated Now EngKnd Ruumly fbr
bility, ' and I'll lltrtm jroia i
VisorJertJ Stomachx Liver ot-Motcelt. ,
Tli- aniuwrtind rflcfnitnpii.M leailinq thy
iioimw.il ihe country, ami all ho (ry -tliem ,ro
J il in.iklrt ..
Ona Dollar pt-r bijule. . 1 J.Ji.HARKJjACO:j
Proprietors for the Kouiftorn and Wehtern Stttlea
For sale by . i - S s - l.
O. W.Sisson, DruggiBt, McArthtti',.0hi!i:;
R. S. Wilcox,. llaniaon,;phio,nd,; j Jj
Pr. J. A. MonahaaPraggistlIamdeij, jO.
' . i-i 'i ' " I,-..'
i- -'. ."7"-.'f,l
9 l"xS.t 9
i as Cpugh vNcgaotedi 't CpUi,' Tto in
e Chest,' ani all diseases .of the Liini.
i the
tgyCfcrgymen should use the Paleam for
! -:, their Throats. i r ,
innra Oidsifm lt iritrodnced to tho SUfrorinbpubli
I alter its merits fur positive cure of fid dlesee
have boen fiilly trale TkeAirmula from which it is
prepared is referred tcby tlie kadinajiaed.cal jour
nals as being equal t,any prea'eriptiuu tbnt can be
made up, (or fuch dioeaiiea, by the medicnlfiiculty.
The Balsftnl n?. eonseiiently. reeomihended'l'pliy
ticians who liaye nocaros aquuuedi with its great
success. ( ,j . ., .'i ., i i...
An an Exceotorant if las DO Equal
I Woconv the following interesting letter from Dr.
. 1 I, . I.Hl...... Jt D.nintn. VrtW OA
T tio vniTo!-lt isonlv to iiibnerve Hie lnlerentso
hinnnwly that I revest a short space in your vnliia
bl Pnlr.to inform Uie publio what 4llen s I,nng
tlnleam irsnro to .- -Two years agI was nttntkeu
with a severecoldi it settled in my throat, wjiioh so
attected the ornans of speech that I could n.t speak
r. nonriv bit pek. 'J trot through thfl winter
eouehins nights almost incessantly, with midnight
.,..oia uiih incneased.imtutoin, wbioh etfcnncrt in-
to'the Brqnctual'tubes anrl which kept nie eoiiKhino
sll aiimrndr. 1 WAS
ras a Dnoronaiu 011 a nnieni.n'un
1 .1 itn U....ilan"
,i Dolober. when the "uood Hamnritan
eitiiealonjf'WrdAiainR Allen's tun ffinlsamtnto
flaw Enclans.. ;I procured a bottle atiif took itac-
CQTdiZlo(dirot:opi, ana, lounmninK'iiuMq t not. j
i.va tuiten two bottles, which has outirely cured
ma For the past two years, or during ;the time of
n affliction, I was in a state o consnpauon, wniii
tlifl Balsam has almost effectually regulated. .No
without this valuable medicine. J
sob by tlra Wtetn inpam .that hav physicians of
r',.,;..noii ruYiAi-A th Medicine is manuflictdrca) are
introducing ft into their practice, and I have no doubw
It Will SOOn Become a cibmciu wnn "J
cure of all diseases OI ino inrnni, uronuimu iuuct,u
thelunia. r .Am'iiMJnKi, m-v..nveupij
The proprietors ot this valuable Balpam take pleo-'
uroin eallinirto it the attention of all medicine eal-;i
ers, desirinj? that they procure a supply of It.'and
recommend u to tneir snuuveu pui u
Ifrwill stand the test for merits, as has the oelebratei
i 'I'crrypaYisain'Kfller,3 .-
Aich hae been introduoed to all parts of the inhab
ited wotld, and is everywhere appreciated and sought
atusr. The Balaam is for sale by most of the leading
UriigcSstsjandcan always be had from them, in any
oliButitydosiredi by the comStry dealere. . ' ' I
V J. . H AKB1B CO., Sole Proprietors,
J; .(,,, Cincinnati, thio.
Forsaleby-i.'. . -..- :( I
i.O. W. BissoB, Druggist, ' McArthnr, Ohio!
SDr. J. A. Monahan, Druggist, Hamden, . j
R.' B. Wilcox, tiamaen. "; .
I. . I
and Clilllf
to .Cuk'C
;.! ni.,ii,i :
Direction or its Uie.
mAKE 3 anoonfuls at tl Pain Killer in
1 about half a pint of hot wateV.'well sweet
ened with molasses, as the attack is coming
on, bathing freely the chest, back and bow
sis, with the medicine ' at ' the same time.
Repeat the dose in twenty ' minutes, if the,
first dose does not' stop the chill. Should it
produce Tomlting, (and it probably Will.) if
the stomach is very , foul, take '. a little l'ain
Killer, in eold water, sweetened- with sugar?
after each SDaam. Perseverenoe in the abOTe
treatment has cured many 8eteijand obati4
.. . .. ,t.s. Jt: 4 : . J . J
sate oaBes or mm uucdoe. .
