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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 12, 1867, Image 1

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. - ' ' 1 11 vv f V lAliVAljy AlVAW OUAU)
Inauguration of Governor Helm
' fjouisviELE.Sep'tT Joliirl.-Hqlm,
" 'owiiiV to tho. .fcc))ft condition of his
health, and hia inulilityjd proceed to
'.Vraivki'ort, was innugirated to-day at
Eli.abothtown. ' . '
'.' Governor -Eramlett, ia.liis .valedic-
-!' NVhen." I camo into office tho dobt of
. tho State created before thujar was
S5 815,234 03. Wo borrowed and ex
pended 'during the war in support of
gur'Govornm5hl,Wl6031p92B9. This,
added to tho debt existing beforo the
war and unpaid whon I came into of
fice,' makes $10,448,826 62.. Of this,
wo havo paid off all oxcept $4,046,199
46.' This amount includes all 'Our
prosent indebtedness created for in
ternal improvements and school pur--.oses,
and debt created for war pur-poses.-
Tho school fund is made a per
manent debt under our Constitution,
the interest only payable. Deduct it
m 632,297 46) from . tho debt which
" ia to bo paid, and ft leaves our prcsont
debt $3,013,902. To meet this wo
havo in the Treasury at this time $1,
407,947 91, and in bank and other
stocks, constituting the Sinking FuAd,
$6,10!,294 50, "We also have a largo
Unpaid balanco duo from tho Federal
Government for war expenditures,
which is now boing pressed for settle
ment. I found you in debt, with an
existing necessity to largely increase
that debt; I loavo you with your debt
reduced, and ample means provided to
discharge all your liabilities.
I found you in tho midst of a terrific
ir.ii.- tlifiStatotrembIinr beneath
tho tramp of contending armies; our
people kept in constant dread of guor
rillas.that ravaged tho State, and of
military satrap who wero a disgraco
to any cause; I loavo yon with abound
ing peace, good-followship restored to
onr people; and with peaco and pros
perity within, wo havo no dangers
from without to menaco our security.
Bat, fellow-citizens, it cannot be
vonecaled . from our intelligence that
we are menaced with dangers which
-threaten to wreck our republican form
X)f government, and lay m waste ine.
noaco and security of this our boun
teous country. These dangers had
their foundation in tho formation of
sectional parties based on geographi
val discriminations, and which led to
our terrible civil war. .
BY tho domination of ono faction in
, -tho 'councils of the nation, sharpened
by tho spirit of revenge common to
iwrtv dissensions, we aro now threat
ened with a frightful despotism. To
avoid these dangers wo should adopt
considerate conusola and prudent ac
tion against tho movements o that
w:n,T Wn of sectional hate, thrown
upon tne surmi.-e i vi.vvv,".
,. : Vi nftntn aiflll OI
civil war, and kept alive by heartless
demagogues, who subordinate every
interest, mental, moral and physical,
..i.n Wnrotn niA Koeial.to thoir own
uuuui;, UHIU.V .... .
base and inordinate thirst for placo
and power and tho honors and eniolu,
ments of office." . . y '
This partjVle(i 0,1 by thoso deraft
jro"ues, propose to reconstruct tho
sovernments ot the Southern States
to as to enfranchise the Negro and dis
franchise tho White men, hot ot their
party,' in those . States. They , hopo
thereby to build up a Negro party in
the South, which will perpetuate po
nnri in their hands, ihis
j -r.vL- nf meonstruction,
successful, is fraught with dangers and
calamities ' from which humanity
vinVahiicit availed. It Will destroy
tho inspired work of Washington and
y.!- ,..n!nffl W tho ovorthrow
All iho reservod rights of tho States
and Mho centralizing of power in tho
Federal Government.
It .will ' forco a conflict of raqca by
.f;.',ffc White man and tho Negro
in political' array against each other
to contest tno ngni, w i ui
,w Xn jrnvernmont ever has been,
or cMi-.be, maintained .which assumes
to distribute its political franchises
equally afid impartially between two
mitagbnistic races of men. This great
trutltcia. taugbt by history . and rm
pressed by nature, as an instinctive
living heart. , In
the struggle for the ascendency
racoyou set tno two in
tagonism, and conflict becomes Una.
voidable.1 J
The woaker, with all lus adherents,
must', ia tHo naturo of thingSj cither
yield or bo exterminated, and the an
tagonism of race can not bo abolish'
ed"b"birman enactment nor abrogated
by constitutional amendments, . and
tho racos ot this
Win.iivwj ... .1 I
country ju a contest ior tho contiol
' and government of the, country, there
' is no power boncatli the sun to s
the hand of destruction' and save tho
weaker "racu from extermination.
