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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 05, 1867, Image 3

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Items of Local Interest.
,.:: SALB! v
1 Cll
Peintiri, like other men, sometimes offer
!.'ome"-Vry ! good ...bargains. Any person'
wijlilug to purchase a splendid Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred ' and
fifty lidllara by calling at thfa ' offict. We
oaa furnish (hero at greatly5 reduced rnitcs, !
A rod ani white ppol-.
tod cow. about fivo years old, boloDgiog
. to Sheriff Shc-ckey," strayed frotfc bis res
..ideoo, in this tQwn, on the night of the
28tk of Jane; Any 'person returning
Xbe cow , pr giving information that will
lead to her reooverj vvilba' libtfrally re-
Rao's Wanted. Bring all your rags to
this nffiee.'where Ibe; highest-, market price
,will b .paid for tt)em.- . - , - -; n -n
For Strictly Pure White Lead at Cincinnati Prices, Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
SuBscitiBe for ibs Enquirer for tho
! Mtp'aign; ' Only 25 ; ceuta. ' Ask your
uoigbbor to subscribe.1-
It you want to buy,:or elLany thing, no
matter w,!iat, the best "way yeu can accom-
plish your -olijixt i to advertise in the ,
"wr," Kow is the time to advertise. , Try
i- Oriict, Rook u nil s'talionm,
Parsons wishiug Drugs, Medicines, or Iloe&s,
,7wi!l do well lo cal-1, at Strong's Drug aud
' Book SUire, corner Hulbert's Block, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will lied a large stock of
Pure Medicines, IiiiuorSn Oils, Paints; Dyo
rituffti, Perfumery, and Fancy Articles. ,. '
.Physicians can buy as low as Uk any mar
ket, in Southern Ohio., ''";,.,. ,
The utu-ntioii of the publio is culled to the
Urge kUcX of up iuil Koto Paper, feus,
Jnk, Paper, KtiiyeB, ttuleM, &c, &C. Yi
.1 School Books ciln be bought ' oheaper at
Strong's titan at nay Vlier establishment iu
Vinton .bodily.' , 1 ' ..- '
... O.'ll uuuaw). ' .May 2-Gm
, ,.'.VV f". ' ' 1 '
A Vooi.kn . J'actoiiy -i-A person who owns
a large and valuable tract of Intnl. through
nrhicb tbe Marietta and Cincinnati Unilroad
-)upt'P, west of and adjoining 'the' Ztleski
'EatiitVJn- .Vinfiiu oounty, .Kuthftrics us to
ftbte that a si to for a' Wooleu Factor; will
be gWeu freo to ' any putty' kihn will build
upon It. It is sn excellent place for a Wool
en Factory; about ne mile from the SUleski
Depot of tho M. fc 1 U. K.; and water, coal,
wood, and every ching rise necessary for
building and running an establishment of
this kind, being near at Land. ' We think
there is not a more cenvnient . location in
this county tur a Woolen Fao'tury'.'" For fur
thfr particulars call en or address the Edi
.lor of this I'nper.
for 3iiltlt'r'fi Elcrb Rittcrs
Go SiBson'a Diur Store.
.8ayiasMirH ViT anted. A good Sil
rvjramttli would do Well if bo should
locate In this jjlaco, as thero is(no shop
hero. , . t; . '
. The ";One Armed Man's" . Show, T,
J. FoBQnAVE, Proprietor, at the " City
Hall," aiu Zalcaki, as wef jearn, drew a
full houEe it was really a nico enter;
1 inment; and the citizens were well
pleased,, .wlih 'le. Scriptttte iud Jlis
callanoous Scenes. Tho new Astro
nomical Sceocg which he lately pur
chased in an Eastera city cannot fail
to satisfy all who '.'go to see,".:. Ho
gives a full explanation, during the
entertainment,- of itJl the' Religious
scenes. ' ' V 7 ' .
He - will entertain tho people at
many places in this county, and at
McArthurj in a few days. S. B. Sny.
dee isi,4 Agent. " '" ... '.i,
For' Sale. A. & E.' D. ATolf, of
McArtbur,, have & lot of very' fine
Spanish. Ewea and Bucks for sale. r
Those wishing the very best' of sheep
should go and see therd., ' '. Ju. 1.
Killed. Thomas J. Livingston
an employee at the Marietta & Cincinr
nati Railroad Depot, at Ilamden, was
a j badly injured, 6rfJPriday night last,
while assisting in coupling cars, that
he died in - a few1 moments after the
accident occulted. He was, as we
learn, crushed between tbe cars.' He
leaves a wife ''.and. 'many' friends' to
mourn their5' unhappy loss. ' '.;';;;; .:;,
j. P. Dqnkle entered upon bis offi
cial duties as f Treasurer of ; Vinton
county, on Tuesday afternoon1 last
David Foreman, who has held the
office twrj years,' (one term,),,1 retiring.