I) A I N KI L L E R .; t C V T f .t
Throat' ' "'o .7
A Favorite Msdicino with all ciVsnea, ii.
.JaJtevIa'Paih Killer.
F you hare Painter's Cholio, " .
v. .,.r' use wio l'aiji.&.iiier.
NO Medicine is as popular '
ivt'ii) ::?i!rfa A9 thPain-iller
TZEEPi the Pain .Killer ...always.! at;
J. hand, .ii I rn-.,.- .t':u.i Vthu jj
IF you aavfl a Coagh or Cold; " .'
' "if i'-'M ' Use ihe Pain Killor.
r OOK and' not get.caught withdnt a' botdo'
Jjof Pam Bauer in me house,
ET avervbady use the, Pain Killor for
r. 1 T., I .
pprains ami juruues, ,.;.,...,(. m
pVERY sailor should oarry a bottle of Pain
JLli Killer with him. ibis,,-
t)EiyjJlLBEB,.i0ia PalnLKillat.lji! for ;both
jLV Internal and ExJernaL, , ,f v v .,
The Pain Killer is sold by . all the Drug,
eists and Dealers in family Medicines.
. J. N. HARRIS & CO., Cinoinnatl, Ohio,
Agents for the Westorn States. ;
For sale by
. tv.Dlsson, irnggiai., nioa.ri.nur,
Dr. J. A. Monahan. Druggist, Hamden,
R,S. WUoox Hamden.;;'- ;;, (
' ', ' ,r DR.' WEAVER'S '"" '
j.. :' i- t tht Curt of .;. . '';.'..'.'',',;
Canker, Bait Rehum, Ereysipelas, Sorofulous
' Diseases, Cutaneous, and every , kind of '
disease' arising ' from : an impure ','
.'i."v .; stata of the Blood.
The moat effective Blood Puri6of of the Nine
teenth Century 1 ' ' ' '-'
tThIs Syrup, with the Cerate, we will
warrant to' oure any '-hard lease!) of Old
Bores-r-no matter how long stBdingw: ,.
f8old by Draggists GanBrally.-rSI'
For tale by . ' ,, .. j '.'.;":;.:':,';.'.'';. ,':''
O. W, Biseion, Druggist, SjcArthur,' .,.;.
Dr.' J'., A. Wotiahatt, Hamden, ' '"'"; . ! s
R. 8. WilcoX, Hamden. , ."'., ,
July 18, 1867.3m, ""' -t
it- i
Song: Set to a New Tune.
At tprinj approaehei i '"
Anil and Rotcht ' . ; . ; ' ,
From thtir hotel com out,'
And, Jlict aij Rati., .
In 6ri.i.J 11
Gaily ikip about,
'i i f if. ,
l fi years &UbUhd in N. X City."Y ,
"CHily inWlibl'i rmiie'lies known. ,
I -o 't I
j,ioli noi'.'
- i' luu mini iwiou j.
"Not dangerous to the human hrtily.'rn y. i
i.-'Baiar. com out oltltejl bolus fu,diu,"v ., . , '
' i ft I '.i ," 7T -jiti .'J''c - "'iJ
Costar's" Eat, Eoaeh,,&c.,,i;xtermB
Is a paste-uscd lor Rats, mice, Roaohos, .n ;i
JJlaokaudKsd Ajits. icitp..., (.,.,.( . !!.'
Costar's" Bod-Bug :Extcniiinatcr
Ian'riiirtiJ ?wanh'-ni te Seelruy,' snl , J I
fUsaii a preventive, for BedJiugs, 4o.
Costar's" Elccti-ic Powdor for Insects
Is for moths, misquitoes, Fleas, Bed-Dugs,
ltuoctaon Plants, Fowls, Anircnls, 4o.
'carh .I'i'licwVai 1 1 I of all wirthloks Imitations.
-SoS ha ":o-tar's" nnaie -is en enh boxi bot
tle, andtf'kwk, fcifure you hity i. f ' J f J,ft
HQTAddress. linnitr it. vwoiau,
7 484 Bwadw'ayiNewY ork.
HfiySold-b JlcArthiir, by J. Strong,
and all druggists and dealers everywhere
f )
!.! I
i i;
- 1 ' I
j '"ll-,''
i t:,.?.
. .1 r' 1
. ' ti,
t i? f
' ' L'
."'Vi :'-'),- i 1 1 .ii'!,ir..;n c. .-..Vi
st4f.(fu'fT one s:
l I'l I R II IH 4, K 4 lil I r-r
1 1
K'.-i'ii::!' .
tnr C.nin. rtiirns. Ernises. Wounds, Bolls
Cancoin, Droken Breiala, Bore Nipples, Blee
ding, Blind and rainrui rues; poroiuiouu.
Putrid, and Ill-conditioned Sores; TJloer
,oallin(. F.rnnliona. .Cutaneous Affeotions.