When that - conflict is. forced, one or
tho Other raqo must yield or porish.
TMW nrl insniro our peoplo with a
patriotism which can ariso above jmr
t,v or flection, and give them tho wis
dom to understand and the1 humanity
to avoid litfch a conflict. :
' The-' domagoguo5''"wlio nre'sa'want
oiily forcing us upon theso dangerp
rwl that it is only their purpose
to "punish treason and protect loyal
ty ;" vet, they mako war upon our
J. ' t -rr 1 ..4lln0a1tr
Constitutional union mwu iuwvr
but witli less manly courago, than did.
thoso whom they would punish. V o
can respect the manhood of those who,
though erring in purposo and judg
ment, struck boldly and bravely lof
separating tho Southern States into
an -independent government. Uriov
ri a Kfw o.rv. but as crievonsly
havo they atoned for-that error; but
wo havo no rcBpcct for thoso who per
vert tho powers of a free- Wovcrnmont
with which they aro intrusted to the
destruction of tho rights and liberties
nf ' ' .t'hfirn White men. A bravo
,or. mnv nnfl often does err, but a
coward is always at fault; ho is him
self a fault.
AVa ndmirn iho boldness and couf
ago of Paul, who, while anti-christian,
made open war upon Christians from
city to city, following them with tho
process of law, but when Converted
by tho .great light of truth, as boldly
and courageously proclaimed tho doc
trines of Christianity; but all men,
Christian, infidel, and pagan, despise
of Judas Iscariot, who,
professing Christianity, betrayed hia
L . . . . ft L nil ,.,11
Lord with a kiss, do musu un
Kentuckians look upon thoso who,
professing Unionism, aro . destroying
hv a shameless disregard
of tho obligations of tho Constitution
which is the only bond of , the Union
Sn must they regard thoso who, pro.
foauinrrtn love liberty, aro for enfran
chising tho' Negro and disfranchising
tho White man, and who, professing
sympathy for tho oppressed, logislato
to Durcien ami upji-uBi "
and to exalt tho Negro. ,
Such men pretending to mako trca
son odious, are acting tho part of trai
tors to tho Constitution and liberty,
and of Judas to thoir own race. These
reconstruction tinkers havo denied
Kentucky's representatives their seats
in Congress, and mcnanco us with a
military government and reconstruc
tion. They have adopted a resolution
in Congress to inquire whether Ken -i.-ir
thn first born into the Union,
received under tho administration of
Washington, has a republican form of
government. This inquiry is u ju
u..lfc tr. tho memory of Washington
.,r,ri l.ia AntTmatriots. and is infamous
in its purposes of party vengeance
and malignancy. Tho threat to place
us under a military government, is a
treasonable, threat, and tho attempt to
na,.Vrr it. into execution, will involve
its movers in tno iaiui ;uua
own treason; Theso tin-ears iowuu
Us" by these rcconstructionists aro be-
nrincinlcs of tho Constitutional, gov
Mika wn r nrn assert anu iuuuuuh "v
ernment, and maintain the Constitu
tion and the right to enforce Constitu
finnnl fluff. The neot)lo of Kentucky.
in tho exercise of their inalienable
r-urht. r frf Rfilf-covcrnmont, havo re
cently voted contrary to the wishes of
tho State is overwhelmingly Demo
cratic, they would reconstruct us.
Referring to the recent election, he
iT,Af nff nnv recent elections bo
misconstruou at aumu w
atnm. abroad. Tho overwhelming
xmtA pnat, for Ilia Excellency, John L
not tho result of personal
popularities; tho causo was far deeper
nnrl morn controllinff than personal
considerations, and in thua speaking
I do not detract from tho porsonal
merits and popularity of His Jxcol
lency. ;. The voto recently givon was
tho irrcpressiblo outspeaking of the
people,. rogardloss of all personal pop
fl n.irtv. 'in solomn and
earnest condemnation of tho harsti
unwiso, unjUstj'unpatriotic, anti-repub.
lirnrt rlisunion and unconstitutiona
measures and policy 'adopted by tho
jm;nf,f 'miiini'itv in tho 'so-callod
rntad nf thfl ilmted btates.
doos not detract from his mftrits or
popularity .'to. say tho truth, that his
frrfrtt. tn.iioritV VaS attributable td the
active and Unyielding opposition
the pooplc of Kcntilcky to that des
potism which the dominant party, in
('tonress contintit) to assert over;. largo
portions of our", coi
....?- f ,. jvutiMrtrt f fiiintrv.' and
I - 1 v. iL hfirf. nf our
n tiron Tiiii-iiiinu uuuii w.iv i v.- .