Mr,, jFoREMAN has been- a caretul, cor;
rect, and efficient officer accommoda;
ting 'to everybody--and has filled the
important position to the entire satis
faction of the people of the county.
tt VS I 1 ' ,-ui.l '.'.
J'oNEs 'arjd Fee . are" great friends to
the' Jrioh Bondholderf who sit in their
easy ebaira and. pay no taxei'" ' Let ' tbe
.laborers and tax-payers go to tba polls
1 '"ln in hi "U If a"
For Ayer's Medicines, Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
1 iTATncB;-The-f oyowiri rj gentlemen
have our unj)bibn$4 thanks for lits
of campaign-subscribers:'
J-FI.M. 3Ialf(-yintn -Furnace S,, C.
Stoiobrooii:,ffnrf William .Cltfifc, Kays
ville; W. II. 31,, Hewitt,., Hope .JFu
nacOj' joUn1 Stehcns,'!Eagl6 Millsj'N.
II.Tiaines',; ionclpndcrry Dr.; II.7 C
Moofe,. Alleft3vUle; ,! J;.M. Page,' Clin
ton. Township;'. J.'T. ' Black; Madisoij,
,. Send in tho names, irienda! . Kow is
tho time. Only 2o, cents for tho cam
paign, or tor three uiontns,. . , : I
: '..One' or tue.jjest, Hotels in ?outh
1RN Ohio,' roa, :SALE.-The Holbert
Hoase in this town, ' kept , by,. Mr. II
HuLBEUT, is advertised for sale, as will
bs eea by aefetring to another part of
tovday'a paper. Tba Hotel is in one of
the bejt locations and one of bost Ilotelf
in Soatbero Ohio overjthing so neatly
and conveniently arranged,'' both iosidc
aod oQtsida of the Huase:1 Tbe best
well of water in the ,towo; an ezoellent
atahla and out-building; a fine gatdeo
6a the lot; many, choice fiiut treen,'ie.
Everything about tbe. proaiii'es is in the
most codjplcte order. All is offered at a
jery low prioe-onehs!f its yalue.;7 q
Tbe Hotel, being the only one in this
towo, huSjbeooiiie popular under the su
perioteddeuOA of the- gentlemanly pro
prietor, Mi, Hclbuat o uisq knows
the duties of a landlord . better than Wr.
H , and oo oae- performs tile duties
.with greater plensure, He cpares DO
piiitis to make bis gueetn feel eddrely at
home," , ,;' ;
. His table ; is. . always. furotBhed with
everything that can plaaso. the weary
traveler; and the eetsblihhrntnt, really.
In all its departments, is neat, eleso, and
witin'fT,;;' : ',;'! '.
Nugro FxfcMKRg P-rVoters of Vinton
county1! If tlio Proposed Amendment
to the Constitution shall , have a ma
jority this county ' will bo flllod up
with lazv NesrrocB, who will sav: .' Go
way, vou White trash! rl'se here to
vote!" ;j;:;;;r. r-
', Death of Rev. JF. Given. Itoy.
5. F. . Given, editor of tho .Christian
Mines?, departed this' life, aftor i n
long and painful illness, yesterday
(Friday) .morning,1 August 30th. Mr.
Given, by his urbanity, aud christian
kindiioss, has endeared himself to
thousands of the citizens of Ohio, to
whom the news of his death will come
almost as a family bereavement. .' His
funeral will tiiko place at two o'clock
Sunday. afternoon, from his late resi
dence, 124 North Seventh street. The
friends and acquaintances of the fam
ily aro invited to attend. Ohio States':
man, August 3J.. . ' ' ''' ;, '
Thueb of the principal, rivors of
Ohio all take their rise irr Auglaze
county the Scioto, Mad River, and
Miami. ,Tho Auglaze and St'.. Gary's,
running North, also start from that
county. The head of. the Wabash- i'r
in Mercer county, formerly a part of
Auglaze county. , .".Largo, streams
from little fountains flow.'1 " .
An island, one quarter of an acre in
area, and covered Avith a heavy growth
of bushes aud trees, twonty feet high,
that had long been stationary in a
pond at Tyringham, Mass., floated the
other day a full half , milo from its
original location.'' . ' ' ' "!