Pingworm,'ltoh, Corns, Bunions, Chilblains,
So.! Chapped lianas,,, wpsj cto.j iu
O.IJ.U laartla Inlmtla AlM' '' ' '
IfiSr Boxes 25 cts.. 50 cts.; arid $1 sizes
I tt9f3n1.l Wv All flrniytrldfa AvnrwheroJ4 ' '
aS-And by Hbnet Rj Costab, Depo, 484
Broadway, Dew York,'" 1 ; 1
JOTAnd by J. B. Btrong, woArtnur, u,
:l ii'
v '
!l i'.
I. -i i.l
t-lr I !J
ii );
i i.
i:i.'.-- I
II II 4 1
i'i '
0 R
!! fli I v.'i
n3 O X
r'a sii.'i
' 1 For Corns. Bunions, 'Warts, te.
I I).'":
HTBoxes2& cts., Ht1 cts., and $1 sizes.
Bvhold br'all Urueaists ererywnore.
jrar-And by. Henry ft. Coatar, Depot, 481
uroaaway, new iorn. i - . , i,. i
JSTAnd by J. o. Strong, aloArtlJur, V.
if :
71 !.t'
! 1' .T.'W, ;fv.r.,.l ...f ,'.rM
t.i n . -prepasatiOn o?
( .h.l.Ki'iii i vo)j!A!i';;'l
i ' .'! -.A
1 Usilto softonand hcatltlly the skin, remorb freck
le.", Pimpjes) E(iipl(ons, 44 ! j j j ' i
i Ladies are now using it in preference to alt others.
i eBottljr9iV.rr r- y
! fijSoliJ by all druggists every wnefe.
fitSfAn by Heoryj R. CoStiV.'DeAo, 48
Broadwiv. New York, V l I . J i
: '.' i i;i
,. .") p-
!.,!(! '
Ii) .;u 'c
II .i
For Cou'ghr, Colda, Hoarscneaa, Sore Throat; ;
Croup'Whooplng Cohgh, Influenza,' Asthma,
n .. . n.ii.i.i i frnn,:nn ..j ah
vuusuujpbiuu, Diruuuuiai aiicubivus oui4 ...
diseases of the Throat and Langs. : , ',',' '
ttafBottles 25 otsj 50 ts, and ?l sues. t .
RaSoiabyAll druggists evey where. ;' ' 1
BfeS-And by.Henry ,fi.'. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York. .-,' ,,j , - v -i
And by J. 8. Btrong, MoArthur, 0. i'l'f l
i-1 . so c ei(( 'ia.1i ,;,t i ii' .; mi i.i..
i' K '
- ' '' '"M'l.
I '-.'I ft ,;
i! I'l ii ':il-Mt j
u i ii,
I vll. i
. Ijll lii ..,,iii
lll I h'lH H';i
ill fii.'.l!; i!
'(' I :ti ' .
I " I
' .'
i, .ill . i
. F m m i
) -ii
, ; . '' "I '' '..' .'riito
A''U5ryERSAL;;DlNi:R PILL, .. j
': ..-:' '! ,'. ..',.; V
for nervous and sick Headache, oottiveneas, indi,
gallon, 'lysnensia, fciiiousoeiis, . conupmipn, uinr.
ihea, colics, chills, foA-rs, ahdgerieraldornngeineut
ii th. Digeatito ora.:,ii'fi ''. :'inm:
cr Boies 26 cts, 0ctH,l siaes.' "!'',
4Sold byaH drbgglstH every wtere.
. And by Henry R. Costar, Depot 481 Broad
way, New York; i , i.-c, ',,,, '
And by J. 8 Strong, McArlhur', Oi 'i..'
August 1, 1807-3m
-hi.). 1 1
).' -i.l.i 0VI
" '.'' l:- . .1 Hi ,,. ... ,
, . .... i iot
i i i,i ; i
i ii
I Fa
I i' ; i , ; ' r .
3t Cites, , ,
j v i.l, :f prom. (8611 .lO 1S65. ;.) ;.t,.;.:
'' '""'' '.'.'i'l'! "I r.l In;
i Having been appointed 'Agent ' f of the
! --- - -
"Youth's Hi Jt'ory'.f or Vinton County', Ohio,
i'lil n; ,1,1 1 1.,,, . I I, if si v,,
I am now prcpare4 tq'kToceiyeJ subscriptions
from thVse desiring' this exc'ellenl and p"opu-!
lar work. Any person desiring Jo joanyass,
any townthip in Vinton county, will please
1:, -1
send for terms at
once and seoure territory
''"f it 'l;;, iVi ( ii-,,-. i;i Ii I, .; . n. ,' .,
tefore it is toe late... . , ,
!i . ; " . ' '' 'V '"
'Agenti will be glyen teryYaterable terms.
,-. . !. !.' i.. v . V a , .. r . ! ;
An active . Agent can ; make ,from4Jto $G
' 'j'" ' " ' ' '. ' :.r'."i "'ii-- t- ..
f ' i!:'!f ta, .,it ,,r.-.':i' '-lafii') ).