1 onriotont v flBsert and niain
-y 1 r . .....
JIIA'J'IU I.V VVlJrjl...w
"tain the principles' a free, Constitu
tional Government." .-. I i ; . ' '
Governor-Helm; his inaugural,
It ia my. fondest wish, n;ost ardent
hopo and - earnest? prayer mat au tno
States may bo fratotfdd.'to their uqwal
rights under, tho Constitution, ai.id
that tho Union ' may bo as lasting as
timo itself. '
Thanks to God, tho tread of hostilo
armies is no longor heard; tho roar of
cannon and tho peals of musketry aro
hushed,' and peace blessed, glorious
peace sheds her bonignant and offal-
cent beams throughout tho entire
V . . . i.i n .1 . f Vl?l
leugtli ana breaatn oi tno .uepuunci
Now. mv countrymen, is tho proper
timo to calm tho troubled wHtors, to
heal all wounds and dissensions, to re
store concord and fraternity, and no
bly to redeem tho pledges which w6
voluntarily and frankly mado at tho
commencement of our lato and un
happy civil war. ...
As early as 1861, Congress adopted,,
almost unanimously, tho colcbratod
Crittenden . resolution, in which they
proclaimed to tho world " That this
war is not waged, on our part, in any
spirit Of oppression, nor for any pur
poso of overthrowing or interfering
with tho established institutions of
tho States, but to dofohd and maintain,
tho. supromacy of tho Constitution,
and to preserve tho Union with all tho
dignity, equality and rights of tho
several States unimpaired; that, as
soon as theso objects aro accomplished,
tho war ought to cease." Fortunately
for us all, tho war is now ovor, the
authority of the Federal Government
is overy-whero fully restored, and it
is full timo that tho faith of tho nation,
so solemnly plighted, should bo re
deemed. Let us forget tho bitterness
of die past. ...
tet us forgive VfS errors, remembering
that to err is human, to forgive, divine, and
thn, when wo bo longor keop the heel of
military dospotUm upon tho people of ten
sister States, -we may ory out againsi us
opprtaefon of England against Irolnnd, of
Russia oga'nst Poland, of Austria against
Hungary: but the world will think that wo
may well be silent till then
Beferring to the exolusion of the delega
tion, he says : The people ot Keutucur nave
ustfcattse to complain of tho ft.ot.i6n of ton-
aress, in excluding irora iuuir ecaio mo iry
resentatives from the Stato, who wore amy
elcoted in iicoordimC'S with tho forms and re-
nuirements of law, and who had all the
qualifications prescribed by the tecierai in
stitution. Nothing oan bo more explicit
llian the Constitution upon this subject, un
der artislo first', section second, we find the
following :
Tho House of Representatives shall be
composed of members chosen every second
year by the people of the several States, and
the eleotors or c&6h State shall havo the
qualifications" requisite for eleotors of the
most numerous branch of the Stale Legisla
ture. 2.' No person shall be a IUprrs'entative
who shall not have attained the age of twen
ty-five years and been seven years a citizen
of the United States, and shall not, when
elfded, have been an inhabitant of tM
State in wbioh he shall be chosen.
These are the sole and entire qualifications
whioh are required by the Constitution, and
Congress has no Constitutional power to add
to or subtraot from them.' This is the fund
amental' law, and it is admitted, by both
friend and foe, that our Representatives were
all elected by the duly qualified voters of the
Stale, ahd that all of thum. had the Consti
tutional qualifications above enumerated.