A PittsfiEld (Miss.) cat recently,
eaught two large frogs in a pbiid,' car
fid them to the house and put them
in a pail of , water. '.Whoneyer they
jumped out she would, put them back
again. '. , : !:
i. A letter Irom Cheyenne City, the
new town that is to be, at tho baso of
the Rocky Mountains, says the specu
lation in - lands . and . lots is running
. i,;u o r, l,..A,A ..
sons are there now.' Lots sell as hig
as six hundred dollars, although there
is not yet a respectablo looking house
built. -
One of the "big", arguments: for
niggcir , iBufTrage, .."is that it only en-
tranchises about' o.OUU negroeB.
That is a firoocl arcumont or what
some. -would call ? bully urgnnient,"
the best that Radical apostles are
able; to get upVi"; .It will , probably do
for them to recollect that it is not tho
largo doso of poison but Jtha small, one
tlfat is dangerous, as the large dose'is
apt to cause a reaction and have the
opposite . effect from that ' desired,
There1 is more danger arising from
the enfranchisement of 8,000 negroes
in the State of Ohio' than of the' en
franchisement of SO.OOO or 200,000. :,
The feelincs of the .Radical . party,
as orpressed by their orators, is that,
tney aon t want a .uepuoncan ui vote
for their ticket who'can't swallow the
enfranchisiniririic;fferjiimendment. If
we were such v, a.,'14opablicano; we
Would rtefl the Radical nartvd-0'ne on
ahd placed on ntbe ., shelf .before we
would Vote' fof after it thus' express-:
es its. teeiingSfii vv e .wouia, nave our
Rcprtblicari .frientfs reroern.bor, that ex:
pression, and recollect with what in-
sdleiKifr'rfe "was p6ken. J 'They don't
eare wnetner xney 'lnsun you or noi,
ahd '!f: W w'e're.juf', .yottt placos'; we
wauld' not : care rei-y ' much whether
we, answered itneir t taunts Dy .voting
for thoif tidket.' :-' 1 , ".!0 ; "L'n":y,;,
For Fine Perfumery, Go to Sisson's Drug Store.
The weather is very warm
-VA n t l-A bolW ioh Xbaci f tha.iast
ycati'thibol'uioliisislU'We-deW t'
country with innumorable books, pamphlets
Bn.Uac()',ipeala.tirig; WieUalse'and parnicieus'd;ootrine.
Littlo ba.' ever been ilohe
in the kme' way i'owards cdunteraotiag
their influence, esr.ept-what has been done
fj those 6oM and able writers, -Messrs. i?an
ltj,$to ft Co, Nj Yjtf ft j. fj.oii
saads now jfeel that 'such publications afe
indispenaihly necessary. la order to vsuj-
,ply f jmt, if bclicvfl pi a;wide4cU;Wuti
they are sow issuing a series of "Auti-Aw
lition Tracts," embracing a oonoise discuS
sirf of currtnl' polittoal 'i9tVl'a och
cheap anif pctpdUr brm,,aad at'sbch a mere'-
ly nominal price for large quanucs, as
Ought to seoilro for them YeryexfesWe
circulation. We have received two of tSe
Tractn' TIie.Six Speoies f .Men.i. with puds
representing the typi8 of the Caurasiad,
Mongol, ' Malay, " American Indian,: Esqoi
ma, rnd Negro," and "Frts Negroiaiu; or,j
ResultVof Emancipatfon In' the' Northj'and
tha West India .fslandft," which, should be
curefullv read bv tferv voter in the Unitea
,. Those, wishing, any. of these Tracts cat)1!
leave their orders at this ofiice.
For Tune Drugs and Medicnes, go to Sisson's Drug Store.
... " i1, i i j o i it
This Pemocraiio Kxeoutivo Committee of.
Vinton County S. C. Cane, I). Br Snivel
and'J. 0, Swetland, Jr., hnve appointed
tha iolliiWine' named. ;;gMitltneii' asi1 an
JZagU John''W..WlUsibsbn. Jnonh Innaugle,
Brawn Washington Keetnu, h'tn t. Heea.
Elk'-K: J. Kwairay Patrick !.MAI8ter Coon.
Swmi -Fred. Crndlehaugb,.Fred txiek.;.U U
Jackson Lalan Sampson, Julni Rose,
MatiUon- Morris AHiaugh, fioluinon oh'pleyi
Clinton John Frnte. Dr J. A. Monahan. ,
Vinton John Ilooth. Joseph McLanghiiUi i,
Rkhlandh." A. Aiwood, Dr. H. 0. Moore,
Harrison Lv)e. . .(' ; ,. .,' f ;
Harrison A. Ai canhrieht,' S, C. 5fcfnbro6k.
H'aMwft-Charl,eB Jlulholland, King Wells.
i' Il.i.'l.'-ti.t;i.,A,.A 1j,1 R Moll ''"
n, ar.ll. nit . I,v W. D. HlEiilnn. Esq.