, The (Jettnan edition of Che Youth' History,
li'"".i?i mi f. . --- -' t ' ,,,,'...!,, ,,!...
whloh has been called for, is also now ready.
j The work is designed to. furnish the youth
of t,ho ,q9sntry a candid pd impartial Histo
ry' of th Great War through Vhleh we have
.'( l.l:".l- .I:-,! I-,: : i iv' .J ,! , .7 ,
just passedi ,; - )( v,i f V,..t.,,
jrpnji a Demopratip standpoint.'
Theinds oi .tRyoiAth. o.f'out country arc
fcojng poieoDCfl and miseducatedbjr the fafse
jtnd'' 'partial 'histories or tte 'Abolilioriists',
I : .i j :' I" k. ; ; ;i.m;, t . i
nd It is of great importance for the welfare
v ,'f ill-
f our oounlry that the real Disunionists, as
I II.':
they are 'novjp.ioVing themBolres to V, stalt
; .. tti-j u."i )'..v .t!?,.i...-; si, . ,...;..,,
be properly portrayed, ' (The great impor-'
.'.or..'. ' j? .-c : .-,..' '. ! '. . ,.
tanoeof a sound juveniae literature has
'i: ".
lorig beStt felt and acknowledged, and as
thifl i the first attempt tQ furnish,. it, ; the
i -.'') i;iV7 fiT
m Vi.' :it ;'H'S
-Worky-IesBrs, Van
Publishers of ;the Uie
y ''i- - ;iM '!' 11 'ttJ
Evrie, Horton & Co,, New York -respectfully
solicit the noouragom6rSll of the publio. and
tlW assistance' of tho" DenlooraUo press." It
i- i".. ii Mi; ill i .(i
; t . , . V .i .
is just suoh o, .
-I- " : . ' ! 7' ! ' 1, I-
k as ough i to jform a part
of the small library in every family in Yin
1 -!..' 1 -I 'j','i! .-..!. i:-i
tan county; or,t .shpuhl, be placed in ,the
,1 f-J , .Till. .7 I II,' , II . 'I .'( j , j
hands of every i child, , for the purpose of
giving them a correot idea of (tb Late war
and its
i causes.
i . i. urn, t
It is nea tly printed and bound,' illustrated
i-i i; k'ni )
with 15Migftrvings,'awd eontalni 884 pages,
'r t'T ( TVT.'t
divided into 48 .chapters.. It contains the
likenossos of Generals 'Lee, Stonewall, 7ack-
son, Grant, JUcClelian,i Sherman, i Johnston,
,- . ( ,, .,!,i. .. ,,, : ., . , .
Jefferson Davis, . Abraham Lincoln, A. II,
'". I1J.' , .,i,1 !,,.. J i: j,, , r
' '- 1 , i I It
i..f."i . .,'
r. 'I .. ,'l.n ,l',,i.l.,' I,. , in I.,-. '! I., ,..,.,, ,,, ,.,., j
!'.'.-. (At tht "Enquirer Minting ojue,)
- f' " AGENT for Vin'to'A County.
..I.. .-
;;;;;. M;';::;::;" 'mansfield ohio
' ' - ' , : ,n n'MAMOTAcroaa I c
EcSeka Cider Mills, ;-f.'; .-i-.-i ..;().
Siab Corn Sfielleb, . , ?
..'K .;i -( ,.. Hobsb Power Forks.
ii.;. i n: r.
.1 i.l I, ,:. - .Ii.-.l.l
arnci's iillfcy Revolving Rake
Amalaam Belli.
i ..wW . rvuffCWq : dniioJ.-l'i'l H
And many other artlclesip tho way of Implements,
'lools and machinery. ' , ' : "'
rarietiea.' Bend for circtuarB.
pnv. b ,l:;i-( -il r',- f-
. ii- '. I ,i.
" the 'LAJsm,yfawvE;-r
'a monthly. ,
(DevotcStJ xttoratTirB. XirnelifinVei' iliij 4enersi-
iinteiligenee, and eompriairu Hf pnrtijof Battles, In
kiidents, and Anecdotes' of ilia 'War, never befort
published. By ,;,! r ! -rMm ,t f.n.-i'.- 11
penERAt, v. a. uttt, i Jbaie of the tsontheti
. t ' ,1-. K-l ,lf f 111.
Proprietors, ' t " J.'lawin D. B.Hru
,,l I.B.. I iiivd vn.ip I. j V". I , .ll 1 1 1 ,
Five Dollars, if not paid till the end of the year. '
' J !T"M K,"1TI n- RllV.
', . n .- . Charlotte, North Ciolina.
marchU,18fi7. '" -
Sheriff's and Special plaster
'Commissiohcp's' Sale.1
Slat nf Ohio. Vinton Conntu. . . . ,. ,
Alexander O. Bowdi Paiutifl, 1 In Courf pf.Copinion
against- .,. . , f l lean- '
.lniriH l.iit.t)elendftnt,'-'. On an Order of Sale.