Knowing that those things are fully Su&Sopt
ible of proof and oan not be snocessfully con
tradicted or refuted, the foes of Constitution
al liberty point, us to ahothor artiole of the
Constitution, which 'says : "Each House
shall be the judge of the eleotion returns and
qualifications of its own members," and un.
daf this olauso. claim that Congress U om
nipotent upon this subject, and, can deprive
a free people of . representation, Nothing
oan be more absurd or at war with common
..... anil ronann. This el&ufo in the Con
stitution is as piain as those first cited, and
is based on justice, for it was both neoeesary
and proper that Congress should soe that all
its members were elcoted by tho voters pre
scribed by the .Constitution,', and that they
possessed the qualifications required by it.
This is the beginning and end of the Con
stitutional discretion ' and power upon this
utid i If Massachusetts or; another
State sees proper Id send Turks or Mormons,
Chinese, or Arabsto Congressand they aro
eleoted by the qualified voters, and are twen
ty-five years old, and citliflns.of the United
States, they would undoubtedly ue enuueu
I . iVoii. Malii. Kontuokv fitti aooords
. ,w .mv..
I '
- L..rv State tho rlcht to choose Us own rep
' J "
ruauiilf: ives, in contormily with the Constitu
tion, whatever may be thoir political opin
ion", aud she oluiuish'a surne right for her
self. ; .....v,-7" .
.. Let acy other conBtrnetion of tho Consti
tution (rit&tlt and Jet U be 3nfJeistood that
tho merp cuprico, whims and' political prcju
dicca of'Oongrejs are supreme upon 'this tub-
jcu ti -it ni,fiy Mit;oe long boiore iwprescn-
tatives may be denied their seats because
they bhan'oe to bo Protestants, Catholics, or
Democrats and when elections are about to
take place, the people will have no alterna
tive left thorn but to send committees to Con
gress to ask of that body for whom they wilt
graciously permit them to oast their votes.
At tho last eesiion of Congress our Repre
sentatives were prosent and ready to take,
the oaths of offioe as prescribed by that
body; but as yet they have not bou admit
ted to their seats, , I sincerely trust, how
ever, that the mists of passion oiid prejudice
will soon pass away and that Kentucky will
not muoh longer be - denied thoso saored
rights which are guaranteed her by the Con
stitution itself.
The Foreign-Born Citizen.
The approaching election ,ia this
State is fraught withT great interests to
the foreign-born citizen, on acoount of
the Radical tftorts to make the Itegro
his euporior in exercising tho olective
franchise and holding office.
No foreigner is eligible to tho otliee 01
President of tho United States, while the
Radicals by their Negro enactments, and
their proposed amendment to toe Lon
stitntion in the State, would make the
worthless Neirro tho foreigner'!) superior
by declaring him eligible to tho office of
In view of this heartfelt desire of th
Kadioali (a renewal of Know .Nothings
im nndnr another natoe. to dsurade the
foreifrrt-born below tho Neerov politically,
no foreigner should neglect to tar.e om
hia final papers of natnraliiation, before
the Uotobor ol'efltionv ia ordor tuat ne
may place his seal of condemnation up
on tho advocates or iiogro oupreraaey.
The friends in Vinton county tre urged
to attend to this matter. Visit your tor
ei"n neighbor, explain the issues to him
fairly and candidly, and have him oomo
to McArtuur and tako out nis anat pa
per?, in ordor that he may etriko a blow
in October for White Men's interests and
tho interests of the Government to
uohif-h ho has sworn allegiance, and
asinat those of Radicals uad Negroes.
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
What do You Propose?
It is sometimes tsked:
"In the event you Democrats get into
noror. what do vou propose to dor
We nronose to cut down the taxes
and render their payment more easy.
We proposo to do away with the Na
tional Banks as a disbursing agent 0
tho Federal Government and thus save
from twenty to twenty-four millions
dollars a year in the matter of exponent
ure. ' '
We nroDose to collect tho Interna!
"Revenue through the respective States,
instead of throueh Federal officials, and
thus savo over thmvione millions
dollars more a vear.
This in two ' items alone will ui
minish the yearly expenditures of the
n-nuarnmpnt over hftv millions ot aoi
turn. .