W HTtrKN nd Mta LruiA Ot'iwett, both of
Vinton ennnlf'
On the 2nd of September, IW, of oonitumptioHi
I.nciM., dnught.-rofp;. ! nnd Carolina Wolf, near
Mu Arthur, ngt d 18 yeni s, J months, and 3 days.
. ' Oiih more bright nherub uweeUy plumes .uu-'
Its ((lorious Bnoiv-wlilte wingn;
One niniecloiir,, Hweet Bnge'to , voice
' " 1 The heuvenly aiithinis siuij'. '
FOR SilliE!
Corner Main and Markot Sts.,"
;.. ..-,. .OPPOSWE,, COURT H006B, n
McArthur; Ohio.
T WILl OFTETt AT PRIVATE 8AIE this valuable'
1 property, silnmed m McArtl ur, the County Sent
J Vinton ind the entio ot ti' vast coal and iron
fti;ioii nf Ohio. This in the
"1 "V V -----"1 4v fVin
y a.j :
there is a goul ulnlilei all theennvonidncos nececAS'
ry to iiinke it what it should ho- an excullont loca
tion', nnd iB doing a (nehiisineK9.
Any person desiring make an- investment of
th kind will do null tii eall anil oxamine the prein
iae as I rhcire tn retire trmn the hui'iiips,and will
sell the property at one-hnlt'ita real vulnei r -'. in,
' 6cpt luber 5, 186"-tf
j . ' , T.; i '
:i ;
PAINTS FOH FARMERS ani other,-Tho Ornlton
Mineral 1'a.iH Uu.iiuuoivfnuuultictaiitigtlie best,
c.'ieapeHt, nnd .nost durable faint in use; two coals
well put nn, mixed witn pure Linseed Oil, will last
ID or 15 years; it is ot a linht brown or beautiful chon
olme color, and e.in lie dimmed to green, lead,
iltone, drah, olive or cream, to suit tate of consumer.
It is viiiiiul'lo-for' HniiJin.BarnaiFencei, Carnage
and Car-makers Tail and Wooden-waro, Agncul
turjl linDlementH. Canal Boats, Veaw'ls nnd Ships'
Bottom?, "anviif; tt einl and Shinel" Kbetot beinK
f re Hon WiUO pronfc) r I or uu oiin, (Din umiui
rk'inrer hiiviim used 4001) bbls. tho pant year.) aud
as a paint for any pu-pose 19 unsurpassed t'jr body,
duranilitvi l.Hit!ity, andVlhesivenas.' Price $S
nerbtit. ofaiulba.. which will annnlv a'tarmer for
veare toconio. Warramed in all eae as above.
Send tbVai'ireiHnrwHicheiveftillnartrcular. nn
lenuiue unleHa branded in a trod mark Grafto
Mineral Faint. Address
261 Pearl Street New York.
, Sept. 6,
Advertisements. Notice.
, VL (ieraona are hereby .notiflad notlo harlW' ioV
rV trtmt. nr tnidiA hittfl of oredit or -otntrant with
Uaihel Clark, my wifel tt in Jnny way iir any
liabilitiee against me, with or for tha Baid Rachel II.
Clark, from and after this date, for the reason that
the said Rachel II. Clark, my wile, fcnaleft.my bed
and board without any just cause or provocation
whatsoeveri'andthut I will hot' be- responsible for
any contract, debts, on omiatioq ny nor so mine.
, Dated Augnst80,-l8fj7-8w v fMffl
Attachment Notice.
i . . . .. f . .. . . i , tii
Plamliff, " iBefore Georike Craig, J. P.
;ainBt i , Ulintoa JownsJiip, ,yuitpn
AKred DMvenO,; Dell. Ji ' OSimt. OhIO.i iin li
rN the 30th day of August, A. D. 18(17, said Justice
J issued an order.-oiactacnment in ine above ao-
tinn for the sum of Eiahteen Dollara and Thirtvfive
Cents (S18.5,1 Hf.. I'.l.'li'j WW
6eptemoer s, ise7-aw . -, , , . r
A most ..valuable
and wonderful nublication. A work or 400 ,pai
a .ui sa anlared annavinsi. i Sn 'tiunter'a Vale b
cum, an oi'Hginal and populnr, treatis on Man and
Woman, their Physoloej, Funetiona, and troubles ot
every kind, with never failing remedies for their
speeuy cure.. ,
, The praotioeof Dr. Hunter has Ion bean and atill
Is, unbounded, but at the eailiest solicitation ot nu
merous nersnns. tie has been Induced to extend his
medical ueji4Bet.through themediuiuoJbia'JVaiie
Meeaon." .. n , ,
' One copy, securely enveloped, wilr be forwarded
free,af.postsga.toauy)artof tha United glatee for
oocentiuJr. v.-siamps. l aouresa, eoa
UMcr,tii9..3 Division a(paeu,ew lonR .i..