JUK-H'ANT to the command of an order of sale in
the aim e mtiite-t me directed from tl'eeoiiitof
LMimmnn Pleas of Vinton eouniy, and to me directed
us sherifl of said ounty, acung as apeeini siasinr
CoininisHioner herein, 1 mil otter at puwie saie,
at tlifl door ul the t;oiirt H, use, in U,e Town of McAr
ti,f In Hi., pnnntv of Vinton, on ' ''' ' ' "
MOJNUAi, the iutli day otHoptomucr,
.'.-. r-r I A.-D. iiO07, it, : ' ,:, .
ni the houpof I o'clock, P. M. pf said day, the tol
lowing laiid and teninlen(s, fo wlir '" '
All that iinrtori l.ol milia village: oriiMCArtnur,
Numlioied .Sevonty-seveii (.77,1 heretofore owno'd by
Cnnrnd Smith, anifliv him sold and transferred to
Christopher Winkleman, and by tho said Winkle.
mdiiimirl i.n ftiirumil U. Iiiide nnd Saniuol Triinmor,
and bv the said Uodii,aud Triiiimer sold to Jamci
.'ruiTAn h i nn onlrr nnd dedree of- said court as the
property -of James Lanta toi naliety a deoree ot aaip
court in favor oi aieianuer u. iotu. .
' Annrainett ft' Seven hutidred dollar and must
bring two-thirds otlluit snrn. .' . If ,j t-K : r-
iurmaol aaierroaun la nana on tn" nny m
. JOHN J.8l(0CKEV,
I !"'ii i ''''' '' 'BhennVliitonColinty.O.i ,
I Actinir as SDeiMinl Mastej Comuiisnipiier, ,
1 ' D. P, Dona, Attorney for Pi tt.
Augunt is, 1807-fiw-ll ' t, i . I ' -
i : '''
Legal. Road Notice.
XTOTICE is herehv tlmt a nctition will lie rresc t
ed tolhe.Cntiiiif3ioiiers ot Vinton couiitv.Oliio,
nt their next seiiHion. to be held on the first Monday
of Se'p'tfcinber, A. D. 18H7, praying for the vacation of
acounty road loading imtu; a poun at, in- nour uie earn
end of the' Bridge in Kwan Township, in said coiiuty,
nrima llin uirpnia cominonlv known a Honey Fiirk
of Raeoodn (W-ek, and terminating -i tlio, lands of!
J'ohn Chidister, Ksq., in said ewau Townniiip, vnere
snid Road intersect a Hoad known as the Shuler
Road, ant whichsaid Koad hereriysought toh va
oaleil, n rstWsfbr-i-tiy tlte'Onimimiopeis nffajiid
Vinton county, at their March session in the year
18f,3, hy. thonninaoi' ithe poolKoad.i forth reason
tJiat the same has tiecome useless to tne puoiic,
AUgUSli B, .lU j-lllg
Public Notice.
A LL persona are hereby notified that tUey will be
A prosecuted anoordiny: to law if found ("'"passing
lug upon my premnesf fun"
adjoining th Kuloski Ji.stata, in Vinton count y . ol i
V Augusts. 1867. "Ii ElSJlElO1 BOWKN
. .1.",'.: A.H'-lM.ii :
;;,(; .Dncrm . Pm :,
, ) . I j, ,5(dl of Ohio,, Vinton 'Ctyinty.
herWuikleHiun, riiiiuuu, 1 in ronnumiim.
ngninit.-'i) ' il'i H" V ' Hcn. I ,
WilliiuoA Peanwnnd ,.. i . jPn an Order J
Hiiniiiel'V'. Dodge, Defendant. )' ' Decro. "
-imisiiK,T l tlienoniinnnd el ah. order and d,
-t ,, ffeo in theflhove cause to mo directed h orn tho
court of common Pfnas ol VltitnnWranty, Ohioand
I.. , .1,.,.1 Hh.iH iif Haid.cruiutv. 1 Will offer
at public sale, at the door, of tbo'couit house; m the
town of McArthur, in tho aforesaid umilty t yinion
'. A. d: i8C7,; '" "1
U t. h. of said day, the follow
ing lands bnd'UlncllliSiits.ono fual widivided ialf
o(,tiiitoiiowuig aejicriiieu vrfi"""" . r
' Commenoine at the Mouth-west borne!1 of
that part Uf Out-Lot' Number'' Twentyinve
(2ii) 1U "thsi- Towniof' Wilktsville, fa paid
county of Vinton, owned on the 14th day, of
May. 'A. D, l8C9..b Villiam. C. CJiue. ,nnd
running South-east paralell with the Street
in said Town fifteen (IS) nous; anu mence
South-east Eleven (11) Rods on a straight
angle vifh.8aid'Streot 'thence, Fifteen (15)
Rods South-west on a parajell . with, , said
?nlStreel thence, Norlh-west. to, the place
of beginning containing one acre more or
less together with th? Flouring and Saw
Mills ' and all other' appurtehanoes' on said
land. ' . .(' -..-i 1 ) '!'.