"How do you proposo to make tuo
payment of the remaining taxes more
Wn nrnnnsa to cncouraeo mo v uue
rjeonlo of the South to eo to work re
"yr"T --- u
storing to prosperity the plaoes made
waste and desolate by the War an'd
iftvalfinn ihnir resources, and bv this
means oontribttte to the general prosper-
itv as well as assist in the payment
the interest on, and the principal of,
PubltoDebL '
It seems to ub that every woll-wiaher
of his country should be glad to assist
in this. . ': .' ' . ' :
, What ia yout opinion about uf
"Rabioalism couldn't possibly etiflt
with a ourrenoy of Urecnbacks as advo
cated by tho Demooracy, but they think
they are good enougn ior orippmu auiut
iors. . , ; , ,'t ; '
What is sauoe for the g;ooso f ought
be iiaiico for the" gander".' '
Down with bonds' ahd the oppressors
of the people, the Bondholders! 1 . .. ')
' Up with Greenbacks and Demcpracy!
Tp flrARnhanka'ara Eood
enough '
pay the former for his. bushels of wheat,
whv are Greenbacks not good enough
J . . ... 1 1. tit;) ttnnHar
pay the oonaqoiuers iur - v-.
Vote against every man on the Republu
can ticket ! , . -. . . ; t; - v
' TnE Democracy of Now Yo'k
their Stato Convention on tho 3d of
... Jv'.'
[From the Spirit of Democracy.]
The Radicals prefer the
The Radicals prefer the Ignorant Negro to the
The Radicals prefer the Ignorant Negro to the Intelligent Foreigner.
The White Foreign ef h required by
our laws to resido in this country fivi;
years before beio entitled to exorciso
the elec'tfve fsahohisa. .v'w1
The -.ti'!wal!,.-fcyV-y ftwirjyfpposeil
ohange in . (ho State Constitution give
tho Black Negro the right of suffrage
after a residence of onk yeab. The
blackos. ana from Africa-, that landed on
onr shores during tho month of Auguct,
1S07, will be entitled to vote at the fall
eleotion in 1863. pbould the Had 3 suo
oeed in Currying the Amendment. .
Their boasted e'quality consists in on-
aoting nncnnslitutlonal measurea lor
tho eofrancnipemeDt or ignorant JNcgrocs
nd . disfranchisement of mltliigont
White men.
The peoplo cannot bo hoodwinked
ongcrbv New England hypocrites as
will be exemplified to their great oh.r-
gin on Tuesday, the 8th day of Ootobor.
White Men of Vinton
Aro you willies;, and do you dasiro that
the oegro race in the State of Ohio Btall
have the right of suffrage; the right to
hold State, County, and lownship Offl
cof; tno rignt to go 10 sonoot nun your
children; the right to marry and inter
marry, and make the people of the citato
Of Ohio a mongrel raoc?
If so, vote the Radical ticket)
Voters, are You Slaves?
Fifteen thousand capitalists own Gov.
ernment Bonds, and are free by law,
from all State and LOnnty taxi
Yoo pay what they do not!
That is why you have hard times!
You are paying your -'own taxos, and
those of these bondholders!
The Badioal Kepublican party have
nut this burden upon youl
The Democratio party want to lake
it off i
Constitutional Amendment "YE8."
Constitutional Amendment "JN'O."
Which will you take?;
One imposes upon the poople Negro
Suffrage; gives the Negro the right to
hold oft ce ; sit on juries for the trial ot
White mon; the rifibt to marry your
white daughter; and all tho rights and
privileges, unrestricted, Political and so-
oial, enjoyed by white men. ;
Tho other leaves the tiovornraont o.
this country where it was always has
been in the hands of White men, "for
the benefit of Whito rnoa and their pos
terity." .
Voters, are You Slaves? Vote of Ohio and Kentucky.
Tbk following the vote in round num
bers of Ohio aud Kentucky al the last elec
tions in those States
' Dcmncralto. Ti.idieal.
Ohio ' 216,000 - 252,000
Kentucky. - 00,000 , 33,000
. It will be seen that there are 305,000 Dem
ocrats in the two States to 235,000 Republi
cans. '
Now let Us soe how they are actually rep
resented in Congress
305,000 Dotrloorats have , 8 incmbera
285,000 Republicans have 10 members
Did any body ever hear of a Government
calling itself , a popular' one, founded upon
the will of the people, that presented such an
Was there cvor a rotten borough system
;n England equal to it ?
Can such a stato of things long be sub
mitted to?
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
It has beenboastingly claim
ed by. Eepubli can , editors and
politicians that they havo here
in Ohio all the brains and abili
ty ; and yet they have to call on
stumpers in Illinois, Indiana,
Pennsylvania Kentucky - and
Other States' where they last year
had fortv thousand inaiorityl
This cflcctuallay disposes
their arrogant claim to all the
brains and ability in the state.