' August 13, 1867 y .1
Administrator's Notice.
t-KT-OTTnK la harehv civea-tlui I.ewU A. Atwood
d.' .Administrator f;tho ZsUte.of JlioinaaCox.
lato of Vinton county, Ohio, deceased, has filed his
accounts for inspection andBnal settlement In' the
Probate Conrt of Vinton county, Ohio, Which will he
for hear na on theetn aav 01 septeniDor, a. v. imn
Auiitiiit'iB. iaiJw rrobateJui
Administrator's Notice. SHERIFF'S
$ Xtvtn.l Co!CT, Cimo, August 'il, 18C7
ivV tire htrohy notiffixl to meet at the Haunt ptaeei
X of holijni( lnMionii. .in the evral'wn!ihp of
(6iH, ill '' Jnrii rtlt- llnj-nUiHiU iu ucli casu
nieuo ana jvtfiUHpmno. x ) -,.
h A.-D. 1867.
between tlfchouhof So'eMtk in th-turrrxion nJ.
o'clock In tin nttniBon o( Hiiid.n, and then nrl
there proccd t Wte.OJ, bJot for Hie following Orhl
cers.io.wiB .
One Goyerrior for the State of Ohio;
One Lieutenant Governor tor tho Stat
Ohio: '
One treasuifcr of State for the Statfe
: niim-ik
One Aulto pf State' 'for the State of
unto; i . . -i -, .
One Attrney"-General for the State of
OiTeSupruftio Judge for'tho-'Stato.iof
Ohio: 1 1 j i .;j - i ,
One Cornplroller of the Treasury fof
fhri Rtali'f Olii0:'--;''l ' kit
ATfiihV nf tho 'RnnrrT ' rf .: Pilldir
, orK jur wie piait? o yuiy, ( :
Ono Stftfa S'natoV.'fvr.Itf.'Stlcnatov'
rial District composed of the Cottif-
' .tics "of. V.lnCoU-. UaJJia,.',Jiawrone4
and Meigrv ',;'-:.( v '"w y" r
One Judirtf of tho Court "of Cdmnfon
,, 'Pleas :jfor.;!the1,'2hd Subiyisionof
. the 7UL'Vudi,1ial listnet-7CompcweU
- of the coutv ics of Yinton,-Jatrksorr;
Pike, fjoioiu, and' Lawrence.
One Representative for Vinton county;
One Prosecuting) Attorney for Vinton
county 'j
One Surveyor for Vinton county;
pno One .Commissioner for Vinton
j cpuntji -,.' --,r-, r-y-."
And ybq )will also. pr--o6ded.tr vote for
f or against the following Proposed
I Amendment -16 'thb' Constitution of
tho State of Ohio:
Jlieot&S tj ' the 1 General, 'Ammbly Withe
State.; if p)uo, (three-flftbsjof Ijle mombers
elSetsJ to each HdusS agreeing' thereto,)
That it be and is hereby proposed to the
electee of this State to vote at the next annual
Ootdber elculion, upon the approval or rejec
tion1 pf tha following amendment as a sub
, statute for the first seotion of the fifth A rti-Mr-
ln nf the Constitution of : this 8tate. to-wit:
Every male eitiien of rthe United States, of
Jhe sge lof twenty one years, who shall have
been! ar resident of t the, 8tate- . n year
next pfecdeiling the i.eleotion," : and of -the
courity, ,,4owDsbip..or ;,.irard in -wbioh
be rest jits, , scb ; , (im.. .aa roay be pro
vided by law, except such persona a , have
borifo arms n;gupportef any insurrection or
rebsllion airainst the cof erhiaeutof the Uni
ted State, or have ned from their plaoes of
residence, to avoid being drafted into the am
itary service thereof, or have deserted the
military or naval tervlce of said government
in time of war, and have not subsequently
hen honorablv discharged from the same.
'IbalJ haye tbe . jrjualifioations of Anr elector
aiirf be teatitlcd. to Vote at .ill Bleotibne,'
' 'Those ot1nfox the Amendment shall put
Those voting. against the Amendment shall
mit imon their ballots these words:
TheTnistoes of tho
i-ounty are hureby notittert tlmt the following number
ot Jurors are apportioned to their Touhips re
spectively, md that they are required to Pelect tha
(.aid Oumbernnd make return thereof to the Clerk
of the Court of Common Pleas, together with the
Toll Book: .