I.Takerfae U0 pyfipsrtr of William A., Pcnnm to
satisfy a judgment and decree of tho aforesaid court
in favor of Christopher Winkloman. ..-
A iu.,Ik..i1 at nnntliiMisaini six hundred , and tlurty-
threo dollars and thirty-three cints andmiiilt bring
iwo-inirds oi unit sum.
-, 'Icnns ofsalocaiih in hand at the time orsnlo.
I' 1 " 1 ' JOHN J. 81100KBY, i
' Kherft Vinton cotiutj, O.
P.b. rana.Att'yforPI'n. , , ' , :'
' August 1, lw7-5w f.''ii..iiiii 'ii -.ivra Vmi
Road Notice.
"VTOTlCEIs hereby given thai a petition, wflr be
presented -to: ih Cmnmissionera , of Vinton
cohnty, Ohio, at their next session to beheld on the
first Monday in Seprdmber, A. D. 18ti7. praying for the
establishment of county road along theTollowing do
scribed route, in said county, to-wll: Boginnint; at
the McArthur And Nelsdnvilla road, on Kllis Helen's
land;tienoein a norHi-wfisterly. direction through
the Inims of Josfeph Lltli bridge,' Justus King, and
Elisabeth- Weed, to tho McArthur and L,ogaii road
said route being in Brown Township, in naid county.
'" many rEiiTioNEitd.
Atigusl ljlSCT-tlm ': :i'..ili; iwu.l i
i-tb ," ;... .! vil':,l J"'
jtf Thtf Stale of Ohioi .ul,Sf , ;lil y.,..rj'
: Office, of the Secretary o State, t ,..;,,:. .,
1. William IIenhy Bmith, Secretary' of
Slate.of the Stato of Ohio, do horeby certify
thaK the1 'following ' 1s"a trdO Cbpy ot the
joint Vesolhtion' 'passed by .the .General As
sembly of the State oi Plii'o, , on.W Gthiday,
of Apfll A- fl. )8d7, token Jroja the origipal
rolls on file in this office. ' J "
I In Testimony Whereof, 1 have Bere.
, '; irl''' -lnrito subscribed'' my name and 'affix-
L. S.1 ed the great Seal of ..tho, State. of.
i i'litifiii-Oihtoj at ColnbusilthO; t,hi dajfof
. a ! a Ii 1 rn ft
I"1' V LLtlA 11 h enry 'siiiiTiT, I ';
! . .Secretary of Stite""
;it oci?st);;iynv,-3 i -o'iiiiiii ').'til '(-iii
Relative to an' Amendment (of tho Conatiln
1 tion, proving for the extension of. Hie'
r.eleotiT franchise:!, r ,-,..! ,.! f.)ty
Resolvtd . by Iht -General Aiifmbly of the
State of, Ohio., .(three-fifths bf IBo inehiberS
elected lo eaon1 House agreeing" inoroio,)
Thai it be and is hereby proposed i tlie
electors of this Stato to vote M the nil it annual
October, eb3Q.ion, jippn the approya.I rejeo.
tion of the following amendment as , a sub
stitute for the first section of the fifth" Arti
cle of the Constitution - this State, to-wit
Every male-'oitiaen of , the-United States, of
the agct o.,wen.ty-pne .yfaw, ,)jtip sna.u. aave
been a rea'idenl "ot 1 the rState W ear
next; preoeoding Uiaj; election,-1 and of t,he
county, township, , or , ..jraw . ,in . which
he,. r!8iues,...such j time . as rnay , db pro
vided by law, except such persons as have
borne armB in support of an insurrection of
rebellion agitihst theaorernmentof the Uni
ted Stites, or' have fled from their places of
residence to avoid beinir draftqa into, the mil
itary (ervice thereof,. or , have desertfd the
L.V ' t .i..':.t'i.j.-J...'Ui
military ,or naval teryico ui um guyoruiiueuw
ia lime 6f wary'and baive' nof'siibseiiiientry
beeti honorably discharged from tho 1 Same,
shall hatd th' qualifications' of an! elector
and b, nuilled to'yote at all elections,',
i Speatur 0 iht J louse oj Jteprcitniauvei, .
i I,
FritideM of thi Senate.
Passed April C, 1867.
, April t,m, ;J:,.j ,,',
:.n:li'i: -"':"
f; il
;; .'.-1
T lYsctingas our Agents ror the sale ory pi : KM
i 1JID SI' i; I'll j T'i N G If A VlN G S,
bterocojiflud "sterujaipiu y.iows nf all tlie piiint u
)ntrstVntMe World, ,1'rire andHtntloncry l',uket
Bilver Huntlnir OiUo Walche. - Also, flao colleutior
olnuiarinl Card Pictiiroa, Colore Prints.-
r $.10 .will pun hase a tiilscallH'heoua stock of
alioio gorids thitt Will .sell .for luu.i i We niter most
coitniordiuary tndticeintnts and a chance tor thoao
whowishto estslHish theine!tc in a good paying
baslaessi' r oruaimogue sou mil pafucinsrs nana to
J-U-r H-,- L.HASkJNS .fc.qu: -'
Junel3,W07-em 3a Heekman St., Wew'YorV,
To WHom it, May Concern. "
AT theqnartiiTlji; seeaion c
Vinton county,uluo, in
June, li67, (hafulldw-
iug was passed : .......