As yet .the"" Democracy 'of' the
state have not called for outside
assistance, having confidence in
the ability of their champions
do ample justice to the "White
JNlansUause. ,. . ; .;;
tober..' Ik 18GG, a year of profound
peace, the expenses of the "War
Department were $280,000,000;
m 1860, the last, year oi JLcmo
cratic ascendency, they -were
$16,000,000. quite a difference!
. Whknt:vkh you hear a Radical arguing
0iat,"th8 Demcoratic pftt-ty ia dead, you may
rest assured he has hilinouey iaveeiod id
5-20's ii'd T-30'i.
The Radicals electod Andy Johnsoit
and now say ha is jibe thos. ioirilf t iua&
in tho-nation . .-. ;
just like -tliem; always doing what
i'rtey.ba'dn.'t.oft.b.r.'VThey might truthfut
ly express themselves ia the same . manner
about the balance of their officarS.
Do you believe that poor moaVbloodJa net
as snared as rich men's bonds? . -
The property of tha soldiers, ami of vine
widows and orphans of those who fell So dfl
feno'd of the hation is taxed; ,
The bonds Of the wealthy are free froo iYom
Is is right?
PAint Greonbaoks and pay tbo bind
bolderel . Don't tax us any more!
. ilANDt-AtltlRfeRS or , .
All Kindt of Catitrt ar. Bid Fattening
ALL kmda of Machinery Repairins done. Th
Ware MfttUifw lured at the Foundry is sold it
low can l)e boiiutit innnvMarket.
j ot mnce ndaress Kood a Sims, Vinton County. O.
MajlO, 13ii7-ly
vimon county bank,
itHi 4
jos.j. Mcdowell, jas. w. delat,
H. r. AUriM, . D, V, BANNRI.IT, . THA T0,
A. A. AV8T1N".
HAVING formed a co-partnerahip for the purpoi
of ondnating a
find with a'mpTe fkcilltiea for the tfaViancVlo'ft bran
busineaa pertainiiif! to legitimate Banking, we tender t
oui eerviceii to the bii(inea public pjnorally.
BONDS. Money loaned at reasonable rates on
coptahle paper. Kevenne Utamps alwaya on Wand
and rorxaio. ' i
Interest paid on fane deposits,
shine to remit money to foreign Colia-
trip can obtain )i.tft at oar Office.
. February 7,18U7-ly
CllAS. BROWN, rres't, DAN. WILL, Caik.
One Door Wctl Dan. Will & Bro'i Store, A'ortA .,
Side Main Street,
in Exohange, Qovernrnent Securi- ..
tins, Stock, Bonds, Gold and Silver, &o. -
Depositi received. Interest paid on time ;
deposits. ...
Collections made at all accessible point
in the United States. ,
United States Revenue Stamps for saie.
All business done on the most liberal terms
and Srith the utmost promptness. .
February 28, 187-ly - ..
1 FTERan ak.enoe r-ftwo yrs. IWPJ'
A Rional sorvmes to the ciUwn of Allentvill
uu'l siirroiimtinR country.
March HI, lMi7-tr
WILL rractice in uewqn "UV''T; V..iVJ
"...iht..i,n rniintma: also, in the Lmtea
States Courts oHho Southern Dialriet of Ohio.
Ornc decond Story of Dutia' Building, on Mn.
Strcf t. ' ' '
January!!, 1807-tr .
j. j. McDowell,
Hr. S. Claim Agent,
tv't A U T H U It . OHIO.
WILL practice in Vinton and a'r.',r; oountiea.
Also, lMuniy Collector of Internal Revenue. ,
l '.mil. Knnk.
limcK in uiw j
June -7, lbtH tira ' ' ' 11
JACESdN C. H., OHIO, ' ; ,
IILLpreUc tnthoCourta of IJacUsoD, V.ntoa
W nnd other ronntifB.
Janiiiu7,l20T-tf ' '
H.1V'N0 been licensed to dispose of property by
public auction, he will promptly attend f II ane
tioiwin Vintoncoimiy wheuaolicited.
Ulhoe-Shirrl'a Law Office, m the Lourt Uouat.
August !, 1567-tf

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