Elk 17 Swan 9
Eagle 5 Clinton 14
Wilkesville 8 Vinton 0
Knox 4 Jackson
R. .
1 -
10 Madison l
6 I Brown 7,
Riven nniler nrV h t m
ooietrin wcannur.
v- ,.,.-.. i. i867,
" ..... v eiiirmru v
! '' ' Shorlft Vinton County, O.
September 6, ISflMde "
' .jsor.'i ;k-v ;i.!'f ': i irj
i.i.iIk- mi .- ' , i -- . i; !". w ;
i - ... p
Tp B pBAWtt Al CoyiNQTOS, Kl.,
ii Class i'. E, September vl6th,
i Class P. , September ! 30th;
t'l.l .
it prize
il priie .
1 prize
2 prises
19 prises
63 prices
. of
0 prites of $300
9 prizes of 250
164 prises or 200
8 prizes of 150
220 prizes of 125
IS drizes of 100
261 prizes ef 50
Prizes amounting to $230,650,
32,000 Numbers andi788 Pi taes.
..! sj ,U.-L. -JU c. w --
Whole tickets f 12; Halves $6;
j V" e.t--r-t it ft f! pi
?LAN)F THE lOTTERY.-lThe-numbers
frdm 1 to 32,000, corresponding with those numbers
on the tickets, printed o sepernto slips of paper, are
nciri'Jed with small tin tubes, and placed in one
,.h,i Th. nri,ua. nfivliinh there 788, varying as
abbvejifrom $6e,ouO 1o S60,Vare similarly printed
on sepemte slips, i3irqled, ana f isceq. in ruwxv
wheel. The wheels are then revolved, and a oura
llor is drawn bora the wheel of eumbers, and at tho
..n.,in.. h.. laiiman from the other wheal.
Theiaitmtwraadfriaa, fjrawn out are- opened and
exhibited to the andieaco, aad registered by the com
missioners, the piiie being placed against the aura
her drawn. Tis OferatioB ia! repoutad untilall the
prise are- drawn ouu. -
Tbe above Magnificent Single-Number Lot.
terv. whioh will be drawn in publio, In Co
vington, Kt., by Sworn Commissioners, at 1
o'olock P. M at the corner of Fourth aqd
Scett Straots. Thi Kentucky Stale
Lotteries are bo Gift Eh t,e"r?pi;ieB,ut4' respon
sible Monev Lotteries.that have bsien eonduoU
ed Successfully for the past 30 years, and are
drawn' un4er thtfaatnority ot anartenirqjn
the fitate'and boiids'te a large amount are
given for the payment of all prises. The
drawings BwVMi8hW lnA'th Wew Tork
tier aid and Cincinnati Commercial.
The above1 Boheme wiH oS drawn, the ii.a.
die and last of each niopth during and
1868" ''" ' i ' ' ."i-iiv.o ,i-ii (.,
Circular ofUtterl 'orawJbg'aily'Jdnl
fresby appliAatioii to the" Managers,. , , "
AdoVestall orders' fcr tfekets to" 'J"1 j
WA '' fl-; -Ivl
I Ml ... - V ! n ,I i' ;
:J.I H . .:'...
. HI.,;'., . i,., , !
., '", , 4WAIUHD T t .- ,
"' Ct to N,' H. St( AKileuhoml BoriMr $'' : ' '
'. ,('"'' X. BIKB tTT T" ' jh. 3. 1
u. i '3TeacS3Vli Hair test entire 1
mout tht
iht growth of Ute tiair t chitjifti th "
to their oHtrinal ortsnto action t rdi ' ?n
DBTntrufY m Bumonit prTntf jWk , I'
i roouto Ui
A uur railing out t Uftiupenor vrrmng.
. ucuDumi no injunoiii infrrairnii.
Die tnirra uiroufinoui Ui
uui, rveaj, rsorux, ua
Bourn. 4
t B. BARRETT 4 CO., Preprieforty
I ' I '-. MANCniSTBR, K.H. "
: ,i' . ' . .. ' -t.'.i . -, . . -.
For sale bv Dr, J. S. bikoDO, Druggist, . . ,
J(uiy4,:lW7-lyriM,' t,;;jl,,MoAtthurQhlov
li.., j.,..; (.. .. ,1 .i w;t .. ! 'i
- " AWARDED THE j "'1 ' "
l .-.i t; ..'. 'iff - ! ' ':. i :.!..
,1 (.: AT THE ,.
World's Fair. London,
WHERE all Sewing Machines ot any notey
both European and American, were in
competition. , - . i . -
4 The ' yearly talcs of " Wheeler
t' Wiloi lire .equal to- the, tales of atl l
ofAcr Sewing Machinei Combiiud, ;
('We nse tha wheeler A Wilson, end', pro
nounce it withouta rival.s-Boiannrio AaxaicAK.