Ki,bULVli.i'..l Jl.M any peison fiereaiHjr jm v ww u
account to present to the commissioners lor
allowance, dull file his account witb the Auditor at
Ucast one day before the qutrterly aesslon of sauir
erotflccr. The order nassed at the Mtx;h session,
1807, ou this subject is hereby rescinded,
By Order ol the Commissioners
V: P. Fr.TON. I n'l
Auditon Viptou County, O. fi
August, isCT-lds
1';, ,.OROVESTEJi;N,3(!PlANOSt t,
(iRO'V E S T B E N S P I AN O 3 -,1 '
; 493 Broadway, New Xork,(,
1 j c,i499 Brosdwsy, New 'York.,u'i v.,:i i
!',.' '499 Broady,'"Ncw! York.'
A KB unrivalled for Dt basilitt, Power and Even- ' M
nesaof Totm' 'llioy are. fart becoming the fa. ,.,
vorite over all others, . with . Musicians, Amateur . .
end all lovers of Good Music!" They ra' Warranted
n every respect, -uenq mrt.ircniar.' 11 '"'-.
, ml GROYEN8TEEN & CO., - ' ,
July 18 hi ' 498' Broadway, New York, i
! -.-i i., I ."i i j.l .,;
; -iii,' '-.'il' In "jus ".i" i" !ii..-'liiictl u j..-ic:a-
,':,. -'JUST' PUBLISHED, " tw' tO'Mt
Twenty Melodic Exercises,
j -ji'T- '.!' '' i iw roBu'or ..'.) -ruy.-'l
. ,; -SOfARO VOICES, :j'i i
.! i.l JMffllSKD,A-j i ,;i ( -.ii'i' i
Studiet to -acquiri (hi 'Art of Singing.'1
i,:,!: M"l',i I'-iw.. 'j, r'i ft flri'nl;
These, execise were , comnosed to be Used !.-, ,
mullhnoouiily with his system, "The Art of 8inging,' '
or with any other method for the cultivation ul t .
voice, and will take place of Cumcone's Soirmoioi;
being moie melodious and bvlter adapted for leach
ing., Home of these exercises are specially beautilul
as welt as tisefulra mingling of dulce at utile, which
Heonres the interest as well as the improvement ol! i
the student. The various styles developed in then
exercises render them Invaluable in an educational
point of view, us they tend . tq enlarge the intelli
gence nnd'th appreciation, mill ut tlie -nuifl .tiqie
Ibriii the 'taste, of the pupil.''-They mast bestifdiid
anreliilly wltn refurence to tin iimuniurabluynark? of j
expression and ur iiunit nl ntion. , Upon the niinut
accuracy with which these nre accomplished de
pends tlicncliial sterling advancement of the pupil;
any vn.iio or slurring in tfiese respecta Is t. me and
etlort iilteily wasted, whfle, tin tho other hand,
close and patuint iuvesligatioli, and open to tneatu. -dent
the means and resources by winch great artist
produce thei- most brilliant and profonnd-etleoU-l
Watson's AatJovnnAti,
In Tito Volumes.
Pnoe, each, In Boards; Retail;'' '" '' 1 $2 00
.' 4o " do In Cloth, Retail, . ')-.i.td 'JOO.
A Sample copy - set . by oMail,;. post-paid, rn -.
i ,xecoipt of WLnlesale Prioe, $1.60.
Published by WftC HALL" & SON;
No. 643 Broadway, New York.,
Publishers and Dealers in'Musio, and Manu
, i'aolufcrs'bf Fiui.es, Fifes', Flageolets, &6.
Scud for catalogue of price's. " ""'''' ''
. Jiine20, I37-6m ""' '' ' 'i" '" 1
Official Directory.
Representative m Congress H, 8, BUMDY. .... .
Mate Beiiutor-J. BRADHURV. ' 1 ' ' "''
KepresentiitiveA. J.BWiWM, i
tloinmon l'lns Judge-J. P. PI.YLEY.
Prolmtc J'ude HlHRPH- KALEK. ; ' ' -
Auditor-W. V. FBLTON ,,.,,. , ,
Kecorilr r lON'ATHAN BRIKE.',''
I'rnscuting Atlonioy-aA(-'HIBAIiD MAYO.
Treasurer DAVI FOKEMAN.' ,
Clerk of Cuiiris-liKOIHiH LANT&";'' '"
Hheritl-iqilN J.HHDUKKY.- j , , !,. i,
Hiirvuvnr H. C PTEINBHOOK.'