There is no machine so' simple and 'easily
Managed, or that (an perform such a variety
el work without basting or preparation.- -
. ' '
BGyAll orders will receive prompt
attention, if left with
il ;'! ' I .js. ,ti .MoArthur, Ohlo.
J. I WoodsiDe, Agent, .
' " ' Chiliic'othe, Ohio.-"
May 23, 18G7-3m '
W AS II 1 iH G
Strong, Simple and Practical.
TT is a Squbihho Mach'imc; warranted no
to iniure clothing ; geared te civ . fix
atrokes of the plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 159 turns of which wilt, wash
thoroughly the bulk of Bix to twelve' shirts,
according tn tbe site or Machine used.
Six Yean' experience proves the Nonfaawi
to be tbe only Washing .Machine made which
j tench the test of lim ani Usi. ; It is aoap
proaohsble for 4 , . . ...:..-. -!
4GENTS WATEP.8eni for fro De
scriptive Circulars lO 4 ...,.f,....tfl ,'
; .. OAKLEY,, t KEATIflO, ,.'.. .,
I -184 Water Street, New, York City,., s .
June 6, 1867 -9m " t . r
Divorce HTotlob:
TyiLLIAM LOWEIIY, whose place of residence Is
' unknown. Is hereby notified that MarrAna
l,owrey,,did, on the 12ih duv of Auuilst, A.-D. 18W,
'Jle her petition in the Of.ce of the Clerk of the Court
ot common rieas, wiioyi anirronnecouniy oi vin
ton, and fttate of 01. m, chareing tne said William
Lowory with having been willfully absent from the
said Mary Ann Lowery for moro than three years
prior tnercto, and for thatuause praying for a divorce
from the said William Loworv; for the care, custody,
and control ol three minor children, and for such
other aijd further relial'ai tlje nature of the case
and equity may require;-, which petition will be lor
hoariuH at the next term of said court. 1.
ii Bf Mavo DuHaiway, her Att'ys.
AugoskiSiiiTr V-HVIU
!i'tio;i:1o-;;.'-i ,sr!.;it'r.a''Il , ii.i:i'l ii -.i ,-.i.'-j
loii'iJ v iivs 1 '") iu') ,?.?.
r! ..,- .1 r ift.-' 'it-, ih ,,i' jj.-.i ;i
,il ?The onLt Machine so perfected .that entire
aatisfaotion, guaranteed ', 'the turehase
money reiunaea. , ,,,,, ,-.
IWhere we hayepo Agent a sample Jiecoine
nil), be eqld .,( very ow prioe,' and a Local
Agent appolnUd, on "Mltba.0.mo,fa.TorabU
i N jjBbni foP'oifeuUYAltin Aginto.
wanted. Salary, HberaL ,, -" . ,,
FinLlt Ac IiVOll SI ltl. Co.
I 1 587 Broaowjl' New; Xork
. : .".,!. A -.' i- , i' -M r l .' ! J.'j
g tci i i " ffl ' ' '.
' qw X' fWM' . 'i !','
... t-,t ... . ..-t -
jamis H.wHcKorr." , " JsErnr. siAtaa
ARE still In town menusuturing and aeahng m
all kind or ... -..4 . ... .'
' A I.
'.Cabinet? Furniture,
pn MAIN STKEE'fj opposite Dr. Wolf's Offiao, '
The r'urniinreis riUcl out' of the beat wiond
material, and by tne most experienced irku?n.' t
. . ,t . ,; ,.. .- ..... ,, . .
fttJREAtS-Hmy Style. 1 '- -
UpgTE.VDfi-All Kindv'J ', ;
I'ABLEi-iEvirr PatterD. '
. ; ; ! CHAIRS Fancy and Cottj,
always on band or furnished on shirt notice.
2Xopk'AixJjas''. J7 .'
or all Iciniis, .in Furmturt, Chain, Ac. stteodwl t
oo ehort notice. i If , ...-
4 soiferior quality of. MaUrosnes of all sue al.
waya aeptoa hand. t , " , v
We are alwi.vi in reaoinesa. to AT'P F1. Mrs .
KUNK.liAl.S Iu Town and CuuntrT. at Um
lowest rates. , t., '
A Fair l'ricet, for a"; lair ' ArttoU
is Our Mottol
Futchasenre requested to c.tII ard euminS tar
Large tSook'of Furniture
before purchasing elsewhere, as we teal aoafldent
that we can furnish better and cheaper articles tha
any other establishment in this vicinity. , -
. -j. ii 1 1 1 c i . . i si ciiur r HAXta.
and Business Form i3ook, .
A COMPLETE GUIDE in all Matter ef
Law, arid Business Negotiationi fer eve
ry State in the Union. .''., ir-. ' '
With' Legal Forms, and foil Instuctitni for
proceeding, without legal assistance, ia suits
and .business transactions of : every dorlp-
.Together with the different State Law.
concerning the Collection bf Debts.' Property .
. w ...i t.i' i..;iii.. '
IXempt irom jvzccutiuu, xieui um, uusary.
License to Sell Goods, Qualification of Vo
ters, Limitation of Actions, to.,' .
' AIbO, tbe General Bankrupt Law, wttk
forms and full iastructions to enable Bank
rupts and creditors to take full benefit of the
Act without legal assistance. ,
AlsoPension Laws, wi'ii full Inttraclioos
and forms to ehable tbe Discharged 8oldler
or bailor to procure Baok Pay, Pcusioni,
Bounties, and all War Claims. .
Alsd, Patent. Laws,! with full initruotloas'
to inventors, "' . "." ' .
' AlstJ, Exblae Laws, Stamp Duties, Post
Office and Custom House Regulations, the
whole aotion of the Government ia relatloh'
to reconstruction' and Freedmsn; Constitu
tion or the United States, with amendments,-
State Seals, with descriptions. So. .
' Over 250 pages new matter have beeav
added, to meet the requirement. ef the times.
"Thr attlttr ef such"tf -wort 'no one will
now question. . The sale of hundreds of '
thousands of copies of the former editions,
and the oonatant demand for it, have settled
that point. - The professional man the far
mer, the mechanic, the manufacturer, the
soldier, the sailor, each requires a conven
ient, comprehensive and reliable work.
It will save them money, save them troub
le, iave them lime, sate them litigation aad
lawyers' feee, and give them information
that nobody can afford to be without, 12m,
650 pages. . , ' , '.. '.
Price, handsomty bound,
Sent, post-paid, on reoeiptof price.
A good, reliable .Agent wanwd in evsrr
towa ja ,tbe United States. Also, s respon.
aible man at all prominent points, as General ;
Agent. Also, a lew wide-awake men, t
travel in establishing Agencies. , A.
. 164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. .
Any person wishing a copy 5
of the abore Book, wOl call on r
; ti. ; ;-- J. w . Bowkit,
Agent for Vinton County. ;
. . , i I,
TAE AMERICAN WIT is always fit
for any ono to read. 25 cents a jeal.
. v . 81 Nassau Street, N. I -
iSK aod reoeive THE AMERICAN
,WIT. 25 oeoti a year.
81 NaaaauStieet, N. Y,' ,
GEN. GRANT is tbe Urapt ot tfriDM.
... ' . U,l 1 ..).. . I. 4'.J
lew. . . . I'-t-i
lUUliABiJSUra tU44LAo(
, . : ; .8lNss8ao St., N. r. ;,;'';
PUUNNEE! The Aooec4oU in
1 1 . 81 Nassau Bt., N.T.
HOME Amusements in the AUE&ICAN
Wit 25 oentaavesr. " ' '
':Vm. V i '". '. '.-'."' 81 Nsssatt St. V.. N.
FREED MAN'S Bureau in tha AMER
ICAN WIT. 25 oa. year.
t 81Nsbbbu St.,N, Y.
WIT." 25' ets. year. . ,, r . , , ;j ' t
$12 Geld and Silver Watches $12
200 GetS Hunt' Case 1-ever Wttches UflO to 17Seaefc 7
iop Gold ilunt'g case Lerwne waociiea 7to jw f f
SOOCiold Hated Silver Cases fi iOto 100
SUOSolidsilserOaseLeverWatoSwia ,;)6to 78
6(S) Boiid silver Case Lepene Wafchea " 86 to T& " .
eoOG'IdConiposiMHuiiit'gCasewatchesaoto SO
All the above splendid watolun will be sold for
tig each,- We have adopted the following plan: ,',
Certificate describing each watch and its value, are I
prepared and placed in sealed t-nvilope. ani tta i
ndlderwill be entitled to -the Vatch H calU fpr, up
on payment St the 812. This ts not a loiiery, hut a
bona fide sale, l'rocure a cvtiticai, and as there
are no blanks, cvary one must get a watch at half the
usual price at least, and many will get? spieadid
Geld Watch for the trifling sura joftliL Certificates.. a
santby mall to any address for 60 oenta aoh Fi r
will be seat for fJ; fifteen for IV. thirty-five for llO.
Agents w
Jl-6m .".
Agents waowa; aenaior circular. Aaomuk ,! .,. r
; -,,' 36 Betkmaa St., Hew lorvt-
car.i. ,c i-..- -" ' ' ' '

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