Corwiiir W1I-L1A M l. HIHljlNS. .; .
( WILidAM CliAKK,,
Commissioner- THOMAS MA'jKH; !
ii in-.i ..IMOUUIS AUIAUOli. .'
. -,:,i'
.' 1':,,'
, 'mi.'-.
i.i ,1'j:
Tost Offices In Vinton County.
Namnof PostOtfioe. Township. Post Master1 "
Hope Furnace
Dimdas n,
Ragle Mills
Elk " '
New Pljlinout.lt
Keed's Mills - .
Vinton Station
VVilkenvilla " "
Zaleski 'l;
Agatha ;-, ,.',i
Brotrtt i
Eagle ,,
J. Wiloox
S. D. Igleston '
S. Isaminger i '
Miles Radoliff,
I. Reynolds
Krown '
Clintnu, .
Elk '
Wilkes '
,T. N. MoLaugblia'
Hi O; Harden : '
W UurtetiShnw. , ,
Wm... Taylor ,, .
George Fry '( ,"
J. 0. Will' ,
Rail Roads.
ON and after January 6, K Trains will run a
Depart Cincinnati' :TO p.m. - 00A.ii." " -
Uveland 10 17 "
hllhithe-.1 3 P
; Hamden 3 17
. Zaloskt 3f3" .
i V' !I Athens ' "4 56
Arriv Marietta 7 17 "
12 16 a.m.
12 ti '
2 00 . ii-.:'
4 36 "
i Belpr , ,
Depart Bel pre
" Athen
, " Znlcl(i
' , llaindon
1' Chlllicotli
,730 ,,,' .. j... 4 80 . ,
6 00 a.m. 9 Horn.
8 37 " ' . )i'? 11 Mif- 1 ; .-.')
I) 40 ii . 12 6 "
10 is ' ' " 1 32 "
.tl'S8s.v.lM I' "1".2Ma.ii..-V
'J, ,. . Jioveliuirt '. i a n ." i
rriva ilincinnnt 4 US "
' 1 4S t
(leanectionji made atllamtoh' tritn -.1 rains os hi.
Portsmouth Bram-h. .,. i .... ... . ..-
Close connections made at Olncfnnatl WilH 14 -
Western Trains; nod at Parkersbtirg with.the Bain ,
more and Ohio Kail Road. ,
,., vi.-i ORTiAND SMITH, Vc i-,
, ,. t. Waster of Transportation.
Chlllicothe. 0., Jan.2, 18II7. ' ' . . ' ' "-'
Democratic Enquirer
(is anviiret.T":
, , .... iini .
On cony, one year,
a. i ;i:i,6o
OnA oonv. ic months.
Il ! 76
I V, ''i (H40'i
One copy, three m6nths,'
ITiva. nni.iaii. nnn var. to one Post Office. . 6 26
fen copies, one year, toone PostOtfiee,'' ' ld0Ov
ur terms reiuice payment to, .bo made stmcTiit ,
WADVANC ' " " ."" '
A failure to give notice of a wish to discontinue at
the close ol the timo subscrilied for, will be consid-1
red anew engagement i-and no paper will, bedi-,i
eoniinued until. after all arrearnges shall be paid.
Papers are delivered through the malt free of post
age withiu theoounty, and, aisoin-ee toibsnnbr
living in the county, hoso pontolllce in out of the
county, -ui' ' I i ')' in ,'i'i"jr-. ,, i V)f:fm; 'i.
, ,..TBRN8 Q ADVERTISING... , -t
Ten lines of this type, or the apace occlipied by ,
tie tame, rank on square.;. ,v,v l-i;l li ,'v "I
square, one (nsertioq, $1 00
tacn additional insertion, n v im !, ';i",T
All transient advertising for a shorter period than
lire months, charged at tne above rates., i ' o-p, ;
3mos. 8 mos. 9 mos. 13mos.
column,. (
l 8 ttO.'llOOO' 115 00 20 00
column, . 15 00 : :.3C 00 i 45 00 . ., 60,00
column, 2U OU n mi wi mi nu w
Business cards, from 6 to tO-flnes, perannnm, 8 00
Divoro Notinee, not exceeding 2S hues, (m ,(.
advance,) . . ' . .. ", . 5 00
E.h addiliona! "10 lines: ' .'-'' -'J- -f""i JW'.
Attaohmerit Notices, (i advance.) ! : 200,t
Administrator,'. r fcxecutpr' jHotjces, (in, -.r ,j
auvance,), if...... . "
Notice of runaway' hmbands or wives, dodbl"
price, and lndvanoe. I v i Hi ''! ni sir jim-r
Motion of Dwtlis. ftee. iMjrrlaga Notices, accord.
to the liberality of the purues. , . '. '. .;' '
Notices in the local column, It cents per lis for
aCtt insertion. jt "-' -' i ' ( ':i..i in '.i- -. .
Notices of political meetings, tie., . .tij -i 4 . ;

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